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Depravity & Corruption

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It was quiet in the station. The sound of his own fingers tapping on the keyboard and the ticking of the clock were all he could hear.

Midoriya’s eyes shifted to the large stack of documents lying next to him, still untouched.

He sighed. At this rate he was going to be stuck here all night. Scrubbing his eyes with his hands, Midoriya wondered if sleeping here would really be so bad. It’s not like his crappy apartment was much more comfortable or welcoming. He leaned back in his office chair, blankly staring at the unforgiving blue light of the computer screen.

He needed a break.

Groaning as he stood, Midoriya took in a deep breath. The dark, empty office surrounding him gave off an unsettling ambiance. He shuddered as the darkness seemed to slowly begin closing in around him. Forcing himself to look away, he started towards the break room. Maybe some coffee would help him out.

As he walked, Midoriya had to wonder where it all went wrong. Was this really what he had worked for all these years? Sitting alone, with only his desk lamp for company, slaving over documents that weren’t his to do? 

It seemed like only yesterday that he had met All Might.


“It seems we have met too late. Time is as unforgiving as always.”

Midoriya had never learned the meaning of those mumbled, distraught words. He never found a chance to ask.

All Might had come into his life as suddenly as a Detroit Smash could take out a villain.

After his little incident with the sludge villain, All Might commended Midoriya on his bravery. The number one hero told him that he had the makings of a great hero. All Might told him he could be a hero.

The first time those words had ever been spoken to him were by All Might himself.

It was hard, grueling work: a strict, almost spartan, workout regimine and an even harsher diet. It was a necessary evil. Midoriya had to catch up and surpass those who had so many advantages over him.

All Might wasn’t the best teacher. Midoriya noticed the many variations of ‘Teaching for Dummies’ that his mentor carried on his person at all times. Though not the best teacher, All Might was patient with him. More than anything he believed in Midoriya.

And as much as he believed in Midoriya's abilities, All Might also had to recognize his limitations.

There was no way for Midoriya to pass UA’s entrance exam. Passing the written exam wasn’t enough, the physical portion counted for much more.There had been a chance that Midoriya could have made it into the general education department, but there was no guarantee that he would have ever advanced into the hero course.

All Might had thought long and hard, finally coming up with a possible way for Midoriya to become the first quirkless hero.

If Midoriya couldn’t become a hero through the normal means, then he just had to pave his own path. If he could climb the ranks of being a policeman without a quirk, then maybe- just maybe - his abilities would be recognized.

All Might introduced Midoriya to a personal friend of his, a detective named Tsukauchi.

Tsukauchi was a very blunt man. His personality was true to his quirk; he told no lies, no matter how hurtful they may be.

He was serious and proud of his job as a detective. He would train Midoriya once he graduated the police academy, if, and only if, he met the detective’s standards.

Midoriya agreed resolutely to the conditions set before him. He had a new goal and he threw himself into it with everything he had.  He got accepted to the highest ranked police academy in the area, the very same one Tsukauchi had attended.

He would succeed.

He would become a hero.


Midoriya’s face turned to a frown as he watched his coffee slowly drip into the pot.

Everything had seemed so good, so hopeful back then. He had believed nothing could go wrong. He’d had a plan, and he wanted to succeed no matter how many obstacles were thrown his way.

What a childish way of thinking.


Midoriya had watched his television with horror, along with the rest of Japan.

The heros had all been defeated with a single swipe of the man’s arm. Now facing the number one hero, he was matching All Might blow for blow.

All For One, is what the villain called himself, leader of the League of Villains that had so boldly captured the UA student Bakugo Katsuki. The very same Bakugo that was Midoriya’s childhood friend and tormentor.

Now All Might was desperately trying his best to save him.

Japan held its breath as the two forces of good and evil exchanged blow after blow. The other heros on scene couldn’t help, they wouldn’t stand a chance against their monstrous strength.

With a war cry that would peirce Midoriya’s heart for years, All Might gave one last punch.

He won. All Might won, but with great cost.

The number one hero reverted into his skeleton form on national television. He managed to raise a fist in triumph, before he collapsed from his grave injuries. All Might was rushed to the best healers in the nation, and Bakugo was brought to safety.

All Midoriya could do was wait. All Might’s phone had been crushed in the battle, and Midoriya had no other form of contact with his mentor.

He had learned two months later, along with the rest of Japan, that All Might was alive, but he would be retiring as a hero. For good.

Midoriya was relieved that his mentor was alive but he was saddened by the news. He could see the shadows in the hero’s eyes. He didn’t really want to retire, but his wounds were probably too great for him to continue.

Midoriya was happy that All Might was alive, but his happiness soon faded as he waited. Days turned to weeks, which turned into months.

All Might never contacted him.


It had been about six and a half years of radio silence from All Might, Midoriya mentally counted. He wasn’t saddened by it anymore. He’d given up on the hope that his ex-mentor would contact him after the first year.

Midoriya learned the hard way not to trust people blindly. They would inevitably betray you, no matter who they were.

His mother was the only exception because she was family. Though Midoriya hadn’t really wanted to test his theory, and had been carefully distancing himself from her.

Midoriya was twenty-two and he wasn’t a child anymore. He had bitterly accepted that he probably would never be a hero.

That didn’t mean he had given up, though.

No, he still wanted to be a hero, but for vastly different reasons than those he had as a child. He wanted to make a difference. He would make every naysayer eat their words. He would achieve his goal one way or another.

Society needed to change, and Midoriya wasn’t like the heros. They were too afraid to shuffle the status quo. Too afraid to actually do something that could make a difference.

He wasn’t.

It was just a matter of time before the rest of the world realized that.

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Midoriya sighed heavily into the quiet morning air as the doors of the station came into view. He’d been pulling all nighters lately, bullied and threatened into doing other officer’s paperwork.

The saying about the police being a quirkless-friendly place of work was a lie. It was one of the most hostile workplaces a quirkless person could step into. The police force consisted mostly of hero course flunkies. Those whose temperament weren’t suited to hero work, or those whose quirks weren’t versatile enough to make the cut.

It was hard to get rejected by the police force because they were constantly understaffed. Every civil case or crime deemed too ‘small’ for a hero was shoved onto them. In a city as large as Musutafu, the police had more work than they had workers.

Sadly most of the quirkless who became police officers quit soon after due to the workplace harassment. They couldn’t really report it either, since that was something the police were put in charge of.

The higher ranked detectives and the brass were good, honest people and would gladly take care of any issues in their jurisdiction, but most cases never made it to their hands. Reports of harassment would simply go missing and any vocal complaints would be quelled by five louder voices spewing lies and slander.

Midoriya was targeted more than most. He had been accepted into the force as soon as he graduated at 18. Tsukauchi had immediately taken a liking to him, and with his teaching, Midoriya was transferred to the field by 20, which was much faster than most. Now, at 22, he was being promoted to detective by Tsukauchi’s recommendation.

