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Death note: Awake and alive

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It's a beautiful morning around a middle of the spring. Outside through open window can be heard singing of birds and the sound of cars in the distance. In the room is heard only beeping of monitor.

Nurse came inside to check on the patient. His condition is not changed. She only did a quick check-up and leave the room. Later on came in an old gentleman with a book in his left hand and a cup of coffe in his right hand. He looked at the patient with a sad expression. " No changes still?" question was asked more to himself, because no one could really heard him. He settled into a chair by the hospital bed, slowly started to sip his coffe and to quietly read the book. Old man was coming to a young one almost every day, and had stayed beside him a couple of hours. But, nothing had changed from the first day. He didn't loose his hope that one day would be everything like the old days. He will never lose his hope, if needed he will be waiting for the rest of his days. This young man is like son to him. And he is his closest family. And a old man will not fail him. He will patiently wait like always. Patience was always key for everything, he had learn that from experiences. Very hard experiences. While reading the book he didn't notice the changes on young man face.

He looked like he was in pain. Then he started to move his fingers a little. Older man seemed to notice changes now, then he came closer to bed. After a few minutes of struggling, younger man's eyes snaped open and for a second he looked like he could not catch the breath. Then he started to breathe shallowly, confusion visible in his big dark grey eyes. Older man waited patiently for any other reaction, his heart pounding harder in his chest. Young man's eyes scanned through the room and his eyes finally landed on his one visitor in a hospital room.

He blinked few times, frown was visible on his pale face. Like he is trying hard to concentrate. It is reasonable because of his condition. Few times he tried to say something, as he opened his lips, he closed them. Another minute had passed and he suddenly uttered:

" Watari!"

Older man just smiled and noded, then grabbed younger's man hand. He felt relieved that L had recognized him.

" It's me L, I'm here with you." tears had started to form in his eyes. He was really happy that L is finally awake.

Last two months were like hell to him. Since this accident Watari didn't realize how much young detective meant to him. He knew that he cared for the young man, but seeing him near death had crushed him. Now, he felt relieved when he saw those big eyes looking at him.

" Where are we Watari?" L didn't seem to remember what had happened...

" We are in a hospital, L. Do you remember anything what happen?"


L tried to concentrate." I am not sure."
Pause, then: " We worked on a case, very specific one, and we almost catch a criminal and... " he only furrowed his brows at thought, " ...then last thing I remember was that you died and I had a heart attack".

Watari blinked surprised at that. " W-What... ??"

L shifted in his place and tried to think. That was what he had remembered. Nothing else come to his mind. Everything else was in blur. He only remembered some old memories, but nothing new. And this new part that he told his mentor.

" There was someone else... "

Watari pointed at him questioning look an waited for L to remember. He was confused, but didn't want to presure detective further.

" ...There was young man, and he also died. He was on the stairs in some abandoned building. That's all I can remember. I think that I knew him, but now I can't remember who is he."

There was a short pause before Watari started to speak. " I'm going to call a doctor, to check up on you, ok?"

" But Watari... ?"

" It's ok. He will check you up, then we will finish the conversation."

"- And don't forget that your name now is Ryuzaki."


Doctor said that Ryuzaki is in good condition. He need to stay in a hospital about one week to recover, and to be monitored just in case.

When doctor left, two of them sat in silence for a while.


L didn't like the idea to stay there any longer, but Watari had said that that is for his interest.

"You need to get better, and they will take a good care of you. This hospital is private and confidential, so you don't need to worry. Everything is under control."

L had many enemies, so he was worried. Not that he didn't trust his mentor, but he always was paranoid a little bit.

" ...So, what happened actually?"

Watari release a sigh and started to explain. "When we were on a way home, from the last case we solved, in France, we had a car crash..." L's eyes widdened in confusion and surprise. Watari continued: "we were hit by a drunk driver, and we got out of the road. I was slightly injured, but you suffered greater consequences."

L's face was pale. A car crash?? He didn't remember that. He just thought somehow that they went home and continue they usual life. Watari noded, like he could read L's mind and continued: "You were in coma for about two months."

L was shocked.

'I was in coma for two months??'

Watari tried to comfort him, but detective was visibly confused. So he just sat on the chair beside hospital bed, and waited for young man to process everything.

After a longer pause, L spoke: " So I was in coma because some drunk idiot crashed our car?"

"Yes." was the simple answer. " But, he is in jail already, i took care of that."

L nodded and put his thumb to his mouth, sure sign that he is in deep thought. Then he pulled his knees to his chest, and Watari felt vave of relief when he saw this simple gestures.

He knew that L is his ussual self.

After a while L added: " Watari, bring me some fruits. I would love to ask for some cake, but this time I will listen to what doctor had said, and I will wait with desserts. But I am hungry." -then he managed a small smile.

Watari smiled back, and left the hospital room.


Watari had bought some fruits, and L eagerly started to eat. Then L remembered something, but he wasn't sure if it is a reality or a dream. " I have a question, Watari."

"I'm listening, L."

"Is there a open case... called... Kira case?"

Watari, thought for a second then he shake his head when replying: "No, there is not such a case."

"Hmm... " L's thumb came back to his mouth, while he thought. " then I probably dreamed it, while I was in a coma."

" It is posibble, L. You slept too long."

"I know. But it looked real."

"What exactly do you remember?"

"Not much. This Kira case I mention earlier, it was about some mass murderer, I think. And as I said, I remember you dying, and after that I felt like I had a heart attack. Then, someone was looking down at me, when I was dying. After that it was dark, and I felt empty, and defeated. At the end I dreamt about some young man dying, and that's all what I can remember."

"It was just a dream, L. We are good, and well. Maybe, just your brain created cases for you to solve while sleeping." Watari smiled, and tried to cheerish him.

Watari smiled, and tried to cheerish him.

" You're right. It is also a possibility." -'but it felt odd.'

"Try to relax, and I will bring you laptop tommorow, if you like..."

L just narroved his eyes at that. He need to wait until tommorow? He will die of boredom until then. "Of course I'll like to have laptop."

"I'll leave this book to you, untill then."

Detective sighed and added: "Do you trying to kill me Watari?"

Watari just smiled at that. "No I don't, but you need to survive just today."


L couldn't fall asleep. Nurses come frequently to check on him all the time.

One of the nurses asked him: "Do you wanna some sedative, sir? To help you to fall asleep?"

L stared at her. He did not like to use sedatives nor any type of medicine. But then, he was bored as hell, and could't fall asleep. So when he thought about it, it didn't look like a bad idea. He then said to her to give him one, just this once.


After a half an hour he slept peacefully.



One week passed and he was discharged from hospital. It was a nice feeling to be free again. Road to home lasted about 30 minutes. And L enjoyed the view of a landscapes surounding them while they traveled.

When they arrived home, L felt like time had stopped. Even when he was absent for about two months.

'I was absent only for two months, but it feels like much longer, and everything is the same here.'

He came inside his office, sat at his chair, draw knees to his chest and turned on the computer, and all the monitors before him came to life.

"Watari, bring me some cake."

Old man just smiled, and added: "Welcome home, L." and had gone to bring him some cake and to make some tea.


Months had passed, and L was feeling better every day. He solved many cases, and was pleased to be back in shape so quickly. His mind was working now in full capacity as it worked before.

He felt more like his old self.


But he had a nightmares. About that case he dreamt about, while he was in koma. He didn't remember much, but it was haunting.

In those dreams he also saw a pair of golden-brown eyes. But he never clearly remembered man's face when he woke up.

It was frustrating sometimes.

Now, while sitting in his chair, he thought about it. But it was of no use.

It was morning and Watari came with his breakfast. "Couldn't sleep this night too?"

L just frowned.

Man just put a tray with food on detective's table, and started to leave.


"I had nightmares, again..."

Older man pause.

"...about that Kira case."

"Wanna talk about it?"

Detective sighed. "There is not much to talk about to...but..."

He lowered his gaze.

"You know that I am always here for you when it comes to everything."


L knew, but still couldn't talk about 'it' out loud. It was confusing for him. Maybe some other time later he will be able to talk about 'it'.

It was not about Kira case, but more about that stranger whom he saw in his dreams many times.

L just nodded. "I think that I will talk about it later. Now I am in the midle of something, that is more important than that."

Watari nodded and headed out of the room.




It was nearing winter and L worked as usually. He had worked on some case in his hometown, but couldn't concentrate for past few hours. He sighed heavily and decided to find Watari.

Man was as usual in the library, reading some books. He didn't work late like L. Now was his time for relax before going to bed.

"What troubles you, child?"

'Troubles? Is it really that obvious?'

"Nothing particular..."


"Im just tired, that's all, and I decided to take some pause."



"Well, you worked hard since you got home. It's not a sin to take a break from work you know?"

"You're right..."

Watari nodded. "Come join me, read some books, it was long time ago when you last time read something."

"That's true."

Then he came closer to book shelf. He scrolled through the covers and chose a book to read.

The room was silent. It was heard only flipping pages as they read.


Next day went as usual. L closed the case after 5 weeks on working on it. Two more cases who caught his attention, were on the line for solving.

He was looking at all the informations what were gathered on that cases.

He bit at his thumb, while thinking.

Five victims, all murdered in one night...

There were not too much leads.

Then he make some contacts, to gather more informations.

While he was working on those two cases, at the other part of the earth a young man pick up a strange notebook.

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The best student in his school.

Popular, smart, handsome, hard-working, talented, natural genius...

That's Yagami Light.

While sitting in his class, he is bored. His thoughts often wonder to injustice in this world. Whenever he turns on the tv, he hears about many crimes that are happening in the world and around him.

'This world is rotten and corrupted.'

Like idealist, he is well aware of all the wrongdoing in this world. And sometimes he is frustrated, that he can't do anything about it.

Seeing his father's hard work to capture the criminals, often without success of capturing them, angers him most of the time.

"Hey, Yagami-kun!" his classmates called to him, while he was walking home that day. "Wanna come with us at Yamamoto's party tonight?"

Light waved at them, and shook his head in negative answer. "I'm busy tonight, maybe some other time..."

"Well, your loss." one of them replied.

'Like I care about stuff like that.'

He did not have plans for tonight, but he didn't want to go anyway. He will rather have dinner with his family, and maybe his father will be home for a change.

It was Friday after all.

Souichiro Yagami, most of the times, were home earlier from work on fridays, and he didn't work on weekends if was not necessary.

But lately he has been overload with work.

Light loved his family, and appreciated them. And he had great respect for his father. He was planing one day to become a police officer, just like him.


He will work hard, and maybe he will be able to bring some changes in this corrupted system.


"Mother, I'm home!"

"Welcome home, Light." His mother came from kitchen to greet him.

"Hello Light!" Sayu, his sister also came to greet him.

"You are home early today, Sayu?" Light asked with a small smile.

"Yes! We finished our classes earlier."

"That's great."

"Are you hungry, Light?" Sachiko asked him.

"Yes, I'm going to change my clothes and I will be right back."

"Ok, dear."


After, quick lunch, Light was back in his room. He checked up on his dad's work, and later started to work on his homework. Quickly came evening, and his mother called to him that dinner is ready.

When he came down, everyone was already sitting at the table. Light greeted his father, and sat at his usual place.

They started to eat in comfortable silence.

After a while, Sachiko asked Light about his day. "How was you day, Light? Is there something new?"

"It was good. As usual, nothing new happened."

"So you didn't meet some special girl, yet?" aded Sayu grinning.


"It's ok, mom." Light smiled, then turned to Sayu, " No, I didn't meet some special girl, yet..."


His sister made disappointed face, but finally smiled back.

"Sorry, Light. I am just curious. I just can't wait to meet a girl who will be able to stole your heart."

"Hahahah..." Light laughed.

'I don't believe in love, anyway... so there is not point in that.'

For all of his young life he felt 'crush' only for two girls. And his dating didn't last longer than one week.
Now, he didn't felt attraction towards anyone. He thought of himself as asexual. That word described him perfectly. It was not, like he didn't sometimes masturbate, but it was not because of someone, or something, it was rather because of his biological, or natural need.

"I don't believe that such a girl exist, but who knows..." he looked at his sister with more serious expression. "Anyway, I don't need anyone."

"Everyone needs someone..." his mother spook silently.

'I'm fine without them.'

Soichiro cleared his throat, and changed subject of conversation.


In this weekend, only time when Light went outside, was to walk around the streets, and in the park.

His thoughts often wandered to Sayu's words, about him finding a girlfriend. He felt irritated. He didnt wan't to think about it. 'What if I don't have anyone. I have time for such things, I'm not even turned eighteen yet.'
He sighed heavily. 'I need to think about something else.'

After an hour of walking he decided to go home, to continue reading book.

When he was in entrance room, he came across his father.


They greeted, and Light got an idea. "Are you in a middle of something, or...?"

"No, I'm not. You need something?"

"Actually I would like to play chess..."

"Oh, ok. It was a long time since we played." Soichiro smiled at his son, and then they both headed to the living room.


Week had started again. Light sat in his class, and looked through the window. Then, after a while something caught his eye. A notebook falling from the sky. 'What a hell...!?' Light thought that he imagined it.

Then, after his class he headed to that spot where that strange notebook supposed to be lying.

He looked for it, then after a while he found it lying on the ground.

Light stretched out his hand, and grabbed it.
'Death note' it says. 'How ridiculous'. Light was skeptical about authentic of the notebook. He opened it, and found some written instructions.

'" The human whose name is written in this note shall die. "'


He laid the notebook on the ground, and turned to go home. Then he changed his mind, and brought the notebook with him.

As he steps, he feels uneasy. He did not like the idea of carrying that thing with him.

'Should I test it? What if is real?'


After examining the 'Death note', and reading all the instructions, Light Yagami decided to test the mysterious notebook. 'But whose name should I write?' He thought about it for a while. Then an idea come to him.

'The name of some criminal... Someone who deserve to die.'

Light turned on TV, and waited. When it came to crime news, they mentioned one criminal whose name he wrote. It was a live broadcast so it was ideal for testing.

'Now I'll wait forty seconds...'

When nothing had happened Light was about to turn off the TV, then he paused when he saw that it actually worked.

'Impossible.' he looked at the screen, surprised. 'It must be a coincidence...' Light reassured himself. 'I could not take this as proof.'


Light Yagami wanted to be sure.

He walked through the streets, with a plan to write once more to be sure, and to confirm the authentic of the Death note in his possession. 'But whose name I should write? I don't want to write someone's who is close to me or whom I know.'

Then he met a gang who wanted to rape a girl. He heard the name of one of them, who grabbed her and began to undress her. He then went into the store and watched through the window. Then he wrote the name of that man, and in 40 seconds, that man was run over by a truck.

At that moment Light realize, that Death note is indeed real.

But also he realizes that he became a murderer.

'Impossible... it can't be....'

He felt sick, and he ran away.

He was running, 'til he felt tired. Then he had stopped in some dark street, away from everyone. His head was spinning. He felt fear, confusion, and he was shivering.

After a five minutes of just breathing, he calmed a little.

'I killed a man...'

'A fucking MAN!'




He clenched his fists. And gritted his teeth.

'... But...'

'... There is no way back now. It had to be done...'

'...someone must do it...'

'I will help the world, with this notebook.'


'I will clean the world of all rotten people... '

'This can't be accidental, it must be some sense of it. '

'.... and I will be the one who will do it.'

Chapter Text

L sat at his desk, when Watari entered inside his room. He pointed a look at old man as other spoke: " Five years of prison, for a criminal who killed and raped that three women."

