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BNHA Kinktober 2019 (ABO)

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He knew Bakugou would be too aggressive, and he didn't know Ojirou or Kirishima that well. Midoriya's heat was fast approaching, and there were only a few other male alphas in his class. So far it seemed like Rikido and Iida were the only options left, and the blue-haired alpha was his first choice. It might just be easier to go to one of his closest friends, even if he wasn't interested in the emerald-eyed omega sexually, he might be amenable to helping a friend out. But it was going to be a hard sell with it being his first time ever having sex, he just couldn’t go on any longer with toys instead of the real thing to satisfy him.

Iida and Midoriya had comforted each other in the past via scenting, after a particularly rough day emotions would come rushing to the surface. Riding the train home together, snuggling in the alpha’s bed after living in dorms became mandatory, it became rather mutually therapeutic for the two of them. Sweet cherry with rosey notes never failed to calm the alpha’s rage or sadness, and cedar blended with petrichor soothed any strong emotions the omega was feeling. However, his wasn’t going to happen until someone made a move. After classes had ended for the day, all the students funneled back into their respective rooms. The lonely boy with dark green hair looked out his window at the cloudy, gloomy skies above. I’m going to ask him, I need to get this out of the way if I want this to happen. Coaching himself mentally, he uttered a deep sigh as he pushed himself off the bed. It was only a quick trip upstairs to Iida’s room, but it felt like an eternity with his heart pounding through his ribcage. How does anyone just ask their best friend to take their virginity and fuck them through their heat? His knuckles paused less than an inch from the door, debating if he really wanted to do this. All he wanted to do was ask a question, the worst the handsome alpha could do is tell him no. Of course it’d be slightly soul crushing, but maybe their friendship would be able to survive the rejection. I need to stop. I’ve faced off against villains, broken all my arms and legs, this shouldn’t be that hard! A minute’s worth of deliberation later, he actually knocked on the alpha’s door.

“Come in!” Called out the pleasing baritone, standing next to his bed as he changed out of his school uniform. “Oh, Midoriya! How are you?” Inquired the shirtless alpha, able to recognize the mop of green hair even without his glasses. Not like he needed his sight to know when the adorably awkward omega was near anyhow, all he needed was his nose to alert him of that sweet aroma and he would know instantly.

“I was--uh, I was hoping to ask you something.” His scent was giving away how nervous he was, and unexpectedly seeing the muscular alpha half-naked wasn’t helping any.

Putting on a white t-shirt and his glasses, he was very aware that his friend was worried about something. “Is everything okay? You know you can ask me for anything you might need help with.” Frowning with concern, he walked towards the omega.

“My heat’s coming up, and I was just wondering if you--if you--”

“Can check on you and make sure you stay fed and hydrated? I don’t think it would be a problem, but my--” Before he was able to finish interrupting Midoriya, his own thought was cut off before he could finish.

“I was hoping to ask if you would fuck me through my heat! Toys just aren’t cutting it anymore, nothing is providing me any relief.” Words poured out of his mouth as his face turned bright red, it was out there now, he was just waiting on an answer.

Sapphire blue eyes went wide at the proposition, he nearly choked on his words as he panicked. Iida had never had sex before, so he wasn’t sure how to respond. Clearly his friend was struggling, and he always found the smaller hero to be rather attractive. Midoriya looked as if he were on the verge of tears, and without thinking his legs moved forward and he pulled in the distraught omega for a tight hug. “Yes, I’ll help you.” Both inhaled the the respective fragrance from their friend’s scent gland. “When are you supposed to start?”

“Sometime tomorrow afternoon, my birth control keeps it pretty regular.” Sighing, he wrapped his arms around the broad frame, immensely comforted by the musky scent coming from his friend.

“Would you want to stay here for a while, just to help you calm down? You seemed to have gotten really flustered over all of this, and rightfully so. I know this can’t be very easy to talk about.” Asked the alpha, releasing him from the warm, solid embrace in his muscular arms, flashing a bright smile at his shorter friend. A slight nod was the only response he could muster before being guided into the soft sanctuary of Iida’s bed. Small conversation and cuddling made everyone calm down and feel totally relaxed, a little too much since they both wound up falling asleep after about an hour. Midoriya suddenly awoke to a deep pain and overwhelming warmth spreading across his body. It was starting. Taking in so much of the alpha’s scent this close to his heat may have made it start earlier than expected.

It felt as if someone had poured lava inside him he was heating up so much, a hand reached out to grab Iida, trying to wake the alpha, whose nose was already twitching at the smell of slick gushing out of the smaller boy. “Iida, it-it’s starting!” He tried wailing out, trying to appeal to the instincts of his inner predator. Eyes shot open at the cry for help, responding by quickly flinging himself on top of his friend.

“I’m here.” Grunted a husky voice, nervous hands sliding the omega’s shirt off his wiry torso, he still didn’t know much of what he was doing. Gentle kisses trailed down his neck, the blue-haired class rep trying to romance the person already laying in his bed.

“Please, just get inside me!” Begged the impatient lover, kicking off his sweatpants and underwear. Midoriya needed to be taken, and it needed to happen now. Iida didn’t think it was possible for him to completely undress as quickly as he did, clothes flung across his room and falling to the floor. Slick leaked onto the sheets as the omega parted his legs, an alpha cock quickly lining up with his glistening entrance. Only hesitating for a brief moment before he could ask for reassurance, “Hurry, alpha. I feel like I’m going to explode!” pleaded his partner. With that final beckoning call, the thick head of his member pressed into the lubed hole, easily sliding in passed the ring of muscle. Midoriya arched his back off of the bed and keened at the intrusion, his entire body trembling as the alpha slid further into him.

Hot, breathy gasps came from Iida’s mouth, the sensation of seeping into his lover was nearly too much. Pushing further until he nearly bottomed out, Midoriya forced himself down the last two inches of the enormous rod. He had to be at least ten inches long based on how full the omega felt inside. “So beautiful.” Admired the alpha as his bottom’s facial expressions morphed from pleasure to absolute bliss. Even though they had only been at it for a few minutes, his knot was already popping, it would be fully ready for insertion in just moments. “Izuku--Did you want me to knot you?”

“Yes! Yes! In the name of every God and hero, yes! I want it so bad, Tenya!” Screamed the omega, clutching his sweat-dampened hair as his eyes rolled back into his head while the thrusts quickened. Never in his life had he pictured his first time feeling this good with a guy so hot, it was perfect. Grabbing his own throbbing, leaking cock as he was railed into oblivion by the thick alpha probe, he jerked himself off since he knew he was getting so close. Iida lowered his face into the bared neck below him, inhaling the sweet scent with a deep growl near Midoriya’s ear that just drove him insane. With a lick across his scent gland, the omega lost it and wailed out of pure passion, coating his own torso in cum. In the throes of his orgasm, his ass gripped down on the alpha, knot close to catching within.

Fingers latched onto the omega’s hips as Iida slammed further and further, the mass of tissue finally popping into his lover as they both groaned in ecstasy. Rutting into him, both shimmering in a thin veneer of sweat in the dim light of the now clear sunset peeking through the curtains, a roar built up in the back of the alpha’s mouth. One final look at his friend writhing on the bed, one final wave of slick slamming his nostrils, it was over. Finally, he gushed a full load into his classmate as he panted over him. Collapsing into Midoriya, Iida held the shorter boy in place and kissed him lightly on the lips. “I’m sorry that ended so quickly...That was my, um--first time doing this.” Apologized the alpha sheepishly, hoping he didn’t disappoint his friend.

“It was perfect, it was my first time too.” Said the grinning omega as he caught his breath. The heat wasn’t over, but the wave had subsided for the time being, cuddling providing all the comfort he needed as they were still tied together. “Do you--want to make my second time just as perfect? We have some time, but it’ll get really bad again soon.”

“Absolutely, Izuku. I enjoyed the time we shared today.” A reaffirming laugh warmed the room as he dove back into the omega’s neck, allowing them to scent each other once again to ready them for round two. This was going to be a lot easier to tolerate with his friend around, maybe he’d even start looking forward to his heats in the future.

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It was a warm, sunny day after classes had finished, the UA campus was still bustling with students hanging out, training, catching up on homework, just a normal day. But what was happening behind closed doors in the student dorms was a completely different story. Very particular whimpers were being cried from a certain alpha's room, because everyone needed to find their release someway or another, right? Even the morally upstanding students of Class 1-B were entitled to even just a bit of perversion if it helped take the edge off.

Tetsutetsu’s quirk was pretty great for breaking through things, and being indestructible. Another hidden application of his power was he was great at impact play. Especially when he just had to use one hand at a time he was able to keep it up for a good long while. Class 1-B’s only male omega had taken a liking to the secret usage of the alpha’s quirk, and today, Awase really wanted to get sore. “I don’t think I can hear you counting, little omega. You better follow instructions or I'm just gonna add more as punishment for you.” Commented Tetsutetsu in a condescending voice, slapping the bare ass in front of him once again with his metallic hand. Sounds of flesh clapping against metal echoed through the room, and ever so slightly spilled out into the hallway, but not enough to draw attention from any of their neighbors on that floor.

“Twenty-three, I’m sorry, sir!” Moaned Awase, his ass turning dark red and purple with bruising as he relished the burn and sting of each swat. Every little mewl and cry he made was music to the alpha’s ears, and the ambrosial scent leaking from him was even better. “Twenty-four!” He kept track as he was struck again, panting in a sea of nirvana. Finding out he was into being dominated was great for living at UA, cause all of these alphas, and even betas had pent up aggression to let loose on him. If it also entailed an unsupervised usage of their powers, so be it! “Tw-Twenty-five!”

“Good boy, you took every single one. Sitting down in class is gonna suck for you tomorrow, Setsu.” Chuckled the grey-haired alpha as he smirked at his handiwork, taking pictures and sending them to his pal Kirishima.

[Eijirou]: Damn, man! You sure put him through the wringer this time. Guess I’ll have to beat up Denki a bit to show off later.

[Tetsutetsu]: You wish you could get him this roughed up! That pansy will wimp out way before he turns this pretty shade of battered n’ bruised!

Gently pushing himself up from the bed and steadying his legs before moving away from his crutch, he looked over his shoulder to peek at his ass. “Wow! I look like Izuku after he goes too hard with his crazy quirk! I’m impressed.” He giggled, secretly amazed at the alpha’s ability to push him to his absolute limits.

“My favorite little punching bag.” The alpha leaned in and kissed his scent gland, careful not to add another bite mark to the landscape of hickeys all over his shoulders and chest. Awase was definitely not going to be able to change in the locker room with everyone tomorrow, but he loved being all marked up by his favorite alpha. Now was his favorite part of their naughty sessions together: being pampered and spoiled by his boyfriend.

“So, apple or grape this time?” Inquired the alpha, reaching into the fridge and pulling out the two cans and showing the dark-haired boy. After a few seconds of quiet contemplation, he pointed to the can of apple juice with a smile. Tetsu sat on the bed against the wall, patting the stretch of mattress in front of him. Using his own quirk, the omega welded the can to his palm so it wouldn’t spill before laying down on his stomach. A sudden chill shocked the omega as a cold can was placed on his sore bottom, making him jump a little bit before finding the feeling rather soothing. “So did you see Vlad full on leering at Midnight during class during the lecture today? He looked like he was going to melt when she used her flogger as a pointer again.”

Both boys burst out laughing as the taller student opened a small jar of healing salve made by Recovery Girl so he could apply the substance to the various irritations to help them heal a bit faster. “I know, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were fucking, they’re both alphas, she probably knots him all the time. I bet his quirk makes BDSM pretty interesting!” Awase cackled, pointing out how blood control could make blood play fairly intriguing. A heavenly sigh escaped his lips as the creamy substance was gently massaged into his flesh. His partner’s skin was always so soft whenever he wasn’t powered up, it was like day and night to him! He was always so tough and manly around everyone else, but this omega knew a lot better. I love this asshole so much, even if Sen has a bigger dick. “That feels so nice, thank you, Tetsu.” Purred the slender student as he planted his face into the mattress, inhaling the rich, musky scent of his alpha.

"Only the best for my precious little pain slut. Even if you are an obnoxious brat sometimes." A firm Pat on the butt was delivered as he goaded Awase, but he honestly loved it when his bitch misbehaved. "I think I'm all done back here, wanna cuddle for a bit?" Drinking the last of his juice, he double checked that he'd gotten everything he needed to on his back, while his omega winced in pain at the sudden sensation to his sore backside.

"Fuck yes, I do!" His omega exclaimed, first jumping out of the bed to throw away their empty cans of juice. Once returned, he climbed under the sheets with Tetsu, his smell rife with happiness and content as he was spooned from the muscular alpha. "Oh, are we still doing that double date with Kiri and Kami tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Plan was to head to Kiyashi, see a movie, go shopping, and just hang out." Fingers intertwined with the dark, spiky hair and gently combed through it. Much to the omega's pleasure, he pushed his ass back into his boyfriend's crotch, an erect cock pressed up against him in return.

A free arm wrapped around Awase's torso as he got even more comfortable resting against his alpha. "I need you to stop being so sexy, cause I'm getting in the mood again but I'm tired." Laughed the steely-eyed omega as he could feel himself slicking once again with the large cock splitting his cheeks.

"Only if you can stop being so damn amazing, cause you're turning me on too. Bet you'd love doing your homework with a fresh load of alpha spunk sitting inside you."

"However immensely appealing that may sound, I am pretty exhausted. Would it be okay if I fell asleep for a little bit?" Turning himself over under the sheets, he faced his alpha with the best puppy dog eyes that he could manage.

Deep, rumbling laughter came from inside the chest the omega was now resting his hands on, even outside of a sexual context he loved feeling the rippling muscles all over Tetsu's body. "My omega, sleeping in my bed? How ever could I possibly allow this?" He cradled the back of Awase's head and kissed him gently on the forehead and then the lips. "Of course you can, you could spend the whole night if you want, baby. Especially after how good you were for me today."

Both of them shared stupid, dopey, wide-mouthed grins before they kissed one more time "I'll never know how I got so lucky to land an alpha like you, Tetsu. Despite you beating the shit outta me when we get freaky, I really do know that you care about me a lot. Thank you for everything." Warm, purring sighs came from the omega as he was petted and nuzzled further into the firm chest.

"No, thank you, Yosetsu. You make me feel like the luckiest man around, I feel like I can take on anything as long as I get to see you at the end of the day." Each of them was able to drift off to sleep rather easily, consumed entirely by the scent and warmth of their partner. Ever since Tetsutetsu first approached him about the possibility of courting the cute omega, he knew it was going to be amazing. They had phenomenal chemistry, loved getting rough in bed, and the aftercare was always second to none. Even though they were open and would each fool around with other classmates occasionally, they knew where their hearts belonged. Sex is great and all, but what they had right there in that moment? It couldn't have come from anyone else.

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Today was a great day for to jog through the woods, thankfully with increased security around the campus, students had over a hundred acres of forest to explore. Honenuki always enjoyed a nice, cool day to train and go on small adventures through the campus grounds. But today, an alpha had some plans to make that training a little more interesting, so he sat waiting in the bushes for the right time to pounce. The second the beta stopped to catch his breath, two long arms shot out of the bushes and pinned him against a tree, a third covering his mouth to muffle his scream. Seriously? You could have given me a concussion, asshole. He rolled his eyes, realizing what was happening, but he wasn’t protesting by any means. Shouji fully emerged from the leaves, walking over to the subdued student and laughing under his mask.

