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Let's Get Litty

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-- PrsntMc has created a groupchat --

-- PrsntMc has added you and 42 others to the groupchat --

-- PrsntMc has named the groupchat 'YEAR 2 HERO COURSE GC!!!!! YEAHHHHAAA!!!' --

-- KaminariDenki has changed the groupchat name to 'Let's Get Litty' --


Aizawa: i regret sleeping through the meeting voting on this

PrsntMc: Relax!!!! It'll help us all keep in contact!!!

Aizawa: we already live in their dorm building with them

MinaAshido: Aizawa-sensei!!! We got hot sauce stuck on Todoroki's bellybutton while doing body shots and he froze it onto himself and now Sero's tongue is stuck


Aizawa: where are you kids?


TenyaIida: What is a 'body shot'?

SeroHanta: Regret

TenyaIida: ?

SeroHanta: dw bout it

KirishimaEijirou: Thank you mom!!!

KirishimaEijirou: I mEAN-

Aizawa: I

Aizawa: no problem pup.


MinaAshido: MOMZAWA!!!!!

Aizawa: dont you dare

MinaAshido: You know you loovvee usss!!!!

Aizawa: im taking a nap bother Mic if you need something

-- MinaAshido has changed Aizawa's nickname to 'Momzawa' --

Momzawa: @Mic take away their permissions

PrsntMc: It's all in good fun, Momzawa

Momzawa: i regret letting you make the chat

MinaAshido: Present Dad

TodorokiShouto: i wish mine wasnt

Momzawa: yike

PrsntMc: :')

-- PrsntMc has changed their nickname to PrsntDad --

PrsntDad: My true calling,, your new father

PrsntDad: Oh speaking of! You may have noticed that one of your classmates hasn't been around; Minoru Mineta has been expelled

PrsntDad: Thank God

PrsntDad: He will be replaced by a student moving up from general studies, you might know him from the sports festival


Hoenoma: Shut up ;/


PrsntDad: No worries!! :)!

PrsntDad: As I was saying, meet your new classmate; @ShinsouHitoshi !!!

ShinsouHitoshi: Oh

Deku: Oh welcome!!! Do you need help moving into the dorms??

TenyaIida: Welcome to our class, from your class representitive : ) ! ! ! !

-- ShinsouHitoshi has changed their nickname to 'Tired boye hours' --

Tired boye hours: I moved in in the night

Tired boye hours: thanks though, I guess

Hoenoma: 2-A's so pathetic they've already had a classmate kicked out I see :))))

Kendou: Monoma! :(

Hoenoma: ;P You can't hit me through the phone :))))

Kendou: Shush.

Kendou: But welcome to the hero course! You were rather interesting to watch in the sports festival, I'm Kendou Itsuka, class 2-B's representitive!

Tired boye hours: thanks

Deku: Sorry for responding late!!! I was just looking at my notes!!! Will you be starting on Monday???

Tired boye hours: i think so

Tired boye hours: @momzawa ?

Tired boye hours: 

Tired boye hours: well that's a change

PrsntDad: You'll be starting Monday!! We moved you in on the Saturday night so you have a day to get to know your classmates better!! :-)!

PrsntDad: Mommyzawa's asleep right now :-)

Hoenoma: Can you see if he found my box yet? :/

PrsntDad: Oh the pretty blue one? I found that earlier for you :-) I left it outside your room!

Hoenoma: It's not here :// @2-A which one of you fuckers stole it? Bastards

TenyaIida: Please refrain from using such language!!!! We are in the hero course, we must set good examples!!!

Hoenoma: Fuck

KaminariDenki: Piss

MinaAshido: Shit

SeroHanta: Ass

TodorokiShouto: Bosoms

KaminariDenki: Such nsfw mani w0w

Hoenoma: Fucking stealing my jokes to take the spotlight, typical :/

Deku: Why is Iida crying again?

Deku: Oh

Uravity: Wow I've missed stuff

Uravity: Oh no Iida!! dbdb I'll get his blanket!!!

