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Voices In My Head

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Dreams are just voices in your head, only telling you false things.


The bell and retreating footsteps told him that the day was over. Izuku Midoriya starts to pack up, picking up his beloved notebooks. All of his dreams were practically in these notebooks.

  “Wow! The fight from this morning is still all over the news!”, he marveled.

  “I guess I better look over my notes later-“

  The notebook was suddenly snatched by a pair of hands he knew very well. Izuku looks up to see Katsuki Bakugo’s fiery eyes staring at him. Kacchan holds Izuku’s note book in one hand, casually slapping it against his other.

  Bakugo’s followers came up behind him and snickered, “What have you got there?”

  “His diary?”


  “Hero analysis for the future?! That’s so pathetic! He’s delirious!”, the two laughed.

  Izuku starts laughing nervously.

  “Ya, real funny you guys. Just give it back!”

  In the blink of an eye, Katsuki takes Izuku’s notebook and smashes his fist into it, using an explosion to turn the book’s pages crispy and crinkled.

  “That’s so mean”, Izuku says, shocked and wary.

  He has to give it back now , he thought. What else could he do?

  Just as Izuku was thinking this, Katsuki closes his eyes and throws the notebook back out the open window behind him, with stunning precision.


  Katsuki looks down at Izuku, who had an astonished look on his face, and narrowed his eyes.

  “Most first string heroes show potential early on. People look at them and just know they’re destined for greatness.”

  Izuku begins shaking at Katski’s speech.

  “When I’m the only student from this garbage junior high to get into U.A., people will start talking about me like that. They’ll realize I’m legit. The next big thing. And that’s not ego talking, I just know I’m good.”

  A warm sensation begins on Izuku’s shoulder and slowly turns burning hot. Izuku looks at Katsuki’s hand on his shoulder, terrified of what his childhood friend would do next.

  “Here’s a little word of advice, nerd.”, Katski sneered.

  “Don’t even think of applying!” Izuku, who’s whole body was now shaking, glances at Katsuki’s horrifying smile. It shook Izuku to the bones. It’s almost as if he were taunting him, just daring him to say something!

  Izuku goes to say something but all that comes out are squeaks.

  He turns towards the window, shoulders hunched in defeat. He should’ve said something.At least Kacchan’s leaving now.

  “You know, there actually might be a way to get a quirk, if you really wanted one that badly. Just pray you’ll have a quirk in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!”, Katsuki laughed.

  He should be stronger! He needs to do something!

  Izuku whips around, fear and determination on his face.

  “Something wrong?”, asks Katsuki, little explosions lighting up his hands.

  Izuku starts whimpering again.


  By the time he gets down to the pond where it fell, his notebook is soaked.

  “Great. Now my dreams have turned into fish food. That’s enough, give it back.” He snatches it back from the fishes.

  “That stupid jerk. You can’t go around telling people to kill themselves. What if I actually jumped? What he do then?!”

  What if I really jumped?

  It’s not like anybody wanted him. He was just a quirk less nobody.

  But no. His mom. All Might. He still had to be the first quirkless hero!

  Whipping tears from his eyes, he stood up tall. Then, Izuku Midoriya put on a smile and started laughing.

  “AHAHAHAHAH!!”, all the way through the tunnel.

  Though his laughter died quickly. A shadow was case over him.

  “What a perfect skin suit!”

  Izuku looks behind him, trembling. The green blob of a villain launched at him.

  Pain sliding down his throat.  Curse his stupid quirkless body! DANG IT! This can’t be the end. Come on, come on, come ON!


  Izuku slowly opens his eyes thanks to the repetitive hand slapping his face. Huh. He was on the ground. He only recalled a little bit of the attack of the green blob.



  “Good to see you’re ok!”

  He knew that laugh.

  “A-All Might?!”, Izuku stammered. He was the definition of shock. H oly crap! All Might just saved him!

  “Well now that I’ve got the villain, I’ve got to get him to the police station!”

  Then Izuku realized that he was just standing there, speechless.

  “W-wait! I need an autograph!”

He scrambles around for his journal, only to find it already signed.

  “Huh?! Thank you so much, sir! It’ll become a family heirloom!” Izuku said, bowing deeply.

  “HAHA!! Ok then! I’m off!”

  What? He was going? But he still needed to ask him so many things.

  He saw All Might getting ready to jump.

  This might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, Izuku thought.

  Suddenly he was running towards All Might, grabbing on before being launched into the air.


  Toshinori hadn’t noticed Izuku until he started screaming. And he had started screaming immediately.

  “Ack! Kid?! Look, I love my fans, but this is too much!!”, All Might yelled as he tried shoving Izuku off.

  But there was  NO WAY Izuku was coming off unless they were on the ground!

  “If-If I f-fall from th-this height, I’ll die!”

  Oh. Toshinori hadn’t considered that.

  “Well, hold on.”


  Izuku would’ve started kissing the ground if All Might wasn’t there.

  “I’ll be off now!”, All Might announced.

  Wait! Izuku still had to ask him something!

  “A-All Might! Wait! I-I’m just a quirkless boy. I want to become a hero too! I want to put on a fearless smile just like you!”

  Izuku smiles to himself.

  “I want to become a hero! Can I do that without a quirk?”

  Izuku looks up and starts screaming.

  “AwwaAwA! You-you’re not All Might!!”

  No, it was just Toshinori. And he hated saying this but he needed to explain to the kid that the world is dangerous. So he did. How there was plenty of fear behind his smile.

  “So, could you become a hero with out a quirk? No, I don’t think.”, All Might stated through gritted teeth.             

  Hearing those words... they felt like a Detroit smash straight on his heart.


"I'm sorry kid. It's good to have dreams, just make sure those dreams are realistic. "

   A frail looking All Might opened the door on the roof and started heading down. Each step was like twisting the knife into his already hurting wound.