“Great day for a run, huh?” Smirked the alpha, the extra hands wrapping around the arms of the beta, firmly locking him against the tree and freeing his mouth. An intricate web of hands branching off of one another, holding onto him and each other so that he was firmly pressed and locked against the large trunk behind him. It was fun to track him down, and he did enjoy surprising the paler student, because he always looked so cute when he was caught off guard. Pulling down his mask, he picked up his chin and kissed him tenderly, nudging his legs apart with his knee. Since Honenuki also had mutant traits pertaining to his mouth, the alpha didn’t need to feel self-conscious around him.

“Great day for a lot of things, based on my current position, I assume you had a few others in mind?” Voice sprinkled with a little attitude that made all of this so much more appealing, because now there was a reason to punish the cheeky, restrained boy. Another hand snuck down into the waistband of his gym uniform to stroke the semi hardening behind the blue fabric.

Threats of being caught turned him on even more as he was secured to the tree, having his cock pleasured by a classmate. Realistically, they were far enough away from the campus to not be caught, but other students might come to the similar vicinity to engage in various outdoor activities too. “You seem to be enjoying this, I like how you took tied to a tree. So cute and powerless to stop whatever I wanna do to you.”

“You realize I could just sink you into the ground righ--ahhhh!!” Gasped the beta as the hand wrapped around his cock shifted into a mouth now sucking and licking at the sensitive organ. “That’s a dirty trick, Mezou!” He whined, blushing at the feeling of being sucked off outside when another student or teacher could come across them at any time.

“I think you’re the one who’s being dirty. Getting sucked off on school grounds while you’re tied up, moaning like a little bitch in heat? Sick little perverted freak.” Harsh words only made it worse, feeling further humiliated by the situation. Two more mouths branched off of his dupli-arms, each sliding under his shirt to enthusiastically tease his nipples with their tongues and teeth. Honenuki didn’t even realize the extra mouth sneak around behind his back and slip into the back of his pants and start licking at his hole.

Good thing he was secured against the tree, cause his knees gave out from the pleasure of everything he was experiencing. It was funny, he could literally turn everything into putty with his powers, but right now he was putty in the alpha’s hands. “Unnnh...You’re gonna make me cum, Mez!” Unable to hold back his cry, he tried to keep his orgasm at bay and the mouth pulled away from his cock.

“You taste so good, Juuzou.” Teased the drooling mouth freshly popped off his member, Shouji just taking in the sight of the shorter boy below him. “You know, you feel pretty loose back there. How much are you shoving in that pussy of yours, hmm? How am I supposed to have fun if I can’t feel anything?” Asked the husky voice of the alpha staring him down.

I can’t tell him that I’m knotting myself with a dildo every night because I’m so horny recently. Hell, I can’t say much with him toying with me like this! “Just some fingers on the nights you and Bondo are busy!” He admitted shyly, he wasn’t exclusive with anyone, so it’s not like feeling bad was worth it.

“So you’re just a whore for all the alphas that have mutant type quirks, how adorable.” Grinning at the flustered boy, he shifted the tongue licking at his ass to a copy of his own dick, knot and all. Now completely lubed with spit, his ass was able to accommodate the cock sliding in and out of his ass without resistance. Breathy moans poured out of Honenuki, the two sets of lips tugging on his nipples both retreated, one also morphing into another cock while the other disappeared. Since he was such a slut for alpha cock, he could have one in his mouth and one in his ass at the same time. “Suck my cock Juuzou, I want to hear you moan into it while I fuck you.” The difference between how the alpha was in private versus in class was so drastic, most would say he’s quiet and reserved. But a few could truly attest to how dark, commanding, and dominant he acted away from the crowd.

Easily complying with the order, he greedily gulped down the length of the cock and bobbed his head up and down. Feeling so full was amazing, he couldn’t get enough of getting spitroasted by his friend from Class 1-A, but it was hard to comprehend that it was one guy fucking both his holes simultaneously. Shouji pulled down the ash blond’s pants so he could watch the leaking cock struggle for release. Several strikes to his prostate later, he was ready to cum, he was unbelievably turned on from all the stimuli. He was also discovering an unknown love for bondage, just surrendering like that and giving away all the power sent him to a state of absolute bliss. Now it was time to free his own cock and pleasure himself at the sight of the struggling boy at his mercy, with his actual hand. Achieving penetration with his actual cock was a non-issue, he was able to get off purely on taking advantage of the beta in front of him. “Jesus--You’re gonna suffocate me!” Panted the student as he came up for air, his arms still unusable as they were pinned to the tree behind him.

“But you look so cute with your mouth so full.” Countered the alpha, shoving the secondary dick back into his mouth while he stroked his now dripping member. He could feel and see Honenuki’s body tensing up, knowing he was getting ready to blow his load. “Go on, you don’t have to hold back anymore.” Encouraged the alpha, taking a departure from his demeaning words from earlier.

Blush darkened his face, everything was moving involuntarily, he let the replicated penis slip out of his mouth one more time as his cock bounced beneath him. “Al--Alpha! You’re making me cum!” He yelped as the thrusts into his ass didn’t cease. Moans intensified as he shot all over Shouji and the ground in front of him, white ropes spraying in an explosion of passion. Vestigial cocks retreated to their inactive forms as the taller boy drew closer to his own release. Watching Honenuki drown in the sea of his own pleasure brought him over the edge, he pumped his own thick cock vigorously so he could share in the same orgasmic relief.

“You’re make such beautiful faces when you cum, Juuzou. But I think I know how to make you look even prettier.” Hefty grunts signaled he was nearing his own end, with one final plan to humiliate the beta. Aggressively fucking both of his hands with his throbbing length, he started to spurt the alpha seed he knew his classmate craved so deeply. Roars ripped through his throat as he came, catching most of it in a cupped hand at his head, nearly snarling at the bound boy in front of him as his orgasm subsided. His final act of domination was to smear the thick semen all over his partner’s face, marking him with the alpha’s scent for at least a short period of time.

“Seriously? I know I can’t scent you too much since I’m a beta, but most of the class are alphas and a couple omegas that can pick up on your musk.” Even through the white substance covering his mouth, nose, and cheeks, his embarrassment was full apparent. Despite the small hints of his scent being erased and his emotions being unclear through scenting, the alpha chuckled as he knew what he’d done. Marking the beta was just a joke, since the scent would wash away rather easily within the hour if he washed it off. All the hands binding him down retreated fully back into Shouji’s body, as he pulled up his pants, catching Honenuki as he nearly fell from being freed so suddenly.

One final smile beamed down at him before his mask was pulled back up, “I gotcha, cute little beta.” he assured him, pulling the blond’s pants back up and steadying him on the ground. After verifying that the boy could walk on his own, he extended a hand out to him. “Want me to walk you back to your dorm? Just to make sure you’re safe.” Asked the alpha, rather salaciously as the pouting beta accepted the hand and walked with him. Now he just had to figure out how to get the remnants of cum off his face that he couldn’t reach with his own tongue.

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Good bros are always there to help you, especially if you need assistance with your training. But there’s always that added element of sexiness when one of your best bros is also your boyfriend. Kaminari always loved watching the red-haired alpha train, helping him, and lending a hand with the pent up aggression afterwards. In this particular instance, Kirishima was trying to build up his resistance to elemental attacks, specifically lightning and fire. Since Todoroki was busy that night, he decided to spend some time at gym Gamma with his boyfriend who could dish out lightning like no other. “That all you got, Kami? Here I was hoping to work up some kinda sweat with a cute guy tonight.” Winked the alpha, wiping some dirt away from his face and activating his quirk once again.

“Not very manly for an alpha to beg his omega to hurt him like that, Kiri!” Joked the energetic, golden-haired boy as he threw a punch as he lunged forward, just barely missing his partner.

“Ha! You missed, babe. Maybe you’re getting a little rusty at--Unh!!” Gloating was cut short by a powerful zap of lightning shooting off his arm and electrocuting the hardened student, who had to catch himself from falling to the ground from the surprise.

A mischievous grin broke across the omega’s face as he chuckled at the fact that he’d almost taken his boyfriend out with that one. “Perhaps it is you that’s getting rusty, alpha.” It was nice feeling just a little bit of superiority for once, but he usually would let that go to his head if he experienced it too much.

“Fine, fine, I give. I was running outta steam anyway. Let’s head back to the dorm, grab a shower, then scrounge up some grub!” With a small shrug he conceded to the omega, surrendering to the idea of possibly going out on a date or something instead. The couple shared some jokes and laughs on the way back to the dorms to make use of the showers to hose off after their workout.

“So, do you think today helped at all?” Kaminari asked, leaning his head against the alpha’s shoulder, curious to hear his thoughts on the training. Being impervious to electricity himself, he had no idea how his boyfriend was fairing after falling victim to his quirk multiple times that day.

“Well, my brain isn’t fried I don’t think? Besides, you know your alpha is indestructible!” A charismatic smile and a flexed bicep flashed from the redhead as they entered the dormitory for their class, thankfully none of the other boys from class 1-A were usually in the locker room at this time of night. It wasn’t very late, only a little after seven, but pretty much anyone that would be doing anything probably wouldn’t be venturing out of the common room or their individual rooms. Both of them began stripping while maintaining conversation, they loved seeing the other naked, but their respective nudity had become commonplace after Kirishima had begun courting the omega. So they had learned to control their hormonal instincts around their partner fairly effectively, unless they were in heat/rut of course.

“Ahh, the warm water feels so good after a long day! Has me kinda pumped to train a little more.” Remarked the omega with golden eyes, punching through the air while his boyfriend laughed at him.

Hot water pouring down over him, making his hair collapse around his face, almost looking unrecognizable due to the lack of his signature spiked hair. Small glances were snuck through the steam and water of the open layout of the showers, not that he needed to be stealthy, but the hunt was still incredibly arousing to him. Multiple jets of water hitting the floor shrouded the sound of his steps across the slick tiled floor perfectly as he practically glided through through the room. As he crept behind the omega, placing him in a perfectly executed choke hold with relative ease. “Well, you said you were in the mood to train. Figured I could be a good alpha and oblige.”

“Kiri--What the--hell?!” He gasped for air, unable to get an adequate amount of oxygen to fill his lungs. The struggle revealed to have a euphoric effect on his body, the smell of blueberries filling the clouded room as he grew more aroused with each passing second.

Biting his own lip as his omega’s scent filled the air, he watched the cute face turn a lovely shade of red before releasing his grip and allowing him to catch his breath. “Wow…”

“What? I’m not allowed to get turned on by the feeling of a hot, sweaty guy choking me out in the shower?” Eyes narrowed as he glared at the alpha as he took a moment to take deep breaths, they had messed around with choking before, so I don’t see why it was any sudden shock now.

“Did you--wanna go further? We could get away with it I bet.” You’d never guess by his nonchalant proposal, but his inner alpha was begging to choke and fuck the omega in front of him until he was full of his knot and spunk.

The random invitation was a bit of a surprise, but after a moment of thought, he realized he wanted it. “Yes, but you need to pin me against the wall. I’m not risking falling on this slippery ass floor, especially once I start slicking all over the place.” He kissed the alpha’s cheek and moved his own drenched locks out of his face. Once backed up against the wall, he beckoned his partner towards him. Animalistic growls came from Kirishima that made the omega shudder as he drew closer and closer. Fingers were placed firmly on his throat, carefully so as to not actually damage his windpipe, rather just limit the amount of blood able to move through the carotid artery, in an effort to cause less possible damage.

“Aww, you turn my favorite color when you’re like this, Kami. Maybe we should do this more often, you seem to be enjoying yourself almost as much as I am.” Teasingly, he rubbed the slicked hole between the omega’s cheeks, barely inserting a fingertip as his boyfriend began to moan in response. A shaking hand reached out and squeezed the alpha’s hard cock twice to signal he had to come up for some air before he passed out. Once again the grip was released, allowing him to take a short, deep breath before a hand grabbed the back of his head and forced his face directly into Kirishima’s armpit. “New rule, you need to take a breather, you’re getting a big whiff of my musk along with it.”

Oh this is just cruel! Whined the omega, inhaling the rich, complex, almost metallic smell that was his alpha. Nose buried against the dark hair of his boyfriend’s under arms, he even licked at the source of the scent. Grunts of encouragement came from the red head as he enjoyed the worship he was receiving. Kaminari pulled away and looked back into the crimson eyes of his lover, “I’m ready.” he panted, licking his lips in such a lewd way.

“You’re such a little whore for me, omega. I love it!” Called out the alpha, resting a hand back on his classmate’s throat. His free hand ventured back down to the dripping ass that required his attention, two fingers shoving in with little to no resistance. Driving deeper, digits curling up inside as he was effectively pinned to the wall, he thought was was actually going to day when his prostate was pressed against repeatedly.

Nearly choking on his own tongue as he tried to cry out in sheer pleasure, he double-tapped the alpha’s wrist to signal easing off again. This time he was prepared to be forced back into sweaty warmth of his boyfriend’s pits, sharp inhales taken against the sensitive flesh as Kaminari’s hand slid up the muscular body pressed against him. Grabbing at the defined flesh of his pecs, the omega massaged the flesh and tweaked his nipple. “Mmmn, want you so bad alpha!” Mewled the boy, looking up at his lover with a pathetic face, golden hair darkened by the dampness of the shower they still hadn’t really taken.

“Yeah, want more than just some fingers to stretch you wide open?” Sharp teeth grinned at him as he was gripped by the throat again. A strained nod was all he was able to reply with, scooping up slick from his ass and stroking his boyfriend’s angry looking cock. He knew what he was in for at this point, and his inner omega wailed for it, much louder than he ever could, even without a vice clamped down on his throat. “Let’s head upstairs, I don’t want you getting hurt by bashing your head open on the wall or floor.” He chuckled, kissing the omega tenderly as their thick erections commingled between them. They shut off the water and toweled off as fast as possible, and not very thoroughly with how wet they both still were.

“My room’s faster to get to, let’s hurry! I really might die if you aren’t inside me in the next couple of minutes.” Kaminari huffed as they tried throwing on minimal clothing just so it could be thrown to the floor as soon as they reached the sanctuary of the omega’s dorm. “I want you to make me scream louder than Deku while Mr. Class Rep fuck him.” Slyly issuing the challenge, excitement grew between the pair as they ran upstairs, hand in hand.
Apparently the rest of their plans for the evening were going to have to wait just a little bit longer...

Chapter Text

Waking up and looking at his phone screen, Todoroki smiled at the message he’d received that morning shortly before pulling out of his slumber. For about two weeks now the omega had been messaging with an older alpha on one of those super sketchy hook up apps. But he’d been safe, never showing his face, making sure his location was turned off so no one could see how close he was, nothing that could possibly incriminate him later in his career as a future hero.

[AlphaDaddy]: Hope you’re having a good morning, little omega. Don’t be late for school, or I might have to punish you. ;)

[OmegaTwink]: Yes, Daddy. But you realize that just tempts me to be bad, right? :p

[AlphaDaddy]: Well, it would give us an excuse to meet in person, I suppose…

[OmegaTwink]: If you wanted, I wouldn’t be opposed. We’ve been talking for a while now, and I’ve been jerking off to every picture you’ve sent for the last week at least.

[AlphaDaddy]: If you’d like, we could meet up for coffee around 6pm tonight? That way it would be after our schedules clear.

[OmegaTwink]: Let’s do it!

