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Final Fantasy Smut Requests

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So with being back on writing for my Final Fantasy Smut Shot Au i decided to take requests for similar au yes I Have Thancred/Ryne up there yes i know they are more of a father-daughter deal but just let me do my thing and it will be Consensual anyways, so any requests just hit me up! oh and yes i will do requests for Aerdyn cause they deserve it!

Also I do not do Anal Sex or something similar, i am sorry but i just don't nothing against those who do like it in stories like this but i don't to me it's just uncomfortable and such, so no Anal Sex Requests and anything similar to that i am sorry but not my thing

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Date: unknown
Location: Vector


With Kefka's Defeat and Death things were slowly getting back to normal or as Normal as they can be, After that Celes returned to the island she and Cid lived on for that year she was in coma after Kefka destroyed the world where also somehow by some miracle was able to get enough food for Cid to last weeks even months, despite Kefka being gone the Espers instead of vanishing remained as if some divine being saved them, this resulted in Terra keeping her power.

Celes could not help smile, it had been so long since she has, though currently smiling was not in the cards at moment currently her and cid and some Figaro soldiers were excavating the Magitek Lab in Vector not only were they rebuilding around the world but it was not by themselves, they came to learn that there were other continents that were dealing with similar situations but that was not on her mind at moment.

" hmm? what is this?".

Celes lifts up what looks to be medication, Cid looks and hums." ahh Enhancements...though have not tested them out yet, i was working on these to help enhance the normal soldiers of the Empire but when war started i was unable to test them out, take them and use them if you wish might help". Celes nods and puts them away, things been hectic since Emperor Gestahl's Death, and it is understandable they were worried for his Grandson who thought to not have existed just suddenly appeared and announced his claim to the throne.

with what happened trust was not there, Celes just did not feel right doing so but in the end it turned out he was truly kind hearted, she saw it in his eyes he was horrified at what his grandfather did and swore to try and make the world a better place to make the Empire a symbol of peace not war." well seems nothing else here". Celes nods and they leave the labs, Celes says goodbye to Cid and makes her way to Mobliz to be with Terra and the children.

" Miss Celes!".

Celes waves at Duane and Katarin and their child, Celes makes her way to Terra's home to see Ramuh walking out smiling." hello Celes Chere it is good to see you, i was just leaving but Terra has been expecting you don't keep her waiting". with that Ramuh vanishes in a blaze of Lightning Celes enters the home." Celes!". The two hug each other as well as kiss." Welcome back...miss you". Celes chuckled." you missed me? doubt it". Terra stuck her tongue out at her.

" Come i made food i am sure you are hungry".

it was not long before they ate and Celes told her of what she did during those days she was gone as well as what she found." Enhancements?". Celes showed them." He has not tested them out so he more or less making me do it, from what i know they are suppose to enhancement one's abilities like Magicite but not like Magicite at same time". Terra looked curious, Celes could not blame her." let's try them out". Celes was shocked by Terra's words." are you sure what if it's actually poison?".

" If it is you can always cure me.....besides it might help in case someone like Kefka appears".

" Okay but if nothing happens or something goes wrong...".

" it won't i promise".

Terra takes the pills and swallows them, nothing happened Celes sighed." well they have not been tested, Celes how bout you go and clean up and i will take care of the plates and such". Celes nods and heads to the bath area, suddenly she hears breaking of glass and scream of pain Celes forgetting her state of dress rushing into the kitchen to find Terra on ground clutching her stomach." terra!". Celes rushes over to discover that Terra was not holding her stomach.

" oh My Goddesses!".

right where Terra's crotch is was something a woman was normally not suppose to have, a Cock complete with balls, Celes blushed so red she felt she would explode, not only that but she felt a strange urge of primal lust she sensed it from Terra as well meaning the Enhancements did more than enhance, Celes realized what they were, They were Sex Enhancements and it also could make a female grow that!." Okay! i am gonna fix this! just hang in there Terra". Celes lifts her and gets her to the bedroom.

Terra was breathing heavily, Celes noticed a wince as she touched the Large Cock." that...that feels good...Celes...". Celes did not know why but she suddenly grasps the Cock in her cold hand and began to stroke it She heard Terra groan in pleasure Celes decides to pump it faster and within seconds was sucking the Cock into her mouth up and down while doing so, Terra threw her head back with a moan.

