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If you want to request, You can choose between imagines, headcanons or scenarios with any character (primarily x reader). Here the dialogue list, which you can choose to pick from if you so which. Usually, how I write is from people's requests. 


Here is my list of things that I write for, but you can also find it on my Dialogue list.


  • Bioshock (1 & Infinite)
  • Borderlands (2, Pre-sequel, TFTBL, 3)
  • Bully (Main 3)
  • Detroit Become Human
  • Heavy Rain
  • Life is strange (1,2)
  • TWDG

Chapter Text

I hold my head in my hands and let out a frustrated sigh. Gary is being too much. More so than usual. I can’t do another prank for him without wanting to rip his head off, and him teasing me about (y/n) is not helping. I groan slightly as my door slowly creaks open.

“Petey, I’m not in the mood.” I hear him slowly step to stand in front of me.

“Well, is it okay if I bother you for a bit?” My head shoots up to meet (y/n)’s gaze, fuck. What are they doing here? I don’t mind it, but… I’m not in the most cheery of moods right now.

“(y/n), sorry… I thought you were Petey.” (y/n) slowly walks towards me, only keeping about a few steps between us.

“Well, he is the reason I’m here. He said that Gary’s been a bit harsh on you as of late. I’m sorry to hear that. I know how much trouble he can be.” they slowly inch forwards, holding their arms out. “Does someone need a hug?” I snort at their question but wrap my arms around their waist. I feel my heart swell in my chest as they wrap their arms around my neck, getting as close to me as they could without falling into my lap.

“I have a great urge to punch him every time I see him.” (y/n) laughs slightly before pulling away.

“Doesn’t everybody?” I grab both of their hands before tugging them onto my lap, earning a surprised gasp from them. Something’s up with (y/n). But what?

“Is everything okay? You’re acting off…” (y/n) looks distant. “Gary told me, you know. That you like me.” (y/n) rips their hands away from me to cover their face, red coating their features.

“I… I don’t know what you want me to say. I mean, it’s true, I do like you… But I never said anything because I didn’t want to limit your options. There are so many girls and a few boys at this school that want to date you, so many people that are better than me…” I wrap my arms around their body, pulling them close to me. I thought I would be the one getting comforted, not (y/n). Funny how things work out.

“Well, for the record, I like you too. I always have. You shouldn’t worry about those other girls. They don’t mean anything to me. I only care about you.”

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Stress level reaching 87%….



The room is bustling with police and androids and civilians. It’s been a full year since the androids protested for freedom, and won, but people were still in the police department complaining about androids and giving new cases. As someone who works at the department, socializing with other people on a constant basis is quite draining for (y/n). A plastic hand being placed in front of (y/n) forces them to look up from their screen to Connor’s worried expression.

“Your stress levels are rising. I don’t want to know what happens when a human’s stress level reaches 100. Is everything okay?” The world around the two seems to stop, at least for (y/n).

“I’m… Very close to having an anxiety attack. Too many people. Too much noise.” Connor’s chest seems to tighten slightly, much to his confusion, but he walks around the small desk to slowly help (y/n) out of the chair.

“I’ve diagnosed that you have an anxiety disorder, more specifically a social related anxiety disorder.” (y/n) scoffs at the bluntness of Connor’s statement.

“No shit, Sherlock. I know.” Connor cautiously guides the anxiety-driven human through the department and out the front doors for a breather.

“I’ve researched that taking a break from work and less caffeine will decrease the risk of an anxiety attack by 42%.” (y/n) grabs one of Connor’s hands instinctively, doing this many times over in the past few months.

“Right… Thank you, Connor. I… Appreciate you taking me out of there.” (y/n) glances towards the street and slowly realizes the small thumping from earlier was rain, or still is. They slowly take a few steps out from under the cover to let themselves slowly soak in the rain. “I didn’t know it was raining.”

(y/n) closes their eyes, drifting in the fact that they can let go for just a few moments. Rain always seems so soothing at the worst moments.

Connor takes this moment to quickly scan his partner; stress level: 56%… Temperature is slowly decreasing.

“You’ll get sick if you stay out too long.” (y/n) lets a smile flutter onto their lips at Connor’s words. As factual as they are, the way he seems to word everything is cute.

“I don’t think that really matters now. Rain has always seemed to calm me down every since I was a child… I think I’m going to stay out here for a little bit. You’re free to go back inside if you want to. You don’t have to accompany me if you don’t want to. Thank you for showing me out here.” Connor opens his mouth for a moment, but… He quickly closes it, choosing to press his lips to (y/n)’s instead, not seeming to care if people on the street are staring. (y/n) only wraps their arms around the android in response to the affection, this being a daily activity for them by now. Connor continues to press his lips to theirs until their stress level falls to 20%.

Connor slowly pulls away, keeping one hand intertwined with theirs.

“Your stress level has fallen to 20%… It’s late, would it be alright for me to walk you home to avoid your stress level from raising like that again? You… scared me.” (y/n) slowly opens their eyes, letting the rain wash down their face.

“I’d like that, Connor. Just let me grab my things. Okay, Honey?” Connor’s LED flashes pink… That’s new. He slowly nods, following after (y/n) as they reach the desk that was causing them so much stress only a mere five minutes ago.

“Whoa, why the hell are you soaked?” Connor grabs (y/n)’s bag, slinging it over one of his shoulders as he watches in amusement as (y/n) gives their explanation to Hank.

“Oh, um… Well-” Connor lets a small smirk slip onto his lips. He always did enjoy how (y/n) could get so easily flustered, “I just needed to get some air and it’s raining… So I just had to stay for a bit. But it’s late and I’m going home. I’ll see you in the morning, Lieutenant.” Connor tentatively reaches a hand out to grab one of (y/n)’s, slowly leading them out of the building. “Are you fucking smirking?”

“Whenever you get flustered, it reminds me of the time we met. It’s amusing.” Connor readjusts the bag over his shoulder before continuing. “It’s cute; Enduring even… Shall I walk you home before it gets too dark?” Connor tilts his head to the side like a confused puppy. Before (y/n) can stare too much and admire his expression, they answer.

“I-Yes, Connor.” The android detective slowly pulls the anxious person towards their apartment. The LED on the side of his head switches from blue to yellow for a moment as he looks up at the rainy sky.

“You have a 60% chance of catching a cold.” (y/n) feels a chill run down their spine as the rain begins to pelt harder. Connor’s eyebrows quirk downwards as he instantly notices their state. Connor shrugs his jacket from his shoulders and wraps it around his significant other in a flash. “I should have grabbed an umbrella before we left. I apologize.” He rests a hand on (y/n)’s back, guiding them inside the one-bedroom apartment. Connor sets down (y/n)’s bag before he presses a hand to their forehead. “You’re running a fever. You should go take a shower, I’ll cook you something to make you feel better.” (y/n)’s face flushes lightly at Connor’s words.

“Okay, thank you, Connor. For everything. Back there, at the station…You didn’t have to do that… But you did. Thank you.”

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Chapter Text

A shiver runs up my spine as I slowly wake up, the warmth of Louis’ body heat draining from me. I turn over to face him, nudging myself into his chest. Unconsciously, he wraps an arm around me, tugging me against him. I want this early morning feeling to last longer. Right now, It almost feels normal, like we don’t like in a zombie-infested world. I almost wanna get up and get dressed for school. Almost. The sun is rising, I should get Louis up, he’ll want to mess around now in that case that we don’t get a chance to later.

I slowly sit up, separating his loose grip on my form. Louis rolls onto his back, his hair spread across the pillows and his arms open, he looks so vulnerable like this, so calm. I’m not used to him being so quiet, it’s different. I climb onto his hips and softly rest my hands on his chest. I like to wake him up gently, I know how terrible and cruel the world is, especially since the apocalypse. I lean forward and slowly press a few kisses to his bare chest, stirring him awake.

“I wish I could wake up like this every morning.” Louis takes his time in sitting up, wrapping an arm around me to keep me on his level. “How did you sleep?” He brings his other hands to play with my hair while I wrap my arms around his shoulders.

“Good.” His ears quickly turn red, what’s he thinking about now?

“And last night? How was that? Because that was my first time as well and–” I quickly rush forwards to shut Louis up with a kiss; he melts into it almost immediately. He’s so easy to please. I give him a sweet smile once I pull away.

“It was amazing, don’t worry.” Louis breathes out a sigh of relief, relaxing against the pillows behind his back.

“Okay, Rock Paper Scissors. The loser gets up and makes coffee.” I give him a puzzled look. I think we still have plenty of coffee.

“But you don’t like coffee.” Louis shrugs lightly and holds out his hand, ready to play.

“But you do. Come on, we don’t have all day.” I give him a defeated sigh before holding out my own hand. I’ll do rock.

“Okay, rock, paper, scissors.” I hold out my hand, forming it into a fist. Louis shapes his hand into scissors. He loses. He knows I always pick rock, so why does he let me win?

“Guess I lose. I’ll be back with your coffee in a few minutes.” I lay back on the bed once Louis gets up to get dressed. This is probably my favorite part of the day, being able to lay in bed while Louis makes me coffee almost every morning. It’s almost normal, it feels rather domesticated.

Louis dressed in some jeans and a cute sweater before leaving the room with a small wave. I could write down my newest dream in my journal before he gets back, but he’s quick. I slowly sit up, I’m a bit sore but last night was amazing. I’ll remember it forever. I slowly open the side table’s drawer and pull out my small notebook. I’ve been writing down all of my dreams in it since I was a kid; it was a therapy thing, but I like to do it. It feels routines.

I jump as Louis opens the door, a small mug of coffee in his hands. Shit, I thought he’d be gone longer. I quickly stuff the small journal back into the drawer and close it.

“What are you doing, looking at porn?” I laugh at his question and grab the coffee from his hands before taking a few sips.

“No, I was just writing something.” He folds his arms over his chest firmly.

“You mean that whole dream journal thing that our school counselor wanted all of us to do? You know he was a shit counselor, right?” I shrug my shoulders lightly, resting my mug on the side table before grabbing the journal once more.

“Maybe, but it really helps. Pouring all of my thoughts or dreams into one thing.” I scribble down a few things, short sentences. My night with Louis, my dream, yesterday. But it’s not too long before Louis grabs the small journal from my hands and holds it over his head, reading it out loud. How embarrassing. “Hey, give it back!”

“Yesterday, I was attacked by a walker and if it weren’t for Louis I might not be writing this. I’m lucky to have him around.’” Louis stops for a few moments to give me a cute smile. “Aw, Babe! That’s cute.” I slowly stand to my feet, ignoring the dull ache in me and stand on my tiptoes to try to grab the journal from him but he just moves it out of my reach, using the full extent of his arms. “Last night was incredible, I’ve never done anything like that before. I wasn’t expecting that last night but I don’t regret it. I’m glad it was with Lou instead of anybody else.’ I didn’t know you felt that way… Do you like-like-like me?” I slowly let my arms hang at my sides, knowing that it’s useless to try to grab the journal from him.

“I like-love-like you. Like, a lot.” That was a lot of likes in one sentence. Louis slowly gives me the journal which I slowly return to the drawer. He gently pushes me back onto the bed before laying down next to me.

“I like-love-like you, too.” I shift my body to turn to him, wincing slightly as a jolt of the soreness radiates through me for a moment. “Are you okay? You’ve been moving slower today and I caught that.”

“I’m fine. I, uh, I’m just a little sore, Lou.” It takes a minute for Louis to realize what I mean, his arms shoot at me, quickly wrapping themselves around me to pull my body closer to his own.

“Oh. I’m sorry, I guess I got a little excited. I’ll try to be more gentle next time… Will there be a next time?” I smile into his chest, slowly bringing my arms to wrap around his shoulders.

“Yes, there will definitely be a next time.”

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Chapter Text

I toy with my bottom lip from between my teeth as the wall full of items towers over me in an almost intimidating matter. I shakily reach out to grab the package of [pads/tampons] quickly and throw it in my basket. 


I know (y/n)’s going to start their period soon, I managed to start tracking it when we first started dating. 

I practically run out of the aisle to find the candy aisle. Okay, skittles, candy canes, airheads, sour candy. Got it. Of course, I’m not in town just for (y/n)’s monthly needs, I also grabbed dinner for the two of us, got some of my photos developed… (y/n)’s the only person I’d go out of my way to help.

I tighten my grip on the multiple bags I have in my hands before opening the door to their dorm.

“(y/n)? You in here?” I close the door and turn just in time to see (y/n) swallow a few pills, my eyes widen in surprise. Oh, god. I hope those weren’t…”Wh-what pills were those?” They lay back on their bed, curling up into a ball.

“Just some painkillers, don’t worry. Would you hand me my heating pad please?” I jump slightly at the request before I leave all the bags on the floor before I grab the already plugged in the heating pad before resting it on their stomach. I look up when I feel a hand cup the side of my face. “Thank you, you’re too good to me, you know that?” I feel my face become warm under their gaze and touch. I stand to my feet and brush my hair back with one of my hands. I like taking care of (y/n), it’s different. “What are all of those bags for?” I smile and grab the bag full of their monthly needs and put it on the bed, right in front of their face.

“I got you some candy and uh,” (y/n) ruffles through the bag and pull out a candy bad before one of their hands brush over the pads/tampons I had bought for them.

“You bought me pads/tampons when you went shopping? That’s some Prince Charming shit right there.” I chuckle as a blush explodes my features, I grab the food I got from the Two whales diner and placed it on (y/n)’s bed before I sat down myself.

“I, um, I mean, I was out anyway…Did I forget anything?” (y/n) slowly sits up and wraps their arms around me.

“No, you did great. I didn’t even ask you, thank you, Nathan…I guess I can always count on you, huh?”

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Chapter Text

The herd of walkers slowly grows and grows into a massive pile of groaning walking corpses. They walk aimlessly through the forest, in search of food. James walks among them, in disguise like always. He halts his movement momentarily as he comes across an unconscious body; the walkers haven’t noticed yet, he still has a chance.

James quickly grabs the live body in his arms before sneaking away to his camp, away from the walkers. He doesn’t want to see another person die, there has been too much death in this new world. He just wants it to all end.

He slowly sets them down on the ground, near his small campfire. His only widen when he realizes that there is a dagger sticking out of their thigh, not through the bone, just a flesh wound.

“That’s not too deep.” James grabs the medical supplies he needs from his pockets, but he doesn’t have the chance to start healing as they wake up. (y/n), age 17, in extreme pain.

“Who the hell are you?” (y/n) sits up straight, not wanting to move their injured leg.

“James, been a while since I’ve said it.” (y/n) glances from the knife in their thigh before looking to James.

“I’m (y/n)… were you going to patch me up?” (y/n) is hesitant to trust anybody, they’re not the one who stabbed themselves in the thigh after all. Someone else did.

“Yes, but…” James trails off, leaving (y/n) to figure out what he means. They have to take their jeans off for him to clean and dress the wound. Great.

‘At least he’s cute’ (y/n) thinks to themselves as they slowly stand up with James’ help.

“Okay, this is going to be embarrassing.” James keeps a steady hold on their waist as they slowly shimmy their jeans down to their knees. The wound is now open to the air, James guides (y/n) to sit back down against the log while he treats their injured leg.

“The knife didn’t pierce your bone, you should be okay.” James quickly disinfects the wound before wrapping it up with the rest of his bandages. James’ ears are red from the consistent blood rush of seeing another person in such little clothing. “Here.” James reaches into his pocket and pulls out half an apple. “You need to eat. Your body is weak from blood loss.” (y/n) hesitantly grabs the apple piece from his hand, feeling guilty for having to use his medical supplies and food with nothing to give back.

“Are you sure?” James gives a small nod, sitting close to (y/n) to keep a close eye on them.  

“You need to get your strength back up.” (y/n) quickly pulls their jeans back up to their waist before carefully sitting back down, cautious as to not injure themselves further. (y/n) slowly begins to eat the apple in silence, calmly listening to the light wind in the air and the crackling of the fire. The quiet of the night slowly drifts on in peace, an odd thing for an apocalypse.

But the peace ends abruptly as a twig snaps in the near distance. (y/n) jumps, a hand clinging to James in despair. They’re jumpy from being attacked, scared even. A walker slowly starts to stumble near the two. James slowly stands up, a rock in one of his hands.

“It’s okay.” James quickly throws the rock away from his little campsite, watching as the walker peacefully walks away, not even noticing the two. “It won’t hurt us if we lead it away. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore.” (y/n) watches impatiently as James sits back down next to them, steadily grabbing one of their hands, knowing how startled they still are. “How did you get hurt?” (y/n) tenses lightly, knowing that they should tell somebody, nobody has been this close in ages.

“The raiders, they stabbed me to slow me down from fighting them but they left me when they saw the hoard coming. Was that your doing?” James merely nods, not realizing that the Raiders almost took another person prisoner. They need to be stopped. “Why are you helping me?” James thinks for a moment, glancing over the question again and again in his head. Why did he?

“I don’t want anybody else to die. I just want everything to go back to normal again. Before.” James tightens his grip on (y/n)’s hand lightly, knowing that he made the right decision in saving them. “You should sleep, you need your strength.”

No regrets.  

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Chapter Text

My movements are slow as I grab my textbook for my next class. I like Gary Smith, the known sociopath of the school. I don’t know why, but there’s something about him that makes me want to be near him. The only problem is–

“(Y/n)!” I jump as I hear a hand slam into the locker next to mine. –He bullies me.

“Come on, Gary. Leave them alone.”

I slowly turn around once I close my locker shut to face Gary and Jimmy. Jimmy would always try to get Gary to back off, but I know there’s not much he can do. My eyes are drawn to the floor tiles, my heart is leaping in my chest. What does he want from me? The scars I get at home are difficult enough to deal with…And now this?

“I know you’re little secret.” My eyes flash up to his face. Gary…He’s smirking. My hands begin to shake as he leans closer to one of my ears. “I won’t tell anyone about the scars on your back if you do something for me.” I swallow the lump in my throat, My breathing is shaky.

“I-I’ll do whatever you want me to, just please take a step back…You’re making me nervous.” His smirk only widens once I agree to his ‘deal’.

“Good pet. Follow me.” I let out another shaky breath and brush past Jimmy, giving him a small glance before I follow Gary back into his dorm room. Gary lounges on his bed, the smirk slowly falling from his face as his watch beeps twice. “Dammit.” I watch in fear and confusion as he pulls out a few pill bottles and swallows 3 pills.  He takes a few deep breaths before he starts talking. “Okay, now that thing you’re going to do for me…I need to ask you a few questions. You can relax you know, I’m not going to hurt you.” I scoff and turn my body away from him.

“I find that hard to believe.”

“Okay, you know how I always say how I’m so smart because I’m off of my meds now? Well, I lied. I started taking my meds because of that incident last year and I don’t want to get in trouble so I’m keeping up my insane facade.”  Gary is always one step ahead of everyone, but could he really be telling the truth?

“Why are you telling me this?” Gary smiles and brushes his hair back with one of his hands, a playful smirk tugging at his lips.

“My reputation…Is shit. And I need your help to fix it. I won’t tell anybody about the scars if you do this.” Why would I do anything for Gary? Sure, I like him, but he’s bullied me since the first day I got here. “Hey,” I turn to Gary, slowly unfolding my arms to hold my hands together in front of me. “I’ll give you a kiss if you do it. I know you like me…I honestly don’t know why since I’ve treated you like shit since you got here, but-” My eyes fall to the floor in embarrassment as I hear him rise from his bed to approach me. I wouldn’t have noticed if the floorboards aren’t so creaky. Gary slowly pushes me back into the wall, his body towering over me intimidatingly. “So what do you say? A two for one deal. I won’t tell anybody about your shitty home life and scars AND you get a kiss by yours truly if you help me raise my rep. How about it?” I want to say no, but I want to believe that he’s trying to change for the best.

“Why?” My voice is more timid than normal.

“Why do I need to get my reputation up? Well, I-” I shake my head, grabbing his attention and halting his sentence in one single moment.

“No, Well, I mean, I’d like to know, but that isn’t what I mean…Why did you treat me like garbage for so long?” I slowly glance into Gary’s eyes to see him staring into mine as well.

“Well, you’re cute and you’re a person and I don’t know how to act around cute people without antagonizing them.”  Gary’s hands quickly reach my face to cup it before he presses his lips to mine. They’re soft and sweet like candy. But, just as soon as the kiss came, he separates our lips. “Huh…” Gary lets his thumb brush over my lips, analyzing my actions. My eyes are wide, shocked by the kiss. “That was…A lot better than I expected.”

Before I can move away from his arms, Gary captures my lips with his once more, his hands traveling down to my hands. I feel my eyes glazing over as Gary pushes his body firmly against mine. I can feel his muscles through his clothes…Gary laughs lightly before he pulls away, separating one of his hands from mine to brush his hair back.

“Wow…I should’ve tried that sooner. Damn…Okay, let’s go.”

Gary tightens his hold on one of my hands and leads me to the greaser’s hangout. I guess he knows that I hang out with them. What exactly does he want me to do?

“Okay, go on.” I give him a confused look before staring at the hangout a little too long.

“What exactly do you want me to say?” Gary opens his mouth to respond, a small smirk on his lips, when Johnny and Peanut run out, pushing me behind them. I know how protective they are of me.

“Gary, what are you doing here? And with (y/n)?” Maybe I should say something before a fight breaks out.

“I’m helping Gary with his reputation. He’s trying to change.” The two taller boys slowly back away from Gary and turn to face me.

“You sure you’re okay with helping him? He’s not blackmailing you or anything?” I laugh, though this is true, I won’t say that it is.

“No, I’m fine. Could you two do me a favor and spread it around school that Gary isn’t a sociopath anymore?” the two greasers nod before returning to their usual hangout place. Gary lets out a sigh of relief, not realizing that he was holding his breath just seconds before.

“Thanks, (y/n). Geez, they might not be the smartest, but they sure as hell are the strongest.” Gary quickly grabs one of my hands before I can say anything and leads me a bit away from the greaser’s hangout place. What the hell is he doing?

“Where are we-” Gary stops walking as we reach the back of the dormitories, it’s so quiet back here. What’s he planning…?

“Look, I need to say something before I hate myself for not saying shit.” I simply look at him, waiting for the continuation of his sentence. “I admire how strong you are for baring your home life…And it sucks that you’re here at this shitty place because you deserve to be somewhere much better…And I’m sorry for making your life so much harder than it needed to be…Don’t tell anyone I was all mushy like this, got it?” I want to say something, anything…But Instead, I grab Gary’s face and quickly press my lips to his, it feels like the right thing to do.

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Chapter Text

Where was (y/n)? I told them that they could use my shower, but it’s been an hour. I grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door open. My eyes widened at all the scars on (y/n)’s body. Pandora has not been kind on them.

“Ah! Jack! How long have you been standing there?” I grabbed one of their arms and gazed at the dozens of scars that littered over their back and arms. “I didn’t want you finding out about my scars…They’re so ugly…” I gently pulled (y/n) closer and pressed my lips to one of their many scars. (y/n) blinked a few times to process what I was doing. I pulled away and let out a heavy sigh.

“If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars. I’m going to show you something…To let you know that you having scars means nothing to me…I still think you’re beautiful.” With my free hand, I slowly removed my mask, showing (y/n) the long scar across my face. Luckily, it had been years since the incident, so it wasn’t nearly as brutal as before…

“Jack, what–Who did this to you?” Lilith.

“It–It doesn’t matter…I just wanted you to know that scars don’t mean shit to me…They’re a part of us and that’s okay.” (y/n) pressed their forehead to mine.

“Thank you, Jack. I…I feel better about my…Thank you. I’m glad you decided to give up vault hunting…” I closed my eyes. Maybe for a moment, just 1 moment, I could find a moment's peace with (y/n); just holding them in my arms.

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Chapter Text

“What the fuck did you just say to me?” I slowly adjust the bag over my shoulder before approaching the Diaz household and coming across the scene before myself; Brett is giving Daniel and Sean trouble again; it looks like it might get violent.  

“Oh no.” I act quickly and stand between Sean and Brett. “What’s the problem here?” Sean’s breathing is heavy and uneven, his anger is going to take over if someone doesn’t do something quickly.

“That little shit spilled fake blood all over me!” I peek over my shoulder to look at Daniel, who is covered in fake blood, it’s still no excuse to yell at a child.

“Brett, relax. It’s Halloween and he’s just a kid. If you’re that worried about your clothes, I’m more than happy to do the laundry.” Brett scoffs, brushing me away and returns to his own home.

“Whatever, Fucking asshole.” I breathe out a sigh of relief before turning to Sean and Daniel, worried about the two.

“Are you two okay?” Daniel rushes forwards to wrap his arms around me, his face buried into my stomach.

“That was scary, I didn’t know what was going to happen.” I glance to Sean, he has a hand on his head; his brain going through the millions of scenarios that could’ve happened if he made one wrong move.

“Sean?” He quickly snaps out of his trance and turns his gaze to me, his eyes softening.

“I… Yeah, I’m okay. Let’s go back inside.” Daniel releases his iron-like grip around me to run back into the house, hiding in his room. Esteban Diaz quickly walks into the room, noticing the tension in the air immediately.

“What’s going on? What happened?” Sean sits on his couch, mentally exhausted, letting his mind rest for a few moments. I take the initiative to speak.  

“Um, your neighbor was giving Daniel some trouble. I stepped in.” My eyes widen as Esteban quickly hugs me, almost lifting me off of my feet.

“Thank you for protecting them.” I smile slightly at the adult once he releases me. We should get going to the party before it’s too late, but Sean… I don’t know if he should even go now, or maybe it will be a good time for him to destress? Estaban slowly leaves the room, walking downstairs to work on a car, leaving me and Sean alone. I walk to the couch and place a hand on one of his shoulders.

“Hey, we don’t have to go if you’re not up to it.” He perks up at the sound of my voice, standing up quickly with his backpack.

“No, I have to go. I promised Lyla. Besides, maybe this one actually might be fun.” Sean rolls his eyes playfully before slipping on his backpack. I’m glad he’s feeling better. I slip off my lanyard and head to my car out front, Sean close behind me.

“Text Lyla to meet us there, I’ll drive you.” Sean grabs his phone from his back pocket and starts to text his best friend as he climbs into the passenger side of my car as I start it up and start driving to the party.

“Okay, done. I didn’t even know you were going to the party. You hate parties.” I nod in agreement.

“My plan for tonight was to order pizza and watch some Halloween movies, but Lyla said that it would be a nice change of pace for me, and you’re gonna be there so why not?” I smile to myself as I see his face turning pink, he’s so awkwardly cute. Sean leans forward to turn on the radio, I lightly tap my fingers against the steering wheel as I drive; listening to Sean mumble the lyrics as he glances out the window.

Maybe everything will be okay. Just one night, it’s just a party. Be there for Sean.

The drive was a breeze, the only problem I have is the party. The music is too loud, and the people are drunk or high off their ass. High school parties aren’t much fun unless you’re high, drunk or both.

“You have any other friends here you wanna go talk to?” Sean’s soft voice snaps me out of my trance, I glance around the room. I recognize almost everyone here, but… They’re not as nice to talk to as Sean.

“Nobody that’s as cool as you.” His face instantly lights up, he turns away to hide his red face. He’s pretty.

“Shut up.” Sean releases a dreamy sigh before greeting Lyla. I’d rather not be here, but she said that Sean’s happier and more at ease when I’m around.

“Hey, Losers. Enjoying the party?” I roll my eyes lightly as I watch one of the jocks launches himself onto the pool table.

“Am I a bad person If I say No?” Lyla shakes her head playfully and grabs one of Sean’s wrists quickly.

“You mind if I borrow Sean for a quick minute?” I give her a quick shrug of my shoulders and let her drag poor Sean to a different room. What’s with them? They’ve been acting a bit odd for a few weeks. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious.

“Hey, (y/n)… How are you liking the party?” I tense up as an arm wraps around my shoulders. It’s just one of the kids at the party, relax. He’s just insanely drunk. Don’t hit him

“I’m not much on parties of any sort.” He offers his drink to me. No way am I drinking that, I don’t know what’s in it.

“You should drink, loosen up, you know? It must be tiring to be responsible and caring all the time.” I gently push his drink away, showing him that I’m not drinking tonight.

“No thanks. Besides, I’m a designated driver tonight.” Will this guy just go away?

Sean and Lyla appear from the room, he looks nervous while Lyla looks smug. What did they talk about? Is it about that person Sean likes?


He’s doing that nervous neck thing again. Sean stands in front of me, rubbing the back of his neck nervously as Lyla drags the very drunk person away from me and Sean. He glances away from me to look at the party before slowly slipping his hand into mine.


“Is this okay?” Fuck, he’s cute.

“Yeah. It’s fine, Sean.” Over the sea of drunk people dancing together, more like grinding, is Lyla. She gives Sean a quick thumbs-up before she gets lost in the crowd. So that’s what they were talking about.

“I’ve been meaning to do something for a while now, but… I always lost the courage because you’re so amazing and pretty…” I feel my body temperature flare up from the compliments and confession. “And I think you’re just so magnificent and I don’t know why anybody else hasn’t swept you off your feet yet.” Is he awkwardly flirting with me on purpose or is that just natural for him?

“Because most high school boys just want a good fuck. You’re different though, I love it.”

“Let’s go on a drive.” I give him a puzzled look before glancing at the party, we won’t be missing much. What would he rather do? I end up agreeing with him anyway.

“Okay.” I hand the keys to my car to Sean as we step out into the October-night air. It’s about 10 degrees colder than it was 20 minutes ago. Seattle weather is different than I’m used to. I quickly climb into the passenger side as Sean slips behind the wheel. I wouldn’t let him drive if I wasn’t sure he has his license or didn’t trust him. But he does and I do.

We drive around for a while, I think he’s taking me to a park? I haven’t been here in ages. Jesus, I must be insane to let him take me to an unknown location. We slowly park in a random area, Sean puts the car into park before he adjusts his seat to be further from the wheel.

“Come over here.” I give him a suspicious look before slowly unbuckling myself and crawling onto his lap. I carefully place my hands on his shoulders and lean towards him, I don’t know what I should and shouldn’t do. We’re clearly in the early stages of… Our relationship and normally I wouldn’t get so intimate so quickly but I’ve known Sean since middle school.

“Like this?” Sean reaches around me to release the keys from the car, before quickly pressing his hands tightly into my waist. It’s almost like he knows what he’s doing.

“Perfect.” I inch my way closer to him, our chests pressed against each other. I feel so nervous. He quickly dives forwards to capture my lips in his own. My hands practically have a mind of their own and reach behind the back of his head to play with his hair, resting on the nape of his neck.

The windows of the car slowly start to get foggy as the kiss continues to get steamier and steamier. I haven’t done this with anybody in so long, and this is actually the first time that I’ve enjoyed it.

He slowly pushes me forwards to lay me on the steering whee–

The horn lets out a loud noise, startling us both. I latch back onto Sean, laughing out shakily. The spike of adrenaline slowly draining from my body.

“Sorry, I forgot about the wheel. Kind of ruined the moment.” I lean forward to give him a quick kiss on the lips before crawling to the back seats. “What are you doing?” I hand him the backpack that he threw back here before laying down the seats and exiting the car.

“Putting down the back seats, unless you want me to drive you home instead?” Sean lightly waves a hand in front of his face.

“No, I’m not ready to head home yet. I still want to be with you.” I let him see the blood rush to my face before I go around the back to the trunk, Sean following closely behind to see what I’m doing.

“On days I fight with my family, I sleep in the car. So I’m prepared.” I grab the sleeping bags and soft blankets before laying them out on the flat area of my car. I had crawled through the trunk and into the backseat, there’s an easier way to get to the back seat, but…

I lay back against my pillows, the blankets underneath me. I watch as Sean closes the trunk before he crawls in next to me through one of the doors, his backpack in hand.

“What do you have in there?” Sean pulls out a warm blanket before laying it over me.

“A blanket, sodas, some cigarettes and…” I grab the bag out of his hands and pull out one of the last items before letting out a quiet laugh.

“A Condom? You were planning on this?” Amused, I watch as Sean stumbles over his words.

“T-the plan was to ask you out… I-I didn’t think I would get this far.” I let a teasing smile cross my lips before I hold up the condom.

“Wanna make some use of this?”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


  • What happened? I turn around for a single second and now they’re on the ground
  • No, it’s the raiders. I won’t let them get (y/n).
  • They can’t.
  • But now they’re hurt, injured on my watch.
  • With the Raiders distracted, I pick up (y/n) in my arms and bolt towards the barn, it’s the only safe place for us at the moment.
  • I brush a hand through my hair stressfully as I slowly set them down on the ground, staring at the bullet lodged into their side. With some luck, they’ll be okay
  • It hurts to see them in pain but this needs to be done. I need to get the bullet out and disinfect the wound
  • I grab the spare medical supplies that I have and slowly get to work
  • I cringe as their strangled cries rip into the air, both of their hands fly to their mouth to stop too much noise from coming out
  • We don’t need walkers coming out to get us
  • We can’t avoid all of them with (y/n) in their condition
  • I breathe out a heavy sigh before slowly getting the bullet out and disinfecting the wound
  • I never want to hurt another person again and it’s so difficult to do this to someone I care deeply about
  • “I know, I’m sorry. It’s almost over.” It seems like my soothing words work as they slowly quiet down as I wrap the bandages around their torso to secure the wound.
  • They slowly lay still, their fingers wrapped around mine tightly for comfort. It’s finally over. They’ll be okay soon. I just need to watch over them until they’re feeling better.
  • I wish I had a blanket to give them, even though it’s warming up I know that they get cold really easily. Wait, my jacket. I slowly shrug off my jacket to lay on top of them. They actually look relaxed right now.
  • I need to prevent that from happening again. That was a close call. Maybe I should take up Clementine’s offer to stay at the school with her and the others? It might be safer than being out here on our own.
  • It’s not safe for (y/n) anymore.
  • Then it’s settled, once (y/n) can walk, we’ll go to the school. Hopefully, the offer is still open.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

(y/n) shivered as they approached the crime scene, where Norman Jayden was.

“It’s the origami killer, right?” Norman gave (y/n) a slide glance before he finished examining the body.

“All the signs are here, and it’s the right season,” The Boston FBI agent stood to his full height, turning to the shivering cop. “(y/n), are you ok? You’re shivering,” Norman placed a hand on (y/n)’s, he flinched after feeling how cold they were. “You’re freezing, Jesus!” Norman shrugged off his jacket and pulled it around (y/n). “Why aren’t you wearing any warm clothes, you’ll catch a cold.”

“You told me to come ASAP, so I forgot to grab my jacket,” Norman shook his head disapprovingly.

“You need to be careful, come on, Let’s get you warmed up.” He grabbed one of (y/n)’s hands before he pulled the hood of his jacket over their head. The sleeves went way past their fingertips. The FBI agent led the rookie to his car.

“Where are we going, Agent?” Norman smiled at the nickname as he opened the passenger side for (y/n), they stared at his charming smile before getting themselves situated in the passenger seat. Norman answered (y/n)’s question once he got behind the wheel.

“Well, I know you have the day off, and I thought we could spend some time together, would that be okay?” (y/n) pulled Norman’s coat around themselves in seek of warmth.

“Of course, I was just curious, Norman. No need to get nervous.” (y/n) glanced out the window of the car as Norman pulled away from the crime scene and drove to his hotel room.

“Well,  I didn’t want Blake catching us. He’s not too fond of me. I still can’t figure out why.” (y/n) turned in their seat to face Norman.

“You’re better at his job, and most of the time, you hardly try. You’re this amazing FBI agent from D.C and he’s just some old-time cop who would rather beat people up for information then talk.” Norman glanced at (y/n) in surprise, not expecting them to go on a full rant about him. “You know what you’re doing and how to calm people down.” Norman stopped the car as they reached the hotel.

“You think I’m that good at my job? Even without the ARI glasses?” (y/n) smiled before getting out of the car, Norman followed suit.

“Of course, That’s why we brought you down here to help us with this case…I can’t wait until it’s over. These past 2 years have been a nightmare.” Norman placed a hand on (y/n)’s waist as they walked into the over-priced hotel.  

“You shouldn’t need to worry about this, I want you to let me handle this. Besides, I think we’re almost done. Let’s get you warmed up for the time being.” Norman led the way toward his hotel room, (y/n) looked around the fancy hotel, their gaze anywhere, but on Norman. He smiled once he realized what they were doing, he gently pulled them into his hotel room. “I’ll go get some clothes for you, stay here.” Norman released his grip on their body before he went to find a sweatshirt and some boxers for (y/n) to wear. “You can change into those. I’m sorry I don’t have anything more your size.” (y/n) shook their head and grabbed the clothes from Norman.

“It’s fine…Um, do you think I could, you know, take a bath? The rain is a lot colder than it looks.” Norman took a few steps toward the bathroom and opened the door.

“Go ahead, I’ll be waiting for you when you’re finished.” Norman turned around to head toward the couch, but (y/n) quickly grabbed one of his hands.

“Wait, do you, um, do you think you could join me?”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

(y/n) slowly glances up from their coffee once Connor places one of his hands on (y/n)’s arm.

“Connor, what are you–” He looks at the tired person with a deadpan look.

“You have a few bruises on your arm. I’m going to scan you for further.” (y/n) gives Connor an uncomfortable look, knowing full well what he’ll see.

“Please don’t scan me.”

“Scan completed.” (y/n) gives off a defeated sigh, deciding to go back to silently sipping their coffee instead of giving a reply. “You have… Multiple bruises and healing scars on your arms, back, legs and… Neck.” Connor’s eyes fall to the bruises on (y/n)’s arms, his eyes narrowing at the possible reasons of who or what caused them. “And your depression is worse, have you been taking your medication as instructed?” The small tilt of Connor’s head almost makes (y/n) smile. Almost. “What happened?” (y/n) stares down at the coffee in the bright white mug, avoiding any and all eye contact with the nice android.

“I can’t. I’m not supposed to tell anyone.” Connor shifts in his seat slightly as he tries to piece anything together to find out who did this to someone he cares about.

“(y/n)! What the hell are you in here for? Let’s go home.” (y/n) jumps at the piercing sound of Gavin’s voice. They give Connor a pleading look before quickly standing up, abandoning the coffee to walk next to their boyfriend. Connor’s eyes only widen in the slightest, barely noticeable, as he pieces the small bit of information he has to go off of together.

Gavin Reed is abusing (y/n).

He has to do something. NOW. Connor slowly follows the two out of the break room, watching as almost everyone in the department avoids eye contact with Gavin.

“What…?” Gavin’s grip only becomes tighter around the reader’s waist as they slowly approach the exit of the station, and away from everyone’s gaze. No witnesses.

Hank grabs one of Connor’s shoulders.  

“Did you find something on him? I know he’s hurting (y/n), but I haven’t been able to do anything because I can’t get any evidence. But you got something, don’t you?” Connor can only nod his head before he storms up to Gavin, blocking the door with his body.

“What the fuck are you doing, Tin can? Get the hell out of the way.” Connor glares at Gavin, forcing him to take a step back.

“I’m afraid I cannot do that. Not when I know that you’re abusing (y/n).” Connor lightly grabs one of (y/n)’s hands and pulls [her/him/them] out of Gavin’s grip. “Stay behind me.” (y/n) hides behind Connor’s back, staying out of the way of both the android and the human.

“You know, that’s funny. You can’t get rid of me THAT easily… I’d like to see you try.” (y/n) takes a few steps back as Gavin swings at Connor, but the android is far too fast for the detective. Connor pins Gavin to the ground before cuffing his wrists behind his back.

“Gavin Reed, you’re under arrest for domestic abuse. Anything you say–” Hank hauls Gavin to his feet, letting Connor take a few steps back.

“I got it from here, Son.” Hank continues to read Gavin his rights as he pulls him into a cell to deal with later.

“Connor.” The android detective slowly turns around at the sound of (y/n)’s voice, nervousness running through him at what [she/he/they] might say. “Thank you. I didn’t have the strength to do that myself.” Connor can’t find anything to say, instead, he only wraps his arms around the human, finding that an embrace is better than words at the moment.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

(y/n) was an assassin, who came from a family of assassins. The male let out another sigh as he glanced at his client.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” The client stared at the assassin in surprise.

“Why are you asking me this?” (y/n) let out a sigh and lowered his sniper.

“I just want you to know all the consequences that come with someone dying. Some people feel happy enough to dance over their corpse, but…Others feel remorse that haunts them for the rest of their lives…So I’ll ask again, are you sure this is what you want?” The client let out a defeated sigh.

“Maybe you’re right…Okay. Here’s something for your troubles,” (y/n) watched as the Pandoran drove away after he received a few hundred dollars.

“Holy shit. Look at that. That’s some…Goddamn. You’re so cute,” The assassin let out a soft chuckle pass his lips as he answered Handsome Jack’s echo.

“Hey, Jack.”

“Why’d you do that? Give him an option?”

“I…had to do something drastic, a few years back…”

“Do you mind telling me what happened?” (y/n) climbed onto his motorcycle and headed to opportunity, seeing as how it was the quickest way to Hyperion.

“A friend of the family wanted to kill you, but I shot him before he got the chance…I don’t regret it…One bit…”

“Heavy…You’re on your way. Right?” (y/n) let out a tired sigh.

“Yeah, I should be there in a few minutes.” (y/n) heard shuffling on the other end as Jack stood up.

“Alright, I’ll meet up with you when you get here.” 

Not five minutes passed before Jack heard (y/n)’s voice ring throughout the halls.

“Hey! Watch the hands,” Jack stepped into the room to see one of the Hyperion guards push (y/n) against the wall; face first.

“I’m gonna need you to slowly remove all the weapons you have on you,” The assassin slowly turned around and removed multiple guns from his body, tossing them into a nearby bin.

“Every fuckin’ time.”

“Up against the wall…I need to pat you down,” (y/n) let out a sigh and faced the wall, arms, and legs spread apart.

“Of course you fucking do,”

Handsome Jack stepped closer to get a better look at the scene. The Hyperions worker hands slipped into one of (y/n)’s pants pockets. His face grew red with embarrassment as the Hyperion worker began to get handsy. He felt the hand grab a pocketknife–a very important pocket knife–

“Alright, that’s eno–” (y/n) cut off Handsome Jack by pulling out his emergency gun, aiming at the Hyperion worker.

“Give it back,” The worker let a smirk cross his face.

“Sorry, can’t. Company policy,” Jack let a smirk cross his own face as (y/n) began to blow up. He let out a small chuckle.

“You know, ever since Jack and I got together, I haven’t killed one Hyperion d-bag…Isn’t that right, Honey?” Jack stepped forward to stand next to his assassin of a boyfriend. “But I’m at my breaking point,”

Jack stared in amusement as (y/n) pulled the trigger; multiple times. The assassin snatched the pocket knife from the guard's cold, dead hands. Jack glanced at the blood splattered across the floor and the assassin himself. (y/n) was shaking as the anger still flew through his veins.

“That was…Exhilarating.” Handsome Jack stared at him in concern and turned to the group of employees that had formed around them.

“Can someone clean this up?”

Without waiting for an answer, Jack grabbed the assassin by his hand and dragged him to his office. (y/n) was calm, yet angry. Jack’s grip was soft on the Pandoran as he let his boyfriend sit on his desk. He grabbed a wet rag and began to clean the blood from (y/n)’s face. The assassin brushed Jack off, but the CEO grabbed his face with his free hand.

“Sit still, I’m almost done. I got to admit, you’re really sexy with that gun. Terrifying, but sexy…I didn’t expect you to shoot that guard. I was about to kill him myself, but you beat me to the punch.” Jack dunked the blood-covered rag into the bowl. He reached forward to remove the layers of clothing from (y/n)’s body. “You can take a shower if you want, you are COVERED in blood…Which is actually kinda hot.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

“Sean, what do we do?” The long stretch of highway in front of the two brothers in empty. No cars coming or going. The older boy runs a hand through his hair stressfully, they have no car and don’t know anybody around these parts.

“I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out, we always do.” Sean adjusts the strap on his backpack so it doesn’t feel so awkward on his shoulders while Daniel pats his thighs lightly, signaling for Mushroom, their new dog, to follow.

“Sean, there’s a car coming. Maybe they can help us!” Daniel watches the car slowly drive by before abruptly halting to a stop and reversing slowly until the car is parallel with the two runaways.

“Daniel. Step back.” Sean pushes Daniel behind him, instantly forming his body to a protective stance. Sean’s ready to do anything if it means protecting his younger brother. They’ve already run into some really suspicious people in the past few days, what could this be now?

The window on the driver’s side slowly rolls down, Sean’s body tenses until the driver finally speaks up.

“Sean? Sean Diaz?” The teenager looks around and sees that the road is deserted except for this one, how do they know him? Who are they? Are they going to take him back to Seattle? “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna take you back or anything. I heard what happened, Seanie. I’m sorry.” Daniel stares up at his brother in curiosity, he’s never heard anybody call his brother ‘Seanie’.

“What? Nobody calls me that, nobody has not since–” His eyes snap to (y/n) quickly, his childhood best friend who has to move away ten years ago. How did he not see before? “(y/n)?” The slightly older person gives him a big smile as he finally recognizes them.

“Come on, get in. I don’t like the idea of you on the road, and your brother?” Sean gestures for his brother to climb into the backseat with Mushroom hot on heels. Sean’s eyes stare into (y/n)’s for a few seconds longer than necessary, still not completely sure if it’s his bestie from a decade ago. It does seem a bit suspicious, he and Daniel haven’t exactly had the best luck on the road so far. But despite his thoughts, Sean climbs into the passenger side and glances at (y/n), an explanation plaguing his mind. “Check the glove box.” (y/n)’s voice is soft and tender, just like it was back then. Sean sets his backpack onto his lap and reaches into the glove box as (y/n) starts to drive off.

Sean’s hands delicately reach into the compartment and grab an old photo. It’s him, Lyla and (y/n) from when they were kids. So this rando is telling the truth, it’s (y/n).

“So you wanna tell me what happened?” (y/n) gives Sean a side glance, wanting to know the whole story of what happened and not just what the news is telling the public. Sean runs a hand over his face tiredly; the emotional rollercoaster he’s been riding lately is getting tiring.

“I got into a fight with my asshole neighbor because Daniel accidentally spilled some fake blood on him and… One thing led to another and a cop came and my dad walked outside to check on us and–” Sean takes a few deep breaths, his voice cracking from having to relive that experience. “And he got shot. I passed out and the next thing I knew, the entire neighborhood was wrecked, as a tornado went through it. I grabbed Daniel and ran.” (y/n) glances at Daniel through the mirror in the car, a concerned look plastered over their features. “There’s something different going on with him.” (y/n) gives Sean a look, a familiar look.

“What, like supernatural abilities?” Sean shrugs his shoulders lightly and shrinks into his seat. He doesn’t know what to do. He just wants to keep Daniel safe. “I talked to Lyla, she’s kind of the reason I came to find you. She’s worried you know.” Sean grants a deep breath to escape, the guilt settling deep on his chest. He knows that he should contact her again, but… It’s dangerous.

“I know, but I’m not supposed to be found. I don’t what will happen if the police find me.” (y/n) nods their head thoughtfully, pondering for a moment before asking another question.

“You can’t go to your mom's?” Sean glares at them lightly, he can’t do that. She’s out of the picture.

“You know I can’t.” Sean turns his body away from the window and to (y/n) to ask a few questions of his own. “Why did you move away? You never really explained it when you left…” (y/n) lets out a deep sigh and taps their fingers on the steering wheel in a rhythmic pattern.

“Well, my grandparents thought it would be better if I lived out in the country or a small town instead of Seattle. So we moved. Sorry I didn’t keep in touch, I wanted to, but… We were so little.” Daniel’s head perks up lightly, he wants to contribute to the conversation.

“I–” But Sean continues to cut him off. By accident. Sean is talking about something else the second Daniel tries to speak, purely coincidental. Sean brushes a hand through his hair, not knowing Daniel’s emotions at the moment.

A single moment passes, Daniel’s emotions take a dramatic spike through the roof. Literally.

“STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” Everything not stable in the car flies around in the small compartment, a force of a god blows it everywhere. (y/n) is quick to stop the car, Daniel slowly calms down. The winds die down.

“Oh, that kind of different.” (y/n) steps out of the car, brushing a hand back through their hair to try to calm down. They haven’t seen anything like this since… “I’m gonna make a phone call.” (y/n) quickly leaves the car to get some fresh air and make a phone call.

“I did it again, didn’t I? I’m sorry, Sean.” The older brother watches as (y/n) walks up to the cliff and talks on their phone to someone, they look happy. Sean steps out as well, slowly approaching them from behind. He doesn’t want his childhood best friend to leave him in the dust. They’re the only one who he can trust.

“–Mad… I guess I should stop calling you now that you are an official adult. But Um, yeah… his powers aren’t like yours. They’re tied to his emotions, it was like a mini storm, lots of wind… Okay…” Sean watches silently at (y/n)’s side as they go back and forth with someone on the phone. “Thanks, and him? How is preppy doing?” Sean’s eyes narrow lightly, who could they be talking about? “I will visit after I’m done with this one thing, I will. Promise. I gotta go, I’ll talk soon.” (y/n) turns to Sean, quickly pocketing their phone into their back pocket. “Okay, you were right. I don’t know how to deal with this… I had a friend but… her power was way different. I didn’t think I would have to look back at that weird chapter of my life.” Sean stuffs his hands into his pockets and walks back to the car with (y/n) in lead.