TenyaIida: Thank you . : (

Momzawa: i told you to bother Mic if you needed something, so why has Mina just come and woken me up again?


Momzawa: coming


Uravity: Who's bringing snacks for the movie night tonight?

AoyamaYuuga: I will~

Uravity: No, you'll only bring cheese and Dark Shadow's lactose intolerant and cannot control himself when it comes to food

AoyamaYuuga: He has great tastes,,, but alas, his biology curses him

Dark Shadow: :'(

MinaAshido: @KaminariDenki @SeroHanta @KirishimaEijirou and I can!!!


Uravity: You can only buy one packet of party rings this time, buy something for everyone.

MinaAshido: Party pooper :'(

TodorokiShouto: We're out of hot sauce

Momzawa: no hot sauce

Momzawa: i'll take you all to choose some snacks, but one thing each. If you want anything extra buy it with your own money.

MinaAshido: All right Momzawa!!!!! 

KyoukaJirou: I can already imagine the great regret in his eyes

PrsntDad: Oo get some oranges

Momzawa: get them yourself i'm not supervising forty kids alone

Kendou: We need to find Monoma's box before we go! He needs his suppressants!

Momzawa: @TenyaIida look for that please

TenyaIida: Alright !

Hoenoma: Gross get your dirty paws away from my box

TenyaIida: I do not have paws ! And if I did I can assure you that they would Not be dirty !

Hoenoma: :///

PrsntDad: Oh I didn't realise 2-B was coming as well, I'll text Vlad :-)

Momzawa: k


Momzawa: we have been in here for not even a minute and you've all run off i hate this

Momzawa: you all had better be back at the registers by the time i've finished

Momzawa: any quirk usage in the shop and you get detention

Momzawa: Mic stop encouraging them i can hear you

PrsntDad: We're just having fun!

Momzawa: if the light that just smashed was you then I'm making you pay for everything they want to buy


PrsntDad: Alright little listeners you heard Aizawa, we have to play it cool! Not too much chaos, alright? I'll treat you all to a dvd if you're all good!

Momzawa: Mic. where's Bakugo?


PrsntDad: @Kendou @TenyaIida watch everyone I need to find Bakugo

MinaAshido: lmao how many marshmallows do you guys think I can fit in my mouth?

SeroHanta: A l l of them don't be a coward

KaminariDenki: Do the jumbo ones instead

Momzawa: you better not be doing what i think you're doing

-- KirishimaEijirou has added BoomBoom to the groupchat --


Momzawa: Mic you forgot to add Bakugo what the fuck

PrsntDad: Oh that makes sense now

Momzawa: how do you just forget one of our pups?

Momzawa: the*

KaminariDenki: OwO???

MinaAshido: OWO!!!!

Momzawa: stfu you can do that later

Momzawa: @BoomBoom where are you?

BoomBoom: Where the fuck are YOU? And what the fuck is up with your username?

Momzawa: are you still at the dorms?

BoomBoom: I'm watching Pinkie and Pikachu shove giant ass fuckin marshmallows in their fucking mouths

Momzawa: okay everyone's fine then.


MinaAshido: From our mouths??

PrsntDad: YES

Momzawa: no

MinaAshido: Bet here we go

BoomBoom: That's fucking disgusting 

Momzawa: @Mic you're paying for those seperately from the rest of us

PrsntDad: That's fair enough

PrsntDad: Let's go pay for them now so you can play it while the others choose!

KaminariDenki: !!!! YEET

Tired boye hours: there's nothing i want here

Momzawa: tell us if you change your mind


AoyamaYuuga: No~

Momzawa: i never want to be a parent

Invisibitch: I think you already are at this point!

Momzawa: i know and i hate it

PrsntDad: Paid for the marshmallows

Momzawa: good

Kendou: Aizawa-sensei

Momzawa: oh god

Kendou: We have a bit of a situation here,,,


Chapter Text

Momzawa: If you buy them a movie after this shit i'm going to have to kill you

Momzawa: i'm going to have to kill you anyway, apparently. Get Tetsutetsu out of the ball cage.

