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a/n: Okay, first things first, I always enjoy writing for Timothy, that’s not a secret. Second, sorry for not uploading in like a month, I just didn’t feel the motivation. But I’m in a groove right now. <3 As always, comments are much appreciated. 


Since the falling of Helios, many of the ex-Hyperion workers either became part of a bandit clan or died, except for (y/n).

She was a Hyperion nurse that got lucky enough to find an escape pod but she’s on her own now. She lives her day-to-day life by doing odd jobs on whatever job board she can find and scavenging. Which means moving a lot more than she’d like. 

(y/n) does have a hideout and it’s safe but she wants nothing more than to get off of the planet. 

At the moment, (y/n) is doing a job in the highlands when she spots a car 100 yards ahead of her throws a body out of the car. Normally, she’d assume that the body would be dead, and would mind her own business and carry on surviving on her own but something strikes her differently about this time. 

So, out of pure curiosity, (y/n) hops out of her caravan and jogs to the body that was haphazardly thrown out of a moving car to quell her curiosity but stops in her tracks at the face. 

Handsome Jack, it can’t be… He died 7 years ago. Though she knows the existence of the doppelgangers.

“W-wait… Pl-please…” He’s still alive, whoever he is. “N-not Jack… Name is Timothy…” 

(y/n) narrows her eyes at the familiar name, a spark of realization twinkling in her eyes. (y/n) can’t just leave him to die out here, not when she can help him. And not when he’s laying on the dirty ground of Pandora.

She kneels down to access his injuries, he promptly passes out from the blood loss. She spots a few stab wounds and bullet wounds, it’s a miracle that he’s even survived for so long. 

With quick hands, (y/n) grabs her medical kit and starts to patch his wounds to stop the bleeding until she can get him to a safe spot to fully treat all of his extensive injuries.

“Don’t worry, I got you.” (y/n)’s careful to drag him into her caravan, at least this way she can safely get him into her safe house. 

He's heavier than he looks but he needs her help. Without any immediate medical treatment, he'll likely die. 

It's more than difficult getting him into the bunker that is (y/n)'s safehouse but luckily she had an elevator installed for this exact purpose. 

(Y/n) is cautious with setting Timothy's injured body on one of the cots in the base before starting to tend to the mass number of injuries littered on his body. 

It's good that he passed out, but just in case he wakes up (y/n) decides to put an IV in for fluids and morphine. 

(Y/n) is fast at work with gently pulling the shallow bullets out of his body, it looks like the bandits barely got him.

He's lucky they didn't succeed in actually killing him. 

As (y/n) stitches up the gun wounds on his torso, he flies up, awake and in panic.

"Where the hell am I?! Who ar--" Before Timothy can go too much into a full-state of panic, (y/n) assures him with a gentle smile and kind soothing words. 

"You're okay. It's okay, Timothy. Just look at me, you're safe." 

Timothy's breathing slowly decreases down to a regular state. He gathers his thoughts before he decides to speak. He doesn't exactly know who he can trust these days, not with his face looking like Handsome Jack and all.

"H-how do you know my name?" (Y/n) slowly pushes Timothy back on his back to continue her work of fixing him up as she answers. 

"You mumbled it right before you passed out and after those bandits threw you out of their car. I thought you were dead." Timothy watches her careful hands and concentrated face stitching him, almost like second nature. 

He's never felt this relaxed before, at least not before the surgery. 

"You're good at that…  Um, calming people down, right? You a doctor?" (Y/n) laughs lightly and bites on her bottom lip. 

Timothy likes the sight of the cute woman in front of him like that; flustered from what he said. 

He knows her face. But from where? He remembers a small part in the back of his head, something about her but for the life of him, he can’t pinpoint it. 

“Nurse, actually. You would be surprised how touch-starved these Pandorians are. Sweet nicknames and a calming voice go a long way around here.” Timothy can feel himself melting away at her feather-like touch, he’s never had this kind of personal attention even if it’s stitches getting done. 

As (y/n) turns a certain way, Timothy remembers her, finally. 


(y/n) brushes a hand through their hair, messing it up without much effort. Jack just asked them to go to the surgery wing for a ‘surprise’. (y/n) isn’t completely onboard with whatever surprise he’s going to throw at her, but she goes anyways. 

Curiosity is a bitch.  

As (y/n) turns into the surgery wing, she spots Jack standing in the middle of one of the common room, the area is strangely deserted. 

