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El programa criador

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 Cybertron could fall lower? He certainly did.

 The population of Cybertronians had diminished, the constant revolutions towards the Senate extinguished the lives of millions and left the proud race in a crisis of extinction, since no Cybertronian wanted to live in a world where everyone was disposable, but that problem was already solved. The revolutions and protests diminished until echoing in a vacuum, thanks to an extreme measure of the Senate, because they had decreed that all Cybertronian who does not fulfill his role in society, would be forced to work in the Energon mines or serve another mech / femme in body and spark. The AllSpark had already lost its light so many years ago with Vector Sigma, so the Carriers were used as breeding stock, put in public to offer their valve to anyone who wanted to contribute to the restoration of Cybertron. Incredibly, there were not many complaints from the Carriers, since they had placed a special program that made them ... addicted to producing Sparklings. Almost no one complained, for they received a pleasure like no other, forgetting how humiliating it was.

 Although sometimes the Carriers of striking aspects, they were given a "privilege", to be used as a Prize. The "lucky" who managed to be qualified for this category, were more likely not to be the one for public use, and only serve a mech so distinguished that it deserves a Prize, and with good luck, a benevolent mech; But if they tried to escape, they were punished with the most humiliating, to be used in the most public places in the facilities of any place, for free use to anyone who wants to use it and to help the Cybertronian race.

 Sometimes, if life smiled at you and you were a Carrier at the same time, but nevertheless an excellent being and very good at something, you had the advantage of being treated as something more than a breeding ground for sparklings and you could follow your dreams. Of course, without failing your main task of helping rebuild Cybertron.






 # 1 Orion

 Orion's life was not easy, even removing the fact that he was a Carrier, since he spent most of his childhood locked away from the world thanks to his Sire: Alpha Trion, who hid it from the world so as not to be used as a "Bag of fluids", but in the end it was discovered the day his Sire died, perhaps that is the reason why he has not been so influenced and dominated by the breeder program, because he not only thought about everyone's peak mechs, he was still looking for happiness, and the happiness of who owns it. Shortly after implementing the breeder program, he was sent to the Prize category; and today, today was the "big" day, the day where an owner would get to be the personal Bag of fluids of a single person.

 "Let's welcome our new Breeders, who will be the reward of the prominent gladiators this year." 

 There were five Prize, two femmes and three mechs, among them, Orion. In the room, all the optics were fixed on them, giving them looks of amazement and lust, Orion felt a pinch of fear and nerves, but thanks to the programming, he also felt emotion and joy, since he would have an owner and soon both would be happy together. So when they were ordered to approach their new owners, Orion shyly walked to a huge silver mech.

 "I am Orion Pax" Orion said, watching the huge mech sitting in front of him. "You are Megatronus, right?

 "Yes ..." The silver mech replied strangely, who gave him a cold look a few seconds before turning and watching another mech interested.

 Orion was surprised by this fact, and turned to see what caught the attention of its owner. It was the other Prize, the mech of big thighs and white color, what was his name ...? Galar! Orion felt a small stabbing when he watched his owner look at Galar with desire, and he was completely ignored. Perhaps Megatronus was right, next to that mech, Orion was a small thing, since it was a thin, simple looking mech, and even he himself was not attractive. 

 Smiling to console himself, he thought that perhaps his owner was only curious and would soon get bored of watching the other mech ... Right?

 After a while, everyone started enjoying their Prizes.

 Orion did what he could to get the attention of his owner, but he did not get it, because even licking the beak with emotion, Megatronus ignored him and with a neutral face he kept watching Galar, who was being hit against the table by a green mech . Orion felt the excitement of Megatronus in his mouth, but perhaps it is due to Galar, since his moans were heard throughout the room. Soon, Orion felt the great hand of the mech in his head and shoved it sharply to his beak, just so he could swallow all the spilled fluid inside him. Orion felt happy for a few moments, before he realized that his owner moved away from him, and left him alone in the room, where the other owners lulled at his Prizes.

 His sadness increased




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That house was beautiful and huge, perfect for a family, and Tailgate knew it.

The life of the small minibot was not easy, since it was a Carrier in these times. Fortunately it was considered a "Prize" and was awarded to the owner of Cybertron's largest casino, Cyclonus, a former warrior who served the government a few millennia before retiring. Tailgate was delivered to him when he barely reached adulthood, Tailgate was not afraid, he was raised for this, and he believed he was the luckiest mech on the planet, since Cyclonus was different from the other mechs, he saw it as a mech more, as if the same, and did not try to abuse or humiliate the minibot. Both even went so far to the point of truly falling in love, and his slave coding had nothing to do with it, Tailgate felt those feelings for himself, he felt true love for him, and Cyclonus was not far behind in returning his affection. The purple mech did not hesitate to move to a quiet place in a more humble house when Tailgate needed him, and the minibot was happy to have someone like Cyclonus by his side.

"Energon's candy is over, honey"

The minibot looked at the blankets on his arm, a pair of huge red optics stared back at him. Tailgate smiled widely before kissing the little head of his Sparkling.

"I think we should go to the mini-supermarket for sweets" commented the minibot smiling.

The little fruit of their love was called Vitae, the force that keeps them together and alive. Little Sparkling had a frame similar to Cyclonus, but his colors were those of Tailgate, except for his red optics. Also the little boy's wings turned out to be bigger than normal, Cyclonus commented then of his shuttles ancestors, and that Vitae may have inherited something from them, maybe one day he will grow bigger than Cyclonus, but for now it was a sweet and small Sparkling .

He put Vitae in a blue Sparkling cart that floated inches from the ground, but that Tailgate was pushing. He had gone out into the outside world very little since Vitae had reached the world, Cyclonus insisted on keeping him locked up while Vitae remained so small. Tailgate understood, since the world was a dangerous place, but they were just walking towards the corner mini-supermarket, nothing bad could happen.

When the mini-supermarket doors opened, Tailgate came in humming happily, until he almost tripped when he found something.

Near the entrance, there were two mech and a femme tied in a position lying on a table where they had their legs open and their panels uncovered, with fluids in the valves. Tailgate instantly felt panic and discomfort, the minisuper had not had the public Carrier when he had visited the place for the last time. The minibot looked at his Sparkling, who was still fortunately asleep, so he calmed down briefly before pushing the cart to get the candy and get out of there as quickly as possible.

He quickly reached the candy section, watching some of the customers walk without caring about the exposed Carriers, and quickly denied. Tailgate then lit up at the sight of his favorite Energon candy box, and reached out to reach it.

Then he heard a weak groan

Tailgate shuddered and retracted his hand, realizing that someone was using the attached Carriers.

"This one is too lazy"

Then he heard a disgusting gliding sound, followed by another weak groan, and Tailgate quickly picked up the bag and went to the counter.

There he passed the bag through the scanner and then his card. While the machine calculated the price, Tailgate looked sideways like four mech, with bored expressions, hovering around the Carriers, until one looked up and looked at him. Tailgate quickly looked away with a shudder, and looked at his Sparkling, who was still sleeping. When the machine clicked it recognized, Tailgate pushed the cart out.

Upon reaching outside, a hand appeared on his shoulder.

  Tailgate squealed and turned quickly to see who was stopping him. It was one of the mechs that was in the mini-supermarket, a large and red one, then his friends appeared in sight.

"It's a beautiful Sparkling that you have there" said the red

Tailgate tensed and pulled away from the other's grip.

"Y-Yes, He is v-very cute, but s-sorry, I'm in a hurry," he said hurriedly.

Before he could push the cart, he was stopped again, this time it was the medium orange mech.

"Where are you going?" He asked, mockingly "We only admire his work as a fertile Carrier"

Tailgate trembled "T-Thanks..." stuttered more nervous and scared.

He heard a low moan, and realized that Vitae had woken up.

"Aww, look how cute it is," said the voluminous gray. "But you know? Together we could make more beautiful Sparklings."

Tailgate then decided to push the cart at full speed, heard footsteps behind him, and his spark was trembling with fear not wanting to know what would happen if he was caught. Before he could cross the street, the vehicle form of an officer made him stop.

"Woah, what's up?" The policeman asked, transforming into a tall blue and white mech "You were going too fast, Carrier" The policeman growled when he saw what the minibot cart contained "And risking the life of a Sparkling"

Tailgate trembled, and looked sideways at his back, noticed that the group following him was close, but they had stopped to see the policeman appear. The policeman followed the minibot's gaze and noticed the group behind it, understanding the situation.

"Be careful next time," said the policeman and then nodded "Continue your way"

"Thank you," Tailgate said before quickly pushing the cart, looking sideways as the group of mechs had stopped to talk to the policeman, but he looked at them with an illegible expression.

Tailgate thanked him mentally before arriving at his house and entering.


Cyclonus appeared in the house

"Cyclonus ..." Tailgate whispered. Fortunately Vitae now seemed calm in the cart.

"What happened? Where did you go? I told you not to leave the house," said the purple mech, approaching with a half worried and annoyed expression.

The minibot cringed, and he felt tears accumulate in his optics.

"S-Sorry, but I wanted some candy and ... and ..." he choked, he didn't know why it was hard to say "I saw s-some Carriers in t-the mini-supermarket"

Cyclonus's stern gaze loosened, then he walked to the minibot.

"Oh, Tailgate" He got up and hugged him, Tailgate returned the hug tightly, crying on his shoulder "That's why I told you not to go out. With the incident in Nyon, some Carriers were transported to this area"

Tailgate denied

"You are not like them Tailgate, you are more than a cattle for the survival of our species," Cyclonus said, watching little Sparkling, who looked at him curiously as he shook his hands.

"I am Cyclonus, I am just like t-them, and that is why it h-hurts ... It hurts that t-they are used like that, that all of us are u-used like that, so humiliating and h-horrible" Tailgate muttered "I hate Cybertron"

"You hate me?" Cyclonus asked

"No! Never, never, never! I love you ..!" Shouted Tailgate, making Vitae open her optics more "But it hurts, Cyclonus, it hurts ..."

Cyclonus just hugged him. He couldn't change world, but he could change Tailgate's, and it would keep him and Vitae safe.


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#2 Orión

The arena of the gladiators was very wide, it could certainly hold hundreds of mechs around here, it would be very easy to get lost. So Orion made sure he was very close to his owner, but that didn't stop him from looking around curiously, looking away every time he saw a Carrier exposed to the public. Megatronus walked very fast, Orion's little legs had a hard time keeping up the same pace as the gladiator, but he made sure he didn't keep it out of sight until he got where his owner wanted it.