PrsntDad: Just because I told him to get in there doesn't mean I have to be killed!!!


Momzawa: Uraraka you can use your quirk. Please get him out.

Uravity: Oh but I'm across the shop already!!! Sorry!!!!

Momzawa: come here then

Momzawa: i have other things to buy and other customers are giving me weird looks

Momo: Maybe it's to do with the fact you came in with forty children? They probably think that you're our mother!

Momo: Oh I like your username, very clever!

MinaAshido: Thank you! I made it!


Momo: Well done! :)

Momzawa: anyway.

PrsntDad: I got an employee!!

Momzawa: if i'm going to be mistaken for a mother i'm not going to be mistaken for a bad one. Send them away.

PrsntDad: You called them our pups earlier though? And you'd never be a bad mother!!

Hoenoma: Can I get fireworks?


Momzawa: we'll talk about that later. And no.

Hoenoma: :/

PrsntDad: Alrighty! :-)


Momzawa: choose your snacks and movie fast or i'm going home without you

Deku: You said we can't get a movie though, didn't you????

TenyaIida: He did ! Did you change your mind, Sir ?

Momzawa: shut up and choose something. Mic's paying for it anyway.

PrsntDad: I'll pay for it all if you'd like :-)

Momzawa: no.

MinaAshido: Horror movie time babeyy!!!

TenyaIida: I do not believe that to be appropriate ! We don't know if Shinsou-kun is afraid of them !

Tired boye hours: i'm not

Deku: We can make a nest together if you'd like @TenyaIida!!! It might make you feel safer!

TenyaIida: That would be appreciated ! But I am not afraid of horror movies !

Momzawa: we'll make a big nest for everyone to fit into.

KirishimaEijirou: Can we watch a Barbie movie????


Momzawa: Vote amongst yourselves what you want to watch. I need to pick something up first.

PrsntDad: I vote Barbie

Momzawa: you don't get to vote anymore.

PrsntDad: The pups get all the fun :'-(

Momzawa: k


MinaAshido: @Momzawa what's in the box????

Momzawa: things that do not concern you

TenyaIida: Is it bedding ?

Momzawa: no that's coming next week, sorry pup.

TenyaIida: Oh ! I'll bring you the money for it when we get home ! Thank you ! ! !

Momzawa: don't bother

Momzawa: i don't mind getting you things usually

MinaAshido: Can you get us a giant water gun then?

Momzawa: no.

PrsntDad: YES!!

MinaAshido: Please??? Dad said we could get one!!!

Momzawa: we're not getting them a water gun, Dad.

PrsntDad: Can we get them all lil' tiny ones? I'll pay!

Momzawa: i don't want to be soaked.

PrsntDad: What if we promise to only use them outside?

Momzawa: none of them will stick to that

PrsntDad: :-( Sorry pups, Eraser knows us too well

MinaAshido: Why can't you just buy them yourself???

PrsntDad: Because Eraser doesn't want us to have them, sorry pup.

KaminariDenki: Do you have to go through Momzawa to buy things too????

PrsntDad: No, I'm just respecting him

MinaAshido: Gr0ss

MinaAshido: jk jk Lmao

Momzawa: did you choose a dvd yet?

Deku: Yeah! We're waiting by the registers for you!

Momzawa: rating?


Deku: @TenyaIida,,,

TenyaIida: 18 ! Which we are not ! 

Momzawa: k

Momzawa: put it in the basket then

Hoenoma: Their horror selection was shitty :/

TenyaIida: Sir ! This is highly innopropriate !

Froppy: Like your personality? :>


Hoenoma: :0

Momzawa: as long as there aren't sex scenes idrc

Momzawa: two adults will be present to keep watch anyway

PrsntDad: And there are over 18 of you so it's fine!

Froppy: got 'em

Momzawa: stfu

Momzawa: not you Asui.

Tired boye hours: dad paid for our snacks already

Momzawa: i'm just glad i don't have to talk to the person at the counter for that long anymore



Momzawa: Mic did you buy the inflatable unicorn Mina's been staring at for the past hour?

