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Shine and Brave

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It was raining heavily when he woke up. He tried to stand up carefully, but failed. He tried again but still failed. The boy sighed, his body felt like it was burned and hit with something so heavy that made his bones felt like it would break any moment. He moved his arm to block the raindrop from his face, only succeed after forcing his arm to move according to his will.


After so long, who knows how many minutes or hours passed, the rain finally stopped. The boy dropped his arm, he saw the moon peeking from the dark cloud, shining so bright between the dark cloud that filled the sky. He tried to move to his side and tried to stand up. He smiled when he can finally move his body, the pain he felt in his body has long gone.


He looked around the area, only to find debris and nothing else. He tried to remember what actually happened, but he couldn't seem to remember anything, he felt empty without any memories.


"What happened here?" He ask himself.


He examined himself, tattered clothes, dirty hands, wounds, and dried blood on his body. He looked behind him, he saw nothing but another debris. His heartbeat raced so fast it felt like it might break free from him. He walked forward, nothing else in his mind except questions of 'what happened', 'how did this happen', and 'who did this'. 


He stopped as he saw a hand under collapsed building. He pulled the hand, but only to fall flat as he pulled only the hand, with no other body parts. He screamed in panic and horror. The boy stood up and run away from that very place, he wished for this to be nightmare and it would be nothing but just a dream when he woke up.




A building was standing higher than the other, it might be the tallest building in the area. Inside the building was decoration of nothing but things with dark colour in it, only accompanied by red colour.


A man was walking in the hall. Head held high, eye reflected no light, face that showed no emotions. He wore mostly black outfit, leaving only his shirt as white colour. His right eye covered in bandages. Not just that, his neck and arm also covered in bandages.


He stopped in front of the door and knocked it. When the door opened, he walked toward the room. There, he saw an older man sitting behind the desk, smiled at him.


"Oh, Dazai-kun, it's nice to see you after you went for such a long mission."


The man that was called 'Dazai' snorted and replied, "Ah yes, it was certainly a long and annoying mission I ever had, Mori-san."


"I wanted to give you some day off, but unfortunately, urgent things had happened while you were absent."


"Yeah, of course. Why else would you call me if not for urgent things."


Mori chuckled. He handed Dazai a document. Dazai read the document carefully and raised his eyebrow as he continued to read its content.


"I believe this subject, or should i say, this kid is very scared of the outside world. I suggest you to go and find the kid. Oh and also it will be better if you bring him here." Mori said as he observed Dazai expression as he read the document.


"I'm afraid with this little information, even I can't find a subject like this."


The information was indeed a little to lacking for a search mission. A boy and 8 years old. And nothing else to note except the power that the subject held.


"That's why this mission will be specially for you, Dazai-kun. I believe in your abilities to find even a kid that most people will be giving up while searching for him."


Dazai sighed, he gave back the document.


"Yeah, just be patient for it then, Mori-san."


"Of course."


Dazai left the room. He walked to exit the building, ignoring any mafia members that greeted him. His steps stopped and looked to the sky. Dark cloud and bright moon decorated the sky.


"Ah, it's so annoying, looking for a lost kid as if I'm a caretaker for him." He mutters to himself.


"No wonder your face looked like that, Dazai."


Dazai looked to the man beside him. He knew the man was around the area, that's why he talked to himself quite loudly so the man could hear it.


"Odasaku, tell me, how am I supposed to find an 8 years old kid?"


"Well, you should know his physical appearance to find him." 


Dazai sighed and said, "Ah yes of course, even a kid would know that too."


Oda eyed him and asked, "Judging from your answer, you know nothing of the kid except its age?"


"And its gender." Dazai added.


"Well, it's certainly a hard mission for you. Would you need my assistance?"


Dazai smiled at Oda question, and he answered, "Why of course, since I'm not good with kids."


Oda laughed, "Right, but first let's drink. You could use some drinks to lighten your mood."




The boy shivered as he sat down on the pavement. He ran so far, from a place of nothing but debris to a place so lively and bright. He looked to his feet, it was hurt as he ran away barefooted. He sighed and hugged both his knees close to his chest, tears in his eyes.


"Oh my, what are you doing here kid?"


The boy peeked to see who was talking. It was a tall man, he held a cane and wore a hat. His eyes is brownish-golden coloured.


"I... I'm not sure."


The man walked closer to the boy and crouched. He was smiling to the boy and the boy smiled back. The man loosened his coat and wrapped it to the boy. The boy looked at him confused.


"It must be cold. You are drenched, must be because the rain just now."


The boy held the coat closer, he could feel the warmness spreading through his cold body. He thanked the man, and the man smiled at him.


"Well, why don't we warm up at my house?"




"It's okay. And it's late, you shouldn't stay outside at such time too, kid."




"Well, there's nothing to apologize for. Let's go."


The boy stood up, but as he walked to follow the man, he couldn't hide the pain he felt on his feet. He stopped and winced at how bad his feet felt right now.


"What's the matter?" The man asked as he looked back to the boy. He noticed the younger's expression and walked closer to the boy. He examined him and noticed the boy's feet were bleeding and wounded.


"Oh my, I'm sorry, I didn't notice your feet were hurt. Here, you should stay on my back."


"No, I can walk, so you don't have to-"


"Well I refuse to let you walk, so come on."


The boy hesitated, but eventually gave up. He climbed to the older man's back.




"Don't worry kid. My house is quite far, so you can rest on my back."


The boy stayed still and after a while, he said, "Thank you."

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Dazai and Oda sat on the bar stool, accompanied by two drinks, which is a booze. Dazai wasn't old enough to drink alcohol, but being an executive of Port Mafia and also a regular for a small bar, it was nothing of trouble for the owner who also acted as the bartender. The owner often heard the two Port Mafia members talked about work-related stuff. The man knew what was the best for him if he wanted to stay alive, so he pretended as he was not there, not even slightly interested in their conversation.


Dazai knew the man won't do anything to them, especially selling information to other people about him being there and all the stuff he said. That's exactly why he liked this bar, it was far enough to be known for most people and too small for people liking. It was the perfect place for him to rest his mind and body after tough jobs.


"So, you are to search an 8 years boy without even knowing his appearance. How would you start searching, Dazai?"


"Good question, but i believe we have to visit that very place, where the experiment was held."


"And where is it?"




Oda stayed silent for a moment. He drank his booze, downing it until there's nothing left in the glass. He hummed at Dazai, carefully thinking how he could help the executive to find a kid like that.


"That's that. But i believe we might be disappointed for the lack of information." Dazai added as he stared at the empty glass in front of him.


Oda looked at the bartender and gestured for a refill. The bartender gave them another bottle and poured it to both glasses.


"It's better than nothing, at least you can get more information about the kid."


Dazai sighed, he played the glass in front of him. Oda chuckled as he saw how the boy beside him acted. Usually, he acted so stern, nothing in his eye reflected light, showed no kindness to other people. But now, he looked like a lost kid, to lazy to think about his job. Dazai noticed Oda laughed at him, so he pouted his lips.


"Well, I'm free now and tomorrow. I'll follow you to the area whenever you want."


Dazai nodded. He thought about when, how, and what he should do when he arrived at Suribachi. He drank the booze, feeling the liquor in his throat, warm spread in his body, and he could feel he might become drunk if he drank another shot.


"Let's go, in 15 minutes."


Oda hummed. He finished his drink and paid for their drinks. The bartender smiled at them, not even saying anything but thank you.


"Let's breathe fresh air then, you looked like you are drunk, Dazai."


"I'm not drunk, but almost."


"Yeah, that's what i mean."




When he opened his eyes, it was a wooden ceiling with bright light that came into his view. He blocked the light with his hand. After adjusting his view, he looked around the place he was in. Everything is wooden, from floor until ceiling. He was sleeping in a futon, so thick and warm that he didn't want to leave. He heard a knock and the door opened. The man who helped him entered the room and brought something with him.


"Seems like you are awake just in time. Here's a hot tea and snacks."


"Thank you."


The man smiled at him. The boy reached for the glass, he carefully blew the tea before he drank it. It was sweet and warm, he liked the taste and smiled to the man.


"Glad you like it, kid."


They stayed like that in silence. The man also drank his tea. The boy ate the snacks, it wasn't as sweet as the tea, it was a perfect combination for the sweet tea.


"So, what's your name? I can't keep calling you kid, right?"


The boy looked at the man, confused and worried. He still couldn't remember his name and his whereabouts, not even why he was awaken in that place.


"I... Don't really remember my name." He said.


The man looked at him with sympathy in his eyes. He reached for the kid and hugged him. The boy was startled by the sudden action. He stayed still for a moment and finally hugged back the man. They broke their hug after a while. The boy looked at the man and smiled at him.


"My name is Natsume Souseki. Let's see if we can find your name."


"But, where can we find it?"


Natsume, as the man said his name was, looked around for a while. He finally remembered something and said, "Well, your clothes and your belongings can help with that, I guess. Let's see if we can find anything there."


The boy nodded. He followed Natsume to another room. In that room was nothing different than the room he was in, but he could see his tattered clothes and another thing that he didn't recognize. Only then he realized that he was in different clothes, a little bigger than his size, but it was comfortable.


Natsume was looking at his tattered clothes and whatever it was that accompanied in the clothes. Natsume searched carefully, finally found something after looking at the things in front of him. It was a silver craving with a name in it.