He got all giddy at the thought of meeting hs alpha crush in person for the first time, while they hadn’t seen each other’s faces yet; with how this stranger had made Todoroki feel, he didn’t think he’d really care if he didn’t have the most handsome face around. The guy had a great looking cock and a fantastic body, so that more than made up for any other shortcomings as long as he wasn’t a total jerk. But he was a little worried how the scar around his left eye would be seen by the alpha, while he seemed so kind, the mark was a large motivator for not showing his face. Despite his worries, he wore a dopey smile for the remainder of the day, all through class. Even his friends noticed the change in his demeanor, and his scent was warmer and happier than what was typical. Damn it, I have no idea what I’m gonna wear tonight. As Aizawa dismissed the class, the omega began to stress about how he would make his first impression. Walking right by the teacher’s desk, he completely missed the older man look down at his own phone with a similar grin.

I can’t believe I’m head over heels for a kid half my age, I hope he’s okay with how I look in person rather than flexing for pictures and getting cute angles of himself. The alpha sighed, trying to plan out what he was wearing for his---date? It didn’t seem accurate, but he also couldn’t think of another term that would apply. Mating wasn’t the goal here, but getting laid, and making a sweet little omega scream would be preferable. With all the pictures and sexual fantasies they had shared over the last few weeks, they were ready to jump to jump into bed, even though neither would admit it. Todoroki was a submissive, obedient omega, which had always pissed off his father. Aizawa was a nurturing, yet dominant alpha always more than happy to be called ‘Sir’ or ‘Daddy’ by the omegas he found himself sleeping with. Theoretically, the match was perfect. A Pro-Hero and an aspiring Hero, an alpha and omega, but also, a teacher and a student. Neither of them were aware of the identity of their online chat buddy. Never having exchanged pictures of the other’s face, never sharing names, only every naughty detail of what they desired to do to one another with their bodies. The alpha sent one final message with a specific location, time, and a way of letting the omega know who he was.

He’s gonna have a small stuffed kitten on the edge of his table? That’s kind of adorable, but at least I’ll know who he is without a doubt and not have to ask every man sitting by himself if he’s waiting to meet a teenager from the internet. Todoroki looked into his closet as he tried devising the perfect outfit for his meeting. After about thirty minutes of obsessing over all the possibilities, he settled on a light blue v-neck, a black jacket, and matching pants. Due to his rather unique appearance, he opted to wear a beanie last minute so that there would be lower probability of being recognized from the Sports Festival. With one final glance in the mirror, he was satisfied with his selection, and left just to be sure he’d have time to catch the train.

Already at the coffee shop, Aizawa got comfortable at his table about an hour early, sipping from his cup as he tried sighing away all his insecurities. Nervously clutching the small black cat in his lap, he waited for the potential sexual partner, not wanting to place the toy on his table until it was closer to their meeting time. He had the bulk of his hair tied back, wearing a knit dark grey sweater and a black scarf, and of course he hadn’t shaved in a few days. Most would likely just read him as some random hipster sitting in a cafe by himself, not a Pro-Hero responsible for teaching future generations. There was nothing left to do but wait for the omega, he resisted the urge to text the boy that was on his way to meet him.

Todoroki arrived about ten minutes early to scope out the large coffee shop, the alpha had likely chosen it to allow either of them an out should they decide the match wasn’t going to work well. It was very appreciated, he’d clearly thought everything through before hand, and this particular omega almost felt cared for with the amount of consideration being displayed. He walked up to the counter and ordered a hot green tea, glancing around the dining room. Observing about five or six possible men that roughly matched the profile of the estimated build and complexion from the pictures he’d seen--What the hell? His homeroom teacher was there, that’s kind of funny. He’d almost been unrecognizable with his hair pulled back and outside of his hero costume. Choosing to not say hi since he didn’t think he’d been noticed just yet, it might be kind of awkward if his teacher knew he was there to meet a man twice his age to likely have sex that night. Heterochromic eyes looked around for the stuffed cat on a table, trying to ease his nerves by finally meeting the man he’d almost been pining for since they’d started talking. Thinking over his possible moves at this point, he decided to sit just out of view of his teacher, trying to avoid that kind of interaction for the time being. About five minutes after six, he kept looking hopefully anytime a man walked through the door. Still no cat on any table. Maybe he’s running late? I don’t want to message and seem needy. Trying to steady his nerves, he went to get another cup of tea from the front counter. With his hair covered, and Aizawa looking at his phone, he was able to sneak by unseen. As he turned around to walk back to his table, he noticed something out of the periphery of his vision. A small black object on the alpha’s table, it was the cat. Aizawa?! It’s him I’ve been speaking to? We’ve talked about doing so much, can I even approach him? He debated with himself at his table as he drank his tea, should he just bail on this whole thing and block him from being able to contact him on the app? This man had no idea who he was talking to, Todoroki could walk away from this without ever being figured out as a horny little slut for his teacher. It was hard not to picture, the scruffy, older alpha mounting him from behind and breeding his slicked hole. Growing aroused, he imagined that same husky tone used in class being used as a tool in the bedroom. With a deep breath, he stood up with his drink in hand and made his way over to the table he knew Aizawa was sitting at. Not a single word, he approached and pulled out the chair opposite of his teacher and sat down.

“T-Todoroki? I’m sorry, but I’m meeting someone here and--” Words were cut short as the omega pulled out his phone and displayed their messages as the alpha blushed. “It was you…”

“Yes. Now did we want to act on this or pretend this never happened? We know the chemistry is there, I don’t see you as dangerous, I’m willing to try this.” A serious expression, but thoughtful words assured the alpha. “Well, Daddy?” He smirked, speaking in hushed tones to not draw any attention.

Alpha brain going erratic, instinct telling him to lay claim to this omega. Protect. Breed. Mate. “Come on, I’ll get us a hotel room. There’s too much security on campus, someone will find out.” They both stood up from the table, exiting the cafe to find a place to expand on the connection they’d been forging over the last few weeks, rather the last year now that their respective identities were made apparent. Finding a hotel wasn’t difficult, the teacher walking inside without the obvious minor as to not arouse suspicion. Quickly making their way to the room they’d been given and entering their own secluded world away from everything else, it was about to happen. Todoroki threw himself on the bed as the alpha pulled off his scarf, Aizawa looked pretty hot with his hair back like that.

“So you’re not going to chicken out, right? No holding back like we did in our little chats.” Pried the omega, cock already hard against his underwear and slicking ever so slightly.

“If that’s what you want, little omega.” Grinned the alpha, getting rather excited, both of their scents calling out to one another to get them to breed.

“It is, and I’ve just been so naughty. I’m not concentrating in class at all because I’m busy thinking about choking on my teacher’s cock. I’ve been fucking myself and jerking off so much, I think I might need my Daddy to punish me and get me to behave.” Teased the horny teenage boy, sliding his pants off with a chuckle. It was hard to not notice the alpha was turned on from his pronounced scent pouring off of him as he peeled off his shirt.

Aizawa walked over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the mattress. He really wanted to take this kid for the ride of his life, it was going to be strange given their pre-existing relationship as a teacher and his student, but he wanted this. “Finish stripping and bend yourself over my knees, now. We’re gonna beat that cheeky little attitude right outta you.” There it was, that deep, commanding tone that drove his inner omega insane for attention. Todoroki flung off all of his clothes as fast as he could, surrendering himself to the alpha by readying his body for punishment. “Naughty boys get spanked, Shouto. You need to learn a lesson.” Growled the alpha, taking a firm hand and smacking it against the pale ass in front of him. Letting out a cry of pain, the omega was clearly excited, wetting his teacher’s pants with both pre-cum and slick as he shuddered in the older man’s lap with another hard slap to his cheeks. Several more times in quick succession, his bottom was berated by an onslaught of smacks.

“Can’t take it anymore, please take me. Please, Daddy!” Mewled the boy, pleading to be satiated by the alpha’s large cock poking him through the pants he was wearing. A sadistic laugh broke from the alpha as he picked up the begging boy by his arms and setting him back on the bed. He yanked off the rest of his own clothing, tossing it carelessly to the floor and spread the omega’s legs as his face dove between the soft, pale thighs. “Oh God!” Cried the omega as the dark stubble grazed against his flesh, Aizawa’s tongue licking across him as it plunged into his leaking hole.

Probing into him, more groans of absolute happiness launching themselves out of the boy’s mouth, he pulled away panting after noting the hole was well lubricated. “You taste so sweet for me, little omega. You want your daddy’s big alpha cock now? Knot you and fill you up with my cum.” Pathetic cries of affirmation tore through the small room, he secretly hoped someone would come knocking on the door saying his bitch was being too loud. Panting, he slid the head into the tight warmth of the omega’s body. Each screamed in heated ecstasy, neither having felt anything close to this before. Was this what fucking your true mate was supposed to feel like? It was odd, he didn’t even want the boy to present for him in the typical sense, all he wanted to see were those two beautiful eyes as he plowed into his partner. Thrusting deeper into the small, slender frame beneath him, he leaned forward and nuzzled against the sweet scent gland.

“I’m gonna--Daddy, you’re gonna make me--” Words devolved into intelligible gasps as he shot his first load all over himself, pooling in his mid section. Every sound he made was an angelic chorus to the alpha’s ears.

“You feel so good for me baby, you’re so much more beautiful than I could have dreamed.” One small kiss forced their lips together, muffled growls and wails competing to be heard. Neither could get enough of this feeling, it’s as if their bodies were calling out to one another, this was going to be a dangerous game for them both. Todoroki thought he was going to die from the praise and the barrage on his prostate during his post-orgasmic bliss. Pressure built up within the omega, it was nearly becoming unbearable. As much as he wanted these feelings to last forever, he just wished Aizawa would cum inside him and maybe even bite him. “I’m getting close, omega. Going to pop my knot any second now!” Howled the alpha, gripping into his lover’s hair. Bucking harder and harder, Todoroki rolling his hips into the thick cock in an effort to assist. Keening as the knot started to stretch him open more and more, one final yelp rattled both of their ears as it caught in place, leaving his teacher to rut into him as one hand held his hips in place. “Fuck!” Screamed the older man, pumping several days worth of cum into the object of his recent obsession. Turquoise and grey irises rolled back as a second orgasm broke from the omega’s body, he had never felt so full in his life, he knew this would be his new addiction. This feeling, the smell of their scents merging, stubble scraping against him and making him tremble. He cupped the scruffy face of his huffing alpha and pressed their faces together in a deep kiss. “So, did we want to make this a regular thing?” Asked a blushing Aizawa, breaking the kiss momentarily.

Todoroki laughed, looking up to the now beaming face, “Please, that was perfect.” he purred with his own smile.

“Just please don’t ever call me Daddy in class, okay? And I don’t think any kind of affectionate behavior is a good idea on the main campus or in the dorms.” Feeling like he had to keep whatever this was going to be a secret made him feel terrible, but a certain omega wasn’t opposed to being a secy alpha’s dirty little secret, not at all.

“Is it okay if I get a picture of us real quick? I’m not going to have your face in it, just you still clearly inside of me.” Aizawa didn’t see any harm in it, so the omega reached for his phone without trying to force his body off the still inflated knot. After getting a picture of him obviously impaled by an alpha dick, he sent a text message to his father with a huge smile.

[Shouto]: Guess I found someone else to call Daddy from now on, and this one really likes that I’m an omega rather than rejecting it. ;)

Chapter Text

In order to celebrate his and Kaminari’s six month anniversary, Kirishima had a cute little surprise planned for the omega one night. With the Baku Squad going on a group run, it posed the perfect opportunity to put their plan into action. After returning to Heights Alliance, Jirou and Ashido pretended to split from the boys as they went into their respective locker rooms. The Baku Bros kept the blonde busy by making conversation, playing jokes on him, then suddenly the lights went out. “What the hell?” Screamed the omega, not sure what was going on at the time. Jirou guarded the entrance to the locker room, not wishing to pursue an active role in the surprise. Everyone put on black domino masks to “conceal” their identities, and dragged the golden-haired boy to the center bench and taping his arms behind his back before the lights turned back on.

“I think it’s time we gave this little whore what he wants, whadda ya say, guys?” Smirked Bakugou, taking off his clothes as the others followed.

“Definitely, can’t have a helpless omega go unattended to!” Kirishima laughed, smacking his boyfriend’s ass. It was a great thing to know his pals were willing to join in on his scheme to please the bound boy in the best way possible.

Even though she wasn’t supposed to be there, Ashido didn’t give a shit. They were already breaking plenty of school rules based on what they were doing, at least she was only acting as a videographer. “Can’t have moments like this pass by without video to commemorate the occasion!” Cheered the pink beta, laughing as she started up the recording.

“Guys, wait, what’s going--” Panicking a little bit, he was a little flustered with everyone watching him, not that he wasn’t enjoying that aspect of the situation.

“No one was talking to you, dumb ass. Just get ready to be our little toy and fulfill your duty as pack omega!” Crimson eyes glared down at him, the ash blonde whipping out his cock and shoving most of it into the omega’s mouth to silence him. Hanta pulled off the boy’s shorts, Kirishima ripping the omega’s shirt to absolute shreds, leaving him completely naked as his face was starting to get fucked. The dark-haired beta spread Kaminari’s ass apart and started lapping at the leaking hole, his tongue barely poking through the muscular ring.

Gold eyes were complemented by his cheeks going pink, moaning into the blond alpha’s cock. Hanta came up for air and wiped the excess slick away from his face, “Dang, Eijirou. You weren’t kidding! He’s so sweet he almost tastes like cotton candy.” he remarked, perplexed by the sugary taste. Sharp teeth bared in a cocky grin, as if he were silently bragging about the omega being his.
“Aww, guys! He’s almost as pink as I am, this is totally adorable!” Commented the overzealous Ashido as she moved the camera in closer to his face. “You should probably go first, Sero. Not to be insulting or anything, but these are some pretty big alpha cocks you’re competing with.”

“No, that’s fair. I’m not mad, these two are huge, I’m fine just being above average.” Joked the beta as he lined his cock up with the omega’s lubed ass, groaning as he pushed in gently. The pack omega was finally given a chance to breathe as Bakugou pulled out of his mouth, lips swollen from the abuse.

“Having fun being our little fleshlight, Sparky? Cause we aren’t even close to done yet. Your pathetic pussy’s gonna be so full of cum you’ll be carrying someone’s pups by the end of the night.” A creepily wide smile mocked the blonde as he laid on the bench, mewling from the beta’s cock shoving into him. “Gotta let the pack omega know his place, amirite guys?”

Stimulation, humiliation, his own personal arousal, everything was preventing him from forming full sentences, rock hard cock pressed and leaking against the bench he was on. Hanta quickened his thrusts, penetrating him deeper with each successive push. “Having fun yet, little omega? I hope you don’t mind the company, but everyone just wanted a turn at that perky ass so badly, I couldn’t say no.” Smiled the red head, explaining how he essentially just whored out his boyfriend to all his friends on a whim. Of course it was a lot more calculated than that, but he didn’t need to be aware of that fact during.

“Its--okay alpha, I’m here t--to be a good hole for everyone.” Struggling slightly, he managed to get out at least one self-deprecating sentence before his alpha kissed him gently.

“Shit, he’s so tight. I’m about to cum!” Pained expression blanketing his face, Hanta let out a loud groan as he ejaculated into the warmth of the omega’s body. Huffing to catch his breath after the spurts subsided, he pulled out slowly, reaching out and high-fiving the blond alpha. “You’re up Katsu, should be plenty lubed up for you now.” Winked the beta as he joined alongside Ashido in the peanut gallery.

A thick alpha cock slapped against his cheek several times, signaling him to open up his mouth for his boyfriend as the other alpha mounted him from behind. “Don’t go easy on him, Kastuki. He doesn’t need his hand held through this with everything I’ve put him through.” Goading his omega, the redhead pushed his dick through the slightly parted lips, the familiar taste pleasing his bound lover.

