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Ability User Bakugou

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It was a full moon tonight and if anyone decided to look up, they just might see a beautiful tiger racing over the rooftops.

“Byakko you need to slow down or you're going to run into someone!” Atsushi cried out only able to watch as he ran through the woods.

“No one will be out this late. Especially this deep in the forest.” Byakko replied continuing his run through the forest. It was silent as they ran. Byakko enjoying his time to finally be able to run free by himself.

As they came into a clearing in the woods they were surprised to see a child probably no older than five sitting in a sea of flowers and talking to somebody, probably on the phone seeing as there is nobody else but them.

“Can we go and see uncle Stephen tomorrow?” The child asked looking up towards his left. It was silent for a moment before the child let out a cry of joy.

“Byakko switch with me. I don’t want to startle him.” Atsushi said worried about this kid whose just by himself talking to himself. Byakko didn’t put up a fight and switched with him. Where a tiger once was now stood a young man.

Atsushi walked over and made sure to make some noise so he was heard. The child turned towards him at the sound of walking and he was struck by how beautifully red the child's eyes were. “Hey what are you doing out here by yourself?” he said walking closer to the kid.

“I’m not by myself. Mommy and Daddy are with me.” The child replied with a pout.

Atsushi looked around making sure they hadn’t missed them, but there was no one in sight except them. “Did you get separated from them? I can help you look for them.” He offered.

“They’re right next to me.” The child said.

‘Byakko are you seeing anybody else?’

‘No I don’t sense anyone else but us in the area.’

‘Is he lying?’

‘I don’t think so he might actually believe his parents are here.’

“Can you at least tell me your name?” Atsushi asked.

The child looked up to his right like he was looking for some permission. “Bakugou Katsuki,” Bakugou replied.

“Bakugou-kun can you tell me why you and your parents are out here so late?” He asked.

“We were visiting aunty. She likes the outdoors so we came out here to hang out.’” He replied.

“Is that so. Well than I think you guys should head on home than. It’s too late and dangerous for you to be out. You never know what might be out here.” He said.

“Like your tiger?” He said.

Atsushi looked at the kid in shock. Knowing he had hidden Byakko before he can see him.

“What do you mean like my tiger?” He asked.

“The pretty white tiger right next to you. Is he your protector?” He asked.

‘He’s an ability user, and I think it allows him to see spirits.’

Atsushi eyes widen in surprise looking down at the kid. He probably doesn’t even realize that he’s seeing spirits. “Yeah, you can kind of call him my protector. Do you want to see him?” He asked

Bakugou’s eyes opened and a big smile crossed his face, “Can I?!” He asked in joy.

Atsushi gave a nod and switched with Byakko. "Hello child,” Byakko said.

“It can talk!” Bakugou yelled out in surprise beginning to pet him. Byakko let him do that for a little bit longer before it stopped.

“I have to go now. Mom said it’s getting late.” Bakugou said pouting.

“We’ll meet again little one. So listen to your parents and get going.” Byakko said.

Bakugou smiled at that and gave him one last hug before running off to where they assumed his parents are. It shocked them when Bakugou just seemed to fly into the air.

“Interesting. Not only can he see them he can physically touch them.” He said watching Bakugou disappear in the trees.

“I fear what will happen if this got out. Especially with how much people want to find out from people who have died.” Atsushi said.

“Yes, and that’s why we’ll watch over him.” He said.

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Bakugou was sitting by the river bank enjoying the setting sun. He watched as some people passed by. An elderly couple had stopped and greeted him, while a team training saying hello as they passed.

He was dipping his toes into the water when there was a tap on his shoulder and he looked up to see an older man and some children behind him. “Hello, you wouldn’t happen to be Bakugou would you?” The man asked.

Bakugou gave a nod. He didn’t seem like a bad guy especially with the children behind him.

“Can you do me a favor. A friend of mine is going to try to drown himself again. Usually one of his partners is here to get him out, but they aren’t here today. So if you could I would like you to pull him out.” The man said.

Bakugou was worried that a person would try to kill themselves regularly that he had to have someone pull him out. “Ok, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it by myself.” He said.

“I’ll help you. I just need you to hold onto me when we do it.” The man said. Bakugou gave a nod.

For the next 10 mins, Bakugou played with the man and the other children. “Ah here he comes. Are you ready?” The man asked.