The other officers hated him because when Tsukauchi was in the room he was immune to their attacks. He had protection, and even when the detective left, Midoriya didn’t bow down easily. He would get back up when they tried to beat him into submission. He was getting promoted no matter how many rumors and lies they spread. He wouldn’t quit, even after years of their torment.

Midoriya would just smile to himself. This was nothing compared to his elementary years.

Katsuki (Yes, Katsuki. He hadn’t seen the boy in years. The childhood nickname just didn’t fit anymore) hadn’t done as much as the other officers had, but he had once been his friend. The sadness of losing a friend had trumped any negative emotion his coworkers could make him feel.

With his head ducked low, Midoriya made his way to his desk. He kept to himself whenever he was in the station. The other officers didn’t dare mess with him when they were in public. They all knew he was better than them at solving cases so they would begrudgingly work with him. Once they got back to the office though, their true colors would come out.

He mechanically started on his paperwork. Fill in a section, write a comment to the side, flip the page, sign his name. It was tedious, repetitious work that didn’t require much of his attention.

The murmur of conversations and the ticking of the clock filled the air, covering the scratch of his pen on paper. It was times like these that he hated most. His anxious thoughts would begin to surface without a suitable distraction.

He was going to be promoted. Well, he was technically already promoted, but it wouldn’t go into effect for another two months. Though Midoriya had doubts, ones he couldn’t go to Tsukauchi with.

He hadn’t told Tsukauchi about his hardships in the office. He would have to face that his entire life, especially if he became the first quirkless hero. What good would it do him to be sheltered from their harsh words? It was better he got used to them now so that they wouldn’t be able to affect him in the future.

His biggest worry was whether his subordinates would respect him or not. If he could climb the ladder high enough, his quirkless status would stop affecting him. It was well known that the brass had all achieved their status solely on their merit and ability to lead.

Becoming a detective was just one more obstacle he had to overcome with his own power. Midoriya was certain he could survive anything life could throw his way. After all he’d survived just fine up until now.

His current plan was just to get promoted as fast as possible. He would work hard and do anything he needed to achieve his goal.

Reaching for the next paper in the stack, his hand came back empty.

Snapping out of his robotic movements, he realized that he had finished everything in the stack. A pleased smile came to his face. He leaned back in his chair, stretching. He noticed that the office had begun to clear out, and took a look at the clock. Perfect, he had finished just in time for lunch.

With practiced movements, Midoriya took all of his valuables with him. He made sure to place the finished documents in a locked drawer of his desk. He only made the mistake of leaving them out in the open once. He learned his lesson after that.

Taking the less traveled halls, Midoriya left through the back door. He walked briskly to his favorite cafe that sat a block away from the station. It was small, uncrowded, and most of all, unknown by his coworkers. Plus, everything, be it the sandwiches, pastries, or coffee, they were always made perfectly.

Midoriya grabbed his usual, which had already been set aside for him by the owner. He handed his exact change, plus an extra five as a tip. Most people didn’t tip at places like these, but this was his favorite place in the city. Their service was exemplary. He felt that the shop owner deserved it.

He sat at the very back, corner table, just like he always did. The five staff members and the owner, that worked at the small cafe all knew him by name. He came three days a week like clockwork, always ordering the exact same thing.

Settling into his favorite spot, he turned to the television that was set up in the corner of the store. Light music drifted throughout the cafe, but it wasn’t so loud that Midoriya couldn’t hear what was playing.

The female anchor announced that there was some breaking news. Midoriya's eyes widened as the screen switched to a male reporter. The man was standing outside of a bank that was currently on fire. Another explosion rang out and the heroes on scene pushed the crowd further away. The camera shook as they were forced back to a safer distance.

Two figures stepped out of the fire. From the smoke cover, it was hard to make out defining details of them. Midoriya watched the heroes approach the figures cautiously. They demanded that they identify themselves.

Not reacting to the heroes, the suave voice of a practiced magician called out, “We are the League of Villains!”

Gasps from the heros and civilians rang out.

The voice of the second figure called out, “ Today we announce our return!!” There was a pause before he continued with a much quieter, “Or do we?” The contradicting voice had continued to lower in volume. He seemed to be arguing with himself, but his words were indistinguishable by now.

Midoriya had stopped eating his sandwich. The League of Villains was back. He couldn’t believe it.

After the fight between All For One and All Might, the League had all but disappeared. Without any leads, both the heros and police force believed that they had just quietly disbanded. None of the members had been found, and there hadn’t been any mention of them from the villains they had caught.

Until now, that is.

Well, this wasn’t Midoriya’s jurisdiction, so he’d just have to hope that the heroes could take them down before the villains caused too much trouble.

Checking his watch, he noticed that his lunch break was almost over. Shoving the rest of his sandwich into his mouth, he waved goodbye to the owner, and began the walk back to the station.


He had noticed it slowly.

It started as an itch, which had turned into an uncomfortable ache, which turned into something he just couldn’t ignore.

Someone was watching him.

Midoriya was sure of it. He wasn’t sure when it had started, but this had to be the third day at least.

His paranoia wouldn’t leave. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. He became increasingly fidgety, constantly looking over his shoulder. His walks home became the worst. Every sound had him on edge, every shadow seemed to sway and move. He saw figures from the corner of his eyes.

Was this a prank? Had he been affected by a quirk? Whatever it was it didn’t disappear the next day.

Or the next.

Or the next...

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Six days.

He was convinced that this wasn’t just paranoia anymore. Midoriya was being watched, but he couldn’t figure out by who.

He paused in the middle of the dark and desolate sidewalk, massaging his temples. Patting down the coat that was laying over his arm, he blankly stared at the street before him.

It had been a bad day at the office.

Most days he could handle the whispers and snickers that would follow him when he passed. He could handle being reprimanded for something he’d had absolutely nothing to do with. He could even handle the paperwork that would anonymously make its way onto his desk, with the underlying threat of what would happen if he’d refused them.

All of that, coupled with a few sleepless nights, and Midoriya could barely keep it together.

When a cup of searing coffee had “accidentally” ruined his nearly finished report and his brand new pants, he’d almost quit on the spot.

He couldn’t do that, though. No, Midoriya had suffered for far too long just to throw it all away over one particularly bad day.

He refused to give his coworkers the satisfaction.

It was late, and Midoriya had to go back to that hell hole tomorrow, so he decided to pick up the pace. His apartment wasn’t far, and maybe (hopefully) tonight he’d just pass out from exhaustion, ignoring the eyes that had been constantly following him.

Exhausted, with irritation running through his veins, Midoriya finally reached his breaking point when a figure knocked into him from an adjacent alleyway. He stumbled back from the weight, unable to keep the venom from his voice as he shouted, “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

A man, clad in a black hoodie, quickly righted himself. With a bashful smile, he held his hands up in mock surrender, “Oh, sorry about that. I was in a hurry!”

