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We're Human Too

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The memories that had come back to Shigaraki were… confusing. Some of them were just sadness, and anger, and fear.. But the ones that stuck out the most to him were feelings of warmth, having a tenderness that wasn’t familiar to him. (At least, it used to be unfamiliar to him. He’s been feeling different things ever since he got closer with the League.)

But did it really matter? In the end, he killed his family. He murdered every single one of them. It didn’t feel like a real tragedy though. Maybe as Tenko Shimura he had felt guilt, but Tenko Shimura was dead now and Tomura Shigaraki had risen from his ashes. He didn’t feel any guilt for killing his family now. (Well, maybe his dog. Definitely his dog. That was different though. It was impossible to hate a dog. Anyone who hated dogs were true monsters and he would strike them down.)

His family is gone now, just worthless memories. He had said it himself, he didn't need any of it. And if he said that then it had to be true.

If he didn’t feel guilt for what he did, did that make him a monster? Maybe. 

He had killed so many people that it didn’t even faze him anymore. It felt like killing a random NPC in a video game. They didn’t matter, what did they contribute to the story? Nothing. Just annoying things that were in the way of progress.

And besides, society saw every villain as a monster. They didn’t see a person, didn’t care about their reasons. It was just another criminal to put behind bars. Everyone in the League—or the Paranormal Liberation Front now—were monsters. 

And they were all okay with that.

Shigaraki wouldn’t deny the fact that he was a monster. He had become a monster as soon as he had first unleashed his Quirk. He didn’t care what people thought he was, he just wanted them to fear him. If they weren’t scared, then he would show them why they should be by destroying everything. That was his purpose, his goal after all. After that, he wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do. He knew that his allies would still be by his side. At least he hoped they would be.

If they did want to go off somewhere on their own, he wasn’t going to stop them. They could make their own choices. But if they did leave, he would miss them. He’d grown rather fond of them over time… it almost made him feel whole again. 


Maybe if he gave it more time then he would be whole. 

In four months, he’s destroying everything. He may not have enough time to make himself whole. He didn't tell the others but if he used his Quirk too much like in Deika then it started to hurt him too. He might be gone too when everything else goes.

If that's the case then maybe it would be okay. His purpose would be done by then.

He cleared the thought from his mind and started walking through the halls of the PLF’s base. The building was big and Spinner and Twice had said they were going to get lost in it, which he didn’t doubt. But Shigaraki had memorized the layout quickly. He was good at remembering things. Hana had been good at remembering things too.

His feet took him to a room that was reserved for former League members only. Liberation Army members were practically banned from it. If any tried to come in uninvited then they may not come out.

Everything seemed fairly normal when he walked in. Wait no, scratch that. When he took a closer look he could see things were different.

Twice was putting makeup on one side of Toga’s face where Spinner did the other side. She looked terrifying. He wasn’t sure if this was some sort of contest or not. If it was they were both losing. Magne would be able to fix it. He missed Magne sometimes. He also missed Kurogiri. Dabi watched them apply the makeup, his face having an expression which Shigaraki could only guess was horror. Compress also seemed as confused as Shigaraki was. His mask was off, but he still wore the balaclava still covering his face. Shigaraki had never seen him without it. That was fine, he would show them his face when he felt like it.

Spinner paused what he was doing and glanced over when he heard Shigaraki come in. “Oh hey Shigaraki,” he said casually as if this were completely normal. “What’s up?” Toga raised one hand and waved at him, smiling. She looked like a rejected circus clown. 

Dabi blinked. “Look who showed up to the party.”

“Should I even ask?”

Compress sighed. “Well they have a bet on who can put makeup on better when neither of them have ever even tried applying makeup before,” he explained. 

“Ah. Makes sense,” Shigaraki said, nodding his head and going along with it. 

Twice gave a thumbs up. “Yeah, of course it does!” He agreed before seeming to change his mind. “Wait no it doesn’t! Why are we even doing this again?”

“Because we thought it would be fun, remember?” Toga sighed, nudging him. “Now you guys gotta put more makeup on me!” She said, clapping her hands to emphasize her words. They both got back to work pretty fast, perhaps in fear of being stabbed if they didn't. No, Toga wouldn't do that over makeup. Maybe. She could be a wild card at times.

Shigaraki almost smiled, but he covered it up. Then again, what was the point of hiding it? He didn’t need to hide himself from them. So, he smiled. It was small and maybe not very noticeable if they didn’t know him that well. But they did, and they could see his smile.

Behind the scenes, the villains didn’t seem like such monsters. They were people too, just like everyone else.

Nothing would ever change that or take that away from them.

No matter what people called them, what they thought of them, they would always still just be human. 

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Earlier that day Toga had asked a question that had gotten Spinner thinking.

“What if we could go back in time?”

It was a stupid question for sure and he hadn’t given an answer, but he still thought about it. There was probably someone with a Quirk like that in the world. But what would he do if he could go back in time like Toga suggested? Would there be anything he would change? How far back would he even want to go?

The question made him think about everything that had happened in his life, the events leading up to him being a lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Honestly, it’s more than he thought he would ever accomplish in his life.

Everything had started with him just watching TV like he always did, flipping through the channels aimlessly. Nothing was on that interested him. Until he had come across Stain.

Stain was changing the world, making it better in a way that people just couldn’t understand. He was tearing down the fakes in hero society, leaving room for only the real heroes. It was unlike anything anything Spinner had ever seen.

And it just made sense to him.

Why should fake heroes earn praise? Why should they be rewarded if fame and money are the only things they cared about? They had to be torn down from the pedestals and be shown the harsh truth. 

That’s what had inspired Spinner and from that day forward, he had made it his goal to carry on Stain’s work and fulfill his wishes. He wasn’t the only one interested in doing so either. He knew Dabi had been inspired, and Toga too… in a way. He supposed that it still counted. 

After he had heard Stain’s message, he got to work. Soon after, he had been recruited into the League. At first, he had been unsure of Shigaraki. The man was… strange, to say the least. (The hands kind of creeped him out at first, but then he had found out the purpose of them.) When All For One was put behind bars, Shigaraki had started to grow. He became more mature. Despite that, Spinner had still been skeptical of him. They weren’t fulfilling Stain’s message. Why was he even still with them if they weren’t doing what he knew he had to do?

He’d gotten mad to the point of confronting Shigaraki about it. His opinion hadn’t wavered until they had met Ujiko and Shigaraki had opened up about his past. That was when things started to change. Shigaraki’s motivation and dream was interesting, and Spinner was determined that it came true. He wanted to see how this story would end. 

Then the fight with the Liberation Army had happened.

A fight to get Giran back.

Sure they had almost died (Spinner thought that they would), but in the end they had emerged bloody and bruised but most importantly, victorious

He had watched Shigaraki destroy an entire city, liberating himself from everything. Spinner knew at that point he would lay down his life for him, no matter what. All of them would.

Now here he was with the rest of the people who formerly called themselves the League of Villains. All of them just eating sushi, Compress’ only wish coming true. Spinner also ate Dabi’s sushi because someone had to. The whole thing reminded him of the scene from The Avengers where they all ate shawarma because yes, his days by himself doing nothing consisted of watching lots of movies.

But now his thoughts brought him back to the question Toga had asked, the reason he had started thinking about all of this.

“What if we could go back in time?”

He would never go back in time, he didn’t have a reason to. But if he somehow did end up in the past, then he knew he wouldn’t change a single thing. 

There had been some close calls in the past, but they pulled through and now here they were, better and stronger than ever. He was content with that and there wasn't a reason for him to want to go back and maybe mess things up.

Things were fine right now and there was no way he would ever change that.

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Dabi isn’t an idiot. He knows that Hawks isn’t who he says he is. He knows Hawks isn’t really going to become a villain. He’s too nice. He cares about the safety of citizens too much. He’s too much of a hero. So, why hasn’t he killed him yet? He doesn’t know yet.

It shouldn’t surprise him or upset him this much. He had seen it coming from a mile away. Still though, a part of himself still trusted Hawks even when he knew he shouldn’t. He was just a spy trying to get information.

Maybe he should try and get information too.

That’s what he did.

He dug up some things on Hawks, things that the hero probably thought he had hidden. He hadn’t hidden them well enough.

The next time they meet up Hawks was acting like he always did. Carefree, happy, smiling. The smile didn’t match the look in his eyes. It never did. Dabi could always recognize a fake smile. Every time he saw Hawks smile it was fake. He never asked about it though. Hawks probably wouldn't tell him about it, waving the question aside and changing the topic. He did that a lot too.

They were both sitting on the rooftop of the PLF’s base, staring out across the horizon with their legs dangling over the edge.

“So why exactly did you want to talk here of all places? You planning to throw me off the roof?” Hawks joked and glanced over at him. 

“No. You’d just fly away.” 

“True. Seriously though, what do you want?”

He looked over at Hawks, his eyes glinting. “What do you want, Keigo ?” He asked and he watched Hawks’ eyes widen and his breath hitched. He smirked. “You really thought you were the only one digging around for information, Little Bird?” 

Hawks’ face was priceless. His eyes were wide and he looked like he’d just been shot. Dabi thought that he might’ve also looked scared. He regained his composure though and glared at Dabi. “I guess I should’ve known you’d do some digging, Touya.” He said, his voice even.

It was Dabi’s turn to be surprised. 

“Yeah, I know who you are,” Hawks said casually, looking at the horizon again. “And now it looks like you know who I am. So, we’re even.”

No. No they are not even. That doesn’t make up for the fact that Hawks is a spy, that Hawks is always lying with a smile on his face. He’s just using Dabi. Then again, Dabi was also just using him too. They were both using each other.