"Oh I found your name, kid."


The boy widen his eyes, he was as surprised and happy as Natsume. He walked closer to Natsume and his hair was ruffled by Natsume.


"It read 'Chuuya Nakahara'."




Dazai sighed so hard when he arrived at Suribachi. To his suprise, the place was blown into nothing, only debris left and some remains of building. He wandered around the area to find any clues about the kid. Oda followed him, his eyes looked around the area as well, searching for anything that might be a clue for this missing kid.


"Don't tell me all this mess was caused by that kid." 


"Well you never know, he was experimented after all." Dazai said as he squated to grab a metal glint on the ground.


"He might as well dead if he did this, I mean what kind of experimented kid could do this?"


Dazai looked at the metal in his hand. He brushed the dirt on it and found a craving on the back of the metal.


"We should ask the government for the answer, don't we?" Dazai said as he looked to Oda.


"You find something, Dazai?"


"Yes, it should be enough for a clue." Dazai said as he handed the metal to Oda.


Oda took the metal, he looked at it and saw a craving on the surface of the metal.




"Yeah, looked like a code or something for me."


Oda looked at Dazai, he returned the metal to him, and said, "Then, let's visit them for confirmation."


"Yeah, tomorrow. I want to go home now."


"Yeah, it's already late. You probably could use some time to sleep." Oda said while chuckled.

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Chuuya woke up earlier than he thought. He remembered that he cried when Natsume told him his own name, he hugged the older man and cried so hard. Natsume patted his back, said it was okay and sang a song for him. Chuuya eventually got tired from crying and fell asleep. He was grateful for the old man's kindness, if it not for his help, he might not know his name. 


Chuuya slowly stood up. He went outside the house and saw how beautiful the scenery in front of him. Green trees, colourful flowers, and a fish pond, everything looked so unreal, too beautiful to be real. Chuuya walked toward the big sakura tree in the garden. He looked at it and amazed at how big the tree is.


"Beautiful, isn't it?"


Chuuya looked behind him and saw Natsume standing with tray in his hand. 


"Good morning, Natsume-san!" Chuuya said as he ran toward Natsume. He hugged the older man, so tight that Natsume chuckled at the sudden gesture the kid gave him.


"Good morning too, Chuuya. I hope you had a good sleep yesterday."


"Yes, thanks to you, Natsume-san."


"Let's have a small breakfast with this view then."


Natsume sat down on the wooden floor, Chuuya sat down beside him. The breakfast was a hot tea for Natsume and a hot chocolate milk for Chuuya, also with fresh baked breads. As they were having breakfast, the birds started chirping. The sun rose higher than before, its light blocked by the giant sakura tree.


"Chuuya-kun, I know this is too sudden, but I would like you to stay here." Natsume said as he kept thinking what might befall the kid.


Natsume noticed that Chuuya was not a normal kid. When he changed his clothes yesterday, he saw many scars on his body, mostly stitches and scars from needle. And the fact that he found his name craved on a metal shaped like a bracelet, he couldn't help but thought that Chuuya might be experimented. Experimented kid couldn't and shouldn't be outside the lab, so he must had run away from there. How? That was the question. But the official must be searching for him to experiment on him again. He couldn't allow that to happen to such a small kid.


"But wouldn't that bother you, Natsume-san?"


"Of course not. I need someone to stay with me too. Being alone in this big house doesn't really feel good."


And that was another reason why he wanted Chuuya to stay. He needed someone to took care of his house too. As long as Chuuya stayed in his house, the house won't be too silent and lonely anymore.


"I will help you with the garden then! And I will learn how to cook too!" Chuuya said as his blue eyes beamed with happiness.


"Of course. But before that, you should take a bath, it will clean and relax your body."






It was morning when Dazai woke up from his bed. He slept for 3 hours at best, actually felt tired after he came back from Suribachi. He didn't actually went to sleep right after he got home. Dazai rummaged his bookcase to find any clue for this A5158 thing he found at the area.


The letter certainly meant that the experiment was important, it was an A experiment after all. As for the number, it might be the number of children being experimented, the kid might be the 5158th kid to actually survived the experiment this far.


Dazai opened, read, and closed the book he found in his bookcase. Nothing in there actually gave him any information about the kid. He eventually gave up, too tired to actually work on figuring the mysterious kid that went missing. He went to sleep, his body ached, his head hurt, his heartbeat became faster, and his fingers numb. But his mind didn't want to sleep, he disliked sleeping, as he would sometimes dreamt about his childhood, a nightmare he couldn't escape.


He stood up from his comfy bed, went to bathroom to brush his teeth. When he looked at the mirror, he saw his own reflection. Dark brown left eye, bandaged right eye, sharp nose, thin lips, and fluffy brown hair. He stared at his own reflection before he sighed. He went to the shower to take a bath, partly because he had to visit a government office. His appearance wouldn't change, but his body reeks alcohol and sweat, something he wouldn't want the government official to smell on him, as that would tarnish his name.


After he cleaned himself, Dazai went outside. As he stepped outside his door, he saw how bright the sky was, and that made him sigh once more. He wasn't really fond of bright day, he preffered rainy day. He walked toward the street, entering small and dark alley, after some minutes, he reached his workplace, the Port Mafia. As he walked toward the front door, he was greeted by another subordinate, well, to him it was just another pawn to be used for his future plans.


He went to the 5th floor. There, he met Kouyou and Hirotsu. The three of them stopped halfway, they looked at each other and Kouyou finally broke the silence between them.


"Good to see you so early, Dazai-kun."


"Good to see you, Kouyou-san, Hirotsu-san."


Hirotsu bowed to the young executive and excused himself as he had another urgent business to take care of. He left Dazai and Kouyou alone in that room. Dazai wasn't really fond of the older woman, but he respected her as his senior and his fellow executive. She often offered him and forced him to drank tea with her, which Dazai had difficulty to reject.


"I heard you were to find a certain kid."


"Yeah, surely you wouldn't offer me any help?"


Kouyou chuckled, "Well, I might be able to help you, but unfortunately, it is nothing much."


Dazai looked at Kouyou's right hand. She offered him some photos and he took it. It was several kids, around 8 years old if Dazai guessed it right. His eye was drawn by an orange haired boy, his eyes were blue like an ocean.


"It is much appreciated that you give this to me, Kouyou-san."


"I'm glad it may help you. If you ask, I suggest you begin looking for the orange haired kid. My men saw him yesterday at the alley, unfortunately he was approached by a man and was taken somewhere."


Dazai shifted his gaze to meet Kouyou's eyes. His expression might be still like before, blank expression with nothing but lifeless left eye.


"My, and your men didn't even follow them? How useless that men of yours, Kouyou-san."


Kouyou chuckled once again and said, "Yeah, certainly that was stupid of them. But at least, the man is somewhere in the city. You should be able to find him, Dazai-kun."


"Yeah, talk about extra work. But thank you for the photos."


"You're welcome. I have to excuse myself as I have an appointment with my clients."


Dazai nodded and they went separate ways. He looked back to the pictures on his hand, his eye focused on the orange haired boy.


"Well, that means two clues for the kid. Maybe three."


Dazai said to himself as he walked toward his office.




Kouyou entered the car that was waiting for her. She sat behind the driver and said the address of her destination. Her eyes wandered to the street and she saw a glimpse of an orange haired boy and an older man walking on the street across her car.


Oh my, to think that they are quite close to us. Dazai-kun's lady luck surely on his side now.

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Chuuya walked together with Natsume to buy groceries. Natsume said that he should buy clothes in his size and other necessities for Chuuya. They arrived at a big building, a mall, as Natsume said to Chuuya. They entered the building and went for kids station. There, Chuuya saw lots of clothes in his size that caught his attention. He walked toward the dark green jacket and picked it up. Natsume said he should pick any clothes that he liked, so Chuuya picked the jacket first. 


After that, he went to pick some shirts, mostly in dark colours, like black, brown, red, and grey. Natsume then said he should buy pants, so Chuuya went looking for it. He mostly picked long pants and a jeans, Natsume then picked a short pants, not too short for him, it length is around his knee. After they done shopping, they went to buy groceries and other necessities. When they were done, it was already noon, so Natsume suggested to eat at ramen shop across the mall.




Dazai and Oda went to the government office as they planned last night. The two of them met at the 6th floor of the Port Mafia. After making sure everything was done, they went to the supposed place with a car, Oda as the driver. It was still morning, around 8 am, when they went from Port Mafia to the government office. The two of them arrived at the government office, more likely, it's the Special Ability Department. As they went inside the building, they were greeted by Ango Sakaguchi, an official of the Special Ability Department.


"Good morning, my name is Ango Sakaguchi, I will be taking care of your request for today."


"Good morning. Can we speak to the point? I'm afraid we don't have much free time." Oda said to the man that greeted them.


"Yes, please follow me."


They followed Ango and entered a room. It was Ango's personal room. Dazai observed the room, there was nothing special about it, only racks of case files and books, table, computer, and sofa in the room. He sat down next to Oda, Ango sat across them.


"So, I heard you two needed some information regarding the missing experiment kid."


"Yes, we only have 2 information about the kid. A boy around 8 years old and this thing we found at the scene, A5158." Oda said as he showed the metal with the craved A5158 on it.


Ango looked surprised, but he soon relaxed and took a file from his case.


