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Fifty Shades of Grey

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‘How to Find a Dom?’

It was never a question he had asked himself before. One that he'd considered a few times but never thought was a good idea. At least, he'd always been in relationships, the conventional type.

"Fuck me."

Angry, cold and slightly damp, Iruka Umino shoved another scoop of ice cream into his mouth.

"Stupid idiot."

The breakup had been rough. They'd both yelled a lot, thrown things and even almost threw punches. Mizuki's apartment was probably still a mess and that was the only shining light in this entire ordeal. Heck, he'd still probably bring someone home to that pig sty.

And now, Iruka was kicking himself for ever thinking that the fuckboy who slept with everyone would ever settle down with him. He should have seen the signs; how Mizuki was always busy during the week, the calls he said were from work even though no office was open on the weekend, the used condoms blatantly sitting on the top of the trash despite their lack of sex.

Iruka wanted to throw up by the fear he had felt when he first found out he’d been cheated on; his second disease scare in life. Thankfully, he got tested right away and was negative but the possibility of having something was clinically proven to last six months. Now, almost half a year later, he had just been tested again and got the results that he was truly negative. After half a year of waiting to see if HIV or AIDS would pop up as a last 'fuck you', he was now truly and utterly freed from Mizuki's claws even though they had broken up months ago. His lying, cheating ass was now completely behind Iruka.

He wasn't sad in the slightest. No, he was as happy as a clam to be negative and single again. There was just one thing that pissed him off.

He'd spent six months worrying that he had something all because he slept with someone who slept with other people. It had been six months full of anxiety hiding at the back of his mind and fear of sleep with other people and pass something on. Mizuki had him worrying and worrying no matter he did, controlling him even after their relationship was dead and gone. Now that he knew he was clean; he was still kind of scared.

Scared, but horny as fuck.

God, he hadn't slept with anyone in such a long time. Sure, doing it solo helped but his bedside drawer couldn’t soothe the deep, aching craving he had. He felt like a heroine addict who was substituting with cocaine. Not that he'd ever done drugs but he'd watched movies and it seemed like an apt exaggeration.

That's why he was angry. He was frustrated with himself and the world, shoving more ice cream down his throat and trying to ignore the pulsing in his pants. He was so on edge from all the pent-up tension he’d worried away. His mind was starting to create the wildest fantasies every second of the day. Like a bad rerun, the dream of someone bending him over right on his kitchen floor was starting to become an all too real craving. He didn't care about bruising his knees. At least, they would be reminders of a time when he'd felt good.

He usually just took care of that fantasy quickly. It was easy to imagine a tall, faceless man with a powerful gaze that turned Iruka’s knees weak, made him want to say yes to everything he asked for. Imaginary hands easily molded him into a needy, pleading mess and made him ready for anything. Instead of something with a suction cup that he would stick down and just ride, he’d pretend it was his fantasy man who had just walked in to take him.

One scoop later, he was feeling more sick than pissed and that took over most of his body. Defeated and annoyed, Iruka pulled himself off the kitchen floor and threw the container back into the freezer. Just like every night for the passed week, the couch drew him into its loving arms with a blanket over his head and his phone warm in his hands. He was still wet and cold from the rain outside but that hadn't stopped him from deep throating so much ice cream and that sure wasn't going to stop him from looking at handsome men online.

“I’m single and free, fuck that idiot.”

Laying on his couch, hard from his fantasies and what could be, he browsed Instagram models who he could never look at when he was at work because of consistently disastrous results. Boners near children were never a good thing but it felt so dirty to stare at fit, gorgeous men who worked out and ate well. It made him feel guilty and horrible with himself but that didn't stop him. He just kept studying those exquisitely faint abs that weren't overly chiseled.

They were so fit and so way out of his league. He knew that they usually went for the quiet, why bottoms who didn't ask questions. Iruka had always been too much for those types of guys. He was always too talkative and too passionate. Iruka was confident with himself, sure of his own self but some guys didn't like that. Some guys just wanted you to always submit.

Iruka was a walking contradiction. Yes, he was confident and extroverted. He'd always been like that on the outside. Key words: outside. Deep down, he was scared and unsure of everything. And that had started to seep out, become part of his outward self and he hated that. He hated being weak to people he didn't fully trust while at the same time not trusting anyone.

He didn't want anyone to submit to him.

To be weak for him.

He just wanted the truth.

He just wanted to be allowed to be weak, to need someone.

He didn't need a romantic relationship.

He just needed someone to take the reigns for a few hours and be in charge.

Someone who he could trust fully to let out everything he couldn't be in real life.

He'd never felt that way with Mizuki. He didn't trust the man to even show up on time, let alone be in consent-dubious situations with. It was a test of trust, the kinky things Iruka usually kept to himself. That fine line between pushing boundaries and stepping on them had been one Iruka had felt like he wanted more and more with every passing day.

The Instagram models were one thing: the bringers of self pity and the craving for someone like that to just make him turn into jelly physically and mentally. He didn't want to always be the uptight, teacher type that he usually let everyone else see.

He wanted someone he could trust to be vulnerable with, to wholeheartedly submit to.

And yet, he was avoiding the dating app he’d signed up for like the plague.



'Bottom or top?'

'do u sell feet pics?'


‘Hey’. God, some guys could be so boring and predictable.

All responses and messages he'd gotten so far were terrible. That made Iruka's search a lot easier because he immediately blocked anyone suspicious. He didn't want a repeat of Mizuki. No, he was looking for something entirely different and he was okay with waiting to find the perfect man. Although, the many one-night stands at his beck and call were all very intriguing. All those stupid, boring messages though had driven him to not caring.

He lived in a busy city with so many people that he couldn't possibly go through the endless list of guys on the app and it was starting to get boring and hopeless. He often got tired of looking through profile and playing detective. It was fun to dream and hope but the first week or so fully being on the app had mostly squashed on all of that.

'Adventurous Man Seeking Powerful Male.'

And so far, this adventurous man hadn’t found anyone remotely near what he was looking for. Maybe he was just comparing everyone to Instagram models and reading too deeply into messages. He wondered if he should just give up.

As if hearing his thoughts, his phone buzzed in his hand with a start.

With a suspicious frown, Iruka opened the app like he would with any message and was surprised to see more than one line of text.

‘Hi. Don’t want to waste your time but what exactly are you trying to imply with your bio?’

His heart jumped in his chest. He’d been found out. Caught. Who was this guy?

After getting over the initial shock, Iruka tapped into the profile and his jaw dropped.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

This had to be a catfish. This had to be photos of someone else that this guy was using to lure in unsuspecting and innocent gays like himself. There was no way in hell a gorgeously handsome man was in his inbox. A hot, tall, fit man who wore suits and was apparently a lawyer, hence the suits.

“You can’t be real,” Iruka scoffed half-heartedly as he studied the man who had sent him a very direct message.

The suits were an obvious turn on. Iruka had a thing for a man who dressed classy but he dubiously wondered if these pictures weren’t photoshopped? Grey hair at thirty-two? Very suspicious. Very much like a man in his sixties who either had surprising skills in Photoshop or enough money to pay someone. Or maybe it was dyed? It was suspicious but Iruka couldn’t see any distinct sign of the pictures being tampered with. All of them were great quality, tastefully taken by another person and consistently showed off a confident man with a warm smile barely gracing his lips and his dark eyes cool beyond the pixels of Iruka’s phone.

Nervously, Iruka opened their chat and messaged back, ‘Well, I’m looking for something very specific. Not just a one-night stand. Not just vanilla.’

He was being vague. He was being coy but he was at least giving the man something.

Kakashi, the thirty-two-year-old lawyer was apparently a busy man who wanted to relax on the weekend with a partner he could truly connect with, according to his bio. Harmless but hinting. Quiet and subtle. Dark eyes stared up at him from the restaurant table Kakashi was sitting at in one photo, gaze directed exactly towards the camera with intent. They followed Iruka through to where he was perched on the edge of a gym bench, watched as Iruka poured over his strong shoulders and barely smirking lips as if they knew what Iruka was imagining. Instead of seeing everyone else in the last photo, Iruka could only see the man who was making his nerves jump and shiver in anticipation.

‘Pardon my bluntness, Iruka, but are you looking for a dominant?’

His heart stopped and set his whole body on fire. Those words said so plainly and so easily were music to his needing, aching body and he could barely type.

‘Depends on if you are one or not.’

The reply was instant. ‘I am. And what are you?’

Trying to think against the whirling thoughts, he put down his phone for a second. Okay, wait. He didn’t really know much about BDSM. He knew the basics and what happened but he didn’t know how to go about starting this kind of relationship. Was this man the person he wanted to be completely and utterly honest with. Could he trust this man to the fullest?

‘I’m someone looking to submit for the first time.’

God, he was being cheesy again. Embarrassed, he flicked out of the app and groaned to himself, rubbing his face against his beating heart and calling need.

There was a buzz again and he immediately snatched up his phone.

‘Then maybe we should talk about this in person. Maybe over coffee.’

It hadn’t been a question. It had been a clear, solid statement of intentions.

Oh god, this was it. This was the first step.

This beautiful, handsome man wanted to meet Iruka in person, prove himself as a genuine person who was worthy of Iruka’s trust and commitment. Or he was just looking for a quickie and was using any method possible but Iruka didn’t feel like that was it. His doubts were still there but he felt like this was real.

For the first time in a long time, Iruka was excited. He felt ready. The anxiety hanging over him wasn’t out of fear. He’d just have to meet this man and find out. Maybe they weren’t compatible. Maybe they wanted different things. But he wanted to hope.

‘I know a great place that has coffee. How about six tomorrow.’ Iruka sent the address of a public, open cafe of a library that he sometimes went to but wouldn’t miss if he had to avoid it.

‘That sounds perfect. Meet you there, Iruka.’

The faceless man Iruka had imagined standing over him, thrilling him in his fantasies and making him quake suddenly had a face.

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Trailing down his lip, long fingers barely grazed his bottom lip and made his whole body break out in shivers. He had to take a deep breath as the slow hand danced across his chin and he couldn’t help but tilt his head up as if pulled by a string. There was barely a quirk to the lips above him and Iruka lost his breath again. His mouth was watering at the thought of what was coming but he chewed down on his gum harder.

In public and nervous as hell, Iruka willed his mind not to go back to where it had been all night. In his anxious waiting, he’d forgotten to sleep and ended up dreaming and toying with himself all night until he woke up to his alarm the next morning. He hadn’t remembered falling asleep but he did remember what had kept him up all night and snuck into his dreams by the fact that his boxers were tight and he was shaking with anticipation.

Thankfully, he’d had time to get rid of the evidence before work and was able to keep his mind clean around all the kids but once they’d left, he was right back where he started. Like a rubber band, he kept going right back to what could possibly happen very soon and he had to painfully snap back to reality and the fact that he was in public.

“Decent, decent,” He had to chant to himself so that he’d stay focused. He should probably throw out his gum if he was going to have a coffee though.

Thankfully, he was early. He had time to relax and find a spot where they could talk. Sadly, he’d already done that. There was a corner of the coffee shop he’d spotted that merged with the bookstore where he’d left his coat and bag, calm and secluded.

Even if he had all the time in the world, there was no way he could relax. Maybe coffee wasn’t such a good choice if he wanted to sleep tonight. Whatever, he might not even drink the coffee if Kakashi showed up and he didn’t look like his picture. Iruka was not going to waste his time with a guy like that.

But what if he did look like the pictures? Tall, cool and aloof? What would they talk about? Would they click? What if Iruka said something weird? What if Kakashi said something weird? What if everything went perfect? What would happen then? Would their escapades start that day? Iruka didn’t think he could bring someone home right now; his place was a bit of a mess.

Taking the step around a shelf of books into the coffee shop, he immediately went brain dead.

Shimmering hair. Not Photoshopped. Real. Coming through the front door. Jawline for days. Cute beauty mark. Dark eyes.

As his heart skipped a beat, he instinctively swallowed his gum and retreated back behind the shelves. He could barely believe what his eyes had seen.

He was real.

Sneaking a glance around the corner, Iruka found that flair of silver at the cash register. The stranger’s back looked like the pictures, at least from what Iruka could see. He was wearing an autumn overcoat. The brown was so warm compared to his mystifying hair and he looked so casual with his hands in his pockets, bag hanging from his shoulder.

He blinked out of his awe filled stare when the figure stepped back and took a glance around the shop, scanning the faces and Iruka instinctively hid.

A shot of doubt hit Iruka right in the chest suddenly: what if he wasn't what Kakashi was expecting?

That fear that had plagued him for months started to creep up slowly but he stopped himself. No, he wouldn't let a shitty ex ruin this.

What was Iruka doing? He was supposed to be meeting that handsome man. Why was he hiding and watching him like he was a shy schoolboy? Hiding like he was prey? That gorgeous man was there for him, Iruka.

The thought was empowering, the shock of pride that he needed. Excitement came back to tingle through his fingers. Whatever happened, he was going to meet that man. He took a breath of confidence before striding out there.

He was jittery with every step that brought him closer and closer to the man who was waiting at the cash, head down to his phone.

Using that annoyance and pain as fuel for his determination and cheekiness, he cleared his throat and asked boldly as he stepped up behind his target, "Pardon me. Are you looking for someone?"

Heart frozen in shock at his own nerve, he could only watch as the head straightened. A glimpse showed the phone in his hand being purposefully put to sleep and back into his coat pocket. Kakashi turned, readjusting his bag as he found who had spoken. And he smiled, genuinely and truly smiled more than the little smirk in his photos.

"I was looking for someone until now," Kakashi said, his voice like a cracking fire and his face just as warm. Iruka couldn't help but grin back.

"Hope that someone's me," He joked and that earned him a husky, thrilling chuckle from the man across from him.

"You are. Do you have something to drink already?" Kakashi nodded to the menu and the barista who was already working on his order.

"I was just about to order actually," Iruka said honestly and found that those dark eyes were looking at him, scanning him with intent. He nervously hoped his face wasn't a tomato already, going up to the cash and asking for a plain coffee.

Kakashi thankfully didn't offer to pay, probably a strategic move on the other man's part and Iruka was glad for it. As they waited, Iruka felt Kakashi's eyes on him as more than just a glance, studying and learning. Not that Iruka could complain. He was doing the same. And he kind of liked that appreciative kind of attention. He was very happy to find that the other man’s smirk was much more playful in real life. It was welcoming, calming.

 A few minutes later, Iruka shifted his bag to the floor by the table he'd picked and Kakashi took that spot gratefully. Not before shrugging off his coat to reveal the dark suit underneath that had Iruka trying not to visibly shiver at the sight of. The red tie was a very, very nice choice. Truly, any choice of colour would've been a good one because he looked so good in a suit anyway. Maybe the suit was making Iruka biased but the man looked fine. This man was just going about his day but every move he made and everything about him seemed like they were borne straight from Iruka's dreams.

"Have you been waiting long?" Kakashi asked as they settled, leaning casually into the back of his chair.

"I just got here a few minutes ago," Iruka admitted, feeling even more at ease with every moment. "Was looking through the stacks a bit."

"You know, I was surprised you picked here."

Kakashi took a sip of his drink as Iruka wondered with a smile, "Why surprised?"

"I come here almost every lunch." A smirk snuck back onto his lips.

"Oh," Iruka's heart did a little flip not only from Kakashi's words but his smile. He quickly asked to avoid letting his blood go too far in any one direction, "You work in the area?"

Kakashi nodded, “I’m a partner at a firm nearby.”

“That’s true, your bio said that you’re a lawyer,” Iruka remembered.

“I am.”

“You’ve been doing that for a long time?” Iruka asked as he watched Kakashi sip his drink, long fingers wrapped around the cup easily. Those fingers looked like they’d be good at so many things.

“Yeah, it’s been a few years. Since about…” Kakashi’s eyes stared off into thought for a moment and he huffed. “Huh, I guess it’s been almost ten years.”

Trying not to choke, Iruka scoffed, “Oh, only ten years, huh?”

“Yeah,” Kakashi smirked at the prodding in a way that had Iruka grinning and wondering what else those lips could do. “I kind of got sucked into general practice and never found my way out. But what about you? You’re a teacher, right?”