Does that make it okay?

Probably not. But that’s just the way things were. He supposed it would always be like that. Maybe in another life things were different, if that whole parallel universe theory scientists had was true. Who knows how many versions of himself existed out there? It didn’t matter. He lived in his universe, not theirs.

Neither of them said anything. Dabi was upset that Hawks knew his real identity now, but Hawks was probably feeling the same way he was. That still didn’t make them even though.

“Alright, I’ve gotta head out,” Hawks said after the long silence that had lasted between them. “I’ll be back later to give a report to you and all the others,” he added, standing up and stretching his wings out. Dabi also got to his feet.

“You better,” he said, a low warning to his voice. Hawks noticed it, narrowing his eyes but didn’t say anything. He then flew away, leaving Dabi alone.

Hawks was a spy. He knew too much about the Paranormal Liberation Front. His name was Keigo Takami. He knew that Dabi was Touya Todoroki. That was too long of a list for Dabi's liking.

He’ll let him believe that he has the upper hand for a little longer, let him continue to lie thinking he was smart. Then the hero would be in for a rude awakening. Dabi was fine with that. He’d be a hero who flew too close to the sun.

It was funny, almost. He reminded Dabi of Icarus. At the end of the story, Icarus died.

Would Hawks die too? Probably. He doesn't care too much. If Hawks dies then that'll be his own fault, it won't be Dabi's problem. In fact, it'll just be the death of another hero. That doesn't affect him, it actually is just better for him and the PLF. If Hawks dies, it's a win.

But that's just another lie.


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Toga liked taking walks during the night. It was dark and quiet and she was usually left alone. During the night, her senses felt heightened in a way. She could hear the sounds from all the creatures in the night, practically smell their blood. The night was what made her feel alive.

The night air was crisp and she was wearing her new coat to block out the chilly December air. She was actually glad that the League had merged with the Liberation Army because that meant she had enough money for every cute outfit she could ever think of buying. It was also a plus that her and Twice could annoy Skeptic however much they wanted to without any consequences.

Still though, she had gotten used to just being with the League so being around all of the Liberation Army members could get overwhelming.

Which is why she liked to come out here.

Toga could hear all the sounds of the forest. The hoot of an owl, small paws scurrying across the forest floor followed by the sound of a twig snapping, and the flapping of wings. Her golden eyes held the look of a cat waiting to pounce on its prey as she listened.

Her golden eyes held the look of a cat waiting to pounce on its prey as she listened. She wanted to find one of the animals and sink her fangs into it so she could taste its delicious blood. She loved the feeling of the warm blood filling her mouth and the coppery taste hitting her tongue. It filled her with a feeling that she could only describe as euphoria. 

Her parents had never liked her Quirk. They always called her a freak when she was little. Maybe if they had been different and hadn’t tried to suppress who she was things would’ve been different. Then again, Toga didn’t want things to be different. She was living a normal life. Her best life.

So screw her parents. They were just some meanies who didn’t understand.

Only the League understood. 

Thinking about her parents made her sad though because she remembered all the things they had said to her, all the things they had called her. It didn’t matter anymore, that’s what she kept telling herself.

She was free now. 

Toga heard something plop onto the ground. She turned her head, seeing it was a bird that had fallen out of its nest. She smiled and walked over to it, her eyes gleaming in the pale moonlight as she gently picked it up. Maybe the small thing thought it was being rescued. It was wrong. 

Instead, she lifted it to her mouth, and took a bite.

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Eating sushi was the best way to celebrate victory over a large villain group that had previously tried to kill all of them.

Everyone in the League was devouring sushi. It was the first actual meal they had eaten in months. The other times they had gotten food it was really just small scraps. Sometimes there wasn’t even enough to split between the six of them. But now that they basically controlled the Liberation Army, they had enough money for all the food they could possibly dream of.

Dabi and Shigaraki didn’t eat sushi though. Dabi walked off saying he’d get something else and Shigaraki had demanded that the Liberation Army get him some ohagi. Toga hadn’t expected him to have a sweet tooth.

Or maybe she did.

It was hard to tell if he would have one or not.

The important thing was that they had all made it out alive and well. They had managed to save Giran, make Gigantomachia submit to Shigaraki, and take over the Liberation Army. And now they could all hope that their good luck would continue as they pursued Shigaraki’s goal to destroy everything.

“Hey Spinner can I have some of your sushi?” Toga asked.

“Hell no,” was his response.

That was fair.

They all continued to eat their food, chatting among themselves. Twice had gotten up to find Giran so he could bring some food to him too, even though both of his arms were broken so he begrudgingly had to get the help of a Liberation Army member. It was nice of him to bring Giran food. He did nice things like that all the time.

Shigaraki remembered his surprise when he saw all the Twice clones flooding through the battle. Before that he had started giving up but seeing all of them come to the rescue restored his will to fight. It had felt good when he tore that city down and stood over Re-Destro, claiming victory. He had defeated the final boss.

And now that he had leveled up, they could start making bigger plans.

He smiled to himself as he thought about it. Step by step, he got closer to taking down Hero Society and everything else he hated in the world.

Whatever battle happened next, they would win it.

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Dabi was exploring the new base with Twice. He wasn’t exactly sure why he was doing it with Twice of all people but he was. He could just say he was over exploring and leave but for some reason he didn’t feel like doing that. It was weird, he actually wanted to hang out with Twice. Usually he thought of him and the rest of the League as annoying and tried to get away from them. Maybe he was going crazy. 

“Wow, there’s so many rooms in here!” Twice exclaimed, waving his arms around wildly. “This place is so big I think I’m gonna get lost!” He said and then turned to Dabi. “Even if it this place is huge we’re gonna be fine because I’ve got a great sense of direction,” he claimed, pointing to himself.

“Sure you do,” Dabi chuckled they continued walking. They poked their heads in and out of rooms. One of them turned out to be some sort of control room and Skeptic hollered at them to leave, to which Twice hollered back at him. It went on for about three minutes before Dabi eventually pulled him away and they continued their adventure through the headquarters.

“Man, I hate that guy… he’s the worst!” Twice grumbled. Dabi nodded.

“I don’t like him either,” Dabi told him. “But it seems like we’ve gotta keep him around for now, that’s what Shigaraki said.”

Twice crossed his arms and let out a huff of breath. “Yeah, you’re right…” he admitted. “Who cares about what Shigaraki said?” Dabi rolled his eyes a little.  He was still the same.

He glanced over at Dabi. “Hey, how’re your burns? You’ve been taking care of them?”

He was a little surprised by that. No one had ever asked about his burns before. They’d always assume that they were fine, even though they weren’t. His burns hurt like hell when he got them and the staples holding his skin together weren’t too comfortable either. But no one had ever asked. “You’re the one who got both of your arms broken,” Dabi pointed out. 

“True,” he said, tilting his head to the side. “But they feel great now though! They still hurt and it’s kind of bothering me!” He exclaimed and then turned back to Dabi. “Seriously though, are your burns okay?”

This was way different than what he was used to. Why did Twice care so much about it? No one had ever cared before. Now that he thought about it, Twice did seem to look out for him a lot. But he looked out for everyone in the League, so why did this feel different? It felt familiar too.

This was confusing.

“I’m fine,” Dabi told him. Despite the mask over his face, he looked doubtful.

“You better take care of yourself,” he said. And then Dabi finally got it. The way Twice always looked after him was the same way a brother looked after his siblings. That’s why it was so familiar.

Except, this time… was he the younger brother? That’s why it felt weird. He was always used to being the brother one. He was used to looking after his siblings, but he never had anyone looking after him. It was definitely going to take some getting used to, that was for sure. Maybe it would be a nice change. He hoped it would be.

“I’ll take care of myself,” he said, finally answering Twice. “Don’t worry about me.”

“Eh, I’ll always worry. If you’re so sure you can take care of yourself, then okay.

If he was telling the truth, Dabi didn’t really mind Twice worrying about him. Not at all.

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“This person is apparently our grandma! She was a hero!”

“I’ll always be cheering you on, Tenko!”

“Let’s keep it a secret from Dad and become hero siblings!”


Shigaraki woke up with a start. He’d been having the same dream ever since he’d unlocked the rest of his memories. He didn’t know why. It was really pissing him off.

It wasn’t a dream, more like a mash-up of all his weird memories. His mom was there sometimes, along with his grandparents. His dog—Mon-Chan—would show up a lot too. But his sister Hana was always there. 




He didn’t want to keep having this happen every time he tried to sleep. He didn’t care about any of that anymore. They didn’t matter. They were dead. Tenko Shimura was dead. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? He wanted them to leave him alone. All of those things didn’t matter anymore. He didn’t need them!

Shigaraki sighed, sitting up and scratching at his face a little. It was a bad habit, he knew, but he had noticed he hadn’t been doing it as much recently. He supposed that was a good sign. A sign for what, he wasn’t exactly sure. He didn't really care.

What time was it? He took a glance at the window. Even though the curtains were closed, he could see it was still dark outside. He guessed that it was maybe midnight or a little later than that. It didn’t really matter. He probably wasn’t going to be falling asleep again anytime soon. That didn’t bother him that much though. He didn’t want to fall back asleep. He felt too awake now.

Wincing, he pushed himself off of his bed and his feet connected with the ground as he stood up. His injuries from the battle with the MLA were still hurting, although not as much as before.

The pain was another thing that didn’t matter. Shigaraki wasn’t going to let something as small as that stop him for getting to his goal. He wasn’t weak.

He couldn’t afford to be weak. Something like that would only slow him down.