“Jack, what the hell do you want? I do have patients to take care of.” Jack turns to (y/n), a red coat covering his face and ears at the sight of her but he answers. 

“Yes! I am Jack…” (y/n) is immediately confused, what is going on? (y/n) narrows her eyes lightly at the character in front of her, arms crossed over his chest in a guarded form. "And who might you be, Sweety?" His words are forced, almost like he doesn't want to say them at all.

“What the hell are you doing? You said you had a surprise for me?” It doesn’t look like Jack heard a single word, he looks dazed; head in another world and whatnot. “Are you high?” Jack isn’t able to say much, the red blush overtakes his entire face, seeming to darken with each syllable she gives him, even if she is glaring at him. 

Though, it seems as if he's saved as another Jack pops into the room. This only causes more confusion from the nurse as she does a double take between the two, identical, except the one in front of her is blushing like no tomorrow.

“Clearly you have some more work to do, Kid. How the hell are you supposed to be me if you’re--” Jack, the one on the opposite side of the room, approaches (y/n) and the body double. “You can’t be stuttering and blushing around every woman you see, Timothy.” (y/n) turns to the Jack she was talking to, the man now known as Timothy. She thinks it’s a cute name, suits him. She watches as the blush doesn’t fade from his face, especially since she’s watching his every move. 

“I-I can’t help it, Sir.” 

Jack, the real Jack, rolls his eyes before correcting a few things his body double got wrong. “And, it’s Sweetheart, not Sweetie. Here, let me give you a lesson.” Jack turns to (y/n), getting ready to put his flirty face on much to (y/n)’s displeasure. 

“Please don’t.” Her request is ignored of course. Jack usually doesn’t listen to her when she speaks, whether it’s about his ridiculous flirting, or his injuries. 

“Hey, Gorgeous.” (y/n) peeks from the corner of her eye to see Timothy even more flustered than before. But (y/n) isn’t able to ponder on the question ‘Why?’ before Jack is bringing her attention back to him. “Why don’t we get out of here, just you and me?” Jack wraps an arm around (Y/n)’s waist, much to her displeasure, but even so, she can’t deny how hard she’s blushing. She’s not used to this sort of attention. “There!” Jack turns to the body double and gestures to (y/n)’s flaming features; rosy cheeks and red ears. “This is the reaction you need to get, not blushing yourself.” Jack finally releases his grasp on (y/n), gesturing with a flick of his hand to stand in front of Timothy. 

“Don’t be scared, I’m sure you’ll do great.” 


“You were up there. On Helios.” (y/n) finishes the stitches, glancing back to his face. She was wondering why he has just spaced out for the past 10 minutes but she just thought that he was trying to relax. “I met you when I first became a body double, do you remember me? At all?” (y/n) remembers him, it's all finally clicking together. There were other body doubles she got to meet but none as interesting as this one. 

she didn’t get to talk to him too many times because of Jack but they always exchanged knowing looks while Jack wasn’t looking. 

Looks that screamed that they each wanted to be around the other more. But there’s no way in hell Jack would be okay with that. 

“Yes, Timothy. None of the other doppelgangers could compare to you, my first meetings with them were so tame compared to ours… It’s strange, I was thinking about you the other week.” (y/n) bandages the area that needed stitches before looking at Timothy, finally maintaining eye-contact with him for more than half a second. 

Timothy finds himself fumbling with his fingers, not knowing what to say in response. He just remembered her, what is he supposed to say to her. 

The second he remembered everything, all of his hidden feelings flooded back. He can’t stop the butterflies from fluttering in his stomach.

(y/n) pulls the gloves off her hands before taking a quick glance at where she placed the stitches before locking eyes with Timothy once more. “It looks like you won’t be able to move for a good while.” 

Timothy tries to swallow his nervousness before speaking, “Will you stay with me?” 

There’s no way that (y/n) could say no to that face, not when he asks in the softest voice imaginable. “Well, it looks like you’re my only patient right now… So--” Slowly, (y/n) inches her fingers close to Timothy’s until their pinkies are barely touching each other. She wouldn’t want to make him uncomfortable. But Timothy is the one who fully grasps (y/n)’s hand. “I’ll stay with you for as long as you need.” 

There’s an unspoken promise between the two: They won’t leave each other’s side again. With Jack finally gone, they can do whatever they want: Become friends, maybe Lovers? 

Only time will tell.