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Life is Strange Imagines

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I feel a slight relief wash over me as I feel the burning of my lungs as I smoke on the cigarette between my teeth.

“That’s really unhealthy for you,” Warren mumbles as he scrolls through his phone, looking for the closest theater. I give Warren a side glance before pulling the cigarette away from my lips.

“Who are we waiting for again?” Warren continues to send a few texts on his phone before answering.

“Max and Kate, then we should be all set.” I nod my head, taking another drag from my cigarette. Oh shit, the queen bee herself.

“Smoking to hide your insecurities? Really? You think you’re that cool?” Warren glances up from his phone to give me a look, one to be cautious. I know how much she’s bullied Kate and Max, this bitch is going down. From the distance, I see the couple slowly walking towards our car. I give Victoria a bored expression.

“You think I’m an easy target, right? You insult people unknowingly that you’re actually insulting yourself. You bully people to hide the fact that you’re so insecure that you bury it with drugs and bitchiness.” I slowly stand from the car to tower over her, the cigarette hanging from my lips. “So watch it, Chase.” I suppose my clothes ticked her off, I like the way I look, A bit too 90s, but my friends seem to like the punk/grunge vibe I give off. I watch from over her shoulder as Max and Kate approach the car, their hands tangled together.

“Is everything okay over here?” Max’s quiet voice cuts into the air. Victoria opens her mouth to say a snarky comment, but I cut off Victoria before she can even say something.

“Everything’s fine, Max. Why don’t you two get in the car; this’ll only take another minute, Promise.” Kate gets in the backseat, her and Warren watch me, I can’t do anything too drastic, but I will protect them.

“(y/n)–” I stop Max’s words as I grab both of her shoulders.

“I’ll be right there, just give me one minute, okay?” She slowly nods before seating next to Kate. I turn back to Victoria, a smug smirk on my lips. I slowly take out my cigarette before crushing it with the bottom of my shoe. “You know, it’s a shame.” She scoffs.

“What is?”

“You’re awfully pretty, and you’re really intelligent, a closet geek and not to mention an amazing photographer… But I can’t get behind you being a massive bitch. It’s a shame. Later, Chase.” I spin on my heel and sit in the passenger side next to Warren as he finally drives off, leaving Victoria in the dust. I breathe a sigh of relief and brush my hair back.

“You okay? I know how much you liked her in sophomore year.” I glance back at Kate, who asked the question, before catching the pack of gum Warren threw at me.

“Yeah, I just… It’s hard. She was a lot nicer back than. Still kinda bitchy, but it was something I could get behind. Now… I can’t. Especially after what she did to you last semester.” Warren slips one of his hands in mine; I know how he feels about me. He’s so obvious.

“That sucks, man.” I rest my head against the window. I’ll do anything to protect them, I don’t exactly care about my reputation. I’ll protect Max, Kate, and Warren.

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I slowly get off his motorcycle, Re-adjusting the guitar over my shoulder before walking over to my small group and sitting on the railing.  

“Hey, guys. What are we talking about?” I see Victoria with the rest of the Vortex club. I hope she doesn’t cause any trouble today.

“Well, I got–Wait a minute, you play guitar?” Max and Kate laugh quietly at Warren surprised expression.

“Yeah? I thought I told you.” Warren grabs his phone and pulls up his favorite list of songs that I’ve seen more than once.

“You didn’t, but can you do one of these for me, I wanna hear you.” I lean forwards slightly and choose one of the many songs I know by heart.

“Sure, Warren.” I stand up to sling my guitar in front of me, I rest my fingers on the strings before playing ‘Crosses’ by Jose Gonzalez. It’s one of my favorites. I only get through half the song before Victoria storms over here again. “Oh boy.”

“Do you mind? I’m trying to relax over there and you’re over here playing obnoxious music.” I give her a confused look, but let her continue. “And what’s with you and the guitar? Such a nuisance.” Warren glances towards me, knowing my fascination with her, or what used to be fascination. I know he’s worried about me. “Your fingers are much too long for guitars anyway, so you should just give up.” I smirk lightly.

“Well, you know what they say about guys having long fingers, right?” Warren snorts in laughter, trying to hold it in. Victoria’s face becomes a bright shade of red, it’s a good look for her. Max covers her mouth from laughter while kate crosses her arms into a big X.

“I don’t, Uh, you should–” She cuts herself off with a high pitched growl before stomping away.

“Geez, what’s with her? Um, Sorry, Kate.” The christian girl jokingly glares at me.

“You gonna continue?” Warren sits closer to me, closer than before as I continue the same song. I can see Victoria still glaring at me, but it was so worth it to see the look on her face.

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I toy with my bottom lip from between my teeth as the wall full of items towers over me in an almost intimidating matter. I shakily reach out to grab the package of [pads/tampons] quickly and throw it in my basket. 

I know (y/n)’s going to start their period soon, I managed to start tracking it when we first started dating. 

I practically run out of the aisle to find the candy aisle. Okay, skittles, candy canes, airheads, sour candy. Got it. Of course, I’m not in town just for (y/n)’s monthly needs, I also grabbed dinner for the two of us, got some of my photos developed… (y/n)’s the only person I’d go out of my way to help.

I tighten my grip on the multiple bags I have in my hands before opening the door to their dorm.

“(y/n)? You in here?” I close the door and turn just in time to see (y/n) swallow a few pills, my eyes widen in surprise. Oh, god. I hope those weren’t…”Wh-what pills were those?” They lay back on their bed, curling up into a ball.

“Just some painkillers, don’t worry. Would you hand me my heating pad please?” I jump slightly at the request before I leave all the bags on the floor before I grab the already plugged in heating pad before resting it on their stomach. I look up when I feel a hand cup one side of my face. “Thank you, you’re too good to me, you know that?” I feel my face become warm under their gaze and touch. I stand to my feet and brush my hair back with one of my hands. I like taking care of (y/n), it’s different. “What are all of those bags for?” I smile and grab the bag full of their monthly needs and put it on the bed, right in front of their face.

“I got you some candy and uh,” (y/n) ruffles through the bag and pull out a candy bad before one of their hands brush over the pads/tampons I had bought for them.

“You bought me pads/tampons when you went shopping? That’s some Prince Charming shit right there.” I chuckle as a blush explodes my features, I grab the food I got from the Two whales diner and placed it on (y/n)’s bed before I sat down myself.

“I, um, I mean, I was out anyway…Did I forget anything?” (y/n) slowly sits up and wraps their arms around me.

“No, you did great. I didn’t even ask you, thank you, Nathan…I guess I can always count on you, huh?”

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Warren stands behind the recording camera, aimed directly towards the punk of the school, (y/n).

“You sure about this? You know Victoria is right next door.” (y/n) tunes the guitar as he preps.

“It is 10 AM on a Saturday if her highness isn’t up by now, it isn’t my fault if my guitar wakes her up. Let’s start already, I’m getting restless.” Warren shrugs his shoulders, at least now he couldn’t say he didn’t try to stop the punk.

“You’re doing this for her, right?” The punk boy tries to cover the blush that’s quickly rising to his cheeks.

“What? What are you talking about?” Warren sighs and rolls his eyes, acting if this is the most obvious thing in the world for anyone to understand.

“This is obviously a song about a girl, and you obviously like Victoria. I don’t know why you ever would, but that’s none of my business.” With Bright red ears, (y/n) gets into position. Warren quickly begins to start filming.

Check Yes, Juliet

(y/n)’s fingers dance over strings of the guitar as the background track of the keeps him focused on what strings to strum and what lyrics to use. Although, he’s just mumbling the lyrics as he plays. (y/n) tilts his head to the side to try to get the hair out of his face; continuing to strike the chords correctly.

Loud pounding from the room next door alerts (y/n) that Victoria’s awake. Warren gives him a warning look but doesn’t say a word, knowing that Victoria will storm in any moment now.

“Keep it down! Some people are trying to sleep!” (y/n) snorts in laughter before his voice becomes louder,  still mumbling the lyrics.

(y/n) freezes in singing and strumming his guitar as Victoria bursts into the room, her hair disheveled.

 Victoria pauses, she thought the music was just a boombox, not (y/n) actually playing the guitar. She stares at him as the background track continues. Victoria stares at his messed up hair, falling down in front of his face.

(y/n) lets a smirk crawl up to his face as he continues to play and finally deciding to sing the rest of the lyrics to the song. Victoria’s face only becomes red at the sound of the punk’s singing voice.

“Don’t sell your heart.

Don’t say we’re not meant to be.

Run, baby, run.

Forever we’ll be

You and me.

You and me

You and me”

Warren quickly steps out of his friend’s dorm room, not wanting to witness anything Victoria may or may not do.

“I’ll just come to pick up my stuff later.” Victoria fumbles with her fingers as she tries to form a coherent sentence.

“I… I didn’t know that you were playing. You’re actually… Kinda good.” (y/n) rests his guitar against the wall before plopping down on his bed.

“Thanks… You like nice in that.” Victoria crosses her arms over her chest and huffs towards (y/n), only wanting to smack that smirk off his lips. She slowly takes a few steps to sit next to him on the bed.

“Shut it. Jesus, it’s freezing in here. I should go-” (y/n) takes the initiative to shrug off his leather jacket and wrap it around Victoria’s small shoulders.

“Don’t. Why don’t we hang out for a while?” Victoria tugs the jacket closer to her body for warmth and stares up at (y/n).

 Her breath hitches in her throat for a moment, with his jacket off and hair a mess, he actually looks… 

G O O D.

In her eyes at least. “Something wrong, Chase? You’re staring…”

It only takes a second for Victoria to lock her lips onto (y/n)’s, pushing him further into the bed. It only takes another moment for (y/n) to register what’s currently happening before he pushes his own lips against the prep’s, tugging her onto his lap. She slowly pulls away, her eyes glazed over.

“Wow… I, um… You wanna come to a vortex party with me tomorrow?”

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Soft music drifts around the room of my dorm. We’re laying back on my bed, listening to one of his CD’s and talking. This is one of our weekly routines, it’s my favorite night. It’s one of the only times we can release all of our frustrations about anything and everything.

“I have no clue how I’m going to write an article. I’m a photographer for crying out loud, not a photojournalist. Fuck.” I curl closer to Nathan, leaning my head on his chest.

“I can help you, journalism isn’t my best form of writing but I can do it.” I see a small smile creep onto his face.

“You don’t have better things to do?” I shrug my shoulders, letting his arm around me tighten.

“Not really, it’s either help and/or talk to you, or I can go on a run. Which sounds super exhausting right now.” One big topic we always seem to talk about every week his father, the situation itself is getting better, but it’s still difficult for Nathan.

“I’m happy that you do this for me every week. I know that you probably have other things to do on your tuesdays, but… You always do this. You’ve never let me down. Why is that?” I grab one of Nathan’s hands, lacing my fingers with his accordingly.

“I care about you, I have since we met freshman year. Anything else on your mind?” Nathan sighs exhaustedly, I already know what he wants to say, but I feel like he likes to be asked.

Nothing I haven’t told you. My dad’s still being a prick about anything. I think I might cut ties with him when I graduate. He’s not good for me.” That’ll be nice, Mr. Prescott doesn’t treat Nathan well.

“What are you gonna do?” Nathan shrugs his shoulders lightly.

“I don’t know, maybe move to Seattle?” That’s a big step for him, that’ll be good. He’s getting better, I can tell. “And I want you to come with me, and I don’t want to move too far because I know how much you like being near the coastline.” I lay my head on his chest, breathing in his scent. It’s comforting.

You would do that for me?” Nathan slowly sits up, bringing me up with him.

I’d do anything for you.” There’s a pause in silence… No sounds playing in the room except for the whale sounds. “Come here,” What’s he up to? I slowly pull away from him to carefully sit on his lap, placing my hands on his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Nathan snakes his arms around my waist, pressing a quick kiss to my neck.

“Kissing you.” His voice is muffled as he presses a few more kisses to the side of my neck. “I love you…” I feel a few tears fall down my face at those words, he means that? He slowly pulls away, a look of worry plastered on his face. “Why are you crying?” I wipe away the tears on my face, letting a light laugh escape me.

“Sorry, I’ve just never had someone say that to me before…” Nathan goes back to my neck, once he’s sure that I’m okay. I love how much he cares about me. I shudder as Nathan bites my neck in a few different places, I lay my head against his shoulder, giving him better access.

“I don’t want you to leave me.” Nathan pulls away from my neck, staring at the hickies he’s placed. “I think I… I think I want to marry you, not like tomorrow, but someday.” I stare into his eyes, my own glistening with tears once again. Is he serious?

“Really?” Nathan nods happily, his hands pressed tightly into my hips.

“Yes, I mean… I don’t have a ring or anything… But I do want to marry you. Maybe after high school?” In the heat of the moment, I rush forward to press my lips to his; sealing the deal to marry him after Senior year, 2 more months. Nathan pulls back to let out a happy laugh, he’s being a bit loud for so late at night… But I don’t care, I’m so happy at the moment.