Shigaraki let out a small sigh, opening the curtains. The sky was pitch black and the moon was a thin crescent, hanging above the world with an army of stars surrounding it. If he listened closely he could hear crickets coming from the trees, filling the area with life and he frowned. This was part of what he was going to destroy.

Heroes would try to stop him. They always did.

Well screw them. He’d kill every single last one. Heroes were nothing to him, not anymore.

There may have been a time where he wanted to be one, but that time had passed, and it had passed a lifetime ago. 

Heroes had been too late to save him.

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“Why are you wearing my mask?”

Compress stared at Twice, who was indeed wearing one of his various masks instead of his usual Deadpool looking one. When he looked around the room, he could see that there were other changes as well. Toga was wearing Spinner’s scarf along with his mask while Spinner had his hair tied back. And… was Dabi wearing Shigaraki’s hand? Knowing him, he probably stole it.

“Well we’re swapping roles for the day!” Twice announced cheerfully. “Magic!” He then proceeded to throw a card at Compress’ face. It was an ace.

Compress stared at him blankly. “...Why?” He finally asked.

“Because it’s fun!” Toga grinned, nudging Spinner. “Right?” She giggled.

“Sure,” he said, notably less enthusiastically than her. He didn’t seem entirely against the idea of swapping roles though.

Sighing, he rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Let me guess, this was Toga’s idea,” Compress deadpanned and she nodded.


He sighed once more. 

“Alright… Dabi, how did you manage to get one of Shigaraki’s hands?” He asked. 

The man rolled his eyes, looking away. At least Compress thought he had rolled his eyes. It was hard to tell with the hand covering his face. “The details aren’t important,” he started. “But if you really wanna know then yes, I did steal it. I sneaked into his room while he was asleep and since he hasn’t come in here yet trying to kill me, I’m guessing that he’s still asleep.”

Children, he worked with literal children. “When he does wake up he won’t be happy.”

Dabi smirked. “Oh, I know.”

“He’ll probably threaten to kill you.”

“If I die then it’ll be worth it,” he said solemnly. 

Twice looked over at him. “Want me to put it on your tombstone?” He asked.

Dabi thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, why not?”

He gave him a thumbs up. “Leave it to me then! Eh, maybe someone like Spinner could do it.

Spinner then turned to look at him. “What? Why me? Why not Toga?” He asked, crossing his arms and raising his brow. “I don’t want to put anything on anyone’s tombstone.”

“Thanks, I appreciate how much you care,” Dabi told him sarcastically.

Twice then tossed his own mask at Compress’ face, who caught it before it dropped to the floor. He looked down at it blankly. “No,” he said.

“You gotta wear it though!” Toga whined, stamping her foot onto the ground. 

He wrinkled his face. “It smells disgusting.”

“That would be my blood, sweat, and tears! Mostly tears. Don’t worry, it’s clean,” he reassured. His words did not make Compress feel better about wearing the mask but after lots of pestering from Twice and Toga he slipped it on over his head.

“Happy?” He grumbled.

“Yay! We’re all swapped!” She cheered.

That was when Shigaraki walked into the room, still bleary-eyed with sleep. “Alright, which one of you took it?” He growled, rubbing his eyes. “And don’t play dumb,” he growled. “You know what I’m talking about,” he said and then blinked, able to make out everything clearly now. He settled his gaze on Dabi. 

Dabi blinked. 

“Do you think it’s funny?” Shigaraki asked.

“Do you think I’m laughing?” He responded, completely serious.

He narrowed his eyes, not amused. “Give it back.”

“No can do boss,” he said and shook his head. “It’s role swap day. You’re me now. Have fun.”

Shigaraki didn’t say anything for a few seconds, letting out an exasperated sigh. “What do you mean it’s role swap day?” He asked.

Compress explained everything this time, clearly not happy with how things were going at all. This was one of the days that made him question how he had ended up with all of them in the first place.

“...This is so stupid,” Shigaraki sighed.

Toga grinned. “Does that mean you’ll go along with it?”


Chapter Text

Sometimes there were days where Shigaraki wondered if his comrades would ever leave him behind. He wondered if they would abandon him without a second thought. When he had those thoughts they were his bad days.

He wished that he didn’t have them, but they still came knocking on the door of his mind anyways. It could get annoying.

But then he always reminded himself of everything they had been through together, everything they had accomplished and then it was enough to convince him that they wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. 

Whenever he reminded himself of that it was enough to put his mind at ease. He knew they would be sticking around.

He knew that he wasn’t alone.

He had friends.

No, that wasn’t right. That wasn’t the word he was looking forward, it wasn’t the word that felt right.

Even if he wouldn’t ever say it out loud to all of them, Shigaraki had a family.

The thought was enough to put a small smile on his face.

Chapter Text

“Shigaraki, don’t do this.”

There was a pleading look on Spinner’s face as he stared at his leader, begging him to rethink his decision. “You can’t really want to do this, can you? Think about everything we’ve all been through together!”

Toga nodded, her head moving rapidly. “Yeah Tomura, you can’t do this! Please!” She whined, looking at Shigaraki nervously.

He blinked and narrowed his eyes and simply smiled at all of them. “Sorry guys, but you know I have to. It’s the only way I can win this thing and if that means getting rid of you pawns, then that’s fine by me.”

Twice looked shocked as he stared at their leader. “No! Aren’t all of us friends? Shigaraki, you bastard! How could you?!” He cried out angrily, bawling his hands into fists.

The only one who still had a neutral expression on his face was Dabi. He seemed to have been expecting this from the very start of the game they had all been playing. “Well would you look at that,” he said. “I knew that there wasn’t a single caring bone in your body, you freak.”

“Look who’s talking,” Shigaraki growled, staring at him coldly.

“So… that’s it then…” Compress said quietly. “The show’s over, curtains closed.”

Shigaraki grinned again. “Yup. Game over,” he said.

Everyone in the League watched as he made his move, already accepting the fate they were being given. There was no way out of it and even if there were, it was too late. It was game over for all of them except Shigaraki.

He placed his card down silently, only speaking once it was on the table.


“Damn it!” Spinner hollered, throwing the rest of his cards onto the ground with frustration.

“I was so close,” Toga sighed, looking at the two cards she had left. Twice stared down at his ten cards since he Spinner kept giving him draw two cards.

“Well that’s that,” Compress said, setting his cards down. “At least we tried.”

“You barely tried at all,” Dabi stated.

He glanced over at him. “Hey, I managed to keep my cards under the number five the whole time, unlike you.”

“You got me there.”

Twice pumped a fist into the air. “Okay let’s play again! This time I’m gonna win! I’m probably gonna lose but who cares?

Alright , Shigaraki thought. New game it is .

Chapter Text

Because of that annoying recurring dream Shigaraki kept having with all of his memories, it made him think. It made him think a lot, which annoyed the hell out of him. Why did his brain insist on giving him that memory mixed dream over and over again? What was it trying to tell him?

He had been trying to ignore it, but clearly that hadn’t been working out so far.

One that had been plaguing his mind for a few days now was a question he never thought he would really have to ask himself. 

Was it too late for them to be saved?

And by them, he meant all of his comrades. Spinner, Dabi, Toga, Twice, Mr. Compress… all of them. But did they want to be saved? He wasn’t sure. It wasn’t like he had ever asked them. After all, it didn’t really come up in conversation much, let alone very easily. He didn’t plan on asking them soon anyways. It would be weird.

But as he thought about it all for perhaps the one hundredth time, he came to a conclusion. After everything he had done, after everything all of them had done, no one would even think about saving them. When a hero looked at a villain, all they could see was another person to put behind bars.

That was fine by Shigaraki. He didn’t care. He’d kill anyone who tried to stop him. It didn't matter who it was, all heroes were the same and that was a fact.

Somewhere deep down, there might’ve been a small part of him that wanted to be saved and if did indeed truly exist, then it didn’t matter. No one would save him. He wasn’t looking to change his ways and turn over a new leaf. He just wasn't that kind of a guy, he didn't think any of his comrades were.

And being saved might mean leaving all of them behind. He didn't want that and wouldn't let it happen.

Besides, even if he did want to be saved... was too late for him anyways.


Chapter Text

“I don’t like this place,” Toga groaned, laying upside down with her feet dangling over the cushions. This was her latest complaint about the new base that the newly name Paranormal Liberation Front resided in.

Compress glanced over at her. “Why not?” He asked her. “It has everything we need and everything we don’t have is provided to us in less than a second. What’s not to like about it?” What he said was true. They could ask for anything and the pawns of the Liberation Army would bring it to them immediately. It was a win in his book.

“It doesn’t feel like home,” she said, letting out an exasperated sigh. “Like, it just isn’t cozy and nice like a home should be.”

Twice nodded, putting a hand to his chin.. “Hey, yeah! You’re right!” He exclaimed. “Nah, this place is great!

Dabi rolled his eyes, a hint of annoyance on his face. “Why do you even care so much about it? This is what we’re stuck with, so deal with it,” he stated, his ocean eyes looking steely. He wasn’t wrong and he did have a point. Toga wasn’t hearing it though.

“Let’s decorate the place and stuff!” She suggested, clapping her hands together as she said the idea.

Spinner and Shigaraki, who were both on the other side of the room, looked hesitant.

“This… seems like a really bad idea,” Spinner said slowly.

Shigaraki blinked. “Do whatever you want,” he sighed. “Besides, even if I did say no she would probably still do it anyway.”

“Good point,” Spinner said, nodding a bit.

It was settled then.

Toga and Twice dragged their comrades to Skeptic (much to his annoyance) and Toga made a long list of everything she needed, which he begrudgingly managed to get together and hand over after a few hours. She had been ecstatic.

The redecorating process had immediately begun.