Bakugou gave a nod and took the man's hand before jumping into the cold water. It was dark and he couldn’t see, but the man lead him and soon they were grabbing onto the body and they were pulling.

It was a struggle, but they finally were able to pull him on to land. Bakugou looked down at the man in dread. “Is he still alive?” he asked. He sure didn’t look like it.

“Just give it a few moments. Dazai will be moving again.” The man said, and true to his words Dazai sat up with a gasp.

Dazai looked around confused before his eyes landed on a child. “Was it you who pulled me out?” He asked.

Bakugou shakes his head yes than no. “Oh did you have someone else help you?” Dazai asked. He gave a nod.

“Can you tell me the name of the person who helped you. I would like to personally thank them.” Dazai said.

Bakugou looked up towards the man. “My name is Sakunosoke Oda.” Oda smiled.

“He said his name is Sakunosoke O-.” Bakugou was saying before Dazai flashed him a look. Bakugou cowered and ran behind Oda afraid of the man.

“It’s not ok to lie child. So let me ask you again who was the person who helped you.” Dazai growled out.

“I’m not l-lying. He said his n-name was Oda.” Bakugou stuttered out.

“Is that so... well was he with anyone else?” He asked.

“He was with other children.” He replied.

“Is that so. Would he still happen to be here?”

“Y-yes. He’s right beside me.” Bakugou said looking up towards the man.

“Can you tell Dazai I’m proud of him. Also, ruffle his hair he gets annoyed at it.” Oda said with a smile.

Bakugou looked hesitant, but he gave a nod. He walked over slowly just in case he attacked him. “O-Oda said he’s proud of you.” He said before hesitantly bringing his hand up and ruffling his hair.

Dazai let out a squeak and pulled away from his hand to fix his hair. Bakugou couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction. “Oda was right you do get annoyed with it.” Bakugou said through his laughter.

Dazai watched as the child laugh and couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face. “Yeah, he was right. I don’t like people touching my hair.” He said.

“Sorry. He told me to do it.” Bakugou said.

“It’s fine anyway shouldn’t you be getting home soon. Your parents will be worried.” He said.

Bakugou’s eyes widen at that remembering he had left his parents to go explore. “Bye mister Dazai! I hope to see you again! Don’t try to drown yourself! It’s bad for you!” He called out as he raced up the slope.

Dazai watched as Bakugou left. “You probably want me to protect him don’t you Oda.” There wasn’t a response of course, but he could’ve sworn he felt a soft tap on his shoulder and he couldn’t help but smile.

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Ranpo let out a groan, bored cause there were new cases. He swung around in his chair munching on one of his candies.

“Ranpo, we have a new case. Need you to locate this young woman. Goes by the name Saiki Riza. She went missing 4 days ago, her parents just reported it to the police, but seeing as how it’s a big name they immediately sent it to us to handle.” Kunikida said handing the picture to him.

Ranpo picked up the paper and looked at the young woman. Long black hair, with that trademark red eyes that ran in her family. He studies it before throwing it on the table. “Can’t tell you anything. She’s either no longer alive or something is interrupting me from finding her.” He said going back to munching on his candy.

“You can’t even tell us the last known whereabouts?” Kunikida asked.

“From what I can tell her last whereabouts was at a love hotel before I can’t tell you anything else. It’s only 3 blocks from us actually. Also, I’m pretty sure the body isn’t being kept there, but she more than likely died there though.” He replied.

“Well let’s go.” He said standing up with his journal.

“Do I have to? It seems like it’ll be a boring case.” He groaned out.

“Now Ranpo, this is serious.”

Ranpo groaned, but got up and followed after Kunikida, the members bidding them goodbye.

As they walked down the street, Ranpo looked at his surroundings noticing a little kid behind the building.

The child was just staring at them before running off somewhere. He raised an eyebrow at that but didn’t dwell on it when Kunikida told him they had arrived.

As they walked in, they were greeted with a pretty neat and quiet area. Than again it was a love hotel and most people don’t come here this early.

Kunikida walked up to the desk grabbing the attendant’s attention, “What can I do for you two gentlemen?” The lady asked.

“We’re with the Armed Detective Agency and we were wondering if a miss Saiki Riza had come in here about 4-7 days ago.” Kunikida asked.

The attendant got to typing and a few minutes later turned back towards them, “No one has checked in under that name in the past couple days. I decided to even go back a couple of weeks, but no one came up.” She replied.

