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webs of doubt

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Taehyung hates spiders. With a passion. He can’t stand creepy crawlies. He feels as though, given the fact he’s stated this obvious fear of his multiple times in the length of his time with the other BTS members, they would get the memo that Taehyung . hates . spiders . So, one would think...that maybe it’s not a fun idea to wake up to something fuzzy on his cheek. Maybe one would think it would not be the best thing to prank him with a big, fat, fuzzy spider on his pillow. But Jeon Jungkook did not think that. 


In fact, Jeon Jungkook did exactly that. The only ones who hadn’t laughed were Seokjin, Namjoon, and Yoongi, and so, Taehyung had only talked to them throughout the day. Ignoring even Jimin who tried to cling onto him, laughing that the prank was all in good fun. But Taehyung didn’t think anything about it was funny. He’d screamed in terror, ripped from an already restless sleep, and fell to the hard floor, hurting his elbow as his heart raced in his chest. It took him a few moments after hearing a few pairs of laughter by the door to understand what was happening, and then he’d been overcome with embarrassment and annoyance, his eyes welling up with tears as he’d pushed his way past the three and locked himself in the bathroom. 


He doesn’t know why he’d been so mad, but Taehyung is tired. They’re only days away from announcing their comeback, and he’s exhausted with the amount of work they’ve been pouring into the choreography and album. Seokjin had come to him, coaxing him out of the bathroom and assuring him that the others would apologize before they left but Taehyung had remained sulky, not wanting their apologies.


Namjoon gives him lots of affection throughout the day, complimenting him, though Taehyung’s fatigue is apparent to every member. Hoseok apologizes after their fourth round of practice. He’d explained they were only trying to cheer him up these days, noticing how he’d been losing sleep and weight, and smiles. Taehyung only nods his head and finishes his water bottle, pushing his sweat damp hair back into a half bun. Jimin sits beside him toward the end of the day, giving him more water and a snack to nibble on before they’re due to finish they’re last few rounds of practice. Taehyung takes the silent apology now for what it is. When Jungkook joins him after they leave the studio, Taehyung can only sigh and rest his head on the younger’s shoulder as Jungkook takes this quiet moment between them to massage his neck throughout the drive and whisper an apology. 


“‘S’okay, Kook.” Taehyung sighs. “Just don’t do it again, please.”


“I won’t. I promise, hyung.” Jungkook whispers back sincerely.


Seokjin orders them food once they’re home, and Taehyung can’t help but still feel a little dejected that Yoongi hadn’t left with them all, most likely staying at the studio to continue practicing. Taehyung feels like he hasn’t seen the smaller man in ages, and he brings his meal into his room and scowls at the fake spider on his bed, kicking it onto the floor as he eats on top of his mattress. He puts a random anime on and towel dries his hair as he eats, only startling slightly when there’s a knock on his door. Pulling his headphones out, he calls for his visitor to come in, and is slightly surprised to see Yoongi walk inside, his hands full of bags. 


Taehyung sits up in interest, putting his food bowl down onto his side table and peeking at the bags. “Hyung, what’s that?”


“This,” Yoongi grunts, kicking the fake spider a further distance in the room as he pads his way over and plops on the bed beside him. “is for you. Hyung’s treat.” 


Taehyung peeks inside the bags and immediately gasps, lips stretching into what feels like the first genuine smile in a while. “ Hyung !” 


Yoongi had bought him heaps of his favorite snacks. Lots of sugary treats, lots of salty treats, lots of yummy goodness. Yoongi reaches inside and pulls a package out, giving Taehyung a look. “I figure you’d appreciate these type of spiders instead.” They’re spider gummies, and Taehyung grins slightly. 


“Thank you, hyung.” he says quietly, feeling so touched at this gesture he could cry. “You didn’t have to do all this.” 


“You’ve had a rough week, Taehyungie.” Yoongi reaches out to pet his hair gently, soothing him instantly. “It’s okay to indulge yourself once in a while, you know.” 


“I’m sorry I’ve been moody.” Taehyung tells him, biting his lip as he thinks of how his stress has obviously been a noticeable factor to his teammates. “I’m just...I’m stressed. Scared.” 


Yoongi frowns and scoots closer, pushing the bags away. “Scared?”


“What if I could’ve done better on the tracks?” Taehyung questions, looking down as he picks at a loose stitch on his bedding. “Or in the choreography? What if ARMY notices? I wanted more lines but maybe I don’t deserve—”


“Okay, stop it.” Yoongi says firmly, grabbing his hand. “You’re doing great, Taehyung-ah. You always give 110% and ARMY knows this. We all know this. I’m not going to listen to you put yourself down, understand?” 


“Okay.” Taehyung sniffs, feeling comforted by the words he already knows but likes to hear sometimes. “Thank you, hyung. I just...I guess there’s too many thoughts in my head.” 


“Here,” Yoongi reaches over and shuts his laptop, ignoring Taehyung whine in protest, and places the bags on the floor. He throws back the covers and turns the light off, pulling Taehyung into bed. 


“Hyung, what—”


“Shh, close your eyes.” 


Part of Taehyung wants to protest. Wants to stay up late and watch his shows and eat until he’s sick, but the larger part is thrilled at Yoongi wanting to coddle him in this manner. He vibrates at the warmth and cuddles next to him, enjoying the way the older rubs his bath soothingly. “Feels nice,” he whispers, lulled by Yoongi’s breathing and his fingers running across his back. 


“Rest a bit, little one.” Yoongi tells him quietly, leaving no room for argument. “Hyung’s got you.” 


Though he’d woken up in the worst manner this morning, Taehyung thinks, as he drifts off, this send off to dreamland is the most comforting one.