    He said it himself , Izuku thought. It seemed like a truth he'd been denying for years. Those last pieces of hope were stomped out by All Might's retreating footsteps.

   What was he supposed to do now? He knew all about working towards his dreams, working harder than everyone else, but he knew nothing about giving up.

  A couple minutes passed. Then a couple more.

  He can’t be a hero?

  It was 10 minutes before Izuku Midoriya made the first couple steps down the stairs.


  Mean while, Toshinori was turning in the sludge villain. He didn’t know it then, but he would forever regret saying those words.


  Dazed, Izuku walked down and out of the building. On to the side walk. One foot in front of the other. What was he supposed to do now?


  Izuku nearly jumped out of his own skin! He was walking pass an ongoing fight! It looked like the villain had a quirk that let him detach the spikes off his back and throw them. His skin was a chalky gray and had a good build. Contrastingly blond hair,  but overall looked like a tough match. The hero was none other than Kamui Woods. He was becoming pretty famous wasn’t he? Kamui has the upper hand. Using his his quirk, he’s able to avoid most of the projectile spikes, but he couldn’t wrap his tree like limbs around the villain, for the spikes on the villain’s back would hurt him.

  Did I walk here unconsciously?   Izuku’s face seemed to sour at the idea. Was life really this cruel to him? He should take notes.

  He moves to take out his notebook but then stops.



What’s the point? He’ll never become a hero. Bullied because he’s quirkless. He can never become a hero because he’s quirkless  People shouldn’t decide something because one doesn’t have a quirk . When did he ever think quirks were cool?

  Izuku scoffs.

  Quirks are just curses made to make those who without them feel bad.

  Izuku lifts his head, tears brimming his eyes. Kacchan really is right. He is a crybaby.

  Once again, what Katsuki said came back to Izuku’s mind. Pray you’ll have a quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!

  But he couldn’t do that. Even if he can’t be a hero like everyone else considers, he can still be his own hero right? Be a hero to those like him. Show the world that just because he doesn’t have a quirk doesn’t mean he can’t do anything!

  Another word popped into his head.


  No. Never. That’s not what this is. He would just start a protest! Ya! But then word would get around and Kacchan would get mad. Probably make fun of him. But what if he wrote a letter to All Might? He saved him didn’t he? What if-

  “Hey kid, shut up, will ya?”

  Izuku clamped his hands over his mouth. Embarrassed, he manages a sorry and then started speed walking away.

  Well, he couldn’t go kill himself, he couldn’t go home (not with these kinds of feelings), so Izuku did the only thing that made sense.

  He ran away.

  Well, more like walked. And he would be back by tomorrow. Just walk and help people till he crashes somewhere, then go home. And he’d be VERY careful, just like his mom told him. He’s gonna go on an adventure. Just a small one! This brought a smile to his face.

  This is how his hero story will begin!

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  1.   Izuku has been walking for a while. He helped an old lady cross the street and she gave him an expired coupon as thanks. It didn’t matter that it was expired, it touched him still. He almost started bawling he felt so good. After a while the scenery got a little more ruff. Street fights. Some were kinda cool, he admitted sheepishly. All of those amazing quirks! It gave him an almost bitter sweet feeling. For what felt like the millionth time, Izuku felt his phone buzz. For the past hour and a half his mom had been trying to reach him. Texting, calling, whatever it took. Izuku hates doing this to his mom but it’ll all be ok. He knew it!


  Back in the Midoriya residence... Inko was freaking out. She had already called the cops, the fire department, and Izuku.

  Why wasn’t Izuku picking up?!,  She thought. He must be in danger.

  The thought was enough to make Inko start bawling again. At that very moment, the phone rang.

  Good. This is what she needed. Just to talk to someone.

  She looked at who was calling and just about bawled again out of relief!

  She scrambled to pick it up.

  “Hey Inko. You called earlier, everythin-“

  “Oh, Misaki!!”


  By now it was past 7:00pm. After walking and checking out so many cool quirks, he was getting a little tired. Izuku started looking for a place to crash. He realizes that he really didn’t think the far. Where was he going to sleep?

  As he was walking past a back alley, he heard a crash. He glanced over. And stopped. It looked like a teenager was going up against an incredibly strong villain. The teenager looked like a homeless man with a black hoodie and blue hair. He was going up against a man that must’ve had some sort of muscle enhancement quirk.

  The teenager was losing pretty badly. Cut up, but nothing looked broken. Blue hair (His new name to Izuku) went in for a punch to the stomach but was countered by the muscle man.  Izuku heard a sickening crack that could’ve only been Blue hair’s arm. Blue hair lost his balance and muscle man grabbed him by the neck and pushed him against the wall. He couldn’t see what muscle man was saying, but Izuku could tell it wasn’t good. Blue hair couldn’t move.

  Before Izuku realize what was going on, his feet were moving!

  “HEY! Let him go!”

  Muscle man looked at Izuku running down the alley. Blue hair just looked amused. Izuku was freaking out! If I’d just stood there, blue hair would’ve died! What am I doing?! What should I-Ah! Izuku remembered a page from his hero analysis notebooks. He grabbed his backpack, still on his back from school, and threw it at the muscle man. A corner of one of his textbooks flew out and hit him right in the eye.

  “OW!!”, the muscle man yelled.

  Blue hair took this opportunity to grab the man’s arm. What Izuku saw next he surely didn’t expect.

  Blue hair had grabbed muscle man’s arm and it started crumbling. First skin, then muscle. The horrifying sight stopped one muscle man used the last of his quirk to rip his arm out of Blue hair’s grip. He sprinted away, yelling in pain. Then the red eyes turned on him.

  Izuku scrambles to pick up his stuff from throwing his backpack. He stops though, when he hears a raspy voice coming from the black hoodie.

  “I didn’t need your help.”

  And Tomura wasn’t bragging. He was about to use his quirk on the villain right as the green haired brat came in. He didn’t need an NPC.

