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Flerken Versus 1-A

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“Today we will be practicing your hand to hand combat.”

Izuku loved the hero classes where they practiced fighting. He was already good at it, but it was always fun to go against his classmates. Especially if they were allowed to use Quirks. 

There were only a few people that could really keep up with him though, especially if they were fighting quirkless. Ojiro, Ashido, and Todoroki were the main ones. Ojiro technically always used his Quirk, since it was a tail. Todoroki was good at hand to hand, but he tended to try and use his Quirk anyway. Ashido though, Izuku loved matches against Ashido. 

She was fast, for one. For someone without a speed Quirk she moved extremely quickly. Ashido was also agile, on par with Izuku even. She said it was because she took dance. Izuku wondered if he should take some of those classes if they made her this good. 

And today he got paired with her. That was when he knew today was going to be interesting. 

“You ready, Midori?” She called from across their small field. He could hear the eager smile in her voice.

“Ready when you are, Ashido!”

Neither needed to be told anything else. They both rushed to the center field, Quirks at the ready. Izuku was half-shifted, his shoes already abandoned on the sidelines. His claws dug into the ground as he shot towards Ashido. 

The dance they had was a familiar but extremely chaotic one. Both of their fighting styles relied on being unpredictable and fast. It made for an entertaining match, both for the two of them and anyone watching. To a stranger it might look like two blurs had decided to play leapfrog. 

Acid sizzled on the dirt as Ashido darted around Izuku. He twisted into a roll, putting distance between them once again. His tail balanced him as he got to his feet again. 

“You’ve gotten faster, Midori!”

“So have you!”

And then they were off again. Banter was normal for them, since it helped improve their skills and they both liked to talk anyway. Aizawa-sensei encouraged it, saying it was an important skill for working in the field. Seeing as Present Mic was his husband (only known to Izuku out of his classmates currently) Eraserhead would definitely know about having to talk while working. 

Izuku ducked under Ashido’s arm and kicked at the back of her legs. She was sent stumbling forward, just like he knew she would. Izuku dove after her. A pin was needed to win the match, and he was intending to get it. 

They ended up wrestling on the floor. Izuku’s back hit the ground for a second before he was surging up again. Rinse and repeat. 

Then Ashido managed to get him into a headlock. He thrashed and struggling against her, yet she refused to move as they still rolled around the dirt. This was definitely new. 

Izuku squirmed enough to move her arm. He reacted on instinct, seeing pink close enough to his face. 


Ashido leapt away from him, furiously shaking her arm. Izuku blinked, getting to his feet. 

“Young Ashido, are you ok?” Came All Might’s booming voice. 

“He bit me!”

“Young Midoriya…what?”

“She had me in a headlock, so I bit her,” Izuku explained sheepishly. “Sorry Ashido, I didn’t mean to bite you. Did it draw blood?”

“Yeah, I’ll be ok though. Geez, you have some sharp teeth. Felt like an actual cat’s.”

“Do you need to see Recovery Girl, young Ashido?”

“Nah, ‘m ok. Can I have a bandaid though?”

Izuku watched, part curious and part amused, as All Might reached into his pocket and pulled out two bandaids. Hero themed band-aids, to be specific. Ashido cheerily stuck them on and loudly proclaimed that she was ready to fight again. 

After that class, it wasn’t until lunch that Izuku talked to Ashido again. He was sitting with Shinsou, Uraraka, and Iida. The four of them were talking about a new hero debut, calmly eating their food, when Ashido walked up and slammed her tray on the table. 

The four jumped, staring at the pink girl with varying levels of surprise. Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima were behind her, the last one waving and smiling apologetically. 

“Midori, we have an experiment!” 

Well that didn’t sound good. At all. Especially coming from the only kids considered as chaos inducing as Izuku and Shinsou. 

“…what would it be?”

Ashido was very suddenly in his person space. “Open your mouth, we want to see if you have cat teeth.”


“We want to see if you have cat teeth, since Ashido is insistent that you do after you bit her apparently,” Kaminari explained a bit, smiling wide. 

“Oh, well…I guess I can show you.”

Izuku figured there really weren’t too many ways this could go badly, so he went long with what they wanted. Besides, Ashido and Kaminari would probably pester him about it if he didn’t. 

So Izuku opened his mouth in a smile that showed every tooth. He knew very well that he had sharp canine teeth. Even more so since he’d gotten One for All.

He also knew that this particular grin was extremely unnerving


“Holy shit.”

Cool .”

“That is awesome.”

“And scary, Midoriya what the hell. 

Izuku’s smile held more sincerity at their reactions, finally softening a bit. The four of them had crowded closer to get a look at his teeth. A bit weird, but certainly not the oddest thing Izuku has seen or been a part of.

“You really do have cat teeth!”

Hah! I told you!” 

“Wait wait wait, how sharp are those? You sure you’re not a vampire dude?”

Izuku let his smile become a normal one now. “I’m definitely not a vampire. Have any of you ever actually had cats?”

Everyone but Ashido shook their heads, which explained some things. 

“Cats usually have this sharp of teeth. If anything, they’re even sharper when I’m full-shift.”

“Well shit.”

“I never knew cats could be so…”


“Yeah, that.”

“Anyway,” Izuku interrupted, “can we finish lunch now?”

“Aww, I wanted to see what you can bite through!” Kaminari whined.

“Me too!”

Izuku shook his head fondly, then gave them a wicked and sharp toothed grin. One he had perfect, and copied from Aizawa-sensei, for making people go away without questioning things. 

The four members of the Bakusquad felt a shiver of fear run down their spines. “Go eat your lunch. Maybe we can test it later.”

All four scurried away to their table not a second later. Izuku laughed, going back to eating his own food, completely unaware of the stares he was getting from his friends. Well, maybe. They wouldn’t be able to tell even if he did. 

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Mezou liked hero training. Especially rescue, since he was useful for it. He could locate people and tell if a structure was stable just by using his Quirk. It was fun for him. 

That being said, it was decidedly not fun playing the one being rescued. 

They were currently in one of the fake cities. He and two other people (Ashido and Aoyama) were “stuck” under some rubble created by Cementoss. The rescue team (Midoriya, Sero, and Jirou) were supposed to find them and somehow get them all out safely. 