We both freeze as my phone chimes lightly, the screen lights up with a message. I give Nathan a small smile before reaching over to grab it from my desk, Nathan’s grip only becomes tighter around me.

“It’s Victoria."

Keep it down, I’m trying to study. Don’t have TOO much fun~”

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Victoria coughs harshly into her fist before standing from her desk to open the window, letting some of the cigarette smoke out into the fresh air, surely polluting it.

“Oh, don’t be dramatic.” (y/n) huffs out another long breath of smoke, filling the air around him. The papers of writing on the bed, long forgotten by now.

“Well, if it isn’t cigarettes it’s pot or you playing loudly on your guitar. So I will be dramatic about this.” (y/n) stands from the bed, following Victoria back to her desk full of notes.

“You’d rather pay attention to Photography history than me?” Victoria turns to (y/n), ready to argue that she has to do her homework, but her words get caught in the back of her throat, not expecting him to be two inches from her face. “What’s wrong, Princess? Cat got your tongue?” Victoria’s face slowly shades a bright red, the blood only rushing to certain portions of her face. She doesn’t say anything to protest as (y/n) quickly crashes his lips to hers, the smoke he was keeping in his lungs comes flooding down her throat, but she doesn’t care at the moment.

Victoria pushes (y/n) away lightly as Nathan walks through the door, the new red letterman jacket wrapped around his shoulders.

“Uh, sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” (y/n) grabs his guitar before turning to the doorway.

“It’s fine, Preppy. You look cute by the way… I’ll see you later, Princess.” Victoria quickly stands from her seat, wanting to know where he’ll be.

“W-Wait! Where are you going?” Nathan sits on Victoria’s bed, turning his face away from (y/n), not wanting him to see how red his face is.

“To Max’s dorm. Is that okay?” Victoria stutters, trying to think of a response but comes up blank. “What, can’t get enough of me?” Victoria takes long strides to shove him out.

“Just go already!” He laughs lightly, leaning down to give her a quick peck on the cheek before walking to Max’s dorm, leaving Victoria to close the door and turn to Nathan. “Geez, Nath. Your face looks like a tomato. Man, he’s making just about everyone fall in love with him.” Nathan doesn’t say anything, completely agreeing with Victoria’s statement.

“Um, look… Maybe we should have (y/n) come to another vortex club party, the last one was amazing.” Victoria sighs, not knowing if (y/n) will even agree to come to another one, it took a lot of convincing from Victoria.

“I can ask, but I can’t guarantee anything… You know how he is.”



    [a few hours later]

“Oh! So that’s how you remember it, thanks, Nath. I wasn’t so sure if I was ready for that Photography test.” Nathan gives his best friend a small nod before leaving the dorm, just as (y/n) walks through the dorm, thoroughly exhausted from a day’s activities with his friends.

“Hey, I’m back and thoroughly exhausted.” Victoria pushes her papers of Photography notes away and standing to confront the punk.

“Did you get in a fight?” Victoria stares long and hard at the black-purple-ish coloring around one of his eyes. (y/n) throws his bag on his bag before throwing himself onto it as well.

“No, it’s just some makeup Steph wanted to try. I’m fine. She just wanted me to be her guinea pig.” Victoria breaths out a sigh of relief before sitting back on her bed, beginning to study once more.

(y/n) glances at Victoria for a few moments before pulling his guitar out of his case and playing the first few chords of Do Re Mi by Nirvana. (y/n) catches the look Victoria gives him, but continues to strum at his guitar

Click here

“Do you always have to play your guitar?” (y/n) smiles lightly, his fingers still busy strumming.

“Of course. How else would I get your attention?”

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“What the fuck did you just say to me?” I slowly adjust the bag over my shoulder before approaching the Diaz household and coming across the scene before myself; Brett is giving Daniel and Sean trouble again; it looks like it might get violent.  

“Oh no.” I act quickly and stand between Sean and Brett. “What’s the problem here?” Sean’s breathing is heavy and uneven, his anger is going to take over if someone doesn’t do something quickly.

“That little shit spilled fake blood all over me!” I peek over my shoulder to look at Daniel, who is covered in fake blood, it’s still no excuse to yell at a child.

“Brett, relax. It’s Halloween and he’s just a kid. If you’re that worried about your clothes, I’m more than happy to do the laundry.” Brett scoffs, brushing me away and returns to his own home.

“Whatever, Fucking asshole.” I breathe out a sigh of relief before turning to Sean and Daniel, worried about the two.

“Are you two okay?” Daniel rushes forwards to wrap his arms around me, his face buried into my stomach.

“That was scary, I didn’t know what was going to happen.” I glance to Sean, he has a hand on his head; his brain going through the millions of scenarios that could’ve happened if he made one wrong move.

“Sean?” He quickly snaps out of his trance and turns his gaze to me, his eyes softening.

“I… Yeah, I’m okay. Let’s go back inside.” Daniel releases his iron-like grip around me to run back into the house, hiding in his room. Esteban Diaz quickly walks into the room, noticing the tension in the air immediately.

“What’s going on? What happened?” Sean sits on his couch, mentally exhausted, letting his mind rest for a few moments. I take the initiative to speak.  

“Um, your neighbor was giving Daniel some trouble. I stepped in.” My eyes widen as Esteban quickly hugs me, almost lifting me off of my feet.

“Thank you for protecting them.” I smile slightly at the adult once he releases me. We should get going to the party before it’s too late, but Sean… I don’t know if he should even go now, or maybe it will be a good time for him to destress? Estaban slowly leaves the room, walking downstairs to work on a car, leaving me and Sean alone. I walk to the couch and place a hand on one of his shoulders.

“Hey, we don’t have to go if you’re not up to it.” He perks up at the sound of my voice, standing up quickly with his backpack.

“No, I have to go. I promised Lyla. Besides, maybe this one actually might be fun.” Sean rolls his eyes playfully before slipping on his backpack. I’m glad he’s feeling better. I slip off my lanyard and head to my car out front, Sean close behind me.

“Text Lyla to meet us there, I’ll drive you.” Sean grabs his phone from his back pocket and starts to text his best friend as he climbs into the passenger side of my car as I start it up and start driving to the party.

“Okay, done. I didn’t even know you were going to the party. You hate parties.” I nod in agreement.

“My plan for tonight was to order pizza and watch some Halloween movies, but Lyla said that it would be a nice change of pace for me, and you’re gonna be there so why not?” I smile to myself as I see his face turning pink, he’s so awkwardly cute. Sean leans forwards to turn on the radio, I lightly tap my fingers against the steering wheel as I drive; listening to Sean mumble the lyrics as he glances out the window.

Maybe everything will be okay. Just one night, it’s just a party. Be there for Sean.

The drive was a breeze, the only problem I have is the party. The music is too loud, and the people are drunk or high off their ass. High school parties aren’t much fun unless you’re high, drunk or both.

“You have any other friends here you wanna go talk to?” Sean’s soft voice snaps me out of my trance, I glance around the room. I recognize almost everyone here, but… They’re not as nice to talk to as Sean.

“Nobody that’s as cool as you.” His face instantly lights up, he turns away to hide his red face. He’s pretty.

“Shut up.” Sean releases a dreamy sigh before greeting Lyla. I’d rather not be here, but she said that Sean’s happier and more at ease when I’m around.

“Hey, Losers. Enjoying the party?” I roll my eyes lightly as I watch one of the jocks launches himself onto the pool table.

“Am I a bad person If I say No?” Lyla shakes her head playfully and grabs one of Sean’s wrists quickly.

“You mind if I borrow Sean for a quick minute?” I give her a quick shrug of my shoulders and let her drag poor Sean to a different room. What’s with them? They’ve been acting a bit odd for a few weeks. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious.

“Hey, (y/n)… How are you liking the party?” I tense up as an arm wraps around my shoulders. It’s just one of the kids at the party, relax. He’s just insanely drunk. Don’t hit him

“I’m not much on parties of any sort.” He offers his drink to me. No way am I drinking that, I don’t know what’s in it.

“You should drink, loosen up, you know? It must be tiring to be responsible and caring all the time.” I gently push his drink away, showing him that I’m not drinking tonight.

“No thanks. Besides, I’m designated driver tonight.” Will this guy just go away?

Sean and Lyla appear from the room, he looks nervous while Lyla looks smug. What did they talk about? Is it about that person Sean likes?


He’s doing that nervous neck thing again. Sean stands in front of me, rubbing the back of his neck nervously as Lyla drags the very drunk person away from me and Sean. He glances away from me to look at the party before slowly slipping his hand into mine.


“Is this okay?” Fuck, he’s cute.

“Yeah. It’s fine, Sean.” Over the sea of drunk people dancing together, more like grinding, is Lyla. She gives Sean a quick thumbs up before she gets lost in the crowd. So that’s what they were talking about.

“I’ve been meaning to do something for a while now, but… I always lost the courage because you’re so amazing and pretty…” I feel my body temperature flare up from the compliments and confession. “And I think you’re just so magnificent and I don’t know why anybody else hasn’t swept you off your feet yet.” Is he awkwardly flirting with me on purpose or is that just natural for him?

“Because most high school boys just want a good fuck. You’re different though, I love it.”

“Let’s go on a drive.” I give him a puzzled look before glancing at the party, we won’t be missing much. What would he rather do? I end up agreeing with him anyway.

“Okay.” I hand the keys to my car to Sean as we step out into the October-night air. It’s about 10 degrees colder than it was 20 minutes ago. Seattle weather is different than I’m used to. I quickly climb into the passenger side as Sean slips behind the wheel. I wouldn’t let him drive if I wasn’t sure he has his license or didn’t trust him. But he does and I do.

We drive around for a while, I think he’s taking me to a park? I haven’t been here in ages. Jesus, I must be insane to let him take me to an unknown location. We slowly park in a random area, Sean puts the car into park before he adjusts his seat to be further from the wheel.

“Come over here.” I give him a suspicious look before slowly unbuckling myself and crawling onto his lap. I carefully place my hands on his shoulders and lean towards him, I don’t know what I should and shouldn’t do. We’re clearly in the early stages of… Our relationship and normally I wouldn’t get so intimate so quickly but I’ve known Sean since middle school.

“Like this?” Sean reaches around me to release the keys from the car, before quickly pressing his hands tightly into my waist. It’s almost like he knows what he’s doing.

“Perfect.” I inch my way closer to him, our chests press against each other. I feel so nervous. He quickly dives forwards to capture my lips in his own. My hands practically have a mind of their own and reach behind the back of his head to play with his hair, resting on the nape of his neck.

The windows of the car slowly start to get foggy as the kiss continues to get steamier and steamier. I haven’t done this with anybody in so long, and this is actually the first time that I’ve enjoyed it.

He slowly pushes me forwards to lay me on the steering whee–

The horn lets out a loud noise, startling us both. I latch back onto Sean, laughing out shakily. The spike of adrenaline slowly draining from my body.

“Sorry, I forgot about the wheel. Kind of ruined the moment.” I lean forwards to give him a quick kiss on the lips before crawling to the back seats. “What are you doing?” I hand him his backpack that he threw back here before laying down the seats and exiting the car.

“Putting down the back seats, unless you want me to drive you home instead?” Sean lightly waves a hand in front of his face.

“No, I’m not ready to head home yet. I still want to be with you.” I let him see the blood rush to my face before I go around the back to the trunk, Sean following closely behind to see what I’m doing.

“On days I fight with my family, I sleep in the car. So I’m prepared.” I grab the sleeping bags and soft blankets before laying them out on the flat area of my car. I had crawled through the trunk and into the backseat, there’s an easier way to get to the back seat, but…

I lay back against my pillows, the blankets underneath me. I watch as Sean closes the trunk before he crawls in next to me through one of the doors, his backpack in hand.

“What do you have in there?” Sean pulls out a warm blanket before laying it over me.

“A blanket, sodas, some cigarettes and…” I grab the bag out of his hands and pull out one of the last items before letting out a quiet laugh.

“A Condom? You were planning on this?” Amused, I watch as Sean stumbles over his words.

“T-the plan was to ask you out… I-I didn’t think I would get this far.” I let a teasing smile cross my lips before I hold up the condom.

“Wanna make some use of this?”

Chapter Text

Something’s going on. Everyone around here is laughing at something on their phone. There’s just something up.

There are Warren and Kate. Where the hell is Max? I crush the cigarette with the bottom of my shoe before taking big steps towards the two-thirds of our little group.

Wait a minute, she’s crying… Who the FUCK made her cry??? I take a deep breath before walking faster towards the duo.

“What happened? Who made you cry? Who do I need to beat up?” Kate dives into my arms, tears still running down her face. Kate’s hair is a mess. What the hell happened?

