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All for One was known across the land as the top villain, the most dangerous man in all of Japan, the scourge of society. And society feared him, the mythical man who seemingly never died and had the terrifying power to give and take quirks.


But one thing these people didn’t expect was that, he was a good father.


He adopted Tomura Shigaraki, and raised him as his own son. Nurturing him and trying to give him the tools to become powerful. As well as having him experience happiness.


Tomura loved his new father, but still despised society for what it did to him because of his quirk.

He wore the hands that All for One had given to him, keeping them on for the whole day unless he was sleeping.


All for One wished he could help Tomura, but he didn’t know how to yet.




At this time, All for One was accumulating quirks once again. One for All was growing more powerful, so he needed to as well. Collecting quirks and causing havoc, he ripped a path through Japan. Taking down heroes, civilians, and villains with powerful quirks to claim as his own. 


As he went on his rounds, the hunt led him to a new surprise, and he would have an encounter that would change his whole life.




Kaminari Denki lived his life in the shadow of his brother.


Having a brother who was much older made life hard. Hibiki had a powerful quirk which was electrokinesis, but the inability to create electricity.


His brother was practically a shoe-in for Shiketsu High school and had made it as a pro hero, despite not having his own agency. He was very happy with his results, being in the top 100 of the hero polls each year. Faced with this, Kaminari had mounting expectations from the start.


Once they found out what his quirk was, they were thrilled! Not only was his quirk perfect for a sidekick for his older brother, but also had the potential to be extremely powerful if he kept on training it on his own.


His intelligence was also off the charts and he was really in his element it came to philosophy, specifically on heroes, and what it meant to be a hero, surprising his parents during a dinnertime conversation.


Then he short-circuited, and his parents found the small electrical burns on his skin from when he used his quirk.


The burns weren’t bad, mainly external, just leaving small scars on his body, but the fact that he lost all his intelligence whenever he used it was devastating to his parents. The worst part was that his quirk hurt him. Despite his assurances that it hurts less and less each time he used it (he wasn’t lying, his body was adapting to his quirk) they still saw him as a useless child, unable to use his quirk.


They isolated him, leaving him alone and only making sure he got fed and drank water, and went to school, so they wouldn’t get charged with neglect. After all, they couldn’t involve their star child Kaminari Hikari, also known as the hero Shockwave, with controversy and risk his standing in the hero boards.


Kaminari didn’t mind his alone time, burying himself in his brother’s old textbooks and learning more and more.


He worked on and on, trying as hard as he could, learning as much as he could in an attempt to please his parents.


They didn’t care.


He worked on his quirk for months, until he would no longer hurt himself, and that his limit was much higher, almost 10 thousand volts.


They didn’t care.


Kaminari stopped trying to please his parents after half a year of consistent attempts, with nothing but scolding and disappointment from his parents as a result.


He kept training himself though. He found his parents were wrong in their earlier diagnosis. He could control the electricity he created, it was just extremely difficult.


The first time he did it, it was only for a second. He had a headache for the rest of the day, but he was finally able to do it.


He kept training his quirk, learning how to interact with items as well, drawing electricity from them to himself, and reversing that, so he could charge and drain objects. This took months to master, he finally had a decent grasp over it at five, but he couldn’t do it from afar, only if he was in direct contact with the objects. 


He noticed one really strange part about him, more specifically, in his hair.


He always had it be blonde for the most part, but there was always one black patch, where a thunderbolt would form, and if he cut his hair, once he started using his quirk again, it would re-appear.


It was something he stopped questioning after it happened twice, opting to just accept it as something normal about him.


His parents got worse, laughing at him and ruining any chance at having an amount of self-worth. His least favorite activity was when Hikari came over, and he pulled away electricity from Kaminari, despite his protests, his parents just laughing as they mocked him for being weak.


Kaminari didn’t hate his parents at first, but he grew to, as he spent night after night crying in his room. If it could even qualify as a proper room, with only a desk and a bed, and nothing else. His parents taking anything he got away, saying that “he didn’t deserve them.”


He got bullied at school as well, kids poking fun at him for his beat up clothes, and since his quirk caused him to short circuit, he constantly got bullied. He was forced to use his quirk to his limit to make others laugh, and he was used as the comic relief. People laughed at him constantly, and he hated school just as much as he hated his home and his parents. 


Hikari, inspired from his bullying of his little brother at dinner time, had the idea of using Kaminari as essentially a support item. He started draping the small boy in a cloak and bringing him to his villain fights, drawing more and more electricity from him despite Kaminari’s pleas to stop, until Kaminari eventually gave up on that too. 


Kaminari followed every command his parents and Hikari gave him, he stopped talking back and just started complying, his eyes losing their spark. He gave up entirely, just following Hikari quietly.


Rumors started to circulate around about Shockwave’s secret weapon, a support item that had a huge storage of electricity.


Villains and heroes alike were curious, but Hikari never explained what it was. 


During one particularly bad fight, Kaminari, who had learnt to hide in plain sight during these missions his brother brought him on, was found by villains They eagerly unmasked him, excited to find the powerful support item. 


They were shocked to find a five year old boy staring back at them with cold, empty eyes. 


“A child? What are you doing here?” One gasped.


Kaminari simply pointed to Hikari and said “I’m just a battery.”


The villains were horrified, but when Hikari got back up and chased after them, all but one left. One opted to stay with Kaminari.


“I may be a villain, but what you’re doing is so messed up it's against even my morals!”


“Silence villain, it's a family matter.”


“This is your kid?”


“Little brother.”


“You would do this to your own sibling?”


“I said. Silence.”


Hikari knew he had no choice, letting the secret get out would be disastrous.


“You’re going to be dead anyway. It doesn’t matter.”


“I’m sorry kid, you don’t deserve this.” The villain said, their hands up, surrendering.


“It's too late to surrender, you’ve seen something you shouldn’t have seen.”


Hikari killed that man in front of Kaminari’s very own eyes.


Kaminari watched, shedding a few tears for the kind person, before he repeated to himself.


“Not all heroes are just. They lie, they cheat, they kill. Heroes aren’t all good.”


“Shut up brat. You don’t deserve an opinion, you’re not even worth the air you breath in.” Hikari shouts at Kaminari, throwing the hood back over him and motioning for him to head back home with him.


Kaminari followed.




Later that night, he knelt in his barren room, and prayed.


‘Please, someone, anyone come save me from this, I want to be safe, take me somewhere people will really like and take care of me. I don’t care how, just… one good hero, or someone, anyone get me out of this place.’


His wish would be granted, but not in the way he was expecting.




All for One needed more power. One for All was growing stronger, he could sense it, and he needed more quirks. He recently got a electricity based quirk, the ability to absorb and store electricity, but he needed a match.


Shockwave would be a perfect fit.




Kaminari woke up to a loud tearing noise.