  Stuttering Izuku said, “I-I was j-just trying to help.”

  “Well I didn’t need it.”

  Tomura looked the kid over. He was in a uniform so he definitely want from these parts.

  “What’s your name brat?”

  Izuku looked at Blue hair for a second before plainly stating, “I’m not supposed to say.”

  This got Tomura curious though. Was this boy just a rule follower? Or was he really not supposed to say? Was he a villain in disguise? A special item?

  By now, Izuku had packed up all of his stuff and was slinging his backpack around his shoulders, prepared to leave.

  “What’s your quirk kid?”


  This stopped Izuku dead in his tracks. He didn’t have a quirk. He probably shouldn’t say that though. This other kid could end up hurting him. Just like Kacchan. But he couldn’t lie. He wanted to prove a point right? He’s quirkless, but not useless ! So this is the start.

  “I don’t have one.”


  “B-but, it doesn’t mean I’m useless! I’m gonna change the world one day! Just you watch!”

  The guy with blue hair didn’t seem the slightest bit shaken. Actually , he seemed pleased.

  Well. Kurogiri did send me out to recruit somebody. That wimp earlier was barely anything, but we could use a kid. Nobody could suspect him without a quirk. Plus, he could just dispose of him with a touch of 5 fingers if something went wrong. He’d just tell Kurogiri a change of plans happened. He’s still recruiting. A special item.

  “Hey, kid. You look dead tired. You could crash at our place if you want.”

  Blue hair was right. That fight had scared him and left him with probably not enough energy to walk all the way home. Izuku thought this over. He just saved this guy’s life. This could be like the lady with the expired coupon. A thanks.

  “I guess.”, Izuku muttered.

  Tomura whips out his phone and starts typing away. He held it with both pinkies out. Intriguing. Because of his quirk? He’s only gotten to see a little in action, but it looked like almost like a disintegrating quirk. But does it only work with humans? If he touched a wall with 5 fingers would it have the same effect? I wish I had my notebook! Is it any obj-

  “Wow kid. You’re real annoying.”


  ”I-I’m so sorry!!”, said Izuku, embarrassed.

  Tomura really wasn’t paying attention. He was trying to get Kurogiri to come pick them up.

  Izuku still flustered, notices a bit of cloudiness. Almost purple and-Holy Crap! A must was enveloping them. He felt like he was going to puke. It was dark. He can’t see. He was being pulled in every direction. He was going to- and it was over. Izuku landed on the floor of a bar, coughing.

  “Explanation.”, a voice stated. Izuku looks up to see the purple mist was actually a person. He had a silver neck brace thing and was wearing a bar tender uniform. The bar tender must have some sort of warp quirk! Those are incredibly rare!

  “There was a change of plans.”, Tomura said as he walked over to the bar and took a seat. “The brat is gonna crash here.”

  Izuku felt slightly offended. He want a brat was he?

  “Tomura, I told you to recruit Kiniku. Instead you brought a child back.”, Kurogiri said.

  “I did exactly as I was told.”, retorted Tomura. Kurogiri looked at the kid skeptically.

  “The kid wants to join us?”

  Izuku’s head snapped up. “W-what?! I’m joining something?!” He was just supposed to crash here! He never said anything about joining anything!

  Tomura slowly turned to face Izuku. Izuku felt chills run down his back.

  “You said you wanted to change the world right? To prove you can change society and prove you’re not useless? But I guess you are quirkless after all.”

  Izuku was torn. What was he getting himself into? But Blue Hair is right. He wants to change the world.

  “I’m not just quirkless . What type of organization are you guys?”

  Izuku glances around the bar. On second thought... this place looked not so good. There was a ripped All Might poster, some shady people, a disembodied ha-wait. What?! A-a hand?! What is this pla-

  “We are the League of Villains.”. The calming voice of the mist snapped Izuku out of his panic.

  “We have the same goals. We want to change societies view of heroes. Maybe place a little fear of the world. And we will accomplish those goals one way or another.”

  The same goals . Maybe this was his chance? He was still a little unsure though.

  “One thing I forgot to mention.” Izuku looked up at the floating mist. “If you joined us, you wouldn’t be able to return home.”


  “N-never?” Izuku asked.

  “Never.”, Kurogiri repeated.

  Well. This was a lot to think about. He couldn’t give up a chance to show the world there can be other types of heroes. The League of Villains said they wanted to change societies view of heroes, they really do have the same goals. But he waited never see his mom again, and Kacchan, and, and... that was it actually. The only people that cared about him. And Kacchan told him to go kill himself, so he can be crossed off the list. To kill himself. Those three words started a plan inside his head.

  “C-can I sleep on it?”, asked Izuku.

  “Of course, but we will need an answer by tomorrow.”, Kurogiri said. And with that, the purple mist led Izuku into a side room and set up a sleeping area. Izuku fell asleep immediately.



  “Are you sure this is a good idea?”, Kurogiri asked,”He’s just a kid, they can be unpredictable.”

  “The kid doesn’t even have a quirk.”, Tomura said. “He can barely fight. Plus, we could use him. He doesn’t have a quirk, so he’d be harder to track. And if it doesn’t work out, then I’ll just disintegrate him!” Tomura smiled to himself, pleased with his plan.

  “What do you think about this, sensei?” Kurogiri spoke to a small little TV that simply stated the sound was only on.

  “If Tomura finds this boy useful, then I’ll it’s ok. Think of this as a learning experience.”, states a crackly voice.


  The front door slammed closed as Katsuki walked into his house.

  “KATSUKI!!!”, Misaki yelled.

  “What do you want you old hag?!”, was Katsuki’s brilliant response.

  “Get your butt over here!!”

  Katsuki stepped into the kitchen. His mom’s back was to him. “What do you want?”

  Misaki turned towards Katsuki, her face contorted with worry. Katsuki hadn’t expected that. He stumbled back a couple of steps, overwhelmed.

