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Marry Days

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"No matter how much you struggle to fight against me, you will never win. I am and will always be above you. After all, you are married to me."
His voice is the autumn chill that runs down my body and gives me shivers. A cold breeze that will eventually get colder as time goes on. I will freeze to death and be frozen with that crispy voice of his. We will be surround by icebergs that are unbreakable and continue to form deep in the dark, cold sea. It will swallow us whole and drown our souls forever in the deep waters.

Mom was always a sickly one. She was the sole reason of why I agreed to the arrange marriage. I wanted to make her happy, at least once. Even if that meant sacrificing my own desires. I may have been mouthing towards all the teachings that my parents taught me and put me through. But, in the end, guilt overwhelmed me and I always ended up doing it anyways. I knew they were just trying to give me a good, successful life.
"Ciel, this coming Saturday you will meet your husband," Mom sweetly smiled at me.
"He's excited to meet you too! Isn't that right, Rachel?," Dad chimed in.
I sat across from them in the living room. Their deep blue eyes stared at me with excitement. How could I have denied them when they loved and cared for me so much? All the things they did involved solely for me to be successful and well off.
"I'm not ready still," I shook my head.
"Ciel, we've been teaching you so much stuff ever since you were born," Dad said.
"Twenty one years, it makes it," Dad chuckled.
"Vincent, honey," Mom giggled by Dad's remark.
I furrowed my eyebrows, "I don't want to get married."
A long sigh left my lips and I stood up from my seat, "I followed all the teachings you guys put me through but I still don't want to get married."
Mom slightly frowned and her sadden expression hurt me, "Ciel..."
I turned away before guilt overwhelmed me, "I'll be in my bedroom."

I sat on the edge of my bed and another long sigh left my lips. A knock was heard from my door.
"It's me, Ciel," Mom's gentle voice spoke.
"Come in."
She opened the door and shut it behind her. She sat next to me and softly placed her hand on my shoulder.
"Ciel, I know you've always denied this arrange marriage tradition," Mom's voice was sweet and mellow.
"I know your guilty conscience always overtakes you and I know you do it for us to make us happy. But I know you will be love and care for. Running away from your problems will only worsen it. Remember all the things, we've taught you?"
I slowly averted my eyes up to Mom's blue ones. Her strawberry blond hair was braided to the side and hanged from her shoulder. Even I knew that Dad's and Mom's marriage was arranged but look at them, they were happy and in love.
"Did you deny it at first too?," I questioned.
Mom nodded and giggled, "Of course, I did."
I furrowed my eyebrows as I felt myself feeling guilty. A few coughs came from Mom.
"Are you getting sick again?," I asked in worry.
Mom shrugged her shoulders, "Maybe? I should probably take my medication again."
I bit on my bottom lip. I didn't want to disappoint them anymore.
"I'm sorry, Mom," I grabbed her hand.
She averted her eyes to me.
"What time are we meeting this Saturday?," I asked.
Mom's eyes lit up and a grin formed on her lips, "In the afternoon!"

| Friday Evening |

The bitter taste of vodka burned my throat. My cheeks were heated and I felt the alcohol effected my body. The loud music ringed in my ear drums and I wanted to dance. After all, it was my last night before I was stuck in an arranged marriage. My freewill was going to be gone in a snap and my life wasted with someone I never met. I stumbled to the dance floor and let the music flow through my body. The colorful lights spun around me. The bass of the music pumped in my heart. The warmth of another person's body.
I turned my head to look behind me. Eyes that were the color of fire or, more so, a stop light that made me hesitate and pause. His ink black hair made his skin look even whiter. A white rose that was surrounded by darkness and the drop of blood stained him. Of course, he was taller than me and his body seemed muscular and lean. Just by his looks, he made my heart go thumping.

I took a step out of the noisy bar. That beautiful man wasn't seen in the bar anymore. What a rare chance and yet, I missed it.
I sighed and mumbled to myself, "What am I thinking?"
Nothing would had happened anyways since I was stuck in an arranged marriage. Before I decided to go back inside the bar, I saw a glimpse of what seem to be like that tall noirette. In the distant parking lot, a cigarette between his lips as he leaned against his luxury car that seemed like a Bugatti. I swallowed hard and my heart got nervous.
Fuck it.
I quickly paced towards the raven head. The scent of the strong cigarette smell filled up my nose. His eyes gleamed against the full moonlight. He puffed his burning cigarette one last time and flickered it somewhere in the parking lot.
"You were really feeling the music before."
His voice rumbled through my body. It was low and comforting.
"So, what are you doing out on this nice evening by yourself?," He questioned.
I averted my eyes away and tightened my lips, "Spending the last of my freewill to the extent."
I glanced up at his charming eyes again. There was something about him. Maybe it was because he was mysterious. Or maybe it was because tomorrow I was going to be caged forever. I wanted to run away somewhere. Find that hope and will again.
"I'll be meeting my husband tomorrow and starting a new life," I said.
He raised an eyebrow, "Must be a coincidence. I am also."
I looked up at him in surprise. Is this fate?
"Traditions, am I right?," I furrowed and chuckled.
"This must be fate because I feel the same way that your face is expressing too."
"Your parents forcing you too?," I questioned.
"More so, I was born into this world solely for that reason only," He answered.
A silence filled between us but I felt it. We both were hoping for something.
"Want to go dance somewhere else?," His sturdy voice spoke.
I looked up at him with slightly widened eyes. His lips curled into a smile and he reached his hand to me. My fists tightened as I stared at those slender fingers. Once again, I was saying it to myself.
Fuck it!

| Hotel |

His fingertips against my skin was hot. His lips against my neck was hot. His naked body against my naked body was hot.
His big hand pinned my wrist into the mattress as his other hand trailed itself lowering down my body. He nibbled my earlobe and continuously licked my neck. I whimpered each time and he figured it was my sensitive spot. Finally, his muscular hand gripped the base of my hard cock. He wasn't a gentle person. It wasn't like that was what I wanted tonight anyways.
He was skilled. Maybe too skilled. My length throbbed in his hand that worked itself up and down my dick.
"Is this your first time?," His manly voice spoke.
I furrowed my eyebrows as his hand around my cock fastened the pace, "N-No..."
"Then I won't be gentle," He kissed my collarbones.
I felt myself about to cum. My breath was unstable.
"Y-You never were to be-...begin with," I whimpered.
I released myself as my back arched to the fullest. My white fluid spurted onto my own stomach and the noirette's hand.
"Seems like you've been pent up," His smirk widened.
He used the fingers that were covered with my own semen to rim around my tense hole. I breathed in long as he teased me by sticking in only the tip of his finger. His two fingers then entered inside of me. He stretched my hole wider as his fingers thrust inside of me. He spread his fingers apart and curved them to hit my walls just right.
"Hey..." I managed to say between my moans.
"Hmm?," His voice rumbled through my body.
"L-Let me too"
He grinned as he took out his fingers from my widened hole. He happily got off the bed and stood at the edge. I quickly crawled over and took a hold of his cock. I swallowed hard as I stared at how big his cock actually was. It throbbed in my hand and glistened at the tip from his pre-cum. I licked my lips and leaned closer to his length. I stuck out my tongue as I devoured his dick in my small mouth. His hand held the back of my head and he pushed himself in till the hilt. I gagged and my eyes instantly became watery. He thrust himself into my mouth. Fucked me in my mouth. I tasted him down my throat. The smell of our semen, the scent of his cigarettes, and the musky cologne he wore. My hole was twitching for more.
"Fuck..." He swore under his breath.
He finally came inside my mouth. My natural instinct, I swallowed. It wasn't a pleasant taste but it for sure made both of us desire more.
"You're fucking good," He grabbed my arm and laid me down on my back.
"I could tell this isn't your first time," He added.
He lifted up my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the bed.
"Your hole is twitching so much," He rimmed his cock around my wet hole.
I furrowed my eyebrows by his teasing, "Put it in."
He raised an eyebrow at me, "Is that how you ask?"
I bit on my bottom lip as his dick was about to penetrate me but he inched back.
"Pl-Please, put it in me," I breathed out.
His smirk widened and with no warning, he harshly thrust inside of me. I yelped and immediately clenched up. His thrusts were fast and hard. It made my head spin. My body jerked. My toes curled. My grip on the bed sheets were tight. My knuckles were white. He gripped onto my thighs so tight. His teeth were gritted as groans left his throat. Beads of sweat dripped down his lean chest and down to his define abs. It only riled me up more.
"Fuck, you clench around me so well," He let go of my thighs and leaned closer to me.
I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring his body closer to mine. He snuggled his head into the nape of my neck and continued to ram hard inside of me. He then placed his lips on my shoulder. I heard his moans clearly and his breathing was heavy too. He suddenly bit on my shoulder and held onto me closely. I whimpered from the pain of the bite.
"M-More, please..." I moaned.
The raven head flipped us around. He laid on his back while I was on top. His burning eyes stared into my body as his hands gripped onto my hips. His smirk on his face got bigger as he moved me up and down. His cock was deep inside of me every time I thrust downwards. It made my stomach churn and I knew I was getting close. I placed my hand on his stomach and slightly lifted up my ass.
"Fuck me harder," I begged.
A grin appeared on his face. He held me in place and slammed his hips into me. He filled me to the hilt and it was such great pleasure. After a few moments, I spurted again. My cum went onto both of our stomachs. He finally came inside of me. I shivered as I felt his warm fluid inside of me. I fell down next to him and his semen slowly came out of me. Our breaths were heavy and unstable. My world was still spinning as my body continued to jerk a few times.
The noirette then hovered over me, "We're not finish yet."
I averted my eyes up to his. His black fringes softly touched my heated cheeks. His red eyes called out to me. A ruby that I knew I shouldn't touch but I didn't care and proceeded to do the opposite.
I reached my hand to his cheek and smirked, "I never said we were."

| Next Day |

I jolted my eyes open.
I quickly glanced at the clock on the wall. It read 10 a.m. which meant I had two hours before the meeting. My head throbbed and I instantly remembered last night. I looked besides me and no one laid next to me. The raven head already left. I shrugged it off. Not like it mattered anyways. I was never going to meet him again. I slowly sat up as my headache killed me. My body ached and most of all, my back was in pain. I looked at my surrounding. My clothes laid everywhere and the room smelt like sex. I got off the bed and headed to the bathroom.
Better take a shower before I head home.

I stared at myself in my closet mirror. My thighs and hips had bruise marks. On my right shoulder, there was a bite mark. That noirette was not a gentle person at all. Thank goodness, I was able to hide it all behind my clothes. I put on a pair of blue jeans and a comfortable v-neck beige tee-shirt. The headache and pain I was feeling, I was not going to put on some fancy suit for this meeting.
"Ciel?," Mom knocked from behind my closed bedroom door.
"We're ready to go whenever you are," Mom said.
"Yeah! I'll be out there in a second!," I yelled back as I slipped on my shoes.