He stared, awestruck, as the roof of his house was blown clean off, and a black haired, muscular man in a black suit and tie floated down into the house. Kaminari rushed to get dressed, and ran to Hikari’s side quickly, fearing his rage in case he didn’t.


The man didn’t notice Kaminari, opting to stare at Hikara and his parents.


“Shockwave. If you give up peacefully, you might live, or you can go out with a fight and just get hurt.”


“W-wait! Y-you’re the guy who steals quirks right!” Hikari said, shaking, barely standing in fear.


“I am. What is it to you?”


“My quirk isn’t that useful! You can’t do anything without a battery or a power source!”


“He’s right! If its his quirk you’re after, I have a better option for yo-”


“Silence. You have a choice, surrender, or fight.”


“I will fight then! You’ve got the wrong quirk! Denki would be much better suited for you!” Kaminari’s father shouted, pushing Denki out from behind him, making him face All for One.


“Go on, tell him what your quirk is!” His mother goaded.


“My name is Kaminari Denki, my quirk is electrification, I can surround my body with electricity and discharge it as well. My current watt limit is ten thousand watts, and I have extremely limited control of the electricity I produce, but it causes me headaches if I try. I can also interact with items, drawing electricity from them and send it into them. I haven’t got enough control to try communicating with them yet, but I think you should be able to.”


“See? He’s the perfect quirk for you, compared to his brother’s electrokinesis!” Kaminari’s mother said quietly.


“Kaminari go to him.” Kaminari’s father ordered.


Kaminari looked back, terrified, before he nodded.


A step. Then another. Each one seemed tortuous, his legs shaking and almost giving out beneath him, but he made his way over to All for One.


He stood there, staring at the man, shaking, but his eyes were pleading. 


“Speak child. What do you want?”


“I want to be safe. I want to go away from mom, dad, and Hikari.”


“You damn brat! After all we do for you you do this?”


Kaminari shrinks, hiding behind All for One’s leg. 


‘This child. Hides behind my leg, the villain who just destroyed his house, to stay away from his parents. That is unacceptable.’


Hikari saw All for One’s hesitation and pulled electricity from Kaminari trying to electrocute All for One. 


To Hikari’s horror, All for One activated his new quirk and simply absorbed it. 


“So the rumors are right. You do bring a child, your own brother to your fights to use as a battery.”


Hikari stood still, terrified as All for One glared at him. 


To everyone’s surprise, All for One knelt down and started talking to Denki.


“Hello Kaminari, are you okay?”


Kaminari stared, shaking, still clinging to All for One’s leg. “I’m scared mister.”


“Why are you scared?”


“They’re mad at me.”


“You’re not scared of me? The villain that destroyed your house?”


“A… a little.” Kaminari looked up again, his gold eyes pleading with him. 


“Kurogiri, take this child somewhere safe for a bit.”


Kurogiri complied, motioning for Kaminari to follow him to another room. 


All for One glared at Hikari and his parents.


“P-please! You already have Denki, leave our family alone.”


“That child doesn’t seem to view you as his parents. And you dared attack me. Say your goodbyes.”




Kurogiri warped away for a bit, giving Kaminari a pair of white bluetooth headphones, which the blonde stared at in confusion. 


“Put those on. They’re soundproof, they will keep you from hearing the screams.”


“But it's fine mister. I’m used to them from when Hikari brings me with him on his missions.”


Kurogiri stared at the child, startled.


“Just because you’re used to something doesn’t make it right.”


Kaminari tilted his head in confusion. 


“Just put them on, and we can talk after okay?”




They sat for a bit, as the screams of Kaminari’s family filled the house before there was silence. 


Kurogiri motioned that Kaminari could remove the headphones. 


He immediately handed them to Kurogiri. Which Kurogiri pushed it back, saying “It's yours, think of it as a gift.”


“A-a gift? What’s that?”


“I give you something to keep.” Kurogiri responded, trying to contain his surprise. 


Kaminari clung onto the large, adult-sized headphones. 


“Thank you mister.”


“You are welcome.”


Kaminari realized something before he gasped. “I… I’m all alone now.”


“I don’t wanna be alone!” He sobbed, curling up in the fetal position. “Everyone else is so mean!”


All for One returned into the room, testing out his new quirk. 


“What’s wrong?” He asked, kneeling next to the crying child. 


“I’m all alone! The other kids are too mean I don’t wanna stay with them!” Kaminari sobbed. 


“May I use your first name?” All for One asked gently. Kaminari nodded.


“Denki, I’m sorry for what your family has put you through. You didn’t deserve that in the slightest.”


Denki poke his head out, staring at All for One with wonder. “Do you really mean it mister?” he sniffles.


“Yes. You didn’t deserve any of that. You have a wonderful quirk, and if you really want to be one, you can be an amazing hero, a real one who inspires people to be their best.”


Denki stared, before mumbling something.


“Could you repeat that Denki?”


“C-can I come with you!” he said his hands gripping the headphones tightly. His hands turned white with the pressure as he stared at his feet.


“Denki, I’m the most dangerous villain in Japan, if not in the world. Why do you want to come with me?”


“You’re nice to me! Nobody else is! Except for mister over there.” He choked out, pointing to Kurogiri.


“Are you sure you want to come with me?”


“Yes! Please!” Denki shouted, standing still, waiting for permission.


“I killed your family. I took your brother’s quirk.” All for One said, confused. “What do you have to say to that?”


“T-thank you!” Denki replied, looking extremely ashamed, but he looked up, his golden eyes filled with determination.


“I want to go with you! Please!”


Any remaining shards of inhibition melted in All for One’s chest. “If you would want to, you can.”


Denki ran forwards, tackling All for One for a hug. “Thank you so much!”


“Don’t worry Denki. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you, I promise. I’m here. I’m here for you.”




It took Denki a long time to adjust to his new life. Denki seemed overwhelmed by a lot of things. He cried for an hour straight by just seeing how much stuff was in the room All for One had made for him. It wasn’t even that much, just a bed, a closet with some clothes, and a desk with a chair, some pencils, and a music player.


He seemed scared to come out of his room, treating every item like if he let go of it, it would disappear.


He slowly learnt that he had the freedom to do what he wanted in the bar, not having to wait for someone else’s permission. He was shocked to discover he could ask others to do things for him, and most of the time, they would do it for him.


Denki was extremely clingy for most of the beginning, staying attached to All for One’s leg, like a koala, and asking him for permission for everything . 


He eventually became more confident, and All for One started giving him more gifts, some toys, some books to keep him interested and keep him learning. 


They trained his electrokinesis skills together until Denki could control a bolt of electricity for a minute. 


After Denki got comfortable enough, they introduced him to Shigaraki. 


Shigaraki was intrigued at first, both scared of the other. After a couple meetings, the boys started to interact, and they talked about their quirks and their childhoods. 


They both cried a little that they couldn’t interact because of Denki’s lack of control with his quirk and Tomura’s quirk being always active. 


All for One solved both problems. 