Midoriya clicked his tongue in annoyance. He examined the man out of habit as he brushed the imaginary dust off of his person.

He was young, Midoriya's age or slightly older. Through his eyes were red, they held no malice, but they did unsettle him as they hardly held any emotion. The man had a scrawny frame, but he had enough muscle mass to knock Midoriya off balance. The greasy silver-blue hair, pasty white skin, and chapped lips made him look like any other hoodlum one would see on the streets at this time of night.

All in all, the man didn’t really seem like anything. What he was in a hurry for, at almost one in the morning, Midoriya didn’t have the slightest clue. He was tired, and off duty, and, honestly, he preferred not to know.

Sending one last glance at the man, Midoriya brushed past him, wanting nothing more than to lie down in his bed.

“Now, now,” Midoriya heard the man speak, and turned his head to listen. As he did, a black portal opened in front of him. Midoriya swiveled, fully facing the man. “Is that any way to act, seeing as I rushed all the way here to meet you?”

The man didn’t seem like your average hoodlum anymore. His cheerful disposition had disappeared in the blink of an eye. A dark look filled his blood red stare, matching the sadistic, cracked smile that slid onto his face.

The sudden malice that filled the air made Midoriya take a step back. His foot slipped into the portal, the cold mist making him jump away from the sensation.

As soon as he lost focus on the man, Midoriya knew he was done for.

The man was upon Midoriya in a second, hands outstretched, manic glee coloring his face. A harsh shove sent him tumbling through the mist. The breath was knocked from his lungs as his back collided with the polished hardwood floors.

Midoriya wasn’t tired anymore.

His survival instincts kick in instantly as he crawled away from the portal, taking in his surroundings the best he could. He was in a bar of some sort. To his luck, there was only one other being in the room with him. From his appearance, Midoriya deduced that he was probably the owner of the portal.

The misty bartender seemed wholly uninterested that a uniformed police officer had just come tumbling into his bar. Midoriya didn’t know if he should be thankful or not.

Midoriya’s luck ran out much sooner than he had hoped.

His nameless assailant strolled into the bar casually. His hands in his pockets as if he were just taking a walk through the park. “Kurogiri,” the man said to the bartender, both as a greeting and a command.

Without looking away from his current task the bartender, Kurogiri apparently, closed Midoriya’s only real hope of escape.

Sure, there was the door to the bar, but Midoriya had no idea where he was right now. They could have the exit guarded or he could be deep within villain territory. Hell, he may even be underground, judging from the lack of windows. There were too many variables for Midoriya to name it a safe escape route.

Without so much as sparing Midoriya a glance, the man took a seat on one of the bar stools. Kurogiri set a premade glass down in front of him. The man drug the hood off of his head as he took the glass in his hand. Midoriya noted the way he delicately handled it with only four fingers. His quirk perhaps? He didn’t have time to dwell on it before the man swiveled in his seat, turning to Midoriya, who was still huddled on the ground.

Midoriya met the man’s eyes, refusing to be the first one to look away. The man’s lips lifted for a moment before returning to their impassive state. He casually draped one leg over the other, wordlessly gesturing to one of the many empty seats beside him.

He was offering him a seat? As if Midoriya would be stupid enough to put himself that close to his kidnapper.

His stare turned into a glare.

“Oh~ What a scary glare you’ve got there!” the man laughed, making no attempt to follow up on his invitation.

Kurogiri silently worked behind the man as the two of them continued their staring contest. The misty bartender stopped his cleaning to turn on the small television that was mounted on the wall behind them.

“--public panic has been at an all-time high this past week, due to the numerous villain attacks. Multiple groups have taken advantage of the chaos, causing large amounts of damage, both to civilians and infrastructure alike,” a male anchor announced, his mouth set in a hard line.

His co-anchor picked up speaking. “There has been public outcry and harsh criticism given to the heroes and police officers that have been largely unsuccessful this past week in making any arrests. Many are--” The voice was abruptly cut off as Kurogiri changed the channel.

Midoriya felt himself break out into a cold sweat. He knew exactly who this man was. He’d seen his picture on that very same news channel day in and day out. He was a constant on Japan’s “Most Wanted” list.

The picture may have been a little outdated, but there is no doubt in Midoriya’s mind that this man was Shigaraki Tomura, the leader of the League of Villains.

A small smirk curls itself into Shigaraki’s lips as he watched Midoriya’s expression turn to one of panic.

“I’m sure you have many questions, but I feel that you’ve just answered most of them for yourself. You’re just as smart as my sources said you were.” He said the last part to himself, leaning back onto the countertop. “As I am sure you’ve guessed, I am Shigaraki Tomura, leader of the League of Villains.”

It had been a short and shitty life, Midoriya thought. The powers-that-be had never been kind to him before, so what was stopping them from giving him a horrific death now?

“And you,” Shigaraki’s voice turned into an amused purr. “Are Midoriya Izuku, son of Midoriya Inko, age 22, quirkless, currently employed as a police officer--” Shigaraki listed an alarming amount of correct information about him, never once breaking eye contact.

Midoriya could feel his pulse rise to his throat.

“Now that introductions are done, please, ask any questions you may have. I want us to have a good relationship.”

Midoriya couldn’t fathom what hidden meaning that sentence had, but he tried not to dwell on it. “Wh-why am I here?”

“Oh, that’s an easy one!” Shigaraki says with a cheerful tone. “The League has always had a hard time finding fresh blood to add to our ranks. Even after all of these years, we’re still only comprised of our original members.”

“That doesn’t explain why I’m--” Midoriya tired, only to be cut off.

“To put it in simple terms, I’m recruiting you, Midoriya Izuku.”

Shigaraki’s response shocked Midoriya into silence, every rebuttal dying on his tongue. All he could do was dumbly repeat back, “Recruit me?”

With a pleased smile, Shigaraki nodded his head.

Midoriya tried and failed multiple times to form a complete sentence. Eloquently he ended up with, “Why?”

“Oh, another easy one.” Shigaraki set his finished drink onto the bar countertop and leaned forward on his stool. “I’ve heard all about your little adventures with All Might.” Midoriya flinched at the mention of his childhood hero, despite his best effort not to. “He left you, abandoned you without another word, simply because he couldn’t take the time out of his day to deal with you anymore.”

“What? That’s not true--” Midoriya didn't know why he was defending All Might, but the words just flowed out of his mouth.

“Yes it is, Midoriya. He was injured and had to retire. The press was relentless for months, and he couldn’t spare the energy to even think about you. You, who looked up to him as a god! He could have easily sent you a simple text message, maybe even a letter. There are plenty of forms of contact that require little to no energy, but All Might didn’t even try one . He never cared about you, Midoriya. It was all an act. Something to pass the time. Something to do that would make him feel better about himself. After all, what’s more pitiful than a quirkless kid who wants to be a hero?”