  “Well... Inko called earlier...and... Izuku hasn’t come home. She doesn’t know where he is. I was wondering if you saw him at all today.”

  Deku? Missing? Of course that nerd would get himself lost somewhere. He’s just that useless.

  “How would I know?!”, retorted Katsuki. “It’s not like I’m the kid’s local stocker!” Katsuki turned back to head into his room.

  “He was in class all day, though.”, he added like an afterthought. Katsuki couldn’t see it, but his mom smiled. Everyone has a different way of worrying.

  Deku gone missing? Katsuki scoffed. It wasn’t his problem. He pushed the thought out of his head and got changed. As soon as Katsuki’s head hit the pillow, he was asleep.


  Unlike a certain Bakugo, Inko couldn’t sleep. She refused to. Her baby was out there somewhere, probably scared. How could anyone sleep?! Oh, please let him be ok! She thought as she silently cried.


  Izuku woke up to four cold fingers around his neck.

  “What’s your decision?”, asked Blue Hair.

  “AahHhAAhHaa!!!”, Izuku screamed.

  “Let’s try not to scare our guest.”, the floating mist said as it released Izuku from Tomura’s grasp. Contrary to what the villains had thought, Izuku had been up for the past hour or so deciding whether or not he should take this offer. This chance could be the best he’ll ever get.

  “I’ll join.”

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Katsuki looked up at the sky. It’s pretty blue and white fluffy clouds made it a perfect day. Such a peaceful moment was ruined by the middle school bell ringing. He settled in for class realizing Deku was no where to be seen. Did that stupid nerd oversleep?

    As a request from the wonderful Inko Midoriya, the teacher stated,”Please notice Midoriya Izuku is absent today. He’s been missing since yesterday afternoon. Please let anybody know if you’ve seen him.”

  Oh ya. The nerd is missing.

  Hmph. He’s getting all this attention just for going and losing himself. How desperate is he?! And with that, Katsuki tried and failed to once again push Izuku out of his mind.


  “It won’t be as easy as that.”, Tomura sneered. The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he was of this brat. Maybe having him around 24/7 wasn’t such a good idea.

  “Well, I have a plan! You said I wouldn’t ever be able to return home. So... what if instead of going missing... I died?”

  Izuku told the League of Villains his plan. It was beginning to hurt less and less. Kacchan never cared for him. Neither did his classmates. His mom never stood up to Kacchan or helped him. She just stood by, like all the teachers. A bitter taste filled his mouth as he thought all about the run-ins he had with his “childhood best friend”.

  “That will take some money. Let alone, you’re basing this off of someone’s quirk we don’t know even exists.”,  said Kurogiri, concerned.

  “I know, I know...”, Izuku said, sounding defeated. This league won’t take him. Nobody will. He’s useless  remember?

  “Prove you can do something and we’ll get you in. With your stupid plan or not.”

  Izuku looked up at Tomura, hope flaring in his eyes.

  “There’s been this certain... Nintendo game I’ve been wanting to get, but I’m broke.”, Tomura stated.

  “Y-You want me to steal you a video game?!” Izuku was shocked.

  “You want to show society how they’ve wronged you? They took away your dignity, now it’s your turn to take something from them.” Tomura leaned back in his chair, watching Izuku’s reaction.

  It’s just one video game , Izuku thought. Tomura was right. He could do this, he’s just have to think of a solid plan.


  “Here’s the address.”

  Tomura handed him a tiny slip of paper. It had the address and the name of the game on it. This was his chance!  All he needed was a plan. And a pretty good one at that. He’d never even tried to steal a pencil before, let alone commit an actual crime! Every store has a fire alarm right? He thought...


Izuku carefully followed the address on the slip of paper. He could barley focus with his new “hair style” obscuring his eyes and feeling sticky. Kurogiri insisted he dye his hair black so no one would recognize him.

  Izuku went over his plan in his head once again. He would go into the store, find the game, pull the fire alarm, and then run as fast he could out of there. Hopefully he would be caught up with the crowd rushing out. Nobody would notice a video game missing when there could be a potential fire in the building! He’d already gone in once about an hour ago to make sure there was a fire alarm he could pull. Taking a deep breath, Izuku stepped into the store.

  The first thing that hit him was the cold air conditioning blowing through his mop of hair. The second thing was cold, hard panic. What the heck am I doing?! He couldn’t believe he was about to rob a store! How stupid was he? But in that moment, the past couple of days flashed through this mind.

  “...and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!”

  “So, can you become a hero without a quirk? No. I wouldn’t think so.”

  “You want to show society how they’ve wronged you? They took away your dignity, now it’s your turn to take something from them.”

  “I’m sorry Izuku!”

  The thought of his mother brought tears to his eyes. But this was better. If not for him, then for the rest of the world.

  “Hey kid. You actually gonna buy somethin’, or are you just gonna stand there, blocking the door?”

  Izuku practically jumped out of his skin, glancing at the man he thought to be the manager. Who was glaring at him.

  “I-I’m sorry sir.”, Izuku mumbled as he scurried away. Gosh, that was close!

  Izuku slapped his cheeks, bringing him back to reality. He could do this!

  Izuku went down the aisles, looking, and finally, finding the right game. Next, he sneaked over to the fire alarm and took a big breath. And pulled.

  Nothing happened. Well, a blaring, piercing noise started, but nobody was doing anything. What?!

  “Doesn’t seem like a fire.”

  “I don’t see any smoke.”

  “Must be a malfunction.”

  There were only a few other people in the store, but he was banking on the fact that there would be chaos.

  “Hey! It’s YOU again! Did you just pull the alarm?!”

  Crap . Izuku looked over and saw the manager glaring and almost running at him. He looked like a bull ready to charge.