By training more with Denki, he was able to teach Denki how to safely discharge his extra energy, and he sent some plans to Girian. 


They managed to figure out and create a set of gloves for Tomura to wear, so that they could manage to let the kids play together without Kaminari getting disintegrated. The first time they gave Tomura the gloves, Denki and him hugged, both with tears in their eyes, finally able to be relaxed around each other. 


Tomura was very protective of Denki, whenever one of All for One’s contacts would enter the bar, if they wanted to greet Denki or even get close, they had to convince Tomura they weren’t a threat and just wanted to say hi to his little brother.


After Denki got more comfortable with them, All for One finally worked up the courage to ask him the question he had in mind. 


“Denki? Come here please?”


Denki complied, sitting criss-cross in front of All for One. 


“I’ve been taking care of you for a bit, and I was wondering if I could. Adopt you?”


“You mean you’d be my new papa?”


“Yes, and Tomura would be your brother.”


“Really?” He smiled, replying “I would love to!”


They hugged, tears filling Denki’s eyes.




All For One had never been happier. 


Watching Denki and Tomura play brought joy to his life, watching the kid run around the bar and jump through Kurogiri’s portals, getting chased by the nine year old Tomura, and both he and Kurogiri were pleased to see Tomura finally happy for once. 


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Jirou Kyoka was not the most fortunate as a child. 


The first memory she had was her father kissing her on the forehead before putting her in a cardboard box, leaving their screaming and crying child in front of a children’s shelter. 


“I’m sorry Kyoka, you deserved better.” Her father cried out, before running back to the apartment, the place where Kyoka’s only memory was the screams of her father and her mother’s laughing. 


It was years before she found out her mother was the villain Dead Noise and that she had been one of Japan’s most wanted villains, cutting down villain, vigilante, and hero alike in search of “the most beautiful scream” before finally finding Kyoka’s father. 


The poor man used to be a conductor for a local band, composing and writing their music for them before she attacked and took him. 


She held no malice towards her father, he knew that Dead Noise would just raise her to be a villain. He wanted the best for his dear daughter. That's why she picked up music, to keep his memory dear to her. 


She walked through the alley, rubbing her bloody lip, wiping the blood off of her knuckles as she walked back to the shelter.


She was only five years old.




Dead Noise was terrifying, fighting practically quirkless, but she was like a demon. She seemed to know wherever people were coming from, brutally efficient in her murders of people she deemed without a good scream.


With those she claimed had more potential, she would drag them over to a dungeon, torturing scream after scream out of them… until she decided that they weren’t good enough, finally executing them, leaving their mutilated corpses behind with a single music note drawn in blood on their chest.


With a kill count of over 300 people, Dead Noise was hunted by various heroes including several top heroes, but she somehow managed to evade all of them. In the rare cases when she got caught and arrested by the police, she somehow kept her identity secret, and made her way out, leaving a bloody path in her wake.


She kept her ear jacks covered from view, since, unlike her daughter, she could not extend them at will, instead using them to help detect anyone nearby.


She found the “perfect scream” at a local band concert. She was sitting in the crowd, listening to music to try to keep herself calm.


She loved listening to music. It helped keep her in control and reminded her of nice days, and it kept up her act of being a sweet, kind, calm woman to prevent any suspicion from falling upon her as being Dead Noise.


But all that changed once she heard Kyotoku’s voice. Mika was in love. Her only thought was how wonderful his screams would be, if his voice was so nice.


She plotted the trap for weeks, desperate to make this one work.


She attacked at another concert, leaving a bloody path of children and adults alike in her quest to get to the conductor, who quickly surrendered himself once he found out she was after him, in an attempt to save the lives of his students.


She was terrifying as a torturer and even worse as a lover.


She found him perfect, her suspicions were correct. She ran away with the man, taking note of his extension quirk, allowing him to stretch his limbs, but it would cause him pain to do so. This was due to an accident that he had gone through many years earlier, where he broke his arms, and healed incorrectly, preventing him from using his quirk for more than half a meter.


They lived three torturous years together, Kyotoku learning to fear his wife’s shifts in attitude, going from a kind, loving wife to a dangerous villain, who would torture him day and night. They lived in a seemingly normal apartment, but the entire place was soundproofed so she could bring out his screams whenever she wanted and not raise suspicion. 


So many times he had asked her why screaming, why not just have him talk to her or sing to her, but she insisted that, in her own words, 

“Screams are the most pure sounds, they show how beautiful a person truly is on the inside, when they are closest to death.”


Then Kyoka was born. The name was chosen as a combination of the two, Kyo from her father’s Kyotaku, and the Ka from her mother’s Mika.


She was the most beautiful thing in his life.


He kept her safe, singing her songs and lullabies, playing the guitar over her crib until she fell asleep, getting her small sets of headphones to try to block out the noise.


He held no judgment for her quirk being a mix of her parents, the earphone jack of Mika’s, with Kyotaku’s ability to extend them.


He would love her no matter what her quirk was, but he needed to get her out of the house, no matter the cost.


He waited until she was three, pleasantly surprised by her intelligence, teaching her important lessons on what to do and what not to do, and singing songs with her. He tried to keep her moral compass straight, but he knew that he could only teach her some things, and she would grow on her own.

He knew he was being selfish waiting so long, but he wanted to give his girl a little love before he sent her off.


The day he dropped her off broke his heart. He carried her to the shelter, sobbing as he left the one good thing in his life behind, with only a blanket, clothes, and a note for the shelter workers to find.


He returned home to his furious wife.


“You betray me, Husband?” Mika screamed


“I would do anything for Kyoka. She deserves better than you.” he rasped.




Dead Noise was killed that day, found and burnt to a crisp by Endeavor, but not before she had gone on a rampage. She had started with Kyotaku, killing almost a dozen people before finally being found and incinerated.


Kyoka was alone, both her mother and her father taken from her.


The worker who picked up the note took her inside, and helped raise her, teaching her her way around the shelter, then essentially leaving her to fend for her own.




Kyoka was raised in the shelter as an outcast. 


While at first she wasn’t uncared for, the workers dismissed her entirely. She was too shy, none of the people who came by wanted to adopt her. 


After that revelation, the workers’ interest in her dropped exponentially, only making sure she got food, and water, so the government wouldn't shut them down, leaving her at the mercy to the other kids. She was left alone, as she was when she first came. 


She remembered the bruises from before, the kids taking out their anger on her, the one weird kid who would never fight back, only humming some songs. 


She was silent most of the time, only uttering thank-yous when given food, hellos and goodbyes, and almost nothing more. 


But then they brought in a guitar when Jirou turned four. She got it as a birthday present because no other student wanted it. But she treasured it nonetheless. 


She would spend hours learning to play and playing quietly, the sound filling the daycare with joy.


Her bullies tried to target her guitar, angry that their target was getting to be happy even though they were beating her up. 


Then she snapped.


She fought back for the first time. Sure, she was bloodied, covered in more bruises than ever before, but her guitar was safe.


