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Stanley Uris and the United Galactic Federation

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The question comes after they have crawled out of the water of the Quarry, sunning themselves on the rocks next to it. Lilo is the one to ask, and although she’ll never be a part of The Loser’s Club, she does feel like she belongs with them and wants the best for them.


“I can’t wait to see Patty,” Stan shares, a huge smile on his face. They all cheer at his answer, though Richie wants to know if she’s hot, which gets him a punch in the arm from Beverly. “Yeah Richie. She’s the hottest woman I’ve ever met in my life.” And although his answer is said as a joke, each of the group knows that he means it.


“When I g-get b-back, I think I’m gonna change the ending of my book,” Bill said with a grin (though, he later wonders why he wasn’t as excited to see his wife as Stan was to see his). “Good, your endings stink.” Mike joked, to the group’s (and especially Richie’s) delight. Bill accepted his ribbings good-naturedly and silently resolved to do better.


“Unless Mike’s gonna take my job, I’m going back and killing the stage. New jokes- all about killing alien clowns and some pretty terrible friends.”

“Beep beep asshole.”

“Sorry Stanny, I only tell the truth.” And Richie was telling the truth. He was going to write his own jokes, but maybe some of them could be about liking men? His friends in LA knew he liked men, but it felt different to share it with the world or with even the Losers. The thought of it made him nauseous and he wasn’t sure he was ready yet.


As the group turns expectantly to Eddie, he’s suddenly not sure of anything. “I think I’ll get a dog?” He ends the sentence as a question, but the Losers ignore it and cheer for him anyway. “Thought you already had one. Her name’s Myra?” And for that, he tackles Richie like he was a kid again (and ignores the idea that maybe Myra wouldn’t have to be there when he got home).


Ignoring the wrestling, Mike laughed. “Well, I’m getting the hell out of here. After that, who knows?” And Lilo, who would and has helped many strangers, asks him if he wants a job in Hawaii. “When can I start?” And as they talk about it, Mike imagines himself literally anywhere other than Derry and the smile that’s been on his face stays there.


And Ben, who realizes at this point he’s just talking to Beverly, shoots her a grin. “Might call up some old friends, the losers, and invite them out to my house in Arizona. Maybe get back into writing poetry for people who need it.”

Bev grabs his hand, “My heart burns there too, new kid.” And she kisses him. The other Losers noticing and catcalling fades away because all she can feel is her heart and his beating together.


And as the Losers make their way back to the Inn to shower and change and get the fuck out of Derry, they realize that they’re all still here. And all is well.