Midoriya’s tongue felt like ash in his mouth and cotton clogged his throat.

Had All Might really not cared? Midoriya had always thought that there must have been some important reason All Might had never contacted him again. Perhaps, in his battle, he had hit his head, resulting in some memory loss! Maybe he was just protecting Midoriya because villains might target him if he was seen in public with the hero… there had to be a reason, right?

He knew he had been abandoned but had All Might really never cared?

Midoriya pushed the thought from his mind. He took a shuddering breath, “I don’t know how you know about that, but what does it have to do with you recruiting me?”

Shigaraki let out a sigh, making a flippant motion with his hand. “The League’s true goal is often skewed by the heroes. We want to make this world one that anyone, with any quirk, can live in happily. And to do that, Midoriya Izuku, we have to tear down this society. We have to destroy this corrupt hierarchy!”

Shigaraki stood from his seat, slowly approaching Midoriya as if he were a scared animal, which was a pretty good comparison. “Those so-called ‘Heroes’ that stand at the very top, we’re starting with them. I’ll reveal to the world just how fake their justice is! I’ll show the world that they don’t actually care about people like me or you! That they save civilians just to cover their image, and defeat villains only to boost their own egos!”  Shigaraki’s shoulders fell as he stopped in front of Midoriya. “And those ‘Villains’, Midoriya, are often just innocents that society has deemed as outcasts because of their villainous, evil, or useless quirk. That is what I want to show to the world.”

Looking down, Shigaraki extended his hand to Midoriya, the last two fingers curled into the palm of his hand. “And who knows the pain of being betrayed by heroes better than you?”

Midoriya didn’t move to take his hand, nor did he speak.

The League of Villains had been known for their gory and violent crimes. They killed heroes and civilians indiscriminately. Who knew how many lives this outstretched hand had taken.

Though, if what Shigaraki had said was even the slightest bit true, Midoriya could do nothing but sympathize.

Some of the League’s crimes had been tamer than the hell people had put him through just for being quirkless. And he knew that a good portion of heroes were only in it for the fame or the money. He also knew what Shigaraki said about petty criminals was true.

Many of the criminals he had dealt with on a day-to-day basis couldn’t find work due to their quirks, so they had to resort to crime. Not all of them were good people, but a small portion felt that crime was their only option in life.

Shigaraki was right about all of that, so what if he was right about All Might too? Were there really any true heroes in the world if even All Might was a fake?

Shigaraki still hadn’t moved his hand.

Even if everything he said was true... did Midoriya actually want to join them?

Taking a deep breath, Midoriya met Shigaraki’s crimson gaze once again. He pushed himself up from the floor, standing for the first time since their conversation began. Doing so, he completely ignored the villain’s outstretched hand. A surprised look passed over Shigaraki’s face before it was replaced with an amused smirk.

Before Midoriya could open his mouth, Shigaraki was beside him, slinging an arm over his shoulder. Midoriya tried not to make it obvious how he pulled away from the villain’s hand. According to the various reports he’d read about Shigaraki, anything he touched with all five of his fingers disintegrated.

Midoriya was pretty sure Shigaraki noticed anyway, seeing as the smile on the villain’s face only grew.

Without prompting, another of Kurogiri’s portals opened in front of them. Shigaraki wordlessly steered Midoriya through it. He stepped through, coming face to face with his apartment door. He glanced at the number,. Yep, this was definitely his. If the arm around his shoulder wasn’t enough of a threat, well then, this was.

“Think about my offer, Midoriya,” Shigaraki told him, sliding his arm off of his shoulder.

The portal still stood open. Shigaraki spun on his heel, stepping towards the dark mist. Without turning around he gave a small wave. “I’ll be in touch soon~”

And just like that, Shigaraki stepped into the mist, the portal vanishing along with him.

For a minute or two, or five, Midoriya was left staring blankly at the, now empty, space before him. “Did that really just happen?” he whispered out loud. Had he, not only, survived a meeting with the leader of the League of Villains but had also been recruited by him?

Midoriya crouched low to the ground, holding his head in his hands.

He couldn’t even do anything in retaliation. No one would ever believe him if he were to tell. He had no information about the two villains that couldn’t be found on the internet. He didn’t know the location of the bar and he had no witnesses to him being abducted. He couldn’t tell the police either, his coworkers would just laugh at him and say that he is just making stuff up to get attention.

Speechless and utterly at a loss for what to do, Midoriya stood up and unlocked the door to his apartment.

He got ready for bed purely on muscle memory.

As he fell asleep, Midoriya vaguely realized that for the first time in a long time, he couldn’t feel eyes watching him.

Chapter Text

Four days.

It had been four days since Midoriya’s little incident with the leader of the League of Villains.

When he’d woken up on the first day, he seriously had to wonder if it had all been a dream. He had been recruited by a powerful villain group-- him ?

Midoriya was a police officer. He was obviously on the side of the law, not to mention that he didn’t have much to offer the League in terms of a quirk. He wondered if, perhaps, he was suffering hallucinations from overworking himself.

The second day, when he couldn’t get the interaction out of his head, he toyed with the idea that it was real. That he had actually been taken by the infamous villain Shigaraki and given the “recruitment speech”.

The third day he’d finally come to terms with it. He had been surprisingly calm when he realized there was no way he could have dreamt something like that up. Midoriya had been trapped in a stage of apathy from the moment he’d woken up until he’d fallen asleep.

Now it was the fourth day... and Midoriya was freaking out.

Oh god, he had really been kidnapped by the League of Villains and somehow survived! They knew his name, his mother’s name. Hell, they even knew where he lived! Midoriya was going to be murdered!

He hadn’t even had the chance to turn his life around yet. He was too young to die, dammit! Midoriya hadn’t suffered for years to get where he was just to be killed with nothing to show for it.

The worst part of it all was that he couldn’t even get any help. None of his coworkers would give him the time of day. He was positive any report he made would simply go missing.

Shigaraki said that he would be in touch. What could that mean? How would he contact him? When? And a more pressing question: How would Midoriya answer?

Midoriya had been on the verge of either breaking down in tears, throwing up, or having a full blown panic attack all day, and his coworkers noticed.

“Midoriya!” The low, gruff voice made Midoriya jump in his seat. Nearly falling out of his chair, he spun around in terror.

Oh, it was his boss.

Tashiro Shuji had a very intimidating figure and it was only emphasized as he towered over Midoriya. He was the leader of their station, the highest ranking officer they had.

Midoriya didn’t have anything against the man personally, but that didn’t mean he liked him either.

Tashiro knew what Midoriya went through on a daily basis, and though he didn’t engage in degrading Midoriya, he also did nothing to stop it. He just turned the other way, pretending that his officers were the perfect protectors of justice and could do no wrong.

Midoriya had approached his boss in the beginning, when he had still been a naive child, fresh out of the academy.