L's stomach tightened at that, and he released heavy sigh, " That's why I sometimes feel, that all of this is pointless, that all my work is for nothing. Most of the times when I heard about their judgments, I wish that I quitt this a long ago... "

Watari nodded, "Yes I understand. Sometimes all that effort doesn't seem to make sense to us, but we have to be strong, we have helped many, we have to think about that too."

" I know, but if I were only doing this for justice, I would have given up long ago. Fortunately, I do this because I am interested in it and enjoy it in some way." L had admitted.

"Indeed... " Watari spoke, and detective continued, " This world is twisted. And there is no way that we alone can change all wrongdoing in it. "

"But in this world exist also good things, although we cannot always see them."

" That's true. But still... "

L had stuffed his mouth with a piece of cake, which Watari had brought him, and continued to eat it eagerly. Older man knew that this is not a simple crave for sweets. That there is more than that. Young man longed for closeness. He did not have even one single friend. Watari some times tried to talk about it with detective, but L just avoided that theme or just said, that he don't need anyone, that he is good the way he is. 'I honestly hope that one day he finds someone special...'

The detective did indeed seem pleased, but Watari knows him very well and has long been able to read him as an open book. He can easily fool other people, but not him. That's why the two of them are always open to each other.

Watari's flow of thought was interrupted by the detective's words: " This new problem in Japan is really odd. People keep dying of heart attacks, and no one knew why or how... search results, analysis, and autopsies show nothing."

"They still haven't learned anything new?"

"No, nothing new. This looks like the case created for us."

Then the news began on TV. Watari and detective watched, to see what was happening in the world.

Then there was the part about the mysterious killings in Japan.

'"...Because only criminals die, many are beginning to say that it is an act of bringing justice and have called the alleged savior 'Kira'. Many websites and organizations gather around the world to support 'Kira'..."' woman's voice echoed in the silent room.

L's face was pale. His usually big eyes, now were even bigger.

His heart stops a beat for a second.

'That can't be... '

That Kira...

Is real.

He started to shake, as if he was suddenly very cold.

Watari came to L, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "L...?"

L looked at him with terrified eyes.

" Watari... "

" We can't be sure, can we?"

Detective shook his head. " We can. I am sure that this must be it."

"Do I need to prepare our trip to Japan, or we will work from here?"

"We're going to Japan."


"They call me Kira, hm...? Not that I like that name."

"Heheheh.." Ryuk, the shinigami, grinned behind Light.

They saw the news. And the world already knew about his doings. Many of them accept this, but no one wants to admit it openly yet. 'It will come with time. They all will accept me like absolute God and justice.'

" I will create world without criminals."

"This is getting more and more fun, hyuk." Ryuk laughed while grabbing an apple.

"Yes, Ryuk. It will be more fun, and interesting. And I will be the God of a new world." Light grinned.

'This notebook was all I needed to fulfill my dreams. How I am lucky to find it.'

But, Light didn't know that it is supposed to bring him bad luck at the end. Only few years of glory, then end of that all.

But someone is working hard on it, to change that fate. To fix what can be fixed, or at least try it...


Mysterious and anonymous detective L came to Japan and announces that he will be leading the investigation.

Everyone had respect for him, even when they know nothing about him. But, they know most important thing, that he solves every case he's working on.

He didn't lose. Not even once. That's why he is the best detective in the world.

And he had some plans in his mind already. How to lure killer out.

His prophetic dreams, didn't much help. He need to use his brain.

'If only I could recall of more useful informations... what I know from that dream is very little and not enough.' He bit his thumb, deep in thought, 'I have an advantage, but I can't use it in fullest.' It bothered him. 'Maybe in time I will remember more of it.'



TV broadcast with Lind L Taylor was a success. L learns that Kira is hiding in Kanto region of Japan.

As the days passed, there were more killings.

All heart attacks.

L felt irritated, that nothing significant happens.

'Time of killings show us that he is a student.'

And all the informations they gathered, were leaking out.

No one knows how.

Detective is trying hard to remember something more from his dreams. Something that will help him to catch killer faster, to prevent more killings.

But nothing came to his mind. He need to use only his logic in this case after all.


All FBi agents involved in this case were killed by Kira. L almost broke his laptop from frustration.

'So Kira also kills everyone who stands in his way, not only criminals.'


'I let those people die.'

He bites at his thumb so hard that the blood ran out.

A full plate with cookies were on the table, but detective felt sick even from looking at them. That was the first time when he felt disgust towards sweets.

He sat quiet in the dark room, only illuminated from the monitors, with his knees pulled to his chest.

'If only I could think of something relevant to this case.'


The detective has five Japanese police officers with whom he continues to cooperate. The joint forces will work on the case. The others all withdrew from the case in fear of being killed. Kira is able to kill if he knows the face and name of the man. It can also control the time of death. And still no one knew how killer kills. Such killings are practically impossible for the average mortal. L assumed that some divine or supernatural power might be involved. 'Someone mortal is playing God.' he spoke often.

A mysterious, detective now risked introducing himself to these five officers.

'I have to show them my trust so that they can trust me too.'


When they saw him for the first time, they were skeptical. A young man dressed in a plain white sweatshirt and jeans. No socks, barefoot. Back slightly bent forward. Pale skin, eyes dark with circles under them, and the hair dark and messy.

Thoughts of each one of them, probably the following: 'This is a big and famous L, impossible!'

But after a brief conversation with him, all doubts were eliminated.

They made plans for further investigation, got new names, belts with buttons if they got into trouble, so they could contact the detective quickly.

Later, when the detective examined the profiles of each of them, he stopped at one of them. 'Yagami Soichiro, hmmmm ...' that name was somehow familiar to him, and he didn't know exactly what was odd about it. He couldn't dig that thought out from deeps of his mind. But when he examined his other family members, it was suddenly clear to him. He was looking at man's son profile: 'Yagami Light'.

He remained petrified for a few seconds. A rush of emotions, and buried memories, suddenly burst to the surface.

He remembered a few situations that he had dream about this brown-eyed young man.

And then one of those moments was pure horror; he saw the young man look down at him with smirk on his lips. Then he knew it was the killer's gaze.

That he is actually Kira.

Chapter Text

Light was walking from school alone. Or at least everyone else who saw him thought that he was alone.

Beside him hovered god of death, babbling about nonsenses. Light felt irritated, but could not reply. That amused shinigami, and that was the reason for him to continue.

'Just you wait, Ryuk. You will beg for apples.'

When they finally reached their destination, Light saw that no one is home yet, except for him. 'Oh, well... '

He was heading to his room and when he reached his doors, he saw that somebody has been inside. He knew it because he landed traps at the door, just for this kind of occasions. 'Someone been here, but for what?'

But the Death note was safe. He secured it. With the fake dairy on top of the drawer, hidden in the double bottom was Death note. Of course with a further trap that, if opened, should explode.

It's risky, but it's worth it.

No one is supposed to ever find it in there.

Now, probably...

'There must be wiretape, or worst... cameras.'

He somehow managed to explain to Ryuk, that there is possibility that they're monitored, and that a shinigami needs to find all the cameras.

At the end of checking all corners in the room, Ryuk found 64 cameras.

'This must be L's doing. Only he will go this far...' Light thought. 'He thinks he is smart. So let see who is smarter,' young boy smirked to himself, plan forming in his mind. 'Too many cameras... he must be some pervert.'

Light started to do some homework, then he went down to have dinner with Sayu and his mother.

After dinner, he had a plan of how to do killings again, without get caught.

I have to get the suspicion off me, so I have to kill again.

Chip and mini LCD television had done the job perfectly.

Latter, when he was finished, he went to take a shower.


Once inside the shower, he got another idea. 'What if I do some 'show' for L? To embarrass the man, hmmm... what If I just...'

His penis twitched at that perverted thought. He was tempted to jerk off himself right away, but he tried to ignore the need he had started to feel.

He had continued his shower, thinking about whether or not to do it. He was very excited at the thought.

'Is L really a man, or maybe a woman?'


'Or maybe both. If there are two or three of them. Or who knows how many of them are watching...?'

'But, I prefer the idea of him being only one single man.'


'Who cares.'

"I DO CARE. Shit."

He tried to push that thoughts away, but it was too late. Water was trickling on his hot skin. As he rubbed it with soap, he felt increasingly turned on. His cock was standing proud, waiting for attention. But, Light ignored it. With difficulty.

'This is not good... Why I am feeling this way? I will not fall this low, would I?'

He thought that this could be profitable for his mission of get rid of L. 'Maybe the idea is not that bad.'

'Father is already home, so...' he doesn't need to worry about that.

Then he decided, that he will prepare a show for L, after all.


When he came inside his room, he gestured at Ryuk, to get lost.

Shinigami looked disappointed, but obeyed.

When Death god left, Light stood in front of his bed and stripped off his pajama top.

Then he started touching himself with his hands. First on his neck, then he crossed his chest and gently massaged his nipples in circular motions. He squeezed them, and pulled them several times. 'Ahhhhhh...' it caused erotic sensation and his hard cock began to throb under his clothes. He had a strong desire to just grab it and start pumping, but he had to resist because he wanted the show to last longer.

Instead, he stripped off the bottom of his pajamas and boxers. The cold air on his throbbing cock made him even more excited.

Then he laid his back on the bed, flexed and spread his legs. He put his middle finger in his mouth and sucked it to moisten it. Then he slowly started stroking his pink hole with his other finger, and when he felt the muscle relaxed enough, he slowly put his wet finger inside. At first, the feeling was strange, but as he continued to penetrate, he felt better and better. He was penetrating deeper and pre-cum dripping from his cock began to drip. The excitement grew with each thrust. 'This feels so good.' He was biting and licking at his lips, moaning, and thrust his hips into the rhythm of penetration.

Then, hoping the detective could hear him, he began to talk: " I want you inside... ahhhh. Fuck me."

"Mmmmm, yeah... take me. I want your thick, hard cock inside mi tight virgin ass...."

"Aaaahhhh... oh, fuck. I need you badly... please. Just take me."

Inwardly he thought, 'What's wrong with me??'

But all his rational thoughts were suppressed in a rush of pleasure and in a strong desire to end as soon as possible.

Then he removed his finger, turned himself on his stomach, and began to penetrate his cock against the bed. He gripped the sheets tightly with his hands and moved his hips in rhythm so that he could reach the orgasm as easily as possible. He moaned loudly, no longer caring that someone would hear him. Light couldn't take it anymore as he was on fire. All pride and doubt forgotten.

Now he must concentrate on his coming pleasure.

He is so close... 'Just few more thrusts.'

'I wonder how he looks... but I hope that he is young, and at least, decent looking.' Otherwise, he didn't want to think about it.

Then he imagines a young man, maybe little older than him, how he shoves his cock inside him and how his thursts are fast and hard. Dark and wild hair, mmmmmm....

Then the release came, and a big amount of hot seed explode between mattress and his stomach. And his last scream: 'Aaaahhhhhhh....'

Then he stays still, just laying on the bed.

'What have i done?'


On the other side was speechless detective. "What is he doing...?"
He didn't believe his eyes. "Is he really going to do that?"

L didn't put the cameras for that purposes, he was sure that he will find a proof how Yagami Light do killings. But instead of finding anything useful, he is looking at turned-on teen, who is about to masturbate.

'This is bad.'

He stood quickly and locked the door, afraid that Watari could break in, even if he knew that is a small possibility that old man would come to him in these hours.

'You can never be too careful.'

Then he sat back in his chair and stared at monitors. He had a view from many angles. It was spectacular.

'Oh... god.' He gasped. Eyes wide.

His blood started to boil inside his veins and his cock started to wake.

On the monitors Light stripped his bottom pajamas, and laid on the bed.

'Ohhhh...' gasp escape L's lips. "He is so gorgeous... Ungh. And his delightful cock... Oh how I wish to shove it inside my mouth."

Detective's mouths started to water. He quickly licked them.

When Light started to penetrate his hole, L stripped and shoved his clothes all on the ground, then sat completely naked in his chair.

It was too much. Seeing that delicious body in ecstasy of arousal drove him crazy.

He started to pump his pulsing hard cock.

Then he heard:

'" I want you inside... ahhhh. Fuck me."'

Oh. Shit.

This made him even more excited.

He was close to coming. He wanted Light badly. This was different from his dreams.

This was real.

Listening Light's dirty words pleased him, like nothing before. He imagined that he is the one penetrating Light's hole.

Then Light changed his pose and started to penetrate in the mattress.

While seeing that, detective come. His seed was all over his belly, and some drops reached his chin.

'Fuck, that was intense.'

He breathed heavily and stared at monitors. Light also reached his climax, and laid on the bed, without any move. 'I hope that he is ok, he maybe just passed out.'

Then after a long pause, young man moved and cleaned himself. He changes bed sheets, take his pajama on and laid on the bed.

He closed his eyes, face almost all under covers, and fall asleep. Better to say, he wanted for L to believe that he is sleeping.

Before he fell asleep, he thought about what had happened. He didn't want to show his face.

Because on his face was visible disgust, and regret.


L cleaned himself, and put on his clothes.

When he managed to think rationally again, he knew that this is not a good sign.

He thought that he will be able to prove Yagami Light guilty. That he will discover how Kira kills. Instead, he masturbates at naked, gorgeous, horny suspect.
Something like this had never happened to him before.

And worst of all is that he is attracted to the young man.

"Of all the people, I am attracted to the worst, and a most dangerous criminal on this planet. Just fucking great."

L gritted his teeth.

'This only can happen to me...'

He need to cut this part from the tape, that no one can see it. He will save it somewhere on his private computer. Just few more days he will wait, then he need to pull out all the cameras.

I hope I will find something useful in the end.


Few days had passed but nothing was found. L was angered at himself. Also, frustrated, that all of his thoughts wandered to naked Yagami Light.

'Shit. That was the worst idea of all ideas... to allow this to happen.'

When they removed the cameras Chief Yagami asked him if his son was still a suspect.

"Unfortunately, yes. He is still a suspect."

Older Yagami frowned, and added: "Ryuzaki, what can I do to prove my son's innocence?"

"You can only wait, and pray, Yagami-san." That was all what detective could say. Because, he knew that chief's son is Kira.

Everyone was a little skeptical about whole thing. Nothing was found, and L still suspected Light.

"I need a little more time, to prove how Kira kills." was L's answer.

"And, if someone doubts my judgment, can leave immediately."

No one left.

'As I thought.'

He sat down at the table and continued to work.

'And if I don't prove it the normal way, I'll be forced to take different measures.'

He knew it would probably happen. But he avoided that possibility for as long as possible. One of the last options is to try to find out more about his dreams through hypnosis and to discover the details he needs.

He didn't want anyone to play with his mind, but unfortunately it seems inevitable.

Chapter Text

The detective could not concentrate. No matter how much he tried a track of his thoughts always lead him to Light and his naked sexy body. After that time when he saw him masturbate, he wanted him even more. It was irritating. He didn't know what to do.

Now, he is not even able to do his job properly. He must find some solution for his current situation, urgently.

Few times a day he is going to bathroom to jerk off, because of Light.

'Dammit... I shouldn't have watched it.'

But curiosity was stronger than him, as was desire.

Watari saw those changes in him, but L declined to talk about it. He only said, that with time it will pass... So, Watari believe in him. Or at least, he wanted to believe.

Everyone in the Task force saw that something is bothering detective. But no one spoke about that, out loud. Only between themselves, when they could not be heard.

One night, when everyone was at home, L got an idea. He thought that, that could be solution for his frustration.

