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Safe in Your Arms Again

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When Kim Namjoon walked into the precinct on his first day as a detective, he believed it was just a change in the career aspect of his life. Little did he know that he moment he walked in, it would change his entire life.

It was his new Omega partner, Min Yoongi, who would become his entire universe. Namjoon was introduced to his new precinct and squad by Captain Lee, but all he ever remembered was meeting his new partner, Min Yoongi.

Yoongi was a male Omega with a beautiful face, wavy ash blonde a hair, and a petite but lithe body. He had the biological parts of a male Omega and he had heats, but that was about how proper an 'Omega' Yoongi would ever be considered by society.

He wasn't docile or submissive. He was feisty, with a reputation for intimating his previous Alpha partners. He outshone them at work and they didn't take kindly to that. Alphas with bruised egos were quite ugly to behold, yet Yoongi always held his ground and won. The Alpha partner would request for a transfer.

The Omega talked back, he didn't listen, and he didn't have a care in the world about what others thought of him. Yoongi didn't care about finding an Alpha to mate nor did he ever think about having children. It seemed as if his only goal and love in life was to prove that being an Omega didn't dictate how he should live his life. Yoongi was a workaholic. His life was work. He didn't socialize and make friends, he didn't have childhood friends who would visit him...he didn't have family members that visited him either.

Yoongi wasn't meant for a typical Alpha...Namjoon wasn't a typical Alpha.

Namjoon didn't treat Yoongi like an Omega. The tall Alpha didn't make any flirty or suggestive passes at Yoongi, and  he definitely  didn't try to tell Yoongi what to do. He treated Yoongi as a professional partner and he respected him. Truth be told, the Alpha was initially very terrified of Yoongi, his mannerisms and his behavior reminded Namjoon to stay on his good side...or else. Namjoon loved that about Yoongi. In fact, he loved everything about Yoongi.

Yoongi was genuinely touched by the way his new partner treated him. He never had an Alpha who let him  lead some of their cases, make the calls, and didn't seemed the slightest bit bothered by Yoongi's Omega status. He was also grateful that the Alpha didn't seem too bothered by his unwillingness to talk about his family or his past.

The Omega made it very clear to Namjoon that he never wanted to talk about it, and  Namjoon respected Yoongi's wishes even when he was dying to know everything about Yoongi. He wanted to know what the Omega was like as a baby, his childhood in Daegu, everything...but Yoongi never wanted to talk about it. The few occasions when Namjoon tried to bring up those sensitive topics, Yoongi would go days without talking to Namjoon.

Their work relationship slowly turned into a started out with a late-night pizza 'date' after a stressful day at work. It evolved into morning coffee, home-made lunch, and dinners. Their intimate and honest conversations about anything and everything but work during these meals together started to meld the two souls together, and a romantic love was created between the two. They were private people, so keeping their relationship a secret from colleagues did not impose any difficulties. They preferred to keep their little universe away from the world.


It was a sunny Wednesday morning in May when the world turned cold for Namjoon, a detective for Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. It was the day Yoongi dropped off the radar...the day Namjoon's world came crashing down. Yoongi didn't show up for work, he didn't call Namjoon nor did he pick up when Namjoon called.

Although Yoongi had been distancing himself from Namjoon the last few weeks, for reasons unknown to the Alpha, it was nonetheless very uncharacteristic of the Omega to do such a thing, especially if it involved work.

After repeatedly calling Yoongi's cellphone and having his call directed straight to voicemail, Namjoon went to Yoongi's apartment. He knocked repeatedly and relentlessly but no one answered the door. Namjoon continued to show up day after day for about a month. He finally stopped going after his Captain pulled him into his office and showed his the resignation letter that Yoongi had mailed to the precinct.

The letter stated that the Omega detective had grown immensely dissatisfied with his career and his life in Seoul. It continued on to state that Yoongi would cut all ties to everyone here, wishing to never see or speak to any of his previous colleagues.

It felt like Namjoon had been blindsided and hit by a truck going full speed and he never fully recovered.

Namjoon was perplexed and deeply wounded  by Yoongi's abrupt departure. The Omega left without even saying a word. He didn't even bother to break up with Namjoon or anything.

They worked together for five years, but most importantly Namjoon considered the Omega his lover. They had been dating secretly for the last two years, the best two years of Namjoon's life.

And Namjoon loved Yoongi back and his love for the Omega never ended. Although he's voiced that to the Omega only a handful of times, he made sure to show Yoongi how much love he had for the Omega every day through his actions. He was inexperienced in love, but he knew that his love for Yoongi ran deep, as if loving the Omega was embedded into his being.

Namjoon pleaded with the Universe and to any divinity that would listen.

'Did I not mean anything to him? Did me not love me? Where are you, Yoongi...please, p-please come back'


About three and a half months after Yoongi's last heat, and the time that him and Namjoon's child was conceived, he was followed by Kang Changmin as he left the convenience store on the nearby street corner by his apartment. He was about five minutes away from his apartment when Changmin grabbed him by behind and covered his nose and mouth with a fabric drenched in chloroform, making the Omega pass out and drop the small bag of purchased items on the ground. Inside that bag was just a bottle of water, some crackers and snacks. Changmin swiped the water bottle and a bag of snacks, failing to notice the pregnancy kit box.

He picked up Yoongi, threw him over his shoulders, and carried him to his car. Laying the Omega in the back seat, he smiled down at the blonde Omega, kissing him on the temple.

"I've come to reclaim you, Omega."

 After a few more seconds of staring and reveling in self-praise on his success of finding Yoongi, Changmin bound the Omega's arms and ankles together, before getting into the driver's seat and driving off to his new home, specially renovated for his long estranged Omega mate.

Changmin smirked in satisfaction as he drove down Expressway 35, it would be a long three hour drive, but he had succeeded faster and easier than he had originally planned.

 He thought about the years it took for him to track down the Omega. He was impressed how low profile the Omega managed to keep. Initially, he waited for Yoongi to return to Daegu but after a while, he realized that the Omega hadn't plan to return. He even travelled to Seoul a few times to search for Yoongi but was unsuccessful, until he found him working as a detective in the Seoul Police Department. He saw the Omega when he was leaving the Seoul Police Department building.

Changmin started following Yoongi around. His Omega lived a boring life, in his opinion. Yoongi only seemed interested in work and didn't appear to have any friends. He had followed Yoongi and his Alpha partner to Yoongi's apartment. There was no movement for two hours. Then Yoongi opened the door and was holding hands with the Alpha. They held hands all the way to the restaurant and the Alpha had placed his arms all over the Omega and even kissed him a few times over the course of dinner.