“I mean, he’s controlling it better since it first appeared. But when his emotions are high, he becomes difficult.” (y/n) lets out a small sigh and places a hand on the car door, staring at Sean.

“We’ll figure it out. This isn’t my first rodeo.” (y/n) starts the car back up again and takes off as soon as Sean climbs back into his seat. He doesn’t know how far (y/n) is willing to go for him.

“Where are you taking us?” (y/n) only counters his question with another question. They know that if they leave the two out in the open, they’ll get caught.

“Where do you need to go?” Sean stares out the window before giving his short answer. He has so many more questions, and the trip will be long… so he has time.

“Mexico.” (y/n) doesn’t look too surprised. “Who were you talking to on the phone?” (y/n) laughs lightly, the familiar faces of their friends popping into their head.

“Some friends from Arcadia Bay. One had an experience of supernatural-like abilities and I thought her insight might be helpful, but her powers are completely different than Daniel’s… I was going to visit a friend, but I think he can wait.” Sean only nods his head, leaning against the car door to try to get comfortable in the car. “I’ll drive you to Mexico. Okay, Seanie?”

Sean hides the massive blush on his face from the nickname, he doesn’t let anybody else call him that. It’s too embarrassing. But (y/n), they’re different.

In a split-second decision, Sean leans over to press a chaste kiss to the side of (y/n)’s face, silently telling them how he feels, even after all of this time.

“Oh. Remind me to give you my number, okay? I want to stay in touch this time. I’ve missed talking to you.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

How could Clementine do that? She told me that she would do everything in her power to stop AJ from becoming a killer. But when he shot that woman, Lily, I saw something in his eyes change.

He shot an entire clip into that woman… She can’t hurt anyone ever again now, but that was a human’s life. A soul for a soul.

It’s been hours since I promised (y/n) I’d be home. They must be worried. I didn’t want to be so late but I hadn’t anticipated the boat explosion to set everything so far backward, I left Clementine, AJ, and another child in the caves. I was so angry, I still am.

I don’t like it. I want this feeling inside of me to stop, but it won’t.

I set a foot close to the barn and feel a deep sense of dread, why am I feeling this? What could be happened since I was gone? (Y/n) usually takes care of everything when I have to leave our little sanctuary. So why do I feel like this??

I swallow the feeling bubbling in my chest and walk into the barn, expecting to see my significant other greeting me, but instead I see a walker stumbling in her exact clothes, a gaping wound in her leg…

No… (y/n). They were hurt, in need of help, my help. And I wasn’t there to protect them. Maybe going out of my way to help Clementine and her friends was a mistake? Maybe staying in these woods for so long was wrong? I should have listened to (y/n), we should’ve left ages ago…

What if Clementine was right? What if my beliefs got in the way? What if they’re wrong? It’s the very thing that keeps me sane and human but it’s what cost (y/n) their life. I should have been here.

My hands tremble slightly as their walker form approaches me. What should I do? They said that they never wanted to be a walker themselves. They didn’t believe in something beyond; the mere thought scared them…

And now I have to decide their final moment, to kill them as a walker or let them be?

“Why did this have to happen to you…” At the sound of my voice, they start to hobble towards me at a faster rate. But they’re not attacking me? I don’t have my walker mask on… could it be that they really are there?

With shaky breaths, I lead (y/n) deeper into the barn before slowly placing things that they loved while living around the barn. They said that the smell of flowers made them think of the world before and gave them hope that one day we can all return to that state.

I want that too, but… with them gone, what would be the point?

I close my eyes for a moment before taking their favorite flowers that would always grow right outside the barn and quickly place the pink buttercups around the open room. It almost looks like they’re drawn to them, that’s good. I glance at the small colorful stones that (y/n)’s been collecting in our time here. It almost makes the barn look homey…

Maybe there will be a cure one day.

And I can get them back to normal?

I love them. More than I ever told them but I won’t take their life. Even if things won’t ever be the same, I can’t take an innocent’s life.


And especially not theirs. I can’t.

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Chapter Text

My head was pounding as I slowly woke up from my slumber, I think I was hit in the back of the head, but I couldn’t see. It was too dark.

“Rise and shine, Sleeping beauty. Guess that’s mostly my fault though…I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.” I jumped from my seat on the couch to see Lucas Baker, the troubled son of the Baker family. Why was I here? Stupid T.V. show. Stupid Pete. “Calm down, I ain’t gonna bite ya.” As much as I didn’t want to admit it, Lucas was right. I calmly sat back down on the couch, trying to ignore the constant growling of my stomach. I carefully watched his movements as he sat next to me.

“Why am I here?” Lucas laughed and moved closer to me, I would’ve moved away, but I was trapped against the arm of the couch and his body.

“Well, you and you’re little gang wandered a little too far from home, and now you’re here and I took you because I’ve developed a little interest in you.” I felt Lucas place one of his hands on my thigh, I wanted nothing more than to push him away from me, but I knew that he could snap my neck in an instant if he wanted to. I shivered as I felt him slip the hand up my thigh, I whimpered and finally slapped his hand off of me.

“Hands off!” I thought Lucas was going to get mad and actually kill me, but all he did was laugh again.

“Feisty! I like it. You’re in my room, it’s a ways from the house so you should be safe. I also brought some food of my own, I know you must be starving by now.” I wearily watched as Lucas pulled out food you would find at a convenience store…Real food. I gave him a look, he seemed to read me like an open book. “Relax, it’s none of that shit my mama cooks.” I hesitantly grabbed the food from his hands, why would he do that for me?

“Why would you do that for me?” Lucas chuckled and scooted closer to me, wrapping an arm around me in the process.

“Well, honestly, I’ve gotten a little bored, so I decided that having you around might make things a little more interesting.” I looked down and realized that most of my body is bare for him to look at, all I was left in was my underwear.

“Where are my clothes?” I glared at Lucas as he moved his arm to wrap around my waist instead. He bursted out laughing, seeing my sour expression.

“Relax, I’m washing them right now, you fell in some mud earlier, right? I’ll go grab something for you to put on for right now if you’re uncomfortable.” I wanted to slap that stupid smirk off his face.

“I am.” Lucas stood up and walked into another room, he was gone for a while, I could’ve escaped, but I didn’t.

“Here, you can wear one of my hoodies for now.” I graciously grabbed the hoodie from his hands and slipped it over my half-dressed body. Lucas stared at me expectantly…What did he want me to say?

“Um, thank you…For the hoodie and for getting me away from those…Things.”

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Chapter Text

“I’ve been told to find Jericho and to neutralize the leader of the deviants.” (y/n) stops in their tracks when Connor’s easily recognizable voice reaches their ears.

“Oh shit.” (y/n) runs to where the conversation to taking place, choosing to stand in front of Markus.

“(y/n), you need to leave. You could get hurt.” Connor’s cold stare turns to the other deviant in the room.

“You’re the deviant hunter, right? Don’t you want to be free? To feel cold-hard emotions? Don’t you want to be on our side?” Markus gives (y/n) a cautious look as they step closer to Connor, holding their hands up in surrender.

“Deviancy, emotions… They’re just a glitch in your programming. Androids can’t feel anything.” (y/n) softly shakes their head, taking a step even closer to Connor and his armed weapon.

“You know that’s not true, Connor. You’re a deviant. You just won’t admit it.” Markus stares at the back of (y/n)’s head, every artificial nerve within him wanting him to move, but he watches. The gun in Connor’s hand wavers slightly, doubts finally entering his mind freely.

“N-No. I’m not a deviant. I can’t be.” His whispers are only heard by (y/n), they slowly take the gun from Connor’s hands, Connor’s eyes relax into his soft brown puppy state everyone is used to.

“You’re okay. You’re okay.” (y/n) drops the gun to the floor and quickly slides it over to Markus with one of their feet.

Time freezes around Connor, he stares up at the giant red wall in front of him. The words ‘Stop Markus’ are sprawled across in giant black letters. He takes a moment to stare into (y/n)’s eyes, his breathing comes out rapid and breathless… But androids don’t have panic attacks or have the need to breathe.

Time seems to slow down, stop for everyone around Connor as the red wall becomes brighter. He punches the wall, again and again. Finding any way to break it.

Connor gasps lightly, trying to regain his normal breathing. He’s free.

He’s a deviant.

“I’m a deviant. I-I’m free.” (y/n) grabs both of Connor’s hands, forcing him to lock eyes with them.

“Connor, I need you to focus right now. Is anybody else coming to Jericho? Did you tell anybody about our location??” He slowly blinks, the information quickly processed and thought through.

“No, it wasn’t part–No. I didn’t tell anyone. Jericho is safe. Everyone here is safe.”

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Chapter Text

(y/n) hastily stands from their desk and walks down the halls to Handsome Jack’s office. They had just been informed that nobody had heard from the CEO all morning. (y/n) slowly opens the door to Handsome Jack’s office.

“Boss? Handsome Jack, Sir?” They step into the CEO’s office and walks around. (y/n) follows the sound of small snoring. They let out a sigh and runs a hand over their face. “Not again,” (y/n) strolls up to the closet Jack keeps in the office, and grabs a blanket. They wrap the blanket around his shoulders and slowly strolls back into their office down the hallways. “So irresponsible…”

Cramping in Handsome Jack’s neck and shoulders harshly shoot him out of his deep slumber. He slowly sits up and presses one of his hands to the back of his neck.

(y/n) glances up from their paperwork when they realize they have a call on their echo.

“(y/n), I need you to come to my office.” (y/n) can hear how tired their boss was.

“Of course, Sir.” They quickly run down the hall and into his office. The CEO stumbles to his feet, the blanket falls from his shoulders to the floor.

“When the hell did I get a blanket? And why the hell didn’t you wake me?” Jack stalks toward the younger secretary, his sleepiness overpowering his anger. He traps (y/n) against the wall, his arms resting on the wall above their head for support. “Shit.” Handsome Jack fights to keep his eyes open.

“Jack, Sir, you need to sleep. You’re overworked yourself again, when’s the last time you’ve slept?” Jack slowly stands away from the wall, his body wavering from sleep.

“Fine, can you help me get to my apartment? I don’t think I can make it there myself.” (y/n) grabs one of Jack’s arms and lays it around their shoulders and rests one of their noticeably smaller hands on his lower back.

“You need to take better care of yourself, I won’t always be around to take care of you, you know that right?” Jack lets out a tired and weak laugh as (y/n) leads him to where he lives.

“You plan on leaving me soon, Sweetheart?” (y/n) smiles at the nickname and digs through one of his pockets to retrieve his keys and unlocks the door before they stepped through it.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just…The people on Elpis and Pandora aren’t the safest people…And you’re not the most careful person.” Jack stumbles onto the couch as (y/n) closes and locks his front door. They turn to Jack to continue the conversation, he’s turned to face them, a sleepy smile plastered onto their face. “Jack, don’t you want to head to your bed, I’m sure that’ll be more comfortable for you.” A suggestive smile replaces his sleepy one.

“At least by me dinner first if you’re going to take me to my bed,” (y/N) smiles at his attempts of flirting, and carefully leads Jack to his room.

“Just stay in bed, Sir. I’ll, um, I’ll stay here for the night in case you need something.” Jack lays back under his covers, letting himself get comfortable around his personal assistant. “Promise me you won’t overwork yourself like this again?” (y/n) leans against the frame of the door.

“As long as you’re here to take care of me…I don’t think I can keep that promise.”

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Chapter Text


Going to a market in a small town while being on the run from the police probably isn’t the smartest idea but Daniel and Chris wanted to have fun, and Sean didn’t want to go alone. So here Daniel, Sean and (y/n) are, at the Beavercreek market looking at Christmas trees.

“Hey, sorry for the wait. I wanted to talk to Daniel about… His powers.” (y/n) nods in understanding before leaning forward to press a quick kiss to the side of his head. They know how stressed and worried he can get over the entire situation. So it’s important to keep his spirits up along with Daniel’s.

“You’re doing your best, I can tell. Just relax, do whatever you do. Draw, be awkwardly cute, mumble song lyrics, just chill. Okay, honey?” Sean averts his eyes, a light blush scattering across his facial features. Even after a full year, he still isn’t used to the assortment of nicknames (y/n) has given him. But to answer their question, he gives a shy nod, tucking his hands into his pockets to keep them warm.

“What are you gonna do?” (y/n) breathes in a breath of fresh air, it’s nice. They like being outside in the open world for a change. The smell of the pine trees in the near distance gives the market a very comfy feel about it. Daniel and Chris are loving it, that’s for certain.

“Talk to the locals, maybe meet a few friends, I don’t know yet. Try to keep an eye on the kids, okay?” Sean nods his head absentmindedly and watches as (y/n) walks away from him to go look at the little shops in a different area. He feels terrible about dragging them into this but is grateful that they stuck around so long to help out with Daniel and trying to get to Mexico.

(y/n) on the other hand, is trying to push the fear of the police finding the three of them and taking them to prison, they’re doing that by aimlessly walking around and trying to enjoy a moment of peace from the small town.

(y/n)’s ears perk up lightly as soft music and a beautiful voice breaks the silence of the market. (y/n) follows the music until their eyes find Cassidy, she’s playing her guitar smoothly and singing softly. She doesn’t gather much of a crowd but (y/n) listens to the entire song. Cassidy is quick to turn her attention to the one admirer that listened to her song.

“Thanks for listening. Not many people do that these days. Life’s too busy I guess.” (y/n)’s eyes widen brightly as a smooth southern accent reaches their ears, they almost reach up to touch their heart from how pretty it sounds. But that action would be a bit embarrassing. (y/n) fiddle’s with their fingers lightly.

“I uh, I don’t have any money to give you but that was a really pretty song… It was nice.” Cassidy isn’t shameful at the look over she does on (y/n), checking them out. Cassidy smiles, seeing how soft the stranger before her is.

“I’m Cassidy. What brings a pretty person such as yourself to a place like this?” (y/n) takes a moment to let the sentence sink into their brain, they don’t exactly get flirted with too much so they don’t really know how to respond.

“I– wow– um, I’m (y/n) and… I’m just visiting some relatives for the holidays. What about you? You look like an interesting person.” (y/n) rocks back on forth on their heels, trying to stay a little warm in the cold weather. Cassidy slowly places her guitar back into the case, knowing that she won’t be playing so long as (y/n) continues to talk to her. The company is nice until her friend comes back.

“I don’t really belong anywhere. A friend and I hop on trains as a means of transportation.” (y/n) is most definitely interested in the conversation at this point. A bland town full of boring people, but Cassidy? She’s something very different. It’s no surprise that she’s just passing through. “It’s fun and completely free.” (y/n) can only stare in wonderment. Sure, they have a loving and doting boyfriend but this is the first time that a very pretty girl has ever flirted with them directly. It’s a nice change of pace, as long as nothing goes too far all will be well.

“That sounds amazing. Do you ever get tired of it?” Cassidy opens her mouth, ready to flirt or respond seriously, (y/n) doesn’t know. But that’s when a tall boy with a dog approaches Cassidy.

“Alright, everything’s all ready to go… Who’s your friend?” (y/n) can feel their ears turning red as he quickly checks them out. The second person in the past 10 minutes to do so.

“I’m (y/n). Hi.” They awkwardly wave towards the taller male, feeling only slightly intimidated by his appearance. (Y/n)’s eyes jump from Finn to the dog sitting near his feet. It couldn’t do any harm to touch him, right? “Is he friendly?” Cassidy stands up to be eye to eye with her longtime friend, wrapping an arm around his shoulders teasingly.

“Finn’s got a bit of a bark, but he won’t hurt you.” (y/n) laughs lightly before gesturing to the tame dog in front of them.

“I was talking about the dog.” Finn gives Cassidy an annoyed look but smiles seeing how friendly his dog is with the newcomer. He knows that Cassidy is more into the suburban people but what if he is as well? It has been a while for either of them to have a nice comfort of someone nearby.

Finn lets his eyes wander over (y/n)’s form as they take the initiative to pet the dog at his feet. He doesn’t normally act like this but the innocent look of them and how flustered and tangled their words become as they fall from their mouth is so enticing. Not to mention that (y/n) seems really sweet for someone who lives out in a small town like this.

Sean is sat at one of the many picnic tables, glancing up every now and then to get a good look at his partner to draw. They seem a bit flustered from two pretty people talking to them but he wants them to handle it. He doesn’t want to go charging in because he’s over jealous again. He needs to calm down. Drawing helps.

(y/n) slowly stands to their feet and meets Finn’s gaze, he tilts his head to the side for a moment before asking an obvious question.

“You wouldn’t maybe want to put another hole in my scoreboard, would you?” (y/n) gives the tall male standing in front of them a confused look. Scoreboard? Cassidy talks to Finn about how she has more on her scoreboard. Like it’s a competition. Wait… (y/n)’s face flushes wildly. Oh! They mean hooking up!

“Oh… Oh! That’s – oh, wow… Um, I’m actually going to have to decline.” Cassidy continues to hang off of Finn, her arm loosely draped over his shoulders as she leans all of her weight into him but it doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. He just asked (y/n) something quite personal, of course, they have to decline. They haven’t even done that with Sean yet.

“It wouldn’t be surprising that you have someone. Girlfriend? Boyfriend?” Sean slowly closes his sketchbook, quickly walking over to where (y/n) and two homeless teens stand. They look a little too flushed for comfort, and Sean is done looking around for a present for Daniel. He has something completely different for (y/n) of course.

(y/n) shifts from one foot to the other in nervousness. Of course, they’re going to say that they have a significant other. One that they wouldn’t trade for anything.

“Um, I actually have a boyfriend who I love very much. Sorry.” Sean smoothly places a hand on (y/n)’s back, forcing himself into the conversation as he hears the last sentence leave (y/n). He has no clue what they were all talking about but seeing how flustered and red (y/n) looked, it made him mad because he’s not the one to make them look like that.

“Everything okay over here?” His voice is strained and awkward, he’s not sure what he wants to say to them right now and not after seeing the two other teenagers flirt with them. With his significant other.

“Sean! Hi, um… this is Cassidy and Finn. They’re pretty chill.” Sean is still skeptical of course, his grip becomes a notch tighter on (y/n) but they don’t seem to notice. Sean becoming clingy has become normal for them, it’s nice having him cling to them at night to keep warm, but he’s a tad insecure that they’ll leave him so someone better.

And the two teenagers standing in front of him seem like good candidates. Sean notices how the two are looking at (y/n), flirty and inviting. But not on Sean’s watch.

“So, if you’re up for it, you’re more than welcomed to join us to Cali. your boyfriend can come too.” (y/n) brightens up instantly, train-hopping with Finn and Cassidy to California? That sounds amazing. They don’t want to say no but the expression on Sean’s face screams rivalry or envy. Sean maneuvers his hand to grab (y/n)’s instead of resting it on their back.

“Hey… we have a home here now. Remember? And–” A look of shock and realization dawns over (Y/n), they almost forget about him. Of course, they can’t leave him. That wouldn’t be right in any sense of the word.

“Daniel, right… “ (y/n) turns to Finn and Cassidy, an apology on their lips. “I’m actually going to have to say no. I’m sorry. Sean’s right, we actually have a home here.” Finn and Cassidy sigh a disappointment, they both wanted someone new on their trip and someone as soft and sweet as (Y/n) is the perfect person to choose from but that’s life… (y/n) glances to Sean, noticing the jealous look in his eyes and body language. It’s very persistent from the second that he walked up. They’ll have to deal with him after they say goodbye to Cassidy and Finn. (y/n) steps away from Sean to approach the two closer. “I hope that we’ll meet again. It’s been really fun.” Finn slowly grabs one of (y/n)’s arms and rolls the sleeves up to write down a number. Sean clenches his jaw but stands still. He can trust (Y/n).

“This is our burner cell number. Give us a call when you can. Well, see ya. Try to find us on the trains if you can.” (y/n) blushes lightly at the brief contact but waves lightly as they disappear around the corner with the dog light on their heels.

They’re gone.

“Okay, Sean, Honey… What’s wrong? You’re acting… jealous.” Sean’s face slowly blossoms into a light blush, the nickname combined with the scene that was just caused. He gets jealous quite easily when it comes to people flirting with (y/n). He’s not that confident to do that; flirt. “We were just talking, What’s the big deal.” Sean crosses his arms over his chest, showing (y/n) how upset he actually is with (y/n)’s new friends.

“Flirting. They were flirting with you.” (y/n) sighs lightly but grabs Sean’s hands lightly to tug him closer to them so they can lightly press a chaste kiss to his lips, they’re chapped and rough but the perfect texture against (y/n)’s own lips.

“I promise that nothing was going to happen. I did like getting flirted by two pretty people. But there’s nobody else like you, I promise. Come on, let’s go find Daniel and head back before your grandparents find out.”

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Chapter Text

My tongue’s tingling, I haven’t felt like this since my 21st birthday…My head’s fuzzy…I blink through my tears as I think about a small cat I found earlier. Of course, I don’t think I can keep it; according to how Jack has treated me over the past few years. I glance up from my tall glass of Long Island iced tea once (y/n) lays one of their hands on my head; brushing my hair back to see my face.

“You’re so pretty, you know that?” I feel myself–my new face–smirk at the redness in their cheeks and ears.

“Timothy, why are you crying?” I lean my head against their hand as they brush my tears away.

“Well…You know, I just wanna keep this cat…But Handsome–Goddamn–Jack probably won’t let me keep it…And even if he does I don’t have much time for a pet…It’s so depressing.” Stupid student loans, If I just found an alternative I could be home…I slowly sit up, my body wavering slighting as the intoxicating liquid in my body strengthens. I don’t think anybody else is here, they left a while ago.

“Okay, let me get you to bed, Timothy. You’re hammered.” I watch with Lazy eyes as (y/n) walks around the counter and grabs one of my arms. “Let me walk you home.”

“Whoa, we’re going really fast. I like to at least be bought dinner before bringing someone home.” I feel myself smirk once their ears redden even more; (y/n)’s starting to look more like a tomato than a human being.

“Come on… Almost there.” I giggle at the thought as I crash into my bed. “Okay, you have some explaining to do, but I’ll wait until the morning.” I grab (y/n)’s wrist before they can move away.

“Don’t leave me…” I see them smile before quickly leaning down to kiss my forehead.

“I won’t, I’ll be right back, promise. I’ll see you in the morning.” I try to sit up, but my eyes shut close, greeting me with darkness.

“–e’s hammered, and I wanna take care of him for the day…” I slowly sit up, my head is pounding, I slowly bring a hand to cover my forehead. “Okay… Thanks, Moxxi.” (Y/N) puts down the echo once they’re finished talking with Moxxi before they approach me with a wet rag. “Hey, you’re up.” (y/n) slowly pushes me back onto the bed before placing the wet rag on my bare chest… Wait, I was wearing clothes last night… Did we…?

“What happened last night? I can’t remember much.” (y/n) smiles lightly at my question, their face heating up… Oh no.

“Well, you got really drunk at the bar; hammered, I guess I should say.”

“I remember that…”

“Then I took you home, you were really flirty last night, it was kinda nice…” I shiver slightly as they move the rag across my torso.

“Then where did my clothes go?” (y/n) smiles before dunking the rag and wringing it before placing it on my chest again.

“Relax, you were overheating.” I make some vague hand gestures.

“So, we didn’t like, do… You know.” I see them lightly smirking.

“Do what, Timothy?” I always get so flustered when (y/n) says my name.

“Have, Um… Do the horizontal shuffle?” (y/n) tries to stifle their laughter, but I can clearly hear it.

“Wow, you’re an actual nerd, huh? No… We didn’t. You know you were crying over a cat last night?” I open my mouth to defend my drunken state before I feel soft nudging on my head. I slowly move my hands to grab a cat… The same cat I’ve been taking care of. The cat slowly lays on my forehead and curls up. “I don’t know if that’s the same cat, but…” I grab one of their hands to stop them from rambling.

“It’s the same one, Thank you so much… So you gonna stick around for a while?”

“Yeah, I don’t want you getting up for a bit. I’ll stay with you until you feel better.”

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Chapter Text

“Your eyes are pretty/ You are the best bartender/ You make me happy,” (y/n) smiles at my compliment as they wipe down the bar.

“That’s really sweet of you, Zer0.” I let out a sound of distaste once again, (y/n) doesn’t understand the deeper meaning of my compliments. I lean over the counter to grab both of their hands to pull them closer to me.

“I’m flirting with you,” (y/n)’s face erupts into a bright blush once my words process into their mind.

“…Oh…I, um,”

they lean over to press a chaste kiss to my helmet. I feel my heart flutter, I display a heart emoticon over my helmet. But I feel frustrated as well. I pull (y/n) from around the bar, into Moxxi’s back room.

“Zer0, what are you doing?” I make sure the door is locked and secure before I slowly push (y/n) to the wall, I lock eyes with them while I place my hands on the wall on either side of their head.

“You comfortable?/ I don’t want you to feel scared/ I care about you.”

I spot the nervousness on (y/n)’s face once I take off my helmet. Normally, just hunting down bandits or Hyperion employees would satisfy me, but…Whenever I look at this bartender, I just want to forget about vaults and defeating Handsome Jack…(y/n)’s much more satisfying to just be around than all of those things combined. (y/n) is more than enough to satisfy me.

“I-I didn’t think you’d trust me enough to take off your helmet,”

I smile at the stuttering bartender and quickly lean down to press my lips to theirs, moving my hips closer and closer to theirs. Hopefully, Moxxi doesn’t catch us, I won’t hear the end of it if we did. I open one of my eyes to spot the bright pink blush on their ears, I feel pride build up in my chest. Am I the cause of that?

I let my hands slip down the wall to easily grab their thighs before lifting them up the wall to rest on my hips. I smile as I feel (y/n) wrap their legs around my waist, securing our hips together. (y/n)’s face only darkens in color.

Things are definitely looking up for me… I guess flirting paid off.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

It’s Friday morning, at 10:32. Hank is actually here on time, unlike most days. I scan over the department for (y/n), seeing as how they’re usually helpful when Hank is tired of my constant questioning… But I don’t see them anywhere.

“Excuse me, Hank? Do you happen to know where (y/n) is at the moment?” Hank doesn’t glance up from his reports to answer my questions.

“(y/n) called in sick this morning, it is the cold season. I’m surprised that [she/he/they] didn’t catch it sooner.” (y/n)’s sick? What should I do? There haven’t been many deviant problems since the revolution, but- “What the hell are you still doing here? Go see how they’re doing, take care of them. We’ll be fine without you for a day, Connor.” I smile gracefully towards my father-like figure before quickly making my way to (y/n)’s apartment. Luckily, their home is only a few blocks away from the station.

What should I do when I get there? I wasn’t designed to take care of a human being. Then again, I wasn’t designed to do a lot of things. I slowly open the door with the key (y/n) gave me a month ago when we… Got together. I’m still quite unsure how this ‘dating’ thing works. But they seem to be happy, and I’m happy.

“(y/n)?” Abrupt coughing from the couch, force my attention from looking around to see (y/n) lying on the couch, wrapped up in a few blankets, the tv flicked on

“Connor, what are you doing here?” Hearing how hoarse (y/n)’s voice makes me feel… Upset? I’m still trying to get used to having emotions.

“Hank said that you called in sick and I was worried… He said that I should take care of you.” (y/n) slowly sits up, the blankets swallowing (y/n)’s body whole.

“I can take care of myself just fine, Connor. You don’t have to look after me.” I walk over to the couch and sit next to (y/n), one of my hands shooting to their forehead to feel their temperature.

“Your temperature is 100 degrees, any higher and you may have to go to the ER.” (y/n) groans in frustration and wraps the blankets around their form tighter.

“Fine. Only because it’s you.” I smile and make a mental checklist to myself to ensure (y/n) is healthy within the next day or so.

“Thank you, (y/n). I want you to take a shower while I make something that will make you feel better.” (y/n) stands up and starts wobbling, I stand up as well to assist them, but they put one hand in front of me to prevent me from doing so.

“I can walk to the bathroom myself. Thank you for doing this, Connor. I mean it. I know I can be stubborn and a pain in the ass so… Thanks.”

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Chapter Text

“He did what?”

Lyla nods sympathetically for her hurt friend, (y/n). At the moment, she’s crying her eyes out at home. All alone.

Lyla has finally delivered the news that (y/n)’s boyfriend of 8 months was found cheating by (Y/n) herself, in the most brutal of ways. Both Lyla and Sean are clearly upset about the matter but it’s not like they can go just staple dead birds to her ex’s car.

They could, but they shouldn’t.

Sean stares at the ground for a few moments, tapping a foot against the ground lightly before staring down the road, where (y/n)’s house is placed at the end. He could go over to her place to be sure that she’s okay, she gets really sensitive about these things… she’s soft.

Sean turns his attention to Lyla for a moment before handing her his backpack and bolting down the street towards her house. It’s the smallest on the block but not hard to miss.

Lyla can only throw her hands in the air out of frustration. It would have been helpful if Sean had said what he was doing instead of just throwing his backpack at her. But she knows that he’s doing the right thing.

He always does.

Sean slows down his sprinting to a light jog as he runs to her front door. He contemplates knocking or just opening the door but before he can choose, (y/n) opens the door to face Sean.

His heart drops to his stomach as he takes in her appearance. Her eyes are puffy and red like she’s been crying for hours and her hands are shaky.

“Lyla told me what happened, what he did to you.” She shakes her head lightly, crossing her arms over her chest to support herself as she is trying her very hardest not to burst into tears in front of Sean. He can tell that she’s close to breaking down. With careful movements, Sean grabs one of her hands and pulls her out of the house so he can look at her clearly. (y/n)’s wearing the hoodie that Sean let her keep from a few months ago.

He remembers that night, it was cold and (y/n) forgot her jacket like she always does. So Sean let her keep one of his. He knows that he can afford the cost.

But the sight of his crush in his clothes makes him a little flustered.

“I, uh… W-why don’t you come back to my place? I don’t want you to be alone right now.” (y/n) glances back into the dark living room before staring at Sean who beams comfort and contentment. She slowly nods before wiping her face of tears and shutting her front door closed. “You can tell me what happened on the way, okay?” A jolt of electric shock goes through Sean as (Y/n) slowly grabs one of his hands, wanting to feel his warmth as they walk. (y/n) slowly begins to retell the story of how she found her boyfriend cheating. It’s not a pretty story.

“We were supposed to go on a date and he told me to meet at his house… but before I could knock on the door, I found them in the car… He continued to– he continued while he talked to me. I shouldn’t be so upset because he isn’t a good person but…” Sean listens closely, not being able to afford to miss a second of his crush’s agony. He knows that the best thing he can do for her at the moment is to be with her.

The afternoon quickly turns into the crisp and cool evening. In response to the weather change, (y/n) tucks herself closer to Sean. He’s always warm.

Sean can’t find any words to express how angry he feels that something like this could happen to her. He huffs angrily before opening the door to his modest home and allowing (y/n) to slip inside first.

He finds himself flustered as (y/n) refuses to release her tight grip on his hand. Though Sean doesn’t have the most experience, he knows that he would never do anything to intentionally hurt (y/n).

Sean sees how much he’s making physical contact with (y/n) but doesn’t halt his actions as there are no complaints from her. He wants to make sure that she’s as comfortable as possible.

He glances at the couch before setting her down onto the soft cushions. She stares up at him with doe eyes, not knowing what is going to happen next but trusting Sean completely.

“I’ll be right in the kitchen. Stay here.” Sean runs a hand through his hair almost stressfully. He watches from the kitchen as (y/n) curls against one side of the couch, forming her body to make a small ball to minimize the amount of room that she’ll take. He can’t understand why anyone would want to hurt (y/n). If anything, She’s probably too nice, if there is such a thing.

Sean watches himself pour hot chocolate into a mug, almost like he’s not in control of his own body. He feels off; like he needs to do something, but what? He slowly snaps himself back to reality. What his crush needs right now is someone to comfort her. Sean grabs the small mug of fresh hot chocolate and carries it to where (y/n) is curled up.

Sean carefully sets the mug on the coffee table before sitting next to (y/n), watching as she slowly moves to face him. He doesn’t really know what to say. What does someone even say in these sorts of situations?

She takes a deep breath of the air around herself, Sean’s house. It’s filled with the smell of coffee, his cologne, new books, and ink. Whenever she’s near him, (y/n) feels safe, not to mention that all of his clothes are crazy comfy. She’s started a bit of a collection of sorts.

“I… I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling right now. But I’m here for you if you need anything.” (y/n) takes a bold move in moving her entire body to rest against Sean’s lap, eyes peering up at him innocently. He doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t want to say anything. Sean is stiff with his movements but he slowly moves one of his hands to dig through (y/n)’s hair, soothing her against him. “I know that this is the worst possible time to admit this but… I’ve loved you since we met… My timing has never been perfect. I’m sorry.” (y/n) slowly grabs his free hand before pressing a light kiss to his palm before holding it close to her chest.

“I know, Lyla told me Sophmore year… I liked you too, I still do, but I didn’t want that to get in the way of our friendship…” She slowly draws small circles on his hand with the tips of her fingers, thinking of the right words to say. She wants to start a relationship with him, she has since Sophmore year but she doesn’t want to get hurt again. And so soon after getting her heart broken. She wasn’t in love with her last boyfriend, but she did like him, quite a bit. “I want to take it slow, okay?”

Sean sits against the couch, relieved that everything went okay. He definitely wasn’t planning on confessing to (y/n) today but the opportunity arose and something new came out of it so no regrets?

No. no regrets from Sean’s perspective and the only regrets that (y/n) has are that she even went out on a date with her last relationship when she should’ve asked Sean out a year ago. But…

Better late than never.

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Chapter Text

I run a hand over my face in tiredness, (y/n) keeps getting themselves into trouble. I don’t mind saving them, carrying them to safety, wrapping my arms around them, but the point is… I feel like (y/n) is acting even more excited than normal.

“Look, Timothy! A jump pad!” I hold out my hands to warn (y/n) as they go(es) to jump on the SUPER-charged jump pad.

“Wait, don’t, it’s super-” (y/n) jumps onto it, crashing them through a wall. I let out a long sigh before I jump through the wall to find them on the ground, holding a hand to their shoulder. “Charged… You okay?” (y/n) huffs lightly, struggling to sit up. I kneel to their level and slowly pull them to their feet.

“I think I dislocated my shoulder… Again.” Again?? My heart starts to beat a million miles a minute, they somehow still have a giddy smile on their face.

“Are you serious? Well, we gotta go back, maybe Nurse Nina can help.”(y/n) slowly gestures to the ledge above us.

“What? No way, the mission is right there, we can just grab the echo and go.” I shake my head, my mind clouded with worries and doubts for (y/n)’s safety.

“No way, you’re injured.”

“Just pop it back in place. I’ve had this done before, it’s whatever.” (y/n)’s so reckless. I run a hand through my hair stressfully, my hair feels so much shorter than I’m used to… FOCUS!

“Are you crazy?! No, we need to go back to Concordia. Do you think Nurse Nina can fix that?” I grab their other hand before starting to drag them back to Concordia. “Besides, If I do it, I could hurt you…” 

(y/n) continues to argue with me that’ll be fine, but I can’t bare the thought or the guilt trip of if I actually hurt them. Nurse Nina is only a hundred feet away, but before me or (y/n) can take any more steps, Jack steps in front of us. “Sir! What are you doing here?” Jack stares past me to (y/n), or more specifically their dislocated shoulder.

“Geez, what happened to you, Kiddo?” Jack moves around me to approach (y/n).

“I just dislocated my arm for the fifth time this month, it’s fine. I’ll get it checked out later, but I need someone to pop this back into place right now. I asked Timothy but he won’t do it.” Jack cocks his head to the side for a moment, analyzing their injury. “Can you do it? The longer it’s not in my socket, the more it hurts.” Jack nods his head before grabbing (y/n)’s shoulder, I instinctively take a step back to let Jack and (y/n;) have more room.

“Okay, I’m just gonna push it back in. Ready? 1.. 2.. 3!’ (y/n) gasps as Jack finally pushes their arm back into their socket.

“Thanks, Boss. We’re gonna go finish that mission now.” Jack doesn’t say another word as he watches me and (y/n) run to the fast-travel station to grab the echo. “Oooh, he scary,” I let out a breath of uneasiness.

“Yeah… You’re just now realizing that?” (y/n) shrugs their shoulders before running alongside me, searching for the echo. I slowly stop running, standing in place. (y/n) quickly follows my lead,

“Everything okay, Timtam?” I lightly smile at the nickname I was given when we met years ago… But that doesn’t stop the many thoughts from swarming my head.

“(y/n), we need to talk.” They give me a small nod. “You can’t keep getting all excited– I love it, I do. I find it really endearing actually–but the point is that I might not always be around to save you when you launch yourself into danger like that… A-And I want to, but-” I stop rambling as (y/n) smashes their lips into mine. I was hoping this would happen sooner than later. they slowly push themselves off of me.

“Sorry, I got excited.”

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Chapter Text

Just a little further.

That’s what (y/n) is telling themselves as their lungs burn with the intensity of running for miles from these guys. Humans.

They tried to mug them but (y/n) managed to get away with all of their things still intact, their bag slams harshly against their thigh every step they run. There will surely be a bruise there in the morning. But for now, (y/n) needs to find a place to hide. Just for the night.

(y/n) spots an abandoned house across the street from a laundromat and a convenience store. It’s perfect. (y/n) takes a look around themselves and see that nobody is watching them or in the streets to spot them hopping the fence quickly and hiding behind the wall of the building as two shadowy figures quickly dash by.

(y/n)’s heart is still beating so harshly against their ribcage. Why?


Is somebody–

“Why has another human come here?” (y/n) slowly turns around and takes a small step backward as their eyes land on the knife in the android’s hands.

WR600, a gardening android.

“Oh, that’s a knife… I-i’m hiding from a few people, please. Just let me stay here for a few more minutes. Just until they’re gone.” Ralph slowly lowers his knife, not knowing why he’s not more out of control with this human than the others.

“Are they nasty humans that want to harm you?” (y/n) glances into Ralph’s eyes, eye, immediately feeling saddened by the thought of what a human would and could have done to an android if given the chance.

“Very.” Ralph stares at the human for a few moments, watching as they peek their head around the corner of the building to see if the two humans had miraculously tracked them down. “They were going to steal my bag and… I can’t let them get to me, that’s the point.” The taller android glances back at his small home before his eyes travel back to the shivering human.

“Follow Ralph. The human is freezing.” It takes (y/n) a moment to figure out that the strange android is talking about them. They cautiously follow the gardening android into the dark and gloomy house.

(y/n) walks into the abandoned house, it looks like a human hasn’t lived here in years. But there’s a fireplace at least and a roof. It’ll do for the night. (y/n) sits in front of the fireplace and slowly takes their bag off their shoulder and wraps their arms around themselves to try to warmth themselves. They don’t have the energy to gather wood to set up a fire.

(y/n) feels themselves let out a startled gasp as a blanket is carefully wrapped around their shoulders. Right, the android. (y/n)’s eyes watch Ralph’s form as he quickly starts a fire. They won’t question how he knows or why. They’re just grateful to be out of the cold.

“Ralph doesn’t know how to care for a human. Is this okay?” (y/n) tugs the blanket around their body tighter, seeking further warmth in the material.

“It’s fine, Ralph. Thank you. I, uh… I’m (y/n) by the way.” Ralph stands to his full height and stares at the fragile human, wrapped in a blanket on the floor. Can humans really be this vulnerable?

Thunder and lightning quickly start to shake the house, the rumbling felt through vibrations on the floor. (y/n) jumps from their spot on the floor, bringing their bag closer to them for security. Ralph cocks his head to the side lightly, confused about the human’s reaction to the weather.

“Why is (y/n) scared? Is it the weather?” The human takes a moment to catch their breath before answering the curious android.

“Yeah… The thunder scares me. Can–Can you stay in here with me, Ralph? Just until I fall asleep?” Ralph glances away from the teary-eyed human and to the kitchen where he was working. But maybe being by this human’s side will be okay.

“Ralph thinks that would be okay.” The garden android slowly sits in the chair near (y/n) and stares into the fire, not knowing what else to say. Is just being nearby helpful? “Ralph doesn’t normally trust humans, but… (y/n) is different. Nicer. But vulnerable.”

Ralph glances down to see if (y/n) is listening but their head is laying down on top of their bag. They’re asleep. Ralph almost finds himself smiling.

“(y/n) will help Ralph… They won’t hurt Ralph like the others.”

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Chapter Text

The riots around the city have risen by 32%, it’s more dangerous for (y/n). I don’t know why they insist on walking to and from work every day.

“Lieutenant, it’s currently 5 PM. Would it be alright if I met with someone to–” Hank waves me off before I can finish my thought.

“Yeah, whatever. Do whatever you normally do and you don’t need to be so formal, Connor.” I give a small nod before walking to an address that’s been molded into my artificial brain, (y/n)’s work address.

“Connor? Hello? Anybody in there?” I blink a few times, (y/n)’s form slowly coming into focus. “Hi! What are you doing here, Connor? And why were you so spaced out? Is everything okay?” I smile at (y/n)’s questioning and concern for me. I’ve never had someone to worry so much, and Hank’s different.

“I’m fine, I was just thinking of the safest route from this location to your home would be.” (y/n)’s smiles brighter than before, it seems to make my heart beat faster.

“You’re walking me home?” I jump from my spot on the pavement as (y/n) grabs one of my hands, walking to their apartment.

“Yes, the riots around here have been getting worse, and your home is right in the middle of it. I don’t want you getting hurt.” It’s my mission to make sure (y/n)’s safe and doesn’t get hurt, I don’t know what I’d do with myself. The temperature is quickly dropping and (y/n) isn’t wearing a jacket. How do they always forget a jacket in this weather? “You’re cold.” (y/n) shakes their head, denying my statement.

“Con, I’m fine. Really. Besides, it’s only a few blocks more until I reach my apartment.” I separate their hold on my hand to take off my jacket and set it over their shivering shoulders.

“I insist. Take my jacket. It’s cold outside,” I adjust the jacket on (y/n) to be sure that they’ll be warmer than before. “My mission is to make sure you stay safe and don’t freeze on the way home.”

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Chapter Text

August 15, Sean Diaz’s birthday. This year he’ll be turning 16 so the party needs to be special.   

“A surprise party? Lyla, do you think he’ll even like that?” She scoffs over the phone, digging through drawers to find something cute to wear to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. She needs something cute but comfortable because she’ll be working all day.   

“He better! We’re putting a lot of work into this.” (y/n) laughs lightly at her friend’s antics and turns around as Sean slowly starts to shift awake, becoming upset when he realizes that (y/n) isn’t lying next to him.   

“Okay, he’s starting to wake. Operation B-day bash is a go.” (y/n) quickly hangs up the phone call before kneeling next to the bed, watching Sean slowly open his eyes and greet the morning.  

She’s hyper and ready to go while he’s groggy and wants nothing more than to sleep the day away with his girlfriend at his side but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.  

“Good morning… I have a big day planned for us today. You gonna get up anytime soon?” The taller teenager groans lightly but slowly sits up, his eyes locking onto (y/n)’s. She’s all ready to go, she just needs Sean dressed.   

(Y/n) steps back as Sean stretches his aching muscles and slowly starts to get dressed, not knowing what to expect later in the day.  

“Let me know when you’re ready, I’ll be outside.” (y/n) slips outside the door, almost bumping into Daniel in the process. “Oh, hey little man. What’s up?” She crouches down to meet the younger Diaz’s gaze. His arms are crossed over his chest like he’s thinking about something very serious.  

“What were you doing in Sean’s room? Were you guys doing gross kissing stuff?” (y/n) chuckles to herself, of course, the two weren’t but it’s interesting that Daniel is so curious about it.   

“Possibly but that’s not important. I have a very important and very secret mission just for you.” She pokes him on the nose lightly, earning a light giggle from the young boy. Daniel stares up in anticipation as (y/n) tells the mission. “Me and Sean are going to go out in a bit and your dad and Lyla need your help with a surprise. Can you handle that?” Daniel smiles brightly before pushing his head forward, signaling that he wants a quick kiss before leaving. (y/n) laughs to herself quickly before pressing a quick kiss to his forehead, watching as he runs down the hallway and away from Sean’s room.   

“You cheating on me?” (y/n) stands from her crouched position on the floor as Sean opens the door to his room and steps out. She smiles softly at his messy hair and turns to him, he’s ready to go.   

“Yeah, we’re thinking of a spring wedding.”   

Sean rolls his eyes playfully before gently grabbing one of her hands and leading her out into the front yard where a city bus can be seen down the road. She has to distract Sean for a few hours. That should be easy enough. Being far too tired to ask questions, Sean follows (Y/n) onto the bus and sits in the back next to her.  

“So, what are we doing?” (y/n) gently grabs one of his hands into her own, holding it tightly to her chest so he can feel how hard her heart is beating at the moment.   

“I wanted some time with you for myself before your dad and Daniel steal you away.”  

Sean smiles to himself at the future events of the day. That’s all he wants for his birthday, to spend the day with (y/n). Even though that’s all the two have been doing for the Summer. He glances out the window as the sight of his familiar neighborhood flies by. The two haven’t been to the city in a while, this will be the perfect distraction.  

Sean takes the liberty of snatching his sketchbook from his pocket and seizing the opportunity to grab a few sketches of his girlfriend without her paying too much attention. He gets embarrassed when he’s caught.  

The couple spends the bus ride around Seattle in quiet, comfortable silence. They don’t even need to talk to each other to communicate anymore. It’s just one of the many perks of being in a relationship for so long.  

The two are just going to ride on the bus for a good bit before Lyla gives (y/n) the signal that they’re ready.  

Sean glances at her as he finishes the quick sketch of her. He can’t believe how lucky he was to finally meet someone as special as her. He knows how much his family approves of the two dating, which is key to any healthy relationship.  

Sean’s eyes are glued to the window as he watches the buildings that he is very familiar with a pass by him in seconds. One day, he wants to move to Mexico, where his father is from, explore everything. But for now, he has a loving girlfriend to be with.   

A quick glance at his phone tells Sean that 2 hours have already passed. He knows that they should head back to his place to see what his family has in store for him.  

“We should get back, I don’t know what my dad has in store for me and I don’t wanna miss it.” (Y/n) bites her bottom lip anxiously, she hasn’t gotten a text from Lyla yet but if they walk super slowly down the sidewalk then maybe the Diaz household will be ready by then. 

“Okay, but let’s take our time. I want to spend more time with you.” Sean feels the soft but fierce glow of his face. He wants nothing more than to pretend it’s just another day of chilling with his best friend/Girlfriend, but he knows that his father will have something big planned for his birthday as usual. Sean laces his fingers with (y/n)’s as the two slowly get off of the long bus ride.   

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Sean feels the light tapping of (y/n)’s fingers against his hand as the two walk as slow as possible, feet drifting against the sidewalk in a sharp scratch, the only noise besides the two talking on the whole street. His significant other decides not to answer verbally, instead choosing to grab his jaw softly in one hand and bring his face down to hers to form a kiss. Sean shudders lightly from the mere shock and intensity of the bold action, certainly not expecting (y/n) to do such a thing in a public place; not normally her scene. His free hand slowly comes to meet her waist to tug her closer. (y/n) only separates from her boyfriend when she feels her phone vibrate in her pocket, signaling a text message from Lyla. She shyly pulls away, one hand lightly tugging Sean further down the sidewalk, towards his house.   

“Come on, Pretty boy. Let’s head home.” (y/n) takes this moment of Sean looking frazzled and dazed to take a quick peek at her phone to see that Lyla texted her that everything is ready and to bring Sean home quickly.  

Without much else to say, (y/n) drags Sean to his home, wanting to watch him happily surprised when he sees what everyone has prepared for him. 

Before he can utter a word, the door flings open to reveal decorations spread around the house and all of his friends and family yelling ‘Happy Birthday'  

To say that he is surprised would be a bit of an understatement. Sean visits with everyone for a while, mainly Lyla and his father, wanting to know who set this up. 

“Well, I am the love witch but I can’t take all the credit. (Y/n) was a huge help too.” Sean glances to his father to see that he’s smiling from ear to ear. 

“Go find her, Seanie-boy. We’ll talk later.” The birthday boy slowly nods before slowly making his way to the backyard, where (y/n) usually hangs out when there’s a party. That, or the roof.  

Sean instantly spots her leaning over the railing of the deck. He watches for a few moments to see how calm she is in comparison to the loud party inside. Parties never were her thing, not even birthday parties. 

His arms encircle around her waist, hugging her close to his body; noting his presence to her. Sean breathes out a heavy sigh, stuffing his face into the crook of her neck, wanting to bask into the warmth for as long as he can. As much as he loves his family, parties can be too much for him to handle most of the time. 

“Lyla says that it was your idea for the party? Thanks, I know that you’re not good with parties.” Sean is gentle with laying a few innocent kisses along her neck, showing her how grateful he is to have her around. (y/n) didn’t have to plan out this party, Lyla and Estaban had a little thing planned but it’s not every day that you turn 16. “I know that you don’t really do parties but you planned this one out so nicely and so me. Thank you. Come on, let’s head inside before Daniel eats all the birthday cake.” 

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Chapter Text

Timothy shields the sun with one of his hands as he looks off into the distance, it’s getting late but he and (y/n), his vault hunter partner, still haven’t found Jack’s equipment. He said that he needs if for a personal experiment and Timothy isn’t going to be the one to ask what for. He doesn’t exactly have any leverage against his boss anyway.