Mezou considered himself to be patient and calm. Apparently, that did not fully apply to the two he was with. Ashido was fidgeting and playing with whatever caught her interest, be that a bug, rock, or literal hole in the ground. Aoyama was waxing poetic about his cape. Only half of it was in Japanese. 

Mezou found his patience being tested. 

At least he knew Jirou was looking for them, so it shouldn’t take much longer. It already felt like hours, but he knew it hadn’t been that long. Seeing as none of them had a watch as part of their costume though…

It wasn’t much longer until Mezou could hear people nearby. He was just thankful Aoyama and Ashido knew when it was time to be quiet. 

Sure enough, Mezou could hear Jirou yelling that she’d found them. Thank God. Ashido was already trying to stick her arm through a hole to get their attention faster. 

“Midoriya! Jirou! Sero! We’re over here! Heeeey!”

“Ashido! Is anyone hurt?” Came Midoriya’s voice from the other side of the rubble.

“Nope! We’re just stuck here. Any idea on how to free us?”


There was the sound of conversations outside. Mezou could hear most of it. Midoriya was mumbling too quiet and too fast for him to discern anything, but Sero and Jirou were talking like normal. 

The slab of concrete was still a big problem. Jirou couldn’t disrupt it with her sound waves or else it might crush them. Sero couldn’t lift it by himself, and Midoriya, even with whatever his Quirk was, couldn’t move the massive rock without help. If Sero created a pulley with his tape then him and Midoriya both pulled then it might work. 

“Hey, I have an idea.”

“Uh, sure, give it a go I guess?”

“Ok! I need everyone to step away from the rock.”

Mezou, confused currently, stepped as far away from the concrete as possible. Was Midoriya going to try and punch it to dust or something? Maybe store it in his weird pocket dimension whatever-the-heck-he-had thing. 

“Cover your ears Shouji!”

He hurried to comply, knowing if there was a warning that this was not something Mezou wanted to hear. Midoriya took Jirou and his enhanced hearing very seriously. Probably because he had it too, but it made Mezou wonder what had happened to make him so vigilant about it. 

“Midoriya, there’s no way that’s going to-“

* scraaape *

“Huh. I stand corrected.”

“Hey guys, what’s happening out there?” Ashido called, nervously eyeing the rock over their heads. 

“We found a way to get you out!” Midoriya chirped. “Just stay back, and we’ll have you out soon!”


The three of them stayed where they were. 

There were the sounds of Sero using his tape. Midoriya was calmly but firmly giving out orders to the other two. Mezou heard Jirou move to stand on the opposite side of the rock from where Midoriya was. 

What were they even planning?

“Cover your ears again, Shouji!”

Mezou watched, ears covered, and waited to see what would happen. 

* shink *

Ashido screamed. Aoyama shrieked even higher. Mezou’s own cry of shock was muffled by his mask and too quiet to be heard under the other two. 

Because honest to god claws had just sunk through the concrete like it was warm butter. They glinted black in the darkness, only illuminated by the light from wherever they’d come from. Sharp, deadly looking, and closer to a demon than Ashido was. 

They grasped the edge of the rock, looking every bit like a horror movie Mezou had seen a while ago. 

There were similar surprised noises from outside, along with some yelling. Mezou still kept his ears covered. Mainly because the other two were still screeching like angry parakeets. He himself was paralyzed in fear. What even was that?! 

A sliver of light cut in through the hole as the claws lifted upwards. Soft green bolts danced in the dark like sparklers. Was- was that Midoriya?

“Jirou, now! Lift it Sero!”

The sliver of light grew to a crack, and then to a slash. It steadily became bigger, revealing who the claws straight from hell belonged it. Being none other than their green sunshine classmate. 

Mezou was too busy wondering how to realize Ashido and Aoyama had stopped screaming now. It was replaced by them parroting Midoriya’s name back and forth like toddlers with a curse word. 

“Come on, everyone out! Sero and I can’t hold this forever!”

Jirou appeared in the patch of light now. She leapt into the ditch they’d been living in for the exercise, and double checked that none of them were hurt. Mezou finally snapped back to awareness. Just enough to haul himself out of the hold first to help hold the concrete up. He couldn’t do it by himself, but with Sero’s tape and Midoriya it was definitely possible. 

Ashido, Aoyama, and Jirou all crawled out a few seconds later. The former two looked ghostly pale. They stared at Midoriya like he’d suddenly grown another head instead of green cat ears, a tail, and apparently very sharp demon-like claws

Mezou was still confused on how his classmate had cut through concrete, but at this point he was a bit too scared to ask yet. 

The six of them heard the buzzer that announced the exercise ending. They all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Everyone let their Quirks drop, Midoriya included. His cat features disappeared like they’d never been there. 

All of them began to go back to the entrance. It would be a few minutes, but Mezou was thankful for it. No doubt their class would be freaking out over what Midoriya just did. 

“Well now that that’s done,” Mezou heard Ashido mutter. “Midori! What the heck was that!”

“Uh…my Quirk?”

“Yeah, I know that, but since when could you cut through concrete?!”


“Midoriya I swear to all things holy.”


“Guys, stop bickering,” Jirou sighed, nudging Ashido’s arm. “Midoriya didn’t even know if that was going to work.”

“Yeah ok, but how ?”

Midoriya shrugged, a small grin on his face. “Even I don’t know how my powers work sometimes. Guess I learned something new about them today.”

Mezou tuned the rest out. His classmate, the short and fluffy one that looked like he couldn’t hurt a fly, could cut through concrete with a swipe of his claws. It raised questions. A lot of them, but one in particular stuck out.

Just how powerful was Midoriya?


(and how terrifying could he be if he was actually trying?)


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UA was amazing. There were so many people and crazy Quirks around! Eijiro felt a bit plain compared to some of them, only being able to turn his skin to rock. But everyone else seemed to think his Quirk was cool. 

Some of his classmates had insanely powerful Quirks though. There was Todoroki, who could make both ice and fire. Well, no one had known about the fire part until after the sports festival, but he used it a lot more now. 

There was also Bakugou, who could make explosions, which was awesome in Eijiro’s opinion. Especially with how much effort the blonde had obviously put into controlling a Quirk like that. 

And then there was Midoriya. The dude had an air about him that just screamed “I’m not someone to mess with.” He was strong, that much was obvious, but he was also holding back.

It wasn’t until their first hero exercise that Eijiro could get a glimpse at why. 

