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A Mindless Pawn

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"Denki Kaminari," Aizawa started the introduction as he walked into the room. "You have been confirmed to be the League of Villains source of information. Claims have been made that state you have had frequent contact with Shigaraki and other members of the League. You give them information from our school and about the teachers and students there. Do you deny any of this?" Aizawa asked his student.

Aizawa truly didn't want to do this, but he had to. Denki was a good kid, but looking at those blank lifeless eyes told him a different story.

It was like he has no control over his own mind or body, but he could tell that this wasn't done by a quirk.

Denki's body, which was frozen in place flinched as if it was suddenly shocked, and he opened his mouth.

"It was all me," Denki said, but Aizawa could hear how broken his voice is.

Aizawa knew that he had just gotten the confession, but with all the time he spent with the kid, Aizawa knew that Denki wasn't at fault.

This is a completely different person fr.before.

After he spoke that once sentence his body went back to being a frozen position.

"I'll be back," Aizawa says as he gets up to walk out of the room.

"I don't want this kid in jail. I'm using my emergency licence to take the kid in,"Aizawa stated.

"But sir he's a criminal," a random cop told him as Aizawa glared at him.

"No there's something else going on with him. We can keep him in a holding cell for a few days, but no more no less. Denki Kaminari might be a traitor, but someone else is behind this. Look at that boy in their," Aizawa says as he points towards the one way glass window that everyone could see the yellow haired kid in.

"That's not a kid in there, that's not a traitor, that is someone who was beaten and broke into submission until he obyed every command. That there is a mindless soldier," Aizawa says as they all take one long look at the kid.

It was after Aizawa finished making his speech that everyone in the precinct started to hear screams coming from their interrogation room.

All eyes turned to see their blond captive on the floor, head in his hands, and tears in his eyes.

He was holding his head letting scream after scream rip from his throat.

No one knew what to do, as they had no idea what was going on.

The screaming lasted longer than ten minutes, but when Denki finally stopped his eyes, for just a brief moment, lit up with a light that Aizawa could recognize in an instant, before it disappeared and those lifeless eyes came again.

"Did you all just see that?" Aizawa asked as they continued to look at the poor kid.

"Whatever he did it wasn't his choice. He's just a mindless pawn in someone's game," Aizawa spoke. No one said a thing when he walked back into the room.

"What just happened Denki?" Aizawa asked.

"I spoke out of turn. I spoke when I wasn't supposed to," his broken and scratchy voice said.

"Why were you screaming?"

"I was being punished," Denki answered. As the two continued to speak Aizawa noticed that the teen's eyes were lifeless, but not the same way as last time. Before it was like he wasn't even there, now it's just a child that the world has made suffered and just wants it to end.

Finally Aizawa asked one of the questions that he's been dying to know the answer of, "why did you become the traitor?"

"I didn't have a choice," his shaky voice got out.

"Who's controlling you? Who's treating you like a pawn as if your little Fe doesn't matter?"

Aizawa saw the boy flinch again as if a warning to think carefully about the words he says.

"My parents," is all Denki says before he falls to the ground screaming again.

Aizawa's eyes widened as soon as he realized what was going on, this was no quirk.

This was a machine.

Aizawa Ra out of the room and quickly grabbed one of the officers that had an x-ray quirk and told him to take a look at Denki.

"There's a small chip inside his neck. It seems to be the source of the pain," the random officer said quickly.

"We need to get that chip out and fast," Aizawa shouted to everyone in the building can hear.

It was a long process, especially with his student screaming through it all, but once they got the chip out the screaming stopped.

Denki's body flinched a few times from the after effects, but he was told that it would go away soon enough, hopefully.

"Th-th-thank y-you," Denki said with a smile towards his teacher.

Aizawa could only give a sad smile towards the boy, but he didn't seem to mind.

It took over an hour for the very very very frequent flinches to stop and for Denki to he able to speak.

"S-sorry about e-everyth-thing," Denki starts the conversation.

"It wasn't your fault," Aizawa says firmly.

"But I told Sh-shigaraki all that st-stuff. Bak-Bakugo got kidnapped beca-because of m-me," Denki said looking away, not use to talking with the stutter.

"Kaminari look at me," Aizawa said as he put a hand on his students shoulder.

Kaminari looked up, his body flinching as he does.

"Nothing that happened was your fault. You were being used and abused by your parents. They put a chip in you that made your quirk work against you. You are going to take the weak off as I become your new guardian for however long it takes and then when it came Mrs to school you can decide what you want to do," Aizawa said, not letting Kaminari fight his proposal.


Kaminari fidgeted a little as he walked into the school building. He couldn't believe it. He betrayed the staff, the teachers, the students, and even his friends and for some reason he's being let back in. Are they insane?

Kaminari still had some problems to figure out though. The after effects of those repeated shocks through his body gave him some thing called tics, well that was what he was told, along with some mental abilities that he'll have to go to remedial classes for.

The doctor Aizawa took him to said that because of the shocks not being told to go to a specific place and were instead allowed to go wild all over his body, they mostly went to his brain. His reading, math, and memory skills will all be a little off, but nothing that can't be fixed.

He was told that important things, such as faces and names, will be easier to remember, but things like just made plans and conversation topics will be hard to remember at first.

Denki got used to his body spazzing randomly within his week off and actually stopped noticing the smaller ones, such as his fingers or toes, but as he walks to his classroom he can feel everything on his body that got Kes up thanks to his parents.

He was happy in that moment that he asked Aizawa to explain everything to his classmates.

He got to the door right as Aizawa did, but before the teacher could walk through the door to great his class Denki stopped him.

"Could you intr-introduce me as a n-new student please. I-I don't want t-to be the same person as th-they first met," Denki asked him.

Aizawa nodded his head, "wait out here as I introduce you," the tired teacher says.

As he waited Denki could hear everything that was being said, "starting today you have a new classmate. He was here before, but that changes nothing. He was discovered to be the U.A. traitor," at the sounds of outrage and anger Aizawa held up a hand to stop his class, "as I was saying he was the traitor against his will. He was being controlled by his parents and the object they used left some side effects on him. May I introduce you to your new classmate Kaminari Denki," Aizawa finished as Denki walked into the class, who now held their breaths as they looked at the fidgety boy walk inside the room.

"H-hi," He says as he raises his hand and his head twitches to the side.

"Welcome back Pikachu," an angry voice says, but their was no anger behind it, just a sound of understanding and forgiveness.

"I-i'm sorry for eve-everything," Denki says as he bows.

"Take your seat Kamnari. I still have a class to teach," Aizawa says as they boy rushed to his seat.

"Today's lesson is going to be how your quirk can be used against you in many different ways, an introduction," Aizawa starts the lesson and Denki smiles.

He's going to be okay. Not now or anytime soon, but eventually he will healed and his parents will be a thing of the past for him.