We walked to the conference room that was reserved for us.
"Ciel, I'm going to be so sad that you're officially leaving the house," Mom wiped her watery eyes.
"Rachel, don't be so sad," Dad placed his arm around Mom's shoulder.
Before we entered the conference room, I stopped in front of Mom and Dad. They looked at me, anticipated on what I was going to do. I grabbed both of their hands and sincerely stared at them.
"I know I've been mouthing at times. I know you guys kept up with me a lot. I know you guys are doing this for a good cause and for a well future for me. I really am going to miss you guys too. I love you, Mom and Dad."
Mom immediately started crying and I saw the watery eyes Dad had. I wrapped my arms around them and gave a tight hug.

We sat in the conference room and waited for my future husband and his family to come. The door opened and Mom and Dad stood up from their seat. I followed after.
"Sorry, we came a little late. Traffic was bad."
The parents greeted each other and shook hands. Finally, followed behind was the son. I widened my eyes as I saw who it was. Black hair as dark as the starry night. Eyes as red as the stone rubies. Skin white as the winter, chill snow. The same man that was not gentle to me last night.
"Good afternoon, I'm Sebastian Michaelis," His muscular hand reached out to me.

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The house Sebastian and I moved into was beautiful. The kitchen had marble counters and an island counter. The living room was spacious and had a huge window that faced towards the green grass backyard. The sun shined brightly into the living room due to the tall window. The bathroom had a bathtub and a shower. The bathtub was big enough for two people and it sat perfectly in the corner while the shower was next to it. Lastly, the bedroom had a queen size bed. The closet was another huge room that had a lot of storage.
After a day of moving in our furniture, Sebastian and I finally had time to rest. I came out of the shower with a loose navy blue tee shirt and black shorts.
"You can use the bathroom now," I said.
Sebastian stood up from the couch and took a few steps towards me. His red eyes stared down at me.
"Listen here, we may be married but that doesn't mean I'm going to be nice to you," His voice was low and firm.
He added, "According to that night, we both didn't want this marriage."
I felt my face heat up with angry. Who was this man to say this to me? Not going to be nice to me? His body language towards me, I knew he already disliked me.
"Remember I am and will always be above you, Ciel."
My teeth gritted as my fists tightened. Sebastian took a few steps passed me towards the bathroom.
"Just because you're a heir doesn't mean you get to treat me like shit too," I spitted out.
I turned around to face Sebastian. He paused in his footsteps.
"Your position doesn't mean anything to me and don't forget, you're also married to a heir, Sebastian."
He faced towards me. A mocking smirk curled on his lips as he let out a sigh. He used his slender fingers to comb back his bangs. He tilted his chin higher and looked down at me.
"You're a mouthing one, huh?" Sebastian scoffed.
He said under his breath, "Troublesome."
Sebastian took closer steps towards me. I felt his heavy aura around us. It didn't help that he was almost a head taller than me. But it didn't mean I wouldn't stand my ground either. I continued to look back at him without batting an eye.
"It's already known between both of us that I am the top," Sebastian taunted.
I glared back, "Someone who talks down on a person they barely know is lower than the lowest."
With his big hand, he squeezed my cheeks together and inched closer to my face. The pressure he put on his grip made the inside of my cheeks push against my teeth. It honestly hurt.
His voice was low and close, "You talk big for someone who begged to have it up his ass."
I pushed his chest and took a step back. I looked at him with disgust and eyebrows furrowed in.
I gritted out in annoyance, "Bitch."
With his long legs, he took one step closer to me and grabbed me from my navy blue hair. He pulled my head down and my jaw stretched upwards. His crimson eyes flared in angry.
I guess it was partly my fault for talking back and pushing his buttons. But I won't let anyone just step over me like how he thinks he can.
"Don't fucking touch me," I hissed.
"I'm going to touch you however the fuck I want because you're married to me now," He cursed back.
I threw my hand up, about to hit him in the face, but his reaction was faster. He grabbed my wrist and held it tightly.
"You're really irritating me for our first night together," Sebastian snarled.
He let go of my hair but continued to grip on my wrist. He dragged me to our bedroom. Sebastian grabbed my other wrist and held both of my hands behind my back. He harshly turned me around and pushed my upper body into the mattress. The side of my face pushed into the cotton sheets. I struggled to get out of his hold. He pushed his knee between my legs so I was locked and couldn't move anywhere else. I felt his black fringes tickle my face.
Sebastian whispered in my ear, "Weren't you just begging me to fuck you hard last night?"
He grind his knee against my lower half. My body couldn't help it but react to the friction. My bugle grew tight around my shorts. With his free hand, Sebastian took off his belt. He quickly tied it around my wrists. It was tight and harsh. The leather belt rubbed against my skin to create red marks. Sebastian pulled down my shorts and undies.
"You're still gaping from our all night fucking," Sebastian scoffed.
"What a whore," He smirked.
"Fuck off, you bitch!," I shouted.
Sebastian placed his hand behind my neck and pushed me further into the mattress. He leaned closer to my ear.
"That mouth of yours is going to get you in so much trouble, Ciel."
"Want to say something again?," Sebastian asked.
I gritted my teeth and glared at him, "You're nothing, you piece of trash."
With that, the sound of Sebastian slapping my ass echoed in my ears. I winced in pain but kept the sound inside. I continued to glare at him with my eyes.
"I will never bow down to you!" I barked.
Another painful slap on my skin. I felt the stinging pain shoot up my body. I tensed up my body and tightened my fists. Sebastian let go of my neck and pulled my collar down to reveal my shoulder. He ran his fingers over the bite mark that he left there but then harshly gripped onto my shoulder. I arched my back in pain from his tight grip.
"So much anger inside this tiny body of yours," Sebastian clicked his tongue.
"Now, now..." He glanced around the room, "Where did I put it?"
Sebastian reached towards the nightstand that was arm's length from us. He opened the drawer and took out a bottle of lube.
"Get your fucking dick out of here!, " I roared.
Sebastian's eyes averted to mine. His lips curled slightly into a smile but I knew he wasn't smiling. His eyes stared at me with anger and annoyance.
He pulled out his dick and poured lube onto it. It happened so fast. He gripped onto my bony hips and rammed his big cock inside of me. I yelped out but there was no time to adjust. He pounded inside of me. Our skin slapping was heard loud and clear. My breath was uneven and I didn't have time to catch up to it. His length rubbed against me so harsh but he hit each spot perfectly. That was annoying about him. He was too skilled.
"Wasn't it you that wanted it harsh last night?," Sebastian lowly groaned.
"Are you by chance a masochist? Look at how hard you are. Sucking me in so good like a fucking slut."
His words annoyed me but I didn't have the breath to say my thoughts. He thrust inside of me so harshly. His hands around my bruised hips were so tight to keep me still. I felt myself about to cum and I'm sure he was also. Sebastian paced up and one last thrust, we both spent together. His semen poured inside of me while mine covered the bed sheets. Sebastian pulled out and I immediately felt his white fluid go down my thighs. My eyes were half lidded as I tried to catch my breath. My tensed body finally limped. It ached everywhere. My wrists were probably burned from the leather belt. My ass stung like hell and I swear I still felt Sebastian's big hands there. My hips probably created even more bruises compared to last night. My lower back from the rough sex. All of it made my body exhausted. Without realizing it, I passed out.

| Next Day |

I jolted my eyes open. Birds chirping was heard and the sun shined brightly into the bedroom. My wrists were untied and I laid at the end of the bed. What happened the night before flashed in my mind. I immediately glanced around the room to see where Sebastian was. He was nowhere to be seen. I slowly got off the bed. I felt the sticky fluid on my thighs and around my ass still.
He literally left me laying there all night. Fucking bitch.
My lower back ached in pain. Two nights of rough sex and my body wanted to kill me. I picked up my shorts that laid on the ground. I slipped it on and quickly paced towards the bathroom. My wrists had bright red marks and my hips were purple and blue. I clicked my tongue in annoyance and proceeded to jump in the shower.

I came out of the shower and Sebastian still wasn't around the house. I figured he left to work or something. I made breakfast for myself and started to unbox our items. My phone started to ring.
"Hello," I answered the call.
"Ciel!," It was Mom's voice.
I immediately smiled and my spirit lifted.
"So, how was the first night at the new house?," Mom asked.
Sebastian's cold hearted face flashed in my mind and my smile quickly turned downwards, "It's good."
"Did you cook breakfast for both of you guys today?," Mom questioned.
I glanced at the kitchen sink that only had my dish, "Yeah, I did."
"That's good of you. I know you'll do well staying home and cleaning," Mom giggled.
"Thank you, Mom."
Mom and I chatted a few and she had to leave because she was headed to the hospital for a check up. It made me miss my parents more but I knew this was my duty to fulfill. I wanted to make them happy too and let them live a peaceful life.

Sebastian didn't come home until later that evening. I prepared dinner for us but never once, we spoke. He sat in the living room and typed away on his laptop. I'm sure he was doing more work.
"Dinner is ready," I said as I set the plated food on the diner table.
Sebastian closed his laptop and set it down on the coffee table. He walked over to the diner table and sat down. I sat across from him.
"Do you go to the company everyday?," I asked.
He didn't reply back and started eating.
Well, that's irritating...
I quietly mumbled to myself, "Or ignore me."
Sebastian's eyes averted to me as he heard what I said under my breath. I kept my stare back at him and had a pissed off expression.
He set down his fork, "I go wherever I like and whenever I want. When I need you to come along, I'll let you know."
Of course, what did I expect? A nice respond that wasn't snarky or rude. If he wanted to be that way, he'll get the same too.
"I didn't want to know anyways," I coldly voiced.
I glanced down at my food and gritted my teeth, "Do whatever the fuck you want. I don't care."
Big hands then squeezed my cheeks together and made me look forward. Sebastian's crimson eyes glared back at me.
His voice was low and cold, "You just won't learn your lesson, huh?"
I grabbed onto his wrist, "Fuck off."
He let go of my face. His chair squealed across the wooden floor as he stood up from his seat. Sebastian stood next to me and grabbed my arm. He kicked my chair out of the way and pushed me down to kneel on the floor.
"Open your mouth," Sebastian demanded as he unbuckled his pants.
"No," I refused.
He leaned closer to my face, "Open that fucking mouth."
I glared back, "I said no, mother fucker."
A loud slap echoed in the room. My cheek stung and I felt the heat there. My eyes stayed towards the ground as the shock of Sebastian slapping me went through my mind. Sebastian grabbed my chin to look back at him again.
He had his dick pulled out and ready to put in my mouth already. He pulled my chin down so my jaw would open. Sebastian entered his cock inside my mouth. He placed his hand behind my head and thrust inside my mouth. With a few moments, his length grew bigger inside my mouth. He didn't care and hit the back of my throat each time he thrust inwards. I gagged from his big size. I placed my hands on his thighs, struggled to pull back. The taste of his semen went down my throat. He throbbed inside my small mouth. My eyes watered as he fucked me in the mouth. Drool spilled down my chin. The stinging feeling of his slap beforehand still hurt like hell. On top of that, his harsh thrusts felt like they were going to bruise the back of my throat. Sebastian fastened his thrusting as he tightly gripped onto my blue locks. With no warning, he spurted inside my mouth. My quick reaction, I ended up swallowing his semen. It was bitter and salty. I immediately started coughing as Sebastian pulled his cock out of my mouth.
"You really must be a masochist," Sebastian scoffed as he looked down at me.
He then placed his feet over my bulge. I widened my eyes as I realized I had a hard on.
No. No. No.
"You slut," Sebastian mockingly laughed as he twisted his feet into my hard dick.
Sebastian took a step back and turned away, "Clean up the dinner and relieve yourself somewhere else."