'What if...'

He stopped typing, and bit at his thumb, trying to formulate his chaotic thoughts.

'If I just find someone, or better to say, pay someone for that...?'

'Hmmmm... not that I like the idea, but...'

He resumed his typing on keyboard once again, while searching for adequate sites.

'It is always a possibility... that is kinda normal, I guess...'

He opened few pages.

"Lets see..."

While searching, he munched on his cookie.

"Then I just need to find someone like - him."

'That's it.' He need to trick his mind and his body. To have someone else instead, with whom he can be intimate. Then he will focus on that other person and his attraction toward Light would disappear. 'Perfect'.

It's easy, isn't it? Then he continued searching. He flipped through pages but it was hard to find someone similar to Light. 'Light is so specific, so special. There is something about him, that I can't explain.'

He checked few opened pages;

"Hmmm.... no, no..."

"This one, no."


"And again, no."

After a while It started to be frustrating, and he almost dropped the idea. He could find no one.

Afterwards he found someone who fulfilled the expectations regarding appearance.

"Perfect. Not completely perfect, but perfect as it could be."

L smiled, and thought that this could work, and that this will help with his problem.

"Now I am positive, that this will help the situation. Then I will finally be able to work normally, and at full capacity. Maybe even better."

He was satisfied with his idea.

"And time will help to make it all work. Now, I just need to contact him." Then he dialed the number, and he arranged for a 'date'.


Light was furious at himself.

It's been almost a week, and he didn't felt better. 'Why I did that stupid thing in the first place?' That bothered him every day.

He was relieved, when the cameras were removed, but it didn't improve his mood.

Nothing had happened.

'And what I expect to happen?'

Long pause.

'That L just come to me, and have sex with me?'


'No, that's not it. Maybe I just want to meet that person behind mask of L.'

Then he shook his head.

'I'm going insane...'

His father didn't mention anything about 'that' incident, and Light felt relieved.

But Ryuk was worried. He did not seen young man, so grumpy before. He was scared to even ask him questions, so he just munch on his apples and was quiet.

Then Light sat at the table, opened the Death note, and started to write names. 'At least I will be useful, this does not require high concentration. I hope that with some time this all will pass.'


L was nervous. He came to hotel room twenty minutes earlier. He checked all corners for any types of threats. Of course there wouldn't be any, but it was necessary, just in case.

He inhaled, and exhaled few times to calm his nerves. Ten more minutes.

L was not usually a nervous person. But, this was totally new field for him, so it could be expected.

He tried to stood straight. His white shirt looked strange on him, and it also felt strange to wear pants.

He wasn't used to wearing different clothes, but a pair of jeans and a white sweatshirt.

This time he decided for a change a little, he wanted to look a little better, not to scare the young man with his appearance. 'It's almost like I'm undercover. It is better for me that I look 'normal' and not to draw unnecessary attention.'

But he was barefoot. Not that it mattered, because he was indoors.

Watari chosed clothes for L. The detective told him he was having a date, but did not say any details. The older man was happy that L had finally decided to meet someone, and go out for a bit. This was after all a normal thing to do for a person his age.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. "He arrived ..." Another quick breath-out and the detective opened the door.

On the other side stood a young man, truly similar to Light. Only this one wasn't him, the difference was obvious, but L didn't care. The young man was beautiful.

"Good evening. Ryuzaki-san, right? I am Yosuke." brunette spoke first.

"Yes, nice to meet you. Please come in." L gestured to younger man to come inside.

When young man stepped inside, detective closed the door behind him. Once inside, he gestured to him to follow.

They were now in the middle of the room.

L spoke after short pause: "You know, I am new to all of this, so... " he lowered his gaze, feeling a little awkward.

"It's ok. Don't worry about that."

"Ehh, I'm new to everything, you know what I mean...?"

"Oh..." young man smirked looking detective straight to his eye, "Is that so? Interesting..."

"I am not sure about that, but this is a warning, so you know." L smiled back.

"Yeah, ok then. I bought with me lube, and condoms. So just tell me when you're ready..."

"Thanks. Sorry, I didn't think about that, I came unprepared." L thought about it, but didn't really care. He was positive that other will be prepared anyway. "And I think that I'm already ready..." he grinned at younger man.

Young man stepped forward, "Are you new to this too?" He came close, their lips almost touching.

L shuddered, "Yes, this too..."

"What a pity to waste you life without enjoyng such things."

"Indeed. But that's why I'm here now."

"Wise decision."

"I agree."

L was eager to kiss those lips. He was looking at young man's face, imagining that he is looking at Light. His heart started to beat faster, and his blood pressure were high. His member started to wake in his pants.

Then other man press their lips together. L's eyes widened, and he slightly parted his own lips instinctively. It was opportunity for the young man to shove his tongue inside L's mouths, and to explore. Detective put his hands on boy's hips, and the other did the same to him.

They also pressed their bodies together, and kiss deepened with every passed second.
They could feel their erections under the clothes, and started to rub them together moving their hips with rhythm.

'This is indeed an incredible feeling. How did I survive all those years without it...? Oh... I know, I was too busy with cracking the cases...'

Wet sounds of kissing were heard in the room. L licked younger man's lips, 'This is even better than sweets. Mmmmm...'

After long kissing session, they finally parted. Their faces were flushed, and they breathed heavily.

"This was good for a beginner." Yosuke was smiling at flushed detective.

"It was 'only' good?" L grinned.

"Very good." young man pull the other close to him again. "I liked it. That's not always a case with clients."

"Oh... I can imagine. Or better to say maybe I can't completely imagine..."

"Indeed, you can't... there are many types of persons, and it's not always easy..."

"Then why are you doing this?"

Other just looked at him with frown on his face. "I don't wanna talk about that."

"Ok, I didn't mean..." and he was interrupted with another kiss.

"Let's just do it, ok?"

"Ok." Then detective shoved Yosuke onto king-sized bed while he was still standing above him. "Strip yourself."

Younger man obeyed. When he was fully naked, L admired his body. Beautiful, but he is not Light. He shoved that thought away, and continue to stare at boy.

"Lay on the bed, and stretch your legs in the air." When command was obeyed, L continue: "shove you finger in your hole, and start to penetrate."

"Ok, but give me the lube..."

L did as was asked of him and waited for show. Yosuke started slowly to stretch himself. Detective's eyes looked eagerly at pink hole.

Finger moved in, and out...

With every move of the finger his cock pulsed with need. 'Oh how I need this. I can't wait any longer, but I need to be patient little more.'

Then he striped himself, and threw his clothes across the room. But he did not come closer. He wanted to enjoy the view, it was like the show Light presented to him, when his room was monitored. L wanted to see it again, but now he will be able to sank into that heat. 'I know is not the original, but not that I mind...' he reassured himself.

Then when young man was stretched enough, he put on condom, and shoved himself into that gaping hole.

Feeling was far beyond all expectations. L feel like some other dimension had opened to him. He shoved himself in and out with rhythm of his hips. They moved on they own accord, and he felt like an animal, guided only by his instincts.

It was raw fucking. As he once started, he couldn't stop until he felt release. Yosuke moaned, face flushed, and his throbbing cock leaked with pre-cum.

L screamed as he came, bursts of pleasure passed through his body. He quickly reached his orgasm, but Yosuke was still hard.

L reached for younger man's erect cock and shoved it into his mouth, inch by inch he took it all in. Then he slowly started to move. 'Mmmm this is delicious,' detective enjoyed the feeling. Yosuke enjoyed as well, L could tell. He felt it through the other's length which pulsed inside his mouth. Then young man started to moan loudly, and he bore his hands into detective's messy black hair. L started to move faster, eager to please another man. And release came as Yosuke shot his seed into L's throat. Older man sucked it all, and licked him to clean every drop.

L's dick was hard again. And soon they started second round.


The detective woke up with the first morning sun. He was still at the hotel and the young man was sleeping next to him. After all these activities they were exhausted and fell asleep.

Morning dawned and L had to prepare to head back to the task force. Watari is probably already waiting for him, and other members of the team will be there soon.

As he dressed, the young man also woke up- "Good morning, Ryuzaki-san." He greeted him with a smile on his face. "Good morning, Yosuke-kun." The detective smiled at him too. "You slept well?"

"I think I did."

"You always stay up for the night?" L was curious.

"No, just sometimes, when I enjoy ..." Yosuke smirked at the detective.

"Oh, so you enjoyed, I'm glad to hear that." detective smirked back.

"Yes I did enjoy..." Young man's cock stirred, and he looked at the man playfully.

"Mmmmm... then come here, I will show you something." L grinned and pulled Yosuke closer to his body.

He will be late. But he did not care.


L came in The task force and everyone was already there, waiting for him. Although they were working on some tasks, they were waiting for more instructions.

Watari was a little nervous already. "Good morning, sorry I'm late. I've had some urgent business." The detective greets everyone present in a monotone manner.

Everyone looked at him sceptical.

When the detective sat down, Watari said to him, "I was able to find a person to perform hypnosis on you, ms. Caroline."

"Great, that's good news, thank you Watari." The detective was pleased. He expected that everything would go according to plan, and that he would soon have all the necessary questions answered. "And when will she arrive?"

"In two days, she's coming from England." Watari replied.

"Oh ... ok then. I'll prepare a few questions while we wait.

Chapter Text

Yagami Light felt something was going wrong. He didn't know exactly what, but he knew he had to act. "I think it's time to hide the notebook in a safer place, Ryuk."

Shinigami stared at him, surprised. "Where did you get that idea? Isn't it safe in that double bottom in the drawer?"

"I have a feeling that is not safe. There is too much calm about this case. My father does not want to talk much and I no longer have access to police information. I think that I am still among the suspects."

"Oh ... that's very bad, Light. I don't want this fun to end yet." added shinigami.

"Neither do I. That's why I have to hide the notebook somewhere where no one but us can find it."

"Do you have any ideas where to hide it?"

"I was thinking it would be a good idea to bury it somewhere ..."

"That sounds like a good idea, but how are you going to do killings then?"

"I'm just going to test it, but I think it can work. I'll rip a page out of it." said Light.

"Heheheheh ... very interesting idea, really, Light. I don't know myself if that can work." Ryuk replied.

"If a page is really enough, then we're going to bury the book tonight." The young man explained.



The detective was impatiently waiting for the hypnotist. He already had ready questions on the paper. Watari brought him cookies and informed him that Ms. Caroline was coming. "She called me and said she would be there in a minute."

"Good." L simply answered. Based on his personal research into hypnosis, he knew there was no reason to worry. He knew what to expect and how to behave. Yet the fear of the unknown could not be completely suppressed. He was the type of man who wanted to have everything under control.

Watari tried to find a discreet person, but they still did not want to reveal their identities. He also was informed that she was not the person who supported the 'Kira ideology.'

L was nervously tapping his fingers on the table as they heard knock on the door. 'She is here.'

Caroline has arrived. She was a middle-aged woman, with long wavy red hair. There was a bright smile on her face. "Hello, I'm Caroline." She reached out to say hello to the older man at the door. "Watari, nice to meet you. Come in." The older man greeted and let her inside.

L sat at the table and looked in their direction. A woman approached him, he stood up and greeted her, "I'm Ryuzaki, nice to meet you ms. Caroline."

"Pleasure is mine." woman continued to smile, but L had a neutral expression on his face while Watari was amused.

"Please sit down." Watari drew a chair.

"Thank you." Caroline sat down, her cheerful face suddenly covered in a serious expression as she looked at the detective. "Mr Watari said you have some prepared questions that you want to know the answers to."

"Yes." He tells her as he hands her a piece of paper with questions. An identical paper also has Watari in his hand so he can follow the questions that have been asked.

The woman takes the page and slowly reads the questions. A confused expression is visible on her face. She soon finished and looked at the young man with a questioning look.

"I had dreams while I was in a coma, and I'm afraid some things have come true." The woman waited patiently for him to continue. "I dreamed of this 'Kira' case that started to come true. And since I can't remember everything I dreamed of, I want to give you a chance to get some more answers through hypnosis."

The woman nodded. She knew that she is not allowed to ask more questions.

"I hope this will help resolve the case. When I get all the answers I need, I'll try to contact Detective L, hoping he will listen to me."

"I understand..."


The room was half-dark, only the dim sunlight passing through the drawn curtains. It was quiet. The phones were switched off so there would be no interference.

L lay comfortably on the bed, his head lined with pillows. The hypnotist sat in the chair next to him. Watari sat on the side and watched.

Caroline began to say in a steady and calm manner, "Breathe calmly and evenly." She herself breathed evenly to set an example for the 'respondent'.

"Relax and breathe."

Inhale and exhale ...



exhale ...

"Concentrate on your breathing ..."

When she was sure Ryuzaki had relaxed enough, she continued, "look me in the eye, or at some point in them."

L stared at her beautiful brown eyes. He breathed evenly and was relaxed.

"Just look in my eyes..."

"You're completely calm, nothing else matters. You only listen to my voice. Your arms and legs are completely relaxed." she continued slowly, her voice ringing.

"You breathe calmly and evenly, with each breath you sink deeper and deeper into a pleasant feeling. Just let something carry you ..."

"'re feeling really good."

She repeated these words until she saw that it had started to work.

"You are completely relaxed now. You are not tense at all, nothing can interfere with you. You only listen to my voice. Everything I say right now will be done by you. Every word of mine is engraved in your subconscious... you want to do nothing but listen to me... "

On these words the detective jerked off and interrupted his hypnosis. Caroline looked at him questioningly. "What's the matter, sir?"

L shook his head, "sorry, I'm just ..."

He didn't finish the sentence. The hypnotist answered instead, "Did you have a fear of losing control or something?"

"It looks like ..."

"It's okay, it can happen to anyone ..." she retorted and smiled slightly.

Then she continued to put him into a hypnotic state again. "Relax and breathe, concentrate on your breathing ..."

They again reached the final stages before entering full hypnosis. "... You only listen to my voice. Everything I tell you right now, you will do. Every word of mine is engraved in your subconscious. You will act on it. You cannot, and you want to do nothing but listen to me ... "

She then added, "you also cannot go back to normal alert state until I allow you to ..."

"Do you feel that hypnosis is slowly working out? You are becoming more and more aware of the pleasant effect that is spreading in you, more, and more ..."

When he was fully hypnotized, she began to ask questions. "Now you're going to answer a few questions. The first question is: Who is Kira?"

L simply replied, "Yagami Light."

In order not to break eye contact, Caroline memorized all the questions. There weren't many and they were simple. "The next question is: how does Kira kill?"

"Kira kills while writing names in notebook."

That's awful, she thought to herself, and kept asking, "what is Kira's weapon?"

"Death note." Was the easy answer.

"Where is he hiding his weapons?"

"I do not know."

Caroline shuddered, but acted professionally. "Will Kira be brought to justice?"

"I'm not sure. He'll be killed." L frowned.

Last question: "Will Kira kill Watari and you?"


Caroline's eyes widened in shock. She had no more written questions to ask, but she had a strong desire to ask some more.

The deal was the deal. She must end hypnosis. "You feel strength returning to your body. Your arms and legs are fresh, light and moving again. You are determined and energetic. Now I will count to three, and you will open your eyes and be alert and eager for action again:





L had his questions answered. He didn't have to read the answers Watari wrote down. He remembered everything, every detail. He felt better and a little better understood the situation.

But something bothered him. And that was the bad fate that awaits the young man in the near future. He didn't know why, but the thought of having to arrest Light and sentenced him to death was hard for him.

