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The Gremlins of class 1-A

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Chargebolt: So Tokoyami 

Tsukuyomi: Nope. We shall not continue on this. 


Tsukuyomi: NO IT’S NOT????? 

Alien Queen: What’s this uwu 

Chargebolt: Wait I thought this was private message 

Serophane: Hang on

Serophane: Is this perhaps another 


Tsukuyomi: No, it is not. 


Monkey King: Please not this again 

Deku: Freaky Quirk Friday! 

Candy Man: It’s Monday 


Ingenium: Please do not cause a ruckus with your activities! 


Tentacole: Tokoyami

Tsukuyomi: Betrayed by my own kin >:v 

Earphone Jack: Lmao I thought we agreed no more Freaky Quirk Friday after The Incident

Serophane: We do not talk of The Incident

Red Riot: What’s the incident I wasn’t there 

Prism: It’s The Incident you buffoon

Red Riot: Sowwy what is The Incident

Froppy: You don’t want to know

Creati: I did warn you all


Ingenium: I forbid any discussion regarding The Incident! We have class tomorrow and we don’t need any more people questioning their existence!

Can’t Stop Twinkling: And exactly how would you stop such talk, mon ami?

Uravity: Get sassed Iidaddy

Ingenium: Please never call me that again! 

Serophane: Iidaddy uwu 

Ingenium: I can and will block both of you! 

Chargebolt: Get sassed bitch

Deku: And before we completely get off track FREAKY QUIRK FRIDAY

Prism: H*ck fucking yes

Candy Man: Why did you censor heck but not f*ck???

Prism: H*ck is a scary word

Red Riot: Is no one gonna tell me what the hell happened last F.Q.F

Alien Queen: No


Tsukuyomi: Nothing. This will be a peaceful night without any sort of embarrassment, especially any attaining to me.

Chargebolt: Chill it’s not that big of a deal

Tsukuyomi: Excuse you but my pride is at stake here

Serophane: Yo what are we even gonna do

Chargebolt: Get Kouda to see what Tokoyami’s pet bird thinks of him

Uravity: Wait you have a pet bird

Earphone Jack: I expected more considering the past FQFs we’ve had

Uravity: I’m not the only one who didn’t know Tokoyami had a pet bird right

Monkey King: I don’t think it’s possible to top The Incident


Creati: You would regret knowing once you did

Anima: @Uravity Get snubbed

Serophane: THEY HERE

Anima: Uh they is here hello

Candy Man: Please tell us what Tokoyami’s bird thinks of him

Tsukuyomi: Please don’t my compatriot

Can’t stop Twinkling: Local Goth Bitch Fights to not be exposed to a group of dumbasses curious about what bird thinks of him

Anima: I’ll be down in minute

Serophane: @Tsukuyomi open your window I’m about to vault down

Chargebolt: Bruh that’s 3 whole ass floors

Serophane: Bruh I know


Uravity: Local dad worried over his child attempting to vault out of window on a 5 story building


Tsukuyomi: I’d rather be euthanized, thank you

Monkey King: It’s just a bird it can’t think anything that embarrassing about you

Tsukuyomi: Excuse you but his name is Edgar Allan Crow you cretin

Earphone Jack: Does that make you Edgar Allan Hoe then 

Alien Queen: HAHAHVD 




Froppy: News report what’s going on?

Chargebolt: Sero slammed into the window

Serophane: No yuo

Tentacole: I can't believe we're meant to be pro-heroes in a few years 

Earphone Jack: What does Edgar Allan Crow say Kouda

Anima: He complained about his name because he’s actually a raven

Anima: And he called Tokoyami a Whiny Bitch

Anima: But then said that he has good food and pets him nice

Prism: Ashido is still on the floor cry laughing

Alien Queen: BYIACMZM

Froppy: Tokoyami’s probably flushed in embarrassment lol

Serophane: He dont look liek he is

Earphone Jack: He has feathers of course he doesn’t you concussed doorknob

Red Riot: Concussed doorknob

Shouto: Oof

Monkey King: Quick question how did you even get a raven

Tentacole: I fed him once while at Tokoyami’s room and now he won’t stop coming back

Tsukuyomi: You cursed me this way

Anima: Edgar said you’re a dork

Shouto: Oof

Prism: Local student forgets all language accept the word oof


Shouto: Oof

Deku: Kouda would your quirk work on Tokoyami?

Anima: Nope not on human brains

Creati: How about Principal Nezu then?

Creati: He is technically not human but has the intelligence of one

Anima: Uh I don’t want to know

Anima: I can barely look him in the eye in hallways without having a panic attack I’m not going to tell him to do anything

Serophane: Nezu scarse the shizz;e stikcs utta mee

Candy Man: What in the fresh hell

Red Riot: He should probably go to bed

Serophane: Im not frickch tirde mna

Candy Man: Maybe you should go to the nurse’s office?