Then its owner stopped, Orion also stopped walking.

In front, there were three mechs talking, and among them, Galar. Orion immediately worried about what would happen, but its owner did not hesitate to approach.

"Seadre" Megatronus called in his thick voice.

The lowest but robust mech looked at him "Oh, Megatronus! Blessed are the optics that see you!" His attention went to Orion "I see! You have your own personal "Bag of fluids", what a beautiful thing you got, congratulations!" The mech laughed "Why do I owe your attention?" He asked in a mellow and almost mocking voice.

"I want to exchange my Prize for Galar"

Everyone froze

Orion felt his spark break

"Uh ... Megatronus, I'm afraid that's impossible," said the Seadre. "Once you get your own personal Carrier, there are no refunds or exchanges, unless he has tried to escape, but even with that, it will be taken away your Carrier and you will not get anything in return "informed the mech.

The mech called Galar only sank into its own owner

"Besides, I don't see why you change your Carrier. He is very cute and bright, and has a history of good qualities. You should be happy!" Seadre said laughing.

Megatronus growled annoyedly "I want to change, I don't want this delicate and simple mech like my Carrier"

Orion felt tears accumulate, but gathered all his willpower not to release them, and only lowered his head.

"Wow, that's very cruel" commented the owner of Galar. A green and white Seeker mech "Your prize is very nice, many would find what you dislike as something very attractive"

Orion sank

"Only exchange with me if you like it!" Megatronus shouted, very upset. "If you find charm in this one ..." He jerked Orion's arm abruptly, lifting it up to make it hang in front of the other mechs as if it weighed nothing "... Thing! Then keep it!" Scream

The Seeker denied with bored expression "Don't be stupid, I don't want something secondhand"

Megatronus dropped Orion without any delicacy, as he prepared to shout, but Seadre interrupted him.

"Enough Megatronus, that you are the champion does not give you the right to take the Carrier you want and you know it! The Senate is the one who administers the Prizes, we cannot do anything and here you must accept the gift that touched you with open arms. Your little Carrier could make you very happy in the future, just give him a chance! " Seadre exclaimed with a more serious tone.

Megatronus growled like a wild animal before looking furiously at Orion, but he was busy staring at the ground and shivering so as not to break into tears, who did not notice his owner's mortal gaze. Soon, Megatronus turned away very annoying and Orion had no choice but to follow him.

Seadre sighed "That little Carrier won't have anything easy"

The other mech nodded "Poor ..."

And all they could do was watch Orion move away from his doom.

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'Pink was pretty color, or maybe yellow is the most appropriate'

A ball of wool stretched across a bright and clean floor, around it you could also see a lot of expensive cloth pillows, no doubt some luxury. The highlight of that yellow and white room, was a certain minibot that was lying in a pile of fluffy things of organic origin called 'pillows', anyone could compare this corner as a nest. The minibot that was in the nest showed a curious figure, since its belly was large, very, very large, you could even worry about the life of the minibot when you saw how big that belly was, however, the minibot was calmly knitting.

'Maybe Flip Sides likes the color pink more ...' he thought.

In response, he felt a kick in the belly

The minibot known as Rewind, blinked in his viewfinder, and then looked at his belly. Wow, that was a quick response.

'Do you like pink?'

There was no kick

'... Yellow?'

Nothing, apparently he did to make fun of his Carrier, that Sparkling so naughty. He let out a small chuckle before continuing on his embroidery. Then, he heard a knock on the floor. Rewind cringed and stopped knitting.

"Chromedome ..." He whispered to no one in particular, but that meow sounded like a pitiful call.

Recently, his partner and owner, called Chromedome, had offered to stop Rewind's anguish after hearing wild cries of pain. The building where they lived housed all kinds of middle-class mechs, but some of them had acquired government Prizes, so it was normal to see Carriers walk behind their owners, Rewind was one of those, but he didn't care. The little minibot had been fortunate to end up in the arms of a fantastic and kind mech, Chromedome, who did not treat him as an object, but as a union partner, and soon, Rewind fell in love with him more than programming de Carrier would have allowed him. His joy and love increased when he learned that he was already waiting for Chromedome Sparkling, but there were warnings from doctors, pointing out especially in size differences. In fact Nickel, Chromedome's medical friend, murmured annoying things about how he was so lazy and horrible, letting them know that Rewind should be handed over to another of his same size, but instead he was given a mech twice as much him, and that the reproduction process could be complicated and even dangerous because of the difference in sizes. Rewind let him know that even then, he would be ready to take the risk, since he would not be happier to get a family next to a mech like Chromedome. However, not many Prizes got their luck ...

How the mech from the floor below

He didn't remember his name, since he didn't see him often, but when he did, he always saw him in bad condition. Its owner was called Tracker, a gross engineer who caused discomfort to others in the building, always shouting and being rude, it was no surprise that he was also prone to violence, and poor Tracker Prize was the one who paid the consequences. Prize's cries of pain were audible throughout the building, many complained about it, but never faced the brute, surely out of fear. However, Chromedome was different, he always went to complain to Tracker when they happened, and mostly they worked.

The door opened, revealing to the surgeon

"Rewind, I thought you had already fallen asleep"

The minibot denied "Not yet, and to kill time I decided to follow the fabric. This wool you bought on your trip to that organic planet is very soft, I can not miss it," he said in a funny tone.

The surgeon laughed and approached the nest of pillows and soft things that Rewind had demanded, since the flat bunk bored him.

"I'll buy more next time"

Rewind nodded enthusiastically until he paused and had the courage to ask

"... What happened to Tracker?"

"The same as always, he shouted and insulted for a while on how he could do what he wanted with Given, that he was his Prize." Rewind stopped knitting. "But don't worry, I put him in his place, and his sounds won't be heard anymore Given mistreatment "

"For a while," Rewind whispered. "He's horrible."

Chromedome nodded and leaned back beside Rewind, stroking the belly of the minibot.

"Don't worry, we will soon move in. The papers for the transfer to Iacon are underway, we will soon move to that house with crystal gardens you saw" The surgeon removed his vocal mask, and kissed his lips on the minibot's shoulder .

Rewind relaxed and looked at the ceiling, letting his partner continue with the caresses.

"Perhaps there are also mechs that mistreat their Carriers ... Consider them simple Bags of fluids"

Chromedome stopped and looked at Rewind "Don't worry Rewind" He straightened up and was able to sit long enough to hug the minibot "Our Sparkling won't grow up watching the abuse"

Rewind turned off her optics "I hope so, she doesn't deserve to see such a world"

Chromedome kept stroking her belly, whispering reassuring words and watching the pink tissue in Rewind's hands.

"What is it this time?" He asked, referring to the fabric.

"According to the data pad you gave me about the fabric, it's a hat. I'm not sure if Flip Sides will need it once."

"Nonsense, she will love him," Chromedome said. "Cybertronians can also use these organic things, no matter what others say."

Rewind recalled how many still hated to see others with organic products on top, but the minibot liked it.

"Yes, you're right" and continued knitting.

Chromedome stared at his partner's work "You are becoming very skilled in organic fabric" commented "Maybe you should do that"

Rewind laughed "A Carrier minibot like me a weaver? The Senate would never allow it"

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#3 Orion 

The Energon could be prepared in different flavors and for different situations, since sometimes they prepared it especially for sick people, but according to Orion, the Energon he was preparing should be the most delicious for Megatronus. A gladiator like him needed much more energy for his battles.

Orion was walking through his new home preparing the Energon when Megatronus arrived. Only one day ago he had arrived at his owner's home, it was a small and simple place, although very messy, perhaps Megatronus never had much interest in organizing his home. As soon as they arrived, his programming yelled at him to keep the property of his owner clean and worthy of Megatronus, he for his part, only indicated basic things and then left, returned and left again. Orion took advantage of that moment to try to prepare Energon for his owner, maybe making a delicious mix Megatronus can appreciate him more.

Smiling, he looked at his work. Megatronus home shone from how clean and tidy it was. Seconds later, he heard the door slide, and Orion quickly took the cup of Energon in his hands. As he approached the door, he met the dirty frame of the gladiator, Orion thought he needed a shower, and he would be happy to help.

"Lord Megatronus, I'm glad to see you" Orion said approaching with a soft smile and handing him the glass of Energon "You must be hungry, drink this while I—"

The little mech could not finish his sentence thanks to the strong blow he sent to throw the cup away from him. The spilled Energon adorned Orion's arm as he watched in shock the cup lying on the ground with a few drops of Energon on it. Looking up, he met the gladiator's cold gaze, which made his spark tremble.

"Stop chattering, Bag of fluids, your shrieks bothers me" The huge mech growled "Now clean that up" With that, the gray mech moved away from him and got lost in another room in direction to the showers.

Orion looked at the mess on the floor, and felt his optics getting wet, but again his willpower prevented him from crying, but not trembling. So quickly, witha broken spark, he walked away to find with what to clean up what Megatronus had thrown at him and Orion had prepared so enthusiastically.




After cleaning, Megatronus had gone out again, and it was too late and he was not coming back. Orion began to worry. It was already after 11 pm, and at this time it was always dangerous in the streets of Kaon, being alone at this hour could mean that you can get assaulted or killed. Megatronus was perhaps a feared gladiator, but if attacked in a group he could get hurt. Orion felt that his concern increased, he was so worried for his owner that he did not mind leaving the house and exposing himself to the danger of looking for him.

Treading the dirt in the streets, Orion was looking for his owner with hope that he was well, no matter what he would do after leaving the house, Orion just wanted to know that his owner was still alive and in good condition.

Perhaps, that thought was even too successful. Since he found Megatronus, but not in the way he would have liked. Orion looked petrified as the great gladiator buried his spike inside the thousand-used valve of a public Carrier, exactly those in which they were outside the credit banks. Orion could hear the loud growls of the gladiator who warned of his obvious climax, and how he whispered things that Orion could hear, but would like not to.

"Humm ... Galar"

Orion shivered when he heard that, realizing that Megatronus preferred a street valve a thousand times than using his, even for a fantasy. Oddly, Orion felt somewhat grateful, so perhaps he would not have a broken spark when he heard his owner's calls for another mech.

The little mech knew he had nothing to do there, so he just turned around and walked away to his sad home.


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The life of the Carriers was far from easy, since sometimes having a gestation chamber did not mean that you were fertile, and if you cannot create life and help Cybertron, it means you are useless and must be eliminated so as not to waste resources on yourself . Smokescreen knew that, and despite being one of the luckiest Carriers on the planet to get a decent owner, he feared for himself and his current partner.