“I never should have gone to that stupid vortex club party…” Why would Kate go to a vortex party? I glance at Warren and watch as he pulls up a video on his phone and shows it to me.

It’s Kate… Drunk or drugged or something… And she’s kissing a bunch of guys. What the fuck?

“This video is going around, I’ve been trying to get it taken down but nothing’s working.” My eyes narrow at the video, my hands preoccupied with running up and down Kate’s back to soothe her. But I don’t know how well it’s working.

“Who the fuck videotaped that?” Warren gives me a pitiful look before shoving his phone into his back pocket.

“Victoria. I’m sorry, (y/n).” I want to go to Victoria and ask her what the hell she was thinking, but I need to take care of Kate for now. “You should go talk to her.” I snap my head to Warren, is he talking about Victoria?

“But what about Kate?” Warren gestures to the other side of the courtyard where Max is quickly approaching from.

“Max and I got this covered. I don’t want to think she’s like this anymore, but–” I give him a firm nod, not wanting to hear the end of that sentence.

“Yeah, leave it to me. I’ll talk to her. I should’ve listened to my guts.”

I slowly release my grip around Kate and guide her to Warren, who takes my place. I need to fix this. Why the fuck would she do this? Who does She think she is? Kate looked drugged in that video. What the hell is going on around here?

I storm towards Victoria’s dorm, my feet feel like they are almost on fire from how angry I am. I don’t give two shits if someone messes with me, but the second they fuck with one of my friends, they’re going to have to go through me.

I burst open Victoria’s door without knocking. I don’t think there’s anything that she can say to be justified to her actions.

“Victoria! What the hell were you thinking?” She glances up from her phone to lazily look at my angry form, my chest is heaving and my hair is a mess.

“What are you talking about?” I pull my phone from my pocket to show her the video that is torturing Kate. I wish this was all some nightmare. But it’s not.

“The fucking video, Chase! Why would you post something like that? Or even tape something like that? Kate was in trouble, she was drugged, anybody with eyes could see that. Why didn’t you help her?” Victoria scoffs before standing up from her spot on the bed, I’m so angry right now.

“Oh, come on! Don’t be so dramatic! It was all in fun! Kate’s fine, isn’t she?” Oh my, Fuck.

“Are you fucking serious? That’s all you have to say? Huh, I get it now, why you’re so stuck up and bitchy, mommy and daddy wanted the perfect little Chase didn’t they? So you never really had a childhood and that damaged you, so you try to damage others. Make yourself feel marginally better before you go back to your lonesome in your dorm because you have no clue how to socialize properly” Victoria’s head snaps up to meet my gaze, she actually looks angry now.

“My friends were right you know. I shouldn’t have decided to date some stupid, soon-to-be dropout, punk asshole. You don’t care about anybody but yourself.” really? She doesn’t think I care about anybody?

“I… I don’t even know what to say to you. I know I care about people. Warren was right about you from the beginning, they all were. It’s over, Chase.” I turn on my heel quickly and calmly walk out of her dorm and into the courtyard. I don’t know how I’m feeling, it’s so empty now. I knew she would eventually do something like this. Was there a way to stop this? I never knew she was capable of ruining someone’s future virally. Did I ever really know her?

Chapter Text

I lazily grip the bed sheets near me as I slowly begin to wake up. Jeez, last night was…Eventful to say the least. I know Nathan is needy sometimes, but… I didn’t know it was like that. I slowly sit up, Nathan’s letterman jacket wrapped tightly around me. It’s one of his–

“What are you doing up so early?” His voice in the morning is so husky, I don’t get to hear it too often, it’s nice. His arms pull me back to his chest, his messy hair pops into my view. It’s so curly, why does he gel it? I think his hobbit hair looks beautiful.

“It’s almost 9 in the morning, Nath. I gotta get up, I promised Victoria I would help her study.” Nathan buries his face in the crook of my neck, his grip around my waist becoming a bit too tight.

“No, just stay here with me…I need you.” He’s still half-asleep, isn’t he? Nathan slowly sits up, quickly becoming aware of his actions. He takes a minute to rub his eyes, to see a bit better, but without contacts, it’s difficult. “Sorry… Wait, you’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you…?” He decides to be shy now? I give him an innocent smile, loosening the jacket around my shoulders.

“I wasn’t last night… Do you… Want me to take it off?” My hands slowly start to push it off my shoulders when Nathan grabs them tightly, halting any more movement.

“Don’t, I don’t think I could handle another session right now. I wouldn’t be able to handle all of your teasings.” I shrug my shoulders and pull the letterman jacket tighter around me and slowly begin to gather my clothes from his floor.

“Okay. Whatever you say, Nathan.” As I slip the last article of clothing onto my person, Nathan presses himself against my back, his arms tugging me towards his chest.

“Where are you going?” I roll my eyes and grab my bag from the ground before slipping it over one of my shoulders and turning to Nathan. Thankfully, He’s wearing something.

“I just told you, I promised Victoria that we would study together.” Nathan flops back onto his bed. He’s pouting again, isn’t he? Jesus, he’s like a child sometimes.

“That’s fine. I guess I’ll just stay here by myself without my significant other. Alone!” I place my hands on my hips. He’s been really needy lately. In more ways than one. What’s up with him?

“Come on, Nathan. Don’t be like that.” He quickly sits up, his arms crossed across his chest.

“Be like what?” I sigh in defeat. He’s only going to continue this until he gets his way.

“Tell you what, I’ll go tell Victoria that we need to reschedule and then we can go get breakfast at the two whales. Sound good?” Nathan hops to his feet and slowly starts to get dressed, a winning smirk plastered over his features. Smug bastard. “Just be ready by the time I open this door again, you have 5 minutes.” I slip out the door and shut it behind me before texting Victoria.

Me: Hey, change of plans. We need to reschedule our study time. Nathan is needy this morning.

Victoria: Don’t worry about it. We can do it tomorrow.

I sigh with satisfaction that Victoria’s not upset at me, I pocket my phone before turning to the door to open it again, when Nathan opens it as well, causing me to crash into his chest. I slowly regain my stance on the ground and use his body weight to push myself away from him.

“Clumsy much?” I give him a small glare for the comment but quickly cease when my eyes trail up to his hair. He left it curly.

“You didn’t gel your hair.” Shock overrides Nathan’s body, one of his hands quickly shooting to his hair, the other on my lower back, steadying me.

“Shit! I’ll be right back.” I grab Nathan’s jacket, pulling him back to me before he can close the door.

“Wait, leave it. I like your hobbit hair.” Nathan groans, his hand quickly dropping to his side.

“Aw, man. Hobbit hair?” I stifle a laugh but drag Nathan to the parking lot, where his car is parked.

“You wanna drive or–” Nathan tosses his car keys to me without a word. I guess he’s too tired to drive.

“You drive, I need a coffee and something in my stomach before I drive.” I smile at his philosophy but don’t question it. I slide behind the wheel and wait for Nathan to buckle up before I drive off to the two whales.

He looks peaceful, not worrying about anything right now. It’s a nice change of pace. But I already know what he’s going to order, he gets the same thing every time. A–

“Omelette please” I stare at Nathan from across the table, his car is parked out the front of the diner. I know him too well.

“You always order the same thing.” Nathan shrugs his shoulders lightly, taking a sip of his coffee before speaking.

“I like routine, If I could wake up every day like I did this morning, I would. Waking up to you is nice, I could get used to it.”

Chapter Text

“What do you mean ‘you messed up the tickets’? How–” Taylor sheepishly shrugs her shoulders, despising being yelled or berated. 

“I’m sorry, Victoria.” The queen bee glares out the window of the car, watching the world go by as Taylor drives to the unknown concert as she messed up the tickets and accidentally purchased two for a completely different concert than the one the two girls wanted to go to.

“You didn’t think to tell me this before we were 10 miles out of town?” Taylor doesn’t respond to Victoria as they arrive at the concert. It’s some cut-rate dump, at least to Victoria it is. “Oh, God. (y/n) would love this.” The concert was grunge or punk styled, the music was just around the corner. Victoria and Taylor follow the sound of the music and the light-hearted screaming to end up at the back of the crowd; and on stage is (y/n), Victoria’s punk boyfriend. “Oh my, God.” Victoria stares up at him, not knowing that he was even in a band, let alone is in a concert.

(y/n) continues to strum his guitar and sing as he locks eyes with Victoria, not expecting her to be here of all places. The song slowly comes to an end and (y/n) gives her a small wave.

“Do you know him?” Victoria smiles brightly, giving a shy wave back, her heart beating like an unsteady drum against her chest.  

“That’s my boyfriend.” Before Victoria can react, the crowd grabs Victoria, letting her crowd surf to the stage, where (y/n) is waiting.

“Hey, Vic. Didn’t think you would be here tonight.” (y/n) gives one last wave to the crowd before going backstage with Victoria. “If I did, I would’ve told you but… This music isn’t really your taste, is it?” Victoria glances around her surroundings, the punk style covered not only on the stage but backstage as well. The backstage isn’t like any of the other concerts she’s been to, it’s simple, not her style of course, but definitely (y/n)’s.

“It’s not, Taylor got the tickets mixed up and we ended up here instead. Do you have any more gigs tonight or are you done?” (y/n) grabs his bag and slings it over one of his shoulders before grabbing one of Victoria’s hands and leading her out the back way, where his motorcycle is parked.

“Well, I’m finished for the night and I don’t have anything to do for the next few days, do you want me to give you a ride back to the dorms?” Victoria stares at the motorcycle for a moment, questioning its safety.

“Is it safe?” (y/n) gives his girlfriend a smile before climbing on, holding his helmet out to her.

“Do you trust me?” Victoria grabs the helmet and puts it over her head before climbing onto the back of the motorcycle instead of answering, she feels like it doesn’t need to be said.

Of course, she trusts him, after all this time of fighting and bickering, she’s learned to trust and not hurt him.

Chapter Text

“Sean, what do we do?” The long stretch of highway in front of the two brothers in empty. No cars coming or going. The older boy runs a hand through his hair stressfully, they have no car and don’t know anybody around these parts.

“I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out, we always do.” Sean adjusts the strap on his backpack so it doesn’t feel so awkward on his shoulders while Daniel pats his thighs lightly, signaling for Mushroom, their new dog, to follow.

“Sean, there’s a car coming. Maybe they can help us!” Daniel watches the car slowly drive by before abruptly halting to a stop and reversing slowly until the car is parallel with the two runaways.

“Daniel. Step back.” Sean pushes Daniel behind him, instantly forming his body to a protective stance. Sean’s ready to do anything if it means protecting his younger brother. They’ve already run into some really suspicious people in the past few days, what could this be now?

The window on the driver’s side slowly rolls down, Sean’s body tenses until the driver finally speaks up.

“Sean? Sean Diaz?” The teenager looks around and sees that the road is deserted except for this one, how do they know him? Who are they? Are they going to take him back to Seattle? “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna take you back or anything. I heard what happened, Seanie. I’m sorry.” Daniel stares up at his brother in curiosity, he’s never heard anybody call his brother ‘Seanie’.

“What? Nobody calls me that, nobody has not since–” His eyes snap to (y/n) quickly, his childhood best friend who has to move away ten years ago. How did he not see before? “(y/n)?” The slightly older person gives him a big smile as he finally recognizes them.

“Come on, get in. I don’t like the idea of you on the road, and your brother?” Sean gestures for his brother to climb into the backseat with Mushroom hot on heels. Sean’s eyes stare into (y/n)’s for a few seconds longer than necessary, still not completely sure if it’s his bestie from a decade ago. It does seem a bit suspicious, he and Daniel haven’t exactly had the best luck on the road so far. But despite his thoughts, Sean climbs into the passenger side and glances at (y/n), an explanation plaguing his mind. “Check the glovebox.” (y/n)’s voice is soft and tender, just like it was back then. Sean sets his backpack onto his lap and reaches into the glovebox as (y/n) starts to drive off.

Sean’s hands delicately reach into the compartment and grab an old photo. It’s him, Lyla and (y/n) from when they were kids. So this rando is telling the truth, it’s (y/n).

“So you wanna tell me what happened?” (y/n) gives Sean a side glance, wanting to know the whole story of what happened and not just what the news is telling the public. Sean runs a hand over his face tiredly; the emotional rollercoaster he’s been riding lately is getting tiring.

“I got into a fight with my asshole neighbor because Daniel accidentally spilled some fake blood on him and… One thing led to another and a cop came and my dad walked outside to check on us and–” Sean takes a few deep breaths, his voice cracking from having to relive that experience. “And he got shot. I passed out and the next thing I knew, the entire neighborhood was wrecked, as a tornado went through it. I grabbed Daniel and ran.” (y/n) glances at Daniel through the mirror in the car, a concerned look plastered over their features. “There’s something different going on with him.” (y/n) gives Sean a look, a familiar look.