  Izuku didn’t know what to do. He gripped the video game right in his hands and bolted for the door. I’m so stupid! I’m so stupid! The manager was chasing after him, phone in hand, calling someone. If a hero caught him, he’d be a goner! And here he thought he was going to be useful ! Defeated, Izuku stops running and looks behind him. W-What?! Where- The store was not behind him! Actually, it was nowhere in sight! That’s crazy! He must’ve out ran the man and taken some turns or something! Most importantly, though, in his hand was the video game Tomura wanted.


  “So. The quirkless boy is not all that he seems.” Tomura was puzzled. “That it he’s keeping something from us.” This is so infuriating. What if the kid wasn’t what they thought he was? What if- Tomura hadn’t even noticed he had started scratching at his neck.

  “Well, then. We’ll keep this information to ourselves, Kurogiri.”

  “If that’s what you wish.”, replied Kurogiri. They were soon just the remains of a purple mist on a corner where an angry manger stood out side his store, looking for a little thief.


  Izuku was feeling great! He just completed his first task... which was stealing a video game! He’d just robbed a store. He didn’t know whether to feel horrible or proud! All he knew was that he was now considered a villain! He started to panic, but stopped as a thought occurred to him.  He wasn’t really a villain, just part of an organization that could be mistaken as villains. Even if some considered them villains, the League was pretty much becoming Izuku’s heroes. They had offered to help even after they knew he was quirkless. Unlike a certain hero he knew. All Might found out he was quirkless and crushed his dreams. How could HE be considered the number 1 hero?! The League of Villains was giving him something he’s always wanted. A purpose. It was in that moment that Izuku started seeing the fine line heroes and villains were built on, and how society was balanced neatly on top of it.


  Izuku was nervous. He placed the video game in four of Tomura’s fingers. He looked down.

  He got the right game, right? From the right store? The cover is correct. He even searched it up! But could he have gotten the wrong thing? The fire alarm distracted him. What would happen if got it wrong? Would they punish him?!What if-

  “Shut up, or I’m kicking you out.”

  The green brat had a weird habit , thought Tomura, looking at the sheepish Izuku. He could be useful though.

  “Alright kid. Let’s try out that palm of yours.”

  Izuku looked up at Tomura.


Chapter Text

It was the second day of Izuku being missing and Katsuki couldn’t keep his mind off of it. He would never worry for the nerd, he just doesn’t have anybody to kick around around with out Izuku there.

  Katsuki happened to be walking home alone today, no extras trailing him. It’s not like he cared, they were just noise.


  What is that noise?

  He was only a couple blocks away from the school, what could possibly be- his thoughts were cut short by a speeding ambulance heading toward the school.

  What in the?!

  Katsuki darted after it. He heard people yelling.

  When he got to the school he was out of breath. But time seemed to stop all together when he saw a mop of green curly hair, lying on the side walk, red spreading around it.

  Is that-

  Was that-

  No. No, it couldn’t be.

  Katsuki’s eyes were wide in disbelief as he took in the scene around him. Paramedics were rushing around, the first years that reported it were watching, nervously, the lifeless body on the street, and the sky, illuminating the clouds. The stars peeking out, ready for the world to be covered in a blanket of dark.

  And Katsuki turned around. His eyes were playing tricks on him. Was he sick? The nerd he knew would never be that stupid. Then again... Katsuki did tell him to jump off a building. He told him to do that.

  The mop of green curly hair stained his mind. Izuku’s blood reflecting the same red as the sky above him.


  The next day, Izuku was officially declared dead. Katsuki has spent the rest of the evening and the next morning in a dazed manor. His family was worried. Katsuki always yelled at something. Then they got the news, assuming Katsuki’s sudden change in mood had something to do with Izuku’s death.

  For the first time in his life, Katsuki didn’t feel any pride. Nor did he feel upset or angry. He simply did not feel. Just sort of empty. He’d never felt this immense weight before.

  He’s not missing his friend. Friend?

  Katsuki scoffed. When was he ever that?

  It’s not like he feels horrible or guilty or missing Deku .

  The quiet blonde walked into class, hands dry without explosions. The class knew something was up. Bakugo was always mad, though none of them wanted to die today, so they held their tongues.

  The day passed in a blur. No teasing. No ego. Just guilt that Katsuki kept pushing down and down until he couldn’t push anymore. He knew he screwed up. But it’s not like he was gonna say anything, nor was he going to even acknowledge those feelings. He was itching to vent, to blow something up. And if he didn’t get somewhere fast, it would be one of his classmates. Instead of going straight home, Katsuki went to Dagobah Beach. There was lots debris there he could blow up there. There were no extras following home today.  Probably giving him space.

  Good. Those wanna-be’s are being smart for once. Katsuki entered the filthy beach and immediately his hands started sparking. If you looked close enough, you’d be able to see a ferocious blonde boy blowing up trash, trying not to blame himself for his friends death.

  But it was inevitable.

  He made life torture for Deku, then, adding the cherry on top, telling him to go kill himself. And that’s exactly what he did, Katsuki thought. To dumb to think for himself.

  Though his mind would soon become haunted by his childhood friend, Katsuki had an idea.

  He needed better training, one that would work out all his muscles. Suddenly it seemed like the beach was the best option. Katsuki could clean it. It sounded like something the quirkless nerd would do, but after all he’s done, Katsuki owes Izuku at least this.


  “I guess everything worked out,” Tomura declared as he looking at the recent news proclaiming Izuku’s death. Jumped at age 15. Because Tomura wasn’t, Kurogiri decided to address the villain in front of them and give him thief thanks.

  “We truly appreciate this,” Kurogiri said. “We look forward to working with you again, Twice.” At that moment Izuku came trotting over to Kurogiri.

  “Ya, thanks!”, Izuku said with a smile so bright that it could rival the sun.

  It still amazes him that people thought he was dead. His plan had been pretty simple. Find a villain with a cloning quirk, have Izuku’s clone jump, and it solved the problem of not being able to go home. He needed to do this. His mom would never had stopped looking for him. Plus... it was better this way.