She continued playing and learning, letting the music fill the void that the rest of her life had become.


The bullying got worse, but eventually, she started learning how to see the flaws in their fighting style, their tempo too consistent, their moves predictable.


She stopped losing fights, at least ones against the younger kids.


She continued learning, and by the age of five, she was able to play some basic songs, the simple strumming of the small guitar being her only comfort.


She also worked on the strength of her jacks, slamming them again and again into the walls, until they were strong enough to bore through concrete, after a year of straight practice.


She never used these on her bullies, but she would train her listening skills with them until she could pick up conversations from other rooms, with clear quality. 


She continued training her quirk, learning to hear and detect how many people were in a room by listening through walls.


She lived alone, except for her music, growing jaded because nobody wanted to go near the weird kid. 


She found out about her mother through a series of newspaper clippings and online articles, and mourned the death of her father. 


She knew it was her mother, although nobody else did, and didn’t say anything about it, keeping that secret buried.




Kurogiri was bored.


He definitely enjoyed hanging around the base and taking care of Denki, who kept on asking to play with him. Kurogiri enjoyed being able to play with the kid, a nice, innocent act a nice change from the villainous life he was in now.


Denki adored him, and he was… as much as he hated to admit it, a little jealous of All for One, as the joy that Denki got whenever he saw All for One and vice versa was infectious, and he wanted something like that.


He continued thinking, locking up the bar and heading to his apartment for the night, walking through the alleys instead of teleporting like he usually did.

Kurogiri sighed, taking a roundabout path to his house before he heard some scuffling.


‘Doesn’t sound like adults, possibly children? I’m curious.’


He walked over, staying unnoticed as he watched the fight break out between three six year old kids attacking a young girl with purple hair and… were those earphone jacks attached to her ears?


‘Interesting. I wonder how this kid will handle it. I hope she will be okay, bullying was never fun.’


He watched, almost awestruck as the girl fought back with a vengeance, her jacks weaving through the people and stabbing them in their pressure points, causing a few to get knocked out, while fighting the third with her fists.




She managed to take the rest down, walking back towards the shelter, rubbing her lip where one had got her, wiping her knuckles, seemingly sore from the fight.


‘Don’t do something you would regret.’


Kurogiri found himself in front of the girl with his hands up in the air.


“Hello child, I saw your fight.”


“So! What do you want?” She hissed at him, lowering herself into a fighting stance.


“You live at that shelter right?” Kurogiri said.


“Yeah?” She said, glaring at him.


“I’m willing to get you out.” He said. ‘I thought I wasn’t going to do anything I would regret.’


“Why do you care? Nobody else did.” Jirou replied, letting her guard down a little bit.


“I understand you. Bullying isn’t right, and you have the skills to fight back. I felt… obliged to get you out.”


“So you’re not just joking?” Jirou tilted her head.


“I am not.” He winced before adding. “But I’m a villain, I want to let you know that.”


She laughed. “My mom’s Dead Noise, I know villains. Also, mister you don't seem too bad.”


“Thank you.” He added. ‘Dead Noise huh? This poor child.’


“So. Are you gonna adopt me, mister?” Jirou asked.


“You’d let me?”




“I thought you’d need convincing, seeing as I just appeared out of an alleyway…” He said, confused. 


“Well, you seem really nice, and I wanna get out of the shelter really bad!”


He blinked twice, before nodding. ‘I was right, I don’t regret this, this child needed someone.’


“Just let me get my guitar!” She said, skipping back into the shelter, Kurogiri following behind.

“I would like to adopt that child,” he said to one of the workers, a blonde-haired girl.


She scoffed at him. “She doesn’t even have any legal papers with her, you can take her. She’s not of any use to us anyway, she bothers the other kids, and is practically a lost cause.”


‘Do not kill people, do not kill people, especially in front of a child. Even more especially in front of a child you are planning on adopting.’


“So mister!” She called out, her guitar in her hands as well as her small purple bag of her clothes. “Are we gonna go now?”


“Yes, we are.”


“What’s your name, mister? Calling ya mister is gonna be confusing if there are more people around.”


“My name is Kurogiri. What’s yours?”


“Kyoka Jirou!”


“Well Jirou, let's go home. I can get you some guitar lessons if you want, and we’ll have to get your room set up.”


“Really?” Her eyes lit up.




“Thank you Kurogiri! You’re super nice!” She said hugging his leg.


“Thank you.” ‘She’s adorable. I must inform All for One of this sometime, maybe we can introduce her to Denki and Tomura sometime.’


“And Kurogiri? S-since you’re gonna be my new dad… you can call me Kyoka.”


‘New dad huh.’ He thought, somber.


“Of course. Come, let's go home Kyoka,” he replied happily, opening a portal for her to walk through, which she did, holding onto Kurogiri’s hand happily as they warp to his house.




“Why shouldn’t they meet?” Kurogiri asked adamantly.


“I have a plan for the two of them, they should be able to attend U.A, and knowing each other could give them away as villains, if they do get attached prior.” All for One replied quietly.


“But Kyoka!” Kurogiri said raising his voice for the first time in many years.


“She can meet with me and Tomura, but her meeting with Denki is out of the question. They are young and impressionable, if they are to go to U.A, it is safer for them not to meet until they attend the school so they do not bring unnecessary suspicion to themselves.”


Sighing, Kurogiri agreed with All for One’s sentiment. “Fine, I’m only agreeing because it ensures my daughter’s safety.”


“You will be a good parent Kurogiri.” All for One laughed, patting his friend on the back.


“Thank you. I would say the same, but you already are one. Tomura and Denki are both blessed to have you as a parent.”


“Thank you, my friend. We have much to do to make this place a safe one for them.




Kurogiri smiled as he and Kyoka browsed through the shops, buying a bunch of checker print items, and Kurogiri let her go around and explore the clothes isle for a bit, before buying a few items for her of his own.


Kyoka and Kurogiri had a blast painting her room, from the plain black originally to lavender. Kyoka herself doing the main coloring, and Kurogiri spent some time to paint a few electric guitars on the wall, as well as a picture of a drum set on another. He left the third blank, and the fourth had music notes all over it, making an outwards spiral from the window.


They both got their clothes covered in paint, laughing the day away.


Kyoka got a bunch of clothes that she liked, more baggy clothes, as well as wearing leather jackets like her father loved to do.


But her favorite gift was from Kurogiri, which was a brand new guitar, and as a keyboard, and she cried, hugging him tightly.


Kurogiri would listen to music with her sometimes, and she loved listening to his deep, low voice sing. It was somewhat haunting to hear, but the voice filled her with joy as he sung her to sleep or would just sing as he did simple tasks.


She came with him to the bar a lot after she got used to living with him, and made good friends with Tomura. She enjoyed playing video games with him at times, but they enjoyed playing games, running around, and sometimes just play wrestling, and hide and seek. Although Tomura got mad about that one, since Kyoka was so good at using her quirk that she could find him no matter where he hid, so they had to stop playing it.