"Magnus, maybe you should get another Prize if you want a Sparkling"

Smokescreen felt his spark break with his own words, but he must say them.

"We tried everything ... It doesn't happen, I can't create a Sparkling, my coding is wrong, I'm wrong ..." He whispered.

Senator Ultra Magnus, a huge mech of enormous power in the government, was recognized and respected by everyone, as he was one of the ten great senators that controlled Cybertron. At first glance you could see an imposing mech of a hard and selfless expression, but in reality it was a warm and understanding mech, with some problems with emotions.

"Smokescreen, Ratchet said there is nothing wrong with you, the reason you still can't procreate is unknown, but you are perfectly healthy ."

Smokescreen kept looking at the glass flowers in the garden "Ultra ... I am infertile, you have to accept it. I accepted it, I will never give you a Sparkling"

The huge mech sitting next to the Praxian denied it.

"Don't give up Smokescreen, even if you can't give me a Sparkling, we can adopt one and as long as we raise it, everything will be fine. Also, you shouldn't give me a Sparkling to be happy, remember that for me you are more than a breeding machine" He said it in a sincere tone, but his expression was still illegible, anyone would call it weird and a liar, but the Praxian understood his Conjunx's emotions beyond physical expressions.

Smokescreen thought of the words of Ultra Magnus, adopting did not sound bad, after all it could save the childhood of a Sparkling from the public Carrier, since once the Carrier gave birth to the sparklings, they were removed and the sparks of the little ones were extracted to insert them into adult bodies and get a place in society, thus losing the option to choose.

"That doesn't sound bad ..." He whispered and his door wings fluttered.

"Adopt? Really Ultra Magnus?"

Both turned to see an extravagant and elegant looking mech with an air of grandeur. Beside him, someone smaller and dull accompanied him, but he had a bundle of blankets in his arms.

"Proteus" Ultra Magnus said flatly "It is impolite to hear the others conversation."

Proteus, another senator of the same rank as Ultra Magnus. The mech just snorted and approached them, being closely followed by the mech of dull optics.

"Ultra Magnus, friend" His voice sounded with poison "I just wanted to listen to advise you" A frivolous smile adorned his face "And my piece of advice is to get rid of that Carrier"

Smokescreen felt his spark freeze.

"What's the point of having a useless Carrier by your side? I saw more beautiful mechs as berth warmers, if you were interested in one, you could get some" wink "or maybe you have a special taste for Praxians? Don't worry, I know other prettier mechs and femmes. We could even get another fertile Praxian Carrier."

Ultra Magnus clenched his fists.

"If you have problems with the pathetic Conjunx Endura link, you could simply eliminate it and voila, it would be easier. I recommend that you think of your priorities as a Cybertron server, so few of us remain, on a large polluted planet that every help counts "He looked at the mech next to him, exactly the bulge he was holding." Like me, I already gave my contribution. "He purred.

The other mech was still undeterred, he had undoubtedly gone through terrible things because of his lack of response, but the small lump he carried in the soft blankets, took out a very small hand. Smokescreen felt sorry for that mech, very sorry, the poor mech had not been so lucky, and before he could say anything, the shadow of Ultra Magnus rose.

"Proteus, get out of my sight if you don't want your Sparkling to hear your screams while I tear off your limbs”. The other senator looked at him in shock and his face deformed into an expression of anger.

"Keep barking Ultra Magnus, you can't do anything to me," he spat.

The other mech growled and Proteus bristled "I remember the other day I saw a mech very similar to you in the streets at west of the Red Light District, he was speeding and stopped at a questionable place"

Proteus dropped his jaw and then squeezed it in rage "You wouldn't dare"

"That afternoon we found a spot of aquamarine liquid in your cloak, what would happen if I sent to check your room and that specific elegant cloak?"

'Cloak? What cloak!? Which of them?! Could it be that the others found out about the Syk!? ' He thought frantically. Proteus growled and turned around "Walk!" He shouted at the mech next to him

The unwanted scream scared the Sparkling and he let out a shriek before breaking into tears. The mech that carried him tried to calm him down but Proteus' screams of silence didn't help. Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus watched as the couple lost sight of each other.

"What you said was true?" Smokescreen asked.

"Only part of the stain, everyone thought that his Sparkling vomited on him and he didn't realized it" Ultra Magnus replied flatly.

The youngest mech laughed softly

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It had been a few weeks since his stay at Megatronus's home, things went smoothly ... Normal. Orion just spoke when Megatronus asked him something, he also soon realized the rules of the gladiator's home. He had to organize and clean everything, but not move the objects from their respective places, he had to wait with fresh Energon, also with the washracks ready and he shouldn’t leave the house when Megatronus wasn’t home, but could go to the mini-market nearby, going beyond the mini-market was prohibited as they could consider it an escape and he would be punished. Orion wasn’t sure if he was happy, his programming forced him to be minimally calm, but his true emotions were sad, and all he can do was feel them, he did not show them out of shame ... And fear.

"—Come on Megatron, don't tell me you won't go. It’ll be a fantastic party!"

The owner had recently arrived at the house accompanied by three huge mechs, surely gladiators, and seemed Megatronus’ friends, since he allowed them to refer to him by a nickname. These mechs so far seemed very cheerful and vulgar, their words were not measured and talked about their interface adventures like any other conversation, Orion shouldn’t be surprised, but he still disconcerted him, perhaps it was because he was raised conservatively since sparklinghood. While he was sweeping the floor, he didn't notice that a pair of optics watched him.

"Hey Megatron, why don't you introduce us to your Bag of fluids?"

Orion tried not to shudder, so he continued sweeping.

"It's not important," replied the gray gladiator.

The other mech didn't seem convinced "It's not bad at all. How lucky you are, with my victories it's not enough to have my own bag of fluids"

"And have you already got him sparked up?" He heard another voice.

Orion shuddered slightly


"Why not? You should be full of sparklings right now, if I were you, I would do it all day with someone like you Carrier. The Prize mechs are the prettiest" he heard another, lighter voice.

"Do not bother me"

He heard a laugh "If I was you, I would be helping to repopulate Cybertron" Orion felt their optics looking at him "Hey, how about lending him to us?"

This time, the little mech shuddered, and prayed to Primus for his owner to refuse.

"Do what you want"

Orion turned around abruptly, and watched as the three mechs dangerously approached him. Orion, without knowing it, backed away with fear.

"Oh, sweetspark, don't worry, we'll take good care of you." One of them purred.

The Carrier could not go back any more when he was suddenly held by the blue mech "Look how clean and soft he is" he commented

Another came forward to hold his shoulders. "Come on, relax, just lie on the floor. Megatron won't want to let us use his berth, so we have no choice but to do it here."

Orion shook "Please, please ... no"

The dark brown mech proceeded to caress him "Wow, he's really soft. His kind of metal must be special"

The green mech nodded "Yes, he must be upper class"

The blue mech looked at the green mech "Of the upper class? They don’t give away their sparklings even if they’re Carriers".

The brown mech shrugged "So you know, they are sometimes rejected for some reason and are abandoned either for disposal or if they are Carriers, to be used as Prizes. I don't know much about it, just the rumors."

Orion let out a faint groan when one of them ran his rough hands over his hip, just in a sensitive area.

"Oh my, I found a sweet spot." The blue mech purred. "Do you like it, sweetspark?"

The little mech began to tremble, not out of excitement, but out of panic.

"It seems so" One of them mocked

The green mech put his arm behind Orion's back and began to caress him from there, Orion began to tremble more, but he squirmed sharply as he approached his neck and his vents felt so close.

"Hey, leave a little for us!" The blue mech shouted

"Can you stop making so much noise?" Megatronus was heard complaining.

"Wait, please, don't do it!" Orion now writhed sharply as he was caught under the weight of the big green mech, and his hands were held by the brown one. "Stop! Don't do it!"

He heard a click, and could feel something hot in his abdomen. Orion stopped, and looked down, noting that the one above him had already taken out his spike, then the Carrier knew he should escape. Their struggles continued with more force.

"Come on, open it," he said stroking his panel. "It’ll be fun," he purred disgustingly.

Orion denied him and trembled as if there was no tomorrow "Enough!"

He felt that the wet tip was pushing the entrance of his panel, prompting him to open it.

The blue mech then growled and pushed the green one on the shoulder" Hey, don't keep everything to you! Megatron lent it to all of us!"

"Go get a used street valve! This one is mine!" The green one shouted.

The brown one also growled "Oil slick! Get away at once!"

The so-called Oil Slick just growled more and Orion felt in an incredibly fast way, the arm under him that had caressed him, now attacked the brown mech. Orion could then step back in fright, watching how the three mechs begin to attack each other, then looked down and saw a trail of transfluids on top of his closed panel, surely from Oil Slick’s spike. Then, he heard a rumble, and watched as the figure of Megatronus stood on a pile of defeated mechs, showing an expression of fury.

"I told you to not make noise" Megatronus' tone was dangerous and slow "Get out of my house before I rip your legs off and you must crawl into your burrow"

The three mechs rose with painful groans, but quickly obeyed and fled the gray gladiator's house. Orion was now ventilated frantically as he tried to calm down while tears appeared on his face.

"Stop crying, now clean and order this. Those bastards broke some things ..."

Orion did not record what the gladiator said, he only observed it with big optics, dedicating himself to observe the greatness of his owner, he didn’t cry of fear, he cried in gratitude, since there were no words to describe his relief.

Chapter Text

First Aid looked carefully at the exact measurement of the welds he made, ending his work.  After a moment of tension and great concentration, First Aid looked at his finished work, and the patient seemed satisfied.

 "Thank you for your services, doctor, the welds are not noticeable."  He thanked a large mech and wings just as huge.  "I hope I didn't ... bothered you," he said, looking at a certain specific area of the doctor.

 The doctor followed the look of the mech and his gaze landed on his swollen belly, by now it was significantly remarkable.

  First Aid was a Carrier of the Prize type, which fell into the hands of a mech that with time learned to love, but half of First Aid processor knew that it was the fault of the programming he had installed, but he did not care, he was happy.  The doctor even became happier when he discovered that he was already sparked up and his partner cried with happiness next to him.  Even being a Carrier, First Aid was one of the few who had startled enough to perform a function despite being a bag of fluids and being sparked at the same time, although despite his good abilities, there were still some who doubted his abilities and belittled him.