Celes sucked her faster and deeper into her throat and then her eyes went wide as Terra thrusted into her mouth and gallons and gallons of hot cum filled her mouth, Celes began choking and pulls it out and more hot cum spewed onto her face and body like a river Celes moaned with pleasure, she was lost to lust, even began to lick cum off her fingers, suddenly Terra ripped off her clothes and Celes' and Pins Celes onto the Bed and rams her Cock into Celes' Wet Pussy and began to fuck her wildly the need to breed taking over.

Celes screamed in utter pleasure, Coming onto the ramming cock as it hit her cervix brutally and in the right spot, Celes was so lost to ectasy that all that was on her mind was to be bred by the half esper, Terra practically complies when Celes yells." Fuck Me! Fuck Me Harder! Breed Me!". Terra growls her Esper urge to breed completely consuming her, Terra flips Celes onto her hands and Knees still inside her and continues to brutally thrust her cock into Celes' Cunt violently hard and fast making Celes cum again and again.

Celes gripped the sheets only to have her upper half pulled up, her naked back against Terra's Breasts as the Emerald Haired girl fucked her from behind, The Two kissed Celes screaming in the kiss as she came over Terra's Thrusting Cock, Terra then stands and slams Celes into the wall still fucking her animalistically, Celes was crushed against the wall Naked breasts and all, She slapped her hands onto the wall as if holding on for dear life as Terra continued to brutally claim her body with her Cock.

Celes came again her eyes rolling into the back of her head, tongue hanging out like some bitch in heat as Terra just kept ramming her Cock into her Cunt hitting her Womb, Celes was turned and now faced Terra back against wall, Celes wraps her legs around Terra and they kissed as Terra went faster and harder and deeper making Celes Cum again, Terra roars and Celes screams as She feels Hot Cum explode into her womb, loads and loads filling her so much that she began to look months pregnant.

but Terra was far from finished, Terra pulls out and Celes found herself on her side, Terra jumps behind her and Rams her Cock once again into Celes, Celes nearly tore the sheets to pieces with the constant pleasure from Terra's Magically grown Cock Cum spilling out with each thrust only to be replaced by more as Terra just kept Cumming, Celes would not doubt she was pregnant by now but her mind was uncaring she wanted more and Terra as if read her mind lays Celes on her stomach and continues to fuck her.

Celes just laid on her stomach as Terra continued to send inhuman pleasure to her Naked Body, Celes felt her cum in her again and again, Celes lost count of how many times she herself came, Terra brings Celes onto her back and fucks her missionary Style, Celes' Breasts bounced with every violent hard thrust from Terra's Cock Balls slapping against ass, squelching sounds could be heard as Terra's Cock rammed into Celes' Cum Filled Cunt, Celes Screamed As She Came Again as Well As Terra filling her with more Cum.

Terra lays back and Celes begins to ride her like a chocobo her back to Terra, Terra grasps her Hips hard thrusting just as hard and fast brutally and violently so sending utmost pleasure through Celes, Celes felt more cum fill her then she is turned around and began riding Terra again but normal cowgirl style, Celes placed her hands on Terra's Stomach as she began to thrust up and down rapidly on Terra's Cock, Terra meanwhile still held tightly to Celes via hips thrusting her Cock up into Celes as said former General rode her.

Celes brought a hand down to her stomach which looked bloated having been filled with cum over and over again, however even Terra had limits and she was near hers as she started to thrust even faster and harder inside Celes so much so that her Cock entered Celes' Womb and was thrusting into her womb inhumanly fast, Celes screamed as Terra's Cock continously rammed into her womb pushing out the Cum already in her out, Terra was thrusting into her so fast it looked like a blur and Celes came over and over on the Cock.

Terra then thrusts up into her hilting all the way and came with a inhuman roar Celes threw her head back cumming with her screaming as just gallons and gallons and gallons of Hot cum filled her womb her Stomach bloating making her look over nine months pregnant then deflating as Cum spilled out like a waterfall onto Terra and the bed, Celes' Eyes rolled into her head tongue hanging out her naked form quivering from constant orgasms and the sensation of being filled with hot virile cum over and over, sweat covered both and Terra was still cumming hip stuttering as Celes' pussy continued to squeeze her cock milking all the cum from her.

soon it was over and Celes collapsed on top of Terra, foreheads pressed together both breathing heavily, Celes noticed the Cock was gone but cared not, Celes lifted her face looking down at Terra and the two kissed, not caring about the consequences of their actions but at same time they did not cause they did not use protection but because they were now going to have a life together Celes rests her head against Terra who wraps her arms around her and both of their legs tangled as they soon fell asleep in loving embrace dreaming of a bright future.

