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to the beat!

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Welcome to the beginning of the Aymr, Failnaught, Areadbhar group.


byleth | Today at 2:54 PM



Aymr | Today at 2:54 PM

Byleth, hello.

Is there any reason you’ve gathered us all here in one group rather than sending PMs individually?


byleth | Today at 2:56 PM

too much work

to pm three people separately

when i could just

address you all at once

with the same message


Failnaught | Today at 2:57 PM

ohh i get itttt youre going to join the golden deer and humiliate the other two spectacularly :D


Areadbhar | Today at 2:59 PM

Fail not I am certain that that is not bye let’s intention


Failnaught | Today at 3:00 PM

i see someone finally gave up typing and resorted to voice to text


byleth | Today at 3:01 PM

to be honest

i hardly know any of you

i would at least like

to get to know the people 

i would play with first

so i just have 

one request


Aymr | Today at 3:01 PM



Areadbhar | Today at 3:02 PM

As you wish


Failnaught | Today at 3:02 PM

anything for u bb ;)


byleth | Today at 3:03 PM

nothing huge

i just wanna join ur team discord servers

so i can get a feel for who id potentially b playing with




[fodsu!] Golden Deer Gang


artist in residence | Today at 3:00 PM




fail stay/naught | Today at 3:04 PM




byleth just joined. Can I get a heal?


byleth | Today at 3:05 PM



Thyrsus | Today at 3:05 PM

Byleth. It is an honor to finally meet you. 

I look forward to learning from, and playing with you.

My name is Lorenz, but I am known in-game as Thyrsus. 


freik-uwu-gel | Today at 3:06 PM

byleth hey!! i’m hilda/freikugel it’s nice to meet you hehe

don’t mind lorenz he’s just like that you know how it is


Thyrsus | Today at 3:07 PM

It would behoove you to behave with a little more refinery yourself, Hilda.

After all, we are practically in the presence of a legend.

You should show him the respect that he deserves.


byleth | Today at 3:08 PM

not necessary

im pretty ordinary actually


artist in residence | Today at 3:08 PM

if you’re “ordinary,” i shudder to think of what you think to be better than you…

oh, i forgot to introduce myself! i’m ignatz, i draw a lot hence my dn haha


byleth | Today at 3:09 PM

in real life i am

just as ordinary as any of you

so you dont have to go out of your way

to respect me or whatever

thats what i was

trying to say


Lysithea (Dark Spikes) | Today at 3:13 PM

I see I’m a little late to the party. 

Regardless, welcome, Byleth. I hope you don’t find this circus too off-putting.

I’m Lysithea, or Dark Spikes in-game. I may be the youngest one here, but I will ask you not to treat me like a child.


byleth | Today at 3:14 PM

wasnt planning on it


Big Chungus | Today at 3:15 PM

Haha sorry was eating lunch


artist in residence | Today at 3:15 PM

raphael what… it’s 3 in the afternoon


Big Chungus | Today at 3:16 PM

Second lunch 

Hi byleth Im raphael :-) Whats ure favorte food


byleth | Today at 3:17 PM

most fish dishes probably

i like to fish


Big Chungus | Today at 3:17 PM

Good choice 

But you should put some meat on those bones

eat some more red meat an get SWOLE


byleth | Today at 3:18 PM

gotta say

i wasnt expecting to get dietary advice

in this chat full of

people that play a game about

clicking circles to the beat


bladebreaker 2 electric boogaloo | Today at 3:23 PM

oh hey new person 

sup i’m leonie 

is it true that you also got coached by bladebreaker???


byleth | Today at 3:24 PM

you could say that


bladebreaker 2 electric boogaloo | Today at 3:24 PM

then that makes you my rival.

i was his first apprentice, and i won’t be outdone by someone who fucked off for five years.


byleth | Today at 3:25 PM



Thyrsus | Today at 3:26 PM
Leonie. Do not antagonize Byleth.