In the area that the League had dubbed the lounge, their hangout area, Toga replaced the cushions on the couch with pillows that she called “cuter” and they were all blood red and rosy pink. No one really minded the red cushions but there had been a few protests about the pink. Toga decided to move the pink cushions to her own room.

Spinner and Shigaraki had gotten a gaming system for the TV, along with an entirely new TV that was much bigger and better than the one that had been in the room before.

Everyone had gotten something they wanted and they had also completely redone all of their rooms. It had been more fun than they’d originally thought it would be.

By the end of the day, their new base truly felt more like home.

Chapter Text

Twice had ended up winning the second game of Uno the League had played together, which had surprised him but he wasn’t going to start complaining about it. Shigaraki had said he’d gotten lucky, which wasn’t an entire lie. He had ended up with a pretty good deck of cards. A few skip cards, a wild card, a few plus two and four cards, and a reverse card.

Shigaraki had been salty about it ever since, which Twice did find kind of funny. Dabi had told their leader to get over it. He had still not gotten over it.

“He just got lucky,” Shigaraki grumbled, his arms crossed. “I would’ve won.”

“Get over yourself, luck doesn’t exist,” Dabi said as he walked away, fed up with his pouting. 

“Where are you going?” Compress asked him.

“He’s probably going to go see Hawks!” Toga giggled.

“Shut up, crazy girl.”

“That’s a yes!” She squealed.

“Let’s just let him go,” Twice said. “We are so going to get to the bottom of this later!

Twice enjoyed spending time with the League, who were basically his family. Before he’d joined up with them, things always seemed to go wrong for him, like he couldn’t do anything right. For a while when he basically had an army of himself things seemed okay, until the incident happened.

That was when his bad luck had returned. Yay him.

Things were like that for a long time. It was like he had a black cat following him around all the time. He had a pet black cat when he was little, maybe its ghost had come to haunt him. He was always more of a dog person anyways.

But that cloud of bad luck had hung over him for a long time. Then he met Giran who introduced him to the League.

“I think you’ll fit right in with all of them, don’t worry,” Giran had told him, a light smirk on his face. 

It had been enough to convince him.

He joined the group and things were going fine.

Then Magne died because of Overhaul and Compress lost his arm, making his bad luck return. He was the one who had brought the guy because he thought that he wanted to join. Oh, how wrong he had been.

Fortunately, Shigaraki and Compress had taken away both of Overhaul’s arms before leaving him there to bleed out. Unfortunately, he was pretty sure some doctors had saved him before that happened.

Still though, leaving that jerk armless was good enough for now.

After all that happened they fought the Liberation Army and they had won. He finally had confirmation that he was the real version of himself. It had given him enough confidence to unleash an army of his clones to save his friends and Giran.

That was a win in his book.

Now, the League was (partly) in charge of the Liberation Army. 

So right now, Twice was feeling pretty lucky.

Chapter Text


Shigaraki let out a small groan, curling up on his side. Why did his head hurt so much and why couldn’t he remember what happened? That sent up a few red flags. He wished he could just go back to his last save point before whatever this was happened to him.

“Hey look, Tomura’s up!” Toga’s annoying high-pitched voice shrieked, although it couldn’t have really been as loud as he heard it. It didn’t help the pounding headache he had.

Shut up… 

As a response he let out another groan, moving his hands over his ears to try and quiet everything.

“Toga I don’t believe you’re helping his condition.”

Thank you.

That had been Compress who had just spoken. Was the whole League there or just those two? He hoped it was just those two.

“Are you sure he’s awake?” Another voice asked. It was Spinner.

So all of them were probably there. Wonderful, simply fantastic.

Could they go away so he could sleep? Oh who was he kidding? They would never leave him alone.

“M’ up…” he grumbled underneath his breath, hopefully loud enough so that they heard him.

“Alright, he’s finally up! Damn it.

He’ll take that as a yes then, they heard him.

Even though his head was screaming at him to just stay laying down, he made his body sit up, holding a hand to his head as if that would shut it up.

“The hell happened?” He grumbled, wincing.

“Some Liberation Army who was still pissed off about the battle ran into you in the hallway. He got so mad that he knocked you out,” Dabi chuckled from the corner of the room. He must be getting a real big kick out of all this. “He was walking behind you and you didn’t even see it coming.” 

“Suffice to say, it did do any good for your other injuries,” Compress pointed out.

“No shit Sherlock,” he grunted as he tried standing up. His vision blurred and the ground seemed to move out from under him as he was hit with a wave of dizziness and swayed to the side.

“Hey come on man, take it easy! You got a concussion!” Twice told him. “You’re tough, you can handle it!

A concussion? That made sense for why he didn’t remember what happened and how he felt like his head was going to explode.

“I’m gonna kill that bastard when I find him…” Shigaraki muttered to himself, but apparently the others heard him.

“Toga already took care of it,” Spinner reassured.

“I stabbed him!” She grinned, her fangs shining. Of course she did. What else had he been expecting from her? She stabbed first and asked questions later.

“Yeah, everything’s taken care of. You don’t have to do anything so just lay back down and sleep for once in your life,” Dabi said. 

“Fine,” he muttered. He still couldn’t believe that some random useless NPC had managed to take him down and mess up his memory card. Because of that he’d lost some data, even if it wasn’t that important. Still though, he would’ve liked to know the face of the guy who had knocked him out. He would’ve easily killed him.

Toga took the XP though. At least he was dead.

Shigaraki begrudgingly laid back down on the bed because it didn’t seem like his comrades would let him do anything else. He supposed he was fine with that. He had to get his HP back up anyways. It had already been down from his fight with Re-Destro. 

As soon as he set his head back down, he could feel his eyes slide closed and he was out like a light.

Chapter Text

“We should have nicknames!” Toga piped up one day. Dabi turned to look at her.

“Why the hell do we need nicknames? Dabi might as well be mine.”

She pouted, puffing her cheeks out as she glared at him. “Because nicknames are fun!” She insisted.

“No they’re not,” Shigaraki said and took Dabi’s side for once, which only made Toga more upset.

“They are too! Now I’m gonna go find Jin so we can think of nicknames for everyone!” With that, she turned on her heel and stormed off, slamming the door behind her.

“What’s her problem?” Dabi asked.

“Who knows? She’s Toga,” Shigaraki said in response.

Later, Toga did exactly what she said she was going to do. She had come up with nicknames for everyone in the League. Everyone. Shigaraki had been dubbed One Touch Man, after some silly show she liked. Dabi was now Bacon. Just Bacon. From there on out Twice was Deadpool (hey, he should’ve seen that one coming). Spinner was Ninja Turtle (he hadn’t been too happy about that), and Mr. Compress would now be known as Circus Reject. She hadn’t given a nickname to herself.

The most likely thing was that she was still mad about how Dabi and Shigaraki had called nicknames dumb and had decided to give everyone the worst nicknames she could think of because why not?

Whatever the case was, Dabi was going to find her and turn her into bacon instead. He did not look like Bacon (yes he did).

If Dabi really was going to come after her, then it was a good thing that she was a pro at hide and seek. No one was ever able to find her. She hoped her skills would be useful for this scenario. 

Why was she worrying so much? Disappearing was her specialty. 

The rest of the day consisted of Dabi roaming the halls looking for Toga, ready to burn her. He never found her though. The only traces he could find was her giggling that sounded like she was right next to him. The girl was always two steps ahead.

Chapter Text

Dabi had almost been asleep until he heard a loud bang from his balcony window. It startled him awake and he nearly fell off of his bed. Not every room had a balcony, he had gotten lucky. Plus he’d chosen it in case a certain winged hero ever decided to show up.

Speaking of Hawks, when Dabi lifted his head up from his pillow to see what had caused the noise there he was. Standing there, leaning on the door. Something was off though, he knew that immediately.

Grumbling to himself, Dabi got to his feet and stomped towards the door, pulling it open. Hawks toppled into him, making him stumble back.

“What the hell Hawks, it’s past midnight what’re you doing h-” He immediately stopped talking when he saw the state the hero was in.

His ash blonde hair was a mess and his brown eyes were clouded and unfocused as he stared up at Dabi, as if he wasn’t really awake. More importantly, he was trembling. He was scared. His body was covered in bruises and cuts, blood soaking through a cut his sleeve on one arm. “Didn't have nowhere else t'go…” he mumbled, his head lolling to the side and his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he passed out, Dabi quickly catching him with wide eyes.

“Hey, Hawks?” He asked, giving him a shake. The hero didn’t stir. “Keigo!”

What the hell had happened?


Hawks hadn’t seen any harm with going to the city for a bit to hang around. He stopped a few petty villains and then decided to have a few drinks to celebrate. It had been a while since he had just let loose and relax and have fun. There wasn’t any harm in that.

At least that’s what he thought. A few fans had approached him, eagerly asking him for autographs and things like that. He had happily complied, giving them what they all wanted. The fans had stuck close to him, chattering excitedly. The bartender had given him another drink. He had noticed that one of the fans locked eyes with the bartender for a moment, but he assumed that maybe they knew each other or hated each other’s guts, pushing down a feeling of doubt. This was his night to have fun.

That’s when things started to go downhill. He took the drink and downed it, the night becoming hazy, his vision blurred. Hawks knew he could handle his alcohol better than that.  Something was really wrong .

He tried to stand, pushing himself off the bar stool. His limbs felt heavy and he could feel his wings drooping down a little.  The room spun and he felt himself sway, his eyelids fluttering shut before he forced them to open again. This didn't feel real, everything felt so surreal like some weird dream. That’s when it hit him.

He’d been drugged.


He had to get out of here. Like, right now.