When Changmin realized that Yoongi and his Alpha partner, Kim Namjoon, were lovers...he was outraged. He plotted to find a way to get Yoongi back.

Like Yoongi's parents, Changmin was very traditional and archaic in his way of thinking, especially on his view of Omegas. He believed that Omegas' only role in life is to serve their Alphas and bear their children. A good Omega was an obedient Omega who knew how to cook, clean, sexually satisfy their Alphas and to bear children. He wanted to show Yoongi where an Omega's place in society should be.


Shortly after being kidnapped by Changmin, Yoongi was positive that he was pregnant. He noticed that his abdomen looked slightly larger, but when he felt the first flutter, there was no doubt or denial that Yoongi could conjure up in his mind. His child had moved for the first time.

He tried to keep it a secret from Changmin, afraid that the Alpha would harm his unborn child...but his secret didn't go unnoticed for too long. Changmin was eager to touch Yoongi again after all those years.

Changmin saw the small bump as he hovered over Yoongi, thrusting in and out of the Omega at a brutal pace. He stopped immediately, pulled out and placed his palm over the shaking Omega's bump. He realized that Yoongi was pregnant.

The Alpha looked up at Yoongi with wild eyes, "what's this? A-are you pregnant?"

Yoongi remained silent as tears pooled in his eyes.

Changmin slapped him, "ANSWER ME! Is it that Alpha that knocked you up, that Namjoon guy, HUH?!"

Changmin pulled at his own hair and cackled out loudly like a madman.

"H-hhaha...oh fuck, I am SO mad right now. How could you do this to us? How could you let some other Alpha breed you? You are mine, you are only suppose to bear my children...what should I do? Make you miscarry? O-or we can raise this baby as mine, huh? Let's be a happy fmaily...b-but what if he looks like that b-bastard?...maybe I'll just dump the baby at an orphanage when it's born o-or..."

Yoongi eyes grew wider and wider in fear while he listened to the Alpha's rambling.

"P-please, don't hurt the baby, Changmin." The Omega pleaded, only to be met with another stinging slap to his face.

"You could you? HOW COULD YOU...TO US...TO ME?"

"I'm s-sorry, please. D-don't...I'll do anything you want, just please don't hurt the baby...please," Yoongi begged.

Changmin roughly pushed Yoongi's legs up on his own shoulders and painfully pushed himself back inside Yoongi.

"I'm going to punish you first for being an unfaithful whore, then I'll teach you how to be a good little Omega bitch you are suppose to be."

He violently raped Yoongi that night, unrelenting even as he saw the blood that dripped down onto the sheets.

After a few days when the initial shock wore off, Changmin realized that he could use the baby as leverage against Yoongi.

He constantly threatened to force the Omega to miscarriage if he didn't obey. That alone made Yoongi very pliant to all of Changmin's commands. It kept Yoongi obedient for the most part, but the Omega would occasionally still try to disobey.

Then he started live streaming him 'breaking in' his Omega for money on the dark web, as punishment and humiliation. He knew it would break Yoongi if anyone he knew or worked with were to see these live streams.

It was only the beginning of Changmin's plan to make Yoongi his perfect Omega breeding bitch.


Jung Hoseok was a colleague and best friend of Namjoon who also worked at the precinct. He specialized in cybercrime and he also used his IT skills to help track down wanted criminals, rapists, and murders, all using technology.  One of his job responsibilities was to monitor the dark web, looking for suspects that his precinct were assigned to bring in and charged for their crimes.

He was following the online activity of a suspected serial rapist when his target entered into a live stream of a pregnant Omega being 'broken in'.

"Twisted bastard," Hoseok muttered under his breath. The detective followed him into the live stream.

This was unfortunately not his first time to enter a live stream of a person having non-consensual sex or being filmed like a porno for money.

This was the first time, however, he wanted to throw up when he saw who was the main star of this live stream.


It has been four months since Yoongi's departure, and it turned Namjoon into a different person. He didn't hang out with his friends, he didn't really go home except to shower, change, and go back straight to his work desk. He would only eat whenever his new work partner, a young Alpha named Jeon Jungkook, would literally shove food into his mouth.

Namjoon liked Jungkook. The younger Alpha was smart and as detail-oriented like Yoongi. He didn't ask Namjoon a lot of questions about his personal life either, and Namjoon was grateful for that. He was also grateful towards Jungkook's mate, Jimin.


Namjoon was forced to attend a mandatory welcome dinner for Jeon Jungkook, a young detective who recently joined their department. More importantly, he was Namjoon's new partner.

Walking into the restaurant, Jungkook enthusiastically welcomed him and introduced him to Jimin, the young Alpha's Omega mate.

That night, Namjoon sat at the table with Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok and his two mates. Hosoek's two mates, an Alpha named Seokjin and an Omega named Taehyung, were people he would frequently hear about but had never officially met. That night, surrounded by these people who were in love, Namjoon drank bottle after bottle of soju, until Hoseok took all of the alcohol away from him and shoved a lettuce wrap in his mouth. Then, the other Alpha gave Namjoon a spoon and babied him into eating some rice and soup to help absorb all the alcohol.

Namjoon can't remember clearly, but according to Hoseok and Jungkook, he had babbled and revealed the truth about his relationship with Yoongi, how he had been living since the Omega left, then proceeded to sob inconsolably.

Jimin, a sweet and sympathetic soul, started packing an extra lunch for Namjoon after that dinner.

-end flashback-


Namjoon was asleep when his phone vibrated somewhere  nearby his head. He didn't actually make time to sleep nowadays. His sleep time was when he would accidently fall asleep at his work desk. The Alpha didn't make the slightest movement as his phone kept vibrating.

After about the fifth phone call, Jungkook sighed loudly, and reached across the desk and shook Namjoon awake.

"Hyung! I think this call must be pretty urgent. It's gone off like fifty times!"

Namjoon, with his head still resting on the desk, just grabbed his phone with his hand and placed it against his ear.

"Kim Namjoon speaking."


"I am awake...maybe I just didn't want to answer your call," Namjoon jabbed back.

"NAMJOON HYUNG WAS ASLEEP," Jungkook yelled across the desk.

"Huh, I thought so. HHEEYOO JUNGKOOK," Namjoon pulled the phone away from his ear.

"Hoseok, stop yelling. I don't want to go deaf just yet."

"I need you to listen carefully and I want you to promise me that you will remain fucking calm with what I am going to say...promise?"

"Yeah, yeah promise. What could be so shocking that I need to make such a promise?"

Namjoon heard a deep sigh on the other end of the line.

"Namjoon, I think I found Yoongi hyung and I think he's in trouble. I'll meet you at the precinct in twenty minutes."