“What, like supernatural abilities?” Sean shrugs his shoulders lightly and shrinks into his seat. He doesn’t know what to do. He just wants to keep Daniel safe. “I talked to Lyla, she’s kind of the reason I came to find you. She’s worried you know.” Sean grants a deep breath to escape, the guilt settling deep on his chest. He knows that he should contact her again, but… It’s dangerous.

“I know, but I’m not supposed to be found. I don’t what will happen if the police find me.” (y/n) nods their head thoughtfully, pondering for a moment before asking another question.

“You can’t go to your moms?” Sean glares at them lightly, he can’t do that. She’s out of the picture.

“You know I can’t.” Sean turns his body away from the window and to (y/n) to ask a few questions of his own. “Why did you move away? You never really explained it when you left…” (y/n) lets out a deep sigh and taps their fingers on the steering wheel in a rhythmic pattern.

“Well, my grandparents thought it would be better if I lived out in the country or a small town instead of Seattle. So we moved. Sorry I didn’t keep in touch, I wanted to, but… We were so little.” Daniel’s head perks up lightly, he wants to contribute to the conversation.

“I–” But Sean continues to cut him off. By accident. Sean is talking about something else the second Daniel tries to speak, purely coincidental. Sean brushes a hand through his hair, not knowing of Daniel’s emotions at the moment.

A single moment passes, Daniel’s emotions take a dramatic spike through the roof. Literally.

“STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” Everything not stable in the car flies around in the small compartment, a force of a god blows it everywhere. (y/n) is quick to stop the car, Daniel slowly calms down. The winds die down.

“Oh, that kind of different.” (y/n) steps out of the car, brushing a hand back through their hair to try to calm down. They haven’t seen anything like this since… “I’m gonna make a phone call.” (y/n) quickly leaves the car to get some fresh air and make a phone call.

“I did it again, didn’t I? I’m sorry, Sean.” The older brother watches as (y/n) walks up to the cliff and talks on their phone to someone, they look happy. Sean steps out as well, slowly approaching them from behind. He doesn’t want his childhood best friend to leave him in the dust. They’re the only one who he can trust.

“–Mad… I guess I should stop calling you now that you are an official adult. But Um, yeah… his powers aren’t like yours. They’re tied to his emotions, it was like a mini storm, lots of wind… Okay…” Sean watches silently at (y/n)’s side as they go back and forth with someone on the phone. “Thanks, and him? How is preppy doing?” Sean’s eyes narrow lightly, who could they be talking about? “I will visit after I’m done with this one thing, I will. Promise. I gotta go, I’ll talk soon.” (y/n) turns to Sean, quickly pocketing their phone into their back pocket. “Okay, you were right. I don’t know how to deal with this… I had a friend but… her power was way different. I didn’t think I would have to look back at that weird chapter of my life.” Sean stuffs his hands into his pockets and walks back to the car with (y/n) in lead.

“I mean, he’s controlling it better since it first appeared. But when his emotions are high, he becomes difficult.” (y/n) lets out a small sigh and places a hand on the car door, staring at Sean.

“We’ll figure it out. This isn’t my first rodeo.” (y/n) starts the car back up again and takes off as soon as Sean climbs back into his seat. He doesn’t know how far (y/n) is willing to go for him.

“Where are you taking us?” (y/n) only counters his question with another question. They know that if they leave the two out in the open, they’ll get caught.

“Where do you need to go?” Sean stares out the window before giving his short answer. He has so many more questions, and the trip will be long… so he has time.

“Mexico.” (y/n) doesn’t look too surprised. “Who were you talking to on the phone?” (y/n) laughs lightly, the familiar faces of their friends popping into their head.

“Some friends from Arcadia Bay. One had an experience of supernatural-like abilities and I thought her insight might be helpful, but her powers are completely different than Daniel’s… I was going to visit a friend, but I think he can wait.” Sean only nods his head, leaning against the car door to try to get comfortable in the car. “I’ll drive you to Mexico. Okay, Seanie?”

Sean hides the massive blush on his face from the nickname, he doesn’t let anybody else call him that. It’s too embarrassing. But (y/n), they’re different.

In a split second decision, Sean leans over to press a chaste kiss to the side of (y/n)’s face, silently telling them how he feels, even after all of this time.

“Oh. Remind me to give you my number, okay? I want to stay in touch this time. I’ve missed talking to you.”

Chapter Text

“–But I don’t have any ideas, I’m going blank. I want to do different styles, but… I don’t know how.” Nathan leans against the lockers clumsily, slamming his locker shut with a loud BANG! Their photography teacher issued out another project, it’s vague; submit a picture that has a story behind it. “I don’t know what that means. Do you have any ideas?” (y/n) bites her bottom lip for a moment, finishing her scribble in her notebook before shutting it tightly and dropping it into her bag. Nathan doesn’t know what’s in there and if (y/n) doesn’t want to show him then he’ll respect that choice.

“Maybe the Tobanga? It’s where we met after all.” Nathan leans his head against the locker, thinking for a moment. That’s right, that’s where (y/n) likes to sketch and write. Nathan interrupted her one day. Sadly, it wasn’t a meet-cute, but (y/n) saw past that and gave Nathan a chance.


Nathan glares at the Tobanga, it almost looks like it’s mocking him. He clenches his fists roughly, the nail digging into his palms with a light density. Nathan marches up to the tall object, unaware that there is a noticeably smaller person sitting against it, staring at him with big eyes. He reels back his hand and hits the Tobanga, not moving the thing an inch, but startling (y/n), one of the quieter students at Blackwell.

“Oh shit… Uh, fuck… I’m–” (y/n) quickly packs her things and stands up to be eye to eye with the Prescott, the most well-known student in the school.

“It’s okay, Nathan.” His eyes narrow slightly. Good things never come to him when he’s recognized. Nathan takes a cautious step back.

“How do you know my name?” (y/n) avoids eye contact with the older male, almost scared of him.

“You’re quite recognizable, Nathan… Um, I saw some of your pictures a while back and I’ve been trying to work up the courage to talk to you… I thought they were really interesting. So dark and mysterious, they seem to have a really powerful story behind them.” He didn’t expect this. He most definitely didn’t expect this sweet girl to talk to him about his dark photographs. She likes them? Who is she?

“Oh.” Nathan already wants to slap himself in the face. He has so much more to say, but he can’t seem to get the words out. “What, uh…” (y/n) takes a slow step forward, letting her actions be loudly known to the Prescott, not wanting to startle him in any way possible.

“I’m (y/n).”


“Huh, that’s actually a really good idea. Thanks, Babe.” (y/n) smiles brightly before turning towards the clock on the wall and seeing that she still has 5 minutes until class starts.

“Don’t worry about it.” Nathan glances to the wall, the posters to more specific, the vortex club party on Friday. Right.

“Are you gonna come to the party Friday?” (y/n) shrugs her shoulders meekly, she’s not really one for parties. The last time she went to a vortex club party, Victoria tried to get her high and she just clung to Nathan the whole night.

“Nate, you know I’m not big on parties…” Nathan slowly wraps an arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders, taking his phone out to show her a few pictures from last week’s party.

“I know, but… Maybe this time will be different. You could take pictures, maybe it’ll give you an inspiration boost. I know that you’ve been kind of stuck for a few days.”

That makes her happy, he actually notices her emotions and when she’s feeling up or down. He looks, really looks. The eyes are a window into the soul, that’s what they say… Right?

The bell loudly rings above their heads, forcing both of them to wince at the piercing sound they’ve become accustomed to.

“Tell me your answer soon, okay? I won’t force you to come if you don’t want. I’ll see you after class, okay?” (y/n) gives him a small nod and leans up to press a quick kiss to his forehead before turning around to head to her own class; physics. Nathan slowly stands back to his full height and readjusts the bag over his shoulder before he looks down to his feet and spots a Polaroid left on the ground. He glances around the hallways before picking it up and flipping it over.

It’s him. This was the day they went to the Two whales at 6 in the morning, he was exhausted but he wanted to do something special for their 6 month anniversary. His hair is a mess and his clothes are wrinkled from the previous night’s activities.

“What the hell…?” Nathan quickly puts the photo in his bag before heading to his class, as to not be late again. He already has too many discipline marks on his record. Nathan ponders on the picture he found of himself on the floor, it obviously fell out of (y/n)’s bag. Why would she take a picture then?

How did he even find that picture? He was lucky he stumbled upon it and not somebody else. He doesn’t need any blackmail against him for the students to use. Should he confront (y/n) about it?

Are there more pictures of him that he doesn’t know about? He can ask her at the end of the day.


Nathan runs a hand through his hair, staring at (y/n)’s dorm. The door is right in front of him, all he has to do is knock. But… he found more things about him.

Every time he would meet up with (y/n) for even a few minutes, he would find something; a photograph, a messy sketch, a poem about him. He honestly can’t tell if (y/n) is dropping these around him on purpose or by pure coincidence.

Nonetheless, he has a study date with her. He needs a bit of help understanding his physics homework. Maybe he can ask her then.

Nathan slowly brushes a hand through his hair before opening the door to his girlfriend’s dorm, glancing around at the papers everywhere. Normally, he’d think it’s a cluttered mess. But knowing (y/n), it’s writings, sketches, photos…

Nathan steps into the small room and closes the door behind him, his eyes meet the many sketches on the wall of himself. What is going on? He jumps in his spot as the door quickly opens and shuts.


“Aw, man. You found out…” Nathan turns to her, wanting an explanation. He doesn’t like mysteries. He likes closure. “This was supposed to be an anniversary gift. I’m not finished putting it into a portfolio quite yet though.” Nathan flashes a small smirk, teasing his significant other lightly.

“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were stalking me.” The comment has (y/n) pouting, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Okay, rude. Actually, You’re my muse, Nathan.” The Prescott immediately forces Nathan to stop smirking, he’s all flustered now.

He’s (y/n)’s muse? Of all things to be inspired from, it’s him?

“I… I don’t know what to say. I’m your muse? Wow… Oh, right!” Nathan digs into his bag to carefully hand back the photo of Nathan. He’s embarrassed that he didn’t even know of it’s existence. “Here, this can’t ever get out. Got it?” (y/n) only cheerfully nods, she doesn’t get easily intimidated by Nathan, not anymore.

‘My muse’

Nathan never thought that he would hold that title, Someone’s muse.

Life is… weird.

Chapter Text

That’ll teach him. He’s been getting too confident lately and I can’t let him get above me. I need to hold all of the power or chaos will just consume our relationship.

I shove him away lightly, my stance yelling utter confidence. He needs to learn his place if we’re going to be together.

“No! You hang out with him too much. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were gay for him.” (y/n) rolls his eyes and crosses his arms over his chest, he’s not trying to approach me anymore. I need to assert some dominance on my side or he’ll think that he can just walk all over me and I can’t have that. I need to be in control.

“Really, Vic? I hang out with him and the others because they’re my friends. I never complain whenever you’re at a vortex club party. You can’t just think that you can control me like that.” I smirk at him lightly, he’s still so independent. I need to break up with him, then in a week’s time, maybe sooner, he’ll come crawling back to me. Perfect!

“Maybe we shouldn’t be together. I mean, we only got together in the first place because I pitied you. Maybe it was a mistake.” (y/n) takes a step back, confusion is washing over his face. It looks like he’s trying to piece together the scene like a puzzle, I should add in a few more lines to make it sell that I’m in charge and then he’ll learn. “I mean, the girls did say that I could make anybody succumb to me. You’re no exception.” (y/n) stares at me with a blank stare, he hasn’t looked at me like that since we–

“Fine. If that’s how you feel. Goodbye, Chase,”

Just like that, he leaves. That was almost too easy. Will it even work?