Hawks tried to make his legs move and he stumbled forward, shoving past the fans that had been crowding around him and mumbling apologies. He had to get out… find help… who could he go to…?

Then he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder and he groaned a little. Who was touching him? Who was talking to him? He felt like he was underwater, all the voices being drowned out.


That was the only word he could manage to get out, his tongue deciding not to go through the effort of forming more words. He tried to say more, he really did.

“Goin’ o’...?”

Two more words. That made three. He guessed it was better than nothing, but he still had no idea what answer he was given.

The next thing he knew he was out of the bar, being dragged somewhere. Wait, who was dragging him? His head was hanging limply, his eyes trained to the ground and he slowly lifted his head up to look and see what was going on. It was a mess of colors, everything blurring and blending together but if he looked closer then he could make out their faces and dread filled him. They were the so-called fans he had been with at the bar.

He had to get away.

Hawks was thrown to the ground, hitting his head on the concrete. Groaning, he slowly raised a hand to his head, feeling something sticky. He pulled away and saw his fingers were stained red. That wasn’t good.

A foot came into his stomach, kicking hard and he let out a yelp. A foot came into his stomach, kicking hard and he let out a yelp. His vision darkened for a moment and he fought the urge to pass out because if he did then there was no guarantee he would wake up since these guys had decided to take him.

One of them grabbed him by his hair and yanked him up, something slicing across his arm. He didn’t know what was going on or if they were using their Quirks or if they had a weapon or something like that. Normally he should’ve been more panicked, but the drugs were numbing everything.

He could hear what sounded like laughter coming from all of them and he did his best to scowl. He spread his wings out, giving them a single flap and willing the feathers to sharpen. He plucked one and unsteadily held it as a blade, hoping it would be enough to fend them off. He waited for a moment and then heard footsteps coming towards and he swung, hoping it would connect with his target.

Fortunately for him, it did. Unfortunately, he felt a fist from one of the others collide with his face, knocking him off of his feet and back down on the ground. He groaned, trying to lift his head up. His vision was failing him. He had to get away. That’s what he kept telling himself over and over.

Hawks grunted, pushing himself back up and wincing. He could feel blood dripping from his nose and he could taste it in his mouth. It had a metallic taste and he wanted to spit it out. He didn’t have the same love for blood that Toga had.

A few more blows battered his body and he swung his arm wildly, gripping onto the blade as tightly as he could. He wasn’t even sure if he was getting any hits in..

Eventually though, he had an opening and he took it, using his wings to fly away. 

His wings felt so heavy… his whole body felt heavy… he wanted to sleep…

He landed on the rooftop of a building, stumbling and teetering over the side of it. He felt exhausted and knew that he probably wouldn’t stay awake much longer. Where could he go?


That was the first thing that came to his head. Why, he wasn’t sure. Dabi was dangerous and a villain who could probably kill him without a second thought. Even if the working part of his brain was pretty much telling him no, his heart was saying yes.

Taking in a deep breath, he started flying again. As he flew, he still hoped that this was all part of some nightmarish dream that he would wake up from in any second. But, this was real.

Dabi Dabi Dabi Dabi-

By the time he reached the PLF’s base, he landed on the balcony of one of the rooms. Not all of them had one, but he hoped that this was the right one and it didn’t end up being Twice’s room or something.

He mumbled something to himself that even he didn’t know what he had said and stumbled forward, smacking into the glass door.

A few long, agonizing moments that felt like hours passed by and there was Dabi.

His vision was going dark and he knew that he was done for the night. He mumbled something to Dabi and then fell into unconsciousness.


Dabi had grabbed some bandages and cloth and other things he would need to take care of Hawks. He started treating his wounds, pressing cloth to the back of his head to stop the bleeding. While he was at it he used his other hand to clean the man’s other wounds and once he was done with that, he bandaged them.

He had to take off his jacket so he could clean the cut on his arm better. Hawks was a lot more muscular than Dabi originally expected and he could feel his face heat up and then proceeded to scold himself. He didn’t have time for that. He finished as soon as he could.

With a sigh, he carried him over to his bed. Hawks was light, which wasn’t a surprise. He had once made a joke about him having hollow bones like a bird but now Dabi was taking it a little more seriously.

He set him down, grumbling.

“Great, where the hell am I gonna sleep now?” He muttered to himself, scowling.

The bed was big enough for two people… damn it.

With an exasperated sigh, he moved Hawks over and laid down on the other side of the bed, slowly relaxing enough to fall asleep.


Hawks’ head was pounding. That was the first thing he felt when he woke up. The second one was that he was laying on something soft, which had to be a bed. Maybe that meant last night had been a dream and he was at home with a hangover.

He slowly opened his eyes and nearly choked on air when he saw Dabi laying across from him. What the hell was he doing in Dabi’s bed?! They both still had their clothes on, so that was good… Hawks had his jacket off but that was all.

He hazily remembered telling himself to come to Dabi of all people. He must’ve really been drugged to think that it was a good idea to come to a villain in his vulnerable state. The man could’ve killed him if he wanted to.

But… he didn’t. Dabi had taken care of all his wounds, hadn’t even hurt him.

Hawks stared at Dabi, who was still asleep, and wondered what went on inside his head. He hadn’t ever seen him look so relaxed. Curiosity drove him forward and he lifted his hand, reaching towards Dabi and stopping an inch away, his hand hovering.

He pursed his lips and then sighed and pulled his hand away. That was a stupid idea, he could’ve woken Dabi up and that would’ve been an awkward situation.

He stood up and quietly walked towards the balcony door, pushing it open and stepping outside. He stole one last glance at Dabi before sighing wistfully and flying away. Whatever kind of thing he wanted with Dabi, he knew he couldn’t ever have it.

When Dabi woke up, he wasn’t surprised to find that he was alone.

Chapter Text

Stain had been Shigaraki’s enemy at the start. Maybe he still was. If he was being honest, he still hated the guy but at least he was behind bars in Tartarus now, a place where he couldn’t get in the way.

He had said that he would never get anywhere if he didn’t have “real conviction.”

Well look at where he had ended up and look at where Shigaraki was now. It made him want to laugh in the Hero Killer’s face.

There was one thing they had in common, he supposed. They both hated heroes. Heroes were their real enemy. The only difference in that part of them was All Might. While Stain admired All Might, maybe even worshipped him, Shigaraki hated the pathetic hero with every fiber of his being.

Stain’s worship for All Might was another reason he hated the villain.

But if he looked at it one way, Stain had helped him get more members for his League of Villains. Or rather, the message Stain had left behind. Kurogiri had been right to use it. That was the only thing he had to thank him for.

Stain had just been another little pawn in his game.

Chapter Text

It was storming outside, rain coming down hard and thunder booming with lightning flashing and running across the sky. Because of the bad weather, all of them were trapped inside.

And to Toga, that meant only one thing. Game day.

Hawks had already been over when the storm started and he wasn’t looking forward to flying home in the storm, so he reluctantly decided to stay.

Toga had seen some Liberation Army members walking by as they all got settled in. “Hey Geten, Skeptic! Wanna play games with us?” She asked, grinning. She knew they would say no but she just asked the question to annoy them.

“Absolutely not,” Skeptic growled and the two continued walking, Geten shooting a glare at Dabi as he walked, which the fire-user ignored.

“Now it’s game time,” Toga giggled.

They started with board games like Guess Who, Candy Land, and Life, but quickly switched to video games because well, they got bored with the board games. At least Hawks, Toga, Shigaraki, and Spinner had gotten bored of them. Dabi didn’t care very much while Compress and Twice had actually been invested into them.

They were all currently watching a game of Mario Kart between the four who cared about playing video games, Spinner in the lead while Shigaraki was in second. Hawks was third while Toga was fourth.

“Gonna have to try better than that,” Hawks chirped as he dodged a banana peel from Toga.

“Oh I will!” She promised. He didn’t like the sound of that.

Shigaraki had overtaken Spinner and stolen first place, to which he had responded with a few swears while Shigaraki simply laughed. Though Toga had unexpectedly took the lead and won the race, causing outrage among all of them to emerge. 

“You cheated!” Spinner accused.

“Nope, I’m just that good,” she said breezily.

“No way,” Shigaraki growled.

“Oh well, I lost,” Hawks shrugged and set the controller down. “Congrats Toga.”

She grinned, giving him a short hug before pulling away. “At least someone isn’t mad at me! Stop being sore losers!”

“Fine, fine. Whatever,” Shigaraki muttered, rolling his eyes and turning away.

At least game day was never dull.

Chapter Text

“Hey there was this really bad earthquake in Chikugo,” Toga said while she scrolled through her phone. “A lot of casualties. Good news for us though, it took out some heroes too!”

Dabi blinked, wearing a careless expression on his face. “Well that’s what they get for trying to help people,” he stated with a monotone voice.

“Yup!” She nodded. “It’s been a while since I’ve heard about earthquakes and stuff. It’s all about us villains now!” She giggled.


She sighed, laying on the ground and looking up at the ceiling with her legs resting on the couch. “It’s almost kind of sad, you know? No one cares about all the people that get stuck in those kinds of things. Like they’re just left behind. Kind of like how we were!”

“Mhm,” he responded, saying the same thing as before.

“Hey! Are you even listening to me?” She whined, placing her hands on her hips.

He shook his head. “Nope,” he said and pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on as he started to walk away. She went after him.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily!” She grinned and grabbed onto his arm joyfully, skipping alongside him.

He sighed. “Oh, I know.”

Toga continued to talk his ear off, drifting away from the topic of natural disasters into things that weren’t connected at all. She was like an annoying little sister. But surprisingly, Dabi didn’t mind.

Chapter Text

What had happened?