All for One was interesting, he was quite terrifying at first, especially to Kyoka, but she warmed up to him which was good because he got really sad at first. She loved playing with him, his many quirks able to create a bunch of fun situations, flying her around after Tomura and just being able to chat and learn from him. He was a surprisingly good teacher, teaching her how to read and write.


Kyoka progressed in her learning of instruments, being able to play the drums, the piano, and the guitar at a decent level. She still loved the guitar the most, learning both electric guitar and just the guitar Kurogiri had got her, her first instrument being her favorite.


All for One had a wonderful voice, and to everyone’s surprise, Tomura did as well, but he just needed to practice, since he hadn’t in so long. They all sat around and listened to music, All for One humming songs as he worked in both tenses, around the bar as well as while doing his rounds.


It was a strange sight, seeing the destroyer of so many people’s lives humming children’s lullabies as he went on his way, but it just struck more fear into people’s lives, as if he was so comforted by this act, what a horrible being he must truly be.


Shigaraki was quite good at the drum set, thanks to his hours upon hours playing Guitar Hero with Kyoka, him playing the drums and her playing the guitar mostly. Every once in a while they would switch, and the two played duets, filling the once empty bar with music and joy.




Kaminari Denki sat in his room, playing with video games that Tomura had brought him. He liked his alone time, so being in his own room was nice. He also got it soundproofed by All for- no... by his father. This was his favorite part because he was able to be as loud as he wanted with his games and listen to music. 


Sure, it was a little annoying when father had his meetings, but Denki didn’t mind, he just got more time to play, and sometimes Tomura’s would come in.


But he had the feeling something was off.


He could hear shuffling outside, the kind that was more like Tomura’s fast footsteps, not like father’s more heavy footsteps or Kurogiri’s steady ones. He wondered if there was another kid around, maybe the child of one of father’s partners?


Maybe he could find out someday, but he had games to win. Tomura’s high score remained unbeaten and he planned to change that. 




Kyoka was finally safe, surrounded by friends, and she had all the family she needed in Kurogiri. 


But there was one more mystery. 


Why had Dad and All for One forbidden her from entering one room in the bar? Did the fact that she couldn’t hear anything in the room mean it was empty? Or did it mean it was soundproofed?


What, or who was in the room with the lightning bolt on the door?


Chapter Text

Kyoka was determined to find out what, or who was behind the door. She couldn’t fit her jacks under the door, much to her dismay.


After ripping a page from one of the empty notebooks that her dad gave her, writing a quick note reading, “Hello, is anyone here?”. ‘Thanks Kurogiri’ she thought, as she slid it under the door, waiting patiently outside.




Denki didn’t know what to do. 


His father had told him not to talk to strangers, and not to talk to any of the people during his meetings, that's why he stayed in his room.


He figured it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to respond, it's not like he’s bothering the meeting. It was a kid’s handwriting, he thought, not Papa’s neat print or Kurogiri-san’s elegant script. 


He grabbed a pencil and wrote a quick “Yes,” on it, and passed it back. 


Kyoka eagerly grabbed the paper, and read it, standing there, surprised. ‘There really is someone in there.’


And so the two went, passing back the paper. 


Kyoka: What’s your name?


Denki: I shouldn’t tell who I am to strangers.


Kyoka: Nickname then.


Denki: Call me Volt then.


Kyoka: Like the unit of electricity?


Denki: Yup! I found out about in a textbook, its quite interesting, especially for me.


Kyoka: Cool!


Kyoka tried to remember that for future reference, it could be related to his quirk.


Kyoka sat there, thinking about a fake name, a genuine smile on her face. 


‘This is fun! It's like a mystery. Who is this person?’


Kyoka: How about Melody? 


Denki: I like it. We should learn something easier than sending a paper back and forth. Maybe some kind of code? I’m assuming you can’t hear me talking.


Kyoka: No, I can’t.


Denki: I can’t hear outside either. 


Kyoka: I’m gonna knock on the door in a second. 


Kyoka slid the paper under, and waited for a second before knocking twice on the door. After a painfully long wait, she sighed audibly in relief as the paper slid back under.


Denki: I hear it Melody.


Kyoka: That’s great!


Denki knocked twice, and Kyoka knocked back. They just sat there for a bit, smiling, before All for One came back into the room.


“Kyoka?” He asked.


“Yes Mister?” She asked, sliding the paper under once more with a quick “gotta go” and turned to All For One. 


“I see you were talking with the occupant of that room.” He spoke, a hint of annoyance in his voice. 


“I’m sorry, I was curious.” Kyoka murmured, looking down. 


After a second of silence, and with a deep inhale, he replied.


“That’s fine, just don’t exchange real names or any info, I would suggest learning Morse Code if you wish to communicate with them, but be careful.”


“Alright Mister,” Kyoka answered with a smile. 


Kurogiri stood off to the side, deactivating his quirk and smiling at her. 


“Hi Papa!” She exclaimed, running over and jumping into his arms. 


Kurogiri caught her with a smile. 


Denki waited inside his room, before reading the last note, and heading back to his games. 


“So what did you tell them?” Kurogiri tilted his head. 


“We didn’t share names, we just made fake names, like a mystery!” She replied happily, giggling.


“That indeed. You shouldn’t tell them your real name, I'll explain why when you get older.” Kurogiri says.




All for One listened quietly, slipping into Denki’s room while the others were taking. 


“Hello, father.” Denki smiled. 


“Son, I’ve told you you don’t need to be so formal.”


“Fine, Dad!” He responded, a smirk on his small face.


“So you can talk to your friend.”


“Melody!” Denki interrupted. 


“You can talk to Melody, just don’t tell them your quirk, name, basically you can be friends but you can’t talk about what you look like ok? I know it sucks, but its gonna be dangerous if you do so. I’ll explain once you get older.”


“Okayyy!” He chirped, putting down his DS.


All for One smiled softly.


‘This may be dangerous but I suppose we’ll let the kids be, restricting them will only make them want to figure it out more.’




Both of the kids enrolled in public school after they were ten, being homeschooled up until then. 


Denki at this point was learning high school subjects, he was sharper than either All for One or Tomura had expected. 


Kyoka was also quite ahead, but she was a little behind because she had been focusing on learning instruments. She played the drum set, guitar, keyboard, and many more, composing her own music in her free time as a way to relax. 


The two kids were pulled aside by their parents before they had been sent off. 


Denki waited in his dad’s room, sitting in a chair next to his father’s hospital bed, listening to the quiet beeping and pulsing of the life support machines next to him. 


“I know it's difficult, but you’re going to hide the fact that you have such control over your quirk, I gave your quirk limits that we’ve far surpassed with our training.” All for One stated as he patted Denki on the shoulder.


“What limits Dad?” Denki asked.