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Date: 2007
Location: Highwind Interior


Cloud was many things, he was supposedly a soldier, he was a friend he was a comrade but being a lover was not among his list of what he was. Both Tifa and Aerith had just outright confessed to him and how could he not choose one and cause of that here he was having his cock being blowed by two gorgeous women he loved, Tifa and Aerith traded places switching between each other to give Cloud a Blowjob, during this one or the other would fondle his balls.

Cloud did not know how long they been doing this though likely twenty minutes for he could feel his imminent release coming." Tifa...Aerith...I-i'm..". however the two began pumping his Cock fast in fact really fast for they had casted Haste and Cloud came with a groan his cum spraying onto both Aerith and Tifa who also took turns drinking his hot cum, some got on their faces and nude bodies from breasts to stomach, Cloud fell back breathing heavily when Aerith crawls on top of him.

" Let's get to the main course".

Cloud's eyes widen and bit back a groan as His Cock slid into Aerith's pussy all the way, he mentally reminded himself to pull out when he came, Aerith soon was riding him like a wild chocobo next thing he knew Tifa sat on his face in which he began to tongue fuck her pussy and clit, Tifa arched, She leans forward and her and Aerith locked lips their tongues battling for dominance as both Rode Cloud like Animals in heat, the two pulled away from the kiss Aerith began riding faster feeling His Cock hit her cervix as it moved inside her faster, harder and deeper.

Tifa threw her head back with a scream as she came on Cloud's face, Aerith soon followed as She Came on Cloud's Cock, Cloud with great self control did not cum, he moves Tifa off him and as if something snapped in him pins Aerith and Tifa against the wall of the Aerith Ramming his Cock into Aerith's Cunt like a mad man, Aerith screamed in her kiss with Tifa whose clit she fingered as Cloud fucked her like a wild beast, Tifa felt her eyes practically roll into her head as she came on Aerith's Fingers thrusting in her Pussy but Aerith did not stop neither did Cloud stop Ramming his Cock into Aerith, His Cock slamming against Aerith's Womb.

Aerith and Tifa came with almost guttural screams but Cloud did not relent as he flips Aerith around to face him her back against Tifa, Aerith turned her head and kissed Tifa who began fingering Aerith's clit as Cloud's cock continued to slam in and out of the Cetra's hot wet Pussy, Aerith's eyes rolled into her head as she experience an Intense Orgasm nearly going limp but Tifa held her as she too came for Aerith had Fingered her Clit during that duration, Cloud continues fucking Aerith wildly and inhumanly fast his enhanced body making his energy nearly limitless he thrusts into Aerith all thoughts of pulling out of her had left him and with a hard thrust Pierces Her womb and cums inside her.

Aerith Screamed as cloud filled her womb with hot cum collapsing against him as he stop moving his cock still pulsing and cumming inside her, he pulls out but he was far from done he throws Tifa onto the floor on her back and slams Aerith on top of her their breasts squished together as Cloud begins Fucking Aerith doggystyle not relenting in his nearly violent fast and hard thrusts, Aerith and Tifa began fingering each other's clits their breasts and Nipples rubbing together as Cloud animalistically fucked Aerith, loud squelching sounds could be heard as Cloud's cock rammed into Aerith's Cum stained Pussy his hips slamming against her ass.

Aerith arched as She came with a Scream, Tifa joined her arching up against her as She came on Aerith's Hand, Aerith feels Cloud then Cum inside her Again causing her to cum again, She fell onto Tifa as Cloud did not stop continuing to ram his Cock into her Womb with the clear intent of making her his forever, Aerith and Tifa kissed Both knew that Cloud was not gonna just make Aerith his but Tifa as well once Aerith had her fill.

Cloud flips Aerith onto her Back which laid on Tifa crushing tifa's breasts against Aerith's Back and Cloud began to Fuck Aerith again, ramming his Big hard cock into the Cetra animalistically and it almost seemed that he was thrusting even faster and harder so much that it almost looked like his motions were a blur cause of this Aerith just came and came on his Cock again and Again as it continuously hit that spot in her, continuously rammed into her womb, this cause some Cum to leak out of her pussy but Aerith's mind went blank long ago, Tifa held her from under while Fingering the Cetra Girl's Clit.