PrsntDad: N

PrsntDad: No

Momzawa: @TenyaIida @Kendou

TenyaIida: He did !

Kendou: Absolutely.

PrsntDad: I trusted you :-0

Momzawa: that was your first mistake

Momzawa: choose something else that you want as a reward

TenyaIida: Thank you, Sir ! !

Kendou: A second inflatable unicorn

Momzawa: no.

Kendou: I tried @MinaAshido

MinaAshido: Appreciated :')) a true pal

Momzawa: give me the reciept for the unicorn.

PrsntDad: Kaminari ate it

KaminariDenki: Snacc


Momzawa: you don't get to sit in the nest for movie night anymore

PrsntDad: I didn't make him eat it!

Momzawa: you brought it though

KyoukaJirou: Mom and Dad are fighting again come pick me up @TenyaIida

TenyaIida: My apologies, but my hands are full right now ! I am holding the eggs !

KyoukaJirou: Drop the eggs

TenyaIida: Goodness no ! ! ! ! ! !

KyoukaJirou: Here I come

-- TodorokiShouto has changed KyoukaJirou's nickname to 'There she go' --

-- TodorokiShouto has changed TenyaIida's name to 'Egg.' --

Egg.: Mr Aizawa-sensei please purchase a first aid kit ! ! ! ! ! !

There She Go: I can't believe eggs are worth more to you than my life wow

TodorokiShouto: F

Momo: I've heard chickens are finding it harder to lay eggs nowadays :(

KyoukaJirou: lmao imagine it people laid eggs like chickens

Momo: I do not like that mental image! But I'm curious about the size of the eggs! Would they be small or human baby sized?

Momzawa: we brought the second unicorn

Egg.: She was quite pretty ! Apologies, Sir !

Momzawa: as long as they stay out of the classroom i wont take them back

PrsntDad: I can't believe the inflatable unicorn got a mate before me wow


Momzawa: okay

MinaAshido: They grow up so fast :') what's ur one called???

Egg.: Kendou wanted to name her Murder Death Horn, but I thought that was too innopropriate, so we went with just Horn ! : )

MinaAshido: lmao hi Horny

Momzawa: i regret joining this chat i should've done what Vlad did

PrsntDad: Everyone ready to head back?

Deku: I think Aoyama fell asleep somewhere

Momzawa: i have him

AoyamaYuuga: An employee is trying to flirt with Aizawa-sensei~ a horrific attempt~

Momzawa: @Egg @Kendou come here already with your unicorn

Egg.: Oh dear !

Egg.: Do you need help, Sir ? !

Momzawa: nah

PrsntDad: We're coming to get you


BoomBoom: What the fuck you weren't even in the shop

Momzawa: yeah


KaminariDenki: HE RAN SO F A S T Z00M Z00M

-- SeroHanta has sent an image to the chat --


Momzawa: thanks.

Momzawa: hold hands when crossing the roads i don't want to be filling in paper work tonight when i could be sleeping

MinaAshido: Okay Mom!

Momzawa: shut up and come here already

Momzawa: stupid pups

MinaAshido: We love you too <3

Momzawa: alright

Momzawa: @Mic order those stupid water guns when we get home

PrsntDad: Okay :)

Deku: I'm tired :(

Egg.: As am I !

Momo: I'm afraid I might sleep through the movie

Momzawa: do you pups want to put on a disney movie and sleep instead then? We can watch the one you chose tomorrow night

Egg.: Yes please !

MinaAshido: Sleebi hours

Tired boye hours: k

Hoenoma: 2-A's so pathetic that they get tired after just one shopping trip? More proof of 2-B's superiority!

Kendou: You're literally dead on your feet.