One minute they had all been taking down some small underground hero who was wandering a little too close to their location and the next her hands started to light up which Compress took as his cue to get out of there, so he compressed himself. Part of him did feel bad about abandoning his allies, but the other part of him was glad that he was safe.

A few moments later when he felt that it was okay to come out, he found himself surrounded by five scared, crying children. On top of that, they weren’t just random children. They were his comrades, the rest of the League.

What the hell?

The underground hero was lying motionless on the ground, a gash across her forehead and a rock lying next to her. Someone had thrown a rock at her. That was nice.

He had to deal with the current problem he faced.

Something tugged on his pant leg and he looked down to see a small Toga staring up at him. “Hey Mister, who’re you?” She asked, her eyes filled with curiosity. 

So that meant they didn’t have any memory of their adult lives. Compress wasn’t sure if that made this easier or harder.

His gaze swept across all of them and he did see that there were a few differences. Dabi’s hair was now red, but that wasn’t very surprising. He suspected that black wasn’t his natural color from the day they met. He also wasn’t covered in any burns and that did surprise him. That was sending off bad signs. Shigaraki’s hair actually was black and he wasn’t sure if it was dye or if it was really that color. He supposed it would make sense. Spinner and Toga didn’t have their hair styled in any way, letting it hang loosely at their shoulders. Twice didn’t have any scar on his forehead, which was to be expected since he was little now.

He realized that Toga was still waiting for him to answer. 

“I’m… someone who’s supposed to look after you for a while,” he said slowly. He wished he knew how long a while would be, but he was in the dark. He had no idea how this Quirk worked.

“Where’s Hana?” Shigaraki spoke up, one hand by his side and the other raised to scratch at his face lightly. Unlike how he usually did it, with his nails purposely tearing skin away. As a child, to anyone else, it would look like he actually did have an itch and wasn’t trying to hurt himself.

That raised another question. Who was Hana? Someone else from Shigaraki’s past, he supposed. Maybe a friend or a family member of his and if the latter was the correct one then Hana was dead.

He took off his mask so they could see him. “Don’t worry, I’ll help all of you get back to your families.” 

Dabi seemed to tense up at that and Shigaraki had a nervous energy surrounding him as well. He pursed his lips at that but he didn’t say anything about it. He doubted they would tell him anyways.

“Uhm… my parents told me don’t go with strangers,” Twice said, holding one arm.

“Same here…” Spinner said awkwardly, his eyes trained on the ground. The kid seemed uncomfortable being around all of them and it almost seemed like he didn’t want any of them to see him.

Compress sighed internally. Of course they wouldn’t all immediately go with him. Every parent taught their kids not to talk to strangers. It was one of the most basic lessons. 

“I trust him!” Toga smiled and grabbed onto their hands, which they seemed surprised about. “I think he’ll help us!” She said as she led the two over. The pair seemed a little more at ease.

“Right, let’s go.” He glanced back over at the unconscious body of the underground hero. If he really wanted to know more about this Quirk, then he’d have to take her with him… fine then. He walked over and slung her over his shoulder. She was surprisingly light.

“Who’s that?” Dabi asked, raising an eyebrow.

“She’s a hero that got hurt. I’m gonna take her somewhere so that she can get better.” The lie slid off his tongue easily and the kids seemed to believe it.

At the mention of her being a hero, Shigaraki’s eyes seemed to brighten, which was ironic. “If she’s a hero then we gotta get her help right now!” He exclaimed.

Dabi narrowed his eyes a little. “How do you know she’s a good hero?” He questioned.

“All heroes are good, duh!” Shigaraki responded and Dabi looked away.

“Sure,” he muttered. So it would seem that Dabi’s hatred for heroes ran deep.

Compress was already walking, the other kids by his side. “Dabi, Shigaraki, let’s go.” He then realized his mistake and silently cursed in his head.

Shigaraki blinked. “Who’s Shigaraki? My name’s Tenko.”

“I’m Touya…”

Tenko. Touya. Those were their real names then. All of them had known that Dabi was a codename but they were never sure if Shigaraki’s name was really Tomura Shigaraki. Now they had an answer.

“Sorry, you both just remind me of some other people I know,” he apologized. 

The group made their way back to the Paranormal Liberation Front’s base and all of them received odd looks, which Compress tried to ignore.

He told all of the kids to wait in a room with Slidin’ Go before bringing the body of the hero to Skeptic’s office and dropped her onto the ground. As much as he hated Skeptic he knew the man would probably be able to get some info on her Quirk.

After typing a few things away on his keyboard he started taking in the information. “Her Quirk’s registered as Baby. It reverses the age of the target into a kid and they stay like that for twenty-four hours.”

Twenty-four hours?

“Yes, that’s what I said,” Skeptic growled, irritation in his tone. “So you better get to babysitting.”


“Himiko, stop chasing Touya! Jin, get off the table! Shuichi don’t throw the remote at the TV! Tenko don’t try and climb up next to Jin, I just told him to get down!”

This was a nightmare. He wished Kurogiri was here. He would be much better at handling this than Compress.

Kids were too much work, which was why Compress never decided to have any. They were little demons in disguise that had everyone fooled by their cute itty-bitty faces. Everyone but him.

By some miracle, he managed to get all the kids rounded up on the couch and got them to sleep. 

From what he was able to find out they were all around the ages of four and five and hadn’t manifested their Quirk yet. And honestly that was a good thing because if they did have their Quirks then that would have made everything much more difficult.

A few more things that he learned was that Tenko loved heroes, enough to want to become one with his sister when they grew up. Compress already knew how that story ended. Shuichi didn’t seem interested in talking to any of them and always loved video games. They seemed to be his escape from reality. As a kid Jin wasn’t as energetic and eccentric as he was at his real age. Touya was softer and kinder than Dabi it seemed and Himiko wasn’t going around obsessing over blood and boys. It was odd, because these were not the people he knew.

He supposed he shouldn’t dwell on it because soon they would all be back to their old selves.

And then all of this would be over.


Shigaraki woke up, his head feeling groggy as he rubbed at his eyes. Why was he so tired? He could feel things on top of him and opened his eyes, nearly choking on air. Spinner had his head resting on his shoulder while Toga was lying down on his lap with Twice next to her. Dabi was asleep on the far end of the couch. What was going on?

Then he remembered.

That hero and her damn Quirk.

With a growl he shoved everyone off and stood up, shaking everyone awake.

“Where the hell is she?” He spat.

“Relax Shigaraki, she’s being taken care of.” Shigaraki spun around to see Compress sitting in a chair, one leg crossed over the other while he read a book. “You don’t have to worry about her, it’s fine.”

Oh, that’s right. Compress had been the only one who hadn’t been changed from the Quirk. It had been his job to look after all of them.

“I think that was one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened to me…” Spinner said, running one hand through his hair.

Dabi was silent and he stood up, walking off to somewhere only he knew.

“Why’re you guys so worked up over it? I thought it was fun!” Toga smiled.

“Yeah, it was alright,” Twice shrugged. “ No it sucked!

Compress sighed. Well, things were back to normal.

Chapter Text

Overhaul was stuck in Tartarus for the rest of his life. The place was filthy and it made him want to throw up.

Unless some massive, unbelievable world-shattering event happened that somehow led to him escaping, then he wouldn't have to be stuck here. The odds of that weren’t likely though.

He couldn’t count on the rest of his Yakuza either since they had all been locked up as well.

There wasn’t any way out of this. It was all the heroes fault. Them and the League of Villains, who had taken both of his arms. He had only owed them one yet they took both. He hated them. He hated all of them. All of his plans ruined just because of them.

He made a vow that if he ever did escape, then he would kill every last one of them.

Chapter Text

Things were getting worse out there, that was something Hawks knew. All Might was gone and sure they had Endeavor, but he wasn’t the same. Everyone knew that. But with the Symbol of Peace gone, more and more villains came crawling out of the shadows and they were all ready to cause chaos among the people.

And as a hero, Hawks had to find a way to somehow stop it.

That’s what the mission was for. That was the reason he was flying all the way to the base of the Paranormal Liberation Front and risking his life everyday. It was all to make everyone safe again. It wasn’t because he thought that it was actually kind of fun hanging around the League, or because he liked Dabi more than he should.

He pushed those thoughts away as he landed and walked inside the building. He knew the routine by now. Get inside, go to the meeting, give them the intel they wanted. His feet took him there. He didn’t even need his eyes open to see where he was going. But, he kept them open anyways so he didn’t run into anyone.

When he entered the room, something felt different. Shigaraki was actually there for once (he never showed up to these meetings), and the former Liberation Army members seemed happy as well.

“Hawks, there you are!” Redestro said, rather chipper.

“It’s about time,” Skeptic grumbled.

“Chill out, I got here as fast as I could. What’s the occasion?” Hawks asked breezily.

“You’re aware of how more villains are emerging, yes?” Trumpet questioned and he nodded. “It’s not just your typical Quirk crazy villain anymore. The League of Villains is gaining sympathisers from normal civilians.”


“You should’ve just started with that before Hawks got here,” Shigaraki growled from his spot, drumming the fingers of his prosthetic along the table. “Saved us all some time.”

Trumpet glanced over at his new leader and bit his tongue to not say anything in response.

Instead, Hawks spoke. “What do you mean by ‘sympathisers?’” He asked, keeping the panic from his voice and doing his best to seem calm and carefree.

“Just take a look at the footage,” Skeptic said, turning his computer screen towards Hawks. Everyone else had the same video pop up as well. 