He made plans for further actions. As he sat in his seat, he turned and looked at the young man's father, 'But first of all, I have to talk to Chief Yagami.'

Chapter Text

Soichiro Yagami couldn't calm himself. The search team should already be in his house. They have a mission to find an evidence that his son is indeed Kira. That he's a killer.

'I can't believe my son is capable of anything like that ... where had I made a mistake as a parent?' His thoughts bothered him. 'What do I do if it's really true, and Light is a cold-blooded mass murderer?'

For one parent, this is truly devastating news. He always tried to teach his children well. To teach them what is right and what is wrong. His wife also took good care of their children and everything was perfect so far. And then all of a sudden that something like this to happen...? His mind could not accept it, nor could his heart. It was too much for him.

He sat at his desk, his head between his palms. The other team members didn't know what was bothering him, and he didn't want to talk about it. And he could not, for now. So far it has been three of them who knew about 'this'. Ryuzaki, Watari and he knew about his son. And when they find evidence, L will tell the other members his secret.

They were all in their seats and they worked hard. The detective was also in his seat, waiting for news from the team that was going to investigate Yagami's house.

Time passed slowly and no one in the last half hour reported anything.

L's words went through the Chief's thoughts, and he remembered their previous conversation.


'' I know this won't come easily to you, but I have to tell you that your son is Kira. I'm 99% sure of that. ''

'' how can you be so sure?''

'' I know it will sound crazy to you, but I want to explain it to you from the beginning - I had prophetic dreams while in a coma a few months ago. While I was sleeping, I dreamed strange dreams of a mass murderer. When I woke up from a coma, I didn't remember every detail, but I remembered some things: the case was called - Kira's case, and I also partially remembered Light's appearance. After a few months, Watari and I heard about this case that started to happen in reality... "

" ...that's why I got so engaged in investigating and solving this case. When I started working on this case, I remembered few more details, but that wasn't enough to solve the case. Yesterday I received the necessary answers through hypnosis and unfortunately your son was confirmed as a murderer."

" Therefore, I would like to ask you to approve our complete research of your house for evidence and weapon."

" Weapon? What kind of weapon can that be?... I didn't see anything suspicious in our house ..."

" That is because that weapon is not suspicious at all..."

"'s a notebook."

" A notebook?"

'' Yes, a notebook. It looks like everyone whose name is written in that notebook is dying of a heart attack.''


Soichiro Yagami still couldn't believe something like this was happening. In his entire career as a police officer he has not experienced anything like this. That a supernatural notebook appear in the world that can kill any human being? And of all these people, to be picked up by his son ...

He still believed and hoped they would find no evidence in his house, and would prove that his son was innocent. But if by any chance they find that notebook in there, Chief Yagami decide that he will strangle Light with his own bare hands.


Sachiko Yagami stood at the door, surprised. An investigating team of several men in black suits stood outside the door with permission to search their home. The only person who bounced off the rest of the team was the woman in the red suit who had an exploration permit in her hand. She introduced herself as Wedy, but the other members did not introduce themselves. They were only waiting for orders. Sachiko looked at the paper close-up. Her husband signed that exploration permit, so it must be something serious.

"What's going on? Why do you want to research our house?" she asked.

"Your son is a suspect, and we need to find some evidences." The woman, probably the head of the team, replied.

Afterwards, Sachiko ceded the passage so that the investigators could enter. She was still in shock. She did not know what Light was suspected of. She walked into the dining room and silently watched a team of researchers scurry around the house. Sayu was not at home and Light was in his room.


Light had a horrified look on his face. "I already told you I am innocent and I don't hide anything." His mother came into the room and watched them run through Light's belongings. Ten people were at their house, and they researched through everything.

"Sir, we have been given an order and are just trying to do our job as best we can. We have to search everything, every corner of the house ..."
Light acted as if he is in surprise, trying to look as innocent as possible. His mother approached him, "Light, what's going on? What are you suspect for?"

He didn't know whether to tell her the truth, or pretend he didn't know. He decided for latter.

"I don't know, mother. I hope my father can explain what this is all about."

"I hope so too... this is awful, son."

"Yes, but I hope everything will resolve soon."

Light was pleased with himself, that he managed to hide the notebook in time. Ryuk also watched the event with interest, "Oi Light, you were lucky to hide away the Death note. Hihihi."

'Of course,' he thought to himself, and hid the smile in his palm. 'From now on, I have to be even more careful. Who knows, what will happen next.' He knew that they were searching in vain and that all this was a waste of time. Half an hour went by and they found nothing.

Wedy knew what she was looking for, as did other team members. She found a few suspicious notebooks, but none of them were right one. She needed to look for a notebook with written names of criminals, or maybe even a blank notebook, because L didn't know for sure if Kira had destroyed the written pages. She tested each notebook by writing the name of a convict whose character she carried in her memory, and if Ryuzaki called, she would know that the notebook was the one they were looking for. The deal was that he will call her if a convict died of a heart attack during the search. His name wasn't public, so Kira couldn't kill him.
However, L still did not call. 'So we haven't found the right Death note yet ...'

An hour went by and they found no evidence. Light knew he had nothing to fear. The page from Death note was hidden in his boxers. But as the others continued their search, the woman, Light only knew they called her Wedy, called someone on her cell phone. 'She is probably calling detective L. Hmmm... I wonder what she'll say to this.' Light came a little closer to her.

"... we searched every corner of the house, but we didn't find anything.... yes... The team is still working on it... yes, I understand ... yes ... okay .... Okay. I'm on it." And she ended the conversation.

Then she turned to Light, "Yagami-kun?"

"Yes ..."

"You're coming to the station with us," she retorted.

"What?" Light stared at her in disbelief. His mother was also shocked.

"The team stays here to continue research, and you are coming with us. But this is not an official arrest."

"And what if I refused?" He felt nervous and tense. He knew things could get complicated.

"You have no other option, only to agree. Otherwise, we will have to bring you by force..."

"Oh, is that so. So this is still a normal arrest then..."

Wedy rolled her eyes, "call it what you want, you'll see for yourself when we get there."

"All right. Shall we go now and should I bring some things with me?" asked Light.

"We'll go now and you'll see about the rest. You don't have to bring things with you for now."


Light said goodbye to his mother. He took with him only his wallet and keys. "Hold on, mother, everything will be alright. I hope to resolve this situation as soon as possible and return home soon."

"I hope so, son. Hold on, I love you." Sachiko had tears in her eyes. She was confused and scared for her son. She didn't know what was going on and hoped she would get some answers as soon as possible.


They came to Kira task force. On their way here, Light mentally prepared himself for every possible scenario. He knew he shouldn't betray himself now when he had come this far. They have not found any evidence and now it is up to him not to give in. He has to endure whatever it takes. One thing was not clear to him, why did L still suspect him? Maybe he knows something ..? But that is impossible. Right?

Ryuk has never been helpful to him, so it doesn't make sense to count on him in this case either.
Shinigami just hovered beside him and had grin on his face.

They walked through the hall and into a large room where is, Light assumed, Kira's research team. He saw a group of people in front of him, police officers he did not know, and he also saw his father.

They brought him deeper inside. Everyone present stood up and made a smaller circle around him. A strange, barefoot, black-haired man with black circles under his eyes, with a slightly curved figure came forward, and began to say: "Yagami Light, I'm glad we have the opportunity to finally meet." He reached out a hand, "I'm Ryuzaki, L's right hand," the detective introduced himself to Light.

'Oh, is that so...?' Light thought to himself. 'Nice to meet you, sure. Especially because you suspect me of being a mass murderer. So if we need to use acting, let's see who is better, then.' Light maintained confident eye contact with the detective as he said, "Nice to meet you too. With what I deserved this big honor?"

L continued to talk in monotone tone, "As you probably already concluded by yourself, you were among the suspects in this Kira case. Today we are still working on whether we will find some evidence against you or not. And since the suspicion is slowly diminishing from you, and somehow this case is slowly progressing we decided to find someone else to help us. Your father always praised you and told me that in the past you helped the police in solving some cases, so L and I agreed that it might be a good idea if we ask you to cooperate with us in this case... of course you will have to pass some tests first." L looked at the young man with a questioning look. He waited patiently for the other to understand what was actually required of him.

He saw a genuine surprise on Light's face. Then the young man lifted his gaze a little while thinking. 'He asks me to work with them? This must be some trick. If I refuse, I will probably still be a suspect, because why would anyone reject such an offer. And if I agree ... well, it'll be a little more difficult with writing in Death note. It depends on how long I'll have to spend my time in here. After all this looks like the perfect opportunity to eliminate L and this detective and all who work closely with them. Of course, the father must not find out and I must protect him somehow.'

The flow of his thoughts was interrupted by the detective: "You don't have to answer right away. You have some time to think," he added.

Ryuzaki stared at the young man with his finger attached to his lips. For a moment he wandered off in his own thoughts. He tried to act professionally, but there was a war of emotions inside him. Seeing 'the real' Light in front of him was a completely different level of experience than he had before. He absorbed in every detail, he saw on the young man. The way his hair stood, the clothes he wore how perfectly fitted his body. His facial expressions, every gesture, every look, occasional licking of his lips, the color of his eyes... and his skin, so delicate... 'Oh, how I wish to feel him under my fingers...mmmm' He swallowed hard and tried to breathe deeply and evenly. 'I should not play with these thoughts right now.'

After a short pause, Light spoke, "Do you want me to help you to solve this case? I wouldn't really expect something like this nor in my wildest dreams. It is my strong wish, indeed, that this case is already resolved. I can no longer look at my own father risking his life every day trying to capture that dangerous killer. "

The man looked at him with a hard stare, "I understand. So, that means we can count on your help, Yagami-kun?"

"I believe so. And I sincerely hope to be of help," Light added. Again a shorter silence ensued. No one dared to interfere. There was mild tension in the atmosphere.

L broke the silence, "I also hope our cooperation will produce better results on this case."

"I agree." Light replied. A shiver went through his body. He had an odd feeling about the detective. For a moment he thought he knew him from somewhere, but he knew for sure that he had never met him before.

L looked at the other team members, "You can sit down, gentlemen. I'll have a small 'interview' with Yagami-kun now." Then he turned to Light. "Come with me, I need to ask you some questions about this case. If everything goes well, we can start our cooperation today."

Light just nodded and followed the detective. And one thing was annoying to him now, and he tried hard to understand it - what is the reason that Ryuk is laughing so much...?

Chapter Text

They were sat by the window, at the desk in a smaller room that looked like a library. After almost three hours of conversation, they sat in silence and drank the tea Watari brought to them. They were both engrossed in their thoughts.

Light was nervous at first, surprised by the detective's strange habits such as sitting oddly and abnormal sugar consumption. As the conversation progressed, however, he felt more and more relaxed. Not that he would be completely relaxed, but he felt less tense and somehow loosened up a little. He could even say he was comfortable with the conversation, mostly from the part when they didn't talk about the case anymore. 'The detective is very clever, I need to admit that. I've never had a conversation at this level. I probably should not have expected otherwise, since he is detective L's right-hand man.’
‘But what about detective L? I may never know that. It will be very difficult to know their real names. This will be a real challenge, but I have to be patient, and endure to the end. Ryuzaki will surely test me again, and he will ask the trick questions as he did today. Mind-games seem to be his daily routine. Therefore, I have to be very careful with this man. It will be tiring, but in the end it will pay off.' The brunette had his eyes fixed on the cup of tea he sipped. He noticed that the detective also did not look up from his cup. 'He's a little thoughtful. It can be both a good and a bad thing. Will he come up with some more questions about the case?'

L didn't think much about the further questioning, but about his inner emotions. He was impressed with the young man's intelligence and mindset. He found that in many things Light and he were alike. The young man gave impressive answers to all his questions. They had talked about the Kira case for about two hours and then moved on to slightly different, more general topics. L knew many intelligent people, but Light was something special. 'It's just a shame that he is Kira ...' he thought. 'Not only does he look good, but he's also intelligent, talented ... just perfect.' He stared at the cup of tea in his hands, because he couldn't look Light in the face. 'The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and until I calm this surge of emotions, I must avoid looking at him.' He mixed a teaspoon of tea containing several cubes of sugar. This time, he didn't count how many he put in his tea because he was too busy thinking. 'I need to calm down and clear my head so that I can continue this conversation or better, to end it.' He started stirring even faster, to hide his discomfort. 'It might be better to finish it anyway, because after this, I definitely have to schedule a date with Yosuke.' Then he looked at the young man before him. 'Yes, that will be the best solution, because I want him and I need to get my thoughts off him...'
At that moment he noticed that Light and Yosuke are quite different, although at first glance they look similar. Now that he knows Light personally, he sees the differences clearly.

Light looked into the man's face, but couldn't read anything from his expression. He looked at him in silence and then remembered something, but he wished he hadn't. His eyes widened slightly and he looked away. Then he panicked a little. 'How could I forget about it... so far it never occurred to me and now I just had to remember -that...' He tried to hide the new nervousness that had arisen. 'Shit.' He stirred nervously and swore at himself, 'Dammit...'

"Something is bothering you, Yagami-kun?"

Light tried hard to clear his thoughts and wipe away any emotion visible from his face. Because, it was obvious that something was bothering him.

"No, nothing bothers me..."

"Really? I wouldn't say that's the case..." the detective persisted.

"Really... it’s nothing. I just remembered something."

"Oh, really? And what did you remember, if I may ask?" L smirked at him.

"Well, I promised my sister that I would help her with some important task today ... I'm afraid I won't get home in time." Somehow he managed to come up with a quick lie, because if he didn't give an answer, Ryuzaki would raise his suspicion of him being Kira.

"Yagami-kun is a caring brother? How wonderful..." Ryuzaki smiled broadly.

"Yes. I try to help her whenever I can."

"Then she is happy to have you as a brother."

"Well, maybe you can put it that way..."

Now that he saw the small smile on Ryuzaki's face, Light began to worry a little. 'What is this man really thinking ...? I suppose he was the one who watched the footage of the cameras that were in our house. He is L's right hand after all.'

Light's stomach tightened. He felt even more uneasy. Ryuzaki was staring right into his eyes. He didn't smile anymore, but had a neutral expression on his face. 'I'm almost 100% sure this man saw me ...' Light stirred in his chair. He looked away from the detective and looked around the room. He wanted to just get up and leave without ever coming back even if he raised suspicions to the maximum. 'I can't take this anymore...'

Suddenly, L started to speak, "Well then, we're done for today. You passed the tests, and you can work with us on this case. It would be good if you showed up here tomorrow."

"Oh, ok ..." Light failed to hide the relief that overwhelmed him. He just answered simply, "Ok, deal."

The detective led him to the door, and they said goodbye. Light seemed to be in a hurry. They shook hands briefly and went each to their side.

"Goodbye, Yagami-kun." L said with a small smile on his face.

"Goodbye, Ryuzaki." Light reciprocated, quickly turned and left. He walked briskly and the detective went to Watari's office.


L was taking deep breaths and tried to calm himself down. 'Light-kun ...' he closed his eyes and shuddered. He still struggled to breathe deeply and evenly. '... How do I get rid of these feelings for you?' He opened his eyes and continued to walk.

All the intelligence he possessed was not helpful to him in this case. He couldn't simply command to himself how to feel. Before he knew about Light, his life was simple. 'Oh how I wish I didn't know you at all...'

At the moment, his life and emotions were in chaos. He didn't know if he would be able to resolve this case at all. Overall, the forecast was not good. Maybe everything will lead to wrack in the end, just like in his dream.