 "It's not a bother," First Aid said as courteously as he could, turning around to put away his tools, and also in an attempt to hide his big belly.  "If you have any other problems, come back soon, please"

 A shadow rose above him, and he was soon pulled hard until he hit the patients' berth.  First Aid was stunned as fear enveloped him.

 "You know, doctor? I don't see many sparked Carriers today. Most of them are out of sight because of their delicate condition, even to the public as you know." One of the mech's hands held the doctor's wrists tightly "So no  it matters if you spark up one of the streets, since you will never know that Sparkling, and if you do not stand out enough, you will not have a Carrier for yourself to form a family "It was big enough to be able to dominate the body of the smaller mech.

 "What are you doing!? Let me go!"  The doctor demanded as he writhed.  His fear increased and his processor only thought of keeping his Sparkling safe.

 "And how well you know. There are not many of my type ..." First Aid denied him, trying to break free.  True, there were not many Seekers because of the bombing of Vos, and there are only a few hundred thousand and thousands left.  "So, I thought you could help me"

 "It's not possible! I already have an owner!"  Exclaimed.

 "Oh come on, I could reprogram your processor" The doctor knew he was lying "I would give you a life of luxury in Vos, you know how we the Seekers are, we adore Sparklings and Carriers, you would be treated like someone of the royalty" One hand was enough to hold the wrists of the smaller mech, while another slipped to touch his belly.  "Besides ..." He whispered. "You're the cutest Carrier I’ve seen so far."

 First Aid trembled at the unwanted touch, and screamed for help, but he knew that no one would listen, the clinic was soundproof.  The doctor had heard about the rumors of a while ago, that in the absence of Carriers in Vos, some Seekers had been abducting Carriers from the other cities.  The reason why they lacked Carriers was due to the nature of the seekers and the decision of the Winglord, since the flying Cybertronians possessed a strange and possessive instinct for Carriers and Sparkling.  According to studies, it was to protect the weakest and most vulnerable by being The guardians of the heavens; but the decision of the Winglord was clear, there should be no Carriers for public use in Vos, as that would bring back the most primitive instincts to those of his class.  As the doctor knew, many disagreed, as they wanted to form families just like the other cities after the Senate order.  With the cities being so close, only few moved out of Vos, because despite all the seekers liked to be close to their own kind.  As a consequence, rumors of Seekers' sighting were heard destroying some public Carriers facilities to take them back to Vos.  First Aid knew that was true, but he never thought something like this would happen to him, since he always stopped at his clinic or at home.

 "You smell delicious ..." the Seeker whispered, lowering his hand from his belly to stop at his crotch, rubbing the doctor's closed panel "The aroma of a Carrier drives us crazy"

 First Aid trembled violently trying to kick him.  Carrier's scent was normally unleashed in the final stages of the carrying cycle, and helped Carriers to  keep them safe from any danger by releasing pheromones that drunk and manipulated the processors of others to protect them in case they were in danger, but  First Aid knew that his scent this time would not save him.

 "Stop, stop, please, I won't tell anyone, just stop" First Aid yelled, trembling with fear.  "STOP!"

 Then he heard a loud blow.

  Both First Aid and the Seeker looked at the clinic's closed door being hit, then another hit was heard and finally the door was broken, revealing a huge, really huge mech of robust appearance and with a pair of red optics that glowed with fury.  First Aid stopped shaking when he recognized the figure that was in the rubble.

 "Fortress Maximus!"

 Immediately the Seeker's body was torn away from him, and First Aid fell free to the ground.  The doctor looked up, and watched in a daze as his Conjunx Endura struck wild blows at the mech that was about to rape him.  It might have been good for the Seeker to die for what he was about to do, but First Aid was a doctor, programmed to create life and protect it, he simply could not bear to see the other wounded, much less dead.  Also, if Fortress Maximus killed him, he could go to Trypticon Jail.

 "Max! Stop, you're going to kill him!"  The doctor shouted, running towards his partner.

 The huge mech did not listen, and continued to strike the Seeker's body with all his might.

 "Stop, Max! Now!"  First Aid's screams fell to deaf audios.

 First Aid, marked to the police line, and fortunately there was a patrol nearby, because they appeared right away.  They entered the clinic and watched the scene, quickly two of them held Fortress Maximus to try to get him off the battered Seeker.

 "Stop right now!"  A policeman shouted, gripping the arm of the huge mech.

 Soon, another enforcer appeared by the door.  This time, it was someone First Aid recognized, and quickly ran to him.

 "But what's going on !?"  Shouted said mech, watching all the energon all over Fortress Maximus’ body.

 "Chase, Max didn't do anything wrong! He just did it to defend me!" The doctor exclaimed, watching the enforcer.

 Chase turned to see him "Okay, fine, but you must calm him down!"

 First Aid nodded and hurried to run toward his partner.

 "Max! Enough, you must calm down!"  The huge mech's body stopped from the sharp twists.  First Aid knew it was working "Everything will be fine" slowly approached him "I am fine. Do you see it?"

 Fortress Maximus then seemed to get out of his state of madness, and looked at First Aid with softer optics.

 "Aid! Primus, Aid, what happened!? I felt your panic thru the link and came as quickly as possible!"  He exclaimed and looked at the Seeker's broken body and immediately growled "AND THAT SCUM WAS ALL OVER YOU! HE WAS FORCING HIMSELF ON YOU, DIDN'T HE!"

 Chase came forward "First Aid, right?"  He asked

 The doctor nodded with a tremor

 The enforcer growled "Okay, let go"

 "But sir—"

 "Do it, Fortress Maximus only acted according to his Sire and Conjunx Endura protocols, it is normal that he wanted to see the one who almost raped his carrying partner dead. Besides, with First Aid here, he will do nothing."

 Both enforcers exchanged glances before releasing him.  First Aid quickly threw himself into the arms of his partner, who hugged him as if he never wanted to let go.  Chase meanwhile looked at the broken Seeker on the floor.

 "Let's take him to the hospital before putting him in jail"

 The other enforcers nodded and soon carried the Seeker's body.


Chapter Text

Recently, terrible news had arrived, and Megatronus was furious ... and sad. Two of the mechs who had previously tried to have fun with him were now with Primus, as they had died in an accident. Orion knew he must be sad, but he did not feel sad in the slightest, he couldn’t empathize with mechs who were about to rape him. The house now felt colder and darker, Megatronus was lost for more hours and he was left alone in the house, waiting for him to arrive, and when he knew it was him who was going  through the door, Orion jumped with the  Energon specially for him.

This time he didn’t speak, he only approached him with the glass of Energon and waited for his owner to take it.

Megatronus turned to him, and again, the Energon cup flew out, spilling the Energon on the ground. Orion at this point just watched as the Energon was spilled on the ground, but soon he shuddered, and looked up, watching as Megatronus' red optics stared at him furiously.

"Lord Megatronus ...?" Orion asked, this was the first time he looked at him that way, and he felt very scared.

Before he could register it, a blow was landed on his face. Orion bounced on the ground, strong pain pierced him and the little mech felt the blood coming out of his mouth, and how his left optic failed. Warnings appeared on his processor, but Orion was more focused on the strong pain that consumed him.

A shadow appeared over him, and Megatronus was close, with his fist raised.

Orion only closed his optics, while another blow strucked him ...

A few hours ago Megatronus got tired of hitting him, fortunately, Orion knew how to use the first aid kit and was able to stop the bleeding in time and heal most of his wounds. Now, if only he could stop crying.

Megatronus hit him until he got tired, but incredibly he restrained himself in his powerful blows, since he knew that using all his strength could kill him. After breaking his optic with the last blow, the gladiator left without saying a word.

Orion's programming let him know that he should surrender to him, shouldn’t defend himself and not ask for mercy, because Megatronus just wanted to take it out on something, and nothing better than him.

"Everything is fine ..." Orion calmed down, knowing that no one else would. "Everything will be fine"

Chapter Text


"Skyfire ...!"


 The atmosphere was thick and the bunk was covered with fluids.  All thanks to a pair of winged mechs, showing that they were frilly, and the most striking thing about the scene were not their wings or huge differences in size, but in the pose they were in.  A large white shuttle strongly rammed a smaller purple and black mech, the latter was on its back while the larger mech buried a huge peak in its valve, and the smaller one enjoyed how its entire interior stretched.  Skywarp groaned louder when he felt Skyfire increase the pace of his attacks, his body trembled feeling that he was also close to the climax, a silly smile appeared on his face and his optics almost got out of place before the exquisite sensation.

 "Skywarp!"  With the cry of his name, the Shuttle released all its cargo inside the smallest mech.

 Skywarp shouted loudly when he felt all the warm liquid explode in his valve, even reaching his gestation tank.  His valve was only dedicated to sucking all the liquid with force, causing a delicious grip on the peak of the largest mech.  Soon, they both collapsed, Skyfire fell sideways so as not to fall on top of the smaller one, and Skywarp just collapsed in place, and he could feel the beak slipping from its inlet and hot liquid came out of its valve, staining the litter with  more fluid

 "... uhg ... Skyfire, I think you could have gotten pregnant" the purple mech whispered exhausted.

 The huge shuttle spoke softly "I'm sorry"

 "Uhhhh ..." Skywarp rolled on himself and looked at the ceiling. "We have to get up, we must pick up—

 "Carrier, Sire! We're here!"

 Both mechs lying in their bunk jumped from their place, listening to the recognized screams.

 "It's the Sparklings!"  Skywarp shouted "But it is not yet time to pick them up from the academy!"

 "Ask that later, let's go to the shower quickly!"  Skyfire shouted, taking Skywarp in his arms and running to the showers.

 "Carrier? Sire? Are they home?"

 "A s-second,  sweetie!"  Skywarp replied, as he opened his valve to let out a lot of fluids that mixed with the water that ran through his body.  

 Minutes later, both mechs opened the door of their room, showing how clean and damp they were.  Outside the room, many pairs of opticians watched them.

 "Hi little ones, how did they do at the academy ... Woah!"  Skywarp was approached by a bunch of Sparklings that laughed around him.

 Skyfire smiled to see them, closing the door with a key, since they had not cleaned the room and did not want Sparklings sniffing around the room full of fluids.  The Shuttle told his creations to make sure everyone was there, a total of six.

 "Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge, Skyfall, Jetfire, Jetstorm. Hello my little ones!"  He greeted the huge mech, and was greeted by a wave of hugs.

 "Sire!"  Shouted the red and black, known as Thrust.

 "Carrier!"  Screamed another white and gray, known as Ramjet.  "We left early!"  He stuck to his Carrier's leg, while Skywarp stroked him.