“I am,” Iruka echoed. “Kindergarten.”

“Wow. Now, that is a profession I admire.” Kakashi raised his glass to Iruka as if in a small toast that had Iruka feeling flustered.

“You do?” Iruka frowned in confusion, remembering how he had just barely managed to pass most of his classes in school. “You do know what kindergarten is, right?”

“I do and I find them chaotic.” Kakashi said simply, “I think that anyone who has the strength to manage a whole pack of essentially toddlers for more than an hour is capable of anything.”

Kakashi’s eyes spoke of genuine respect in a way that Iruka hadn’t felt from any partner in a long time. The more they spoke, the more Iruka grew to like this amazing man. He was smart, easygoing and Iruka found himself trying more and more to make the other man laugh or smile. Every time, it felt like he had won a prize and he couldn’t help but feel breathless when Kakashi listened so carefully to what Iruka was saying. He asked questions and it felt like he was truly interested in Iruka.

And god, was he gorgeous. All strong shoulders and clean lines, Kakashi was a man among boys. He wasn’t insanely built but Iruka knew from his profile that he was lean under that suit. Maybe it was from years of studying fitness models. His face, his stance, his whole body was the sweetness Iruka was looking for, the stuff he craved. It was starting to get to his head and he had to hold himself back.

Their conversation flowed until Iruka realised that their cups were empty and they were both leaning on the table, engaged in each other and trying to keep their voices down. Eventually, the real reason they came here was put out there in the open as Kakashi asked quietly so only Iruka could hear.

“Are you’re serious about this?” Kakashi asked, eyes searching for any sign of doubt or hesitation. “About getting into BDSM?”

“Yes,” Iruka articulated clearly, meeting Kakashi’s gaze even though it set his body on fire and made his fingers numb. “Are you?”

“Yes,” Those words slid down Iruka’s back and the way the other man licked his lips had his craving digging deeper and deeper into his soul. Everything about him hinted to what he could do and how he could mold Iruka with just his words. “I don’t meet men like you every day.”

Pushed by his own heat, Iruka decided to ask coyly, almost flirting, "Am I what you expected?"

The smile was back, smaller and cheekier than before as eyes openly stared at Iruka as if he were a painting in a gallery. Hopefully the shiver that ran down his back wasn't too noticeable.

"Yes, and more." The simple response was all Kakashi said, watching with that teasing smile as Iruka rubbed his nose in embarrassment.

The moment was broken by a phone ringing, Kakashi’s.

“Sorry,” He excused and stood to go answer his phone by the front door.

Iruka tried to make it seem like he wasn’t paying attention. It was hard not to. Every time Iruka tried to pay attention to the windows or anything else for that matter, his eyes just kept sliding back.

Just as he was about to wonder what kind of call that was, Kakashi slid back into his seat with his brows furrowed, “Sorry, I forgot that I was supposed to meet a friend at the gym tonight.”

As Kakashi started gathering his coat, Iruka tried not to show his disappointment and instead grinned, “Well, I’m sorry for distracting you.”

At those words, Kakashi slowed his roll and leaned into the table again, their faces inches away to Iruka’s shivering delight. With that deep voice hushed, the taller man said, “Don't ever apologize for that. I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too,” Iruka smiled back.

“I’d like to see you again.” The man was being straightforward and Iruka was more than excited.

“Well,” Iruka started, biting his lip as he found Kakashi watching him intently. “Tomorrow’s Friday. End of the week. Are you doing anything after work?”

“I think I’m meeting you here,” Kakashi replied playfully.

“You are meeting me here,” Iruka decided and Kakashi’s chuckle resonated through his spine.

“Fine, I’m meeting you here.” Kakashi seemed to lean in closer, their knuckles brushing on the table as he whispered, “We’ll talk about what we really want.”

There was a mischievous glint in his eyes that Iruka fully understood and only served to further the burning in his lap and chest. So, he flirtatiously decided, “And we can see if we’re… Compatible.”

For a second, they were both stuck, smiles growing together until Kakashi’s phone rang again.

With a chuckle, Iruka took that opportunity to stand, knowing he wouldn’t be able to get up if he stayed there any longer.

Kakashi reached for his phone with a sigh but kept his eyes studying the way Iruka shrugged on his coat like he was watching a private show. His phone was still ringing in his hand even as he stood too.

Picking up his wits and his bag, Iruka passed the other man by with a wink and a smirk. The last touch, the last bit of flirting he had in him was spent on a light, barely physical touch to the other man’s arm as he went by. With the last glance back, he found Kakashi’s mouth still quirked in that sultry, amused smile as he watched Iruka leave.

It was only when he was out in the cool autumn air that Iruka could breathe again and he couldn’t help but smile wider, grinning harder until he probably looked like a goof.

He’d walked home like that, his legs weak with excitement. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t even breathe right. He felt like he was on cloud nine and he couldn’t find a way back down. Not that he even wanted to because now he had the opportunity to try all the things he’d been dreaming of. If they were compatible, that is.

As he flopped down onto his couch, he wondered if they would work well together physically. Obviously, they had chemistry and were attracted to each other. God, was Iruka attracted to that man. He wanted to see every inch of him, wanted to know what his skin tasted like, wanted to feel his hands all over him.

There was just one thing nagging at Iruka’s mind.

It was just one, singular thing that had him coming back down from the high of attraction.

He was just a little worried. He’d hoped that this wouldn’t have been an issue moving forward but after Mizuki, his mind wasn’t taking any chances.

He hadn’t asked. He’d been so caught up in those dark, powerful eyes and that sweet birthmark.

How many partners had Kakashi had? Iruka couldn’t be his first. He seemed experience like the had done this many times before. At least, he seemed that kind of confident. And it worried Iruka. This all felt too good to be true.

What if Kakashi was positive? If he had something?

Picking up his phone, Iruka pulled up their chat. He couldn’t not ask. He had to. Even though he was worried about the answer and even though he would be horribly reluctant to let the other man go, he had to ask. He needed to know now before it was too late and before he made a horrible mistake.

‘Hey, Kakashi? When you’ve got the time, are you clean?’

He sent it off without a second thought. He needed to know. He had the right to know. This was his body and he was allowed to ask questions of anything were to be put inside it, right?

Even though he really wanted those things inside him.

Maybe going through Kakashi’s Instagram wasn’t such a good choice in the moment. Iruka had been dying to look once they had exchanged socials but now, he was just staring at a handsome man who he dearly wanted to be physical but was deathly afraid of at the same time. His body and bones were aching by just the thought of it.

The man was so handsome though. And he'd been so cool and sweet.

His page wasn’t full but it looked like he kept it like an album; mementos of good times, places and achievements.

A few people kept popping up regularly and one picture at the gym had Iruka intrigued by the man with dark hair who Kakashi seemed to work out with often. His name was Gai and Iruka didn’t have to wonder for long if this was the person Kakashi was meeting that night. Iruka found himself watching a video from a few days ago of Gai working out and giving out instructions to his viewers. He was a good coach and Iruka caught a glimpse of silver hair from the camera man in the mirror.

Iruka had opened Gai’s story to find the same thing, more working out. He was about to click out when he was a familiar face. Cheeks flushed and trying to catch his breath, Kakashi was sitting on a machine at the gym and looking hot even in just a plain shirt and sweats.

“What do you think about that set?” Gai asked but there was no response. “Kakashi!”

“Yeah?” Kakashi snapped out of his thoughts and asked through heavy breaths, suspiciously looking at the phone pointed at him.

“What do you think? Kakashi approved?”

“Yeah.” Kakashi shrugged halfheartedly but Gai knew that they weren’t on the same page.

“Did you hear what I was asking?” Gai demanded and Kakashi winced.

“Sorry, I had my head somewhere else.” And then there was a soft, far away smile that took Iruka’s breath away and had him throwing away his phone. Damn.

He couldn’t do this to himself. He couldn’t risk this. That man was just so alluring though...

Conflicted and frustrated, he didn’t know what to feel. He just had to wait.

Chapter Text

Iruka let himself slide down across the couch until he was laying in his own anxieties and stewing in a pool of regret. What was he even getting himself into? Why was he doing this? To test out some kinks?

He was such a pervert.

With a frustrated groan, he rolled on his side and stared at his phone on the coffee table, knowing that he’d either be ghosted or that he’d get a response he wasn’t looking for. Neither of which he liked. He just hoped that he wouldn’t be making a fool of-

His phone buzzed and he shot up.

It had been about a minute or two since he’d sent that message.

Damn, the man was quick.

Snatching up the phone, he almost dropped it when he saw the picture that he’d been sent. It was test results, something Iruka knew well by now and they clearly showed a date, a name, the words ‘negative’ and a peace sign by familiar fingers.

This guy. Iruka was going to kiss him so hard, hug the very life out of that tall body and do so many dirty things to him… Well, technically, it would be the other way around and Iruka was so, so excited now.

'How about you?' Kakashi asked.

A fair question, one that Iruka scrambled to answer. Hurrying through his important papers, he slid out the beautiful confirmation papers he'd gotten a few weeks ago and eagerly sent a picture back, peace sign and all.


"You're perfect," Iruka sighed to himself, grinning and giddy like this was his first crush but instead of imagining them holding hands and their first kiss, Iruka's mind was travelling down a familiarly charged path.

His fingers started tingling again, numb from just the thought of what they'd get up to. And tomorrow, they'd actually talk about what they wanted and liked. He wondered what kinds of things Kakashi liked. Was he into bondage? There was so many things they could try. Maybe he leaned more towards the s&m side of things. Iruka didn't even know how he felt about some of those things but he was thrilled to at least try.

He just hoped they were sexually compatible. After all, Iruka had suggested that the day end in a less verbal way. Just the possibility had his legs jittering as he made his way to his room. Damn, he was getting so nervous that his feelings were all over the place.

But it was as he crossed the threshold into his room that he paused. Even though his chest was still seized in excitement, the sight of his bed made him hesitate with all the memories of the last year. He remembered the last person who he’d let into here. He didn’t want to think about it but it was something he had to face and let go. There had been good times and bad. Most of them had taken place in this room, the good usually happening before sex and then the bad after.

Before the guilt could take over and ruin his night, he pushed into the room and threw himself onto his mattress.

Whatever happened back then was over and done with. This room was his own and his alone. It was up to him to decide who he brought in here and who he let stay. He just didn’t want a repeat of the last time. He at least had hope that Kakashi was different. That man seemed to be everything Iruka was looking for and he wanted this to work out.

He was drawn back to the Instagram story, watching Kakashi talk with his friend. Then that moment came again, the one where Kakashi huffed through a smile. He seemed to be thinking of something nice, something that made him happy, excited. And Iruka let himself hope and dream that it was because of him. It was an easy assumption to make, they had just parted a few hours ago and the story had been posted about an hour after they left.

Warm, rolling thrills ran up his legs all the way through him until his chest and stomach were buzzing impulsively. He had to put away the idea that was going to get anything done tonight. Just the thought of Kakashi had him completely distracted and burning from the inside out. The fact that they were going to talk about their bedroom preferences tomorrow had him instantly wishing the day would come sooner. Just the thought of those long fingers touching his skin were enough to have wound so tight that he couldn’t take it anymore.

What did he look like without the suit jacket? Without that tie? Iruka wanted to mess up that hair and coax him out of that white shirt, find out what he looked like with no clothes on at all. What did his arms look like? Was he strong? Able to lift Iruka up without an issue? Oh, that was an idea. And what would he do if Iruka wanted to tease and touch right back? Bite on that slim neck? And if he didn’t like that? Of course, he’d have to punish Iruka in some way.

Sitting up out of bed, Iruka realised for the second time that week that he didn’t remember falling asleep. It was suddenly morning and he was faced with the grim reminder that he was teaching literal babies today. He didn’t think he was going to survive.

Calm down, Iruka. Clean thoughts. He willed himself back to the sweet, innocent teacher that parents could trust their kids to be around and repressed any urges to think about who he was inevitably meeting tonight. He had to try very hard to not think about where they would end up even though he spent that whole morning cleaning his apartment from head to toe. He even dusted behind the stove. He couldn’t cook to save his life but at least he could clean.

Around noon though, he got a text from Kakashi.

‘Sorry that this is so last minute but could we meet at about seven tonight instead of six?’

‘No problem, see you at seven.” Iruka had debated putting an emoji but he refrained. He had to play this cool even though he was sorely disappointed that he had to wait so long. He was already excited as is and it would be hours before the parents came to pick up their kids.

Somehow, he made it through the day riding on annoyance and a swift kick to the shin he got from one of the more energetic kids. He was finally sending them all home with their backpacks and one of them with a strongly worded note in their agenda to a certain kid’s parents. It was as he was putting his own things away, he had a realisation.

A seven o’clock date meant that it was more of a late-night kind of date. That meant that it would be dark by the time they were done talking, it would be dark out. Perfect time for tension between them. Which meant that they would probably both be on the same page when Iruka asked if Kakashi wanted to walk him home. Which meant that they were on the quickest path to falling into bed with each other.

And Iruka was a hundred percent okay with that.

He just had to deal with the problem at hand.

How was he going to deal with the raging hard on he was suddenly struck with?

Well, if you’re Iruka Umino and you have a reputation as being the best and scariest teacher in the school, you think of the kids and it all disappears. Step two is quickly hurry home to hide yourself away where you can think of that sexy, wonderful man you’ll be meeting tonight who will hopefully ram you so hard you see stars. Then you guiltily wonder if maybe you’re just a little repressed.

That was all going to change that night though. He was on a new path of self discovery and he was excited. He just hoped Kakashi wasn’t into anything that was too weird. Iruka wasn’t exactly into blood play or scat. That’s where he drew the line. Technically, he wasn’t that picky. Was he?

He fidgeted with his sweater and wondered if he looked too much like a teacher. Maybe Kakashi was into that though. Either way, Iruka just wanted to be comfortable and this sweater was cute and comfortable. Double whammy.

He just hoped that he wouldn’t embarrass himself. Although, he wouldn’t mind Kakashi noticing his eagerness and just taking care of him within the stacks.

Wow, sometimes he managed to impress himself by how desperate he sounded.

Iruka just hoped that this wasn’t a fling. He hoped that he wouldn’t suddenly be uninterested in going forward with this relationship after they had sex. There was a part of him that was screaming for fun but he couldn’t tell what kind. Was it just plain vanilla fun or the kind of fun that he had always been too shy to ask for before?

He just had to be more careful than last time. As he waited, he realised that he might be running into something too quickly. They’d barely met. Maybe Kakashi was really just a serial killer. That would just be the cherry on top of this horrible cake that was his dating life.

He would slow his roll a little. Try not to get so entranced by the beautiful man who he was meeting. Even though it would be a challenge, he’d keep his guard up. He’d be coy but polite and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

When six finally rolled around, he’s been ready for a while and was too antsy to stay inside. He went out to find food and ate while wondering to himself if this was a good decision. Maybe it was just nerves. It felt like he was going for a job interview but he had to remind himself of their conversation last night. He felt like they’d clicked. There was something there. It was exciting to get to figure out what that was. Regardless if they were both on the same page or not, he was glad that he’d met the man.

The walk to their spot had been slow but he still managed to show up thirty minutes in advance. After ordering a drink, he found himself in the kids’ section looking for books that the kids might like him to read them. Restraining from buying anything, he somehow ended up taking pictures of some that he would have to ask their school librarian to buy next week.

“Hey,” Iruka snapped his head up from the book in his lap to find Kakashi holding back a smile, surrounded by the rainbow of the children’s section. He finally chuckled, “Sorry, I’m late.”

He was in a dark suit again, tie a rich cobalt and his hair just as perfectly windswept as the last time they met.

“No, it’s fine. I just got… distracted,” Iruka tried to pull himself gracefully out of the small, plastic chair to Kakashi’s still amused smile.

“Find anything interesting?” Kakashi asked behind Iruka as they made their way back to their table in the coffee shop.

“Kind of. I mean, we can never have enough books at school so,” He shrugged, leading the way before he could get distracted but feeling Kakashi following closely behind him.