Serophane: Thts fur wimps

Deku: Was that an indirect insult or?

Serophane: Wus cracka lackin

Serophane: Ur bones


Shouto: Oof

Deku: Take a shot every time Shouto says oof


Can’t Stop Twinkling: Calm le fuck down mon ami

Prism: Stop mixing Japanese and French in the same sentence

Can’t Stop Twinkling: Jamais you bitch

Serophane: h

Chargebolt: Yep it’s bed time for you




Bakugo- Bakubro

Kirishima- Kirishimmy

Kaminari- Kalimari

Sero- Phil Swift

Mina- Homosucc

Jirou- Aux Cord


Phil Swift: What the frick frack happened last night

Kirishimmy: You don’t remember

Aux Cord: You yeeted yourself into a window

Phil Swift: I thought that was another really fucking weird dream I didn’t think it happened


Phil Swift: That explains the headache

Bakubro: I’m sorry but you fucking WHAT last night

Kalimari: Dude you would have seen it if you hadn’t gone to bed early like a grandpa

Bakubro: Shut the fuck up nerd you look like bootleg Pikachu

Kalimari: 1/10 I’ve heard that so many times before its lost all creativity

Kirishimmy: Bakubabe if anyone is a nerd here it’s you

Kirishimmy: I mean you go to bed early without fail every night, never skip class and you’ve got the best grades out of all of us

Aux Cord: Baku looks like a jock when he’s really a nerd

Homosucc: Mido looks like a nerd when he’s really a jock

Kirishimmy: A rivalry made in heaven 

Kalimari: The entire Izucrew are jocks

Bakubro: The entire WHAT now

Aux Cord: Yo where the frickity frack are you all 

Kirishimmy: Wym? 

Aux Cord: I’m literally sat in class with Bakubitch and you four aren’t even here yet 


Aux Cord: 1/10 no creativity and loses all intimidation when I can see you typing it from across the room 

Aux Cord: Class starts in 5 minutes, bitches 

Homosucc: Aha I’m gonna be late 

Kalimari: SHIT 

Phil Swift: YEET 

Kirishimmy: Frick 




Midoriya- Izuwu 

Shouto- Icythot 

Iida- Iidad 

Yaoyorozu- Yaomom 

Uraraka- Urarara 

Tsu- Tsuyu later 


Tsuyu later: So Ochako if you used your quirk on a certain someone and I yeeted them out of the earth’s atmosphere 

Tsuyu later: Would that be illegal? 

Iidad: Must I remind you that this discussion does not encourage hero-like behaviour! 

Icythot: What if they did it outside the school when they don’t need to be acting like heroes? 

Iidad: You’re not helping! 

Icythot: I’m not trying to 

Yaomom: Say Iida, is it actually murder if Tsuyu happened to yeet someone away who Uraraka had used her quirk on without Tsuyu’s knowledge? And that someone flew away to the point where they could not be saved? 

Izuwu: I think that’s manslaughter 

Urarara: But can they really be called a man if they’re a lil bitch 

Icythot: Lil bitches don’t get rights 

Izuwu: Manslaughter or Bitchlaughter, both are still punishable with prison time 

Tsuyu later: But what if they didn’t know it was me? Who would they punish? 

Urarara: LOOPHOLE 

Yaomom: Not really… that’s just a crime being unsolved 

Urarara: Nope it’s a loophole 

Izuwu: Please stop plotting Mineta’s murder 

Yaomom: Well we never explicitly said it was M*neta’s, you came to that conclusion yourself 

Urarara: And I think you would only do that if you thought he deserved it too 

Izuwu: Don’t twist my words I’m trying to be good here 

Iidad: While I do not agree with M*neta’s behaviour, we cannot decide his punishment for his actions! That is up to the teachers! 

Icythot: The bitch still shouldn’t get rights 

Tsuyu later: He’ll lose rights when he goes to prison 

Izuwu: We don’t know for definite that he will go to prison 

Tsuyu later: Look me in the eye and say that again 

Icythot: @Urarara Where you at hoe the rest of us are here 

Urarara: On my way to slap some name-calling bitches 

Icythot: Am I bitches? 

Urarara: Yes 

Icythot: Nice 

Izuwu: Are you okay??? 

Icythot: Izuku we have been dating for how long now and you think I’ve ever been okay? 

Yaomom: Did End*vor change his credit card pin? 

Icythot: Yes 

Urarara: D: 

Tsuyu later: Can’t you just 

Tsuyu later: Happen to glance over and memorise his new pin 

Tsuyu later: And then you can buy us stuff again 

Icythot: Yes but that means I have to spend time with him to actually see him use it 

Iidad: This is illegal I’ll have you know! 