Lewd growls came from Bakugou as he plunged into the omega, almost to the hilt on his first try. “Damn! So tight even after getting fucked, maybe you are good for something aside from being a cute face.” Each alpha fucked into either end of their packmate, still being careful not to hurt him too badly. “We should do this more often, Eiji. Your bitch makes a great little cock sleeve!” He grunted, knowing he wasn’t actually going to be last too much longer. Good thing he didn’t make jokes about his friend being a minute man, because his timing likely wasn’t going to be much better.

“Just remember, no knotting him. I’m not gonna stick around and wait to fuck my own omega ‘cause you got too excited!” Joked the spiky haired alpha, but still being very serious, the only other guy he was letting knot his boyfriend was Tetsutetsu.

“Whatever, Shitty hair.” The temperamental alpha rolled his eyes at the remark, knowing he wasn’t going to try anything stupid like that. Maintaining control wasn’t that hard so long as heats and ruts weren’t involved. Bakugou wasn’t going to admit exactly how much he liked watching cum leak out of the slicked ass with each thrust, and he was about to add a whole lot more to the mix. It was downright sinful, and he was going to indulge to the fullest extent.

Getting his skull fucked was now going about as smoothly as possible, with his boyfriend gripping either side of his head by the hair he was able to take the full length without issue. “Hope you can take two more loads, baby! I don’t think you’ll have to wait much longer.” Sweet words tried to calm the omega in the home stretch.

“Yeah, Kastuki’s already popped his knot, he’s gonna contribute any second now.” Laughed the rather animated beta filming the scene, secretly jealous of how much dick this omega was able to take (and how much he was getting in the first place, but that’s for another time).

“Cram it, Racoon eyes--Shit, she’s right!” Tight grips on Kaminari’s ass were already leaving small, finger sized bruises as the ash blond boy began to growl in the back of his throat before it rumbled to the front as a full-blown roar. Knot sitting firmly outside the golden-haired omega, he burst inside the wet canal, flooding him with a fresh load of cum.

Kirishima kept going at his lover’s throat, waiting until his backside was no longer occupied so he wouldn’t miss out on one second of fucking his chersihed omega. Bakugou slowly pulled out, trying not to let the bottom leak too much of the mixed seed out. Yanking out his own cock, he slid into the loosened ass, still thick enough to where everyone could enjoy themselves. An incredibly sadistic move on his part, the other still erect alpha popped into the bound boys mouth to get himself cleaned off. “Kami, I don’t think I’m gonna last very long. Ready to be the best cum dump Class 1-A has ever seen?” He encouraged the squirming omega, who arched his back in response. By the time he was finished, his boyfriend would be so full he might even look a little pregnant.

“This is actually really hot, too bad Denki gets to have all the fun! It’s no fair.” She pouted, moving around a bit to get a more varied shot of the end of this gang bang.

“Haven’t Kyouka and Yaomomo literally invited you to join them in bed before? I’d kill for something like that.” Laughed the other beta, happy he was getting some action at least.

His redheaded alpha looked and sounded like a feral animal as he pounded repeatedly at Kaminari’s hole, his free mouth now full of moans as his prostate was abused by the third cock. Overstimulation was preventing his own release, but he didn’t care that he was denied his own orgasm since everyone else was having such a good time. “This is it!” His howl echoed through the mostly empty room as his knot caught inside and he expelled hot ropes of cum into his boyfriend.

Everyone took a second to catch their breath and removed the tape restraining the omega, “So, that was fun. We need to do that again sometime!” Said Kaminari, rather stoked by the idea, rotating his wrists that had nearly fallen asleep. Kirishima smiled proudly behind him as he mentioned how much fun he’d just had.

“So now we send out the video to the entire class, right?” Chuckled the devilish Ashido, having just ended the recording.

“I might literally die if you do, so please don’t, Mina.” Sighed the omega, still tied to his partner, waiting to be completely freed. While he hadn’t planned on any of that happening, he felt that may have been part of the reason why he had so much fun, now he just needed to empty himself before he exploded.

Chapter Text

“So you really want to take the whole thing tonight?” Kaibara looked to the omega for confirmation, making sure he was indeed serious while sliding his cock into the grey-eyed omega.

“Duh, that’s what I just said, Sen! Tetsu is too scared he’d hurt me,and your quirk is perfect for easing things in like that.” Reasoned Awase, throwing back his head against the mattress as the biggest dick he knew of out of Class 1-B bottomed out inside him. He’d been wanting to try fisting for a while now, but his alpha was too worried about his larger hands posing a problem. Even though they were the same height, the brown-haired alpha fucking him at present had a huge cock, smaller hands than his boyfriend, and a power perfect for twisting things right into place.

As a smirk emerged across his face, the alpha pushed harder, the mention of his quirk allowing for a perfect opportunity to show off. Almost as if the cock were literally drilling into the omega, it rotated at a moderate speed inside of him, “Is that the power you said was so perfect, Setsu?” he goaded him while he thrusted further.

"GOD, YES!" Shouted the extremely stimulated Awase, his prostate being drilled into by the spinning member. Kaibara's neighbors would likely have some remarks to be made about the noise later, but his classmates would probably just make jokes about the matter. Eyes rolled back as he surrendered to the tidal wave of pleasure crashing over him, slick keeping him perfectly lubed. Keeping up this pace and fucking into the omega proved difficult, his warmth and the rotation combining into a whirlwind of sensation for the alpha, almost driving him over the edge too quickly.

“So, I’m curious. How does your alpha compare to the rest of us? I know you’ve had nearly every knot in the class, and more.” Asked the boy, wiping sweaty strands of dark brown hair from his forehead, enjoying the way his fuck toy was blushing at the question as he deactivated his quirk and easing back on his thrusting.

“Well, in terms of size he’s about the third biggest in class, just behind you and Juurouta. Ability? Out of this world, between the two of you, I could die happy and full of cock!” Flashing a grin and a thumbs up to the alpha, they both laughed.

With his knot fully exposed, they repositioned themselves so that he wouldn’t accidentally slide completely into the omega and violate the terms of Awase and Tetsutetsu’s technically open relationship. Both of them were able to play around with others that they knew and trusted, but there was an official agreement that knotting was reserved for their lover or their best friends Kirishima and Kaminari. “Now make those cute little noises this big alpha cock always forces out of that dirty little mouth.” Deep, commanding tone to his voice would make you think he was ready to get violent with his friend, but it was all just in the heat of the moment. He rutted angrily against his classmate, grunting at the slick warmth of his insides that he enjoyed so much.

“Unh, Sen! Don’t make me cum just yet, please alpha?” Begged the silver-eyed boy, tears welling up in his eyes as he fought back his own orgasm, his partner not letting up on his thrusts.

“Then don’t, or I’ll have to tell your alpha what a naughty little bitch you’ve been. Don’t wanna get punished again, do you?” Evil broke through his voice, you’d never believe he was part of the hero course with the sadistic vibes he was broadcasting. Small snarls escaped him as he pounded away, sounds of his lubed member slapping against the leaking hole. Pure arousal and restraint covered Awase’s face, almost a lingering fear from the use of his alpha voice from earlier, it was really hot look for him. “Damn it, I’m gonna cum!” Kaibara roared as spurt after spurt of searing hot, white release into his friend. Aftershocks of his climax raged within him, causing him to pant to hopefully recover quickly. “Okay, on your back, legs wide open for me. We’re gonna see just how much this abused hole can take.”

Not a moment of hesitation, the omega complied with with the command, happy to move onto the main event for their session. The alpha briefly reached over to grab some lube off of his nightstand, only because taking a fist was no easy task, even with slick and cum working in his favor. “Don’t forget to start recording, Tetsu said he wanted to watch.”

It was important that they made sure to get a video of their playtime since his alpha didn’t feel comfortable participating in the act itself. “Right, gotta make sure you pervs can enjoy this later.” Laughed the black-eyed boy as he set up his phone to watch them from the nightstand before they got started, making sure the angle was perfect. “Then let’s get started, can’t wait to leave you all sloppy and used for that alpha of yours.” With a grin, he coated one of his hands in a generous layer of lubricant to ensure as little friction as possible during this delicate exercise. Due to the slight gape of his freshly fucked hole, Awase took two fingers with relative ease, the tips of them gently brushing against his prostate and making him mewl in anticipation. A third finger was added before his quirk was activated to as low a speed as possible, only the fingers rotating without affecting his hands and wrists.

“That’s it! Please--give me more.” Drooled the omega, eager to get more inside of him and finally stretch past the brink and be able to take a whole fist. He’d made sure to work up to this in the days prior, using dildos and plugs to get him ready for this moment. Kaibara obliged, inserting another finger to bring them up to four, now they just needed to get past his thumb. He was starting to feel so full, like the entire universe was starting to fuck him wide open and nothing else could compare to the sensation. Slowly pushing his lubed thumb into the boy, all five spiraled in unison to aid in penetrating him even deeper, ensuring that they’d be able to accomplish getting the entire hand into Awase. “Fuck me, this is fantastic! I might get addicted to fisting if it feels this good.”

“Careful, don’t want you getting so loose you can’t pleasure your alpha anymore. That is your job anyhow, right? Useless, worn out omegas will just get replaced.” Cooed the alpha devilishly, teasing the horny boy as much as he could. Firm pushed made the pliant ring of muscle force over the first four knuckles, squeezing a surprised gasp out of squirming omega. Soft punches attacked the boy’s guts, dragging across the sensitive bundle of nerves deep within him. Ginger pushes allowed him to get more accommodated to the increase in size as they halted at that pace for several moments.

“Christ, you need to get the rest in me before I lose my damn mind!” A push of his own hips helped the hand sink into him further, allowing him a pleasure he didn’t think possible. Applying just a little more lube to his hand, Kaibara made several more fluid thrusts with his arm, the final joint in his thumb seeping past the wanting hole. Now they were past the bulk of the hurdles needed in order to complete this mission, it was just a matter of getting the rest inside. His body was craving it, he needed to be devastated, destroyed by the immense pressure building within in.

Almost being able to form a solid fist inside the omega’s heat, the alpha push just a bit further, snaking all the way up to his wrist. “Fuck you’re tight! But it also feels kinda nice to wear you like a watch. Too bad you’re not here to enjoy this too, Tetsu. You really are missing out!” Unable to resist the need to poke at the boy who would be watching the video in the future, he broke to do just that, smirking at the phone recording them. Tetsutetsu was definitely going to enjoy this later, so they might as well mess with him a little bit too.

“It-It’s all the way in? I honestly thought that would be a lot harder. But shit, it feels so nice!”

“Yeah, they say getting it out is just as difficult though, even if you keep slicking as much as you are.” In a cheeky move of defiance, Kaibara activated his power once again to rotate the entire balled up hand within him. Awase couldn’t handle the sudden stimulation, nearly going slack-jawed at being stretched and prodded this much. “They also say it’s really hard to cum when you’re this full, and based on you’re barely hard omega nub, I’d say it’s right on the money. All about your pleasure, without any release unless it’s given to you.”

It was hard to believe he couldn’t maintain his erection when it was normally never an issue for him, but this time it was likely due to nerves and overstimulation. There was one thing the omega was very certain of, he really needed his alpha to activate his quirk in him next time, that would send him to a whole nother level!

Chapter Text

It was no secret to the students and staff at UA High that Vlad King and Midnight had a thing going on that was clearly more than professional. However, there were several misconceptions about the logistics of how it all worked. Firstly, they were all under the impression that each of them was an alpha. While for Midnight this may have been true, it was nothing more than a charade for Mr. Kan. Blockers and suppressants made it rather easy, he just needed to avoid arousal in public since his abnormally large, muscular frame made seeing him as an omega rather difficult. No one also really knew what kind of activities the two engaged in behind closed doors.

“Are you ready, Seki?” Midnight called from the bathroom, having finished her preparations. She finally had a chance to work out all the aggression from the week prior.

“Yes, Mistress.” Responded Vlad, having secured himself in a frame made of his own crystallized blood. Arms and legs spread, head hanging down he readied his body to slip into subspace for his alpha.

She emerged wearing nothing but her glasses, flogger in hand, "Good little omega." cooed the woman. Walking forward to the makeshift frame, Midnight extended a hand and struck the flogger across his chest. "Was thinking about this what had you eye fucking me in front of the students today? You indecent cretin. Trying to get that little cock hard in front of children, disgusting!" Another swat at his broad chest had the skin over his muscles turning pink.

"My apologies, Alpha! I'll keep myself in line from now on." Cried out the bound man as he was struck again and again.

“Pitiful excuse for a man, all those muscles do nothing to change what you are, omega. You couldn’t even get me pregnant with that puny cock of yours. The only thing you’re good for is taking a beating.” Nearly growling at him, she raised his chin with the handle of her flogger, then smacked him across his cheek with her free hand. “You know, we might just have to get you knocked up instead so at least one pup can come out of this relationship.” Midnight grinned, her sadistic side going wild at the pathetic look on her partner’s face caused by her degrading words.

Vlad held his words until he was sure his alpha was done speaking, not wanting to further his punishment any further. “Yes, Mistress. Please use me as you see fit, even if it means getting me pregnant at your hand or another alpha’s.” He lowered his head once again, fully submitting to her as she walked around to his backside. Several rapid flicks of her wrist slapped the many tendrils of the tool firmly against his flesh. Soft moans escaped the omega, which she took as a green light to continue, slowly building up the speed and pressure of the lashings she was dealing out. A sweet crescendo of pain coursed through him as she truly started to let him have it. Unable to hold back, he began leaking slick, forming small rivulets rushing down his legs as his arousal took over. Midnight took a big whiff of the scent filling the air, vanilla and cinnamon making her lick her own plump lips.

“I think you’re just about ready for the second half of your punishment since you’re responding so well.” Salacious tones underlied the calmness of her voice as she turned to a closed door at the front of the room, “Go ahead and come in now, dear.” she called to the door as if she were waiting for someone.

What? Who could she have brought here, no one knows what I am! Nervously racking his brain for who she may have invited into their bedroom without consulting him before. Nothing but shadows appeared as the door opened, then someone he vaguely recognized stepped forward.

“Wow, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that the Blood Hero: Vlad King was a whimpering little bitch like this behind closed doors.” Remarked a mostly naked Hitoshi Shinsou as he sized up the situation, approaching where Midnight had summoned him from.

The grey-haired man’s jaw hung open in shock at who had just entered the private space, seeing each of the pros (who were also teachers at the renowned UA High School). “A student?! What were you thinking, Nemuri?” He shouted in retaliation of his lover’s plan, thinking she must’ve lost her mind to think this was okay. Unfortunately his insubordination earned him another series of thwacks to his back.

“He’s agreed to remain silent about the matter, the taboo dynamic at play here, and about your designation. If anyone gets too curious and asks him anything, his quirk allows him to end the conversation rather quickly.” Reasoned the alpha, trying to show that she wasn’t being stupid about bringing a student into their sex life. “Besides, now there’s plenty of dick for both you and I to have a little more fun. Get to work, Hitoshi.” With a swift pat to the indigo-haired boys clothed ass, he took his cue to strip down completely as he still stood behind the omega still bound by his own solidified blood.

“Uhhhh--” Whimpered Vlad as he was mounted from behind, the large intrusion making his entire body shudder uncontrollably. Despite only being a high school student, the young alpha’s cock proved plenty to satisfy the omega in that moment.