Chapter Text

A month passed since I got married to Sebastian. Nothing changed since then. He was still rude and harsh to me. He left the house whenever he wanted and whenever he liked too. Exactly like what he said to me. My duty was to cook for him and take care of the household. Exactly like what a married couple functioned. But in this household, it was nothing but toxicity towards each other. Sebastian only communicated with me when he needed something. Most of that time that was only when he wanted to release himself. He saw me as nothing but a sex toy. He treated me like a toy. Abused me however he wanted and tossed me around however he liked. But of course, me being me. I wasn't so easy on him either. I threw whatever comments I wanted to at him and struggled back. Even though I knew he would always win against me and get his way, I didn't want to end it without a fight. I never let Sebastian win over me so easily like how he thinks he can with everyone else.

Sebastian walked out of the bedroom, "We're going out tonight. Put on a nice suit."
"Where are we going?," I asked.
"Business party."
I sighed as I dreaded going to social parties. Fake conversations and fake smiles.

A huge diamond chandelier hung above us as the room was lit so bright. It was exactly like how the movies showed. Chattering happened everywhere. Men wore their nicest tuxedo. Women wore their best evening dresses. Servers walked around with a tray of drinks and food. Just a business party that showed off to everyone else how successful you were. A great way to flaunt money.
"Congratulations on your marriage!"
Sebastian flashed a smile that he never showed at home. He placed his arm around my shoulder and snuggled me closely.
"Thank you very much," Sebastian replied back.
It made me irritated. How can he act so different in front of everyone else? He was such a rude mother fucker to me at home and now, here? The best husband anyone could imagined. It grossed me out and infuriated me.
I shrugged off his hand that was placed on my shoulder. Sebastian quickly averted his eyes to me. He furrowed his eyebrows at my action towards his fake affection.
"How is life living together?"
Sebastian responded back to the question, "It's wonderful! Ciel is a great cook and such a good listener to me."
"No problems yet, right?"
Sebastian shook his head, "Not at all. Our chemistry matches so well."
"You guys sound so happy and wonderful!"
I glanced up at Sebastian in annoyance. Sebastian wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his bigger built. He turned his head towards me and lightly kissed the top of my head.
"We really are," Sebastian grinned.
I grabbed Sebastian's hand that was on my hip and pulled it away.
"Sorry, I need to use the restroom," I excused myself.
I walked away from the group of people we were talking too. I exited the room and went down to the furthest hallway, away from that gleaming fakeness. I took a few breathers as I paced back and forth. After a few minutes, I went into the restroom that was near. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself.
How can someone act so different in front of others?
I said to myself, "Pathetic."
"Yeah, I agree that you are pathetic," A manly voice heard from behind me.
I quickly turned around in full defense. Sebastian stood there with his hands stuffed in his pockets. A half grinned appeared on that raven face. He closed his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.
Sebastian took a few steps closer to me, "You're embarrassing me, Ciel."
"You're embarrassing us," Sebastian's eyes stared into mine.
I scoffed, "Your act in front of these people is an embarrassment. In honesty, you're just a rude, narcissistic bastard."
Sebastian then grabbed a handful of my hair and harshly gripped onto it. He looked down at me with annoyance.
"And do you want all these people to know that you get a hard on when I treat you like shit," Sebastian gritted.
"Let go of me!," I grabbed his wrist that gripped my hair.
With my other hand, I tried to budge him away by pushing his chest. Sebastian firmly grabbed my wrist. He swiftly turned me around and bent me over the sink counter. He unbuckled my belt and took it off of me. With quick movements, I had my own belt around my wrist, tied behind my back.
"You know, you're a rough one to deal with," Sebastian leaned close to my ear.
"Always fighting back and making it difficult to deal with," Sebastian hissed.
"I won't go easy on you, who had it easy for your whole life," I argued back.
Sebastian harshly pulled me back up and made me knelt in front of him, "And I won't go easy on you either."
He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his half hard cock, "Open up, slut."
I refused to open my mouth. Sebastian placed the tip of his dick on my lips. He clicked his tongue in annoyance. Suddenly, he placed his hand behind my head and forcefully rammed his cock inside my mouth. He roughly pounded inside my mouth and made me gag each time he thrust inwards. It was heartless and unmerciful. I didn't even have time to take a breather. I furrowed my eyebrows and decided to bite down.
"Fuck!," Sebastian pulled out.
"That's what you deserve, you asshole!" I shouted back.
Sebastian gritted his teeth and roughly grabbed my arm. He pulled me back up and bent me over the sink counter again. My pants were quickly pulled down along with my undergarment. Unforgiving, Sebastian sent a violent slap across my bare bottom. I winced in pain and tightened my jaw. He grabbed my blue locks and tightly pulled. There went another loud slap across my ass. I choked in pain and I felt my eyes water from the stinginess.
"So, now you're going to bite back?," Sebastian lowly said.
"I'll show you what happens when you bite so next time you won't do it again."
Sebastian shoved his fingers down my mouth. My watery eyes finally dripped some tears as I gagged on his fingers down my throat. With his wet fingers, he rimmed it around my pink hole and inserted two fingers in. I furrowed in the unpleasant feeling of no lube. Quickly, Sebastian's fingers were replaced with his cock. He viciously rammed inside of me. I yelped in pain and couldn't stop my teary eyes. I wheezed from the intense pounding. With his big hand, he wrapped it around my neck and continued to thrust powerfully inside of me.
"You keep denying it but look at how hard you fucking are," Sebastian gripped onto my dick.
"What a fucking whore. You're dripping so much," His fingers played with the tip of my length.
It was so degrading but I couldn't help cry in desire. It was agonizing.
Sebastian placed his hands on my ass and sent another painful slap, "Bite me next time and I will hurt you even more."
I was already on edge to cum. Sebastian continuously thrust inside of me as I spurted onto the ground. A few moments and Sebastian overflowed inside of me. He pulled out and I quickly felt his semen leak down my thighs. I breathed in for air as my body limped over the counter.
"Clean yourself up and take a taxi home," Sebastian cleaned himself up.

| Next Day |

"I'm so glad you guys can have lunch with us," Mom gleamed a smile.
We were out at a restaurant that my parents invited us to. Sebastian and I sat across from Mom and Dad.
"Is Ciel treating you alright, Sebastian? I know Ciel can be quite feisty sometimes," Dad chuckled.
Sebastian laughed along, "Ciel is doing absolutely fine. He keeps the house clean and always cooking meals for us."
I forced a smile in front of my parents.
Is this torture week of being fake or what?
"And Ciel, for you?" Dad's dark blue eyes glanced at me, "You adjusting alright?"
I tightened my lips into a smile and nodded, "We're doing good."
Mom and Dad chatted a few with Sebastian. It was so irritating at how fake Sebastian was but I let my cool down since I didn't want to disappoint Mom and Dad.

We stood in front of the restaurant that we just had our meal at. Mom stood in front of Sebastian and I. She grabbed both of our hands and presented the sweetest smile.
"I'm so glad you guys are adjusting well," Mom said, "It really brings both of us to peace."
I glanced up at Dad, who stood behind her and had his arm around Mom's shoulder.
"If there's any trouble between the marriage, Sebastian, you are always welcome to consult with us," Dad added.
Dad glanced at me, "Cause you are part of our family now, just like Ciel."
Those words stabbed me in the chest. My guilt that whelmed inside of me. I knew that Sebastian and I were just playing house in front of my parents. But they were so happy to hear that our marriage was doing so well. How can I just break it to them that it wasn't?

| Home |

I plopped on the couch while I turned on the television. Sebastian was in the shower. The guilt from before still hung heavy on my heart. I tried to shake off the thought by watching something. I skimmed through the endless, boring channels. It was more like the T.V. was watching me as I stared off into space. Finally, Sebastian stepped out of the bathroom. He had his towel around his neck as he wore jeans and a plain black tee shirt.
"What do you want for dinner?," I asked.
I finally stopped switching the channel and it ended on the news. Sebastian went to the fridge and poured himself a cup of water.
"Whatever we have in the house," Sebastian replied back.
"Breaking news! There has been an accident reported on street XXXX. A collision that caused many other cars to crash."
"Hey, umm..." I turned to look at Sebastian.
I furrowed my eyebrows, not wanting to say what I was about to say, "Thanks for uhh...pretending in front of my parents.
Sebastian placed his empty cup in the sink and turned around to look at me.
He scoffed, "Wasn't it just yesterday that you were pissed as fuck about me pretending in front of people?"
I knew he was going to mention that.
"It's different," I coldly voiced.
"We just got more news on the accident reported. Two people have been severely injured and is getting rush to Hospital XXXX."
"My parents are very dear to me and I just want them to be happy," I turned my body towards the T.V. again.
"It has been reported that the two people severely injured is Vincent Phantomhive and Rachel Phantomhive."
My eyes immediately glanced at the television as I heard my parent's names. My heart immediately dropped and my world felt like it was cracking down. My body froze at first as my eyes scanned all the words on the news channel. It was hard to swallow and it felt so hard for my heart to beat. Finally, my feet picked up on it's own and I ran out of the house with my car keys.

| Hospital |

Mom and Dad were in the emergency room. They wouldn't allow me in the surgery room so I had to wait outside of the room. I anxiously sat on the chairs. My leg wouldn't stop shaking and my heart raced in fear. Minutes felt like hours. Hours felt like months.
I heard oxford shoes click through the hallway. Somebody then sat next to me. With my lowered head, I averted my eyes to see who it was.
"Out of everybody, you're the last person I want to see right now," I gritted.
Sebastian's ruby eyes stared back at me, "Won't it be odd that you came by yourself when they're out of the surgery room?"
My clenched jaw slowly relaxed and my eyebrows furrowed in. I tightened my lips and finally felt the urge of tears about to burst.
"Yeah..." My voice slightly cracked as I started to cry.
I was honestly so worried. I was just trying to put a tough act on in front of the doctors but really, I just wanted to yell and cry.