"Yes, it is as you can see. The boy was experimented and his code was A5158."


"What kind of experiment was it?" Now, Dazai finally spoke after he stayed silent.


Ango stayed still, but then he sighed and answered, "An ability experiment."


"Must be important if you looked so evasive about it." Dazai noted as he observed Ango.


Ango didn't reply, he proceeds to show a file to the two mafia in front of him. Dazai took the file and read it. In the file, it was stated that the experiment was for a dangerous ability, the kid was compatible for the ability, and the sudden explosion at the lab that made them thought the kid was the culprit. But in that, there wasn't a photo of the kid.


"Say, officer. Do you have any photo of this kid?" Dazai asked.


"I'm afraid not." Ango answered.


"Then, do you know his face or something?"


"I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about him except anything that had been reported. The lab was especially tight about their information, as most of them died not more than 10 days after experimented."


Dazai sighed and looked to Oda. Oda then said they will be going back and thanked Ango for the information. Ango walked with them toward the exit.


If it not for their formal request, I wouldn't talk to them for such an important matter. Ango thought as he walked back to his office.


Dazai and Oda entered the car. He told Oda about the photo that Kouyou gave him and Oda responded that he should order the other to search for the kids. As Dazai about to answer Oda, his eye caught an orange haired boy with a man, they entered a ramen shop.


Dazai ordered Oda to stop and went outside the car, Oda followed him from behind. Dazai entered the shop and saw the kid sat with the man on the left corner. Dazai walked and sat opposite them, his back faced the boy. Oda sat across Dazai and ordered the food for the of them. He understood why Dazai suddenly stopped him, it was the boy in the photo. He was with a man, around 40 or 50 years old, matched with Dazai description of the boy being picked by an old man.


The kid beamed when the food arrived, he talked about how the man, as Dazai and Oda heard his name as Natsume, helped him and being so kind despite not knowing him. Natsume said it was only natural for him to help the kid, named Chuuya, as Dazai and Oda listened to their conversation. Oda looked at Dazai and saw how Dazai smirked. Oda knew that look, a look of Dazai that showed he had a plan ready to be executed.


Well, let's hope we don't need to kill the old man.




Chuuya ate with Natsume at a ramen shop. As they were waiting for their food, two men entered the shop. The one in the front had bandage over his right eye and the one behind him looked older than the one in the front. Chuuya had a brief eye contact with the one on the front, the bandaged man, and he saw the man smiled at him, the smile was weird in Chuuya's mind, it looked more sinister than kind, so he broke the eye contact and talked to Natsume. He saw the man sat behind Natsume, the other man ordered for their food. Not long after that, Chuuya and Natsume's food came, so both of them ate carefully.


"Natsume-san, where are we going next?"


"Hmm, let's see, we have your clothes, groceries, and necessities. I guess we can go to another shop for your yukata."


"Why? Isn't the clothes enough?"


"Well, it is. But yukata is good too, you should have one or two of it."


"Okay, let's visit the shop later!" Chuuya said happily and received a smile from Natsume.


Chuuya continued to eat his ramen. Across him, the bandaged man chuckled, he spoke to the man in front of him about him being not hungry and he wanted crab instead of ramen. Chuuya attention wandered to the back of the bandaged man. Somehow, just a look at his back made Chuuya shiver, as if the man was so scary that no one would dare to look at him.


Suddenly, the bandaged man looked behind, his left eye met Chuuya's blue eye. Chuuya was startled as the man suddenly smiled at him, the smile was the same smile he saw before. Chuuya looked down, he felt as if he was caught staring at the man across him.


"Mister, your kid looks so cute."


Chuuya looked up and saw the bandaged man talked to Natsume. Natsume gave him a bright smile and said, "Yes, he is cute for his age."


"My name is Shuuji Tsushima, and he is my caretaker, Oda Sakunosuke. Nice to meet you." The bandaged man said as he smiled brightly.


"Nice to meet you, my name is Natsume Souseki and the kid is Chuuya Nakahara."


Chuuya had an eye contact with the man called Shuuji, and he gave the older man a shy smile.


"My, he looks so young." Shuuji said.


"Well, you look young as well, Tsushima-kun."


"Ah, really? Odasaku, do I look that young?"


"Certainly, Shuuji-kun."


Chuuya felt awkward as he couldn't join in their conversation. As if understanding the feeling Chuuya had, Shuuji moved over to sit beside Chuuya and he smiled at him. Shuuji then said he wanted to have a younger brother so he could play with someone younger than him.


Eventually, Chuuya and Shuuji had a long conversation about stuff, mostly games and toys. Natsume talked to Oda about books and life. The four of them conversed with each other. But, Natsume and Chuuya didn't know that the two man that talked to them were a threat to their life.

Chapter Text

Dazai, under the cover name Shuuji Tsushima, talked with Natsume and Chuuya. As they talked, Dazai got some important information regarding the kid and his caretaker. Chuuya liked to see the scenery at Natsume's house, the house had beautiful garden with lots of trees and flowers. And then, Chuuya seemed to lost his memories before he woke up in Suribachi, he didn't even remember his own name before Natsume found it on a metal craving, same as Dazai.

Dazai glanced at Natsume and Oda, both of them talked about books and the likes. At first glance, Natsume looked like a normal person, but Dazai had a feeling he is not someone to be bothered. Although he looked easy going and relaxed, he kept his surroundings safe, sometimes throwing glances at Chuuya. Oda looked like he was having fun to talk to Natsume, their interest matched. Dazai listened to their conversation as he talked to Chuuya, even though they talked about books, Oda seemed to gather information about the man.

"Shuuji-san, why is your right eye bandaged?"

Dazai looked at Chuuya, he tried to make his expression sad to get the kid's sympathy. He smiled sadly at Chuuya and said, "I got an accident before and it kind of hurt my right eye. The doctor said it shouldn't be exposed to the sun."

"I'm sorry."

"No, don't worry about it Chuuya-kun. More importantly, are you not in grade school?"

Chuuya stayed silent for a while, when Dazai was about to talk again, Chuuya answered him.

"No, I'm going to help Natsume-san at home." Chuuya said while he gave Dazai a bright smile.

"I see. Do you want to learn about something else?"

"Like what?"

"Let's see, there are many things to learn, like mathematic, science, literature, and other things you want to know."

Chuuya looked interested at Dazai's words, but he didn't say anything, seemed like he was thinking whether he should say he would like to know or stay with his priority to help Natsume. Dazai waited for his response, smiled at Chuuya as bright as he could.

"That will be great, you are still young, so you should learn about those things, Chuuya."

Dazai looked at Natsume and actually surprised that the old man agreed to it.

Well, that makes things easier then. Dazai thought.

"Is it alright? But i don't want to leave your house."

"Odasaku here was a teacher for kindergarden school, and he is kind of good at teaching kids."

"Is that so? Well, what do you think Chuuya?"

"I want to do it!" Chuuya answered excitedly.

"Alright, will that be okay for you, Sakunosuke-kun?"

Oda smiled at him and said, "Of course, I will do my best to teach Chuuya-kun."

Chuuya smiled so bright and Dazai can see how excited the kid is. Dazai smiled at Chuuya and said how Oda was so kind and great when he taught him.

"Will it be okay if I learn at your house too, Natsume-san?" Dazai asked Natsume and Natsume nodded.

"Of course, it will help Chuuya to have someone young in the house too."

"Thank you!" Dazai answered excitedly.

Chuuya looked excited too, as he smiled at Dazai and almost hugged him. Dazai replied the kid's smile with a bright smile. Oda chuckled when he saw their reaction. After a while, they finally said goodbye to each other. In the end, Natsume said they should meet up again someday and gave Oda his phone number, Oda did the same.

After Natsume and Chuuya walked quite far, Dazai and Oda went to their car. Dazai sighed and loosened his tie and Oda turned the car. As they were about to go, Dazai received a message from Mori, he wanted Dazai to report about his mission.

"Well, he certainly know when to message me, didn't he."

"It's his intuition, I guess. But Dazai, that was too sudden, if I didn't know your way, I won't be able to converse with the old man."

Dazai chuckled and said, "But you can. It's interesting how that kid seemed so interested in this world, when there's nothing really good about it."

Oda sighed, "Yeah, he just 'woke up' from that lab, surely he want to know more about the world."

Dazai played with his tie. He thought about how the kid can be easily fooled by that very idea. But what made Dazai interested was his ability. When he touched Chuuya's hand, he could feel nothing. He thought maybe the power wasn't awaken yet.

"Say, Odasaku, how can an ability be activated when it's not awaken yet?"

"The most thing I know is when the gifted is exposed to danger, that's when their ability awaken. Well, that's not really effective but that's how they do it."

"Danger, huh?" Dazai said as he smirked at the idea to expose Chuuya to danger just to awaken his ability. Oda noticed that and glanced at Dazai, worried that he might be planning for something inhumane.


Dazai and Oda arrived at the Port Mafia. They went separate ways, as Dazai had to report to Mori. He walked toward the big, vast, and dark hall. Just thinking about the kid made Dazai smirked. He didn't really like dealing with kid, but if the kid proved to be interesting, he wouldn't mind taking care of him. Finally, Dazai was standing in front of Mori's office. He knocked it three times and entered the room.

"Dazai, catch!"

He caught a doll that Elise threw at him. It was a bear doll. He walked and gave the doll back to Elise. He then stopped and looked at Mori.