Again, they slid into the same seats from the night before. They were sitting right across from each other again, right back where they started and Iruka reminded himself that the other man was just that; another man.

Albeit, another man who he would probably be doing very adult things with in the next few hours but that was beside the point.

“Before anything,” Iruka quickly began, biting his lip in earnest. “I want to say thank you for clarifying last night.”

“My pleasure,” Kakashi’s lip quirked at the edge and he chuckled to himself as he reached back into his bag. “In fact, I brought it just in case you wanted to see it in person.”

Iruka couldn’t feel his face anymore as he watched Kakashi straighten back up with an envelope in hand, handing it over. Just like the papers he’d seen last night and just like his own, Iruka could help but grin as he handed it back, “Sorry, I just… Had a bad experience with my last partner and I want to avoid anything like that.”

“No, I understand.” Kakashi nodded, studying Iruka’s face in a way that only made Iruka burn brighter. As he took the envelope back, he said, “It’s scary what’s going around out there. Can’t be too careful.”

“Exactly,” Iruka agreed and felt a shift in their conversation and the air between them as his anxiety pulled away. Goosebumps ran up his arms and he had to take a deep breath to himself before Kakashi could see but that didn’t help much. As soon as he saw the older man’s face, he felt like his mind had gone numb.

He hadn’t seen this smile yet. This was new, different in a good way but also in a very bad way because it was like a switch to Iruka’s nerves and heart rate. Dark eyes were studying again but not like before with that amusement. This was curious and predatory. It felt like he was watching food being prepared right in front of his eyes and Iruka was the main course.

Kakashi again came back up, elbows coming to rest on the table as he leaned onto his palm. Then his lips quirked up again in a faint smirk as he asked in a shiver-inducing hush, “So, Iruka Umino, what’s on your mind?”

Chapter Text

Kakashi didn’t really need to ask that question. It felt like he could read Iruka’s mind and see all the terribly erotic things flowing through his mind. This was just a formality.

Technically, it was. They both knew what they wanted but not specifically. Iruka just had to break the ice.

“What’s on my mind?” Iruka repeated and pretended to think for a second. “Well, I was thinking about sports but I’m open to suggestions.”

The smile on Kakashi’s face grew, eyes narrowing skeptically. “Oh, sports, huh?”

“Yes, I just love the way they do things with all those sticks, you know?” Iruka joked and Kakashi finally chuckled, leaning back into his seat. Incidentally, his long legs brushed into Iruka’s and didn’t move away.

“You’re funny but don’t quit your day job.” Kakashi kept that smile up, his knee rubbing against the outside of Iruka’s.

“Thanks.” Spurred on by the touch, Iruka admitted, “Well, I was wondering about you and how you got into this and all that stuff.”

A little surprised, Kakashi hummed, “Well, I’ve been doing this for a few years.”

“Not ten years?”

“No, not ten years. Like, four.” Kakashi smiled and shrugged. “I just sort of fell into it. I had a partner who was really into it and we tried a few things together. Perfectionist I am, I started going to classes, reading about everything I could and one day I found that the person I was with didn’t want those things anymore.”

“Was it just the one person? Iruka asked curiously and Kakashi shook his head.

“No, I’ve had a few others but we never clicked.” Kakashi looked up at him. “Which is why I want to know what you want. And I’ll tell you what I want. And maybe we find a middle together or we don’t.”

"Okay. So, are we talking specifically or just in general?"

"How about we start with general," Kakashi chuckled.

"Okay," Iruka hid the nervous beating of his heart with a smile and breaking the intense eye contact. "Well, I don't really have a lot of experience in some of the heavier stuff but I know that I want someone who can help me ease into that stuff. Someone I can trust."

"Of course."

"I mean, that's in general."

"In general," Kakashi echoed and nodded thoughtfully, gaze seemingly lost in thought. "If you're looking for more… Training, we can always do that."

Then his eyes flicked up to catch themselves in Iruka's as they started to drift off too at the idea. Just the word had Iruka burning from his fingers to his toes. It implied everything they would get up to from the softer, easier stuff all the way to things Iruka couldn't even dream of. And all of it with the man sitting across from him who was waiting for a response with all his attention.

There was a serious, grounded way to the way he was acting along with all the flirting and Iruka felt safer than he had in months.

"That sounds like fun," He answered truthfully and hoped that the promising smile he brought out of the other man was more than just a lure. He felt like this would work out and he was so excited to talk about everything. The way Kakashi's knee was brushing up against his leg was agreeing with his every word and he wanted to know all this man's secrets.

What did he like? What made him happy? What was an instant turn on?

He had to hold himself back from asking all of them at once, caught between wanting to know and the fire sparking in his lower chest. He'd know soon enough if everything kept going like this. And that thought pushed away the last straw of doubt. He didn't care anymore about all the insecurities he'd carried with him like luggage. He didn't need them right now. He just wanted to have fun with the man who was smiling so temptingly at him.

The simple, secretive physical contact under the table was becoming maddening. He was hyper aware of Kakashi leaning in closer and saying, "Of course, that depends on if we've got chemistry or not."

"Well, I was never good at science," Iruka was hyper aware of Kakashi's suggestion and the way he was slowly drawing circles with his knee. As if he was trying to get Iruka to slip up as he spoke, "But I hear there's something called experimentation. You know, if this, then that."

Kakashi chuckled low with that playful smile dancing across his face again, "I think that's called a hypothesis."

"Yes, a hypothesis."

"And what's your hypothesis?"

It was a challenge, a bet that Iruka was more than excited to take. "How about… If you come to my place and we have so much fun that you only leave in the morning, then we proceed.”

Maybe it was his matter-of-fact tone or the way he smiled like a happy puppy but Kakashi smiled back, making that sweet birthmark move and Iruka’s whole torso catch literal fire.

“Well, then,” Kakashi muttered across the small distance between them. “Why don’t we go experiment?”

And then he winked like a damn dream. He stood and the string that tied him to Iruka pulled the eager teacher to his feet. Coats on, Iruka led the way out of the coffee shop with Kakashi right on his heels. It didn’t matter anymore that outside had gotten colder. Iruka was hot enough to burn the whole city down especially with the man walking next to him.

They were definitely walking quicker than everyone else but no one else was the wiser about what they were going to do. Iruka could help but scoff and felt Kakashi nudge him playfully. When he went to knock him back, he somehow found his hand full. Kakashi’s was cold and dry but holding his steadily, a promise for what was to come. It grounded him in the present but he still couldn’t help but walk faster.

“It’s up there,” Iruka motioned up the high set of stairs across the street.

As they crossed, Kakashi huffed, “How do you not break your neck in the winter?”

Iruka grinned and shrugged, “You’re looking at a part-time daredevil.”

"Well, I am not that brave," Kakashi pointedly let go of Iruka's hand and planted his hand firmly on the steep staircase.

Iruka couldn't help his bark of laughter before eagerly hopping up the way. As he pulled out his keys and fumbled for the right one, he faintly heard Kakashi's careful steps up. He still almost jumped when hot breath grazed his exposed neck that had been freezing.

He did really jump when he felt hands grip his hips through his coat though.

The warm chuckle behind him felt like it was right next to his ear as he managed to jam the right key into then lock. As nice as it was to feel hands on him, the coat really wasn't doing those hands any justice. He easily turned to face the other man whose cheeks were pinked from the cold. Hands dragged along Iruka's waist with the movement, sliding easily into his open coat and the warmth of his waist.

With his sweater the only thing keeping their skin from touching, it felt like he was jittering from excitement instead of cold.

Kakashi smirked through his heavy breaths, the streetlamp behind him outlining his shimmering hair and making it look like he was the pot of gold Iruka had been looking for. He didn't even realise when his hands slid up the bridge of Kakashi's arms. It was only when he'd stepped into the other man's space that he realised what he wanted to do. The only hesitation was from wanting to look at the beautiful man on his doorstep. Breaths white hot between them, he reached up to pull Kakashi down without any resistance and pressed their mouths together slowly, hands pressing them together tightly.

Heart in his head, Iruka only had a moment to breathe and come back to consciousness as Kakashi in turn connected their lips again in a way that took both their breaths away even more. A hum resonated through both their chests as if they'd both happily agreed about each other's taste and tongue. The slow and languid pace changed very quickly though when Kakashi's hands found their way passed his tucked sweater because his hands were cold, "Oh, that's cold!"

Even through Iruka's gasp, those chilled hands kept swirling circles and massaging skin as if trying to conjure heat and Iruka couldn't help but try to pull back, asking, "God, are your hands always this cold?"

"Well, maybe my blood is circulating elsewhere," Kakashi distractingly bit his lip and Iruka lost himself again when the hands on his hips pressed them together, letting Iruka know just how true that statement was. If it hadn't been for their clothes, he would've been able to feel more than just his tight pants pressed against Kakashi's hip and the same hardness against his own. Soon, there wouldn't be anything between them and that thought had Iruka tugging Kakashi's willing mouth back to his for one last hurried kiss before anxiously unlocking his door.

They'd only barely gotten through the door when they were pulled together again like magnets against the wall. Hips pressing together languidly and mouths exploring each other to the last breath, Iruka couldn't tell who was making what noise but everything just spurred him on further. His hands searched to rid Kakashi of his beautiful suit and coat. Getting it to slide off one shoulder was the hint Kakashi needed and he shrugged the rest off without breaking their slow kisses.

When there was no sound of clothes hitting the floor, a sound Iruka had been craving to hear, he couldn't help but open his eyes to find Kakashi's coat neatly hung up on the coat hooks that were just in reach.

That's when his surprise got the best of him and he pulled away, "Did you just- Ahn."

His words suddenly melted at the feeling of lips and hot air on his neck, hands sliding back under his sweater and making his whole body break out into shivers. Forgetting what he'd been about to say, his hands were already on a mission to get that annoying suit jacket off as fingers danced across his waist and a nose ran up his neck to his ear.

And then the slow hands slyly disappeared and Iruka watched as the jacket went to join the coat.

Caught between insulted and awe, Iruka huffed and Kakashi pulled his head back up with an innocent, "Hm?"

He seemed completely nonplussed and Iruka could hold back the heat in his chest anymore, eyes locked with Kakashi's as he said, pulling the other man even closer by the belt, "If you can hang a coat up, we're not doing this fast enough."

He started undoing the taller man's belt and pants as Kakashi tried to say, "Ah, sorry, it's just a habit…"

This time, Iruka wasn't the one whose words trailed off because he was too busy kissing Kakashi's bare neck and tugging down pants. Finally, he palmed Kakashi's warm bulge through his briefs and the other man groaned right into Iruka's ear, going straight to his own beating heat.

The slow, steady stroke of his hand on Kakashi's clothed length was what made everything move a thousand times faster.

"Room," Was all Iruka could hear as he was pulled off the wall. He didn't need any other indication, shedding his coat as he headed up the hall. But he first turned to the disheveled man following him, his cheeks flushed and his pants falling off his hips.

And Iruka smirked, holding out his coat and letting it drop very deliberately to the floor.

Kakashi looked from the coat to his smirk. Then he surged forward quickly, following Iruka's surprised yelp as he hurried to the bedroom.

Surprisingly, Iruka felt his arm caught in the doorway and was spun around right into Kakashi's locking arms, his gasp swallowed up by the other man's skilled mouth along with the groan that followed.

Even more surprising, the lips disappeared and Iruka didn't know what was going on until he was suddenly hoisted into the air.

There was no time for anything except the gasp of surprise as he fell with a bounce onto his own bed. Before he knew it, hands were on him, unbuttoning his jeans, tearing open his pants and boxers. Iruka suppressed a moan as his erection was freed by strong hands but even his hand couldn't stop it when he was engulfed.

His moan felt so loud even covered by his hand as the mouth sucking up his very soul pulled back up, slow and teasing. If he had looked down, he probably would've came right there but willed himself back even through the amazing sounds and numbing feeling. The only respite he got was when Kakashi pulled back up, husky whisper, "Lube?"

"Over there," Iruka whispered back as he pointed to his bedside table and while Kakashi moved away to search it, Iruka embarrassingly only realised then that he still had his shoes on. As he hurried to chuck them, he anxiously warned, "Um, just a heads up, remember when I told you that my last boyfriend was about half a year ago?"

He almost jumped when Kakashi stepped back between his legs, brow raised with a bottle of lube in one hand. Iruka suddenly was at a loss for words again as Kakashi pulled Iruka's pants off completely.

"I just… Might be rusty," Iruka felt his cheeks burning with the admission but Kakashi's chuckle went straight through his spine to the tip of his length. But a sweet kiss to his cheek had him looking up into Kakashi's calm, understanding face and his heart leapt

"Then let's change that," His words went straight to Iruka's chest, the soft smile so soothing above him as Kakashi leaned in to softly kiss him.

Cold fingers pressed into him at the same moment and he frowned at the feeling of being stretched and slicked up. It was odd to feel again after so long and he noticed how the cold was dissipating, replaced with warm, caring fingers that traced every inch of him.

Wanting to give back, Iruka once again found his hands on Kakashi's hips, this time pushing away those annoying pants and briefs so that he could touch too. Then he found what he'd been searching for, Kakashi's cock fitting into his hand with a hitch of both their breaths.

Feeling the smooth, heated skin in his hand, he couldn't stop the urge to massage the thick member in his hand. As the hand stretching him slid deeper and Kakashi groaned against his shoulder, Iruka came to the realisation that he'd never had a man that big inside him. Sure, he had toys that even bigger but this was a living, breathing, groaning man who wanted him and was soon going to be inside him, fucking his brains out.

"Kakashi," He hadn't meant to say it but when the other man kissed his neck at the call, Iruka intentionally said, "Please."

Pulling away, Iruka nervously watched Kakashi rip open a condom and slide it on with a one-handed efficiency that made Iruka's heart clench. That was around the same moment when another finger was pushed in, the others sliding in deeper and pressing into a spot that had Iruka's back arching. Covering up his gasp, everything fell away. A hand caught his wrist and laced with his fingers, the other pressing into the bed next to the sheets Iruka had unknowingly fisted.

The familiar feeling of someone pressing against his hole had him gripping onto anything for dear life, Kakashi's shirt tight in his free hand now.

Oh, so slowly and carefully, Kakashi's girth pressed into him and he almost came at the wonderfully full feeling. Toes curling and holding on tightly, Kakashi slid into him at a teasingly languid pace. Before Iruka could even savour the feeling of Kakashi's full length, the man was already pulling out.

When he whined, another kiss fell onto his cheek as it pressed into him again and again, slowly becoming quicker. The wet sound of skin slapping filled the room along with their pants and groans of pleasure.

And then Kakashi stopped, fully seated inside Iruka as he adjusted their position, moving one of Iruka's legs of his shoulder. But Iruka was too far gone to care about any other fact than Kakashi had annoyingly stopped. His hips rolled and Kakashi let out a low groan that only made Iruka move more, smirking cheekily even though he was in no position to.

"Brat," Kakashi huffed with an equally playful smile and watched Iruka's smirk bite down into a moan as he snapped his hips right into the spot that sent waves through Iruka's body, his moan only spurring Kakashi on. Again, he thrust in and set a bruisingly fast pace that had Iruka clinging for dear life to his back. The heaviness growing in his stomach as pleasure filled him even further.

"Kakashi," Was the only warning before everything came undone, back arching with his release as Kakashi set to moving even faster. With every thrust, Iruka couldn't help the keening that came from his mouth. Kakashi's breath hitched against his neck and he felt the cock inside him stop, pulsing hard and their breaths laboured together.

That feeling of pure bliss hung over both of them and Iruka couldn't help himself from turning his head to kiss the other man deeply.

"Mmmn," Kakashi hummed against his lips, brushing the hair out of Iruka's face when he pulled back.

Looking up at his serene smile, Iruka huffed, "What?"

"Your hair looks good down."

Before Iruka could say anything else, his mouth was caught again and he couldn't help but laugh into Kakashi's mouth.

Pulling away, Kakashi frowned down at him, Iruka’s laugh infectious and quirking his lips up. "What?"