Cloud sped up his thrusts even more and then with one last thrust Cums again, unlike last time Aerith felt as if gallons and gallons of his cum filled her, so much that some began leaking out of her cunt like a river but he just kept cummong then it finally stopped but Cloud as he pulled out was still Shockingly hard, Tifa was slammed against the wall and was proceeded to be fucked brutally, Cloud behind her his Cock ramming into her Pussy, tifa clutched the wall of the Airship her breasts crushed against it as Cloud fucked her, Tifa came on his cock screaming as she did.

Cloud did not relent he just kept fucking her like some bitch in heat, Tifa's Nails clawed against the smooth wall trying desperately to hold on as another orgasm more intense then the last hit her, she arched into Cloud who wraps his arms around her fingering her clit as he continued to thrust inside even as he came, Tifa felt his hot cum fill her womb her eyes rolling into her head tongue hanging out like some dog, but Cloud did not stop did not slow down and Tifa in truth did not care.

Cloud turns her to face him not once pulling out and continued to Fuck her one hand fondled and grasped her breast while he began to suck her other breast, Tifa grasps his spiky hair tight wrapping her legs around him his hard thrusts keeping her up against the wall, Cloud came inside her again Tifa cried out as she came with him her juices mixing with his hot cum and spilling on his Cock, Cloud gets her onto her hands and knees and begins to brutally fuck her again his Cock ramming the roof of her womb causing Tifa to cum again and again, Aerith somewhat recovered crawls over and begins to kiss tifa who arched into Cloud.

Aerith presses herself against Tifa fingering her as Cloud's Cock slammed brutally in Tifa's Cunt repeatedly, Tifa came with a Scream followed by Cloud cumming inside the Barmaid again, Tifa's eyes had rolled into her head but Cloud kept fucking her not stopping at all Aerith kept fingering Tifa who was practically being overstimulated by the intense fucking by both parties, Tifa nearly collapsed against Aerith, Cloud flips Tifa and Pins her On her back and begins to ram his Cock into her Pussy again.

Aerith laid still exhausted from the hard fucking cloud gave her watching as Cloud fucked Tifa like a wild Animal, Tifa wrapped her legs around cloud raking her nails down his back as his Cock somehow began thrusting inside her even faster and harder, Tifa screamed as she came on his cock again and again, Cloud just kept thrusting into her non stop Tifa did not know if she was even alive anymore as she lost sense of everything, Cloud began to thrust more erratically then indicating he was near his limit with that Cloud lifts Tifa up against him thrusting even harder and faster Tifa held onto him as she rode him, Cloud held her against him as his Cock sped up inside her as it kept hitting her womb with Unrelenting Force and with one last thrust he hilts inside her all the way and cums in her one final time.

Tifa threw her head back arching as she scream cumming with him as she felt gallons and gallons of hot cum fill her womb pushing out previous loads of cum, Tifa's eyes rolled into her head tongue hanging out and quivering from the intense orgasmic release and sensation of being filled with loads and loads and loads of Hot Cum, Tifa fell limp against cloud Aerith crawled over and the three kissed then all three laid down together both aerith and tifa cuddling against Cloud as the three fell into a sweet loving sleep in each other's arms limps tangled.

little did the three know that this night was a night neither would forget.

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Date: Unknown
Location: The First


What in The Name Of Hydaelan was wrong with her, Alisaie was not having a good day it all started with her slowly realizing something she felt for her twin brother Alphinaud and it scared her and to make it worse she told him how she felt and has not heard him speak for what felt like an hour, she outright told him she was in love with him and not in a sibling kind of way neither, She was waiting for him to tell her that this was nothing more than some confused feelings that would fade.

" Dear Brother....if you are not going to speak than i will just was stupid of me to even tell you how i felt".

Alisaie stood and was about to leave when she felt him grab her arm and next thing she knew she was on his lap and both kissing each other passionately, Alisaie pulled away first Alphinaud spoke then." I do too....ever since....Ever Since Ala Migho before that...i just did not want to ruin what we already had". Alisaie smiled softly pressing her forehead against his." Idiot....did you know that we can trace our line back to one of our ancestors who were siblings....true they were looked upon with disgust but they eventually were accepted...but i had the same concerns as well". Alphinaud looked at her lovingly, they kissed again.