Copious amounts of slick made the entry easier, barely having to put any pressure behind his thrust at all. “Oh, he’s so tight. How are you able to stay out of this little cock sheath, Midnight? Especially with that ambrosial scent he likes covering up so much.” Every word made the omega blush more and more, he was getting plowed by a teenager with a cock at least four times bigger than his. Strangely it wasn’t as humiliating as he would think, it even helped him reach a sudden realization. This was his place as an omega, to service the alphas around him, to be a hole to use and breed at their will. Fingers dug into each of his hips as Shinsou picked up his pace, the large member probing further into him. It didn’t matter if he planned on spilling his seed into him at that point, he’d be fulfilling his purpose in life.

“Please, alpha. Harder, take all your rage out on me.” Pleaded Vlad, aching for more abuse, begging to really be torn into and experience his true pleasure. The call for help made the tired-eyed alpha smirk, finally starting to drive into the lubed hole and tightening his grip. Wanting to enjoy the show from a different angle, Midnight grabbed a chair and sat down a few feet in front of the spectacle happening before her. Sounds of skin slapping against skin let her know the young alpha was bottoming out inside her omega, a winsome symphony to her ears. As a look of blissed out contentedness masked the omega’s face, she desired to change things up a little bit.

“Hitoshi, I think he’s had enough. Why don’t you come over here so we can finish his punishment?” Beckoned the woman, standing up and patting the now empty chair. The boy obeyed, withdrawing from the warmth of Vald’s insides and stepping away to answer the call. Whines and whimpers echoed through the room from Vlad’s sudden emptiness, he pouted as he watched Shinsou move back into his field of vision. Sitting down on the chair as ordered, he spread his own legs slightly as Midnight straddled him, his cock standing at attention still glistening with slick. Looking down at both of them, the deprived omega nearly drooled as he watched the alpha’s member twitch in anticipation. As she impaled herself on the throbbing cock, the two alphas shared a gasp of pleasure. One hand was on her waist, the other latching on to one of her luscious breasts. “I’d almost forgotten what a real man’s cock felt like! Bet you’d love to watch him fill me up with his load Sekijirou, maybe even lick us both clean afterwards?” She flashed a sadistic wink at the omega, wanting to push all of his buttons at once.

Grunts from the boy made it clear he was close, no doubt from him already enjoying the hole of Midnight’s lover. “Gonna knot soon, can’t hold back much longer!” Bucking his hips harder, he thrust inside her further, knot so close to catching and tying them both together, forcing him to pump his load within her without any kind of protection. Even in his state of near climax, he was sure to stroke and toy with Midnight’s erect clitoris.

“Fill me up, Hitoshi! Let’s watch this fucked out, sad excuse for a man lap up your cum as it pours out of me.” She cried as the knot locked inside her, the student gripping her hips harder as he growled, shooting his load into the velvety channel with each thrust.

Losing control of his quirk momentarily, the frame holding Vlad in place liquified, absorbing back into his body. In a sheer state of utter submission, he crawled forward on his hands and knees. Midnight grabbed a fistul of the grey hair and shoved his face right into her pussy, knot still occupying her and cum seeping out. He lapped at the various fluids like a starving animal, tasting himself, his lover, and their guest all at once. Pheromones whirled around them, each of their scents combining into a sultry perfume of sensuality and heat. “Thank you, Mistress. Thank you too, Hitoshi.” Panted the omega, wiping cum from the side of his mouth before diving right back in to clean up the mess and tease Midnight’s clit. Now she just has me wanting to get in trouble more often.

Chapter Text

While students might stay on campus most of the year, during break many of them return home to their families to share the holidays with them. Returning home for Bakugou mainly meant clashing with his equally hot-headed mother, and sectioning himself off in his room for the bulk of vacation once he was done with all the altercation. But there were some hours of peace each morning, where his mother Mitsuki couldn’t help but take advantage of any opportunity to sleep in. One thing happened that he wasn’t expecting though, rut only a few days out, he walked back into the house after his morning run and something hit his nose he wasn’t expecting. Delicious food his father was cooking for breakfast, sure; but the smell coming off of Masaru was just so...perfect. Freshly dried linens, tart cherry, and roses, few things have ever smelt so beautiful to him. His face looked so truly content, beaming with happiness, sparse dark stubble on his cheeks and chin. Maybe it was adrenaline or testosterone, possibly something more, the scent was impossible to resist. Normally the scent of close family members isn’t anything one would find attractive, but all rules have some kind of exceptions, right? Especially when all his father was wearing was low-riding sweatpants, and his bare chest showing off his remarkably soft, yet muscular physique for an omega with a fairly non-physical occupation.

Katsuki walked up behind his father as quietly as possible, what he was doing was so incredibly stupid and he knew that, but he couldn’t be bothered to care. He yanked down his father’s pants and started licking at the hole beneath his firm cheeks before he could even react. “Wh--what the? Katsu--”

“Would you shut the fuck up, old man? Or do you want to wake up the old hag and have her walk in on us?” Katsuki silenced him, asserting his dominance over the omega by dismissing his concerns.

“No! I don’t want any of this!” Maintained Masaru with a whimper, yet he still wasn’t forcing his son off of him. Gripping the counter, his back arched out of instinct, leaning into the tongue probing his ass.

All he heard was a sadistic chuckle from behind him as the alpha pulled away, wiping the slick from the sides of his mouth. “Bullshit. You’re practically naked, not even wearing any underwear, it’s like you were expecting this! Now be a good little whore and let me finish, and I swear to god if you burn any of that food.” Instincts were taking over, he went back to teasing the sensitive opening with his tongue, enjoying the taste of his dad’s sugary slick. Biting his lip to fight back the moans trying to escape his body, the brown-haired man got back to the pot of miso on the stove and tending to the rice cooker. If he panicked too much and made a fuss, he might wake his wife early, not only upsetting her, but also putting him in the position to be found with his son molesting him in the kitchen.
Am I really letting me son do this to me? Physically it feels amazing, but morally it’s disgusting! Mitsuki can never find out about this… It was a complicated web of feelings, both emotions and tactile sensations pushing him to a state of pure bliss and dragging him through hell. “Katsuki...alpha, please.” Keened his father, submitting to the dominant scent overpowering his senses, feeling as if he could smell each time the alpha’s cock throbbed in his sweatpants as his tongue dove into him repeatedly.

“There it is, now spread it, daddy.” Growled the ash blond in a condescending voice, standing up and yanking his own pants down so he could go to town on the warm, perky ass teasing him. Lifting one leg out of the pants entangling his ankles, he complied with the command so he could be thoroughly mounted. Head pushing through the slicked, muscular ring, forcing a strangled moan from Masaru as the alpha pressed further. “Fuck! Is this ass the reason she keeps you around?” Sneered the boy as he bottomed out in the velvety vice, relishing in the feeling of the wet heat inside him.

Even though he hadn’t actually seen the cock before it went inside him, the feeling of the whole thing felt to be at least two or three times the size of his own. Male omegas weren’t terribly endowed on average, since in the strictest biological sense, they usually weren’t meant to impregnate someone else. It felt amazing, being so full, and at the mercy of another’s whims. Relinquishing that power gave him this surge of purpose, fulfillment, it literally made him tremble with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. With every thrust he became more okay with what was happening, and even began wondering if his son was going to knot him right there in the kitchen. They had at least an hour before Mitsuki woke up, so if they finished quickly they would have time to untie. Using one hand on his father’s hip to support himself as he bucked into him, the other wandered to his father’s nicely defined, yet not bulky pecs. Grabbing around blindy, he found one of his nipples and teased it endlessly, so erect and sensitive. “Oh god! You’re gonna make me cum, Katsuki.” Almost as if he were about to start bawling, he whined quietly in an attempt to not be too noisy.

“What the hell is stopping you? I wanna know how this pussy of yours feels when you finally blow.” The alpha whispered into his ear menacingly, lightly biting at the lobe. Not wanting to admit it, he really wanted to hear how his dad, this omega, sounded when he shot his load. Dragging his tongue across the scent gland inches below the ear, he started pumping harder into the sweet hole tightening around his cock. Masaru’s breathing quickened, shorter, shallow breaths indicating he was on the brink. Rapid jabs at his prostate made it hard to concentrate, his tongue absentmindedly hanging out of his mouth as he panted and shot all over the door of the oven with a heated moan. “Damn! You’re like a horny little vice grip. From now on, any time I’m home, this ass belongs to me. Understand? Don’t you dare tell that old hag about any of this.” Threatened the alpha, aware the man was drowning in ignorant bliss and would blindly comply to his orders. A fistful of brown hair was yanked back as Katsuki’s knot caught inside his father, a yelped popping out of Masaru’s mouth at the sudden added pressure. Deep rumbling growls came from the blond boy, mostly muffled by his own gritted teeth so he didn’t make too much noise. Before they knew it, slick and small drops of cum leaked out of the omega’s hole as they stood tied together breathlessly. After some steady breathing and supporting their combined mass on the counter tops, they got back to handling the task of cooking breakfast as well as they could. Making sure to wipe off the cum from the floor and appliances so they wouldn’t be found out.

Thankfully Katsuki had always been a decent assistant when it came to cooking, able to handle chopping, slicing, and most basic cooking techniques even with his limited range of motion from being glued to his father’s backside. “Unhhh!” Moaned Masaru as the knot finally deflated and the alpha’s cock slipped out, sudden emptiness not proving to be terribly upsetting since he was able to hold most of the load inside of him. “Katsuki, could you please grab my robe from the bathroom while I finish up here? Your mother should be waking up soon and I should try to cover up your lingering scent.” Asked his father kindly with a small smile, obviously not upset about the occurrence that morning.

“Yeah, whatever old man.” Responded the boy as the fish was laid down in the pan to sear. Once he returned with the clothing for his dad, he ventured back to his own room for a change of clothes to prevent the telltale signs of the sweet aroma staining his clothes. On his way back down, he saw his father setting the table and went to grab food from the kitchen to help.

“What the--Katsuki helping with breakfast? That’s a new one, maybe they are teaching you something at that school afterall.” Yawned his mother, the alpha stretching out her arms as she sat down to join the rest of the family. Several minutes of silence passed before she spoke up again, “So your father and I have some news we wanted to share with you, you’ve got a little brother or sister on the way.”

Choking on his food momentarily from the shock, he looked up at both of them. “You can’t be serious? Another kid this late--”

“Don’t be shitty, you little brat. Besides, your dad is the one carrying the baby this time.” She laughed and sipped her tea, knowing full well that she wasn’t about to go through another pregnancy after dealing with her first child.

A thought crossed his mind, the omega’s belly swelling up to carry a fetus, milk leaking out of his nipples by the end of the pregnancy. Katuski’s cock quickly rose to attention as he tried not letting his scent overpower the room with the sudden arousal. Damn, I guess I’ll be coming back home a lot more from now on. That explains why his scent was so damn appealing to me.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure about this, Kage? I don’t want to hurt you too badly…” One hand holding the back of the beta’s head, another caressing his beak, two more hands holding his back.

A chuckle came out of his mouth, clearly amused by the alpha’s question and hesitation. “Yes. I trust you more than anyone else here, Mezou. Plus, I heard you already gave it to Juuzou pretty rough.” Blushing a little bit, he turned his head away from his friend feeling like he already knew the reason why Shouji was wanting to hold back.

“You know it’s not that, Kage. I just didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way, you know I like you.”

“Mezou, it’s the same as it is with anyone else. I trust you.”

“It’s just--” Before he could object any further, Tokoyami had taken one of the alpha’s hands and slid it down the front of his own pants. Of course he wasn’t wearing any underwear, so the rough tanned fingers running right over the nub that was his cock.

A sharp exhale coursed through his beak as fingers found the beta’s wet hole, one gently sliding inside. “That’s perfect, just keep at that pace for a bit.” He cried in his deceptively deep voice, riding the finger with more intensity. Shouji wasn’t his only friend that knew, a select few of his classmates were also aware of his situation. Kouda was made aware back at the USJ, when the students feared for their lives. Tsu somehow used intuition and found out within the first week of class, soon after admitting their own feelings of gender dysphoria, another reason the two got along so well. Finally, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Shouji all found out during the attack on the Summer Training camp. Tokoyami had known for years, not as clearly as he did now, but there was always something that felt amiss before. With the help of Recovery Girl he was able to secure hormones and blockers, since they would aid in his mental health and make him an all around better hero. All the faculty was fantastic about using his proper name and pronouns, it was an incredibly supportive environment for him.

Having worked up to a second and even third finger, gently dragging along the warm, wet hole and making the boy tremble. “I think--you should be ready now.” Shouji used a few extra hands to pull off his own pants, and did the same for his friend. Each left on their tight undershirts, something the alpha did in an attempt to not make the beta feel self-conscious for any reason. “So, one last time. You’re sure you want me to get rough with you?”

“Please, alpha. I want it so bad, finally give it to me like you’ve wanted all this time.” While Tokoyamis scent was rather neutral due to his designation, his light fragrance reminiscent of a beach breeze grew heated in response to the alpha’s arousal. Next thing he knew, he was slammed against the wall by the many hands now surrounding him. Shouji moved in to kiss the boy rather deeply, one of his shape-shifting limbs forming into a mouth to tease Tokoyami’s cock with its tongue. Muffled grunts could be heard throughout the room, but the alpha knew he could keep going with everything they’d negotiated before hand.

“You taste divine, Kage. Sweeter than any omega I’ve ever met. Can’t believe that I’ve held off for this long, I was so stupid.” He couldn’t help but chuckle at himself, he’d been fucking around the betas and a few omegas of classes 1-A, 1-B, and even 1-C. If he were to be honest, he really didn’t like being with omegas all that much; when your senses become such a sexual asset after you present, it’s pretty difficult to not get overloaded when you can sprout sensory organs at will. But he’d been so obsessed with not hurting the beta, not wanting to make him uncomfortable, that they had never gotten past cuddling in each other’s rooms. It all seemed so ridiculous now, knowing what he’d missed out on. In accordance with Tokoyami’s wishes, a hand gripped around the boy’s red neck, much to his surprise.

Moans struggled to escape the throat that was nearly forced closed by the firm hold, even without words the beta’s arousal was clear. Being man handled by his muscular friend that towered just barely under a foot over him was a dream come true, but he craved even more as the mouth on his genitals licked and sucked even more at the sensitive pale flesh. “Mezou, I--want your cock.” Barely managing to speak the words, he knew he was lubricated enough to take even the monstrous cock concealed beneath his friend’s underwear. Having seen it in the locker room when they change into their costumes or gym uniforms, feeling the erect appendage when they’d spent nights together after their many shared stressful days. Not needing anymore than that, the alpha completely undressed himself, his large cock bouncing out once it was free. The large tan head teased the beta’s hole, before being pulled away just to slap the large rod back against Tokoyami’s aching cock. Firmly placed fingers around his throat eased off completely, giving him a chance to breathe fully once again. Finally he started to push inside the boy pinned to the wall, not moving any more than an inch passed the tight entrance. Shouji couldn’t help but hold his position for a moment, wanting to give them both time to adjust. However, a certain cock-hungry beta refused to wait and thrusted his hips further and impaling himself more than half-way onto the dick in front of him. “Fuuuck!” He cried, before receiving a swift shot to his side.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to take over, Kage. Pretty bold move from someone who asked me to make you my bitch not too long ago.” Sneered the alpha, shoving the rest of his member into him since he wanted it so badly. Tokoyami nearly yelped at the sudden feeling of being so full, it hurt like hell, but also felt so damn good at the same time. Pulling him off the wall, he forced the beta back onto the mattress and fell with the lithe frame so he didn’t have to pull out for even a single second. “You know, you’re almost too tight for me. That’s something we’re gonna have to work on in the future. Need to fuck you until you’re all stretched out just for me, so no one else can have you.” Teary ruby eyes looked up at him, shimmering with lust and desire. Holding him down, he forced himself in and out, pumping away harshly at the smaller boy. The beta looked so beautiful like this, his slim belly actually swelling up as he was fucked deeper by the enormous cock. “Gonna cum so much when I knot you, haven’t gotten off like this in a while.” Thankfully birth control and hormones had rendered Tokoyami unable to get pregnant, which made him pretty lucky with the size of the load Shouji was brewing up for him. Morphing an extra hand to tend to the beta’s trembling, swollen cock, they both knew that release was close at hand.