"Dazai-kun, I hope your mission went well."

"Yes, fortunately, Kouyou-san helped me."

"I see. Then, you can report about it, please."

"The kid is indeed 8 years old, a boy, named Chuuya Nakahara, his physical appearance is orange hair, blue eyes, and small build body. He is being taken care by a man named Natsume Souseki. Currently live with him."

"Oh, did you say Natsume Souseki?"


Mori smiled at the mention of the name, which made Dazai understood that Mori knew the man. Just as Dazai was about to ask Mori, Mori suddenly said, "Very well. Then, do you have any plan on how to capture the kid?"

"Yes, Odasaku and I will be pretending to play a role of teenager and a teacher for the kid. Odasaku and Natsume-san already exchanged number."

"Good work, I hope your plan goes well. You are dismissed, Dazai-kun."

Dazai turned around and walked toward the door, as he opened the door, he heard Mori said, "Dazai-kun, do be careful around that man, Natsume Souseki. I know how he is, just make sure not to get on his bad side. Ah, he also likes cats, maybe that will help you gain his trust so he can lower his guard."

Dazai looked at Mori, he smiled and said, "Thank you for your suggestions, Mori-san."

Dazai went outside the room and walked toward his office.

How interesting. Dazai thought.

Chapter Text

It had been two weeks since Dazai met Chuuya, and it had been four days since Dazai and Oda started going to Natsume's house to study with Chuuya. At first, Natsume was wary of their presence, he stayed around Chuuya, eyes not leaving Oda and Dazai. But after three days of good actions, Natsume finally let his guard down. It was surprising to Dazai and Oda as Natsume said he had to leave for a while because of urgent meeting. Meaning, Chuuya would be alone with the two mafia members.

Dazai, under the disguise of Shuuji Tsushima, studied, talked, and played with Chuuya very well that it surprised Oda. Dazai who was caught off guard of Natsume sudden leave made Oda worried that Dazai might be impatient and would harm Chuuya. But fortunately, Dazai didn't like that. Dazai had a plan, but of course the action won't be today.

"Brother!" Chuuya said as he ran toward Dazai and hugged him.

"Hey little kiddo, seems like you are energetic as always huh."

"Good morning teacher!" Chuuya said to Oda and smiled so bright at the man. Oda replied by giving a warm smile at the kid.

"Chuuya, Natsume-san said he has to go for urgent business, will you be okay without him?" Oda asked.

"Yes! Since mister and brother are here, i will be fine."

Dazai had to laugh at that statement. On the outside, Dazai said Chuuya is adorable kid. But on the inside, Dazai thought how foolish the kid was to trust the strangers that he met just for 2 weeks. Dazai minds worked so fast, he managed to made a plan to use Chuuya's trust to bring out his full power and capture the kid.

The three of them started the study. Oda taught Chuuya many things, from basic to slightly difficult things. Dazai pretended to learn as well, sometimes he acted to fell asleep to gain Chuuya attention. When it was afternoon, Oda received a phone call from Natsume.

"Oda, are you busy today?"

"Not really, is something the matter, Natsume-san?"

"Can you stay with Chuuya today? Unfortunately, I have to go to Kyoto for three days."

Oda looked at Dazai and Dazai gave him a smirk.

"Of course I can. I'll stay until you come back."

"Thank you very much, Oda-kun. I will make sure to repay you later."

"There's no need for that, Natsume-san. I'll relay the message to Chuuya then."

"Yes, please. Once again, thank you."

The line was cut off. Oda looked at Chuuya and saw the confused look the kid had. Dazai on the other hand smiled dangerously, like he knew something that benefit him would happen.

"Chuuya-kun, it seems Natsume-san has to leave for work for three days. I will stay with you for the time being. Will that be okay with you?"

Chuuya looked sad in an instant. He didn't answer immediately, his finger fidgeted his shirt. Dazai noted every action and emotion the kid had for the past few days, he thought it might be beneficial for his future plans.

"But..." Chuuya said as his eyes started to wet with tears.

Oda suprised at the sudden outburst the kid had. Chuuya cried so hard, he was sobbing and wailing that made Oda felt bad. Dazai on the other hand sighed at the sight in front of him. Not only he was not good with kids, he also didn't like crying kids. Oda approaced Chuuya and patted his head.

"What's the matter, little kiddo?"

"Natsume-san promised... We will go out tomorrow... To the park." Chuuya said in between his sob.

Oda looked at Dazai and Dazai approached Chuuya.

"Then, we can go tomorrow to the park. Natsume-san must be sad because he can't go to park with you tomorrow." Dazai said to Chuuya.

Chuuya looked at Dazai with eyes filled with tears. Dazai tried his best to smile brightly.


"Promise. I'll stay here too, you will be bored without me."

Chuuya went to hug Dazai, he muttered a soft thank you at him. Dazai hugged him back, smirked at Oda as he managed to gain the kid's trust. Not only that, the trust Natsume had for Oda to leave the kid at his care made Dazai felt like the mission would go better than he thought.


Chuuya fell asleep as he stopped crying. Oda brought Chuuya to his room. After that, he met Dazai at the living room.


"Yes, what is it?"

"Let's do it, tomorrow."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I want to see if it will awaken his ability or not."

"Will they be able to do that?"

"Well they have to. Not to mention, you agreed to it, don't want to hurt him, right?"

"Sorry, but yeah you're right."

"Then tomorrow it is."


It was dark when Chuuya woke up. He remembered that he felt so tired after crying so hard and fell asleep. He was suddenly at his own room. He was tugged in his bed, lights were on too. He got up from his bed, went outside to find Oda and Shuuji. He saw Oda at the kitchen and greeted him. Oda then said that Shuuji was at the yard. When Chuuya found him, he was staring at the big sakura tree. Chuuya walked carefully, wanted to surprise Shuuji, but as Chuuya became near, Shuuji looked back and surprised Chuuya.

"Hey there sleeping beauty, had a good sleep?"

Chuuya nodded. He went to stand beside Shuuji.

"It's big, right? Will we grow up to be this big too?" Chuuya asked.

"Well, maybe. But I wonder if Chuuya will grow this big, you are so small after all."

Chuuya pouted and looked at Shuuji, "Shuuji is a meanie sometime, but..."

Shuuji chuckled and ruffled Chuuya's hair. They stared at the big tree until Oda called them. They had dinner together and talked about many things. As the sky became darker, the rain suddenly poured along with loud thunder. Chuuya flinched everytime the thunder came.

"Let's sleep. It's already late." Oda said to the kids.

Chuuya fidgeted his shirt, again. Shuuji, or Dazai, as he observed the kid, finally said, "Chuuya, want to sleep with me?"


"You are scared of the thunder, right?"

Chuuya nodded.

"Then let's sleep together, the three of us."

Dazai pulled Chuuya's hand and dragged him to Oda's room. After Dazai explained why they were there, the three of them slept together.

Tomorrow it is. Dazai notted.

Chapter Text

It was bright when Chuuya woke up at the big room. He remembered that he slept together with Oda and Shuuji. When he woke up, the two men were not in the room. Chuuya went to find them and saw Oda in the kitchen, Dazai in the dining table reading a book. 

"Good morning!" Chuuya said as he ran toward Oda.

Oda and Dazai focused on Chuuya, Oda's hands ready to caught and hug Chuuya.

"Good morning too, kiddo. Seems like the bright morning gives you great energy."

"Yes! Odasaku-san, what are you cooking now?"

"Well, I'm not a good cook, so only eggs and bacon."

Chuuya looked more excited than before. He went near the counter where the plates were arranged. Oda continued to cook the breakfast while glancing to Dazai, Dazai only nodded and went to Chuuya.

"Chuuyaa, you can wait in the dining table you know."

Chuuya looked at Dazai and said, "No, I'll wait here and bring the breakfast to the table. Brother can wait there."

"Well, it's no fun waiting alone, so I'll stay here too."

When Oda finished cooking, he put the eggs and bacon on the plates. Chuuya brought the plates to the table excitedly while Oda brought two glasses of milk and a glass of tea to the table. The three of them sat and ate their breakfast, Oda listened to the kids that exchanged jokes and mocks. It was eight o'clock when Oda told Dazai and Chuuya to prepare to go to the park. After forty five minutes of preparation, they went to the park.

The park was located quite far from Natsume's house. They used public transportation, which is a bus to go to the area. After thirty minutes in the bus, they finally arrived at the bus stop near the park and walked to the park for ten minutes.


As soon as Chuuya fell asleep, Dazai went outside and called for one of his subordinate while Oda went to put Chuuya in his room. The line was connected and Dazai heard his subordinate answered.

"Hirotsu here. What can I help you with, Dazai-kun?"

"Hirotsu-san, clear your schedule for tomorrow, I have a plan that need to be executed tomorrow."

"Alright, how many men will you need?"

"Well, 10. Make sure all of them are competent enough for the plan."

"Would you explain the plan?"

"Tomorrow me and Odasaku will go to the park near the beach with Chuuya. Have the men attack and harm me in front Chuuya after it get darker and make sure it doesn't attract any unnecessary attention."

"I'm sorry, are you sure about the men attacking and harming you?"

"Yeah, the kid get quite attached to me, so putting myself in danger will make him enraged. Make sure to threaten me and Chuuya until his ability awakens."

"I understand. I will pick the best men for the mission. Anything else I should take note of, Dazai-kun?"