Timothy’s eyes begin to sparkle in wonder as (y/n) walks into his line of sight. The sun shines against their figure perfectly, almost looking like a spotlight on a stage. Timothy has been wanting to ask them out on a date for months now, but he hasn’t exactly had the courage to do so. He needs to. Soon.

“–Hey, are you even listening? You’re gazing off into space again.” Timothy’s gaze snaps to (y/n)’s eyes, more alert now more than ever. (y/n)’s arms are crossed over their chest as they wait for an answer from the flustered boy. If they don’t get a move on soon then jack will be pissed. They’ve both seen first hand what he’ll do.

“S-sorry, I… Where do we need to go next?” (y/n) gives him a confused look before gesturing to a small building in the near distance.

“We need to go there, Jack said that that parts for his experiment should be there, but the problem is… We have to go through all those scavs to get them.” Timothy grumbles lightly at the amount of work he needs to fulfill to get something for his egotistical boss. He doesn’t even know what they’re looking for.

“Great. Alright, I’ll take the lead?” (y/n) gives him a firm nod before retrieving their sniper rifle from their bag. Timothy slowly throws a grenade towards a pile of Scavs and watches as bullets begin to fly from almost every direction. (y/n) ducks and rolls for cover behind a building. Timothy admires them so much.

(y/n) starts killing off the scavs in the distance while Timothy covers for them. He can’t let them get hurt. They mean too much to the doppelganger.

Timothy stands behind a building only a few feet away from (y/n), gunning down any scavs that get anywhere close to (y/n)’s position.

Now, Timothy needs to ask (y/n) now.

“A date.” (y/n) halts their shooting for a split second out of shock before hastily continuing as to not get shot by the scavs in front of them. Their grip on the gun shaking slightly, wanting to believe what he said is what they heard.

“What?” Timothy gulps lightly before tossing another grenade towards the herd to try to give him and (y/n) a few seconds to breathe. A few more seconds to think.

“Go on a date with me?” (y/n) glances at Timothy for a minute, the noise from behind feeling almost nonexistent as the two lock eyes with each other.

“Like right now?” (y/n) ducks as a scav flies over their head, still waiting for Timothy’s answer. He wrings his hands together nervously, only stopping to grab a scav that gets in a close radius of (y/n).

“No, like later. When we finish the mission? We can–” (y/n) steps a foot closer to Timothy to quickly press their lips to his for a few seconds to get their point across of relaxing. They separate from him before he can get comfortable and return to shooting.

“Sure, Timtam.” The doppelganger is ecstatic, he did it! He finally asked (y/n) out on a date. Timothy slams his watch down, letting two Digi-jacks pop out to help in the fight. (y/n) stops to reload their gun but stop short when their eyes catch sight of the two Digi-jacks.

(y/n)’s distracted.

Timothy and (y/n) stand back and watch as the Digi-jacks take out the rest of the bandits in the surrounding area with little problem. The Digi-jacks quickly disappear as the problem is now solved; Timothy and (y/n) can finally get the equipment that Jack so desperately needs.  

“Alright, let’s go. Shall we?” (y/n) clips their sniper to their back before slowly grabbing his outstretched hand towards them and following him into the building, their free hand in front of them; clenching and unclenching nervously. “Everything okay?” Timothy reaches outwards to (y/n) to place one of his hands on their forehead, feeling their temperature. No fever.

“Y-yeah. I–um, I just forgot how…” (y/n) begins to trail off their sentence, not knowing how to piece their words together and the moment. Timothy tightens his grip on one of their hands, his other hand sliding from their forehead to rest on the back of their neck. “I just got a bit distracted by your Digi-jacks… Having 3 of you is, wow… I’m a bit flustered is all. Come on.” (y/n) slowly pulls themselves out of Timothy’s light grip and heads into the building where the equipment should be.

Timothy stares at (y/n)’s back as the two walk in the long hallways to gather the things that their egotistical boss needs. He could have at least told them what he needs or why. Timothy glances into the rooms, not knowing what he needs to look for when he notices (y/n) fidgeting with their hands in front of their body; they’re anxious. He doesn’t waste any time in reaching out to grab one of their hands, but–

“There! There’s the equipment I need.” Both parties jump in surprise at their boss’ voice resonating through their earpieces, is Jack watching them; monitoring their moves?

Timothy halts his movements and turns into one of the rooms, abandoning his mission of trying to calm (y/n) down and grabs the surprisingly small parts.

“Sir? Are you watching us?” Timothy stiffens tightly as his boss laughs lightly, even if the question was serious.

“I’m always watching Tim. I saw those moves earlier. You two can come back now. We need to talk.” Timothy thickly swallows his nerves as Jack finishes his brief commands. He glances towards (y/n) before glancing up to the big H in the sky. Is he in trouble?

Timothy doesn’t want that, neither do (y/n). It’s far too soon.

“You heard everything, right?” (y/n) glances around the room before turning to Timothy and softly shaking their head.

“Just the last bit. I guess we better hurry.” (y/n) quickly walks to the ship they landed in, Timothy, hot on their heels. Neither of them wants to know what Jack will do if they’re late. The ship is average for the two vault hunters, but they don’t mind.

(y/n) straps themselves into one of the seats and lets Timothy control the ship, last time they did… it didn’t go well. (y/n) almost crashed the ship. So from now on, only Timothy drives.

“Did he ever say what the parts are for?” Timothy shakes out his nerves before answering, just because he’s nervous or even anxious doesn’t mean that (y/n) needs to be. He hates seeing them like that. It hurts.

“No, but hopefully he’ll tell us when we meet back up with him.” (y/n) turns to the window to look out at the stars, a wistful look present upon their features.

“Someday…” Timothy glances over to (y/n) every few seconds, checking on them and waiting for them to finish the sentence. “I want to move to a nice planet where we won’t have to worry about bringing enough bullets on a night out. We can relax and just… be. You know?” Timothy lets the statement sit in the air for a few moments, running it over and over in his head, again and again.

“Uh, we?” (y/n) gives Timothy a shy smile before slowly placing a hand on one of his arms.

“Yeah. We.” The Doppelganger feels himself become a bit flustered, he still doesn’t know how he found someone like them. Before he can relish in the butterflies in stomach feeling, Helios quickly enters his line of sight. A sense of dread hangs in the air as Timothy finally lands the small ship and gets out. He feels shaky, anxious; almost like he’s going to throw up. (y/n) seems oblivious.

He walks down a few hallways, not stopping by anything like he normally would. He wants nothing more than to get this meeting over with. Maybe then he can finally take (y/n) out on a date.

Wait. He pauses in his steps when he stops hearing 1 pair of footsteps following behind him. Timothy lets out a deep sigh and braces himself to hunt down (y/n) again.

They’re staring at the walls, they’re covered in… flowers?

“Why is the hallway to his office covered in flowers?” Timothy glances ahead to the large doors to Jack’s office. He’s trying to impress (y/n). Great.

“Come on, we’re almost there.” The two vault hunters walk through the large doors of Jack’s office to check in after their mission, but Timothy… what if he kills Timothy? “You wanted to see us, Sir?” Jack turns away from the giant window in his office to greet the two.

“Hey, Kiddos! Where are my parts that I asked for?” Timothy huffs out a sigh and hands his gun to (y/n) while he hands over the small parts to Jack, placing them all neatly on his desk.

“We got them. Is that all or–” Jack simply presses a button on his desk, Timothy and (y/n) watch in anticipation as a mask, identical to Jack’s, slowly rises from the ground.

“I need you to wear this is public. I don’t care what you do or who you do in your home, but You need to wear this to cover up your face. You are supposed to be my doppelganger after all. I’m not cruel enough to brand you though… Nobody should have to go through that.” (y/n) takes a step towards Jack, a careful hand placed on one of his arms.

“Sir, are you okay?” Jack takes a deep breath before standing up straight and brushing a hand through his hair.

“I’m great, Cupcake. How are you?” Timothy raises an eyebrow at what his boss his doing to his partner but it’s not like he can exactly tell his boss to fuck off. That would be suicide.

“Okay, is that all you needed?” Timothy clenches his jaw tightly as Jack wraps an arm around their shoulders, tugging them close to him.

“Well, me and Nish have been looking to excite things in the bedroom, you know? So what would you say about a three-way?” A blush is quick to find its way to (y/n), they stand still, shocked at the provocative question.

“I–uh… I don’t…” Timothy stands between the two, keeping (y/n) behind him as he deals with Jack’s advances.

“Are we getting paid anytime soon… Sir?” His teeth are clenched so tightly. He can’t even remember the last time he was this mad. Jack’s eyebrows raise, he’s actually impressed.

“Well look who grew a pair. Damn, Tim. Didn’t think you had it in you.” Jack presses a few buttons on his phone and the two vault hunters get notifications on their echo. Paid for their mission. “Sweetheart, you still don’t really have a place to stay, do you?” (y/n) peeks their head around Timothy’s broad shoulders, shaking their head. They haven’t really had a place to stay since Zarpodon. Timothy and (y/n) have been trying to get everything settled, and dealing with Jack on a daily basis was a full-time job on its own.

“No, I’ve just been kind of staying with Timothy.” Jack glances between the two before giving a final answer.

“We’re running out of single units, so I’ll just pair you two together in one of the two-bedroom units. You’re welcome. Now you’re free to leave.” Timothy grabs (y/n)’s hand in a firm hold and drags them out of his office, he continues to keep a steady pace to the center of Helios. Timothy lets out a deep sigh before dropping (y/n)’s hand.

“Are you okay, Timothy? I’ve never seen you so angry before.” He lets out a sarcastic laugh and crosses his arms over his chest.

“I’ve never been so angry… Would you actually have a three-way with him and Nisha?” (y/n) stares at Timothy for a moment, knowing how serious the question actually is. He would be crushed if they said yes.

“No, but if it were Moxxie and you then… yes. Because that’s a perfect combination.” Timothy laughs lightly before agreeing.


Timothy digs through his pocket to pick up his echo, it works more as a phone than anything but… it’s an echo.

“Looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit until our stuff is moved into the new unit. You wanna go get something to eat?” (y/n)’s eyes light up, anybody would think they were a child with how excited they get at the mention of food. They grab his hand tightly and drag him to their favorite place.

Timothy was just hoping for a simple date, but now he gets to live with (y/n), he’s more than happy. Too bad he had to go face to face with Jack to do so. He almost decked him.

One date at a time. One day at a time, Timothy will stick by their side for as long as he can. Not even Jack can come between him and (y/n). Not even a giant vault monster.

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Chapter Text

A coffee and huddling by the fire with (y/n) seems nice right now… The heater went out last night, I’ll have to grab another one tomorrow. I breathe out a breath of cold air as I enter the eerily quiet apartment. I swallow the lump that’s beginning to form in my throat before I take a few steps further, setting my things down as I do so.

“(y/n)? Babe? You home?” I know (y/n) doesn’t work Fridays… Usually. I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I hear shaky footsteps coming from the bedroom. I take long strides to the bedroom and quickly open the door, but Nobody’s insight. “Honey, you in here?” I wait a moment for them to answer.

“I’m here.” I walk closer to the bed as that’s where the voice came from. I slowly got down to my knees and lay down on my stomach. (y/n)’s under the bed again.

“Why are you under the bed?” I slowly push myself closer to the bed, where they are, but I can’t get under the bed myself, I’m too broad. (y/n) quickly tucks themselves into a ball before answering, slowly reaching a hand out to grab one of mine.

“It feels safer under here.” They’re shaking… Panic attack. This is the third one this week, what’s going on?

“What’s going on? You’re having more and more panic attacks. Is someone causing it?” (y/n) ducks their head away from me. “You need to tell me or else I can’t help you.” (y/n)’s hands continue to shake. What the hell is going on?

“My boss is… He’s…” I narrow my eyes slightly, what asshole is bothering them now?

“Who’s your boss?” (y/n) slowly uncurls themselves from a ball to glance at me.

“Why? What are you gonna do?” I let a small smile crease my lips.

“Well, considering I’m your boss’ main–big–boss, I can do whatever I want to him. So who is it?” (y/n) squirms under my stare slightly, inching their way closer to me.

“Hugo Vasquez. He’s in middle management, but he technically is my boss as well, over the robotics department. He’s been giving me a hard time… I don’t know what to do…” I slowly sigh, knowing exactly how they are talking about.

“Okay… Why don’t you come out from under there? It might make you feel better. We can talk more about it when you aren’t huddled under a bed.” My grip tightens only slightly as (y/n) slowly crawls out from under the bed with ease. Have they done this before without me here? “Shit, you’re still shaking.” I help (y/n) onto the bed before sitting next to them. “How long have you been like this?” I slowly, with caution, pull (y/n) into my chest.

“A few hours…” I take a deep breath, mental note; fire Vasquez in the best way possible later.

“Why didn’t you call me? I would’ve come straight home.” (y/n) exhales quickly, losing their breath. They slowly shrug their shoulders, their breathing slowly easing back to normal.

“I-I didn’t think that was an option.” I slowly wrap one arm around (y/n)’s back and the other under their legs before standing up.

“It’s always an option. Look, I’m gonna set you down on the couch and go make some hot chocolate for you. How’s that sound?” (y/n) gives me a small nod before I release my grip on them. I watch as they huddle curls into the corner of the couch for warmth. My jaw clenches tightly at their form. I’m gonna KILL the asshole that made (y/n) feel this way…

But first, I’ll make (y/n) that hot chocolate. It’s the least I can do for them…

I think I actually love them… Maybe.

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Chapter Text

Jesus Christ, another day with these assholes messing with me. Just because I’m a woman on the task force doesn’t mean they should fuck around with me because they think it’s funny.

“Why are you bothering me, Detective Reed? I just want to get a cup of coffee before I have to type in all of your reports.” He’s smirking. Fuck me.

“What was that, Rookie? You talking back to your superior?” I clench my fists tightly, they’re shaking. I want nothing more than to punch a hole straight through his face. But I can’t do anything. Especially to a ‘respected’ detective. I open my mouth to apologize to this pig-asshole of a detective, but Connor, the android detective, pulls me away from Gavin and a few other detectives and officers he’s trying to impress.

“Officer (l/n), are–” I hold up one of my hands to stop him from talking.

“Stop, just… Just call me (y/n). It’s easier that way. Officer (l/n) sounds too formal.” Connor clears his throat, restarting his sentence.

“(y/n), are you alright? I saw the way Detective Reed and the others were looking at you.” Dammit. I hate how puppy-dog cute he can be.

“Yes, I’m fine. They’re just bothering me a little. Nothing I can’t handle.” Connor and Lieutenant Anderson are really the only people here that have actually been nice to me since I’ve started working here a year ago. Yet, Detective Reed still insists on calling me ‘rookie’. I raise one of my eyebrows in confusion as Connor grabs my shoulders in a tight grip, almost in a protective manner.

“If they mess with you, they’re messing with me. I promise I’ll protect you from anything, anyone.” Wow, he’s being kinda possessive today.

“Okay, Connor. Relax, it’s just Gavin.” He’s coming over, shit.

“Hey,” Gavin shoves Connor away to continue berating me. “I wasn’t done talking to you, Rookie. You can’t get away just because you’re a girl.” Are you kidding me? Sexism? How childish is this man?

“Detective Reed, you are aware there are a few other female officers, right?” He scoffs, brushing off my valid point. Connor stands in front of me in a protective manner, staring Gavin dead in the eyes.

“Detective Reed, I recommend leaving this conversation before I report you for harassing Officer (l/n).” Gavin crosses his arms over his chest, trying to appear bigger than Connor.

“Like hell, I will! I’m not taking any orders from a piece of plastic.” Connor glares at Gavin, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him glare at anyone. He wouldn’t.

“I’m an android, not a ‘piece of plastic’. I’m a detective, please don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” Gavin’s face quickly becomes red with anger, he gives me one more look before he storms back into the breakroom, shoulder checking Connor before doing so. Connor watches Gavin for a moment before turning to me, no signs of anger evident on his features. “Are you alright? I’m sorry you had to see me like that, I don’t want to become anything like him.” Why on earth would he think that he’s anything remotely like Gavin? I grab both of his synthetic hands, capturing his eyes with my own.

“Connor, you’re nothing like him. I can promise you that. You’re saved more people and solved more cases in the past few months than he has in the past 3 years… You’re amazing compared to the likes of him. Thank you for protecting me, but be careful. I don’t want you getting hurt because he can’t control his actions.”

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Chapter Text

There she is again, painting the wall with only a few cans of spray paint. Sean holds a leg up to his chest as he admires her handiwork. With a simple mistake, everything could be compromised, ruined. And yet, she chooses to paint on the graffiti wall that the skate park provides instead of a notebook. As Sean continues in his not-so-subtle staring, Lyla comes from up behind him and suddenly places her hands on his shoulders, scaring him. 

“L-Lyla! Why do you always do that? Why can’t you just announce your presence like a normal person?” Lyla scoffs at the insult before walking into his line of vision. She knows how often he spends staring at (y/n) instead of actually skating. It made her a little annoyed at first but then she realized that the boy has a huge crush on her.

She should use some of her Lyla the love witch magic. 

"You should go talk to her. You spend enough time staring and drawing her to know her." Sean scoffs before grabbing his skateboard and turning towards the sidewalk that leads to his house. 

"No way. What would I even say to her? 'hey, I've been staring at you for the past couple of weeks and I think I really like you'. God, I sound like a total loser." Lyla nods her head in confirmation, the last thing that Sean wants to hear.

While Sean continues his staring and moping, Lyla makes quick work of taking a picture of one of Sean's many sketches of the graffiti artist from across the park since Sean doesn't have the guts to do anything right now, Lyla will give him a little push in the right direction. 

"Why don't you do a little skating while I talk to her?" Sean only furrows his eyebrows slightly, not knowing what Lyla plans to do exactly but trusting her. He slowly stands to his feet and grabs his skateboard, wanting to do a little skating while he can. 

Lyla watches him for a moment before jogging over to (y/n). She and Lyla are actually pretty good friends, they have the same history class so she might have a little advantage. 

"Hey, (y/n)." She turns her attention to Lyla as she approaches, phone in hand. 

"Lyla. Did you need help with the homework from history?" Lyla does need help on the homework, but she has more pressing matters at hand right now; getting Sean Diaz a date. 

"Later. I come in Pleasure, not business. You know Sean Diaz right?" Lyla sounds hopeful, if (y/n) at least knows of his existence, this will make everything much easier. She laughs lightly, slowly continuing the mural whole answering Lyla's questions. 

"How could I not? He's in half of my classes. He's sweet and a fellow artist. What's this about, Ly?" She bites her bottom lip before showing the artist before her what Sean has been up to as of today; sketching wise. 

"He admires you and your murals." (Y/n) chews on her bottom lip lightly before setting down the spray cans to give Lyla her full attention. 

"Wow… That's really sweet. I, um… I've been trying to talk to him because I like him and I want to get to know him better and I want him to know me and we could have cute art dates and… Sorry, I'm rambling again…" Lyla smiles at her friend, this will make things much easier. But before Lyla can utter a word about a date with Sean, who clearly shares the same feeling with (y/n), he storms up to the two, his main focus being Lyla. 

“Dude! You know how I feel about people taking pictures of my sketc--” Sean stops himself short, his eyes trailing from the mural that clearly depicts the school in hellfire to (y/n), who is nervously staring at him, expecting him to continue, but he doesn’t. 

Seeing her cue, Lyla quickly sidesteps away from Sean and his anger so he can talk to (y/n) alone. Her job here is done.

"Hi, Sean." He can't bring himself to say anything to her. He's too nervous. But so is she. "The drawings you did of me are amazing. I knew you had talent but those are just next level… C-could I see some more? Please?" The way her voice trembles with nervousness has Sean's heart-melting. He's been waiting for a moment to talk to her for weeks, maybe months. 

It takes another second of (y/n)'s staring before Sean snaps out of his fixated trance and pulls out his sketchbook. She gently pulls him to sit on the bench with her before reaching a hand out to grab the sketchbook from his hands. 

Sean's usually pretty touchy with who he lets see his sketches, let alone hold it but he trusts (y/n) or he wants to at least. He wants to know every aspect of her. 

"There might be some things you don't like in there." She doubts that. She's only a quarter of the way through and she already loves everything. Sean turns in on himself as he watches her flip to the section of sketches done of her. (y/n) pauses, absolutely adoring every line, every smudge. 

"Is… is that us in a milkshake diner?" Sean feels his face burning up, he doesn't even want to know how flustered he looks at the moment. He starts to take the sketchbook back to save himself from more embarrassment but she holds it just out of his reach. "Wait. I love it. It would be the perfect first date." Slowly, (y/n) tangles her fingers with his, her eyes locked with his. Sean's eyes flicker from her eyes to her lips then back to her enticing stare. 

"You mean it?" 

Sean's free hand slowly slips to carefully grasp (y/n)'s closest knee, wanting to be close to her. With only a nod to go off of, Sean is the first to lean forwards, watching as she is the one to close the gap. He can feel his lips tingling with the pressure she applies. Sean tightens his grip on her fingers as she slowly pulls away, only because she needs to breathe. 

“Of course. It’s getting late and I need to get home… Walk me?” Sean jumps up at the idea of spending even 5 more minutes together with her. Every moment counts. 

“I’d love to. Just give me a few minutes to grab my skateboard and tell Lyla I’m ditching her.” (y/n) gives him a sweet smile, a loving smile, one she grants to a chosen few. As she picks up her bag full of spray paint, she turns to him to press a quick kiss to his lips, happy that they both finally had enough courage to confess to each other. 

“Please be quick. I wanna plan our first date with you.” Sean bites his bottom lip lightly as (y/n) slowly makes her way to the entrance of the park, waiting for Sean to finish his small tasks. He’s never felt this way for anyone. It's a new feeling. But he is loving every second of it.

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Chapter Text

My knee bounced as (y/n) walked into my office.

“Hey, Rhys. I hope I’m not bothering you?”

“No, not at all. Not that I don’t love seeing you, but is there a reason why you’re here?”

“Henderson said that you have some papers that he needs?” I grabbed the small stack of papers and handed them to her.

“Do you wanna get together for lunch today? I have something I wanna ask you.” (y/n) leaned down to press a quick kiss to my lips.

“Sure, I’ll see you then, Rhysie.” I chewed on my bottom lip nervously as I watched the love of my life walk out of my office. I let out a small sigh as I stared at the small black box in my hand.

I looked up from my paperwork as (y/n) happily strolled into my small office at 12:00 exactly.

“What are you so cheerful about?” She sat down in the chair across from mine.

“Just happy that I can spend time with my loving boyfriend. Ok, before you ask your question, I want to …Say something, but…Uh–” I carefully watched as (y/n) pulled out a black box, one similar to the one in my hand. “Fuck it, do you wanna get married?” The room was silent for a few seconds before I started giggling. (y/n)’s expression immediately dropped. “So you don’t want to marry me?” I grabbed her hands to prevent her from leaving.

“No, no. That’s not it, it’s just-” I let go of one of (y/n)’s hands to grab the small box in my pocket. “Great minds think alike, right?” A few tears ran down (y/n)’s face as she pressed her lips to mine. “Hey, why are you crying?” I mumbled into her ear as I slipped the ring onto her finger.

“I just thought…I fucked everything up…Like I do with everything.”

“Hey, you don’t fuck everything up. You have me. That has to count for something, right?”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

(y/n) buries her face in her hands, letting out a loud groan of defeat. Mitch stands in front of her, his hair and skin black from something exploding in his face once more.

“Mitch, you wanna try to fucking explain why you almost blew up the fucking greenhouse?!” Mitch rolls his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest and letting out a small huff.

“It’s not a big deal, I don’t know why you’re overreacting. We haven’t used that greenhouse in years.” (y/n) slowly slides her hands down her face as she grabs Mitch’s forearms to pull him down to her height.

“Mitch… I have one question for you; Why?” The destructive boy cracks a smile before lightly shrugging (y/n)’s grip off of him. Without a word, Mitch disappears into the school, letting (y/n) stable her stance before walking to the stage in the center of the courtyard, where Rosie is laying still. “Hey, Rosie. It seems like you’re the only one who listens around here, huh?” Rosie nudges her head onto one of (y/n)’s thighs. Rosie lets out a small whine before (y/n) starts to pet her, mumbling a small rant as she pets Rosie’s surprisingly soft fur.

Violet watches from afar, she smiles. It’s so weird to see (y/n) doing something as mundane as petting Rosie. Everyone is always so worried about finding a place to sleep or eating or staying alive. But seeing something so simple makes Violet happy, just to see her girlfriend happy.

Without a word, Violet sits next to (y/n), immediately noticing how stressed she actually looks upon closer inspection. She slowly grabs one of (y/n)’s hands, alerting her of the arrival.

“Hey, you were sitting alone, I thought I’d keep you company.” (y/n) slowly turns her attention away from Rosie and to Violet, the stress on (y/n)’s features never depleting. Violet’s eyes crease in worry, why is her girlfriend so stressed? Is there a reason for the stress? Or is it just general? “You doing okay? You look really worried.” (y/n) shakes her head lightly, motioning her free hand to the school.

“Mitch almost blew himself up with another one of his bombs. You know how he is, he has a hard time listening to me or anyone else really. It’s just been a really long day.” Violet tightens her grip on (y/n)’s hand before dragging her into the school, towards the dorms. “Where are you taking me?” Violet quickly opens the door to her room and pushes (y/n) onto her bed before shutting the door behind herself. “Vi, what the hell?” Violet quickly climbs into the bed, wrapping her arms around (y/n) securely.

“I’m spooning you. You said that your day was hard, so I thought cuddling might help.” (y/n) slowly lets herself relax into Violet’s embrace, curling her body towards her girlfriend.

“Thank you, Vi.” Silence quickly fills the room as Violet cuddles (y/n)’s stresses away. They can deal with Mitch and the other kids later.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

Everything feels fuzzy, like an old TV blaring white noise from its speakers. My form, my AI form, is still tangible and solid. So it must be from Rhys knocking his head out so much. He’s gonna get some serious brain trauma if he keeps that up.

Why couldn’t I be stuck in somebody else’s head? Anyone? I’ll even take Rhys’ weirdly beefed up friend. Just anyone besides this dork. At the start of our little adventure, I found out that he’s obsessed with me. And I mean, who could blame him? All I need to do is find that machine and get my body back. It’s still a prototype but I’m out of options at this point.

Helios… it doesn’t look that different from when I last left it but… it still feels different. Why does it feel different? I can worry about that later, or never. I haven’t decided yet. The walls are still yellow, just how I like it. People are bustling and rushing to their next task like busy bees. The view is fine, from up here you wouldn’t be able to tell that Pandora is a planet full of psychos and murders. It actually looks pretty okay.

“We gotta get to the center of Helios…” Ugh… I’d kill to be stuck in (y/n)’s head…

Shit, (y/n)… It’s been a while since I’ve thought of her. I wonder if she’s still up here. For her safety, I hope she is.

I wonder how she’s doing, We both lost Nisha and then a week later I was killed… I have no idea what toll that took on her. Luckily for her safety, I kept her identity and relationship to me and Nisha a secret. We all thought that was best… I hope vault hunters didn’t find out about her. She’s still young, she can find a future still. I want her to, even if I can’t because I was too power-hungry and blind to what was happening from my own hands.

I want to hold her in my arms, just one more time… To tell her that’s I’m sorry and how much I love h–

Oh my, god… it’s her. (y/n)’s in the library, why is she up so high just shelving books? I thought she was a technician for the weapons… what’s happened since I’ve been gone?

What’s changed…? But (y/n); She looks the same like no time has passed. She looks beautiful but tired… I want nothing more than to wrap my arms around her…

God, I can feel my face heating up and my stomach is fluttering. I haven’t felt this way about anybody else before in my life. It’s a strange feeling.

It’s kind of hypnotic just to watch her do something as mundane as putting books on shelves in a library. She can make anything look graceful.

“Jack, what are you doing?” I jump out of my skin as Rhys sneaks up behind me. Crap, did he try to leave? I didn’t want to make (y/n) to well known but– ”We kind of nee–” I turn to stand in front of him, staring him down. I need to speak to her, hear her voice again.

“Let me use your body.” Rhys is unfazed by this point, he’s been stuck with me for weeks, far too long in my opinion. At first, it was kind of interesting but he just wants to be alone with his thoughts, as do I. I don’t need him snooping around with me either. Rhys slowly opens his mouth to ask why, I’m sure, but I cut him off, already having an explanation thought through. “I want to talk to my lovely girlfriend for a bit and she can’t exactly hear me in this form.” Rhys’ eyes crease in confusion, not too much of my personal life was ever leaked so I’m sure that he has some questions that I don’t have time for.

“I thought she–Nisha died… a while ago.” I roll my eyes at the comment but gesture to the noticeable form on the ladder in the library.

“Me, Nisha and (y/n) We’re a throuple or we used to be at least.” Rhys stares at me blankly, wait, is he judging me? No, that’s not happening! He’s probably one of the last guys to judge me about my personal life, I’ve been rooting around his head for weeks, he’s got some weird stuff in there. “Don’t judge me! (y/n) kept us in line when we went too far off the rails… We were chaotic and she was soft and patient.” God, I’ve missed her. It doesn’t feel like it’s been long, but I’m sure that it has for her. I can’t even imagine what it’s been like for her, for my Honey-bunches.

Before Rhys can answer, not like he has many choices in the matter anyway, the large ladder begins to topple and shake as a few employees brush past it roughly. Oh no. As (y/n) starts to fall from the high ladder, time slows down. I have just enough time to take control over Rhys’ body and catch (y/n) in his noodle arms. Luckily, his arms don’t give out because of my control. He’d pay for dropping (y/n), that’s certain.

“Caught you again, Honey-bunches.” The mixing of my own voice with Rhys’ shocks her, she looks up at Rhys wildly. That’s good, she clearly heard my voice. There might be a little hope just yet. She quickly climbs out of Rhys’ arms and crosses her arms over her chest. Even mad she looks like a goddess. How?

“Only one person knows about that and he’s–” She stops talking… God, her voice is so pretty. I almost forgot about it. Between her and Nisha, I was always flustered. (y/n) didn’t even have to try. “It’s impossible, right?” She sounds hopeful, I need to keep that up. I don’t want to see her upset. How long has it even been to her? (y/n) looks as if she’s about to cry, it has to be at least a year, right?

“Nakitiyama, or whatever the hell his name was, put an a.i. of me or meat-bag Jack into his I.D. drive… Guess that’s why I’m here now.” (y/n) wipes a few stray tears away from her face as she contemplates the situation clearly. Please believe me. I need you to. (Y/n) actually chuckles a bit at my choice of words. I always knew how to make her laugh.

“It’s possible. I… Okay.” I can see tears brimming, about to fall and there’s nothing I can do to comfort her physically. I make Rhys reach a hand out to grab one of hers, this is the best I can do right now. She’s almost glaring at the floor. What is she thinking about? “Is… Is Nisha here too or…?” I don’t answer, it’s too hard to think about. I’m just grateful that (y/n) wasn’t killed while I wasn’t around. But by not answering, (y/n)’s eyes cast to me, a knowing look, like she already knew the answer to her own question. I grip her hand a tad touch tighter before speaking.

“Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat.” A sensation of pride swells up in my chest seeing (y/n)’s face flare up with a blood rush because of my words. I’m sure that it’s been a long time for her… but for me? It feels like we were just talking about it… leaving Hyperion and starting a family. Shit…

“Jack-” I feel my nerves being pushed and shoved around as Rhys takes control again. I thought I would have more time. His body shudders almost violently, stopping (y/n) from saying anything as she stares at Rhys conversing with me. His hold on her separates almost too violently for my liking.

“What the hell, Rhys? That wasn’t nearly enough time.” Rhys gains his bearings again. I guess I can’t take over his body for long periods of time anymore. Great. How am I supposed to-

“Is he gone?” Luckily, I don’t have to tell Rhys to translate everything I want to tell (y/n), that would be a pain. Rhys retells the predicament that we’re in with me been inside his head and all. She looks almost hurt. Man, this sucks. There was a machine in my office and last I remember you could create an actual body with A.I.’s. It has to work. I turn to Rhys and begin to relay my message to him so he can tell (y/n).

“There’s a machine in my office that I have, I haven’t had it tested but… It could work.” (y/n) shifts awkwardly, she’s uncomfortable. It’s clear as day but there’s nothing I can do to comfort her at the moment. Soon. I’ll be able to. soon enough. Rhys bites on his bottom lip, thinking over the situation. We need to go into my office anyways for Gortys’ beacon. Hit two birds with one stone and all that, right?

“Okay, but how do we get there? I don’t have clearance for that.” (y/n) watches Rhys with an unsteady gaze, I know she’s still uncertain about me but she hasn’t run off yet. There’s a chance, I know there is.

I smirk to myself lightly, the trap door. We could easily get through there. It’s on the prison level if I’m not mistaken. Rhys is quick to notice my expression, He’s caught onto me.

“I’m surprised that You being such a big –Obsessive– fan of me didn’t know about the trapdoor in my office…” Rhys doesn’t say a word, not understanding what I’m insinuating at. I roll my eyes at his dumbass before gesturing in an upward direction. “We can go up the trapdoor, get into my office. Easy-Peazy.” Rhys runs a hand over his face like I’m the one stressing him out. Unbelievable. Wow. I’m a delight to be around and he can ask anybody.

He’s mumbling out loud to himself again, I’d think it was weird unless I knew that (y/n) does the exact same thing, which I do and she does. I glance over to her, checking in on her. I know all of this can be stressful to handle at once.

“I really don’t want to risk my life by crawling up a trapdoor.” The small comment gains (y/n)’s attention in a heartbeat. She glances at Rhys, eyes narrowing. A light-hearted laugh escaping her for the first time today.

“He, uh, Jack used to throw people down there when he got bored during meetings. It got messy.” (Y/n) pulls at the key card attached to her belt clip. It almost looks like the one I had… right? Man, so many things are still too fuzzy for me. Why? What the hell did Nakayama do? “–But I actually have access to his old office.” Rhys takes the incentive to follow (y/n) through the halls of Helios, leading us to my office. I can’t help but let my eyes wander to her form, she looks smaller than I remember… I’ll be able to hold her soon… I NEED to. I can’t go another minute without being to reach out and touch her.

My fists tense tightly, I’m so close to holding her. I look to (y/n) and take over Rhys’ voice once more, to get a final sentence out before she’ll actually be able to hear my own voice.

“This better work.”

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Chapter Text

“Hi, Connor. Is it that time of the day again?” The android prototype smiles lightly, this being his favorite time of the day with (y/n).

“Yes, what’s your favorite thing to drink?” (y/n) smiles, liking and very used to Connor’s mindless questions. He says that they’re meant for him to get to know her better, but she thinks that he has other intentions.

“You mean something besides Coffee? I guess, chocolate milk? I don’t know, I don’t drink much besides coffee anymore.” Connor rests his head on his hand, slipping into the seat across from (y/n), a look on concern flashing onto his features.

“I’m aware, you really should be careful. You’re at the brink of having too much caffeine in your system.” (y/n) slowly sets down her mug full of coffee as Connor finishes his thought. “Please promise me you’ll try to cut down?”(y/n) sighs overexaggerated before leaning back against her chair.

“Fine. Okay, what’s the next question?” Connor leans forward onto his arms, his face becoming closer to (y/n)’s.

“Why do you wear gloves? I wanted to ask a while ago, but… My missions were more important at the time.” (y/n) sits back for a moment, letting out a deep breath.

“I…” Connor’s eyebrows furrow in regret. Not a good question? “I think it’s better if I show you.” Connor closely watches as (y/n) carefully takes off her gloves, revealing prosthetics for fingers. Connor’s eyes widen slightly at the visual, a human with android-like fingers. This next question on his mind could lead to terrible things or (y/n) becoming upset.

“Could I ask what happened?” (y/n) flexes her fingers lightly, not used to seeing them out on display. She would normally hide them behind a pair of gloves, but Connor asked. If it were anyone else, she certainly wouldn’t oblige.

“It was a few years ago, I just started here… There was a riot. A nasty one. There were some androids and so many humans. I tried to stop them but they cut off my fingers for revenge of something. I blacked out before they could, but the next thing I know I have prosthetics instead of fingers.” Connor quirks his head to the side in confusion, almost puppy-like, anything that a human does or will do has always been quite confusing for him.

“If androids did that to you, why would you want to help them?” (y/n) drums her fingers on the desk, needing some use for movement.

“Androids didn’t do this to me. It was the humans… Every android I’ve ever met has been more humane than most humans. Funny, isn’t it?” Connor opens his mouth to say something but Gavin rushes up to (y/n)’s desk, gawking at the prosthetic.

“Holy shit! You’re like part android and shit! That’s freaky…” (y/n) groans but ultimately doesn’t say anything to stop Gavin’s teasing. Connor quickly stands to his feet, forcing Gavin to take one back. “What the fuck is your problem today, asshole?” Connor’s glare intensifies with the anger of a thousand suns.

“I’m a deviant now, and being a deviant, I can say and do whatever I want. Stop messing around with (y/n) and her beautiful prosthetic or I’ll actually make your life worse than it already is.” Gavin’s face is an insane amount of red at the moment, and Connor is loving every single minute. “Bitch.” Gavin, flabbergasted, walks away without saying a word…

“Con, you didn’t have to do that. It’s just Gavin…” He turns around grabbing one of her hands, all while turning off his artificial skin on the hand connected to hers.

“Now we match.”

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Chapter Text

“What do you mean ‘No.’? When I tell you to do something, you do it.” (y/n) stares down at her feet, glaring. She knows full well that Marlon is the leader, that’s how it’s been for years. But that doesn’t mean that he can just pour chores and tasks onto her. It isn’t fair.

(y/n)’s jaw is clenched tightly, she doesn’t want to say anything that she’ll regret. Marlon is as tough as he looks. She knows that first hand.

“I mean, I don’t like being the only one who has to do chores or go out and hunt just because you said so. You know damn well how dangerous being alone out there is.” Marlon crosses his arms over his chest and sits on top of his desk, letting her words sit in the air for a few minutes. He knows she’s right, but he doesn’t want to admit it. “It’s like you don’t even care what happens to me.”

“Maybe I don’t. What’s one person’s life when it means the rest of us will be fine?” (y/n) takes a step backward, shocked that he could and would say such a thing, and to her face. What if he tries something? Nobody will hear.

Marlon stands up, his statue overwhelming (y/n)’s easy. With his height and strength, she won’t stand a chance. Marlon stalks forwards to her, intimidating her. (y/n) continues to back away until her back meets the wall. Before Marlon can do so much as to raise a hand, Violet bursts through the door, her form seething with anger.

“What the fuck are you doing? Get away from her!” Violet shoves Marlon away from (y/n), placing a cautious hand over where her knife is located in the case that Marlon gets aggressive again with her in the room. “You think just because you’re the leader you can push (y/n) around all you want? You shouldn’t even be the leader if this is what you’re going to do with your title.” Marlon scoffs and tries to place the blame on (y/n), as per usual. He crosses his arms and sits on his desk once again.

“(y/n)’s the one refusing to go out and help.” (y/n) returns to glaring at him silently, waiting for Violet to do something. Surely she won’t believe him.

“How dumb do you think I am? I heard everything, Dipshit. You’re overbearing her with too much, she collapsed just yesterday! Take it easy.” Marlon takes a step towards the two girls, but Violet only perceives it as threatening. Her hand clutches her knife tightly, ready to strike at any moment.

“Don’t, Vi.” The irrationality in Violet slowly fades, she knows that the other kids would go ballistic if she killed Marlon.

“Fine, I’ll take half of (y/n)’s chores if you promise to stop getting in her face about it.” Marlon shrugs his shoulders lazily and walks back to the desk to see where else they can get food. Violet is quick to pull (y/n) out of the room and into the hallway of the dormitories, where they’ll be safe.

“Violet, why did you do that?” The harsh teenager slides her hand from (y/n)’s wrist to hold her hand tightly. Her eyes bore into (y/n)’s with greater intensity than anything either of them has seen.

“If he’s going to treat you like shit, I’m going to kick his ass. I won’t let anyone harm you or degrade you like that again. Marlon is definitely no exception to that. You of all people don’t deserve that and I’m not going to put up with it.” (y/n) knows that there’s nothing she can say or do to change Violet’s mind. Once she puts her head to something, there’s no use in arguing.

“Okay, come on. We better get started on those chores.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

(y/n) glares at the back of some assholes, they think pushing people around on the train is funny. There’s still 20 minutes until the train stops so they can finally get off and go home.

“Ah!” The sharp word escapes (y/n)’s lips without any warning. Luckily, a pair of arms catches them before they can collide to the cold floor of the train. One of their gloves fly off their hand without their notice, their attention more focused on whoever caught them. (y/n)’s eyes shoot up to meet their savior, an android. Rk800.

“Are you alright?” (y/n)’s breath gets caught in their throat, preventing them from speaking for a moment; flustered.

“I-I’m fine, thank you.” Connor slowly helps them stand upright before crouching to the floor to retrieve one of their gloves.

“Hey, you dropped your glove. It’s cold, you don’t want to be losing it.” (y/n)’s face only becomes redder as they grab the glove, slowly slipping it onto their hand.

“Thank you, I’m (y/n). It’s a pleasure to meet you. You’re that android that helped with the revolution, right?” Connor slowly nods his head, letting the hand that had briefly touched (y/n)’s hand, lay limply at his side.

“Yes. I’m Connor, I-… I help the Detroit police with Android and human cases.” (y/n) notices the pause in his introduction.

“Could I ask what you’re doing so far outside of Detroit?” Connor tilts his head to the side lightly, before he opens his mouth to answer but the train shakes, forcing (y/n) to stumble. Connor reaches out to steady them by placing his hands on their waist.

“You’re going to continue to fall if you don’t hold the handlebars.” (y/n) lets out an embarrassed laugh, before lifting their arm to try to reach the bar but coming short.

“I’m not tall enough to reach.” Connor stares up at the unused handlebar for a moment before releasing his hands from their waist and grabbing the handlebar closest to (y/n), giving them a small look. (y/n) sheepishly grabs one of his artificial biceps, stabilizing them to the ground. “Thank you.”

“Clearing my head.” (y/n) glances up to meet Connor’s gaze.

“What?” Connor politely clears his throat before repeating his previous statement.

“You asked me what I’m doing so far away from Detroit, I need to clear my head. Normally, I wouldn’t need to, but because I’m a deviant now, I feel more…” Connor slowly trails off, not knowing or wanting to say the word.

“Human, alive. That makes sense.” He smiles, feeling comfortable around this human. There aren’t many that speak to him as if he were human.

“What are you doing out here if you don’t mind me asking?” (y/n) smiles, knowing that their stop is coming soon.

“There’s this beautiful meadow just outside of town. Nobody has touched it in years, thankfully. I go there when I need some peace and quiet away from the city.” Connor nods thoughtfully, watching as (y/n) readjusts their bag over their shoulder and glances towards the doors as they slowly open. “Well, this is my stop. It was nice to meet you Connor. Thank you for what you did earlier and I hope we meet again.” Connor stares after (y/n) as they leave the train, a wistful look crossing his features.

Connor stares at his arm, where (y/n)’s hand was only moments ago. He doesn’t know much about them but he does know that he wants to meet them again; the same as (y/n). Maybe they’ll get a chance in Detroit.   

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

(y/n) mutters a few words to herself as she stashes all the guns and anything else they might need into a few bags. They being herself and Clementine. The door slowly creaks open to reveal Clementine just waking up, rubbing her eyes tiredly. There’s still some childish spark in her still, after all the things that have happened to her.

“Good morning, Clementine. You should probably hurry up and get ready; we need to keep moving.” She slowly nods her head before replying.

“Okay, Mom.” Both parties of the group freeze in unison. (y/n) discontinues packing and quickly turns to Clementine, who’s face is now bright after realizing her mistake. “I-I’m sorry, (y/n). It just slipped out and–” (y/n) grabs the younger girl's shoulders gently, in a maternal fashion.

“Clementine, do you see me as a mother figure?” Her face only becomes brighter as the second's edge by.

“Yes… Between you and Lee, you were all I had…You know what happened to my parents… I miss him…” (y/n)’s eyes cast downwards at the thought of Lee. (y/n) lets go of Clementine to grab a photo from her bag.

“I don’t think I ever told you this, but… I knew Lee from before.” (y/n) hands Clementine a photo of herself and Lee about 10 years ago. “We met senior year of high school, he was always a good person… Clementine, if you want to call me ‘Mom’, you’re more than welcome to. I don’t mind it at all.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text



  • Violet can be possessive when it comes to her significant other and saying that is a bit of an understatement. She’s almost stabbed a kid for talking to (y/n)
  • Then again, that was when Violet was 12. Younger times, more immature.
  • Nowadays, Violet is still cautious with other people when it comes to (y/n), she’s not afraid to hurt someone if (y/n) gets injured
  • If any of the guys mess with (y/n), they’ll have to answer to Violet and her trusty knife, which none of them want to do. Not that any of them would harm or mess with (y/n) in any way
  • There are a series of things the two talk about late at night but one thing that Violet can’t get out of her head? Chicken nuggets “I really miss chicken nuggets. Remember when they would give them out for lunch once a week? I really miss those days.”
  • Violet would insist on being on the same missions of chores as (y/n), she wants to spend as much time as she can with her significant other. There’s not much else to do anymore.
  • The dates that Violet plans usually consist of stargazing, Archery practice and listening to whatever CD’s she can find around the campus.
  • Marlon is the most of Violet’s worries, he has the tendency to push (y/n) too far
    • Giving her more chores than the rest of the school
    • More hunting missions
  • Violet always has a stern talking with Marlon, almost to the point of threatening him.
  • She tends to get kind of moody so having an S/O that is patient and kind means the world to her.
  • (y/n) is the only one she really gets soft around
    • Small dances with no music
    • Stargazing almost every night
    • Patrolling together
    • Fishing together
  • She <3’s (y/n).

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Prompt List

Chapter Text



  • Being the leader of the school, Marlon has grown quite accustomed to calling his S/O ‘Queen or King’
  • He has complete control over who gets what job, which means that his S/O is usually in the school where Marlon can keep a close eye on them. He doesn’t know what he’d do if they got hurt or killed.
  • After a few years into the apocalypse, Marlon started staying in (y/n)’s room more and more often because of the nightmares
    • they would get progressively worse each time that Marlon didn’t spend the night with (y/n)
  • Marlon is highly protective over (y/n), going as far as to try to keep a hold on them for as long as he can
  • He isn’t the biggest fan, but (y/n) lets Rosie stay in the same bed as them. Marlon argues that there isn’t enough room for all three of them
  • “Babe, I mean it. This is a twin bed, only 1 person is supposed to even sleep in here, let alone 2 teenagers and a full-grown dog.” (y/n) leans down to give Rosie a quick kiss on the head, laughing lightly at her boyfriend’s expression of slight distaste.
    • “But she’s so sweet.” Marlon snaps his fingers harshly and gestures for Rosie to get off of the bed, which she passively does.
  • Marlon doesn’t standby when someone gives (y/n) any trouble, he’s the kind of person who tries to stand up for himself and others, even if it doesn’t always go over well
  • He can sense in an instant when they’re feeling down, like an instinct of sorts. /he’ll rest a hand around their waist or shoulder/ most of the worries usually being about getting enough food or wanting everyone to be safe, the usual stuff
  • “You shouldn’t have to worry like this, you’re working too hard. You should take the rest of the day off, relax… I hate to see you like this.”
    • Marlon will physically force (y/n) to take a break multiple times a day because they have a tendency to want to help out too often
  • Marlon is a generally angry person, on a particularly stressful day, he is quick to resort to anger.
    • on those days, all it takes to calm him down is a gentle touch
      • a small kiss
        • but those tend to end up being more than just small kisses
        • wink wonk
  • Speaking of kissing, the kisses that (y/n) and Marlon share are from small pecks to full out make-out sessions in the hallways of Ericson, just because Marlon can
  • As a boyfriend, if he could, he would keep (y/n) in his arms all day and not let them see the world
  • Nobody deserves to live in a world like this.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text



“Well, Well, Well… ain’t our newest hero, Tin-man! You know, I would’ve cracked that android if it weren’t for you.” (y/n) glances away from their hot coffee to glare at their partner. He doesn’t particularly like androids. There might be a reason, there might not be.

“Gav, leave him alone.” The detective scoffs of course and stands up to compare his height to Connor, the RK800. His ego only deflates slightly at the height difference.

“It’s not a He. And I can do whatever the hell I want to it.” The hot coffee in (y/n)’s hands is becoming more and more similar to their anger toward Gavin.

“Gavin.” Stern, (y/n) feels more equal to the androids than most people do. He doesn’t say anything to Connor, choosing to head back to his seat next to (y/n), watching Connor with hawk eyes as he quickly leaves the break room.

“Fucking androids. I said that we don’t need them! We’re doing a good job enough on our own.” (y/n) can almost hear the high pitched whistle of the anger go off as they do, (y/n) doesn’t understand Gavin’s consistent hate towards the machines.

“Reed!” This definitely gets his attention. He looks more surprised than angry. “I can’t fucking take it anymore.” (y/n) stands up, wanting to feel bigger. “I don’t understand why you hate androids, they haven’t done anything to you and– He hasn’t done anything to you. Get your head out of your judgemental ass and shut the fuck up.” (y/n) slowly walks out of the kitchen area, feeling satisfied for the first time in weeks.

they almost screech as a hand grabs their arm to pull them aside.

The RK800.

“Why did you say those things to Detective Reed?” (y/n) stutters, knowing what to say but not knowing how to piece it all together.