He walked into Watari's office without knocking. As usual. He sat down in his habitual place and took his comfortable position with his legs on the seat.


Watari watched him silently, but a million questions were visible in his eyes.

"How did the conversation go?" he asked after a brief hesitation.

"Okay." L answered and lowered his head to his knees.

"Just fine?"

"Kira will 'cooperate' with us."

"Oh ... so, he agreed?"

"Yes." L simply replied.

Watari saw that something was tormenting young man, so he decided to proceed with questions. "You let him go home, just like that?"

"Yes ..." L was still in that bent position with his head resting on his knees. Watari came to his side and laid his palm on the detective's shoulder. "L ... you know very well that you can tell me anything that troubles you."

The detective hesitated. He didn't know what to say to him. He didn't even know how he felt or why he felt this way at all. He was sad, disappointed, with no motivation to continue working on the case. He felt broken.

Then he raised his head and said, "Watari, I feel lost. I don't know what to do and how to continue this..."

Watari looked at him anxiously. "What happened? Why do you feel that way?"

"You're probably going to hate me because of this, but I have to tell you a secret, because I can't carry it anymore." L looked at Watari. There was sadness in his eyes.

"Listen. Don't worry about me. I'm not going to give up on you so easily ..." the older man smiled and gestured to the younger man to go on.

L looked away and rested his eyes on his hands as he continued to speak, "Some feelings have been bothering me for a long time. But today, when I talked to Yagami-kun, I realized how strong those feelings were." Watari did not take his hand from L's shoulder, but listened patiently.

"Watari, I ... I ..." L hesitated for a moment, "I feel a physical attraction to Yagami Light."

Words hung in the air.

Watari's eyes widened in shock. He was caught by L's confession. He pulled his arm away from detective. L didn't have the courage to look Watari in the eye. He was afraid of what he would see in them.

L was expecting a slap in his face at that moment. Watari had never beaten him or slapped him, but this time for some reason he expected it to happen. But the smack wasn't coming, just Watari's words. "L, look at me."

The detective looked up, then he looked straight into Watari's blue eyes. He expected to see disappointment, disgust, rebuke in them, but instead he saw understanding and concern. He felt ashamed that he doubted his mentor.

"Watari...I'm sorry."

"L. Don't worry, I won't hate you or leave you for that. I have to admit that I was initially caught up by your confession. But you don't have to worry about it." Watari gave him a warm smile.

The detective did not expect that. He was genuinely surprised.
This man has traveled the world, seen different nations and cultures, gained many experiences. There was no room for conservatism in him.

Then Watari continued, but this time the warm smile from his face disappeared and instead he had sadness in his eyes. "The only thing that worries me is that you have that kind of feelings about the suspect and the mass murderer..."

"I know... I am very aware of that." L lowered his gaze again and stared in his hands. "I'll be fine, but I have something else to confess to you ..."

"I'm listening, L."

"You know those dates, when I go out sometimes...? I told you once I would tell you a little more about that?"

"Yes, I remember. I didn't want to question you much about that."

The detective nodded and continued, looking now at the space between Watari and the window on his left, "... these dates were actually arranged and paid for. I found a young man offering sexual favors online." L couldn't look the old man in the eye. He was ashamed before him. He felt like a naughty child confessing his sins to his father.

Watari was a bit surprised. He didn't expect something like that. But still, he couldn't also expect from detective to spend his entire life in celibate.

"Oh... I see. Now I can probably guess the reason you started it."

"Yes, the reason was these feelings I wanted to erase. And I'm still working on it, but it turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected. And today when I saw him in person... I just can't describe it in words."

"I understand..." Watari was feeling sorry for L. The detective looked broken. This is going to be a difficult period for him, and it will be hard for him to work on this case.

The detective's words brought him back to reality, "Watari?"

"Yes, L?"

"I'll try to set up a date for tonight. I'm telling you this, so you know..."

"All right. I'll leave you alone. I'm going to check up on the team."

"Okay, Watari. Thank you." L finally mustered the courage to look the man in the eye. He smiled briefly and began to pull the phone out of his pocket.

"You're welcome." Watari went and closed the door behind him.


Light closed the door behind him and exhaled in relief. He was home, finally. Whole world was spinning around him.

His mother heard him, so she quickly came to hug him. "Son, you came home... they let you go?"


"Yes, I arrived, mother. I had a conversation with 'them' and they offered me cooperation."

"What kind of cooperation?" Sachiko asked in surprise.

"Cooperation on Kira's case. Turns out I was among the suspects, that’s why they researched our house today. I can say that they probably wanted to make sure I wasn't a criminal, so they could offer me this cooperation." Light said.

"Oh... I was worried. Your father called and said you are fine, but he didn't say the details. I'm very happy that it is all over now." she gave him a warm smile.

Light returned her smile, but he didn't want to lie to her anymore, so he just kept quiet and headed for the kitchen. He was hungry, so he asked if she prepared any dinner.

"Yes, I prepared dinner when they left. They had been there for about an hour. And when they didn't find anything, they left."

"Ok. They would have nothing to find anyway..."

"I know, son, that you couldn't be some killer or criminal." Sachiko looked at him with a smile on her face and deep confidence. Light was heartbroken. 'If she only knew... but all what I do, I do for our

own good. I do the right thing, for everyone. But I have a feeling that they wouldn't understand it, just like mother or father.'

"Of course, mother." Light answered briefly and began to eat. Ryuk was just standing by his side, and Light waited for the moment when he will be able to talk to him. He only hoped that there are no cameras again.

When he finished his dinner, he went upstairs to take a shower. And again, thoughts of the detective began to bother him. He was trying to ignore them, and tried not to think about him at all. 'What happened, happened. I will not allow myself to make any mistakes because of it. Tomorrow is a new day and I need to rest and get some sleep if I want to function normally.'

Chapter Text

It's been a few weeks since Yagami Light started working on Kira case with detective Ryuzaki and his team. Every day, he spent several hours in HQ. At first, he had more school responsibilities, so he stayed shorter, but when he enrolled in TO-OH university, he increasingly worked on the case. Sometimes he stayed there in the late hours. Ryuzaki told him that he have a room ready for him too, so he wouldn't have to go home so late. But Light never stayed there overnight. He always went home, though sometimes he would come back in the morning to continue his 'research'.

Although they joined forces, there was no particular progress on the case. At least that's what Light was thinking. He knew Ryuzaki wouldn't give him access to all the information.
But Light was making plans for himself. Sometimes, when he had more time, he dug up the Death note, and wrote down several names.

Ryuzaki, on the other hand, always watched Light closely. He was amazed at the young man's ability to act. A few ideas, how to prove Light guilty, was 'mingling' in his head, but he didn't have the courage to put them into action. He did not want to admit to himself that he was dragging out.

He always waited for some more appropriate moment.

But things got a little complicated.

One evening, on Sakura TV, they saw a message from Kira. Several police officers were killed in the incident. L was sure that this was a different Kira than the first one, and that for this one was enough to see only face of his victims.


Light was in his room doing some homework when he heard his mother call him from downstairs,"Light, come down, you have a guest ..."

'Guest? What kind of guest? ' He thought to himself.

He went downstairs and approached the front door. Sayu and his mother were already standing in the doorway talking to the guest.

"Here he is, Light!" Sayu announced his presence. She was a little excited about the visit.

Sachiko added, "Light, this girl has come and is looking for you. She said you forgot a notebook at school, so she brought ti to you ..."

Light looked at her. In front of him stood a young blonde girl dressed in a black gothic skirt and corset. She had a black notebook in her hands. The note looked like a Death note, but he couldn't see what was written on the front.

'Impossible ... is that a Death note?' Light panicked inside. '...Then this must be the second Kira?'

He knew that in that case he had to be as kind as possible to the girl. "Oh ... hello." He spoke. "Please, come inside."

Then he addressed his mother, "make us some tea, we will be in my room."

When the girl was a little further away, he said quietly to his mother and sister, "This is the girl I was telling you about."

They both gasped in surprise and nodded. He mentioned to them before, that he had a girlfriend, and this situation fit perfectly with his story. 'At least they won't ask redundant questions ...'

They entered the Light's room, and Light locked the door. He turned to the girl and began to question her. "Who are you? How did you find me and what do you want?"

The girl bowed her head embarrassed and answered everything in one breath. "I'm Amane Misa. I saw you when I was in Aoyama, and I have a Death note. That's why I wanted to meet you, because I know you have a Death note too. And you're Kira." She looked up and stared at him. Anticipation in her eyes.

Light stared at her in disbelief. "How do you know it was me?"

"I have shinigami eyes and I only saw your name, not your lifespan. That means you own the Death note," she smiled at him.

Light looked at Ryuk with a questioning look. "Sorry, Light. I didn't know about that either ..." Shinigami shrugged.

The girl continued, "you can touch my notebook to see that I'm telling the truth." She reached out her Death note.

Light reached out and touched the notebook. Within seconds, he saw her shinigami standing beside her. He recoiled slightly but continued to stand upright.

"This is Rem. My shinigami."

"Then you probably want my proof too... close your eyes for a second." He pulled out a piece of paper and touched her hand with it.

They were able to see both shinigami.

They talked about some details for a while, but Light didn't like that Amane Misa persistently wants to be his girlfriend. He eventually agreed with her that he would act as her boyfriend. He knew he had to please her, so at least this way. He hoped to find a way to get rid of her later.

When she left, he thought for a while about everything and what complications would come from it if he wasn't careful.


Detective L found some clues on the tapes. He put them to the test and impatiently waited for the results. This took several days.

Light was still coming to Kira task force to investigate with them. But the detective revealed nothing about this detail to the younger man.

Watari sent him the results today.

"Amane Misa, hm..." L read the girl's profile. Later he tried to find some more evidence.

Because he hadn't found nothing useful, he decided to bring the girl in for questioning.


On the monitor was a picture of a bound girl. She was in a standing position, dressed in a white long shirt with her hands tied like a madman. Her eyes were also tied.

But her mouth was free, so she could answer the questions detective had asked her.

After a one-hour interrogation, L failed to extract any confession from her. It irritated him. He was biting his fingernail and was deep in thought. He thought of different questions he might ask her.

The flow of his thoughts was interrupted by the slamming of the door.

L knew exactly who entered the room. He didn't even have to look in that direction. Then he heard the certain person came and stand beside him.

Detective didn't look up. "Hello, Light-kun."

"What does this mean ?! Why did you bring Amane Misa?"

"Obviously for some reason ..."

"What kind of reason?" Light did his best not to lose control over his behavior. 'It's natural and expected if I show a little nervousness and surprise, isn't it.' He was furious at himself. He was afraid Misa would speak up and reveal him.

The detective spoke in a relaxed tone, "we found traces of her hair on those tapes..." He looked up at Light. He knew the boy was furious. "... so it would be reasonable for me to question her, don't you think?"

He saw surprise on Light's face. "I understand ... did you find out anything? I just can't believe she could be involved ..."

"She didn't admit anything, for now ..." He turned his gaze back to the monitor and continued to speak, "I know you're worried because she's your girlfriend, but it's my duty to question her." When he finished his sentence, he started to eat cookies he had on his desk. He had nothing more to add to this conversation.

"Yes, you are right. And it is my obligation to know everything that concerns her. I believe in her innocence." Light said.

"Of course. But I wouldn't be surprised if you two are in this together ... if you were the first Kira and Amane Misa the second Kira." He looked up again and looked Light straight in the eye.

"I've told you repeatedly that I'm not Kira." Light stared back.

"I know. But even if you said it a million times, it's not enough for me to believe you." The detective looked away.

"What do I have to do that you start to believe me?" Light asked.

"Nothing so far. I told you already, you're still a suspect." The detective continued to eat cookies.

"Why don't you put me in a cell as well? If there are still killings then you'll see it's not me ..."

"I wouldn't listen to the suspect's suggestions, Light-kun. If I thought it would give some result, I would have done it a long time ago. But Kira can manipulate the timing of the killing as well, so it would be of no use."

Light was stunned, "what makes you think Kira is manipulating time?"

"Assumption. If one is capable of killing people by heart attack at a distance, it can probably also delay the time of death."

"Oh ... I see."

L shot a glance at Light, only to find that the boy is looking at the monitors. Girl probably fell asleep from exhaustion, she was motionless.

He could see the irritation on that beautiful face. The detective loved it very much when he had the opportunity to see Light in such state. That was a rarity, really.

Frowned forehead, eyes narrowed slightly, jaw tightened, he assumed the young man was gritting his teeth. L smirked to himself.

And then unprofessional thoughts began to flow through his head.
'How I wish I could grab him by his collar and to start kissing those delicious lips. Mmmm... what would be his reaction, I wonder. He would probably be surprised at first and then hit me in the face. Uhm, I would really like to see his expression at such moment. And sex... that would be fierce if he just let it happen, oh...' L bitt his lips and shivered at thought. 'I would love to have him pinned to the wall.'

'But this is not a good time to play with such thoughts. Especially not now when he is only inches away from me.'

L looked away from Light. He took another cookie between his fingers. Then he heard Light sighed heavily then turned around, and had gone in the direction he came.

Without word.

L only heard the sound of the slammed door.

He was left alone with his thoughts in the half-dark room.

Chapter Text

Amane Misa gives up ownership of the Death note and loses all memories of being Kira.

Everything was going according to Light's plans for now. He saw that the girl's promises weren't empty. She told him that she would never betray him, and that she would do anything for him. He used this to his advantage. A plan was forming in his mind. Now he is waiting for perfect time to take all into action.


Ryuzaki saw the changes in Misa's behavior when she lost her memories of the death note.

He remembered some memories about the girl, and linked those memories and reality and assumed that she had lost memories of the notebook. But he still didn't know anything further.
Because of this, he decided to release her, but not completely. She had to remain in Kira task force under surveillance.

When they released her, the first thing girl asked for was to see Light.

Watari came with her request to detective L. Misa was also present. L introduced himself as detective Ryuzaki. Then he explained to her why they had detained her.

Then he called the young man. "Hello, Light-kun? Your girlfriend Misa wants to see you. When you can come to HQ?" After short pause "... OK. See you then."

L ended the phone call. "He will arrive in about half an hour..."

"Thanks," said Misa. "And until when will I have to be locked up here?"

"Until we resolve this case ..." replied detective.

"That can take a while, can't it?"

"Unfortunately, yes. It may take a while."

"Oh ... if only I could see Light more often, everything would be fine ..."

"You'll be able to see him, don't worry. Light will also be brought in from today." He retorted. He was already irritated by the girl's presence. Especially since she was Light's girlfriend.

"WHAT ?? Why would you bring him too?" Misa was surprised. "I told you Light isn't guilty, just like me!"

"I wouldn't be 100% sure about that."

"What do you mean?"

"I have some evidence, but that evidence is unfortunately not enough to close the case."

"What evidence?"

"I found your hair on tapes that another Kira sent to Sakura TV."

Misa looked surprised. She didn't remember anything. "Ryuzaki I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I know, that's why it doesn't make sense to discuss this. For now ..." said the detective. "Come after me, Watari will take you to your room until Light-kun arrives."


Misa's prince on a white horse arrived in Kira's task force after about half an hour since Ryuzaki called him to come. Misa immediately threw herself at him when she saw him, "Liiiight! I'm so glad to see you! You can't even imagine what kind of hell I went through ..." she hugged him tightly.

Ryuzaki rolled his eyes and Light backed away a little. He tried his best to give her a hug, with touching her body as little as possible. He had a grimace on his face. L noticed that and that amused him. 'Does this mean that feelings are not mutual? I wonder ...' he grinned.