The video did enough to send chills through Hawks and turned his blood to ice. Hordes of people marched through the city streets, wearing masks and makeup resembling the League members and other villains like Stain. They were raising torches high above their head, lighting up the night and holding signs that said things in big, bold red words like “DOWN WITH HEROES” or the word hero with a big X over it. A few signs said “AGE OF VILLAINS.” The video cut to more people storming into stores, breaking the windows and setting cars on fire. Another crowd of people were being held back by a line of heroes and police, but it quickly started to get violent.

He realized why he didn’t know about any of this. The whole event was a live news report, happening right now. He felt sick. He should be there helping right now. This was their present and if things were going to continue like this, the future would be a lot worse. But even if those were his real feelings, he couldn’t let them show. So, he put on a smile. “Wow, you guys really set the whole city on fire, huh?”

Shigaraki nodded and Hawks couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not because of that damn hand. “Yeah,” he said, almost sounding giddy. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Toga squealed before he could say anything. “It’s awesome! Spinner, you’ve got cosplayers too now! They’re cosplaying a cosplayer!” Said-cosplayer rolled his eyes.

“And since you’ve been giving out those books the Liberation Army and Destro are becoming popular again too,” Redestro smiled, sounding as happy as before.

“Goods news for us then,” Geten said from where he was sitting.

“Those people really are putting on a show,” Compress said, replaying the video on his screen again.

“Yeah, it’s great!” Twice agreed. “Nah, they didn’t do enough fire. Dabi give them more fire!”

“No,” was his response. Hawks smiled some more. Typical Dabi.

Shigaraki seemed over their chattering. “Alright, that’s enough. This meeting’s over now.” He then stood up and left, wincing from his wounds from their last battle. Spinner seemed a little concerned and got up to follow him.

Everyone else started leaving too, Dabi coming over to where he was and throwing an arm around his shoulder. “It’s looking good out there, huh Birdie?”

The sick feeling from earlier resurfaced. “Yup,” he said, smiling again. “It’s all because of you guys.”

“It seems like you’ve been doing good too from what Baldy said. How about a reward?”

Hawks felt his heartbeat quicken. He knew what Dabi meant by a reward. It wouldn’t be the first time they had done it and he knew it was wrong, but maybe it would make the sick feeling go away. It could give him a break from all his worries. That was all he wanted, a break.

So, he didn’t say no.

But later when he was returning to the city, the sick feeling came back.

He stopped, landed, and threw up.

Chapter Text

There was this new game Spinner really wanted to buy, but he didn’t want to bother anyone about it. It was just a dumb Pokemon game. The rest of the Paranormal Liberation Front would probably think it was stupid and laugh and he didn’t want to bother Shigaraki about it. He had gone from commanding a group of just five other people to a whole army, he didn’t want to stress him out even more. Shigaraki would probably get mad at him anyways.

So he didn’t say anything about it.

Until one day he heard Shigaraki mutter something about it. He perked up at that.


Shigaraki looked over his shoulder at him. “What?”

“You like Pokemon too?” He asked.

“Hell yeah, of course I do,” he said, nodding nonchalantly. “The new game’s are out, Sword and Shield. You didn’t know?”

He nodded, his head. “N-No, I knew,” he said quickly. “I just… didn’t say anything about it,” he added quietly, shuffling his feet a little bit. “I didn’t want to bother you or the others.” he sighed. “So I didn’t say anything.”

Shigaraki walked over to him. “Hey, don’t worry about it. I was gonna get one of the games anyway so you wouldn’t have been bothering anyone. We’re rich now, so a few games isn’t gonna hurt us. We’ll take turns playing it.”

Spinner nodded a little, smiling. “Yeah, you’re right. I guess I was just being stupid,” he laughed, though it was fake.

“Hey, you’re not stupid. Don’t say that,” he told him. Spinner was a little taken aback by that.

“U-Uhm, yeah… okay,” he nodded slowly, feeling his face heat up a bit. “Got it.”

“Good,” was all he said in response. And with that, Shigaraki walked away, leaving a stunned Spinner behind. 

Chapter Text

Hawks never really paid attention to it at first. Honestly, who would? His mission was to find out the next step for what the Paranormal Liberation Front would do, not pay attention to whatever kind of relationship they all had with each other.

But the more time he spent with all of them, mainly the League, he noticed that they all acted like some kind of family. A strange, villainous, dysfunctional family. It was almost sweet. It might be a little nicer if they weren’t all murderers.

Then again, that seemed to make it better. Even though they were all villains who had turned their backs on the rest of the world, they still had each other. They still loved each other. They still counted on each other. He was starting to think a few of them might’ve been trying to pull him into the whole family thing too.

It made him feel bad because in the end, he knew that since he was who he was, Hawks would have to turn his back on them too. 

Chapter Text

Himiko Toga wasn’t an idiot. From an early age, she had known that her Quirk would never be accepted by society. That no one would ever see it as something “good” or “normal,” that they would always see her as some kind of freak. She heard the whispers, whispers that called her a creep or a weirdo. She had just been a kid, so of course it had hurt her. Of course there had been times where she curled up in her bed and cried into her pillow.

That being said, of course she had hidden her real self away. She hid herself with a mask so no one could see the real her. It had been hard at first, but she had always been good at adapting.

Then one day Toga just decided who cares? Why should she care about what others thought of her? They judged her without ever really understanding her. 

So she broke away from all of it. The rules, the judgement, the expectations. Toga freed herself. She let her Quirk run wild, not letting anyone get in her way of being who she was.

After all, the saying was “just be yourself.” And there weren’t any rules for doing that, were there?

Chapter Text

There was a knock at the door and Dabi sighed as he opened the door, seeing Toga waiting on the other side. She was still dressed in her pajamas, a Pusheen cat plush tucked under one arm. She looked half awake, yawning with her hair down at her shoulders.

“Again?” He asked, staring at her unimpressed.

She nodded. “Yeah-huh,” she yawned.

With another sigh he brought her into the room. He sat her down and she crossed her legs happily as he sat behind her. “What do you want me to do this time? You want the buns or something else?” 

“I want a braid! A pretty one!” She said eagerly, hugging onto her Pusheen plush. 

He chuckled a bit. “Alright,” he said. He grabbed onto a brush and started to tame her messy hair, making it flatter and easier to work with. When he was done with that, he started to weave his hands through her hair, braiding it together like she wanted and eventually finished. “There,” he said. 

He gave her a mirror and she squealed, jumping up into the air and spinning around. “It looks so good, thanks Dabi!” She grinned.

“You should really learn how to do this yourself,” he deadpanned. “I’m getting sick of having to do it everyday.” 

Toga frowned when she heard that and started to pout. “But you’re so good at it!” She insisted.

“I’ll teach you,” he offered and her eyes lit up as she turned to face him.


He shrugged, nodding his head a bit. “Yeah. It’s not like I have anything else to do.”

So with that, he started walking her through the process step-by-step, showing her how to do everything and making sure she got it right with no mistakes. It would be an understatement to say Toga was just enjoying it. She was loving it.

“How’re you so good at this?” She asked curiously. “Do you have a sister?”

He stiffened at that, his face hardening. “None of your business,” he said coldly.

Dabi had always been a closed off guy, but ever since the whole incident where he had been turned into a child it seemed to have gotten worse. They knew better than to push him though, so they never tried to get him to talk about it. He would when he wanted to.

As Toga left the room, she glanced over her shoulder at him one last time but he seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

Chapter Text

Hell sure was one well, hell of a place. There weren’t any rules and chaos was in every direction you looked, some poor soul getting killed again and when that happened, no one was quite sure where they went. The most common theory was that whatever was left of them just disappeared forever, but no one ever knew for sure. No one wanted to find out either.

To survive in Hell you had to have allies, some sort of gang of people you could trust. And lucky for Dabi, he had exactly that. They were called the League of Villains, but there were a few sinners that also called them the Villain Alliance. It didn’t matter what name they went by, everyone knew who they were. Especially since Tomura Shigaraki, who was basically the prince of Hell, was their leader.

The story was that when he had first entered Heaven as a child, they had turned their backs on him because of one mistake he made. Being left behind, the king of the Underworld had decided to take him in. All For One.

The rest was history.

Other members of the League would be Toga, a shapeshifter demon. Demons like those were dangerous since you could never let your guard down around them. Spinner was pretty much a lizard demon. There was also Twice, who could make copies of pretty much anyone. Mr. Compress, who could turn anything he touched into a small blue marble. Magne could magnetize people and Kurogiri made warp gates.

As for Dabi, he had the typical fire someone would expect from a demon. He didn’t really mind though.

Thinking of the others, he knew he should probably get back to the bar. With that, he started to make his way back when something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned, squinting.

If a demon looked hard enough then it was possible to see the border that seperated Heaven and Hell. And right now, Dabi could see it. He could see someone standing there too. They looked like an angel with bright red wings and blonde hair. Dabi wasn’t sure if the angel could see him. If he did then he didn’t care. Angels and demons weren’t supposed to chitchat with each other.

He turned his back and started walking away.


“Yo Dabi, you’re back! Where’ve you been?” Twice’s voice was the first thing to greet him.

“Out,” he answered simply. “Pretty sure I saw an angel at the border.” 

“What?” Shigaraki questioned, raising an eyebrow. “Did you talk to them?”

“Course’ not,” he responded, snorting a bit. Why would he talk to a goody-two-shoes angel of all people? Just imagining the conversation seemed insufferable. 

“Probably for the best then,” Magne said. “We’ve been waiting for you for hours. If you stuck around to talk to the angel then it probably would’ve been longer,” she added with a sigh.

“It hasn’t been that long,” he said while raising an eyebrow.

Toga rolled her eyes, or well eye, since the eye patch covered her other one. She had gotten her other eye injured with a fight against a rival gang. She lashed her tail while drumming her claws against the bar counter. “Well it felt long to us,” she huffed. “You just don’t get it cause you were out doing stuff!”