“Mezou, you’re gonna make me---Unnh!” Before he was able to finish, his beak was clamped shut and the alpha’s knot popped inside him. Everything was too much and he was left groaning in what could have been agony or pleasure as his whole body shook, back arching off the bed. The taller boy was making his own moans of ecstasy as he shot what felt like endless explosions of cum within his insides, neither of them caring to look at the mess of various fluids leaking out the overfilled orifice as the muscular body collapsed on top of Tokoyami.

Bites and kisses trailed up and down the beta’s neck with the both of them tied together, soft gasps escaping him as the tender touches continued. “So how was that?” Inquired the alpha, hoping he didn’t do anything that would have upset his partner.

“We’re definitely doing this more in the future.” Laughed the boy who could almost feel the cum sloshing around inside him as he moved a bit to get more comfortable. “So...did you mean what you said? About no one else having me?” He blushed, looking away from the alpha’s gaze, trying not to sound hopeful about whatever the answer may be.

“I suppose I did, you know I’ve liked you for a long time. Just needed to man up and do something about it, acknowledge my truth just like you have.” Admitted Shouji, slightly nervous at his accidental confession during the throes of passion. “I mean, if you’ll have me anyway.”

With a chuckle, pale hands looping around the thick neck and grabbed the soft, thick white hair. “Absolutely, Mezou.” Ginger kisses joined their mouths together yet again while they faded into cuddles and growls.

“Hey, I wanted to show you something. Is it cool that I pick you up?”

“Uh, I guess?” Tokoyami seemed puzzled by the question, relaxing as he was picked up like a rag doll and held in front of the floor length mirror in his room, still impaled on the alpha’s knot. His legs were spread wide open in front of the mirror as he looked into the reflection, the dick finally getting pulled out of him. Eyes went wide as he watched all the cum flood out of his used hole and right onto the floor, realizing now how much he hated feeling empty on the inside. But one thing was for sure, he was going to enjoy having this--his alpha around.

Chapter Text

A few months had gone by since the couple’s first accidental rendez vous, after which they solidified what they wanted with each other. Outside of their varied sexual activities they operated just like any other couple; just with a sixteen year age difference, and the fact that the alpha was the omega’s teacher. They would cuddle, talk about their days, their futures, even go out on dates when they could remain inconspicuous. Todoroki even had a few friends in class that knew he was seeing an older alpha, but he never even got close to alluding to who the mystery man was. Some that knew were polite enough not to pry on the matter, but they did tell him he needs to wait a few years before mating and getting knocked up. Sadly the pair was stuck using hotel rooms at least until the omega graduated, but still enjoyed their time together nonetheless.

This Friday night was a bit more special, as the dual-tone haired boy was able to spend the full weekend with his alpha once they had left the campus for the day. Aizawa had gotten them a decent room for the occasion, one that was a fair bit larger and more aesthetically pleasing than the previous establishments they’d visited. Inside this room, his omega laid back into plush sheets, wearing only pink lace panties. Delicate, pastel fabrics complemented his wiry frame, hence why his daddy just loved the idea of seeing him wear the intimate garments. “Ready to start, my sweet little boy?” He grinned, leaning over the smaller body as a cold, pale hand trailed along the dark hairs leading up his muscular torso.

“Yes, daddy. I’ve been ready since homeroom, when you practically growled at Kirishima and Kaminari for screwing around during class...That commanding voice of yours had me wet in seconds.” Biting his lip, his fingers slid passed the waistband, touching himself as the alpha’s scent inundated his nostrils. Sparkling eyes looked up at the older man, aroused and excited by what they had talked about toying around with that day.

“Don’t get too excited just yet, baby. We’re spacing everything out this time, remember?” Laughed the man as he leaned over the side of the bed to pull out their first toy for the evening that was certain to get them started out in the best way possible. A sleek silver handle appeared, and Aizawa began dragging the small wheel covered in tiny spikes across the heated flesh. Pushing slightly, but not hard enough to puncture skin, Todoroki gasped as the small pin pricks peppered his skin. For a moment, he couldn’t peg if he enjoyed the feeling, or was more indifferent. It was easy to tell he didn’t hate it, but a new fire burned underneath his skin as the stubbly mouth on his nipple as the prickling became quicker. Okay, he loved this sensation. Small red lines ran up and down his ribcage and upper thigh showing the tracks the wartenberg wheel had taken as it glided across his flesh. Wet tongue teasing his pink nub, small daggers poking at his erogenous zones, he couldn’t help but sick his panties. Saccharine floral notes flowed off of him, making his alpha grunt in pleasure. “Don’t even have to fuck you to get your pussy gushing for me. Such a good little omega for daddy.” His alpha chortled as he slid off his sweatpants, freeing the half-erect cock from its prison.

Suddenly the prickling stopped, leaving a blushing, panting Todoroki ready to start jerking himself off. But that would not be well received by his lover, who only wanted the boy to cum at his hands or on his cock. “Need--more, alpha. Please?” Pouted the student as he squirmed, free of his teacher’s grasp. Aizawa’s hand moved outside of his field of vision, retrieving a thin black candle. Gesturing to the omega with the candle, he asked him to use his quirk to spark and light the wick to begin the next step of their fun. Having thought this scene through beforehand he made sure that the candle only hovered above Todoroki’s right side, where the temperature shock would be much greater due to his powers. This was also making sure that after torturing his left side, it was only fair that the right suffered the same way. Small moans escaped him as small black dots dropped and immediately hardened on his skin. Writhing in the sheets at the warmth and intermittent stimulation, he ached for more. Inner omega begging for the alpha’s touch, more than what he was getting now. More than just some new fun ideas in the bedroom, this was a test of patience for the both of them, seeing if their respective resolve would hold during the seemingly endless session.

Finally, once the small candle was nearly halfway melted and Todoroki’s skin was freckled with black dots of wax, they stopped. Heated, passionate kisses were exchanged. Long black hair cascaded over the omega’s face and stubble scraped against his cheeks and chin. Frenzied clawing and biting at each other’s bodies. At one point the boy had wound up on top, stradling the free throbbing cock pressed up against his damp panties. “My pretty little omega, I want to do so much to you.” Aizawa growled at him, baring his teeth and just thinking of how badly he wanted to sink his teeth into the scent gland in the young hero-to-be’s neck.

Mischievous giggles came from the boy as he pulled off his panties, and laid his hands on the defined pectorals below him. “Now it’s your turn, alpha.” Gently activating his quirk, one hand grew hotter as the other went ice cold as he ran his fingers over the hairy chest. A low, growling sigh came from the older man as he relished in the contrasting sensations on either side of his body. His omega was able to feel the hard dick beneath him twitch in excitement due to the excess stimuli, making him feel very accomplished in that moment. Beyond the sexual aspect of this, the teacher was proud with the control his student was displaying in that moment with his powers. Creating ice and fire was one thing, but to hold a consistent temperature on either end of that spectrum that wasn’t painful, it was impressive. Let alone considering he was using both sides at the same time. Todoroki was able to peg out in the alpha’s scent that there as more than arousal in the mix, but it was a contented, positive emotion he wasn’t sure of, so he didn’t question it. Warmth from his left hand wrapped around the alpha’s dick and he rubbed the hard member against his leaking hole while the colder hand remained pinching at his nipple.

“ feel so amazing!” Grunted aizawa, pushing the head past the slicked entrance, allowing him to enjoy an entirely different kind of heat that never disappointed. Rough fingers latched onto creamy, white hipsas he forced himself all the way into the gasping omega. This sudden change caused his left side to deactivate entirely, but made the hand clutching his pec get even colder, causing ice crystals to form on his skin. Growling in pain, the alpha used his own quirk to keep the boy in check. Dominant gazes choked a whimper out of Todoroki and he withdrew his hands.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ll be good!” Proceeding to bounce on the thick cock, he clenched down onto it as a hand clamped down on his throat. Fingertips pressed into his flesh, almost to the point that he was sure he’d have some bruises.

Ginning at the renewed submissiveness of his omega, his grip tightened like a vice until silent cries attempted to fall out of him. “We’re gonna be lucky if I don’t have you full of pups by the end of this weekend, my sweet baby boy.” Slamming upward into the smaller body, his knot forced inside him.


Todoroki was beaming when he got back to school Sunday night, showcasing a kind of happiness that seldom crossed the face of any Class 1-A student, let alone the typically brooding omega. “I’m not sure I’ve seen you this happy since--actually, I’m not certain I’ve ever seen you this happy Todoroki.” Midoriya observed, not allowing all of his inner speculations to flow out of his mouth when he muttered out loud.

“Prolly that alpha stud he’s always sneaking off to see. What’s the deal with that anyhow, do we get to meet him?” Pried an eager Kaminari, wanting to get any kind of tidbits of information he could regarding the situation. It wasn’t often he students were privy to drama that wasn’t them nearly getting killed in a random villain attack.

“Absolutely not. My relationship with Shou is a private matter, and if I decide these two points of my life need to intersect, I’ll make it so.” The omega shot down the question without missing a beat, his smile not letting up as he sipped his tea. Thankfully the incredibly non-descript nickname for Shouta Aizawa allowed him to name the object of his attraction without outing their relationship. It clearly didn’t prevent his friends from asking questions though.

Saying he received the bitchiest side eye ever from the blonde omega next to him would still be the understatement of the century. “Hard to say it’s a private matter when you’ve got those marks on your neck, dude.” A certain green-haired boy nearly choked on his water at the comment being made in a public space like the common area of the dorms. Yes, everyone could see the marks, but that didn’t mean they were a fair topic of conversation.

“Are you just jealous because Kirishima is too busy being chivalrous to leave any marks on you?” Looking over to his friends, their jaws dropped. Who the hell was this, and what had they done with Todoroki? Ever the stoic omega, he would never say such things, even to those close to him.

Chapter Text

It was just another lunch period on a regular day, nothing was out of the ordinary. That was until an unexpected student joined Hanta at his table before the rest of his friends joined him. “Hey, Sero.” Smiled Rin from Class 1-B as he sat down across from the beta and placed his tray on the table.

“Oh, hey! You can call me Hanta, don’t worry about the formal stuff. How’s it goin?” He’d remembered their group training sessions, impressed by the boys unique quirk and his cute hero costume.

“Pretty good! I’m going to be straightforward about this, I think you’re attractive. I was wondering if you’d want to go out sometime?” Asked the other dark-haired beta rather plainly, possibly trying to hide his nerves.

Not that he was opposed to the idea, but it was just kind of a shock that a cute guy, or girl, or anyone really wanted to ask him out. He just always kind of felt like a background character in his own life sometimes. “Oh--Yeah, that sounds great, Hiryuu!” Blush crept across his skin as he accepted the invitation nervously, barely avoiding choking on his food.

“Fantastic, I’ll message you after class today and we can sort out the details. See you later, Hanta.” Rin giggled as he stood up from the table and walked away to rejoin friends from his class a few tables away.

“What’s with the extra, Weird Elbows?” Bakugou approached the table, the rest of the squad in tow and sat down with him.

“Dude, you know my name! And he’s not an extra, it’s Hiryuu from class 1-B. He was just--asking me out.”

Two other betas at the table gleamed in excitement, Ashido and Jirou already full to the brim with questions. “Seriously?! What’d you say??” Squealed the pink haired girl, excited to hear the news about her friend’s love life.

“I said yes. We’re gonna work everything out later, let’s talk about something else okay?” Sero replied, not wanting to get bogged down in the details with his friends, it was just a date anyway.


Fast forward to three months later when the new couple is still going strong and exploring a bit of their own in the bedroom. “Just make sure you don’t make it too strong this time, okay? I’d really like to keep my eyebrows this time.” Laughed Rin as he laid down in the red, geometric patterned sheets, appreciating his boyfriend’s taste in Asian-inspired decor. Completely naked, pale skin and jet black hair contrasting beautifully with the colors of the room surrounding him.

“Oh hush, Ryu. It’s not like I completely waxed them off, I just accidentally pulled out a few hairs!” He tried defending himself, knowing that the other beta had a tendency to exaggerate a bit when it came to making fun of him. They shared in a short chuckle as Sero leaned over him, indulging in a brief but warm kiss. “I made a playlist for you this time, I think you’ll like it. Figured it’d be better than just having the ear muffs and hearing nothing for so long.” Noise-cancelling headphones slid over the long black hair as the sound of Chinese pop songs flooded his ears. It was a cute gesture, finding music that Rin liked in his native language for their intimate time together, and it was very appreciated. Sero pulled out some of his tape and covered his lover’s deep black pupils, effectively occupying two of his five senses. Every ounce of tension in his body faded away, completely entrusting his safety to the boy caressing his body with gentle kisses and tender touches.

Sweet purrs of pleasure came from the blinded and deafened beta, making every move his boyfriend made a surprise to him. A free hand reached down to gingerly massage Rin’s balls as the small pecks continued to pepper his skin. Hot, breathy gasps poured from him as he gripped the sheets beneath his slender body. Surprised by a warm, wet mouth now sucking away at his member, his entire being nearly convulsed at the sensation alone. After what could have been a few minutes, or ten, the mouth pulled away, leaving him aching for more and anticipating the next move. Eardrums occupied by an upbeat tempo, there was no way for him to hear the clicking of a bottle of synthetic slick being opened up and poured into Sero’s hand. A single lubed digit pressed against his hole, not giving much time before the furled entrance gave way to the soft push. Back arching off the bed, Rin groaned as he pushed into the intrusion, aiding in the lubing of his insides as it pushed deeper and deeper. “Fuuuck, Hanta!” Passionate moans escaped his mouth, volume a little loud due to the fact that he couldn’t really hear his own voice, but his boyfriend quite enjoyed the sounds he was making.

Two more fingers, and several minutes of stretching later, a silent agreement made it aware he was ready for more. Palming another glob of lube, he smeared it over his cock and nudged the tip into his lover. “I’m never gonna get tired of this ass, good thing I can’t get you knocked up. ‘Cause we’d be knee-deep in pups at this point. Not like you can hear a word I’m saying though, right Ryuu?” Grunting into the flesh of his neck as he loomed over his boyfriend, thrusting into his body, unintelligible moans were all he got in response. No way he was hearing anything that was said.

While Rin was capable of hearing something, Chinese pop lyrics, but it was something. Music blasting against his ears, completely blinded, all he knew was that there was a hard cock ramming up against his prostate sending him to a place of pure bliss. He was floating in a space he didn’t recognize, simply enjoying pleasure without any distraction. The only thing barely keeping him even somewhat grounded to reality was the faint, reassuring scent of Sero’s musk. Every touch, prod, vibration, it coursed through him ten fold. Subconsciously his quirk activated, forearms covered in jaden scales and small claws to match. Sharp nails reached for his shoulders and dug into the superficial layers of skin, not drawing blood, but the slight pain still did more than enough to deepen the growls coming from his boyfriend. A hand running through his soft, onyx hair brought him back to reality and the scales retreated. Bucking his own hips against Sero’s crotch with a renewed fervor, a new level of passion was reached and he matched the rhythm as he began jerking himself off. “I’m not gonna last much longer, Sero!” He cried over the music that only he could hear, knowing his orgasm was fast approaching and the dam was about the break.