And it wasn’t until the sports festival that he understood

Seeing his classmate eat an explosion, and person, was one thing. Having fire come out still burning and the person still breathing was another. Tentacles covered in teeth was an entirely different game. 

The first round of the sports festival started with Eijiro almost getting crushed by a robot. Almost, because Midoriya caught it . With his tentacle teeth things that Eijiro had never really seen. The longest he’d seen them was that one time he ate Ojiro during training, and even then that had been for barely a second. 

So seeing his classmate hold up a freaking zero pointer, with his mouth, was understandably intimidating. 

Then the second round began. In an instant a quarter of the arena was covered in Midoriya’s tenta-teeth thingys. 

Every team scrambled to get away. The things carried such a sense of wrong . Like they shouldn’t exist and like you were in danger by even being near them. Kaminari wasn’t even on their team, but Eijiro felt fear shock through him.

They retreated, being one of the few teams that hadn’t had their headband stolen right off the bat. That might have something to do with the extremely angry blonde on his back, but Eijiro wasn’t about to complain. 

Something happened near the end that Eijiro couldn’t see. All he knew was that Midoriya’s team passed, and Todoroki came out looking shaken. And for Todoroki to actually looked frightened

It made Eijiro question just how powerful his classmate was. 

He was nice though. Midoriya was cunning, but kind to everyone he met. True, he had an affinity for pranks, but he was also the person that helped out anyone who had a problem, be it relationship wise or trigonometry. 

That latter was needed more lately, since final exams were in a week. Everyone was studying until their brains were numb. Or in the case of the Bakusquad, not studying until the last minute. Eijiro wasn't the worst at school, but equations and reading passages were never the most interesting thing to him. 

Along with finals came the stress and sleep-deprivation. Everyone was tired and snappy. Well, besides the ones that actually got sleep. Yaomomo looked like her normal happy self, at least. 

Bakugou and Midoriya though…

“Katsuki, give it back.”

“And who’s going to make me, nerd?”

“You have five seconds.”

Eijiro looked up to see Bakugou standing on top of his chair. He was holding something (a book?) above Midoriya’s head. Midoriya…wasn’t actually doing anything about it. He just looked done. Sorta like Aizawa-sensei. 

Huh, maybe Todoroki’s theory had something to it. 

And now Midoriya was counting down from five like a mother would do with her child. It was honestly hilarious. Hopefully Midoriya didn’t get exploded though. Or expelled, now that Eijiro thought of it. 


“Hah! Like you’re going to do anything. You can’t even-“

Bakugou was cut off by a tentacle, thankfully with no big teeth, wrapping around his arm. He squawked, falling off his chair. Midoriya caught the book with what looked like an extra mouth. With fangs. He also had the most deadpan expression Eijiro had ever seen on him. 

“I warned you.”

Midoriya grabbed the book with his hand, making the extra appendages disappear back into his mouth. He sat at his seat, ignoring Bakugou’s indignant cursing. 

Eijiro wondered why Bakugou had ever decided that pissing off Midoriya was a good idea. 


Kyouka liked her classmates. They were loud, yes, but they were good people. A few had good tastes in music too, so that may have swayed her opinion a bit. 

They were still teenagers though, no matter how powerful all of them were. After a day of making super-moves, everyone was exhausted. More than half the class was napping somewhere in the common room. Uraraka might be floating somewhere in the rafters from the sound of it. 

Kyouka was inclined to join them, if her stomach wasn’t singing a whale song right now. So to the kitchen she went. Maybe there was still some fruit that Tokoyami and Dark Shadow hadn’t eaten yet. 

There was one problem with Kyouka’s goal. The fruit bowl was missing. 

“Not again.”

Kyouka grumbled as she scoured the kitchen. Of course someone had hidden the bowl again. Probably Kaminari. The idiot liked to hide his pears from everyone else. 

“Where the heck is it?”

Kyouka was tempted to look in the dishwasher, if only because Kaminari would probably hide things in there. 

One search of the kitchen later, and nothing. Kyouka had looked through the cabinets, the bowels of the fridge, and even in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven. No fruit anywhere. Where could it be? Unless someone had stashed it in their room, in which case Kouda would annoyedly sign at them and Dark Shadow would screech until they got fruit. 

“Ok then. Think like Kaminari. I am squirrelly, mildly stupid, short- wait a second.”

Kyouka, with a glare that could burn a man live, looked to the top of the only thing Kaminari could reach that wasn’t a cabinet. 

Lo and behold, there sat the full bowl of fruit. Sitting on top of the fridge. 

“I swear to God.”

How the ever-loving hell was Kyouka , one of the shortest people in the class, supposed to reach the top of the fridge? She couldn’t use a chair, those weren’t tall enough, and climbing the counter would probably just lead to one of her classmates coming to investigate why she had fallen on the floor. 

Kyouka stood in the kitchen, trying to think of a way to get the fruit, while staring at the bowl like it had offended her. Of all the days. Of all the damn days for the fruit bowl to be on top of the freaking fridge


She glanced to her right, seeing Midoriya trudge into the kitchen. He looked dead on his feet, and like he’d fall over in a few seconds. Even the smart ones hadn’t been spared by the training today. 

  “Kaminari put the fruit bowl on top of the fridge,” was her only explanation. 

“Huh.” Midoriya squinted at it, as if making sure it wasn’t a hallucination. “…do you need help getting it?”

“Yeah, if it isn’t too much trou-“

Kyouka’s words were cut off by Midoriya doing…something. He unhinged his jaw , and things came out. The tenta-teeth that she had seen only a few times. Those instances could be counted on one hand. 

And then the fridge was gone. Kyouka blinked slowly. Yep. The fridge was just…gone. The dust and water marks from ice-cubes they had kicked under it were visible now. 

She looked over at Midoriya, raising an eyebrow. He was staring at where the fridge had been like it held the answer to life’s problems. 

“…that’s not what I meant to do,” he sighed, rubbing at his eyes. 

“Can you…put it back?”


“That’s not an answer, Midoriya.”

“I know,” he sighed again. “Just, give me a second.”

Midoriya squinted at the empty place where there wasn’t a fridge anymore. Kyouka watched as he scrunched up his nose, and finally opened his mouth again. 