“So the profile I’ve given is that your quirk allows you to store and discharge electricity, up to one million volts but if you overuse it, your brain will get fried.” All for One rasped, the sound somewhat muffled from the oxygen mask. 


“Ok!” Denki responded with a smile. ‘Shouldn’t be too hard’ “Why am I doing this again?”


“I’m sending you to U.A in four years as a spy, and we need real school records.” All for One murmured. 


“Oh! Then it’ll be beneficial for me to make a new personality so people don’t get suspicious?” He asked, tilting his head. 


“If you are able to, you should.”


“Alright dad.” Denki felt a smirk growing on his face. 


‘Oh this will be fun.’


“Don’t top the class, if you stand out that's not the best. You want to be able to be inconspicuous or-”


“Or make it seem like I’m not smart enough to be a villain.” Denki finished.


“More blunt than I would put it, but yes.” Denki couldn’t see the grin on his face with the mask in the way, but he could definitely hear it. 


Denki walked over, wiping a tear away before leaning over and hugging his dad.


They stayed so for a minute, before Denki got up, a smile on his face and a wide grin, one only seen when he was up to some mischief, and he quickly waved to All for One and then ran out the door, laughing.


‘I feel bad for those poor teachers already.’ All for One thought to himself, resting in the bed, and the only sound that could be heard was the beeping of his life support. 




Kyoka sat on the school bus, processing what her dad had told her. 


‘I’m gonna be a spy, at U.A.’ She looked around at the other students, with students with some visual quirks, some not so.


‘I can’t stand out, but I can’t get attached. These people would hate me, get me arrested or even killed,’


A girl noticed Kyoka’s rapid scanning of the bus and tapped her on the shoulder.


‘I can’t trust them, any of them.


“Hey? You okay?” The girl asked, a small frown on her face.


“I’m fine.” Kyoka snapped, twisting her shoulder away. “Just don’t like people.”


“Ah… I see.” She murmured quietly, looking down.




And so the two progressed in their respective schools. Denki played the role of the class clown, making jokes, short circuiting, and playing pranks. Kyoka was the quiet kid, refusing to talk to others unless she was required to, very well mannered, but also really snarky. They both remained in the upper half of class, getting scores high enough to get into U.A but low enough to not stand out. 


Over the years, their quirks had advanced, but they kept their limits hidden. 


Denki studied with All for One, learning how to use his electricity sort of like a taser, focusing on short, quick bursts and using some support equipment that attaches itself to his arm, as an arm guard, as well as a scope on the top for him to help aim his electricity through when he was using his electrokinesis. 


Kyoka learned how to change the frequency of her quirk, discovering how to make high pitched sounds to shatter glass and create lower pitched noises to cause more damage and also cause emotional distress with prolonged exposure. On top of that, she studied stealth with Kurogiri, and after years of training. Then she studied interrogation and how to make deals with All For One’s guidance, she became the official negotiator while also being an intelligence gatherer for All for One. 


Kyoka often snuck off to hero organizations, infiltrating them and gathering important files or overhearing conversations and plans and reporting them to the villains. 


Kyoka handled the contacts, and worked with Kurogiri just out of sight, ready to teleport his daughter out of danger at a moment’s notice. 


She had become a force to be reckoned with, especially since she developed the ability to use her plugs to hear without being plugged into anything. She applied this to find out whether someone’s heartbeat increased or not, as well as whispers, and her natural intuition allowed her to detect lies almost perfectly. 


Going under the name Wiretap, All for One took her under his wing and gave her a costume, a black leather jacket, with multiple knives along the side in case of danger, black gloves, a lavender eye mask, a pair of red contacts to disguise herself, and steel-toed work boots. She made sure that she always covered her jacks with a hood, she couldn’t let something like that give her away. 


She did her job well, she always resolved her meetings in the most mutually beneficial way and left the clients with enough fear in them that they would bend to All for One’s will with no hesitation. 


Wiretap’s name was never known to the heroes, just uttered in hushed whispers in the villain’s web. 


They feared her, but she had never done anything to back up her threats… yet.


That all changed one day. 


One of the smaller groups had got in over his head and had the police about All for One, and that had led to the fight with All Might. They finally found where he was, held in a police station in Musutafu. 


While she didn’t hate All Might as much as Tomura did since she knew he was just doing his job, she still hated the fact that her employer, as well as family friend, had been almost fatally wounded by him, and now was practically unrecognizable. She saw this as the chance that Tomura and she had been looking for, a chance to finally get back at the traitor. 


Kyoka grinned as she sat, perched on the rooftop. 


“Filtration system is down, and just a heads up, I’m still just outside for backup,” Tomura urged quietly, watching her from an alley.


“Won’t need it unless any heroes show up.” She gritted her teeth. 


‘This is it, this is my chance.’


She dropped onto the roof of the police station, quickly entering the vents and walking through.


She crawled into the main room, before sizing up threats, pulling the gas mask over her mouth, and dropped the gas canister, and it shattered on the ground. 


By the time the police reacted, it was too late for them, they were all unconscious, and Kyoka dropped down, and stalked towards the jail cells. 


An officer rushed at her and she ran towards him, slamming a fist into his solar plexus, kicking off the wall and slamming a boot into his head, knocking him over.


As he gasped for breath, she slammed the back of one of her knives into his head, knocking him unconscious.


The traitor stood in the jail cell, shaking.


“Please! Wiretap, I’m sorry!”


“Your apologies are useless, you’ve violated our agreement.” Her modulated voice responded, the deeper, staticky sound causing shivers to go down his spine.


He whimpered as Kyoka grabbed the keys from the unconscious guard and opened the cell, and he tried to throw a weak punch at her. 


She dodged with a growl and slammed a fist into his stomach.


He groaned loudly before she delivered a kick to his groin then grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and yanking him forwards dragging him behind her as she headed to the exit. 


A couple of police officers tried to stop her but she incapacitated them both, either with spare gas canisters or beating them into unconsciousness.


One of the police officers had managed to hit the panic button and alert the heroes, Jirou made sure that that one wasn’t waking up for a while. 


“I’m out and I’ve got our target, but they alerted the heroes.”


Tomura walked out, grabbing the man and splitting up, both planning on meeting up in an abandoned warehouse. 


Kyoka took off running once Tomura took the traitor, and she darted from alley to alley. 


She continued, before a burst of flame erupted in front of her. 


“Another petty villain.” A gruff voice snapped before Endeavor walked through the flames. 


Kyoka remained silent, her eyes darting around, trying to find a way to escape. 


Endeavor snarled and sent a blast of flame towards her and she barely managed to dodge, the flames singing her jacket. 


“Help-! Ende-avor at my location-! N-Need an evac! Stat!” She gasped, clutching at her arm. 


“You can't escape villain, you’ll end up a pile of ashes on the floor!” He shouted.


Kyoka just flipped him off and jumped backwards into the portal Kurogiri made for her, Endeavor swearing as he launched another blast, missing and seeing her seemingly gone. 