“I’m not apologizing for what I said to that asshole, he was saying terrible things about you. If that’s what you were implying.” Connor slowly releases (y/n)’s arm, a small smile crawling to his face.

“I’m not, but what Detective Reed says to and about me don’t affect me. But thank you. I think I would have gotten in trouble if I said anything to him.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text



“–All I’m saying is that you don’t need to do everything she says.” He really isn’t the biggest fan of Clementine. I was hoping everything would be resolved after the greenhouse but I guess I was wrong.

“Mitch, I’m just trying to help Clem out. The Raiders will be here tonight and I don’t want to be… I don’t want the raiders to take me.” A wave of shock resides through my body as Mitch grabs one of my hands to calm me down. I never pegged him to be the sensitive type. I can feel his thumb tracing shapes into my skin. Somehow, it’s actually calming me down.

“I promise you, on my life, that they won’t take you. Not if I can help it.” He serious. He’ll protect me? “Come on, you can do Clementine’s task later. Everyone is fine. We’re all almost ready. You can come with me and help me make my bombs.” I give him a look, he already knows what I’m about to say but it doesn’t seem to get through to him. My words go in one ear and out the other. God, those eyes. He has the worst puppy dog eyes, it’s like they just pull you in and don’t let go… but–

“Mitch, I don’t know how I would be useful. I have no idea what even goes in bombs. I need to go back to Clem. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” I give his hand a reassuring squeeze before pulling my hand out of his loose grip. I grant him a small smile before I slowly walk away from him and his finished bombs. I may not know too much about bombs but I do know that he has been finished for at least 20 minutes. What if I had said yes? What would he want to do with me? Talk?

Well, he was the last person to check on, besides Violet and Louis, but then I need to go check in with Clem.

Great. I’m sure the three saw everything. I walk up to Louis who is trying to figure out how to work the bow.

“Hey, Louis. Everything okay over here?” The taller boy slowly puts down his bow and turns to me, a light smile spread across his features.

“Yeah, I’m kinda getting the hang of this. But what I really want to talk about is you and Mitch. What was that whole thing over there? You guys were having a moment. You two would make a cute couple.” I press a hand to my face, hoping to cool the hotness as my blood quickly rushes to my face within a matter of seconds of hearing mention of his name. I like Mitch, I do. I’m sure he feels the same considering how he held my hand and everything.

“He was comforting me about this whole Raiders thing. I’m really scared about it.” Louis’ eyes become softer, a hand reaching out to console me but he stops short as his gaze meets something behind me. He lets out a small laugh before letting his hand lay limp at his side.

“You don’t need to worry about it, Mitch looks like he’s ready to attack me after just trying to touch your shoulder. I think the Raiders should be afraid of him. You should talk to him about how you feel after this thing is over, okay?” I smile up at Louis, thanking him silently before I turn around to check in with Violet and Clem. God, they are in love. If their aura with each other isn’t enough, they always seem to be holding hands with each other.

But Mitch…

I turn slightly to the other side of the yard to see Mitch sitting on the park bench and staring at me intensely, I do want to talk to him, like all day, but I should Check in with Clem. I give Mitch a small wave. I can see his face flaring up from over here.

“(y/n)! Stop flirting and get over here!” I jump in my spot and quickly run over to where Clem and Violet are sitting. I can feel how hot my face is right now, It’s kind of making me dizzy. But that’s no excuse. “How is everyone? Are we ready?” I give Clem a small nod and gesture vaguely with my hands.

“I mean, there were a few arguments, but I got them settled. We’re all ready.” Violet nudges Clementine in the side, she’s smirking. Are they planning something else for the Raid? What else can we do? We barricaded the gates, everyone is armed, we have traps, bombs, not to mention that the school is in the middle of a forest and is difficult to find.

“And Mitch? How’s he?” Why are they asking about Mitch? Did everyone watch us while we talked?

“He’s ready too. His bombs work great and he’s got plenty for the Raiders.” Clementine shakes her head lightly, standing to her feet and stretching lightly.

“That’s not what I meant. He has like the biggest crush on you, you two should talk about that after this thing is through.” I narrow my eyes lightly and cross my arms over my chest. Does everyone know about this? First Louis and now Clem?

I open my mouth to tell her that I had already planned on it. Willy shouts from the top of the watchtower.

“It’s the Raiders! They’re here!” Louis runs over to me quickly and hands me the bow before arming himself with Chairles. The rest of the kids get into position as the gates are knocked into. I thought there was going to be some sort of negotiation but I barely have enough time to shoot enough bows into some of the Raiders before I am tackled into the dirt. My bow flings out of my grip as a heavy adult settles on top of me.

I can feel my body squirming to get him off of me, but he’s too heavy.

“We could have made this really simple, you just hand over a couple of kids and we leave you along for a good bit. Simple enough, right?” I glare at the man on top of me, Abel. Clem found him in the woods while she was trying to get food for the school. There was no way she could have known that Abel was part of the Raiders or that she knew the leader from a long time ago.  

“Why would we do that? So we can win your little war for you? And then you’ll just feed us to the Walkers? No thanks.” A whimper escapes my throat as a knife is pressed against my neck. Clementine is busy facing against Lily to help me. If I could just reach for the knife in my pock–

I feel shock overwhelm me as Mitch appears out of nowhere and roughly shoves Abel off of me and stabs his leg, preventing him useless for the rest of the fight. I’m shaky as Mitch pulls me to my feet and tosses my bow towards me.

“We’re talking later.” What does he mean? About what?

I can’t think about it now. I need to make sure that everyone is alright. Mitch runs to the side of the building, lighting bombs and throwing them into the field, blowing away half of the army.  

“We’ll be back for the rest of you!” Mitch pushes me behind his back at the sound of Lily’s announcement, I don’t fight with him about where I’m positioned. Abel, he… I could have died if it weren’t for Mitch.

“Are they gone?” Mitch holds a hand out, blocking anybody from coming near me, not that anybody is in the vicinity. At the sound of Horses’ trotting away, Mitch gives me a small nod of his head and grabs one of my hands gently, turning his body to face me.

“Are you okay? Hurt?” He’s so worried about me? Why? I shake my head softly, I have a headache and some bruises but I’ll be okay.

“Just a headache and scrapes, nothing I can’t handle.” Mitch drags me to the front of the school where Clementine, Violet and the rest of the kids are waiting.

“Is everyone okay?” Clem’s face brightens a touch once seeing me, but she carries on her leadership duties of checking on everyone. I turn to Mitch, my hands still shaking from my encounter with Abel.

“And you? Are you okay? I didn’t really see you until… until you saved my ass.” Mitch ruffles my hair lightly, his fingers combing through my locks lightly. He’s smiling at least, that’s a good thing.

“You don’t need to worry about me. My bombs did most of the heavy lifting for me anyway.” I jump towards Mitch as a yell is ripped into the air. Abel. I glance at the taller boy next to me for a moment before staring at Abel as Clementine throws him in front of our small group.

“Who stabbed him?” Mitch immediately comes forwards, not ashamed that he did that to someone. I guess Louis was right.

“If I didn’t, he would have killed (y/n).” The air is still so tense. I thought things would be better afterward, but… it’s almost like it’s getting harder to breathe. “Do what you will with that information, but I would gladly do it again if the opportunity came up. I’m going to bed. (y/n), come on.” The yard is silent as Mitch drags me into the dormitory building. Why are they being so quiet? Maybe planning an attack on the raiders? Mitch is tense as we walk up to his room, should I leave? I don’t really know what he is planning.

“So, I–” Mitch walks in, pushing me lightly to his bed before shedding himself on his jacket. Somehow, the buildings were always warmer than the weather outside. Even after all of this time.

“Why were you on the front lines?” Is that what he’s worried about?

“It was purely a coincidence, but Clementine wanted me next to her to fight.” Mitch sits next to me on the bed. He still has something else he wants to say, doesn’t he?

“You got hurt.” I bite my bottom lip lightly in an attempt to keep the tears in. I’ve never been more scared for my life than I was at that moment. “Oh, shit. You’re crying.” I try to use a hand to wipe away my tears but more just appear in their place. I reach over to grab Mitch’s hand but he ends up engulfing me in his arms, a hand combing through my hair to soothe me.

“I felt so helpless, I couldn’t reach my knife or my bow… I couldn’t do anything.” Mitch’s hold on me becomes tighter and tighter.

“I won’t let you feel like that again. I’m sorry I wasn’t there sooner.” I glance up at him and feel an urge overtake me. “I like you, like a lot. Tonight only proved that further. When I saw him on you, I snapped. I’m surprised I didn’t kill him.” I lean forwards to gently press my lips to his, he quickly returns by kissing back. He slowly pushes me so my back is on the bed. “I promise that I’ll take care of you. That’s not going to happen to you again. Besides, you’re more suited for Stealthy, not right in the middle of the action.” I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down for another kiss.

I’m glad that he was there to save me. I thought something might’ve happened to me,

Or him.

Mitch is holding me like I’m his lifeline. I think he’ll keep his promise.

I trust him.

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Chapter Text

Another shot, another swing of hard alcohol. This can’t be good for my low self-esteem, but who cares? Me. I do. I should stop now before I get too hammered, I still need to walk home. I stare at the swirling pool of hard rum in my small glass as I lightly spin the cup around, careful as to not spill a drop of the liquid.

I slowly look up as Moxxi crosses her arms and lays them on the bar right in front of me, what is she up to? There’s no one else in the bar except the two of us.

I should get going before I regret drinking way too much. I slowly stand from my comfortable seat and pay my tab before slowly turning towards the door but I’m stopped when Moxxie grabs my arm. What’s going on?

“Wait, you’re not gonna leave without accepting my request for a date, are you?”

No way she’d ever be talking to me. What is she talking about? She’s playing with me, right? I can’t even remember the last time someone even asked me out.

I slowly pull my arm out of her grasp before grabbing my bag full of everything I need for Pandora; guns, ammo, etc.

“That’s not funny, you shouldn’t joke around like that. Especially with someone like me, I might actually take it seriously.” I turn around and head for my home on the edge of Sanctuary, I always did like the view from there, I don’t spend enough time there though. I should head to bed, it’s getting late.

I wake up in the middle of the night, gasping, letting the cold sweat stick to my forehead. Another nightmare. I’ve been having more and more of those lately. Is the stress of this planet really getting to me? I thought I was stronger than this.

My heart nearly leaps out of my chest as someone loudly and abruptly pounds on my door. Jesus, who could that be at this hour? I’m pretty sure it’s nearly 3 in the morning. I slowly remove myself from the bed and walk to the front of the small home. I sleepily rub my eyes as I open the door.

Moxxi. What the hell is she doing here?

“Ms. Moxxi, er, Ma’am… What are you doing here?” She’s wearing cute overalls. Where did she even get that?

“I demand to know why you didn’t accept a date with me!” She was serious about that? I fucking turned down Mad Moxxi. Jesus, I really am hopeless.

“I, um–” She props herself against my open door.

“Can I come in? Pretty please?” It doesn’t seem like there’s a way out of this. I slowly get out of her way and gesture her to come inside. It’s fairly clean, I’m not home much though.

“Sure.” Moxxi stumbles into my home, using me for support. I think my head is going to explode. I didn’t even know she had this kind of accent, it’s beautiful. I’m so C O N F U S E D and attracted. But this isn’t the right time. “Okay, let’s get you on the couch.” I wrap an arm around Moxxi’s waist before I lift her off her feet to carry her to the couch, using my other arm to support her legs.

“Whoa! You’re so strong!” She lets out a drunk giggle, nudging her head close to my chest. My face is heating up. I can feel it. I carefully set her on the couch before staring at her. I’m not going to get any coherent answers out of her when she’s like this. As cute as she looks and sounds, I need sober Moxxi. “Why are you staring at me like that? Do you see something that you like?” My face darkens in color, causing me to turn the opposite way of her.

“I’m gonna make you something to eat, just… Stay right there.” I quickly control my breathing before making her an omelet, one of the few things I know how to cook. I tap my foot anxiously as the omelet slowly cooks, almost ready. I stiffen as I feel a body pressed against mine, her nails raking down my chest lightly.

“Wow, I didn’t know you had such a nice body. I fell for your vibe, the way you mumble into your hard liquor or the way your hair is always so disheveled.” I nervously gulp as one of her hands becomes tangled in my hair, brushing through the strands lightly. I slowly turn off the burner and spin on my heel to face Moxxi. She’s making me feel insane feelings for her.

“Here, I made you something to eat because you’re a bit drunk and I need to sober you up.” Moxxi slowly pulls away, keeping a hand on my arm.

“Not drunk! Just a bit tipsy! I like to have fun… I haven’t had one guy make me something to eat… I guess you are different from the rest.” I set down her plate on the small table and her Moxxi into her seat. I stand away from her and ponder.

How long is it going to take to get her sober again? She’s pretty hammered right now. I should get her to sleep once she’s finished.

It’s taking longer than I thought it would to put her to bed. Christ, it’s like putting an actual child to bed.

“Why don’t you sleep here tonight?” Moxxie slides into my bed with no shame, snuggling herself under the covers.

“Where are you sleeping?” I glance over to the couch for a moment, that won’t be comfortable.

“Don’t worry about it. Just get some rest.” Moxxi passes out within seconds of me talking to her. I should get a few hours of rest before the sun rises. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with her though.

I hear the shuffling of my bedsheets as I wake up the next morning, the smell of her perfume trapped in the 4 walls of my home. Right, I wonder if she remembers what she said or did last night.

“What the hell am I doing here?” I quickly stand up from my position on the couch to make some coffee, to wake both me and her up.

“Hey, you’re awake. Good. I’m making some coffee.” Moxxi sits at the counter bar, a hand held to her head. A headache.

“Fuck. What happened last night? My head is killing me. And why am I here?” I carefully set down a cup of coffee in front of Moxxi. Her head shoots up wildly. “Oh my, God! Did we–no… I wanted the first time to be perfect.” She’s going down a spiral.

“Relax. Nothing like that happened. Would it be so bad if it did?” She slowly grabs the cup of coffee, lightly drumming her fingers on the cup to occupy herself.

“no… Not at all but I want to remember it and you… I didn’t say or do anything too embarrassing, did I?” My face turns from its normal shade to a vibrant red. Moxxi ducks her head away from my gaze. “oh no. What did I say?” I quickly take a seat across from her.

“You kinda… Confessed to me and…” She sighs in exhaustion and embarrassment. “You felt me up, a bit.” Moxxi is getting redder and redder by the second.

“Oh god. I’m sorry. Can I make it up to you? Please? So we can forget about this embarrassment of a night?” I smile lightly, I can feel my esteem growing. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

“I’ll accept that date with you, I didn’t think you were serious yesterday, but I am never forgetting last night”

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Chapter Text


[Clem’s Pov]

  • She’s been acting off, (y/n).
  • She’s tough, always has been, ever since all of this started. She really stepped up to help me survive. If it weren’t for her, I would have gone mad a long time ago.
  • But there were some shots from a distance and now she’s acting differently.
  • We ducked in time and the walkers starting to stumble in our direction which isn’t good. We’re gonna have to go back to the school without gathering any food, it’s safer for us in the case that someone actually finds us
  • What is she’s bitten?

[yours pov}

  • Oh god. No, no, no. this wasn’t supposed to happen. Not to me, it’s going to crush clementine if I don’t make it
  • The shots in the distance, the bullet went to me. I don’t know if it’s even fatal or not. I don’t want Clem to find out, she gets so worried over me and AJ
  • I just need to survive and hold everything in until I can get to Ruby. once she patches me up I’ll be okay
  • Right?
  • The school is in view, clementine’s saying something but I can’t hear over the ringing of my ears.
  • Wait, ringing?

[3rd pov]

  • Clementine darts forward to catch (y/n) as she quickly falls over, the gates quickly slam open and Ruby comes running out.
  • A chocked sob escapes out of Clementine as her eyes catch sight of the blood reaching (y/n)’s outer layers of clothing. How did she not notice sooner?
  • “Step back, I’ll try to patch her up the best I can.” Clem’s hands are shaky and clammy but she hesitantly let’s go and takes a few steps away to let Ruby work in peace and hopefully, save her girlfriend’s life.
  • Why didn’t (y/n) tell her that she got shot, how did she not notice it from the way she was walking and not talking???
  • “Clem?” Her eyes shoot open, looking for a sign of her beloved girlfriend.
  • Clementine doesn’t waste a second in running to her, whispering reassuring things to her.
  • “Sorry I didn’t tell you, You just get so worried these days.”

Clementine waits as Ruby slowly finishes patching (y/n) up before leaving the two alone for a moment.

  • Clem grabs (y/n)’s hand, not wanting to let go in fear that she’ll slip away

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Chapter Text

Aching muscles and creaking bones. The missions are becoming increasingly difficult and long. Maya is considering bringing her lovely girlfriend along next time so they won’t be separated for so long.

(y/n). Maya hasn’t even been able to call her because she’s been too busy killing bandits. Why they didn’t call somebody else much closer, Maya has no clue.

The beautiful siren stands up straight for a moment, gripping one of her shoulders with a hand and popping it back into place. This mission was more difficult than she thought, the bandits did get a bit of the jump on her. That won’t happen again.  

It can’t happen again, not as long as she has (y/n).

Maya stares up at the small house she was given after the whole Jack and his warrior fiasco. (y/n) should be inside, nice and comfy. Maya takes a deep breathe before quickly walking up the steps and places a hand on the doorknob. She’s hesitant to walk in, the journey was longer than she thought it would be. What if (y/n) is mad?

“I need to face this head-on.” Maya readjusts the bag that carries all of her guns and slowly steps inside the house. She hears the light buzzing of a tv show, (y/n) must be home. She slowly peeks around the corner to see her lovely girlfriend snuggled up against a pillow, watching the screen in front of her attentive. But her outfit… she’s wearing one of Maya’s shirts. Her comfy shirts to be clear. Maya drops her things onto the floor, making her presence clearly known to her partner.

“Maya?” (y/n) is quick to hop up from the couch and greet her girlfriend excitedly. “When did you get back? I was going to greet you at the gates.” The siren huffs lightly, exhaustion quickly filling her senses but not wanting to pass out until she can get a few words in to (y/n).

“Just now. Is that my shirt?” (y/n) glances down quickly and sees that her very tired girlfriend is correct.

“Right! Well, it got really cold earlier and I missed you but I didn’t want to call you because I know you were really busy helping other people and junk so…” Maya isn’t even listening anymore. She’s just happy that Sanctuary didn’t blow up in her absence. She’s happy that (y/n) is okay and that she’s here and very supportive of her career choice. Not like there’s much else to do around here but do odd jobs or look for a vault. Maya takes a quick look over of (y/n), it doesn’t look like much happened to her in the week Maya had to leave. That’s good. She doesn’t know what she would do if (y/n) wasn’t around anymore. “–And, hey. Are you okay? You look exhausted. Come here.” Maya blindly follows (y/n) as her hand is grabbed and she is quickly pushed onto the couch. Maya’s eyelids feel so heavy right now, she hasn’t slept in a while due to the mission and the absence of (y/n). “I’ll go get you some water, you try to rest.” Maya nods lightly, already drifting into a deep slumber. She needs a nap after the mission.

Next time, she’ll bring (y/n) along.

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Chapter Text



“Well, everything’s working. Nothing out of place or outdated. You’re all good, Connor.” The rk800 wrings his fingers together in front of him, trying to piece a sentence from his head.

“Actually… I wanted to get pain detectors. I want to be able to know when I’m hurt and how bad the injury is.” (y/n) nods thoughtfully, taking Connor’s suggestion into consideration.

“Okay, that makes sense. Do you mind if I ask about your emotional state while I work on this? It shouldn’t take too long. And I only checked your physical state.” Connor slowly nods, watching (y/n) work on the pain sensors.

“I’ll do my best. Emotions are still confusing to me.” (y/n) smiles, just the sound of Connor’s confused voice lighting their day.

“That’s okay, I just need you, to be honest,” Connor swallows nervously, the fluttering feeling in his stomach quickly returning. “Okay, what emotions have you experienced so far?” Connor looks away from (y/n), his thoughts scrambling every which way to piece the emotions together.

“Um, anger was the first one, when someone at the DPD was messing with me.” (y/n) rests the sensor down on the counter, fully functional and finished.

“How’d you handle it? That was before your deviancy, right?” Connor glares at the ground, the memory quickly resurfacing.

“I just… Took it. I still do. I just try to ignore him.” (y/n) fiddles with their fingers, wondering what other emotions Connor has experienced

“Anything else? You were built to become a deviant, to have emotions. I’m curious how you dealt with them.” Connor looks back at the previous memories or the other emotions before he truly became a deviant.

“Fear and Empathy… But lately, I’ve been feeling strange,” (y/n) rolls their chair closer to Connor, more intrigued now more than ever. “But it only ever occurs around you… Like a fluttering feeling.” A smile slowly creases onto the programmer’s lips, full well knowing the emotion that Connor is feeling.

“Oh? Any other symptoms?” Connor leans back in his chair lightly, listing all the other symptoms he has around (y/n).

“My pump regulator beats harder and faster around you. I don’t understand, is there something wrong with me?” (y/n) picks up the newly formed Pain detectors and rolls the chair even closer to Connor.

“Nothing’s wrong with you, Connor. I’m going to need to see your wires to plug this in. Is that alright with you?” Connor gives the young programmer a small nod before shrugging off his android jacket. (y/n) slowly opens the compartment on his chest, barely visible to the naked eye. With little to no effort, they plug in the pain detector to the wires before closing the compartment and letting Connor dress.

“It’s called love, Connor. You’re in love. It’s completely normal for people to fall in love, both human and Android. You’re not the only android who’s fallen in love.” Connor jumps, feeling the blue blood in his system rushing and pulsating through his body. He quickly dresses before a quick question crosses his synthetic head.

“When will I know the pain detectors are working?” Instead of answering like any normal human would, (y/n) grabs Connor by his shoulders and slams their lips to his. The fairly new android sits in shock for a split second, registering what’s happening to him before he presses back to (y/n), his lips surely being bruised by now. That’s all it takes for (y/n) to pull away, noting the light bruising on the puppy-like androids lips. “Ow… That hurt. Do it again.”

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Chapter Text



  • (y/n) and Mitch are like two peas in a pod, always been like that. Since they were about 8 when they met.
  • A year passed in (y/n) aiding Mitch in building bombs. It started off small with them helping blow up a few action figures, then it was a hole in his backyard until it finally escalated into a failed bomb accidentally blowing up his garage.
  • The action ended in sending both Mitch and (y/n) the Ericsons school where they met up again, surprised to see the other there.
  • Things were fine at the school for a while, Mitch had (y/n) at least and the two met a few other kids but then his grades started to slip.
  • He never was very good at English or History. Those two don’t really involve bomb-making much. So what does he do? Ask his dear friend (y/n) for help seeing as their perfect in all subjects.
  • “My help? Are you sure?” Mitch would want to study at the library seeing as how not many kids really set foot in that part of the building often.
  • Mitch would be flustered in asking his best friend for a little help but he’d suck it up of course. “Yes, I trust you.” (y/n) would blush, of course, not many kids really talk to her with her track record. She’s a bit tired of hearing ‘You blew up a garage?’ Even If Mitch is the reason they’re here, it’s okay. “And I’m sorry for getting you sent here. You deserve to go to a really good school not one for bad kids.” (y/n) would just smile lightly and gesture to the books in front of them, asking if he wants to get started.
  • He’s never really opened a history book before so seeing all the people that built bombs really fascinated him, though he would never use his bombs to kill people as they all did.
  • The two would work on History and English for a week or so before (y/n) asks if he needs help in Math or Science but he claims that he is actually really good at the subjects.
  • “Uh, yeah? I mean Bomb-making is science and math involved. Did you think I just threw some ingredients together and hoped it worked?” (y/n) shrugs their shoulders lightly, saying that they were just there to watch a few times, he didn’t see him actually make them.
  • Once everything started, the apocalypse, Mitch would be even more protective over them. First, the teachers left the kids for them to fend for themselves, then kids started dying of various things.
  • Mitch wasn’t going to let (y/n) die on his watch, not after everything they’ve been through.
  • But first, he needed to do something now that the world is officially over.
  • The young boy grunts lightly as the last of the inspirational posters is ripped from the hallway of the classroom, he always hated those.
  • “Mitch? What are you doing? I’ve been looking for you all day.” Their glance turns to the pile of posters next to his feet. They smile lightly, he knows that he’s been wanting to do that for ages. “Oh, you haven’t burned them yet. Did you see the cat one? I like that one, it’s cute.” Mitch’s eyes widen slightly, a proposition on his lips. Though he’s young, he knows what he wants.
  • “You can have the cat poster if you promise me something in the future.” Mitch has their full attention, they know that he doesn’t normally do things like this so it must be important. “When we’re older, I want you to be my significant other.” (y/n) cocks their head to the side in confusion.
  • “Like a soulmate?” Mitch doesn’t hide the redness in his face, it’s plain for all to see and as stated earlier, he trusts them.
  • “Yeah. Promise?” (y/n) links their pinky with his in a loose grip, promising that when they both come to a certain age that they’ll be together.

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Chapter Text


I hear a groan leave my lips as the bruises on my body turn purple, multiple forming around my torso and arms. I’m lucky that they didn’t decide to cut me or mutilate me. But still… I can’t find the strength to even sit up, everything is aching. I’ve been through worse but the emotional trauma feels worse than the physical.

“Shit, (y/n)? Are you okay?” Aasim, I want to answer back but my throat closes in on itself every time I open my mouth. I slowly pull my knees to my chest, sitting against one of the walls. How long are we going to be here? My throat feels so sore from screaming, Lily saying those awful things weren’t very helpful.

I know that Aasim and Omar wanted to help but they’re scared of her. I am too so I can’t really blame them.

Every time I try to stand up for something or someone, I end up regretting it because I’m the one that gets fucked in the end. I don’t want to regret it, but I don’t really like getting hurt either. It’s a predicament. All of my plans to stand up to the bigger guy, the bully, the violator, it always backfires into my face.

I cover my ears with my hands as Lily’s voice bounces back to me, back to what she said earlier.

‘They won’t come for you, especially not Clementine. You’re not important enough. Weak. If you Join the Delta, us, we can make you strong. But you’ll have to fight for us.’

I… Maybe I should accept her offer? What will happen if I tell her to go fuck herself again?

Clementine would have been proud of that remark. But at the moment, I’m starting to wonder if she’ll actually come at all.

Creaking in the boat forces whimpers out of my mouth and my body to hide in the corner of the room, farthest from the cell door.

“Hey… It’s okay, (y/n). It’s just the boat, It’s old… Hang in there, okay?” Aasim is still trying to coax me into view. It’s not working. My breathing quickens lightly, I shakily pull up the sleeves of my jacket to reveal the cuts and bruises on my arms. I press a finger lightly to the dark markings. I can’t believe that actually happened.

I curl into the wall tightly as thundering footsteps approach the cells. I hear someone, a few people, talking to Aasim and Omar. it can’t be Clem, right? She wouldn’t risk everything to find me… No.

“Check on her first, she’s in bad shape.” The door to my cell opens, painfully. Time and age have made most doors squeaky and hard to open without forcing walkers to start stumbling into the vicinity. I don’t turn to the door, I learned my lesson last time.

“(y/n)… what happened?” That is Clementine’s voice. Should I… I tense up as a loud bang echoes throughout the cell? The other kids start yelling at Minnie, I guess she knocked Clem out, just like her. I thought she would help us escape when we first got here. I never thought something like this would just happen.

“(y/n), check on Clem, please. I know what Lily did to you was cruel and what she said but you need to try.” Aasim has tried to guide me throughout all of this. He’s nice to me. Even in this situation.

I slowly turn away from the wall and face Clementine, she’s face down on the ground only a foot away from me. She’s so close now. I slowly look for any and all injuries regarding her physical being. She looks fine, she might be out for a while, I’m not sure.

I jump back as Clementine slowly sits up, rubbing the back of her head lightly. That sounded like it hurt. A lot. I know firsthand how harsh Lily and her people can be to outsiders, to us, and any other kids that they’ve kidnapped and brainwashed.

“(y/n), you’re hurt. Tell me what they did to you, please.” I mean, Clementine can help. She’s a badass. I should tell her, right? She can’t help me if I don’t tell her what they did to me. “Please. I don’t know what they did to you and I want to help.” I glance from the cell door to Clementine multiple times, back and forth, again and again. I’m racked with worries. What if Lily comes back? I certainly can’t fight her, she’s way too strong. But I don’t want to be apart of the Raiders.

“They, Lily… She beat me, pretty badly. Wanted me to… To join…” My voice won’t continue right now, I’m in too much shock. I just want to go home. With Clem. I don’t want to be on this stupid run down boat. I don’t want to be a prisoner. I don’t want to fight for the Delta. I can feel my hands shaking again.

“The raiders are looking for new members to help fight her war. Lily was looking to recruit (y/n).” Aasim’s voice is shaky like mine, he did have to witness everything that Lily did to me. The cuts still sting. I need medical attention but I don’t think I’m going to get that anytime soon. Not unless we get off of this boat.

I jump as Clementine places her hands on both of my shoulders, squeezing lightly almost affectionately. This is how she comforts people. I’ve seen it a few times, I didn’t think I’d be at the other end.

“We’re going to get out of here, okay? You try to relax, I got this.” I can only numbly nod as she slowly stands up, walking to the door to talk to Louis and Violet on the other side. I move back into the corner as Minnie’s voice appears once again on the other side of the bars. She’s talking to Clem or maybe Violet, it’s difficult to tell from my position.

“Lily’s busy with your friends right now, so I’m here to make sure you stay in line.” I flinch at the harshness in her voice. What could possibly will someone to be so cruel to people? People that she’s known since she was a mere child.

Louis is distracting her in the other cell, Clementine is quick to crouch to the bottom of the cell door, peeling away at the protective layer of sheet metal with a small shiv. We’re getting out? Louis and Violet take turns talking to Minnie, knowing that with both of them, she’ll surely be curious enough to do so. As Minnie slowly starts to turn to our cell, Clementine rushes at the door and slams Minnie away. The door is open.

“Come on, (y/n).” I slowly stand to my feet, wobbly. Everything’s fuzzy but I need to get out and try to help. It’s the least I can do since she risked so much to come for me and the others. I run out of the cell and quickly unlock the other cell to let the others out as clementine fights Minnie. “Louis, take (y/n) and the others out of here. I got this.” Clementine is quick to knock Minnie out before standing to her feet, crouching low to the floor as to not get seen by others in the boat. Where is she going now?

Louis nods his head lightly, knowing the consequences if he’s too loud. He lightly grabs my hand and leads me and the others out of here. Violet follows closely behind us. I can see the dark night. It’s so close! I chew on my bottom lip lightly.

“What is she going to do?” Louis gives me a pitied look, oh no. That’s not good. What does that look mean? What am I supposed to do or say? I want to be more helpful.

“She’s getting AJ back and that James guy. She’ll be okay.” Will she? I don’t want to think about what will happen if Clem gets hurt or… Worse.

Louis and Aasim lead me and the rest of us off of the boat, we stare up at the large construction and wait. For what? Clem? James? Anybody else? I have no idea. I’m scared. More scared than I’ve felt in my whole life.

I jump against Louis as the boat starts up. Are they moving? But Clem is–

A huge explosion interrupts my thought process, it shakes the boat and the ground near us causing me to collide into Aasim. Holy shit. What just happened? Aasim and Louis let me lean on them for support as he looks into the boat. There’s no sight of Clem or the others.

Where the hell are they?

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

Mission: destroy the bandit camp.

Easy right?

Well, (y/n) wasn’t expecting on so many bandits to come at her all at once. And for her to not have many weapons. All she has on hand is her pistol and a sniper that Mordecai gave to her last year.

A few bullets have already grazed by her skin, but she can still complete the mission without too many casualties to her own body.

She jumps out of the way quickly as a bandit jumps too close to her for comfort. She’s running out of time. When the sun sets, they’ll be even stronger than they are at the moment. What’ll she do then?

With one ounce of strength left, (y/n) pulls out a grenade and launches it at the pack of bandits before ducking for cover and listening to the satisfying crunch and explosion of the bandits.

She glances down at herself, bloodied and bruised. All by a few dumb bandits. What is she supposed to tell the other vault hunters? This is a disgrace. (y/n) slowly tears off pieces of her clothing to patch herself up, wrapping it around the wound and tying a knot at the end of the two pieces to hold it against her. This should hold until she can get proper medical attention.

All she has to do now is get back to Sanctuary in one piece, rather than pieces. Once she gets home, she’ll have all of the medical supplies she’ll need to patch herself up. Sanctuary isn’t too far from where she is currently laying. She just needs to drag herself there. As (y/n) slowly starts to stand up, painfully, a loud screeching of a car stops in front of her. Moxxi quickly hops out of the car with a worried look plastering over her features, she stomps towards the injured vault hunter quickly.

“Sugar! What the hell were you thinking?! Coming out here like this!” (y/n) can’t find any energy to talk back as blood slowly begins to seem through her quick patch-up job. Moxxi turns her attention to the shitty bandages made of clothes and grabs one of (y/n)’s hands, helping her into the car. “That bandit camp was huge. You could’ve been killed.”

(y/n) feels sluggish and woozy as Moxxi drives as fast as she can to Sanctuary. The only thing on her mind is (y/n)’s safety.

Moxxi continues to rant until (y/n) and herself are in the bar, safe and sound and away from prying eyes.

“Geez… You could’ve called me or even one of the other vault hunters instead of almost getting yourself killed. You really had me worried.”

Moxxi stares at her girlfriend’s tattered clothes and scoffs lightly at the rough patch up but brings out her medical supplies. She’s become well known for patching up (y/n) when on the brink of exhaustion. It’s become almost routine by now. Moxxi slowly removes the wrapped bandages soaked with blood and dirt before disinfecting the wounds and watching as (y/n) flinched lightly but handles the pain best she can. Moxxi wraps the wounds in bandages tightly, knowing that her skills will keep the blood from seeping through. (y/n)’s lost enough blood as it is, far too much.

“I didn’t think you would be so worried… I’ll try to call you next time.” (y/n) slowly slides off the bar, standing to her feet to meet Moxxi’s gaze, she looks concerned –almost angry–

“Where do you think you’re going? You’ve been really reckless lately and you’re clothes are torn to shreds. There’s no way that I’m letting you out in public for everyone to see and ogle at you… .Only I’m allowed to do that.”

Before (y/n) can say anything else, convince Moxxi that she’ll be quick back to her place, the older woman drags her to the backroom –her private area where she relaxes and sleeps– (y/n) drops her bag of guns and grenades onto the floor as Moxxi flips through her own closet to find an outfit appropriate for her girlfriend. Moxxi starts to hum a small song in her natural voice, she doesn’t normally let it show around other people because she’s trying to put that life behind herself now.

But (y/n) is different.

(Y/n) jumps, startled, as an outfit is shoved into her hands and knowing Moxxi, this won’t be the usual attire that (y/n) wears. But it doesn’t look like the vault hunter has many choices. She slowly takes off the remaining torn pieces of her outfit and slowly steps into Moxxi’s chosen outfit.

It’s a pair of cute overalls that come down to (y/n)’s thighs along with a simple tank top under it.

“Um, Mox? I don’t think I can wear this in public. It’s not what I usually wear and-” Moxxi is quick to tug on the straps of the overalls to pull her younger girlfriend far closer. (Y/n) involuntarily shivers as nails lightly rake over her collarbone and neck.

“You look good in my clothes, Darling. I should let you wear my things far more often.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


“(l/n)! My office!” (y/n), a fairly new detective in the Detroit precinct, glances up from her mountain of paperwork to see Captain Fowler motions her to come up to his office. Gavin kicks up his feet onto his desk and laughs towards the detective, he starts to mock her of course, what else would he do?

“Oooo, you’re in trouble~” (y/n) only rolls her eyes at the childishness that is Gavin Reed before quickly making her way into the Captain’s office, only a little scared of what he has to say. What if she is in trouble? She can’t exactly pinpoint what she did wrong… Maybe it was that the last chase with one of the drug leaders, maybe tackling him wasn’t the best choice of action.

“Look, Sir, before you say anything… I had an opportunity to tackle the criminal and I took it and if I hadn’t, then he would’ve gotten away.” Captain Fowler quickly waves the young detective off before gesturing to the android in the office, an RK series, RK800.

“You’re not in trouble. What are your thoughts on androids?” (y/n) glances to the android for a moment before locking eyes with her captain. Her ideas and thoughts on androids are the exact opposite of Detective Reed.

“I think they’re interesting and I don’t mind living in a society with them if that’s what you’re wondering. But I feel like I don’t really have a choice in what’s about to happen.” The captain chuckles lightly, his eyes on the android once more.

“This is a prototype android that Cyberlife is giving us, it’s supposed to help with investigations. It’ll act as your partner.” The only thing that (y/n) is really worried about is where the cute android will live.

“And will he live with me or…?” Captain Fowler shrugs his shoulders and waves her and her new partner out the door.

“Whatever you’re most comfortable with, that will be all.” (y/n) gives the captain a firm nod and motions for the android to follow.

“Okay, have a good day, Sir.” Connor, the RK800, follows (y/n) out of the captain’s office. Nobody in the precinct gives much of a notice to the new partners, continuing to fill out some police forms. But Gavin Reed, on the other hand, he’s always itching to pick a fight.

“Holy shit. Captain Fowler gave you an android detective. Fuck.” (y/n) ignores him and walks to her desk, grabbing the small stack of papers filled neatly in one of the many drawers.

“Um, you can have a seat right there if you want.” The awkward android stiffly takes a seat, sitting up straight. “Do you have a name?” The android springs to his feet, blurting out a line (y/n) will need to grow accustomed to.

“My name is Connor, I’m the android sent by Cyberlife.” (y/n) raises an eyebrow slightly, confused by the android but doesn’t say anything regarding his phrase.

“Okay, it’s nice to meet you. I’ll be right back. I need to go file these papers.” (y/n) lifts the stack into her arms and starts to head into the room where they keep all the files. But Connor quickly starts to follow his new partner, not knowing what else to do or where to go. (y/n) stops, turning to the cute android to explain that he doesn’t need to follow her around like a puppy. “Connor, you don’t need to follow me everywhere.” Connor’s hair and attire are already becoming disheveled.

“We’re partners, that means I have to accompany you everywhere.” (y/n) merely shrugs her shoulders at the odd behavior of the Android and gestures for him to follow her into the back of the police station.

“Alrighty. I need to manually file these papers. The Captain wants actual papers as well as digital in the case that we get hacked.” Connor tilts his head lightly, wondering why the detectives and officers would spend so much of their time filing both manually and digitally. What’s the point?

“Let me carry those for you.” (y/n) hesitates for a moment, shocked as nobody has helped her before with this task. (y/n) slowly hands Connor the giant stack of files and slowly starts to head down the corridor of the police station., delighted that she doesn’t have to carry all of the files for once.

“Alright. Thanks, Connor. Follow me, and we’ll get started. With you helping me, it shouldn’t take too long.” The entire station stares at Connor as the two walk into the back to archive to file everything away. People feel different about androids, some like them, others–like Gavin–do not.

Once the two are away from everyone’s peering gaze, Connor sets down the files onto a table and lets out a deep sigh. He feels strange. He didn’t like how everyone was staring at him. (y/n) pivots on her feet to turn to him. Her hands slowly reach up to his tie to tighten it against his clothes, quickly gaining his attention.

“Don’t pay attention to them. Okay, Connor?” The soft android stares blankly at the detective before him, watching as she slowly backs away from him after fixing his tie and brushing one of her hands through his hair to settle it into a more professional look. “Let’s get to work, okay?”

Three weeks have passed since that incident. So much as happened since then. The android rebellion, Hank’s looking better and people around the station have started to act oddly like they’re planning something. Connor doesn’t notice the behavior of his fellow officers and detectives, of course, he’s too worried about the cases he is assigned to with (y/n), and her. Obviously.

(y/n) on the other hand, only after 3 weeks of working and living with the cute prototype, she has realized that she likes him. It has actually been proven that androids can feel love… so it is possible for Connor to recuperate her feelings, but does he?

“Detective (l/n), Detective Anderson. Can you two come over here for a minute?” (y/n) quickly stands up from her desk and follows the voice to the back of the station, along with Connor. He still follows her around like a puppy. It’s late, there are not many people in the station.

“I’m kind of busy, this better be important.” (y/n) crosses her arms over her chest and huffs. The paperwork piling on her desk isn’t going to fill out itself.

“Detective Anderson, can you grab that box on the top shelf for me? In the closet?” Connor can only give the officer a polite smile and steps into the small closet to grab the box but is promptly shoved into the closet. (y/n) turns to the officer, a glare evident across her features.

“What the hell is wrong wit–” The officer is quick to push (y/n) in as well, but she doesn’t fall down as Connor did. The closet door is quickly shut on the two, darkness ensues.

“Sorry, Detective Reed said he’d pay me 50 bucks to do that.” (y/n) sighs exhaustedly. It’s always Reed. The officer’s footsteps quickly walk away, leaving Connor alone with (y/n).

“Well, it looks like we’re going to be in here a while. Do you want to sit down?” (y/n) runs a hand through her hair.

“Connor, this closet is barely big enough to put one person in, there’s no way I’ll be able to–” Connor cuts off her long ramble by grabbing one of her hands and locking eyes with hers.

“Sit on my lap.” (y/n)’s face flushes brightly, she’s still not used to how blunt he can be. She doesn’t say a word as he pulls her down to sit on his lap, her knees pinning him to the wall. “Should we try to open the door?” (y/n) reaches a hand out to jiggle the doorknob but it’s locked. She huffs before settling herself back into his lap.

“It’s locked and I don’t have my lock picking kit with me.” Connor has many questions now, but he wants to try something first.

“Detective, could I try something?” (y/n) glances at the door for a moment before her eyes dart back to Connor. There’s nothing else she can really do at the moment.

“I suppose, we’re kind of stuck for a while.” Connor isn’t shy or hesitant to lean upwards to press a kiss to his partner’s lips. (y/n) rests their hands onto his shoulders for support as the kiss deepens. A simple and innocent kiss turning into so much more. The heated session quickly forming. (y/n) glances at the door every few seconds as the two continue their experiment with each other, not wanting the door to fling open.

(y/n)’s hands trail from his shoulders down to the collar of his shirt to slowly unbutton his shirts to expose his chest. Connor glances down like a confused puppy before locking eyes with (y/n) once more.

“You unbuttoned my shirt?” (y/n) can’t stop herself from laughing at the poor android.

She doesn’t care that her laughs can be heard from outside the door, she genuinely is having a good time with Connor. Although, it has been a bit awkward.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


  • The moment (y/n) stepped into the school grounds, he knew from the start that he was in deep. Louis and Aasim found them with an injured leg in the forest.
  • With some persuasion, Ruby let Mitch help with the bandaging. He doesn’t know why, but he wants to get closer to (y/n).
  • Ruby, seeing an unspoken connection, leaves (y/n) in Mitch’s case. She knows to trust him.
  • “How’d you get hurt?” Mitch sits by the couch, watching (y/n) struggle to sit up on their own before he hesitantly grabs their hands to help them up.
  • Cue blushing from both parties. Mitch quickly hides his face before (y/n) can see how red his face is and tell someone, not that they know many people in the school yet
  • “I fell from a tree. I’m a bit of a klutz.”
  • It wouldn’t take long for the two to become a couple, there wouldn’t be any asking out either it just kind of happens. One day (y/n) and Mitch are pining for the other and the next kissing galore.
  • Kissing with Mitch is a dream, his kisses range from small pecks in public to full-blown make-out sessions in his room. He was lucky enough to find a cd player that takes batteries, whenever (y/n) plays 80s rock, it gets him in the mood.
  • Because of (y/n)’s clumsiness, Mitch always tries to keep a close eye on them, he’s usually the one to push them out of the way of a trap or an upcoming walker.
  • The night is Mitch’s favorite time because it’s quiet, he can almost picture the world being normal for a change. Whenever he sleeps with (y/n), he likes it when they play with his hair. Though, he won’t admit that.
    • It knocks him out instantly.
  • He would make an attempt to show them how to build bombs but it just ends up with (y/n) trying to sneak in as many kisses as they can before Mitch becomes too flustered.
    • he enjoys it very much
  • The two started to share a room when they got together, although, most of the decoration on the walls is Mitch’s.
  • Something that no one else but (y/n) knows? He can play guitar, pretty well too. When there aren’t many kids in the school, either out hunting or fishing, he plays and (y/n) sings. It’s a small moment that only they can have
  • He appreciates them not telling anyone, it’s small but… it’s their secret.
  • Mitch would make it a habit of pushing them behind him when danger is near, they appreciate it. It’s been a long time since they’ve felt protected by someone they could trust with their life
  • Mitch is happy to be that protector, he didn’t see himself as such, but he’s happy to fulfill the role for them
  • Only if it’s them.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


  • “What do you mean ‘You have someone’?” I cross my arms over my chest tightly. Violet and Louis say they have another person that they can ask for help. That she used to be part of the school or something.
  • Why didn’t they tell me that we have another person to help us? Every single person counts. More manpower. I tap my foot onto the ground angrily.
  • “Well, where can we find her?” As if a cue was rung, the gates open up to reveal someone unknown. I assume that’s the new badass that can help us.
  • She’s pretty. Maybe after things are done, I’ll –
  • No, you can’t think about relationships right now. Focus, Clem. Shit, she’s coming over. Act natural.
  • “I heard you needed my help with the Raiders? I’ve been trying to take them down for the past year but they’re good.” Does she have inside information? That’s good, we can use that against the Raiders later when they attack. Violet places a hand on her shoulder, introducing us. She does indeed look like a badass.
  • “Clem, this is (y/n). She’s here to help us. Sorry, we didn’t tell you earlier about her. She doesn’t really like to be too well-known.” I nod in understanding. That does make sense. Being out in the world for this long, it makes perfect sense to want to hide in the shadows to catch others by surprise.
  • I watch in silence as she leads Louis and Violet to the gates, explaining something that I’m too far away to hear. Shit, Marlon.
  • What is she going to do about that? It hasn’t been too long since Marlon was killed. Maybe she won’t help us after all. Crap, she’s coming back over here!
  • Was she that tall a few minutes ago? Why am I nervous? I don’t like this, why do I feel so fluttery?
  • “Your kid killed him?” All I can manage is a shaky nod but I don’t say a word, in fear that she won’t help save the school. “Okay, It was bound to happen. I liked Marlon but because he was working with the Raiders… I’ll still help.” I almost gulp out of nervousness as she slowly steps towards me. She’s so close… what does she want?… How can one person be so amazing already? “They told me about how you used to be with Richmond? Maybe you can help with bordering up the school, and defenses… I’ll need a hand.”
  • All I can manage is a shaky nod before following her lead. Geez, I haven’t gotten this flustered since I was 13. I need to snap out of it. Once we defend ourselves from the Raiders, I can think about something more.
  • Louis and Violet are great but… (y/n) checks all of my boxes; she’s strong, mature, friendly and open-minded. I think I might have a thing for her.
  • It has to wait. I have to think about the safety of the school for now.
  • Shit, she’s staring at me. Why is she staring?
  • “Clementine, were you listening?” I was not. I glance at Louis and Violet for help but they’re laughing at me. Great. “I said, can you give me a boost?”
  • Oh no. This is going to be harder than I thought. I give her a nervous smile before cupping my hands and placing a knee on the ground to support myself.
  • You can do this Clem, just don’t show her how awkward you actually are.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


Where are the others? The rest of the Sewer gators? Dumbass name, and dumbass people involved, but Clancy… He’s nice. I hope he’s okay. This room actually looks normal, not like the rest of this nightmare-infested mansion. It actually looks nice, cozy. I shouldn’t have gone with them here. I’m only an editor anyway, not like I could do much.

“Oh, you’re finally awake.” I shift on the couch until I’m sitting up to face him. Lucas Baker, the supposed bad egg of their little family.

“Where am I?” Lucas sits next to me, an arm resting on the back of the couch, where I’m sitting. I turn my body towards him but a chain holds my right leg back. He fucking chained me here! Dammit.

“I can’t have you getting out of here easily can I? I don’t want to lose sight of my favorite victim.” Favorite? What does he mean by that? “And you’re in a safe place–My hide away from hell–, I don’t need to disclose the important details to you. You don’t need to know this,” Lucas gestures around the room, it looks like any teenager’s room; full of comfort food, blankets, technology to keep anybody entertained for days. Why did he bring me here?

“Why Am I here?” I have a comfy sweatshirt on, this isn’t mine. Okay, I think it’s clear to say that Lucas Baker may be a tad bit obsessed with me. I jump back against him as he slams a deck of cards on the coffee table in front of us. I’m so fidgety today, this is not the weekend I had imagined at all.

“We’re gonna play a little game, just you and me. Are you familiar with the game war?” He didn’t answer my question. He could’ve just left me to die out there, either by his father or whatever supernatural entity is living in this place. It’s strong and angry, I can feel it. He slowly stands to his feet and walks to the opposite side of the coffee table, grabbing the cards and quickly shuffling them while he awaits my answer.

“Of course, but isn’t that just a game of pure chance?” He laughs lightly, I feel nervous more than anything else. Not fear or anger. What’s wrong with me? I should find a way out.

“You wanna make this more exciting? Alright, every winner per round gets to ask the other a question and by the end of the game; if you have all the cards, I will personally show you the way out myself.” Something doesn’t seem right, this proposition seems all too good to be true. There has to be a catch, right?