The fridge was gently deposited on the ground once more. Everything was still in place, fruit bowl included. Which Kyouka still couldn’t reach and her jacks couldn’t hold without stabbing fruit. Call is her exhausted mind talking, but she really didn’t want a skewered fruit right now. 

“Ok. Good, the fridge is back. I still can’t reach the fruit.”

“Oh, right. Uh…I could…you know what, I’ll just get Shouji.”

Shouji was tall enough to get the bowl down. Kyouka thanked him, grabbed her apple (and a pear, just to spite Kaminari) then retreated to her room. It had been a long day. There had been enough social interaction, thank you very much. 

Kyouka sat at her desk, double checking she had done all of her homework. Also to not get apple on her bed. 

In the quiet of her room, she wondered why Midoriya hadn’t simply lifted the bowl down. He was undoubtedly tired, but why had he eaten the fridge? Had his exhaustion made his control slip?

Kyouka nearly dropped her snack. If that had been a tiny slip in control, what did Midoriya look like when he completely lost it? Did he have to constantly keep his power in check? Just how much damage could he cause if he let loose? 

They already knew Midoriya could be…scary. His claws could cut through cement, his teeth were like needles, he was more flexible than he had any right to be, and that wasn’t even mentioning the fact that he could eat people and they came out alive. Mildly traumatized, but definitely alive. 

Kyouka was left wondering how they ever thought Todoroki and Bakugou were the strongest when Midoriya was in their class. The green boy was hiding in plain sight, and maybe he did it on purpose. He was Nedzu’s student. 

She wondered just how many secrets the probably-not-a-cat morph was keeping. 





“What the fuck?!



“Everyone calm down!”

“How the ever-loving motherfuck can we be calm when he just sneezed out an octopus?!

“He did not sneeze out an octopus, Kaminari.”

“Same difference! What the hell was that!?”

There was a pause in conversation as Midoriya sniffled, then looked up at everyone. He blinked, seeing all of them staring at him. 

“Oh, sorry.”

“Midoriya. My dude, my buddy, my terrifying person, what the fuck was that?”

“Sometimes when I sneeze my Quirk activates. Sorry about that.”

“I would’ve thought you had a cute little sneeze. You know, like a real cat. Not… that .”

“You should hear Shinsou sneeze, he sounds like a kitten.”

“Duly noted.”


Chapter Text

Izuku liked fall. He liked that he could wear long sleeves and jackets and all the changing colors. He liked the pumpkin themed things that appeared, especially the muffins his mom made. Halloween was cool too. It was a chance for him to get free candy and dress up as a hero, so he wasn’t about to complain.

But what Izuku loved was fall at UA. 

The entire school was decorated. Strings of orange and yellow lights appeared in the classroom. Garlands of leaves were strung around the halls from the ceiling. Pumpkins (both real and fake) were placed where people could admire them. 

But as soon as Halloween got close enough, that was what Izuku loved the most. Plastic skeletons were sat in corners. Paper bats were hung from ceiling tiles. Red lights were added to the orange and some of the pumpkins turned into jack-o-lanterns. 

It was amazing, and the perfect situation for the UA Vent Ghost to come alive. 

Izuku and Shinsou took delight in terrifying students. Some pushed it off as more UA antics, but more believed there was a ghost/demon/vent cryptid that gained more power around Halloween. It had been going on for years now.

This was also the first year the two of them were actual students here for fall. And by god they were going to make the most of it. 


Momo wasn’t superstitious. She never was and thought she would never be. 

But she had to admit, all this talk about the UA Ghost was getting to her. If the things she’d been hearing were anything to go by at least. None of her other classmates seemed to hear the noises, so she was probably just imagining it. 

Ghosts weren’t real. Momo repeated that to herself as she walked down the abandoned hallways with a message for Nedzu from Aizawa-sensei. It was evening, and everyone else was either in their room or the kitchen. 

Ghosts weren’t real, she thought as something skittering in the ceiling above her. It was probably just a big bug or something. Yeah, a bug. Not a ghost or ghoul or poltergeist. It couldn’t be anything supernatural. Of course it wasn’t. She wasn’t a child that had been scared from a ghost story. 

Momo squeaked and walked faster when the thing made a louder noise. All she had to do was get the message to Nedzu, that was it. Then she could go back to the dorms. Back to Jirou and Shinsou and Kaminari and whoever else was in the common room. 

A sound like pressurized air escaping a container rang down the hallway. Momo walked even faster. Out of instinct, she ran through her mental library of weapons. 

Loooooook .”

Momo jumped so bad she almost ran into a wall. She whipped around, but found nothing. Nothing was there at all. But…but where had the sound come from?

What the caaaaaat dragged innnn.

Momo spin in a slow circle, eyes darting in every direction. The voice was coming from every corner and crevice. There was no place free of it and no place it was coming from.

Her mind was suddenly flooded with rumors and whispers of ghosts. Of the hissed voices echoing down halls and cold fingers wrapping around your arm. That the ghost could drag you down to the underworld. 

Momo had heard so many ghost stories since coming to UA. Whether from Mina or Kaminari or Bakugou of all people, they all had one thing in common. 

The victim hardly ever survives an encounter with the ghost.

Momo didn’t care if the security cameras caught her dead sprinting through the hallways. She just needed to get to Nedzu’s office, then back. The ghost would probably be gone by then, right? She’d be fine. 

She’d be fine. 


Momo never heard anything on her way back. She jogged through the halls and got back to the dorms as quick as she could. Nothing grabbed her and there were no more hissed words. She also had a silver knife in her hand, which might have helped. 

Maybe she had been hearing things, she reasoned. There was no such thing as ghosts.


If she had looked a bit harder, she would have seen the glowing eyes in the vent above her head. 


“Kouda, did you smuggle in a bird again?”

Rapid signing told them that, no, he had not. 

“Then what keeps chirping?”

“There it is again!”


“I am not a bird, Ashido, so if you could kindly stop poking me.”

“You’re part raven, same different.”

“I am Tengu, thank you very much.”


“Stop YELLING Kaminari!”

Amidst all the chaos, Izuku sat quietly. He had a small and mischievous grin on his face as he chirped once more. 


See, the dorms were nice. They all got to live with their friends and learn real-life skills they would need when they were adults. Like cooking and doing their own laundry. 

But why for the love of all things good did the lights have to be shut off at night? 