“The weak will always be preyed upon by the strong. That is just the natural hierarchy of the world. No one will help you on the field when you are facing a villain, so I will not help you here. Take this as a lesson to help you get stronger, so that you can stand on your own two feet out in the real world,” is what he had said.

He’d let Midoriya get beaten behind the station for weeks. He’d let Midoriya get spit at and stolen from. He’d let Midoriya get legitimately threatened into doing the entire station’s paperwork. His boss had overlooked all of this because he viewed Midoriya as weak. And when his coworkers found they wouldn’t face any consequences from their boss, they had taken that as a blessing to continue their actions.

Midoriya tried to fight the sour expression on his face. It wasn’t like he wanted to be seen as weak and it's not as if he’d never tried to stand up for himself. No, he had just learned better.

Nearly a week in the hospital and scars that will never fade are what he had earned for standing up for himself. Midoriya found that just ignoring them and doing what they wanted was the easiest way to survive.

His boss began speaking again, jolting Midoriya from his thoughts. “I’ve gotten multiple complaints about you today, Midoriya. You spilled coffee all over the floor in the break room, you’ve been extremely clumsy in your work, making it impossible to decipher your reports, and you’ve been so jumpy that it's putting others on edge. What’s wrong with you today?” Tashiro stared down at Midoriya expectantly. He habitually tugged on the ends of the gloves he wore to prevent his quirk from interrupting his everyday activities. Being able to stick to anything you touch wasn’t always a good thing, especially when he couldn’t turn it off at will.

Midoriya knew his answer would just be glossed over, so he said, “Nothing, sir.”

Tashiro stared at him for a moment. He hummed to himself. “Go home for the day, Midoriya. You’ll just cause more problems if you stay.”

Midoriya couldn’t find it in himself to argue, anywhere was better than here. He nodded, quietly gathering his things.

As he stood, Tashiro placed a large hand on his shoulder, whispering, “Take care of yourself, Midoriya. Get some sleep, you look exhausted.”

Midoriya shrugged the hand off of his shoulder.


Midoriya can’t remember the last time he’d watched television. He normally worked most of the day and then all but passed out once he got back to his apartment. Free time was just a distant memory now. After all, his one day off was spent cleaning and shopping so that he could survive for another six days, just to do it all over again.

He lazily flipped through the channels, inevitably ending up on the hero news.

The League of Villains strike again!” scrolled across the bottom of the screen as the newscaster spoke. “The League of Villains has made another attack, making it the second one this week. This time there was only one casualty. Whirlwind, the newly debuted hero who could manipulate air currents, was killed by the leader of the League, Shigaraki Tomura.”

The screen switched to a shakily videoed clip from someone’s phone. They were standing behind the police line, facing an apartment complex. Shigaraki came into view, in his full villain costume, dragging a half-conscious Whirlwind wearing civilian clothing behind him. The heroes and police on the scene told him to stand down. Two more villains known as Twice and Mr. Compress, both of which were active members of the League, filed in behind Shigaraki.

Shigaraki let out a raspy laugh. “You want to save the hero that is in the villain’s grasp, don’t you?! How noble.” The heroes told him to stand down again. Shigaraki ignored them. “I wonder, will you change your mind once you learn that Whirlwind was selling heroes’ personal information to us?”

A startled murmur arose from the crowd of onlookers. Even the heroes showed a moment of weakness as they looked to one another. All the while, Shigaraki’s grin grew, the corners showing from behind the dismembered hand on his face.

With a gesture from Shigaraki, Mr. Compress threw a large bundle of documents to the ground between them and the heros. “This is what we collected from his apartment. Go ahead, read it for yourself… we already have.”

The hero nearest the papers quickly snatched them up from the ground. Those close by collected around him looking slightly pale as they flipped through the pages.

“You have no proof that Whirlwind is actually at fault!” one of the younger heroes cried.

Shigaraki’s gaze was on them instantly. “You’re right. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.” The same manic grin that Midoriya had been witness to grew on the villain's face. He pulled Whirlwind out from behind him, lifting the hero up with his pinky finger still raised. Screams rang out as that last finger met skin. The camera shook violently and the video was blurred out by the news station.

Faintly over the chaos, “Guess we’ll never know the truth now” could be heard from Shigaraki.

The screen went back to the newscasters. “This video has caused a large shakeup in the hero community. A large scale investigation is on its way, trying to find the truth of this matter---”

Midoriya shut off the television, shuddering.

If he made the wrong move, he might just meet the same end as Whirlwind.


Midoriya had calmed down quite a bit.

It had been seven, no, eight days, he counted mentally, since his encounter with the League of Villains.

He supposed that the League had realized that he wouldn’t be of any use to them. Perhaps they had also realized that he was a police officer who would never agree to join a villain organization.

Whatever they decided, Midoriya was fine with never meeting with them again.

Now that he was no longer being watched, which definitely had something to do with the League, he figured, Midoriya felt much better. He was actually sleeping and after he had been sent home from work his tormentors had laid off the slightest bit. After all, if they ran him down too much, who would do their paperwork for them?

His life was back to normal and Midoriya felt very relieved as he walked home that night.

Fishing for his keys in his pocket, he juggled his coat, bag, and reports around to unlock his apartment door. Midoriya’s fingers brushed the lock when he missed it with his key and he stilled instantly. He quickly placed his things on the ground, crouching down so that the lock was at eye level.

Scratches. There were scratches around the lock of his door, ones that hadn’t been there before. Someone had picked the lock to his apartment, and had done a rather shitty job of it.

Midoriya pressed his ear to the door. He hadn’t been paying attention before, but now he could make out the faint sound of his television playing. He un-holstered the gun that was always present on his hip when he walked home.

Midoriya had hoped that this was just a bad prank because the intruder was obviously an amateur at breaking and entering-- they hadn’t even bothered to lock the door back.

With a careful grip, he slowly turned the doorknob. Taking a deep breath, he sent the door flying open. “Put your hands up where I can see them!”

Midoriya worried that he might be in danger as he noticed that there were actually two intruders in his apartment. Both of which had simply turned their heads at his loud entrance. There was a man and a woman, both making themselves at home on his couch.

The man had his feet propped up on Midoriya’s coffee table, which made his eye twitch, and was heavily scarred on most of his visible skin. He sat relaxed, seemingly trying to keep himself awake. His dark hair and the scars on his face made him seem much older than he probably was. The woman, on the other hand, couldn’t have been much older than Midoriya. Her eyes lit up as they landed on him. It wasn’t until she had already stood up and started walking towards him that he realized she was wearing a school uniform.

He chose not to focus on her bad choice of fashion, instead worrying more about the fact that she was walking straight for him as if they were old friends.

“Stay back--” he tried.

“Are you Midoriya!? I really hope you are, cause if not this would be really awkward, and Tomura would probably get really mad at us--” The girl started talking a mile a minute, completely ignoring the gun that was only inches from her head.