  He kept repeating it in his mind, but his heart wouldn’t accept the fact that he’ll never get to see his mom again. The bar door slamming jolted Izuku out of his thoughts.

  “Well,” Izuku started, ”Now that I’m part of your league, what’s the first move?”

  “You’re weak.”

  Izuku was taken aback by Tomura’s words.

  “Ummm... ok?”

  “We’ll train you in hand combat. Plus, Sensei can give you a quirk to help you.”, said Tomura.

  A-A quirk?! Is that even possible?!

  “Why would I want a quirk ?” Izuku’s whole reason for joining the League  was to prove to society that he was just as capable to do stuffed anyone else. Even though the thought of having a quirk excited Izuku, what was the point? It wouldn’t even be his own quirk.

  “Brat,” muttered Tomura, “Fine, have it your way.”

  The next 10 months were of insane training. For both boys. Izuku was learning hand to hand combat, Katsuki was studying for entrance exams while cleaning the beach to train. After a while, the pain of practically losing his family had faded to Izuku. The same could go for Bakugo. The less he thought about Deku, the easier it was. The occasional thought would roll around his mind, though. It would stab him with guilt and pain until he was able to blow something up and relieve those foreign feelings. Even with crazy training, 10 months passed fast.


  And there he was. Looking up at UA’s golden symbol filled him with such pride. Katsuki Bakugo was living his dream, with it without that nerd. Sudden guilt stabbed his heart, causing him to stumble.

  Crap .

  He was falling. What a great way to start the school year. And then he wasn’t. He wasn’t falling at all. He felt light. Too light.

  “Sorry for using my quirk on you without asking! I figured it was bad luck to fall on exam day!”

  Katsuki looked at the girl. Her brown eyes lighting up with excitement. She had a round face framed by beautiful brown hair.

  Unfortunately for Uraraka, Katsuki had a tendency to call people by the first thing he sees about them.

  “Oi! Round face, I didn’t need your help!” Katsuki tried stalking off but but realized he was still floating in the air.

  “Put me down!!”, yelled a furious Katsuki. Uraraka was slightly offended.

  “Oh, uh, ok. Sorry about that. Release!” With a touch of her fingertips together, Katsuki dropped on to the ground. Quite ungracefully.

  “Tch, whatever.” And with that, Katsuki stalked off.

  What a weird person , Uraraka thought.


  “Huh. So today was the big day?”, Izuku asked. Even if he wasn’t trying to be the type of hero UA considered, he still would’ve liked to see the school.

  “Yes indeed,” said Kurogiri. “And you might be able to see it.”


  “Wait, what?! What are you talking about?!” Izuku asked, panicked.

  “We don’t want you taking any entrance exams but we do want you  to scope out the school. We are planning to infiltrate it in the next month and a layout of the school would be extremely helpful.”

  Izuku was going to UA. Not in the way he expected, but he still couldn’t believe it! And Kurogiri leaked out the most information Izuku could get out of this plan. Tomura mentioned it once and wouldn’t tell Izuku anything!

  “Hey, Deku,” Tomura stalked into the room.

  Izuku cringed. Tomura wouldn’t stop calling him that horrid nickname after he mentioned that was what Kacc-Katsuki used to call him. He was also trying to break the habit of calling Katsuki, Kacchan. It’s not like he cared about him anymore!

  “Kurogiri put me in charge of finding your clothes, so here they are.” Clothes coming from Tomura were enough of a warning, but combined with that sly grin, Izuku couldn’t imagine what kind of horror Tomura had picked out for him.

  Izuku took one glance at the clothes. It was pink. With rainbows. He would’ve dropped dead if he wasn’t in so much shock. At least his jeans were black.

  “You got me THIS to go to a UA entrance exam?! At least it would’ve looked like I had a job and was responsible if I wore my normal clothes, but THOSE. Those are embarrassing!”, Izuku practically yelled at Tomura. Sure, his usual attire is a bit weird. He was wearing a bar tender’s uniform. A black vest with a white under shirt all held together neatly by a tie. But rolling up in THAT?!

  “I recommend you change,” Kurogiri stated, “We have little time.”

  Izuku sighed.


  By the time Izuku made it to UA, he was winded. He didn’t run all the way, but the train station was a bit far away. Izuku looked up at the grand symbol. He didn’t know whether to be mad or excited. I mean, he wasn’t actually here to become a hero .

  Behind Izuku, a certain blonde boy wasn’t looking where he was going. Izuku was almost up the last of the steps when someone bumped into him, causing him to trip.

  “What the?! Watch where you’re going!”

  “I’m sorry, but you kinda bumped into me...”, Izuku’s voice left his throat. Air left his lungs.

  Kacchan .

  “What was that?!” growled Katsuki.

  “W-What? Oh! I’ll be off! Bye!” Izuku yelled as he ran into the nearest hallway.

  That kid kinda looked like him, Katsuki thought. Just my luck that stupid nerd would come to haunt me on the day of the entrance exams. And what was with that crappy outfit? Even a uniform would look better then that.

  Meanwhile, Izuku was wheezing from lack of air in the next hallway over.

  What was that?! Izuku thought. He was glad Kacchan didn’t recognize him. Tomura made sure he wore his black dyed hair over his eyes. It was the first time Izuku had seen Kacc-Katsuki in over a year. More importantly, though, what was that reaction?! It’s not like he’s scared of Katsuki! He can’t be if he wants to reach his goals! Still... that meeting shook him to the bones.

  Izuku slapped his face. He had a mission to do! And so Izuku started wandering the halls, notebook in hand. Drawing the layout, labeling classrooms and offices. A few times he was almost seen by pro heroes roaming the halls, before ducking into a different hallway.

  At this point, he was almost done. He was walking by the teacher’s lounge, making not e of how it wasn’t far from some of the classrooms. Then, the ever-so-awesome-not-so-famous Shouta Aizawa stepped out of the teachers lounge. Izuku was stupid enough not to see that the lounge was in use and hung around too long. He mentally cursed himself.