After a few hours, the doctor finally stepped out of the surgery room.
I quickly stood up from my seat, "Are my parents okay!? Can I see them now?!"
The doctor parted his lips but quickly reverted back. I saw his eyebrows slightly furrowed. My heart slowly sunk down to my feet.
"I'm sorry, Ciel. Your parents didn't make it," The doctor sighed.
I couldn't breath. My world stopped. My legs and hands trembled. I didn't know what to reply back. I just felt my tears overwhelm my eyes again.
"No...No..." I clenched my jaw.
"Ciel," Sebastian's low voice said.
"NO! You're lying! Let me see my parents!," I shouted.
Sebastian grabbed my shoulder, "Ciel, calm down."
I covered my mouth as I tried to control my sobbing. My jaw tightly clenched as my eyebrows couldn't stop furrowing. I never wanted to live through the day my parents passed away. But here I was, experiencing it with Sebastian.

Chapter Text

I sat in the lobby room of the funeral home. I needed a break from all the people that were crying for the lost of Mom and Dad. Many people visited the funeral home, even people that I never met before. They all talked about how sweet and kind Mom and Dad were. There was even talk about how Mom was a sickly one but it was a blessing that she passed on with her precious love one.
"Ciel," A so familiar voice called out to me.
I glanced up to see who it was. My eyes widened to see this man. Ashy brown hair that was an out grown crew cut style. Dark green eyes with thick eyebrows. His lips were long and thin. Broad shoulders with long legs. He looked exactly like the past. It quickly brought back a lot of memories and feelings.
I stood up from my seat, "Henry."

| Past |

It was the end of summer and close to the beginning of fall. Yet, the days were still hot and my heart pounded for my piano teacher.
I was only in high school. A growing teenager at age 16 and was finding myself. More so, I learned that I was attracted to an older man. My parents hired him to teach me how to learn piano so I had solo lessons with him after school. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I would travel to the building we had our piano lessons. The days that I always woke up happy for. The only downfall was that he was already married. We both knew it was wrong what we did but it couldn't stop my growing feelings for him. He was the sweetest guy alive in my eyes. He displayed such loving affection and his soft touches on my skin made me feel like I was in heaven. My piano teacher was my first love.

"You've been very distant lately, Ciel," Henry's comforting voice spoke.
"Is there anything going on that I should know about?," Henry questioned.
I sat on the piano seat and continued to just stare at my hands.
Henry took a step closer to me, "I know you're a fast learner but it's good to have your mind ready for lessons too."
I furrowed my eyebrows and stood up from my seat, "I don't think these lessons can continue anymore."
Henry widened his eyes in shock by my words, "Was it something I did wrong? If so, we can talk about it."
I shook my head and lowered my head, "It's not you. It's me."
Henry gently placed his hand on my shoulder. His warmth spread through my body and it ached my heart. I was so in love with him. But how was I suppose to reveal that to someone who was 14 years older than me and married?
I pushed his hand away from my shoulder and took a step away from the piano.
"Ciel, it hurts me to see you like this," Henry frowned, "Please tell me what is bothering you."
I finally averted my eyes up to his emerald eyes. He had the most worried look ever presented on his face. In all honesty, I didn't want the lessons to end. There was a small hope inside of me.
"To tell the truth..." I hesitated, "I think I'm in love with you, Henry."
I shook my head, "Not think. I know I love you."
Henry was speechless. Negative thoughts ran in my mind and I was ready to rush out of the piano room.
I forced a smile and a laugh, "Weird, right? I'm in love with a married person and on top of that someone who is way older than me."
Henry lowered his head but grabbed my hand.
"Actually," Henry looked at me, "I'm glad!"
His smile gleamed and lifted my heart from the pit of my stomach.
Henry placed his hand behind my neck and brought me closer, "You're really cute, you know that?"
I immediately felt my face flush and was embarrassed to look at Henry in the eye. He leaned down and left a soft, sweet kiss on my lips. His fingertips underneath my shirt left my skin feel heated.
That same day, I discovered I was deeply into Henry and lost my virginity to a 30 year old man.

After that day, we spent our time together preciously. Or should I say, I spent my time with Henry preciously. After lessons, we always stayed together for at least an hour. I couldn't stop the urges to have my skin touch by someone I loved. Henry was so delicate towards me. He never did anything I didn't like. But little did I know I was just there to fill his boredom. After a year together, Henry finally broke it down to me.

"Ciel, we need to talk," Henry sat me down next to him.
I nodded and attentively listened to him.
"We need to stop this relationship we have going on," Henry sighed.
I felt my heart slowly shatter into pieces.
"But Henry--"
"Let's be honest here, I'm married."
I furrowed my eyebrows, "But that was never a problem in the beginning."
Henry nodded and sighed, "I know, Ciel."
"But you're too invested in me now," Henry said, "At first, I thought when you confessed, it was just a small high school crush."
Henry grabbed both of my shoulders, "I'm sorry I didn't say it straight out to you in the beginning."
"I thought playing along would die down your curiosity," Henry added.
I gritted my teeth and pushed his hands away. I stood up from my seat and clenched my fists.
"So, you were just using me!?" I shouted.
Henry stood up, "Ciel, it's no--"
"No! You fucking used me!," I took a step back.
"You know how many times I was vulnerable to you! The many times that you were married crossed my mind but every time I felt your gentle touches, it made me feel okay with it. I was just going to deal with it in the future but now, this?!" Tears streamed down my cheeks.
I was so hurt. So fucking hurt.
"I seriously wasn't expected this out of all things..." I shook my head,"It all makes sense now."
"Ciel, listen to me," Henry reached his hand towards me.
I slapped his hand away, "No! You listen to me! I understand why you never actually confessed your feelings to me."
"It's because you never loved me in the first place!," I sobbed, "We never really were dating."
I choked up a laugh, "I forgot...I'm a fucking idiot."
My head lowered and I couldn't stop the tears. Henry placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed tight.
"You have no right to touch me anymore," I coldly voiced.
"I'm sorry," Henry removed his hand, "I hope in the future when you love me less, we can continue being friends."
I didn't reply back but instead walked out of the piano room. I couldn't handle it anymore. Henry quit being my piano teacher after that day. Mom and Dad didn't question it nor ever found out about our relationship.

| Present |

"I'm sorry for your lost, Ciel," Henry sat next to me.
"Thank you," I softly replied back.
We sat in silence for a minute or so.
"How is your wife doing?," I asked without looking at him.
"Healthy and well," Henry answered.
"Ciel," Henry glanced at me, "The past is the past. I still care for you now."
I furrowed my eyebrows, "I know. I forgive you but don't forget how hurt you made me feel too."
"I'm truly sorry," Henry placed his hand on my forearm, "I really am."
His hand was still warm as always. The feeling lingered on my skin.
"I'm sure this is a hard time for you so if you ever need anybody, I'm always here," Henry said.
"My phone number is still the same and I still live at the same place too," Henry gently smiled.
I finally looked up at Henry. His smile was always the happiest. It quickly brought back warm feelings I had in the past about him. Why did Henry have to show up at a time I was so vulnerable?
Henry reached his free hand to my face and brushed my hair out of my eyes, "Your eyes are swollen."
I slightly frowned, "Sorry..."
Henry shook his head and his fingers gently slid down my cheek to my jaw line, "It's understandable."
His touches were still as soft as always. Henry was still the sweetest guy I ever met.
Maybe I was the one in wrong for misunderstanding our past relationship...
"Ciel," Sebastian's voice was heard.
I glanced up and Sebastian stood in front of us. I got up from my seat as Henry's hand slid off my forearm. Sebastian's eyes glanced towards Henry.
"The ceremony is almost finish," Sebastian said.
I nodded and turned to Henry. He got up from his seat and continued to stare at Sebastian.
"Henry, this is Sebastian," I introduced, "My husband."
I saw the realization on Henry's face before it quickly turned into a smile.
Henry reached his hand to Sebastian for a hand shake, "Hi, I was Ciel's piano teacher."
Sebastian shook his hand, "Nice to meet you."
"I'll let you two talk," Henry said.
Henry averted his eyes to mine, "Like I said, Ciel, call me anytime."

| Home |

I got out of the shower and wore a loose white tee shirt and grey shorts. Sebastian wasn't in the living room nor the kitchen. I went into our bedroom. Sebastian crushed the last of his cigarette into the ash tray. The smell of his cigarettes lingered in the room. He stood up from the bed and started to unbutton his shirt.
"Who's Henry?," Sebastian asked as he threw his shirt on the edge of the bed.
"He was my piano teacher," I replied.
"No," Sebastian averted his eyes to mine, "Who is Henry to you?"
I furrowed my eyebrows, "It doesn't really matter."
My eyes glanced to the floor, "It's all in the past."
"It didn't seem that way--"
I grabbed Sebastian's arm and looked up at him, "Let's do it tonight."
"You..." I bit on my bottom lip, "You can do whatever you want to me too."
Maybe it was because of all the sudden things that happened. That sad, empty feeling lingered inside of me and I wanted to get rid of it. On top of that, it didn't help that I saw my first love again. I just wanted something to distract my mind. I needed something to make me feel something else besides despair.

Sebastian sat at the edge of the bed while I knelt between his long legs. I held the base of his hard cock as my mouth was stuffed with his warm length. He throbbed inside my mouth and bruised the back of my throat. Sebastian's low groans honestly satisfied me. It was a better feeling than sadness.
"Ciel," Sebastian pulled my arm.
He placed his hands on my hips as he stood me up. I climbed on top of him and proceeded to take off my shirt too. I tossed my shirt to the side and wrapped my arms around his neck. I leaned to his ear and nibbled on his ear lobe. My hips grind against his cock. My bulge was tight around my shorts and I wanted more friction. I reached to the hem of my pants and pulled out my hard dick. I gripped Sebastian's and my cock together. I moved my hand up and down. Our semen mixed together as our moans filled each other's ears. I fastened my pace as the minutes went by. I leaned my forehead onto Sebastian's shoulder as my arm was still wrapped around his neck. I clenched my jaw as I felt myself about to cum. I started to grind my hips again as my hand worked itself. Sebastian stretched his jaw upwards as he was close to coming too. Finally, we both spent together. Our semen poured onto my hand.
Sebastian reached to the box, next to our bed, that he brought in before our session. He quickly strapped my hands behind my back. A thick leather hand cuff that restricted my arm movement.
"You said I can do whatever to you but you proceeded to do whatever you wanted," Sebastian lowly said.
Sebastian leaned to my ear, "Now, it's my turn."
The way his crimson eyes stared at me and his lips curled into a smirk. I knew I made a mistake. I should have never declared such statement. He flipped me onto the bed as he knelt between my spread legs.
"There's no turning back now, Ciel," Sebastian gripped onto my thigh.