This is what Hanta wondered as he made his way down to the kitchen. It was definitely past curfew, so every single one of the hallway lights were off. And they couldn't be turned back on. He knew it was to discourage them from sneaking out, but seriously? At least one of his classmates could see in the dark. 

They could’ve at least made the kitchen light attached to a switch. It meant Hanta had to use the fridge bulb so he didn’t accidentally eat whatever monstrosity his classmates had hidden away in the cabinets. There were things in the bowels of the kitchen that he refused to acknowledge. 

Hanta grabbed a glass of water and a bag of chips before retreating back to his room. He was plunged into pitch black once more when he shut the fridge. At least stairs couldn’t be shut off. Too bad the elevator was though. 

He trudged up to the stairwell, grateful that Kaminari hadn’t left anything to trip over again. Probably. 

Hanta stopped when he reached the base of the stairs. Every hair on his body was suddenly standing on end. It felt like someone was watching him. 

A glance down the hallway didn’t tell him anything. There was just darkness. 

Hanta shrugged, and went to climb the stairs. 


Hanta jumped almost two feet off the ground and nearly shot tape at the doorway. He whipped around, and saw glowing eyes a few inches off the ground. Glowing. Eyes. So bright that he could see the floor in front of them. There was nothing given away in the light besides carpet.  

Hanta booked it back up the stairs. He shut the door to his room, thankfully without slamming it, and locked it tight. 

Yeah, he wasn’t sleeping tonight. Because apparently there was a freaking demon haunting their dorms. 


Katsuki was ignoring everyone that was around him. The hall was full with people rushing to get breakfast. Mostly hero students, but a few from the other courses were there too. It was annoying. He just wanted to get breakfast from Lunch Rush instead of making it dammit. 

He walked with his hands in his pockets and backpack on his shoulder. Classes would start after he finished eating. Knowing the idiot squad that followed him everywhere, something would happen that stopped him from going back if he left it at the dorms. 

So Katsuki was minding his business, not blowing up at the people crowding the hallways, when he felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. He turned around with a scowl, expecting to see some extra staring at him. 

Instead he saw the vent on the wall glowing green. 

Katsuki spun on his heel and walked away. Nope. No ghosty shit today motherfucker. 


“Have you heard of UA’s ghost?”

“Yeah, isn’t it supposed to appear more around Halloween?”

“That’s what I heard, but I haven’t seen it yet. But did you hear about what that hero course student saw the other day?”

Hizashi smiled at his students’ conversations as he walked down the halls. The UA ghost had been a hot topic these last few days. Especially with Sero apparently seeing a demon and Yaoyorozu hearing hissing sounds. My, my, what a wonderful week. 

It was lunch time right now, and Lunch Rush was making his favorite food, so of course he had to get some! Some of the students glanced at him as he went, a few waving or calling out greetings. He beamed and waved right back. 

However, it being lunch meant that the hallways were quite crowded. They were near the lunchroom too, so it doubly applied. Hizashi tried to remember if he had ever been that small. Was he really this short when he first asked Shouta on a date? It felt like an eternity ago. 

And to think their son was almost as tall as them. Midoriya was still tiny. He had barely grown since middle school, but that probably meant the kid was going to shoot up like a weed within the next few years. Honestly, Hizashi just wanted to see Hitoshi’s reaction if Midoriya ended up being taller than him. Shouta’s would be hilarious too. 

Those two were an adorable couple. It helped that Hizashi absolutely adored his son and more-or-less adopted son-in-law. Because if he was being honest, they reminded Hizashi of Shouta and him when they were younger. He wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if they kept their relationship and got married when they were older. 

That being said, they apparently got into some of the same habits as Shouta and him did too. Like using the vents to hide PDA. 

There was a reason the UA Vent Ghost was an ongoing rumor. 

That being said, Hizashi wished they kept it to the dorms. Because right now? Noises were starting to come from the vents. In a hall full of students. Very superstitious students, apparently. 

“What was that?!”

“Is it the ghost?”

“We’re doomed! Save yourselves!”

“Crap, what was that sound?”

Hizashi mentally sighed, and resigned himself to what was happening. Oh dear.

The sounds coming out of the vents were more like squeaks than anything he would be really worried about. There was also the occasional growl or, as the students were putting it, “ghostly groaning.” 

Hizashi very sincerely wished he could wash that from his brain. Karma, he guessed, coming back to bite him from his youth. Maybe he should at least try and run interference. 

“It’s ok! Everything is ok!” He called down the hall, not using his Quirk with so many windows around. “There just a…a…problem with the vents! Nedzu said they needed to be repaired!”

The halls were silent for a count of five. 

In that time, a very loud yowl rang out into the hall. It sounded deep and distorted thanks to the metal vents. Hizashi pretty much abandoned any idea of keeping control again after that. 

Students immediately began sprinting in different directions. Some were screeching that they they were doomed or that the ghost was going to eat them. Hizashi stood in the middle of it, adopting the deadpan look that his husband often wore. Maybe this was why he looked like that so often, since he had to deal with those two’s shenanigans every day. 

Hizashi did his best to wade through the mass of screaming and running children. Honestly, this was a tad bit ridiculous. To him at least, since he knew Hitoshi had probably leaned on Midoriya’s tail or something. That or one of them bit the other. Hizashi would very much like to erase the latter from memory.


Chapter Text

Hero exercises were either fun or disastrous. There didn’t seem to be an in-between for class 1-A. Sometimes everything was really fun, no one got badly injured, and they all learned something. Other times Recovery Girl tried to whack them all upside the head. 

Denki was just glad he didn’t have to visit her as often as Midoriya did. Honestly, his classmate was like a trouble magnet. If Denki didn’t know he had super-strength, teleportation, and whatever law of physics he decided to ignore that day, then he would’ve thought attracting trouble was his Quirk. 

Hopefully today would not be an example of that. 

All Might (Yagi-sensei, since he’s retired now) lead them to an unfamiliar building. Aizawa-sensei was with them for some reason. A reason Denki hoped wouldn’t lead to hell like the training camp. 

The building had no windows, and looked sorta of like Gym Gamma. Aizawa-sensei went in through the doors, while All Might stopped the class outside. He started to explain, just as Denki saw lights click on inside. 

“Today we will be doing night training!”

There was instant chatter going around the group. It quickly stopped when All Might lifted a hand, regaining their attention. Even Denki was listening closely to what he had to say.

