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to the beat!

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Welcome to the room, Byleth!

Decimate has initiated the roll.

Decimate rolled 6!

Byleth rolled 4!

18:43 Byleth: ok u pick first

Decimate has chosen Chasing Daybreak [Maddening].

Decimate has applied HR.

Byleth has applied HR, HD, FL, SD.

18:44 Decimate: show off. 

18:45 Byleth: am rusty



Spectating Decimate. 18 others watching.

18:44 anime pusi: holy fuck lmfao this man going all in


18:45 Decimate: i need to concentrate.

18:45 Luin: Felix you know you can just

18:45 Luin: mute the chat



Byleth has won the round!

18:50 Byleth: my fingers locked up during the last part

18:50 Byleth: need to readjust left hand

18:50 Decimate: are you.

18:50 Decimate: KIDDING.

Decimate passed host to Byleth.



18:50 shortking: DID HE FUCKING JUST



18:51 shortking: SPECCING DECIMATE

18:52 anime pusi: dw felix ill always be loyal to u <3

18:52 Decimate: if not for the laws of this land

18:52 Decimate: i would have slaughtered you by now.



Byleth has chosen What Lies At The End [Mila’s Lunatic]. 

Byleth has applied DT. 

Byleth has applied HD.

Decimate has applied HR, HD.

18:52 Decimate: my pengrip was off last time. i’ll win.

18:52 Byleth: ok

Byleth has won the round!

18:54 Decimate: …

18:54 Decimate: that time it was the slider 30 secs from end that i choked on.

18:55 Decimate: again.

18:56 Byleth: ok

Byleth passed host to Decimate.

Decimate has chosen Alight (Storm) [Raijinto’s Thunderstorm].

Decimate has applied DT.

Decimate has applied HR.

Byleth has applied HR, HD. 



18:57 anime pusi: “fuck tech maps” he says at the desk not three feet away from me

18:57 anime pusi: as he picks the wackiest tech map of the last year

18:57 Luin: No hd this time?

18:58 Areadbhar: Yuou can Do It Felicx :-)



Byleth has won the round!




Sylvain is startled from his position on his bed, his laptop nearly falling off his chest, when Felix balls his hand into a fist and slams it on the desk. He hears his tablet pen clatter to the ground.


“Whoa, hey, buddy,” Sylvain says, lazily reaching his arm out toward his roommate in what he means to be a reassuring gesture but only serves to direct the full force of Felix’s glare towards him. “Calm down, relax, it’s just a game.”


“It’s a game that I intend to win,” Felix growls, turning back to his own computer. “I just don’t get it. Byleth has to have been playing offline all this time. How the fuck else can he slap Flashlight of all things on a map and win?


“I don’t have an answer to that, Fe,” Sylvain responds, his arm drooping back down over the side of the bed frame, “but I haven’t seen you this mad at the game since… ever, actually. Maybe it might be a bad idea to keep playing a game that just makes you madder and madder? Just a thought.”


“No. I will see this through. I will not be satisfied until I have won one round against Byleth.”


Felix picks his tablet pen up from the floor where it had dropped. He types something out quickly and all but pounds the Enter key. Sylvain isn’t sure how they haven’t gotten noise complaints yet, considering that Felix is typing like a madman on a Cherry MX Blue.


“Come onnn,” Sylvain whines. “Take a break. I’ll take you out for a night snack at that cyber cafe down the street after this round, win or lose, that sound good to you?”


Felix only grumbles something incoherent in response. Sylvain thinks he heard his name and some curses in there, somewhere, but it’s the closest to assent he’ll get, so he decides he’ll take it.





Decimate passed host to Byleth.

Byleth has chosen Land Below (Flow) [Revelations].

19:02 Decimate: nomod this time.

19:02 Decimate: let’s have an even matchup.

19:03 Byleth: ok

Decimate has declined to apply any mods.

Byleth has declined to apply any mods. 

19:03 Byleth: havent played this one before

19:03 Byleth: total sightread

Decimate has won the round!

19:09 Decimate: what happened.

19:09 Decimate: your accuracy tanked halfway through.

19:10 Byleth: cat

19:10 Decimate: …?

19:11 Byleth: just woke up from her nap

19:11 Byleth: sat on my arm

19:12 Byleth: wont move 

19:12 Byleth: gtg

Byleth has left the room.

19:12 Decimate: …

Decimate has left the room.

The room has closed.



20:23 Of the Wind: @Decimate so how’s that cyber cafe? i’ve always wanted to go there but i’ve never had the time haha

20:23 anime pusi: felix is angrily eating his popcorn chicken rn so ill answer: what have i been DOING 

20:24 anime pusi: i dont think ive had better boba in my entire life

20:25 Luin: Shit, I could DESTROY a whole thing of popcorn chicken right now

20:25 Luin: The one on Cichol St right? I’m heading right over

20:25 Crusher: Oh, if the rest of you are going, I’ll come too! 