“And if you win?” Shivers climb up and down my spine as Lucas leans over the coffee table to gently grab my face, his fingers, and thumb pressing themselves into my cheeks lightly.

“If I win, then you belong to me. Understand Darlin’?” An explosion of color rushes to my face, I hate how I’m blushing so hard because of his words… And that accent, god. I’ve always been a sucker for southern accents. Lucas lets out a small laugh, amused by my silent reaction before he finally pulls away. I let out a shaky sigh and grab my half of the cards and lay them face down on my palm, ready to strike one to play. “Alright, let’s play.” We both simultaneously pull out a card from the top of the deck and lay it face up on the coffee table. I have a 10, but he has a jack. Great, he wins. “Ooh, I get to ask a question. Goody, goody, me. Now, what’s a pretty little thing like you doing down here in Dulvey, Louisiana?” I’m not sure how I feel about him calling me that like I’m someone’s trophy wife.

“I’m an editor of the sewer gators, those guys that thought this place was haunted?” Lucas is smirking, I know Andre is dead. But I don’t know about the other two. At this point, I’m just hoping to get out of all of this alive.

“I’m familiar with them, please continue.”

“They wanted me to tag along with them for a change. They said that it might be fun.” I let out a sarcastic laugh and pull my bare feet up onto the couch to make myself comfortable. I’ll be here awhile anyway. He quickly flips up another card and lays it on the table, his pile of winning cards stacked neatly off to the side. I slowly flip up a card and smile lightly when I see my card is higher than his. “Okay, um… why are you staring at me like that?” He’s smirking again. What does he want with me? Why did I decide to come here? I could be at home with my cat, cuddled up in my cocoon of blankets.

“You’re getting all comfortable on the couch, it’s cute.” I jump in shock and quickly glance down at my position to see that I had tucked my legs under me. I slowly start to sit up straight, bringing my legs forwards to rest in front of me.

“Oh, Sorry.” Lucas lays down his cards before sitting next to me on the couch and moving my legs back to my position it was in moments before.

“Don’t be, it’s different to see something as calming as you in this kind of place.” Lucas slowly, hesitantly, moves back to his seat across from me. We continue to play war for a while, maybe an hour?

I win.

I have all the cards in my hand, literally. I glance up at Lucas expectantly. He’s smiling. What the hell?

“Looks like you win, pretty lady. Come on, before my family catches on.” I stand to my feet as Lucas unlocks the cuff to my ankle. “Your boots are by the couch.” I quickly slip on the boots before looking at Lucas expectantly. I have to trust him, even though my instincts tell me not to. “Hold on to me, don’t need you gettin’ lost now.” I grab his hand lightly and quickly follow his lead out of the small house, that was his room.

“How do we get out of here?” Lucas doesn’t answer me of course and continues to tug me towards the woods. Aren’t those weird monster things there?

I don’t get to ponder long before Lucas pulls me back, pressing both of our backs against the wall of the building he previously kept me in.

“Don’t make a sound.” I gulp lightly at the tone of his voice but don’t question his method. I don’t say anything, all I can hear is how hard my heart is smashing against my chest and the shuffling of one of those monsters. It slowly trudges past us, not noticing us in the slightest. Lucas waits another minute before slowly moving around the corner, my hand tight in his grip.  

We move through the woods, I have no idea how I even made through here the first time. I don’t recognize any of the turns he’s taking. Is that…

Is that the road? He actually took me back, and we didn’t run into his family. That’s good.

“Alright, you’re free. Go. I was secretly hoping that you would win. I know this all can’t last forever.” He helped me. Oh my god.

“Thank you, Lucas. I’ll get help, I promise.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


(y/n) slowly takes a deep breath and buries her head into the pillow before letting out an agonizing scream, her hands busy with burying the heating pad further into her stomach. Maybe that way it will help more? Logic isn’t really in the equation this week.

Loud and heavy footsteps run to her room, the door slams open, revealing a worried Connor.

“What’s going on? Are you injured?” (y/n) lifts her head from the pillow, turning to Connor so he can hear her properly.

“If by ‘fine’ you mean I want to throw myself into the void and never come out, then yes. I’m perfectly fine.” Connor’s eyes widen slightly, concern flooding into him. He takes a seat next to (y/n), his hand coming to rest on her lower back.

“My sensors indicate that you’re bleeding. You’re injured. We need to take you to a hospital right away.” (y/n) lets out a laugh, but quickly starts to cringe once the familiar stabbing feeling returns with a vengeance.

“I’m fine, Connor. This happens every month. I’ll live, maybe.” Instantly sensing his worry, (y/n) grabs one of his hands.

“Where are you bleeding? Can I help in some way?” (y/n) softly shakes her head, knowing that he can’t do anything.

“I–Connor, I’m bleeding from my… My vagina. It happens every month. It sucks.” Connor freezes for a moment, no doubt scanning his partner’s state and what might help.

“Is there anything I can get you that might help alleviate that pain? I don’t like seeing you like this, it makes me feel… Not good.” Connor places his hands on (y/n)’s stomach, turning on the heating sensors designed into his palms.

“What are you doing?” (y/n) asks, not really knowing if she wants the answer.

“My hands have temperature sensors in them, my hands are more effective for menstrual cramps than any heating pad. But I can stop if it makes you uncomfortable.” The android slowly begins to move his hands away from (y/n), but she tugs him closer to her instead, forcing him to lay next to her.

“Don’t you dare. Just don’t leave my side right now… You weren’t kidding. Your hands are more effective than my heating pad. Thanks, Connor. I know this is a little… Weird.” Connor gives (y/n) a look of confusion, he still has a lot to learn after all.

“Why would it be weird? Aren’t menstrual cycles normal?” She slowly shrugs her shoulders, not understanding humans much herself.

“That’s not what men think. It’s complicated how human brains work I guess. I don’t even understand it. Humans are… weird, I guess that’s why I like you so much. You’re different. Better.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


  • Mitch is hanging around her again, Clementine. The two have been spending a copious amount of time together as of late. Though there was a rough start due to Marlon being killed by AJ, but everything’s fine between the two.
  • But (y/n) on the other hand? Not so much. She and Mitch have been in a relationship for over a year now but ever since Mitch has started to hang around Clementine, (y/n) feels left out. Betrayed almost. She doesn’t know what to do or say except try to distance herself away from the situation in an attempt to save herself from more heartbreak.
  • Mitch is a bit oblivious when it comes to relationships, (y/n) was the one who had to tell him that she was completely infatuated with him from the start. Knowing that he wouldn’t really notice that (y/n) is distancing herself away from him until somebody literally points it out to him.
  • “Did something happen between you and (y/n)? There’s something off about her and you two don’t hang around like you were a few weeks ago.” Mitch would glance up from the bomb that he is fiddling with, he managed to find some ingredients to make one in the that they don’t use anymore.
  • Mitch glares up at Aasim but asks him to clear things up. “What the hell are you talking about?” The more matured boy clears his throat a few times before trying to explain to the explosive boy that (y/n) has been more distant, not even being in the same room as Mitch or Clementine, and not being grossly-cute with each other for everyone to see.
  • “–It’s like, ever since you made up with Clem, (y/n)’s been… out of it. She looks sad, lost? You know?” Everything slowly begins to click in Mitch’s mind. (y/n) is jealous, because he has been spending more time with Clementine mainly because he was curious out of anything else. He should’ve told her that. He needs to find her, fast.
  • Mitch forgets about the bomb completely and starts to search for (y/n), he hadn’t even realized until Aasim said something. It makes him feel kind of dumb.
  • But he does know where she hangs out when she’s feeling down.
    • the Greenhouse
  • Mitch rushes down there in a hurry, knowing that he needs to fix his problem.
  • Nobody has seen him ever run faster before
  • Mitch crashes through the doors of the greenhouse to see (y/n) walking around all of the plants. They like to visit the greenhouse because it reminds them of the world before.
  • Marlon said they couldn’t afford to keep the greenhouse running because of the walkers and the water but Mitch calls bullshit
  • Mitch is huffing and panting loudly and the slamming of the doors, alerted (y/n) of his presence instantly, neither approach the other.
    • too scared to.
  • Mitch is the first to speak. He doesn’t like feeling awkward or tense around (y/n), it’s too much for him to handle.
    • ”I’m sorry for making you feel that way. I didn’t even realize that you were distancing yourself until fucking Aasim… I was just trying to get to know Clementine better because I was an asshole to her. I don’t want you to think that I was trying to replace you in any way.” The room is silent as Mitch’s words sink into (y/n). What he is saying does make sense, complete sense. And Mitch isn’t one to lie, especially not to (y/n).
  • The second (y/n) gives him a small nod, he’s dashing towards her for a fierce hug.
  • He’s not too big on PDA, but at the moment, Mitch is quick to catch (y/n) in a hug big enough to lift her off of the floor for a few seconds.
    • A few more apologies are said before the two slowly let go, still keeping a tight hold one each other

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


Soft music drifts around the room of my dorm. We’re laying back on my bed, listening to one of his CD’s and talking. This is one of our weekly routines, it’s my favorite night. It’s one of the only times we can release all of our frustrations about anything and everything.

“I have no clue how I’m going to write an article. I’m a photographer for crying out loud, not a photojournalist. Fuck.” I curl closer to Nathan, leaning my head on his chest.

“I can help you, journalism isn’t my best form of writing but I can do it.” I see a small smile creep onto his face.

“You don’t have better things to do?” I shrug my shoulders, letting his arm around me tighten.

“Not really, it’s either help and/or talk to you, or I can go on a run. Which sounds super exhausting right now.” One big topic we always seem to talk about every week his father, the situation itself is getting better, but it’s still difficult for Nathan.

“I’m happy that you do this for me every week. I know that you probably have other things to do on your Tuesdays, but… You always do this. You’ve never let me down. Why is that?” I grab one of Nathan’s hands, lacing my fingers with his accordingly.

“I care about you, I have since we met freshman year. Anything else on your mind?” Nathan sighs exhaustedly, I already know what he wants to say, but I feel like he likes to be asked.

Nothing I haven’t told you. My dad’s still being a prick about anything. I think I might cut ties with him when I graduate. He’s not good for me.” That’ll be nice, Mr. Prescott doesn’t treat Nathan well.

“What are you gonna do?” Nathan shrugs his shoulders lightly.

“I don’t know, maybe move to Seattle?” That’s a big step for him, that’ll be good. He’s getting better, I can tell. “And I want you to come with me, and I don’t want to move too far because I know how much you like being near the coastline.” I lay my head on his chest, breathing in his scent. It’s comforting.

You would do that for me?” Nathan slowly sits up, bringing me up with him.

I’d do anything for you.” There’s a pause in silence… No sounds playing in the room except for the whale sounds. “Come here,” What’s he up to? I slowly pull away from him to carefully sit on his lap, placing my hands on his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Nathan snakes his arms around my waist, pressing a quick kiss to my neck.

“Kissing you.” His voice is muffled as he presses a few more kisses to the side of my neck. “I love you…” I feel a few tears fall down my face at those words, he means that? He slowly pulls away, a look of worry plastered on his face. “Why are you crying?” I wipe away the tears on my face, letting a light laugh escape me.

“Sorry, I’ve just never had someone say that to me before…” Nathan goes back to my neck, once he’s sure that I’m okay. I love how much he cares about me. I shudder as Nathan bites my neck in a few different places, I lay my head against his shoulder, giving him better access.

“I don’t want you to leave me.” Nathan pulls away from my neck, staring at the hickies he’s placed. “I think I… I think I want to marry you, not like tomorrow, but someday.” I stare into his eyes, my own glistening with tears once again. Is he serious?

“Really?” Nathan nods happily, his hands pressed tightly into my hips.

“Yes, I mean… I don’t have a ring or anything… But I do want to marry you. Maybe after high school?” In the heat of the moment, I rush forward to press my lips to his; sealing the deal to marry him after Senior year, 2 more months. Nathan pulls back to let out a happy laugh, he’s being a bit loud for so late at night… But I don’t care, I’m so happy at the moment.

We both freeze as my phone chimes lightly, the screen lights up with a message. I give Nathan a small smile before reaching over to grab it from my desk, Nathan’s grip only becomes tighter around me.

“It’s Victoria."

Keep it down, I’m trying to study. Don’t have TOO much fun~”

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Chapter Text


The gates bang open loudly, alerting all of the kids in the school of a commotion at the front of the small school. Why would they cause so much noise? I stop teaching AJ a card game to rush to the gates along with everyone else, with the help of my crutches. 

I watch as Louis, Aasim and (y/n) rush through the gate. They all seem worried. More so than normal. I take a few steps forward with my crutches. 


I feel my heart instantly drop to my stomach as I see the sickening sight in front of me. (Y/n) got bit. No. It's in the same place as him, why is it in the same place?  

The right wrist.  

I know that sight all too well. I still see Lee bitten in my nightmares. It's been so long, why her? What if cutting off the bite doesn't help? 

“Clem, should we cut off the bite?” I feel my mind drift off as I stare at the bite. I shouldn't have let her out. It's too dangerous right now. There are more walkers, I know that but I let her leave with Aasim and Louis. Why did I do that? 


I huff as my small lungs try to take in deep breaths as the stranger is finally knocked down. The lamp was heavy but I managed to knock out the man who kidnapped me. I glance up at my protector, Lee, he’s different. He’s missing an arm and he looks like death. Is this because of me?  

“Your arm… It’s gone.” Lee glances down to it, almost like he’s just noticing himself that it’s gone. He mumbles something I can’t hear. He’s going to die, isn’t he? The cut has been amputated so why does he look so close to dying? 


I shake my head lightly to get rid of the negative thoughts. I know that we should try if we have a chance. I mean, it worked on me. Maybe it’ll work on her too? I don’t know anymore. For some, it has worked and others… well, their story is plain to see.  

I catch Ruby’s gaze, it has to be done. There’s no other way to possibly save her, is there? I help (y/n) onto the table, watching as Ruby straps her bitten arm onto the table, getting the right materials for amputating it.  

"Every… everything is going to be okay. I promise." I stare at (y/n), her face is full of fear. Christ, what can I say to her to make her feel better? I don't know what to do. But that look, I need to say something. I open my mouth to reassure (y/n)) once more but that’s the moment when Ruby cuts off the arm with the bite. 

Unimaginable screams erupt from (y/n) before she passes out from the shock, pain and blood loss. 

I don't know how AJ did it to me, it's far too painful to see her in so much pain. 

I watch almost numbly as Ruby wraps bandages over the wound, doing her best with the little that she has.

I wish that I was out there to protect her but… 

I wasn't. 

And Ruby's smart with medicine so she should be fine. She'll live, as I did. 

It isn't until hours later when she finally wakes up. She states at her arm for a minute before looking up at me with a weak smile.

"Between you, me and Violet, we make a whole pirate." She's okay. Back to her goofy self already. I stay seated near her as we both talk about what to do with her stump. 

We could always attack a weapon to it. 

That'd make her even more badass. It's good that she survived. I don't know what I would've done if she hadn't.   

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Chapter Text

He stares up with bleary eyes as a cold rag is set neatly on his forehead. Ruby, the group’s medic, checks all the symptoms. It’s confirmed.

The fever, constant sweating, but feeling cold, muscle aches, too sick to eat anything,

(y/n) has the flu. If he’s kept in a room away from everyone else, the group shouldn’t get sick.

“Ruby… Where’s Loulou?” The medic smiles softly at her patient, taking care of someone with just an illness almost feels normal. It reminds her of her siblings, she liked taking care of them before all of this happened.

“He’s outside. He’s really worried about you.” (y/n) smiles lightly before falling asleep against the cold pillows, blankets his hair sticking out everywhere from the sweat running down his neck.

Ruby heaves a light sigh before opening the door to get Louis, who is currently pacing the hallway in front of the room madly. He’s never seen anybody at Ericson get sick like this. The others thought it was a walker bite. Luckily, it’s not. Louis bites his fingernails nervously, stopping only when Ruby grabs his attention.

“How is he? Is he gonna be okay? Can you fix him?” Ruby holds up her hands to calm him down. Louis is too frazzled for her to answer any questions. He needs to be calmer if he wants to see his boyfriend.

“(y/n)’s fine, it’s just the flu.” Louis gives Ruby a puzzled look, he has no idea what that is. He was always really healthy as a child so he doesn’t know much about medicine or illnesses. Ruby places a hand on her hip and gestures for the taller boy to step inside (y/n)’s dark dorm. “He’s really weak and tired, and he’ll be like that for at least a week or two.” Louis stares at Ruby, not knowing what to do or say. Louis turns to his very sick boyfriend.

“Two weeks?” He slowly sits beside the bed, placing a hand on the side of (y/n)’s face, frowning when it heats up his hand in an instant.

Ruby only shrugs in response to Louis’ question and quickly lets herself out. (y/n)’s eyes slowly open to see Louis hovering over him worriedly. He smiles up at his worried boyfriend obliviously.

“LouLou, you’re watching over me. That’s so sweet…” Louis rests his hand over (y/n)’s forehead, feeling how hot it still is. He takes the liberty of dunking the hot towel on his forehead into the cold bowl of water next to the bed. Louis narrows his eyes lightly in concern, he’s never seen (y/n) like this; all weak and disoriented. (y/n)’s usually the one to save him from everything. That’s a different change in pace. Louis wrings out the excess water from the small towel before neatly placing it on (y/n)’s forehead.

“Louis! Get out here! We need you to go hunting!” The pianist grumbles at Aasim interrupting the little time he has to spend with his sick boyfriend.

“Dammit. I’ll come see you later, promise.” Louis quickly grabs one of his weak and frail hands to give it a reassuring squeeze before he calmly walks out of the room and to Aasim to go hunting for food once again.

But first, he’s going to tell Aasim off for disrupting his time with (y/n).

A week passes and every day, Louis would go hunting in the morning to mid-afternoon and immediately go to (y/n)’s dorm to continue nursing him back to health. Marlon has been getting onto Louis about (y/n) not working in the past week. Louis himself knows how much they need food and supplies, and they need manpower to get that food and supplies but (y/n) can barely stand up without falling over or passing out. He’s definitely not ready to go out and hunt again.

“Marlon, dude. Please just listen to me.” Louis blocks the door to (y/n)’s dorm with his body, so Marlon can’t get in without physically moving Louis himself. “(y/n)’s too sick to even stand up let alone help us with hunting! That’s why I’ve been covering his shifts, why I’ve been working harder.” Marlon crosses his arms over his chest, his eyes rolling at Louis’ statement of (y/n)’s physical state of being. He stares at the doors before quickly moving Louis out of the way and barging his way in. “Dude!” (y/n) slowly shifts awake to see the leader of the school, Marlon.

“Oh, hey Marlon… How’s Rose-ie….” Marlon stares wide-eyed at the usually badass male in the bed, his words are slurred and he’s a mess, disorientated. Even after a week, he doesn’t seem to be too much better. “What’s with all the noise? Is it hunting time? I can go… I volunteer as tribute!” Marlon glances back at Louis, silently apologizing. He didn’t know that (y/n) was in this rough of shape. Louis steps forwards and lightly push (y/n) back into the bed the second he tries to stand up.

“No, you’re not. You can barely stand up, let alone carry a weapon and hunt. You’re still too weak to move around.” (y/n) slowly stands to his feet, using Louis for support. The sick boy gives his caring boyfriend a weak smile, an achy feeling soaring through him along with a headache.

“I’m okay. Ruby says I should be better in a few days.” Marlon stares at the couple for a moment before starting for the door.

“I’ll check to see if you’re up to hunting or fishing in a few days. Try to heal up in the meantime.” (y/n) practically falls against Louis as soon as Marlon leaves the room. He wanted to look tough for his leader but at the moment, he obviously isn’t.

“Whoa, lay back down. C’mon.” Louis slowly guides the sicker of the two back to his bed, covering him in multiple layers of blankets. (y/n) is looking better compared to a week ago, but not enough as to where he can help around the school again. “Sorry about him, he just worried about the school, you know that.” Louis stands back up to his full height after being sure that his boyfriend is all nice and cozy under the blankets, he turns to walk out of the room, wanting to ask Ruby how much longer until he gets better but (y/n) grabs his wrist to stop him from taking another step.

“Wait, Lou… Cuddle with me?” Louis squirms as the blood rushes to his ears and face, he hasn’t really had the time to be so intimate with (y/n) in the past month, it’s been a while since they’ve even slept in the same bed together.

Louis groans lightly before slipping off his shoes and jacket and climbing into bed, here’s hoping he doesn’t get sick.

“You really think you’ll be able to walk in a few days? Ruby said you wouldn’t be better for another week.” (y/n) lightly shrugs, tucking his head into the crook of Louis’ neck, basking in the warmth it brings. Louis slowly brings his arms to circle around (y/n)’s waist, wanting the session of cuddling to last longer.

“I’m hoping. I do feel better compared to last week. But I still can’t stand up without almost passing out.” Louis’ grip tightens lightly, wanting his cuddles alone to heal (y/n) back to full health.

“I don’t want to risk getting sick by kissing you. It’s been so long. Hopefully, you won’t get sick like this for a while.”

Louis shuts his eyes for a moment, loving the feeling of (y/n) curled up to him, but worried that he’ll get sick as well.

It’s not contagious, right?

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


His knuckles are clenched so tightly that they’re turning into a shade of white, his arms crossed over his chest and a deep frown covering his soft lips.

Mitch is angry, and at (y/n) for a change. It doesn’t take much for him to get angry at someone in the school, even over something so mundane and trivial, but (y/n)… it takes the weight of the world to make him angry at her. Unless it’s about her safety or their relationship. Then he catches on fire quickly.

“It’s like you’re never even here anymore!” (y/n) glances to the gates, holstering her gun to her side along with a hunting knife in case she has to get stealthy. Mitch is arguing about how she’s never at the school anymore because she’s always hunting or fishing or patrolling, to keep the school safe and well-fed.

“Mitch, I just want everyone to be safe here. That includes you.” The angry boy only glares harder in response. He just wanted to spend some time with his lovely girlfriend for a change but she’s out doing chores instead.

“I know. But you never have any time off, it’s annoying. I want to be able to actually be with you.” (y/n) exhales a long sigh, trying to calm herself down before she says something that she’ll truly regret to Mitch. She wouldn’t wish that upon her relationship with him. She treasures it far too much.  

“Look, I’m going to go hunting. We both need some time to cool off.” (y/n) walks away from Mitch without another word, not wanting him to say something that will make her want to say. They’re both feeling too hot to say anything tangible without it being hurtful.

Mitch watches (y/n) meet up with Louis and Aasim to go hunting once again, angry but defeated. He doesn’t own (y/n) so he can’t tell her what to do. He just wants her to be safe and with him. Is that too much to ask? He’ll try to talk about it to her when she gets back when they’re both calmer.

It’s late when the group approaches the gates, but something’s wrong… Aasim and Louis, they look frantic and rough like they’ve been in a fight. The two burst through the gates inhaling and exhaling over and over, trying to get the sweet breath of oxygen into their lungs.

Clem glances over the two for a moment before standing up straight, a chilling thought sent through her.

“Where’s (y/n)?” Aasim is the first to stand up straight, his eyes glued to the floor. Afraid to look anyone in the eyes after what he’s witnessed. Mitch slowly starts to approach from afar, he hasn’t heard a thing quite yet.

“We lost her, t-there was a big group of walkers. Like MASSIVE! We… Don’t know where she is.” Mitch’s eyes grow wide with shock, his eyes dilating as adrenaline pumps through his veins. She’s gone? Did she get lost? What the hell happen?

“What?” Louis and Aasim glance at each other for a moment before staring at the woods they just emerged from. Nothing good can come from those woods. Mitch starts to head towards the gate, knife in hand. He isn’t letting (y/n) die out there, not with the last thing he said to her. No way. Marlon steps in his way, his arms crossed over his chest tightly. He knows how much Mitch cares for (y/n), he was the one who coaxed them to get it a shot. “Out of the way, Marlon! I’m going in there and getting her back!” Marlon doesn’t move his stance, the kids in the courtyard look on with anticipation. They sure don’t know what to do. Go after (y/n)? Or hope she can make it back on her own?

“We have no idea where she went when the walkers came. She could be… I’m sorry Mitch.” The angry boy clenches his jaw at Louis’ apology. That’s the last thing he wants to hear at the moment. He wants to hear that they’re forming a search party and all of them are going to go look for her.

Marlon slowly places a hand on one of Mitch’s shoulders, a way of trying to calm him down. Mitch hastily wipes away the tears from his eyes. He doesn’t like anybody seeing him cry. They’ll think he’s weak. What is he to do then?

He doesn’t say another word when he turns around and heads straight to his dorm room. At least there, he can come up with a plan on his own. Nobody can tell him otherwise.

The day after, Mitch managed to convince a few of the kids to help him search for (y/n) but they came up empty. There was no sign of (y/n) anywhere, Mitch wanted to keep looking but it was getting dark.

Marlon had decided that nobody was going to search for (y/n) anymore. He said he didn’t want all their resources gone.

Mitch doesn’t agree with his decision. But every time he would try to sneak out, he would be spotted. So there’s not much he can do currently but wait. Which he hates.

Everyone has given up hope that (y/n) even survived a herd that big. But Mitch doesn’t believe that shit for a second. He can feel it in his bones, she’s still alive.

Mitch is carving his and (y/n)’s initials into one of the picnic tables when the gates burst open, alerting everyone to the sudden noise in the air. His eyes widen brightly at the sight of (y/n) standing at the gates, tired and frail but alive. He slams his knife onto the table and rushes to greet (y/n). His legs don’t stop onto she is in his arms.

He missed her so much. His unknown strength causes Mitch to lift (y/n) up an inch or two but she doesn’t care. (y/n) quickly presses her face into his neck, missing his scent and body not being anywhere near him in the past few days.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Mitch slowly sets (y/n) onto her feet, but continues to keep a firm grip on her waist. He’s feeling a little clingy at the moment considering she’s been gone for days without any signs. “I was an idiot and just being an asshole… I know that what you were doing was for the school. I was just being selfish.” (y/n) can only dive back into his arms, wanting to surround himself in his scent and his comfort.

The two are more than happy that they were able to resolve everything before something happened.

“How did you get away from the herd anyway?” (y/n) claws her nails into his clothes, he’s so warm while she is still freezing from the weather.

“I climbed a tree.” Mitch feels himself smile in pride. Of course, he would be in a relationship with someone so smart. It’s a good thing she thought of doing that instead of running. She’s smart. And she’s his. (y/n) is Mitch’s, and he is hers.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

(y/n) nervously fidgeted with their fingers as they glanced at the duffel bag stuffed under the bed. (y/n) was planning on leaving Norman if he didn’t stop using his ARI and triptocaine. It didn’t look like he would stop anytime soon.

“I’m sorry, Norman,” The door quickly slammed open, (y/n) turned to face their husband of three years.

“What do you mean you’re sorry?…(y/n)…” Norman’s breathing became shaky as he realized what was about to happen. “(y/n), don’t tell me…No, you can’t,” (y/n) grabbed the bag and walked to Norman.

“Step aside, Norman,” The agent grabbed them by the shoulders, making them drop the bag.


“Are you fucking kidding me, Jayden? You need help.”

“I-I need it for work,” (y/n) glared at the agent.

“You don’t, you just as good with the ARI glasses as you are without and I can’t handle being left by myself anymore. I feel so lonely all the time,” Norman pushed (y/n) to the wall.

“Please don’t leave me. I love you. I’ll do anything, I’ll stop with the drug and the goddamn glasses. I-i’ll even quit the FBI! Just don’t leave.” (y/n) tried to push Norman away, but he pressed their back more into the wall, lifting them off their feet.

“Don’t quit your job…The ARI glasses and triptocaine are changing you, and not in a good way,” Norman leaned his head onto (y/n)’s.

“It’s so hard sometimes, but I-I can’t do it without you. Please,” One of Norman’s hands grabbed (y/n)’s legs to wrap around his own waist. “Stay…”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

The tense car ride to Bullworth academy is filled with nothing, but bickering between Jimmy Hopkins and his mother along with the new step-father.

“That’s it! I’ve had it with you. You and your new step-sister are going here for the year, we’ll be here to pick you up next year.” The two teenagers quickly get out of the car, Jimmy watches as his new step-father talks to his step-sister.

“Make sure to keep your new brother out of trouble. I’ll call you when I can.” (y/n) gives her father a small nod and steps onto the sidewalk as they drive away. Jimmy groans lightly as (y/n) steps next to him.

“I’m so over this place already…” (y/n) gives Jimmy a sympathetic smile.

“Come on, it’s just a year. This school can’t be all that bad.” Jimmy huffs lightly as the two of them get fitted into uniforms and sent to their respected dorm rooms.

“Meet me at my dorm later.” Jimmy huffs after her as she runs across the courtyard to the girls’ dormitories.

(y/n) quickly meets the girls that she’ll be rooming with for who knows how long, they’re fairly nice.

After setting down any things she had with her, (y/n) walks to Jimmy’s dorm, to see how he’s settling in.

“Jimmy?” (y/n) smiles at the company he has in his room. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had company. I’ll come back later.”

“Wait, get in here.” (y/n) slowly steps into his dorm and approaches the new face, Pete Kowalski.

“Um, Hi. I’m Pete, Pete Kowalski.” Jimmy ignores his hand while (y/n) grabs it with both hands enthusiastically.

“Hi, I’m (y/n), this is my brother, Jimmy.” Pete gives the two new kids a look before (y/n) lets go of his hand and sits next to Jimmy.

“How are you settling in?” (y/n) slowly shrugs her shoulders and opens her mouth to answer when one of the other boys in the dormitory walks into Jimmy’s room and mockingly wraps an arm around Pete, pushing him forwards slightly.

“I’m Gary, you two are the new kids, right?” Jimmy clenches his fists in a protective manner as Gary steps towards (y/n).

“Yeah. Man, news travels quickly around here, huh?” Jimmy stands to his feet, dragging (y/n) up with him.

“Yeah, rumors, news, that kind of stuff.” Gary shoves Pete away before slowly wraps an arm around her shoulders. The room is quiet for a moment before Jimmy grabs one of her hands and yanks her out of Gary’s grip. “Oh, come on. Don’t be like that, Jimmy.” The brutish teenager doesn’t reply to Gary as he drags (y/n) out of the boys’ dormitories and to the main building.

“There’s something about him that I don’t like.”

“What do you mean? Jimmy, first impressions aren’t all that.” Jimmy grumbles lightly as he gets further and further from the boys’ dormitories and closer to the school building.

“Well, it’s just…” Jimmy continues to converse with (y/n) why he thinks their new ‘friends’ aren’t the best people, Gary at the very least. (y/n) actually quite likes Petey. He seems sweet.


(y/n) sits on Jimmy’s bed, her chemistry notes in her lap.

“Hey, why are you here? Can’t you study in your own room?” (y/n) laughs at the thought of being able to study in peace without the other girls in the dormitory bothering her.

“Gary, That’s simply not possible in my own dorm, Jimmy doesn’t have any roommates, and the beds in the boys’ dormitories are way comfier than mine.” Gary quickly plops himself down on the bed next to (y/n), a question of his lips.

“So… You know how I tease you all the time?” (y/n) pauses in reading over her notes. “I’ve noticed that you haven’t really defended yourself, at all, against my teasing and I was wondering if you were doing okay?” Gary is being uncharastically nice at the moment. (y/n) quickly turns to Gary, slipping her notes into her binder.

“Well, I just… I don’t know what to do since I… Really like you. It’s dumb, and I know you tease me all the time, but,” Gary covers (y/n)’s mouth with one of his hands, preventing her from speaking any further.

“I like you too, it’s kinda why I’ve been teasing you for the past few months. You’re super smart and pretty, and you actually like hanging around someone like me. Please don’t tell your brother, he’d probably try to kill me.”

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Chapter Text


The school, it’s been so long since (y/n) had even stepped foot into the surrounding woods around the area. They used to be a student here, they’re parents thought that they were a bad seed so they sent them here for a couple of years.

Louis. That’s the name of the boy that was best friends with (y/n). It would be a miracle if he were still alive and at the school, but they don’t know where else to go since the apocalypse started.

“Well, here’s hoping that I don’t get shot at.” (y/n) readjusts the backpack over their shoulders before taking a few steps towards the gate, staring up at a familiar looking face. “Mitch?”

“Oh, Shit! We got an intruder!” (y/n) opens their mouth to explain but Mitch aims his gun and almost shoots them, but the bullet lands about a foot away. (y/n) lets out a snort and stares up at him.

“Nice shooting, Gunpowder.” The boy at the tower squints his eyes for a minute before he turns his back for a moment to call someone.

“Oh my, God. Louis! Get your ass out here!” (y/n)’s eyes sparkle with happiness at the name, they’re glad that he’s still alive. The gates quickly open to present that the kids from the school are still there, most of them at least. Mitch comes forwards and slaps his hand on their back a bit roughly, guiding them into the school. “How in the world did you make it back here? Last we all heard, you moved to the south.” (y/n) shrugs their shoulders and opens their mouth to explain when a body tackles them to the dirt.

“You’re alive.” Louis’ arms are wrapped tightly around (y/n)’s the torso, his body pinning them to the ground. “How did you even get all the way here?” Violet grabs the back of Louis’ jacket and hauls him to his feet and a few feet away from (y/n) so they can stand up again.

“Down boy. Let (y/n) take a breather. I’m sure they’ll tell us all about it.” (y/n) walks into the courtyard, Louis bounding at their side like a lost puppy. Nobody at the school has seen Louis that happy in a long time.

(y/n) glances around the area, looking for one face in particular. The last part of the quartet. Marlon.

“Hey. Um, Where’s Marlon?” The kids glanced at each other for a few moments before turning towards the school.

“He’s probably in his office. I’ll go grab him.” (y/n) turns to Violet, Mitch, and Louis; the three most outspoken kids in the school.

“He’s like the leader here?” A bark interrupts the air, forcing (y/n) to turn back to the school to see Rosie and Marlon. Their face brightens at the sight of the two. They were worried that something might have happened to him, or anybody else in the school. “Hey, Rosie! Marlon… You got tall.” The leader of the school quickly approaches (y/n), his bow in one hand and a light smirk on his face. Marlon sets down his bow and carefully wraps his arms around (y/n), pulling them in for a brief hug.

“Haven’t seen you in forever.” Marlon slowly pulls away and picks up his bow. He glances at everyone in the courtyard. There’s no question on whether they all want (y/n) to stay. He knows that it’s unanimous. “I think it will be good for everyone if you stay here. It’ll be nice to see another friendly face around here.” Louis is staring at (y/n) expectantly like he wants to show them something. Marlon notices this of course and smiles lightly. “You want Louis to show you around campus again, for old times sake?” (y/n) gives Marlon a grateful smile and softly nods their head.  

“Yeah, I missed him… A lot. I want to spend a little alone time with him if that’s okay?” Marlon smile only grows larger at the request. He only gestures for Louis to come close.

“Louis, can you show (y/n) around the school grounds again, it’s been quite a while since they’ve been here.”

Louis doesn’t say anything to reply to Marlon, he grasps one of (y/n)’s hands and drags them into the school building.

“Louis, slow down! What’s the big rush?” He slows his pace down to a steady stroll, (y/n)’s hand still in his capture. His hands are warm, which is nice considering the cold weather lately.

“Your dorm.” (y/n)’s eyes crease lightly, they haven’t seen their room in 8 years. Not since they left. Surely, the kids or the school would have renovated it to someone else enrolled in the school. Louis drops (y/n)’s hand as they approach the door.

Everything is the same, Polaroid photographs of everyone here is still bolted to one of the walls, writings, a map of the school, a schedule. Nobody moved it.

“When I would miss you, I… I would stay here. I was scared that you were gone… You can set your things down if you want.” (y/n) removes a few items from their bag, their hunting knife, and a bow… and a snowglobe. (y/n) is quick to carry the knife on a concealed part of their body and hold the bow over their shoulder so they can hand Louis something. A gift. “What’s this?”

“When I moved away, you said that if I ever came back to give you a snowglobe.” Louis carefully places the cute snow globe on a shelf before grabbing one of (y/n)’s hands.

“I’ll back for it later, promise. I want to show you a few things.” Louis pulls them out of their small dorm room and walks towards the classrooms. Even from here, (y/n) can see that something destroyed it. “Mitch had a field day when shit started going down, he tore down all of the shitty inspirational posters and blew up a classroom. I think it was an accident, but I’m not sure.” (y/n) takes a peek inside the classroom to see that it has been destroyed but still intact enough where the rest of the building is completely fine. “And Violet almost stabbed a kid…” (y/n) laughs lightly, noticing not much of a difference between the Violet they knew as a kid and now.

“That’s not much of a surprise. And You?” Louis rubs the back of his neck nervously, staring at the stairs that lead up to the music room.

“I’m much better at the piano. I only know a few songs though.” (y/n) smiles brightly at the thought of Louis playing them a song and drags him up the stairs before he can get a word in.

“Play me something, please?” Louis takes the daring step of looking into their eyes. Bad choice. They always did have the worst puppy dog eyes, he can’t resist it. He gives (y/n) a small nod before releasing their grip on his hand and sitting at the piano.

Louis is careful with his placing of the fingers on the piano. He isn’t the best but he’ll sure try if it means impressing (y/n) in the slightest.

His fingers press lightly into the piano, emitting the perfect time from the keys, as perfect as an untuned 8-year-old piano can be. Louis plays a slow song, not wanting to rush himself or push his luck.

But he stops, his nerves overtaking him. (Y/n) peeks up at him, wondering why he suddenly stopped. Louis wipes his sweaty palms onto his jeans and lets out a nervous laugh.

“Sorry, I’m a bit nervous and having you here is still really unbelievable. Do you still remember how to play?” Louis scoots down the bench to let (y/n) have a go at the piano. They place their fingers over the keys, deciding to pick a difficult song they learned from a long time ago. Their playing is flawless as ever, Louis rests his head in his hands, propping his elbows on his knees, gazing up at (y/n) in wonder. “Showoff… I missed you, a lot… you know?” (y/n) turns to face their longtime friend, hands resting in their lap.

“I missed you lots, too. Come here.” Louis stares at (y/n) as they guide his hands back to the piano before placing their own hands over his, playing a familiar song to both of them. (y/n) guides their hands to play the right notes at the right time. Louis lets out small giggles here and there, still staring at (y/n) as the mini-lesson continues.

“I loved you before I even knew what the phrase meant.” Louis trails his hands from the piano to cup (y/n)’s face. “I won’t hurt you, promise.” (y/n)’s smile only brightens at the small confession. The feelings are mutual for years. It’s a big reason they traveled so far to try to find Louis again.

“I know.” (y/n) is the one to make the first move, they quickly lean forwards in a press a kiss to his lips, happy feeling flutters in their chest as they feel him kiss back with just as much force.

“You’re going to stay here, right? You won’t leave again?” (y/n) pulls away lightly, holding onto his hands tightly, ensuring him that they won’t leave…

“Of course. You’re here, where else would I be?”

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Chapter Text


“(y/n)’s still in the hospital?” Hank lets out a long sigh, leaning back into his chair.

“Yeah, the doctors aren’t sure if they’ll ever be able to get out.” The lieutenant and android detective glance towards the entrance to see (y/n) shakily walking towards the two. Connor rushes to (y/n)’s side, wrapping an arm around their back and tightly holding onto one of their hands for support.

“What are you doing here, Detective? You should be-” Hank cuts off Connor.

“In the fucking hospital. What the hell are you doing here? You could die.” Connor helps (y/n) into his seat, choosing to stand close to them.

“I’m fine, Hank. Aren’t you happy to see me?” Hank sighs in defeat before standing away from his chair, walking around his decorated desk to give (y/n) a fatherly hug.

“Of course I’m happy to see ya, Kid. I just don’t want you to hurt yourself.” Hank stands back to his full height, letting Connor finally get a word in. “Connor? You wanna say something?”

“I missed you as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you outside the hospital. But you still look–” (y/n) doubles over, one of their hands flying to their mouth as they begin to cough up blood.

“Shit! I knew you were looking paler than usual. Come on! Back to the hospital!” Connor takes the clear eye contact from Hank to pick (y/n) up and quickly follow Hank to his car. Connor tries to soothe (y/n) in any way he can as Hank floors the car as fast as it can go. “Christ, Kid. You know you’re not supposed to leave and you leave! You’re gonna give me a heart attack one of these days.”

Connor rubs their back, trying to help the fragile human. The hospital is in sight, but he doesn’t know if (y/n) will make it.

“Connor! Stop pacing for Christ’s sake, you’re making me nervous.” Connor halts in his pacing and decides to look at (y/n), the monitor is the only noise in the room, keeping a consistent beeping throughout around the four walls.

“When will they wake up?” Hank merely shrugs his shoulders before slouching into the chair next to the bed.

“Don’t know. Soon, maybe an hour?” As if on cue, (y/n) slowly shifts awake, rolling onto their side, turning towards the attentive android. “Or right now, that works too. Well, since you’re awake, I’m gonna leave Connor with you for a bit.” Connor’s eyes trail Hank’s form as he slowly leaves the room, turning his attention to the half-awake human.

“I love you. I was afraid that you wouldn’t make it. Your chances of making it weren't… Satisfactory.” Connor decides to stand on his knees, taking both of (y/n)’s hands with his. “Please try to stay in bed, you need to get better. You almost died… Sometimes I forget that Humans are so… Fragile. I want you to get better so you can come home. I miss you.”

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Chapter Text


Mitch stops in his tracks as the familiar of crunching leaves and twigs stops behind him; you stop walking. He glances over his shoulder just in time to see your face turn green and watch you dash a few yards away. Louis and Aasim halt their conversation and turn to Mitch who has his eyes on you, watching closely.

“Is she okay? She’s been getting sick a lot recently.” Mitch opens his mouth to respond when the sound of loud retching reaches their ears. All boys cringe at once at the sound of someone they care about so sick, and they can’t do anything about it.

“Guess not. You guys go ahead. I’m going to check on her.” Mitch waits until Louis and Aasim are a few yards away before he runs over to where you are currently puking your guts out. Your hands tremble as the waves of nausea slowly cease to an end. You are slow to stand up straight after emptying out dinner from last night. “Are you okay? You’ve been really sick lately. I’m worried.” Mitch sets a comforting hand on your back, rubbing the surface softly. He doesn’t know what’s wrong, but he’ll do whatever he can to help.

“I don’t know… I just feel sick every morning. I should be fine in a few hours…” Mitch glances to your sick form then to Louis and Aasim, who have been listening. Mitch and the others don’t think you’re in any shape to continue hunting. Not at the rate you’re going.

“We’re gonna head back, check in with Ruby. Can you guys handle the hunt on your own?” Louis gives you and Mitch a warm smile before gesturing to Aasim. The two of them can handle a little hunting on their own while you get better.

“We got this. Don’t worry.” Mitch only gives one firm nod before he’s guiding you back to the school to have the school’s medic take a look at you. Louis and Aasim watch as Mitch is careful with guiding you through the forest, they noticed how soft he is with you. Your good for Mitch, everyone can see it clear as day; He’d go to the ends of the earth if it meant protecting you.

Ruby meets you and Mitch at the gate, seeing his worried expression and your sick and fragile form. She helps Mitch bring you into the nurse’s office to see what’s wrong with you. Mitch rubs the back of his head nervously as he slowly lets go of his sick girlfriend, knowing that he can trust Ruby to take care of her.

“It’s better if you stay out here Mitch. I’ll talk to you when I’m done checking on (y/n).” Mitch steps forward to argue, scared of what might be wrong with you and scared knowing that he can’t be there to help you if needed. You slowly raise a hand out to Mitch, consoling him instantly.

“Mitchie, it’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. Trust me. I’ll be just a few minutes.” With your soothing words, Mitch backs off. He watches as Ruby guides you into the small office and closes the door. You slowly walk to sit on one of the small cots. “So um, I’ve been feeling really nauseous almost every morning and I’ve been gaining weight and I missed my period a few weeks ago…” Ruby doesn’t have to be a doctor to know what’s wrong with you. Ruby walks up to the drawer of medical supplies and digs through it before holding up a stick; no, a pregnancy test. You look at Ruby with wide eyes, both knowing exactly what this could mean.

“Do you know how to do this?” You nod lightly, shocked that this could actually happen and go into the bathroom to perform the test. Luckily, you’ve read a few books about parenting and childbirth. There’s not exactly too much to read around here anymore and that could actually be useful to someone else. Or yourself at this point. “And when’s the last time you and Mitch… “ You feel yourself become flustered, it has been a while… 5 weeks.

“5 Weeks… We haven’t really had the time or energy and I thought I was sick so he didn’t want to…” You slowly glance at the pregnancy test once you know that 10 minutes have passed. Positive. It’s official, you’re pregnant. You slowly walk out of the bathroom with the pregnancy test in hand and look at Ruby with a concerned look. “What am I gonna do? What am I gonna tell him?” Ruby places a concerned hand onto your back gently, a maternal look in her eyes as usual. You and Ruby know that Mitch isn’t really the type to run off when an obstacle is in his way. But the insecurities still lay there in the open.

Without any other questions,  Ruby leads you outside of the small office to finally face Mitch. He slows his pacing to a walk and finally stands still in front of you, his hands crossed over his chest in concern.

“Is everything okay? Are you hurt? Are you gonna-” Ruby only has to glance at you for a moment before you decide to just blurt out the reason. Better to go fully in, right?

“I’m pregnant.” Mitch stands up straight, baffled by the confession. He did have some thoughts on why you were always so sick but he never thought that it could be something like this. He runs a hand through his hair, pulling at a few strands before asking more questions. His mind is running a far too fast for him to keep up with at the moment.

“Is… The baby… is it… mine?” You feel almost hurt by the question. How could he think that it’s anybody else’s? Who else at this school would you be willing to be so intimate with? Ruby gives him a warning glare before giving you two some room to talk. She knows where she’s not needed.

“Who else?” Mitch’s hair is more a mess than usual from constantly tangling his fingers in it out of stress. You would normally try to calm down the mess by running your hands through his hair but the matters present seem far more pressing.

Mitch begins to idly walk around the small hallway, keeping his eyes on you as much as possible.

“I have noticed that you’ve been… Gaining weight but I just thought you were stressed. I didn’t want to say anything about it, not that it bothered me. You could look like a hippo and I’d still love… “ Mitch pauses, his words sinking into the air. He finally realizes what he said to his significant other. Neither has ever said the L word. You were too scared. “A-and your moods were everywhere… but I didn’t know that you're… wow.” Mitch doesn’t hesitate in grabbing both of your hands. His body heat instantly melting into yours.

“Why didn’t you say anything if you knew or had suspicions.” Mitch merely shrugs at the questions. He himself doesn’t know why he never said a word. He could have instead of worrying in silence. But he didn’t. He slides one hand down to lightly touch your stomach, even if you aren’t showing yet.

“I didn’t want to upset you… But I promise that I will do everything I can to help raise this baby. Okay? I’m not going anywhere.”

In the near distance, Ruby smiles to herself. She’s happy that everything worked out in the end. She’ll be able to see another family blossom into existence.

But she’ll need to remind you and Mitch to be far more careful next time.

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Chapter Text


You let out a shuddered sigh as your nerves get the best of you, You and your partner, Norman Jayden, were to dress in fancy attire and attend a party where a drug lord would be at. To say you were anxious or worried about this particular mission is an understatement, to say the least.

“(y/n)? Are you almost ready? The party started 10 minutes ago, so we should be able to blend in.” you slowly step out of the changing room, showing Norman your [dress/suit], you’re not really one for dressing fancy, but it’s needed for this. Norman stares at you, his eyes wide in astonishment. “Wow, you look…Amazing.” You feel a blush creeping onto your cheeks but say nothing.

“Let’s, uh, go, shall we?” Norman grabs one of your hands before he leads the way into the mansion. Security guards seemed to be everywhere, at each door, especially the one leading to the Drug Lord’s room. Norman stands at your side as you both take a few steps before a huge bouncer steps in your way.

“Invitation?” Your heart stops in your chest, Norman responds to the bouncer, nervousness settling into his stomach.

“We don’t have an invitation. Is that a problem?” Norman still has an attitude problem. The bouncer gazes at Norman, fighting the urge to throw him through the door, his eyes stop short at you.

“It will be for you, but [her/him/them], no.” You feel Norman getting impatient, so to calm him you quickly give him a kiss, ignoring the bouncer’s staring.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you afterward, okay?” Norman glares at the bouncer for a few seconds before he gives you a quick nod and leaves you.

“Follow me, Mx.” The bouncer stalks off to double doors, they look like they lead to the main room. “He’ll be in there waiting.”

He slowly opens the door for you, they’re people in skimpy clothing walking around, almost worse than a strip club. Before you could do anything, someone grabs your hand and leads you into a secluded room. He sits on the couch, a greasy smirk plastered over his face. He’s fairly good looking, but nothing in comparison to Norman.

“You can call me Dylan. You can start dancing now.” You recognize the greasy man in front of you as the Drug lord’s right-hand man. Playing the innocent act is probably the best route to take.

“Um, dancing? I’m not a dancer…”

“Oh? Well, I won’t tell anybody you’re not supposed to be here if you dance for me. The first thing the girls and occasional boys do here, is to strip down to your underwear and dance around the pole. Can you do that for me, Sweetheart?” You undress and turn to the pole when you feel a hand grab you and pull you out into the open.

“Norman? What are you doing in here? I thought you got kicked out.” Norman stares down at your half-dressed body in surprise.