I mean, our nightly routines will be amazing once this is done. I just have to be patient.

~~~~~~[3 WEEKS LATER]~~~~~

He’s hardly looking at me. What the fuck? I thought this would work, guaranteed. He’s was supposed to come crawling back to me! This plan wasn’t supposed to backfire.

There he is! I need to sort this out. I take long strides to him and fucking Graham, great.

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” (y/n) and Warren turn to me, (y/n) is calm and collected, not a trace of anger present. “You can’t just leave like that! You were supposed to come back, that’s how relationships work!” He looks mildly annoyed, why isn’t he angry or saying anything? And why the fuck is Warren right next to him?

“That’s not how I see relationships, Chase. It’s about trust, not manipulation.” Stupid. Stupid.

I hastily grab the front of his hoodie and slam him against the lockers; Warren doesn’t look worried, why not? (y/n) puts his hands in the air, showing any passersby that he’s not laying a hand on me. Maybe he’s smarter than he looks.

“I just wanted to make sure that you would stay with me, you were getting out of hand, acting on your own and I… I just wanted you to myself.” (y/n) lightly brushes my hands away, why isn’t he getting angry? I thought boys were more prone to anger.

“I’m not an object that you can control or toy with. You shouldn’t see your partners as your property.” (y/n) stands away from the lockers and moves to be next to Warren, he looks so in love with him… Wait, he isn’t– “And I decided to take your advice, about Warren I mean. He’s treated me better than you ever could.” Warren clears his throat, glancing at his watch for a moment before nudging (y/n) with his hand.

“You done with your whole revenge thing? Because we gotta go to the Two Whales for some dinner soon.” (y/n) doesn’t spare Warren a glance, a smirk crawling onto his face, but still calm.

“Just a second, Babe.” Babe? I lost him. I’ve fallen victim to my own trap. It didn’t work, I didn’t want our splitting up to last forever, just long enough for him to realize that he can’t leave me. “In the future, for your next partner, don’t treat them like you did with me. Don’t manipulate them to bow down to your whim. You’re not any different from the other kids here.”

(y/n) turns away from me and grabs one of Warren’s hands and continues down the hallway to the parking lot. They’re together, happy. He looks at peace and not stressed like he was when we were together.

I lost. I’m alone now.

Chapter Text

The deadline for his history paper is only a few hours away, why did Nathan wait until almost the last hour? He can be a bit of a procrastinator. That and he does have a few family problems. Though, his father would deem Nathan the problem, not himself.

His fingers type rapidly, harsh enough to leave indents in his fingerprints. He doesn’t notice the constant and rhythmic banging in the dorm next door. But what he does notice is his partner of 2 years storming into his room, flinging their bag onto the ground and launching themselves into his comfy bed.

Nathan quickly submits his half-assed essay before sitting next to (y/n), knowing that they don’t normally walk into his dorm in that fashion.

“You okay?” (y/n) quickly wraps the covers around themselves to hide away from the world.

“I’m great,” Nathan grumbles lightly, calculating a way to get (y/n) to talk to him about what’s wrong. They need him just as much as he needs them.

“No, you’re not. Your eyes are all red and puffy.” (y/n) sniffles lightly before pushing the covers away and facing Nathan.

“Then why did you ask if you already knew?” Nathan slowly places a hand on their back, rubbing soothing circles and shapes to calm them down further. (y/n) has a difficult home life as well. Nathan’s seen if first hand, along with them seeing Mr. Prescott berate him right in front of them.

“I dunno, thought it might help open you up more instead of ‘why are you crying?” (y/n) lays down on Nathan’s lap, grabbing one of his hands to guide it to their hair. Nathan smiles fondly down at (y/n) and slowly begins to massage their scalp with his hand, brushing through the strands lightly. “Is it your family again?” (y/n) faces away from Nathan, head still on his lap.

“Yeah, they’re cutting me off because I’m 18 now. I just want to get in a car and start driving and not stop until I… I don’t know. I just wanna leave.” Nathan glances at his desk, the keys to his car are right there.

They could leave. Both. Together.

“Let’s do it.” (y/n) stares up at Nathan, shock, and bewilderment sparkling in their eyes.

“You’re not just pulling my leg, right? Because that’s not funny, Nate.” The young Prescott pats their back a few times, signaling for them to stand up. (y/n) groans lightly but grabs their bag off of the floor and turns to Nathan.

“Come on, let’s drive.” Nathan swipes his keys off of his desk and grabs (y/n) by the hand before pulling them into the parking lot.

Nathan climbs into the driver’s seat and starts the ignition, waiting until (y/n) gets comfortable in their seat before driving out of the campus. He has been trying to find a reason to escape Arcadia Bay for a while.

“Where are we going?” Nathan pulls himself out of his little trance at the sound of his significant other’s voice. He keeps a steady speed on the highway as he answers, not nervous about his decision.

“Where ever you want. We could go to Seattle, it’s not too far. City of Photography nerds.” (y/n) glances to Nathan, worried about a few things.

“Okay. That’s great and all, but what about your–” Nathan cuts them off cleanly, having many answers prepared for their anxious questions.

“Medication? It’s in my bag, I think it’s in the back seat.” (y/n) glances around the car nervously, knowing that Nathan only has good intentions for them but anxious about what will happen when they do go home. “Everything will be fine. Arcadia Bay can survive one day without us there.” (y/n) takes a few deep breathes in an attempt to relax. “You need to relax, I’ll take care of you. Promise.” (y/n) curls up in the seat, facing Nathan. The tension slowly leaving their body as the car rolls outside the perimeter of Arcadia bay.

“I’ll take care of you and you take care of me, that kind of thing?” Nathan drives with one hand on the wheel, shifting his other to pat (y/n)’s thigh reassuringly.

“Exactly. I need you. I guess you need me just as much. A road trip will be good for both of us. A chance for you to explore the world a little and a chance for me to spend some quality time with you.”

Chapter Text

The locker beneath his body slams lightly as he presses his body against it. The confrontation with Victoria just ended but was pretending Warren was his boyfriend really necessary? Luckily, the nerdy boy had no problem with playing pretend for a few minutes. The last (y/n) saw of Victoria, her face was red with anger and embarrassment. Of Course, he wants to go back to her. He likes her, a lot. But he doesn’t want to seem like he relies on her too much, nor that she can control his every waking action and thought. That’s not right. It’s not how relationships should work.

“Do you think it worked?” Warren rolls his eyes before slowly slipping his hand out of (y/n)’s tight grip, the punk boy forget he even grabbed it. The school hallways are empty and cold, it’s getting kind of late now. (y/n) quickly shoves himself off of the locker before walking to the parking lot with Warren hot on his heels.

“Why is this even a thing that’s happening?” (y/n) runs a hand through his hair stressfully, the messy hair becoming more disheveled than beforehand. Knowing Victoria, this entire situation was bound to happen sooner or later. She cares about what people think of her, perfect look, hair, grades, everything. The only thing that isn’t perfect? Her boyfriend, (y/n).

“She’s been different lately, and I thought that we needed a break… I’m hoping this will bring her back to her senses. I wish she wouldn’t worry what other people think about her.” (y/n) pulls a cigarette out of his pocket, quickly lighting it. A stress reliever, it’s legal at least. Warren only shoots him a small glare when the smell of nicotine fills the air around the two. “You’ll learn when you’re older.” This earns a harsher glare as Warren is only a few years younger than (y/n) and the rest of his friends. Warren smacks (y/n)’s arm lightly.

“You seriously need to quit smoking. I don’t want to reek of Nicotine on my dat–uh, get-together later.” (y/n) is quick to stop in his tracks, he clearly heard what Warren was trying to hide. He’s going on a date with someone later. Who could it be? (y/n) grabs both of Warren’s shoulders in a firm grip so he can’t easily run away.

“You’re going on a date? Is it with Nathan? Please say yes.” Warren’s bright blush answers the punk’s question immediately. Warren rubs the back of his neck out of nervousness. Nobody was supposed to find out so soon.

“Don’t say anything to Max and Kate, Nathan wants to keep out relationship a secret for a bit longer. He wants to be sure it’ll be serious…“ (y/n) smiles brightly at the fact that his friend actually has a boyfriend that he knows very well. It’s no wonder that Nathan has been more lively lately. Warren will be a good influence on him.

But for himself, he just needs to wait for Victoria to come to her senses. In a week, he’ll talk to her.

Taylor presses herself against the cold wall of the school, listening intently to what the two boys are talking about. There’s no such thing as a hidden secret. Not with people like Taylor listening around the school. People would be safer with listening devices hidden in the halls. You can hack those at least.

She brings her phone into view and quickly texts Victoria the tea; what she found out about the Ex.

“She’ll love this.”

After (y/n) walked Warren to his car and saw him quickly leave the parking lot, he returned to his dorm to rest after all the drama. Something that he’s not very used to unlike most of the school.

But just as he approaches his decorated door, he’s slammed against it. (Y/n) is irritated at best now. He doesn’t want to get in a fight if— it’s Victoria. What is going on?

“Chase? What are you doing at my dorm?” She slowly pulls away, knowing that he’s far too curious to walk away from the conversation, even if his comfy room is only inches away from where he’s standing.

“Taylor told me everything. You were playing me.” Victoria is smug about her discovery, though anybody else would believe that (y/n) could swing both ways. He won’t lie, he does like her and cares about her but… what she did to him was wrong. He doesn’t want to be manipulated by anyone, let alone his girlfriend.

“Yeah, I was. Vic, we can’t be together if you’re gonna pull shit like this all the time. I can’t trust somebody like that.” She slowly crosses her arms over her chest, the information from someone she trusts with her life finally is able to sink in properly. She did try to manipulate him into being more submissive to her and it didn’t work. She just wants someone to be at her side at any time.

“If I promise to be better, can we…” (y/n)’s wander over her form a few times as Victoria presses herself against him in all the right places, knowing exactly how to tease him after being together for so long. “Be together?” (y/n) feels the redness flare-up in his face and ears. He’s blushing. (y/n) wants to say yes of course, and Victoria pressing herself so tightly against him is clouding his better judgment.

“Just be… your dorky self… I like nerdy Vic, not the bitchy one who cares what people think.” Victoria quickly takes a few steps back and smiles up at (y/n), who is still flushed perfectly red. The perfect shade. (y/n) quickly covers his bag over the top of his jeans for obvious reasons. Victoria chuckles lightly behind her hand, knowing exactly what she did. “Don’t laugh at me. I’m a guy, you can’t just do… that and expect me not to have a reaction… if you excuse me, I have a problem to take care of now.” Victoria watches as (y/n) opens the door and slips through his dorm, an embarrassed look present upon his features. She lightly presses a hand on his door, stopping it from shutting closed.

“Do you need any help with your ‘Problem’?”

Chapter Text

Going to a market in a small town while being on the run from the police probably isn’t the smartest idea but Daniel and Chris wanted to have fun, and Sean didn’t want to go alone. So here Daniel, Sean and (y/n) are, at the Beavercreek market looking at Christmas trees.

“Hey, sorry for the wait. I wanted to talk to Daniel about… His powers.” (y/n) nods in understanding before leaning forward to press a quick kiss to the side of his head. They know how stressed and worried he can get over the entire situation. So it’s important to keep his spirits up along with Daniel’s.

“You’re doing your best, I can tell. Just relax, do whatever you do. Draw, be awkwardly cute, mumble song lyrics, just chill. Okay, honey?” Sean averts his eyes, a light blush scattering across his facial features. Even after a full year, he still isn’t used to the assortment of nicknames (y/n) has given him. But to answer their question, he gives a shy nod, tucking his hands into his pockets to keep them warm.

“What are you gonna do?” (y/n) breathes in a breath of fresh air, it’s nice. They like being outside in the open world for a change. The smell of the pine trees in the near distance gives the market a very comfy feel about it. Daniel and Chris are loving it, that’s for certain.

“Talk to the locals, maybe meet a few friends, I don’t know yet. Try to keep an eye on the kids, okay?” Sean nods his head absentmindedly and watches as (y/n) walks away from him to go look at the little shops in a different area. He feels terrible about dragging them into this but is grateful that they stuck around so long to help out with Daniel and trying to get to Mexico.

(y/n) on the other hand, is trying to push the fear of the police finding the three of them and taking them to prison, they’re doing that by aimlessly walking around and trying to enjoy a moment of peace from the small town.

(y/n)’s ears perk up lightly as soft music and a beautiful voice breaks the silence of the market. (y/n) follows the music until their eyes find Cassidy, she’s playing her guitar smoothly and singing softly. She doesn’t gather much of a crowd but (y/n) listens to the entire song. Cassidy is quick to turn her attention to the one admirer that listened to her song.

“Thanks for listening. Not many people do that these days. Life’s too busy I guess.” (y/n)’s eyes widen brightly as a smooth southern accent reaches their ears, they almost reach up to touch their heart from how pretty it sounds. But that action would be a bit embarrassing. (y/n) fiddle’s with their fingers lightly.

“I uh, I don’t have any money to give you but that was a really pretty song… It was nice.” Cassidy isn’t shameful at the look over she does on (y/n), checking them out. Cassidy smiles, seeing how soft the stranger before her is.

“I’m Cassidy. What brings a pretty person such as yourself to a place like this?” (y/n) takes a moment to let the sentence sink into their brain, they don’t exactly get flirted with too much so they don’t really know how to respond.