Chapter Text

Sebastian poured the bottle of lube over my pink hole and tossed the bottle of lube to the side. He instantly entered two fingers inside of me without letting me adjust. I groaned in discomfort and furrowed my eyebrows. Sebastian quickly thrust his fingers inside of me and curled his fingers in such ways. After being stretch a bit, he pulled out his fingers and reached for the box again.
"This," Sebastian held as his smirk widened, "Is actually a recent one I bought."
It was a vibrator dildo that had ridges on the side.
Sebastian grabbed the bottle of lube again, "Supposedly the fastest speed is great and..."
He turned on the dildo. It vibrated and swirled in circles.
"You'll be the guinea pig to see how well this works," Sebastian grinned.
He poured lube onto the dildo as he turned it off. As he was about to enter it in, I started shaking my head.
"Se-Sebastian, I don't think I can," I said.
His red eyes stared up at me again, "Oh, Ciel, you don't have a say."
Before I knew it, Sebastian inserted the dildo inside of me. I gritted my teeth as the ridges on the dildo pushed against my walls.
"Is this your first time using toys?," Sebastian questioned.
I bit on my bottom lip and quickly nodded.
Sebastian smiled, "Well, this shall be fun then."
He turned on the dildo and it instantly started moving inside me. I squirmed at the new sensation. It vibrated against my walls as it swirled inside of me. It hit my sweet spot each time and it drove me crazy.
"What a good reaction," Sebastian watched me struggle in pleasure.
He reached for his phone that was sitting on the nightstand, "Do you mind if I record?"
Sebastian scoffed, "Like you have a say on anything."
He pointed the camera to me and started recording.
"That's not even the fastest speed yet," Sebastian reached to the setting buttons.
Without letting me adjust to any other speed, Sebastian notched it up all the way to the fastest speed. I loudly moaned as my back arched far. The dildo moved inside of me in ways that I never imagined that a body can handle. My stomach churned and my eyes rolled upwards as I felt myself about to cum. I spurted onto my stomach as my body shivered in pleasure. The dildo continued to move inside of me as my body jerked from my previous spent.
"Your body is taking it so well," Sebastian turned off the dildo.
"Tell the camera how much you enjoyed it," He moved his phone closer to my face.
I was still catching my breath.
"Come on," Sebastian smirked, "We all saw how much you came and your body responded so well."
"I-It..." I panted, "It was good..."
His smile curled behind the phone, "Good answer, Ciel."
"Now, now," Sebastian turned to look at the box again. "Let's see what else we have to try."
He turned back to me and held a thin, long rod that was probably steel or some type of metal.
"Do you know what this is?," Sebastian asked.
"It's to stick in here," He used the rod to point to the tip of my cock.
I widened my eyes, "I can't, Sebastian. It's going to hurt."
Sebastian placed his phone against the lamp that was on the nightstand so it was able to record us still.
"With patience, it won't hurt," Sebastian said, "Trust me, Ciel. It'll feel good."
"Sebastian," I pleaded.
"Weren't you the one that said I can do whatever I want," Sebastian said.
I furrowed my eyebrows by his correct words. He then reached for the box again.
"Maybe this will keep you quiet," He dangled in front of me.
Sebastian set the rod down and placed the silicon, breathable gag in my mouth. He adjusted it around my head and gave me a satisfied smile. He poured a bunch of lube onto my dick and the rod. So much that it dripped from the rod.
Sebastian leaned closer to my length, "Just relax and don't tense up."
With careful and steady hands, Sebastian slowly inserted the thin rod inside the slit of my cock. It was an odd sensation. I felt like I wanted to pee but I didn't. It smoothly went in as Sebastian gently pushed the rod inside of me.
"There we go," Sebastian straightened his back as he was proud of his masterpiece.
My hands restricted behind my back. A gag in my mouth. A dildo inside of me and now this rod inside my penis. How humiliating but I couldn't help myself and had a huge hard on.
"This is your first time with toys right?," Sebastian wondered, "You're taking it all so well."
He reached to the dildo inside of me, "Now..."
Sebastian turned on the vibrator to the highest and I immediately squirmed. My moans and groans were muffled from the gag. My eyes were watery from the lack of breath and continuous pleasure. Plenty of drool dripped down my lips. I was a slobbed mess. My body jerked a few times as I couldn't cum but my body went through the orgasm. I wanted to release my semen so bad.
I muffled Sebastian's name a few times and finally he responded by a smirk.
"I guess it is time to take off the gag now," Sebastian sighed in disappointment.
He unbuckled the gag and tossed it besides us, "So, tell me, Ciel..."
Sebastian leaned closer to me, "Who is Henry to you?"
I frowned by the question, "That's irrelevant right now."
He reached to the dildo and slowly took it out of me but not completely.
"Oh, is it?," Sebastian then rammed the dildo back into me.
I yelped and immediately tensed up my body. My body jerked again as I couldn't cum because of the rod inside my penis.
My eyebrows furrowed as tears were about to drip down my eyes, "He-Henry was my first love."
"How old was he and old were you?"
"I was 16," I breathed hard, "An-And he was 30."
Sebastian started thrusting the dildo inside of me. It rumbled against my walls so good. My mind was trying so hard to focus on Sebastian's questions.
"Was he married then?," Sebastian asked.
I nodded as I tightened my lips from the pleasure.
"I can't hear you, Ciel," Sebastian raised an eyebrow, "Or did you want a bigger gag in your mouth this time?"
I bit on my bottom lip as Sebastian deeply pushed the dildo inside of me.
"So, was he married?," He questioned again.
"Y-Yeah," I moaned out.
Sebastian smirked, "What a naughty Ciel."
He turned off the dildo and took it out of me. I softly whimpered by the emptiness.
"You're gaping and twitching so much," Sebastian rimmed his finger around my wet hole.
It was such a teasing move. Sebastian's hard cock pushed against my hole but he didn't insert his length in.
"Oh, you're moving your hips on your own," Sebastian lowly chuckled.
He placed his hand on my stomach and shook his head, "It's not that easy, Ciel."
"Pl-Please put it in me," I begged.
"Oh, I forget how well you asked on our first night too," Sebastian smirked.
"But I know you can ask better than that."
Sebastian started moving his hips back so his cock wasn't pressing against me.
"Please put your cock inside of me, Se-Sebastian," I unconsciously wiggled my hips closer to him.
A grin appeared on his face as his hands tightly held onto my hips. With one thrust, Sebastian's warmth was inside of me. He was so full and hot. His cock pulsed against my warm walls. It honestly felt better than the dildo, even though the dildo drove me crazy too. Sebastian's cock was actually warm and his thickness was delicious. I wanted to cum so bad.
I moaned out, "Sebas..."
My eyes glanced at his face and I could see the slight vein on his neck pop as he harshly thrust inside of me. His tight grip on my hips made his forearms pop and look so muscular. The way his own sweat dripped down his define abs and lower to his V-line. He was too skilled for his own good.
"I-I want to cum, Sebastian," I tried to pull out my arms as I wiggled my hips more.
He smirked as he continued to pound inside of me, "Not yet."
Sebastian reached to the rod inside of my penis. He twisted it back and forth, letting it roll with his index finger and thumb.
"Hnn!," I squirmed in the sweet odd sensation, "I-I can't take it anymore!"
"Just a bit longer," Sebastian placed his hand around the base of my cock, "I love to see you struggle."
My body jerked again as he rammed inside of me. I clenched around his length as he throbbed inside of me. He ravished my insides and ruthlessly took care of my skin. I knew I was going to be sore tomorrow but at that moment, it didn't matter.
Sebastian reached towards the rod again and took it out of me. The second it was out of me, Sebastian heartlessly thrust inside of me and I immediately spurted. He pounded a few more times as I continued to cum more. Finally, Sebastian came inside of me. His warm fluid filled me so full and I felt it spurt outside of me too. Once again, that sensation made me spent again. It felt so good to cum. My body couldn't stop jerking and my eyes were shut tight as the pleasure ran through my body. I felt the emptiness as Sebastian pulled out of me. His semen leaked out and soiled the bed sheets. I panted loudly as my teeth gritted from my many cums. I opened my eyes, half lidded. Sebastian reached to my arms behind my back and unbuckled the leather hand cuffs.
"You handled it better than I expected, Ciel," Sebastian's voice was husky.
I was so tired and exhausted. I closed my eyes as I felt his body weight leave the bed.
"What a naughty boy you are," He lowly chuckled.

| Few Days Later |

"Thanks for coming out today, Ciel," Henry's smile gleamed.
We sat in a cafe shop that Henry wanted to visit. We both had coffee in front of us.
I shook my head, "It's okay. I'm always at home anyways."
"I didn't know you got married," Henry said, "How long has it been?"
"It's going to be two months soon," I answered.
"Oh, you guys are still newly weds," Henry smiled, "A honey moon yet?"
I shook my head and slightly frowned, "It got delay cause of the recent incident."
Henry slightly widened his eyes, "Sorry! I didn't mean to--"
I tightened my lips into a smile and shook my head, "Don't worry about it."
I took a sip of my coffee as I glanced out the window.
Why did I agree to a cup of coffee?
I averted my eyes back to Henry's deep green eyes. It all started out by me looking into his eyes. He always had that look of comfort and home. It always made my heart at rest.
"Actually, the reason why I wanted to meet up was to ask you something," Henry said.
I waited for him to continue.
"Out of all my students, you are honestly the best student so I was wondering if you can play for my wife's and I's anniversary."
It wasn't like I was in love with Henry. But it still broke my heart. How arrogant do you have to be to willingly ask that question to someone who you fooled around with? Maybe it was also because I still had that very tiny little hope somewhere in my heart.
"Yeah, sure," I nodded with a force smile.
"Really?," Henry widened his eyes, "If you're busy, you don't have too. I was just asking."
I shook my head, "It has been a while since I've played but I can practice a bit again."
Henry grinned and reached his hand to my hand that held my coffee cup, "Thank you, Ciel. You're the best."
His warmth spread through my fingertips and I had to admit, my heart did ache a bit from missing that warmth.
"So, how is your wife and you doing?," I asked.
Henry pulled back his hand and softly scratched the back of his neck, "To be honest..."
"We're kind of rocky but I'm hoping that doing this anniversary party will lighten up our relationship."
"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, "No kids yet?"
Henry shook his head, "We were trying three years ago but that was also when it started going downhill."
So, was that why he wanted to break it off from me? Because his wife and him wanted to start a family?
"We started arguing a lot and I started working more than usual," Henry sighed, "I think it was all just bad timing."
"I'm sorry," I apologized, "I hope it all gets better."
Henry finally smiled again, "Thanks, Ciel."
"I'm honestly so glad to be seeing you again. It's like a gleam of happiness in these hard times," Henry sweetly voiced.
Was it like that for me too? Or was I just yearning for something to fill the emptiness inside of me?