Kendou: Tetsutetsu is carrying you. Shut up??? Please, I want to sleep, and so does everybody else

Hoenoma: Tetsutetsu wants to carry me

KirishimaEijirou: He says you asked him to

Hoenoma: ://

Tired boye hours: I'll carry you if you stop talking

Hoenoma: Get your grubby 2-A paws away from me

Tired boye hours: Get your annoying 2-B mouth closed

Hoenoma: >:0


Momzawa: they're all asleep

PrsntDad: Tuckered themselves right out

Momzawa: they almost look cute when they're not being stupid

Momzawa: move your arm i need a pillow

PrsntDad: They really do feel like our pups sometimes

Momzawa: i know, i know

Momzawa: some of them need new parents anyway

PrsntDad: Shouta?

Momzawa: good night Hizashi


Chapter Text

MinaAshido: What's that smell???? OwO

KaminariDenki: Snacccccccc o'clock time to f e e st

Egg.: Aizawa-sensei and I are making pancakes for everyone !

MinaAshido: We owe you our lives

KaminariDenki: You, a known god:

Hoenoma: It's too early, go back to bed ://

Momzawa: i wish i could

Kendou: It's 8:30

Hoenoma: Yeah

Kendou: Alright then

PrsntDad: Can someone wake up the others while I'm out please? :-)!

Kendou: On it!

Kendou: @Hoenoma get out of the nest

Hoenoma: No

Kendou: Yes.

Hoenoma: Make me :// it's warm and I refuse

Tired boye hours: Can I have my arm back yet?

Hoenoma: No

Tired boye hours: k back to sleep then

Kendou: No, both of you need to get up.

Hoenoma: :/:/ I refuse

Kendou: The pancakes come with the lemon juice


Tired boye hours: My arm has been brutally murdered

SeroHanta: Sacrifices have to be made for the greater good

SeroHanta: But there is no god here

SeroHanta: good*

SeroHanta: Don't.

KaminariDenki: god

Hoenoma: I'm the greatEST good, I'll have you know :/

KyoukaJirou: okay Mr 'I hate class 2-A but snuggling with one of them is fine'

Hoenoma: I did NOT snuggle with any of you!!!! >://///

Tired boye hours: </3 how dare you hurt my feelings this way, I thought we had something

SeroHanta: F

KaminariDenki: F

MinaAshido: F

Hoenoma: stfu

Tired boye hours: No :)

PrsntDad: No-one say anything bad about the pancakes.

Hoenoma: These are severely burnt.

PrsntDad: Haha burnt from how LIT they look!!!! 

Hoenoma: They are black

PrsntDad: They're meant to look like that!

Momzawa: I fell asleep and Dark Shadow raided the bins again

Egg.: Oh dear . : (

BoomBoom: I'm not eating these.

KaminariDenki: Coward

Momzawa: that's fair

Momzawa: i probably wouldn't either

Momzawa: i'll make cereal instead

PrsntDad: No-we should eat them! They taste,, amazing!

Momzawa: Denki, Mina, spit those out right now

Momzawa: i'm not letting you get food poisoning

MinaAshido: y0mmi snacc th0 :(

Momzawa: christ


Momzawa: from what?

Momzawa: stop that

KaminariDenki: OwO!!!!

MinaAshido: You said we could talk about you calling us your pups 'later'!!!!

Momzawa: it's too early for this

MinaAshido: I'll take that as a yes! UwU

Momzawa: please don't

PrsntDad: I think it's sweet that you think that way, Eraser!

Momzawa: no-one asked

PrsntDad: :-)

Deku: Maybe it's because you think you're getting too old to find a mate and have your own pups?


Momzawa: i'm in my thirties but okay

Deku: Some Omegas feel like that at that age!!!

Momzawa: i hadn't even considered that i could be getting too old before now

Deku: Oh!!! Sorry

Momzawa: i really don't think this is you pups' business anyway. and regardless it is Not your place to tell me things like that.

Deku: I'm sorry!!! I wasn't thinking!!!

PrsntDad: Uh oh okay- Hey little listeners why don't you make your own breakfasts while I have a talk with Eraser, okay?

Momzawa: i'm fine, Hizashi.

PrsntDad: Yeah, I know. But-I think we should go sit away from the pups for a little bit, okay?


Momzawa: i'm going to head to the classroom early.

PrsntDad: I'll get Vlad to come down!