“I– wow– um, I’m (y/n) and… I’m just visiting some relatives for the holidays. What about you? You look like an interesting person.” (y/n) rocks back on forth on their heels, trying to stay a little warm in the cold weather. Cassidy slowly places her guitar back into the case, knowing that she won’t be playing so long as (y/n) continues to talk to her. The company is nice until her friend comes back.

“I don’t really belong anywhere. A friend and I hop on trains as a means of transportation.” (y/n) is most definitely interested in the conversation at this point. A bland town full of boring people, but Cassidy? She’s something very different. It’s no surprise that she’s just passing through. “It’s fun and completely free.” (y/n) can only stare in wonderment. Sure, they have a loving and doting boyfriend but this is the first time that a very pretty girl has ever flirted with them directly. It’s a nice change of pace, as long as nothing goes too far all will be well.

“That sounds amazing. Do you ever get tired of it?” Cassidy opens her mouth, ready to flirt or respond seriously, (y/n) doesn’t know. But that’s when a tall boy with a dog approaches Cassidy.

“Alright, everything’s all ready to go… Who’s your friend?” (y/n) can feel their ears turning red as he quickly checks them out. The second person in the past 10 minutes to do so.

“I’m (y/n). Hi.” They awkwardly wave towards the taller male, feeling only slightly intimidated by his appearance. (Y/n)’s eyes jump from Finn to the dog sitting near his feet. It couldn’t do any harm to touch him, right? “Is he friendly?” Cassidy stands up to be eye to eye with her longtime friend, wrapping an arm around his shoulders teasingly.

“Finn’s got a bit of a bark, but he won’t hurt you.” (y/n) laughs lightly before gesturing to the tame dog in front of them.

“I was talking about the dog.” Finn gives Cassidy an annoyed look but smiles seeing how friendly his dog is with the newcomer. He knows that Cassidy is more into the suburban people but what if he is as well? It has been a while for either of them to have a nice comfort of someone nearby.

Finn lets his eyes wander over (y/n)’s form as they take the initiative to pet the dog at his feet. He doesn’t normally act like this but the innocent look of them and how flustered and tangled their words become as they fall from their mouth is so enticing. Not to mention that (y/n) seems really sweet for someone who lives out in a small town like this.

Sean is sat at one of the many picnic tables, glancing up every now and then to get a good look of his partner to draw. They seem a bit flustered from two pretty people talking to them but he wants them to handle it. He doesn’t want to go charging in because he’s over jealous again. He needs to calm down. Drawing helps.

(y/n) slowly stands to their feet and meets Finn’s gaze, he tilts his head to the side for a moment before asking an obvious question.

“You wouldn’t maybe want to put another hole in my scoreboard, would you?” (y/n) gives the tall male standing in front of them a confused look. Scoreboard? Cassidy talks to Finn about how she has more on her scoreboard. Like it’s a competition. Wait… (y/n)’s face flushes wildly. Oh! They mean hooking up!

“Oh… Oh! That’s – oh, wow… Um, I’m actually going to have to decline.” Cassidy continues to hang off of Finn, her arm loosely draped over his shoulders as she leans all of her weight into him but it doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. He just asked (y/n) something quite personal, of course, they have to decline. They haven’t even done that with Sean yet.

“It wouldn’t be surprising that you have someone. Girlfriend? Boyfriend?” Sean slowly closes his sketchbook, quickly walking over to where (y/n) and two homeless teens stand. They look a little too flushed for comfort, and Sean is done looking around for a present for Daniel. He has something completely different for (y/n) of course.

(y/n) shifts from one foot to the other in nervousness. Of course, they’re going to say that they have a significant other. One that they wouldn’t trade for anything.

“Um, I actually have a boyfriend who I love very much. Sorry.” Sean smoothly places a hand on (y/n)’s back, forcing himself into the conversation as he hears the last sentence leave (y/n). He has no clue what they were all talking about but seeing how flustered and red (y/n) looked, it made him mad because he’s not the one to make them look like that.

“Everything okay over here?” His voice is strained and awkward, he’s not sure what he wants to say to them right now and not after seeing the two other teenagers flirt with them. With his significant other.

“Sean! Hi, um… this is Cassidy and Finn. They’re pretty chill.” Sean is still skeptical of course, his grip becomes a notch tighter on (y/n) but they don’t seem to notice. Sean becoming clingy has become normal for them, it’s nice having him cling to them at night to keep warm, but he’s a tad insecure that they’ll leave him so someone better.

And the two teenagers standing in front of him seem like good candidates. Sean notices how the two are looking at (y/n), flirty and inviting. But not on Sean’s watch.

“So, if you’re up for it, you’re more than welcomed to join us to Cali. your boyfriend can come too.” (y/n) brightens up instantly, train hopping with Finn and Cassidy to California? That sounds amazing. They don’t want to say no but the expression on Sean’s face screams rivalry or envy. Sean maneuvers his hand to grab (y/n)’s instead of resting it on their back.

“Hey… we have a home here now. Remember? And–” A look of shock and realization dawns over (Y/n), they almost forget about him. Of course, they can’t leave him. That wouldn’t be right in any sense of the word.

“Daniel, right… “ (y/n) turns to Finn and Cassidy, an apology on their lips. “I’m actually going to have to say no. I’m sorry. Sean’s right, we actually have a home here.” Finn and Cassidy sigh a disappointment, they both wanted someone new on their trip and someone as soft and sweet as (Y/n) is the perfect person to choose from but that’s life… (y/n) glances to Sean, noticing the jealous look in his eyes and body language. It’s very persistent from the second that he walked up. They’ll have to deal with him after they say goodbye to Cassidy and Finn. (y/n) steps away from Sean to approach the two closer. “I hope that we’ll meet again. It’s been really fun.” Finn slowly grabs one of (y/n)’s arms and rolls the sleeves up to write down a number. Sean clenches his jaw but stands still. He can trust (Y/n).

“This is our burner cell number. Give us a call when you can. Well, see ya. Try to find us on the trains if you can.” (y/n) blushes lightly at the brief contact but waves lightly as they disappear around the corner with the dog light on their heels.

They’re gone.

“Okay, Sean, Honey… What’s wrong? You’re acting… jealous.” Sean’s face slowly blossoms into a light blush, the nickname combined with the scene that was just caused. He gets jealous quite easily when it comes to people flirting with (y/n). He’s not that confident to do that; flirt. “We were just talking, What’s the big deal.” Sean crosses his arms over his chest, showing (y/n) how upset he actually is with (y/n)’s new friends.

“Flirting. They were flirting with you.” (y/n) sighs lightly but grabs Sean’s hands lightly to tug him closer to them so they can lightly press a chaste kiss to his lips, they’re chapped and rough but the perfect texture against (y/n)’s own lips.

“I promise that nothing was going to happen. I did like getting flirted by two pretty people. But there’s nobody else like you, I promise. Come on, let’s go find Daniel and head back before your grandparents find out.”

Chapter Text


Rough sketches, pencil marks, pen and an assortment of colors rub onto her fingers and arms as she shades in a certain area of the model, of her picture of Nathan. As an artist, (y/n) needs a muse and without his knowledge, she has chosen Nathan Prescott to be it. She doesn’t know how he’ll react if he even finds out. Will he be embarrassed? Angry?

Who knows?

(y/n) grunts in an effort as she finally finishes shading the base of Nathan’s neck in her beloved sketchbook. The book itself has been used and filled up to the brim with photographs and sketches of the school, her friends but most importantly, of Nathan.

The two don’t talk very often, but she sees how soft he can actually be; in the little moments, he lets his facade vanish. She wants to be closer to him, but… How do you approach a person like that? Not to mention, that he has a reputation for going too far.

(y/n) pulls herself away from the sketch, glancing around at the yard to admire everyone enjoying life peacefully.

Max is talking to a few people as always, being a bit nosy, but nice. Evan is taking pictures, Warren is probably watching another weird movie of his in his dorm. Everything is pretty normal except for Nathan Prescott storming up to (y/n) with rage-filled eyes and clenched fists. He’s angry, anybody within 50 feet of his could see that. He’s too obvious with his anger, doesn’t even try to hide it.

(Y/n) gives a polite smile to the obviously Pissed off Prescott, nervous about what he might say or do. He can be a bit unpredictable. He stops in front of her, glaring at the large sketchbook in her hands.

“Good morning Nathan. Lovely day, isn’t it?” Nathan only continues to glare harshly, the students in the surrounding area begin to stare In curiosity.

No one dares to say a word, They don’t want the wrath of Nathan directed towards them.

He digs a hand into his pocket to fish out his phone, he finds the photo that could be the cause of his anger of the day and shoves it into (y/n’s) face. It takes her a moment to realize that the photograph is of one of her drawings of Nathan.

And she knows exactly how it got onto the web. Victoria Chase.

“What the fuck is this?” (y/n) nervously laughs but soon stares up at his eyes. Those gorgeous blue eyes and that pretty dirty blonde hair isn’t helping. It’s the perfect combination. There doesn’t need to be a reason as to why she likes to draw him so much, the pretty face and different expressions he uses in day-to-day life are amazing. So is he. (y/n) wants to find a way to tell him that she actually likes him but knowing Nathan, she’s not sure if he would recuperate her feelings.

“Um, a drawing of you that I made… Nathan, I’m sorry. I showed it to Victoria, I didn’t know that she took a picture and posted it online.” The taller boy slowly pockets his phone before he grabs the sketchbook out of (y/n)’s nimble fingers “Wait, what are you doing?” Nathan tosses the sketchbook into the trash can before lighting a match, (y/n) stands up quickly knowing what he is going to do. (y/n) rushes to him, trying to grab the match out of his hand but failing in the end as he drops it into the trash can watching the sketchbook go up in flames.

The students surrounding (y/n), stare at her with empathy but don’t say a word. Nathan slowly turns to (y/n), crossing his arms over his chest. He still looks angry, even after destroying the one thing that (y/n) holds precious.

“I’m not your subject to use.”

Nathan glances into (y/n)’s eyes just in time to see her tears building up and drip from the pools in her eyes. Nathan feels a strike go through his heart, guilt. An ugly emotion that he feels all too often, but now towards (y/n)? Someone who is actually nice to him no matter what other people tell her?

He clenches his jaw in anger, this time towards himself. He watches as (y/n) slowly turns around and walks into the dormitory building, needing to be alone for a while. He made her cry. Nathan Prescott made (y/n) cry. He messed up, big time. Is there even a way to fix what he broke?

The group surrounding Nathan slowly disbands, not wanting his anger to blow up again in such a short period of time. 

Nathan is left alone with his thoughts, he runs a hand over his face and picks up his phone as it rings. Victoria. Fuck, what is he supposed to say?

“Hey.” Nathan slowly trudges back to his own dorm, he has thinking to do indeed. How is he going to make this up?

“Nathan, what the hell happened? You burned her sketchbook? I told you to go talk to her. There are videos all over social media… The comments are brutal.” Nathan barrels into his room and sits on his bed, running a hand through his hair to tangle it lightly. He doesn’t know what he was thinking. If he was thinking at all during that moment. The sketchbook that he burned… sketchbook, maybe he could try to make it up by buying her another one? It’s a start…

The two converse over his previous actions and how he could fix them while (y/n) on the other side of the dormitory building, stares out the window, wanting to fly away to get away from these gross feelings. Even after what happened, she still likes him. Anybody that found out about her feelings would call her insane. She has no will to draw anymore, what’s the point if her own muse doesn’t want to be drawn? Right?

She fumbles with her fingers lightly before glancing at her watch, great. She has physics in 10 minutes, at least she won’t have to worry about art for a while now. She slowly grabs the bag she threw onto the ground and slowly leaves the dormitory building, hesitantly. If it were her choice, she’d stay in her dorm all day, but she doesn’t.

She slowly trudges into the academic building and into her class, wait. No. Nathan is in this class as well, how did she not realize that sooner? (y/n) ignores Nathan’s pleading stare and sits next to Victoria, hoping for some peace and quiet before class starts.

“He feels awful you know. I know what he did was terrible but–” (y/n) shrugs her shoulders, cutting off Victoria’s plea.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done.” Victoria glances to Nathan, giving him a pity look before turning her attention to the front of the class as it finally begins. Maybe she and Nathan can try again later.

The class is boring and dull. All Nathan can think about is how to make it up to (y/n). For over a year now he’s been trying to get closer to her but each time he talks, everything just blows up in his face. 

The bell for the end of class finally rings, Nathan quickly shoves all of his things into his bag before trying to talk to (y/n). She’s almost out the door now. So close. Nathan maneuvers to be right in front of her, using his arms to block her from leaving before talking to her.

“Wait, just stop for a second. Look, I feel real–” (y/n) glances around the room for a moment before ducking under one of his arms and leaving, using his height to her advantage. Nathan blinks for a few moments before leaving the classroom and trying to find a sight of her but (y/n) has quickly disappeared into the crowd of rowdy teenagers. “Fuck.” The crowd slowly begins to disperse as teenagers find their next class or leave the building but there’s still no sign of (y/n) anywhere. Nathan groans and slowly walks back to his dorm to try to figure a way to talk to (y/n).

(y/n) on the other hand, is holding her breath as she watches Nathan walk past her hiding spot and to the dormitory building. She stands out of the spot and starts to walk to her own dorm when she bumps into Kate Marsh, she’s an absolute sweetheart.