"Ah yes, make sure Akutagawa cover you up tomorrow for whatever schedule you have. Don't include him for tomorrow plan, pick those that don't have ability. That's all."

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow then, Dazai-kun."

The phonecall ended. Dazai gazed at the sky and smirked. 

"As long as it's to capture the kid, any pawns are necessary, even myself."

Dazai heard Oda approached him, but he stayed still, not looking back at him. Oda stood beside Dazai and said, "Are you sure about the plan?"


Oda sighed, "Make sure not to put yourself in the harm way."

"Well, that's the plan, to get hurt, maybe I can die while doing it, but it might be painful so I guess that's a no."

"Just remember not to unnecessarily hurt yourself in the process."

"Of course."


"Brother, look! It's so crowded."

"Yeah, be careful not to get separated kids." Oda said as he looked around. 

He noticed some men in the crowd, those men were from Port Mafia. They are here already. Oda thought. 

"So, where should we go first?" Dazai asked.

Chuuya looked around, excited. He spotted the empty swings and pointed at it.

"Let's go there!"

Chuuya grabbed Dazai's hand and ran toward the swings, Oda followed from behind. Chuuya played with the swings while Dazai said he wasn't fond of swings or simply said, he was traumatized. Of course that was a lie, Dazai wasn't interested in those things.

They stayed in the park and tried many things that available there, from foods to playground. As they moved around, the Port Mafia men followed them secretly, Hirotsu was also there, observing the situation.

After the sky got darker, as the sun sets, Dazai's plan would soon start. The three of them sat in the green field, supported with the maroon mattress that Oda brought. Oda phone suddenly rang and he answered it.

"Hello, Oda here. Ah, well, please wait a moment." Oda said.

"Kiddo, I have to meet my friend, he is somewhere in the park. Don't go anywhere, okay? Shuuji, make sure to protect Chuuya."

"Yes, be careful." Dazai said and Chuuya waved at Oda. 

Dazai and Chuuya talked and laughed while waiting for Oda. Suddenly, four men approched the two of them. Those men wore black suit and black glasses. Chuuya pulled Dazai's shirt as Dazai went to look the men. 

"Follow us, kids." Said one of them.

"Who are you? We won't go anywhere, especially with suspicious guys like you." Dazai answered.

"Don't act so tough kid. Just do what we say and you won't get hurt."

Dazai took Chuuya's hand and made sure Chuuya stayed behind him. 


The four men looked at each other and nodded. They took their gun and pointed it at Dazai.

"Bro..ther, they have gun. What should we do?" Chuuya whispered to Dazai.

"Let's run." Dazai answered.

Without hesitating, Dazai and Chuuya ran. The men chased them as they ran and entered alleys to lose them. As they ran, suddenly Dazai neck was grabbed harshly and pulled to the side, Chuuya fell to the opposite side. His eyes widened as he saw more men coming to their side.

One man held a gun to Dazai's temple and said, "Should've been easier if you listened, kid."

Dazai struggled but failed as the man tightened his grip. Chuuya panicked as the other men readied their gun and pointed it at the two of them. Silence broke as a man walked toward them and clapped his hand.

"The target has been captured, splendid job. As for the other kid, kill him so there's no witness left."

"No, let him go! Just deal with me."

The man walked toward Dazai, a knife pierced his cheek and blood trailed his cheek. 

"How bold of you. Do you think you can do anything you want?"

The man suddenly punched Dazai stomach and slapped his cheek. Chuuya yelled to make him stop but the man continued to hurt Dazai. Two men approched Chuuya and pulled his hand, their gun ready to be fired. Chuuya watched as Dazai, or in this case, Shuuji, coughed blood and grimaced in pain.

The man showed his knife and was about to stab Dazai when Chuuya yelled and an explosion occured. The explosion wasn't big, but it was enough to threw the two men away from Chuuya. As the dust cleared, Dazai can see Chuuya's body glowed with red hue and the ground cracked.

This is it. Dazai thought.

Chapter Text

Chuuya breathed hard, he could feel his body became lighter, his heart beats faster, his mind raced, most importantly, he could feel how heavier the aura around him. The dust lifted to the sky, cleared from Chuuya's eyes. He could see Shuuji, who was on the ground before, now being held by those men, guns and knife ready to kill Shuuji.

"Let him go!" Chuuya said as he lunged himself forward to attack the man that punched Shuuji.

The man easily blocked his attack, although he could feel his body became heavier, like he was pressured down by the gravity. He used his ability to attack Chuuya. The ground moved and lashed to attack Chuuya. It hit Chuuya right in the stomach and he was send flying across. Chuuya coughed blood, he could feel how hurt his body was, even his hands shook.

"Chuuya, run!" Dazai shouted, but Chuuya was late to notice what was happening until his hair was pulled. The man who attacked him kneeled in front of Chuuya, he shoved the knife around his neck. The hand that gripped Chuuya's hair became tighter and Chuuya winced from the pain.

"This kid is a pain. Hey, show him what he get if he try anything like that again." Said the man as the other men walked toward Dazai.

Chuuya tried to pull the man but failed, he was way stronger than Chuuya. The men who surrounded Dazai began punching and slapping him. Chuuya watched in horror as Shuuji became bloodied as the second passed.

The man dropped his knife and then pulled his gun, he aimed it to Dazai and shot. The shot barely missed and the man said, "It won't miss this time, you know."

As the man was about to shot Shuuji, Chuuya could feel his mind enraged, his heart beats faster once again, but this time, he could hear a voice saying "Kill them." Just before the man could pull the trigger, the surrounding area became heavier and rumbling sounds can be heard.

The man looked at Chuuya and he was attacked, pinned down by the kid and pushed by the gravity, so heavy that he couldn't lift a finger. Chuuya looked at the other men across him and lunged forward, he attacked all of them. Chuuya couldn't control his body, it moved by instinct. The men were all unconscious when Chuuya fell to the ground. He saw Shuuji approached him and patted his head.

"So that's how it is, huh. As expected of the test subject, such amazing ability you have there, Chuuya."

Shuuji voice was so low and cold that Chuuya wasn't sure it was the big brother he knew. 

"Big... Brother... Are you... Okay?" Chuuya said while struggling to keep his eyes open. He felt so exhausted and wanted to sleep.

"Yeah." Shuuji leaned closer to Chuuya. "Thank you for your hard work, Chuuya. But..."

Dazai kicked Chuuya right in the stomach and Chuuya flew a bit far from his position. He coughed hard as he tried to catch his breath. He saw Shuuji walked to him and pulled his hair. He cried loudly as the pain became unbearable to him.

"Brother... I'm sorry. It hurts... Don't do that." Chuuya said in between his cry.

"Yeah, apologize all you want and cry, I won't stop."

Dazai pulled Chuuya so he was standing, he shoved the kid and was caught by two men, each of them gripped Chuuya's hand. Shuuji walked past him and pulled the man that attack him.

"Good work, Hirotsu-san."

"It was nothing, Dazai-kun. I'm sorry about the wound and pain inflicted to you."

"No it's okay, not really, but it was necessary."

Chuuya was shocked to see Shuuji talked to the old man, he said, "Brother, why?"

Dazai looked at Chuuya and smirked. He walked to Chuuya and leaned to Chuuya.

"Why? Let me tell you, Chuuya. You are a target that I must capture, a test subject of the government that ran away, a kid who destroyed part of the city, a monster who live among human. It's only natural for people to hunt you down, that's include me, of course. In order to awaken that monsters, I had to resort to this, and Odasaku was part of this too. Blame yourself and Natsume-san for trusting strangers so easily."

Hearing what Shuuji just said to him made Chuuya angry and sad. His mixed emotion got the best of him and he lost control of it. Chuuya yelled Shuuji's name and tried to attack him, but his action was interrupted as Oda knocked him right on the back of his neck. Chuuya lost his consciousness, before he completely lost it, Chuuya saw Shuuji smirked.


"Really, Dazai."

"Odasaku, you came at the right time."

Oda nodded, he bowed to Hirotsu when the older man approached.

"Dazai-kun, what should I do to the kid?"

"Ah right, let's see. If we put him in the prison, he might break free because of his ability. What do you think, Odasaku?"

"I'm not sure."

"What about we put him chained? He might as well break free from it, but as long as Dazai-kun is there, his ability will be cancelled before he can use it."

Dazai hummed.

"Alright, that's settled then. Let's go back to the headquarter."


Mori sat in his office, his eyes observed the sky. Elise was there, drawing on the papers that sprawled in the floor. He received a report that Dazai captured the kid and awakened his ability.

"Oh my, he actually succeed."

"Rintarou, what will you do about him?"

"Ah, Natsume-sensei. I should tell him in advance then."

Mori reached for his phone and dialed Natsume's number.

"Good afternoon, Natsume-sensei."

"What's the occasion, Mori?"

"It's nothing much, but in case you don't know, I had your kid captured. He is currently being transported here."

"Mori Ougai, how dare you!"

"Don't worry, Natsume-sensei. I'll do my best not to hurt him. You know it right, he is a test subject of the government. If you have him, the government will take him from you and experiment him again."

"And that makes you okay to take him like that?"

"I'll do my best to bring the best out of him."

Mori heard Natsume sighed and said, "There's no stopping you. So the kid and the redhead are your subordinates?"