  “What are you doing here?” inquired a pretty ticked off Aizawa.

  “I’m uhhh.... here for the entrance exam!” stammered Izuku, fully aware that the presentation had started 10 minutes ago.

  “I had uhh... been looking for a bathroom... and got distracted! This place is so cool!”

  Something about this boy is suspicious , thought Aizawa. He subtly glanced at what the boy was writing and saw it was an almost complete floor plan of UA. Something’s not right .

  “Why are you writing a floor plan, kid?”

  “W-What? Oh, this?” asked Izuku, gesturing to his notebook. “I just wanted to describe to my mom all about UA because there’s not a lot of inside footage you know?” Izuku was so nervous. He knew this pro. Eraserhead was no fool. Izuku just had to hope he bought it.

  “What’s your quirk?” Aizawa figures he could look it up later and see if this kid was a trespasser. Every student that is taking on of the exams filled out a specific form, including their quirk.

  “My-my quirk? Oh! It’s this thing where I sweat and it’s nitroglycerin and I detonate it in my hands to make fireworks and explosions!”

  Izuku had panicked and started telling Eraserhead Katsuki’s quirk. Izuku had taken a lot of notes so he was able to explain the mechanics and make it sound believable. Luckily, he was holding his notebook so Eraserhead didn’t ask him to demonstrate it.

  He definitely looks like he could sweat enough to do that , thought Aizawa. The kid was sweating buckets.

  “Ok, I’ll walk you back then.” Aizawa said.

  “Great!” Izuku said with fake enthusiasm. This is just what he needed , he thought grumpily.

  The walk back was pretty silent. Izuku made sure to avert Eraserhead’s eyes, he was terrible at lying.

  “Here’s the room, don’t let me catch you again.” Eraserhead said.

  “Thanks so much!”, Izuku exclaimed, shoving aside how nervous he was of the pro. Well, it could’ve gone worse... .  With the door slamming shut, Izuku turned around to see an auditorium full of people staring at him.

  “I got lost. Don’t look at me. You-We are supposed to be heroes right? Don’t be distracted by me, pay attention.” Izuku snapped. Wow. It’s like a bit of Tomura came out of me there... I spend too much time around him.


  Katsuki looked at the kid as he slipped back out of the auditorium. He seemed so happy when he came in and left with such force. It was absolutely killing Katsuki that the boy’s smile was exactly like De- his . Even thinking the name was a hard no. Stupid nerd, ruining my future.

  Izuku couldn’t go back into UA with Eraserhead lurking around, so he jumped on the next train that would take him back to Kamino ward.

  None the less, Aizawa was true to his word. He went and looked up the “explosion” quirk.  Sure enough, the quirk had been entered... but the picture didn’t match. A kid name Bakugo Katsuki, a blonde, had this quirk. Something wasn’t right...


  Katsuki I surveyed the bunch of losers standing between him and UA. Nobody really stood out. Besides, they would all fall back into the shadows once Katsuki showed them how great he was. He would shine in these petty exams. It was just destroying a bunch of robots right?! Piece a cake!


  Katsuki clearly already knew that. He was out of the gate at once and far ahead of everybody else. He wore a terrifying smile. Time to show these losers exactly where they stand!

Chapter Text


  Katsuki was the first one out of the gate, using his mini explosions to fly high and get in the lead. The moment his feet hit the pavement, he was running.

  Now where would those villains be?

  The mock city was huge. They had real buildings as tall as skyscrapers. They were supposed to treat it this as an actual fight, but Katsuki knew everyone else would just treat it as an exam, himself included. After all, that’s what this is. An exam. He rounds the corner and comes face to face with a villain.

  “DIE!!!” Katsuki screamed. The explosion from his hands was enough to knock out the villain robot in one shot. 3 points. Whose next? The next 7 minuets were spent taking down “villains” one after another.


  I could probably get at least 10 more- a loud boom and crash startled Katsuki out of his thoughts. It was the zero-pointer. It was higher than the tallest buildings and was only half a kilometer away. Katsuki knew what he needed to do.


  The thing was worth nothing so it wasn’t worth his time. He started running away from the robot when he heard a cry of help.

  There was a girl trapped under some rocks. She couldn’t move and the robot was coming closer. Matsuri recognized the girl as the one who kept him from falling earlier this morning. There was also a scrawny figure with messy purple hair in the rubble. It looked like he was trying to help the girl, but he obviously couldn’t.

  The school wouldn’t actually hurt their students, would they? The kid that interrupted the presentation that morning came back to his mind. Even though they were mostly covered, Katsuki still got a good look at the kid’s eyes. They were as green as his . The phantom Deku had haunted his mind all morning. Deku would run straight in and help them even with his worthless quirkless body.

  The moment Katsuki thought that, the decision had been made. And he was furious. That stupid nerd was still challenging him. Katsuki started running over to the villain.

  Shinso and Uraraka looked over their shoulder as a very angry blonde boy came at the villain, explosions propelling him through the air. Katsuki yelled, “DANG IT DEKUUUUU!!!!”

  He’s the kid I caught earlier this morning! He’s a hero!

  Who’s Deku? Why does he have to get such a flashy quirk and get to be the hero?

  Thousands of thoughts were swirling around Shinso and Uraraka’s heads as they watched Katsuki leap up to the villain. Katsuki was determined to at least do some damage to the zero-pointer, even if he couldn’t totally take it down. Katsuki climbed up to the shoulder of the robot and started to use his explosions to blow the exterior. He finally got through to some wires and started blowing those up too. The robot started to malfunction due to Katsuki blowing up his wires.

  “Oh my gosh!” a panicked voice yelled.