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It was the longest twenty minutes of Namjoon's life.

Right as Hoseok showed up to the precinct, Namjoon had just finished gulping down his third grande size black coffee to be fully awake. His whole system was shocked back to life, full of adrenaline, when he heard Hoseok's message on the phone. The three coffees after the call were just to absolutely make sure he was awake and his brain was functioning.

He was sitting at Hoseok's desk when the other Alpha finally arrived. Before he could even utter a word, Hoseok stopped him.

"Let me just set up this laptop and get everything running before I say anything, okay? It'll explain everything."

Namjoon nodded in agreement.

Namjoon had allowed Jungkook to be part of this as he had accidently spilled out some of the things about him and Yoongi at Jungkook's welcome dinner, but Namjoon liked and trusted Jungkook so he didn't regret it.

Hoseok broke the silence, "so, as I told you on the phone, I think I have found Yoongi hyung and I think he's definitely in some type of trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" Namjoon asked.

"Let me explain first. I was following this sick bastard on the web to track him down. He was looking at these live stream porn videos. So then, he entered this one live stream that had a pregnant male Omega...and I think it's Yoongi hyung being held captive by another sick bastard whose making money off of this whole shit."

Namjoon froze...he didn't know what to say or even think.

Hoseok continued, "I recorded the stream and this pregnant Omega looks exactly like Yoongi-hyung, well, except in a worse condition...and pregnant. This is one of those live steams that where the viewers can pay and request to have this person in a full face mask do things to the Omega."

He pointed to the people he mentioned on the screen. Then, he clicked the play button.

"Just...take a deep breath."

A heavily pregnant belly came into view first with a hand rubbing up and down the swollen stomach. The camera seemed to be placed between the Omega's legs as the Omega's bruised thighs could be seen in the periphery. Then the camera moved up and zoomed in on the face of a crying blonde Omega.

Namjoon's heart dropped when he saw that it was Yoongi, or an Omega who looked uncannily just like him, gagged by a cloth around his mouth with his bound hands resting to the side of his head.

The camera then moved around for a few minutes before the movement finally stilled and the camera refocused.  The appeared to be on the ground, at an angle that put the Omega's most intimate parts on full display. The Omega seemed to have moved and was now positioned onto his hands and knees...then a hand proceeded to shove a purple dildo into the Omega before a voice could be heard.

"Hello viewers. This beautiful Omega bitch is pregnant...but he's been a bad Omega, taking some other Alpha's seed but as I am a kind Alpha, I'll let him keep this bastardly pup, but I think it's only fair for him to make some money to buy things for the baby, wouldn't you agree? As you can see..."

The camera panned out to a layout of a variety of sex toys placed on a toy before a masked man  appeared on the screen and spoke again.

"These are all things that can be used on him...just hit the request button, type your request, pay, and it will happen."

Hoseok then pointed to the right side of the screen.

"These are all the patrons that are watching and commenting on this video."

He directed his cursor over some buttons.

"This one allows you to purchase a request. It will send money from your account directly to his account without any way of tracking it. Both parties stay anonymous. When the transaction goes through, it'll notify everyone of the request that was made."

The first of many requests, to Namjoon's horror, was to insert the comically large pink dildo into the Omega.

Namjoon watched as the masked bastard forcefully rammed the dildo in and out of the Omega's entrance, the Omega's muffled cries could be heard through the video.

Another notification for a second request popped up just a few moments later.

This bastard wanted to fuck the Omega anally using that same giant dildo instead.

Namjoon couldn't handle the pained cries of the Omega. He closed his eyes and shook his head back and forth.

He forced his eyes open when he kept hearing those request notifications, and watched as toy after toy was used to torture the Omega. The Omega just kept crying and when he tried to crawl away, the masked man would just tug him back by his ankles and continued his cruel ministrations.

Jungkook cursed under his breath, he really didn't want to watch it anymore, but he wanted to stay strong for Namjoon-hyung. He wanted to help in any way possible.

"Hyung, can you positively say that the Omega is Yoongi-ssi?"

"No...m-maybe it's not Yoongi, the Omega just looks similar and has the same hair color," he replied to his partner.

But life was cruel. Just when Namjoon tried to convince everyone, mostly himself, that the Omega was not Yoongi, a black and red knitted cardigan jacket was shown on the video. The Omega seemed to be clutching it tightly with his bound hands.

It  was the black and red cardigan jacket that Namjoon had given Yoongi. He took it off during a chilly date night and covered Yoongi in it to keep the Omega warm.

He gritted his teeth down so hard that he felt like he popped his jaw. He was disgusted, angry...and heartbroken.

"Shit...I really think it's Yoongi," Namjoon said as he pointed to the cardigan for Hoseok and Jungkook to see.

"That was mine, I-I gave it to Yoongi a while's not store bought. My grandmother knitted that for me."

Saying it out loud made Namjoon's heart ache even more. He placed his hand over his chest and patted himself as if trying his best to console himself of the pain in his heart.

Hoseok and Jungkook could only watch helplessly, unable to find words to console their friend.

Then the masked man asked casually, "what would you like to see next time? Send your request and bid price. The chosen one will be notified."

He picked up the camera and aimed it again at Yoongi's face,  then the stream finally ended.

"Hoseok-ah,  I need you to make me a fucking account for this shit."


Namjoon was not amused when Hoseok gave him his username and password.

"What kind of username is MonsterDick69?"

Jungkook snickered.

"I mean... I just followed the general trend of what the other usernames were. I mean look,  there's OmegaSlick4ever, daddydick10in, KnotMachine2948..."

"Huh, whatever, it's fine" Namjoon replied.

Namjoon returned his attention back to his computer. Ever since Hoseok's discovery, Namjoon had taken the recording of the video and he's already analyzed the video a few times. He wasn't stopping anytime soon.

He watched the video with sound, he watched it without sound, then he would listen to the audio only, each time focusing on either Yoongi, the assailant, or the surrounding environment trying to find clues as to the location and the identity of the man...anything to help him find Yoongi.

Each time that he replayed the video, he would take a deep breath and tell himself to stay focused and calm. It was difficult every single time to keep the anguish and the anger at bay, but he knew those emotions would hinder him.

Namjoon felt like he was struck by lightning and brought back to life, with electricity flowing through his veins, powering him. He  had a reason to live again and that reason was to find Yoongi, bring him back safely into his arms, and kill that motherfucker who had taken him.

It was somewhat difficult as he was also simultaneously fighting that nagging Alpha voice in his head that only wanted to focus on the fact their Omega was with child.

'Was Yoongi pregnant with his child?  Did the captor impregnate him?' He couldn't estimate how far along the pregnancy was just by looking through the video.