"N-nothing," Iruka stuttered but Kakashi kept his steady stare even though his cheeks were so cute flushed, and his skin was slick with sweat. He admitted with his own cheeks burning the same colour, "I'm just… Really happy right now."

Taken aback, Kakashi pulled back a bit and the mood became a lot less playful but so much more sincere. Cupping Iruka's frozen face, Kakashi leaned in and carefully, lightly kissed him in a way that took his breath away more than anything else had that night.

And Iruka felt his heart flip in his chest.

This man was dangerous. He was horribly, terribly, beautifully dangerous because he felt real. He felt true. And Iruka couldn't tell where the hell this was going.

But he knew it wasn't going to be like anything he'd experienced before.

Chapter Text

Blinking against the light filtering into the room, Iruka blearily woke up in his own bed, head almost hanging off the edge and legs tangled in sheets. He didn't remember falling asleep. He especially didn't remember getting into this odd position to sleep.

He would have rolled over but his body was just so tired. It didn't want to move at all. Muscles were melted into puddles and he felt like molasses. God, did he feel good though. He hadn't felt this good in a really long time. Not since before him and Mizuki…

Iruka shot up.

Kakashi. Hot man who had very amazingly taken care of him last night in a less than pure way.

Iruka shivered at the memories on his skin and almost put on a dopey grin before he realised his bed was empty.

His bed was empty.

Kakashi wasn't there. The man was gone, left, outta there. Fear ran straight through him at the thought of disappointing Kakashi, those beautiful eyes cold to him.

"Shit," Iruka ran through the night before as he hurried from his room, wondering what he did wrong as he pulled on a shirt.

He hadn't said anything weird. He'd barely done anything other than move his hips and maybe give a blowjob. Had it been that bad? He hadn't thought that he was half bad. No one had ever told him he was. Shit, had they been lying to him? But Kakashi had made such beautiful sounds though… Even thinking about it had Iruka shivering as he stepped into the main area and froze.

All the fear and anxiety melted away again at the sight of the man lounging on his couch in only briefs. Looking like a relaxed marble statue, the man's pale legs stretched out across the couch, crossed at the ankle over the other side as he frowned down at his phone. No shirt and no shoes, he could still probably get service anywhere. Those boxers were a crime to all humanity though.

Kakashi paused from his sporadic typing and reading when he noticed Iruka's abrupt entrance. And Iruka promised to never doubt Kakashi ever again when the other man broke out into a warm smile.

"Hey," Iruka chuckled as he stepped over, Kakashi's gaze reeling him into reach.

"Hey," His hand moved to caress Iruka's side as the younger man impulsively kissed his forehead.

"What time is it?" Iruka hummed and Kakashi checked his phone, neither of them withdrawing for a moment. It was oddly sweet after what they’d done last night. Iruka then remembered what had happened to their clothes in the first round and ignored his burning cheeks.

"About two in the afternoon."

"Damn," Was all Iruka could say as he dropped onto the couch too, his tired legs draped across Kakashi's. He didn’t really care about boundaries anymore. "No wonder you're already up."

"I usually get up at five in the morning but I'm not surprised I slept in so much," Kakashi muttered as he went back to his phone, not minding the contact one bit.

"Whatcha doing?" Iruka finally asked, wondering briefly where his phone had been left. It was definitely between the front door and bedroom and bathroom. He didn't remember going to the kitchen but then again, he found that his memory was as foggy as his body was sore: pleasantly, annoyingly and surprising him at every turn.

"Work. A case I'm working on just got a bit complicated," Kakashi absentmindedly explained. "Same reason I was late last night."

That was true, they’d been working yesterday. They had met out in public before things got hot and heavy. Iruka half felt like it had been weeks since they'd been out of his apartment, more specifically his bedroom. Was his kitchen always this clean?

"Ah," Iruka nodded before wondering out loud, "So, speaking about last night and uh… This. Are you still down for going further?"

And then Kakashi looked up from his phone, closing it and giving Iruka his undivided attention as he sat up. Drawing his legs in, Iruka's fell into his lap and he let warm hands run up them as he intimately muttered, "Well, I'm not going to lie to you. Last night was good. Really good."

"Only good?" Iruka teased.

"Glorious," Kakashi corrected with a squeeze to Iruka's thigh and conspiratorial smirk.

"Oooh, glorious."

"Anyway," Kakashi dragged Iruka's chuckles back to reality. "I want to keep this going. Talk about what we like and we think we're like."

"True, didn't we say we were going to do that last night?" Iruka pointed out and they both grimaced.

"We got sidetracked."

"But we're talking about it now. So, technically we just took the scenic route to get here." Iruka's joke had Kakashi smiling for a moment before he got serious again.

"I guess this is where I ask if you'd like a contract or not."

"A contract?" Iruka asked. He’d read about them online, intrigued by the idea and was glad that Kakashi was bringing them up now. It was a very safe, reassuring step in this whole mind-boggling situation. Iruka could barely believe Kakashi was real.

"Yeah, one that goes over our terms of engagement, kinks, hard limits, soft limits, safe word. All that good stuff. That way we have some guidelines to follow." Kakashi waited expectantly for Iruka's response, fingers moving nervously against skin.

It was distracting but Iruka had already made up his mind. "I think a contract would be good. As long as you don't use your lawyer powers to screw me."

"Trust me, I'd just ask to screw you instead," This time, Iruka scoffed but Kakashi calmly explained, "It won't be anything super complicated or legally binding. If anything, you can always have it looked over by a third party if you like."

Iruka nodded in thought, "And what would be in it?"

"Well," Kakashi's eyes glazed over as he went into his own thoughts. "First, we would agree to respect each other's limits, both hard and soft ones. Agree to remember safe words and therefore respond to them as such. Then we'd have a list of every kink we can think of and give them a rating of preference. From love all the way to hard limit."

His voice drifted off, brows furrowed and he pulled out his phone. "Here, let me show you an example. You know what soft limits and hard limits are, right?"

Iruka nodded and a second later he was looking at a tabled list, one side for kink names and the other for ratings. There was a scale of one to five with five being 'love and willing to do for partner' to one being 'hate but willing to do for partner'. That was a thing? Hating something but willing to do it if that was the other person's turn on?

When he asked Kakashi about that, the other man shrugged. "Some people don't like something but are willing to put up with it for their partners. For example, say you loved bondage and I hated. I'd still be willing to do it so it’s not a soft limit or hard limit. Cross out any hard limits and soft limits get an ‘x’ through them."

"I get it," Iruka cut in before Kakashi could get on a roll. He smirked, "Wait, you don't like bondage?"

"That was just a hypothetical." Kakashi smirked smugly, "But since that's your homework for next week, I'm not telling you anything. Gotta keep your mind unbiased. This is yours and is solely based on you."

"What if I've never tried something?" Iruka eyed a few items on the list curiously. Electric play?

"Just put a question mark. This will mainly be a negotiation starter. Other than hard limits. Anything you cross out won't be touched ever," Kakashi assured and Iruka nodded happily.

"Have you ever had a sub who crossed out almost everything?" He asked, reading through the list a bit and Kakashi nodded to his surprise.

"I made things work for as long as I could."

"And then what?"

"Well, I'm here now. Aren't I?"

Iruka grinned at the pointed look Kakashi gave him, fingers swirling circles into his thigh comfortably. It was a very intimate gesture that assured Iruka that everything was going far better than he ever expected. He was kind of expecting at best someone who was way too flirty and acted all high and mighty. Kakashi was so far from that. He was sweet and straightforward but not in a way that was condescending and it was a breath of fresh air. Iruka knew all too well how to deal with someone sarcastic and full of sass like Mizuki but he liked how he didn’t have to try with Kakashi.

It felt like he was getting to be himself more than ever and it felt so good.

“So,” Iruka asked confidently, “What happens next week? We negotiate. Maybe Sign a contract?”

“Yup, but you said you wanted to try subbing for the first time so I’ll be making a schedule once I know what you like and don’t like.” As Kakashi spoke, Iruka eyed a few things on there that seemed particularly fun. Other things that he kind of wanted to try out. Others scared him.

“Oh, a training schedule? Will I get to see it?” There was so much they could do, so many things on this list sounded exciting. Ideas were starting to pop into his mind and he wondered how things would be with Kakashi.

He had no expectations or hints up until then. Unless you counted having sex a few times, then yes. Just nothing that really related to the next level they were heading for. Kakashi had been attentive and giving last night, something Iruka highly appreciated and wanted so much more of. On the other side of the scale, the idea of the man taking control and leading the both of them through this list was intriguing. And extremely arousing.

“No,” That teasing smirk hinted that there was so much more to this man. “I mean, I can give you a general outline but I want to keep the element of surprise. Nothing that you don’t consent to, of course.”

“I am entirely down for within-limit surprises,” Iruka replied.

“Perfect. So, that’s your homework. Looking up things you don’t know. Cross out your limits and point out ones you’ve never tried. You know what RACK is, right?” Iruka nodded, mind far away from everything being thrown at him. Kakashi was already on a roll though and he listened in haze as Kakashi kept going, saying, “We should probably have sex before too. Make sure we go into everything with clear minds. Especially since we’re focusing more on submission and domination.”

Iruka absentmindedly noted that Kakashi hadn’t talked this much during sex or even before. It was kind of cute to see the man getting comfortable around Iruka enough to go on about something he obviously cared about a lot. And it was comforting to know Kakashi was so invested and committed to this, as excited even as Iruka was. He could probably listen to the man talk all day, husky voice tickling his nerves. The way it was rumbling through their legs in that moment.

He couldn’t wait to start now, wondering what kind of dominant Kakashi would be. He didn’t even know if there was such a thing as dominant types but it seemed right that Kakashi wasn’t just any old ‘spank them and bake them at three-fifty’ kind of dominant Iruka was used to reading and watching. And he really liked it.

Although he wouldn’t mind being spanked. Or held down again. Or tied down. Or blindfolded. Or…

God, he couldn’t stop thinking about everything they would get up to. And those were just the basics.

No wonder Kakashi suggested sex first. Damn, this man was a genius.

Oh, he was still talking.

“If we find something you want to try that isn’t on the list you print, don’t be afraid to add it and I’ll add it to mine too. Also, we should bring copies so we can trade them…” Kakashi finally trailed off probably from the fact that Iruka wasn’t staring off in half-minded interest anymore. He was fully conscious unlike most of his colleagues when he was giving a presentation. Beautiful autumn eyes were curling into his mind and he knew exactly where Iruka’s mind was.

“I’ll bring copies,” Iruka said reassuringly, demonstrating that he’d been listening and successfully fluffing the other man’s ego.

“Good. I want to know exactly what you want.” Kakashi said slowly as his hand ran up Iruka’s thigh suggestively. “So that I can play with you.”

Seductive implications sinking in deep, Iruka’s whole body sang at the idea of being toyed with. If anyone could wrangle his sass and sarcasm, it was Kakashi. Molded into Kakashi’s ideal sub. Used.

There was a long, heavy silence between them for a second as eyes challenged each other.

Iruka darted onto Kakashi’s lap just as the other man pulled him in to crush their mouths together, kisses eager and bodies craving for even more.

Chapter Text

The long, terrible week of waiting had been torture.

Iruka held onto the counter as best as he could with shaking hands. Kakashi gripped his hips harder and quickened the pace. It didn't take much. Iruka had been thinking about Kakashi all week, missing him even though they’d been messaging each other nonstop. It was surprising to find out that Kakashi was an emoji user.

“Kakashi,” He couldn’t help but moan, so close and desperate for more.

A hand suddenly wrapped around his aching length and he bucked into it, wordless in his noises. Every fiber of himself was trembling and he fell so easily over the edge, barely hearing Kakashi’s groan behind him when he was pulled over too.

“You’re a genius,” Iruka said through pants and Kakashi hummed happily into his ear, hands roaming under Iruka’s shirt happily.

“Only sometimes,” Kakashi said, finally pulling himself away with a happy hum that Iruka echoed.

“I guess we should get to… Negotiating,” Iruka huffed as he turned to face the man who was so beautifully standing in his kitchen with his pants hanging low and his hair messier than usual. Pink from their quick and kind of rough fun, Kakashi nodded at Iruka’s words. His hands moved to lean on the counter, trapping Iruka as though he was going to try and run away.

“We could start,” There was a devious glimmer in his eyes that took Iruka’s breath away. It felt like forever since they’d last seen each other and Iruka knew exactly what Kakashi was thinking before he said, “Or… We could-”

Cut off by Iruka’s lips, Kakashi chuckled into the kiss but things quickly dissolved again.

All week, Iruka had spent his free time looking up all the weird, kinky stuff on the list he’d printed and had carefully laid out on his desk at home. It was easy to figure out his hard limits, things he never wanted to try in a million years. The difficult part was the stuff he didn’t know or wasn’t sure about. He hadn’t done a quarter of those things in real life. How was he supposed to know if he was into anal fisting? Or nipple clamps? Or even whips? He barely knew what those things were until that week.

When he hadn’t been worrying over his own experience, he was thinking about all the things on that list that he either knew he liked or had fantasized about before.

And it all led back to the beautiful man who was willing and able to try those things. While researching, Iruka’s mind kept drifting back to their dream-like night together and found himself wanting that again, more and more. The list of kinks was the cherry on top.

Even during their third meeting now, Kakashi was already checking a box Iruka hadn’t known was there as Kakashi easily hoisted Iruka onto the counter as if it was nothing. His gasp of surprise only helped encourage wandering hands. Somehow, their clothes were on the floor and they were twined together again, groaning into each other’s mouths as Kakashi ground in slowly, savouring everything until they were sweating hard and panting.

Iruka had found the man’s weakness though. His hands gripped shoulders and everything they could until they slid up into soft hair and he felt Kakashi shiver all the way down to the tip of his member.

“Ruka,” Kakashi barely managed to say into Iruka’s ear before they fell back into bliss. And it didn’t go unnoticed.

“We should really get down to business,” Iruka finally muttered into Kakashi’s bare shoulder, the other man half leaning into him.

“We probably should,” Kakashi agreed, pulling reluctantly away with a yawn and stretching his long arms.

“Want some water?” Iruka asked through a yawn of his own as he slid off the counter. He was glad they’d both used condoms this time. He didn’t want to find another surprise mess like last time.

“Sure,” Kakashi said from the kitchen table where he was pulling out the papers they’d soon be reading and going over. He’d somehow managed to put his shirt back on though to Iruka’s disappointment. What a shame, hiding all that smooth skin and toned muscles. Iruka totally hadn’t been stalking his Instagram. Or Kakashi’s friend Gai’s. To be fair, Gai had great instructional videos and inspirational guides.

“Here’s the contract,” Kakashi said, handing Iruka a small stack of papers. “It’s got the same kink list I sent you so that we can copy things down while we negotiate.”

“Awesome,” Iruka grinned and he pulled over his own list he’d been working on and was proud to say felt right. “Want to look at mine?”

Kakashi’s face lit up as they traded the contract and list. “Yes, please.”

The contract was fairly simple; a few lines explaining the roles they were agreeing to, that Kakashi could punish Iruka within limitations, that they would respect each other’s boundaries according to the attached list and other things that surprised Iruka.

“No sleeping with other people?” Iruka was smiling as he said it, more amused than anything.

Kakashi looked up and nodded faintly, unsure as he explained, “Yeah, well… I’d rather stay clean and you said that it was really important to you last week.”

“It is,” Iruka couldn’t hide his own smile at the fact that Kakashi had paid attention to what he’d said.

“Unless, of course, we want to partake in a threesome or moresome,” Kakashi grinned as he read from Iruka’s list and they broke out into excited laughter when Iruka didn’t say anything to deny it.

Instead, he pulled out a pen and asked, “Anyway, are there any safe words you like? I mean, might be easier for you to remember you favourite than a whole new one.”

“I don’t know. I don’t really have a preference. Something simple maybe?” Kakashi thought for a second and suggested, “How about we go with something easy like yellow and red?”

“Like in driving,” Iruka hummed to himself and Kakashi chuckled.

“Exactly like that.”

Then came the lists. The thing Iruka had been thinking of all week.