" Hydaelan how did we become so oblivious....Y'shtola was right we are idiots".

Both chuckled at that, Y'shtola was pretty wise of course they were not the only ones who had been pretty oblivious they remembered a certain Ala Mighan named Lyse being all flirty and what not with the Migo'te back then who the latter was quite Oblivious to Lyse even when Lyse was disguised as Yda it was not until Y'shtola was cut down and badly injured by Zenos that the two finally admitted their feelings." we go out or something....Primals this is awkward". Alisaie stopped him then with a fierce kiss when he pulled away he saw tears in her eyes he rarely saw her cry." it halric?". Alisaie shook her head." Tessaren?". She nods and broke down sobbing uncontrollably, Alphinaud embraced his sister letting her cry in his arms.

" alphinaud.....make love to me....take it away...This pain...please".

Alphinaud nodded and kissed her he stands lifting her into his arms and lays her on the bed and slowly began to remove her clothes until she was completely bare, Alphinaud did the same he crawls on top of her and begins to kiss down her naked body when she stops him." Alphinaud....i don't want to take it slow...i...i just need you...". Alphinaud nodded and grasps his hard cock and positions it at her pussy." Are you sure?". She nods and he enters her all the way in one thrust taking her virginity, tears of pain stung her eyes he kissed her soothing her and waited." i will pull out when it's time..". She nodded and he began to very slowly thrust in and out of her.

Alisaie clutched his back gritting her teeth from the pain as he moved inside her, Alphinaud while doing so kissed her to distract her from the pain and soon Alisaie began to feel it fade." Faster....Please...". He nodded and began to thrust in and out of her faster and deeper, Alisaie moaned she looked into his eyes seeing nothing but love, she wanted to cry again for a long time she thought she would never find that one but in reality he had been right there in front of her the whole time her twin brother was the one the whole time and she did not see it until now.

" alphinaud....Fuck me...fuck me...i don't care if i cannot walk morrow's morning...please...".

and as if something snapped inside him he grips her hips hard and begins to thrust his cock into her pussy like a madman hard deep and fast causing her to scream in pleasure as she felt his cock hit her cervix relentlessly with brutal thrusts making her orgasm on his moving cock, Alisaie gripped the sheets as she felt nothing but unbridled lust and love from her brother fucking her like a wild beast, Alisaie screamed again as she came on his cock again.

He flips her onto her hands and knees and kept fucking her, Alisaie cried out each thrust her breasts bouncing in sync with his thrusts, Alphinaud leans down and brings his hands to her breasts rolling her nipples and fondling her breasts then he brings her back against his chest as he kept thrusting into her brutally hard and fast while one hand began to finger her clit making her scream in a kiss, Her eyes nearly rolled into her head naked body jerking from orgasm after orgasm as he played with her clit then she fell forward onto her bed when she was suddenly face to face with a wall while he held her hips and fucked her pussy with his fat hard cock from behind.

she clutched the wall trying to find some hold but found none she was crushed against the wall moaning lustfully as she was continously filled by her twin's Cock which contiued to ram against her womb, Alisaie no longer cared then and there if he came inside her in fact if honest she dreamt of him doing just that of them having children, Alphinaud began moving even faster and harder making her come again and again she then was turned around back against wall facing him as he still fucked her.

it was surprising he had not cum yet either he had that much control or he been with others before or maybe he used some spell either way sh did not care as long as she continued to feel his big cock ramming into her pussy into her womb that she felt his naked body against hers, alphinaud moved back onto the bed laying her on her side and lays behind her and rams his cock back into her with a vicious thrust and continued to fuck her wildly, Alisaie nearly tore the sheets in her strong grip as his cock soon entered her womb ramming into it over and over making her cum over and over.

Alphinaud did not tell her but he always fantasized on doing this as well as getting her pregnant with his child and having a family and he was going to do just that but not yet, he had lost control of his urges but he had some so when he was close he was still going to pull out, he lays on his back and she began riding him her back to him and her hands gripping his legs as she just ram his cock into her he grips her hips aiding her in doing so, Alisaie came on his cock again screaming to the heavens she turns around now facing him and continued to brutally ride him his cock ramming into her womb like a beast.