"Jungkook, do you think Jimin-ssi could tell how far along Yoongi is by looking at the size of the stomach?"

He knew it was a stupid question, but he didn't care.

"Jimin?  I don't think so, my mate has never been pregnant before," Jungkook replied as he walked around to Namjoon's desk to take a look at the computer monitor.

Jungkook jumped a little when Namjoon suddenly shouted.


Namjoon was met with dead silence.

"IS ANYONE HERE PREGNANT??!!" Namjoon asked.

A single hand rose up. It was one of their colleagues, a male Omega named Soobin.

Namjoon stood up, grabbed his laptop, and started walking towards Soobin's desk.

Hoseok and Jungkook, puzzled by Namjoon's behavior, followed along.

"Congratulations, Soobin-ssi" Namjoon said to the Omega detective as he reached his desk.

"Thank you," the Omega replied.

The other two Alpha detectives also congratulated their fellow colleague.

"This is your second pup, right? You had baby Yongha like a year ago, I believe," Hoseok told the Omega.

"Yes, it was just a little over a year ago. Now Yongha will have someone to play with," the Omega said as he lovingly cupped his baby bump.

"How far along are you, Soobin-ssi?" Namjoon asked.

"I'm just seventeen weeks along."

"I'm not trying to be a creep or anything, but could I possibly see and feel your baby bump?"


The Omega unbuttoned his blazer jacket to reveal a tiny bump. Namjoon held up his laptop against Soobin's belly. He then gently placed his hand over the bump, his face crunching up as if trying to figure out something in his mind.

"I think this Omega is definitely further along," Hoseok said as he pointed to the computer screen.

Soobin's curiosity peaked and he looked down at the image on the laptop.

"Oh, this person looks about ready to pop anytime soon," Soobin informed his colleagues.

"I think my belly was this size when I was about seven or eight months pregnant with Yongha. It might grow just a bit bigger but then the bump will drop down right before the baby is born."

A revelation hit Namjoon hard, like being hit by a truck.

"Yoongi was p-pregnant before he disappeared. I t-think  I'm the f-father of the baby."


Yoongi pulled with all his strength at the trap-door  until his arms were sore. Yoongi cursed out of frustration when he failed. He was exhausted, and his child was restless during his attempt to escape, depleting the Omega's energy faster.

He rubbed his belly, trying to calm the active baby. The Omega believed the baby was responding the anxiety he was feeling at the moment, but he wished he could communicate to the baby somehow that he needed to escape for the sake of his child's life.

Changmin had progressively grown more mentally unstable and unpredictable, one day telling Yoongi that he's going to abandon the baby somewhere after the birth, another day he was going to force Yoongi to miscarry, another day the Alpha would change his mind and say that he'll raise the child as his own...every day,  it was a different story.

Tears sprang into his eyes whenever he felt the unborn child move or kick...this child was him and Namjoon's...yet he never got the chance to tell Namjoon. He knew recognized the telltale signs but was in denial. He already realized he was pregnant the night Changmin kidnapped him, but he had wanted to buy a pregnancy test and some food he was already craving.

The Omega spent the time he wasn't trying to escape thinking about how differently the present would be now if  he would have told Namjoon that he was pregnant or about his past and Changmin.

When he had met Namjoon, he did not expect to fall in love with the Alpha. He knew that the Alpha wanted to know everything about him, he never pressured the Omega into talking about his family or his past, and he was thankful to the Alpha for being so considerate. Even after knowing Namjoon for so many years, he had never told the Alpha about what had happened to him, afraid that the Alpha would decide Yoongi was a filthy whore Omega who let someone do such indecent things to him. The Omega feared losing Namjoon's respect, his partnership, and his love...yet now was not the time to dwell on such things.

He had totally pissed off Changmin earlier and now he was desperately trying to find a way out. Changmin had promised to come back with a punishment and Yoongi feared that it would directly harm his child. Desperation and fear rushed through Yoongi's veins, giving him renewed strength to try to pry open the trap-door.

He had to try...he needed to save his child.


The next live stream happened about two weeks later on a Saturday while Namjoon was resting in his bed at home. He was fresh out of the shower and was finishing up some work on his laptop when he was notified of the live stream. All the lethargy left Namjoon's body as he clicked to view the content.

This live stream was different from  the first one. Namjoon needed to pay just to view the live stream, and without any hesitant he paid the ₩80,000. He picked up his phone to dial Hoseok.

As the phone rang, Namjoon saw Yoongi being fucked by the masked man. The masked man was pushing his fully formed knot in and out of Yoongi, eliciting pained cries from the Omega.

'fuck....pick up the phone Hoseok.'

Finally, the other Alpha picked up.

"I watching the video, Namjoon-ah." Hoseok had set up an account as well.

"C-can you track this to a location?"

"That's what I'm trying to do right now..." the sound of fast keyboard-typing and other electronic beeps could be heard in the background.

"How are you holding up, Namjoon?"

"I'm holding up...I'm going to kill this bastard once, you know that right?"

"I don't doubt it."

"How's the tracking going?"

The cries coming through Namjoon's laptop started to make the Alpha extremely agitated.

"P-please, Hoseok-ah, please tell me you can get something."

"I need a few more minutes..." Hoseok said.

As Namjoon re-focused on the video, he started to hear the masked man talk, and it proved to be critical. He heard the masked man repeatedly saying that Yoongi had always been his, etc...

"Hosoek-ah, I think this is personal. Yoongi knows this man, it's someone from his past."

"Eeong, did he ever mention anyone to you?"

"No, he never wanted to talk about it...maybe it's time to call his family."

Namjoon was desperate after seeing the second video that he regrettably broke his promise to Yoongi and called the Omeg'a hyung, Min Yoonjae. The Alpha was the only sibling that Yoongi had. Namjoon asked about Yoongi's past, then explained the situation. Yoonjae agreed to meet up with Namjoon in Seoul in about two weeks to listen to the voice recording of the masked man.


The third and final live stream Namjoon saw was a week later during the afternoon. He was sitting at his work desk when a notification popped up on his personal laptop. The Alpha clicked the pay button so quickly that he didn't even see how much the video cost, not that he cared.

He dropped his coffee on the floor when he saw what was happening. Jungkook, startled by his partner's sudden state, ran around the desk. He too, became frozen in shock.

Yoongi was in labor and the bastard was filming it.

"N-NAMJOON-AH!" Hoseok was running towards the two stunned Alphas, with his laptop in hand. When he finally made it to their desk, he was panting.

"I-I...." he took a deep breath before he continued again.

"I have a system tracking this right now, I-I'm hoping it will work this time since it's a better software system." Namjoon just nodded his head, eyes and mind fixated on the video.