"It's important that you're fine, Misa." Light spoke.

"Yes! But I am most pleased that I can see you." She smiled at him.

Light didn't replied. His gaze wandered off to the detective. L had a smirk on his face. The young man shuddered, and swallowed hard, and at that moment he decided to kiss Misa. He didn't know why ... He was confused by his own decision.

Misa melted with happiness. At least one of them enjoyed that kiss. Young man had his eyes closed and when he broke the kiss, instead of looking at the girl, he looked at the detective.

The black-haired man had a look of surprise on his face. And he seemed slightly dissapointed. Or so Light thought.

"Oh, Light! I love you so much!" Misa hugged him again. Light was looking at the ground. He avoided the glances of all present in the room. For some reason he felt the weight in his chest.

Then the detective broke the silence. "Sorry to interrupt this 'romantic' moment, but Yagami-kun, this is not the only thing I've called you for."

Light looked at him and spoke "And why did you call me then?"

"You told me a while ago that you would do anything to prove your innocence, did you?" L asked. A unreadable expression on his face.

"Yes ... I did." Light replied skeptically. 'What did he think of now?'

Watari handed the detective a pair of handcuffs. L took them in his hand and began to explain to Light and the others what he had in mind to do.

"Yagami-kun, since you want to prove your innocence, I have a proposal for you. You will spend the next few weeks, 24 hours a day in my presence, and will continue to work with me on this case."

"How do you mean 24 hours a day in your presence?" Light asked visibly confused.

"Like this." The detective lifted the handcuffs up and jingled with them. "With these handcuffs and the 6 foot long chain, you'll be tied to me."

Misa gasped and the others were surprised.

Light stared at the detective in astonishment. "Excuse me?? I guess you don't mean that for real ..."

"I am serious, Yagami-kun." L stared challengingly at Light.

Misa stood in front of Light in a defensive position. "Don't you dare to touch my Light !"

"Don't worry Misa-san. I don't do this because I want to." L explained to Misa.

Light felt very nervous. Several things went through his mind, 'I need to be with him all day? How do I even shower and go to the toilet? ...and will I have to sleep next to him?'

"Is there any way to avoid this?" He asked.

"Yes. But in that case you will have less chance of proving your innocence. Misa will have her own room where video surveillance will be provided, but in your case, video surveillance is useless. I once tried that method on you, but I found nothing useful."

Light felt ashamed. This time he had a direct confession that the detective saw him masturbating. He tried hard not to blush.

Light retorted irritably, "ok, then. I accept this. But only because I want to solve this case, and to prove my innocence."

"Very well, Yagami-kun." The detective reached out and gestured to the young man to give him his wrist. He gave him a handcuff on his left hand. He attached the other end to his right hand. "As I said, I don't do this because I want to, but because it is necessary." They both looked at the handcuffs and the chain that connected them. "We share the same fate from now on. If I die, you die too. And if I die and you survive, you're definitely Kira."

Light said nothing. He was sure that he is not Kira.

Watari had told L that this is a bad idea. But the detective persisted. He remembered this situation from his dreams and intuitively knew it was crucial to solving the case. He knew that the day when he take off the handcuffs, their fate would be resolved. For now, there is still time to change the situation and save Watari, Light and himself and also the others.

"I hope this will be resolved as soon as possible." Light replied, then turned to his father and spoke, "tell mother to pack me some basic things, but don't tell her about this situation. Tell her I'm with my girlfriend and that we plan to travel somewhere urgently because of her job."

"All right, son." The elder Yagami replied.

"Ryuzaki, I hope sometimes you'll let Light have a date with me?!" Misa added.

"Of course, I'll be with you too. Don't worry, you won't even notice."

"What !? No way, that's not a real date !" Misa exclaimed.

"If you don't accept it, then you won't have any." Ryuzaki responded.

"Ha! It's not fair." Misa huffed and crossed her arms.

"We are still here for the sake of investigation, don't forget about that Misa-san." L simply answered.

Matsuda interjected after a while, "it is not too much, Ryuzaki-san?"

"Don't worry, Matsusa-san. I believe we will soon get used to the new situation, we must take all measures to resolve the case quickly and effectively."

"Sorry, you're right Ryuzaki-san." Matsuda shook his head and felt ashamed that he doubted the detective. But his tongue was faster than his mind.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen. Any other questions?" The detective asked. Everyone was shaking their heads. "Then let's get back to work."

Chapter Text

There were two young men in the half-dark room, lit only by the light coming from the laptop. One tried unsuccessfully to fall asleep and the other typed on the keyboard and worked hard. It was about midnight.

This was their first 'all day together'. It was strange that they had to go together everywhere. But Light was pleased that the chain was long enough to at least allow him to go to the toilet alone.

Yet every human being deserves at least some privacy.

It was a little more complicated with the showering. When one of them wants to take a shower, they both have to go to the bathroom and the one who does not shower must stand in front of the curtain and wait.

And then ensued - sleep problems.

"Ryuzaki, when are you going to go to sleep?"

"Light-kun, you sleep if you want. I'm not sleepy yet."

"What !? How can I fall asleep when you're constantly typing on a keyboard and fiddling with candy papers?"

"You have to get used to it ..." he received a simple answer.

Light grunted, shifted onto his stomach and covered his head with a pillow. He couldn't fall asleep for another hour. He was spinning in the bed, and then somehow he managed to fall asleep.


The days went by. They were monotonous and tedious. The detective and the suspects were slowly getting used to their routine.

Light noticed that the detective generally slept a little and was already slowly getting used to falling asleep with sounds of tipping of his keyboard.

But Ryuzaki should not carry anything packed to the room.

It took about 4 weeks, and they already had one physical reckoning. They quarreled because the detective said he was not motivated to work on Kira's case. He worked on other cases in parallel with this case. Light was angry with this because he agreed to unacceptable conditions to resolve the case as soon as possible. He was furious that Ryuzaki wasn't trying harder.

They sat in the dining room and Light tapped nervously on the table with his fingertips. He waited for the detective to finish his cake. The others had already dined and left the room, but the two always stayed a little longer as Ryuzaki ate slowly and abundantly.

Light was frustrated. Not that he would be in a hurry, but for some unknown reason he was nervous and tense. He assumed that it was mainly because he was deprived of his liberty and, moreover, that he was attached to a strange insomniac, who would sometimes drive him crazy. 'If I didn't have steel nerves I would probably strangle him a long time ago ...'

He looked at the detective with corner of his eyes. Black-haired man was eating a slice of cake, and looked like he didn't have any worries.

However, Light had no idea what was going on in the detective's head.

L was not as careless as he seemed. For him this current situation was a torture - being so close to Light and not be able to touch him, only to watch him from a distance.

He looked up and met Light's eyes as they stared at him. "Light-kun, sorry, but we have to go to the fridge once again. I promise this will be the last piece of cake for this lunch."

Light groaned and rolled his eyes. L got up from his chair and Light followed him. In a moment of inattention, he did not notice that the chain was tangled against the chair. Light lost his balance and knocked the detective to the floor, and then he fell over him. They found themselves face to face. Only a few inches of the space were between their faces.

They remained as petrified. Neither of them had the courage to move. They looked each other straight in the eye. Light felt great agitation mixed with panic.

But then Ryuzaki spoke, "Light-kun ... that was painful." He was lying on the floor under the younger man's hot body. He was feeling little pain in his back, but nothing serious. For him, it was the perfect position between the two of them. L barely restrained himself from doing something reckless. He resisted, with pure willpower, the impulses of his body.

"Ryuzaki, sorry. I'm so sorry ... it wasn't intentional ..." Light blushed slightly in his face and began to get up. He unwound the chain from his chair. Then he looked at the detective.

L was still lying on the ground, but was raised on his elbows. He was breathing heavily while looking up into brunette's eyes.
Then all of a sudden he got up and headed for the fridge, as if nothing had happened.
"It's okay. The important thing is that we didn't suffer any injuries." He took some whipped cream cake from the fridge, went to the table and sat down to eat again.

Light didn't have many options but to sit down and wait, again. He was still ashamed of his clumsiness.

Then his gaze landed on the detective again.

This time he couldn't take his eyes off the scene before him. Ryuzaki had traces of whipped cream on his lips and fingers which he slowly licked. The act was probably unconscious and innocent, but it triggered perverse thoughts in Light. The young man tried very hard to stop them. 'What's going on with me...?'

Suddenly his pants became tight.

'Shit!' He cursed inwardly.

Light stirred nervously and was tense as he feared that the detective would notice his newly created 'problem'. He bit his lips hoping that the pain would help him in this matter.

But that was without success.

Then the door opened and Misa entered the dinning room.

"Light, there you are! I missed you so much. Today has been a long and arduous day on the set and I'm very tired." She hugged him and sat in his lap.

"But I hope that was also a successful one ..." he replied.

"Yes, it was." She smiled at him. "And how are you doing with the case?"

"Not that well ..." Light glared at L. The detective looked up indifferently and didn't reply.

"Oh ... too bad. I can't wait to be free again, so we can spend more time together. This drives me crazy, Light ..."

"I know. Me too."

"If only Ryuzaki-san wanted to leave us alone for a few hours ..." Misa swayed her hips slightly in Light's lap and felt his erection.

"Oh, Light. I see you're eager for some action, too." She grinned and began to draw her lips closer to him.

"Yes, I am ..." this was the perfect excuse for him being hard. He pulled Misa closer to him and began to kiss her on the lips.

Neither of them heard how L gritted his teeth. The detective was irritated by the scene before him, but struggled to look normal.

When they finally broke the kiss, Misa asked the black-haired man again to leave them on private for couple of hours.

"No way Misa-san. If you two want to do 'something', you can do it freely in front of me. Anyway, I won't see anything new that I haven't seen before ..." the detective replied.

"Oh, is that so! I knew you are a pervert. After all, I don't care if you will watch us having sex." Then she turned to Light. "Let's do it here and now, Light!"

"What ?! Misa, that's out of the question." Light began to protest.

"Why? I see you want it, and so do I. Why should we refrain?" Misa was slightly surprised and offended by Light's rejection.

"I just can't do it in front of someone else ..." brunette glanced at the older man. "And we are in middle of a dinning room. Someone else may come inside any minute."

"So Light-kun is not for the threesome?" L replied teasingly.

They both looked at him in disbelief.

"Pervert!" Misa exclaimed.

Light's thoughts were again crossed by dirty ideas. 'Ryuzaki to take part in it ... no. No! Not a chance.' He was nervous at the thought of a detective without clothes.

"Yes, Ryuzaki. I'm not for the threesome." It was his answer.

"Oh, too bad." The detective replied as he finished his cake. At the end he licked his two fingers. Then he put them deeper into his mouth and he sucked on them.

But this time Light could say with certainty that it was intentional. In doing so, L was looking straight into Light's eyes.

Then Misa broke the silence, "Ryuzaki-san, I know what you want. But let me tell you clearly: I belong to Light."

L just looked at her with a small smile on his lips and added, "you're just so confident, Misa-san."

"Yes! The two of us can only be friends, nothing more."

The detective answered nothing but began to get up from his chair. 'If you only knew which one of you two I prefer, you would worry more ...'

When he got up and laid down his plate, he turned to Light. "Light-kun, we should go already, we're a little late."

Light rose quietly and followed the detective into the main room. Misa followed them.


The evening has come. Light and L didn't communicate at all until the end of the day. When everyone went home, the two went upstairs to their room. Light was surprised that they finished their work so early. It was only 8pm.

First he went for a shower and then went Ryuzaki. He was dressed in his pajamas and waited in front of the curtain for the detective to finish his shower. He had his back turned when the detective was exiting the tub. He heard the rustle of clothes as the man dressed. But this time the detective did not return the handcuff to his wrist, but only held it in his hand. Light looked at him with a questioning look, so the detective began explaining. "Light-kun. This night, Aiber, my assistant, will be with you. I have to get out."

"Excuse me?" Light was visibly confused and then offended, "what about the promise that we will be tied up 24/7? I have no right to a little freedom while you're going out somewhere?" The young man crossed his arms and stood straight staring at L.

"Sorry, Light-kun, but I'm a detective here, while you're a suspect. It's normal that I have more freedom than you. After all, this is something of great importance and cannot be delayed."

Light didn't want to ask more questions. "Whatever..."

Then he went to the bed and sat down to read a book. L attached the other side of the handcuff to the metal headboard of the bed.

"I'm going now. At least you'll have a quiet night to sleep." L retorted and looked at the young man.

Light looked up at the detective. He couldn't take his eyes off him. It was weird to see him dressed in something other than a simple white sweatshirt and jeans. Now he was wearing black pants and a black long-sleeved T-shirt. A little more elegant. That combination of clothes suited him nicely.

Then they heard a knock on the door. It brought them back from a trance.

"Good night, Light-kun." L only said that to Light, then turned and left. He let his assistant and Light's guard inside. The man introduced himself to Light. They didn't start the conversation, they just sat in silence. Light was reading his book and Aiber was sitting on the couch reading some of the papers he had brought with him.

Chapter Text

Light woke up in the morning, and looked at his watch. It was 7:03. This time, Ryuzaki has not returned yet. This was the fifth time he's been out at night for the last two weeks. Light never asked him where he was going. He pretended not to care, but in fact he was curious. He had some personal assumptions that were not far from the truth.

This time, it really hurt him when he found a Ryuzaki's half of bed empty.

Until now, he had always seen the detective beside him, when he woke up in the morning. Slowly, it was time to get ready and go to the research room. His guard was still sleeping on the couch. Light didn't even bother to wake him up. He decided to stay in the bed a little longer.

Few minutes had passed, and he heard the door open. He looked in that direction and saw the detective entering the room.

"Good morning, Light-kun. Already awake?" L greeted him in the good mood.

"Good morning. I woke up a little while ago." The young man replied.

"Great. I'm going to take a shower, and we can get ready for work."


Light remained sitting on the bed. Aiber, meanwhile, woke up. "Good morning."

"Good morning."

"Ryuzaki-san came back?"

"Yes. He's in the shower now."

"All right. I'll stay until he came out, and then I'll go."

Brunette only nodded his head.

About, after ten minutes, L came out of the bathroom, dressed in his 'usual' clothes. He also let Light to the bathroom, and then they went downstairs to continue their work on the Kira case.

All the while, Light had the urge to ask the detective where he was. But his pride did not allow him.
He pretended to be working, but he was bored. He couldn't concentrate on anything. They had a short breakfast that Watari brought to their desk. Light was often looking in the detective's direction.

When they finished their breakfast, L asked Watari to bring him ice cream. He also offered the others if they wanted some dessert, but no one was in the mood to eat sweet right in the morning.

Watari brought him homemade ice cream on a stick. "Thanks Watari." L thanked him, and started licking. The elderly man retired to his office. Light stirred in his chair as he looked at the detective eating ice cream. The sight of the detective's licking tongue aroused him. His heart started beating faster. Soon he started to get excited.

'Damnit! Again?! What's going on with me? This is not normal ...'

Light tried hard to calm himself down, and tried to occupy his mind with something else. But he always found himself glancing at the detective.

And then he felt someone's hand on his shoulder. He almost jumped out of his chair.

"Light, are you okay?" He heard his father's voice.

"I am all right..." he couldn't look his father in the eye.

"I've noticed in recent days that you're kind of depressed, so that's what worries me." Elder Yagami continued to speak.

"I miss my normal life a little bit, but otherwise I'm fine."