"I see, seems like I was fooled. The kid's is in your care, Mori. Don't try anything funny or I'll be there to punish you." Natsume said and the line was cut off.

"Yes, I'll do my best to nurture his ability."

Chapter Text

It was cold. Everything seemed cold. He couldn't move a single finger, he couldn't even open his eyes. He felt water bubbling, heard people speak but couldn't understand what they meant.

One time, he opened his eyes. It was dark. Not even a light was in the room. He tried to understand the surrounding. But he only managed to understand that he was in a tube, drowned in a water, a liquid of some sort. His body was connected to wires.

He wanted to talk, but he couldn't open his mouth. He couldn't move his body. He let himself drown in the water, not struggling anymore as his mind became blank.


He could hear a sound, cackling, chuckling, and growling. He wanted to cover his ears, but he couldn't even move his hands.

He opened his eyes and saw many people. They were surprised but then moved so fast, almost excited. Suddenly, his head became blank again, as if he was drugged. Before he closed his eyes, he heard the voice said, "Sleep tight, kid."


He was awaken by the sudden tremor. The tube he was in has cracked. He tried moving his feet and hands and they moved. He broke free from the tube, stood up and ran away. He didn't know where he was and where he should go.

He kept running until he encountered a door. He opened it and he felt the air became heavier. He stepped inside and could see the outside world. When he stepped once more, his body suddenly stopped. His mind was blank, his blue eyes lost its light. 

"You came, kid."

The voice was so low. He recognized the voice. It was that chuckling voice he heard when he was in the tube.

"W ell, I guess you could as well be my vessel. The greedy humans tried to make my power enter human by doing whatever they want. But seems like a tiny little human like you might as well be it."

The voice became more clear. In his eyes, there was a creature that stepped closer to him. It was dark, its eyes glowing red, its body was black and it looked like a wolf. The creature approached him, but he couldn't move away.

"It's okay. Just stay still and let me enter your body. Like that and you can finally be free, kid."

The creature engulfed the kid's body in a black fire. The kid didn't struggle at all. Rather, his body accepted the creature. As the creature stayed in his body, suddenly he felt his body enraged, power surging from his tiny body. 

His power was too much, he unleashed it and the surrounding area was destroyed. Buildings became dust in a second. He kept destroying the area he was in until suddenly he regained his consciousness.

His blue eyes regained its light. He couldn't comprehend what had happened and he collapsed on the ground, too exhausted from the extreme toll on his body. Before he completely passed out, he could hear the creature said, "Good job, kid."


Dazai walked toward the room Chuuya was kept. It was already a day after he caught the kid. His body was hurt and ended up with Mori checking his body and treated it.

Dazai opened the door and saw Chuuya chained, his hands and feet bound to the wall. He was still unconscious as Mori drugged him while treated him, a precaution in case his ability suddenly went wild.

He took a chair and positioned it in front of Chuuya. He studied about the experiment the day he came back to Port Mafia. It was an experiment to take control of a destructive God, Arahabaki.

The experiment became failed as the laboratory was attacked by a foreign organization and unleashed the God, and the said God dwell in Chuuya. Chuuya was one of the test subject for the Arahabaki.

The test subjects were used as a vessel to contain the God, but it always ended as failure. Out of so many children, only three kids survived before the attack, Chuuya was one of them. He showed a very promising result every single time, the scientist became excited and did everything to be success with their experiment regarding Arahabaki.

"I heard it was a kid, but to think it IS a kid this small, you had it hard, Dazai-kun."

Dazai looked behind him and saw Kouyou walked toward him.


"Well, what is the plan about the kid?"

"Well, Boss said he must be trained, physically and mentally, and in ability-wise too. He just awaken it after all."

"And I suppose you will be the one to do that?"

Dazai sighed. The thought of training a kid made him frowned. "I would rather not do that, Kouyou-san."

Kouyou chuckled and said, "Well, don't worry. Mori called me just now and tasked me to train the kid. That is after you are done with him."

Kouyou was one of the five executives. She was the only woman between the executives, but her position among them was almost like a left hand of Mori while Dazai was labeled as Mori's right hand. She was understanding of Dazai and Mori, often step up between their heated argument full of mind manipulation-like argument. She was the only one Dazai could let his guard down, as the woman wasn't interested on killing him or whatever it is.

"That being said, I guess I'll try to watch his training and do the mental training later. He is all yours, Kouyou-san." Dazai stood up and left the woman.

Dazai walked toward his office. He saw piles of paper, consisting of reports and files of Arahabaki and other unnecessary things. He picked a blank paper and drew lines. He tried to connect the incident, the experiment, and the reason for this Arahabaki, only to stop when he couldn't find the right answer.

A knock to his door brought his attention back. He let whoever it is, in to his room. It was Odasaku and Hirotsu.

"Dazai-kun, here is the files you wanted regarding the foreign organization that entered Yokohama since a year ago."

Dazai received the report from Hirotsu. He read every single paper carefully until he stumbled on two men. Both are foreigners, but one looked so awfully familiar. Dazai smirked and draw circle on the two men.

"Thank you Hirotsu-san. Odasaku, please find out about these two, anything is important. Also, Hirotsu-san, make sure to delete every files that you gave me just now."

"Yes." Both of them answered and left Dazai alone.

I'll uncover the truth. Dazai thought to himself.

Chapter Text

Chuuya woke up, feeling like he was hit by a truck. The feeling was familiar like how he was awaken that time. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the room he was in. It was grey wall, a single door, and a single lamp in the door.

He tried moving his hands and feet, but failed as both were bound by chains. He sighed and remembered what just happened. He and Shuuji were chased by mysterious men, Shuuji was hurt, he suddenly felt like a power surge on him, and lastly, Shuuji kicked him and said Chuuya was a monster.

His eyes were wet, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. He couldn't believe what just happened, how could Shuuji did that?

"Seems like Dazai-kun was harsh on you."

Chuuya moved his head by reflex as he heard a woman voice in the room. There, he saw a red haired woman with bright red eyes, her clothes consist of kimono and a big ribbon on her front.

The woman moved from her place and stood in front of Chuuya. She placed her hand on Chuuya's chin and moved his chin upward. She studied Chuuya's face, but Chuuya remembered what Shuuji said and closed his eyes tightly and readied himself for any punch or kick on his body.

What he felt was a thumb caressed his cheek. Slowly, Chuuya opened his eyes again and saw the woman. Her expression was sad combined with angry. Chuuya was confused that someone could have that expression on them.

"Look at you. So small and fragile, yet you hold such a dangerous ability. If not for Dazai-kun, I wonder where you will be now."

"Who is Dazai? Why did Shuuji said mean things to me? Did I hurt him too like those mysterious men?" Chuuya finally asked and tears fell from his eyes. He cried as he remembered Shuuji and Odasaku, and he thought of Natsume.

The woman sighed and said, "Shuuji? It must be Dazai's fake name. Dazai is the one with you, the brown haired boy. Why he hurt you? It's to awaken your ability. You must had experienced that, right?"

"It felt light, but the other people were become heavier, there was red hue on my body..." Chuuya trailed as he remembered how he fought the old man.

"I'm not sure what Dazai did and said to you, but for now you are dangerous. No one know when you will destroy things like what you did at Suribachi. That's why you will be supervised under me."

"I... Destroy things?"

Chuuya was not aswered by the woman. She simply moved and cut the chains on Chuuya. As the chains fell, Chuuya looked at the woman, confused.

"I'm not fond of tying kid with chains, and I have to teach you some things, so letting your hands and feet free is nothing hard."

"Thank you." Chuuya mumbled. He didn't look at the woman eyes, still scared as he saw a sword in front him.

"My name's Ozaki Kouyou."

Chuuya looked at Kouyou and said, "Chuuya Nakahara."

"Come on, you have to clean yourself before I teach you anything you need to know." Kouyou said as she offered her hand. Chuuya took it and they walked to Kouyou's office.



"What's the matter, Dazai-kun?"

Dazai was standing in front of Kouyou. His eye was dark, his expression was blank, nothing that showed an expression of living human.

"I was told by Boss to visit you."

"Really? Why?"

"I'm not sure."

Dazai looked around the office. Every Port Mafia offices were big, but executives' offices were bigger. It could fit a personal bedroom and bathroom. As for Dazai, his office only consist of working space, bathroom, and bedroom. For Kouyou, her office were livelier. The working space, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. She even added lots of plants in the room, another reason why Mori liked to make Dazai visit Kouyou.

"Well, you can figure out why. Sit down there will you, I'll get us tea."

Dazai sat down on the couch placed in the center of the room. Kouyou walked to her kitchen and start brewing tea.

"Chuuya is inside, cleaning his body."

"I see. What are you planning?"

"Well, for now just answering things he asked, but of course, only things he needed to know."

"He might be scared to see me." Dazai said as he smirked.

"That, and probably cried again."

Dazai looked at Kouyou. His expression was showing a look saying 'really?'. Kouyou walked to Dazai. She poured tea to a glass and placed it in front of Dazai. Dazai looked at the tea, it was not green.

"I know you hated green tea. So i brewed a chamomile tea. Try it."

Dazai took a sip and could feel the taste of tea mixed with chamomile. "It's better than green tea."

"Of course."

The door opened slowly and Chuuya was peeking from the door. He was surprised to see Dazai in the room. His eyes went big and he saw a flash of Dazai before.