Namjoon stayed that way, unmoving at his desk for the next twelve hours until Yoongi finally gives birth to the baby. The Alpha could only cry as he watched helplessly. He cried along with Yoongi, whenever a contraction wrecked through the Omega's whole body. He cried seeing the blood gush down Yoongi's legs, dripping onto the sheets.  He cried as he listened to Yoongi beg for mercy while his captor continue to torture him while he was in labor.

He cried as his colleagues wiped his tears until he passed out from sorrow.


A week after witnessing the birth of Yoongi and possibly Namjoon's child, the detective was finally able to have the long-awaited conversation with Yoonjae.

Yoongi's brother had walked into the cafe they agreed upon to a highly anxious Namjoon. After Namjoon showed Yoonjae the videos, Yoonjae was very postive about the identity of Yoongi's captor.

"Changmin....that bastard," Yoonjae said after watching the last video.

"Changmin?" the detective asked.


Kang Changmin was Yoongi's high school classmate from Daegu. When Yoongi was sixteen, Changmin raped him in the school's locker room for the first time. Yoongi didn't tell anyone except his Alpha hyung, Yoonjae but forbade his hyung from ever speaking of it to anymore nor was his hyung allowed to act upon it.

Yoonjae really wanted to kill Changmin after the first time he raped Yoongi. Yoongi limped home from school, unaware that his hyung was already home. When Yoongi walked into their shared bedroom and broke down crying, he had woken up Yoonjae.

Yoonjae  rushed to sit down on the wooden floor next to Yoongi to comfort him but the Omega actually flinched and wrapped his arms around his body as to protect himself.  When Yoonjae saw the bruising around his sibling's wrists, he knew something horrible had happened to Yoongi.

He pulled the sobbing Omega into a tight embrace, letting him cry. Yoonjae repeatedly asked Yoongi to tell him what happened but the Omega just shook his head. When Yoongi finally stood up to go to the bathroom, it was then that Yoonjae saw the bloodstained pants and Yoongi's limp and put the pieces together.

His brother was raped.

The enraged Alpha let out a growl before he sprang up to stop Yoongi from walking away. But the fear in his Omega brother's eye made Yoonjae's Alpha instincts back down, not wanting to frighten his brother when he desperately needed some love and care.

"P-please, Yoongi, tell me which sick bastard did this to you," Yoonjae pleaded.

If was after minutes and minutes of pleading that Yoongi finally revealed his rapist's name.

"Kang Changmin"

"I'm going to fucking kill him after I take you to the clinic," Yoonjae told Yoongi.

"N-NO! Don't do it hyungie...please don't tell anyone."


"No, please...I-I'll take of this myself. It won't happen again, just please...p-please don't say a word to anyone. Just pretend like this never happened, hyung."


"It'll make me happier to forget it hyung, please...please, let's just f-forget."

Yoonjae had a soft spot for his Omega sibling. As much as he wanted to beat Changmin into a pulp, Yoongi's wants and desires outweighed his own desire to avenge his Omega brother.

So he stayed silent, just as Yoongi had wished.

But Changmin didn't stop there. The Alpha tormented and raped Yoongi throughout the duration of high school. Yoonjae didn't know the full story until after Yoongi left for Seoul. Yoongi had called him out of the blue one night, drunk, and relayed all of these things to his hyung.

After high school, Yoongi's traditional parents had a meeting with the Kang family. The Kang family had expressed their interest in having Yoongi and Changmin mate, completely unaware of what had been taking place.

Yoongi's parents took a liking to Changmin and voiced their agreement to this mating. The Kang family were very affluent, so it didn't matter to Yoongi's parents that the Alpha was the age job as their Omega son, also about to go to University, and with no career. They didn't care about what Yoongi thought about all of it either.

When Yoongi declined the proposal, his own father actually slapped him and told him that the mating ceremony arrangements would be finalized.

That night, Yoongi secretly packed his bags and left for Seoul. He never returned to Daegu nor did he ever talk with his parents again. He would occasionally call and speak with his hyung.

He tried his best to forget his family and his life in Daegu, and plunged himself into work.

Yoongi worked two jobs to make enough money to put himself through school, then through the police academy. Despite being an Omega, he graduated in the top percentage of his police academy class and then worked his way up to being an detective.


The police finally were able to investigate Kang Changmin. In his hometown of Daegu, he had multiple assault charges that were all dropped by the victims. All his victims were male Omegas, and eerily enough had all looked similar to Yoongi in some way in Namjoon's opinion.

Jungkook had been able to reach five of the victims,  the all said that the Kang family had financially compensated them to drop the charges against their son. When Jungkook asked them to describe Changmin, it became clear just how deep the obsession with Yoongi was rooted into the Alpha.

Namjoon looked out of car window, watching the snow fall high from the sky and disappear into the snow resting low on the ground.

The downpour of snow finally slowed down enough for them to make their drive from Daejeon to Okcheon.

He was so close yet so far from being able to hold Yoongi in his arms, to tell the Omega how much he loved him...and to beg him for forgiveness for taking so long.

February weather was still very cold in South Korea, and colder in the rural mountainous areas. Namjoon wondered if Yoongi and the baby were given anything to stay warm... Lunar new year was two weeks away, and he wanted nothing more than to celebrate the Lunar new year with his new little family. 

Chapter Text

Yoongi still didn't know where he was being held captive by Changmin, but he had a feeling he wasn't in Seoul. He looked around at his little attic room, his prison for the last months. There were no windows to break and escape, and the only door was a trap door with a pull-out ladder... with a padlock that was added by Changmin. The Omega had a small mattress, a baby bassinet, a small table, microwave, and a small bathing area and toilet that was separated by a wall.

The Omega estimated he had been here for over five months, if he had managed to carry the baby to full term. The Omega didn't know what day the baby was born, but he had begged Changmin to buy a small cake for the baby's baek-il. It's been twenty days since the baby turned a hundred days old. 

Yoongi was currently laying on his side, staring down at his child, who had fallen asleep after his feeding. The Omega felt tranquil in moments like this. Changmin didn't come into the attic room today nor did he touch Yoongi the day before. The Alpha brought Yoongi his food, supplements, and a new bag of diapers, yet Yoongi knew that  it was due time for him to 'pay' Changmin for the supplies he had left yesterday. Yoongi 'paid' for with his body, in one way or another.

Just as Yoongi was drifting off to sleep, the sounds of the trap door opening could be heard. He turned around to see Changmin.


Namjoon's lower jaw jutted out sharply as the team geared up for the mission. The police team had to stay low until nighttime as to not draw too much attention. It was a rare site for a black police van and multiple police cars to drive into this little town.