“I’m not lasting much longer myself, babe.” Muscles tightening, grunts swallowed down into the pit of his soul, he could hold anything back. Fingers laced over his lover’s hips and his grip solidified as if the fingertips fused to the flesh of the beta below him. Frequency and strength of his thrusts increased, release building up within him. With one final push, he gushed into the tight hole of his boyfriend. Sero panted as he continued with s lighter attack on Rin’s prostate, despite that he was now starting to soften up slightly.

Added warmth to his insides made him know he was about to burst, his entire body was trembling. The blinded beta cried out for his lover, letting him know he was about to cum himself, unsure as to what would happen. A mouth returned to his cock as he felt the first spurt of his climax spurt forward, and everything went white. Cosmos flared in and out of existence, stars exploded beneath his skin, the Earth stopped spinning. It felt as if his spirit left his body, even if just for a moment. Ever loyal to Rin, his boyfriend was sure to suck up every drop of cum that shot into his mouth and gulped it down greedily. Taking the headphones off himself, he needed to cut off the excess stimulation, with his blood feeling as if it were vibrating inside him. “That was--the best feeling ever.” Laughed the beta happily between breaths to regain most of his composure.

“I had a pretty awesome time myself!” Flashing a smile to his lover, he wiped away small dribbles of cum and saliva from the corner of his mouth. He’d almost forgotten Rin was still blindfolded, so he made sure to pull off the tape gently, happy that it didn’t seem to cause any irritation once removed. “There, doesn’t look like I managed to pull out any eyebrows this time.”

“Very funny.” Rubbing his eyes a bit, he needed to give his pupils time to readjust to the levels of light in the room before he gave himself a headache. “So now what do we do with all the extra weekend we have left to burn through?”

“I think some of 1-A is going to Kiyashi, you could come along if you wanted? Actually get more face time with my friends so that they start believing that I have a boyfriend.” Sero couldn’t help but laugh and rub the back of his head nervously as Rin smiled back and nodded.

Pulling together some of his clothes, he started to redress himself, trying not to fall over with his legs wobbling under him. “I’m gonna go shower and put on actual clothes.” All his stunned boyfriend could do was nod in response as he watched the other beta get dressed in front of him. Biting his lip at the beauty of white drops of cum leaking down his leg as he pulled on his underwear. Unless he really wanted to get involved in a second round, he needed to focus on something else and maybe get dressed himself. “Umm, you there, Sero?” Rin looked back at the motionless boy, who just started laughing up a storm in response as he fell back into his bed.

Chapter Text

“We’re gonna go have a study session with Yao-Momo. You coming along, Denki?” Ashido invited her blond friend as they filtered out of the classroom at the end of their school day.

“Dude, I can’t. I have detention with Snipe because of falling asleep in class this morning.” Groaned the omega as he got up from his desk, ready to go face his punishment head on.

Cringing at the concept of leaving her friend behind for detention, she wished she could follow. “Damn, RIP. Sorry dude, I hope it goes by quickly!” With one final hug of solidarity, she was off to her own plans for the afternoon.

Approaching the door to the room where the first years’ detention was held, he grumbled to himself, annoyed that one mistake in class had lead to this of all things. Man, this is gonna suck. At least it’s not an extra two hours with Aizawa though. He couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of spending even more time with the stoic alpha, but he’d become a lot more personable over the last few months for some odd reason, not that he was complaining about the change of heart.

“Heya, Kaminari.” Greeted the deep southern accent as he opened the door. Still in full hero costume, his feet were crossed on his desk as he leaned back in the chair. “Looks like it’ll just be the two of us today.”

“Hello, Mr. Snipe. Sorry for falling asleep in class again.” The omega rubbed the back of his head, hoping he might get some kind of leniency for being polite.

His teacher sat back up to properly address his apology, “Nothin’ can be done ‘bout it now. But thanks for apologizin.” A casual shrug underlied his response, and the omega grabbed a seat in the middle of the room. Since he was the only one there, it’s not like he could hide from the guy with a bunch of empty desks around him.

About half an hour into his sentence, something happened that he wasn’t expecting. Snipe actually took off his helmet, and he! Beautiful golden-brown eyes, you could make out a pretty sturdy jawline, but it was mostly covered by a well maintained beard that matched his medium brown hair. That cowboy hat and his scruffy appearance? Kaminari was ready to save a horse and ride that cowboy all day long! Dude, If he didn’t wear that mask he’d probably be a lot more popular of a hero based on his looks alone! Gonna need to control myself otherwise he’ll scent my arousal from the other side of the room. Can’t exactly hide it when I’m the only omega here.

Unfortunately he was so busy trying to focus on handling his scent glands, the omega didn’t even realize the teacher walking towards him. “Dontcha have homework ya should be doin’ or something?” Inquired the alpha as he looked down at the student and his empty desk.

“Uhh...I don’t really know. I’ve been so busy studying for finals that I wasn’t really paying attention at the end of class.” Sulking, Kaminari admitted his cluelessness to his teacher, kind of embarrassed by how stupid this made him look.

“Ya seem kinda distracted, Kaminari. If ya wanna stay in this program, yur gonna hafta try harder.” It didn’t take any superpowers to notice the blond squirming and blushing in his seat, or smell the pheromones wafting off of him. He couldn’t help but smile at the guilty boy, knowing what might help him. “Or does a certain omega need some help calmin’ his nerves in other ways?” Snipe placed one hand on the desk and leaned over a bit, invading his personal space even more. Salacious, deep tones in his voice made it very apparent what he was proposing, as did his smokey, woodsy musk. Swallowing thickly, the omega had no idea how to respond as his face grew hotter and hotter. Facial hair scratched against the blond’s cheek as the alpha leaned in further and grabbed his chin to pull him in for a light kiss.

The omega fought back a sweet purr as fresh slick gushed from his hole, there was no way he could say no to the man whose scent was quickly engulfing his entire being. He tried to say something, anything, not that he was trying to protest what was happening. No words came out despite his trying. “Now drop yur pants, bend over the desk, ‘n I’ll be right back, cute lil’ omega.” Commanded the alpha with a quick wink to the boy as he ventured back to the front of the room and locked the door, making sure to lower the blinds over the window for added security. How could Kaminari deny him? He’d already pissed off his teacher once today, he didn’t need to tack on more detention. Before the door was even locked, he was presenting for the alpha, already slicking down his creamy thighs. With a high-pitched whistle, Snipe cat-called the young boy once he was able to get a real whiff of his scent and a peek at his beautiful ass. “Before we get started, I know yur sweet on that Kirishima fella, but he doesn’t have you locked down as a mate jus’ yet. But I’m not bout to knot another alpha’s property, yur on the pill, right?” Frantic nods were all he could manage, at least the older man was being respectful.

Searing smacks were delivered to the bare behind, making the omega moan in pleasure as he stuck his ass out further. Deep alpha laughter echoed throughout the room at the blond’s responsiveness. “Now maybe if you’d get some sleep instead of spreadin’ it for every alpha that comes a knockin’, you wouldn’t be noddin’ off during class.” Cold strictness in his voice made him quiver before another slap was administered to the reddened, heated flesh.

“Yessir, I’ll behave in the future.” He groaned as the sensitive flesh was berated by the pro’s slaps. “Ah fuck!” Golden eyes rolled back as a thick stripe was licked across his leaking hole and coarse hair tickled his cheeks.

“Damn, better than sweet tea! Time to breed that pretty lil’ ass.” Undoing the zipper between his chaps and freed his thick cock. Even though he was a bit shorter than most adult alphas, the dick head that poked through Kaminari’s ass felt like it was wide enough to split him in half. “Shit! Figured an omega like you wouldn’t be this tight, guess that alpha of yours knows how to use his bitch.” Sneered Snipe as he drove in further, getting about half of his length inside the velvety sheath belonging to his underage student. Every word just drove the bottom further over the edge, he had no idea how long he was going to last at the rate this was going. Bottoming out inside the the twink he had pinned to the desk, they both groaned in heated passion. Thick alpha cock pressed up against his prostate, the omega keened in absolute ecstasy as Snipe leaned over him and buried his nose into the exposed neck. Spanked, fucked, and scented by his teacher, this was turning out to be the best punishment ever.

Beginnings of a knot could be felt pressing up against his ass, but not quite tugging at his rim just yet. “Shit, right there! You’re gonna make me cum, alpha!” Instincts going haywire, slick almost flooding out of his body. His mind was almost completely blanking as his vision went completely white. Puddles of white, creamy passion pooled on the desk beneath him. Kaminari couldn’t even make out the lewd words grunting out of Snipe’s mouth hotly into his ear as his ass clamped down on the alpha’s thick member. One hand eased off of the omega’s hips and gripped the brunet’s knot tightly, preventing it from breaking the parameters of their previous agreement. A rumbling howl came from deep within the teacher’s chest, ripping through the connected bodies, fresh heat spilling into the blond’s backside. “Holy crap, that was amazing!” Panted the student, trying to brace himself on the desk for support as the tanned cock slid out of him, leaking cum and slick in sweet rivulets down his trembling legs.

“Hell, a bit unexpected I’ll admit, but I’m glad we both had a good time.” Smirked Snipe as he managed to snake his cock back into his pants and Kaminari pulled up his own. “Now go ahead and get your desk cleaned up n’ we’ll be square. Just try not to get any more detention, alright?”

“Yessir! Thanks for letting me off easy.” He winked at his teacher and kissed the furry cheek before practically prancing off to the bathroom next door to grab some paper towels to clean up the mess he made. Maybe he was going to rope Kirishima in on some mischief sometime so they could get detention together, the thought of getting spit roasted by the two alphas nearly made him slick his pants again. “Shit, I shouldn't keep Mr. Snipe waiting!” Snapping out of his fantasy, he ran back to the room to finish his sentence.

Chapter Text

Due to an increase in newer pro-heroes getting killed in the line of duty, the Hero Commission
mandated the hero track students were required to work with a wider range of heroes during their studies to help them be better prepared for actual working scenarios in their future. Since many heroes often reported to the scene simultaneously and needed to know how to cooperate with many different quirks and personalities. Endeavor, being the kind of man he was, made a point to only cycle through the top students in Class 1-A. Today just so happened to be Midoriya’s turn working under the fiery alpha, and he couldn’t be more excited to work under the man now laying claim to the title of Number One Hero. After having rescued several citizens from a bank robbery, and settling a small domestic dispute on the street they returned to the Hero’s agency to write up reports for all of it. “You did a good job today, Deku. At the Sports Festival, you had little control over that quirk of yours. Still not as powerful as my Shouto, but--” His nostrils flared before he could finish the condescending remark, as the emerald-haired omega took off the hood of his costume and his mouthguard.

Midoriya took a step back, realizing he’d sweat through his scent blockers not even two days away from his heat. Delicious fruity, floral notes poured off of him as he grew more nervous. The alpha towered over him by almost a full foot, and he was moving in closer. “You’re experiencing distress, come here.” Flames around the man’s face dissipated and he leaned forward, pulling the collar of his suit away from his muscular neck to reveal his own mating gland for the omega to scent and calm down.

“No, I-I couldn’t! You’re essentially a mentor--scenting someone other than a family member isn’t appropriate!” He continued to ramble his nerves away as the neck was pressed against his nose and he was forced to inhale the warm, autumnal musk. As if his voice had a mind of its own, he let out a high-pitched whimper as he took in more the scent greedily.

“It’s okay, Midoriya. I’m a hero, helping people is what I do.” Turquoise eyes went wide as the boy’s arms wrapped around him, squirming in place as he slicked in his hero suit. “Looks like you need a lot more help than what sniffing my powerful alpha scent like a needy little whore can assist with.” Thick arms scooped the trembling omega off the ground and laid him on the desk, a deep pain was aching within him that couldn’t be helped any other way.

Heated pressure built up within the boy’s body, he knew there wasn’t anything that could be done at this point. His heat had come early, and getting drunk on Endeavor’s musk didn’t help matters. “Need--need your knot, alpha!” Pleaded Midoriya, shucking off his pants the best he could, slinging off the rest of his hero costume in sheer desperation. Sitting there, presenting completely naked on the hero’s desk, he fingered his leaking hole.

“So being around a real alpha sends you into heat? I suppose I can’t turn away a horny bitch in need.” Sneered the Hero, starting to remove his own hero outfit. Kid whines worse than Shouto did when he first presented, at least this one smells fucking divine. Having completely removed his uniform, Enji moved in on the writhing body on his desk, roughly swiping his fingers over the slicking hole. “So wet for me, omega. Gonna fuck you better than that pathetic All Might ever did.” Not that he ever had any proof, but he’d always noticed the former Number One Hero and his protege sneaking around as they used to. Despite how Midoriya felt about that comment, he wasn’t capable of responding with anything other than high-pitched mewls and whines. Once the alpha’s fingers slid into the lubed omega’s entrance with relative ease, he knew it was time to proceed to satisfy the both of them.

This crescendo of desperation grew more and more overwhelming until the older man slid the head of his cock into his son’s friend shamelessly. Trembling as he was penetrated further, “Deeper, need your alpha seed!” he cried out, leaking all over the dark wood of the pro’s desk. Heat symptoms growing harsher and mental faculties fading, instincts to be sated and impregnated took over, he almost had no true way of knowing what he really wanted. Entire body vibrating with sheer pleasure, the velvety channel relaxed further and allowed the alpha to bottom out inside him.

Large rough hands held Midoriya's hips as a nose pressed up against his scent gland, dragging out a long whiff of his sweet scent. "You like feeling this full, omega? Can't imagine any alpha at that school of yours has a cock quite this big." Chuckling sadistically, he reached over and toyed with the perky, sensitive nipples that drew out such beautiful noises from the hero-to-be.

“Todoroki--knot--want your cum so bad!” Cried out the boy weakly as his body tightened around the enormous member plowing his insides. Inner alpha screaming to take action and please his partner, a guttural grunt slipped from his throat, picking up the pace of his thrusts with a newfound vigor. Lewd squelching echoed through the room with the quickened thrusts, thankfully not many sidekicks were still there to hear the rather obnoxious moans and grunts coming from behind the office door. Not that either would care if they were caught in the act, in fact the omega might beg the random intruder to mercilessly fuck his face until he’s pumped full of cum at both ends. Had he the ability to think or fantasize about anything other than the occurrences at hand, Midoriya likely would have reached his breaking point much sooner.

Each of them were at a loss for words, just moans and screams of pleasure and unintelligible cries as carnal passion ensues to fully satisfy the instinctual urges overtaking their minds. Emerald eyes looked up, even in the blissed out state, the omega scanned the broad, muscular form looming over him. Taking in the site of the enormous, buff, older man he saw as a mentor pump into him the omega raked a hand through his own dark green hair as he trembled. Nearing the point of full body convulsions, the omega shook so hard you’d think his spine would detach from his skull. “It’s okay, omega. You can cum so long as it’s on my cock.” Cooed the alpha gruffly, grabbing the boy’s aching cock and stroking him with three massive fingers. Unable to hold back his orgasm, he shot a load so hard it splashed on the older man’s face. Blissed out and still wrapped around the horse cock, he panted with his tongue hanging out until the thick knot caught passed his rim with a harsh grunt from Todoroki. “You tightened up so nicely for me, like my own personal cock sheath. Can’t wait to fill you up with so much cum you’ll look knocked up right away.” Taunted the fiery redhead, rutting against the boy’s slicked hole as he broached his own release unashamedly. Spreading his legs even wider with each hand, he slammed into the stretched hole until a deep growl signaled his own end. He could feel each spurt of cum fill his insides until his lower abdomen did actually look somewhat inflated by the size of his partner’s cock and its now spent load. For a short while during the time they were tied, his heat symptoms tapered off, giving him a short reprieve from the biological torture.