Chapter Text

Sebastian and I entered the building lobby.
"Are you sure you want me to come along while visiting your first love's anniversary?," Sebastian mockingly asked.
"Henry said to invite you and what excuse can I give when we're supposedly happy newlyweds," I rolled my eyes.
We walked into the arena that held Henry's and his wife's anniversary party. There sat a white piano on the stage while a chandelier hung above.
"Ciel!," Somebody called.
Henry walked towards us, fully dressed in a black and white suit.
"Thanks for coming a bit earlier," Henry said.
Henry averted his eyes to Sebastian, "And thanks for coming along, Sebastian."
"It's our pleasure," Sebastian replied with a smile.
Henry glanced at his watch, "In a few minutes or so, everyone should be here. The piano is on the stage there which you will be playing in an hour."
I nodded, "I'll be ready."
Henry tightened his lips into a smile and patted my shoulder, "Thanks again, Ciel. This really means a lot to me."
I returned a smile, "You're welcome, Henry."
"Okay, I gotta check to see the rest of the preparation," Henry took a few steps back.
"Talk to you guys later!," Henry rushed to the other side.
"You're never that happy at home," Sebastian remarked.
"I don't want to hear that from a bitch like you," I snickered.
A few people walked pass us and Sebastian suddenly tightly gripped his hand around mine. So tight that I felt his nails dug into my skin.
"You're really stepping it in public, huh?," Sebastian forced a fake smile.
He turned me to look at him as he hovered over me. His hand still gripped mine.
"Why don't you go fuck your piano teacher again if you're so desperate, you fucking slut," Sebastian quietly said between us only.
I tried to pull my hand away, "We're not like that anymore."
Sebastian raised his eyebrow, "Oh, really?"
He finally let go of my hand as my hand tugged back.
Sebastian widely grinned at me, "I'm going to get myself a glass of wine."

An hour later and the arena was filled with people. Henry was a well known piano teacher, I wasn't surprise by how many people I saw. He was always known to be the sweetest piano teacher with a beautiful wife. Henry and his wife stood on the stage.
"Thank you for coming to our 8th year anniversary," Henry spoke with a glass of white wine in his hand.
"My beautiful wife," Henry placed his hand around her shoulder, "She has always been supportive of me."
His wife giggled by the comment and slightly blushed. She was a lucky one to have such a kind man.
"But it's all thanks to you guys too who have always been supportive of both of us and wish us a well marriage," Henry raised his glass.
"Cheers to all of you and once again, thank you for attending!," Henry smiled.
Everyone applauded and wine glasses clinked.
"Now, we will have one of my best ever students, that I taught, come up and play some music," Henry glanced at me, "Ciel Phantomhive!"
His nature eyes radiated so gorgeously against the light. I returned a smile back as I started walking up to the stage.
"Please enjoy yourselves and join the nice ballroom dance floor," Henry said.
Henry and his wife exited the stage. As I started walking up, Henry grinned at me and patted my shoulder. As I entered the stage, everyone started to applaud. I sat on the piano seat and took a deep breath before I landed my fingers on the keys. Henry and his wife was the first to step on the ballroom dance floor. They held each other so close and stared deeply into each other's eyes. If Henry never told me his wife and him were on rocky terms, I wouldn't have never figured it out.
Is that how Sebastian and I look to other's too? Happy and in love?
My eyes then found Sebastian standing in the middle of the audience. He was half smirking and smiling. An annoying expression that I just wanted to wipe off. I knew his eyes were mocking me and the moment I got off the stage, he was going to say something snarky.

I stood up from the piano seat and took a bow. Everyone applauded. I got down the stage and there stood at the bottom of the stairs was Sebastian. A small curl plastered on his lips as he reached his hand to me.
"You did wonderful, my love," Sebastian voiced loud and clear.
I knew people were staring so I had no choice but take his hand and return a smile back.
"Thank you," I replied.
Sebastian tightly gripped my hand as he pulled me closer to him. He pecked the top of my head as his hand went around my waist. Before I was able to push him away or say anything, Henry walked over.
"Ciel, you did such a great job!," Henry said.
Sebastian tightly kept his hand around my waist as he continued to grin at Henry.
"Thanks, Henry," I replied back.
"Henry," His wife called as she walked over.
She wore a beautiful lilac laced evening dress that had a slit on the side to show her long legs.
"Thank you for playing for our anniversary," She shined a smile towards me.
"We never properly met but Henry talked about you a lot back then. He absolutely adored you," She giggled.
That was when guilt ran over me. I couldn't look her in the eyes anymore. Henry cheated on her with me. She seemed so kind hearted and gentle. She was beautiful and her smile was a ray of sunshine.
I forced a smile and kept my eyes averted away, "Henry was a great teacher."
Was I an idiot back then? How did I ever think that I was able to pass the obstacle of Henry's marriage?
"Ciel?," Sebastian called out my name.
My eyes glanced up at his fire-like ones.
Sebastian softly smiled, "She was asking you something."
I widened my eyes in realization that I was deep in my thought.
"I'm so sorry!," I looked back at Henry's wife, "I didn't mean to-"
She laughed while she covered her mouth, "It's okay. You're probably hungry too since you were performing for us first."
I bit on my bottom lip in embarrassment. She glanced at Henry and I saw that smile fade quickly.
"I'll be around," She quietly said to Henry before walking away.
Henry tightened his lips and nodded.
"So, have you guys decided on a honey moon spot yet?," Henry asked.
Henry glanced at me, "I know you were telling me it got delayed cause of recent incident."
Sebastian and I never discussed a honey moon spot. It was more of his way or no way.
"We have," Sebastian answered, "I actually chose it for us."
I looked up at Sebastian in a surprise.
"I decided we should try a Japanese style hot springs," Sebastian said.
"It's a few hours from here but I think it'll be a nice, relaxing getaway from the recent incident," Sebastian glanced at me with a smile.
Henry nodded, "That's a good idea. It'll help ease the mind."
"When are you guys planning to go?," Henry asked.
"Next month," Sebastian replied.
"Well, I hope you guys have a great time there," Henry said.
"It'll be our first vacation together," Sebastian squeezed me tight as he pecked the top of my head.
"Why don't you guys get something to eat? I'm sure you guys are hungry by now," Henry pointed to the catered food.
"Thank you, Henry," I said.
Sebastian and I walked towards the catered food.
"When did you decide our honey moon?," I questioned as I stood in front of Sebastian.
"Coincidentally, I booked this last week," Sebastian answered.
"Why all of sudden?," I suspiciously asked.
Sebastian leaned in closer to me, "The only way for us to fake it till we make it is if we act like a married couple."
"What kind of married couple doesn't go on a honey moon?," Sebastian scoffed.
I gritted my teeth. Sebastian's smug smile stared back at me. This whole night, he had that expression plastered on his face. It was to mock and tease me.
"You're a bitch but I'm sure you know that already," I quietly said.
I walked away before Sebastian said anything else. I knew he wouldn't dare do anything risky in public anyways.

"Thanks for staying until the end, Ciel," Henry sighed out in relief.
I shook my head, "You were there for me when I was down too."
Henry and I were putting away the last of the metal chairs in the storage room. Henry, being the sweet man he was, he never went home without helping at least a bit. His wife left as soon as the event was over and towards the end of the party, her smile was even more forced than usual.
"But now, you're even helping me clean up," Henry placed the metal chairs he held against the other chairs.
I did the same to the ones I was holding as soon as Henry stepped away. I turned to Henry as he faced towards me.
Henry tightened his lips into a smile, "I really own it to you tonight."
I returned a smile and shook my head, "This event was for you and your wife."
Henry then grabbed my hand and tightly squeezed, "I'm serious, Ciel."
"You really made my night and brought a smile to my face throughout this whole event," Henry sincerely stared at me.
I slightly furrowed my eyebrows. The soft ache in my heart was starting to grow harsher.
"I thought this anniversary party would smooth out my wife's and I's relationship but last night..."
Henry frowned with such sad eyes, "She handed me divorce papers."
I felt goosebumps run through my body and my heart sank for Henry.
"I'm so sorry, Henry," I tightened my lips.
Henry shook his head, "You have nothing to be sorry about."
Before I was able to say anything else, Henry pulled me into a hug. My eyes widened by the sudden affection.
"H-Henry," I didn't know what to do as my arms stayed by my side.
"Ciel, I wish I never hurt you," Henry softly spoke.
I frowned by those words. Was he playing with my feels? Maybe he didn't realize it but it felt like he was.
"That's in the past, Henry," I said.
Henry nodded, "I know and I regret it so much."
"Now you're married but when I think about it, you honestly brought so much happiness in my life," Henry sighed.
I tried to push away because I wanted to see Henry's face. I felt so much mix emotions. Why did he say that to me in the past then? Why after all these years, he finally told me this? I was conflicted and confused.
"Ciel, you and Sebastian are faking it too, right?," Henry questioned.
My body froze and it felt like a lump was stuck in my throat. My arms limped back to my side and Henry backed an inch away. He held onto my arms and sincerely stared into my eyes.
"You don't have to lie to me," Henry said.
I turned my head away and frowned.
"When we met up at the cafe, I noticed red marks on your wrists," Henry confessed.
I clenched my jaw tight and tightened my fists together. What was I suppose to say?
Henry's gentle fingers ran down my temple to my jaw line, "Ciel, look at me."
He turned my head to look up at him. Henry showed such a worried expression.
"I can treat you much gentler," Henry softly said.
He pushed me against the empty table. His fingers glided down my neck to the first few buttons on my shirt. He unbuttoned the few buttons.
So many thoughts ran through my mind. Did I want this? Did I want to go back to Henry? Did I still love Henry or did I just miss that affection? What do I say about Sebastian's and I's relationship? Do I reveal it to Henry? Was Henry someone to trust? Will Henry just use me again? Or maybe so much sudden things happened that I'm being too vulnerable right now?
"Henry," I placed my hand against his chest to stop.
I furrowed my eyebrows, "We're both married."
"But is it a happy marriage?," Henry questioned.
I swallowed hard on those words.
Henry leaned closer to me and softly pecked my neck, "We can just keep it between us."
I frowned, "Henry..."
Henry nibbled on my neck which he knew was my sensitive spot. I let out a moan between my gritted teeth. I pushed Henry away as I tried to step out of his bubble. But Henry grabbed onto my arm and face me towards the table. He grabbed both of my wrists and bent me over the table. His free hand went inside my unbuttoned shirt and softly ran over my nipple. I held back my moans as I tried hard to not react.
"Remember I was the first one to discover all your pleasures," Henry whispered in my ear.
"I still know every," Henry flickered at my nipple, "Spot."
He licked my neck and softly bit down. I let out a breath of moan as my body stopped tensing up.
"I won't hurt you like Sebastian, Ciel," Henry said.
Henry's hand slowly went down to my pants buckle. I couldn't push Henry off because his strength and built was bigger than mine. I shut my eyes tight as Henry unbuckled my pants.