"Hyung, you alright?" Jungkook patted Namjoon's back.

"Yea, I'm good." He let out a loud sigh.

"I'm just ready to get Yoongi back."

There was silence as Namjoon, Jungkook, and Hoseok rode with members of the Daejeon police department in the black van. It was dark outside and in the more rural areas like Okcheon, it was pitch dark except where the high beams of the van's lights were able to penetrate through. They pulled up to a residential area where they call then stepped out of the van.

"Okay. This is as far the van should go so that the suspect doesn't get spooked," the lead detective, Detective Choi, informed the squad.

"The suspect's house is down this larger road," he pointed down the street "and is the last house when we turn right at the third alleyway down the road."

Namjoon nodded his head in understanding. He looked calm, yet his heart was racing.

On Choi's signal, the team started to run towards the Kang Changmin's house, some heading an alleyway ahead and behind to surround the perimeter. Hoseok went with one of the teams to surround the perimeter but Jungkook and Namjoon were assigned with the team to breach through the front door.

They turned off their flashlights as they ran closer to the front door. Choi gave the team a five-second countdown...after that, Namjoon's mind blanked.

Namjoon rushed in through the door and quickly searched through the house only to find it empty...and eerily silent. The Alpha grew worried, worried that they were at the wrong house, that Changmin had known they were here and had taken off, scared to think that Changmin had taken Yoongi with him or even worse, had killed Yoongi.

Namjoon's thoughts were spiraling out of control until an undeniable sound of a baby crying broke the silence. The cry sounded like it was coming from above somehow.

"They're in the attic," Namjoon said aloud. He and Jungkook made eye contact.

The two Alphas frantically started looking for a trap door or a disturbance in the ceiling pattern as the sound of a crying baby continued.

"Hyung! I found it!" Jungkook ran back towards Namjoon, Choi and a few officer to lead them to his discovery.

"Look," Jungkook pointed his flashlight up towards the ceiling with an obvious cut-out of a trapdoor and an opened lock.

Choi pulled down trapdoor, then took two steps of the ladder, flashing his light up into the attic.



Namjoon recognized Yoongi's voice. He had finally found him. Without thinking, Namjoon ran past Choi and scrambled up the ladder.

His eyes immediately landed on Yoongi, crying and lying naked on a bed with a wailing baby in his arms.

Before he could take a step towards the Omega, he was tackled from behind by Changmin, landing with a hard thud against the floor. Changmin was on top of him, raining punched down on Namjoon's body, muttering obscenities. Namjoon finally landed a hard punch on Changmin's face, giving him the opportunity to reverse their positions. Once he had the other Alpha pinned beneath him...he looked Changmin straight in the eyes. Changmin smirked up at him, as if unfazed by his bloody nose. Then he started to laugh.

"Well, well...look who's here to save the day. Took you long enough," Changmin continued to laugh.

Namjoon punched him again.

" I had that Omega bitch first...he'll always be mine. When I'm released again, I'll come for him but this time, I'll hide him even better. He'll be my breeding bitch until he dies," He spat in Namjoon's face.

Namjoon's eyes flashed red, his Alpha instincts overtook his body and mind and he just kept hitting Changmin until Jungkook finally pulled him off Changmin.

"Hyung...HYUNG! STOP," Jungkook shook Namjoon roughly to snap him out of his daze.

"It's over. We found Yoongi-ssi."

At the mention of the Omega's name, Namjoon finally looked over to see that Yoongi had apparently mot moved from his position on the bed. He had tears flowing down his face and the pup's wails had died down.

"Yoongi...Y-Yoongi," Namjoon crawled on his knees towards the Omega.

Once he was finally face to face with Yoongi, he gently reached out to cup Yoongi's face in his hand. He looked down at the baby, who was wrapped inside Namjoon's red and black cardigan sweater.

"My love...I'm so sorry it took me so long."

"Joonie? Is this real? I-it's not a dream? P-please be real," Yoongi looked into the Alpha's eyes.

"Y-yes,'s real, I'm real. I'm here to take you and the baby home with me...where you belong."

Chapter Text

As much as Namjoon wanted to listen in on Changmin's interrogation, it was more important to be at the hospital with Yoongi. He trusted Hoseok to fill him in on the details later.

He drove behind the ambulance all the way from Okcheon to a hospital in Daejeon since the paramedics wouldn't let him ride with Yoongi and the baby. 

He was currently waiting outside of Yoongi's hospital room. The Alpha was on edge because he could hear the Omega crying and begging the medical staff to not do something. 

When a doctor opened the door, Namjoon walked up to the doctor. Dr. Lee, the attending physician, notified Namjoon that Yoongi would panic anytime someone tried to hold the baby so that they could properly conduct a medical exam. They needed to check him and the baby for any injuries and perform an internal exam as well as a rape kit on the distressed Omega. 

"What is your relationship to the patient?"  Dr. Lee inquired. 

"W-well, we work together and we're also lovers... P-please doctor, may I go in and see him?  Maybe I can help him calm down a little. P-please, just let me try," Namjoon pleaded. 

The doctor took a hard look at Namjoon, as if he was having a tug-of-war in his mind, then he finally nodded his head to grant Namjoon's plead.

The anxious Alpha followed behind the doctor. This would only be the second time that he would see Yoongi ever since they found him. As they walked in, a nurse was currently trying to calm down a distraught Yoongi, who had the sleeping baby clutched tightly to his chest.

As Namjoon walked closer, he could hear Yoongi repeated pleading with the nurse. 

"Please don't take my baby, please don't take my b-baby. I'll do anything p-please, I'll be a good Omega." 

When Yoongi noticed the new visitors inside his room, he let out a loud whimper and pulled his legs up as to shield himself. 

Namjoon felt like he just dove into the Han river during the winter, he was numb.

"Yoongi-ssi," the doctor addressed the distressed Omega.

"I have allowed Namjoon-ssi to be in here during this time, is that okay with you?"

Yoongi hesitated a moment before he nodded his head in consent.

Namjoon felt this suffocating pressure being lifted off his body when Yoongi agreed to him being in the room with him. Yoongi wasn't repulsed by him or scared of him…that was a huge win in itself.

"Well," Dr. Lee continued, "we'll need to exam your body externally and internally for any injuries, then perform a rape kit before the police can come take your statement. W-would you consent to these? Also, to not separate you and your baby for too long, we would like to take the pup to the pediatrics exam room to check his health at the same time as your own health you wish to have a paternity test done?"

"T-that's fine, please make sure my baby is healthy...but, I d-don't need the p-paternity test..."