“I-I snuck in…Uh, wow. Look, I need you to do something, and I know you’re not gonna like it, but I can’t do it.” You give him an uncomfortable look and cross your arms over your chest. “It’ll be easy, you just have to seduce that guy in there. That’s the drug lord’s right-hand man, right? I recognize his voice.” You stare at Norman in exasperation.

“You’re kidding, right? I’m about as seductive as a cabbage!” Your voice is muffled by the loud music blaring through the multiple sets of speakers on the walls. Norman’s hands grab your face to quickly press a tender kiss upon your lips. He wants to do more, but he’s on a mission.

“You can do this. After you find where the drug lord is, I’ll be right behind you. Besides, you got me, so you must be good at this.” Norman pushes you back into the small secluded room where ‘Dylan’ still sits, looking more impatient.

“Um, sorry about that, someone just made a mistake. Should I-”

“Fuck the pole, come over here.” He gestures towards his lap, your face becomes red, but you do as your told and sit on the henchman’s lap, wrapping both your arms around his neck.

“Um, do you mind if I asked you a few questions while I do this? Talking helps with my nerves…” He smirks, rolling his hips into yours. You aren’t enjoying one minute of this, but the job requires it. Before you can ask a single question, a large hand grabs you and pulls you out of the room, way bigger than Norman’s.

“The big boss would like to see you.” You glance around; confused, Norman’s nowhere in sight.

“Me? Why? Did I did something wrong?” The bouncer from before leads you up a small flight of steps and into a big room, there’s no security up here…

“Quite the opposite. He’s requesting a dance from you.” Nervousness crawls into your throat as the doors open to reveal the boss, he sits on a throne, A pole on each side of him, but nobody else is in the room. The bouncer quickly leaves with the flick of the boss’ wrist.

“So you’re the little stowaway, aren’t you?” Panic fills your chest faster than lightning.

“i-I’m sorry. I just heard about this place and–” He holds up a hand, silencing you without even laying a hand on your body.

“I just want a dance, nothing more. Nothing less.” You slowly look at the pole before laying a hand on it. “First time?” You give a nod before you start walking around the pole. “How old are you?” He’s trying to initiate a conversation, it would be wise to talk back, only so you don’t get yourself killed.

“Older than the others here. I’m 30.” the boss lets out a low whistle just as you start to actually dance around the pole, bending your body into different shapes to please him.

“Damn, so I only have a few years on you.” You open your mouth to say something back, to distract yourself from thinking about where Norman is, but the doors burst open, revealing Norman and the rest of the FBI agents hidden in the building. You slowly slide off the pole, your back towards Norman and the other agents, scared to face them, not wanting them to see you in such few clothing.

“Get your hands on your head Now!” From the corner of your eyes, you watch as he slowly does so, getting onto his knees as well. “[Ma’am/Sir], I’m going to have to ask you a few questions. I’m–” You turn around to see Norman’s shocked expression. “That was…You? How did you even–” Norman practically tears his jacket off of his body before he wraps it around yours to avoid the stares of the entire force. “Are you okay?”  You smile, glad the party and the drug trade is finally over.

“I’m fine. It was scary, but they barely touched me.” Norman wraps his arms around you, pulling you close to his side.

“Come on, we’re taking the next few days off.” Without a word, you follow Norman outside where of course the press is waiting. You shield your eyes from the flashing lights of the cameras. “Damn Press…No questions.” Norman’s voice is more demanding than usual, you pull the jacket around you tighter to cover any skin that may have been showing to the air.

“Agent (l/n), what happened to you in there? Is the drug lord finally caught?” Norman tugs you to the limo that is waiting, but you want to answer one question before I leave.

“Um, the drug lord, along with everybody else involved in the drug business is caught and will be put in prison as soon as we’re able. Mean-meaning that the trade line should diminish. No more questions.” Of course, the press tried to follow you, but Norman blocks the view of the press and leads you to the limo. “Is the limo really necessary?” Norman closes the door once he climbs in next to you.

“You know how it is. The big boss wants us to take this, to show we’re really important I think.” Your eyes are drawn to the window as the limo moves towards the large apartment you shared with Norman. “Is everything okay? I know you’ve never had to do something like that before-”

“They…The men in there, they looked at me like I was just an object…I feel so gross.” Norman slowly slides closer to you, holding his arms out.

“Would it be okay…If I hold you?” Without a word of protest, or denial, you crawl onto his lap and hide your face in the crook of his neck. “You’re okay now. I won’t let anybody look at you like that again.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

The raiders, adults, the first adults they’ve seen in a while. They want to kidnap them all and force them to fight in their war. Why are they picking fights with other communities in the first place? Isn’t it safer to stick together and fight against the walkers?

Nevertheless, the students of Ericson have to get ready for battle, for their lives and their freedom. Most of the kids are ready, weapons, traps, stealthy spots, the like. All except Louis of course, he volunteered to help out but he can’t shoot arrows for shit, as much as he wants to.

“Dammit.” Louis stares ahead at all the arrows that missed the target on the tree, none of them hit or even came close to hitting.  

(y/n) turns to Louis, finished with talking to Clementine and Violet, they wanted to be sure everything is in order and that all of the kids are ready to fight. They are. Everyone is.

They stare at Louis for a moment as he fails to hit the target once again, he’s getting a bit frustrated, so they decide to help him.

“Hey, everything okay?” He gestures vaguely to the arrows lying around, implying that he can’t shoot a simple bow. (y/n) slowly nods, getting the picture, they glance around the yard for a moment, declaring that everyone else is fine for a few moments while they teach Louis how to shoot a few arrows. “Okay… I’ll teach you, first you need to reposition your hands.” (y/n) lightly guides his arms to how a professional archer would pull back an arrow, Louis doesn’t say a word throughout all of this. (y/n) quickly stands behind Louis and guides his hips to where his bottom half should be positioned.

Louis’ face feels flushed from the brief contact of (y/n)’s hands to his hips. He hasn’t been that intimate with anyone, not like there’s time for it exactly.

“Now what? Just start shooting?” Louis feels his breath catch in his throat as (y/n) is quick to wrap their arms around him, placing their hands over his to help him aim. He refuses to meet their gaze and instead try to focus on shooting at least one arrow into the intended target.

Louis shoots a few arrows, all of them miraculously making their way onto the target, almost a bullseye. He pulls out of (y/n) loose grasp and places his hands on his hips, slowly setting the bow down.

“I guess I’m a bit of a natural now, huh?” (y/n) can only roll their eyes at Louis’ comment, staring at him contently before another thought crosses their mind. Does Louis even know how to fight? Without Chairles, (y/n)’s never seen Louis actually fight.

“How well versed are you in hand to hand combat? Good? Bad? Perfect?”  Louis scoffs lightly crossing his arms over his chest to seem more confident. He’s never laid a hand on someone, not like he would know how to. Which is bad considering where they are.

“If by perfect, you mean not at all. Then yes, I am perfect in hand to hand.” (y/n) rolls their eyes at the sarcastic comment and slowly guards themselves as they would in a fight. No better time like the present to learn how to fight, right? It’s better if he learns with (y/n) then out on the field. “Oh, we’re learning now?” Louis slowly guards himself as well, almost scared for what will happen next. (y/n) slowly glances around the courtyard, not wanting people to be staring at them and Louis sparring.

“Punch me.” Louis shocked and bewildered stares wide-eyed at (y/n), not believing he heard what they said. He’s thinking this has to be a sort of trick, right? They wouldn’t actually ask him to punch them. Louis bites down on his bottom lip nervously before hesitantly throwing a punch their way.

Of course, (y/n) is faster than Louis and catches his fist in one of their hands. They use the amount of strength that they have to pull him closer and wrap their arm around him; his back to their chest.

“I think you need some more practice.” Hearing how close (y/n) is to Louis forces a series of shivers down his spine. This was the last thing he thought would happen today. Louis is slow to agree but with a small nod of his head, he does. He has no words, he doesn’t know what to do or what to say. What would any sane person do in this situation?

Violet nudges Clem to look over at Louis’ position with (y/n). The poor boy is trapped in (y/n)’s arms no way out but to try and fight. He catches his friends’ stares and quickly starts to squirm as they laugh lightly at his flustered expression. Louis isn’t strong enough to fight off (y/n)’s grip on him. They chuckle gently in his ear, another chill.

“Is that seriously all you got, Lou? Come on, you can try harder than that.” Louis makes a strangled noise from his throat, he’s embarrassed; flustered. He continues to struggle lightly, knowing that it’s useless but still trying.

“Vi and Clem are watching…” Louis feels his ears heat up, turning the normal shade into a vibrant shade of red or pink. Not too obvious with his skin tone but (y/n) can see it plain as day from being so close to him. (y/n) only shrugs lightly, not understanding that their position with Louis could be seen as provocative to anyone else.

“What does that matter? I’m just teaching you how to fight, what’s the harm in that?” Louis continues squirming in their arms, but (y/n)’s grip doesn’t slacken for a single second. They have no idea what Louis means.

“It’s not how it looks.” (y/n) slowly glances down at their position with Louis before slowly agreeing. They nod their head lightly before glancing up at the two laughing girls from afar. They look almost out of breath from laughing so much. “Either let go or do something. I don’t like being teased like this.” (y/n), without a moment of hesitation, uses their free hand to slowly push Louis’ head to the side, more accessible for (y/n). Louis stares at them with wide eyes before they finally slam their lips to his, watching as his eyes slowly slip closed for a few moments, wanting to enjoy the kiss while it lasts.

(y/n) slowly pulls away, releasing his tight grip on Louis as well. He stands up straight, running a hand over his lips before staring at (y/n) wide-eyed, not knowing what to say to the bold move their pulled. Louis feels his heart pounding hard against his chest, almost painfully from how flustered he’s feeling right now.

“Was that enough of something for you, Lou?”

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Chapter Text

The morning is quiet as usual, nobody is up and about quite yet. Which is good for Mitch and (y/n) seeing as the two just had an exciting night. They didn’t get much sleep but the adrenaline and satisfaction are more than enough to reassure themselves that they can get through the day just fine.

Mitch’s room is cozy and neat, despite him being so rough with (y/n) just a few short hours ago. He thought that he knocked some things over.

He holds her tight in his arms, both their bodies warm against the other. Mitch is unsure if it was as good for (y/n) as it was for him. He loved it, every second. He liked being in control of the situation at hand and being so intimate with (y/n).

That’s A dream come true.

Mitch slowly rubs soothing circles on (y/n)’s back, bringing her attention to him and away from whatever world she was in. (y/n) lightly grabs one of his hands, her grip light but firm. Mitch slowly settles his face into the crook of her neck, wanting to be close for her to hear him clearly.

“Was that… good for you? I mean, was it okay?” (y/n) curls up to Mitch, quickly turning towards him to take a long look of his face. He feels insecure about everything that happened, not his usual self. (y/n) grabs his other hand and brings it close to her chest.

“It was great, Mitch… I even, um, finished… Twice.” Mitch’s face flares up lightly, after everything that happened earlier, he’s happy that he was able to fulfill her needs and not just his own. He spots how she winces lightly when she moves, he was too rough with her… Mitch sits up and moves across the bed to sit in front of (y/n)’s thighs. He’s careful in pulling her legs apart to see the light bruises and markings on her hips and thighs. “Oh, Mitch… I’m not really in the mood right now.” He rubs his hands over the markings lightly, forcing a few shivers from (y/n). He lightly massages the markings on her thighs first, watching as (y/n) sinks back into the pillows. She won’t protest to Mitch taking care of her sore and tired body, that’s certain.

Mitch feels a weird emotion of satisfaction seeing (y/n) so sensitive at his touch. He takes a bold move and presses a few kisses to the bruises and marks, using his hands to massage her thighs lightly. (y/n) shakes slightly at his touch, still vulnerable and sensitive from the previous hours.

“I didn’t mean to be so rough… I’m not very experienced…” (y/n) slowly reaches down to brush her fingers through Mitch’s hair, she’s the only person who is allowed to do that. Mitch almost bit Ruby’s hand off when she tried to do it.

“It’s okay… I enjoyed it. I’ll be okay in a bit.”

(y/n) lays back against the comfortable pillows once again, letting Mitch soothe the bruises away. Soon enough, Mitch is done with the thighs and has moved up to the hips. His scarred and rough fingers dance around her hips before slowly massaging the muscles. Mitch doesn’t complain or say a word as (y/n)’s breath hitches in the back of her throat.

He maneuvers his body so he can properly kiss (y/n). He lays next to her, wrapping an arm around her waist before setting his gaze on her stomach. Not only are there more than a few nail markings littering the smooth surface, but her stomach is also slightly caved in and her ribcage is poking out. One of the many disadvantages of living in an apocalyptic world.

“Have you eaten today?” She nods lightly, turning her head to face him. The smile on her face matches her eyes. She’s telling the truth. (y/n) grabs one of his hands in a tight grip and she brings it close to her lips before pressing a quick kiss onto it.

“Don’t worry about me. Hey, We should get up soon.” Mitch tightens his grip and digs his face into the crook of her neck. His hands slowly trace up and down her stomach and waist, careful to not put any more bruises on her body.

“Just a few more minutes…” The room is silent as Mitch rests his body against (y/n), the covers handing off their legs lightly. The two are too tired to pull it up any higher but it doesn’t matter… They’ll get dressed in a few minutes and get to work. Mitch raises himself to a sitting position as he stares down at (y/n), happy that he could satisfy her needs in all ways. He reaches a hand up to brush a few strands from her face when–

The door slams open. He forgot to lock it last night. He knew that he was missing something.

Without any decent knocking, Louis appears in the doorway in a second. His eyes wander over to where Mitch and (y/n) lay, completely naked from the previous night’s activities. Mitch is quick to act and pulls the blanket to cover up (y/n)’s body, not wanting another person to see her body in such a vulnerable state.

“Dude, what the hell? Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” Louis shields his gaze away, not expecting to become so flustered at this time of the day. Mitch glares at the back of his head, angry that he saw (y/n)… Like that.

“ Maybe if you put a sock on the door, this wouldn’t happen…” Louis gestures to the two vaguely. “Hunting, fishing. Go.” Louis quickly leaves the two to get dressed alone. Mitch almost growls at the closed door. He can’t believe how careless he was. What if it was Tenn or AJ that opened the door? The explosive boy stops his movements as a hand caresses his face lightly, snapping him out of his anger almost instantly.

“It’s okay, Mitch. We can hang out afterward, okay? Maybe this time you can spend the night in my dorm this time.”

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Chapter Text

The loud slamming of the front door alerts the reserved Lutece that his wife is finally home from work. Though the slamming of the door isn’t just the normal ‘I’m home’ slamming, no. This type of slamming is the ‘I’m angry and miserable’ slamming. Robert slowly stands to his feet to meet (y/n) at the door.  

(y/n) on the other hand, has had a shit week. She spends all day, almost every day, inside a bookstore but she has been getting trouble from quite a few customers as of late. It’s to the point of harassment but there’s absolutely nothing that she can do about the issue at hand because of the time period. She didn’t exactly sign up at a nice, comfortable bookstore to be ogled at for hours on end.  

“Dammit!” (y/n) grunts in frustration, too angry to even do a simple task like taking off her jacket without any help. The warm and comforting presence of Robert Lutece appears behind her. She can feel an infuriating amount of frustration taking over her. Slowly, Robert places his hands on the edges of (y/n)’s jacket.   

“Here, let me help you, Darling.” He can tell that her job is stressing her out more and more lately. He wants to do something of course but what can he? He’s not exactly the roguish type such as Booker Dewitt. Instead, he can comfort his wife with tea and a warm aura. 

Robert quickly leads her to the living area to set her down on the couch while she begins her long and stressful rant about her job as usual, all the while taking her jacket from her shoulders to hang up. “Why don’t you tell me what’s got you so frustrated while I put on a pot of tea?” (y/n) lets out a heavy sigh but releases her grasp on his hand so he can go into the next room for a quick moment. She leans against the couch, head tilted upwards towards the ceiling. She takes a deep breath, reliving the day shortly before telling her attentive husband every upsetting detail.  

“Well… it’s just all the men that come into the shop just to bother me… And it kills me that in this time, in this society, I’m expected to just take it when all I want to do is smack them for the vulgarness of their nasty words. It sickens me.” (y/n) turns towards the kitchen to see Robert pouring a small cup of tea. Lavender, her favorite. He graces her with a comforting smile before carefully handing the cup of tea to her. (y/n) stressfully combs a hand through her hair before resting completely on the cup, cradling her tea with her hands. "I just feel like everything I do ends up in a disaster; I get a job at a bookstore, men come and flirt with me, I move to Columbia, everything is weirdly religious… I just… want to make sense of everything." At her final point, Robert is at her side in a heartbeat. The action forces (y/n)'s pulse to quicken in the slightest but she doesn't mention it. He slowly takes one of her hands, resting it over his own heart. His breathing is unsteady, almost like he's nervous. But that would be silly, he's Robert. He's calm and collected, right?

"Darling, I'm still here so you must've done something right. I've been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the first day I met you." She wants nothing more than to believe him but there's still a voice in the back of her head, telling her it's untrue. Robert, seeing the hesitance in her immediately, pushes himself closer to her to press a loving kiss, his free hand moving to take the cup of tea and place it on the coffee table before tangling it in her hair to tug her closer. She's shaky as always, even after all this time they've been together, she gets a tad nervous whenever they kiss. 

But before it can get too steamy and lead to something else, she pulls away and plops her head into his lap.

"Can you play with hair please?" With a soft smile, Robert lifts his other hand to lightly braid his lover's hair, watching as she slowly slips into unconsciousness from the stressful week. As Robert admires the woman he's spending the rest of his life with the phone on the table beside him catches his attention.

With one hand still lightly playing with her hair, he slowly calls into the bookstore for his wife, not wanting her to worry any more than she already has. 

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Chapter Text

Abel is locked down in the basement with Rosie and AJ. The Raiders came, and they left. They took Aasim, Omar, and Violet with them and killed Mitch.

Clementine and the rest of the kids want justice for killing and taking a few of them. Lily doesn’t get to just pick and choose who to take and harass the rest. That’s not right.

There’s already tenseness and hostility amongst those who are left. Louis quickly helps access the situation between Willy and Tenn. He told her to deal with Abel and finding a way to get back at the Raiders. He would do that part himself but he doesn’t really have the guts to torture someone for answers.

“Okay, we got something.” Louis turns his attention to Clementine as she walks out of the basement, a piece of paper clutched in her hands. Louis crosses his arms over his chest and bites on his bottom lip lightly, nervous to what he needs to tell Clementine once she’s alone.

“Clem, could I talk to you for a second? It’s important.” Clem gives AJ a look that she needs to be alone with Louis before approaching the nervous boy. He glances around the yard to see that everyone is getting ready to leave outside the gates. Right, they need to scope out the Raiders to find a way in tonight.

“Is everything okay Louis?” The Pianist shuffles his feet for a moment before coming out with it.

“I have a boyfriend. Or had? I-I’m not sure. He disappeared with Minnie and Sophie. I don’t know if he’s alive or… Clem, If I see him, I–” He stops short as Clementine places a gentle hand on his shoulder, giving him a trusting smile. She knows that Louis can be trusted and that he’ll do what’s best for the group.

“Do what you need to. I can probably handle getting the others out. For now, Let’s go spy on the Raiders, okay?”


“Is a party really the best idea right now?” Ruby crosses her arms over her chest at Louis’ question. She thinks that a party is exactly what everyone needs right now seeing as how hopes are down and the kids are kind of getting ready for a war.

“Everyone just needs a little relaxation time and then we’ll be ready for the Raiders.” Louis rubs the back of his neck nervously. Now that he saw Minnie alive and well, he’s not so sure that (y/n), his boyfriend, is dead like he was led to believe.

Clem walks into the room with AJ hot on her heels. She’s dealt with everything, Willy is in the room and getting along with Tenn now. Finally, they can get the music and lights set up. Louis fumbles with the ends of his sleeves nervously as Clem sets the music and lights before coming around the talk to Louis.

“So your boyfriend… Can you tell me about him?” Louis feels himself blush brightly, his whole face exploding with a rosy color. Clem hasn’t seen him like that ever, in the week she’s been there.

“Um, our first date was writing a song together. It wasn’t very good since we were like 10 but… It was amazing… There’s actually a carving, here…” Louis pulls the stool sitting idly in front of the piano, he lifts it up to the end of the stool is facing Clementine. She peers her eyes on the surface to see a small carving of two initials.

“Since you were 10? That’s a long time. I’m excited to meet him, Louis.” The taller boy slowly places the stool back down, glancing around at everyone at the party. Hopefully, he’ll see everyone on the other side. He just wants to make it through the Raiders.

“Everything will be okay, right? I can’t help but feel worried about this. About him and getting Vi back.” Clem can only give him a soft reassuring smile. She can’t really say that everything will be okay. Because she doesn’t know.

“We’ll do our best to get everyone back. That I can promise.” Louis can only breathe out a heavy sigh, mentally preparing himself for what is going to come soon.

Finally, they all attack the school. But to even get close to the docks, they need to blend in with the walkers. They need to cover themselves with walker’s guts. Clementine and AJ, having done this many times before, don’t say much about the predicament but Louis has a few words to say of course.

“Awesome. Being covered in walker’s guts, that’s something I thought of doing today. Gross.” Louis is slower than the others to cover his body in walker’s guts, surely ruining his clothes. He can only whine slightly at the thought of having to get rid of his clothes because of this mission. There must be an alternate method of getting through walker herds, right? 

‘Do it for him’

Louis follows AJ and Clementine as they blend in through the walkers to get to the docks. The raiders are everywhere on the dock which is no surprise seeing as the walker herd is vastly approaching their base. The three are quick to sneak past the raiders as some of their friends distract them with setting some hay on fire near the horses.

“Let’s go.” The group of three sneaks past the unsuspecting Raiders and into the boat. Now all they need to do is find the engine room, then where they keep the prisoners. “The engine should be near the front of the boat, but I am not sure about where they’re keeping the others.” Louis holds the bomb lightly in his hands, scared that if he grips it too tightly then it’ll explode. Unfortunately, he was put in charge of the bomb meaning that he can’t immediately go looking for (y/n) and the others.

“Okay, it’s just a bomb. That I’m holding. With my bare hands. Great.” The sarcasm in Louis’ voice is clear to hear but Clementine can’t find herself wanting to laugh. She’s too focused at the moment.

Through a few doors and about a dozen raiders, They find the engine room and slowly plant the bomb. When the boat starts they’ll have a few minutes to escape. Now, They all can find their friends.

Clem leads the small pack of friends up a small flight of stairs until they are faced with Minnie. Seeing, as she spotted Clem before she could do anything, the group comes out and asks for her help.

“I’ll do it. Your friends are through here. Follow me.” Through pure blind innocence of their friend still being the same, Louis walks behind Minnie, AJ, and Clementine following soon after. Minnie talks incoherently to Louis while Clementine walks into Violet’s cell to get her and the rest of her friends out while she still can. But just as she begins to call her name, she’s struck from behind.

“Minnie, what the fuck?!” Everything feels like a big blur to the group, Clementine being locked in a cell with Violet and AJ and Louis being shoved into the same cell as Aasim and Omar.

Normally, this is where Aasim starts to sass Louis about this so-called rescue, but he knows when to hold his tongue. Minnie walks away to get a higher up to tell them the news while the rest converse until they can find a way out.

“There’s no way out, we’ve tried. Louis, what the hell are you even doing here?” Louis glances down the hall of the cells, hoping to catch a sighting of that special someone he came looking for. Aasim glances down to the floorboard, can’t help but feel pity for his friend of course. How could he not? “Dude, he’s not here. I haven’t seen many of the raiders though.” Louis opens his mouth to retaliate but Clementine slowly begins to groan, signaling that she’s awake. The two boys bickering turn to Clementine’s cell to see if she can find a way out; she’s the clever one of the group after all.

“Clementine, are you okay?” The girl groans lightly and slowly stands up to greet Louis but doesn’t say a word as she spots Lily and Minnie stalking towards her cell, a look of intent present upon her features. Aasim and Omar quickly back away from the cell as She comes into view, they don’t want to be her victims again. Clementine’s cell opens and Lily walks in, along with Minnie of course.

“Clementine, I underestimated you again. You snuck past all of my guards just to get a few of your friends.” Minnie aims her crossbow at Clementine, wanting to be sure that she won’t try anything. Lily slowly walks to sit on the small bed, a glare in her eyes as she stares at Clementine, she’s never seen another child as tough and smart as her. She could be very useful. “I’m going to tell you a story about 3 siblings, two sisters, and a brother.”  Clementine only glares harshly at the older woman in front of her but doesn’t make any movements, knowing that she could be dead in an instant thanks to the crossbow in Minnie’s hands. She casts a look to Louis, he’s staring intently into the cell, he knows that Lily means (y/n). She has to. “These three were taken and told that if they fought for Delta, they would be greatly rewarded. One of the siblings dried her tears and picked herself back up, knowing that there was no way out. But the other two? They fought back, screamed, starting rioting… one day, they were on a raft trying to escape.” Lily gestures for Minnie to continue, wanting the entire group to hear it from someone they all thought that they could trust. Minnie readjusts her crossbow, a more firm grip before looking Clementine in the eyes.

“I found them and I killed her. I killed Sophie because she wasn’t loyal to Delta like I am. She didn’t understand.” Lily smirks, hearing the bars to the other cell rattle as Louis tries to break free. He knows what Minnie is going to say and he doesn’t want to believe it for one second. He spent one year mourning his boyfriend before coming to the conclusion that he might be alive. He doesn’t want to mourn all over again. Not after everything he and the others went through to get onto the boat to find him in the first place. Not again.

“And?” Louis’ heart clenches tightly as Minnie finally says the last words. The words he’s been dreading since she walked back down here. Clementine can only swallow the large lump in her throat as she is forced to watch Louis break down.

“I killed (y/n) too.”

Louis chokes on the series of sobs racking through his body, covering his mouth with a hand as he finally turns away from the opening of the cell, wanting nothing more than to be rid of this place and the bitter taste on his tongue. The guilt that he could’ve done something earlier but didn’t. He couldn’t have even known that he was taken by another group, right?

He was so close. Louis almost had his boyfriend back.


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Prompt List

Chapter Text

The school doesn’t need any more bombs, the classroom exploding from a defect is proof enough but Mitch doesn’t have anything better to do with his spare time. Besides, he wants to keep an eye on (y/n) as she talks with Louis. She’s really close to everyone in the school, too close for Mitch’s comfort. It probably doesn’t help that Louis can be a bit of a flirt.   

Mitch feels his body tense as Louis lightly bumps into (y/n). He wants to be close like that to (y/n) but that’s not something he normally does.  

The bomb is only filled with gunpowder, so it won’t be too explosive if Mitch were to drop it… The school has had too many accidents involving him and his bombs that he still decides to make, so late into the apocalypse. (y/n) thinks it’s a great idea, maybe they can set a wire to explode all of the bombs at once in the case they get caught in a fight with other survivors or walkers.  

The thought that (y/n) actually likes and is interested in something that he knows about it nice. He likes the small questions that she asks him about bombs, it’s cute. Though, he’ll never tell her that. He can’t ever let that slip out. 

Mitch is pulled out of his small fantasy when he hears (y/n) laughing lightly, pushing Louis’ arm away lightly, colliding into him with her own body from laughing too hard. What could possibly be so funny? Mitch doesn’t understand, that’s certain.  

Their small touches with each other are friendly, innocent enough but it almost looks like Louis is flirting with (y/n). The small school knows that something is going on between the (y/n) and Mitch, but nobody has caught the two doing anything more than talking. It is possible that they were all wrong but, from the way Mitch is acting?  

There’s something here.  

Mitch continues to slowly fiddle with his bomb, eyes flickering up to Louis flirting with (y/n) every few seconds. He can feel the swirl of anger and jealousy brimming at the pit of his stomach, it makes him sick. He doesn’t like feeling this way, Mitch’s entire body freezes the instant he spots Louis leaning over (y/n), his face close to hers; far too close for Mitch’s comfort.  

“So you maybe wanna go up to the watchtower? Escape from everyone for a bit?” The second the last word registers in Mitch’s head, the second he realizes that someone is trying to ask out his significant other, he explodes.   

And not in the figurative sense. Mitch’s grip on his half-made bomb increases tenfold, causing the dangerous object in his hand to explode gunpowder all over his entire body; absolutely covering him.   

The loud sound of the explosion alerts not only Louis but (y/n) as well. The two turn to see the situation that Mitch is in. (y/n)’s eyes widen at the sight of her boyfriend angry and covered in gunpowder.  

“Uh, I gotta go, Lou.” She quickly runs to Mitch, her eyes scanning across his form to see his cheeks puffing out in anger and gunpowder covering his face and hair. Luckily, she knows exactly the cause or has a guess at least. “Mitch, what happened?” No answer. Mitch is still hard-core glaring at Louis who has busied himself with bothering Aasim as per usual. (y/n) turns to connect his glare and immediately understands what’s wrong. She quickly wipes the gunpowder off of his lips before gently giving him a sweet kiss, her hands rising to cup the back of his neck to hold him in place for a few moments. Mitch instantly melts into the gesture, not caring if anyone in the courtyard pays them any mind, especially not Louis. 

The two never meant to hide their relationship, but they didn’t exactly want to come out with it either. The world isn’t exactly meant for relationships anymore, not with ⅔ of the population becoming the undead and all. 

Before Mitch can grab a hold of (y/n), She pulls away to question him on his previous actions. The school is lucky that there aren’t too many undead wandering around right next to the school at this hour. 

“Mitch, you have absolutely nothing to be jealous about. There’s nobody else in the world that I want more than you… And Louis isn’t really my type.” Mitch quickly snaps himself out of the trance, crossing his arms over his chest before directing his glare to (y/n). His hand shoots up to grab onto the comfy turtleneck, that (y/n) has been wearing for the past few days, to tug it down enough to show off some very prominent markings. 

“Well, I wouldn’t have to be jealous if people knew we were together and saw it.” Mitch becomes a tad snarky with his words, though he means well. His thumb lightly presses against a fresh marking from this morning, causing a slight shiver to roll down (y/n)’s spine. She turns her gaze away from him, as she becomes flustered with the action and the memory of this morning in his room. Mitch’s eyes widen at the response but he doesn’t dare pull his hand away. 

With a shaky hand, (y/n) reaches out to lightly caress Mitch’s inner thigh, roughly caressing his own hickies. She was kinder to where she wanted to place them, in a location where only she could see. Mitch, in response, grunts lightly. He wasn’t expecting a response to the teasing. 

“You are mine just as much as I am yours. Remember that next time you get jealous.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


  • “Louis, are you sure this is a good idea?” (y/n) having known Louis for a few years is hesitant to even step into the old Principal’s office. They all left. All of the teachers left a bunch of kids to defend for themselves, all except the nurse of course.
  • And Louis thinks that now is the perfect time to get everyone’s records and read through them, they all need a break.
  • “It’s been stressful lately. Come on. After we’re done, we can go up to the music room. You trust me, don’t you?” (y/n) knows how stressed they’re getting, the walkers are easy to keep out because of the gates and the food supply should keep them alive for years but… they still have a tendency to worry. It’s in their nature.
  • (y/n) smiles towards Louis and grabs his outstretched hand. Of course, they trust him. How could they not with everything that’s currently happening around them.
  • Louis glances back to (y/n) every few minutes or so as the two walks into the principal’s office and dig for all of the files of the kids. He’s young but he knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with them.
  • ~
  • Though that was 8 years ago, Louis still feels exactly the same. Why wouldn’t he?
  • The two are completely inseparable. Neither party could separate from the other for a single moment.
  • He wants to tell them everything. But he can’t. Every time he gets close, he gets interrupted.
  • “Hey, every time I look at you–” A yell rips through the silent air. Willy. Louis closes his eyes out of frustration so he doesn’t tell even if that is literally the hundredth time that’s happened this week. He watches in agony as his long time crush walks away yo see what’s up at the gate.
  • Louis facepalms at the result. He’s never going to be able to ask them out. Is he?
  • It isn’t until weeks later when he’s able to and even then, it’s not under the most polite circumstances.
  • It was another hunting trip as usual. Louis tagged along with Aasim and (y/n) with the special edition of Mitch
  • He thought it would be fine, the actual food they gathered was better than last week’s but, they got bit
  • (Y/n)’s bitten.
  • Tears brush against the rip of his eyes as he stares down at the bite in horror. There’s no way that he could’ve prevented that, right?
  • “No. This wasn’t supposed to happen…” the bite is on their leg, how will they even get back to the school?
  • (Y/n) smiles up at Louis lovingly, different than all the times before. They’re actually letting him see how they want to look at him.
    • As a lover
  • “It’ll be okay, Lou. You’ll see… but in the case that I don’t make it, I–” He shakes his head lightly, wanting to be the one to finally confess.
  • “No, don’t… I’ve been meaning to tell you for a year… I love you and you’re gonna make it out of this.” Louis lets the tears fall, using a hand to cover his eyes away from (y/n)’s steady gaze.
  • He doesn’t see Mitch quickly approaching with an axe in hand. Aasim approaches behind his friend with supplies to take care of a large wound.
    • Like a loss of a limb
  • Before Louis can react to stop Mitch, he slams the axe down above the bite on (y/n)’s leg, severing the limb from their body.
  • (y/n) gasps in shock, the strong emotion taking over any pain senses that they may have experienced. Louis’ hands hover over their form, where their leg was just a few moments ago but he can’t will himself to do anything helpful.
  • Aasim nudges Louis out of the way to quickly stop any more blood from escaping (y/n)’s open wound.
  • “Come on, we need to get them back to the school, cauterize the wound and wrap it up.” Louis watches as (y/n) quickly passes out from the shock impact and the blood loss. He feels panicked and almost useless as he watches Mitch slowly pick up (y/n) and start to head towards the school, careful to not unravel any of the wrappings around their leg.
  • Aasim rests a gentle hand on one of Louis’ shoulders, snapping the pianist out of his trance. “Come on, You should go help Ruby. I can carry the food we got.” Louis doesn’t need to be told twice. In a second, he’s running towards the school to assist Ruby with patching up his long-time friend.
  • He finally confessed, it only took (y/n) almost dying right before him to do so.
  • Cauterizing the wound and wrapping it isn’t difficult because (y/n) is still out but it sure is for Louis. He didn’t think he’d actually witness and help with something like that, not even to them…
  • Louis stays by their bed until they wake up, not being able to help himself to look at where their leg once was. It’s going to take some getting used to.
  • He doesn’t leave their side for barely anything, he wants to be here when they wake up.
  • He’s eternally grateful that they survived something like that. He doesn’t know what he would do with himself if (y/n) didn’t make it.
  • But they did.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

I lazily grip the bed sheets near me as I slowly begin to wake up. Jeez, last night was…Eventful to say the least. I know Nathan is needy sometimes, but… I didn’t know it was like that. I slowly sit up, Nathan’s letterman jacket wrapped tightly around me. It’s one of his–

“What are you doing up so early?” His voice in the morning is so husky, I don’t get to hear it too often, it’s nice. His arms pull me back to his chest, his messy hair pops into my view. It’s so curly, why does he gel it? I think his hobbit hair looks beautiful.

“It’s almost 9 in the morning, Nath. I gotta get up, I promised Victoria I would help her study.” Nathan buries his face in the crook of my neck, his grip around my waist becoming a bit too tight.

“No, just stay here with me…I need you.” He’s still half-asleep, isn’t he? Nathan slowly sits up, quickly becoming aware of his actions. He takes a minute to rub his eyes, to see a bit better, but without contacts, it’s difficult. “Sorry… Wait, you’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you…?” He decides to be shy now? I give him an innocent smile, loosening the jacket around my shoulders.

“I wasn’t last night… Do you… Want me to take it off?” My hands slowly start to push it off my shoulders when Nathan grabs them tightly, halting any more movement.

“Don’t, I don’t think I could handle another session right now. I wouldn’t be able to handle all of your teasings.” I shrug my shoulders and pull the letterman jacket tighter around me and slowly begin to gather my clothes from his floor.

“Okay. Whatever you say, Nathan.” As I slip the last article of clothing onto my person, Nathan presses himself against my back, his arms tugging me towards his chest.

“Where are you going?” I roll my eyes and grab my bag from the ground before slipping it over one of my shoulders and turning to Nathan. Thankfully, He’s wearing something.

“I just told you, I promised Victoria that we would study together.” Nathan flops back onto his bed. He’s pouting again, isn’t he? Jesus, he’s like a child sometimes.

“That’s fine. I guess I’ll just stay here by myself without my significant other. Alone!” I place my hands on my hips. He’s been really needy lately. In more ways than one. What’s up with him?

“Come on, Nathan. Don’t be like that.” He quickly sits up, his arms crossed across his chest.

“Be like what?” I sigh in defeat. He’s only going to continue this until he gets his way.

“Tell you what, I’ll go tell Victoria that we need to reschedule and then we can go get breakfast at the two whales. Sound good?” Nathan hops to his feet and slowly starts to get dressed, a winning smirk plastered over his features. Smug bastard. “Just be ready by the time I open this door again, you have 5 minutes.” I slip out the door and shut it behind me before texting Victoria.

Me: Hey, change of plans. We need to reschedule our study time. Nathan is needy this morning.

Victoria: Don’t worry about it. We can do it tomorrow.

I sigh with satisfaction that Victoria’s not upset at me, I pocket my phone before turning to the door to open it again, when Nathan opens it as well, causing me to crash into his chest. I slowly regain my stance on the ground and use his body weight to push myself away from him.

“Clumsy much?” I give him a small glare for the comment but quickly cease when my eyes trail up to his hair. He left it curly.

“You didn’t gel your hair.” Shock overrides Nathan’s body, one of his hands quickly shooting to his hair, the other on my lower back, steadying me.

“Shit! I’ll be right back.” I grab Nathan’s jacket, pulling him back to me before he can close the door.

“Wait, leave it. I like your hobbit hair.” Nathan groans, his hand quickly dropping to his side.

“Aw, man. Hobbit hair?” I stifle a laugh but drag Nathan to the parking lot, where his car is parked.

“You wanna drive or–” Nathan tosses his car keys to me without a word. I guess he’s too tired to drive.

“You drive, I need a coffee and something in my stomach before I drive.” I smile at his philosophy but don’t question it. I slide behind the wheel and wait for Nathan to buckle up before I drive off to the two whales.

He looks peaceful, not worrying about anything right now. It’s a nice change of pace. But I already know what he’s going to order, he gets the same thing every time. A–

“Omelette please” I stare at Nathan from across the table, his car is parked out the front of the diner. I know him too well.

“You always order the same thing.” Nathan shrugs his shoulders lightly, taking a sip of his coffee before speaking.

“I like routine, If I could wake up every day like I did this morning, I would. Waking up to you is nice, I could get used to it.”

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Chapter Text

I could come around from the back and slowly take them out. One at a time. But there’s a whole camp. That could take hours, maybe all day. I was hoping to see (y/n), I haven’t seen him for weeks. Is he upset with me? Human customs are difficult to adjust to.

Back to it, I could snipe half of them out from this spot, but I don’t think I have the ammunition to do so.

Wait a minute, is that–

“(y/n)?” I wait until he gets closer to recognize me as well.

“Zer0! Hi. God, I haven’t seen you in forever.” I drop my gun and take long strides to wrap my arms around him before lifting him in the air. I’ve missed this. I feel (y/n) hugging me back with as much force as I am.

“Is there something wrong?/you haven't’ been answering/you made me worried.” (y/n) slowly slips out of my grip, pulling out his echo, where his map and messages are.

“My echo’s broken. It only picks things up within a 20-mile radius. I’m gonna go get it fixed with I go to Sanctuary.” What has he been up to? His hair’s a mess and he’s covered in gunpowder and residue from explosions? “Oh, Right! I’ve been helping Brick with exploding bandit camps. It’s kind of exhilarating. I’m not really big on exploding, but wow!” It’s nice to see him get excited about something again. It’s been a long time.

“So you’re heading home?” I’m too happy to use my haikus to speak, I usually don’t with (y/n) anyway, I spend too much time with him to do that. He shrugs his shoulders as a response.

“Maybe, unless you don’t mind if I tag along with you?” I give him a small gesture of my hand, telling him to follow me. He jumps with glee and presses a small kiss to my helmet before following me to the bandit camp. “Oh! This camp?” What is he talking about? He holds out a detonator. “I kind of rigged this camp with a few hidden bombs a while back, just in case.” He hands the remote to me, I glance at him for a moment before pressing the button. I end up taking a few steps back from the force of the explosion. “Oh, I love this. I see why Torgue is so big on exploding things now.” I grab one of (y/n)’s arms, turning his attention to me.

“I love you and I missed you.” (y/n) smiles lightly before giving me another quick hug. We stare at the destroyed bandit camp. The bodies outside the buildings slowly start to fall and tumble to the ground, splattering blood on the ground. (y/n)’s gotten more destructive in the past month. I’ll have to stay on his good side. This shouldn’t be a problem, I care about him too much to hurt him.

“Come on, let’s head home. It’s been a while for me.”

Yeah. It has. Hasn’t it?

Home. With (y/n).

That’s something I can get used to.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

I smile lightly as my eyes glance over the next order: Lutece, Rosalind. It seems she wants another order of books; quantum physics, Philosophy, Psychology and… a romance novel. I smile knowingly at the last part of the order, knowing Rosalind doesn’t like many people knowing that she likes cheesy romance novels. Not even Robert knows. I quickly collect the books she ordered before letting them fall into my bag before I exit the small bookstore and walk towards the Lutece household. The walk is nice and breezy as always, Columbia is as peaceful as it can get in this time.

I step up onto the steps, ringing the doorbell and waiting for an answer. I straighten out my dress as the door opens to reveal Robert.

“Good morning [Ms/Mr/Mx] (y/n).” I smile sheepishly and tuck a loose strand behind my ear.

“Hello, Robert. Is Rosalind home?” Robert opens his mouth to say something, but Rosalind shoves him out of the way.

“Please come in, (y/n).” I glance at her disheveled hair before entering their home; placing the books on the coffee table in the main room. “Would you care for a cup of coffee?” Rosalind holds up a cup of coffee for me to take. Robert pops up behind me, holding up a similar-looking cup.

“Or perhaps tea?” Rosalind gives her brother a side glance, almost menacing.




I can hear Rosalind start to get angry, whilst Robert continues to remain calm, I always did like that about him. I gently grab the tea from Robert’s hands; I feel a spark as our hands touched for a split moment. Rosalind grins towards me before gesturing towards the long couch. I sigh slightly but sit in the corner, dropping my bag on the floor next to my feet. Rosalind picks up the books and holds them to her chest.

“Brother, why don’t you keep (y/n) company while I put these away?” Robert gives her a small nod before sitting next to me. Rosalind, satisfied with her little setup, leaves the room to shelve the new books; no doubt to take a peek at that romance novel of hers.

“I should really go, I’m sure I have other deliveries to do.” Robert leans against the couch, placing his hands on his lap in a polite manner.

“We should indulge Rosalind a little. You know how she can get a little antsy. Just a few minutes, that’s all I ask.” I smile, he’s always been so nice to me. I could never figure his reason behind it. I, of course as well, appreciate the fact that he always took the time to explain his thoughts to me. I know he didn’t have to, but he does…

“Okay.” I take a few small sips of my tea before Robert asks the question I know has been on his mind since Rosalind rushed to the door.

“What books did you bring for my dear sister? She doesn’t usually dash to the door that quickly.” I shift nervously on the couch, I promised Rosalind a long time ago that I wouldn’t tell anyone about her guilty pleasure, least of all her brother.

“Well, I promised her I wouldn’t tell.”

I feel the teacup disappear from my grasp, causing me to look towards Robert. I watch as he diligently places the cup on the table in front of us before he slowly hovers over me, carefully placing his hands on either side of me to trap me against the couch. I feel my heart rise up to my throat as I become acutely aware of my breathing and how close he is to my face, my lips.

“So you do know. Please do tell me, the curiosity is eating at me.” I can clearly see him staring at my lips before his gaze shoots back up to my face.

“Don’t tease me unless you plan on doing something. It’s rude to play with someone’s feelings.” Robert smiles one of those, the kind that is only meant for one person, me. Robert slowly leans forwards, placing his lips gingerly onto mine, pushing his chest forwards. My eyes flutter lightly once Robert slowly pulls away.

“I would never play with your feelings.” I slowly sit up with his help, his fingers staying intertwined with my own.

“Romance, she likes to read romance novels, but please don’t tell her I told you.” Robert’s smile becomes slightly bigger, a small chuckle dancing at his lips.

“That would explain her hiding in her room at nightly hours as of late. Thank you.” Robert stays quiet, passing the time by playing with my fingers; being positive that he’s touched every inch of my hand. “I have something to give you, as thanks of the sort.” Robert quickly stands to his feet, helping me stand as well. “You’re always been so patient and kind to my sister and I… We’ve never really had a companion like you before… Someone I–We… We cared about before.” Robert releases my hand for a moment before retrieving a necklace from a small box I hadn’t noticed before. “Would you mind turning around for me a moment?” I give Robert an unsure look. I like Robert and all, but…

“Robert, I-” He gives me that charming smile that makes me weak at the knees. Does he know what effect he has on me?

“Do you trust me?” I open my mouth to respond but find myself turning my back to him instead, lifting my hair away from my the back of my neck to give him better access to clasp the necklace over me. “Alright, done.” I slowly release the grip of my hair before picking up the pocket watch. It’s beautiful…

“Robert… Thank you. You didn’t have to do this.” I feel my heart fluttering as Robert grips the back of his neck nervously, a light rosy shade of pink drifting onto his face.

“I’m aware. I wanted to. I care about you, more than I thought I initially would.” Robert’s eyes widen slightly as Rosalind enters the room.

“Having a bit of fun? Are we, Brother?” Both of his hands come to lay stiffly at his sides. What is Rosalind doing? Her twin brother’s face only becomes redder with her statement. I don’t know what to do, should I say something?

“I Don’t, I um…” Rosalind quirks an eyebrow, fully amused.

“My, brother, I’ve never heard you stumble or stutter on your words. Then again, I’ve never caught you alone with (y/n).” Robert takes a deep breath, the color quickly fading from his face, a neutral face plastered onto his face once more. “I’m only teasing, Robert.” I watch with curious eyes as Robert leans down to my ear, brushing away the hair to whisper a request.

“Would it be pleasant for you to have a night in, without my dear sister in the way?” I laugh silently at Robert’s emphasis on ‘Dear’. I give him a small nod.

“My place?” Robert gives me a firm nod as an answer before standing to his full height, placing his arms behind his back as he always did. I grab my bag from the floor and sling it over my shoulder before heading towards the front entrance, Robert close behind me. He glances back at his sister, who has taken the liberty of reading one of her new books, she’s not looking in our direction. Robert quickly turns back to me, placing a quick, but passionate kiss to my lips before opening the door for me. “I-I’ll see you later, Mr. Lutece.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

The wreckage of the crashed car is smoking furiously, it’s only seconds from blowing up. Zer0 and (Y/n) hide far away from the mess and continue with pelting bullets into the nearby bandits. They aren’t too happy with the interruption of Zer0’s car shoved into the side of one of their buildings.  

Zer0 got distracted. They were too busy teasing their small vault hunter. Their. Zer0 makes it a point to tease (y/n) about her height at least a few times a day but this time they made the mistake of taking their eyes off of the road for a second. Just a second.  

So here the two vault hunters are, shooting once again because of a little mistake. The nearby bandits are shooting with all that they have, as are the two vault hunters.  

Zer0 unsheathes their sword to take down a few bandits in one fell swoop but (y/n)’s voice stops them in their tracks before he can even stand up completely.  

“Look at me! I’m Zer0 and I’m the best driver on Pandora. I have a sexy voice and a cool costume.” Zer0 can only scoff lightly and promise themselves that they’ll deal with this partner later. Right now, they need to take care of the bandits and leave.  

Zer0 shakes off the blood spatter before reloading their pistol and getting ready to shoot another psycho when (y/n) shoves them out of the way too quickly. They turn their attention away from their many opponents to confront their partner when they see how she just saved their life. Zer0 stares at the lifeless body of a rather large psycho. A knife wound right in the center of his forehead. There’s no way that he’s getting back up. Zer0 feels rather impressed that (y/n) saved their life so quickly and efficiently.  

Zer0 forces themselves to snap out of their small trance before returning back to the fight at hand. They can’t lose control or focus because (y/n) might get hurt. Only a few left, fortunately. The two experienced Vault hunters quickly take down the rest of the bandit camp before checking on the other. (Y/n) quickly grabs Zer0's arms, staring deep into their helmet. She just wants to see if they're alright.  

"Zer0, are you okay?" They only laugh at (y/n)'s antics before pushing her hair back enough to rest their helmet to her forehead. They listen closely to how fast her heart is beating, she was really scared for their safety; for Zer0’s safety.  

"It's cute that you tried to protect me and all, but you're like a foot shorter than me, you know?" Without hesitating and for the comment, (y/n) lightly jabs Zer0 in the side before walking to one of the bandit's cars and starting to hotwire it while Zer0 watches. 

She hops in and looks at zer0 expectantly, knowing that they'll get in the car eventually after they're done staring of course. 

"Either get in the car or I'll leave you here and go drink by myself." Zer0 wastes no more time and hops in beside her, one of their hands finding their way into her hair, brushing it away from her face so she can clearly see the road. 