 Skyfire put his hands on his hip "Tell me about that"

 "Teacher Fixit was teaching us about organic life, when she fell to her knees and began to shake," he explained, waving his arms at the so-called Jetfire. 

 "And then the other teachers appeared, said something about 'giving birth' and 'it's time'" continued the blue, known as Jetstorm "I think the teacher was going to have a Sparkling!"

 Skywarp lifted Ramjet in his arms "Really?"  She asked.

 "Yes! It was funny when the Grimlock dinobot arrived and started to panic!"  He laughed the blue and black, known as Dirge.

 "No! It was funnier when Mrs. Airachnid began slapping Mr. Grimlock to calm down and help take the minibot teacher," another white and red Sparkling, known as Skyfall, exclaimed.

 All the other sparklings laughed at those words.

 Skywarp looked at Ramjet in his arms "And how did they get home alone? They know they should wait for us to pick them up."

 Dirge came forward "Mr. Silverbolt and Mrs. Blackarachnia brought us along with their sparklings: Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive and Slingshot"

 The parents exchanged glances and smiled.

 "Okay, I believe you," Skywarp said carrying Ramjet and Dirge in his arms.  "Now, how about we drink some of Energon, the one who finishes first I give him a salty snack of Energon"

 The Sparklings in the hands of the purple Seeker screamed excitedly, the others ran to the kitchen to arrive first.  Skyfire smiled watching his Sparklings disappear, until he felt hands on his leg.

 "Sire, load us!"

 The Shuttle looked down and met the twin twins.  Smiling, he took both in his arms.

 "Whatever they say, little ones"

 Jetfire stirred "Quick, we must get to the kitchen before Skyfall, he always eats everything"

 "Quick, Sire!"  Jetstorm shouted waving his arms.

 Skyfire laughed "I'm coming, I'm coming"

 The Shuttle smiled looking at the twins in his arms, and remembering the joy of all his creations.  He was a lucky mech for having Skywarp, who had blessed him with six wonderful Sparklings.  Thinking about his Conjunx Endura, Skyfire remembered the moment he met the purple Seeker.

 They had met for the first time at the Academy, but at that time Skyfire was more interested in Starscream than in Thundercracker or Skywarp.  Over time Skyfire and Starscream became close and very good friends, until the Seeker with a loud voice had to take his responsibility as the Senator known as Winglord, and they stopped frequenting enough.  Until one day Starscream appeared at the door of his house, asking for a huge favor, Skyfire had worried about the seriousness of his friend, and discovered that it was Skywarp, who had been discovered as Carrier and demanded to be paired with someone  to help the repopulation, and Starscream confessed that he didn't think of anyone better than him.  Skyfire at first did not know what to think Skywarp?  I had never seen him in a way beyond a known and light friend, but Starscream needed his help ...

 In the end he accepted, and Skywarp was delivered as a Prize for him.  Things were awkward at first, since their personalities collided, but they got used to the passage of time and soon felt comfortable.  Years later, Starscream won the fight to free you from the public Carriers and loosen the Carriers law for the flying ones, Vos being a different city from the others, and giving opportunity to the united couples to break if they wanted.  Skyfire thought that Skywarp would leave, but Skywarp confessed that he came to love him, that he lacked the Breeder Program, that Starscream had not allowed him to install him, and that he came to love him all this time together.  Skyfire had his feelings in conflict, since from the beginning he had eyes on Starscream, but thanks to Skywarp's confession, his feelings could change.  In the end they stayed living together, and before they could know, Skywarp was already charging his first sparklings, giving birth to three Seekers, Ramjet, Dirge, Thrust.  A short time later, she became pregnant again and soon appeared Skyfall, the only Shuttle, and months later she became pregnant again and gave birth to the twins Jetfire and Jetstorm.  In the end, Skyfire might not have what he wanted, but what he needed.


 Now he was happy next to Skywarp and his large family.

Chapter Text



Orion left the mini-supermarket with a basket that had many groceries.

 For purchases, Megatronus had left him a copy of the shanix card for cats of Energon's ingredients, and occasionally Orion went to stores to buy things.  The blue and red mech had already healed mostly the entire face, there were only welds in its optics and a couple of scratches, nothing important.  His day so far seemed normal ...

 "This one is tight!"

 Orion stopped, and looked into an alley, just at the back of a painting room, and watched as two femme and one mech chained with their legs open and being used by a femme and a mech.

 "How fortunate that these Carrier have moved to this part of the city," commented the femme, watching the fun of her friend and how the Carrier moaned loudly.

 The other mech kept ramming and speaking with difficulty "You're right! I'm sorry for what ... It happened to Nyon! But ... Uhg! I'm glad these Carrier are here"

 The woman happily nodded "Now there will be more valves to use in this area" They both laughed.

 Orion shrugged his gaze, and kept walking as he thought about the conversation he had heard.  Nyon had been terrible, for some terrorist attacks these public Carriers had been moved here, where nothing had changed.

  Watching how close he was to get home, Orion stopped and watched how the house was so close and very empty, no one was waiting for him there, and Megatronus would return until much later.  The little mech thought that he had not gone out much after being acquired by Megatronus, so he could take this opportunity to walk, right?

 Remembering a nearby park, Orion headed there, and when he arrived, he sat on a bench and admired the view.  The park was full of happy families and Cybertronians, the Sparklings of all kinds played with each other with much joy and innocence, Orion felt that harmony and happiness was contagious.

 The mech remembered his Sire, Alpha Trion, and as he never took him to a park, but he did play with him when he asked.  His childhood was happy next to his Sire, and on multiple occasions he asked what happened to his Carrier.  Alpha Trion just told him his name, Nova Storm, and that he was in a better place.  His life changed when the news of his dead Sire came, after that, Orion was found by some mechs, and was taken to a court where they decided their fate, although Orion fought against all of them, since he knew something was wrong,  but in the end it was put in a pen with the other Prizes, and finally they installed the program.  Orion wondered how influential the program was, he knew there were changes, but he didn't notice them, he felt normal, and that worried him, since the Carriers he spoke with always told him that his life would end when the program was installed,  and pray to Primus for having a decent owner.

 His optics softened when he saw a distant Sparkling tickle another.

  Maybe being Carrier is not so bad, since he would have the opportunity to breed a cute little Sparkling, and Primus knows how much he loved the Sparklings, thinking about that, he worried about thinking that maybe Megatronus wouldn't help him, and Orion  He had to order in his processor just to get pregnant with his owner, granting him his seal intact...


 Orion jumped from his place when he felt something on his leg.  He looked down and found two blue optics looking at him, realizing he was watching a very small yellow Sparkling with door wings and wide lips.  The blue and red mech denied clearing his thoughts, and looked at Sparkling curiously.

 "Yes, little one?"

 The Sparkling kept watching him, until he patted his leg, and Orion was startled.

 "Sir- sad"

 Then Orion stopped.  He managed to guess that the little boy had approached him when he saw that he showed an expression of sadness...

 "I don't know- feel sad," the little boy murmured, and stopped patting, now stroking his leg.

 And came to comfort him?

 Orion was surprised by Little Sparkling's attitude, and then looked into the crowd.  Where would the parents of this Sparkling be?  He was too small to walk alone, and his primitive way of speaking was a sign that he was just learning.  The little boy was adorable and would like to load and hug him, but surely there were parents worried about such a beautiful Sparkling.


 And here they came.

 Orion looked up at the shout, and soon saw two mechs approaching him.  One had a striking orange and yellow paint, the other was quite the opposite, since its colors were blue, white and yellow.  The funny thing was that the biggest mech had been carrying three Sparklings in his big arms, who seemed to have fun with the rebound he made while his Sire / Carrier ran.

 "Oh, Primus, Bumblebee!"  The orange mech hurriedly picked up the little yellow Sparkling from his leg "Sparkling bad! Don't get away from your Carrier!"

 "You let us have a good scare, young man!"  Said the other biggest mech.

 The yellow Sparkling, Bumblebee, fluttered in Carrier's arms "He- be sad!"  He shrieked.

 Orion decided to get up from his place "Err ... Is it his Sparkling?"  She asked

 The orange and yellow nodded "Yes, he got lost when we bought ice cream from Energon."  Reported afflicted.

 "We're sorry if it bothered you," said the other.

 Orion denied smiling "Oh, it didn't bother me. In fact, it was very nice to me."  Then he smiled.  "They have a very friendly Sparkling"

 The orange sighed "Yes, it has a spark too sensitive and empathizes with others very fast. Reason why it moves away from us a lot" Then he swung Bumblebee in his arms to hold him better "I'm Rodimus, by the way."  greeting.

 "I'm Thunderclash, nice to meet you." The other mech smiled.  "And these are our Sparklings" He pointed to the red and orange femme "She is Firestar" Then the silver and gold mech with large wings, apparently a Seeker "He is Thunderwing" Curiously, the Winged Sparkling growled at him.  "and he is Hot shot" The little white and red yellow greeted him with a smile.

 Orion smiled too. "My name is Orion Pax, the pleasure is mine." He looked at the little ones. "His Sparklings are very cute, are they learning to speak?"

 Rodimus sighed "Yes, and it's hard to teach them, they mostly learn bad words when I get impatient."  The orange mech shuddered ".... I think I shouldn't have said that"

 Thunderclash laughed "Don't worry Rodimus, I'll always correct your mistakes"

 Rodimus narrowed his optics and approached to hit the other mech's shoulder with his free hand.  Orion was surprised with that, apparently Rodimus was the Sire, since he was daring with his owner.

 "Shut up or there will be no interface tonight"

 "Rodimus!"  Thunderclash squealed and brought his Sparklings closer together, in an attempt to shrink. "Don't say that in front of your Sparklings!"  He said with a big blush on his cheeks.

 "What is interface?"  Firestar asked.

 Rodimus shivered again "Uhh ... I— Thunderclash, look what you did!"  The blue mech looked at him incredulously, but was interrupted "Now fix it!"

 Thunderclash looked at him several moments, before laughing fun "Whatever you say"

 Rodimus looked at Orion "Sorry about what you saw and heard, it's all Sire's fault"

 Orion blinked in surprise.  So Thunderclash was the Sire !?

 "We have to go now, before Firestar starts asking more questions," Thunderclash said, maneuvering his Sparklings into their arms.

 "Yes, you don't know how they get when they find out something they don't know."

 "What is Interface?"  This time asked Thunderwing.