“You know Midoriya, should we conceive a child, they could become the most powerful being in this universe.” Now that reality had kicked back in, the omega was terrified to realize he could actually get pregnant by the man holding the Number One spot in the industry. “I can’t force you to carry the child, but I want you to think about the possibility. Our quirks combined? That child could be stronger than Shouto, you, or even myself!” Bright turquoise eyes glimmered with greed at the chances. Of course, he wasn’t aware that the boy’s quirk couldn’t be passed down genetically, so this wouldn’t have been possible.

“Um, I don’t know if that’s the best idea. A pregnancy right now could completely derail my path to becoming a professional hero, and possible complications might ruin my chances entirely!” Reasoned the boy nervously, the much larger man still looming over his body while they were still knotted. He wasn’t in the position to deny him should the alpha become angry with him regarding the matter.

With an annoyed scoff, they were eventually able to separate themselves, “Now get home before your heat starts back up. Let me know if you change your mind, that child could save a lot of people, Midoriya.” Standing in place for a moment, he truly considered it. But without another word, he left the agency and hurried home so he could tend to his heat in peace. There was just a matter of waiting the appropriate amount of time before taking a pregnancy test to see if there was any other need to worry...

Chapter Text

Summer break was always nice, no school, getting to go home to see family, maybe doing some work study jobs on the side. With his mom away for a few weeks on business, the Bakugou men had the house to themselves. Even with their personalities clashing, their admittedly fucked up sexual chemistry did more than make up for it. The best part, there was no worry about getting his father pregnant, since he was already coming up on seven months of carrying Katsuki’s little sister. But another fascinating factor about this pregnancy, was how horny and needy the omega had become in the latter months of his condition.

The almost waddling omega came down the stairs in nothing but boxers, cause they were one of the few things that fit at this point that weren't a bathrobe or some baggy hoodie. "Oh come on old man, I know I didn't fuck you that hard last night." Scoffed the blond alpha as he made room on the couch for his father.

"The baby's just been kicking a lot this morning, and it throws me off balance. Didn’t want to fall down the stairs is all." Defended the brunet, plopping down on the couch next to him.

"Maybe I'll just keep you down here with me all weekend then." Salacious words were spoken right against his ear, making the omega shiver as he slicked his boxers. In a rather unexpected development, that wasn't the only leaking he was experiencing.

Katsuki stared at the small white stream barely dripping down the perky set of pecs his father had. "Are you--have you been holding out on me old man?" The alpha's tongue reached down to scoop up a taste of the ambrosial liquid, the taste making him growl. "Since you can't cook me breakfast, this will do nicely."

"Katsukiii--Stop! They're so sensiti--unh!" Cried the scruffy omega, whining as his son latched onto his tit and began sipping straight from the source. His own seventeen year-old son was breastfeeding off of him, and he hated how good it made him feel. After a few minutes, for the sake of the omega's comfort, they reconfigured their position. Masaru straddled the blond who would lean up to get his fill of the sweet nectar. This far along in the pregnancy, his scent had changed drastically, a sweet berry smell overtaking the alpha as he tended to his omega. Katsuki didn't care the pup belonged to his mom, this fucked up thing they had going was phenomenal in every way.

Feeling adventurous, pale fingers pulled back the waistline of the teal boxers his dad was wearing. They slid down and teased the pulsating, leaking hole that was begging for some relief. "You like that baby? Is your alpha taking care of you?" As a show of strength, he ripped off the fabric and threw it to the side. Keening, Masaru couldn’t even bother to be upset with the loss of the underwear, he was just giving into every submissive instinct he could to please his alpha.


"Oh yes, alpha! Can I touch myself, please?" Begging hotly, he blushed as milk leaked down his chest. It was a sight his perverted son would never be able to forget.

"I don't know, baby. Kinda hard to find that little dicklet of yours under that big, beautiful belly." Well meaning taunts were emphasized by a hand stroking the baby bump, gently grazing the flesh until he found the rock hard nub hidden beneath it all. "Aw, I think it's gotten even smaller! Not that you're using it much these days, you know, with you being a filthy little whore for your own son." He stroked the tiny dick in an effort to match the small pushes he was delivering with his other hand. Even though Katsuki had popped off the swollen nipple, small rivulets of milk still leaked down the softened pectoral. For a moment he wondered if it were possible to just keep the guy pregnant forever, because they both seemed to really enjoy their taboo escapades. Of course it wouldn’t be possible, but the blond was allowed to dream. It was even better than the times he’d fooled around with Kaminari, everything going back to normal was going to suck, but it just gave him a reason to enjoy what he could now. Slick was pooling on his crotch as he continued to tease his father, bringing him closer to the sweet relief his inner omega craved so deeply. A swift jab of his cock inside the delicious smelling hole left them both moaning cries of sweet passion, the alpha needed to knot his bitch again.

However wrong it may have been, they’d grown addicted to each other’s scents, bodies, reactions. Every whimper and growl set them off, Katsuki couldn’t resist shoving the rest of his length in with a single push, tight walls of his dad’s body tightening around his member in response. “Please knot me baby, I need your cum to sate me.”

When he asked so politely, there was no way the alpha could refuse the request. “Anything for you, daddy.” Smirked the boy condescendingly, grunting through his teeth. Gripping the widened hips, he thrust harder into the omega. It might be a while before he actually came, since the marathon of sex they’d had over the last month had given the alpha a bit of an endurance boost. “Can’t wait to get you knocked up and make you my bitch all over again, then I’d get to use this pussy whenever I damn well please.” They couldn’t get too rough because of the baby, so they’d just adapted to the usage a lot of dirty talk when they fucked. “Bet you love the feeling of that alpha cock stretching you out good and proper, don’t you? Just a little slut for my fat prick stuffing you so full you choke on your own breath.”

Every last word tore through his nervous system, causing the older man to tremble with each additional touch. “Yes, Katsuki! Only for you--your horny little bitch.” Rocking his hips, Masaru took back some control as the cock lodged against his prostate. He kept along with his son’s thrusts in a sweet rhythmic harmony, leaving them both groaning. “Fuck, right there apha! I need to cum so bad.” Looking down with tears in his eyes, he shuddered as the fleshy rod stroked his sweet spot repeatedly until he was squirting his little load on his son’s abdomen.

“Mmm, getting all warm and tight for me when you cum. Feels fuckin’ divine!” Snarled the hungry alpha, doing everything he can to not sink his teeth into his father’s scent glands to fully claim him as his own. Knot getting ready to pop, violent thrusts didn’t cease through the omega’s orgasm as his knot started to catch on his rim. A high-pitched yelp escaped the the man as it finally popped inside him, locking them together as the blond pumped a full load into his dad. Dutifully he kept riding the engorged member until he was certain he had milked every last drop out of the alpha, tugging on his knot to pleasure them both. “Hey, calm down and stop bouncing. I gotta take a piss and now we’re stuck together for at least an hour!”

“So do it. You know your knot’s big enough to keep it all inside.” Shrugged his father, not seeing it all as a big deal at this point.

Disgusted scowling was the only response he could deliver immediately. “Dude, that’s sick! Why the hell would I piss inside of you?!” Alarmed by the suggestion, he grew aggravated by his father’s smile and continued bouncing on his bladder despite his orders.

“And my seventeen year old son fucking me or drinking milk out of my tits isn’t? Just relax and do it, Katsuki. We’ve done far more perverse things, it’s not all that different from cumming inside me. Relax and let the relief come to you.” Grinding into him once more to try and get him to let it all go until he felt the warm gushing inside him. “That’s a good boy.” He leaned forward to kiss him, brown stubble scratching at his pale cheeks.

“You’re fucked in the head old man.” Sighed the alpha with a laugh as the soft hands stroked up and down his muscles while his stream finally died down. An annoyed expression and blush took over his face, “But--I guess that felt kinda nice or whatever.” He finally admitted to the doting father, trying to adjust his position now that his bladder was empty and he was relatively comfortable. “So this is gonna be a mess when my knot finally goes down, think you’re still tight enough to hold it all in until you get to the bathroom?” Both of them busted out laughing at the thought, maybe they hadn’t actually thought this through all that well.

“I’m sure we’ve got a chance at not ruining the couch. But, do you think you could help me out on the left side?” Begging cutely, he knew he alpha wouldn’t refuse. But since he’d only drank from the right side, the left was starting to get sore from the build up of breastmilk. He just rolled his eyes and got to work and sucking the firm tit dry, loving how much of a freak his dad had turned into since he got knocked up.

Chapter Text

Tokoyami’s sex drive had been wild lately, he’d been skipping class to go to the bathroom and jerk off, getting drilled by his boyfriend so much that Shouji actually asked to stop because his dick started to hurt, and super vivid sex dreams that left him with soakd sheets in the morning. Tonight was by no means any different for him as he drifted off into his own personal world, lying there in his bed.

Walking down a dark alleyway all on his own in the dead of night, the boy continued to walk down the seemingly endless narrow path. Small noises scattered his attention in every direction, but he was still all alone. He couldn’t quite remember where he was going, but he still felt as if he needed to get out of there. Before he had the chance to react, he was slammed against the cold brick wall behind him. Dark Shadow wasn’t even coming out when summoned when the hooded figure gave a sadistic chuckle at the beta’s panicked yelp. “Well, well, well, look what we have here. Maybe a cute little thing like you shouldn’t be out alone on a night like this.” A large hand was gripped firmly around his throat, leaving him terrified at the presence of the attacker.

“What--what do you want?!” Tokoyami practically begged, trembling in fear at the man’s touch. He responded by pulling out a knife and holding it up to his face, gently stroking the flat of the blade against the smaller boy’s cheek.

“I’ll take all of your money,” Laughed the deep voice as the hood covering his face was yanked back, revealing a rather amused Satou from his class. “You can give me all of your clothes too. Unless you’d rather die, that is?” Smirked the muscular alpha, his sharp, spicy scent making it very apparent he was serious about the matter.

Teeth clenching shut in absolute terror, he didn’t know how to fight back without the assistance of his quirk. This guy was nearly a foot taller than him, and built like a damn brick wall, hand to hand combat was not going to be an option. “I--”

A swift hand yanking his shirt collar, and lifting him up off the ground, Satou growled at the boy. “I’m not playing around, faggot. Do you want me to fucking kill you?” Even being as scared as he was in that moment, Tokoyami’s body couldn’t help but respond eagerly to the manhandling taking place. He was plopped back on his feet, the assailant not wavering in his intentions. There was no other choice but to comply with the alpha's wishes, so he began shedding his clothing best he could with how his hands shook in fear.

I've got no choice, I need to figure out why my quirk isn't working. I don't stand a chance fighting without it--I have to submit. Unfortunately his body was wanting him to submit in more ways than one. It couldn't be helped, but slick just kept dripping down his thighs.

"So you enjoy this, huh? Big strong alpha treating you like a little bitch got you hot and bothered?" Laughed the taller boy, taking the wallet and armfuls of clothing Tokoyami presented to him. Even with a more neutral scent, the alpha was observant enough to joke about his apparent arousal. Dropping the pile to the ground, he slid two fat fingers into the lubed hole, making his shorter classmate grunt at the disgusting feeling of the intrusion.

A single leg wedged between his legs is all that kept the avian boy from falling to the pavement as the tanned digits teased his small cock and parted his folds further. "S-Stop! You can't!" Shouted Tokoyami, trying to force the hand away from his genitals.

"Looks like I absolutely can, and you're liking it too based on how slick you are, faggot." Defended his attacker, stroking his own sizable erection through his pants. "Bet you'd like even more too, you little freak." Struggling to free himself from his pants, the large cock flopped out of his fly, almost looking angry it was so swollen and red.

That thing is huge, is he really planning on sticking that inside me?! His beak hung open in shock at the size of the member before him, it was difficult to admit that he was equal parts curious and scared about having it stabbing his insides. What kind of fucked up was he that he was getting horny from all of this? Satou couldn’t stop laughing as his thick, leaking head pierced the stretched opening. With his free hand, the alpha clasped his beak shut before the red-eyed boy could protest, tears rolling down his jetblack face. Unwanted penetration caused the beta’s entire body to shudder as he tried clenching to prevent the giant cock from sliding further into his body.

To no avail, the larger student managed to push half of his length inside the slick hole before easing up on the intrusion. Snarling, his entire body began radiating more than his typical body heat and the round nose pressed against the meager scent gland in an attempt to make everything seem more intimate between them. “You feel so damn good for me, kinda loose, but I can still wreck that pretty little hole of yours for any other guy that wants inside. So wet, I’m not gonna be able to last too long.” Hotly the lewd threats were panted into Tokoyami’s neck, until his angrily clenched fists seemed to just give way. “Gonna have you smelling like my little bitch for a while after I’m done with you.” Clearly letting him have his way was the only thing he could do, he just had to not fight it and make everything easier, if he wanted to still get away with his life.

Leaning into the still clothed, muscular frame, he opened his mouth for a passionate kiss and his hands clung to the alpha’s shoulders. “I want your knot, alpha. Please let me have it and make me yours!” Satou sneered at the pathetic begging, picking up his pace to grace this sniveling boy with the enlarged mass of muscle he craved so deeply.

“Such an obedient little fag for me, finally giving in to what you really are and letting me have what I deserve.” Wet smacks echoed through the alley as his naked body was pushed harder against the cold brick behind him. Fully sheathed into the ribbed, velvety cock sleeve, he rutted against the small body he’d pinned against the wall.

“Fuck! Right there, don’t stop! I’m gon--” Screamed the beta, squirting all over the alpha buried into his guts.

“Oh yeah, my new bitch loves cumming on my huge cock!” Sadistic laughter taunted his psyche, once again his grip tightened back around the red throat, so much that this time he actually felt like he was being choked within an inch of his life. “Want you clamped down on my cock as I knot your sweet hole. They always get so lively when they struggle to breathe.” Licking his lips, he growled as his knot began to protrude from his body, ready to lock inside the terrified beta.

Instincts of self-preservation faded away, he tried to call out for help, but only choked cries escaped him. Tokoyami could feel the knot catching inside of him, and the alpha’s raged grunts as his load poured into his lower body to the point that his pale, toned stomach protruded from the size of it all. Shrunken pupils, and moving lips were all he could make out as he faded out of consciousness. Vision going completely black, arms going completely limp, he wasn’t capable of fighting off the alpha as sharp teeth pressed against his neck and began sinking into his flesh.


Welcome to The Black Parade roared from his phone, making the boy bolt awake from his slumber. Shutting off the alarm, he realized it was all just a dream, even though his heart was pounding like he’d just run a damn marathon. After a moment of breathing, the beta managed to collect himself and assess the...damage done to his sheets. An irritated huff came from him as he took a picture of his tiny engorged cock and the darkened, soaked sheets to his boyfriend.

[Mezou] 6:47am: Aww, did Kage make another mess? I can be there in a few minutes to lick you clean. We can’t be late for class though!

Even though the laundry and morning wood were coming to be a bit of a nuisance, at least Shouji was always a reliable way to clean up after with his infinite mouths. Maybe he could even talk the alpha into putting a scene together that would be similar to his dream, but that should probably wait until after their classes are done for the day. Just to make sure they have the time to make it to class.