“It is inevitable that some of you will have to undergo missions in the dark when you become heroes, especially if you choose to go underground. So we brought you to Gym Anti-Lumos!” 

Denki beamed at Mina excitedly. Although the name could use a bit of work. What kind of a name was gym no light? Even if they were training for night missions there would still be some light, right?

“You will be separated into teams of two, and the goal is to capture the other team. You will be given capture tape to achieve this goal. However if you can immobilize the other team with other means then that works too! No maiming in this exercise please, or else you will get a failing grade and possible suspension or expulsion.”

Everyone nodded, excitedly waiting for when they could start. Their attention shifted to Aizawa-sensei when he walked back outside. He grinned, and Denki immediately knew they were in for a special kind of pain. 

“Inside this building is a small replica city, simulating the alleyways and buildings you might find villains in. There will be light, but it will only be in the form of streetlights and a fake moon. You have fifteen minutes. The villains will be given a five minute head start on the grounds with lights turned on. Any questions?”

There were none. Denki was cautious of this exercise, but was overall excited. He had always enjoyed the nighttime, so hopefully he’d be good at this. They were probably going to get some really cool tech to work with too! Maybe he’d even get teamed with one of his friends!

“For this exercise,” Aizawa-sensei sighed, like he was already regretting this decision, “For this exercise and this one only, you may choose your partners. But no badgering anyone, understood?”

The class, now buzzing with even more energy, agreed readily. 

Denki almost immediately flung himself at Sero. His best friend was great for capturing people. It might’ve helped that he wasn’t really scared by a lot of things since he watched a lot of horror movies. Denki, on the other hand, was hoping and praying that he didn’t get pitted against someone who could play up how terrifying they could be. 

“Dude, Kami, you don’t need to hang off my arm. I was going to ask you the same thing anyway.”

“You were? Awesome! Let’s do this!”

The group was chattering and planning in some cases. Denki was fidgeting with his gear, too excited to try and focus on planning. All they had to do was wrap some people in tape, right? Simple. 

“First teams will be Uraraka and Jirou as the villains against Shinsou and Iida as the heroes. Uraraka, Jirou, you have five minutes to go in a plan. Oh, and one more thing.” Aizawa-sensei paused, sweeping his gaze over all of them. Denki felt a sense of foreboding settle in at their teacher’s Totoro grin. “Unless you have night vision goggles on your person, you have to navigate in the dark.”

There was a single beat. 

Then everyone was yelling all at once, Denki included. No night vision? How were they supposed to see ?! Especially if their target went into a building!

Aizawa-sensei activated his Quirk, and they all promptly shut up. “You need to learn to work in these conditions. This is usually saved for at least second years, but your class seems to be a special exception.”

Denki internally whined, not daring to do it while Aizawa-sensei was talking to them. He looked out over his class, feeling a bit better that he wasn’t the only one feeling like this. Most of them seemed to share his thoughts on the matter. 

Then he spotted Midoriya, who looked calm. If anything, he looked excited . Denki was confused until he remembered that Midoriya was like a cat, though the entirety of 1-A was pretty sure he wasn’t a cat morph. He had the powers of a cat though, so if Denki was correct, he could see in the dark.

Lucky bastard. 

The villain team walked into the building, lights still on. They would be shut off once the hero team entered. Denki turned his attention to the video screens, trying his best to focus on the layout of the city and what the team was doing. 

He watched as the lights turned off when Shinsou and Iida entered. The screens showed the villain team jump slightly, but they didn’t move. They were perched on top of a building near the center, which had the most light. It was also the tallest one. Denki was confused on how they got up there until he remembered Uraraka’s Quirk. 

Those two would actually make terrifying villains.

The match didn’t end up being that interesting. The villains hid on top of the tallest building and kept tabs on the heroes. It was in the last few minutes when the two finally realized where the villains were hiding. 

The problem of getting captured was negated by Uraraka flying the two of them to a different building. Neither of the heroes could make the jump, especially in the dark, and the clock ran out before they could finish climbing the stairs. 

Aizawa-sensei gave a small lecture about looking above their heads before going to call the next teams. 

“Hero team is Sero and Kaminari-“ Oh hey, that was them! Yay! “-and the villains will be Midoriya and Asui. You have five minutes.”

Ok, so they were up against two of the creature type classmates. Tsuyu could stick to walls and hop really far. Also her tongue was a weapon. Midoriya could teleport, use his tongue too (Was it a tongue? Denki had no idea honestly), and had super-strength. He could maybe see in the dark on top of that. 

“Wait, can frogs see in the dark?”

“…Kami, what?”

“Midoriya can probably see in the dark, since he’s part cat and everything, but can Tsuyu see in the dark too?”

“Huh. I…have no idea actually.”


“Hero team, you may enter.”

Five minutes went faster than Denki thought it would. Why couldn’t it go this fast in math class?

They walked through the doorway. The two of them got a single second glimpse of everything lit up, right before they were plunged into the dark. Denki blinked rapidly, letting his eyes adjust to the lack of light. 

“Ok, so they’re probably around the edges, since they’ll probably expect us to go towards the center,” Sero said first.

“But what if they expect us to think that?”

“Then what if they expect us to think that ?”

The two glanced at each other in the dark. 

“I think we’re just confusing ourselves,” Sero sighed. 

“Uh…we could split up? You look in the middle and I’ll look around the edges?”

“Sure thing. See you at the end, bro.”

“Good luck!”

Denki hummed to himself as he set off for the sides. Sure, this did sound like something vaguely out of a murder movie, but this was school. They’d be fine.


Denki kept walking. He stayed light on his toes and ready to run at a moment’s notice. There wasn’t anything so far, but it was still extremely dark over here. Not that that was going to change any time soon. 

He was suddenly struck with an idea. Denki smiled, putting his thumb and pointer finger a few inches apart, then put his Quirk into it. Electricity sparked in his hand, yellow bolts connecting his fingers. The glow made a small little light for him to see. 

Denki kept moving, smiling at his ingenuity. 

Then he spotted movement in the corner of his eye. Denki spun around, light flickering with his emotions. 

He saw a green tail disappear through a doorway. Denki smirked, palming his capture tape, and ran after it. His footsteps were quiet, so he wasn’t too worried about Midoriya hearing him coming. Unless he accidentally kicked a rock or something, but he was being careful about that. 