Namjoon stood frozen, staring at the Omega who still didn't make eye contact with the Alpha. The two haven't had the opportunity to talk to each other yet so Namjoon hasn't had the confirmation fromYoongi about the father of the baby nor has Namjoon held the baby.

"Okay then. After both of your exams, we will register the baby's birth and issue birth certificate."

The doctor then nodded to the nurse, who then walked up to Yoongi's bed to take the baby for a health exam. The nurse walked out of the room briskly.

The Omega nodded in acknowledgement. Dr. Lee then started his exam, dictating his findings aloud to an assisting nurse to document the external injuries.

"Multiple bruises on the arms and wrists..."

"There appears to be rope burns around the wrists, were your wrists bound most of the time?"

"Y-yes," Yoongi replied.

"Nipples seem to be normal for breastfeeding Omegas. Do you breastfeed the baby?"

Yoongi nodded.

"How have you been producing breast milk? Not to be rude, but you look very underweight and malnourished."

"I-I asked C-Changmin for supplements to help make milk for the baby..." Yoongi answered.

"I see. That's very good for the baby…but not necessarily good for you." The doctor felt around the chest area for a few more seconds before moving on.

"No C-section scar. Did you give birth naturally?"


"There are bruises around the hips...the thighs as well. Good thing is that there's no open lacerations or wounds, skin infections, and there doesn't seem to be any fractures or broken bones."

Namjoon let out a breath of relief.

"Now," the doctor continued "I need to perform an internal exam. I need to check the birth canal and I will also collect any specimen with swabs to process for any transmitted diseases, infections, and for the rape kit also. Are you ready?"

Yoongi was hesitant to answer the doctor. A sudden spike of distress in Yoongi's scent put Namjoon's Alpha instincts on edge. He finally moved and walked up to Yoongi's bed.

He reached out and held the Omega's hand.

"I'm here, Yoongi...p-please let the doctor make sure you're okay...will you do that? We want to make sure you are healthy for you and the baby's sake...okay?" Namjoon gently pleaded.

Yoongi finally made eye contact with Namjoon. He had tears threatening to spill from his swollen eyes. Namjoon snapped out of his frozen state and leaned down to place a kiss on Yoongi's temple.

"I'll hold your hand the whole time, you'll never be alone again, my love," the Alpha promised.


The Omega then looked at the doctor and nodded his head, his hand tightly grasping onto Namjoon's hand.

"First, I'll swab the inside of your mouth. So, if you could please open your mouth wide for me, Yoongi-ssi."

Yoongi complied with the doctor's order and opened his mouth for the doctor to collect the sample.

"Thank you, Yoongi-ssi. Now, I need you to lay back against the bed and put your feed up into the stirrups. I'm going to check the birth canal."

Yoongi laid back and did as the doctor instructed. Namjoon gently squeezed Yoongi's hand as a reminder that he was with the Omega. The Omega looked up and stared into the Alpha's eyes, unwilling to look down at the doctor between his legs.

When Yoongi felt a finger brushing the entrance of the birth canal, he visibly flinched which led to Namjoon peppering kisses on Yoongi's face and repeating the words 'I'm right here, love' into Yoongi's ear to calm him down.

The doctor finally pushed a gloved finger inside when the Omega was less tense.

"The canal feels a bit swollen...the color a little pink, liking from irritation. Yoongi-ssi, I will now insert a speculum to collect a swab sample and to check the cervix. Just relax as much as you can, it'll make it less painful."

Yoongi's whole body jerked upwards when the doctor inserted the speculum inside his body. Namjoon continued to reassure Yoongi and to comfort him.

"No abnormal discharge or pus, there appears to be no sign of infection. Just swollen probably from constant irritation. Let me just swab the area and we'll be done shortly."

The doctor worked quickly, and to Yoongi's relief, the doctor finally pulled out the speculum.

"I have just a few more questions, Yoongi-ssi. How often did intercourse take place while you were with that man?"

"...every few days...o-or whenever he wanted."

"Did you have a lot of intercourse the last few months of pregnancy?"

The Omega nodded, "y-yes."

"How long did you have to heal after giving birth before re-starting intercourse?"

"M-maybe five days...I-I'm not sure."

"Did you have anal penetration at all?"


"Okay then. I will need to check the anal cavity for any tears or infection. Will you consent to this exam?"


"It'll be almost exactly like what just happened, I'll try my best to go as quickly as I can, Yoongi-ssi."

The doctor could smell the distress rolling off the Omega, so as he had promised, he promptly checked the anal passage for tears or signs of infection, then he collected a swab sample.

"All done. No serious external or internal injuries...there's quite a bit of bruising and some swelling. There is a small tear in the anal cavity, but some antibiotic cream should help. I'll wait for your blood word to give you the final word, but so far, nothing seems to be life-threatening. Given the unfortunate circumstances that you faced, the fact that you were able to give birth naturally to a healthy baby with no pre-natal care, received no assistance during labor, nor did you receive post-natal care, you're one hell of fighter, Yoongi-ssi."


As if on cue, the sound of a crying baby and a knock on Yoongi's door indicated that the baby's exam was also finished. The nurse holding the specimen samples opened the door to let a fellow nurse in, crying baby in tow.

The nurse placed the baby into the Omega's waiting arms then turned to handle the doctor a file. After a few minutes, the cries died down.

"Well, the health assessment on the baby is is a Male Omega, no injuries noted...eyesight is good, heartbeat is good, lungs are good...healthy weight range for a four month-old baby."

The doctor flipped the page.

"The only thing the pediatric doctor noted was that the child would benefit from being around more Omegas. For an Omega, Alphas that are their mates or an Alpha that is family or someone they feel safe around can have a calming effect on them. I believe in this situation, the child only ever smelled two scents."

"Yours," he pointed to Yoongi, "is the one he recognizes the most, the one that's imprinted on him. He knows you care for him, feed him...etc. Whenever there's fear or distress in your scent and the baby also smells an Alpha's scent at the same time, the baby will learn to associate the Alpha's scent with fear, with danger."

Yoongi looked down as his baby with a scene of guilt.

"D-does he associate a-all Alpha scents w-with danger?" Namjoon asked, looking worried.

"No, just that particular Alpha...but because Alpha scents tend to be have a similar undertone, the baby could pick up on it and will still become afraid."

Namjoon still looked troubled.

"Once the baby is familiarized with you and your scent, everything will be okay. The reason the pediatrician specified Omegas is because they tend to naturally soothe other Omegas. Actually, I would recommend both Yoongi-ssi and the baby spend more time around Omega family members and friends."

"W-why me also?" Yoongi asked.