Alisaie began moving even faster Alphinaud sits up and embraces her and the two kiss both moaning, alisaie rode him faster his cock moving inside her just as fast and hard and deep, Alphinaud pins her on her back and thrusts his big cock into her even faster deeper and harder, by now alisaie had lost count of how many times she came but she did not care, she noticed he was beginning to fuck her even more viciously noticing he was sweating, Alisaie rams her lips into his in a fierce, Passionate and Lustful kiss Alphinaud felt himself getting near but Alisaie suddenly wraps and locks her legs around his hips locking him there.

" Alisaie...I...Am Gonna Cum...Need to..".

" Inside me! Cum Inside Me! I want it all! I Want your Hot Cum!".

Alphinaud lost all control there and thrusts even harder and faster making the bed slam against the wall, Alisaie screamed and screamed as she just kept coming and coming his cock not stopping once in it's nearly superhumanly fast and hard thrusts Alphinaud felt it and Cried out." Alisaie! I Love You!". Alisaie screamed as she felt one last orgasm and his." I LOVE YOU TOO!! ALLLPHINAUD!". Alphinaud gives one last brutal hard thrust and lets go both screaming out each other's names.

Alisaie Screamed loud as she felt her brother fill her. load after load of his hot cum shot into her, filling her womb to the point she almost looked pregnant and he just kept cumming inside her that some cum leaked out of her pussy like a river, Alisaie was twitching profusely her eyes rolled into her head, breasts heaving in orgasmic bliss and from the feel of her brother's hot cum shooting into her womb impregnating her, so much hot virile cum entered her fertile womb to the point she looked pregnant already, Alphinaud collapsed on top of her both were breathing eratically and sweating, Alisaie's arms and legs laid on the bed limp but she found strength to wrap them around Alphinaud stopping him from pulling out.

" Alisaie.....".

" Don't pull out....i want you to....stay inside me...".

Alphinaud with what little strength he had managed to roll onto his back bringing her with on top of him, Alisaie rested her head against him she could still feel his cock in her pulsing inside her releasing any cum that remained and the two soon fell asleep in each other's arms uncaring of the consequences uncaring for they had each other an unbreakable bond that would never be broken.

Chapter Text

Date: 748 M.E
Location: The Citadel, Insomnia


When he asked Her to teach him certain things he was fully expecting something entirely different but when Luna suddenly stripped down completely naked his mind went utterly blank, Noctis was told by her that it was perefectly normal for one his age to be quite curious about sex and that hands on learning was the best way to learn, Noctis could not keep his eyes off her at least until she got onto his lap and began kissing him in which he could not help but kiss back.

her lips were soft as he imagined but more than that her body was the perfect figure, she was slim almost athletic build her breasts not too big but not too small they were right in the middle, Noctis was so busy staring that he barely registered himself getting naked until he heard a soft gasp." are quite....well endowed". Noctis blushed fiercely his cock stood erect and large for a boy his age which was normal he was told once he accidently saw a kid his age naked he wasn't Bisexual or such but seeing such made him feel awkward.


Noctis suddenly tense not in bad way but good way a small moan coming out as Luna grasped his aching cock with her hand and she began to move her hand up and down his cock while also licking and fondling it and his balls she stopped briefly." and ravus....were curious..when i turned sixteen...i...i asked him...we only gave what i am giving you handjobs and blowjobs we have sex but he always pulled out and such". Luna resumed her handjob and then she engulfs his cock into her mouth and began to suck his cock.

Noctis groans it felt good her hot mouth swallowing his hard cock and bobbing her head up and down as she sucked it during this she was fondling his balls, Noctis began to wonder if she and Ravus really did have sex cause she sure as hell knew what she was doing in fact so much Noctis felt something coming." Luna....i'm...". Luna sucked his cock faster and deeper into her throat and Noctis came, hot cum spurted down her throat which she drank then she pulled away his spewing cock popping out of her mouth and spraying cum onto her face and breasts, Luna simply licked cum off her.

Noctis blushed trying hard not to stare at the sight, then Luna crawled up and positions herself above his cock." L-Luna! we...We should..". She stops him with a kiss then." I want to feel it and it is a safe day". Noctis nodded and Luna came down impaling herself on his cock moaning as she felt him fill her his cock touching her cervix and she began to move slowly, Noctis laid his head back moaning it felt like heaven and wondered if they would ever do this again.

Noctis grips her hips as she began to move on him bit faster, Noctis felt himself losing control wanting nothing more than to take her like a wild animal but he luckily had lot more control on his urges than he thought wanting to make this as pleasurable for her as she was for him, Luna suddenly pins his arms above him and began to move faster on him, his Cock hitting her G-Spot fast hard and deep inside her Noctis groaned as Luna moaned as his cock kept hitting her cervix.