  Katsuki looked down toward the ground, realizing his mistake. Round face and Bed Head were still down below the robot. In a desperate attempt to save the two, Katsuki jumped off the robot. It was a long way down, but he took the chance, using explosions to cushion his fall. Round face was still stuck under the ruble Bed-Head was so desperately trying to lift.

  Katsuki put a hand under the biggest rock and set off an explosion. The rock blew into thousands of pieces, immediately freeing Round face’s leg. After being under pressure so long, it seemed like she couldn’t walk on it. Bed-head then stepped in and started carrying her to the nearest building.

  It seemed like most the villains had been wiped out at this point. Katsuki tried to run down a couple of streets looking for more possible points. If he was fast, he’d be able to maybe score a couple more-


  And with that, Katsuki’s hero course exam for UA was over.


  Shinso was carrying Uraraka to the nearest building in order to get her out of danger. He was seriously mad he had to get that stupid show-off’s help when she was trapped, but at least he got the job done. Shinso wasn’t particularly weak, but carrying Uraraka all the way to the nearest intact building was tiring him out.

  That explosion boy was able to destroy the rock and the robot in almost a minute. He’s so lucky. Shinso frowned at that last thought.

  After what seemed like an eternity, Shinso and Uraraka arrived at the nearest building. His plan was to drop Uraraka and run to get mote points. He was able to destroy a couple of 3-pointers earlier, but that was about it. If I’m fast I might be able to find a couple more -


  And with that, Shinso’s hero course exam for UA was over.


  This is pathetic . Uraraka was honestly really grateful for the two heroic boys, she would’ve been crushed without them! But she should at least be able to walk on her own. Poor Shinso was having to carry her  and he is seeming to get more and more tired with each passing second. Stupid rock .

  She’s taken plenty lessons from her dad about falling debris. He worked at a construction site after all. Always cover your head, try to dodge to either side, never look at the falling debris . But in that moment, she forgot it all.

  Soon enough, Uraraka and Shinso was at the nearest building. Shinso goes to bolt out, probably going for more points, and leaving her on the floor. If only she’d been a bit faster than maybe she could’ve scored a couple more-


  And with that, Uraraka’s hero course entrence exam for UA was over.


  Izuku’s train ride back to Kamino was unnerving. He thought about what Eraserhead had said about looking up “his” quirk. He knew Eraserhead would find Kac-Katsuki’s name with that description of a quirk. What would he tell Tomura? Should he even bring it up? He didn’t want them to think he failed his very first mission.

  The train came to a screeching halt, the overhead panel displaying he was in Kamino ward. He stepped off the train and started heading back to the bar. He checked his phone to make sure he was going the right way. Izuku had only been out if the bar a couple times in the last year, and that had been with Tomura. Izuku then remembered that Tomura had never let him out the address in his phone, for if he was found or his phone dropped and someone found it, the hideout would remain hidden.

  This wasn’t good. For Izuku and his stress levels. Izuku knew the bar was only a 10 minute walk from the train station, but he started panicking. Am I going the right way? Was that the wrong turn? Was I supposed to go right not left? Cussing more panic, a dark shadow looked over Izuku.

  “Well, well, well. A kid like you shouldn’t be just walking around here. How ‘bout you just hand over your valuables and be a good boy! No harm done!”

  Izuku turned around to see and thin and not very intimidating lady. She wore her purple black hair in a high but lazy ponytail. Her equally as black shirt said    “ うさぎ” . Her jeans were ripped and she honestly looked like she could use a shower.

  Come on! This is why you trained in combat. You can take her on even without a quirk!

  “I’ll take your silence as a challenge then. Well, it’s your fault kid. Never say I didn’t tell you so.”

  With that she lunges at Izuku. Izuku barely managed to dodge. This lady is a lot better than she looks. The lady had the speed and agility of a rabbit, but Izuku has a year and a half of combat training.

  After dodging her first attack, she went in for another, lower to the ground. Izuku quickly stepped out of the way and pivoted, grabbing the lady’s wrist in the process. He mustered all of his strength and threw her against the wall so hard a bit of blood dribbled out of her mouth. The impact was hard, Izuku knew that, but he made sure it wasn’t hard enough to kill her. He didn’t want any blood on his hands.

  Izuku then made the fatal mistake of turning around just for a second. The lady kicked off the wall and activated her quirk. If Izuku hadn’t been so scared for his life, he would’ve called it beautiful. Out of the small of the lady’s back an almost fiery wing sprouted out, flickering like a candle in the wind. It didn’t seem like a normal wing, for she did not fly with it, but used it for attack.

  Izuku managed to dodge the first swipe of the fire wing, but couldn’t the second. It was Izuku’s turn to be slammed into the ally’s wall. The lady hardened the fire wing, causing it to turn a crimson red, and shot tiny crystals out of it. The crystals were faster and more accurate than any quirks Izuku had seen. The crystals sliced deep cuts along Izuku’s arms and legs. Bleeding heavily, Izuku slumped to the ground, unable to move due to the intense pain.

  “Ya know? It’s really a shame. I wasn’t planning on killing anyone today, but I guess it just happens sometimes. Nice knowing ya, kid.”

  Before the fire wing could launch its fatal attack, the woman screamed in pain. Izuku watched as Tomura’s hand started to disintegrate the her shoulder. Tomura has the full intent of killing the women but she managed to slice him with her quirk. She ran off but Izuku knew she wouldn’t last long. Her while shoulder blade was open, gushing blood.

  “Do I always have to come and save your sorry butt?”

  Izuku looked up at Tomura’s annoyed face. He had come at the right time, Izuku was sitting in a pool of his own blood. Tomura texted Kurogiri that he’d found Deku and they needed transport back. Truth was, Tomura had came out looking for Deku because he was worried. He knew how easily the kid could get lost and knew Deku’s train should’ve came in  by then. Not that Tomura would ever admit that though.

  The purple mist appearing around them told Izuku and Tomura that Kurogiri was here. The soft purple clouds were the last thing Izuku remembered before slipping into unconsciousness.