At the mention of ‘Tomura’, Midoriya stopped listening to her. Before he could react, the man on the couch stood. He quickly took hold of the girl’s collar, and dragged her away. “Stop scaring him,” he huffed, before turning back to Midoriya. “Sorry about her. This crazy bitch is Toga, and I’m Dabi.” Midoriya knew exactly what he was going to say next, and he really wished he didn’t. “We’re part of the League of Villains. Shigaraki sent us to check up on you.”

Midoriya nearly dropped his gun.

Chapter Text

Once again Midoriya was lost in a state of disbelief.

He was currently sitting alone in his apartment, on the very same couch two League of Villain members had inhabited just a few moments ago.

After introducing themselves, Dabi had passed by him with a pat on the shoulder and left, dragging Toga behind him. As he stepped through the doorway, Dabi apologized about Midoriya’s lock. Apparently, he had let Toga try her hand at lockpicking and, as it turned out, she was terrible at it.

Midoriya had only been able to stand in dumb shock as he watched Toga excitedly wave goodbye.

Falling face down into this couch, he let out a stressed noise. Once again he could only hope to wake up in the morning and find out that this was all a dream.


It hadn’t been a dream… again.

The very first thing Midoriya had done once he got to work was dive into the archive room.  Printed records of every case the station had taken on were kept there under lock and key, which meant even cases on the notorious League of Villains.

Midoriya probably looked like a mad man right now. He had files strewn around him, there were large bags under his bloodshot eyes, and his hair was in disarray from the nervous sweeping of his fingers.

Reading yet another case file that only focused on Shigaraki and none of the other members, Midoriya slammed the folder shut. He chewed on his lip, forcing himself to look away from the scattered mess of papers surrounding him. He turned in his chair, hanging his head between his knees. Taking a deep breath, he sat back up, taking a moment to stretch the tense muscles in his neck and shoulders. 

That's when he saw it. A small file that had been sandwiched between two larger folders. Midoriya quickly reached for it, nearly spilling its contents all over the floor in his eagerness. He couldn’t help the small smile that found its way onto his face.  

It was a list of all the witness reports that had cases involving the League of Villains. This particular list had been put together in an attempt to find out more about the remaining League members. It was exactly what he was looking for.

Multiple reports were stapled together, with circles and arrows drawn in an attempt to connect the sightings to each of the mysterious members. The file on the very top was about the Whirlwind case that had happened only a few days ago. It identified Mr. Compress, who was thought to have been responsible for Bakugo Katsuki’s capture all those years ago. He had a quirk that could turn things into marbles, or something along those lines. These reports relied heavily on theories so nothing could be trusted as complete fact.

Midoriya scanned the pages until he found what he was looking for, an article about an unsolved list of gory murders and a case of an imposter during the hero license exam. After reading a few more reports, Midoriya could conclude that these were about Toga. She had the same hair color, and the school uniform was a dead giveaway.

Behind the stack of Toga’s documents laid reports about Dabi. Reading “heavily scarred skin” confirmed all of Midoriya’s speculations. Now, he knew Dabi had a fire quirk, and though the conditions of Toga’s quirk were unclear, he knew she could impersonate other people. Those quirks made a dangerous pair. Midoriya would have to keep his guard up in case he ever met them again. 


“Toga, shut the fuck up,” Dabi groaned, trailing behind Midoriya.

“----Uravity is just the coolest! I actually met her once in her school days, which was just so neat! She really deserves to be higher in the rankings!” Toga continued, not acknowledging Dabi in the slightest.

Midoriya had been living like this for the past week. Their constant bickering was about to drive him off the edge.

The first day had come as a surprise to him when the two villains had casually kept pace with him on his walk home. They had mostly kept to themselves, only occasionally asking his opinion on some stupid topic that he could have cared less about, while his main focus was on trying not to have a heart attack.

As soon as they had reached his doorstep, he had been met with an enthusiastic goodbye from Toga and a much more muted one from Dabi. Then they were gone. 

The same pattern had continued from then on. Every day, after he got off from work, no matter how late it may be, the two had somehow involved themselves in his commute. 

At first Midoriya had held his breath, waiting for the bomb to drop. He had waited for the misty portal to swallow him whole, transporting him back to that bar. He had waited for Shigaraki to step out of the shadows and ask what Midoriya’s answer was. He had waited for Toga or Dabi to deliver the question instead... but they never did.

An entire week of the villains following him around and nothing had happened yet.

The two would simply talk like the good friends they were. They would constantly bicker over their varying opinions on the most random subjects. Sometimes, it would escalate to a flame flickering in Dabi’s hand or the glint of a knife in Toga’s, but Midoriya always made sure to diffuse the situation before it resulted in violence.

Yesterday had been a change of pace, however. Instead of leaving once he got home, they had followed him through his door and had invited themselves into his apartment. Midoriya had actively been part of their argument, as it had been about a new hero, and he hadn’t even noticed until they had already collected around his kitchen table. 

Midoriya froze when he realized what he had done. Without even noticing, he’d conversed with villains and he had enjoyed it.

He found himself more and more distracted at work after that, trying to figure out what he should make of this situation. He couldn’t really tell them to leave, they obviously wouldn’t listen, and Midoriya was too much of a chicken to ask them outright about Shigaraki’s offer. 

Maybe he was just too afraid of how he might answer.

With that thought at the forefront of his mind, and two villains on his tail, Midoriya was stressed, to say the least.

He unconsciously picked up the pace, refusing to be a part of their conversation today, but they were still following him as close as ever. If either one of them had noticed Midoriya’s fowl mood, they didn’t seem keen on bringing it up anytime soon. Just as Midoriya was weighing the pros and cons of just bolting down an alleyway, Dabi’s phone went off.

 “Yeah?” Midoriya heard Dabi answer his phone casually from behind him.

“Who is it? Who is it?!” Toga asked, jumping to grab the phone.

Dabi spun away from her, dodging her hands easily, continuing to speak as if nothing was wrong. “Oh, really? Uh, yeah, I don’t think that’s too far from here.” There was a moment of silence as the person on the line spoke. “Toga is with me.” Dabi stuck out his tongue, kicking her away to stop the attempts for his phone. “And no one else can do this?” he asked, staring at a pouting Toga, blankly. “Okay, fine,” he sighed, clearly not excited.

Midoriya watched Dabi roll his eyes at whatever was said over the phone while Toga took one last lunge for it. She actually succeeded, much to Dabi’s surprise, if the expression on his face was anything to go by.

Jumping around happily, she shoved the phone to her ear. As she took a breath, an audible click was heard as the person on the phone ended the call. Midoriya almost snickered at the betrayed look on her face.

Dabi smoothly swiped his phone out of her hand, placing it safely in his pocket. “Come on Toga, we’ve got a job,” was the only information Dabi gave her before walked away, giving Midoriya a flippant wave goodbye.