"I'm sorry!" He said and closed the door again.

Dazai smirked as he saw the look of terror in Chuuya's face. Kouyou sighed and continued to sip her tea.

"I should've known why Mori told you to come here."

"He is quite wicked on the head."

"Aren't you too?"

Dazai only hummed and drank his tea. In his head, a scenario was playing. He smiled to Kouyou and said, "May I?"

"Just don't destroy my room."

Dazai stood and walked toward the room Chuuya was in. He knocked the door twice and said, "Chuuya, can you open the door?"

There was no response. Dazai knocked again.


The door was opened slowly, Dazai then saw Chuuya small body behind the door. His body was trembling and tears was on the edge of his eyes.

Dazai entered the room and closed the door. He sat on one of Kouyou's chair. Chuuya still stood near the door.

"Come here, Chuuya."

Chuuya flinched when he heard his name was called, but he went to Dazai's side nonetheless. Dazai smirked as he saw Chuuya being obedient.

"Are you scared of me, Chuuya?"

Chuuya didn't answer. He lowered his head and his body still trembled. Dazai sighed and asked again.

"Are you scared of me, Chuuya?"

Chuuya only nodded.


Chuuya still lowered his head. He didn't want to answer Dazai. Dazai's images still lingered in his memory, so fresh that he was scared just thinking about it. 

Chuuya's thought was interrupted when Dazai's hand fell on his shoulder. He looked at Dazai by reflex and saw Dazai smiled at him. Chuuya was surprised, but he wasn't able to lower his head as Dazai started asking again.

"Why are you scared of me?"

Chuuya closed his eyes and answered, "Because you were scary back then. It was not the brother I know. I... It's just scary, no one did that to me, it was..."

And tears fell. Dazai frowned as he saw Chuuya crying in front of him.

"Just that? Let me tell you, Chuuya. The brother you knew, the one called Shuuji was a fake. This is the real me. Now open your eyes." Dazai said, his voice was low and his order was clear. Chuuya opened his eyes slowly and saw Dazai smirked at him.

"I never imagined that you are such a crybaby. Stop it or should I kick you for being a crybaby?"

"No... I'm sorry." Chuuya said as he wiped his eyes. Chuuya looked at Dazai and Dazai hummed. Dazai hand trailed Chuuya's face. 

"I would really appreciate it if you erase your memory of Shuuji. And don't call me brother, ever."

Chuuya nodded.

"Let me tell you something. Just because Kouyou-san is kinder than me, doesn't mean you can freely do whatever you want. Let see, if by two weeks you are still a crybaby and trembled by my presence, I'll punish you."

Dazai saw a look of terror in Chuuya's face, he smiled and continued, "And if by two weeks you still can't control your ability, I'll be the one to punish you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Dazai-san."

Dazai smirked. He patted Chuuya's head and stood up.

"Let's go, Kouyou-san brewed you a tea."

Dazai left the room. Soon after that, Chuuya slowly stepped from his position and went out of the room. He went over to Kouyou and let Kouyou inspect him.

"You can sit down there, Chuuya-kun."

Chuuya looked at the place Kouyou pointed at and slowly walked toward it. He sat on a sofa across Dazai. Kouyou followed him. Kouyou brewed the tea and gave him the tea.

"I'll teach you some basic things for three days. After that, we will start the real training."


Dazai's phone rang and he saw a text from Odasaku. He replied it and then put his phone back.

"Kouyou-san, it seems like I have a matter to attend to. The tea was great, I'll visit you again later. If you'll excuse me."

"Make sure to report your job to me, Dazai-kun."

"Of course. Oh and Chuuya?"

Chuuya looked at Dazai as his name was called.

"Remember our deal." With that, Dazai left the room.

Chapter Text

Chuuya woke up from a nightmare. He had the nightmare for three days straight. It was a similar nightmare everytime, he was chased and killed by men in black, he died as he engulfed by dark red fire, and how he died by Dazai's hand.

He tried to catch his breath carefully. He had a room for himself. It was small, but it was enough for him. It was also near Kouyou's office. He slowly sat on the wooden bed, he wiped his sweat on his forehead, he noticed his hands were trembling from his last nightmare. He remembered what the nightmare he had.

Dazai walked toward him. His right hand held a gun. He said how Chuuya was a weakling and useless, so his death was more deserving than he lived being useless. Chuuya was crying on the ground, he plead and apologized to Dazai, but Dazai didn't appreciate the action. He simply kicked and punched Chuuya before he said the final word, "Just die already," and shot him through the head and heart.

Chuuya shivered and trembled from that. He stood from his bed and went outside. He walked toward Kouyou's office. He didn't check the time, so he hoped the older woman still in her office. He knocked the door and opened it. Kouyou looked at Chuuya, who was still in his piyama, and put her pen on the table.

"Come in, Chuuya." She said as she stood up and went to the kitchen. Chuuya entered the room and stood there.

Kouyou glanced to Chuuya, she said, "Take a seat." Chuuya obeyed and sat at the couch. Kouyou approached him with one mug and a glass. He took the mug offered to him, it was a hot chocolate milk. Kouyou took a sip of her tea, observing Chuuya for a while and then talked to him.

"What happened?"

Surprised, Chuuya stayed still. His hands began trembling again. Kouyou gave him a confused look but sighed and moved to sit beside Chuuya.

"Take your time, boy."

"It's a nightmare." Chuuya started.

Kouyou hummed, her thumb drew circle on Chuuya's hand. She asked, "Again? What is it this time that make you come to visit me?"

"It's... Dazai-san was on the dream."

"What did he do?"

"He... Said mean things... And he..." Chuuya stopped as tears rolled down to his cheeks. His hands still trembled and his vision became blur as the tears still in eyes.

Kouyou wrapped her hands around Chuuya, she hugged him. He right hand patted Chuuya's head. She shushed him and told him it was a dream.

"Dazai-san, he... He killed me because I was useless and I was weak. I don't want to... Don't want to hear that..." Chuuya continued as he hiccuped between sentences.

Kouyou still patted his head slowly. She said, "It's okay. Dazai-kun won't do that, even though he looked like he could do that." Kouyou then looked at Chuuya. She wiped his tears.

"Would you like to sleep in my room?"

Chuuya was surprised, but he shook his head and said he would sleep in his room. He spent some minutes in Kouyou's office until he was tired and sleepy.

"Kouyou-san, thank you. I'm sorry to bother you this night."

"No problem. Sleep tight, boy."

Chuuya went to his own room carefully. The area he was in was dark, lights barely shone. He stopped at the big window that showed the sky. The moon was high in the sky. He looked at beautiful sky, awed by it, that he didn't notice Dazai walked toward him and stood behind him, until Dazai cleared his throat to catch Chuuya's attention.

Chuuya was surprised and looked behind him. It was Dazai. He jerked and moved back. Dazai observed him and snickered.

"You went to Kouyou-san's office looking like that?"

Chuuya then remembered their deal. He didn't want to be caught crying. He hoped his eyes didn't gave any idea to Dazai, but it was just a meaningless hope, as his eyebag was quite showing, sign of crying.

"Really. How can you be such a crybaby when you are a boy. What did I do there?"

"There?" Chuuya asked, surprised because he talked back to Dazai.

"Your dream."

Chuuya lowered his head. He didn't want Dazai to know. He gripped his hands, but they were trembling.

"Did I kill you?" Dazai asked.

Chuuya only nodded his head. He was afraid if he answered, he would cry again.

Dazai chuckled and gripped Chuuya's shoulder. Chuuya looked at Dazai's eye, his eye was dark, reflected no light despite it was quite bright because of the moonlight.

"Chuuya, remember this. If you get scared because of the real me, it's okay. But if you get scared because of what you dreamed, stop it. That's one way to tell you are weak. Just remember our deal."

"Yes, Dazai-san."

They stayed like that for a while, until Dazai smirked and his hold on Chuuya's shoulder loosened. 

"Come with me." Dazai ordered Chuuya and the kid could only follow Dazai from behind. As they walked, Chuuya saw men in black greeted Dazai, but still glared at Chuuya. He flinched everytime he met their gazes.

Finally they arrived at a big door. Dazai opened it and entered it, Chuuya followed him from behind. As Chuuya entered, he saw Odasaku sat on one of the couch there. Then it clicked Chuuya's mind, it was Dazai's office.

"Odasaku, I bring someone you know."

Odasaku looked back and saw Chuuya. He was surprised but then smiled at the younger boy. And then Oda looked at Dazai, confused.

"Why is he with you?"

"Met him at the hall. Apparently he just visited Kouyou-san and cried his eyes out because of nightmare."

"Must be hard. Chuuya, come here." Oda said as he gestured Chuuya to walk to him. But Chuuya was afraid to step, he looked at Dazai and met with Dazai's dark eye. He flinched and stayed still on his place.

Oda sighed and stood up, he walked toward Chuuya and patted the boy head. He then held Chuuya and hugged him.

"Sorry for what happened, Chuuya."

Chuuya nodded. He began to understand why he was brought here. Kouyou told him that his power was dangerous and people would try to get him and experiment him. At least, here he would be freer.

"What about Natsume-san? Is he okay?"

"Yeah, he is okay."

"Please don't hurt him." Chuuya said. His gaze met Dazai. Dazai only smiled and went to grab his book.

"Yeah." Oda said and he released the hug. 