“Hey, (y/n). I heard about what happened. Are you alright?” (y/n) brushes her hair back stressfully, she doesn’t even know where to begin in what’s wrong at the moment. So many things. Too little time.

“Yeah, I just… I didn’t expect him to do that. I’m kind of thinking of giving up drawing.” Kate’s eyes widen slightly but that doesn’t stop her from pulling a brand new sketchbook from behind her back. (y/n) is slow to grab the item, she’s been thinking about not going to Blackwell anymore because of what happened.

“Well, in case you want to pick it up again. You can use that. Okay? Maybe things will turn out alright?” (y/n) gives Kate a genuine smile before gesturing to the dorms.

“I’m gonna head to my room for the night. I’ll see you later.” Kate steps out of the way and watches as (Y/n) carries the sketchbook naturally and quickly walks to her dormitory. But what she doesn’t know is that all of the girls in the dormitory building have a little surprise in store for her.

(y/n) rubs her eyes tiredly and walks through the main door of the dormitory to see all of the girls crowding the hallway bearing gifts of the art variety; sketchbooks, pencils, markers, etc. She jumps back lightly at the picture in front of her.

“Um, hey?” Max is the first to walk out and grab one of (y/n)’s hands, guiding her to the center of the hallway to talk to everyone. (y/n) isn’t normally very social but with the girls that live in the same building as her? Quite close.

“The video of Nathan burning your sketchbook is everywhere… we just wanted to do something nice for you.” (y/n) smiles gratefully and takes more sketchbooks from her neighbors. She knows that they are only trying to help but how can someone draw if their muse doesn’t want to be a muse? It’s difficult to find someone else.

Max grabs half of the gifts from all of the girls and follows (y/n) into her dorm to put all of the gifts on her desk. She doesn’t know if she’ll even fill these out at all considering that her will to draw is drained because of what Nathan did…

“Oh, I get it… Nathan was your muse…” Max sets everything down, taking a seat on (y/n)’s bed before continuing with her thought. “That’s why you’re not drawing… he gave you the will to draw…” Max gives her friend one last smile before approaching the exit of the dorm. “Oh, before I forget, Warren had something to talk to you about. He’s In his dorm.”

(Y/n) stares at all of the art supplies given to her a few short minutes ago. It’s stacked high on the desk, about to topple over. She’s happy that her friends care so much.

Without much thought, (y/n) walks to the boys’ dormitory building to visit a friend. Hopefully, she won’t run into Nathan. She just needs to be careful.

(y/n) walks through the main door to the dormitory building and makes a beeline for Warren’s room, she doesn’t even bother with knocking on the sophomore’s door and just lets herself in. she doesn’t want to be caught by Nathan again. She’s not ready to face him.

“Warren? Max, said you wanted to see me?” The younger student quickly pops out of his desk chair and strolls up to (y/n), arms spread out for a bear hug. He is the most touchy of the group of friends she has, which is perfectly fine. (y/n) gives him a soft smile before slowly closing the gap and letting him hold her fragile form.

“Everyone said you were having a hard time and then Nathan… I’m sorry. Maybe everything will be better soon?” (y/n) can only shrug lightly before slowly pulling away, letting herself become comfortable in the small room. But the thought of being in the boy’s dormitory, where Nathan lives, is peaking from the back of her mind. Warren steps out of her space for a moment before grabbing a pack of oil paints from his desk and slowly handing them to (y/n); cautious to not scare her. “I got you something, you said that you’ve been wanting to try oil paint for a while now, right?” Though, she’s not sure when or if she’ll be able to draw again, she appreciates the kind gesture. (y/n) slowly slips the paints into her bag for safekeeping as she slowly gives Warren a small smile.

“Thanks, Warren… I think I’m gonna head back to my dorm… Sleep everything off. I’ll see you tomorrow.” The younger classmate only nods lightly and watches as (y/n) slowly walks out of the room to hide away for the rest of the evening. The events of the day are hectic and cruel, all she wants to do is sleep it off and hope that the morning will be better.

(y/n) peaks around the hallway for a few moments before deciding that it’s safe and leaving Warren’s room before heading towards the main entrance of the Dorm building, wanting to find her own dorm before Nathan Catches onto the fact that she’s even in the same building as him. 

She breathes a small sigh of relief as she slowly starts to pass the last dorm room and reaches a hand out for the door when a pair of hands reach out from the last dorm and grabs (y/n) to pull her inside.

(y/n) starts thrashing in the arms of her unknown attacker as they place a hand over her mouth so she can’t scream out for help. (y/n) stiffens as an exhale slowly reaches her ear, causing her to shiver and listen closely.

“Stop squirming, It’s just me.” (y/n) roughly shoves Nathan away and faces him, her back pressed against the door. She stares up at him with a confused stare, why did he basically kidnap her? What for? He’s fidgeting with his fingers nervously, he’s scared to what will come next.

Her eyes are red and puffy from crying all day. The last thing she wants to do is face the cause of her sorrow. Nathan Prescott, prestigious figure of Blackwell Academy… he’s flustered by her mere appearance. He feels guilty about what happened this morning, he feels lower than low. To make it up to (y/n), Nathan wanted to get something for her… all she needs to do is open it.

“What do you want, Nathan? I should get back to my dorm, it’s late.” It’s not late, but everyone knows that (y/n) usually likes to return to her dorm after school and relax instead of partying like all of the other kids on campus.

Nathan takes a step back to grab a wrapped box before presenting it to (y/n), a red hue is covering his features. He’s never really apologized to someone, this is a first for him. Luckily, it’s in the comfort of his own room and not the courtyard for everyone to see… again.

“Open it, please. This is my way of saying sorry… I… wasn’t thinking… I can be reckless and irritable…” (y/n) stares up at Nathan with an unknown look, she’s not sure if she should take the gift. It could be anything, right? But Nathan doesn’t go around giving just anybody random gifts… Maybe he really just wants to try to redeem himself?

(y/n) runs a quick hand through her hair before making the mistake of glancing into Nathan’s eyes for a split second. His gaze is soft and pleading as he holds the gift in his hands, his breath shaking only in the slightest from the nervousness of being near (y/n) once again; so soon.

“Fine… But if this is a joke–” Nathan carefully hands the recklessly wrapped gift into (y/n)’s paint covered hands, their fingers brushing together lightly. The action quickly sends jolts of electricity through her and Nathan’s veins but neither person says a word about what they felt, too scared.

“It’s not. Promise. Open it.” (y/n) sighs lightly but gives him a half smile before slowly opening the present before her hands run over the cover of a brand new sketchbook. Did he buy her a new sketchbook? She slowly lets the wrapping paper fall to the floor so she can look at the sketchbook in whole, quickly glancing through the paper and the little accessories attached to it. (y/n) doesn’t say a word as she discovers the feeling of the new gift. “I was angry and scared… Not about you or anything you did or said… I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I would never dream of doing that.” (y/n)’s smile brightens as she realizes that this is the sketchbook that she’s been eyeballing for months now. She wasn’t able to buy it because it was far out of her price range for a sketchbook, but this one is special. It even comes with pockets and sketching pencils. She glances up and slowly places the sketchbook onto his desk to grab both of his hands in her gentle grip.

“Nathan… I-” He’s quick to cut her off, paranoid that she’s going to yell at him like just about everyone in his life does. He’s too used to it by now.

“I know that this will never replace what I did to your last sketchbook and I didn’t realize that I was your… Your muse. But I’m hoping that this will be a star–” (y/n) reaches her hands up to grab Nathan’s face to slam her lips onto his, surprising him surely. Nathan flails his arms for a few moments before deciding to rest his hands; one on the door next to (y/n)’s head and the other tangled in her hair. Nathan slowly relaxes into the motions, pressing his body closer to (y/n)’s.

Nathan tugs on (y/n)’s hair as he deepens the kiss, eliciting a soft moan from (y/n)’s lips. Before Nathan can ponder on the small action further, she bites down on his bottom lip. She wants him to know how long she’s been wanting this kiss to happen.

Nathan feels the same way, but before things can escalate, (y/n) softly slides her hands from Nathan’s face down to his chest to lightly push him away. She doesn’t want things to go too far tonight.

“I forgive you… I was never angry at you for what you did, just sad. It hurt to see my muse destroy my work but maybe you can help me?”

Nathan doesn’t say a word as he launches himself to his bed, propping his head up with one of his hands as he brings one of his knees up; turning to the side to face (Y/n). a small smirk ignites his face as he says the simple line that makes (y/n) burst out laughing.

“Draw me like one of your french girls.”

(y/n) ignores her phone as it lights up with a few texts from Warren and Max, both worried. But she can’t be bothered with the sweet scene in front of her.

Maybe everything will be okay?

(y/n) glances up from her sketchbook to get a quick glance, the growing confidence in him causes Nathan to send a small smile her way.

Yep, everything’s going to turn out okay. Her muse is still hers, this time with his knowledge.

Nathan likes the idea of being a muse, it feels foreign but fitting.

Chapter Text

“He did what?”

Lyla nods sympathetically for her hurt friend, (y/n). At the moment, she’s crying her eyes out at home. All alone.

Lyla has finally delivered the news that (y/n)’s boyfriend of 8 months was found cheating by (Y/n) herself, in the most brutal of ways. Both Lyla and Sean are clearly upset about the matter but it’s not like they can go just staple dead birds to her ex’s car.

They could, but they shouldn’t.

Sean stares at the ground for a few moments, tapping a foot against the ground lightly before staring down the road, where (y/n)’s house is placed at the end. He could go over to her place to be sure that she’s okay, she gets really sensitive about these things… she’s soft.

Sean turns his attention to Lyla for a moment before handing her his backpack and bolting down the street towards her house. It’s the smallest on the block but not hard to miss.

Lyla can only throw her hands in the air out of frustration. It would have been helpful if Sean had said what he was doing instead of just throwing his backpack at her. But she knows that he’s doing the right thing.

He always does.

Sean slows down his sprinting to a light jog as he runs to her front door. He contemplates knocking or just opening the door but before he can choose, (y/n) opens the door to face Sean.

His heart drops to his stomach as he takes in her appearance. Her eyes are puffy and red like she’s been crying for hours and her hands are shaky.

“Lyla told me what happened, what he did to you.” She shakes her head lightly, crossing her arms over her chest to support herself as she is trying her very hardest not to burst into tears in front of Sean. He can tell that she’s close to breaking down. With careful movements, Sean grabs one of her hands and pulls her out of the house so he can look at her clearly. (y/n)’s wearing the hoodie that Sean let her keep from a few months ago.

He remembers that night, it was cold and (y/n) forgot her jacket like she always does. So Sean let her keep one of his. He knows that he can afford the cost.

But the sight of his crush in his clothes makes him a little flustered.

“I, uh… W-why don’t you come back to my place? I don’t want you to be alone right now.” (y/n) glances back into the dark living room before staring at Sean who beams comfort and contentment. She slowly nods before wiping her face of tears and shutting her front door closed. “You can tell me what happened on the way, okay?” A jolt of electric shock goes through Sean as (Y/n) slowly grabs one of his hands, wanting to feel his warmth as they walk. (y/n) slowly begins to retell the story of how she found her boyfriend cheating. It’s not a pretty story.

“We were supposed to go on a date and he told me to meet at his house… but before I could knock on the door, I found them in the car… He continued to– he continued while he talked to me. I shouldn’t be so upset because he isn’t a good person but…” Sean listens closely, not being able to afford to miss a second of his crush’s agony. He knows that the best thing he can do for her at the moment is to be with her.

The afternoon quickly turns into the crisp and cool evening. In response to the weather change, (y/n) tucks herself closer to Sean. He’s always warm.

Sean can’t find any words to express how angry he feels that something like this could happen to her. He huffs angrily before opening the door to his modest home and allowing (y/n) to slip inside first.

He finds himself flustered as (y/n) refuses to release her tight grip on his hand. Though Sean doesn’t have the most experience, he knows that he would never do anything to intentionally hurt (y/n).

Sean sees how much he’s making physical contact with (y/n) but doesn’t halt his actions as there are no complaints from her. He wants to make sure that she’s as comfortable as possible.

He glances to the couch before setting her down onto the soft cushions. She stares up at him with doe eyes, not knowing what is going to happen next but trusting Sean completely.

“I’ll be right in the kitchen. Stay here.” Sean runs a hand through his hair almost stressfully. He watches from the kitchen as (y/n) curls against one side of the couch, forming her body to make a small ball to minimize the amount of room that she’ll take. He can’t understand why anyone would want to hurt (y/n). If anything, She’s probably too nice, if there is such a thing.

Sean watches himself pour hot chocolate into a mug, almost like he’s not in control of his own body. He feels off; like he needs to do something, but what? He slowly snaps himself back to reality. What his crush needs right now is someone to comfort her. Sean grabs the small mug of fresh hot chocolate and carries it to where (y/n) is curled up.

Sean carefully sets the mug on the coffee table before sitting next to (y/n), watching as she slowly moves to face him. He doesn’t really know what to say. What does someone even say in these sorts of situations?

She takes a deep breath of the air around herself, Sean’s house. It’s filled with the smell of coffee, his cologne, new books, and ink. Whenever she’s near him, (y/n) feels safe, not to mention that all of his clothes are crazy comfy. She’s started a bit of a collection of sorts.