Denki crept in the doorway, his light turned off now. He caught movement again, going up the stairs this time. It was darker here, but Denki was focused on capturing Midoriya. If Sero could get Tsuyu then they’d win! 

The hallways on the second floor were almost pitch black. The only light was coming from the windows, and even then it was a minuscule amount. Denki could just barely see. At least there was nothing on the floor to trip on. 

There was the sound of pattering feet farther down. Denki eagerly tiptoed that way, tape still in hand. 

He turned a corner and saw an even darker hallway. There were no windows in this one, and it didn't have any turns. A tiny speck of light at the end of it probably meant the hall just went  clear through to the building’s other side. 

Denki edged forward, straining his ears to see if Midoriya was already through the tunnel. He saw and heard nothing. After almost tripping over his own feet, Denki placed a hand on one wall. 

* Tap tap tap *

Denki froze. That sounded like something sharp tapping on the wall. It was different than a kicked pebble, and slightly more foreboding. 

*Tap tap scraaape *

Denki backed up a step. It was just- it was probably just Midoriya. He didn’t have to be scared, right? It was only his classmate. His small, cute, cuddly cat classmate. 

A sound like a dozen angry snakes rushed down the hall. Denki jumped, stumbling back another few steps. His hand was still on the wall. There was still no light. 

Looook uuup~

Denki was full-body sparking now. His eyes whipped up to the ceiling. There was…nothing?

Green slits opened in the ceiling. They grew to green orbs, wide eyes that stared down at him hungrily. Denki felt fear as well as electricity hum through him. 

Energy arced up his limbs, lighting up the hallway now. Denki saw the green eyes bigger than anything should be and an upside-down smile that split its face with teeth way to sharp for anything human. The things was hanging off the ceiling by their feet and one hand sunk into the tiles. Horns black as the hallway hung off their head like a crown. Dark pointed claws wrapped in shadows were stretched out towards Denki’s face. Stretched out to claim his soul. 

It wasn’t human. That wasn’t human and it was wrong and Denki was being hunted and he’d be eaten he had to get out

Denki shrieked so loud he wouldn’t be surprised if the teachers heard it even without the cameras. He tripped over himself to sprint like his life depended on it out of that building. Down the stairs and out the door he ran. Capture tape lay forgotten back in the demon hall. He didn’t stop running until he was back outside in the sunshine. 

He was pretty sure he passed out for a few seconds, because when he opened his eyes again half the class was standing over him. Aizawa-sensei and Yagi-sensei were there too, both looked worried. 

“Kaminari, are you ok?”

Denki opened his mouth to respond, and all that came out was a strangled noise. He sounded like a dying cat. 

“Ok then. Come on, you’re going to sit over here to calm down a bit, alright?”

Denki nodded numbly, following Aizawa-sensei quietly. What- what even was that? Was there a demon in the school?! He hadn’t thought Sero was telling the truth!

The buzzer went off a few minutes later. Denki jumped up when he saw Sero walk back out. He wrapped his friend in a tight hug, nearly lifting him off the ground.

“Oh man, I’m so glad the demon didn’t get you!”

“Uh, Kami, what demon?”

“I saw a demon! It was hanging from the ceiling, and it had claws and sharp teeth and Sero it had horns . You were right, there’s a demon in our school.”

“Kaminari,” Aizawa-sensei’s voice brought his attention back to their teacher. “There’s no demon in the school.”

“Then what was that?”

“Um, that was m-me?” 

Denki turned, seeing Midoriya sheepishly smiling at them. He raised an eyebrow, looking his classmate up and down. 

“Sorry dude, but there’s no way you look like a demon.”

“Young Kaminari, perhaps it would be better to rewind the tapes so you can see for yourself.”

“Oh yeah! I can show you that it really was a demon!”

Everyone retreated to the monitor room again. Denki stood near the front, watching the screens intently. 

It started with Midoriya running down the hall, the really dark one. He had no shoes on, and Denki couldn’t tell if the video just had no sound or if he was really running that quietly. 

He skidded around the corner, glancing back around it for a second. Midoriya looked at his surroundings, then he walked to the center of the hall and crouched. His eyes were locked onto the ceiling.

Midoriya leapt, and stayed stuck to the ceiling by his hands. Pieces of plaster rained down onto the floor. He shook his head, bringing his feet up so they were touching the roof too. The claws on them sunk in. His ears, which looked like a cat’s now, were being pulled down by gravity. If it wasn’t so dark then it’d probably be cute. 

Denki was confused. Midoriya wasn’t a demon, not by a long shot. Yet here he was, standing on the ceiling in the exact place Denki had seen the scary thing. He kept watching. 

Midoriya closed his eyes, cutting off the glow Denki hadn’t been aware of before now. He took one hand off the ceiling, tapping on the plaster. Denki watched as he himself ran around the corner, walking closer to below Midoriya without even knowing.

He got to see Midoriya twist his face into a Cheshire Cat grin and slowly open his eyes. In the night vision cameras Denki saw Midoriya finally pinpoint where he was, and reach out a clawed hand. It was still terrifying, even on recording. 

It did explain some things, but Denki just had more questions. 

“Wh- how?! Midoriya, dude, what the hell?!”

“I’m sorry! I just wanted to win the exercise and scaring you seemed to easiest way to keep you away and I never meant for it to scare you that much!”

“My dude, I understood like a fourth of that. How did you even know where I was?”

“Cat ears, Kaminari. I essentially have super-hearing when I half-shift.”


Yaoyorozu decided now was a perfect time to speak up too. “Your light also gave you away. Any light is very noticeable in the dark, especially to someone with enhanced senses. It’s likely Midoriya not only saw but heard your electricity.”

“Huh. Yeah, that makes sense.”

“And I hope you don’t run screaming about demons next time, Kaminari,” Aizawa-sensei droned, his deadpan expression still in place. “Midoriya is a problem child, but he hasn’t reached demon status yet.”

“Aww, guess I just have to try harder then!”

“Don’t even think about it, kid.”

Denki blinked away the last of his fear, looking back at where the screen had frozen. Geez, MIdoriya had had him convinced there was something about to eat him.

It did make him wonder though. How did Midoriya even do that? How did he look so small and cute one second, and then the next look like a legit demon there to steal his soul? It was confusing. Denki had a lot of questions and little to no answers. 