And it was so freaking boring.

For each item, they went through and talked about whether or not they wanted to dabble into it and level of preference. For most things though, Iruka could only put 'curious' and Kakashi assured him that they could always modify the contract at any time once they tried things out. By about ten kinks in, they'd come up with a system and started going a lot quicker when they realised that it had been an hour and they were nowhere near halfway.

So, sitting at Iruka's kitchen table, they listed the dirtiest, sexiest things with a boredom that Iruka only saved for taxes.

"Clothing Material: Sheer," Iruka read and quick shrugged. "Three."

"Same," Kakashi nodded as they transferred their ratings to the contract copy onto their respective columns. "Collars: private."

"Four,” Iruka said bravely.

“Five,” Kakashi looked up from his papers, both of them freezing for a second.

Iruka was ninety-nine percent sure it was in a flirtatious way but it jumped up to a hundred. As soon as they sat down, Kakashi had gone stone faced. He hadn’t shown any hint of emotion at anything even as he gave almost every type of bondage a five. This had been the first time they had taken any pause in their roll and Kakashi’s hard exterior finally cracked. His lips twitched up, automatically going back to that cute smile Iruka was used to but just as quickly pursing his lips and looking away. He coughed, “Cool.”

“So, anyway,” Iruka bit down on his own smile and tried not to laugh too much. “We’re only at collars. Collars with a C.”

“Yeah,” Kakashi embarrassingly rubbed his neck. “I guess I made this a little too convoluted. We probably could’ve made a Google Doc or something.”

“Is this how you made contracts with your other subs?”

Kakashi nodded, flipping over to the next page. “Took a while back then too but we didn’t have this much on them before. It was more along the lines of they bring me their one-page list of things they are interested in at all and I assume the rest are limits.”

“Really?” Iruka asked in surprise and Kakashi shrugged.

“Yeah, I mean. You’re the first person I’ve met who’s been willing to make a full contract.” Kakashi suddenly frowned. “You know, you’re allowed to ask for things, right? Or ask specifically to not do something, right?”

“I know,” Iruka defended but he thought about it. “Well, like, I’m down for almost anything that doesn’t involve…”

He flipped a few pages back. “Well, definitely not brown showers. Or the golden kind. I’m good with the normal water showers before those are fun. Except the slipping aspect.”

Kakashi's laugh bolstered Iruka's confidence and he brought up something he'd been thinking about all week. "I've got an idea."

"Oh?" Kakashi asked.

"I found this app. I don't know if you'd be down for it but it's basically this list but in an app. It might not have everything but we can add stuff. We can even link our accounts so that we’ll always be on the same page." He took a nervous breath, wondering if he'd said something wrong for a second when Kakashi made no movement, face slack and unreadable.

It was only after a tense pause that Kakashi smiled, "I'm down to try."

But his eyes stayed on Iruka, studying him when he wasn't looking down at his phone. Iruka couldn’t put a finger on why but he didn’t ask.

Instead, they filled out their own lists together. They even added few things from their old lists that wasn’t on the app. It went so smoothly, Iruka didn’t even realise how they’d started talking or when. Somehow, they were chatting as if their topic of conversation wasn’t sexual.

“I’m not really into that,” Kakashi shook his head and looked disgusted as Iruka chuckled.

“God, that’s something I don’t get all. I mean, who would want their butt to burn?” They were talking about figging, something Iruka had only learned the night before. Apparently peeling ginger and putting it into someone’s holes was a fun time for some people.

“Well,” Kakashi looked thoughtful. “I think it’s because it’s a slow burn. Good for punishment. I can think of so many better ones though.”

“Huh,” Iruka huffed as he watched Kakashi’s mind at work, knowing that their imaginations were probably going in the same direction. Better punishments, huh? Like, what? What was going on in that calculating mind across from Iruka? They were definitely on the same page, thinking back to the things they’d done not too long ago on his kitchen counter and everything else they could do in the future. And everywhere else they could do it.

Kakashi blinked them both back into reality but not back to their conversation, instead they were stuck staring at each other with their minds on the same track. There was only a foot or two between them and their phones. Nothing was stopping them and Iruka wanted to kiss him again, just a taste. A little peck to his cheek even. Iruka just wanted to touch him. It was a burning in his bones that he couldn’t get rid of.

No, he had to concentrate. There were still thing they had to talk about.

“Also, I won’t call you daddy so… Please don’t ever hope for that.” He said boldly. Kakashi blinked at him in surprise this time. Then he scoffed.

“Sure, I can definitely not hope for that.”

“Good. And please. Nothing that makes you or me like kids or parents.” Iruka pleaded, remembering a horrible night he’d had the last time someone had wanted that. “That just makes me think of my kids and, god, that would not be anywhere near fun.”

Taking a pen, Kakashi pulled their contract back in and started to write as Iruka spoke. “No problem.”

“And nothing that endangers our careers please. I will never do anything dirty on school grounds or within a hundred-foot radius.” Iruka had to be stern about this. Mizuki hadn’t understood how serious he’d been but Kakashi nodded and wrote some more.

“Ditto for my office,” Kakashi noted out loud and Iruka could respect that, nodding even though he wondered what the inside of a firm looked like.

“Like, we can’t get caught doing anything kinky in public.”

“No getting caught,” Kakashi echoed. Which didn’t mean nothing in public. They’d both agreed to public fun.

Gears turning in their heads, Iruka wondered if they’d ever get to that and when because that sounded hot as fuck. In combination with all the other things they’d ticked off, there were endless possibilities. The things they could do kept swirling in his head and he looked up to find Kakashi sucking in a deep breath.

He looked up at Iruka again, sending a shiver up his spine.

“Is there anything else you can think of?” Kakashi asked slowly, another question sitting on the surface and Iruka knew what he was really asking.

“Nothing right now.” He was too busy remembering what Kakashi looked like with his shirt off.

“Well, you can always add to the list at any time. Or change it.” Kakashi’s words were trailing off again along with his thoughts.

Iruka bit his lip. “Is there anything else we should add to the contract?”

“I can’t think of anything right now,” Kakashi admitted as he slowly sat up in his chair, sliding to the edge.

“What if there’s something we missed?” Iruka’s body was tingling again, eager to respond to Kakashi’s even as his mind wondered about the contract and having everything in it.

“Then we can add it.” Kakashi’s lips quirked up in a seductive smile that pulled Iruka in further.

“And if we need to change something?” Iruka admitted to himself that he was just teasing at this point.

“Iruka,” The way Kakashi said his name all huskily was shiver-inducing. “Remember what I said about going into this with clear minds?”

“Yeah?” They were both breathless, leaning into each other.

“I don’t think we’re clear anymore.” Kakashi admitted.

About an hour later, they were lounging on the couch as something played on the television, fingers dancing across skin languidly.

They hadn’t finished negotiations yet but they weren’t worried. They had signed what they had and could add whatever they wanted whenever. It was a relief to have it signed and have something solid between them.

Because that meant the real fun could start.

Chapter Text

‘I added the stuff we talked about the other night to the doc :)'

‘Awesome! I’ll read it when I get home.’

They had taken pictures of their signatures and copied them to the Google Doc Kakashi had made. They'd even gone over how to look at the history of the document for both their safety and agreed to only use the suggestion function which made Kakashi feel a lot more comfortable since they'd get email notifications if someone suggested a change.

It was all so technical.

Iruka was getting nervous by it all. He couldn't put a finger on why though. It just all felt so… Heavy. Like he was getting into something big.

It was probably just his nerves. All the anticipation had him worried for nothing.

That didn't stop him from checking his phone every moment he was alone though. Not that there were many of those moments, but recess and lunch were good times.

"I bet Mister Iruka wouldn't be happy to hear what you called her," Those words echoing from the hall caught Iruka's attention and he hurried out of the bathroom to take care of whatever was happening outside.

Well known for being a tough teacher, Iruka could calm a chaotic class in seconds with only a stern look. It was a skill he'd developed over the years after being steamrolled in his first few months of teaching. He'd spent a whole summer practicing the most blank, unamused face he could manage with the help of his friends. He knew he'd perfected it when even stoic Ibiki visibly shivered.

The key was to not show doubt or fear.

"There he is now," Kotetsu patted a small, familiar head, his smile hopeful despite both little girls' frowns.

"Mister! Ino called my forehead big!" Sakura cried, her face red from hurt and embarrassment.

"I'm not wrong!" Ino quickly defended.

Iruka nodded to Kotestu who hurried back to his class before calmly turning back to Sakura and Ino. They had been fighting since the school year started. He'd done everything to keep them apart but they insisted on being stuck at the hip.

It was time to teach. He bent down and calmly asked, "Sakura, what did you feel when Ino said that?"

"Hurt," She immediately said, tears starting to form and Ino seemed to come to attention.

"But it's true!"

Iruka calmly explained, "Ino, imagine if Sakura said something that made you hurt too. That wouldn't feel very nice, would it?"

"No…" Ino meekly replied.

After some negotiations, he got Ino to say she was sorry for hurting her friend. He asked them what they could each do better so that this didn't happen again and he thought of Kakashi. It was just for a moment before he pushed the thought away but the thought of the other man brought a calm.

He quickly pushed that away and let the girls run loose in the yard after their talk. The bell rang and they all filed back into the school for the last bit of learning. It was only after that, after he'd seen kids onto buses or off to daycare, he finally dropped into his chair and let out all his frustrations with a giant sigh.

At least this day made some sort of sense. Most days, his kids did things without rhyme or reason. Well, to adult minds, it made no sense but Iruka had spent so much time with them that he had learned how to understand them.

They were simple and easy. Predictable.

And it was a great distraction from what was coming up at the end of the week.

Kakashi was reliable, sure. Yes, he was super chill and made sense.

But he wasn't a kindergartner. He wasn't simple. He was smart and knowledgeable and Iruka couldn't tell what he was thinking half the time. Like, Iruka knew for a fact that he wore his heart on his sleeve but Kakashi was the polar opposite. Sure, he reacted to Iruka. He smiled that sweet smile and listened like Iruka was a TED Talk speaker.

But that was it. There was only another Kakashi Mode that gave nothing away: in-brain. Also known as ‘don’t even bother talking to him because there’s a fifty-percent chance he’s too busy thinking.’

So, Iruka had no idea what the heck to expect. Of course, he knew to expect Kakashi to listen and be respectful to their contract but other than that? Nothing. They had a list of dozens of kinks but there wasn’t one Iruka could put a definite finger on and say was happening this weekend.

He was nervous to say the least. The week had flown by. He wasn’t worried. Just very, very anxious for what was to come that night. Everything had led up to this. Seven months after his last break up and he was getting into bdsm with a man he barely knew. He had to laugh at that.

He went home to his apartment with his mind deep in thought and distracted himself with cleaning and getting his place cleaner than he’d ever seen it.

They’d agreed to Kakashi coming over Friday night instead of the other way around. It was much more comforting to be in Iruka’s space instead of somewhere new. It felt safer, something he could control in all the mystery.

He ate something. Read through the changes in their contract. Drank water. Nervously paced around his apartment looking for things out of place and even adjusted the angle of his dining table chairs.

It was nerve-wracking. But exciting. He had no intention of backing down or calling it quits. He’d waited months for this and was going to go through with this.

Then the doorbell rang and he threw himself into the hall.

“Calm, calm,” He reminded himself as he smoothed his shirt.

“Hey,” Kakashi said when Iruka opened the door. For a moment, Iruka forgot all his worries at the beautiful sight. It was snowing outside, light and beautiful as it fell behind Kakashi, his hair shining brilliantly with the streetlights below. Kakashi smiled, looking back at the snow powdering the streets and homes. “First snow of the year.”

They stood like that for a few moments, watching the slow falling gracefully to the ground. The quiet air smoothing over Iruka’s anxieties back into excitement and reassuring him that this was going to be okay.

“Cold?” Iruka asked and Kakashi blinked back to reality, nodding as he followed Iruka’s lead. Iruka took his coat, hanging it up as Kakashi slid off his dress shoes that were already starting to drip. Iruka almost made a comment about soaked shoes but held himself back when he saw Kakashi’s suit.

He was apparently going straight for Iruka’s weakest points apparently because he wasn’t wearing the snazzy navy one or the dark grey one. Oh no, Kakashi was aiming for kneecaps because this suit was pure, powerful black. Against his white dress shirt, the man was definitely gorgeous as always but there was an edge to him now. He looked sharp, ready for anything. And it went straight through Iruka like lightning.

Oh, that black tie was hot.

Iruka had to clear his throat. “Would you like some water?”

Thankfully, his voice didn’t crack but then Kakashi straightened up and he didn’t trust himself to speak properly ever again when the tie was adjusted.

“No, thank you,” Kakashi said politely and Iruka quickly led them to the main room, taking that precious time to compose himself. This was fine. This is fine. Kakashi was just wearing a suit. As always. This is fine.

Without knowing what to do with himself or how to go about starting bdsm, Iruka stood at the kitchen table, hands finding a chair to hold onto. Kakashi stood his sweet time following, deliberate and slow in his steps.

“So, how do we start this?” Iruka asked into the empty space between them.

At first, Kakashi didn’t respond. With his back to Iruka, he quietly pulled off his suit jacket and folded onto one of the kitchen chairs slowly.

"Take a seat," Kakashi finally said as he rolled up his sleeves carefully, back still turned.

The air had changed. Kakashi felt different and Iruka could tell that their night had already started.

It hadn't been an order. More of a suggestion.

Iruka pulled out the chair closest and sat, taking a nervous breath as Kakashi moved. He paced slowly around the table, his features in shadows and indiscernible. Then he disappeared, steps passing behind Iruka in a way that meant business.

And then he stopped right behind Iruka's chair. His presence felt like a wave of heat, intense but calm. There was a saying that popped into Iruka's head at that moment. Some people demanded respect while others commanded it.

It wasn’t hard to figure out which of those Kakashi was when hands slid onto Iruka’s shoulders. They didn’t grip. They just sat there, sending chills through Iruka’s shoulders and chest.

“We start now,” Kakashi said into Iruka’s ear, his voice deep and husky. Iruka didn’t speak, swallowing instead. Hands moved up his shoulders, thumbs sliding up the back of Iruka’s neck. Kakashi’s breath tickled his ear. It wasn’t overpowering but it was commanding, telling all of Iruka’s blood to heat up. “I’m going to tell you what to do. And you’ll do what I say. Understood?”

Iruka took a deep breath, “Okay.”

A hand moved into his hair despite his ponytail, incidentally, feeling like his hair was being lightly pulled. A warning. Kakashi sternly asked, “Is that a yes?”

Despite his racing heart, Iruka replied, “Yes.”

The hand slid from his hair. “Good boy.”

Iruka couldn’t tell what was happening to his head next until his hair fell loose around his shoulders. Hands were back on his shoulders again, gliding up through his hair. There was warm breath against his ear again but it moved up until Kakashi’s nose pressed into his hair, humming deep in his throat. His next words had Iruka burning from the inside out.

“You may call me sir.” Kakashi was suddenly gone, fingers and heat as he took a step away. He stepped around the chair into sight. His face was blank, unshaken unlike Iruka. There wasn’t a single flicker of emotion. And that sparked a familiar feeling in Iruka’s chest. Annoyance. It was slight but there. Iruka already felt like a mess but Kakashi was completely unchanged.

“You’ll follow my orders until I say we’re done.” Kakashi stated plainly.

Iruka’s annoyance was the fuel to his words as he impishly asked with a small smirk, “Or else what?”

There was the tiniest of quirks to the edge of Kakashi’s lips for a brief second, a small victory that made Iruka feel like he had some sort of control. Then it was gone just a quickly. Kakashi stood an imposing step forward, shadowed by the light behind him as his knee pressed Iruka’s legs open.

Iruka didn’t have time to feel vulnerable. A hand was on his throat, holding but not squeezing as Kakashi tilted his head. He didn’t speak for a long time, analyzing the way Iruka’s cheeks were burning in excitement and how he didn’t meet Kakashi eyes. The hand tiled Iruka’s face to the side slowly, moving in dangerously close as he whispered, “You’ll see.”