 "Goodbye!"  And both parents ran away.  Orion only fired them with a wave of his hand, and seconds later, he laughed at what he witnessed, then remembered that Thunderclash was the Sire, but seemed to be dominated by Rodimus, and laughed again.  That was strange, that kind of relationship was a taboo these days.

  Looking at his internal clock, he noticed that there was not much left for Megatronus to come home, so he picked up his basket and went home.

Chapter Text

What is the life of a public Carrier like?  Wasp tells you!

 First, who is Wasp?  Wasp is a half Insecticon minibot, being Eukarian, and half Cybertronian.  Unfortunately it was abandoned in Cybertron when it was a larva, where they discovered it was a Carrier.

  When you find out if you are a Carrier, first the doctor in charge, who is usually someone called Pharma, takes you to the "pen" if you are a minor to reproduce, but if you are considered a Prize, they take you to a better place than the pen,  a place called "The institute" where they prepare the future Prizes of how to please, serve and defend their owner.  Wasp did not know much about the place, he was considered to the public for his lack of beauty and his disgusting Eukarian part.  Once you reach adulthood, they take you to the place where you will be prepared to please the mechs who want to increase the numbers of the Cybertronians.  It is best not to resist, they will hurt you if you do, and if you are submissive, they will give you a higher dose of the aphrodisiac and drugs to forget where you are tied.

 Wasp is a veteran in the whole affair, since he is older even though he does not look like it, and is still fertile.  The first time he became tied he fought with all his might, and he was beaten for being hostile, thinking he was a beast without a processor.  Then they activated the breeding program and his body began to do strange things, and he believed that everything was normal, there was no reason to alter, and the dose of aphrodisiac and drugs made him feel very good.  However, Wasp was not used until later in its installation.

  Wasp heard the groans and screams of the other Carriers tied next to him, apparently they had a good time, but he was not used until now, he could only hear comments of revulsion towards him, he felt so sad about it, he was so unwanted.  Until that day came, they were apparently a group of drunk mechs and there were not enough Carrier for the group, and one reluctantly had to use him.  Wasp felt fear and nervousness, but his drug intoxicated body made him betray him.  The next thing he felt was a great pain, one where his valve was stretched like never before, and he shouted, heard teasing and comments towards him.  Without letting him get used to it, the invading mech began to ram him without stopping.  After a few rounds, Wasp noticed that this time all the other drunks started using it, feeling like each of them abused him and hated himself for wishing more at that time.

 When they finished, it was a shaky minibot and with a belly full of fluids, it was so dirty and sticky.  The next day the drones passed to clean up any disaster made on him, but hours later he felt like someone was entering him, listening to the same voice as before, some of the drunks had returned.  The next few hours he groaned when he was caught with greater force by the unknown mech, and he only gave him a dirty conversation about what he would do with him if he were not tied.  Wasp turned on every time he heard it and fulfilling those fantasies would not be bad at all.  Soon it was used more often, even more than the other Carrier, and days later, doctors came for a scan, where they discovered that it was totally fertile and already expected a Sparkling.  At first Wasp did not believe it, but then it burst into joy, followed by doubts as to who among those who would have used it was the Sire.

 Once pregnant, they send you to the Lost Light hospital.

 There, he was treated carefully the following weeks, receiving all kinds of Energon meals and many vitamins to help the growth of Sparkling, until the day Sparkling arrived in the outside world.  Wasp was not very conscious at that time, he was very exhausted from going through all that terrible pain, and he watched with blurry optics such as the little helm and arms of his Sparkling, being mostly a beautiful Insecticon that screamed down his Carrier.

 "Hardshell ..." He managed to whisper before falling unconscious.

 After that time, Wasp knew nothing more about Hardshell, since he was immediately removed from him to extract his spark and put it into an adult body, losing himself in the heap of society, without memories of a childhood or his Carrier, just  in order to be useful for Cybertron.  A week after giving birth, Wasp was again tied to another place for public use, regardless of his physical pain as he was not recovered and his emotional pain, since his first Sparkling had been taken away.

 Despite his sadness and desire to die, he was pregnant again very soon, and the process was repeated.  This time, Wasp wanted to stay awake longer, and saw that his little one was a thin red and white femme, showing more Cybertronian parts than that of an Insecticon.

 "Glowstrike ..." Wasp reached out "Denmela, it's ... it's m-my Sparkling ...!"

 Glowstrike was still crying loudly for his lack of Energon from his Carrier, and he didn't realize he was away from a dying Wasp.

 She also got lost, and never saw her again.

 And so he continued to give children to this world that only took him away from him.  The horrible process was repeated over and over again, naming all its Sparklings when they were born: Saberhorn, Kickback, Scorponok, Bludgeon, Bob, Fracture, Deathsaurus, Tarantulas, Inferno, Sky byte, Chromia, Cloudlight, Pyra Magna, Trepan, Akiba Prim  and the twins: Shrapnel and Bombshell.  Coincidentally, three of his Sparklings were not born in the "normal" way Cybertroniana, since when they discovered that she was pregnant, they noticed that this time there were eggs inside.  Trepan, Tarantulas and Chromia were those cases, and once the eggs were laid, Wasp took care of them until they hatched, and by way of studying them, their sparks were not extracted, instead they were taken to the El Jardín adoption center, and  He learned that they were adopted by the Senator himself called Jhiaxus.

 Wasp still dreams of the day he can meet all his Sparklings, as he still hopes to meet them all one day and be able to live like a happy family.

 ".... No, this time they are not eggs"

 The green minibot left his thoughts when he felt a cold hand rub his belly.  Nickel, Dr. Minibot, checked him in his control to find out about Sparkling's well-being.

 "How are you, Wasp?"  She asked, still caressing, Nickel's hands were the same size as hers, but softer and without claws, her touch was pleasant.

 Wasp squeaked at the caress "Wasp is fine" He looked at his belly, which was bulky, but not yet big enough.  "Sparkling well, right?"

 Nickel smiled "Yes, I will recommend, as always, rest on your back and drink the prepared Energon of the doctors"

 The green minibot shrunk "Pharma is scary"

 The other minibot growled "Yes, I know he is a cretin, but he is a very good doctor, he always looks at the welfare of the Carriers."

 "Wasp prefers Nickel, Nickel always good and cheerful with Wasp"

 Nickel smiled broadly "That's so you stop saying that the universe hates you"

 Wasp let out another bubbling laugh "Can I name him too?"  I ask.

 Nickel smiled "Yes, remember that I will always keep your Sparklings' names for reports"

 The minibot felt small tears accumulate in the corners of his eyes.

 "Thank you, Nickel good friend of Wasp. Nickel only friend of Wasp"

 Dr. Minibot smiled sadly.

 And so is the life of a public Carrier!  Wasp is not happy, but he will enjoy every moment he spends with his new Sparkling.

Chapter Text

Orion opened his optics at once

 Megatronus had come out, like every night.  Orion had become accustomed to being alone with the passage of time, and sleeping alone in the cold room was no longer such a problem, he was even comfortable in his bunk on the floor in the kitchen.  The problem now was that he felt a large hand on his shoulder that turned sharply.  Upon awakening in fright, Orion was able to sniff out the powerful smell of High-grade Energon.  The smallest mech then noticed that the invader was really Megatronus, who stood on his body breathing heavily.

 "L-Lord Megatronus?"  Orion asked.

 The gladiator grunted, and his growl being so close sounded more intimidating, he shook the smaller mech.  The gladiator then lowered a hand and Orion gave a small jump when he felt claws on his interface panel.  As he looked down, he noticed that the gladiator's hand gently tore his panel, making him understand what was happening.

 "Open it" ordered the gladiator.

 Orion's programming jumped for joy, because it was finally going to be used for the satisfaction of its owner, however, the echo of fear also sang in its processor.  This would be his first time, and as he knew, it was a gift from Primus given to his loved one, the moment had to be done delicately and both parties had to enjoy it, but Megatronus was a drunk and hungry gladiator, Orion could not help feeling fear for him  supposed magic moment.

 Remembering his place, Orion lowered his panel, there was no other option.

 Then the rough touches began.  Orion could not help but grimace in pain, Megatronus's claws were dangerous and surely with them he shattered other mechs in the sands, but now those claws entered violently in his valve, and he could not avoid twisting.

 "Do not move!"  Megatronus shouted.

 Orion froze in fear, but the exploration of the claws hurt him a lot.  Then he felt the gladiator's other hand begin to caress him, probably to excite him, but it was far from working, since his touches were clumsy and Orion could feel how those claws scratched his paint.  He began to tremble with fear and pain, since Megatronus' fingers now pumped into his valve and Orion felt something tear, he had never been stretched like that and it hurt a lot.

 "Lord M-Megatronus ..." Orion groaned "It hurts, be delicate, p-please ...!"

 He heard his owner let out a growl "I know. Your inside still tries to push my claws out of you, you're still very tight"

 Orion felt his cheeks warm up, and covered his face in shame, but he writhed again when another finger entered his valve.  The vacant gladiator's hand traveled to his hip and began to caress him, Orion then felt a strong itching, something he hadn't felt in a long time, it was excitement.  Megatronus's hand knew where to touch, entering the small spaces, caressing his waist and hip, pinching his inside and running his hand through his back.  Orion began to forget the fear, as the excitement was coming, and he could tell when his valve began to feel hotter.

 "L-Lord Megatron-nus ..." Stuttered, that feeling was so good.

 Megatronus gave an interesting look at Orion's chest plates, which went down and up when he breathed.

 "I heard that the Carrier Energon bags were the softest things in the world ..." the gladiator muttered.

 The brightness in Orion optics intensified.  That meant Megatronus was willing to give it a Sparkling?  Orion would have its own Sparkling one day?  The Carrier thought in shock and creating a mental image of a Sparkling in his arms similar to him and Megatronus.  His thought was interrupted when he felt a pair of huge hands parting his thighs.  Instantly nervousness and fear enveloped him, cooling and extinguishing his excitement.

 "Lord M-Megatronus, I ... I don't think—"

 Orion forgot his words when his owner's panel slipped and showed his huge hardened beak.  The smallest mech felt it was freezing, that peak was huge, too big to enter.  Orion had seen him before in action, either in other mechs and even in himself, but his mouth was something else compared to his valve.

 "Lord Megatronus, I can't do it, it's too big" He trembled in his words.

 The gladiator let out a grunt "I wasn't asking you"

 Orion then felt that he was beginning to push through his entrance, and then he exploded in panic.

 "Please! I-it's very big, Lord M-Megatronus don't do it, it will split me in HALF— AHHHHGGG!"