He could be a powerful asset to the Golden Deer. I ask you to not callously drive off what could be the key to our victory at the Eagle and Lion.


bladebreaker 2 electric boogaloo | Today at 3:26 PM

pfft whatever dude


freik-uwu-gel | Today at 3:27 PM

yeesh sorry about leonie, byleth!! she’s the world’s biggest bladebreaker fan 

don’t take it personal


byleth | Today at 3:28 PM

im not dont worry

you all seem like a 


group of people


fail stay/naught | Today at 3:30 PM

yeah these are my clowns we have a grand ol time in here all the time


Thyrsus | Today at 3:31 PM

So much for “looking sharp.”




[fodsu!] Black Eagle Strike Force


Aymr | Today at 4:24 PM

I have invited Byleth to the server. Please be on your best behavior. Whether or not he joins us is contingent on what he sees in here.


byleth has arrived. Party’s over.


Short king mama AYE | Today at 4:25 PM



@sleepy bitch disease @sleepy bitch disease @sleepy bitch disease



sleepy bitch disease | Today at 4:26 PM

yheh like i didnt get the mesage form u litrlayy screamign in mh ear caspr

oh what a mess that message was. sorryi just woke up


Aymr | Today at 4:27 PM

And we’re off to a terrible start.


Vestra | Today at 4:27 PM

Byleth, I apologize for my teammates’ conduct. My name is Hubert. My in-game alias is Vestra. You may refer to me as either.


byleth | Today at 4:28 PM

my name is byleth

my in-game alias is byleth

you may also refer to me as either


Vestra | Today at 4:28 PM


Short king mama AYE | Today at 4:29 PM



Ferdinand von Aegir | Today at 4:29 PM

Greetings, Byleth! I am Ferdinand von Aegir!

dorothea xoxo | Today at 4:30 PM

nooo who could’ve guessed ferdie


Ferdinand von Aegir | Today at 4:31 PM

Just in case there was any confusion about who I am!


dorothea xoxo | Today at 4:31 PM

i can assure you there wasn’t

that aside, welcome to the black eagles server, byleth! i’m dorothea you might have heard a few of my songs hehe


byleth | Today at 4:32 PM

wait ur gray waves cover girl


dorothea xoxo | Today at 4:32 PM

seiros that was so long ago i’m surprised you even remember it


byleth | Today at 4:33 PM
how could i not

Sent toomanyretries.png.

when i grinded it so much for this score


sleepy bitch disease | Today at 4:33 PM
that ur...


byleth do you have the replay file on hand by any chance

or better, do you have stream footage with handcam 

i haven’t seen this play before and i’d like to add it to my research materials


Petra866 | Today at 4:34 PM

Hello, Byleth! I am called Petra. :-)

I am hoping you will be joining the Black Eagles soon! I am having much to learn from your guidance.


byleth | Today at 4:35 PM
i dont coach

but well see

also @sleepy bitch disease ill pm u


sleepy bitch disease | Today at 4:36 PM

you have made me the happiest man alive, byleth.


Aymr | Today at 4:37 PM

Does anyone know if Bernadetta is around? 



bernie | Today at 4:37 PM

aaahh edelgar d what iis it,,,

wa it is that byle;th


byleth | Today at 4:38 PM

wait u seem familiar


bernie | Today at 4:39 PM



byleth | Today at 4:40 PM

ah no i know ur legit um

ur hikiko right


bernie | Today at 4:41 PM

yyes thats ,me


Aymr | Today at 4:42 PM

You’ll have to excuse Bernadetta’s erraticism, Byleth. My understanding is that her aim was so impeccable that many accused her of cheating and harassed her over it. 

Her performance as a team member is still stellar, but it’s caused her to fear interaction with others. 

It’s also why you won’t see her in this chat much, if at all. 


byleth | Today at 4:43 PM

oh thats unfortunate

theres no way shes cheating tho

rhea and the rest of the dev team

are very fast and ruthless

in detecting and banning cheaters

i would know


bernie | Today at 4:44 PM

aaahh tahnk yu bbyleth; ;;


Aymr | Today at 4:45 PM

Well, I believe at this point you have been introduced to all of the Black Eagles.


byleth | Today at 4:48 PM



Vestra | Today at 4:48 PM

I hope you will strongly consider joining the Black Eagles for the Eagle and Lion tournament at the end of the year.

You will find that the Black Eagles have many advantages over the other two teams, our overall ranking being one of them. 


sleepy bitch disease | Today at 4:50 PM



Vestra | Today at 4:51 PM

We are also by far the most organized, and you would not find the same ambition for absolute victory in any other team.