"Well then. I hope Ryuzaki-san treats you well."

"Everything is all right, Father. There's nothing to worry about." Light answered.

"Good then. I hope this will be resolved soon, and that you can return to a normal life again."

"I hope so, Father." Light looked at him and smiled slightly. His father patted him on the shoulder and prepared to go to his workplace.

"Kira kills again." The detective stated. Light and Soichiro looked in his direction.

"Again? How many victims?" Chief Yagami asked.

"For now, just two. It all happened during this night." The detective retorted.

"So he's active again? Are you sure it's Kira?" Light asked.

"Yes. Although the victims this time were not criminals, but ordinary people. Not exactly ordinary people, but to be precise - businessmen."

"Businessmen?" Soichiro asked in disbelief.

"Yes. And I also believe it's a different killer." Noted L. "We have new clues to investigate. Get as the most information as you can."

"OK." Said chief Yagami, and went to his workplace.


Although, after a long time, they discovered two victims related to the Kira case, there was no significant progress. L felt like he was stuck. He didn't know what to do. The days have gone by, and it's been almost three months since he handcuffed Light to himself.

This was another night when he was getting ready to meet Yosuke. Last time, he had noticed the first difficulties with having sex with him. He had a hard time to get aroused. L didn't know where the problem was. He assumed it was due to stress and poor progress on the Kira case.

He has to relax somehow, this night. It might be a good idea to order some wine or have a relaxing bath.

As he was lost in thoughts, and dressed, Light watched him silently. L could feel the young man's gaze on him. He was smiling as much for himself, and was pleased to have at least a small amount of Light's attention.

When he was ready, he spoke to the younger man, "Watari will be with you tonight."

"OK." Light pretended not to care, that the detective is going out again. He did not look up from his book.

Then, there was a knock on the door.

Ryuzaki had been already ready, and headed for the exit, when he heard Light's voice behind him, "Ryuzaki?"

He paused and turned to the younger man, "yes, Light-kun?"

"Don't go ..." Light avoided to look at the detective. He didn't have the courage to look the detective straight in the eye. He played nervously with the book in his hands.

L was surprised by Light's suggestion. He couldn't believe his ears. He thought he was dreaming. "Excuse me?"

"I said, don't go ..." Light then looked up at the detective. In his eyes were visible nervousness, confusion, and shame.

L came closer to Light. He stood before him and looked him straight in the eye. "Why?"

"I ... I ... I don't know." Light broke the eye contact again.

"Give me at least one good reason to stay." L was persistent.

But Light was silent, while he was looking at the book in his lap.

"I'm waiting..."

"I have no specific reason."

L was irritated and responded with a cold tone, "just as I thought."

Then he turned and left.

Watari entered the room. He looked at Light with an inquiring glance, "is everything OK Yagami-kun?"

"Yes. It's all right." Light again took the book in his hands and continued to 'read'.

The older man settled into the couch comfortably and began to read some of his books.

Light just stared blankly at the pages. He was unable to read. He felt his heart clenched. He had never felt so defeated and powerless in his entire life.

He wanted to shout.

He wanted to break something.

But he just sat silently, staring at the pages of a half-read book.

Chapter Text

This night was a long one.

Too long.

Light couldn't sleep. His thoughts bothered him. He thought about where Ryuzaki was, and what was he doing. He was almost one hundred percent sure he was in someone's bed. Naked, flushed and moaning.

His heart always clenched at the thought of it.

This night he became aware of his feelings for the detective. So far, he has successfully kept them in control in the depths of his mind and in the bottom of his heart.

But this night they have hit him hard.

For too long he kept everything inside himself. The facade of his soul began to crack. He could no longer pretend that nothing was happening.

Finally, he started to cry softly.

It was three o'clock after midnight.

Light was tired of everything. He wanted to disappear. Why, of so many people in this world, does he feel attracted to the detective who charges him with murders that he has not even committed. A man who probably hates him and wants nothing but to destroy him.

And who knows where he is now, and who knows what he is doing...

His crying woke up elderly man, who lit a night lamp. "Yagami-kun, are you okay?"

Light did not move. He didn't want the man to see his crying face. "I'm fine. I just had a nightmare."

"Oh ... I see." Watari retorted. "Do you need tissues?"

Light hesitated, but said: "yes, I think I do."

The old man got up and went to the bathroom for the tissues. Light, meanwhile, rose to a sitting position with his legs bent to his chest and forehead attached to his knees so that Watari could not see his face.

The man returned with a pack of the paper tissues and approached the bed. "Here you go, Yagami-kun. Do you need something else? A glass of water, maybe?"

"Thank you. I'm good." He didn't look up at the old man as he took the pack of the tissues.

Watari felt pity for the young man. At one point, the scene reminded him of L, when he was crooked and sad. Lately he has seen this scene really often.

Now, the two of them were just communicating via email.

While he pondered, he went silently back to sleep.


This morning, Light saw the empty bed beside him, again. It was almost 8 AM. Watari was sitting on the couch reading a newspaper.

"Good morning, Yagami-kun. Did you manage to rest?"

"Good morning. Not much... I see we're already late... Ryuzaki is not back yet?"

"He hasn't come back yet. The others will be arriving soon, and some stayed here for the night." Watari retorted.

Light bit into his lips. Sadness flooded through his face again.

"Shall I take you to the bathroom?" Watari asked.

"Yes, please. Thank you." Light replied and began to rise up. Watari removed the other handcuff from the bed and let Light into the bathroom. The young man took with him a pile of clean clothes for changing.

When he got out of the bathroom, after five minutes, he saw the detective instead of Watari. He was leaning against the wall next to the bathroom.

L's dark eyes instantly met Light's brown ones. Younger man felt again a tightening, and an agitation in his chest.

The first one who spoke was L: "Good morning, Light-kun."

"Good morning, Ryuzaki." Light's gaze dropped to the detective's left hand, where the handcuff was already hooked. He shivered slightly. They both stood in place for a few seconds.

"Something's bothering you, Light-kun?"

Light's eyes widened slightly. Suddenly his mouth became as dry as paper. He felt a small twitch of muscle under his right eye.

He gritted his teeth and then answered sharply, "No. Why do you assumed that something's bothering me?"

L was just watching him, but he didn't respond to that question. He only added: "come on, we're late."


When they were in the elevator, Light couldn't help but ask the detective. "Ryuzaki...?"

"Yes?" L retorted.

"Where were you last night?"

L looked at the young man with a surprised look. "Where were I... you're sure you wanna know?"

Light just nodded.

As if thinking deeply, L looked up at the ceiling of the elevator. "I was going to have some fun..." Then he turned his gaze back to Light.

Light tried very hard to stay calm. " have some fun?" He stared at the detective with a neutral expression on his face. But he was screaming inside.

"Yes. I could call it that ... after all, every normal human being needs some sexual activity in his life, right?" he tried to sound casual, but at the same time he was paying attention to Light's reactions.

The brunete just gritted his teeth and looked away from the detective. Hearing it directly from him and just guessing, was two different things. Pain in his chest became unbearable.

And L went on, "...I would recommend that to you too, Light-kun. Maybe you would be less nervous, you know. Now, I only regret not giving you a little more privacy with Amane Misa. Tell me when you want to see her, I'll give you that enable."

Light sighed, visibly annoyed: "Ryuzaki, you don't have to worry about that. I've never had an intention of being intimate with her, anyway."

L looked at him confused, with his mouth slightly parted. "-What?"

"As you heard. I am not interested in her that way."

"Oh... I didn't know. Sorry. But since you're both acting like you're in a relationship, that was my only logical conclusion..." said the detective.

"We're not in a real relationship." Light replied.

"And why is she talking and acting like you're together?"

"Because I can't get rid of her, she is persistent and won't leave me alone. It's a long story after all. I don't want to talk about it now..."

L just blinked his eyes as if he couldn't process what Light had told him. And then the elevator stopped, the detective pushed the button to the top floor.

"What are you doing?"

"This conversation can't just end like this..."

"We're late... we can't be late all day. After all, I have nothing to talk about..."

"You're wrong, Light-kun..."

"Get us back down, now!" The young man demanded.

"No. We have to take care of this problem."

"What problem...?"

"Your tension..."

"You don't need to take care of anything. That doesn't concern you. Put us down!" Light glared at him.

L sighed and leaned his back against the wall of the elevator. He was silently watching the other man. He did not want to start another fight with him.

Light was visibly tense and irritated. He was breathing hard and trying to calm himself down. He leaned against the opposite wall of the elevator.

"You know, Light-kun, you could also hit the elevator button if you wanted to stop us from going up..."

Light was all of sudden visibly confused, and he blushed because of his 'stupidity'; "You're right." And he squeezed the stop button.


L and Light were a little late, but no one complained. They sat down in their usual places, and both pretended that they're working hard. Everyone could feel the tension between the two.

As the detective didn't found new clues during that day, he decided to give the rest of the team days off by the end of the week. "I'll see you again on Monday. There's no reason to waste your time and energy. We did what we could, it's time for all of you to rest with your families. Light-kun and I will continue to monitor the situation. If we find some new clues, we'll let you know about that."

Everyone was joyful, only Chief Yagami was worried. He didn't like Light's situation at all. Today, he noticed on Light a change, he did not know how to describe. He saw that his son was seriously troubled. He felt helpless, because whenever he approached him, Light assured him that everything was fine.

But Chief Yagami knew Light wasn't fine. He promised to call him every day. And he said to Ryuzaki to take care of him, because if something happens to Light, L will be the one to bear the consequences.

Chapter Text

They all went home that evening. L and Light were left alone in the room. Watari was retreating to his office. As he was leaving, he said, "If you need anything, call me. Good night."

"Okay Watari, thank you." retorted L.

"Good night, Mr. Watari." Light added.

Aiber was guarding Misa Amane now. The others had five days off.

"We might as well go upstairs to rest." The detective suggested.

"OK." Light replied.

L turned off the whole system and they went up the stairs in silence.


When the detective closed and locked the door behind them, he turned to Light and received an unexpected blow to the face.

He grabbed the sore spot with his hand and turned to look at the other man, "Wtf, Light?" this time he dropped the honorifics.

"I decided to heed your proposal to ease the tensions. Maybe I can reduce it if I beat you." Then Light had struck him once more. The blows weren't too strong, but Light was so tense and angry with the detective that he could barely resist the urge to punch him with full force.

"Auuu...fuck, Light!" L cursed and struck him back.

Then they punched each other stronger and stronger.

They both felt blood in their mouths and an adrenaline rush through their veins. They fought and wrestled with all their might.

The detective was lying on the ground and Light was hitting him. Then the detective threw him off and slammed him against the wall. He returned every blow. He was sorry to hit him, but he couldn't stop himself. He was also overcome by anger and frustration.

Then Light knocked him to the ground again, but this time they both fell because they were tangled in a chain.

"Ouch..." exclaimed L. The fall was painful, but no serious injuries were sustained. They gasped loudly and felt exhausted as they lay on the floor. The detective stared at Light's beaten face. Just a few minutes ago, he was without a single scratch, and now he was 'adorned' by a few bruises and a broken lower lip from which a smaller jet of blood flowed. He didn't look better either. He still felt the metallic taste of blood in his mouth.

"Do you feel better now, Light-kun?" He asked the young man.

"Yeah... a little better."

Then the detective ran his fingers over Light's face. He gently removed a strand of hair from his eyes.

Light shuddered. He let out a small sigh and looked the older man straight in the eye. Their eyes met. L kept running his fingers across Light's face, caressing him gently. Suddenly his hand ended in the young man's hair. He drew him closer, and he pressed their lips together in a kiss.

It all happened so unexpectedly and quickly that Light thought he was hallucinating. It started to spin in his head. His eyes widened in surprise. L pushed his tongue into Light's mouth and deepened the kiss. Light began to respond to the kiss as he recovered a little from the shock.

He was still in disbelief, but he didn't want to ruin the moment.

L, on the other hand, was happy that Light had not rejected him. When he heard from the man that he was not in a serious relationship with Misa, he was relieved and he felt a glimmer of hope.

Now he has him the way he has always dreamed and wanted, but by now he thought it was something impossible for him.

Only moaning, sighs, and the wet sounds of kisses were heard in the room. They had refrained from doing so for so long, that they could not get off one another now.

Then they finally stopped kissing and breathed in the needed oxygen. L's hands rested on Light's back and Light had his tangled in detective's black hair.

They looked at each other in silence and then L started to kiss Light all over his face. He kissed every bruise, swelling, and then he switched to a shattered lip. He kissed him tenderly and carefully and then said, "I'm sorry, Light-kun..."

Light looked at him with a questioning look, and L continued to kiss him on the lips. After a few moments he began to feel Light's hardness on his leg. This made him even more excited, and he mounted the young man to himself and their hard groins touched each other through their clothes. The young man moaned loudly from the sensation. L grabbed his butt and moved him slightly up and down.

Light's face turned red, but he didn't complain. The detective then attacked his neck and kissed him there, and licked his sensitive skin. Brunette groaned loudly.

Then L grabbed him by his hard cock and started rubbing it through his clothes.
Light shuddered and gave in to the feeling completely. There was no time for rational thinking. He just wanted more and more and needed relief because he thought he was going to explode.

Then the detective began to unbutton his slit. When he finally released his erect penis, Light felt relief.

"Oh, Light-kun..." L shuddered and felt an even stronger desire for the young man. Then he quickly unbuttoned his spike and grabbed both hard cocks in his hand and began to pump them in rhythm. They both gasped and groaned with their bodies strapped to each other.

The detective pulled Light into a passionate kiss, again. They touched with their tongues as they closed their mouths, and then L started sucking on Light's lower lip. He felt their pre cum on his hand. This made pumping a little easier. They continued to kiss, until L brought them to their climax.

The first came Light. He started moaning loudly and broke off the kiss. The detective came after him. Their seed ended up on their clothes, but they didn't care about it. They enjoyed the blessings of orgasm.

Then L settled over Light and unbuttoned his shirt. When he exposed his chest, he began to caress and kiss them. He touched him with lips and tongue all over his skin. Light trembled at those touches.

Soon both were horny and hard, again. L also look off his sweatshirt. The young man looked at him and licked his lips.


"Yes, Light-kun?"

Light hesitated a little, but at last he uttered his thought. "I'd like to feel you in me..." he stared into the detective's face, eager to see the man's reaction, at his suggestion.

L remained as petrified. He wasn't sure if he heard right. "Really?"

Light just nodded.

"Fine, but then we have to get on the bed..." L replied and began to take off the handcuffs and untangle the chain. "Wait for me on the bed. I'm just going to the bathroom for a lube."


Light sat down on the bed and felt nervous. Still, this will be his first time...

L quickly came back with a bottle in hand, a pack of condoms and a towel. He saw a slight concern on the young man's face. "Light-kun, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm just a little nervous, that's all..."

"It's okay. Don't worry, we'll go slow. If you want me to stop at some point, just let me know." The detective explained to him that he had nothing to worry about.

Then L took off their pants and they were left completely naked. He sat down beside him on the bed and began to kiss him on the lips.

The brunette enjoyed the man's kisses and touches.

Then L stopped and admired Light's body. "You're gorgeous, Light."

Light felt a little shy, but he too gave a look to L's naked body. He liked what he saw. Pale skin, thin body, but it hasn't looked so weak as it looked while covered with clothing.
The finely shaped muscles, which were not so expressive, could clearly be seen.

The wild black hair was in a nice combination with his look.