 And that beak penetrated its interior, sweeping the walls of its valve with fury and stretching it to the maximum.  Orion turned on his optics with an intense glow, while there would be his mouth trying to release the biggest scream of his life, but his vocalizer only released static.  It hurt, it hurt a lot, and the worst was that he could clearly feel how his seal was torn without mercy by the huge beak.

 Tears began to accumulate in the corners of his optics "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts ...!"  He cry.

 Then he heard a growl, and Megatronus began to move.  Orion shouted this time, he still hadn't gotten used to the pain and burning he felt, so it hurt much more he began to move.  The small mech began to squirm, this was too much, it hurt a lot and I didn't want it.  The gladiator's first movements were slow and hard, still adapting to the extremely tight and slippery valve.  Orion on the other hand began to tremble and cry, until he screamed in pain when Megatronus began to accelerate his rhythm, causing a great ardor to cover him.

 Megatronus knew that the small mech's valve under him was getting hurt, since he felt a light liquid surrounding his valve, it was certainly blood, but he knew that the Carrier would resist.  So intoxicated that he was, he didn't mind making his Carrier feel better, he only cared about the pleasure he was feeling, and he couldn't help himself by starting to ram him harder.

 Orion howled more in pain and could not bear it, so he began to writhe and kick, but the gladiator's weight prevented any sudden movement.

 "No! S-Stop! Stop, p-please stop! It hurts!"

 Lust had dominated Megatronus, he just let out a louder shout and lifted Carrier to plant him on the wall and ram him against the wall.  Orion dropped oral fluid while his optics ignited strongly when he felt that much more pressure covered his valve.

 "Stop ... st-stop!"  Orion meowed, now he felt that the pain diminished a little, but not enough.

 Their bodies were shaking intensely and Orion only felt pain throughout the process.  Not knowing what else to do, he cried, shouting louder when Megatronus swept inside.  When the gladiator reached the first climax, Orion trembled uncontrollably, Megatronus moved away and Orion could see blood and hot liquid coming out of his valve, and it didn't take long for Megatronus's peak to get hard again.  The gladiator turned him over and buried his tip again, and this time he moved immediately to ram him, it seemed like another eternity when he felt again that more liquid invaded him, he finally walked away to let out all the fluid with less stained blood, and so on  ....

 All the pain seemed eternal to Orion, each time he changed his pose and refilled it with his fluids.  In spite of his pleas, shouts and cries, Megatronus did not calm down, it seemed that he was igniting more and more with his cries of pain, filling him with much emotion, until after his eighth round it was that finally the gladiator seemed to get tired, only that  in the latter he held his face and forced him to suck his beak to empty himself inside him and force him to drink everything.  In the end Orion fell to the ground trembling, tired, full of fluids and feeling sticky.  The last thing he recorded before he passed out was Megatronus moving away from him to go in the direction of the showers.

 Letting out more tears, Orion closed his optics to rest and forget in his dreams what had happened, at least for a moment.

Chapter Text

"It was ..." He paused. "It was a miscarriage ..." The doctor felt her mouth dry, knowing that this was hard to say.  "I'm sorry"

 Sparkling was ... dead


 Rewind and Chromedome were excited about the arrival of their Sparkling, Flip Sides, and everything was ready to receive their little daughter.  They had managed to move to Iacon in a beautiful house where there were not many public Carriers, it was a beautiful place with colored glass gardens and many Sparklings in sight.  Everything seemed perfect and peaceful, like the dream of any person who loves tranquility.

 Chromedome in that week had insisted on putting together a "cradle" a beautiful thing for the individual dream of his Sparkling, Rewind had been excited by the idea, and his little Flip Sides also agreed.

 How did they know?  For the pulses she sent.  The Sparklings could communicate with their Carriers through their spark, but in the form of primitive thoughts, which explained Sparkling's emotions.  If Sparkling was happy, he sent pulses of joy and love, if he was sad, he sent something distressing and if he was angry he sent a slight itch.  So the Carriers could know the tastes of their little one before they left them, they could also the Sire if they got close enough to the Carrier's belly to join their creator spark links, sincerely the feeling was wonderful, but ...  everything deviated from the first stage of that connection of Carrier and Sparkling.

 When they finished assembling the crib, Rewind was bringing fresh Energon to Chromedome, but as he climbed the stairs a pain went through him, however the pain disappeared soon after.  Rewind felt confused by the pain, but it had been in such a short time that he didn't take it into account, but the next thing he knew was that Flip Sides no longer sent him any pulse of his emotions.

 The next day it had seemed strange that she was not so restless these days, but decided to ignore it, thinking she was resting.  That night Chromedome had also stayed in his new job until very late, and Rewind was left alone at home, the pain went through him again when he cleaned, but this time it was more painful, and it was when he got scared, so he decided to wait for  Chromedome, and as soon as I arrived they would go to the clinic together, since leaving alone was really very dangerous.  The question in the end, was that he fell asleep waiting, but woke up in his bed and in the arms of Chromedome, and immediately became frightened when he noticed the link very cold, as cold as if there was nothing on the other line ...

 Rewind's sobs woke Chromedome, who quickly tried to figure out what was going on, and when he was about to tell her, Rewind felt the pain coming back, but twice as strong.  The minibot writhed in the bunk and Chromedome didn't know what to do, soon the pain got worse until Rewind screamed in pain and panic consumed him.

 I felt something start to tear it inside, everything burned inside, everything was so painful and hellish, so Rewind kept screaming and screaming for the pain to stop.  What he registered despite the horrifying pain he was going through, was that his panel had opened and released fluids and his blood in the bunk.  The minibot could only visualize Chromedome calling someone and shouting something while watching him, observing panic, sadness and confusion.  After the pain increased as never before, he felt that he was expelling something, something was coming out of him.  He heard more screams, but Rewind did not differentiate whether they were his or Chromedome's, then he realized what was happening ...

 Flip Sides was coming to the world 'But how !?  It was still too early !' He thought at that moment, and it was the only thing that managed to think through the agonizing pain.  He felt that something was not right, nothing, nothing good, and Rewind wanted to die before accepting the possibility of ... of ...

 He finally managed to completely expel what was tearing him apart

 Rewind was exhausted, and the pain was still throbbing, but he still didn't want to fall unconscious, he wanted to see what happened to his little Sparkling.  Where she was?  If he had left inside ... Why didn't he cry for his Carrier?  The minibot gathered all the remaining strength and observed the disaster in the middle of his legs, then froze.

 Chromedome was holding a tiny Sparkling motionless and covered in pink blood in his hands.  Forgetting all the blood disaster and other fluid strangers, Rewind only had optics for what his owner claimed, but when he looked at it and said the following, his spark collapsed.

 "Is dead..."


 It had been a while since he was discharged and could spend time at home.  Rewind was far from feeling well, and the aura surrounding the house was darker and colder, it was as if the glow of happiness in the home had died out, and Chromedome knew that it was so.  They had spent a long time in the hospital for Rewind's recovery, and they had already said goodbye to their little girl ...

 Chromedome knew that he would have to move on, he could not stagnate in sadness like Rewind, he had to work for both of them and cope with the loss as a place.

 Thinking about that, he looked for Rewind at dawn when he didn't find him in his bunk.

 "Rewind ...?"  Chromedome entered the room where he always found him.

 There he was, the little minibot was sitting on the floor hugging his legs and next to the white and pink crib that was to be Flip Sides.  In fact, the room was that of his little Sparkling, since everything was decorated with pink paint, stuffed animals, toys and many things that the Sparklings would need, and the only reason he hadn't dismantled this place was because of Rewind's request.  , who still wanted to spend more time in this room.

 "Rewind, let's go to the bunk, it's too early yet"

 The minibot did not answer, still burying his face in his legs, and Chromedome just sighed.  The biggest mech approached the small minibot and carried it in his arms.

 "Everything will be fine Rewind. Remember that you still have me" Chromedome whispered "I love you"

 The minibot was startled and then relaxed in the arms of his Conjunx

 "... I love you too"

Chapter Text

Minerva was a professional and efficient doctor, and with years working in the care of Carriers saw many things, one would think that she would not be surprised more with the passage of time, but the world knows how to surprise you more every day ...

 "It still hurts?"

 The Carrier in front of him nodded after a moment, still doubting whether to respond.  Minerva grieved over the reaction, since that attitude was a sign of intimidation and violence, violence to a Carrier as precious as this.

 When the report arrived to attend a new Carrier emergency, he did not expect to find said nervous Carrier wrapped the sheets in the medical bunk, watching how a huge silver mech looked at him coldly.  Minerva knew that this was the owner of said Carrier, as he looked at him in an apathetic and unpleasant way.  The woman then began to see what was happening with the smallest mech, and seeing the damage, Minerva closed her optics tightly in the face of horror.  The Carrier's valve had been broken and torn to the limit, cracks could be seen in all the broken internal parts from the outside, since it was still open by the incredible stretching, in addition it was still bleeding and you could see traces of fluids.  Using his flashlight and his microscopic eye, Minerva could see beyond the outside.  The doctor grimaced when she saw the disaster of the tearing of the entire internal mesh that was so stretched that it could break and obviously had to be painful, there was no doubt that it had been forced.  Minerva thought about how to use her words to describe Carrier's condition.

 "Well, doctor?"

 Minerva retracted her microscope eye and turned off her flashlight.

 "He has multiple wounds both external and internal, the pressure and length of what has impaled him was too much for his valve, a virgin valve ..." That last line said it with more force "The wounds are very large, it will be necessary  surgery as soon as possible, Mr ... "she looked at the patient's datapad for the name.

 "Megatronus" Reported

 Minerva felt her blood freezing, she knew this mech, not personally, but who had not heard the barbaric stories of Megatronus, the champion of Kaon.  The doctor assumed why she had received a Prize then, and unfortunately the Carrier had to endure a hell next to this mech, since it was well known how gladiators treated their Prizes.

 "Mr. Megatronus, hum ..." She coughed. "Well, I inform you that your Prize will have immediate medical intervention for serious injuries, because if it is not treated as soon as possible, there could be other secondary problems."

 The gladiator's red optics sharpened "What problems?"

 "It is possible that the damage makes it sterile," she commented, and then transformed her arm into a medical scanner to continue checking her patient's body.  "His broken valve would be further intensified by any tiny movement, and then he would finally reach the gestation chamber, putting him in danger of making it sterile."

 While she was talking, Minerva received many notifications from her scanner, where she revealed abnormal bruises and stretches, some tears of Energon's cables and locks in her systems, in addition to an increase in body heat, The poor guy had a fever virus.