Oda observed Chuuya's face. Chuuya's eyes were red, his eyebags showed that he cried for long. Oda sighed and looked at Dazai.

Chuuya was already sleepy went he wanted to go back to his room. He was even sleepier now, but he didn't have the courage to say so. He looked at Oda and Dazai. Both of them were talking about sleep deprivation and the likes, Chuuya didn't understand.

Chuuya's vision became blurry, he tried wiping his eyes, it became clear, but then his vision became blurry once again. Before he knew it, his vision darkened and he heard a thud as he lose his consciousness.

Oda and Dazai looked at the source of the sound just now, and saw Chuuya fell on the floor. Oda hurried to Chuuya's side and was relieved as he noticed that Chuuya was fallen asleep.

"Really, Dazai. The kid was sleepy but you bring him here."

"I didn't know and he didn't say so, don't blame me, Odasaku."

Oda sighed and looked at Chuuya calm expression as he sleep. Oda picked Chuuya and put him on the couch, he opened his coat and drapped it on Chuuya.

"Well, let him sleep here or bring him back to his room?" Oda asked as he looked at Dazai.

Dazai sighed and looked at Chuuya for a while.

"Just let him there. Don't wanna carry him to his room. It's too far."

"All right, but first of all..." Oda took Dazai's book and put it above his head and said, "You should sleep too, Dazai. Don't make me do extra work of taking care you if you get sick."

Dazai huffed and stood up and walked toward his bedroom, but before he entered, he said, "I'll try to sleep then, good night, Odasaku."

"Good night."

As Dazai entered his bedroom, Oda looked at Chuuya and sat across the couch Chuuya was on. He then attempted to sleep as the time showed that it was already 11.50 p.m.

On the other hand, Dazai just sat on his bed. He opened his bandages and revealed his bare skin. His arm mostly had scar of failed cuts. He looked at it and frowned.

"Ah really, what a waste."

Dazai rolled on his bed. He didn't have any good days, especially today. But at least, to his amusement, Chuuya scared face made it a little better. The fear he injected to Chuuya was unpredictable, but that made him thrilled. 

"If he can do as our deal, imagine how strong he will become." 

Dazai still remember the report of the experiment and Arahabaki. The God was full of destructive power, its existence was to destroy. The power as destructive as that dwelled in a kid's body. Nurturing that power won't be easy, but if it could be done carefully and rightfully, then that kid could destroy the whole Yokohama with his own hands.

"But, there must be something, a limitation of some sort, as he is only an experiment, a test subject. Not the real God itself."

Dazai wondered, what if Chuuya was found by the government instead of Port Mafia. Would the government experiment on him again or train him?

As Dazai's brain worked to wonder, his tiredness came to him. He yawned and pulled a pillow to his chest and hugged it. He soon fell asleep.


Dazai woke up, feeling too tired to move his body, but he forced it to move. He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself. After that, he checked the time, it was 3 a.m.

He went out from his room and saw Oda and Chuuya slept in his work space. Oda slept by sitting in one of the sofa and crossed both his hands in front of his chest. Chuuya on the other hand was asleep on his couch, body wrapped by Oda's tan coat. 

Dazai sighed. He went over to his desk and began reading the report regarding Arahabaki. There were several files and records of the God and the experiment itself, so he took quite a long time to fully read it.

Time went so fast, it was already 4.30 a.m when Dazai checked the clock. His attention switched from the clock to Chuuya as the kid started to stir in his sleep. Chuuya then slowly blinked his eyes, looked confused and slowly sat from his original position.

Dazai kept silent until Chuuya noticed him. The kid flinched but then regained his composure. Dazai was amused at the reaction, he smirked to Chuuya.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fell asleep here, Dazai-san!" Chuuya stood up and bowed to Dazai. Dazai noticed that Chuuya's hands were trembling. 

"It was amusing. You fell asleep like that, how sleepy were you, Chuuya?"

"I'm sorry." 

"Well, I don't really care. It was my bad for bringing you at such time too. Hurry up and go to your room."

"Yes, Dazai-san." Chuuya said as he bowed once again and left the room.

"Dazai... You can be gentler to him, you know." Oda said as he looked at Dazai, his eyes still half closed.

"I'm gentler to him compared to Akutagawa."

Oda sighed, he stretched his body and took his coat.

"Did you sleep?"


"That's good. Try to sleep more often and longer if you can. If you get sick, no one can take care you."

"Except Mori."

"Yes, except the Boss."

Dazai chuckled. He put the files back to his drawer and locked it. He went over to Oda and nudged his arm.


"Dazai, the canteen is not open yet."

"You can make it?"

"If you have a kitchen, I can make it."

"I know where we can use a kitchen."


"Kouyou-san, I'm sorry to bother you so early."

"Yes, it's okay. You can find anything you need in the kitchen."

Thirty minutes later, Kouyou's office was filled with Oda, Dazai, and Chuuya. All of them sat and ate the breakfast Oda cooked for them. Chuuya was sitting beside Kouyou and ate slowly. He was called by Kouyou right after he took a bath and was surprised to see Dazai and Oda there.


It was 6 a.m when Chuuya followed Kouyou to a training centre. It was quite far from Kouyou's office and it was underground. He was taught how to defend himself and how to attack. And Kouyou even told him exercise before actually doing that.

"Try doing that, I'll come back at 10 a.m. when I come, you have to be better than now."

As Kouyou left Chuuya alone, he began exercising. He ran around the training centre and did a little push up and sit up. After that, he used the thing that Kouyou told him to use for training. It was shaped like human, moved like human too, but it was fake like a doll.

After quite a long time, Chuuya was exhausted, so he rested a bit before he continued. But as he sat down, the door was open and he saw Dazai entered the room. He immediately stood up.

"Oh, you were slacking?"

"N-no. I wanted to rest a little."

"Kouyou-san asked me to take care of you. She has an emergency task. Let's see how far you managed to train alone."


Chuuya was panting heavily. His body was so heavy and it felt like he broke all his bone. He couldn't catch his breath like what Kouyou taught him. He gripped his shirt tightly but it was useless. He gasped for air but it became more hurt as he tried to breath.

Dazai looked and saw Chuuya was hyperventilating. He sighed and texted Oda before he helped Chuuya. Oda came in time and he treated Chuuya.

"Dazai, what did you do?"

"What make you think I did that?"

"He was hyperventilating."

"I know."

"He wouldn't be like that if you didn't push him."

"Hah. If he wasn't pushed, he will be a weakling."

"It's his first day, Dazai!"

"Doesn't mean he can have it easy too, Odasaku."

"At least let him rest. It can kill him, you know."

"If he died because of that, he must be one weakest kid I know."

Oda slapped Dazai cheek, so hard that it was echoing in the room. Dazai stayed still on his position, he sighed and stood up.

"Really, just because you have a soft spot for kids, doesn't mean you can be this soft. Whatever, I was just did what I was told. Take care of him if you want." With that, Dazai left the room and closed the door so hard.

Oda sighed and he regretted his action just now. Dazai was a kid too, a teenager. His emotions were a mess and he was sensitive to this kind of things.


Oda looked at Chuuya, the kid was barely able to hold himself, but he himself forced his body to move and sat down.

"Don't push yourself, Chuuya."

"Did you fight with Dazai-san?"

"Not really. It was a simple argument. Don't worry about it."

"It's because of me, right?"

"No, Chuu-"

Chuuya jumped and ran toward the door. He went outside and ran through the hall, toward Dazai's office. But he was stopped when he saw Dazai was with a man. His hair was black and his eyes were purple. He also noticed there was a girl, a blonde kid, with the older man.

The girl noticed Chuuya and tugged the older man coat. Dazai looked behind him and saw Chuuya was panting. The older man smiled and walked past Dazai and get closer to Chuuya. Chuuya slowly took a step back, but the older man was already in front of him.

"You must be Chuuya."

Chuuya hesitated, but he answered, "Yes, I am."

"My name's Ougai Mori. And this is Elise."

"My name's Chuuya Nakahara."

"Why were you running here, Chuuya?"

"I... I was looking for..." Chuuya glanced at Dazai and Mori knew who Chuuya meant.

"Oh, then you meet him now. Can you wait here? I have to talk to Dazai-kun."

Chuuya nodded. The man called Mori walked toward Dazai, but the girl called Elise stayed with Chuuya.

"You... You're weak, aren't you?"

Chuuya looked at Elise and he only lowered his head. Elise chuckled and said, "Dazai-onii-chan doesn't like weak people. That means he doesn't like you."

Chuuya didn't respond, but he gripped his fist and it trembled. He knew he was weak and he knew Dazai didn't like him, but hearing it from someone still hurt his feeling.

"If you are still weak, I wonder if Dazai-oniichan will dispose you. A kid who can't do anything will be useless after all." Elise kept talking but was cut as Mori approached them and bid Chuuya farewell.

Chuuya stayed in his place, his head still lowered, his gaze only saw the carpeted floor. Dazai sighed and left Chuuya alone. As he walked, Chuuya realised that Dazai was leaving, so he chased him.

"Dazai-san! I'm sorry."

Dazai kept walking but Chuuya didn't give up. He chased Dazai again and this time stood in front of Dazai.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again." Chuuya said as he bowed to Dazai.

Dazai shrugged it off and walked past Chuuya. He said something as he left.

"If you have the time to chase me and do useless things like this, you should've praticed, weakling."