“I… I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling right now. But I’m here for you if you need anything.” (y/n) takes a bold move in moving her entire body to rest against Sean’s lap, eyes peering up at him innocently. He doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t want to say anything. Sean is stiff with his movements but he slowly moves one of his hands to dig through (y/n)’s hair, soothing her against him. “I know that this is the worst possible time to admit this but… I’ve loved you since we met… My timing has never been perfect. I’m sorry.” (y/n) slowly grabs his free hand before pressing a light kiss to his palm before holding it close to her chest.

“I know, Lyla told me Sophmore year… I liked you too, I still do, but I didn’t want that to get in the way of our friendship…” She slowly draws small circles on his hand with the tips of her fingers, thinking of the right words to say. She wants to start a relationship with him, she has since Sophmore year but she doesn’t want to get hurt again. And so soon after getting her heart broken. She wasn’t in love with her last boyfriend, but she did like him, quite a bit. “I want to take it slow, okay?”

Sean sits against the couch, relieved that everything went okay. He definitely wasn’t planning on confessing to (y/n) today but the opportunity arose and something new came out of it so no regrets?

No. no regrets from Sean’s perspective and the only regrets that (y/n) has are that she even went out on a date with her last relationship when she should’ve asked Sean out a year ago. But…

Better late than never.

Chapter Text

August 15, Sean Diaz’s birthday. This year he’ll be turning 16 so the party needs to be special.   

“A surprise party? Lyla, do you think he’ll even like that?” She scoffs over the phone, digging through drawers to find something cute to wear to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. She needs something cute but comfortable because she’ll be working all day.   

“He better! We’re putting a lot of work into this.” (y/n) laughs lightly at her friend’s antics and turns around as Sean slowly starts to shift awake, becoming upset when he realizes that (y/n) isn’t laying next to him.   

“Okay, he’s starting to wake. Operation B-day bash is a go.” (y/n) quickly hangs up the phone call before kneeling next to the bed, watching Sean slowly open his eyes and greet the morning.  

She’s hyper and ready to go while he’s groggy and wants nothing more than to sleep the day away with his girlfriend at his side but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.  

“Good morning… I have a big day planned for us today. You gonna get up anytime soon?” The taller teenager groans lightly but slowly sits up, his eyes locking onto (y/n)’s. She’s all ready to go, she just needs Sean dressed.   

(Y/n) steps back as Sean stretches his aching muscles and slowly starts to get dressed, not knowing what to expect later in the day.  

“Let me know when you’re ready, I’ll be outside.” (y/n) slips outside the door, almost bumping into Daniel in the process. “Oh, hey little man. What’s up?” She crouches down to meet the younger Diaz’s gaze. His arms are crossed over his chest like he’s thinking about something very serious.  

“What were you doing in Sean’s room? Were you guys doing gross kissing stuff?” (y/n) chuckles to herself, of course, the two weren’t but it’s interesting that Daniel is so curious about it.   

“Possibly but that’s not important. I have a very important and very secret mission just for you.” She pokes him on the nose lightly, earning a light giggle from the young boy. Daniel stares up in anticipation as (y/n) tells the mission. “Me and Sean are going to go out in a bit and your dad and Lyla need your help with a surprise. Can you handle that?” Daniel smiles brightly before pushing his head forward, signaling that he wants a quick kiss before leaving. (y/n) laughs to herself quickly before pressing a quick kiss to his forehead, watching as he runs down the hallway and away from Sean’s room.   

“You cheating on me?” (y/n) stands from her crouched position on the floor as Sean opens the door to his room and steps out. She smiles softly at his messy hair and turns to him, he’s ready to go.   

“Yeah, we’re thinking of a spring wedding.”   

Sean rolls his eyes playfully before gently grabbing one of her hands and leading her out into the front yard where a city bus can be seen down the road. She has to distract Sean for a few hours. That should be easy enough. Being far too tired to ask questions, Sean follows (Y/n) onto the bus and sits in the back next to her.  

“So, what are we doing?” (y/n) gently grabs one of his hands into her own, holding it tightly to her chest so he can feel how hard her heart is beating at the moment.   

“I wanted some time with you for myself before your dad and Daniel steal you away.”  

Sean smiles to himself at the future events of the day. That’s all he wants for his birthday, to spend the day with (y/n). Even though that’s all the two have been doing for the Summer. He glances out the window as the sight of his familiar neighborhood flies by. The two haven’t been to the city in a while, this will be the perfect distraction.  

Sean takes the liberty of snatching his sketchbook from his pocket and seizing the opportunity to grab a few sketches of his girlfriend without her paying too much attention. He gets embarrassed when he’s caught.  

The couple spends the bus ride around Seattle in quiet, comfortable silence. They don’t even need to talk to each other to communicate anymore. It’s just one of the many perks of being in a relationship for so long.  

The two are just going to ride on the bus for a good bit before Lyla gives (y/n) the signal that they’re ready.  

Sean glances at her as he finishes the quick sketch of her. He can’t believe how lucky he was to finally meet someone as special as her. He knows how much his family approves of the two dating, which is key to any healthy relationship.  

Sean’s eyes are glued to the window as he watches the buildings that he is very familiar with a pass by him in seconds. One day, he wants to move to Mexico, where his father is from, explore everything. But for now, he has a loving girlfriend to be with.   

A quick glance at his phone tells Sean that 2 hours have already passed. He knows that they should head back to his place to see what his family has in store for him.  

“We should get back, I don’t know what my dad has in store for me and I don’t wanna miss it.” (Y/n) bites her bottom lip anxiously, she hasn’t gotten a text from Lyla yet but if they walk super slowly down the sidewalk then maybe the Diaz household will be ready by then. 

“Okay, but let’s take our time. I want to spend more time with you.” Sean feels the soft but fierce glow of his face. He wants nothing more than to pretend it’s just another day of chilling with his best friend/Girlfriend, but he knows that his father will have something big planned for his birthday as usual. Sean laces his fingers with (y/n)’s as the two slowly get off of the long bus ride.   

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Sean feels the light tapping of (y/n)’s fingers against his hand as the two walk as slow as possible, feet drifting against the sidewalk in a sharp scratch, the only noise besides the two talking on the whole street. His significant other decides not to answer verbally, instead choosing to grab his jaw softly in one hand and bring his face down to hers to form a kiss. Sean shudders lightly from the mere shock and intensity of the bold action, certainly not expecting (y/n) to do such a thing in a public place; not normally her scene. His free hand slowly comes to meet her waist to tug her closer. (y/n) only seperates from her boyfriend when she feels her phone vibrate in her pocket, signaling a text message from Lyla. She shyly pulls away, one hand lightly tugging Sean further down the sidewalk, towards his house.   

“Come on, Pretty boy. Let’s head home.” (y/n) takes this moment of Sean looking frazzled and dazed to take a quick peek at her phone to see that Lyla texted her that everything is ready and to bring Sean home quickly.  

Without much else to say, (y/n) drags Sean to his home, wanting to watch him happily surprised when he sees what everyone has prepared for him. 

Before he can utter a word, the door flings open to reveal decorations spread around the house and all of his friends and family yelling ‘Happy Birthday'  

To say that he is surprised would be a bit of an understatement. Sean visits with everyone for a while, mainly Lyla and his father, wanting to know who set this up. 

“Well, I am the love witch but I can’t take all the credit. (Y/n) was a huge help too.” Sean glances to his father to see that he’s smiling from ear to ear. 

“Go find her, Seanie-boy. We’ll talk later.” The birthday boy slowly nods before slowly making his way to the backyard, where (y/n) usually hangs out when there’s a party. That, or the roof.  

Sean instantly spots her leaning over the railing of the deck. He watches for a few moments to see how calm she is in comparison to the loud party inside. Parties never were her thing, not even birthday parties. 

His arms encircle around her waist, hugging her close to his body; noting his presence to her. Sean breathes out a heavy sigh, stuffing his face into the crook of her neck, wanting to bask into the warmth for as long as he can. As much as he loves his family, parties can be too much for him to handle most of the time. 

“Lyla says that it was your idea for the party? Thanks, I know that you’re not good with parties.” Sean is gentle with laying a few innocent kisses along her neck, showing her how grateful he is to have her around. (y/n) didn’t have to plan out this party, Lyla and Estaban had a little thing planned but it’s not every day that you turn 16. “I know that you don’t really do parties but you planned this one out so nicely and so me. Thank you. Come on, let’s head inside before Daniel eats all the birthday cake.” 

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If you want to request, You can choose between imagines, headcanons or scenarios with any character (primarily x reader). Here the dialogue list, which you can choose to pick from if you so which. Usually, how I write is from people's requests. 

Chapter Text

4 AM, so early in the morning or very late at night. The perspective depends solely on the person. The moon and stars are slowly slipping into the background as the sun will begin to rise soon enough. It’s the perfect time for a photoshoot in Nathan’s opinion. He hasn’t had the chance to have a true photoshoot with (Y/n) yet. They’ve been busy as has he, with classes, family, etc…  

Nathan stares down at their sleeping form as he finally makes it into their dorm room. The Principal didn’t catch him which is fairly lucky since this is when he starts drinking. Nathan reaches a handout, his fingers rough with callouses, but his grip gentle and soft on their body. He loves watching how peaceful they are in their sleep. It's a contrast to clinging to him all day.   

Though, he can’t say that he doesn’t love both sides.  

He smiles a lopsided grin as (y/n) stirs awake, their eyes landing on Nathan’s form hovering over them in a strange way. Unlike the first time, (y/n) isn’t too shocked or scared to see Nathan looming over them in an ominous and sometimes almost provocative stance. They don’t jump away from his touch, instead choosing to glance at the clock on the other side of the room to see that it’s only 4 in the morning. They groan lightly and turn to their side, burying their head into the pillow.  

“What could you possibly want at this hour?” Nathan grabs one of (y/n)’s hands before slowly pulling them to sit up straight in bed, sleepiness emitting from their form for obvious reasons. They know that he can be pretty stubborn when it comes to photography.  

  "The moon and stars make for some perfect lighting and I thought that it would be the best time for some photos. Are you up for it?" (Y/n) stares at Nathan for a few beats, knowing that he's not going to give up anytime soon before letting out a tired groan of slight annoyance and standing to their feet with Nathan’s help. Being so early in the morning, they’re sleepy and want nothing more than to curl back into their warm bed but Nathan is quite persistent.  

“Fine, but you owe me to breakfast at the Two Whales,” Nathan smirks lightly, knowing that he’s won this little argument. (y/n) rubs their eyes lightly before slipping on a pair of shoes and following Nathan to a specific spot in the schoolyard, a tripod is already set up and ready to snap some pictures. They slowly sit against the tree as instructed by Nathan to do.  

“I promise that this won’t take long.” (y/n) mumbles something too incoherent for Nathan to understand but shuts their eyes, letting Nathan take a few pictures of them. They don’t completely understand him sometimes, he acts out, has muscle spasms, needs to take multiple medications daily, but… in the end, (y/n) feels as if they can trust him.  

Nathan smiles softly at the sight in front of him, his significant other almost asleep against a tree. He knows how tired they are but appreciate that they decided to help him build up his portfolio anyways.  

Nathan glances at the time on his phone quickly, 4:45 in the morning. He should wrap things up so the two can catch a very early breakfast. Nathan shrugs off his recognizable letterman jacket before slowly tugging the soft material over (y/n)'s shoulders, watching as they instantly curl into the item.   

He takes a few more pictures before packing his tripod and cameras up. He slowly slings the bag over one of his shoulders as he glances to his significant other sleeping in his letterman jacket, they didn’t even notice that he stopped taking pictures.  

Finally being done, Nathan stretches his arms above his head for a few seconds before hearing a loud popping sound before walking towards his sleeping significant other and placing a rough hand over one side of their face, slowly stirring them from their light slumber. (y/n)’s eyes quickly flash open to see Nathan all packed up, no camera in their face as they expected.  

“Are you finished?” Nathan feels himself melting at the soft sound of their tired voice. He promises himself that he’ll let them sleep in later today for their afternoon nap. But to answer (y/n)’s question, he gently nods his head before grabbing both of their limp hands and hauling them to their feet to start the short walk to his car.  

Nathan gingerly helps them into the passenger side of the car, taking a moment or two to admire the unusual scene in front of him; his significant other half-asleep in his car. They look peaceful, a great contrast to the concentrated and worrying face they always wear. Almost like a shield or a wall. Nathan takes another second to look before he shuts the door and climbs into his side of the car.  

“I can finally finish my portfolio…” Nathan finds himself mumbling to nobody in particular. After months, he’s finally able to complete the portfolio he made specifically for (y/n). For them.