The gladiator's growl "Okay" He spit reluctantly "Do what you have to do to make him recover"

 The doctor nodded in response, saving her medical scanner and starting to write down all the data on the datapad, and reserving an urgent surgery for the next hour.

 "Everything ready, Mr. Megatronus, Orión Pax will be in surgery in approximately 40 min."  She tried not to grimace, hating to ask the following, but she had to do it according to the stupid protocol.  "Do you want to stay waiting for the end of surgery—?

 "He will be fine, right?"  Megatronus interrupted

 Minerva blinked and then nodded. "Most likely, we will do our best to improve your health—"

 "Then I don't need to stay"

 The doctor growled to herself, and hid it with a cough.

 "Okay, we'll let you know if something happens"

 Megatronus turned to leave for the door, but a faint groan followed by a recognized broken voice made him pause.

 "Lord M-Megatronus ..." Orion tried to speak even in his broken voice, and coming out of the entire bulk of blankets.  "Soon I will go to h-house, don't worry"

 Minerva looked to the side, Primus, that voice was very broken, I could even hear static after every word, signs of serious abuse in the throat and especially in his voice camera, surely the poor guy must have screamed as if there was  tomorrow  The doctor tried not to be surprised or show any reaction, even for her unknown opticians, seeing this type of interaction between the victim and her abuser was heartbreaking for her.

 "Be careful in the m-meantime, please-e .." 

 Megatronus watched as Orion's broken and battered body had left his blanket shelter, to see him before he left and wish him the best, the best despite having been himself the one who had sent him to surgery.  Strangely ... felt guilt

 "Hum ... See you later, Orion" But not enough to stay next to the battered Carrier.

 When he saw the gladiator go out the door, Orion felt his spark cool again, but strangely he had already fallen very low in his emotions, so this was not the worst, this was normal.

 Minerva immediately approached the Carrier and helped him lean on the bed again.  "That was your owner, right?"  She ask.

 Orion did not look at her, only received a slow and cold nod.

 "Forgive me, but he doesn't deserve you ..." She whispered, covering Orion's body with soft blankets.  "No one should mistreat a Carrier. You should be spoiled and filled with love, the vital function of the Carrier is essential for our species, they should be revered, not broken in this way ..." She gave him a warm caress in his  head dented and scraped "All this is wrong, I'm very sorry for you."

 Orion's opaque blue optics looked at the medical femme, and she looked at him with such pity and pain, thinking about that expression, Orion remembered seeing her before somewhere ...

Ah yes, every time he looked at himself in the mirror


Chapter Text

There were a variety of types of warriors in Cybertron, the Samurai, the Cyber-Ninja, the Metallikato practitioners, etc.  Among the best known in the art of fighting was Drift, a mech well known for being an exemplary warrior dominating the struggle of the Samurai and the Cyber-Ninja.  Not many can cope with Drift, but the few who can always bring a smile to the warrior.

 Like now

 The red and blue white-bodied warrior swung his thin sword protecting himself from a certain pink sword of energy, and the one carrying it was shown to be a red femme with blue lines and red wings.  Both fought with ferocity, managing to block attacks and move quickly with their respective swords.  Drift admired how his opponent swung his weapon in an elegant and dangerous way, but the mech could handle it, not for nothing was known as the ultimate swordsman.

 "You should lower your elbow further," Drift suggested, moving aside to dodge the attack.

 The femme showed a smile on her red lips "As you say" She did what the mech suggested and managed to maneuver well enough to hit the swords.

 Now the fight was not about agility, it is also forced, one of the two would go back and be vulnerable for a few seconds, whoever goes back first will lose.  Both continued to push hard, watching their weapons tremble at the insistence of winning, clashing their red optics as well as the edge of their swords, neither would intend to back off.


 Before the call of his name, the white mech backed away and the femme took this opportunity to approach and succeed, but before she managed to claim her victory, she felt something cold in her neck and soon she was looking at the quiet optics of the white mech.  They were observed for another second, since both had their respective swords in each other's neck.

 "It's a tie, apparently" 

 "I did not expect less from the best warrior of Caminus"

 Cheerful shrieks


 Both left their swords and watched the newcomers, showing an average size mech of green paint, yellow face and glasses on the head, and on the body of the green mech, five small Sparklings were shown screaming with joy.  Three of them had small wings showing Jets, and the other two had small tires, being a pair of twins.

 "Crosshairs, you look like a mess," Drift said, holstering his sword.

 Crosshairs had a tired expression as he held the twins in his arms and let the little Jets hold on his shoulders and head.

 "What did you expect !? You didn't tell me that Windblade was in our house!"  Exclaimed.

 The woman approached and took one of the little ones on the head of the other mech.

 "I'm sorry to arrive without telling you, Crosshairs, I was in passing and I wanted to visit them," Camien said with a smile. 

 The green mech snorted "It doesn't matter anymore" He muttered "But please, next time let me know that you will bring your Sparklings"

 Windblade laughed "What is happening? The great paratrooper who loves danger cannot with a smalls Seekers?"  She ask

 Crosshairs placed the twins in Drift's arms, to put his hands on his hips.

 "I could, if your Sparklings were normal, but they aren't!"  He said dramatically.  "The Sire is Starscream! Everything that comes out of Starscream is not normal!" 

 "No, of course not, and that makes it more exciting," Windblade said quietly, and then looked at his other Sparklings on Crosshairs' shoulders.  "Dreadwing, Skyquake, stop putting stones on uncle Crosshairs' shoulders while distracted"

 Crosshairs jumped "What !?"  He shouted looking frantically at the little Jets.

 They let out some small laughs and then jumped from their place to the shoulders of their Carrier.

 "You, little children of—!"

 "Crosshairs, watch your language" Drift scolded.

 The green mech growled

 The white swordsman laughed at his childish attitude "How about going to recharge a bit? I'll take care of Skids and Mudflap"

 Crosshairs muttered things but in the end he left reluctantly.  Seeing him leave, Windblade and Drift laughed at the attitude of the green mech, then settled on one of the benches of the place while holding their little Sparklings.

 "Crosshairs still has no patience"

 "He does what he can," Drift said, accommodating his Sparklings in his lap.  "How is Starscream?"

 Windblade gently dropped two of the Jets in his lap while holding one in his arms.

 "The Winglord is traveling, has another meeting with the other Senators," Windblade replied.

 "Again?" Drift asked. "It's the third time this month."

 "I know," she said. "But you know, he's a busy senator."

 "And you a Cityspeaker"

 Windblade smiled at the reminder "I know, but lately the Titans have been very quiet, that has worried me ..."

 "Relax," Drift laughed. "You should worry that Starscream won't fight another Senator again. Remember? That time he threw himself at Proteus and they fell off the balcony in front of everyone?"

 Windblade laughed. "Then Skywarp and Thundercracker went to help him kick him, literally."

 Drift laughed bouncing with joy. "I think it was intentional when the guards took time to separate them."

 Windblade nodded "It was, I saw Senator Moonracer stop the guards, and no one objected."

 In the room they heard the laughter of both at that reminder, in fact, Starscream that day had been in a bad mood since he was forced to go to the meeting of the Senators and not stay at home celebrating the first birthday of his Sparklings, then  They learned that such an important meeting was only a whim of Proteus announcing that he will soon have a Sparkling and nothing else.  Many were outraged by that fact, not by the news itself, since they were happy that there was another Sparkling in Cybertron, he was upset that they were urgently removed from their duties only by the whim of Proteus.  Starscream burst when Proteus said in front of everyone on the balcony that maybe his Sparkling was about an upcoming Prime, it was an unforgettable day ...

 "I think they are hungry"

 Windblade looked at Drift and then looked down at his chest, where he felt a couple of small hands rub the place.  He found himself watching Dreadwing and Skyquake's red optics trying to babble some words.

 The Camien smiled and fulfilled the desire of his Sparklings when he sent the command to open the plates of his chest in a certain specific part, and then his rubber pouches came out full of Energon in the air.  Quickly the Sparklings desperately held each of the pouches and held tight while breastfeeding fiercely.

 "Slower" Windblade laughed, watching her little ones cling to the pouches.

 Drift looked almost hypnotized at the huge Windblade pouches and then unconsciously looked at his flat chest plate.

 "Why are the femmes Energon's pouches bigger?"  Drift asked.

 Windblade looked at him and shrugged "For Solus Prime?"  He commented amused, caressing Slipstream who just sat on his lap, watching his brothers breastfeed.  "Hey, there are mechs with Energon pouches equal to or larger than mine."

 Drift considered those words "Yes, but most of them are War Frames, obviously they have to be great for Sparklings just as great."

 "That's not true," Windblade said. "Soundwave has really huge pouches!"

 Drift made a suspicious expression "And how do you know that?"

 "I found him by accident when he was breastfeeding her Sparklings," he replied shyly.  "It really surprised me, since it has six Sparklings to handle at the same time."

 Drift laughed "Senator Shockwave wastes no time" Then he felt a little hand scratch his chest, and watched as the blue optics of the Skids and Mudflap twins looked at him with appeal, Drift understood the message and opened the plates of his chest to let out his Energon pouches, which were smaller than Windblade's.

 The white mech then grimaced to see how his Sparklings clung to their pouches.

 "How can you handle three?"  Drift asked, watching the Camien.

 Windblade looked at him "They were triplets, I had no choice, but eventually you find the solution."

 The red femme then carefully pushed Dreadwing aside to make room for Slipstream, who had approached hungry.  Little Seeker did not object and let his sister drink from the Energon.

 Drift looked at his little ones and then softened his face "Well ... I think I'll need some advice very soon"

 Windblade met Drift's optics and they both exchanged glances for a long time, until Seeker decided to speak.



 "But it's too soon, you recently gave birth to Skids and Mudflap!"

 "I know, but ... it already happened" Commented the white mech with a small laugh.  "Crosshairs flirts well when he's drunk ..."

 Windblade then looked at the abdomen, still flat, of the white mech "He knows it?"

 Drift denied with a smile "Crosshairs wouldn't find out even if he had a poster with the news."

 The swordswoman then smiled warmly "I am the first to find out, right?"

 "That's right," confessed the white mech.

 "Congratulations!"  She exclaimed with joy "I hope you two still have more Sparklings!"

 The mech nodded shyly "Thank you Windblade, there is no better congratulation than Vos' first lady." He chuckled.  "Now, about those tips ..."

 Windblade smiled broadly "Take note Drift, you will need them"