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Aizawa was woken up by a teary-eyed Eri insistently shaking his arm. Her blanket was wrapped over her shoulder and tucked under her arms she could use both hands. The man groans softly at the treatment and wipes his face a little.


"Eri...what is it?" He asks her tiredly. He had an idea of what it probably was, but he was on a mission to get her to open up in conversation a little more.


"Nightmare…" she mumbles softly, tucking her chin into her chest and looking up through her lashes at her dad. The action effectively made her look impossibly cuter than normal.


The man groans again as he gives into her girly charms and peels his blanket back a little to make a space for the girl.


Eri's eyes brighten, and though she doesn't smile, gratefully climbs into bed with Aizawa, her blanket dragging behind her. The man covers her with her blanket before flipping his back over her so she was warm. He shifts to lay on his back as Eri worms up through the covers to lay against his side, her head on his shoulder as he wraps that arm around her.


Almost immediately, he feels her body relax as she shuts her eyes, so he shuts his to start trying to regain his sleep state. It didn't take long for Eri to fall asleep again, a power that made Aizawa slightly envious.


He was still awake a few minutes later when he hears soft footsteps coming down the hall and to his open bedroom door. They pause in the doorway hesitantly before they continue into his room. The presence of the steps should put the hardened pro hero on high alert, but he already knew who was causing them.


The footsteps travel to the other side of the bed, purposefully audible, but not too loud as to wake Eri, who continues to sleep like a baby. 


Soon enough, Shinso climbs into bed on Aizawa's other side, curling up there and resting his head on his dad's chest. He stays there hesitantly for a moment as if waiting for a response Aizawa was too lazy to give, before he nuzzles his cheek into the muscular surface. He sniffles pathetically and Aizawa finally wraps an arm around him, his hand resting on his shoulder. The teen stays there, cuddled up to his dad as he cries quietly, body shaking barely.


Shinso eventually cries himself to sleep, leaving Aizawa with a damp spot on his chest that was slightly uncomfortable. He sighs softly and carefully leans his head over to each of his kids to kiss their heads, at least glad they came to him for help, before trying to fall asleep himself. A few minutes later, he was also asleep.