Tsuyu later: We know 




Tokoyami- Two in one 

Shoji- Big Cryptid 

Hagakure- Whomst’d’ve 

Ojiro- Tail pun 

Satou- Captain Diabetes 

Kouda- Snow White 

Aoyama- TWINKling 


Whomst’d’ve: @Tail pun 

Whomst’d’ve: @Tail pun 

Whomst’d’ve: @Tail pun 

Tail pun: I’m eating my cereals leave me be 

Snow White: Uh Isn’t it just cereal without an s? 

Tail pun: If you’re a heathen 

Whomst’d’ve: How the fuck has your spine not instantly snapped from the weight of your tail 

Big Cryptid: How do you even come to that line of thought? 

Whomst’d’ve: Idk 

Tail pun: How do bees fly 

TWINKling: Sheer willpower 

Snow White: The laws of physics 


Big Cryptid: How are you not blind if your retinas are totally transparent 

Whomst’d’ve: My doctor told me that I absorb light kind of so that probably 

Snow White: How does Aoyama use his laser to fly if his laser is just energy and energy has no force 

TWINKling: Well mes amis it has to do with the laws of 

TWINKling: ✧・゚*✧・゚* G A Y *・゚✧*・゚✧ 

Captain Diabetes: Fair enough 

Tail pun: This is why we’re failing physics 

Two in one: What dark prospects have I happened upon this dreaded day 

Whomst’d’ve: Hahaha what are you saying 

Two in one: You ask but I shall not answer, not even if you wrung my neck and hung me like game murdered for the pleasure of the corrupt 

Captain Diabetes: So no answer 

Big Cryptid: Did you forget to take your meds again 

Two in one: Oh yeah brb 

Snow White: How’d he even forget it 

Big Cryptid: Well as Hannah Montana said, no one’s perfect 

TWINKling: Quel? 

Big Cryptid: Correction: no one is perfect except Aoyama 

TWINKling: :> 

Whomst’d’ve: Hey Aoyama do you think that if shot your laser at me would I absorb it cos its light or would I just fucking die 

TWINKling: Well there’s only one way to find out! 

Captain Diabetes: DON’T TEST THAT 

Tail pun: Can y’all please not die, it’s only Tuesday 

Big Cryptid: @Tail pun @Whomst’d’ve @TWINKling @Two in one You have about 5 minutes until the bell goes for first period 

Tail pun: I’m eating though 

TWINKling: That’s not enough time to get my face pretty! 

Whomst’d’ve: Mr Perfect who? 

Captain Diabetes: 4 minutes left 

Whomst’d’ve: Aaahhhhhh FUCK 

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Mineta- Bob and Vagene 

Kaminari- Assault and battery 

Sero- Hero Santa 


Bob and Vagene: Wait are you gay? 

Hero Santa: I’m slightly offended you ever thought I was straight 

Hero Santa: Like what is even the slightest bit straight about me? 

Bob and Vagene: Idk you seem interested when I talk about girls and stuff 

Hero Santa: I’m interested in the fucking tea not your opinion on tits and how Goddamn thirsty you are 

Bob and Vagene: Oh 

Bob and Vagene: That makes more sense now 

Assault and battery: Ayyy what’s up my broski 

Hero Santa: Not much hbu bruh? 

Bob and Vagene: Did you know Sero was gay 

Hero Santa: You’re not meant to just go around exposing people’s sexualities 

Assault and battery: Yeah that’s bad what if I was homophobic 

Bob and Vagene: I just thought it was sort of weird 

Bob and Vagene: Wait are you gay as well 

Assault and battery: I’m bi uwu 

Bob and Vagene: What’s that? 

Assault and battery: I like a multiple genders yo 

Bob and Vagene: That’s a thing? 

Assault and battery: Yup 

Bob and Vagene: I thought it was either you’re straight or you’re gay? 

Hero Santa: Binaries are for chumps 

Assault and battery: Plus you don't even have to like anyone you can be asexual and/or aromantic and junk 

Hero Santa: To pan people gender straight up doesn't matter 

Bob and Vagene: I have no idea what any of that is 

Bob and Vagene: I’ve never wanted to be gay so why would I learn about it 

Hero Santa: We don’t have enough time to unpack all of that 

Assault and battery: Just at least learn what bisexuality is pls 





Uravity: Do you ever just sigh to yourself because you just can’t be straight for 5 seconds

Shouto: Only every day of my life

Earphone Jack: We kind of already know Shouto


Shouto: Oof

Deku: Please stop

Shouto: Okay

Monkey King: I’m pretty sure the entirety of our class is lgbt+ in some way so you don’t have to worry about us being homophobic or weird about it

Uravity: Omg that’s such a relief

Uravity: Wow I can’t believe my gay-dar failed me like this how did I never realise

Alien Queen: Today is rat-bitch exclusion day Y’ALL

Creati: Whom? I only know my 18 decent classmates

Froppy: Yeetus Deletus

Creati: Indeed

Deku: Please don’t start the plotting again

Anima: I guess they can’t plot if there’s no one to plot against?