“Guess she’s gone. Some kind of teleportation quirk.” He spat out into his communicator.




Kyoka sat on the bar counter, Kurogiri wrapping her arm and placing a cool ice pack on it, before kissing the bandages tenderly, eliciting a quiet giggle from Kyoka. 


“Good work Darling, you did so well my little Melody.” A grin appeared on his face. 


“Endeavor was… scary…” she murmured. 


“I know,” Kurogiri replied, hugging Kyoka. “I didn’t know what to do. I just… thought he’d kill me just like he killed Dead Noise.”


‘My poor daughter.’ Kugogiri thought, squeezing her tightly. “You’re okay. You’re safe. After we interrogate the traitor we can go home ok? You can show me that new song you’ve been working on.”


Kyoka smiled weakly, before putting on another leather jacket from the closet, putting her mask back on and contacts back in, hugging her dad once before he put the metal collar back on, covering himself in mist once again and tending to the bar as Girian came in. 


Girian waved to Kyoka and she waved back, before heading into the back room.


Tomura waited there, sitting in the back corner, glaring at the man. 


“So, you tell us exactly how much you told the authorities, and maybe we’ll spare you.” Kyoka, growled, glaring at him. 


“N-nothing! Just that All for One is still alive in the underground and he’s been collecting quirks! and Detective Naomasa asked me some questions,” he paused and sneered, “And next thing I know, your boss is getting his ass kicked by All Might.”


Kyoka plunged a knife into the chair right next to his neck.


“You’ve made a mistake. You betrayed us, now you pay the price with your blood.” She growled, punching him in the face and nodding at Tomura. 


She left the room and then all she could hear were his screams and the sound of cracking and disintegrating before there was silence, and the sound of a broom sweeping dust away. 




Kyoka sat in her bed, staring at the wall. 


“I’m heading to bed, Pumpkin, you need anything?” Kurogiri whispered. 


“C-can you sit with me until I fall asleep?” She whispered. 


“Oh. What happened?” He asked, walking over and sitting on the side of the bed. 


“T-that man is dead. Tomura killed him, and I-I was right there.” Kyoka stuttered, trembling. 


Kurogiri remained silent, wrapping his arms around Kyoka and patting her on the back. 


“I-I didn’t feel anything Papa. I didn’t feel bad at all. A man died and I didn’t feel anything.” She sobbed, tears flowing down her face. 


“Kiddo… I know it hurts but its not your fault. I’m sorry you had to go through this so early but I want you to know that you are not to blame for this.” Kurogiri comforted, patting her back as she sobbed into his chest. 


She stayed silent, and the only sound she could hear was her sobs. 


“Do you want me to play some music?” He murmured.


She nodded quietly and he stood up slowly, walking to the marimba and started to play April Sky , the four mallets rebounding as he played quietly, filling the room with music. 


Kyoka relaxed slowly as the song continued in the background, closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. 




When the fight broke out between All for One and All Might, Denki was crushed. He still had some spark of respect in him left for All Might, because he knew the history of All for One and One for All. Dealing with him being hospitalized was hard, and he spent countless nights sitting in the room with Tomura, the two clinging to each other, praying that their father would get better.


Denki held hope for a year. 


When All for One told him, he was shattered. 


“I can’t train with you anymore son. I’m too weak to right now, and anyway, if you just train with me, you’ll develop bad habits. Go, find yourself a new mentor. Get them to train you in the field, maybe you’ll pick up a few new things with your quirk.” He rasped quietly into the mask. 


“But Dad!” Denki protested. 


“Son, I’m not leaving you, I’m just saying that if you wait for me to recover before we train, that’ll be four years wasted.” He murmured, a faint smile on his lips. 


“Do-does the thermal vision quirk work?” Denki asked quietly. 


 “Yes, I can see you again.” All for One tilted his head towards Denki.


“T-thats good.” Denki stammered. 


“Go find someone. I know you’ll find a good mentor.” 




Denki sat at the hastily made folder of vigilantes, reading through the biographies he had created. 


“Sneak… no, works closely with heroes, notably Eraserhead, he teaches at U.A, so that's a pass. Most of these others are light work, no conviction just do it enough, trying to be a hero because of their heroic quirks.” Denki thought aloud, crossing out name after name. 


“Stendhal disappeared a year ago, shame, I would have wanted to work with him.”


Denki stared at the last name on the list, the lone villain on his list. The Hero Killer: Stain.


‘Stain it is then.’


Placing a corkboard on the wall, he pinned a photo of Stain in the center, and started doing research. 




‘Stain, the hero Killer. Who would have thought that he’s Stendhal. So I get what I originally wanted.’ Denki thought, smiling. 


After a month of work, he had completed the corkboard. 


‘Stain is coming to Musutafu, he’s gonna target some of the new heroes, Crimson Riot is here too, giving a speech. Might use it to get rid of him. Not very… manly, as Riot would say.’


Placing a red dot on the map, he grinned, and donned his outfit. 


A loose black hoodie with an X spray painted in red on the back, his tasers linked under his sleeves, along with a hole in the hoodie for the scope, loose pants and a face mask, temporarily dying his hair all black, and putting in blue contacts.


Today was the day he would find Stain, meet his future mentor, and if he refused, convince him otherwise. 




Agakuro Chizome, better known as Stain, sat, perched on the rooftop of an alley, waiting for his prey to approach. 


He spotted four heroes in range, his target, and three other minor heroes who were on his list.


He mentally ran through his notes.


Shifter : the Beast Hero, Fake hero who has the ability to manipulate certain parts of his body into those of animals, couldn’t pull off a full transformation. Reason for attack, huge property damage as well as civilian deaths caused by reckless misuse of his quirk to draw out fights for more attention. 


Aquamarine: the Hydro-powered Hero. Fake hero who uses her quirk improperly, causing many civilian deaths by failure to save them instead, opting to show off her quirk for popularity. Can’t create any water, keeps it in a tank on her back and vials around her torso. Can control the pressure of water, uses it to create high powered blades of water. 


Putty: the Slime Hero. Fake hero who just became a hero for the title, uses it to force others into obeying and manipulate others into doing tasks for him. Will be different, can shift form to Slime. Possibly use an electrical charge or some kind of bottle to trap them.


And last but not least Crimson Riot, the popular hero. Killing another fake, the only real true hero was All Might, Crimson’s ideals of Manliness doesn’t benefit anyone. While Crimson had the makings of a good hero, he wasn’t a true hero in any sense, as he didn’t even close to compare to All Might. 


Stain grinned from on high, as he quickly threw a dagger towards Aquamarine, catching her attention. 


She rushed after him with a shout, 


“Get backup! Now! I’ve found the Hero Killer, engaging in pursuit!”


Stain smirked as he led her into a dead end, climbing up the side of the building and waiting. 


“Where are you!” She shouted, looking around, already summoning some water, pressuring it into blades. 


Stain dropped behind her, slashing at her back before rushing under her blades.