Spinner shrugged. “She’s not wrong.” 

“So what happened while I was gone?”

“Toga, Spinner, and Twice got involved with a turf war that had nothing to do with us,” Kurogiri sighed. “They got out uninjured though and managed to take out a good number of other demons.”

Toga giggled. “It was really fun though, right guys?”

“Yeah, it was the most fun I’d had in ages!” Twice agreed before shrugging. “Could’ve been better.

Spinner shrugged, looking unsure. “It was alright, I guess.”

“A few of them got away,” Toga said and then gasped as an imaginary light bulb lit up over her head. “We should go find them and finish them!”

That seemed to be an idea Shigaraki liked. “Let’s do it,” he grinned, pushing himself off the barstool and letting his feet connect with the ground. 

All of them walked towards the door and Toga pushed them open, smiling. The sky was a crimson red, with a few darky wispy clouds hanging above them. The streets were filled with other sinners, some of them fighting and others watched the chaos unfold. There wasn’t a moment of peace anywhere in Hell.

“You smell their blood, Toga?” Dabi asked, a neutral expression on his face.

Shapeshifter demons like her usually had a good nose for things like blood. He wasn’t sure why, but it was always useful for this kind of event.

She paused, sniffing the air a few times before smiling. “I found them!” She announced gleefully and started to follow the scent. Not long later, they found them. They weren’t anything special, just a couple of two-bit demons. Their soul seemed to leave their bodies when they saw the League.

“O-Oh shit,” one managed to squeak out before being pounced on by Toga, who dug her claws into him. The other one tried scrambling away on all fours, leaving his buddy behind. Unfortunately for him, a wall of blue flames rose up to block his way and he let out a horrified shriek.

The pair were quickly silenced.

Sure, Hell may be chaotic, overcrowded, dangerous, and unpredictable, but there weren’t any rules in Hell. Everyone was free to do whatever they wanted to with no one to even try and stop them. And whether the League liked it or not, it was now their home.

Chapter Text

His whole life for as long as he could remember, he had been an outcast. The kids had been afraid of him since they thought his face was scary, and then his parents had died, leaving him an orphan with no other family to turn to. He had been left alone to wander, searching for some place to belong.

He quickly learned there was nowhere he could go.

Everywhere he went he knew he was unwanted and eventually, he just learned to accept it. So when he knew there was nowhere, he made somewhere. He made his own place with his clones. But then that had backfired on him too. There really was no place for someone like him.

And then Twice met Giran.

Giran took him and introduced him to the League, where he found people like him. People who had been left behind by everyone else and decided that they didn’t need society. They were all outcasts, but to each other, they were all a family.

With them, Twice had a place he belonged.

Chapter Text

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Twice looked offended at that, clutching at his chest as though he’d been stabbed. “It is not !” He exclaimed and then looked skeptical. “ Maybe you’re right. Shigaraki kissing Spinner sounds stupid, I bet Toga made it up! ” He said, slamming his fist into his other hand.

Hawks rolled his eyes, smiling as he glanced over at the two. “You guys seem very invested in your leader’s love life.”

“I’m not,” Dabi said. “He’s the one getting all worked up about it.”

Twice crossed his arms. “That’s a lie! Okay I guess you’re kind of right …” he admitted. Or rather, some part of him admitted.

Hawks had been hanging around the Paranormal Liberation Front base for the past three days. He was doing it so he could get closer to them, so he could gather more information. He needed to fully earn all of their trust and he was positive he didn’t have all of Shigaraki’s yet. That may be a problem, since he was the leader of the villain group. 

He was hungry. Everybody loved food, so why not go get some?

“I’m gonna run out and grab lunch, you guys want anything?”

The two immediately said yes and he took note of their orders before flying off. Though, the mistake he made was forgetting his phone.


Dabi only noticed it after Hawks left. The hero had left his phone sitting on the table, which wasn’t like him at all. He never forgot his phone during anything. He sighed, rolling his eyes as he picked it up. Maybe he could try and get it to him somehow? Probably not. It wouldn’t hurt to hold onto it though so someone like Toga doesn’t try and snatch it up.

As he picked up the screen lit up, displaying messages Hawks hadn’t yet answered. He couldn’t stop his eyes from reading over them and his breath hitched from what he saw.

Hawks, are you with the League?

You need to report back on your mission.

There were more messages like that. His mission? The League? The pieces all fit together. Hawks had never been interested in joining. All he was was a damn spy for the Hero Commission. Of course he was. Dabi had seen this coming, he had known this. Still though… part of him hoped that Hawks really was starting to change sides.

How had he been so stupid?

His grip on the phone tightened, a blue fire starting to surround it as it burnt up. Once that was done, he dropped it, stomping down on it until he heard the satisfying shatter of whatever remained.

Spinner walked into the room, looking down at the piece of glass. “Uh… wasn’t that Hawks’ phone?” He asked.

“Yeah, it was.” Dabi said coldly. “Hawks is a spy.”


“Yeah. Go tell the others. We’ve got a bird to shoot down,” he said and Spinner gave a shaky nod.


With that, things only got worse.


As Hawks was flying back with all the food, he couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that had settled over him. Something was wrong and he had no idea what it was, which made him even more afraid. His grip on the bags of food tightened. He probably wouldn’t be able to let go of that anytime soon.*

When he arrived back at the base, the red flags in his head only increasing. What’s going on?

“Guys?” He walked inside, looking around. It was too quiet. It was never this quiet. Where was everyone? 

His eyes widened when he sensed something from behind and he spun around, but he wasn’t fast enough. Something hit across his head, pain blossoming from it and his vision went dark.

Chapter Text

“We’re gonna kill him, right?” Toga asked, smiling. “The blood would go good with his wings.”

Shigaraki was quiet, thinking for a few moments before answering. “No, not yet. If he wanted to play his little game of playing spy, then he’s got to know that he can’t lose without there being consequences.”

“He managed to stay in character for so long. I’m almost impressed,” Mr. Compress commented. 

Dabi was silent throughout all the exchange, some part of him hurting still.

“So what kind of consequences are we talking here?” Spinner asked.

“We’ll make him watch as we tear the precious society he’s worked so hard to protect apart. He can watch the whole world fall. After that’s done, I’ll let the doctor do whatever he wants to him.”

“I’ll still get to cut him up a little bit though, right?” Toga asked.

Shigaraki sighed. “You won’t stop asking until I say yes, so yeah. Just a little though.”

She squealed, clapping her hands together. “Thanks Tomura!”

“Whatever,” he rolled his eyes.

Twice had his arms crossed, ticked off about the whole thing. “And here I was thinking Hawks liked us! Bastard!”

Dabi finally said something. “We’ll show him what happens when he tries to fly too close to the sun.”


Hawks was being kept in a cell and he had no way to escape. They had bound his wings together while he had been unconscious and they were too tight for him to even try and get them free. His hands were cuffed and he could only walk around in his cell, which wasn’t much.

How had he messed up so bad? How had he failed?

He looked up when he heard footsteps, seeing Toga and Dabi. For a moment, he felt hopeful and he wondered if it showed. “Dabi-”

“Shut it, Hawks.”

He snapped his jaw shut and any hope he had died.

“Toga… go loose.”

She smiled and her eyes gleamed, a sparkle in them. She whipped out a knife, twirling it into her hand and then pointing it directly at him.

Chapter Text

Hawks coughed, blood splattering onto the ground. How long had he been here? How many days had passed? Had it been a week yet? He didn’t have any answers for his questions.

His body was covered in cuts, nothing too bad that would kill him, but they still hurt. It was mainly Toga who did it, but Dabi came by and left a few burns on him and they weren’t pretty.

He never saw any other Paranormal Liberation members. Maybe only certain ones had permission to come give him a visit. So far, Shigaraki hadn’t come either. That was a good thing he supposed. If the leader came, that most likely meant the end.


“Are you ready to receive your new power?”

Shigaraki looked at the doctor, taking his time with his answer. “Not yet,” he said breezily. “There’s still one more little thing I want to see get done,” he continued. “How many Nomu do you have Any High Ends?”

“I have a handful of Nomu ready to use,” Ujiko told him. “And there is one High End ready. Why do you need them?”

Shigaraki simply smiled.


The next time he got a visitor to his cell, it wasn’t anyone Hawks expected. Why was Skeptic here, and why did he have a TV with him? No way they were letting him have it for entertainment reasons.

Skeptic switched it on. “Pay attention to this,” he snapped.

“What else am I going to do?” Hawks muttered to himself.

Footage started playing and Hawks realized it was live. It looked like it was being recorded on a bodycam and based on the grunts and growls… it was on a Nomu. That only made his fear worse.

There were other Nomu as well and they started to move forwards, running into a city. There were tons of them and they all started attacking. There weren’t any heroes in the area, at least not yet. To his horror, he watched the Nomu start to slaughter people, cutting them down like they were nothing.

No… this can’t be happening… where are all the heroes? Why isn’t anyone helping?

A High End sprang into the city, cackling. 

Hawks felt like he was going to be sick. This couldn’t be happening. They barely beat a High End the first time. Who would step up? Was there any hope?

The worst part was that he knew this was his fault. They were doing this to punish him. They were making him watch all this bloodshed because of his mistakes of letting his secret get out.

All these people are dying… all because of me.


Shigaraki watched all of it play out, smiling as he imagined the look on Hawks’ face. Remember what happens when you try defeating us, hero. You really thought you would be enough to take us out? You’re a bigger idiot than I realized. The Paranormal Liberation Front will not be brought down.