Alien Queen: Rt

Froppy: Rt

Earphone Jack: Rt

Creati: Rt

Prism: Rt

Uravity: Rt

Prism: Y’know who a real mvp is?

Prism: Shoji for keeping him in check

Alien Queen: Thank you big man, I owe you my uwus

Tentacole: Cool thanks

Tsukuyomi: (He’s being super bashful rn)

Tentacole: Why must you do this to me

Tsukuyomi: Vengeance for your treachery last night

Candy Man: I love the irony of how you’re the youngest yet one of the most adult like out of all of us

Chargebolt: Wait YOURE THE YOUNGEST???

Tentacole: Yee-haw

Serophane: BABY

Can’t stop Twinkling: uwu

Red Riot: Put that uwu away young man!

Can’t Stop Twinkling: YOU’LL HWAVE TO MAKE ME ENFOIWÉ òwó/▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 

Red Riot: P-pwease I’ll do anythwing \owo\ 

Creati: Then perish

Earphone Jack: Aijaklcajo


Creati: I blame Kaminari, he’s turning me like this

Chargebolt: That’s fair

Prism: I got whiplash from how fast the subject changed

Ingenium: Why can I smell smoke from the common room?

Prism: Ow there it is again

Uravity: Where have you been for like the entirety of this conversation

Ingenium: Studying in the common room of course!

Serophane: The subject? Gone

Red Riot: uwus? Never happened

Chargebolt: Smoke? Forgotten

Alien Queen: Hotel? Trivago

Froppy: Tenya the smoke

Ingenium: Right! Why can I still smell it?

Anima: That might be us in the kitchen

Candy Man: Yeah our bad

Shouto: Sowwy

Alien Queen: What are you even doing?



Candy Man: Seeing if Shouto could cook a cake since the oven is still broken

Prism: Is it edible?

Candy Man: The outside is black but maybe if we somehow managed to dig to the centre of the tin there could be something salvageable?

Anima: It’s a big maybe

Prism: That’s a chance I’m willing to take!

Alien Queen: I’M COMING TOO

Ingenium: Ashido please refrain from sliding down the halls using your quirk!

Alien Queen: NYOOM




Alien Queen: Regrets

Prism: It tastes awful

Candy Man: Correction: it tastes like charcoal

Monkey King: I’m pretty sure it actually is charcoal

Monkey King: How did you even manage to go so wrong

Shouto: Idk fire I guess

Alien Queen: I blame Baku he broke the oven

Prism: I blame Kiri for embarrassing Baku to see what his quirk would do

Red Riot: I blame Ura for suggesting that for FQF last week

Uravity: Sowwy

Earphone Jack: On a different note who here has the hardest slap

Deku: That’d be either me or Satou with our quirks activated

Earphone Jack: How much energy is needed to cook cake batter

Deku: Sorry but I’m not punching a cake tin

Candy Man: Yeah I think we’ve wrecked enough of the kitchen already

Earphone Jack: But it’s for research

Earphone Jack: Don’t you live off this sort of shit Mido?

Deku: Usually but I don’t want to get my arm covered in cake mix

Deku: Or explain how I broke my arm while trying to punch a cake until it’s cooked to Recovery Girl

Creati: Theoretically, if someone could exert enough energy through one slap that could cook cake batter to its solid form, it would only cook the top half, leaving raw cake batter under the cooked surface

Earphone Jack: Drat 

Earphone Jack: You’re so smart Momo

Creati: Thank you. That means a lot to me coming from you, Kyouka

Chargebolt: @Serophane Bruh do you smell that in the air?

Serophane: The smoke or the gay?

Chargebolt: The gay 

Serophane: There’s so much of it bruh

Chargebolt: I know bruh

Shouto: I love my boyfriend

Froppy: We know Shouto

Red Riot: Rt if you love your date-mate

Deku: rt

Shouto: rt

Uravity: Like a sucker punch to the gut

Alien Queen: Oof

Chargebolt: ಠ╭╮ಥ

Tentacole: *Coughs*

Serophane: Dude

Earphone Jack:

Tsukuyomi: Unfortunately, we all single

Anima: :l

Can’t Stop Twinkling: tuwut

Froppy: You didn’t think that through did you?

Red Riot: My bad





Earphone Jack: And that’s why gamers shouldn’t have rights

Chargebolt: You make a compelling argument

Froppy: But you didn’t actually make an argument

Earphone Jack: I’m sorry Lucky Frog Goddess

Froppy: You shall be spared

Chargebolt: Wow God really is merciful

Uravity: I can feel God in this chat tonight

Can’t Stop Twinkling: That is terrific but what’s the word for a liquid holder?

Anima: You mean a tank?

Can’t Stop Twinkling: No you drink from it

Red Riot: You can drink from a tank

Tentacole: Physically yes, but morally?

Ingenium: Do you mean a cup?