Well, it could probably wait until his adrenaline and shaking wore off. 

Chapter Text

“Oh my god, this is going to go so bad.”

“Yeah, but it’ll be funny.”

“And if he claws your face off?”

“Then he doesn’t get to plan pranks anymore.”

“Yeah, ‘cause I’ll be dead. Thanks for the confidence boost you guys.”

Hitoshi looked up from his work at the Bakusquad’s not-so-quiet whispers. He raised an eyebrow, seeing the four of them sneak into the kitchen. ‘Sneak’ being a very generous term, since one of them was bright pink and another was giggling uncontrollably. 

He usually kept away from whatever antics that particular group got involved in. Even before he joined the hero course, Dad had warned him about that particular group. 

More than once their pranks had landed them detention. Seeing as it was a relatively lazy weekend afternoon, and Hitoshi didn’t want detention at the hands of his dad, he would stick to his philosophy of staying the heck away from whatever those four were doing. 

So Hitoshi calmly drank his coffee and went back to his history homework. Whatever the Bakusquad did was none of his business. Probably. 

Then he saw them exaggeratedly tiptoe from the kitchen to the sitting area. That normally wouldn’t have raised any alarm bells, except for the fact that Izuku wasn’t sleeping on the floor in there. The sun shone in through the windows at just the right angle for him to nap in the light right now. Honestly, Hitoshi would join him if he didn’t have so much work to do. 

Hitoshi got up, and walked over to where they were all huddled behind one of the couches. 

In his perfected Aizawa-sensei voice, he said, “What do you think you’re doing?”

The four nearly jumped out of their skin, spinning around so fast Hitoshi thought they would fall over. If his boyfriend wasn’t sleeping peacefully near the window then he would be cackling. As it was, he stifled it. 

“Not cool man.”

“How did you even do that?”

“I thought Aizawa-sensei was going to give us detention.”

Hitoshi choked down the rest of his laughter, then leveled a neutral look at the four in front of them. He raised an eyebrow at the thing Kaminari was holding. Was that…a cucumber?

“Seriously, what are you four doing? With a cucumber, of all things.”


“We, er…”

“It was Kami’s idea!”

Shut up, Ashido!

Hitoshi, still not having an answer, looked to Kirishima. The dude was nice, but couldn’t lie for shit. He was the most likely to tell him what the pranksters were doing. 

Despite his Quirk, Kirishima cracked quickly.

“Kami wanted to test if Midoriya reacted like normal cats do to cucumbers and Sero remembered there was one in the kitchen and Mina wanted to test it too and I got dragged along I’m sorry.”

Hitoshi blinked. That spiel had been worthy of his boyfriend. Well, at least he knew why they were doing this now. 

“So let me get this straight,” he started, staring at each of the four in turn. “You want to put a cucumber near Izuku, and see if he jumps like a real cat?”




“Would you kill us if the answer is yes?”

Hitoshi covered his mouth for a second, just to not show his smile. He looked contemplative for a moment. Seeing the Bakusquad shift unsurely was amusing. 

“Ok then.”


“Yeah. Honestly, I kind of want to see what his reaction is too. He pounced on my hair this morning anyway, this can be my revenge.”

Four pairs of eyes collectively blinked, processing what they just heard. Hitoshi smirked, glancing over at the still sleeping cat stationed in front of the window. 

“So…are you just going to leave it behind him and watch his reaction?”

That seemed to snap them out of their daze. Hitoshi watched as all of them got mischievous grins, every one of them promising varying levels of carnage. This was going to be good. 

“Sero, get the camera!” Ashido whisper-yelled. 

Said boy pulled out his phone, aiming it at the sleeping kitty. Ashido was staring at Izuku, kneeling on the cushions and looking over the top of the couch. Kaminari was buzzing in place. He stayed well away from the camera. 

Kirishima was handed the cucumber like it was an important family heirloom. He took it gingerly, nodding solemnly. Kaminari saluted him. It was the weirdest thing Hitoshi had seen today, though maybe not this week. 

Hitoshi casually walked back to his seat at the table. The farther he was from the impending chaos, the better. 

He watched in fascination as Kirishima crept closer to his sleeping boyfriend, skin already hardened and arm stretched out like he was going to poke something disgusting. 

This was definitely going to be entertaining. Hitoshi wondered if Izuku would react the same way he had when a plastic bag had gotten stuck over his head. Pop had recorded that one. It had been hilarious. For them, at least. Izuku looked extremely annoyed after it. (Pop got a beetle on his desk the next day. UA had to get a few windows replaced after that)

Hitoshi held his breath as Kirishima dropped the cucumber on the floor right next to Izuku. His ear flicked and he shifted in place a bit, a telltale sign that he was waking up. Kirishima backpedaled to hide behind the couch. 

Sleepy green eyes blinked open slowly. Hitoshi kept his mouth clamped shut, not letting himself laugh. The four Bakusquad members crouched behind the cover of the couch. Only their eyes and hair were poking over the edge. Hitoshi stayed exactly where he was, not moving a muscle. 

Izuku got to his feet, stretching out and blinking the sleep from his eyes. He shook out his fluffy fur, finally looking around. 

Then his eyes landed on the cucumber. 

Izuku leapt so high Hitoshi swore he could’ve touched the ceiling. His already fluffy fur was poofed out to double its normal size. The Bakusquad yelped and ducked lower as Hitoshi’s boyfriend came falling back to earth. 

Izuku’s leap had shot him a few feet from his starting point. His paws his the floor, and he booked it out of the room. Sprinting like his life depended on it. Hitoshi had hardly blinked before his cat boyfriend was out of sight. 

There was a beat, and then laughing took hold of them. Hitoshi put his head in his arms on the table, shoulders shaking with laughter. The Bakusquad’s cackling drifted over to his ears. 

And then the pattering of paws did too.

Hitoshi’s half-shifted boyfriend came barreling back down the hall. He was sparking green, a sign he was using his super-strength. Izuku leapt clear across the room.

The Bakusquad went down shrieking. Hitoshi physically fell out of his chair and onto the floor from laughing this time. 

Cucumbers were henceforth banned from the dorm kitchens. Izuku made sure they were disposed of. And by “making sure” he meant poking Iida until he threw them away.  

That did not, however, prevent the teachers from carrying them to stop Izuku from pouncing on them.