Momzawa: i'm going alone.

PrsntDad: Shouta

Momzawa: Hizashi

PrsntDad: Stay safe?

Momzawa: i'm just setting up for a pop quiz.

KaminariDenki: Whaat nooo

MinaAshido: Damnit @Deku lmao

Deku: I'm sorry

Tired boye hours: Can I come with you? @Momzawa


Momzawa: sure.

Tired boye hours: cool.

Chapter Text

Egg.: It has recently come to my attention that we missed Halloween ! ! ! And as 2-A's class president I believe it is neccessary for us to do something for it !

Momzawa: we had a party

Egg.: Oh ! I was not aware , did my invite not come ?

Momzawa: teachers only

PrsntDad: We thought you pups would've thought something up!

There She Go: We had alot of homework, only Iida was avaliable to do something

Momzawa: oh right i did that

PrsntDad: Eraser! :-(

Momzawa: Mic.

KirishimaEijirou: Red Riot!

Momzawa: have you set up the phone properly yet?

KirishimaEijirou: I think so!!! I just gotta re-do all my contacts!!!

Momzawa: okay

Tetsutetsu: It was super manly of you to buy us new phones sir >:D

Momzawa: okay

KirishimaEijirou: BRO

Tetsutetsu: BROOO YOOO

Hoenoma: Ugh

Tetsutetsu: Don't be like that Monoma!!!! We're just havin fun!!!

Hoenoma: 2-A's full of whiney losers :/

Tetsutetsu: You have a friend in it too though???

Hoenoma: No I don't

Kendou: Oh yeah you and Shinsou-kun seem to hang out alot recently! You better not just be harrassing him though!

Hoenoma: Oh shut up

Hoenoma: We just happen to be in the same place at the same time alot.

Kendou: Hmmmm

Hoenoma: :/


Hoenoma: stfu Miss 'I like hard boys'

Kendou: >:0 rude

Hoenoma: Says you

Kendou: Alright, brat

Tetsutetsu: Hard boys??? Like penises???

Kendou: Don't worry about it, Tits

Kendou: Tets*

Hoenoma: tits

Hoenoma: I love my classmate, Titstits Titstits

Tetsutetsu: that's me baby Titstits

Kendou: Shut up you losers, this is bullying

Hoenoma: Never :)

Kendou: Fucking-

Kendou: lmao


Hoenoma: @AoyamaYuuga YOU

AoyamaYuuga: Hello~?

Froppy: Drama in the blonde fandom? KerOwO?

Hoenoma: I hate that @Froppy for one

Hoenoma: But- @AoyamaYuuga tell your pet to get the fuck out of my bin

AoyamaYuuga: Excusez-moi~?

Hoenoma: The shadow bird that's attached to your alpha keeps raiding my bin and I'm sick of it.

AoyamaYuuga: ~! Tokoyami-kun isn't my Alpha but I'll have a word with Dark Shadow for you~

Dark Shadow: I am but a leetol kreachor, I cannot change this

AoyamaYuuga: I know Mon Cher~ but stick to the kitchen bins okay~?


Dark Shadow: Y0mmi snacc

Egg.: No !

A Mad Banquet: behave like the creature of darkness that you are, Dark Shadow.

Dark Shadow: Eet my asssssssss Fumikage <3333

A Mad Banquet: no you

Hoenoma: I can see you wearing one of his cloaks though?

AoyamaYuuga: Dark Shadow stole it from him~ it smells good, no~?

Hoenoma: No. 

A Mad Banquet: you think I smell good?


AoyamaYuuga: @Deku how to delete messages

Deku: ??? Oh shit

Hoenoma: @Kendou and you try to tell me that 2-A isn't full of idiots :/ smh

Tired boye hours: @A Mad Banquet does Dark Shadow have a brain?