Midoriya only sighed as he stepped into his apartment to find two uninvited guests.

Ever since the phone call, Toga and Dabi hadn’t bothered him for three days. Once again Midoriya had hoped it was the end of the League’s interest in him, but it seemed he was mistaken this time too.

There was a bag of take-out on his coffee table. Dabi sat at the same spot on his couch as the first time Midoriya had found him, while Toga was sprawled out on the floor. Both of them spared Midoriya a glance as he walked through the door, but quickly went back to eating while watching whatever was playing on his television.

Midoriya took off his shoes and wordlessly took a seat on the opposite side of the couch. There was some sort of stupid romantic comedy playing. The acting was ridiculously overdone and Midoriya could already guess how the movie would end.

Toga propped herself up from the floor and scooted until her back was against the couch between Midoriya and Dabi. She grabbed the take-out bag and shoved it into Midoriya’s hands. “We got you some too!” 

Midoriya didn’t really know how to answer so he mumbled a quiet thanks. Rummaging through the bag, he pulled out a container of Katsudon, which just so happened to be his favorite.

He allowed himself a little smile. Turning his attention to the terrible movie, and accompanied by two members of the League of Villains, he started to eat. 


Nearing a month of the villain’s constant company, Midoriya had gained an extensive collection of notes about them. It was a habit he’d never broken from his childhood, only he never had time for it anymore.

Dabi kept to himself most of the time, if he wasn’t bickering with Toga. He would answer Midoriysa’s questions but was more content with sitting quietly on the sidelines. In general, he was pretty respectful of Midoriya’s things. Except my coffee table , Midoriya wrote out begrudgingly in his notebook, thinking of the permanent scuff marks it now had.

He had gotten a bit more information regarding Dabi’s quirk as well. It was, indeed, a fire-based quirk, one that was extremely powerful. His flames were so high in temperature that they glowed blue. Midoriya guessed Dabi’s scars had something to do with his quirk but he was too afraid to ask.

Toga, on the other hand, talked too much. She was a chatterbox, freely talking about anything and everything. Midoriya had been able to get extensive notes on her quirk, which was that she could transform into anyone as long as she had a taste of their blood.

She had actually gone too far into detail on what the different types of blood tasted like, and her preferences and dislikes. Midoriya found it quite unsettling.

She had no concept of personal space, as she would latch onto Midoriya and hug him whenever she felt like it. Dabi would just set himself on fire to deter her but she also had no concept of self-preservation, so even he wasn’t actually safe.

As annoying as Toga was, she was actually quite intelligent and often knew more than she let on. With an obsession of blood and knives, coupled with no personal regard for safety, Toga could make a fearsome enemy.

She and Dabi made a great team. Their personalities balanced each other and their quirks, when paired together, gave them an advantage at long and short range fighting. Their close partnership was apparent from the constant bantering and bickering. Midoriya didn’t ever want to face them in a fight.

With their inevitable presence, Midoriya found himself being dragged into their long, drawn-out discussions more and more often. They’d sit around his kitchen table until early hours in the morning, arguing over which board game to play, never actually picking one. They would alternate picking out bad movies to watch, the three of them crammed onto Midoriya’s old couch, sharing a bowl of popcorn.

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It had become routine for them. Midoriya couldn’t remember what it had felt like to come home to an empty apartment. For the first time in his life, Midoriya wasn’t lonely. And it was all thanks to the League of Villains.


Toga and Dabi were nowhere to be seen today.

They disappeared from time to time, often followed by a news story about a recent villain attack. Midoriya didn’t say anything and neither did they.

He was almost disappointed that they wouldn’t be accompanying him today--almost. 

He had been taking Shigaraki’s offer more and more seriously as the weeks had passed. Everything he said had gained proof as Midoriya had gone through the days.

Dabi and Toga weren’t crazy, bloodthirsty psychopaths. They just saw the world from a different perspective. Accompanied by what he could gather about their past, Midoriya could easily see how they ended up in the League.

Dabi had been abused by someone, family most likely, and it had changed his view about heroes. Midoriya could safely guess that one or both of his parents had been pro-heroes, and any hero who could push their child that far didn’t deserve to be a protector of justice.

Toga had been bullied about her ‘creepy’, ‘weird’, and ‘villainous’ quirk, and was isolated from her classmates because of it. She got through it by accepting her quirk, though she could have done without the murders, but that was just Midoriya’s opinion.

The League saw value in him, something no one had ever done before. They acknowledged his skills and Shigaraki was the one recruiting him . The League didn’t care that he was quirkless because they didn’t blindly follow what society said was right.

He had his doubts about their methods, though. No matter how bad this world was, murder was an extreme way to achieve change. 

“Hey,” a voice called out from the shadows.

Midoriya’s head shot up, looking for the source. His eyes scanned from one end of the dark street to the other, his hands inching towards the gun on his hip the entire time.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the voice came from behind him.

Midoriya jumped away on instinct, spinning around as quickly as he could. A man stood confidently behind him, a hood covering his face and his hands in his pockets. “Just hand over your wallet, Mr. policeman, and no one has to get hurt,” the thug said with an amused tone.

Midoriya sighed, letting the tension fall from his shoulders. He’d had his share of muggers who wanted to test themselves by targeting a police officer.

Unfortunately for this guy, he’d picked Midoriya.

WIthin the next minute, he had the man handcuffed with his face shoved into the street. Midoriya had taken basic training with everyone else at the academy, he doesn’t know why anyone would think he couldn’t handle himself in a fight. Plus, he had a high pain tolerance and good instincts from the constant harassment he’d received since he was a child.

Midoriya had pulled out his phone to call the attack into the station, when he heard, “Oi, let him go.” 

He didn’t even get the chance to turn around before the earth began to shake beneath him. The street split in two, causing Midoriya to stumble away, separating him from the handcuffed criminal. He fell to his knees from the harsh vibrations in the ground. He got a quick glance of the new attacker, a man similarly dressed as the first only he was much taller and more muscular. His build, coupled with a strong quirk, spelled trouble for Midoriya.

He ducked out of the way of a large piece of the broken street that was sent flying towards him. Still disoriented from dodging, his arm got caught by the next rock thrown his way.

A barrage of broken concrete and gravel was shot at him. Midoriya got cut and bruised several times, desperately trying to find cover. He threw himself into the nearest alleyway, escaping the rocks flying through the air. Midoriya cursed his bad luck as he faced a dead end too high for him to climb. 

The few cuts he had were bleeding heavily from his rough movement and his bruises were already starting to ache. He crouched at the mouth of the alley, taking his gun from its holster. 

The rocks stopped flying as his new assailant yelled, “Show yourself, Mr. policeman! There’s no use in hiding!”

Using the darkness to his advantage, Midoriya peeked out from his cover. The first thug was still stuck in the handcuffs, standing behind the other. The attacker with the earth quirk had only taken a few steps forward from his original position.