The detective's large dark-gray eyes were watching him. Light adored when those piercing eyes looked at him. Now, he remembered all of those feelings he had no explanation for before.

"Light-kun, lay comfortably on the back, and bend your legs to your knees. I have to prepare you first."

"OK." Light lay down as he was ordered, "okay... like this?"

"Perfect." The detective replied. He had a bottle in his hand, which he opened and put a good amount of lubricant on his two fingers.

"Hand me that pillow." L pointed to a smaller pillow.

Light obeyed. Soon, that pillow came under his butt.

"We'll be more comfortable this way." L explained. Then he began to trace his slippery fingers around Light's entrance. Then he slowly put his middle finger into the hole. It slipped easily, since Light was very aroused and keen. Although he was a little nervous, he wanted to experience this with the detective.

L was going deeper and deeper. The young man felt mild discomfort but did not protest. He knew he had to get used to the new feeling. Soon a second finger was added. Brunette began to moan slowly. The feeling was getting better and better. Then the detective pushed his third finger as well. But Light hardly noticed it. He already enjoyed penetration.

When Light was stretched enough, L put on a condom and more lubricant. Then he began to slowly penetrate in the young man's hole.

Light felt again that uncomfortable feeling of fullness, but he was patient. He knew it was going to feel better soon.

Ryuzaki penetrated him slowly. He trembled with all his body from the joy and pleasure that the young man had completely given himself to him.

In this moment, the black-haired man was not the great detective L, only L Lawliet, a man who wanted only one person in this world, and that was Yagami Light.

Not a suspect.

Not Kira.

Just this man who is lying under him. And who is kissing him back.

Just the two of them and nothing else mattered at that moment. He was ready to sacrifice his life, just for this.

For those lips and for that pleading look.

Light was his and he was Light's.

The sounds of pleasure drove him crazy.

"Please, faster..." Light spoke between moans.

The detective speed up the pace. He didn't need to be told twice.

Light began literally to scream from pleasure.

They were both red in the face and sweaty. It had turned into wild sex.

L didn't stop until they both felt a release.

Light could swear he saw the stars. Waves of pleasure were coursing through his body as he pumped his cum in the big stream. He was shaking all over his body.

L pumped his seed inside Light's warm hole. For him, the feeling was incredible. Divine.

He collapsed next to Light on the bed and tried to catch his breath. He could feel his heartbeat all over his body.

They remained for several minutes to lie still in silence.

Then L took a towel, wiped them, and covered them with a blanket.

They curled up in a hug and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Light woke up first next morning. The sun was shining, and the clock was showing 8:30 AM. He slightly raised up when he saw the time, and then remembered that Ryuzaki had given the team days off by Monday. They didn't have to go down to the investigating room today. He was instantly relieved, and then he realized that he was completely naked. He stiffened and looked at his left side of the bed, on which the black-haired man was lying and sleeping. When he saw him sleeping peacefully, he began to slowly remember yesterday's activities.

His face turned red and heat began to spread in his chest. Then a smile appeared on his face. He moved a little closer to the sleeping man and lay down careful not to wake him. The detective was lying on his stomach and his head was facing Light's side of the bed. He was half covered and his naked body was visible from the waist upwards.

Light watched him for a while and then felt the need to go to the toilet. He noticed that they were not handcuffed, so he went to the toilet alone because he did not want to wake the detective.
When he returned, he saw that the detective had already woken up. "Hey... good morning." Light said and sat down on the bed next to the man.

"Good morning Light-kun..." L retorted.

Then an awkward silence ensued. Light felt a little guilty because he walked freely to the restroom, so he said, "I didn't want to wake you and I had to go to the toilet..."

Ryuzaki just watched him quietly. He was sitting in crouched position and he was biting at the thumb of his right hand. Light didn't know what else to say. After yesterday's activities, nothing was the same. He was still naked, but he didn't bother to cover himself at all, it wouldn't make sense to do it anyway.

'What does he think now? Does he still think I'm Kira? Or is he thinking about 'that'...?' That, and many other thoughts bothered Light as they sat in silence. Little did he try to rationalize the matter.

After all, what else to expect from two geniuses?

"Light-kun?" L finally spoke.

"Yes, Ryuzaki?" Light looked into the man's face, hoping at least he could read it a little.

"Did you like it?" L asked simply.

Light was surprised by the question. But he knew immediately what the man thought. But what to tell him? How honest should he be?

Then he replied, "Yes, I liked it..." He liked it a lot, but he didn't want to admit that. Then he waited a moment to see the detective's reaction and finished the thought, "what about you?"

The detective looked at him with those big eyes, which widened even more when he heard his response. "So you liked it Light-kun?" Then he removed his thumb from his lips and said, "I liked it as well..."

Light smiled a little and the detective smiled back.

"If I didn't like it, I would take the opportunity and escape." Light added.

"You wouldn't go far. Anyway, that woke me up from sleep..."

"Really?" Light asked.

"When you got out of bed, I woke up immediately and thought you wanted to run away..." L looked at him with a sad look.

"Sorry I woke you up. But after what we experienced yesterday, I wouldn't want to leave..."

"It's okay. I have a light sleep anyway, but I can say that I slept better tonight." His face brightened a little.

Light smiled again and came closer to the man. He did not break eye contact. Then he cupped L's chin and kissed him on the lips. L seemed a little surprised, but returned a kiss. At first they kissed slowly and gently. After a few minutes, they deepened the kiss and began to kiss more passionately. Light's penis began to wake and so did L's. Then Light started to moan, and L started to stroke his cock gently. Light was so turned on that he started to leak pre-cum.

Then they broke the kiss to catch their breath, but L continued to stroke Light's hardness.

"I see we won't be bored today... unfortunately we should take a shower now and go down for breakfast. Watari is probably already waiting for us in the kitchen."

Light groaned and let out a sigh when L released his erection. He didn't want to leave the room, but he was hungry. He knew he had to gather the energy to endure what was yet to come.

He watched the man get off the bed. L flexed his muscles a little and turned to Light and smiled shamelessly at him. He saw Light looking at him with hungry eyes.

Light, on the other hand, couldn't resist to look at the other man's erection. His mouth started to water, and his cock throbbed with the need for man's touch and desire for sex.

"Let's take a shower together. Maybe we can get a little 'sweet on the go'."

L's promise immediately sets him on his feet, and Light literally ran after him to the bathroom.


As L assumed, Watari was already waiting for them in the kitchen. The breakfast was served and they found the old man reading a newspaper and sitting in the sofa. Misa wasn't there, and they both felt relief. "Good morning. Did you get some sleep?" They were greeted by Watari.

"We did," they both spoke.

"And you, Watari?" L asked additionally.

"Yeah... we slept a little longer this time." Said L. They sat down at the table and began to eat in silence.

Watari noticed a few odd things. The first thing that caught his eye the most was that L and Light were not handcuffed together, and the second was also very obvious - their facial expression and behavior.

The man knew something significant had happened. Both young people seemed fresher, in the mood, without tension...

After a few minutes of thought, it occurred to him what could have been the cause. 'Did 'it' happen..? 'Impossible...' He continued to look at them in silence, then asked, "We're not handcuffed today?"

L's eyes widened. 'How could I forget about that?' Then he replied simply, "we forgot to put them back on..."

Watari's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Oh... is that so?"

L just added, "I'll explain later, Watari." He knew he owed an explanation to the old man because he didn't plan to deceive him. But he didn't want to talk about it at this point. He'll explain it to him in the mail, though he wishes he could tell him in person.

"OK." Replied Watari.


By the end of the week, L and Light were not getting off each other. The only reason when they left the room was because they were hungry, but sometimes they skipped that too. There were moans, screams, gasps and other sounds of pure sex.

Light could barely walk. But he didn't complain about it. It was hard to get off L's dick. He was so spread that L hadn't even need to prepare him much for the last couple of days.

They tried every possible sex position, and they were looking for inspiration on the internet when they ran out of ideas. They had sex several times while watching porn. And several times they recorded themselves during sex, and while they watched it they continued to fuck.

Indeed, those few days felt like they were in heaven.

And then came Monday.

They were sitting in their usual spots. Their hands were chained together as before, purely so as not to arouse the suspicion of other team members.

Everyone was rested and in a good mood. So far they did not discover anything new about the case.

Later that day Light called detective: "Ryuzaki, come here. I think I found something..."

L came closer and looked at the monitor. "What did you find, Light-kun?"

"Look at this... this Yotsuba group's stock has suddenly risen in the last few months. It looks suspicious."

"Yes... indeed... I'll look at it from my PC." Retorted L.

The name seemed familiar to him. He returned to his place and went to investigate. Meanwhile, he struggled to remember something more about it.

Then he looked at the profiles of all members of that group. He looked at each profile individually, and then he looked at profile member named Kyosuke Higuchi. At that moment, he remembered. He knew he had found a third Kira.

Chapter Text

Watari watched two young men from a distance. He sat in the investigation room with the other team members. They all worked hard. L was preparing a plan to arrest Kyosuke Higuchi. They already had proof that he is Kira, thanks to a successful plan drawn up by Matsuda and Misa. Then Wedy put cameras in his house and GPS devices to monitor each vehicle.

The older man was worried. He was glad about L's happiness, but he feared it would turn out bad. L assured him that everything was under control and that he had no reason to worry. But when it comes to one of your loved ones, it's only natural to worry...

Then suddenly there was heard a squeaky voice in the investigation room. Misa Amane came in, and immediately headed to where was Light.

"Light! Where were you hiding? I haven't seen you in a whole week..."

Light stiffened as he heard her voice. He automatically looked at the detective, and the detective looked back. Misa ran to hug him, but Light stopped her. He grabbed both of her hands and said, "Misa, stop!"

The young woman looked at him in surprise and asked, "What's the matter, Light? You're not happy to see your girlfriend...?"

"Misa, listen..." he began to speak. He would have preferred to be able to speak to her on private, but since he was still attached to the detective, he did not have the opportunity to do so.


"Misa, I know it will be hard for you to accept, but we're breaking up." He spoke without hesitation. He decided to get right to the point.

There was visible a surprise on Misa's face.

"Whaaat...???" She asked in disbelief.

"It's over." He spoke again. He still held her hands that were starting to shake. Then she ripped them out of his grip and said, "You... what? But why all of sudden...?"

Light didn't know what to say, so he just watched her in silence. The detective, on the other hand, also watched the scene silently. He didn't want to comment even though he had a strong desire to tell her something like; 'because Light loves to ride my hard cock' or 'because Light and I fuck each other' or 'because Light and I are together now'...

But in the latter, he could not be certain. Are they really together, or is it just about sex? So far, they haven't talked about what type of relationship they are. L would love if it was something serious, but he was afraid to discuss it with Light. He was afraid of what the man would say to him. He was afraid of the answer.

Then they heard Matsuda's voice behind them: "You can't be serious, Light-kun..." The man stared at them in disbelief and came closer. "You're breaking up with such a perfect girl... ??"

Light barely restrained himself from rolling his eyes. He released Misa's hands, and spoke to the man: "Matsuda-san... I know what I feel, much better than you or Misa. And I decided to end this relationship. I would not love to stay with Misa, because she is a good or a beautiful person. I know that I am not right person for her..."

Misa started to cry. "But, Light... I love you!"

"I'm sorry Misa. But my decision is final."

He knew that he had not entered into this relationship out of love. He also knew it was always one sided. But, since Misa saw their relationship as real one, he decided to give her a real breakup. Otherwise, she wouldn't even realize it was over.

Misa began to cry even more. Matsuda started to comfort her. "Don't worry, Misa. You'll find the right man for yourself..."

"But I don't want anyone else...- I want Light!"

"I know Misa, but..." Matsuda began to speak, but was interrupted by Misa again: "I love Liiiight..."

"Misa... You need to forget about me for your own good."


"Misa, come with me. Let's go to your room..." Matsuda knew he had to intervene, as Misa's behavior began to be uncontrollable and disruptive for others. He saw the 'looks' on the other team members.

But Misa didn't listen to him, "No... Light, don't leave me..."

Then L spoke, "Amane-san... I think it would be best for you to go to your room, for now. I know you're hurt, but we're here primarily because of Kira case, and we're trying here to work. Let Matsuda-san take you to your room."

Then he turned to Matsuda and said, "Be there with her until she calms down. If you need anything, call Watari or me."

Misa obeyed this time. She looked one more time at Light and started to sob again. Matsuda spoke words of comfort to her as they left.

As the door closed behind them, Soichiro addressed Light, "what was that Light? Why do you break up with her so suddenly?"

Light wasn't in the mood to argue, so he said, "Father, I'll explain it to you on another occasion. Okay?"

The older man sighed. "Okay. But I didn't like how you treated her... I do not condone such behavior."

Light watched his father silently, then turned to the screens in front of him and continued to work in silence.


L and Light finished their work for the day, and headed to their room. The other team members were already gone. The two of them were leaving last, as always. When they were already inside, and when L closed the door behind them, he grabbed Light by the waist and pulled him into a passionate kiss. "I'we missed you..."

"How? I was sitting beside you all the time..." Light returned the kiss.

"But that doesn't mean I didn't miss you. It was hard for me, to be by your side and not be able to touch you..."

Light moaned as the detective attacked his neck. He kissed him first and then he started to suck on his pulse. Light instinctively moved his hips forward. His cock started to harden. Then he grabbed the detective's butt and he pulled him closer.

But there was a thought in his mind that had tormented him the whole time. A couple of times he wanted to ask the detective about it, but he thought that it was likely the man would mention it himself. But so far Ryuzaki hadn't said anything about it, so Light decided to finally ask: "Ryuzaki...?"

"Hmm...?" The detective continued to kiss his neck.

"I want to ask you something..."

"Mhmmm...?" the man still didn't stop kissing him.

Light hesitated, but finally asked: "Ryuzaki... That person you went to have sex with, the other day..." he interrupted his speech because he didn't know how to rephrase the thought.

L stopped kissing him and looked up. "Yes, what about it...?"

"What kind of relationship was that? Will you continue to see that person?"

L was surprised by the question. As he began to have regular sex with Light, he almost forgot about Yosuke. "Light. It wasn't a relationship. It was just a sexual service. Nothing more. While the two of us are having sex, I have no need to see that person..."

Light was pleased with the response on the one hand, but was hurt on the other. He said that, like he was using him just for sex. Then he decided to ask one more question, and to clarify things between them: "You want to say that you are also with me just for sex?"

L's eyes widened. Light was right about asking him that question. It seemed like they were just doing it for sexual pleasure.
But that was not true. L wanted something more, but was afraid to reveal his feelings, because after all Light was Kira, and who knows how the whole case will end.

"Light-kun..." he continued to look into his eyes and caress him gently across the face, "do you really think that I'm with you just for sex?"

He saw a surprise in his eyes. Then the young man looked away.

The sadness started to appear in those eyes, and it was mixed with the tears. "Light-kun... Do you really mean that?"

Tears began to roll down the young man's face. He started to shake.

L began to wipe away his tears. He was worried. He didn't know why Light started to cry.

After a few minutes of sobbing, Light tried to speak, "I-I... I don't think it's just for sex, or I might wish it wasn't just for that. That's why I'm asking you Ryuzaki..."

He looked up and L pressed their lips in a gentle kiss. When they parted their lips again, L replied, "It's not just about sex between you and me. It's something more. Something deeper. Something stronger..." then he connected their lips again.
That was enough for Light. He also wanted it to be something more than just sexual.

Then they lay together on the bed and began to slowly take off their clothes, while kissing.

This evening they will make love.