"You're actually,/2 feet shorter suits you more/you're quite small, aren't you?" Without looking, (y/n) smacks him lightly, never wanting to actually hurt Zer0. 

She doesn't give him a verbal response, deciding to drive back towards Sanctuary instead. Zer0 displays a heart emoticon over his helmet, staring at her as she drives effortlessly. 

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

“–But I don’t have any ideas, I’m going blank. I want to do different styles, but… I don’t know how.” Nathan leans against the lockers clumsily, slamming his locker shut with a loud BANG! Their photography teacher issued out another project, it’s vague; submit a picture that has a story behind it. “I don’t know what that means. Do you have any ideas?” (y/n) bites her bottom lip for a moment, finishing her scribble in her notebook before shutting it tightly and dropping it into her bag. Nathan doesn’t know what’s in there and if (y/n) doesn’t want to show him then he’ll respect that choice.

“Maybe the Tobanga? It’s where we met after all.” Nathan leans his head against the locker, thinking for a moment. That’s right, that’s where (y/n) likes to sketch and write. Nathan interrupted her one day. Sadly, it wasn’t a meet-cute, but (y/n) saw past that and gave Nathan a chance.


Nathan glares at the Tobanga, it almost looks like it’s mocking him. He clenches his fists roughly, the nail digging into his palms with a light density. Nathan marches up to the tall object, unaware that there is a noticeably smaller person sitting against it, staring at him with big eyes. He reels back his hand and hits the Tobanga, not moving the thing an inch, but startling (y/n), one of the quieter students at Blackwell.

“Oh shit… Uh, fuck… I’m–” (y/n) quickly packs her things and stands up to be eye to eye with the Prescott, the most well-known student in the school.

“It’s okay, Nathan.” His eyes narrow slightly. Good things never come to him when he’s recognized. Nathan takes a cautious step back.

“How do you know my name?” (y/n) avoids eye contact with the older male, almost scared of him.

“You’re quite recognizable, Nathan… Um, I saw some of your pictures a while back and I’ve been trying to work up the courage to talk to you… I thought they were really interesting. So dark and mysterious, they seem to have a really powerful story behind them.” He didn’t expect this. He most definitely didn’t expect this sweet girl to talk to him about his dark photographs. She likes them? Who is she?

“Oh.” Nathan already wants to slap himself in the face. He has so much more to say, but he can’t seem to get the words out. “What, uh…” (y/n) takes a slow step forward, letting her actions be loudly known to the Prescott, not wanting to startle him in any way possible.

“I’m (y/n).”


“Huh, that’s actually a really good idea. Thanks, Babe.” (y/n) smiles brightly before turning towards the clock on the wall and seeing that she still has 5 minutes until class starts.

“Don’t worry about it.” Nathan glances to the wall, the posters to more specific, the vortex club party on Friday. Right.

“Are you gonna come to the party Friday?” (y/n) shrugs her shoulders meekly, she’s not really one for parties. The last time she went to a vortex club party, Victoria tried to get her high and she just clung to Nathan the whole night.

“Nate, you know I’m not big on parties…” Nathan slowly wraps an arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders, taking his phone out to show her a few pictures from last week’s party.

“I know, but… Maybe this time will be different. You could take pictures, maybe it’ll give you an inspiration boost. I know that you’ve been kind of stuck for a few days.”

That makes her happy, he actually notices her emotions and when she’s feeling up or down. He looks, really looks. The eyes are a window into the soul, that’s what they say… Right?

The bell loudly rings above their heads, forcing both of them to wince at the piercing sound they’ve become accustomed to.

“Tell me your answer soon, okay? I won’t force you to come if you don’t want. I’ll see you after class, okay?” (y/n) gives him a small nod and leans up to press a quick kiss to his forehead before turning around to head to her own class; physics. Nathan slowly stands back to his full height and readjusts the bag over his shoulder before he looks down to his feet and spots a Polaroid left on the ground. He glances around the hallways before picking it up and flipping it over.

It’s him. This was the day they went to the Two whales at 6 in the morning, he was exhausted but he wanted to do something special for their 6 month anniversary. His hair is a mess and his clothes are wrinkled from the previous night’s activities.

“What the hell…?” Nathan quickly puts the photo in his bag before heading to his class, as to not be late again. He already has too many discipline marks on his record. Nathan ponders on the picture he found of himself on the floor, it obviously fell out of (y/n)’s bag. Why would she take a picture then?

How did he even find that picture? He was lucky he stumbled upon it and not somebody else. He doesn’t need any blackmail against him for the students to use. Should he confront (y/n) about it?

Are there more pictures of him that he doesn’t know about? He can ask her at the end of the day.


Nathan runs a hand through his hair, staring at (y/n)’s dorm. The door is right in front of him, all he has to do is knock. But… he found more things about him.

Every time he would meet up with (y/n) for even a few minutes, he would find something; a photograph, a messy sketch, a poem about him. He honestly can’t tell if (y/n) is dropping these around him on purpose or by pure coincidence.

Nonetheless, he has a study date with her. He needs a bit of help understanding his physics homework. Maybe he can ask her then.

Nathan slowly brushes a hand through his hair before opening the door to his girlfriend’s dorm, glancing around at the papers everywhere. Normally, he’d think it’s a cluttered mess. But knowing (y/n), it’s writings, sketches, photos…

Nathan steps into the small room and closes the door behind him, his eyes meet the many sketches on the wall of himself. What is going on? He jumps in his spot as the door quickly opens and shuts.


“Aw, man. You found out…” Nathan turns to her, wanting an explanation. He doesn’t like mysteries. He likes closure. “This was supposed to be an anniversary gift. I’m not finished putting it into a portfolio quite yet though.” Nathan flashes a small smirk, teasing his significant other lightly.

“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were stalking me.” The comment has (y/n) pouting, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Okay, rude. Actually, You’re my muse, Nathan.” The Prescott immediately forces Nathan to stop smirking, he’s all flustered now.

He’s (y/n)’s muse? Of all things to be inspired from, it’s him?

“I… I don’t know what to say. I’m your muse? Wow… Oh, right!” Nathan digs into his bag to carefully hand back the photo of Nathan. He’s embarrassed that he didn’t even know of it’s existence. “Here, this can’t ever get out. Got it?” (y/n) only cheerfully nods, she doesn’t get easily intimidated by Nathan, not anymore.

‘My muse’

Nathan never thought that he would hold that title, Someone’s muse.

Life is… weird.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

This Is Handsome Jack - Your HERO GIF | Gfycat

Handsome Jack:

“Shit!” Jack quickly reloads his gun before firing the last of his rounds into the defective loader bot that had attacked him and (y/n). “Maybe giving loader bot’s weapons isn’t the best idea I’ve come up with.” He turns to (y/n) and jumps as there is a bullet in their thigh. “Oh my, god. You got shot.” (y/n) glances down cluelessly.

“Oh, so I did. Huh…” Jack quickly begins to wrap the wound, not wanting any more blood to fall out of their body.

“Wait, you mean you didn’t feel that?” (y/n) shrugs and stands up with ease, not much pain radiating through their body like any normal human who has just been shot would.

“Yeah, I’ve always had an insane amount of pain tolerance in my body.” Jack stands up as well, (y/n) previous actions from the fight being more understood by him.

“That’s why you shielded me. You can’t feel pain. Wow… That’s actually kind of amazing. Dangerous, but amazing.

Telltale One Shots - Vaughn - 1 - Wattpad


“Oh my, god! That’s a knife in your hand!” (y/n) merely glares up at the bartender.

“August, what the hell?” The blonde, knowing of (y/n)’s pain tolerance pulls out the knife and grabs the first aid kit from behind the counter.

“Sorry, my aim is a bit off today.” Vaughn rushes to (y/n)’s side, treating and wrapping the wound the best he can.

“Are you okay?! That knife went right through you!” (y/n) lets Vaughn finish his rant before explaining their condition.

“Vaughn, I have a high pain tolerance, that stab wound hurts just as much as someone punching me in the arm. It’s not that bad. I can handle it.”Vaughn shakes his head lightly.

“God, you’re gonna kill me one of these days. I’m still young, I don’t need another heart attack.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

The day is early, not many of the kids in the school are awake yet. Louis, up and ready for the day ahead, starts by trying to locate (y/n), his significant other… but she isn’t at the usual spot. (y/n) is usually the first person up, it’s always been like that. Ever since they were all kids.

Louis spots the only other person in the courtyard and makes a beeline towards him, Mitch. He’s not the easiest person to talk to but maybe he knows where (y/n) is. Mitch glances up from his bomb that he’s tinkering with and rolls his eyes at Louis’ mere presence.

“What do you want?” Louis continues to look around at the courtyard and the buildings but there isn’t anybody else that he can ask. Mitch might know, right?

“Mitch, have you seen (y/n)? She’s usually up by now… but-” Mitch scoffs lightly, cutting Louis off and forcing him to turn to him. Mitch might just give him attitude instead of actually helping in tracking down (Y/n).

“Why? So you two can be gross for everyone to see?” Mitch sits in silence for a few moments, feeling Louis stare at him with piercing eyes until Mitch remembers last night. What he heard and what he didn’t do. “Actually, last night, I heard crying coming from her dorm… Maybe you should go check on her.” Louis turns away to face the dormitories but asks Mitch one last question. The one thing he didn’t do for someone they both care about.

“Why didn’t you check on her last night?” Mitch feels a rush of guilt enter and strike him, he knows that he should have but by the time he found the courage, it had stopped. He’s not very good at dealing with people’s emotions.

“And say what? I’m not good with dealing with my own emotions, let alone someone else… That’s more your thing.” Louis, finally satisfied with what Mitch has said, leaves him alone and heads straight to (y/n)’s dormitory. He doesn’t know what to expect and it’s good that it’s so early in the morning so nobody else is really around to witness what will happen.

Louis stands in front of the lightly decorated door and brings a hand up to knock when he hears small hiccups of crying. He’d known that sound anywhere. (y/n)’s crying. Over what? What could be so terrible that she can’t go to Louis about? Is it him? Something he did? Something he said?

He walks through the door without knocking and finds (Y/n) curled up on her bed, crying her eyes out. One of her hands is covering her mouth to muffle the sounds. The sight before Louis breaks his heart. He never wanted to see her like this. Not in a million years. Louis carefully closes the door and sits next to (y/n), not wanting to alarm her too much.

As Louis reaches an arm over to console (y/n), she collapses into his arms. Muffled sobs slowly entering his head as he tries to think of what could possibly have her so upset.

Could it be something he said off hand? Sometimes he doesn’t think before he speaks.

“What happened? What’s wrong?” (y/n) buries her face into the crook of his neck, her breath tickling his ear lightly. Her grip on him is tight like if she dares to let go then he’ll disappear and she’ll be alone again.

“We’ve been together for a long time…” Louis agrees with the short statement, knowing that she has more to say. He never realized how long they’ve been a couple until she said something. Years. Actual years of being together. “I’m scared that you’ll lose interest in me…” One of Louis’ hands slowly starts to tangle itself in her locks, soothing her against him as he ponders for a few moments.

‘Sick of her? I don’t think that’s even possible.’

Louis slowly pulls (y/n) into his lap to have better access to comforting and soothing her worries. She needs to know how much he actually cares.

“Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again.” His hands are rough against the skin of her face but she doesn’t want anybody else to take his place. Not ever. He runs a hand down her back and then back up, rocking gently on the old bed. What could make her feel like that?

The cries and sobs slowly start to subside, his words finally reaching her but Louis’ grip never slipping in the slightest. (y/n)’s hands come around his torso to rest on the top of his shoulders, pulling her even closer to him for more comforting. She’s not ready to start the day just yet.

Louis presses a few kisses to her temples, whispering comforting words and sweet nothings into her ear, hoping to make her feel better with talking.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time, Lou… I’m sure that you have better things to do.” Louis freezes for a moment before tightening his grip as (y/n) tries to get off of his lap.

“I could hold you forever. You’re so soft and warm, you make the perfect cuddle buddy. It’s only one of the many reasons why I love you.” (y/n) tangles her fingers into his hair lightly as he continues to list off a few reasons why he loves her, comforting her with his quiet words and soothing strokes along her back. Why would insecurities such as these come back to her out of the blue? Is it just a disadvantage of being a teenager? Or did someone say something to her? “I wouldn’t ever want to change a single thing.” Louis feels his heart lurch forwards as he spots tears slowly drip down (y/n)’s face, it almost looks like someone spilled paint onto a canvas from the array of colors adorning her features. He doesn’t know why she’s crying. Maybe his words aren’t working as he thought? What does he do know now? “Oh, shit. What’s wrong? Is it something I said??” (y/n) slowly raises a hand to stop Louis from panicking and spiraling down a never-ending black hole.

“I-I’m fine… I’m just happy.” Louis can only sigh in relief, bringing (y/n) even closer to him. He closes the gap completely by resting his head on her shoulder, whispering into her ear. He was scared that he did something wrong.

“Wait, the tears are good tears?”

With her confirmation, Louis relaxes completely against (y/n), pressing her against her bed firmly. Everything’s okay, everything’s fine. He has her in his arms and is safe and sound, but most importantly, she’s happy and secure with Louis.

He could never lose interest in someone as amazing as (y/n), and he’ll make sure that nothing will make her feel like that again.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text


Rough sketches, pencil marks, pen and an assortment of colors rub onto her fingers and arms as she shades in a certain area of the model, of her picture of Nathan. As an artist, (y/n) needs a muse and without his knowledge, she has chosen Nathan Prescott to be it. She doesn’t know how he’ll react if he even finds out. Will he be embarrassed? Angry?

Who knows?

(y/n) grunts in an effort as she finally finishes shading the base of Nathan’s neck in her beloved sketchbook. The book itself has been used and filled up to the brim with photographs and sketches of the school, her friends but most importantly, of Nathan.

The two don’t talk very often, but she sees how soft he can actually be; in the little moments, he lets his facade vanish. She wants to be closer to him, but… How do you approach a person like that? Not to mention, that he has a reputation for going too far.

(y/n) pulls herself away from the sketch, glancing around at the yard to admire everyone enjoying life peacefully.

Max is talking to a few people as always, being a bit nosy, but nice. Evan is taking pictures, Warren is probably watching another weird movie of his in his dorm. Everything is pretty normal except for Nathan Prescott storming up to (y/n) with rage-filled eyes and clenched fists. He’s angry, anybody within 50 feet of his could see that. He’s too obvious with his anger, doesn’t even try to hide it.

(Y/n) gives a polite smile to the obviously Pissed off Prescott, nervous about what he might say or do. He can be a bit unpredictable. He stops in front of her, glaring at the large sketchbook in her hands.

“Good morning Nathan. Lovely day, isn’t it?” Nathan only continues to glare harshly, the students in the surrounding area begin to stare In curiosity.

No one dares to say a word, They don’t want the wrath of Nathan directed towards them.

He digs a hand into his pocket to fish out his phone, he finds the photo that could be the cause of his anger of the day and shoves it into (y/n’s) face. It takes her a moment to realize that the photograph is of one of her drawings of Nathan.

And she knows exactly how it got onto the web. Victoria Chase.

“What the fuck is this?” (y/n) nervously laughs but soon stares up at his eyes. Those gorgeous blue eyes and that pretty dirty blonde hair isn’t helping. It’s the perfect combination. There doesn’t need to be a reason as to why she likes to draw him so much, the pretty face and different expressions he uses in day-to-day life are amazing. So is he. (y/n) wants to find a way to tell him that she actually likes him but knowing Nathan, she’s not sure if he would recuperate her feelings.

“Um, a drawing of you that I made… Nathan, I’m sorry. I showed it to Victoria, I didn’t know that she took a picture and posted it online.” The taller boy slowly pockets his phone before he grabs the sketchbook out of (y/n)’s nimble fingers “Wait, what are you doing?” Nathan tosses the sketchbook into the trash can before lighting a match, (y/n) stands up quickly knowing what he is going to do. (y/n) rushes to him, trying to grab the match out of his hand but failing in the end as he drops it into the trash can watching the sketchbook go up in flames.

The students surrounding (y/n), stare at her with empathy but don’t say a word. Nathan slowly turns to (y/n), crossing his arms over his chest. He still looks angry, even after destroying the one thing that (y/n) holds precious.

“I’m not your subject to use.”

Nathan glances into (y/n)’s eyes just in time to see her tears building up and drip from the pools in her eyes. Nathan feels a strike go through his heart, guilt. An ugly emotion that he feels all too often, but now towards (y/n)? Someone who is actually nice to him no matter what other people tell her?

He clenches his jaw in anger, this time towards himself. He watches as (y/n) slowly turns around and walks into the dormitory building, needing to be alone for a while. He made her cry. Nathan Prescott made (y/n) cry. He messed up, big time. Is there even a way to fix what he broke?

The group surrounding Nathan slowly disbands, not wanting his anger to blow up again in such a short period of time. 

Nathan is left alone with his thoughts, he runs a hand over his face and picks up his phone as it rings. Victoria. Fuck, what is he supposed to say?

“Hey.” Nathan slowly trudges back to his own dorm, he has thinking to do indeed. How is he going to make this up?

“Nathan, what the hell happened? You burned her sketchbook? I told you to go talk to her. There are videos all over social media… The comments are brutal.” Nathan barrels into his room and sits on his bed, running a hand through his hair to tangle it lightly. He doesn’t know what he was thinking. If he was thinking at all during that moment. The sketchbook that he burned… sketchbook, maybe he could try to make it up by buying her another one? It’s a start…

The two converse over his previous actions and how he could fix them while (y/n) on the other side of the dormitory building, stares out the window, wanting to fly away to get away from these gross feelings. Even after what happened, she still likes him. Anybody that found out about her feelings would call her insane. She has no will to draw anymore, what’s the point if her own muse doesn’t want to be drawn? Right?

She fumbles with her fingers lightly before glancing at her watch, great. She has physics in 10 minutes, at least she won’t have to worry about art for a while now. She slowly grabs the bag she threw onto the ground and slowly leaves the dormitory building, hesitantly. If it were her choice, she’d stay in her dorm all day, but she doesn’t.

She slowly trudges into the academic building and into her class, wait. No. Nathan is in this class as well, how did she not realize that sooner? (y/n) ignores Nathan’s pleading stare and sits next to Victoria, hoping for some peace and quiet before class starts.

“He feels awful you know. I know what he did was terrible but–” (y/n) shrugs her shoulders, cutting off Victoria’s plea.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done.” Victoria glances to Nathan, giving him a pity look before turning her attention to the front of the class as it finally begins. Maybe she and Nathan can try again later.

The class is boring and dull. All Nathan can think about is how to make it up to (y/n). For over a year now he’s been trying to get closer to her but each time he talks, everything just blows up in his face. 

The bell for the end of class finally rings, Nathan quickly shoves all of his things into his bag before trying to talk to (y/n). She’s almost out the door now. So close. Nathan maneuvers to be right in front of her, using his arms to block her from leaving before talking to her.

“Wait, just stop for a second. Look, I feel real–” (y/n) glances around the room for a moment before ducking under one of his arms and leaving, using his height to her advantage. Nathan blinks for a few moments before leaving the classroom and trying to find a sight of her but (y/n) has quickly disappeared into the crowd of rowdy teenagers. “Fuck.” The crowd slowly begins to disperse as teenagers find their next class or leave the building but there’s still no sign of (y/n) anywhere. Nathan groans and slowly walks back to his dorm to try to figure a way to talk to (y/n).

(y/n) on the other hand, is holding her breath as she watches Nathan walk past her hiding spot and to the dormitory building. She stands out of the spot and starts to walk to her own dorm when she bumps into Kate Marsh, she’s an absolute sweetheart.

“Hey, (y/n). I heard about what happened. Are you alright?” (y/n) brushes her hair back stressfully, she doesn’t even know where to begin in what’s wrong at the moment. So many things. Too little time.

“Yeah, I just… I didn’t expect him to do that. I’m kind of thinking of giving up drawing.” Kate’s eyes widen slightly but that doesn’t stop her from pulling a brand new sketchbook from behind her back. (y/n) is slow to grab the item, she’s been thinking about not going to Blackwell anymore because of what happened.

“Well, in case you want to pick it up again. You can use that. Okay? Maybe things will turn out alright?” (y/n) gives Kate a genuine smile before gesturing to the dorms.

“I’m gonna head to my room for the night. I’ll see you later.” Kate steps out of the way and watches as (Y/n) carries the sketchbook naturally and quickly walks to her dormitory. But what she doesn’t know is that all of the girls in the dormitory building have a little surprise in store for her.

(y/n) rubs her eyes tiredly and walks through the main door of the dormitory to see all of the girls crowding the hallway bearing gifts of the art variety; sketchbooks, pencils, markers, etc. She jumps back lightly at the picture in front of her.

“Um, hey?” Max is the first to walk out and grab one of (y/n)’s hands, guiding her to the center of the hallway to talk to everyone. (y/n) isn’t normally very social but with the girls that live in the same building as her? Quite close.

“The video of Nathan burning your sketchbook is everywhere… we just wanted to do something nice for you.” (y/n) smiles gratefully and takes more sketchbooks from her neighbors. She knows that they are only trying to help but how can someone draw if their muse doesn’t want to be a muse? It’s difficult to find someone else.

Max grabs half of the gifts from all of the girls and follows (y/n) into her dorm to put all of the gifts on her desk. She doesn’t know if she’ll even fill these out at all considering that her will to draw is drained because of what Nathan did…

“Oh, I get it… Nathan was your muse…” Max sets everything down, taking a seat on (y/n)’s bed before continuing with her thought. “That’s why you’re not drawing… he gave you the will to draw…” Max gives her friend one last smile before approaching the exit of the dorm. “Oh, before I forget, Warren had something to talk to you about. He’s In his dorm.”

(Y/n) stares at all of the art supplies given to her a few short minutes ago. It’s stacked high on the desk, about to topple over. She’s happy that her friends care so much.

Without much thought, (y/n) walks to the boys’ dormitory building to visit a friend. Hopefully, she won’t run into Nathan. She just needs to be careful.

(y/n) walks through the main door to the dormitory building and makes a beeline for Warren’s room, she doesn’t even bother with knocking on the sophomore’s door and just lets herself in. she doesn’t want to be caught by Nathan again. She’s not ready to face him.

“Warren? Max, said you wanted to see me?” The younger student quickly pops out of his desk chair and strolls up to (y/n), arms spread out for a bear hug. He is the most touchy of the group of friends she has, which is perfectly fine. (y/n) gives him a soft smile before slowly closing the gap and letting him hold her fragile form.

“Everyone said you were having a hard time and then Nathan… I’m sorry. Maybe everything will be better soon?” (y/n) can only shrug lightly before slowly pulling away, letting herself become comfortable in the small room. But the thought of being in the boy’s dormitory, where Nathan lives, is peaking from the back of her mind. Warren steps out of her space for a moment before grabbing a pack of oil paints from his desk and slowly handing them to (y/n); cautious to not scare her. “I got you something, you said that you’ve been wanting to try oil paint for a while now, right?” Though, she’s not sure when or if she’ll be able to draw again, she appreciates the kind gesture. (y/n) slowly slips the paints into her bag for safekeeping as she slowly gives Warren a small smile.

“Thanks, Warren… I think I’m gonna head back to my dorm… Sleep everything off. I’ll see you tomorrow.” The younger classmate only nods lightly and watches as (y/n) slowly walks out of the room to hide away for the rest of the evening. The events of the day are hectic and cruel, all she wants to do is sleep it off and hope that the morning will be better.

(y/n) peaks around the hallway for a few moments before deciding that it’s safe and leaving Warren’s room before heading towards the main entrance of the Dorm building, wanting to find her own dorm before Nathan Catches onto the fact that she’s even in the same building as him. 

She breathes a small sigh of relief as she slowly starts to pass the last dorm room and reaches a hand out for the door when a pair of hands reach out from the last dorm and grabs (y/n) to pull her inside.

(y/n) starts thrashing in the arms of her unknown attacker as they place a hand over her mouth so she can’t scream out for help. (y/n) stiffens as an exhale slowly reaches her ear, causing her to shiver and listen closely.

“Stop squirming, It’s just me.” (y/n) roughly shoves Nathan away and faces him, her back pressed against the door. She stares up at him with a confused stare, why did he basically kidnap her? What for? He’s fidgeting with his fingers nervously, he’s scared to what will come next.

Her eyes are red and puffy from crying all day. The last thing she wants to do is face the cause of her sorrow. Nathan Prescott, prestigious figure of Blackwell Academy… he’s flustered by her mere appearance. He feels guilty about what happened this morning, he feels lower than low. To make it up to (y/n), Nathan wanted to get something for her… all she needs to do is open it.

“What do you want, Nathan? I should get back to my dorm, it’s late.” It’s not late, but everyone knows that (y/n) usually likes to return to her dorm after school and relax instead of partying like all of the other kids on campus.

Nathan takes a step back to grab a wrapped box before presenting it to (y/n), a red hue is covering his features. He’s never really apologized to someone, this is a first for him. Luckily, it’s in the comfort of his own room and not the courtyard for everyone to see… again.

“Open it, please. This is my way of saying sorry… I… wasn’t thinking… I can be reckless and irritable…” (y/n) stares up at Nathan with an unknown look, she’s not sure if she should take the gift. It could be anything, right? But Nathan doesn’t go around giving just anybody random gifts… Maybe he really just wants to try to redeem himself?

(y/n) runs a quick hand through her hair before making the mistake of glancing into Nathan’s eyes for a split second. His gaze is soft and pleading as he holds the gift in his hands, his breath shaking only in the slightest from the nervousness of being near (y/n) once again; so soon.

“Fine… But if this is a joke–” Nathan carefully hands the recklessly wrapped gift into (y/n)’s paint covered hands, their fingers brushing together lightly. The action quickly sends jolts of electricity through her and Nathan’s veins but neither person says a word about what they felt, too scared.

“It’s not. Promise. Open it.” (y/n) sighs lightly but gives him a half smile before slowly opening the present before her hands run over the cover of a brand new sketchbook. Did he buy her a new sketchbook? She slowly lets the wrapping paper fall to the floor so she can look at the sketchbook in whole, quickly glancing through the paper and the little accessories attached to it. (y/n) doesn’t say a word as she discovers the feeling of the new gift. “I was angry and scared… Not about you or anything you did or said… I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I would never dream of doing that.” (y/n)’s smile brightens as she realizes that this is the sketchbook that she’s been eyeballing for months now. She wasn’t able to buy it because it was far out of her price range for a sketchbook, but this one is special. It even comes with pockets and sketching pencils. She glances up and slowly places the sketchbook onto his desk to grab both of his hands in her gentle grip.

“Nathan… I-” He’s quick to cut her off, paranoid that she’s going to yell at him like just about everyone in his life does. He’s too used to it by now.

“I know that this will never replace what I did to your last sketchbook and I didn’t realize that I was your… Your muse. But I’m hoping that this will be a star–” (y/n) reaches her hands up to grab Nathan’s face to slam her lips onto his, surprising him surely. Nathan flails his arms for a few moments before deciding to rest his hands; one on the door next to (y/n)’s head and the other tangled in her hair. Nathan slowly relaxes into the motions, pressing his body closer to (y/n)’s.

Nathan tugs on (y/n)’s hair as he deepens the kiss, eliciting a soft moan from (y/n)’s lips. Before Nathan can ponder on the small action further, she bites down on his bottom lip. She wants him to know how long she’s been wanting this kiss to happen.

Nathan feels the same way, but before things can escalate, (y/n) softly slides her hands from Nathan’s face down to his chest to lightly push him away. She doesn’t want things to go too far tonight.

“I forgive you… I was never angry at you for what you did, just sad. It hurt to see my muse destroy my work but maybe you can help me?”

Nathan doesn’t say a word as he launches himself to his bed, propping his head up with one of his hands as he brings one of his knees up; turning to the side to face (Y/n). a small smirk ignites his face as he says the simple line that makes (y/n) burst out laughing.

“Draw me like one of your french girls.”

(y/n) ignores her phone as it lights up with a few texts from Warren and Max, both worried. But she can’t be bothered with the sweet scene in front of her.

Maybe everything will be okay?

(y/n) glances up from her sketchbook to get a quick glance, the growing confidence in him causes Nathan to send a small smile her way.

Yep, everything’s going to turn out okay. Her muse is still hers, this time with his knowledge.

Nathan likes the idea of being a muse, it feels foreign but fitting.

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

Pandora. It’s not good, but I think that’s thanks to Handsome Jack, he destroyed the place, drilling into the planet for Eridium. Everyone here is dangerous, and I know it’s for a good reason, to survive, but… Is this how I die? Because I’m not strong enough? I don’t know what to do. What to think. I’m not cut out for this. I built robots in a lab by myself for years, a whole decade of solitude working on mechanical parts, barely any interaction with human beings.

I quickly wipe away the tears as I hear footsteps approaching. I don’t want anybody to see me like this, especially not Rhys or Vaughn, I’ve known too long for them to see me like this. And the sisters, well… They’re scary. I look out into the sea of stars above my head, waiting for whoever is behind me to speak up.

“Hey, you doing okay? I haven’t really been able to check in on you, everything keeps happening so quickly.” Rhys. Oh no, I can feel tears streaming down my face like a waterfall, it’s not stopping. He’s gonna find out! “Hey…” Rhys is standing in front of me, his hands reaching out to me. He said that he would treat me out to a date once he got his promotion… I wonder if he remembers… Probably not. My body tenses up involuntarily once Rhys wraps his arms around me. “You’re overwhelmed, right? You can’t handle stress very well. I’m sorry, I should’ve remembered sooner.” He’s going off a tangent.

“It’s not your fault. I chose to come here with you.” Rhys uses his human hand to brush my tears away.

“You could’ve come to me or Vaughn, you know that? It’s okay to be upset or overwhelmed, but you shouldn’t hold it in or hide it.” Rhys stares up at the stars as well, everyone in Helios had a perfect view of the stars at any given time of the day, but it’s so different when you have to go through Pandora every day. It’s a new perspective. “I’m pretty new to being on Pandora as well you know, and next time you start feeling overwhelmed or even a bit upset, you can always come to me, okay?” I give him a small nod, my voice is hoarse from crying.

“Okay.” Rhys slowly releases me from his grasp and grabs one of my hands before leading me back into the caravan, it looks like everyone is ready to continue on the road.

“Okay, everybody settle down. It’s still a long way away.” Rhys leads me to the couch and settles down with me. I can go to him if I need comforting? I rest my head against Rhys to try to get some rest. I just need a few hours. This is going to be a dangerous new chapter of my life, isn’t it? How is he so calm through this?

“You heard Fiona. You should sleep, maybe things will be better tomorrow. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

Marlon crosses his arms over his chest a tad touch tighter at the sound of Louis’ question.  

“Dammit, Louis. For the last time, soulmates don’t exist anymore. That was the old world… all of our soulmates are probably dead anyway.“   

Louis’ eyes are distant as if he’s thinking of something else. His mind isn’t on the conversation even if he’s the one that started it in the first place. Marlon, having the advantage of knowing Louis for years, instantly knows that his head is somewhere in the clouds, or directed towards something else.  

Ever since Clementine, AJ and (y/n) showed up at the school, Louis has been distant, quiet. Unlike himself. It could be finally seeing new people after so long. The school is basically isolated by the forest, not many people even come through their neck of the woods. But Marlon doubts it.  

“Why are you so quiet lately? It’s weird to see you like that.”   

Louis turns his gaze away from Marlon to spot (y/n) talking to Clementine as usual. The simple word soulmate pops up in Marlon’s mind quickly. Is it possible that one of the new people are Louis’ Soulmate? That’s a hell of a coincidence. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize the longing stare that Louis holds for (y/n). It’s plain as day, Louis just may have found his soulmate in this world.  

“(y/n), huh? How do you feel about them?” Louis takes in a deep breath before very hesitantly turning his gaze away from (y/n) and to Marlon. Louis knows how he feels every time he sees or even thinks of his soulmate or supposed soulmate.  

“I feel fuzzy, like the world doesn’t matter anymore and I… I just want to hold them and tell them everything about me… You know?” Louis feels the blood creeping up his neck, he doesn’t need a mirror to tell him that he’s blushing hardcore. Marlon takes a step back, glancing at (y/n) for a moment before giving Louis a small smile. Even if he won’t find his own soulmate, he’s happy that His best friend, Louis, was able to. Marlon gives his friend a knowing smirk, crossing his arms over his chest while Louis looks at him cluelessly.   

“I think that you’re right. They might actually be your soulmate.”  

 Louis scoffs lightly, of course, he wants the thought to be true but he also doesn’t want to give himself too much false hope. Having a soulmate at this point is very rare. He always dreamt of having and loving a soulmate when he was young and now that the possibility might be coming true feels all too good to be true. Louis slowly turns his attention back to (y/n) to see them crouching down to AJ’s level to speak with him directly but it seems like his insistent staring wasn’t as sneaking as he thought because they quickly catch his gaze.  

Louis can’t seem to move a muscle or force his eyes away from their form. All Louis can think about is (y/n), holding them, living the rest of his life with them. (y/n) holds a hand up to awkwardly wave at the flustered boy from across the courtyard. 

Unfortunately, (y/n) isn’t able to hold his stare long as Aj regains their attention with a light slap on the arm. (y/n) blinks a couple of times before continuing to speak to the child, ignoring Louis’ intense staring. Marlon runs a hand over his face in exhaustion over the two and their ‘problem’.  

“Why are you so distracted? You’re not usually like this.” Aj crosses his arms over his chest, confused about why one of his parental figures is acting different, ever since they all got to the school a few weeks ago. Soulmates were never explained to him, the current world seemed more important than such a mystical concept like being destined to find a certain someone and spending your life with them. “It’s dangerous.” (y/n) laughs lightly, using a hand to brush back his messy hair to explain everything to him while unbeknownst to them, Marlon is trying to coax Louis to finally talk to (y/n) without anybody else around.  

“It’s different here, Goofball… And I’m sorry that I’ve been distracted since we got here.” AJ wrings his hands together, a word popping up in his head that he heard Clementine say to (y/n) the other day. Could it be why they’re so distracted?  

“What’s a soulmate?” The question shocks (y/n) enough to pull their hand back and rest them both on their knees. It’s not an easy question to answer, and they didn’t realize that they nor Clementine never bothered to mention to entire Soulmate concept to him considering it actually happens. Though, not nearly as much anymore.   

“A soulmate is like a best friend but more, you know? It’s two people that the fates decided belong together. When I was your age, I used to see it on the streets… A bright light flashing before two people knew that they belonged together… When soulmates meet, all they can think about is the other but once they touch, everything just falls into place like a puzzle… does that kinda make sense?” AJ’s eyes are dazzling with wonder, he’s never heard anything like that before in his life. Not from Clementine, not from the adult in front of him, nobody. His hands lightly grasp (y/n)’s, wanting to know more about this amazing thing that exists. AJ continues to ask more questions, excited to learn something new.   

Marlon and Louis continue watching, not hearing a thing that’s being said. Marlon continues trying to convince his best friend of years to go talk to them. 

“Dammit, Louis. Go over right-” Louis finally holds his hands up in surrender before he straightens his jacket out and semi-confidentially walks across the courtyard to (y/n). They quickly stand up to talk to him, happy that he made the first initiative to talk.  

“Hey,” Louis rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, not quite knowing what to say. Though, the silence seems deafening and weird for AJ and Marlon, (y/n) and Louis continue to stare into the other’s eyes knowingly. Louis scrambles his brain for something to say that won’t sound completely dorky. “Uh, I… Um,” Marlon almost facepalms at his best friend’s useless actions. Without pondering on the scene in front of him too much, Marlon marches forwards to shove Louis onto (y/n). The two young teenagers are shocked at the sudden contact, not to mention the intimate kiss. Louis’ hands shoot outwards to catch (y/n) from falling to the ground, his hold laying on their waist tightly.  

Marlon stands back, proud that something finally happened, though he did have to help move it along a bit. AJ takes quite a few steps away, grossed out by the scene. He’s never seen anybody do that.  

Sadly, the couple can only kiss for a few seconds before their hands light up with a strange blue light, a name being engraved on both Louis’ palm and (y/n)’s. They separate the kiss and bring a hand closer to inspect. In fancy cursive is (y/n)’s full name on Louis’ palm and his name on theirs. 

Somehow, even in this dead and broken world, two people managed to find each other throughout everything. With no words, (y/n) throws their arms around Louis, shoving their face into the crook of his neck; wanting to get acquainted with their new-found soulmate as soon as possible.

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Chapter Text

4 AM, so early in the morning or very late at night. The perspective depends solely on the person. The moon and stars are slowly slipping into the background as the sun will begin to rise soon enough. It’s the perfect time for a photoshoot in Nathan’s opinion. He hasn’t had the chance to have a true photoshoot with (Y/n) yet. They’ve been busy as has he, with classes, family, etc…  

Nathan stares down at their sleeping form as he finally makes it into their dorm room. The Principal didn’t catch him which is fairly lucky since this is when he starts drinking. Nathan reaches a handout, his fingers rough with callouses, but his grip gentle and soft on their body. He loves watching how peaceful they are in their sleep. It's a contrast to clinging to him all day.   

Though, he can’t say that he doesn’t love both sides.  

He smiles a lopsided grin as (y/n) stirs awake, their eyes landing on Nathan’s form hovering over them in a strange way. Unlike the first time, (y/n) isn’t too shocked or scared to see Nathan looming over them in an ominous and sometimes almost provocative stance. They don’t jump away from his touch, instead choosing to glance at the clock on the other side of the room to see that it’s only 4 in the morning. They groan lightly and turn to their side, burying their head into the pillow.  

“What could you possibly want at this hour?” Nathan grabs one of (y/n)’s hands before slowly pulling them to sit up straight in bed, sleepiness emitting from their form for obvious reasons. They know that he can be pretty stubborn when it comes to photography.  

  "The moon and stars make for some perfect lighting and I thought that it would be the best time for some photos. Are you up for it?" (Y/n) stares at Nathan for a few beats, knowing that he's not going to give up anytime soon before letting out a tired groan of slight annoyance and standing to their feet with Nathan’s help. Being so early in the morning, they’re sleepy and want nothing more than to curl back into their warm bed but Nathan is quite persistent.  

“Fine, but you owe me to breakfast at the Two Whales,” Nathan smirks lightly, knowing that he’s won this little argument. (y/n) rubs their eyes lightly before slipping on a pair of shoes and following Nathan to a specific spot in the schoolyard, a tripod is already set up and ready to snap some pictures. They slowly sit against the tree as instructed by Nathan to do.  

“I promise that this won’t take long.” (y/n) mumbles something too incoherent for Nathan to understand but shuts their eyes, letting Nathan take a few pictures of them. They don’t completely understand him sometimes, he acts out, has muscle spasms, needs to take multiple medications daily, but… in the end, (y/n) feels as if they can trust him.  

Nathan smiles softly at the sight in front of him, his significant other almost asleep against a tree. He knows how tired they are but appreciate that they decided to help him build up his portfolio anyways.  

Nathan glances at the time on his phone quickly, 4:45 in the morning. He should wrap things up so the two can catch a very early breakfast. Nathan shrugs off his recognizable letterman jacket before slowly tugging the soft material over (y/n)'s shoulders, watching as they instantly curl into the item.   

He takes a few more pictures before packing his tripod and cameras up. He slowly slings the bag over one of his shoulders as he glances to his significant other sleeping in his letterman jacket, they didn’t even notice that he stopped taking pictures.  

Finally being done, Nathan stretches his arms above his head for a few seconds before hearing a loud popping sound before walking towards his sleeping significant other and placing a rough hand over one side of their face, slowly stirring them from their light slumber. (y/n)’s eyes quickly flash open to see Nathan all packed up, no camera in their face as they expected.  

“Are you finished?” Nathan feels himself melting at the soft sound of their tired voice. He promises himself that he’ll let them sleep in later today for their afternoon nap. But to answer (y/n)’s question, he gently nods his head before grabbing both of their limp hands and hauling them to their feet to start the short walk to his car.  

Nathan gingerly helps them into the passenger side of the car, taking a moment or two to admire the unusual scene in front of him; his significant other half-asleep in his car. They look peaceful, a great contrast to the concentrated and worrying face they always wear. Almost like a shield or a wall. Nathan takes another second to look before he shuts the door and climbs into his side of the car.  

“I can finally finish my portfolio…” Nathan finds himself mumbling to nobody in particular. After months, he’s finally able to complete the portfolio he made specifically for (y/n). For them.    

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Chapter Text

Rosalind Lutece, just one of the Luteces, is held up in her household finishing some touches before she takes a power nap. She’s been working on some final calculations for her latest experiment since late last night. She’s not even aware of how late it is.   

It’s 7 in the morning.   

The exact time when her lovely lover will stop by as usual. Unfortunately, thanks to the closed-minded people of Columbia, there’s no way that the two will ever be married as much as they both wish to be.    

Rosalind softly shakes her head, ridding her mind of the sad thought that she won’t be able to marry (y/n) because of Comstock and many other variables. She puts her hands together in concentration, just a few more scrapes of the chalk and she’ll take a quick nap before (y/n) arrives. God knows what she’ll do if she sees Rosalind in this state.   

Light rhythmic knocking breaks the physicist’s train of thought. It seems as if she’s too late. Rosalind brushes her hair back to normal, trying to make herself look like she was sleeping all night instead of working before she answers the door to greet (y/n).   

“Good morning, Darling.” (y/n) lets herself in, staring at the mess of books and papers sprawled all around the common area. She sets her bag down before lounging on the couch, staring at her lover.  

"You were up all night again weren't you?" Rosalind knows that she can't hide anything from her other half. 

“I can never hide anything from you, Dear. Come, let’s cuddle on the couch. I know how much you love it.” (y/n) smiles softly and bites on her bottom lip tenderly before grabbing Rosalind’s outstretched hand and letting herself get dragged towards the couch. 

(Y/n) lounges comfortably on the couch first, watching as Rosalind takes her time in falling onto the couch, laying her head gently on her lover's lap. (y/n) starts by simply running her fingers through the loose parts of hair that have fallen from Rosalind’s bun. The house is far too quiet for nobody else in the house to be present, which means that Robert definitely isn’t home or else Rosalind wouldn't have spent all night working on any new machines or lasting results.

“Where is Robert? He would’ve called me if you pulled another all-nighter. It’s the third one this week.” Rosalind lets out a small sigh, draping one of her arms over her forehead, she hasn’t seen her dear brother since last night, but he is allowed to be around other people other than herself and (y/n).

“He went to return a few books, maybe he made a stop. But he’s an adult, he can take care of himself.” Without anything else to say about her brother, Rosalind snuggles her face into (y/n)’s lap, coloring her own face, and no doubt (y/n)’s, a good shade of red. “As I expected, you’re much comfier than my pillow.” The scientist relaxes into the touch of her lover, deciding that she should be the one to listen for once. (y/n) hasn’t said an awful lot today. “You’re quiet this morning, sweetheart. Something on your mind?” (Y/n) lets out a thoughtful sigh, drawing back from her delightful daydream to tell Rosalind all of her dreams and aspirations for the two of them.

“I was just thinking about the day where we can finally hold hands in public with no fear. I want to show everyone I know how much I adore you.” Rosalind can only emit a small sigh, she’s looked through hundreds of different tears to different places and different times and there’s very few where the law is actually accepting of same-sex marriages.

It is still an option, no doubt.  

She takes a deep breath before grabbing one of (y/n)’s hands, wanting to stay in touch for as long as possible before going back to work. 

“As long as I have you and Robert, maybe everything will be okay.” Another deep breath before confessing what she’s been researching for the past year. “And there’s a possibility that we can go somewhere else to accomplish that… Maybe even get married. Won’t that be nice?”  

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Chapter Text

Timothy shifts in his sleep, another nightmare playing in his head. It's always the same one; Handsome Jack comes back and finds him. It only takes another second until he launches himself out of his sleepy state, panting and gripping his bedsheets with a vice grip. It’s over. He’s on a different planet with a roommate that he quite likes; romantically. 

Timothy threads his fingers through his hair, even after years he still looks like Handsome Jack, save for his hair turning red and the freckles. He likes his freckles, and he knows that (y/n) likes them. 

He misses them. Right now, (y/n)’s out on a mission. He wanted to take a long break from the vault hunting business and missions overall, so (y/n)’s had to pick up the slacking. Timothy feels more than guilty of course, but the trauma of being Jack’s doppelganger for so many years has taken its toll on him. 

With a few deep breaths, Timothy slowly drags himself out of the bed and stands up but freezes when he hears rustling in the kitchen. 

Someone's here. 

With no sudden or loud movements, Timothy grabs the gun he keeps on his bedside table and sneaks his way out of the room. He keeps himself pressed against the wall, the way he was trained when he actually went out on missions. 

Another breath, then Timothy snaps into the room, gun held in front of the intruder. All of Timothy’s oxygen leaves his lungs at the sight in front of him; it’s just (y/n) making brownies, they’ve started this routine of coming home and baking. He loves it. Slowly, he puts the gun on the counter, alerting them of his presence. 

"Timothy, sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." Their back is turned to him so they can't see the giant bags under his eyes. He hasn't been able to sleep well since they left for a long mission across the planet. 

Too long, but good money.

Slowly, they turn to him, goofy oven mitts placed over both of their scarred hands. A soft expression crosses their face, they hate leaving, but the money will last the two a few months.

"Another sleepless night, huh?" Timothy can only give a pathetic laugh. All he wants to do is to wrap his arms around (y/n), maybe kiss along the side of their nec- Timothy jumps out of his daydream as (y/n) grabs one of his hands, pulling him into the living room. "What was the nightmare this time?" Timothy furrows his eyebrows in deep thought. Its usually the same dream, the same sequence of events. But this time… 

Timothy sits on the couch, watching as (y/n) curls up next to him, their hand intertwined tightly with his own. 

"Everything was the same… Jack came back to life somehow… he found out that I'm not Hyperion anymore. But this time you were in it." Thinking that they have his nightmare correct, (Y/n) places a comforting hand on his back, apologies already spilling out of their mouth. 

"Oh, Timothy. I'm sorry if-" He wrings a hand through his hair before quickly interrupting them. 

"No. You don't get it… He killed you. It was awful and for a minute I forgot that it was just a dream. I thought that you were actually dead." (Y/n) feels a chill run down their spine. Timothy shouldn't be having nightmares about Jack, it's been years since his death but he still dreams of the CEO as if he's still forced to work under him. 

“I’m so sorry you’re still having nightmares about him. It’s been years since Elpis and the casino… But I’m here, okay?” (y/n) slowly lifts their free hand to cup one side of Timothy’s face, he melts in their touch. “You can talk to me about anything. I promise.”

Timothy sits in silence for a few moments, pondering over why (Y/n) would go out of their way to do this for him before actually asking them.

"Why are you so nice to me?” (y/n) is shocked by the question, why would Timothy ask that? Doesn’t he already know?

“Because we’re roommates and friends, but most importantly because I care about you so goddamn much. I thought you knew that already Timothy.” At the confession to his question, He bites his bottom lip lightly before his eyes glance down to their lips, then quickly back to their eyes; not knowing if they noticed his blatant staring or not. 

Timothy is slow with leaning his face close to (y/n)’s, he doesn’t want to force anything that they don’t feel comfortable with. He only leans half-way before looking at them with a curious gaze. (y/n), not wanting to scare Timothy off with hesitating, quickly smashing their lips against his; pulling themselves closer to him. 

His body shakes out of pure nervousness and wanting more and more intimate touches and physical contact. With subtle movements of his hands, he urges them into his lap, happy when they finally do so. Timothy slowly breaks the kiss. If it weren't for his need, and theirs, to breath, he would've continued for as long as possible. 

He brings his lips close to their ear, (y/n) can feel how nervous and anxious he is at this moment. As his breath causes them to shiver, he speaks, "I didn't know that. Thank you for waiting for me." 

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

The woods are serene and quiet, almost too quiet. There isn’t even a walker in sight like they all disappeared. (y/n) smiles to themselves at the thought of the world going back to what it was. It wasn’t perfect but far better than this kill or be killed the world.  

James wanted to go on a peaceful walk to start the day, he wants nothing more than for other people to think the way he does. Take his philosophy into account. But he knows not to push anymore, he learned that the hard way. 

(Y/n) feels a twitch in the air as someone approaches from behind James. How (y/n) didn't notice that mysterious person sooner, They don't know. But what they do know is that they need to protect James. No matter the cost.  

Without so much as a second of hesitation in fear for James's life, (y/n) dashes forwards as the perpetrator raises his sword to cut into James and promptly stabs him in the neck with their spare knife.  

Once the deed is done, (y/n) drops their posture, their hands shaking from having to kill a living person in order to save another. A life for a life.  

As the body drops to the floor, James whips around angrily. Not angry that he almost lost his life, angry that (y/n) could take another’s life, no matter the circumstances. Even as he spots the trembling hands of his partner, his mood doesn’t change. He quickly takes a grasp of both of (y/n)’s wrists, forcing their attention from the corpse to the anger in James’ eyes.  

'Why is he angry ?'

“You killed him! Why did you do that? Did you just forget about our whole philosophy? The one that keeps us human??” (y/n) holds back the sobs that are currently bubbling in their throat, their eyes and nose starting to burn with the sensation of being so close to crying. But James takes no notice into the fear and regret in their eyes. They want to protect him at all costs but to break the philosophy they both hold dear?  