Ranpo than came up beside him and pulled on the picture and showed it to her. The woman’s eyes widen before settling on one filled with fear. “Do you recognize this woman?” He asked.

“N-no I’ve never seen h-her before…” She stuttered not looking them in the eye at all.

“Miss we have to know. This could be a person’s life on the line.” Kunikida said.

“It was about 5 days ago. She came in with a man, he looked older than her. Honestly, the man looked like he could be her father. They rented the room for the night, and she looked scared. So while the guy went to go get something from outside. I told her there was an emergency button by the side of the bed, and if she ever felt unsafe press it and I’ll call the cops.” She stopped to take a breath looking like she was holding back tears. “I don’t know what time it was, but it was still pretty late. He came down and he was carrying her. She didn’t make any movements and her body was pale. He than said if I mentioned what I saw I would be the next one. I don’t know where they went after that, and I was too scared to follow. I didn’t tell anyone cause I didn’t want to be killed. I’m so sorry!” She said before falling to the floor crying.

Kunikida went over to comfort her while Ranpo stood back. Now that his assumption of her being dead was right, they now had to figure out where her body was. He can’t do anything without the body.

He let out a sigh and waited for Kunikida, what felt like forever he finally walked over to him. “She will be placed under the protection of the police. Now our last thing to do is to find a body.” He said as they started there walk back to the office.

When they arrived Kunikida immediately went to his desk and started on the report while Ranpo just swung around enjoying his sweets.

It was peaceful in the office seeing as how Dazai and Atsushi we’re both out on a mission together, so the others can actually get their work done for once.

It was than that they heard the door open telling them that a visitor had come.

Kunikida got up to welcome them, but was surprised to see a small child. “Are you lost?” He asked crouching down to be at eye level with the child. He got a shake of the child’s head.

“Do you need help?” He asked. He got a nod this time.

The child looked up to his right before looking back down at the floor, “M-Mommy told me to come and find you.”

“Does she need help?” He got a nod, but than a confused face than a shake of his head.

“Can you tell me your name?”

“B-” The child quickly cut themselves off. “S-Saiki Katsuki…”

Kunikida looked at Katsuki in suspicion, “Is that so… I didn’t know the Saiki’s had another kid.”

“T-They don’ least that’s what mommy says,” Katsuki replied looking more uncomfortable.

“Can you tell me the name of your mother?”

“Riza, Saiki Riza.” All noise in the office stopped as everyone turned to look at the child.

The boy did have the Unique eye color of the Saiki’s that was about it. The child’s hair was spikey and blonde. Nothing at all like the Saiki’s.

Ranpo got up and came to join Kunikida, “Can you tell us your father’s name?” He asked.

Katsuki once again looked up to the right and stared at them, “Shiba Roy.” he said and the adults picked up on a hint of anger from it.

“Is that so. Well, what is it that your mother needed help with?” He asked.

“I have to show you, so you have to follow me,” Katsuki said.

The room got tenser at that, following a child that could very well be a trap. “Do it.” A voice said from behind them.

Kunikida stood up quickly giving a small bow, “But president we don’t know if this is a trap.” He tried to reason.

“That’s exactly why we’ll all be going. Atsushi and Dazai will be returning soon so they can keep an eye on here.” Fukuzawa said.

“If that’s what you think we should do.” He said.

Everyone is getting ready and soon they were out the door and following Katsuki to gods knows where.

They followed Katsuki and as they walked they soon came across a forest, but Katsuki didn’t stop there but continued in.

They followed and the deeper they went the denser the forest became. They don’t know how long they walked for, but finally, Katsuki stopped and turned towards them.

Kunikida walked over to Katsuki, “What is that we’re supposed to do here?” He asked questioning why the child would lead them here. He can hear his colleagues getting prepared just in case there was an ambush waiting for them.

“Dig,” Katsuki said.

The adults looked at him in question, Yosano walked over to Katsuki, “Now Katsuki-kun it’s not good to lie to adults. So tell us why we’re out here, who sent you to get us.” She said making sure to pay attention to her surroundings.

“I’m not! Mommy told me to bring you here and dig! So dig! I can’t do it by myself so she told me to get you guys, cause you’ll be able to help!” Katsuki yelled stomping his little feet.

“Just do it, I don’t think he’s lying,” Ranpo said staring at the child who looked like they were close to tears.