Can’t Stop Twinkling: No not that!

Can’t Stop Twinkling: It’s on the tip of my tongue I should know this!

Uravity: … Your teeth then?

Can’t Stop Twinkling: NOT LITERALLY


Monkey King: Is it a bowl?

Can’t Stop Twinkling: Not that!

Can’t Stop Twinkling: You can drink tea from it!

Monkey King: I mean you can still drink tea from a bowl if you’re desperate

Candy Man: Why the heck are you using bowls to drink tea?

Monkey King: I was desperate

Creati: Do you mean a teacup?

Can’t Stop Twinkling: You also drink coffee from it!

Creati: So a teacup

Tsukuyomi: I’m sorry but what heathen drinks coffee from a tea cup

Creati: Me?

Earphone Jack: Shut up you drink coffee through a STRAW

Tsukuyomi: Because I physically have to.

Tentacole: Or do you actually?

Tsukuyomi: We’ve already been through this yes I do

Can’t Stop Twinkling: A MUG

Can’t Stop Twinkling: That’s it!

Prism: You forgot the word for mug?

Can’t Stop Twinkling: I speak three languages shut up

Chargebolt: Hmmm bonjour croissant je see un petit connard

Chargebolt: That means hello I’m a gamer

Creati: It really doesn’t…

Chargebolt: That’s what Jirou told me

Earphone Jack: Ha aha you have no evidence of that

Can’t Stop Twinkling: Please, none of you ever attempt to speak my language again

Froppy: Or what

Can’t Stop Twinkling: Hm?

Froppy: Or what French man

Can’t Stop Twinkling: Or become the dirt I walk on

Froppy: Bold of you to assume you’ll exist in my next world

Uravity: @Can’t Stop Twinkling You dare disobey the Lucky Frog Goddess?

Prism: @Froppy You dare sass the Sparkle God?

Serophane: You fiends

Serophane: This means CULT WAR

Froppy: If you hurt my cult I’ll sue you

Tentacole: Or I guess you could say she’ll

Tentacole: Tsuyu

Froppy: Your days are numbered

Tentacole: Oh dear

Shouto: Better start the sacrifice then

Tentacole: Wait that’s not very ideal


Shouto: I volunteer


Can’t Stop Twinkling: Calm down mon ami we’ll do an offering instead

Uravity: Of blood

Tsukuyomi: How about we use juice as a substitute instead of sacrificing Shoji

Froppy: Yeah that works 

Chapter Text



Mineta- Bob and Vagene

Kaminari- Assault and battery

Sero- Hero Santa


Hero Santa: So what’s the tea today madlads

Assault and battery: HERE’S


Assault and battery: TEA

Bob and Vagene: Gay

Hero Santa: Me

Assault and battery: Same but bi

Bob and Vagene: No I think I’m a bit gay

Bob and Vagene: Like I’m bi too

Bob and Vagene: There’s too many fish in the sea to be restricted to just one sex

Hero Santa: Dude what

Bob and Vagene: Y’know dudes are hot as well

Assault and battery: We both have personal experience in knowing that

Hero Santa: This is GREAT just as long as you don’t start being weird about it

Bob and Vagene: Y’know you have a nice ass Sero

Hero Santa: OKAY we’re done here





Serophane: I think Mineta just got worse

Chargebolt: No one is safe

Earphone Jack: How could he possibly get worse?

Chargebolt: Apparently he realised he doesn't just like girls 

Monkey King: I don’t see what’s wrong with him being bi or somewhere on that spectrum

Chargebolt: We don’t mean that’s the bad thing

Chargebolt: We mean that now he’s going to harass EVERYBODY 

Anima: :l 

Tentacole: Yikes

Deku: You guys aren’t trying to screw us over are you?

Serophane: Bro this is Mineta we’re talking about

Serophane: I don’t see how I’m supposed to make a prank out of this

Froppy: Oh no

Prism: Oh no



Translation? Just call it the trans chat. No. Please stop adding to the chat name!:

Hagakure- Transparent

Tsuyu- Trans Frog?

Bakugo- Transgression  

Iida- Transonic


Trans Frog?: We’ve got a problem

Transparent: It’s the grape

Transgression: What about him

Trans Frog?: He’s likely going to start harassing us again

Transgression: Well

Transgression: I hope he likes being yeeted

Transonic: Please refrain from yeeting one of our classmates!

Transparent: My bras are gonna start disappearing again aren’t they

Transparent: That only stopped after I started being open about being trans

Transonic: If you happen to lose any personal items then please tell a teacher or at least one of us so we can get someone to solve the issue!

Transparent: Thanks Iidaddy

Transonic: Please do not call me that!





Froppy: I guess we’ll all just have to deal with this now

Froppy: We have before

Uravity: We shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of shit though!