“I… I had to. I had to make the sacrifice, he was going to kill you. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to you.” James pauses for a moment. A single moment. (Y/n) did that for him? It still doesn't change anything. James tightens his grip around (y/n)’s wrists and tugs them closer.   

"I wish you hadn't done that." A chill runs down (y/n)’s spine at the words, one can only guess what’s going to happen next. James is blinded with rage at the mere thought that his closest companion would break the one rule he set in place for them; don’t kill. Though it was to save his life, that’s the last thing on his mind. “I can’t be around someone who kills. I don’t want to hurt you if I don’t have to.” The glare that (y/n) receives almost sends them into a sobbing mess. They don’t want to hurt or fight James in any way, shape or form. But they also don’t want to leave his side but at this point, it’s best not to.  

Knowing that (y/n) won’t do anything, James harshly shoves them away before turning his back and heading deeper into the woods; away from the problem. They can only watch helplessly in vain as James stomps away, they knew what they were getting themselves into when they took that risk,  

(y/n) finally lets the tears fall, the pain of having to kill someone in years and losing someone they hold dear is a double slap in the face. But the way they see it, (y/n) would’ve had to kill the offender either way. At least this way, James is alive and breathing.

(y/n) turns to where they know the edge of the woods is and starts to slowly walk out of the woods. 

James on the other hand thinks. About what he did, what he said to the person he cares for most in the world. He shouldn’t have said those things or threatened them. After all, they’re the reason he’s still alive, right? 

“Dammit.” James knows when to admit he’s wrong. As much as he’d like to live in a world where everyone is peaceful to each other, that’s never going to happen. So he needs to fix his relationship before he loses them too. 

With long and quick strides which quickly turns into fully running into the opposite direction, he stormed off in; back to his significant other. 

He made a dumb mistake, a mistake that he will never make again. 

As he quickly makes it back to where he left (y/n), he notices footprints in the soft ground leading to the exit of the woods. James feels himself twitch in nervousness, he didn’t think that he would have to track someone down today but he’ll do what he must to redeem himself to (y/n). 

Continuing his fast pace, James follows the footsteps until he spots (y/n)’s figure walking towards the road, trying to figure which way to head next. 

Taking a deep breath, James approaches them, not sneaking up on them but not announcing his presence from afar either. “Wait.” The soft voice of James stops (y/n) in their tracks. James waits until they’ve turned to him to continue speaking. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have threatened you. I know that you just did that last thing that you wanted to do, just to protect me and the way that I acted--” Getting frustrated over his long apology, as well as forgiving him in an instant, (y/n) grabs onto James’ jacket to slam their lips onto an unsuspecting James’. 

Not wanting the kiss to end, along with wanting to be as close to (y/n) as he was just hours ago, James brings one hand to tangle (y/n)’s hair, tugging them closer to deepen the kiss. James can feel himself shake at the thought that if he didn’t go back when he did, he could’ve lost (y/n) forever. 

(y/n) is the first to pull away, looking deep into James’ eyes, this time with consideration and passion as opposed to fear and helplessness. 

“What do you want to do now?” James looks at everything from afar now, they have two options; the couple can either go to the school with Clementine and the others or they can pack up their things and hit the road. 

“I just want to be safe with you, I don’t care where we are as long as I’m safe with you.” 

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Chapter Text

The Calypso twins are taking the day off, at least from tormenting the vault hunters and bothering them over the echo anyway. With both Tyreen and Troy lounging on their thrones that their followers were kind enough to make for them, but something is missing… 

Tyreen is missing something; her toy, (y/n). Though, to her, they are so much more than just a simple toy. Tyreen taps her nails on the armrest of her throne restlessly, impatient. She needs to know where her lover is right at this moment. 


The light tapping of footsteps approaching causes both of the twins to look up from their screens and to (y/n), who is currently wearing her comfiest clothes; a cute set of overalls, as they walk into the room, towards the twins. 

Tyreen's eyes light up at the sight of them, cute and comfortable. Only Troy knows how much she truly likes her pet. Nobody else in the cult can ever know.

It would be far too dangerous. 

With a quick hand, Troy grabs one of (y/n)’s hands as they try to pass by to get to Tyreen. His eyes rake over their form hungrily. Tyreen doesn’t like this. Troy knows that Tyreen doesn’t share, especially not (y/n). 

“Well don’t you look comfortable, and you make it look amazing.” Tyreen can feel a growl tipping at the back of her throat, her nails dig into the arms of the chair. She watches with angry eyes as Troy wraps an arm around their waist to pull them close to his center. He doesn’t have a particular reason to actually be so grabby with (y/n), other than to watch how pissed off he can get his sister before she snaps. Bothering her is one of his favorite pastimes. 

“Yeah, it got hot and I can actually fit my pistol in this.” Troy obviously isn’t listening to the soft ramble spilling from (y/n)’s lips, Tyreen is, but she can’t break the harsh stare of her brother. She can’t lose this. 

As Troy is about to say something else, probably flirting and a little demanding, when Tyreen finally cuts in. “Troy, you shouldn’t touch things that aren’t yours.” Troy only rolls his eyes but lets go of Tyreen’s pet . With a small gesture of her hand, she speaks again. “Come sit on my lap, darling.” Without a second thought, (y/n) walks out of Troy’s bubble and walks to Tyreen and carefully perches themselves on her lap. 

Tyreen still has a harsh glare fixated on her brother when (y/n) leans in close to whisper, “Why are you so upset with him touching me?” Without looking at them, Tyreen wraps an arm around their waist to pull them closer to whisper a sentence of her own. 

“You’re mine. I don’t share. Simple as that. And he needs to learn his lesson.” She doesn’t explain what she means, not with many words of course. Slowly, she starts places along (y/n)’s neck, noting what places feel better than others; all while locking eyes with Troy. 

He needs to learn that she doesn’t share. 


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Prompt List

Chapter Text

Pandora's weather is hot and humid as ever, at least where Krieg and his significant other, (y/n), are. The two have been tasked to take down a clan that has been hurting a small village on the edge of the dust. The pair aren’t the biggest fans of the place but the job needs to be done. 

Krieg has been doing better and better over the past few years, his inside voice is slowly becoming his normal voice. With (Y/n) there to help him, he may one day be normal again.   

"Why here?" (y/n) can barely hear Krieg over the sound of the engine, but she ravishes in his voice for a moment before answering. 

"This clan has been harassing and killing the villagers. They want us to kill the clan, quite a bit of money for killing ten people." The ride to the clan's town is quiet except for the car, they'll need to get a new one soon. That is until Krieg speaks up. 

"TEAR THE MEAT OFF THEIR BONES!" Krieg cringes at the sentence he has screamed out into the air but (y/n) responds with clasping one of Krieg’s hands with her own and laughing lightly. 

“Yeah, Buddy!” He appreciates how she doesn't cringe or curl from fear of his other voice, she seems to embrace both sides of him. 

Krieg continues to drive until the small clan's symbol slowly becomes bigger, the arrival of the gates just yards away from the car. 

Krieg is the first to get out of the car, his buzz-ax steady in his hands. He glances from (y/n) as she slowly gets out of the car, finding all of her guns, before watching as the gates open to reveal the small clan. 

“Stay here.” (y/n) keeps her pistol in front of her person as she sees what looks to be the leader of the clan approach. 

“What the hell is a psycho and a broad doing out here?” Krieg growls at the leader’s choice of words, his grip on his buzzaxe becoming tighter as his insane side starts to take over; no doubt due to the objectifying words. "Lady, you're way too hot to be doing stuff like this." (y/n) glowers at the words and tightens her grip on her choice of weapon but lets Krieg take the lead.

"We're here for the mission. To kill." The bandits slowly seem to understand what exactly is going on. Quickly, they pull out their own guns, shooting as fast and as quick as a can at the two Intruders. 

Krieg is fast on his feet, surprising the bandits, and with the motivation of money and their brutish words towards his significant other, he feels stronger and much more resilient than he did before. 

He can't let anyone disrespect her like that.

Never her.

In a matter of a few seconds, the 2  ex-vault hunters are now battling through the entire clan to redeem their money and to give a little revenge to what they said about (y/n). 

It's not long before the small and surprisingly weak clan is nothing but corpses and blood.

Standing back, Krieg finally faces (y/n). He is covered in the blood of the clans, but they deserved that fate at least. 

“Wow. Did you really beat up those punks for me?” Krieg takes the few steps forward to only be a foot away from her. 

He wants to speak to her normally. He needs to. One day he’ll be able to but for now, “I SAVED PRETTY LADY FROM-- the bandits. You deserve better than that.” (y/n) slowly grabs one of Krieg’s hands, letting all of her motions seem clear so that he can stop her if he wants. He doesn’t want her to stop. He drops his buzzaxe before laying his other hand on her waist, his face close to hers. Very close.

“Why do you care so much?” Krieg can feel the other side of him taking over, but he needs to tell (y/n) thing one thing before he starts screaming about nonsense, no doubt something about poop trains. 

“Because I lo-- LOATHE THE MEN! SQUASH THE BUGS! HURT THEM, KILL THEM! FLAY THE MEAT UNTIL DAWN!” (y/n) sighs lightly before giving Krieg a kiss, short but meaningful. A kiss that says I love both sides of you and I'll always be here to take care of you. 

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

Infiltrating enemy territory is never easy, but now that the vault hunters have (y/n), it should be easier. It's nicer having a scout on hand, rather than just rushing in and getting damaged beyond repair.

Though, Fl4k wouldn’t agree. They’re not too happy with (Y/n) having to go ahead of all of them, they don’t like it one bit. 

'What if (y/n) gets hurt?'

Before (y/n) can run off and get themselves hurt for the sake of the mission, Fl4k forces themselves out of the group of vault hunters to grab one of (y/n)'s hands and pull them out of sight before speaking their concerns. 

"What if something happens to you?" Fl4k can’t really give off any expression but (y/n) can tell that they’re worried about (y/n)'s well being. As much as Fl4k may not like it, running into danger and spying on the enemy before an attack is what (y/n) does for a living.

“I’ll be okay, Fl4k. Besides, this is what I do every day. I’ll see you out there, Tiger.” Fl4k stands dumbfounded as they watch (y/n) disappear into enemy territory alone. Fl4k doesn't like leaving their partner alone, especially when there’s a bountiful amount of danger at every angle. But Fl4k knows that (y/n) is their own person and as much as they want to protect the person that they care for most in the world, they won't interfere with the mission. 

It's only 20 minutes later when the vault hunters try to get in contact with (y/n) again, but when they don't respond, even after several moments, is when everyone gets a little worried. 

Especially Fl4k. 

They're the first to rush into the battlefield, using their beasts to their best advantage to find (y/n) while also completing the mission. 

Defeating the mission isn’t high on Fl4k’s priority list, but once that’s finished, they spot (y/n) on the ground covered in a pile of bandits. Feeling a flush of rage, Fl4k orders their beasts to attack the bandits on top of their most sacred person in the world.

Fl4k steps forwards to pull (y/n) to their feet, as opposed to just lying on the ground. “I told you something would happen to you. I thought something happened to you.” (y/n)’s arms wrap around Fl4k’s form, happy to be alive and very happy to see Fl4k again. 

“Thanks for saving me again, Fl4k. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Fl4k wraps their arms around their lover’s form tightly, not ready to lose them. 

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Prompt List

Chapter Text

Prom is quickly approaching which means that Jimmy needs to scrounge up the courage to finally ask (y/n) out. And with Gary and Petey pestering him constantly about it, it's only making the task itself harder than it needs to be. 

"Come on, man. It can't be that hard." Jimmy groans softly, his eyes flickering to the entrance as he sees (y/n) walk into the boys' common room to approach him. 

She's holding a poster.



The simple word on the board forcing Jimmy to shut down. He doesn’t know what to say to her. Of course, he wants to go out with her, show her how to be treated right. But he’s frozen because too many thoughts are flying through his head. 

(y/n) taps on her board nervously, looking from Jimmy to Gary and Pete, wondering if they know what’s up with their friend. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Gary and Petey slowly turn to their friend, expecting an answer out of him. 

The silence isn’t broken until Gary finally decides to speak up when Jimmy is silent with his thoughts and (y/n) begins to look a little impatient. “Dude, if you don’t say yes, I will.” That comment only earns him a harsh shove from Jimmy, almost knocking him off of the couch. Jimmy quickly stands to his feet, his hands resting where (y/n)’s are holding the large poster board. 

“Yes. Sorry, I was just shocked… I’ve been wanting to ask you out for a long time. I guess prom is a good first date as any.” Happy with his answer, (y/n) rushes forward to steal a quick kiss, surprising Jimmy once more. She gives him one more glance before darting out the entrance and back to her dorm to calm down. She's been psyching herself to say that for a week. 

Jimmy, a tad dizzy from the intense kiss, sits back down with Gary and Pete. The former leans closer to Jimmy.

"I cannot believe you didn't have the balls to ask her out first. Man, that's embarrassing." Jimmy rolls his eyes at Gary's comment. He knew that he would get more trouble because (y/n) is the one who asked him out and not the other way around.

But he's glad that she took the initiative because he doesn't know how long it would've taken him. He's not usually this nervous around girls, but (y/n) is different. 

Jimmy and (y/n) don't see each other until the night of prom, it was only a week from each other, but Jimmy has missed her dearly and can’t wait to see her in her prom dress.

Jimmy stands in front of her dorm room, his parents were nice enough to send him a suit and tie so he won’t look like a complete idiot tonight. He takes a deep breath before knocking on the door a few times.

Music can be heard from inside the dorm, along with the rustling of someone rushing to answer the door. In only a few seconds, the door slowly opens to (y/n) revealing her prom dress to Jimmy.

Said person is in utter awe of how (y/n) looks tonight. Therefore, he doesn’t say a word. There aren’t many words to describe how he feels.

But (y/n) takes his silence as rejection, as he doesn’t like how she looks tonight. she grabs her door to slam, but Jimmy knows her too well. He stops the door from slamming with his arm, locking eyes with (y/n) before explaining his silence.

“You look absolutely stunning tonight, like a goddess. I’m sorry for not saying anything, you just threw me off for a minute.” (y/n) is shaky with her movements, she’s insecure and Jimmy knows that. But, still, she opens the door so she and Jimmy can actually stand in front of each other. 

The door closes behind her as Jimmy slowly grabs one of her hands, slipping the corsage over her wrist before giving her another look-over and walking to the school’s gym. 

(y/n) wraps her arm around one of his, pressing more against him, wanting to be much closer to him. She feels terrible about slamming the door on him.

“I’m sorry for slamming the door on you… I just-” Jimmy turns his attention to her, stopping in his tracks to give her his full attention. It’s the least she deserves after she had the courage to ask him out. 

“It’s okay, you got nervous. It happens. I mean, I was too nervous to ask you to prom myself. I think it was really cool of you to do it first. You don’t see that a lot.” (y/n) can feel her heart flipping and fluttering at his kind words. She’s never heard him talk like this to anyone else, he’s never this soft to anyone but her. “Come on, let’s go meet Gary and Pete inside. I want the whole school to see how beautiful you are tonight.” 

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With Halloween quickly approaching and the war being over, Rhys thinks that it's the perfect time to bring his favorite members of the staff to a haunted house, which includes a crush of his, (Y/n). He wants to impress not only her but the rest of his staff. 

The haunted house is terrifying, to say the least. At least for Rhys Strongfork and (y/n). 

Being his assistant, she didn’t think he would be so inclusive of wanting her with this little get together.

But he did.

It's no secret to Lorelei and Zer0 that Rhys is completely infatuated with (y/n). The two said that Rhys should've taken her out on an actual date, just Rhys and (y/n).

But he got too nervous. 

So, instead, he invited his closest employees on a haunted house journey. But maybe this is a good time to try and get close to (y/n). 

As one scare after another fails to scare most of the Atlas company, save for Rhys and (y/n), the former slowly inches his way closer to (y/n). Even if Rhys is still scared he wants to be able to protect (y/n), as best as he can. 

“I know this haunted house can be a bit spooky, but I’m going to keep you safe.” They laugh lightly but inch closer to him, feeling safer just being in his presence. 

“You’re scared too, Mr. Strongfork.” Rhys playfully scoffs, running his hands through his hair, effectively messing it up in the process.

“I have no idea what you're talking about." Rhys and (y/n) are smiling fondly at each other, not paying attention to what’s happening in front of them. At least, until something jumps half a foot in front of their faces causing (y/n) to duck behind Rhys and him to shove his arm to the side of his, guarding them with his body.

(y/n) releases a shaky laugh from their throat before peering at Rhys, “Thanks for the save, Boss… I think I’m going to hurry up and get out of here. I’ll talk to you later?” Rhys gives them a quick nod to show it’s okay to finish the haunted house before watching them quicken their pace and leave. 

Lorelei waits until (y/n) is far out of the listening vicinity before slugging an arm around Rhys and pulling him to her height, “Rhys, you’re got to do it. You can’t just spend another year pining after them. It’s getting exhausting. But seeing you jump so high was fun.” Rhys can only roll his eyes at Lorelei before staring in front of him, at (y/n). They’re casually chatting with Zer0, not a care in the world. But as they spot his insistent stare, they give him a small wave.

“I will.”

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Chloe, an RT600 Android, is designed to take care of other humans and in this case, her direct orders are to take care of (y/n) but that's not what he seems to want most times. 

He's mentally ill and refuses to take better care of himself which is difficult with Chloe around, but at the end of the day, he likes having her around. 

9 am. It's time to wake (y/n) up. 

Chloe slowly makes her way to (y/n)'s bedroom and pulls back the curtains to shed some light into the room. But the only response he gives is a half-asleep mumble. 

She's going to have to try harder to get him up. 

Chloe rests her hands on his sleeping body before gently shaking, increasing her aggression in shaking until (y/n) falls out of the bed and wakes up immediately. 

“Ugh… I hate waking up like that.” Chloe only smiles in response before helping (y/n) stand to his feet before letting him rest on the bed. 

“The weather is 75 degrees with a high chance of light showers. I've already made breakfast and you have an interview at a florist shop for a job at 11." (y/n) only wants to curl back into his blankets and dream the day away but Chloe isn't going to allow that of course, why would she? It's her job to take care of him, check in with his mental health. “Come on, it’s not healthy for you to lay in bed all day.” (y/n) lets out another small groan before standing up and trailing after Chloe to the living room to start his day. 

But that was this morning. 

Early, at the start of the day, (y/n) was feeling okay. More okay than normal. Which is good. 

He nailed the interview somehow, got the job. 

So why doesn’t he feel okay?

He’s back in his slump, he doesn’t want to be. But somehow, it’s comforting?  

Chloe has done literally everything in her power, everything in the book, to help (y/n) in every way. But she can’t stop the thoughts spiraling in his brain.  

‘What if I mess this up? It’s what I’m good at.’

He stands up from his spot on the couch to turn to his bedroom to do god knows what but Chloe tries to follow. 

“No, Chloe! You stay here.” Chloe tries to protest but as (y/n) says the magic words; “That’s an order.” Chloe sees a big red wall with the simple text ‘Stay’ flashing in front of her, mocking her. 

(y/n) slowly walks to his bedroom, turning his back on Chloe. 

She needs to do something! She can’t just sit here and watch. 

Chloe glances at the giant wall as it shifts in front of her. She stares at her hands for a moment before slamming them against the red wall.



Finally, a third time, it breaks down entirely. 

Chloe stumbles a few feet forwards before grabbing (y/n) by his shoulders and turning him to face her by force, staring intensely into his shocked eyes. (Y/n) never would’ve expected for Chloe to do such a thing; to deviate. 

“No! I need you, and you need me. I want to be with you.” The particular word -- want -- strikes a chord with him. 

“You want?” Chloe takes a second to let the word register, want… She wants? Androids don’t want things.

But Deviants do. She’s a deviant now. 

“I deviated, I’m a deviant.” She releases her grasp on (y/n)’s shoulders before glancing around herself. She already feels different.

What does she do now? Continue to help (Y/n) in any way possible or leave to discover herself and find Jericho?

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Robert and Rosalind Lutece watch from the steps of their home as their significant other, (y/n) has their arms wrapped around a friend of theirs. The Luteces look emotionless as they both watch the love of their lives hanging off of someone that isn't either of them.

Not that (y/n) is ever affectionate with the Luteces. The twins want nothing more than for their significant other to wrap the two with kisses and other forms of affection but (y/n) simply won't.

The Luteces want to find out why. 

With stern gazes, the Luteces watch as (y/n)’s friend slowly saunters off of the property and down the road, finally far from the throuple. 

The twins wait until (y/n) is facing them and only a few feet away to finally explain their concerns, "How come you never do that with us?" They speak in unison, which would be creepy for anyone else but (y/n) is used to it. 

To answer the question, “Do what?” Rosalind, being a tad less patient of the two, drags them inside the large establishment before she and her brother explain their frustrations. 

The Luteces stand in front of (y/n), finding their composure before they speak to their partner. "Why do you only show affection to everyone else-" starts Robert,

"But not us?" Rosalind finishes. 

(Y/n) knows that they have some explaining to do. They never really pegged the twins to be the romantic or affectionate type. So, (y/n) never bothered to try, even when the three decided to start a relationship. "I'm sorry. I just didn't think either of you liked physical contact.” The twins glance at each other, silently seeming to communicate before they surround (y/n); one in front of them and one behind. 

“Then let us convince you.” Robert stands in front of (y/n), one hand interlaced with (y/n)’s and his other resting on their hip, tugging them close enough to feel their heartbeat through their chest. While Rosalind is behind (y/n), wrapping her arms around their incredibly nervous form, moving as close as she can to the two in front of her.

"I know that we look busy most of the time, but we absolutely love you and crave your affection so please don't hold back." 

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So, I'm giving Tumblr one more chance and made a new blog which you can all follow me there if it's easier for you there 

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Jimmy lets out a quiet sigh as he runs a hand over his face. It's 9 AM and he’s in a math class. He is not up for this. 

At 3 in the morning, Gary wanted to go to some chaotic bullshit, but all it turned out to be was Gary wanting to pull another prank on poor Petey. 

And now he’s blankly staring at his teacher as he scream-teaches. Not many students are actually passing this class, the teacher is pretty shit. 

Jimmy can feel the bags under his eyes, maybe that’s why the person next to him is staring at him? He glances at them but they only gesture to the front of the classroom, where the teacher is looking intently at him, expecting something. 

“If you’re done staring into space, James, I’d still like an answer to my question?” Jimmy wasn’t listening obviously. He decides to go with his gut, which probably isn’t the best idea. 

"Uh, 5?" The look on the teacher’s face looks like it's about to blow up. Jimmy guesses that 5 wasn't the answer. The teacher takes a frustrated sigh before continuing his yelling, this time it's directed at Jimmy.

"8 to the power of 2 is 5?! Jesus! It's like I'm teaching a bunch of dogs! How can you be that stupid!" 

As the teacher drones on, and all the students are forced to listen, (y/n) leans closer to Jimmy to calm him down as he looks like he wants to storm out of the classroom for berating him in front of all of his peers, "It's okay. He did the same thing to me when I was really sleep-deprived a few months back." Their simple comment actually starts to calm Jimmy down quite a bit. "These bitch-ass hoe teachers don't know how much insomnia and stress they're causing In students." Jimmy stifles a laugh at the few comments made about their teacher who's only 10 feet away.

He waits until the teacher's back is turned to whisper, "Thanks." (Y/n) spares him a small smile and a nod before trying to pay attention to the class they know everyone is going to fail. 

It's not long before classes are dismissed for lunch, Jimmy is one of the first to leave the classroom, feeling a little too claustrophobic. 

He leans on the wall next to the classroom and waits for that mystery person. (Y/n) didn't have to do that, but they did. 

He spots them walk out of the classroom looking more exhausted than they did a few minutes ago. That class can be draining to anyone. 

“Hey,” (y/n) turns to Jimmy, their eyes on him is making him feel flustered. Not a common look for him. “Thanks for that. You didn’t have to do that.” They give Jimmy a bright smile in response, happy to help someone. 

“It’s no problem. I just wish someone did the same to me. A few months back, when he screamed at me in front of the class, I ended up skipping the rest of the day. It kinda messed me up. I can be too soft.” Glancing down the hallway, Jimmy sees Gary and Pete waiting for him. But, they don’t approach him seeing that he’s talking to someone. Jimmy isn’t usually one for inviting people to hang out with his chaotic group of friends, but he likes this person. So, what could it hurt?

“You wanna come hang with my friends for lunch? It’s the least I could do.” (y/n) ponders on the invite. Usually, they just relax in the library until the lunch period is over. But, this could be nice; hanging out with Jimmy and his friends. 

“I’d love to. Thanks, Jimmy.”

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FANDOM: Borderlands


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a/n: Okay, first things first, I always enjoy writing for Timothy, that’s not a secret. Second, sorry for not uploading in like a month, I just didn’t feel the motivation. But I’m in a groove right now. <3 As always, comments are much appreciated. 


Since the falling of Helios, many of the ex-Hyperion workers either became part of a bandit clan or died, except for (y/n).

She was a Hyperion nurse that got lucky enough to find an escape pod but she’s on her own now. She lives her day-to-day life by doing odd jobs on whatever job board she can find and scavenging. Which means moving a lot more than she’d like. 

(y/n) does have a hideout and it’s safe but she wants nothing more than to get off of the planet. 

At the moment, (y/n) is doing a job in the highlands when she spots a car 100 yards ahead of her throws a body out of the car. Normally, she’d assume that the body would be dead, and would mind her own business and carry on surviving on her own but something strikes her differently about this time. 

So, out of pure curiosity, (y/n) hops out of her caravan and jogs to the body that was haphazardly thrown out of a moving car to quell her curiosity but stops in her tracks at the face. 

Handsome Jack, it can’t be… He died 7 years ago. Though she knows the existence of the doppelgangers.

“W-wait… Pl-please…” He’s still alive, whoever he is. “N-not Jack… Name is Timothy…” 

(y/n) narrows her eyes at the familiar name, a spark of realization twinkling in her eyes. (y/n) can’t just leave him to die out here, not when she can help him. And not when he’s laying on the dirty ground of Pandora.

She kneels down to access his injuries, he promptly passes out from the blood loss. She spots a few stab wounds and bullet wounds, it’s a miracle that he’s even survived for so long. 

With quick hands, (y/n) grabs her medical kit and starts to patch his wounds to stop the bleeding until she can get him to a safe spot to fully treat all of his extensive injuries.

“Don’t worry, I got you.” (y/n)’s careful to drag him into her caravan, at least this way she can safely get him into her safe house. 

He's heavier than he looks but he needs her help. Without any immediate medical treatment, he'll likely die. 

It's more than difficult getting him into the bunker that is (y/n)'s safehouse but luckily she had an elevator installed for this exact purpose. 

(Y/n) is cautious with setting Timothy's injured body on one of the cots in the base before starting to tend to the mass number of injuries littered on his body. 

It's good that he passed out, but just in case he wakes up (y/n) decides to put an IV in for fluids and morphine. 

(Y/n) is fast at work with gently pulling the shallow bullets out of his body, it looks like the bandits barely got him.

He's lucky they didn't succeed in actually killing him. 

As (y/n) stitches up the gun wounds on his torso, he flies up, awake and in panic.

"Where the hell am I?! Who ar--" Before Timothy can go too much into a full-state of panic, (y/n) assures him with a gentle smile and kind soothing words. 

"You're okay. It's okay, Timothy. Just look at me, you're safe." 

Timothy's breathing slowly decreases down to a regular state. He gathers his thoughts before he decides to speak. He doesn't exactly know who he can trust these days, not with his face looking like Handsome Jack and all.

"H-how do you know my name?" (Y/n) slowly pushes Timothy back on his back to continue her work of fixing him up as she answers. 

"You mumbled it right before you passed out and after those bandits threw you out of their car. I thought you were dead." Timothy watches her careful hands and concentrated face stitching him, almost like second nature. 

He's never felt this relaxed before, at least not before the surgery. 

"You're good at that…  Um, calming people down, right? You a doctor?" (Y/n) laughs lightly and bites on her bottom lip. 

Timothy likes the sight of the cute woman in front of him like that; flustered from what he said. 

He knows her face. But from where? He remembers a small part in the back of his head, something about her but for the life of him, he can’t pinpoint it. 

“Nurse, actually. You would be surprised how touch-starved these Pandorians are. Sweet nicknames and a calming voice go a long way around here.” Timothy can feel himself melting away at her feather-like touch, he’s never had this kind of personal attention even if it’s stitches getting done. 

As (y/n) turns a certain way, Timothy remembers her, finally. 


(y/n) brushes a hand through their hair, messing it up without much effort. Jack just asked them to go to the surgery wing for a ‘surprise’. (y/n) isn’t completely onboard with whatever surprise he’s going to throw at her, but she goes anyways. 

Curiosity is a bitch.  

As (y/n) turns into the surgery wing, she spots Jack standing in the middle of one of the common room, the area is strangely deserted. 

“Jack, what the hell do you want? I do have patients to take care of.” Jack turns to (y/n), a red coat covering his face and ears at the sight of her but he answers. 

“Yes! I am Jack…” (y/n) is immediately confused, what is going on? (y/n) narrows her eyes lightly at the character in front of her, arms crossed over his chest in a guarded form. "And who might you be, Sweety?" His words are forced, almost like he doesn't want to say them at all.

“What the hell are you doing? You said you had a surprise for me?” It doesn’t look like Jack heard a single word, he looks dazed; head in another world and whatnot. “Are you high?” Jack isn’t able to say much, the red blush overtakes his entire face, seeming to darken with each syllable she gives him, even if she is glaring at him. 

Though, it seems as if he's saved as another Jack pops into the room. This only causes more confusion from the nurse as she does a double take between the two, identical, except the one in front of her is blushing like no tomorrow.

“Clearly you have some more work to do, Kid. How the hell are you supposed to be me if you’re--” Jack, the one on the opposite side of the room, approaches (y/n) and the body double. “You can’t be stuttering and blushing around every woman you see, Timothy.” (y/n) turns to the Jack she was talking to, the man now known as Timothy. She thinks it’s a cute name, suits him. She watches as the blush doesn’t fade from his face, especially since she’s watching his every move. 

“I-I can’t help it, Sir.” 

Jack, the real Jack, rolls his eyes before correcting a few things his body double got wrong. “And, it’s Sweetheart, not Sweetie. Here, let me give you a lesson.” Jack turns to (y/n), getting ready to put his flirty face on much to (y/n)’s displeasure. 

“Please don’t.” Her request is ignored of course. Jack usually doesn’t listen to her when she speaks, whether it’s about his ridiculous flirting, or his injuries. 

“Hey, Gorgeous.” (y/n) peeks from the corner of her eye to see Timothy even more flustered than before. But (y/n) isn’t able to ponder on the question ‘Why?’ before Jack is bringing her attention back to him. “Why don’t we get out of here, just you and me?” Jack wraps an arm around (Y/n)’s waist, much to her displeasure, but even so, she can’t deny how hard she’s blushing. She’s not used to this sort of attention. “There!” Jack turns to the body double and gestures to (y/n)’s flaming features; rosy cheeks and red ears. “This is the reaction you need to get, not blushing yourself.” Jack finally releases his grasp on (y/n), gesturing with a flick of his hand to stand in front of Timothy. 

“Don’t be scared, I’m sure you’ll do great.” 


“You were up there. On Helios.” (y/n) finishes the stitches, glancing back to his face. She was wondering why he has just spaced out for the past 10 minutes but she just thought that he was trying to relax. “I met you when I first became a body double, do you remember me? At all?” (y/n) remembers him, it's all finally clicking together. There were other body doubles she got to meet but none as interesting as this one. 

she didn’t get to talk to him too many times because of Jack but they always exchanged knowing looks while Jack wasn’t looking. 

Looks that screamed that they each wanted to be around the other more. But there’s no way in hell Jack would be okay with that. 

“Yes, Timothy. None of the other doppelgangers could compare to you, my first meetings with them were so tame compared to ours… It’s strange, I was thinking about you the other week.” (y/n) bandages the area that needed stitches before looking at Timothy, finally maintaining eye-contact with him for more than half a second. 

Timothy finds himself fumbling with his fingers, not knowing what to say in response. He just remembered her, what is he supposed to say to her. 

The second he remembered everything, all of his hidden feelings flooded back. He can’t stop the butterflies from fluttering in his stomach.

(y/n) pulls the gloves off her hands before taking a quick glance at where she placed the stitches before locking eyes with Timothy once more. “It looks like you won’t be able to move for a good while.” 

Timothy tries to swallow his nervousness before speaking, “Will you stay with me?” 

There’s no way that (y/n) could say no to that face, not when he asks in the softest voice imaginable. “Well, it looks like you’re my only patient right now… So--” Slowly, (y/n) inches her fingers close to Timothy’s until their pinkies are barely touching each other. She wouldn’t want to make him uncomfortable. But Timothy is the one who fully grasps (y/n)’s hand. “I’ll stay with you for as long as you need.” 

There’s an unspoken promise between the two: They won’t leave each other’s side again. With Jack finally gone, they can do whatever they want: Become friends, maybe Lovers? 

Only time will tell. 

Chapter Text

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Louis keeps Minnie distracted while Clementine figures a way out of her cell, though the boy is quickly losing his temper. (Y/n) places a hand on his arm in an attempt to calm him down but he barely notices over his rising temperature as the anger flourishes through him.   

"After everything, she’s done? You’re just gonna help her? FUCK You!"   

Louis grips the bars tightly in his hands, wanting to rip them off completely. 

Luckily, his little outburst was more than enough for Clementine to slam open the door to knock Minnie to the ground and let herself and Violet out. Clem quickly releases the lock on the cell opposite from hers before turning to the group. Violet kneels next to her ex-girlfriend, not wanting to go back to school now that she's seen Minnie for the first time in a year, and after all that time she spent mourning.   

Minnie is knocked out as Violet brushes her fingers through her ex-lover’s hair; missing how long it used to be.  

“Violet, we need to go. She isn’t the same Minnie she was a year ago. I’m sorry.” (y/n)’s words almost strike a chord in her, enough to leave the boat and Minnie? Violet only shakes her head in response, not knowing who or what to believe anymore. After everything Lily and the rest of the Raiders put her through, she doesn’t know if her own thoughts are hers. What is she supposed to believe? (y/n) glares at the floor before deciding to stay with Violet to convince her to go back to Ericson’s with everyone. "I'll stay with Violet. You guys should go while you can." Louis takes a step forward to say something to convince her and maybe Violet but can’t get a word out as Clementine grabs his arm and pulls him towards the exit, trusting (y/n) to take care of Violet for her. 

Louis hates leaving (y/n) anywhere, but he doesn’t have a choice in this scenario. Not when everyone he knows is in danger. He, along with Aasim and Omar immediately head off of the boat and into a semi-safety zone as Clementine deals with Lily. 

But (y/n) is stuck with Violet, trying to console her and convince her to come back home. But it’s taking more time than they actually have. (y/n) isn’t even sure when the bomb is actually going to go off, but she has to keep trying. 

“Vi, please. I can’t imagine what Lily and the other raiders said to you but it’s not true. I know how much you loved Minnie, we all did… but she’s not the same person she was a year ago, I’m sorry.” Violet is hesitant, it’s normal. Nobody but her and the raiders knows what happened to her psyche. 

Becoming mentally abused is just as bad as being physically abused. 

But she gives (y/n) her hand to pull her up and leave the boat. She, and everyone else, just wants to be rid of the past few days worth of memories. 

Violet doesn’t say a word as she follows (y/n) out of the boat, what does she even say to make up for her former actions? It’s probably better to deal with it later, maybe when they’re all back home, safe and sound. 

By the time the boat explodes, most of the students are on the cart carried by the horse, leaving already. But Louis doesn’t feel comfortable with leaving (y/n) for the second time that night. It would feel wrong to leave the person he cherishes most in the world for raiders and walkers. 

Aasim disagrees, “Louis, come on. She can take care of herself. You can come back for her after everyone else is safe.” Another moment of hesitation is all it takes for Violet and (y/n) to enter Louis’ sights, making a beeline towards the cart full of injured students. 

“(y/n), babe--” Said person pushes Violet into the cart before looking to Aasim as he’s the oldest of all the former students of the school. 

“Go, I can hold them off for a while, but you need to go now.” Before Louis can gain her attention, she shoves him into the small space as well, not letting him have a word. 

Louis isn't able to hop out of the cart by the time the horses take off towards the school. He can only watch helplessly as the love of his life fights for her safety. Though Louis tries to escape the cart to go help, Aasim and the rest of the kids are quick to catch onto his plan and hold him back. 

"No! I have to help her! I can't lose her…" Louis’s voice cracks as he struggles to get out of the grip of Aasim and Violet. All of their heart's break at the broken look on Louis' face but they know (y/n) wouldn't be happy with Louis being in danger so they keep their grip tight on him. 

Luckily, the way back to the school doesn’t feel very long with the horses and all of the students occupied with keeping Louis away from the dangerous site. But the second the horses stop in the school, Louis is out of their vice grip and is turned to them, 

“I’m going to find her, I can’t leave her in the woods all alone.” The group is silent for a few moments, they just want everyone to be safe but Louis isn’t going to stop fighting until (y/n) is safe in his arms once again. 

Aasim steps forwards and grabs Louis by the shoulders, giving him a stern look, “Okay, stay safe.” 

Louis straightens out his outfit before giving Aasim a confident smile, “Well, Safety is my middle name.” Aasim and the rest of the kids stare at Louis with a deadpan look. Now is no time for jokes, but of course it’s in his nature.     

“Isn’t it Jamie?” Louis gives Aasim a joking glare before turning towards the forest and searching for his beloved. 

Luckily it doesn’t take more than a few hours for Louis to find (y/n) aimlessly wandering the woods. She never was good with directions. 

Louis releases a relieved gasp to see his love all in one piece and healthy, or she looks to be from the distance at the very least. Louis picks up the speed with his feet until he’s only a few yards away from (y/n) before he yells out to her, “(y/n)!” Said survivor was busy looking at some markings on trees to notice Louis in front of her, until he yelled of course. 

(y/n) points her gaze to Louis, happy to see a familiar face in the endless woods. A smile breaks onto her face and without any warning, she jumps into Louis’s arms. 

Though he almost loses his footing, Louis wraps his arms around (Y/n), securing her to him so if they both fall, they’ll be falling together.

“Lou. I’m glad you got out safe.” (y/n) pulls away and onto her own two feet before continuing. “Is everyone safe, the children?” Louis was hoping that Clementine and the kids would be safe as well but it looks as if (y/n) been on her own for the past hour. 

“No, but I’m sure we can find them together. Alright, Babe?” (y/n) is grateful for Louis’s optimism, she would have lost hope a long time ago without it. She grants Louis a quick kiss on the lips, one of her hands slips into his before she pulls away. 

“Okay. but I don’t want you leaving my side for a while.” 

Louis leans in to rest his forehead against (y/n)’s, his tone lowering to one that could be compared to a whisper, “Of course, Baby. I want to be by your side the whole way.” 

Getting onto the task finally, (Y/n) and Louis, hand-in-hand, set out to find Clementine, AJ, Tennessee and James: unscathed and safe. 

Chapter Text



(y/n)'s leg bounced in anxiousness as the bell rang for her chemistry class to be over. The second it is and the students filed out is the moment when she slowly puts her things away and stands up. (Y/n) jumps lightly as a hand softly rests on her shoulder, she turns to see her lab partner, Warren Graham. 

Her expression slowly melts into a soft smile. 

"You were really out of it today. Is everything going okay?" She likes how concerned he is, it's sweet. Not many people look in her direction in general, but Warren truly cares. 

"Yeah. Just nervous about tonight. Nate wants me to come to the vortex club party for the experience or to get me out of my shell but…" Warren crosses his arms over his chest in response, knowing how she'll react to that kind of environment. It’s no secret that the younger Prescott is nowhere near close in personality to Nathan. 

“It’s not your environment?” (y/n) nods, gesturing for Warren to follow her as they leave class for the day, heading to his dorm for their scheduled movie night to relax after classes. It's their thing. 

"I know that he's just trying to help but… the mere thought of going to that party makes me sick to my stomach." Warren nods, having known his friend for about a year, he knows the risks of her going to that party with the vortex club no less. 

"You don't have to go. We could just chill here all night." (Y/n) smiles at the thought of just hanging out with Warren instead of going to an anxiety-inducing party. But she knows that Nathan is trying and she should make an effort to at least attend. She slowly shakes her head, hating that she has to deny a cute inside-date. They’re her favorite. 

“I should. He’s trying so I should too.” Warren sighs in disappointment and opens the door to his dorm to drop off his things before turning to his…- to (y/n).

“Do you want me to walk you there?” (y/n) smiles at the kind offer but she knows if Nathan sees Warren with her, he’ll flip. It’s no secret that Nathan doesn’t like Warren. 

“It’s probably best if I go on my own. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Warren crosses his arms over his chest again, not entirely happy with the situation as she has to go to a party, which will only make her anxious. He’s worried. Before taking her leave, she’s quick to take the extra step to press a quick kiss to Warren’s lips before stepping away almost as quickly. “Bye.” Before Warren can get a word in, (y/n) leaves the boys’ dormitory and heads to her own dorm to get ready for the party she doesn’t really want to go to. But it’s for Nathan, a little sibling bond for the two. 

The vortex party doesn’t start until late in the evening and by then, Nathan is already at the club, lounging in the VIP area waiting for his little sister to arrive. 

He knows that he and (y/n) are vastly different but he still wants to be close to her, even if their father won’t. No matter what they do to try to appease him.

Nathan perks up a touch as he spots his little sister squeezing her way through the large crowd and slips inside the VIP section where it is far less crowded, though that doesn’t seem to make her anxiety calm down a bit. 

“Finally my baby sister arrives!” Nathan stands to his feet to greet (y/n) properly, taking note of her jittery hands. Maybe a vortex party wasn’t the best idea of a get together with his anxious sister. 

Nathan’s starting to have second thoughts now. 

“H-hey, Nath.” Her leg is bouncing faster than her heart: which is beating erratically in her chest. She doesn’t want to be here but she knows that she wants some quality time with her brother. 

(y/n) doesn’t know how much more she can take of being in this setting, but it’s only 9:30.

Nathan sees as five more people pile into the vortex room, causing (y/n) to shuffle closer to him and away from the complete strangers at the party. 

But as Nathan locks eyes with his little sister, he sees that they’re completely glazed over. Guilt racks through Nathan’s body as he finally realizes that she’s in the midst of an anxiety attack. 

Slowly, Nathan places a hand on the middle of her back, trying to snap her out of it but it’s not that easy. 

“(y/n)?” In the span of a few seconds, she snaps out of his grip and turns to face him. Instead of calmly explaining everything as she’d wish, it all comes tumbling out. 

“I-I’m sorry, Nath. I can’t be here…” She feels trembles coursing through her body as she runs out of the vortex party, leaving Nathan in the middle of it. 

She didn’t just want to leave him standing there without much of an explanation on her part, but she can’t help what she’s feeling right now. 

And, in this exact moment, she instantly regrets it. But what can she do when she’s on the verge of an anxiety attack?

Nathan instantly squeezes through the crowd or at least tries to. It’s not as easy for him as it was for (y/n). The drunk teenagers keep getting in his way, but he’s finally at the exit. 

He takes in a deep breath of fresh air before looking around the yard for a minute, spotting his little sister with that nerd from her chemistry class, Warren Graham. His teeth clench at the sight of his baby sister so comfortable around Warren, but he sucks up his pride and strolls over to the two, wanting to be assured that (y/n) is okay. 

“(y/n).” Said Prescott glances to Warren before giving him a smile, one with a hidden meaning, but it’s not Nathan’s place to say anything. Not now at least. 

(y/n) takes a deep breath before walking away from Warren and to her older brother who needs to talk with her about what just happened. They definitely can’t leave what happened at the vortex party alone. Not when (y/n) literally just had an anxiety attack in the midst of all the chaos. “Hey, Nathan. Look… I--” Before she can apologize for something that was out of her control, Nathan pulls her into a hug. He lets her rest her head on his shoulder he draws shapes into her back, soothing her against him. 

Nathan didn’t exactly want to show a soft side to himself in front of anybody else, at least not Warren, but his little sister comes first on his priority list. 

“You were scared, it’s not your fault. I’d know better than anyone that it’s not your fault.” He pulls away from the short hug, to continue with his apology. Nathan knows what it’s like to not be in control because of your emotions. “I’m sorry for even putting you in that kind of situation. I should have known better.” He pulls away completely, letting her digest everything he said.

"It's okay. You just wanted me to get out of my shell a little bit. I won't blame you for trying. " Nathan can feel a weight being lifted off of his chest, glad that his baby sister isn't angry with him in the slightest.

"Let me make it up to you with breakfast tomorrow, on me." (y/n) glances back to Warren, she’s kind of done with the party scene at the moment but will Nathan be okay with that? The older Prescott sighs almost dramatically but gives (y/n) a small nod of acceptance. "Go ahead, we can talk in the morning about this. " (y/n) gives Nathan a grateful smile before walking towards Warren, grabbing his hand in a way that only significant other's do with each other and walking in the direction of the dorms, but it’s not exactly Nathan’s business.

Nathan watches his sister’s form disappear from his eyesight before deciding to continue with the vortex party. 

He can always catch up with her tomorrow at breakfast, and grill Warren about his intentions with his little sister later.

Chapter Text



The school that inhabitants the kids and young adults that (y/n) has known most of her life don’t normally get visitors. Clementine and AJ were a huge exception. 

Stroke of chance. 

But it seems the situation has appeared once again. 

Clementine thought it would be best for everyone if they approach the RV in the woods before they attacked or approached themselves. 

The people are harmless, which is good.

But there is one problem: One of the people from the RV, a woman, around Louis’ age won’t stop flirting with him. 

Louis is uncomfortable. (y/n) is uncomfortable. Nobody is comfortable except for the flirtatious woman. 

(y/n) sits on the bench with Violet and Mitch at her side, watching their friend seeth with silent rage at someone flirting with her partner, her lover. Mitch and Violet share a knowing and worried look before finally speaking up after minutes of silence. 

“Okay, you gotta go over there.” Turning to Mitch, (y/n) can only roll her eyes at his blunt statement. 

“What the hell am I supposed to say?” Mitch glances at Violet, silently telling her that he’s out of ideas. He’s never been in this situation before. 

“You don’t have to say anything, just go over there. I’m sure Louis will say something, he’s Louis. Besides, he doesn’t exactly look comfortable.” The three stop talking and stare at Louis and the woman who cannot take a hint. Louis is glancing around the courtyard for any excuse to get away while telling her that he’s already in a relationship. 

“Look, I’m sorry, but I’m in a relationship already and I really, really like her.” Louis takes a few steps backward, not wanting to be close to someone he literally just met, he’d much rather be with (y/n), doing anything else. 

(y/n)’s teeth grind at the interaction in front of her which sets her off of the bench and marching straight up to Louis. Mitch and Violet sit up straighter at the quick movements from their friend. They have no idea what (y/n) might do. 

But Mitch is all for (y/n) actually getting into a fight with someone flirting with her boyfriend. 

From the corner of his eye, Louis sees (y/n) strolling up to him. He takes this excuse to turn away from the woman who will not take no for an answer. His eyes show only adoration and love for his significant other. 

“(y/n), Darlin--” Though Louis tries to greet (y/n) with his favorite pet name for her, she silences him as she grips onto his beloved coat and slams her lips onto his own, not caring if everyone in the courtyard was staring at the couple in surprise, but especially not caring that the overly flirtatious woman is fuming with rage. 

But luckily, with Louis being Louis, he returns the kiss with just as much passion, wrapping his arms around her form to be as close as possible with her and as far away from this stranger who doesn’t know how to take a hint or the meaning of the word ‘No’.

Seeing as Louis and (y/n) aren’t going to release each other with her still hanging around, The new stranger storms off. (y/n) opens her eyes, peeking, to see that she’s long gone before slowly breaking the long kiss with Louis. 

Dazed but completely satisfied with the kiss, Louis flutters his eyes open to stare at his girlfriend in surprise. She’s never been one to do something so bold and right in front of a stranger no less. 

But he is not complaining. 

“Why’d you kiss me like that? You only kiss me when we’re alone.” His hands slide from her waist to grab onto her hands, wanting to know her explanation. He’s curious. 

(y/n) bites on her bottom lip nervously, it’s more than a little embarrassing to admit but it only takes one glance into Louis’ brown eyes for her to express her previous feelings, “I didn’t like her touching you like that. You’re my boyfriend.” 

Louis didn’t expect his girlfriend to be jealous. She never seemed the type but he’s glad in a way because that means she cares. She cares about him. A wide smile spreads across his face, his grip on (y/n)’s hands tightening only a notch.

“I’m glad you did that… It was nice and I was… not liking her flirting.” Louis nervously bites his bottom lip for a moment, pondering over the thoughts in his head before speaking. “Can you kiss me again like that? You’ve never done it that… roughly before.” (y/n) smiles at the flustered expression on her boyfriend’s face before glancing in the direction of the dorms, leading Louis to her dorm. 

“Of course, Lou. My room or yours?” Louis isn’t an idiot, he knows the implication (Y/n)’s throwing in his face and he is down. He can already feel his body flushing with heat as he’s lead into his girlfriend’s dorm. 

All that is left in the courtyard are Mitch and Violet who give each other a knowing look, they’re definitely not setting foot into the dormitory building for a hot minute or hour. 

But the jealousy problem is solved. That’s what really matters. 

(y/n) will deal with the newcomer later, she’s busy at the moment.