It was a promise. It was the expectation that Iruka was going to fail. It was a dare.

And Iruka wasn’t one to pass up a dare.

Then Kakashi was gone, his back to Iruka as he adjusted his sleeves again.

“Bedroom,” He ordered.

Iruka stood on shaky legs. He didn’t hear Kakashi follow him and he stepped into his room alone. It gave him time to breathe, time to calm down again. But he was shaking. His whole body was jittering from head to toe and he couldn’t stop. He bit down a laugh and tried to control his grin. He was shaking with excitement.

All that power, that control, that steel gaze of authority felt so damn good on him and he couldn’t wait for Kakashi to just get in here and tell him what to do. And when he’d talked back? He could’ve came right there.

The only reason he didn’t was the promise of punishment. It was provocative. It was as if Kakashi was giving Iruka a challenge that he knew he would fail and Iruka couldn’t wait to find out what failing meant. Eventually, of course.

Steps coming from the hall alerted him and he quickly took a deep breath, shaking his hands in an attempt to calm down his nerves. Kakashi finally stepped into the room with a chair in hand. He set it down easily in the middle of the room, facing the bed.

He didn’t sit or tell Iruka to sit. Instead, he slid his hands into his pockets and turned to Iruka. “Take off your shirt.”

“Okay.” Iruka nodded. That was easy. He moved to take it off but Kakashi cut in before he could even get his arms up.


Iruka hesitated. Kakashi was watching him closely. As ordered, he pulled his shirt up and over his head, sliding his arms out of the sleeves. That was about the moment he realised how quiet it was in there with only the sound of his clothes coming off. He watched Kakashi cautiously as he let his shirt fall to the floor, wondering if this was what Kakashi wanted.

“Pants.” Kakashi instead ordered and Iruka knew that this was probably going to end with him embarrassingly naked.

His jeans slid off his hips and he couldn’t watch Kakashi anymore once they were on the floor and he stepped out. But Kakashi didn’t take his eyes away. He watched Iruka and took in every detail from the way Iruka’s hair fell down to how hard Iruka already was. It made Iruka feel awkward in his own skin, nervous for what Kakashi saw. He felt insecure about himself but Kakashi didn’t care.

“Underwear.” Kakashi simply blinked.

Reluctantly, Iruka thumbed the edge of his boxers, playing with the edge until he found his determination. But he didn’t pull them off slowly. He quickly pulled them down and stepped out of them, crossing his arms over his chest defensively as Kakashi’s eyes narrowed.

But he didn’t move. He didn’t say anything. He just watched keenly, staring Iruka down from across the room. Iruka shivered visibly.

Chapter Text

The silence stretched on and on. Only the sound of cars from the street could be heard and Iruka shifted uncomfortably. The air was starting to get cold on his naked skin and he was starting to regret his choice to disobey. It had been a small disobedience. It was more of Iruka wanting to get it over with, really.

Kakashi finally moved, gaze unflinching. He took a slow step forward. Then another. It was a deliberate stroll towards Iruka that sent his nerves up higher and higher with every inch. God, Kakashi was taking his good old time, studying Iruka like he was appraising him. He felt like a statue, unable to do anything.

The worst part wasn't the staring though or the open air. It was being unable to read the man who was staring right at him. There wasn't a hint of any emotion after that tiny smile earlier and it was driving him off the wall. What was Kakashi thinking? Was he angry? What was he planning?

Kakashi audibly hummed from behind Iruka and almost made him jump. He realised he was going to find everything out in the slowest way possible when a warm hand touched the back of his neck.

It slid a slow, careful line down his back until it cupped one of his cheeks, Iruka holding back heavy breaths. Unexpectedly, Kakashi's whole warm body pressed up against his back. It was the first touch that felt anywhere near sexual and Iruka's heart was beating so hard that it felt like all his extremities were pulsing from his fingers to the tip of his exposed length.

"I said slowly," Was Kakashi's reminder but it sounded more like a threat. His whole presence a haze of power behind him. It was heavy. It constricted his chest in a breathless way that wasn’t from complete fear. Yes, he there were thrills running through him but he wasn’t scared for his life. Just kind of scared for the next few minutes.

Then he was gone, his hand, his warmth. Iruka didn't dare turn around but he could hear Kakashi order from somewhere behind him, "Bed. Facedown."

Iruka didn't need to be told twice for that one.

He followed that instruction but snuck a glance over his shoulder as he did. Kakashi was facing away, looking out the window at the snow outside as he slowly undid his tie. The best part though was the smile. It was barely there, just a hint, but it assured Iruka that Kakashi was enjoying himself. It was a relief and Iruka laid down on his front with his excitement burning and his erection pulsing against the sheets.

He didn't really know what to do with his arms so he kept them against his sides. Footsteps moved towards the bed and Iruka could see Kakashi out of the corner of his eye, smile still there. The bed dipped around his thighs then hands were on him, sliding up the ticklish back of his legs and he had to hold back his usual laughter and squirming.

Those warm, amazing hands were on his ass again, massaging and squeezing and Iruka couldn't help but sigh. It was all so slow, teasing. It felt so good to finally be touched after all that waiting, especially with the way it was pressing him into the bed.

"Ten should be enough," Kakashi's voice cut in and Iruka was confused.

"Ten?" He asked just as a hand suddenly came down on his right cheek. He'd barely felt any pain, so surprised he couldn't tell if it had happened other than the warmth that pooled there. Then there was another. This time sharp and loud, echoing through the room. The fifth stung and the seventh did even more, leaving his skin feeling like it was on fire and he dreaded the Tenth for the brief second before it happened. He squeaked at that one.

Breathless, he couldn't help the giddy feeling bubbling up in his chest. The thrill had been so good and he was so painfully hard. So many emotions were swirling in his head. From fear to excitement to sadness to need, he couldn't settle on one.

So, he laughed. A giggle really. It was uncontrollable and he knew he'd probably done wrong by the way Kakashi was moving him but he couldn't stop it. He tried covering his mouth as Kakashi flipped him over but he couldn't stop.

Kakashi suddenly wrapped a hand around Iruka's aching member and the laughter immediately turned into a gasp. He moaned into his hand when Kakashi stroked him slowly.

"Since you enjoyed that punishment so much," Kakashi started, face blank again even as his hand moved in ways that were making Iruka jerk up. "You're going to finish in two minutes. I'll punish you even more if you don't."

"Two?" Iruka gasped, knowing that it was impossible.

But Kakashi's hand sped up, pulling a loud moan from his throat. It felt so good, finally being touched. But he couldn't finish in two minutes. That was insane. No matter how good this felt. He needed more than just one hand to do that, more than just two minutes. He needed more of Kakashi. Another hand, his mouth, his cock, anything more would get him there quicker. Something else from the man who was touching him and staring down, waiting and counting in his head.

Oddly enough, Iruka didn't want to disobey this time. But the odds were against him even if Kakashi's hand wasn't. The heavy feeling it brought between his hips was building quickly though. Iruka was panting through it all, holding on to the sheets by his head as if they would help him.

"Kakashi," He panted.

He wished that Kakashi would just save him the embarrassment. Do whatever he was planning. Anything that would end this pressure that was building so quickly. Iruka could take another spanking. More teasing touches. He wanted to go back to before when he was craving Kakashi's smile and body. He wanted more than just the hand jerking him off for sport. He knew how it felt to have Kakashi touch him and fuck him and he wanted that so badly. Those hands slicking him up. The feeling of Kakashi's tip pressing against his entrance. Kakashi inside him.

He came.

A harsh moan hit his ears and he realised it was himself. He was numb and confused for a second.  He couldn't quite grasp what was going on until feeling started to come back and he could feel the hand on him had slowed to a stop. He could hear his own rough breaths. His heart was racing so fast in his chest.

"You okay?" A soft, concerned voice asked in his ear and he realised it was Kakashi. He pulled back to see Iruka's face, his own frown showing concern and worry. And Iruka's heart leapt even more.

"I'm okay," Iruka said, catching his breath in that moment. Kakashi smiled at him, kissing Iruka's forehead briefly before moving away.

Iruka watched him stand and turn away.

He was adjusting his fallen sleeves again and Iruka was reminded of how nude he was and how his stomach was wet now.

The night didn't seem to be over and Iruka slowly sat up, arms in his lap to cover himself somewhat. Iruka didn't mind any of it though. He was embarrassed but oddly proud that he'd been able to follow that impossible order.

He felt so unsatisfied though. He was already warm again just by watching Kakashi's back and the curve of his rear through his dress pants. Thinking through a haze, he wondered what Kakashi had planned now. What would he ask of Iruka next? Iruka didn't think he could race to finish prematurely again.

Was it wrong to want just sex?

He could go for some sex, that would be nice. One order of that, please.

He didn't say that out loud, of course. That would've gotten him into more trouble.

"You've been good tonight," Kakashi's words brought him back to reality, realising that Kakashi had taken a seat in the chair facing the bed to watch him again. Eyes narrowed and leaning in on his knees, Kakashi asked, "Would you like a reward?"

Iruka flushed at the implications behind his words and tone. His secret power was reading Iruka's mind. Or maybe it was because he was still hard. "Yes."

"You'll have to help me first," Before Iruka could wonder, Kakashi leaned back in his chair. His hips were in just the right spot. There was enough space between his knees for someone to fit snuggly. A blatant invitation.

Iruka tried not to show how his mouth had automatically flooded. His brain tried to form words and he could only manage a half-baked, "Okay."

"Kneel," Kakashi ordered and Iruka didn't have to be told twice. It had been far too long since he'd done this. Well, about a week. But a very long week and Iruka was at the point where he was starting to lose self control and a bit of his mental stability.

As he knelt his bare knees on the hard floor and moved into Kakashi's space, a hand came up to cup his cheek firmly and move his gaze up. Kakashi was looking down at him, eyes soft but commanding as he muttered, "You're going to follow my words until I tell you to stop."

His thumb ran over Iruka's bottom lip slowly, just touching but that combined with Kakashi's eyes on him made for excited shivers. Anyone else, he would have laughed at those words. But there was no scorn here. He genuinely wanted to be ordered around by Kakashi and actually obey now. Maybe it was just his yearning taste buds or the need to be touched more that were making his brain melt. Whatever the reason, he wasn't mad at any of it.

A few moments later, he was on his knees, eagerly sucking on the half hard cock of a man he barely knew, a hand threading in his hair softly. There were no calls for faster. Just a hum that said, "Slowly."

And he followed it, slowing down, taking his time and using everything he had to take care of the growing length in his mouth. He was almost surprised when the hand in his hair tightened. Attention moving upwards, he almost came again at the sight above.

Head leaning into a hand, Kakashi was in a relaxed position but that disguise had so many flaws.

Heated eyes watched Iruka's every move. Cheeks were tinted pink and his chest was heaving under his white shirt just enough for Iruka to tell he was holding back. It was a beautiful sight after a night of cold, impersonal stares. So, despite the pulsing between his legs and the aching in his neck and jaw, he took his time. He almost didn't notice when Kakashi finally spoke again.

"Ruka." Just a bare whisper but it told Iruka that Kakashi was starting to unravel, losing the ability to speak every syllable from what Iruka was doing.

Abruptly, Kakashi sat up and stood. The chair skidded back but Iruka didn't have time to think. His mouth was filled over and over again. He had to hold onto strong thighs as Kakashi forced his head forward and back. It was all he could do against the assault on his mouth until he was pulled back for a second of relief, panting and coughing on air.

"Touch yourself."

An order Iruka happily followed. A hand on Kakashi's hip and the other massaging himself unnecessarily. He was already so far gone. So sensitive from the last time, it didn't take long for his hands to be shaking. Everything started to burn, need clawing up his stomach eagerly and Iruka couldn't stop it.

For the second time that night, he finished onto himself with a jolt and a gasp as Kakashi pulled away. Spit was trailing down his chin. His hair felt wild. His thighs were covered with his own mess. He was left to catch his breath as a hand cupped his cheek.

Mind still a haze, he understood very clearly Kakashi's next words, "Go stand at the bed."

"Yes, sir," He said easily and Kakashi gave that small smile before stepping away. That left Iruka with weak knees and an order to stand.

A difficult task. His knees were not prepared for being up so soon but they held him up. Even though they were aching. Even though most of his body was in pain in some way and the rest was in weak from bliss.

"Knee up," Kakashi's voice surprised him but he did as he was told, pulling a knee up onto the bed's edge. A hand pushed his back firmly, leaning him forward until he was on his hands. The sudden feeling of cold and wet hit the small of his back and he gasped, breaths turning into moans. Not because of the lube though, it was what the lubed fingers were doing that made him lose his ability to speak.

Then fingers were exchanged and that was as far as Iruka could remember.

He knew they had sex. Rough sex by the way his body was stinging and burning nicely. He just couldn't remember much from the beginning, middle or end too well. He blearily woke up well into the night with his limbs limp and his body used. He was alone in his bed, the sheets snuggly wrapped around him.

Before he could panic, the sound of the shower from down the hall hit him and he hummed happily into his pillow. This was nice. So nice.

He hadn't been this relaxed since… He couldn't remember. Huh.

He was starting to remember the sex slowly and it was no wonder he was this far gone. With a happy smile, he sank into the pillow. So comfy, so nice. He didn't have to worry about anything or anyone. He could just lay there in bliss forever.

The shower eventually stopped and Kakashi stepped out a few minutes later. Forcing himself to sit up at the sight of pale skin pinked from the shower, Iruka noted blearily how that was one of his towels around Kakashi's waist.

"Hey," Kakashi muttered, sitting on the edge of the bed with that amazing smile gracing his lips again. "How are you feeling?"

"Good. Really good." Iruka's goofy smile proved that.

"Good," Kakashi couldn't help but grin too, leaning in to give a slow, tender kiss. With a sharp breath, he pulled himself away and asked, “Want to take a shower?”

That was around when Iruka noticed how dirty he felt, taking stock of the stiff feeling on his skin. “That is the best idea I’ve ever heard.”

Iruka stood with Kakashi’s help, knees feeling like bendy straws and everything from the neck down kind of aching. Before he stepped into the bathroom, he saw the playful smirk on Kakashi’s face.

They'd talked about aftercare and Iruka remembered Kakashi's suggestions, including doing it in the shower. He quickly warned, “Don’t even think about it.”

Iruka didn’t wait for a reply. He closed the door but couldn’t help his smile when he heard a bark of laughter.

As he waited for the water to get warm, he doubled back to the mirror when he noticed the angry red mark on his skin. It wasn’t bright red, more pink than anything. It was there though and noticeable even now, many minutes later. It wasn't in any distinct print but it was about the rough size of Kakashi's open hand.

Standing in his bathroom with his body completely exposed, he didn’t know how to feel about the mark on one of his ass cheeks.

On one hand, it was proof of what had happened, that Kakashi had punished him for even such a small thing.

On the other hand, he didn’t know how he felt about his skin being marked, claimed.

As if he were owned.

Chapter Text

He didn’t hate it, the mark left on his skin.

But he didn’t feel the most comfortable with it. He hadn’t noticed it before and hadn’t cared. He felt good and wasn’t with any regrets.

He didn’t know why he felt weird about this. It wasn’t in a place that would be seen by people at work. It was something private.

Being marked by his dom.

His dom.

Wow, that was an even weirder saying.

Huh. Odd.

Running a hand over his skin, it kind of burned, not as much as when he’d first got it but the sizzle was still there. There wasn’t anything he could do about it now though. It was there. And it would fade with time. That was a calming thought.

He then found out that hot water on burning skin wasn’t the greatest idea. That made for a very difficult time trying to clean up. He was just thankful there wasn’t a huge mess inside him. That would’ve been even longer and even worse.

At that thought, Iruka realised that other than the mark, he was completely fine. He felt good, his body wasn't in pain other than his knees feeling worn. In all honesty, he had been expecting more. Not more pain, of course, just… A rougher time.

He stepped out of the shower and took a few minutes to quickly dry his hair with his blow dryer. That gave him just a bit more time to mull over his feelings while making sure he didn't go to bed with cold hair.

But by the time his hair was warm and dry, he still couldn't tell how he felt.