"Our Omega ancestors believed that the companionship and the scenting between Omegas naturally helped heal and calm a distressed Omega or an pregnant Omega whenever the Alpha mate was not present."

The doctor tentatively reached out and patted Yoongi on the shoulder. Namjoon then thanked the doctor and the nurses as they made their way out of the room.


A silence befell the room as all of the medical personnel filtered out. Namjoon stood awkwardly next to the bed, watching the baby stand on Yoongi's thighs, gripping onto Yoongi's fingers with both hands trying to stay upright. The baby then curiously looked up at Namjoon and stared until Yoongi looked up as well.

"What is it, love? Hmm?" Yoongi said to the child.

"a-ahahah!" the baby babbled.

Namjoon couldn't help but smile.  Setting his fear aside, he reached his arms out towards the baby.

"M-may I hold h-him, Yoongi?"

Before Yoongi could answer, the child let go of one of Yoongi's hand to go towards Namjoon. Namjoon took that as his cue and scooped the baby up into his arms.

"H-hi baby~"

The baby babbled back in greeting, then put his chubby hands on Namjoon's face, a baby finger poking at the Alpah's dimple, the gesture melting Namjoon's heart. The baby then let out a yawn.

"'s been a day, huh?" Namjoon asked with a smile on his face.

As if the baby understood what was being said, the pup laid his head down on Namjoon's shoulder. 

Warmth spread through Namjoon's body as the baby was relaxed in his Alpha sire's arms. 

"Joonie," Yoongi finally said his name. 

"Y-yes, love?"

"I w-want to shower...c-can I shower?"

"I don't see why not...d-do you want me to ask?"

Yoongi nodded. Namjoon, with the baby still in his arms,  walked to the nurses' desk to ask. After receiving approval, he went back to the room to notify Yoongi. 

"You can shower now, Yoongi. Do you need help getting to the bathroom?"

"N-no.. But can you stay with me and the baby in the shower?  I don't w-want to be alone."

It was crowded inside the tiny bathroom as Yoongi first gave a quick bath to the sleepy baby. After drying and diapering, Yoongi realized he didn't have clothes for his son or himself...and he didn't want to wear these tattered clothes.

"I...I don't have any clean clothes," he said dejectedly.   

"Oh, I actually have a small duffel with some clean clothes that you can wear, and we can wrap the baby in a shirt," Namjoon suggested. 

Namjoon walked briskly out of the bathroom to grab his duffel, baby still in his arms, and returned to the bathroom, setting the duffle on top of the sink. 

"You can pick out what you want. There's a white undershirt we can put on the baby...and a puffy vest."

Namjoon watched in amazement as Yoongi dressed the baby in his clothes. First, he managed to wrap the white undershirt around the baby, allowing the baby's arms and legs to move freely. Then, Yoongi grabbed the puffy vest and zipped it around the baby.

When the Omega was done, the baby was floating in and out of sleep. The baby had grabbed a hold of Namjoon's shirt neck and was holding on tightly with his little fist.

"Should I put him to bed and wait outside while you shower?"

"NO!" Yoongi shouted. "I-I...will you stay here while I shower?"

"Anything you want, love." Namjoon sat down on the toilet lid with the baby, already in dreamland.

Yoongi finally undressed and stepped into the shower, leaving the shower curtain slightly open to see Namjoon. The Alpha didn't know what to make of this, yet he didn't really care at the moment. If Yoongi needed him to sit there while he showered, he would do it without hesitation.

The Omega took a fairly quick shower, and Namjoon was staring at a freshly cleaned Omega, stepping out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him.

"Will y-you take a shower too?" Yoongi asked.

"Y-yea, I think I will," Namjoon replied. Yoongi extended his arms to hold the sleeping baby as Namjoon took his shower.


When Namjoon was finally finished with his shower, the trio walked out to the room and Yoongi laid the baby in the baby cot next to his bed. Namjoon walked to the small couch against the wall.

"W-will you s-sleep here?" The Omega looked at Namjoon expectedly.

"Are you sure we'll both fit?"

"I-I think so."

Namjoon didn't really care if they would both fit...he wanted to ask if Yoongi felt safe with him, but his brain froze up. He laid down next to the Omega on the hospital bed, spooning Yoongi with his arms wrapped around him.

The Omega finally felt safe, in his Alpha's arms, he finally felt at home...he slept peacefully that night.

Chapter Text

The sleeping family were woken up around nine o'clock in the morning by Dr. Lee, who had arrived to fill out the birth certificate and registry for the baby.

Namjoon was riddled with anxiety, as he and Yoongi had not talked about his possible parentage or relationship to the baby.

"Good morning. Let's get this baby a birth certificate, shall we?"

The pair nodded, both nervous for their own reasons. Yoongi was rocking the baby in his arms.

"What day was the baby born?"

The doctor looked at Yoongi, but it was Namjoon who answered.

"October 3:06 am in Okcheon."

Yoongi turned his head to look at Namjoon, his questioning gaze begging for an explanation.

"I-I s-saw the live s-stream...t-the t-time and everythi-ing," Namjoon mumbled.

"Is that accurate, Yoongi-ssi?"

"Y-yes, I believe so" Yoongi replied to the doctor.

"Good, now moving on...the baby's surname?" This time the doctor looked at Namjoon, but it was Yoongi who answered as Namjoon started to shake his leg in nervousness.

"Kim" Yoongi answered.

“The father’s full name?”

Yoongi turned his head towards Namjoon.

“The baby…he’s y-yours…if you want h-him.”

Namjoon let out a loud sigh and started to sob. He covered his mouth and lowered his face to hide his tears. Unable to speak, he just nodded his head.

“Kim Namjoon,” Yoongi informed the doctor.

"First name?"

"I d-don't...I haven't n-named him yet."

"Well, I can step out and give you some time to give the adorable baby a proper name," the doctor smiled encouragingly.


After minutes of dead silence, except the baby’s babbling, it was Namjoon who finally spoke.

"Minjoon?" Namjoon asked, looking over at Yoongi. Then he grabbed a pen from his coat pocket.

He wrote the Hanja characters for Minjoon on the palm of his hand and showed it to Yoongi.

"Kim Minjoon, means clever and handsome if we use these characters," Namjoon pointed to the top set of characters on his palm.

"Or it can mean friendly prince if we use these...O-or we can just g-go with something else...sorry, I didn't mean t-to..." Namjoon trailed off before he just stopped talking.

There was a moment of silence before the baby in Yoongi’s pointed to the first set of characters on Namjoon's palm.

“bbaabbaa,” the baby babbled, smiling up at Yoongi. Both Yoongi and Namjoon could only smile affectionately at their child.

"Kim Minjoon, our clever and handsome baby."