So the members got to work digging, it was about 5 mins later when Kenji came across something, “I found something!” He said and the other’s quickly came over and helped him dig the rest of it, and what stood before them was the body of the young lady they were looking for.

“Call the police and have them come to this location,” Fukuzawa said.

Kunikida immediately got on the phone and talked to him. The other members were quietly talking among themselves staring at the body.

Katsuki stood at the side and just stared at the body in silence.

It was finally Ranpo that came over to the child, “I think it’s time you finally told us the truth, Saiki Katsuki, or rather should I say Bakugou Katsuki.” He said.

Katsuki looked at him in shock, before starting to look around for an escape, but the members made a circle around him.

Tears started forming in his eyes and he turned to hug something by him crying, “Riza-nee! I want to go home! I want my parents can we go home please!” He cried.

The members looked at him in shock before suddenly Katsuki was picked up and practically just floating there, but it seemed like something was there by the way he was calming down.

Finally, what was like 5 minutes Katsuki calmed down enough. He climbed down from whatever it was that was keeping him a float. “Riza-nee told me to tell you the truth. I’m Bakugou Katsuki, and Riza-nee isn’t my mother. She had found me and told me to come and get you guys to help me. She assumed you wouldn’t believe me so she told me to tell you guys she was my mom, and lead you here. Riza-nee was murdered by a man named Tatsuya Akatsuki. He had threatened to murder the child that she had with her lover, so she agreed to meet him. It was when she went to the hotel 5 days ago, that she died by his hand. He than took her here and buried her here, thinking no one would come this deep.” He explained as tears fell down his face.

“How do you know all this?” Kunikida asked curious how Riza would tell a child all of this.

Once again Katsuki fell silent looking over to his right this time, “Y-you have to promise not to tell… Mommy and Daddy said I can get in serious trouble if the wrong people find out.” He mumbled out.

“We promise we won’t tell anyone,” Fukuzawa said.

“Mommy says I have an ability called Spirit eyes. I gained it from our ancestors she said, but as our ancestors were only able to speak and see them. I’m able to also interact with them.” He explained.

The members took that in and his parents were right. It’s a very dangerous ability if it fell into the wrong hands. If he was able to talk to spirits who knows what he can uncover.

“Just a quick question? Are you able to materialize these spirits?” Ranpo asked, call it a gut feeling he had.

“If I’m holding onto them and I want to. I can make them be able to touch items for a few seconds, but it exhausts me. That’s how Uncle Stephen signed his will off to me and gave me that mansion we live in now.” He explained.

The atmosphere got even tenser. It was even worse now. This child would be put into harms way if anyone found out about this ability. “Does anyone else know about this?” Fukuzawa asked.

Katsuki stopped to think about it, “Other than the spirits I talk to, Dazai, Byakko, and Atsushi-san know!” He replied.

“Wait, as in Dazai Osamu, Nakajima Atsushi and his tiger Byakko?” Izumi asked, not recalling Atsushi ever mentioning meeting a child.

“Yep! I met Atsushi and Byakko in this forest when I was having a picnic with my parents. Than I met Dazai at a riverbank when he tried to drown himself and Oda asked me to get him out.” He explained.

As soon as they got back they were going to have a serious talk to Atsushi and Dazai about keeping stuff secret.


It was then that the smile on Bakugou’s face turned to one of fear. He quickly hid behind Yosano grabbing on to her legs. “What’s wrong Katsuki-kun?” Worried about the sudden change.

“R-Riza-nees killer is coming and he has a group of people with him.” He stuttered out as tears started falling down his face.

The group immediately got into a fighting position and Ranpo took Katsuki and hid behind some trees.

A few minutes later the group came out form the woods, “Oh? It seems someone found out Tatsuya-san.” One of the men said.

“Shut it. There nothing, but small fries, get rid of them and they’ll have no evidence it was us.” Tatsuya said as the group moved further and engaged.

The ADA was able to push them back and take them down quickly. They handcuffed them and handed them to the police officers who had just arrived.

They quickly took the statement of everyone, but they didn’t mention Katsuki who was told to stay hidden in the trees.

As the police officers left. They were left in the forest and Katsuki finally came out. “Thank you for all you have done for us today,” Fukuzawa said giving a small bow which the others did too.

“I’m just glad Riza-nee got her justice. I have to go now, uncle Stephen and Mommy and Daddy are here.” Katsuki said started to walk off into the forest.

“If you ever need anything you can always come to the agency.” He said.