A Mad Banquet: do not brainwash my companion

Tired boye hours: fair enough ask him to stop raiding bins though

A Mad Banquet: no

Hoenoma: I want my bins flying rat free thanks

A Mad Banquet: you what

Hoenoma: You heard me

Tired boye hours: ignore him, he's full of shit

Hoenoma: Don't you dare ignore me, 2-A scum!!!!! You think you're all high and mighty huh???? Well you're no

Hoenoma: i am sorry for calling your companion a flying rat

Hoenoma: i will not do it again


Chapter Text

PrsntDad: @everyone LISTEN UP MY LIL' LISTENERS!

Hoenoma: No

PrsntDad: Due to recent events students can no longer copy teacher's quirks!

Hoenoma: Rude

PrsntDad: You knocked out your entire class and all of 2-A

Hoenoma: Sacrifices had to be made to show 2-A who's top dog :)))

BoomBoom: You'd know as a bitch, wouldn't you?

Hoenoma: E x c u s e  m e

PrsntDad: Hey now, no dynamic shaming! We wont tolerate you using derogatory language towards anyone.

BoomBoom: Whatever.

Hoenoma: Is that all you're going to say to him? A light scolding? I need a quirk for this.

Kendou: Say that again I dare you @BoomBoom

Tetsutetsu: Sorry Bro but I can't let anyone talk like that to my classmates.

BoomBoom: Shut the fuck up already, extras. Get over yourselves.

Hoenoma: :)))))

Hoenoma: You're telling US to get over ourselves??? Really??? That's almost laughable, maybe get that stick out of your ass before speaking again, you fucking knothead

BoomBoom: Did I fucking stutter, bitch? Even if there was a stick up my ass then I'd be able to see what a narcissistic piece of crap you are.

Hoenoma: Oh yeah??? Come say that to my face, I dare you!!

Tired boye hours: what the fuck

Hoenoma: Not gonna respond???? Scared because an omega stood up to you??? Run away, you weak little piece of shit.

BoomBoom: Where are you?

Kendou: We're outside the dorms; come fight us you coward.

Tetsutetsu: Apologise and maybe we'll let you go

BoomBoom: The bitch can't even fucking fight me on his own? Needs his pack to protect him? Typical.

SeroHanta: Bakugo. You've taken it too far already.

BoomBoom: Whatever.


MinaAshido: Hey Kiri did you still wanna go see those sharks??? I got us all tickets!!!

KirishimaEijirou: Yeah for sure!!! When are we going??

MinaAshido: Whenever's fine! I'll give you, Sero, and Denki your tickets when we get there!!

BoomBoom is typing...

KaminariDenki: Don't you twust us with the twickets, Mwina??? OwO

MinaAshido: Of cwourse nwot wou fwucking iwdwiot <3333

-- MinaAshido has changed KaminariDenki's nickname to 'Dwenki' --

--Dwenki has changed MinaAshido's nickname to 'Mwina' --

Mwina: @Hoenoma do you want to come with us? We legally need two token blondes in our group at all times

Hoenoma: Fuck off

Mwina: Understandable, have a nice day

Mwina: @AoyamaYuuga we're stealing you for the day instead.

AoyamaYuuga: No thank you~

Mwina: :'(

BoomBoom: We agreed to use the tickets on shitty hair's birthday

Mwina: Ya'll hear sumin?

KirishimaEijirou: Can we go now?? I have my coat on already!!!

SeroHanta: @PrsntDad Can you drive us please?

PrsntDad: I'm out right now, sorry pups! I can if you can wait until I'm back though!



BoomBoom: Oi. @Hoenoma

Tired boye hours: leave him alone.

BoomBoom: Shut the fuck up.

Tired boye hours: why don't you for once?

BoomBoom: I'm trying to fucking apologise.

BoomBoom: I don't need to fucking explain jack shit to you anyway, you're not his fucking alpha

Tired boye hours: but I am his friend

BoomBoom: Whatever.

Hoenoma: What do you want, knothead?

BoomBoom: I'm

BoomBoom: I'm sorry.

BoomBoom: Can I come to the aquariam now?


Hoenoma: I am just so moved at how totally and utterly genuine that sounded. Wow.

Hoenoma: What a kind and soft Alpha, I'm in tears.