20:26 Mercy: Me too~ If Ashe, Dimitri, and Dedue come, the Blue Lions could play a local multiplayer match! I think that would be fun~

20:26 Of the Wind: no time like the present! i’ve been staring at this essay for too long anyway sighs

20:26 Mercy: @Areadhbhar @azure flower I hope you two can make it!

20:27 azure flower: Neither of us have eaten yet, and Dimitri broke his keyboard again just now.

20:27 azure flower: We may be a little late, but we’ll come. 

20:28 anime pusi: SWEET THE WHOLE GANGS HERE

20:28 anime pusi: hol up dimitri did what now




Ashe is the first to arrive. Neither Felix nor Sylvain notice that he’s pushed his way through the line and is now carrying a plate of dumplings and a cup of boba until he sits down and taps Felix on the shoulder to wave hello. Felix, popcorn chicken halfway down his throat, jumps in his seat and also nearly chokes, to which Ashe gives a light chuckle. Annette, Mercedes, and Ingrid are next, the three having ran into each other on the way. Ingrid has on her tray a pile of food that would worry a normal person, but her friends know her well enough to know that it will evaporate within the hour. 


Like Dedue said they would be, he and Dimitri are last to arrive. Sylvain looks at the bowl of cheese dip to the side of Dimitri’s own fried chicken, looks at Dimitri’s face, which he can almost see the drool on, and looks at Dedue, whose own face is scrunched up as he endures what Sylvain can only imagine to be a test from the goddess. There had clearly been a solid effort on Dedue’s part to prevent his friend from eating cheese all three meals of the day. Sylvain feels a twang of sympathy. Dedue is a good man. He’ll have to remind himself to take him out for lunch one of these days.


“It’s been too long,” says Mercedes, picking food off her and Annette’s shared plate. “We go to the same university, but I feel like it’s been ages since we really got the chance to sit down together like this. And to think we reunited so surreptitiously!”


“I’m not here to make small talk with the rest of you,” Felix replies, clearly trying to sound dark and threatening, but failing due to his mouthful of food. “I’m here to win. ” 


“Aw, don’t be mean!” If Felix holds up against Ashe’s kicked-puppy pout, Sylvain will consider him the strongest man alive and hand him the keys to his car for the rest of his life. “I’ve missed talking to you too, you know. You still haven’t told me the stray cat story you promised to tell last time!”


“What?!” Annette is leaning over half the table now, eyes wide in wonder. “Felix has a cat story and didn’t tell me? How could you, Felix, you’re awful!”


This kind of banter lasts for the rest of the meal. Despite the fact that they haven’t seen each other in a long time, the Blue Lions are talking as if no time at all has passed. 




Mercedes stretches her fingers out before her and logs into the computer before her. The keyboard before her is much more expensive than the one she has at home: the ease with which she can tap on them and the colorful backlights are proof of that. The Lions are split into teams for this game: on the red team is herself, Annette, Felix, and Ingrid; on the blue team is Dedue, Dimitri, and Sylvain. To make up for the unbalanced number of people in each team, the win conditions are changed: whichever team has the highest average accuracy at the end of the map gets the point. 


The coin flip gives the red team their first pick on map. Ingrid chooses a song from a video game’s OST, and, to Mercedes’ relief, it’s one that she’s practiced in the past, though she had never full comboed it. The new setup takes some getting used to, and it looks like the red team’s accuracy is suffering for it, but they quickly recover, and that crown at the top of the screen is tipping in their favor.


Mercedes isn’t aware of it happening, but about thirty seconds in, she starts spacing out. She thinks about the stray dog that she saw the other day on campus, and wonders if someone eventually took it to a shelter; the poor thing was shivering in the cold. Which leads her, somehow, to thinking about her little brother, which leads further into some of her childhood memories. Her hands are just moving on their own, now, her tablet pen tracing the shape of each jump pattern and stream that appears on the screen, and her left fingers following suit. As Mercedes is just getting started on ruminating on how she met Annie when she was in high school and Annie in middle, she thinks she hears yelling from the blue team’s side of the room? And, oh dear, that timer under her score is close to ending, isn’t it— 


“Mercie! Mercie, goddess, that was amazing!” Annette just about leaps from her own seat and jumps on Mercedes, and the latter finally snaps out of whatever trance she was just in. Sure enough, on her screen were two golden S’s, and the rest of the Blue Lions had pounced on her setup, either taking pictures or yelling praise for a difficult score that was now undoubtedly her best. Mercedes lets out a light chuckle, raising her hand to cover her mouth.


“Ugh, that was godly, Mercie,” says Sylvain, reaching around Annette with his phone to take a picture of the screen. “Marry me, right now. Our babies will win all the tournaments and we can live off the prize money.” Ingrid punches him in the shoulder, but she, too, is beaming in Mercedes’ direction.




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