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Odeur d'Amour

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Apollo admitted it, he was desperate.

Really, he’d have to be if he was going to his own boss for advice on this sort of thing.


He could feel himself choke a little at the words “Come in!” being said so invitingly after his knocking on Mr. Wright’s door. Honestly, Apollo was hoping that Mr. Wright was busy for once in his life so that he could make another excuse to push the whole thing to the back of his mind. Unfortunately for the younger lawyer, the universe had decided that he was no longer to avoid this topic any longer, apparently. Without further delay, Apollo opened the door and peeked sheepishly to see Mr. Wright, who was tilting his head in a slight confusion.


“You’re acting odd, Apollo. Normally you’d just sort of barge on in, wouldn’t you?”

Ouch, Mr. Wright. Though, he did suppose he had a rather… loud way of doing even everyday things.


“Something the matter?”

Mr. Wright had straightened himself out and had a look of genuine concern. Apollo took a moment to look him over, because for once his boss actually wasn’t dressing like a homeless street urchin. He supposed it was normal, since he was working on getting his badge back. But it made interrupting him over something stupid like this all the more difficult.


“It’s uh.. it’s personal. I mean, it’s kind of dumb, and…”

His senior leaned back in his chair and his unnervingly smug grin snuck back onto his face, right where it always was whenever he was about to say something to make Apollo’s face turn as red as his vest. “I’m sorry Apollo, you’re just a bit too young for me.”


A full minute later Apollo is stammering out the words “No Mr. Wright it’s not about you it’saboutsomeoneelseentirely!!”, which earns a triumphant grin from Phoenix. Apollo’s shoulders slump as he demands that Apollo spills the beans. “It’s about, err…” and he tries to mutter the words “Mr. Gavin” as quietly as possible, but quiet isn’t part of the Chords of Steel and his boss hears him loud and clear. “And I don’t know what to do, really. L-like, should I tell him or.. no way, he’d never talk to me again, right? I mean, I can’t lie to him either, but…”


Phoenix’s mischievous smirk hadn’t faded when he said the words “I think I know someone who can help you out.”




Apollo had to admit, he hadn’t expected the interior of this place to be quite so… pink. However, a few glances back at the entrance reassured him that this was indeed Tres Bien. He had to wonder, though, where were all the custome-

“Bienvenue, monsieur!”




“Hello, you are?”

“Jean Armstrong! Ze very embodiment of fine cuisine and aromatherapy!”


“Right. Uh, Mr. Wright said you could help me- Uh.” Apollo lost his train of thought at the man in front of him began batting his eyelashes rather… seductively is what he’d say if he wasn’t so confused.


“Ah, ze Monsieur Wright! Oui, he had me prepare something special!”


He presented a blue bottle, topped with a rose, to Apollo. He must have looked confused, because Armstrong went on to explain.


“It is for your lover, non? One whiff of ze odeur d'amour will have zem completely infatuated with you!”


Apollo examined the bottle closely in his hand before furrowing his brow and handing the man a wad of cash.


It was worth a damn shot.




This was the worst idea ever.


Unfortunately, it’s the only idea Apollo could come up with.


He gripped a bunch of legal papers in his hand, an inconspicuous-looking grocery bag hanging from his wrist, and opened the doors to Klavier Gavin’s office. The familiar prosecutor flashed his trademarked rock star grin at the intruder. “Herr Forehead, what brings you by today?”


“Uh, Mr. Wright wanted you to look over these,” Apollo began, his voice trailing off once he could feel the trembling in his throat. “Since he’s studying for the bar exam, and all.” He could only hope the cracks in his voice went unnoticed. Klavier’s nearly-inaudible laugh at at his nervousness went entirely unseen, since Apollo was staring very intently at the ground, or, rather, anything that wasn’t Klavier.


As the prosecutor took the papers from him, Apollo made sure to trip a little bit, “accidentally” flinging the oh-so-conveniently unopened bottle he’d received onto the ground. Yeah, this was his incredible plan, though he was hoping it would hit Klavier. Oh well. He fumbled around, picking up the bottle and a few other things he’d had in the bag, mumbling a faint “Sorry about that” to the prosecutor. Klavier knelt down to help him pick up his belongings, but not without a little teasing.


“A rather feminine perfume, isn’t it? I’d think you’d prefer something a bit more mature, Herr Forehead,” he said, nudging the lawyer’s arm playfully.


“It’s Trucy’s, she asked me to pick it up for her while I was out.” he grumbled, bringing himself to his feet.


