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Bless this Mess

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Chapter 4.

Dean had about made himself sick with all his stalling in the liquor store aisles, as if an accomplished alcoholic like himself really needed to think about what alcohol he wanted, so he finally checked out and headed back to Baby.

Cas wasn’t there. Dean’s heart seized up as he started berating himself for thinking he might deserve another moment with Cas, even a painful one. Cas was human now, so he could see through Dean’s shit now. He knew other, better people now. He was a better man after two months than Dean had been with decades of practice, and even if he wanted an apology, he wasn’t about to wait around for Dean to grow up and give him one. Dean looked down at his two six-packs and found the dosage vastly inadequate for the new circumstances he found himself in. The circumstances of being reminded what an idiot he was.

He was perched on the curb and near the bottom of a bottle within moments, in one fluid movement. But as he went to crack open his second bottle with his ring, he saw a dress shoe and some cheap Chinos just behind the far front wheel of the Impala.

“Cas!” Of course, his real idiocy had been to accept Cas’s absence without a moment’s worry about his safety. Hadn’t they just now hunted an Angel-o-Matic 3000 and discussed how every freakin’ member of heaven’s baseball team wanted Cas’s ass?

But he couldn’t find a wound as he pawed at his friend’s tacky clothes and the uniform he’d illogically put back on at the end of his night of babysitting, in true Cas fashion. Cas was staring sightlessly but he was breathing, rapidly. “Cas, talk to me, dammit, what is this? A spell?”

He kept scanning his surroundings but found no enemies or any clue of what had happened. “Cas, hold on. Hold on, I’ve got you.” The former angels limbs were stiff in places and yielding in others, and it was a bitch a to fold him into the passenger seat. Dean peeled out of the parking lot and high tailed it to the hotel with an eye on the road, an eye out for anyone tailing them, and about ten eyes on Cas.

“Just hold on, buddy, we’ve got this,” Dean swallowed, thinking he was about as far from “having this” as he’d ever been.