Froppy: I don’t see what we can do about this though, Mineta isn’t the sort of person to change

Uravity: He can’t just have the right to harass us just because that’s ‘how he is’ though! We shouldn’t just have to stay quiet and tolerate it!

Uravity: He’s a piece of shit and he needs to learn to not be and if we continue to just accept his behaviour then he’ll always think it’s okay!

Froppy: I never thought about it like that

Uravity: I can’t stand seeing you have to suffer because of him and then you just stay silent, we need to do something about him

Creati: Very well said Uraraka

Anima: Um where is he right now?

Candy Man: He’s just walked into the kitchen

Candy Man: I swear if he makes an innuendo about cakes

Candy Man: Nm he just got some juice

Can’t Stop Twinkling: The cult-juice?

Candy Man: What

Can’t Stop Twinkling: What

Ingenium: It has come to my attention that Mineta has recently came out and as much I disapprove of his behaviour towards our female classmates, I accept whatever orientation and/or gender expression he will present!

Ingenium: I have experience in knowing that it is not always an easy journey learning to accept something about yourself you previously thought otherwise, so as a homosexual, homoromantic trans-man I feel personally responsible to congratulate him on his journey to accepting himself!

Chargebolt: He literally learned that Bisexual was a thing yesterday my dude

Ingenium: His short journey then!

Red Riot: He’s not even in this chat anymore

Ingenium: Oh

Ingenium: I thought this chat was surprisingly free of his influence!

Monkey king: Yeah he got kicked

Alien Queen: Man that was so long ago

Monkey King: That was last week

Alien Queen: Man that was so long ago

Serophane: I’ve been so paranoid he’s going to hit on me again

Earphone Jack: Welcome to our world

Serophane: You have my upmost respect

Serophane: I have no idea how you go through this everyday and not go fucking crazy

Creati: You get used to it after a while, unfortunately

Serophane: Y’all can have all my uwus

Serophane: Making a trip to Nurse’s office cause I feel sick and haven’t taking my stuff for my raging anxiety

Ingenium: Please remember to use the correct dosage!

Serophane: Of course Iidaddy

Ingenium: Please stop calling me that





------- has added Aizawa to the chat.

Aizawa: I would like to personally apologise for the mix up in medication, I’ve had mine relocated to a different cabinet to prevent any more mistakes from happening

Serophane: It’s cool papa

Earphone Jack: Do you want me to do your eyeliner before you die

Serophane: Yes pwease I want to be on fleek

Anima: @Aizawa If you don’t mind me asking how did you get into this chat

Aizawa: Hatsume added me

Aizawa: I’m leaving now this is a bit weird

Uravity: Goodbye anxiety papa we will miss you

Shouto: There goes the only father figure I’ve ever known

Deku: Oh mood

Red Riot: Are y’all genuinely okay?

Deku: Probably

Shouto: No

Red Riot: You two should probably go to therapy

Ingenium: I agree that is a very valid idea Kirishima!

Red Riot: You too Iidad

Red Riot: You know what you ALL need to go to therapy

Red Riot: Me and Bakubabe have been going and we’ve been doing loads better mental health wise

Uravity: Can’t, too much of a broke bitch

Aizawa: I’ll speak to Nezu about getting you all booked in. You have all been through a lot, especially for first years

Aizawa: Mental health is a major problem for pros and it’s better to solve your current issues now than to let them build over time

Can’t stop Twinkling: He back!

Tentacole: I thought you left?

Aizawa: I tried to but I couldn’t figure out how and didn’t know how to ask

Chargebolt: owo

Aizawa: I expose myself and the most profound thing you can say is owo?

Alien Queen: Iida locked the option to leave for everyone except Bakubro

Aizawa: @Ingenium Can you let me be free

Chargebolt: Wait do you even know what an owo is

Aizawa: Do you even know who I’m married to?

Ingenium: You are free to leave the chat now Sensei!

Aizawa has left the chat.


Anima: That is a mystery for another day


Deku: If it’s someone he knows outside of school then it’s very likely we won’t ever find out who they are

Creati: Yes, and it is invasive to pry into our teacher’s love life

Earphone Jack: Aizawa is probably gay

Can’t Stop Twinkling: Oh Il est definitely

Creati: As I was saying, it’s invasive

Tsukuyomi: He literally told us he was married

Tsukuyomi: He can’t expect us to not at least be curious as to whom

Creati: I suppose…

Shouto: I have so many theories

Alien Queen: SPILL

Ingenium: Please do not gossip about Aizawa’s partner(s)! If he wishes us to know then he will tell us!