That is not to say, however, that we could not benefit greatly from your guidance. 

You would be instrumental to our continued success, especially as the Blue Lions and Golden Deer have doubled down on efforts to surpass us in rank. 


sleepy bitch disease | Today at 4:52 PM



Vestra | Today at 4:53 PM

Linhardt, it can wait.

You will not regret joining the Black Eagles. I implore you to heavily consider joining us, at least for the year.


sleepy bitch disease | Today at 4:54 PM

hubert byleth is already offline


Vestra | Today at 5:00 PM

So it would seem.


Ferdinand von Aegir | Today at 5:00 PM



Vestra | Today at 5:01 PM

I dislike vultures.




[fodsu!] Blue Lions Best Lions


dumb fucking himbo sylvain | Today at 6:04 PM

yo who wants to see me solve a 2x2 rubiks cube while playing bass slut


ashe!! | Today at 6:06 PM

oh me


No fun allowed | Today at 6:07 PM

I’m torn between yes because I’m interested in seeing how you pulled that off in the first place and no because I hate that song

Doubly so because it’s Sylvain’s most played song and trying to watch him fc it while hearing the lyrics was physically painful


dumb fucking himbo sylvain | Today at 6:10 PM

fresh from todays vod  


Dimitri :-)! | Today at 6:12 PM

Cell vein please change your name

Bye let will be arriving soon and I will be rather cross if your crass behavior sways him away from the blue lions


dumb fucking himbo sylvain | Today at 6:13 PM

lmao “cell vein” voice recognition at its peak

if he cant handle me at my dumb fucking himbo sylvain he doesnt deserve me at my Lance of Ruin


Welcome, byleth. Stay awhile and listen.


decimate | Today at 6:14 PM

byleth 1v1 me right now. i’ll set up the lobby. 


dumb fucking himbo sylvain | Today at 6:15 PM



byleth | Today at 6:16 PM



Ingrid | Today at 6:17 PM

Byleth, welcome to the Blue Lions Discord server! Please don’t scroll up.


dumb fucking himbo sylvain | Today at 6:18 PM

ayeeee byleth

tell me was it my extremely sexy speed plays that brought u over to the lions

or my irresistible 140p webcam face on stream


Dedue. | Today at 6:20 PM

I’m certain it was neither of those things.

Please pay Sylvain no mind, Byleth. I hope his provocative behavior will not turn you away from the Blue Lions. 

I am Dedue. I am grateful that you have joined our server, and hope that one day you will join our team as well.


byleth | Today at 6:22 PM

ive seen worse


Annie-Banannie | Today at 6:23 PM

A part of me is rlly curious as to what you mean by that

The rest of me is rlly not;;

Oh I’m Annette by the way!!!! It’s nice to meet you!!


Mercie <3 | Today at 6:24 PM

And I’m Mercedes! But you can just call me Mercie, if you’d prefer~ 


ashe!! | Today at 6:25 PM

i’m ashe! but you probably guessed that from my display name haha


dumb fucking himbo sylvain | Today at 6:26 PM

and i am

you guessed it

the dumb fucking himbo sylvjahjkg;’h


Ingrid | Today at 6:27 PM

This has to be like the third time this week that Felix is trying to kill Sylvain

and yet I can hear his hysterical laughter all the way from here.



Dedue. | Today at 6:28 PM

Homicide is strictly against team rules.


decimate | Today at 6:29 PM

ugh. fine.


byleth | Today at 6:35 PM


was fishing

im home now

wait whats ur name



decimate | Today at 6:35 PM

doesn’t matter. all that matters is that i can and will surpass you.


Dimitri :-)! | Today at 6:36 PM

His name is Felix 

He has a good heart despite his aggression


dumb fucking himbo sylvain | Today at 6:37 PM

also hes been sitting in an empty multiplayer lobby for like 20 mins just waiting for byleth to accept his friend request lol


decimate | Today at 6:38 PM

unbelievable. literally unbelievable. i don’t respect any of you fucking people.


Dimitri :-)! | Today at 6:40 PM

Colon hyphen left parentheses