"Hmm," Kakashi hummed from the bed when Iruka finally stepped out. He was snuggled so cutely into the covers with a small, happy smile on his face. Back to normal and completely different from the indifferent man who had spanked him over an hour ago. It was a breath of calming air and Iruka slid into bed confidently. His arms went around the pale waist and Kakashi muttered, "Welcome back…"

"Thank you," Iruka grinned back, enjoying warm embrace and feeling himself drifting off almost immediately. A hand went through his hair, warm and slow. Iruka thought hazily about their talks of aftercare and how he’d asked for hugs as they drifted off into sleep.

“I’ve got some work to do,” Kakashi said with a sad smile the next morning as he pulled on his shirt. Iruka watched from the bed, pouting. He just wanted to snuggle a bit more. Why did work have to get in the way of that?

“On the weekend?”

“Yeah,” Kakashi sighed. “Sadly, a client passed away last weekend.”

“Oh,” Iruka sat up immediately. “I’m so sorry.”

Kakashi simply shrugged. He didn’t betray any form of sadness or remorse as he said, “It’s fine. We wrote up his will a few years ago so everything should go smoothly.”

“Ah,” Iruka nodded, not really sure about everything that happened after death and how wills worked but wanting to be supportive. Kakashi didn’t say much more after that. Iruka walked him to the door, wondering how he was really doing and if he was okay.

“I’ll see you next week though,” Kakashi put on a smirk as he shrugged on his jacket. He seemed okay.

Iruka realised the implications and squirmed in embarrassment. “Yes. Yes, you will. Do I get to know what we’re doing next time?”

“Hmmm,” Kakashi pretended to think before winking. “You’ll see.”

Before Iruka could protest, a kiss shut his brain down and then he was alone in his apartment again.

Alone with himself and his thoughts.

Squished into the comfort of his couch, Iruka knew that he was okay. He felt okay. But there was this feeling creeping up that he knew well. He was beginning to feel suspicious. Not of Kakashi or what the man was doing but of what had happened last night.

He hadn’t needed to use their safeword or ever felt scared. Anxious? Yes. Nervous? Of course. But he felt like it had all been too easy. And he was starting to get the sneaking suspicion that Kakashi had been holding back. 

A thrilling thought.

He needed to know for sure though because that meant that this first session had been a trial. A starter pack. A sample of what Kakashi had to offer and Iruka liked what he’d tasted.

Both literally and figuratively.

‘Sorry, I know you’re probably still working but I’ve got a question for you’

He’d waited a few hours to text that. Hopefully Kakashi wasn’t doing anything too important.

'No problem. I have some for you too :) Hit me.'

'Were you holding back?"

'Of course.'

Iruka didn't notice the smile spreading across his lips. 'Cool. Cool. Just making sure!'

'Were you expecting more? Less?'

'Well, I wasn't really expecting anything tbh.'

'How do you feel looking back at it? Anything you want to talk about?'

'I feel good about it all!' Iruka was about to hit send but stopped himself. Well, that wasn't the full truth was it? He didn't feel good about it all. He was uncomfortable about the whole marking thing…

Reminded of their agreement and their talks about communication, Iruka erased his words and took his confidence in hand.

'I feel good about almost all of it. It was a lot of fun and I'm excited about next week. I just have one little thing that's been bugging me.'

There was a pause after he sent it, holding his breath until a message popped up, 'What's been bugging you? If it's something you're not into, we can take that off the list.'

'Well, it's not something that happened or anything. I was just kind of bothered by the marks,’ he admitted despite the spike of worry that Kakashi would mock him or pull away.

‘From when I spanked you?’

‘Yeah, idk. Just felt a bit weird about it!’

‘No worries. I’ll be sure not to leave any marks in the future.’

Wait, that wasn’t what Iruka wanted. He was relieved by the willingness to drop the kink so quickly but Iruka didn’t want Kakashi to not spank him. To be frank, he wanted the opposite.

‘No, you can leave marks! It’s just… Idk maybe it was because it looked so much like a handprint?’

‘Interesting. Well, if you want, next time I can try to leave more… Generally shaped marks.’

‘Sure! Maybe it’s just because it was the first time too.’

‘Guess we’ll just have to experiment more :)’

Alone in his apartment, Iruka immediately clued in to the suggestion, hinting that they would have tons of time to get to know each other and learn what the other liked. Iruka was not to patient though because he wanted more than anything in that moment to know everything he could about Kakashi. The bits and pieces he had were so amazing and precious. It was as if he was looking at a stained-glass window inch by inch, every detail slowly being revealed with the sun and the way it shone through.

It was exciting. This was an adventure Iruka was happy to be on and one that was leading down a very alluring path. Not unlike following that faint trail of silver hair under Kakashi’s bellybutton, come to think of it.

Last night still on his skin and tongue, his heartbeat brought shivers to his skin. He couldn’t wait for next week.

His phone buzzed in against his tense lap and he almost dropped it when he read, ‘Btw, send me a picture of your toy collection.’

Like a good submissive, he ran off to his room, threw open his nightstand and pulled out everything he had. His collection was small but varied.  Just a handful of fun things like a vibrating dildo and a normal one with a suction cup. All things that he’d tried and liked. All things he still used.

Laying everything out, he took a shaking picture and sent it off without a second thought. The wait after that was horrible though, his lower half pulsing and his hands cold.

‘Thank you.’

And that was all Iruka got for the rest of the night. He was left to deal with his excitement alone, his memories from the night before a big help. The feelings still on his skin of his hair being held, mouth full and knees hurting. A hand jerking him quickly was the inspiration to touch himself and the sheets under his brought back memories of his face pressed into the sheets, pounded from behind. The slicked toy inside him wasn’t enough but the memories and his imagination were, imagining Kakashi was still with him. Warm and real, strong and so in control of everything. What would happen next week? What did Kakashi have in store? He couldn’t answer any of his questions but he knew that it would be good.

The next week was filled with horrible waiting. Thankfully, Iruka didn’t have much time to himself to wonder and wait. The first half of the week had been insanity and the last half hadn’t been any better. One student went home with a black eye and Iruka had to sit down with two very sombre looking parents and another nervous pair to try and settle both of them. There had been a mix up in the cafeteria and Iruka had to watch the kids at lunch instead of having his break. It had all just been adding up and up until Iruka passed out Thursday night on his couch.

In between all of this, his breath of fresh air had been Kakashi. He always had a funny quip or handful of questions that distracted Iruka from work. They talked about work and their personal lives but questions about their sex life had been peppered through. Somehow, Kakashi got Iruka to text that he’d really liked the hands in his hair and the way Kakashi had used his mouth. He’d even admitted that he didn’t really appreciate the forced ejaculation but he wouldn’t mind doing it again. Somehow, they’d managed to talk about all that and more in between classes and meetings.

Friday eventually rolled around again and Iruka almost forgot their session until he got home and found his place a mess.

A few dozen minutes of panicked cleaning later, the door rang.

“I brought you a gift,” Kakashi announced with a charming smile that was totally not the reason why Iruka’s heart was pounding into his pants. That and the gray suit. The red tie was a nice touch.

“A gift?” Iruka asked breathlessly and took Kakashi’s coat. He turned to find a small box pressed into his hands, the size of a ring box and he suddenly didn’t have a heartbeat.

“Open it,” Kakashi simply smiled as he headed for the bedroom, unknowingly leaving Iruka frozen cold.

No, this… This wasn’t what he thought it was, was it? No, that would be ridiculous. Absurd. Stupid. Oh god, please no.

Despite shaking hands and his dry mouth, Iruka pulled the box open. And he almost fell to his knees in relief.

It was just a cockring. A black cockring. Not an actual ring. God, this man was trying to give him a heart attack.

“Kakashi, you didn’t have to put this in such a nice box…” Iruka’s words trailed off as he stepped into his own bedroom, surprised by his own candles being lit and how soft music was playing from a speaker.

Cockring in hand, Iruka stood stunned in the doorway as Kakashi turned to him with eyes smoldering. Candlelight flickering behind him, he stood up straighter, more imposing. The jacket of his suit slid off and Iruka’s fears and anxiety fell with it to the floor.

Instead of worrying, he stood in his own bedroom doorway as pictures of what would happen that night danced through his mind, including the soft ring between his fingers.

Kakashi took a slow step forward then another, moving in Iruka’s space as he explained, “It’s waterproof. Made of silicone. And it’s rechargeable.”

“Rechargeable?” Iruka asked, thankful his voice didn’t crack when Kakashi stepped right up to him.

In one slow, smooth motion, Kakashi reached out. Iruka’s heart beating out of his chest, he watched as Kakashi’s long fingers gave the ring a squeeze. With a faint click, it started vibrating between their fingers and Iruka shivered.

“Oh.” He huffed an excited laugh.

With a small smile, Kakashi took it from Iruka’s fingers and ordered softly, “Go lay down for me.”

Chapter Text

“Okay,” Iruka said, expecting Kakashi to turn away like he had last time. Instead, the other man simply stood there, studying Iruka.

With a deep breath, Iruka stepped away and walked the small distance to his bed. Kakashi’s eyes bore into his back the whole way even as Iruka crawled onto his freshly made bed and laid back.

He could barely see anything from that angle and it made his already anxious fingers twist into the sheets.

“Tonight, we’ll play a game,” Kakashi said from where he stood, taking his time walking over to the edge of the bed. In a slow, fluid motion, he was straddling Iruka’s hips and trapping him against the covers in a way that made Iruka’s heart flutter wildly. Towering over Iruka, Kakashi’s face was in shadows but the parts Iruka could see were cold. 

No, not cold, Iruka realised. They were controlled, reigned in as if trying to hide something. When he spoke, it was hushed and deep. “When I tell you to, you’ll try to be as quiet as possible.”

His words were slow and easy to understand. They let Iruka know exactly what he wanted as he slowly reached down. With a careful hand, he pulled Iruka’s hair loose and muttered, “And when I tell you to, you’ll be loud.”

Iruka remembered the gift he’d just been given and he guessed that he wouldn’t have to be ordered to be loud. Those thoughts mixed with the way Kakashi seemed to devour him whole with just a look and he was already trembling with excitement.

“Understood?” Kakashi asked as he slowly reached up for his tie. Entranced by the way it slid out from around his neck with such slow certainty, Iruka couldn’t speak for a second. His mind went numb and it was only when Kakashi unraveled it that he came back to earth.

“Yes, sir,” he replied quietly back and the last thing he saw was Kakashi smirking.

The world around him went dark, blindfolded by Kakashi's tie, the silk whispering gently across his skin as he felt it being knotted tightly. For a moment, there was just the loud beating of his pulse in his ears but the disorientation faded away, anchored by the weight on his hips and the hands adjusting his hair with care.

That was the first sensation; the touch of hands. They ran sensually against his scalp. His skin was suddenly on fire even though he couldn’t see anything. Fingers slid down, across the tie and up his jaw. The lingering was what really started it all. It was slow, deliberate and careful. Kakashi was taking his time and Iruka swallowed when he felt Kakashi’s hands glide down his throat. It almost tickled but his mind was soon preoccupied with the hands snaking down his shirt. 

They didn't go far, though. On their slow way down, they wandered without a clear path, fingers sliding lightly around his pectorals, under his nipples and around again. Their circling motions had his skin tingling even through the fabric. With every unhurried move, Kakashi’s fingers drew in closer and closer until his skin was tingling lightly. 

"Shh." Kakashi's voice cut through the dark, and Iruka almost didn't register the command until he was mid-gasp, a light hand suddenly touching his nipple. The squeeze was barely a pinch, but it was enough for him to cover his mouth, heat coiling low in his stomach with the flicker of pain and pleasure. 

"Good." The encouragement was whispered into his ear as hands went back to roaming, teasing down his chest through his shirt, and Iruka had to pull himself back together again.

But with every move of Kakashi's hand, he lost himself just a bit more. Lost himself with every touch, graze and caress to that amazing pooling in his groin. And every time, he suppressed the urge to gasp. No groan was allowed to pass, but the moans were the most difficult. A few times, he was almost too late, but bit down on his sounds at the last second. 

Finally, after what felt like forever, his shirt was pulled off over his head and the actual test started. And it was one he almost failed multiple times. How was he not supposed to whine when Kakashi thumbed his nipples? It was impossible not to buck up when fingers trailed down his sides. The worst of it all though, was when something other than rough fingers touched his chest.

At first, he'd thought he was being touched by a feather, a smooth, confusing feather but he quickly realised that it was Kakashi's lips when they blew hot air across his sensitive chest. He shivered hard at that. They brushed against a nipple and he almost broke but he managed to hold on.

It was the flick of tongue that got him, not that he could help it. His loud gasp of surprise echoed, though. He was too late to cover it. And for that, he was punished. Sharp and swift, teeth bit down and that was when he lost. His embarrassingly loud keen was the tipping point and suddenly all weight and feeling on top of him was gone. He was alone in the dark, a shock from the intense teasing from before.

He was so alone and so hard. 

Without being able to see, he didn't know what was going on, but he was suddenly embarrassed. Iruka knew undoubtedly that he was visibly hard in his pants from just having his chest touched a bit. How pathetic was that? How sad was it that he just wanted the slightest bit of touch to return, any of it really. It felt like forever before he heard or felt anything, and he was shifting uncomfortably, worried and anxious about what he couldn't see.

"Since you like disobeying so much," Kakashi's voice cut through the dark like a beacon somewhere in front of him. He felt a caress to his knees, Kakashi’s hands warm and so welcomed as they moved. They slid up and seconds later, Iruka felt nothing covering his lower half. His pants were around his knees. The air was cold on his heated length, and his cheeks were burning just as hot from shame.

"This is what you'll wear this as punishment." Kakashi's words were accompanied by his warm hand wrapping around Iruka's cock. He was smart enough to kill the moan in his throat, covering his mouth with a hand for extra measure.

One stroke later, Iruka's toes were curling. But disappointment came rushing in when he felt the tight ring slide down his member, fitting securely at the base. 

"Now, where was I?" Kakashi's voice taunted as Iruka felt the bed dip at his hips again, a horribly beautiful pressure leaning against his cock.

"Ah, I remember." Which was a lie, because Kakashi's breath was on his neck. With every press of lips and caress of tongue, there was less and less control on Iruka's mouth. He was trying his best though. It was a valiant attempt against the man who was pushing every single one of his buttons. He almost didn't survive.

Because as lips trailed down, so did the force rubbing against his shaft. The lower Kakashi's mouth went, the more friction pressed against Iruka's length. He was gripping sheets and biting so hard into his lip as Kakashi's hard body pressed against his, sliding clothing against his nude body until that sinful mouth was at his hips.

Iruka knew he was going to lose it again when a hand stroked him softly only to shift the ring holding his cock hostage, restricting the blood pulsing heavily through him. Then there was a click just as Iruka realised Kakashi’s intentions. And like the sadistic deviant Kakashi was, he turned the fucking vibrations on.

"Moan for me." Kakashi's hot words were all he needed. As that slick, burning mouth covered his vibrating length, a strangled moan powered through and Iruka was crying out like his life depended on it. Because in that very moment, it did. Kakashi's mouth worked him better than anyone ever had. Every move made him moan so fucking loud that it echoed back to him, sounding like it was coming from someone else entirely. That was him? He was making those noises?

Kakashi sucked him back into his mouth, and it was achingly good. He didn't realise until after that he'd been in tears or had been gripping Kakashi's hair roughly. Kakashi only told him afterward with a sly smirk.

None of that compared to their next session, though, because Iruka remembered from the last time and was better at controlling himself. 

Kakashi had bigger plans, though. Despite Iruka's attempt to control himself, he fell right back into that mindless hole when Kakashi went beyond just sucking and blowing. Those had been the warmup to the bigger fun. 

As his cock pulsed and ached with the vibrations he was trying to ignore, Iruka almost didn't hear his side table slide open. For a confused second, he didn't understand the sounds he was hearing until the sounds of vibrations got louder. Anxiety built and only added to his burning erection.

It all made sense though when hands hooked under his knees and pushed them up. 