" Oh Six! Noctis!".

Noctis' name being yelled was the breaking point for him, his self control crumbling and he grabs her hips and began to relentlessly slam their hips together his cock ramming into her pussy and against her cervix, Luna threw her head back screaming as she came on his cock, Noctis growled and began thrusting faster and harder into her cunt, Noctis sits up and manages to get her on her hands and knees in doggystyle position and continued to assault her Cunt with his fat hard cock slamming into her at brutal speed.

Luna grip the sheets so tight she would have torn them, Luna sat up her back against his chest throwing her head back in a moan as she came on him again all while he continued to brutally ram his cock into her pussy, Noctis began to finger her clit he was a fast learner, Luna came again on his cock yet he did not stop nor cum yet, but Luna was too lost in her lust filled mind to care, in truth she had lied to him about being a safe day but she was lost in lust all her mind wanted now was for him to breed her.

Noctis was different, though lost in lust he still had the right mind to pull out when that time came even though he believed it was a safe day for her he was still going to pull out, Noctis lifts her and slams her against the wall, her breasts bouncing and scrapping against the wall as he took her from behind, Noctis' Cock slamming against her womb Luna came again screaming in pleasure as she did Noctis fucked her faster and harder and deeper his cock entering her womb.

Luna scraped her hands down the wall she was turned around his cock still slamming in and out of her Pussy as her back was slammed against the wall, the two sloppily kissed Luna moaned in his mouth as she came again, Noctis threw her onto the bed on her side and took her from behind him on his side as well, luna did not care only cared about the intense pleasure Noctis was giving her only cared about the big cock ramming into her womb that was making her constantly cum.

Noctis pins her on her back into a missionary position his cock thrusting into her cunt even faster and harder Luna lost count of how many times she came, Noctis went even faster and faster she could feel his cock began to throb signalling he was going to come, Noctis began to grunt he gave a few more thrust but Luna locked her legs around his waist and Both cried out as they came and that was the last of his control, Luna screamed as his hot cum filled her womb but noctis was still fucking her how much energy did he have!? Luna groaned her body assaulted by endless pleasure.

Noctis just kept ramming his cock into her even though he just came, Luna came again and again it was like he was an animal now wanting nothing more than to make her his, Luna screamed as she came again her eyes rolling into her head tongue sticking out her body limp as Noctis just brutally fucked her and claimed her, Noctis sucked her breast while he pinched, rolled and tweaked the nipple of the other Noctis came again but kept fucking her, Her naked body twitching from her constant orgasms and his cum filling her for the second time and third time and fourth time and fifth time yet he still fucked her.

Luna found herself on his lap cock ramming into her womb as he was sitting up holding her Luna was breathing heavily her hair matted to her face, she was covered in sweat so was Noctis but neither cared then Luna came again so did Noctis this load bigger than the last five, load after load of hot cum exploded and filled her womb to the point some leaked out the two collapsed onto the bed her on top of him his cock still spewing cum into her though was slowly stopping and soon he stopped cumming.

" noct....".

Noctis was breathing heavily Luna quivered overloaded with multiple orgasms and how much he came inside her, if she wasn't sure she was pregnant the first two times she was likely now for sure but neither cared anymore as the two kissed and fell asleep still in the position they fell onto the bed, unknown to them three certain figures moved away from the door." told you they would do it". Gladiolus grinned wide, Ignis sighed the fourteen year old glared at the fifteen year old." Luna is only sixteen Gladio". Gladio shrugged.

" hey it will be fine i heard teens her age had kids and had support of their families".

" and besides noct would be a great dad".

Ignis glared at Prompto." fine but do not blame me if Prince Ravus kills us or Tries to kill Noctis". there was a noise and the door flew open and there stood Luna completely naked evidence of her and noctis' coupling leaking from her, Prompto shrieked like a girl and the three ran for it." oh six that was close! did you see her eyes!". Gladiolus nodded, Ignis sighed." let us not make her angry it would be unwise to make the future queen that way". there was laughter then all three turned to find King Regis.

" oh i figured you three would spy on them, yes they are young but so was i when me and Aulea first had sex i was about Noctis' age and yes he would be a good father and let me worry about Ravus".

All three stared at the King in shock as he walked away with a big smirk on his face