Uravity: Aww




Prism: @Monkey King

Prism: @Monkey King

Prism: @Monkey King

Chargebolt: Hi

Prism: Hewwo

Prism: @Monkey King

Chargebolt: @Monkey King

Monkey king: Please stop @ing me its 1am and I’m trying to sleep like a reasonable person

Prism: What animal does your quirk come from this is important

Chargebolt: Aint it from a monkey

Monkey King: I’m sorry but what sort of monkeys have you been looking at Kami

Chargebolt: Your hero name is Monkey King

Monkey King: Like the legend

Monkey King: Sun Wukong

Prism: He becomes immortal like 6 times and pisses off every God imaginable

Chargebolt: OH THAT GUY

Monkey King: Jesus Christ

Tsukuyomi: Yes

Prism: Why’d you respond to that

Tsukuyomi: Idk I’m sleep deprived

Chargebolt: Is this another Freaky Quirk Friday?

Tsukuyomi: No 

Prism: Yes 

Monkey King: What is there to even talk about? 

Tsukuyomi: Nothing. Freaky Quirk Fridays are banned hereafter 

Chargebolt: I still think your tail is from a monkey or smthn 

Monkey King: I have feet pads 

Chargebolt: What 

Monkey King: I’m p sure monkeys don’t have them 

Prism: Lil baby foot beans 

Serophane: Hehehsasx wild 

Chargebolt: Bruh I thought you was asleep cos ur sick 

Serophane: Bruh I woke up like 2 hours ago 

Chargebolt: Bruh why didn’t you tell me 

Serophane: Bruh I thought you was asleep 

Prism: Stfuuuuuuu 

Tsukuyomi: Wait how do you have feet like a cat 

Monkey King: Idk why do you have a head like a bird 

Tsukuyomi: Why don’t you 

Earphone Jack: Is this the insomniacs up for Freaky Quirk Friday 

Prism: Not insomniac I’m just too hyper to sleep 

Tsukuyomi: Perhaps I am, perhaps not, I don’t know 

Chargebolt: Sleep is for the weak 

Serophane: ^^^ 

Earphone Jack: Cool 

Chargebolt: @Monkey King What’re your parents’ quirks 

Monkey King: I don’t know my bio-parents 

Tsukuyomi: Mood 

Serophane: Wait so are you like a Neko or smthn Oj 

Monkey King: I’m too tired for this 

Earphone Jack: Answer the question bitch 

Monkey King has logged off. 

Prism: Goodbye uwu/ 

Serophane: I guess we’ll never know 

Tsukuyomi: You can just ask on the morrow 

Prism: What the fuck is a morrow 

Chargebolt: Isn’t that a type of bird 

Tsukuyomi: Nah its tomorrow 

Earphone Jack: Stfu you extra as fuck 

Serophane: So are we just gonna forget Oj is probably a neko 

Prism: Hehe what if Ojiro purrs 

Earphone Jack: What about claws 

Tentacole: Can you go to sleep at a reasonable time please 

Tsukuyomi: Kay 


Chapter Text





Candy Man: What the heck were you guys doing last night?

Tsukuyomi: Festering in the twilight hours 

Candy Man: What

Earphone Jack: Speaking of questions 

Earphone Jack: @Monkey King Do you have claws 

Serophane: @Monkey King Are you a neko 

Prism: @Monkey King Bastard do you purr 

Chargebolt: @Monkey King These are important questions Oj answer 

Anima: He has his phone turned off 

Earphone Jack: How do you know that 

Anima: Uhhh I’m sat with him eating cereals 

Uravity: You fool it’s just cereal no s 

Anima: No that makes you a heathen 

Serophane: @Anima Tell Oj to turn on his phone these are critical questions 

Earphone Jack: I didn’t know you knew what critical meant 

Serophane: I learnt it from Pokémon

Anima: I’d rather not ask him to turn his phone on

Anima: He’s kind of grumpy right now

Froppy: That’s reasonable since some of us like to wake him up at 1am to ask pointless questions 

Prism: :l 

Uravity: Hi Tsu! 

Froppy: Hello Kero 

Chargebolt: That rhymed :D 

Anima: He’s kinda like Uraraka in a competition right now 

Deku: Intense and kinda salty? 

Anima: Yeah 

Uravity: Thank you :) 

Prism: It’s so weird and then like half an hour later he’s completely soft again 

Tentacole: You know he can see all this when he checks his phone 

Prism: Oh damn he’s going to know I called him soft how horrifying 

Alien Queen: My time has come 

Alien Queen: Roses are red 

Alien Queen: I can’t wear a hat 

Alien Queen has sent 91 message(s).

Alien Queen: a briefcase. Have a great afternoon! Barry, I just got this huge tulip order, and I can't get them anywhere. No problem, Vannie. Just leave it to me. You're a lifesaver, Barry. Can I help who's next? All right, scramble, jocks! It's time to fly. Thank you, Barry! That bee is living my life! Let it go, Kenny. - When will this nightmare end?! - Let it all go. - Beautiful day to fly. - Sure is. Between you and me, I was dying to get out of that office. You have got to start thinking bee, my friend. - Thinking bee! - Me? Hold it. Let's just stop for a second. Hold it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, everyone. Can we stop here? I'm not making a major life decision during a production number! All right. Take ten, everybody. Wrap it up, guys. I had virtually no rehearsal for that.