“Ok, Jii-san!” He shouted before disappearing into the trees.

The members let out a laugh at that, “How does it feel to gain a grandson?” Yosano said.

Fukuzawa didn’t say anything shocked from it, which just sent them into more laughter.

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Bakugou doesn’t know where he is, and he’s quite scared.

He was playing around with a bunch of kids, and they had started playing tag. Than as he was following them they disappeared, and he doesn’t know where this is.

Well at the very least he knew he was by the ocean, and there are warehouses so maybe a port?

He started walking around hoping to spot someone, so they can tell him how to get back to the city.

As he walked he noticed it was pretty quiet for a port at this time of day. Weren’t there usually people loading and unloading at all times of the day?

He finally spotted someone and quickly ran up to them hoping they would help him.

He tugged on the short man’s jacket hoping to get his attention, and it did when the man looked down at him with an annoyed face that turned to one of confusion.

“The fuck a child doing here? I don’t recall there being any new recruits.” The man said.

“Do you know how to get to the city?” Bakugou asked.

“Of course, I do you brat. What you lost or something?” He said.

“Yes, and I need to get back to my parents before they start panicking.” He replied.

“Fine, I have a few minutes to spare. I’ll take you there.” He said picking him up. “Hold on tight kid.”

Bakugou did as followed and next thing he knew they were practically flying and he couldn’t help, but gasp.

“Enjoying the view?” The man said.

“It’s so pretty!” Bakugou cried out in happiness.

“It is isn’t?” He said for once actually taking the time to admire the view.

Finally, they got to the city and the man dropped them off in an alleyway.

“Thank you!” Bakugou said giving a bow.

“Yeah, yeah just don’t get lost any more kid. You don’t know what kind of people are out there, and some of them might not be as nice as me to help you.” He said.

Bakugou looked hesitant on if he should warn the man, but he did help him so he decided he couldn’t be too bad. “Chuuya-san be careful when you go back there. They have an ambush waiting for you.” He said before he was running out of the alleyway and into the streets.

Chuuya stood there shocked at what was just told to him. He knows for a fact he never told the kid his name, and knows for damn sure the child doesn’t even know who he is.

Was he a spy for the people he was supposed to meet? Probably not, it wouldn’t make sense for him to rat them out.

He wanted to think more about it, but he had a meeting to get to and decided to keep his guard up just in case what the child said was true.

It was a few days later and Bakugou was chilling in the park, by himself playing with the animals, when he saw Chuuya again, but this time he was with a pretty lady.

He walked up to where the two were sitting, “It’s good to see your alright Chuuya-san!” Ha happily said.

Chuuya’s eyes widen, “You are a very hard child to find.” he said.

Bakugou tilted his head, “You were looking for me?” He asked confused.

“Yes, I’ve been looking for you since that day, and I couldn’t find you anywhere.” He groaned out in frustration.

“Chuuya who might this little cutie be?” The woman said.

“This is the child I told you who warned me about the ambush. The only reason I got out with only a wounded arm.” He replied.

The woman’s eye widen in surprise before turning to Bakugou and giving him a smile holding her hand out, “I’m Ozaki Koyo, you can call me Koyo if you want.” She said.

Bakugou took the hand and gave it a shake, “I’m Bakugou Katsuki, you can just call me Katsuki.” He said.

“Katsuki-kun how did you know about the ambush and my real name?” Chuuya asked.

Bakugou didn’t see the harm in telling them, they looked trustworthy, “I can talk and see spirits. One of the older spirits lingering there told me your name, and about the ambush cause he didn’t want me accidentally caught in between it. He told me not to warn you cause you were a bad man, and that I shouldn’t ask you for help. But I really needed to get away so I decided to not listen and went and ask you. You were kind enough to take me back to the city, so you couldn’t have been too much of a bad man. So I warned you, I’m glad you didn’t get seriously hurt.” He explained.

As Bakugou kept explaining, they were in utter disbelief, but it would make sense with how he knew.

“I have to go, mom is calling for me.” He said running towards the gate, but stopped and turned towards them. “You can’t tell anyone! Mom and dad said I’ll get in trouble if the wrong people find out!’ Than he was back to running towards the gate.

Chuuya and Koyo watched as the child stopped and talked to someone, but as their seeing no one there, than shit what the child said was true.

“Well this was quite an intresting meeting.” She said.

“You don’t say.” He said watching as the child left.