Chapter Text

"My, my," A manly voice was heard.
I quickly opened my eyes and glanced at the doorway. Sebastian stood there with his hands stuffed in his pants pockets. Even though he was someone that tortured me to his desires, I was so glad that my husband showed up.
"Look at what we have here," Sebastian's long fingers combed his bangs back.
Henry quickly let go of me and took a few steps back. Sebastian came closer to me and grabbed a hold of my chin to look up at him.
"So you really were a desperate slut, huh?," Sebastian smirked, "Such a pervert, Ciel."
Sebastian ran his fingers through my bangs so it wasn't in my eyes anymore, "You're a lustful mess."
"And you?," Sebastian turned to look at Henry.
Sebastian grinned and shook his head, "After all the times I showed you that Ciel was mine."
"You still had the audacity to touch what wasn't yours," Sebastian's grin quickly turned serious.
"Henry?," Somebody outside of the storage room called out.
Sebastian clicked his tongue in annoyance.
"You got lucky this time, Henry," Sebastian said.
Henry's eyes glanced at me and his eyebrows slightly furrowed, "I'm sorry, Ciel."
I frowned by his words.
"I'm truly sorry," Henry said before he rushed out of the storage room.
The door swung open and close. Before I was able to get off the table, Sebastian hovered over me. His big hand gripped around my jaw and he leaned closer to my ear.
"How did you enjoy your o' so sweet Henry?," Sebastian lowly teased, "Were you scared?"
"A little bit turned on?," Sebastian's free hand grabbed my bugle.
I groaned and clenched my jaw.
Sebastian's lips touched my ear and he huskily whispered, "Did you call my name?"
His hand that was by my bugle crawled up to my chest. He ran his fingers over my harden nipple before it dipped into my unbutton shirt. I breathed in long as his fingers flickered at my nipple.
"He even had the audacity to mark you," Sebastian's lips brushed against the nape of my neck.
Shivers were sent down my spine as his hot breath was against my neck. Sebastian placed his lips on the nape of my neck and left a hickey there.
"Se-Sebastian..." I moaned out as he marked another hickey closer to Henry's bite mark.
I breathed out, "Let's go home."
Sebastian's hand went down to my pants and unbuckled my belt, "We're not finish here."
He harshly pulled down my pants and undergarment. Sebastian tightly pinned my wrist onto the table as his other hand went to my lips.
"Open wide," Sebastian demanded as his fingers slipped pass my lips.
He played with my wet tongue as his fingers got slick from my own drool. With those wet fingers, he started to rub them against my hole. Immediately with two fingers, Sebastian shoved his digits inside of me. I furrowed my eyebrows as drool still dripped down my lips. He stretched my hole and scissored his fingers inside of me. I clenched my jaw as I tried to keep quiet as possible.
"So, what if Henry did get this far?," Sebastian leaned into my ear.
"Would you have let him?," Sebastian questioned as his fingers thrust inside of me, "Would you let him fuck this hole?"
"You're already sucking in my fingers so much," He lowly chuckled.
Sebastian took out his drenched fingers and unbuckled his pants. He pulled out his hard cock and positioned himself as his other hand still tightly pinned my wrist. In one motion, Sebastian rammed his length inside of me. I loudly yelped but cut myself off with my hand over my mouth.
"Maybe I would have just watched you get fuck," Sebastian finally let go of my wrist.
He deeply thrust inside of me and the table shook back and forth with our movements. His manly hands gripped onto my hips as he ravished my hole. It was like he was furious and much more aggressive. It was brutal and greedy thrusts. My hand held onto the end of the table as I tightly gripped my hand over my mouth to not be heard.
"Don't cover your mouth," Sebastian grabbed my wrist to uncover my mouth, "Let them hear you be fuck like a slut."
He held my hand behind my back as he used forcefully momentum.
"A-Ahh! Se-Sebastian!," I choked, "Fu-Fuck!"
I gritted my teeth as my moans and groans kept escaping my throat. A loud slap was heard and I whined in pain. I was quite sure that Sebastian left his hand mark on my ass. The agony crept up my body as the stinging feeling left me gasping. And there went another torture slap across my bottom.
"You tighten around me so well every time," I could feel his smirk behind my back.
"Look at how wet you are," Sebastian slid his fingers over my slick cock.
He placed his fingers in front of my eyes and it was dripping wet with my own cum. I furrowed my eyebrows by the sight that I didn't want to believe.
"A slut and a masochist?," Sebastian chuckled, "What a fucking pervert, you are."
Sebastian then sent another brutal slap and I couldn't help but cry in pleasure. There went the spurts of my cum and I knew Sebastian was smiling evilly. He violently pounded a few more times inside of my spent body and his semen flowed inside of me.
"That was such a nice moan you gave at the end there," Sebastian zipped himself up.
I panted loudly as my body limped over the table. I used my arms to get my upper body off the table as my knees felt weak. I tried to turn around to angrily stare at Sebastian but only to fail by my weakened body. I fell to the ground as my eyes became half lidded.
"Did I go to harsh on you tonight?," I saw Sebastian lean over to look at me.
I furrowed my eyebrows and gritted my teeth in annoyance. With my eyes closed, I heard Sebastian's oxford shoes click throughout the storage room. Finally, a soft but thin blanket wrapped around me.
"You act so tough all the time," I heard Sebastian's husky voice.
I opened my eyes again to see Sebastian lift me up in bridal style. I couldn't fight back and deny the action. But his firm arms felt so warm around my body and his muscular chest felt so great to lean on.
"You didn't eat all day right?," Sebastian asked as we got closer to the doors.
I softly shook my head as my eyes slowly shut again.
Sebastian mumbled, "Idiot."

| Next Day |

"There's some soup on the nightstand there," Sebastian said as he sat on the edge of the bed with a cigarette between his fingers.
I laid in bed as I heard the early birds chirp.
"Did you bring us home?," I furrowed my eyebrows.
"Yeah, I did," Sebastian took a puff of his burning cigarette, "You ended up getting a fever."
That was probably why I felt like shit.
I quietly mumbled, "Fuck..."
"You didn't eat at all yesterday either," Sebastian said, "So, that didn't help."
My head felt so heavy and I could feel my cheeks burn like fire. I slowly sat up to lean against the bed's head board.
"You shouldn't be smoking around a sick person," I said.
Sebastian clicked his tongue, "Like I care."
I averted my eyes away and quietly voiced, "Thanks for taking care of me."
Sebastian took the last puff of his cigarette and dipped it into the ash tray that sat on the nightstand. His eyes averted to mine and a smirk was plastered on his face.
"That's unlikely of you," He mockingly said.
"At least I'm honest unlike some people," I rolled my eyes.
His body weight shifted closer to me as the bed sunk lower. Sebastian's hell eyes stared back into my ocean eyes.
"You think you're honest?," Sebastian snickered, "We both know you like it so much up your ass but will never admit it."
I scoffed, "Fuck off, bitch."
His big hands then wrapped around my throat and he leaned closer to my face, "You think I'll go easy on you just because you have a fever?"
I gripped my hand around his wrist that was by my throat, "I know you won't because you have too much pride."
I was using too much energy and I felt myself getting weak. My eyes started to get half lidded as my grip around his wrist loosened.
Sebastian scoffed and a smirk curled, "Pathetic."
He easily shook off my hand from his wrist and stood up from the bed, "Come at me when you can actually beat me."
My tensed body limped and tried to recreate energy for my sick body. I laid back down as I saw Sebastian leave the bedroom. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep again.

I slowly opened my eyes and the sun still shined brightly into the room. I glanced besides me and the soup wasn't steaming anymore. It was almost noon. My head and body still felt heavy but I forced myself to get up. Sebastian wasn't in the house so I figured he went to the company. I reheated the soup and ended up only eating half of it. I didn't have the energy to clean the bowl of soup and told myself I'll clean it up later so I left it on the kitchen table.
Damn, I should eat some medicine to feel better.
I went to the cabinets to see if we had any fever medicine. Of course, we didn't have any. I grabbed my phone and scrolled down my contacts. I passed Mom's and Dad's phone number and instantly wanted to cry again. If they were still here, I would have called them and I knew they would immediately come here to help me. I shook off the thoughts and continued scrolling to end up on Sebastian's number. I stared at the number for so long that I probably remembered the first few numbers.
Fuck him.
I let out a big, long sigh and stuffed my phone back into my pants pocket. I put on my knitted cardigan and forced myself to step out of the house. The breeze was colder than usual and when the clouds covered the sun, I just wanted to shiver. I ended up walking to the closest convenience store since it was only a block away and I didn't want to risk driving. I stood in front of the medicine section for the longest time it felt like. I couldn't even concentrate to figure out what I needed.
"Ciel?," A voice said besides me.
I turned to look who was talking to me. I furrowed my eyebrows the moment I saw his green eyes. I averted my eyes away and just grabbed whatever on the shelf. I turned my back towards him and took a step forward.
"Ciel, wait," Henry called out.
Henry grabbed my arm and I quickly turned around to pull my arm back. With the quick usage of energy, I felt myself about to fall over from the lack of energy.
"Are you okay?," Henry asked in worry.
I tightened my lips, "I'm okay."
Henry looked down at what I was holding, "Ciel...You..."
"You and Sebastian didn't adopt right?," Henry questioned.
I looked at what the medicine box I was holding. It was a fever medicine for infants. I quickly stumbled back to put away the mistake and grabbed the correct fever medicine.
"I'll be going now," I said to Henry.
I walked pass him and tried to get away before he said anything else. Before I knew it, my body couldn't handle it anymore and I stumbled to the ground.
"Ciel! Ciel!," Henry ran to me, "Are you alright!?"
"Here get on my back," Henry knelt in front of me.
I shook my head, "I'll be fine."
"You're in no state to be out. Just at least let me take you home," Henry begged.
I gave up arguing back and put my arms around Henry's shoulders. He grabbed the medicine box I dropped and carried me to the registers. He bought the medicine and we headed out to his car.
"Did you drive here?," Henry asked as turned on his engine.
I shook my head, "I live a block away only."
I directed Henry to my house and he parked in the driveway. He quickly got out of the car and helped me out of the car.
"You can go home," I said, "Thanks for the ride."
Henry frowned at my suggestion, "At least, let me see you take the medicine."
I hesitated to answer back. I saw that Henry was still holding onto the medicine too.
"Just the medicine then," I looked back at him.