Can’t Stop Twinkling: Why

Deku: My phone almost crashed 

Alien Queen: :3c 

Prism: You know I was being sarcastic right 

Alien Queen: :lc 




Ingenium: @Alien Queen Why did you send so many messages in one go?


Prism: Lmao you don’t understand sarcasm

Alien Queen: Shoosh

Froppy: This is ya boi Ura here on Tsuyu’s phone

Froppy: P sure my phone doesn’t work anymore because of u sending the ENTIRE BEE MOVIE SCRIPT AT ONCE

Alien Queen: Ahahaa… sorry

Froppy: On the bright side my phone was really old and I think I was like the only person still with a flip phone in this class so I guess it was inevitable

Can’t Stop Twinkling: @Creati Uraraka needs a new phone

Creati: I’d be more than happy to get you a new phone! 


Creati: Nonsense. This weekend would be the perfect time to since this Friday I get my allowance!

Froppy: I can’t use your money like that!

Creati: Don’t worry, I am more than happy to help a classmate in need!

Froppy: Are you sure

Creati: I’m Positive!

Earphone Jack: You’re too good for this world Momo

Creati: I don’t see why I shouldn’t help someone when I am well within my abilities to

Serophane: *cough* flex *cough*

Chargebolt: Couldn’t you just like

Chargebolt: Make a new phone using your quirk

Creati: Unfortunately, not

Creati: There are too many different materials and the atomic structure of each part is simply too complex for me to create without a very thorough guide down to the last atom

Deku: It would just be a repeat of The Incident

Red Riot: WHY WONT YOU SAY WHAT The Incident IS

Earphone Jack: The less you know the better




Midoriya- Izuwu 

Shouto- Icythot 

Iida- Iidad 

Yaoyorozu- Yaomom 

Uraraka- Urarara 

Tsuyu- Tsuyu later 


Tsuyu later: *Groans in Frog* 

Izuwu: Is this Asui or Uraraka? 

Tsuyu later: I said call me Tsuyu 

Izuwu: SORRY 

Tsuyu later: You will be 

Icythot: Oh damn 

Iidad: This is Ura rn Iidaddy is letting me use his phone uwu 

Iidad: Why u groan? 

Tsuyu later: M*neta 

Yaomom: Is it time for plan Yeetus Deletus? 

Izuwu: Nope no its never time for that 

Icythot: What if I froze him and dropped him into the ocean 

Icythot: We wouldn’t really know if he was dead or not 

Icythot: Therefore we can’t be charged with murder 

Yaomom: Do you mean like a Schrödinger’s cat scenario? 

Icythot: I don’t know what that is 

Iidad: Bitches we getting off track 

Izuwu: I almost had an aneurism seeing Tenya’s account swear 

Yaomom: What is troubling you Tsuyu? 

Tsuyu later: Ochako said I should talk about the shit M*neta does so

Tsuyu later: You all know how I’m trans?

Tsuyu later: I was with Tooru in the kitchen when he came in and basically called us traps

Tsuyu later: Tooru didn’t seem that affected but

Tsuyu later: He said it in a way that made me think he’s fetishizing us and I was really uncomfortable

Iidad: Well there’s always that plan…

Izuwu: No Yeetus Deletus is not allowed

Yaomom: But he’s being transphobic

Icythot: Transphobes don’t deserve rights

Iidad: He gonna lose them when he in space

Izuwu: surely we have a more legal solution?

Yaomom: I’m going to flag Mineta’s behaviour to Aizawa if you are okay with it?

Tsuyu later: Please





Tentacole: Okay who’s done this

Alien Queen: :?

Tentacole: I was doing my laundry and somehow all of my masks now have mouths drawn on them

Earphone Jack: Wait I need to see this

Tentacole: I’m not mad I just want to know who did it

Tsukuyomi: Will it wash out?

Tentacole: I don’t know yet, but it looks like permanent marker

Tsukuyomi: It seems to day is the day an aesthetic must die

Monkey King: @Prism

Prism: Yes my dude?

Monkey King: Why do you have no clothes on

Prism: No comment

Tentacole: Did you draw on all my masks

Prism: Uhhhhh still no comment

Tentacole: I’m not mad

Tentacole: Just slightly sad at the destruction of my aesthetic

Prism: Somehow that hurt more than you being mad


Alien Queen: ART

Tentacole: I wouldn’t call it art  

Prism: Worth it


Froppy: This is Ura again btw

Froppy: Yaomom can help me get a new phone, you can get a mask that isn’t grafitied on and we can have a nice day at the shopping centre since last time it ended with Izuku being almost strangled by handman from the League

Ingenium: A terrific idea Uraraka!

Ingenium: Does anyone have any objections to it happening this Sunday?