“Too slow, Fake .” He snarled. He licked the blade with a grin. 


She screamed as she fell over, the water splashing onto the floor next to her. 


“They say blood is thicker than water, Fake , I’ve never got to test that myself.” He grinned, stalking towards her. 


Aquamarine stared at Stain, sobbing quietly. “Please, don’t kill me.”


“How do you think those kids felt?” Stain demanded, stepping closer. 


“What?” She sobbed, trying and failing to control the water. 


“Those children? Waiting in the collapsing buildings? Waiting for their hero, Aquamarine to save them. And what were you doing? Talking to the press.” He spat out.


“Please! No!” She screamed.


Stain ignored her, plunging his katana into her back, before waiting for the others to arrive. 


“Babe?” Shifter whispered, looking through the alley, before seeing her, “Aqua!” Shifter shouted, glaring at Stain. 


“I’m sorry, the FAKE you are trying to contact is no longer available. Try leaving a message?” Stain exclaimed with a feral grin, stepping away from Aquamarine’s fallen form. 


“Wait! Don’t lunge in, you’ll end up dead!” Crimson Riot exclaimed, hardening his skin and reaching out for his ally. 


“He killed Aqua! My girlfriend!” Shifter screamed, tears flowing from his face as he shifted his arms and legs into claws, leaping at Stain. 


“Going after someone for revenge isnt Manly.” Crimson Riot bellowed, sighing as he sent out a S.O.S signal, before trying to put himself between Shifter and Stain. 


Stain smirked, before disappearing in a blur, throwing three knives, one sinking into Shifter’s thigh, the other two bouncing off of Crimson Riot.


Stain smiled, before he released his Aura, a terrifying field of bloodlust, and paralyzing fear seized both Shifter and Riot. 


Crimson shuddered. ‘What is this!’


Shifter stood there, as Stain ran by, yanking the knife out and licking it, and Shifter collapsed. 


Crimson Riot just stared, paralyzed with fear. 


Stain smirked at him. “What will you do, Riot, now that your friends are incapacitated? Gonna throw away your doctrine of manliness and run away?”


“I will fight on! It is my duty, as a hero, and a man, to stop you, and keep this place safe!” He shook the fear off, and ran between Shifter’s paralyzed form and Stain. 


“You have the ideals of a hero.” Stain grinned. 


‘He’s fast. My best hope is to basically be a wall between him and Shifter until he recovers, if he ever will.’ Crimson thought. 


“How long will you last till you break?” Stain yelled, slashing at Crimson.


One sword shattered against his skin. Two. Three. A couple daggers.


Crimson pushed Stain back, still standing, panting heavily.


“You’re almost unconscious Crimson. Why don’t you give up?” Stain asked. 


“It… is manly to keep fighting! Even if ... the odds… are against you!” He shouted, glaring. 


“Then make your last stand against me!” Stain roared, lunging one last time.


The next hit drove Crimson to his knees, as he was assaulted by hit after hit, his hardening reaching its peak before the sheer assault on his chest left him shattered. 


‘He had been focusing all his attacks on one point… he broke through my wall.’ Crimson thought dazedly. 


“You fought well.” Stain panted, as he lunged forwards, running along the wall and landing behind Crimson, slashing at his legs, severing both Achilles tendons. “You will live, but never to fight again. You have my respect, but I can’t have you coming after me again..”


Crimson slumped over as Stain stalked towards him and placed him against the wall. 


Shifter, who had been silent until then, tried to lunge at Stain again, thankful that the paralysis wore off, and slashed a claw at him, before Stain’s sword flashed once.


Shifter stared, as his claw flew off, shifting back into a human hand, twitching a little as it hit the floor, his stub spraying blood.

He gasped as he felt Stain’s blade slice at his abdomen, and he collapsed over onto his knees. Shifter screamed in agony, cursing Stain, before his life was finally extinguished with another slice, falling forward, his remaining hand reaching out towards Aquamarine. 


Stain heard a roar from behind him, and saw Putty lunging at him in full slime form. Stain threw a throwing knife, but it only sunk into his body, doing no damage. 


“Shit!” He shouted, trying to back up. 


Putty scowls, bellowing. “This is what you get for killing my friends you-”


Putty was interrupted by a blast of electricity, slamming into him and he started screaming, collapsing in his human form as the electricity circulated through his liquid form, the knife luckily falling out before he transformed back. 


Stepping out from the alley, his hand raised in a finger gun motion, the scope on his wrist retracting, was Denki.


“Who are you.” Stain scowled, walking over to the unconscious Putty. 


“Name’s Blackout, I’m your future disciple.”


“I wouldn’t be so sure about that Blackout, I work alone.”


“Stendhal was open to working with others, what changed?” Denki spread his arms. 


Plunging his blade downwards, Stain stared in silence as he finished off Putty. 


“You’re out of your league. I’m not looking for a disciple anyway.”


“Is that Crimson Riot?” Denki gasped, running over to him and quickly pulling out a roll of bandages. 


“What are you doing!” Stain shouted, his blade drawn. 


Denki ducked under the swipe before replying. “He’s a true hero.”


Stain threw a dagger, snarling. “He can suffer until the ambulance shows up. He may be a hero, but let him be.”


“He inspires people to be heroes and be brave, push beyond their fear.” Denki continued, as he blocked the blow with an armguard. 


“And this makes him a true hero?” Stain responded. 


“He inspires those with so called weaker quirks to desire to be a hero if they really wish, and has a strong idealism of manliness, of encouraging people to be strong and push forwards when faced when adversity and also be caring to others as well!” Denki blocked a strike and flipped over another as he spoke. 


“I see. Then treat him then.”


“I will.” Denki knelt next to Crimson. 


”Why?” Crimson Riot croaked out. 


“Helping those who need help is Manly.” Denki grinned. “You’re a hero to me, and you’re strong. Wait till the S.O.S team gets here and you'll make it through.” 


“Thank you.” He rasped as Denki wrapped his legs with tape, cleaning the wounds. 


“You aren’t serious about the whole disciple thing?” Stain asked. 


“Dead serious.” Denki responded, looking over his shoulder. 


“Fine, then you’ve made enough of an impression. Not many people last more than 10 seconds against me, you lasted a minute, Kid.” Stain replied, a hint of acknowledgement in his voice. 


“So you’ll take me?” 


“No, you’ll have to prove yourself. I’ll see you around later.” His grin was crooked as he spoke, Denki blinked and Stain was gone.


‘Yes! One step closer.’


“W-why?” Crimson Riot asked. “Why go with Stain?”


“This is my path. I don't have a choice.” Denki murmured sadly.


“Can I do something to repay you?” He asked, a determined look on his face. 


“Sign here please.” Kaminari held out a notebook and a pen. 


Crimson Riot croaked out a laugh, before signing. “Crimson Riot” in big letters, styling the R like his hair spike.


“Thank you.” Denki bowed before running off into the alleys, heading back home.