Chapter Text

I sat down on the couch with a full cup of water in my hand. Henry sat next to me and handed me the tablet medicine that I saw him break open from the medicine box.
"It says it will make you drowsy," Henry read from the box.
"Thanks again for taking me home," I said as I placed the half empty cup on the coffee table.
Henry shook his head as he placed the medicine box on the coffee table, "It's nothing compare to what you did for me besides I don't deserve that thanks right now."
His eyebrows furrowed, "Especially after what I did to you..."
Henry placed his hand over my hand and sincerely gazed into my eyes, "I'm so sorry, Ciel."
"I never wanted to make you cry or break your heart," Henry tightly held onto my hand.
"And now I even forced myself onto you," Henry sighed with a frown.
I tightened my lips and furrowed my eyebrows, "You know I've always been weak to your apologizes."
"But," I pulled my hand away from Henry's hold, "We're not like that anymore, Henry."
"You should go," I averted my eyes away, "I already took the medicine."
"Can we have one last kiss?," Henry innocently asked.
I didn't know what to reply back. All I knew was that my body felt weak and my temperature was going higher.
Henry leaned closer as he placed his hand behind my neck. His lips against mine was warm and soft. His fingers slid behind the arch of my back. His finger tips, behind my neck, crawled between my slate-blue locks.
I placed my hand on his chest and inched away, "Henry..."
Henry let go of me and stood up from the couch, "I'll get going now."
I walked Henry out and plopped back onto the couch. The drowsiness of the medicine was really kicking in. I laid myself down and before I knew it, I was asleep.

The feeling of pleasure arose my body. My cock throbbed and was stiffened. I felt my sick flushed cheeks be even more heated by lust. My feverish body panted and my hole twitched for the need of warmth. My eyes finally opened to see Sebastian's hands gripped around my thighs and my thins legs spread wide for him. He knelt between my legs as his cock protruded at my wet hole.
"Finally awake, huh?," A small smirk curled on his lips, "Just in time."
His hand around my thigh glided up to my bony hips and closer to the base of my throbbed length. His hand firmly gripped around my base and he skillfully glided his hand up and down.
"Se-Sebastian!," I moaned out as I placed my hand on his navel.
His big hand felt so good around my cock. It was way better compared to how I did it myself.
"It's time for some medicine again," Sebastian reached to the medicine tablet on the coffee table.
"It's already evening," Sebastian placed the medicine in my mouth, "Instructions says to take it twice in a day."
He grabbed the half empty cup of water and tilted my jaw up. With his steady hand, he carefully poured the water inside my mouth. Even so, water trickled down my jaw and it rolled down my neck. Sebastian placed the empty cup back on the coffee table and his fingers gracefully touched my wet neck. He used his wet fingers and slid it over my shirt down to my nipple. My nipple protruded against the wet spot as Sebastian continued to flick at it.
"I-I can't today," I slightly pushed my hand against Sebastian's navel.
Sebastian gripped his hand around my wrist that was by his stomach. His fingertips touched as he tightly held onto my wrist.
"You have no say in it," Sebastian lowly voiced.
Sebastian pushed my hand to the side and positioned his cock to enter inside of me. He lifted my thigh higher as his cock poked at my yearning hole.
"Who bought you the medicine?," Sebastian questioned.
I looked besides us to the coffee table. I noticed that there was two boxes of medicine. One opened box of medicine that Henry bought and a new box of medicine that Sebastian probably bought.
"Look at me, Ciel," Sebastian harshly grabbed my jaw to look at him.
His eyes glared into mine, "Who bought you that medicine? I know you're in no condition to go out."
I frowned by the truth and quietly voiced, "Henry..."
Sebastian then brutally thrust inside of me. I loudly whimpered and tightly gripped onto his forearms.
"Did he come inside the house too?," Sebastian groaned as he ravished me.
I clenched my jaw as Sebastian's pace fastened, "Ye-Yeah."
My eyebrows furrowed, "Why does it ma-matter to you anyways?"
Sebastian's devilish thrusts burned my body. The energy I used to keep up with him. It was harsh against my fevered body.
"Still mouthing even when you're sick?," Sebastian scoffed as his jaw clenched tightly with a low groan.
Sebastian's free hand slid underneath my shirt to touch my burning skin. His hand crawled to my hips and squeezed tightly as he furiously pounded inside of me.
"Did he do anything to you?," Sebastian's grasp around my thigh was firm.
I bit on my bottom lip as my eyes shut tight from the pleasure and shook my head.
Sebastian's big hand squeezed my cheeks together, "Don't lie to me, Ciel."
"Like you'll trust me either way," I spatted back.
"Well," Sebastian leaned in closer to my face, "Did he do anything to you?"
I stared right back into those fire-like colored eyes of his.
He was the type that wanted to be top. His pride was high and so was his desire to be best. So much greed. But I didn't blame him because I was sure he was raised to be that way. Trained to be the highest. Thus, leaded him to be corrupted.
"Just a kiss," I said through my teeth.
Sebastian's sturdy grip on my cheeks hurt me. His eyes just glared into mine as he didn't respond to my reply. Suddenly, he slammed his lips against mine. His hand that held my cheeks slowly slid down to my throat as he continued to thrust inside of me. His kiss was passionate and rough. His saliva mixed with mine and his tongue was hot against my own. It all made me dizzy or was it the medicine I took too? The heartless thrusts. His skin against my feverish skin. His big cock that filled me up so well. His kiss that I savored.
I gripped onto his shoulders as my body jerked into my own spent. At the same time, Sebastian spurted inside of me as his defined muscles flexed. My body just wanted to shut down again. My eyes tried so hard to open as it became half lidded. My arms limped back to my side as my tensed body relaxed. Sebastian pulled out of me and emptiness was all I felt. His warm hands left my skin and his body weight left the couch. I finally shut my eyes and the drowsiness took over.

| Next Day | Sebastian's POV |

I sat in the bricked wall office with both walls stuffed with folders of piano sheets.
"Nice office you got here," I glanced around the room before I took a seat in front of Henry and his desk.
Henry watched my every move and didn't say anything back.
I finally averted my eyes to his, "There's no need to be so defensive."
Henry cleared his throat, "Was there something I can help you with, Sebastian?"
I tightened my lips together and took a deep breath in, "Going through a divorce doesn't mean that you have to drag another party in."
I saw the annoyance on Henry's face as he tried to cover it up with glancing his eyes elsewhere.
"Sure, you cheated on your wife with Ciel," I shrugged, "On top of that, Ciel was a minor and your student."
Henry's eyebrows furrowed and firmly voiced, "You don't know that."
My lips curled and I scoffed, "How come I knew you were going to say that?"
I stood up from my seat and took my phone out of my pocket. Henry's eyes followed me as I walked to his side and behind him. I leaned behind him as my lips were close to his ear and I held my phone in front of him.
Ciel's lustful voice spoke, "He-Henry was my first love."
"How old was he and old were you?"
"I was 16...An-And he was 30."
Ciel squirmed in the bed sheets as his mewled voice was clearly heard.
"Was he married then?"
Ciel's breathlessly moaned in pleasure.
"I can't hear you, Ciel. Or did you want a bigger gag in your mouth this time?"
"So was he married?"
Ciel whimpered as he answered, "Y-Yeah."
I locked my phone and in the blank screen, I saw how devastated Henry looked.
It satisfied me.
"I heard it from the person himself," I smirked as I still leaned close to Henry's ear.
"So, did you still want to lie to me or should I show this to your soon becoming ex-wife too?," I threatened.
"Delete that video now," Henry demanded.
"Why does it matter anyways?," I questioned.
I lowly voiced, "Or is it because you're still trying so hard to keep your wife?"
Henry gritted his teeth and didn't reply back.
I placed my hand on his shoulder and straightened my back, "Maybe you should stop thinking with your dick."
"Ciel is married after all and yet, you still got a hard on just from that video."
Henry glanced down at himself and his eyes widened.
I took a few steps away from Henry and mockingly laughed, "Pitiful."

| Few Days Later | Ciel's POV |

I placed the groceries in the trunk of my vehicle. I closed the trunk and before I was able to get in my car, someone called out to me.
"Ciel," A elegant voice spoke.
I turned to look who it was. Henry's wife stood in front of me. She wasn't smiling nor was in a manner of kindness.
"Hi," I greeted back.
"It must be a coincidence to see you today," She said with a stern look.
I quickly knew she was going to confront me with something. I was nervous. My heart started to pound restlessly. I knew I did wrong in the past.
"Did Henry ever mention to you that we're going through a divorce?," She asked.
I nodded, "Yes, he did."
"Then I'm sure you know we've been on rocky terms since a while ago," She sighed.
Once more, I nodded to her words.
"Just yesterday, I found out Henry was cheating on me."
I swallowed hard from her words. I didn't have the nerve to look at her in the eyes anymore.
"He forgot his phone at home yesterday and I saw a few texts," She said.
She tightened her lips, "I understand why he was so fond of you now."
I furrowed my eyebrows, "I'm sorry."
Silence filled between us.
"You know, at first, I was mad," She said, "But actually, I'm just disappointed."
"I'm so sorry," I slightly shook my head.
I didn't know what to say nor do. I just knew that whatever came, I would take it.
"Did you know you weren't the only one?," She asked.
I widened my eyes, "No..."
She forced a laugh of belief, "I'm glad I'm divorcing him."
"I-I..." I was speechless.
I wasn't the only one? So, Henry was cheating on his wife with other people too? It was in the past but I still felt hurt.
She placed her hand on my shoulder, "I'm glad you're married and well off now."
"Henry was never the one for you nor me," She softly smiled, "I'm sorry on his behalf for hurting your feelings too."
She was a strong women. I saw the sadness in her eyes but yet, she toughed it up. I was proud of her too.