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(y/n)'s leg bounced in anxiousness as the bell rang for her chemistry class to be over. The second it is and the students filed out is the moment when she slowly puts her things away and stands up. (Y/n) jumps lightly as a hand softly rests on her shoulder, she turns to see her lab partner, Warren Graham. 

Her expression slowly melts into a soft smile. 

"You were really out of it today. Is everything going okay?" She likes how concerned he is, it's sweet. Not many people look in her direction in general, but Warren truly cares. 

"Yeah. Just nervous about tonight. Nate wants me to come to the vortex club party for the experience or to get me out of my shell but…" Warren crosses his arms over his chest in response, knowing how she'll react to that kind of environment. It’s no secret that the younger Prescott is nowhere near close in personality to Nathan. 

“It’s not your environment?” (y/n) nods, gesturing for Warren to follow her as they leave class for the day, heading to his dorm for their scheduled movie night to relax after classes. It's their thing. 

"I know that he's just trying to help but… the mere thought of going to that party makes me sick to my stomach." Warren nods, having known his friend for about a year, he knows the risks of her going to that party with the vortex club no less. 

"You don't have to go. We could just chill here all night." (Y/n) smiles at the thought of just hanging out with Warren instead of going to an anxiety-inducing party. But she knows that Nathan is trying and she should make an effort to at least attend. She slowly shakes her head, hating that she has to deny a cute inside-date. They’re her favorite. 

“I should. He’s trying so I should too.” Warren sighs in disappointment and opens the door to his dorm to drop off his things before turning to his…- to (y/n).

“Do you want me to walk you there?” (y/n) smiles at the kind offer but she knows if Nathan sees Warren with her, he’ll flip. It’s no secret that Nathan doesn’t like Warren. 

“It’s probably best if I go on my own. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Warren crosses his arms over his chest again, not entirely happy with the situation as she has to go to a party, which will only make her anxious. He’s worried. Before taking her leave, she’s quick to take the extra step to press a quick kiss to Warren’s lips before stepping away almost as quickly. “Bye.” Before Warren can get a word in, (y/n) leaves the boys’ dormitory and heads to her own dorm to get ready for the party she doesn’t really want to go to. But it’s for Nathan, a little sibling bond for the two. 

The vortex party doesn’t start until late in the evening and by then, Nathan is already at the club, lounging in the VIP area waiting for his little sister to arrive. 

He knows that he and (y/n) are vastly different but he still wants to be close to her, even if their father won’t. No matter what they do to try to appease him.

Nathan perks up a touch as he spots his little sister squeezing her way through the large crowd and slips inside the VIP section where it is far less crowded, though that doesn’t seem to make her anxiety calm down a bit. 

“Finally my baby sister arrives!” Nathan stands to his feet to greet (y/n) properly, taking note of her jittery hands. Maybe a vortex party wasn’t the best idea of a get together with his anxious sister. 

Nathan’s starting to have second thoughts now. 

“H-hey, Nath.” Her leg is bouncing faster than her heart: which is beating erratically in her chest. She doesn’t want to be here but she knows that she wants some quality time with her brother. 

(y/n) doesn’t know how much more she can take of being in this setting, but it’s only 9:30.

Nathan sees as five more people pile into the vortex room, causing (y/n) to shuffle closer to him and away from the complete strangers at the party. 

But as Nathan locks eyes with his little sister, he sees that they’re completely glazed over. Guilt racks through Nathan’s body as he finally realizes that she’s in the midst of an anxiety attack. 

Slowly, Nathan places a hand on the middle of her back, trying to snap her out of it but it’s not that easy. 

“(y/n)?” In the span of a few seconds, she snaps out of his grip and turns to face him. Instead of calmly explaining everything as she’d wish, it all comes tumbling out. 

“I-I’m sorry, Nath. I can’t be here…” She feels trembles coursing through her body as she runs out of the vortex party, leaving Nathan in the middle of it. 

She didn’t just want to leave him standing there without much of an explanation on her part, but she can’t help what she’s feeling right now. 

And, in this exact moment, she instantly regrets it. But what can she do when she’s on the verge of an anxiety attack?

Nathan instantly squeezes through the crowd or at least tries to. It’s not as easy for him as it was for (y/n). The drunk teenagers keep getting in his way, but he’s finally at the exit. 

He takes in a deep breath of fresh air before looking around the yard for a minute, spotting his little sister with that nerd from her chemistry class, Warren Graham. His teeth clench at the sight of his baby sister so comfortable around Warren, but he sucks up his pride and strolls over to the two, wanting to be assured that (y/n) is okay. 

“(y/n).” Said Prescott glances to Warren before giving him a smile, one with a hidden meaning, but it’s not Nathan’s place to say anything. Not now at least. 

(y/n) takes a deep breath before walking away from Warren and to her older brother who needs to talk with her about what just happened. They definitely can’t leave what happened at the vortex party alone. Not when (y/n) literally just had an anxiety attack in the midst of all the chaos. “Hey, Nathan. Look… I--” Before she can apologize for something that was out of her control, Nathan pulls her into a hug. He lets her rest her head on his shoulder he draws shapes into her back, soothing her against him. 

Nathan didn’t exactly want to show a soft side to himself in front of anybody else, at least not Warren, but his little sister comes first on his priority list. 

“You were scared, it’s not your fault. I’d know better than anyone that it’s not your fault.” He pulls away from the short hug, to continue with his apology. Nathan knows what it’s like to not be in control because of your emotions. “I’m sorry for even putting you in that kind of situation. I should have known better.” He pulls away completely, letting her digest everything he said.

"It's okay. You just wanted me to get out of my shell a little bit. I won't blame you for trying. " Nathan can feel a weight being lifted off of his chest, glad that his baby sister isn't angry with him in the slightest.

"Let me make it up to you with breakfast tomorrow, on me." (y/n) glances back to Warren, she’s kind of done with the party scene at the moment but will Nathan be okay with that? The older Prescott sighs almost dramatically but gives (y/n) a small nod of acceptance. "Go ahead, we can talk in the morning about this. " (y/n) gives Nathan a grateful smile before walking towards Warren, grabbing his hand in a way that only significant other's do with each other and walking in the direction of the dorms, but it’s not exactly Nathan’s business.

Nathan watches his sister’s form disappear from his eyesight before deciding to continue with the vortex party. 

He can always catch up with her tomorrow at breakfast, and grill Warren about his intentions with his little sister later.