Perhaps his quirk had a range limit? Midoriya was fairly sure that he wouldn’t have to worry about the handcuffed thug’s quirk. If he hasn’t used it yet either the handcuffs were preventing its use or it wasn’t suited for combat.

He took a breath, closing his eyes. When he opened them a large piece of rubble was flying straight for him.

Even though he threw himself to the ground, Midoriya still got clipped in the temple. Head wounds bleed more than most, and this annoying fact became apparent when blood begins to run into his left eye, obscuring half of his vision.

Hearing laughter from the thugs, Midoriya knew he had to act. Before he could second guess himself, he charged from his hiding spot. 

Midoriya was a good shot and he hoped it was enough to make up for his bad vision. He fired at the earth quirk user first, landing a solid hit to his shoulder. The man let out a grunt of pain before giving Midoriya a glare that promised death.

A new barrage of rubble was ripped from the street, only this time it was in much larger pieces than the rocks that had flown at him before. They come at such a fast rate that he couldn’t dodge all of them, getting hit in the side innumerous times. Another slammed into his knee, causing him to fall and scrape his palms against the shattered cement.

Not seeing another chance, Midoriya ignored the pain in his side, taking aim one more time. He spotted a gap between the pieces of rubble and he fired.

After hearing another yell of pain, Midoriya was sure his bullet had found its mark. The rubble stops flying but the pieces in the air still soared towards him. He only got hit once more in the shoulder but it caused him to lose his grip on the gun. 

Midoriya coughed away the dust from the settling pieces of concrete and turned to his attackers. The first thug was doing his best to hold the earth quirk user up but struggled without the use of his arms. The earth quirk user was set on the ground, the cuffed thug unable to hold his weight anymore.

Midoriya’s second bullet had lodged itself into his attacker’s side, below his already injured shoulder.

Midoriya struggled to stand, reaching for his gun that lay a few feet away as the cuffed thug neared him. He spat curses at Midoriya as he approached. Attacking with a fierce kick, the breath was knocked out of Midoriya as he rolled across the broken cement.

Midoirya knew his uniform was torn when he fees the rubble cut into his bare skin. He wasn’t sure if the thug’s kick would leave a distinguishable bruise, as he was probably already covered in them.

The thug approached Midoriya again. Struggling to push himself up, Midoriya’s hand slipped on a piece of cold metal. He scrambled to grab his gun, turning to his attacker as quickly as his body would allow him. With a well placed shot, the thug’s raised leg never came down on him. His attacker fell to the ground, curling in on himself. Midoriya didn’t pay attention to whatever threats were hissed his way. 

It took him a minute, but Midoriya finally found the power to stand. He limped to the nearest building, leaning on the wall as he accessed his injuries. He was bruised from head to toe and had multiple cuts, some of which were still bleeding steadily. His head wound had yet to stop bleeding, so he still was down half of his vision. The knee that got hit wasn’t doing so well, already beginning to swell. He coughed, weakly waving away the dust that flew into the air at his every move.

Midoriya glanced back at the impromptu battlefield. The destruction was extensive but he’ll let someone else call this in, he was too tired to deal with his coworkers.


It took him three times as long to clear the last block to his house. His injuries started to hurt more as the adrenaline wore off. He painfully made his way up the stairs to his apartment, thankful it was late enough that no one else was around to see him.

He nearly collapsed at his door as he tried to fit his key into the lock, unsteady hands made him miss more than once. When his door opened on its own, Midoriya fell forward.

“Zuzu!?” He was caught by two sets of hands, the rough action making a cloud of dust around him.

“Toga?” he coughed out, recognizing her voice.

“What happened to you?” Dabi asked, taking Midoriya’s full weight into his arms.

“Almost got mugged… strong earth quirk…. you should see the other guys...” he tried to joke as Dabi dragged him to his bathroom.

“Where did you leave them?” Toga asked, her voice cold.

“Huh? Uh…. ’bout two blocks… from... here.” He said, unable to stop his eyes from closing.

He must have passed out after that because he jolted awake from a sharp, stinging sensation. “Ow!” He immediately sat up, quickly losing strength in his body.

Toga managed to catch him before he could hit his head, “Stop moving Zuzu! I just finished your stitches. I don’t wanna do them all over again!”

“Toga? How long have I been asleep?” Midoriya faintly realized he could see again as he watched Toga put a finger to her cheek in thought. “Probably like thirty minutes? I dunno.”

Much more carefully this time, Midoriya sat up again. His entire body hurt, some parts ached more than others. He realized that he was in his bed and was considerably more clean than he had been earlier. “How bad are my injuries?”

“What do you mean bad? Injuries are great! Your blood is such a pretty color!”

Midoriya just gave her a look .

She huffed “Fine. Nothing should be permanent. Your head and side needed a couple of stitches. Maybe some new scars on your arms and back. Your knee is gonna’ take a while to heal though, so I got you the rest of the week off!”

Midoriya did a double take. “Wait, Toga, what do you mean--”

“Ahh, I’m so excited! You, me, and Dabi can just hang out for the entire week, cause you don’t have to go to your stupid job!” Toga chattered excitedly, cutting him off.

Midoriya let her excited rant end before he tried again. “Toga, what do you mean you got me the rest of the week off?”

Toga’s smile took on a mischievous look and then Midoriya was staring at an exact copy of himself. “Why, I called the station and told them what happened,” Toga said, using her quirk to copy his body and voice.

“Okay, thank you, but please stop that.” He watched his own face pout before Toga started to look like she was melting. After a few moments, she shifted back to her normal appearance.

Midoriya turned his head at the sound of his apartment door opening. After a moment, Dabi walked in, smelling suspiciously like smoke, a scent that only followed him after he used his quirk a lot. “And where have you been?” he asked with a glare.

Dabi stared right back at him before sitting down and propping his feet on Midoriya’s bed. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Midoriya stared at him for a few more seconds until he decided to drop it. He was way too tired to put up with Dabi’s bullshit today.

He let himself lie back down. Closing his eyes, he felt his exhaustion catching up with him. “Well, I appreciate your help, but I’m gonna sleep now.” When he didn’t hear any movement, he cracked one eye open. “Which means you two can leave.”

Toga moved forward in her chair, half leaning on his bed. “Nah, I wanna have a sleepover today, Zuzu!”

He glanced at Dabi, who had reclined in his own chair, feet still on the bed. “Yep, I’m good here too.”

Midoriya sighed in defeat, quickly succumbing to sleep.


“I think its time, Dabi,” Toga said once they were both sure Midoriya was asleep.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Today was cutting it close,” Dabi agreed. He could see how much color Midorya’s skin had lost. When he’d stumbled into the apartment, covered in his own blood, Dabi had, admittedly, panicked. Begrudgingly, Dabi found that he would have cared if Midoriya had died--but only a little

“He needs to meet with Shigaraki.”