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Beyond the Boundary

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Beyond the Boundary

A Kyoukai no Kanata Poem

By: Aviantei

Surely, you can see it, too

We are the chorus of angels.
We are those who fight. You
slip, you slide, fall into
whatever trouble comes
your way. A mousy girl
that looks great in glasses—
ready to fall, not ready
to fall? Ransacked apartments
and hopping over fences
and moonlight tears. You
pass out from self-caused
anemia, the only way to
survive. Really, our
conversations are too mundane,
filled with little sisters
and scarves, mouths filled
with lollipops, words of bonsai
sitting in the windowsill, and
glasses—is it the frames
or the lenses that make her
more charming? We fight
off monsters, gruesomeness
disappearing into dust, into
paltry stones that run the
chance of being worth more
than lives, less than what you
need to even pay the rent.
We deal with foxes and cats
and unruly family members
—the sisters, the brothers, the
mothers—and all sorts of
unpleasantries. You stand alone
through it all, convictions wavering,
as you find your guilt again,
as it resonates between us,
as fires roar out of control,
and only love—only that
can help, can make you
sacrifice for us, in the midst
of rowdy yet underpowered
troubles that ravish this town.
The stones left behind sparkle
like the fireworks we saw that
day, like the stars in your eyes
as you lip-synched to some
idol’s rendition of love, set to
a pop tune. We danced that day.
And as you settle into snow,
settle into the hell that place
is, we will stand against it,
and I will come for you, because
even watching you disappear is
better than forgetting you
existed, better even than that dream
where I imagined you confessed.