BoomBoom: Fuck off.

Tired boye hours: don't talk to him until you can apologise properly. he shouldn't have to listen to anything other than that from you.

Hoenoma: ^^^ :/// piss off

Chapter Text

Egg.: As class president of Class 2-A I feel it is my duty to form a proper apology to Monoma Neito of 2-B ! After a long discussion with Bakugo we have figured out that he did not originally mean it in a dynamic shaming way ! Still, his words were innopropriate and unbecoming of a hero in training, and thusly we request that you please allow him to make it up to you however you see fit ! @2-B

Kendou: What have you done?

-- Hoenoma is typing --

Egg.: ?

Hoenoma: I want him humiliated in front of the entire school, show them all what a pathetic loser 2-A's best is, that he's just a bug to be trodden on. I want his and 2-A's reputation destroyed.

Egg.: Would you accept him buying you something ? Anything you want .


Hoenoma: Maybe.

BoomBoom: I didn't agree to that.

Hoenoma: Too bad :)))))))

Egg.: I do not believe that you are in the position to argue at this very second , Bakugo !

BoomBoom: Whatever. 


Kendou: This is a call out post for @Tetsutetsu, for stealing what he thought were my rut suppressants last week, but were in fact Monoma's heat suppressants

Hoenoma: This is a call out post for @Kendou because we agreed not to discuss me and the h-word in the same conversation :))))

Kendou: Wormhat.

Hoenoma: Eat my ass :///

Pony: Monoma-kun!!! Have you seen my suppressants?

Hoenoma: gtggtggtggtg

Pony: :(

Hoenoma: Kidding. I moved all the heat suppressants into the purple box over the sink and the rut ones into the green one

Pony: Oh!!! Okay, thank you! :) Shall I get you some of yours when I get mine???

Hoenoma: I have to ride this one out ://

Pony: :(!!!! 

Hoenoma: Indeed :/ I have like a week though so I Live for now

Pony: Oh good so we can still have movie night as whole classes!!!

Hoenoma: Gr0ss but yes

Tetsutetsu: Is that why I've been sick all last week???

Hoenoma: You're so fucking stupid istg

KirishimaEijirou: Hey! Don't be so mean to my bro!

Hoenoma: ??? Literally when have you ever hung out with him outside of training or fighting?

KirishimaEijirou: Huh?

Hoenoma: I think I know how to speak to my friend, thank you :)) we're playing :))


KirishimaEijirou: I

Tetsutetsu: Dw bro!!! Monoma's just intense sometimes, you didn't know!!! 

Tetsutetsu: Also fight me @Hoenoma

Hoenoma: War.

KirishimaEjirou: Sorry for assuming fjdnf

Tetsutetsu: Dw dw!!!!!!

Hoenoma: The world doesn't revolve around you 2-A losers :////

Kendou: Monoma.

Hoenoma: h.


AoyamaYuuga: I must request that we purchase more cheese soon~ for we are out~

AoyamaYuuga: Unrelated,~ but my darling Dark Shadow has taken ill~ :(~

A Mad Banquet: Stop feeding him at 3AM.

AoyamaYuuga: But he hungers! I simply cannot bare to see him sad~

Dark Shadow: pls fed mi i desore snaccc

AoyamaYuuga: Look at his little face!~

A Mad Banquet: He hasn't got a stomach, everything he eats goes to me.


AoyamaYuuga: Well what do you think of my cooking?~

A Mad Banquet:

A Mad Banquet: It's good

AoyamaYuuga: Fantastique!~ I'll make you and mon cher Dark Shadow lunch tomorrow then~

Dark Shadow: Fumikage can wii kep shini boy??? He feds us!!!

A Mad Banquet: We can't just 'keep' people, Dark Shadow.

AoyamaYuuga: Of course you can!~ Tell me what you both want in the morning and I'll make it for you~

Dark Shadow: I crve the 4bdn dary M0thur

A Mad Banquet: Stop that

AoyamaYuuga: Mother?~ whom?~

-- Users A Mad Banquet and Dark Shadow have gone offline --