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Get some sleep

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"Off of work and no classes today?" Tensei smiled as he stretched. "What's the occasion?"

"Oh! My manager went on vacation this week and I don't have classes on Fridays or through the weekend." Koichi mimicked his friends stretching techniques. "I'm surprised you were able to come at all. When I messaged you I was sure that you'd be on patrol or something?" The hero grinned at him.

"Required leave. Our agency tries to avoid burnout by having sort of mini vacations built into our schedule." Tensei glanced at Koichi while checking his engines. He noticed the small bags under his eyes were darker than usual. Pausing his warm up, he looked at the younger man inquisitively, walking closer to him. "Speaking of burnout, how much sleep have you been getting lately?"

Koichi, caught off guard by his friends slightly concerned gaze, became flustered. Blushing and rubbing the back of his head he replied, "W-well after my patr- I mean my nightly jog I got home around 3:30 and I woke up this morning around 6 out of habit I-I guess." He looked back up at Tensei whose face was covered in disappointment.

"How are you even alive right now? Last time we were together you hadn't had any sleep either. You must know how bad this is for your health. Do you truly stay up every night like this?" Tensei scowled. Koichi nodded about to try and explain himself but he's cut off by a firm grip on his shoulder. "Dummy you can't do this to yourself and help others that way. It's twice as dangerous. You need to sleep." Koichi feels a warm tingling feeling in his chest again. He always does after Tensei says caring things like that."let's go." He places his arm around the tired vigilantes shoulders and guides him to the main street.

"Wait! I thought we were going to race?"

"Maybe later. for now you're coming with me and you're going to get some sleep." Tensei smiled softly.

"But we're going in the wrong direction! My place is the other way." Surely this doesn't mean what I think it means. He nods almost as if he's read the young man's mind. Koichi thinks panickedly. I've never been over to his family's house before. Now I'm going there to sleep over?! Blood rushes to his face at the thought.

The couple made their way to the Iida estate quickly with Koichi mildly protesting the entire way. He only stopped when they arrived at the entrance to the enormous estate. It was hard for the young man to believe that such a large place existed so close by. Only now as they made their way inside the classically decorated home did Tensei let go of his shoulder. He gestured toward the stairs.

"Here, I'll show you to my room. You can rest there for as long as you like," He smiled as he watched his friends face morph from wonder to embarrassment. Seeing this side of Koichi makes him feel eager for more. The sense of what feels like conquest fuels him "I might even join you. I'm kind of tired myself." Koichi nearly jumped out of his skin. Tensei laughed opening the door for him. "It's kinda plain but maybe that's better since all your going to do is sleep."

"What are gonna do if I'm going to be sleeping?" He asked confused by his friends decision.

"I'm going to make sure you actually sleep. Why did you think I brought you here in the first place?" Tensei smiled knowingly. The two of them had been at this game for quite a while. Training mixed with light flirting, messaging back and forth. He cared deeply for the young vigilante but he promised himself that he wouldn't pressure anything.

Koichi, embarrassed once again, holds back what he thought was a possibility. He's a good friend. I shouldn't be thinking this way when all he's concerned with is how much sleep I get. "Thanks for this. I could have stayed at my place and slept, ya know? At least there we could have been alone." He froze realizing what he just said. Tensei's gaze bore down on him. I said something weird just now what is he going to do?

"If being alone is all you're concerned with," He closed the short distance between them, "No one will bother us up here," his voice a little breathless. " The only rooms on this floor are my office, my bathroom, my gym and my room, here." He said it. This is a sign, isn't it? Tensei took Koichi's chin in-between his thumb and forefinger. He didn't pull away but his anxiety about the situation was written all over his face. "Is this okay?"

Koichi trembled in fear. This is it. It's all led up to this. Tensei is right in front of me asking me to continue. "Yes," He says barely finishing his reply before their lips met briefly. All their fears melting away in a swift moment. Tensei attempted to pull away but was caught in the vigilantes lips once again. Pulling into each other, moving their lips firmly and gently against one another until they both were gasping for air. Tensei pulls away once again only to bury his face into Koichi's hair and hold him close. They stood this way in silence while catching their breath."So you do like me?" Tensei laughed and pulled away slightly.

"You didn't know?" He said ruffling Koichi's hair.

"Well no I hoped you did considering how much you teased me," he laughed. A small yawn caught him off guard.

"Ah there it is! I knew your lack of sleep was catching up to you," he said turning Koichi towards the bed in the corner of the room.

"Wait shouldn't we talk about just happened? I mean a lot just happened. Well maybe not that much but-" he's cut off after being sat down on the bed and having another amazing but short kiss.

"It's nothing that can't wait." His voice just slightly rougher in an almost whispered tone. "I was serious about you resting."