Klavier, however, seemed to linger on the carpet for a little too long, it almost looked like he was drawn to the spilled perfume. Apollo blinked, because, holy hell, there was no way that stuff actually worked, right? He offered his hand to the prosecutor, who, after a moment of dazed confusion, used it to help himself up.


Apollo turned to leave with a “See ya, Prosecutor Gavin.” He heard Klavier’s farewell as he left, but he could have sworn he heard some other mumblings as well. Whatever they were, Apollo wouldn’t be able to figure them out, since they sounded German anyway.


He supposed that all that was left now was to wait, according to that note the French guy had given him with the bottle.


He wondered what a lovestruck Klavier would be like, anyway.






Apollo had brought hell onto the beautiful, peaceful Earth he used to love.


He’d guessed that Klavier would be smooth, subtle, like most of his fangirls dreamed of him being. Apollo Justice, however, had never been so wrong in his life.


He’d never have guessed that Klavier Gavin, once infatuated with someone, could get so damn clingy.


He’d never have guessed that Klavier Gavin would be calling him during court, during which Apollo would angrily mutter into the phone that a certain someone could do god-knows-what to his own damn ass. Then Apollo would sheepishly explain to the judge that really, it wasn’t anything important, that he was very sorry for interrupting the trial, and that he would be sure to remember to turn his phone off next time.


He’d never remember.


He’d never have guessed he’d have Klavier Gavin following him home after every single day of boring-yet-somehow-exhausting paperwork, swearing that he’d leave after dinner or whenever Apollo told him to go.


He’d never tell him to go.


He’d never have guessed that Klavier Gavin would be bringing him ridiculously expensive coffee and breakfast to every murder scene they’d investigate (because murders are totally romantic) and making sure Apollo didn’t pay for a cent of it. “Nein, Herr Forehead, it’s on me,” he’d say every time, “you really don’t have to pay me back.” The ever-stingy Apollo Justice would protest each time that he’d make sure to repay him for his ridiculous habits.


That one he meant.


He couldn’t say he hated it, it’s just that he never pegged Klavier to be such a lovesick little puppy. Practically on his heel everywhere he went, having nothing but nice things to say to him (with the occasional teasing, of course, because otherwise it just wouldn’t be Klavier) and being so damn affectionate and cuddly just wasn’t what he expected at all. He wasn’t complaining, though.


The only thing was that the potion wouldn’t last forever. Apollo knew that, and yet he was taking his sweet time with making a move on the prosecutor. No, they weren’t dating, even though Klavier had fallen head-over-heels for the lawyer. Yes, Apollo is an idiot. He knew that once the perfume wore off, they’d go back to being just law rivals, and hopefully Klavier would have no recollection of the fiasco.


Remembering the ephemeralness of the whole situation was really bringing him down.


Klavier noticed.




All the little things that Klavier did to make him feel better only made Apollo feel worse.


The way he didn’t ask in front of the police officers and Ema, because he knew that he wouldn’t want to talk about it while they were there.

The way he joked about beating him in court if he didn’t perk up and pay better attention, because he knew it would get him focused again.

The way he did ask when they somehow got a minute alone, but didn’t pry when Apollo said he didn’t really want to talk about it.

The way that it didn’t stop him from cheering up Apollo in any way he could, from things as small as picking up pieces of evidence so that he wouldn’t have to bend over to resting his chin on the top of Apollo’s head in a way that made him feel stupidly warm inside.

The way he tried to hide the fact that he was hurt the entire day, because he thought that Apollo didn’t trust him enough to tell him what was wrong.


But the absolute worst of all was the way he kissed Apollo’s forehead and didn’t follow him home after they left the crime scene, saying “See you tomorrow, Forehead,” while trying to hide the sadness in his voice.


That was the one that nearly made Apollo Justice lose it.




The next morning, Apollo Justice found himself in a familiar restaurant, standing utterly dumbfounded in front of its owner and sole staff member.


“Okay, you’ve completely lost me.”


“Monsieur, it is as I said, if you cannot smell the perfume on him, then it has worn off. Oui, the longest it has ever lasted without ze re-application is two hours.”

“Two hou-- that can’t be right! He’s been acting so… and he… but…!”


“Ah, zat is what happens when one is in true love, non? From what you’ve told me, you never needed ze odeur d'amour in ze first place.”




It had to be. There was no other explanation for the way Klavier was acting. No way that he had fallen for Apollo all on his own, there was just no way.


Apollo was still trying to fathom what could have possibly happened as he exited the restaurant, fumbling with the stupid blue bottle in his hands. He was so distracted by this that he didn’t notice the person approaching him (from the front, no less) until he literally stepped on their expensive-looking shoes. He muttered an apology quickly, but cut himself off when he realized he was looking at the object of his distraction himself.