"Hold them," Kakashi ordered and Iruka did so with growing dread. No, he couldn't be...

A familiar click told Iruka he was right: Kakashi wasn't planning on fucking him. Not with his own length, at least.

The slick tip of the vibrator that Iruka knew so well pressed against his hole and his breath caught loudly.

"Mmm, was that sound I heard?" Kakashi warned, the vibrations against Iruka's hole moving up through his spine and to his throbbing tip.

He gripped his knees, biting his lip as he shook his head vigorously. More, just more, that was all he wanted. He needed something inside of him because it had been two weeks without getting thoroughly fucked and he felt like he was in withdrawal, being teased to the ends of his sanity.

"Good." And the vibrating dildo slid into him, curling his toes, stealing his breath and arching his back like he was possessed.

It pressed in so deeply and slowly, Kakashi taking his goddamn time as always, and it was maddening. Iruka had to bite into his arm, the only thing he could do against the torturous pleasure filling him. And there was nothing he could do but that. He couldn't cum. He couldn't make any noise. All he could do was listen to the obscene wet sounds as Kakashi slid the dildo inside and then back out in a predictable rhythm.

"Good boy." The encouragement made his eyes well with tears under the blindfold, but it was his next words that had Iruka gasping for breath.

"I'm going to slide this back inside and you're going to moan as loud as you can for me." Kakashi's voice sounded rough, almost as tight as the heat in Iruka's belly. "Understand?"

"Yes, sir," Iruka gasped out and did as he was told, letting out the loudest keen he could as he felt the thick head of silicone press inside him, grinding into his prostate. His keen changed at that, the vibrations pushing him into the wall that kept him from orgasm.

He was panting, shaking and sweating so much. The dildo slid out and he felt broken, almost hysterical for some type of end as his heart beat incessantly down into his length, his legs twitching as he let them go.

"K… Kakashi," he couldn't help but gasp. 

A soft hand stroked his thigh before lifting it back up, both being pulled around Kakashi's waist. Iruka's whole body sparked, his every nerve alight and screaming with anticipation as warmth pressed against him. That beautiful, amazing length was pressed against his slick hole, and he almost let a sob out when the vibration on the cock ring turned off. 

"I'm going to take this off," Kakashi whispered into his ear, the cock ring slowly being pulled up as he explained. "And then I'm going to slide inside you. And we're going to cum together."

It sounded like paradise and Iruka nodded eagerly. "Please. Please ."


"Yes. Yes," Iruka begged, gripping what felt like Kakashi's shoulders as his cock pressed in slowly.

The cock ring was finally ripped off. He was free. He felt so much more at once, and then it was overwhelming, filled and free at the same time.

Iruka did as he was told, truly blacking out into pleasure as Kakashi thrust into him so sweetly. It only took one and he was gone, lost.

He came to with a forehead pressed to his, Kakashi’s hot breath fanning against his lips. His throat was already aching. His body felt weightless, though. And it was still dark. The tie was still around his eyes, but gentle hands were already pushing it off.

Kakashi was leaning over him, cheeks flushed and looking like he'd been roughed up. He was beautiful. And Iruka's chest ached for a second, calling for him to do something that Iruka didn't mind doing.

He reached up, hands cupping Kakashi's unsurprised cheeks. Pulling Kakashi in, their lips met in a slow, burning kiss that rolled through them like thunder.

They eventually pulled back for air, eyes closed in bliss. For a moment, they stayed close and twined together, just feeling everything. It took a while for them to pull away. Iruka couldn't help the small, exhausted huff of laughter that Kakashi returned. 

A kiss was pressed to his sweat-slicked forehead and he couldn't help the smile on his face even after Kakashi moved away. It crept up so easily. He didn't even notice it until minutes later, and even then, he didn't try to stop it.

Chapter Text

“Sorry I’m late.” Kakashi darted into Iruka’s apartment from the cold outside. The snow had started melting on and off recently, and he trudged in with dripping shoes and a sour face. He’d looked annoyed and Iruka guessed it was because of the weather. Or, at least, that’s what Iruka had thought it had been.

“No problem. Overtime?” Iruka took Kakashi’s coat but got no response in return. Kakashi simply grunted in acknowledgement as he pulled off his dress boots. It was an odd response, the first sign that something was off, but Iruka brushed it off as a fleeting thing.

But it wasn’t. Kakashi stepped past Iruka without another word, heading towards the main area down the hall and that was when alarms went off in Iruka's head.

For the past few months that they’d been meeting up, Kakashi usually walked in with this collected air. If he did seem grumpy, his frustrations would quickly melt away in Iruka’s home after they had a drink together or hung out a bit. He seemed comfortable in Iruka’s home and that made Iruka’s whole weekend start off right.

This time, Kakashi didn’t start any conversation. He was robotic, unfeeling. It was as if he wasn’t totally there.

Iruka watched as Kakashi disappeared around the corner, into his small kitchen area. There was a startling screech of a chair and Iruka’s heart lurched at the sound, gripping the coat in his fists to himself like a lifeline as his anxiousness skyrocketed.

Another screech echoed and Iruka almost jumped, hanging up Kakashi’s coat quickly. Heart in his chest, he didn’t know what to expect. He sure as hell didn’t expect to find the chair from his living room pulled around to face the dining room table. Across from it, a chair was pulled out from the table to face it. It reminded Iruka of those detective shows where the cop interrogates the suspect. Except there was no table between the two chairs. It was just an empty space.

Kakashi was stood by the sink. Through the quiet, the abrupt sound of water running put Iruka on edge even more. Kakashi simply took a long sip. He set the glass down slowly. Then he turned and strode toward his new seating arrangement.


Kakashi’s hands were on the back of the kitchen chair. Eyes were watching Iruka intently. For a second, Iruka couldn’t move. He was unsure of himself in so many ways by the way Kakashi was acting. This didn't feel like normal Kakashi.

He didn’t pull off his tie like he normally did, but stood there and waited. There was no warmth or movement. The tall, imposing man just stood there with a face that looked like the normal blank slate he carried when they started playing. This felt so much different though. It felt erratic, tense.

Iruka didn’t know what to say or do. He could only swallow the worry and step forward with a hesitation that was heavy on his tongue, words failing him suddenly.

There wasn't any doubt on which seat to take and he sat cautiously into the chair across from Kakashi. He needed to be as far away as possible from Kakashi at the moment, to give the man his space.

Keeping sights on Kakashi, that hard face didn’t change even as Iruka sat. Normally, Kakashi would have given a small twitch of a smile to show that Iruka had done something right. This time, he didn’t even move.

He just watched Iruka sit with eyes that were leaning into a glare. Had Iruka done something wrong? Was this a punishment? What was going on in that normally collected mind?

As soon as he thought that question, Kakashi commanded, “Touch yourself.”


What was that?

Iruka was caught so off guard, he couldn’t register what was being said to him. Had he just…? He had. He had asked Iruka to touch himself.

To masturbate in his living room chair.

With Kakashi standing across from him, watching.

He didn’t know what Kakashi had planned, still nervous about what would happen later on. But with the chair between them and the light behind Kakashi’s head obscuring his face, Iruka felt his all his blood jump from cold to boiling hot. He was flushed, nervous and oddly turned on all at the same time. A weird, confused mess that he didn’t understand.

But… If this was what Kakashi wanted. It had been an order, after all.

Maybe if he did this, then he’d get his warm, grounded dom back.

So, Iruka followed the instinctual heat under his skin and let his hands slowly make their way over his own thighs.

All the while, his nervous brain was running through so many questions. Was it okay to just jump into it? Did Kakashi want a complimentary strip tease too? Iruka didn’t really feel comfortable doing those. Not yet, at least. Maybe later.

With no further instruction, Iruka had to just wing it. So, he did like he normally would when he was alone with his laptop or phone. And it was so embarrassing.

Cheeks probably as red as cherries, he slid a hand up his lap to massage himself through his slacks. He tried not to seem so stiff about it all. Kakashi eyes were boring into him though, watching his every move. It wasn’t a studying eye, though. His gaze felt as though it was judging, boring into Iruka’s confidence.

Massaging turned into outright fondling, reaching out to grab a hold of his growing desire. He couldn’t tell if he was doing anything right, but he was trying his best, and Kakashi wasn’t stopping him. All the while, Iruka was trying to stop his hands from shaking and his heart from beating out of his chest.

In between the kitchen and his living room, Iruka found himself stroking his shaft under his pants and boxers. It felt like forever before his body was ready to take it further, before he felt at ease enough to push his pants around his ankles and continue.

Every time he glanced up, all he saw was Kakashi’s unchanging demeanor. He was so guarded, so distant that it hurt. Iruka felt like Kakashi didn’t even care to be there, and that hurt brought a shake to his arms that he couldn’t control. His nerves were being pushed to the limit. With anyone else on earth, he would’ve been angry. He was frustrated, hurt and all he wanted was for Kakashi to be there with him.

Tension was building in Iruka's muscles but not the kind he was supposed to be feeling. Every tendon was tightening out of fatigue and worry. Worry that he wasn't enough. Worry that Kakashi would end everything there and then. Worry that Kakashi would leave and never come back.

Fear shot through him as he shot up out of his seat, tears starting to form in his eyes.

Kakashi didn't flinch away, instead he watched with narrowed eyes. That change, as small as it was, was all Iruka needed to tell himself one word:


Kakashi had come here and Iruka would give him what he asked for. He threw off his shirt quickly. His boxers joined his pants around his ankles, and he kicked them away, half hard as he sat back down. This time, the strokes came quickly and efficiently. He ignored the trembling and kept up the smooth pace as that beautiful desire bubbled up higher and higher within him.

It was finally starting to feel some sort of good. Even with Kakashi's eyes on him, he was rediscovering the sweet burn from their previous weeks together. He thought of all the times they'd met up, and that fed into his need even more. He thought of those times and let out a sigh, letting go of his insecurities with every stroke. He wanted to show Kakashi how much he wanted the dom he knew back, how much that dom turned him on.

If it was a show that Kakashi wanted, then a show he would get.

He slid a leg up onto the arm of the chair, seating it there to give himself room to play. Incidentally, that gave his onlooker the perfect view of his entrance and how it was slick from preparation for their encounter. Iruka took that moment to sneak a glance up, but his eyes didn't look away. The sight of eyes warming up kept his gaze on Kakashi, watching for any change as he brought a hand to slowly circle his hole. It was only as he started to tease himself that a flush started to creep up Kakashi's neck, but that was all the encouragement Iruka needed.

With the lightest of moans, he continued his show with a slow, crawling pace he knew Kakashi would love. He was taking the orders he'd received from other sessions and using them to his advantage. Angling his hips up, only letting out quiet moans, it was all to coax Kakashi to touch him, to play with him. That was all he wanted, for Kakashi's hands to be on him again. The memories of hands dancing across his skin were so vivid in his mind from all the times he'd been blindfolded.

"Ah." He moaned just a bit louder as he slid a finger inside. It wasn't enough, but he held down the urge to press more in. He had to make this last, to put on a good show. And he gave it as long as he could before pressing in a second.

His breaths were coming out in quick pants now, trying to keep himself under control even as his eyes welled up from the need that was trying to claw its way out. It didn't help when his fingers were drawn to press into his prostate, moving almost on their own now.

"Ka…" His mind was slowly losing control over his body. His head was filling with static, the pleasure overloading his nerves and turning his limbs into jelly. It was only when he caught a faint movement that he looked up.

Cheeks flushed and eyes hooded, Kakashi had his elbows leaning onto the kitchen chair as if sinking down. His eyes were still watching Iruka, taking in everything Iruka gave with a hunger that resonated through the both of them.

The coldness was gone. That horribly disconnected man was gone, leaving the real Kakashi to surface. And his eyes spoke of the same lust that was burning through Iruka's abdomen. It was as if the chair was his ground, the only thing anchoring him to that side of the room. He wanted Iruka.

"Kakashi," was the last articulate word from Iruka's mouth as he finished hard, crashing into an orgasm he didn't expect. It rolled through him in waves that eventually slowed, leaving him weak and open.

He didn't even notice Kakashi until he opened his eyes to the lawyer's black dress shirt and his hands moving in to cup Iruka's cheeks. Just as he was panting, Kakashi was breathless too, but that didn't stop him from dipping down to catch Iruka's lips with his. Languid kisses pulled Kakashi down between Iruka's exposed legs and they quickly devolved into heated desperation. No more watching. Only touch, touching everything they could get their hands on. Iruka couldn't help himself, ripping the black shirt out of Kakashi's pants to get to what he needed. Those infuriating slacks were tugged down  and boxers were barely pulled out of the way. The pulsing of Kakashi's length barely touched Iruka's palm and there was a groan in Iruka's ear with that deep, husky timbre. 

"Kashi," Iruka whispered.

Cock barely out of his boxers, Kakashi pulled Iruka's hips towards him even in the awkward space. Their mouths busy with kisses and the tight space of the chair, Kakashi's length filled Iruka enough for both of them to pull away with a gasp. They shifted together slowly, grinding together as much as they could with the space they had, but it wasn't enough.

"More." Iruka didn't realise those were his own words until he found himself pulled and handled until his cheek was pressed onto the kitchen table. A hand pressed down onto his shoulder while another pulled up his hip. And then he was gone again, gripping the table hard as hips snapped against his. It was so quick, sliding in and out, faster and faster. The slick slap of skin only got louder when both hands moved to pull Iruka's hips into each thrust.

Through it all, Iruka could only grip the table. His moans and whines ran wild, his eyes welling from how good it all felt. So, so good.

The rest seemed to blur together even as he was cumming onto the table, the thrusts still going and making him mindless.

Finally, after he'd finished a third time, he felt everything slow.  The hands on him gripped even harder as Iruka felt Kakashi slide out of him, oblivious the drip that followed. He was breathless and numb all over, unfeeling even as Kakashi helped him up and dropped them both onto the couch to tangle up together in a weak pile.

"Mmm… Sorry," Kakashi mumbled against Iruka's hair.

"Huh?" Iruka blearily blinked into awareness.

"No condom." Kakashi was frowning in unease as his hands roamed Iruka's hips, but Iruka kissed him softly.

"S'okay." Iruka bit his lip and smirked, "I liked it, actually."

That seemed to lift Kakashi's spirits, but Iruka knew there was more. There was still a lingering emptiness from before and Iruka rubbed Kakashi's shoulder, "What's going on?"

Busying himself with tangling his fingers in Iruka’s hair, Kakashi sighed and muttered, “Bad day.”

He didn’t say more at first, but Iruka waited.

“It’s… Been rough at work. A lot of good people are getting cut or leaving for private practice. A lot of clients don’t…” With growing frustration, Kakashi sighed again and ground out, “They don’t seem to understand that our time is valuable.”

“Yeah?” Iruka listened, his hands soothingly wandering as Kakashi spoke.

“We’re mainly debt collectors at this point. Like, no, this piece of paper does not cost a few hundred dollars. My signature does.” With a grunt, Kakashi squished his cheek against Iruka’s head, his frustration slowly going away.

“Do they at least, like, eventually pay you?”

“Eventually, once we hunt them down…” Even though his words faded away, Iruka knew Kakashi’s mind was still adrift in thought, things in his head he couldn’t talk about because of client confidentiality. He looked too tired, so worried about things Iruka didn’t understand. It was no wonder the stress finally got to him. Iruka knew this probably wouldn’t be the last time this happened, but he was hopeful that everything would work out.

So, Iruka took the chance to sneak a peck to the soft skin under Kakashi’s chin. Kakashi looked down, surprised and confused.

Iruka just grinned back even as he slid away, heading for his bathroom and shower. He looked back to a dazed Kakashi. His hair was mussed as were his remaining clothes, blinking owlishly. Iruka winked back invitingly. “Shower?”

“Come to my place,” Kakashi said abruptly, freezing the both of them. Then Kakashi blushed shyly and rubbed his neck nervously. “Ah, I mean, next week. Come to my place instead. You can say no, of course. I’m not trying to-”

“Sure,” Iruka cut in before Kakashi could ramble on, feeling his lips curl up beyond his control. “I’d really like that.”