“Oh, hey Klavier. Wh-what are you doing around here?”


Klavier had the most perturbing kind of smug grin plastered on his face as he leaned forward, the way he always did to speak to Apollo.


“I was wondering when you’d figure it out, Forehead.”

Apollo’s chest tightened. “I really don’t know what you’re talking about, Prosecutor Gavi--”


“Nein, Forehead, I’m not letting you beat around the bush anymore.” He sighed, nearly rolling his eyes. “You’re not the first person to try to seduce a rock star, you know.” Klavier paused, then jerked his head in the direction of the restaurant. “He’s not really French, you know.”


Apollo found himself at a loss for words, stammering over all of his thoughts trying to pour out of his mouth at once. He managed to compose himself enough to say “You KNOW him?!”, which happened to be the least important question he could have asked.


Klavier laughed. “Ja, but is that really what you wanted to ask?” he asked, leaning closer to the flushed lawyer in front of him.


Apollo gulped. “I… how did you know?”


“Nein, Forehead, you can do better than that! I’ve already told you, you’re not the first person to try something like this.” He pointed to the bottle that Apollo was still clutching. “And I happen to know the creator of this. Try again, ja?”


His next thought hit him out of his stammering phase and into anger.


“So, you figured it out, right?” he nearly demanded, clutching his wrist in case Klavier tried to lie his way out of his next question. Klavier nodded, and Apollo proceeded to ask. “Then you kept it up? What, you got a kick out of-- out of playing with my feelings for you like that?” he spat, “Was it like, some stupid prank?”


Klavier actually looked dumbfounded and didn’t say anything for a moment. “Forehead, you really think I’d do something like that to you?” he laughed sheepishly. “Nein, er, I felt that way about you too.”


It was Apollo’s turn to be dumbfounded now, because there was no way Klavier wasn’t lying. Still, his hand was gripped under his bracelet, and he couldn’t feel anything other than his own sweaty palm.


“I didn’t think you were interested, so I wasn’t going to say anything. But, ah, when you spilled Herr Armstrong’s perfume, I recognized the smell immediately.” Apollo felt himself shrink at that comment. “I thought that it had to be a mistake, in fact, I almost believed you when you said it was for Fraulein Trucy.” he laughed to himself, and Apollo found himself laughing too. “When I realized what you were trying to do, well, I thought there’d be no harm in going along with it. After all, it was what you wanted, ja?” At this, Klavier practically beamed as he brushed his bangs from his face, in a very typical Klavier fashion. “I knew you would figure it out eventually, but I never thought it’d take you over a week.”


Normally, Apollo would’ve been completely flustered by that statement, but something else was on his mind.


“So you weren’t faking it, huh?”

“Nein, Forehead.”

Apollo raised his eyebrows. “Klavier Gavin, I never knew you were so unashamedly clingy.”


Klavier very nearly spat out the words he was trying to say. “F-f-forehead, I haven’t the slightest what you’re talking about.”


Gotcha, Apollo thought to himself, noting the way Klavier fiddled with the lapel of his jacket as he spoke.


“I think you do, Klavier,” he replied, purring his offender’s name out, “but it’s strange, I’ve never thought you to be that type of person. I’ve certainly never seen you act that way with any of the fans you’ve dated.”


Klavier seemed completely lost, so Apollo decided to help him out. “Oh God, don’t tell me I’m different or special or some kind of romcom crap like that.” He waited, but Klavier’s silence spoke more than words ever could. Apollo stifled a laugh and Klavier took great offense to this, his mouth turning to a pout.


“Did you want to be treated like another shrieking fraulein? You mean more to me than that, so…” he trailed off, averting his gaze from Apollo, a sight he never thought he’d see.


Apollo stood on his toes get nearer to Klavier’s face. “But Prosecutor Gavin, I’m your biggest fan,” he teased, “and I just can’t believe you’d feel that way towards me!”


Klavier snorted and faced Apollo again. “Ja, I get it, Forehead.” he retorted, trying to look angry but failing miserably. To him, the way Apollo looked when he was about to catch someone lying in court (which is exactly how he looked now) was just so cute that he couldn’t do anything but laugh.


Apollo leaned forward. “Stop calling me that,” he replied, tone sounding serious but the grin on his face saying that he was anything but.

“Alright, Apollo.”


He had to admit, he didn’t really imagine it quite like this.


Not after some failed love potion trick, in the middle of the day, on a sidewalk in front of Tres Bien. That’s really not what he’d had in mind when he would picture his first kiss with Klavier Gavin.


The one thing he was right about, though, was how incredibly warm Klavier’s lips felt on his own.