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The boy next door (and everything he keeps behind it)

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“I’m just saying, moving out of that hell hole was one of the best decisions you ever made. I won’t even start about your filthy of a roommate; that pig sure loved emptying out  all of your ramen packages, even when you hid it.” 


“Ah, don’t remind me.” Jeongguk grimaced. The memory of finding his ramen storage empty almost each time he had filled it with new ones made his blood boil. “That special extra 20% addition I bought was the last straw, I took my things and flew out of there.”  


“You and your ramen is a bond no one else is allowed to break.” Hoseok snorted. “What the hell is in that box—? It’s heavy as shit.” He groaned, proceeding to carry the loaded box of Jeongguk’s stuff in a struggle.


jeongguk stopped in his tracks to look back at him, his eyes narrowing at the red-haired male. “Yah, careful, hyung! I have all my photography equipment in there. If you only think about dropping it—“


”Yeah, I don’t wanna know.” Hoseok sniffed out, grabbing the box tightly in his palms before following after Jeongguk. “You going to the gym four to five times a week is enough of a reminder as of what you can do.” 


“Exactly, so keep that in mind.” Jeongguk winked playfully, before picking up the box he was holding to make the path up the stairs to his new apartment. 


He didn’t considered renting an apartment in a building without an elevator would end up being such a fuzz, not really mulled over it when he first examined the building, especially not when choosing to ask Hoseok to help him move his stuff instead of someone with slightly more muscle and stamina-control in his body like Namjoon. 


But what was decided, unfortunately, couldn’t be rethought, and now Jeongguk is stuck making the path up the stairs all towards the third floor a few times to get all of his furniture and equipment that he once had in his campus’ dorm. 


It’s whatever, really. He could really use another leg-day to gain more muscles to his lower body (Hoseok was right by calling him a gym jungky after all, huh?




It’s a few minutes afterwards and a bunch of heavy boxes later that Jeongguk is carrying (fucking finally, he mutters under his breath) the last remaining box. He could already feel the burning feeling of his muscles stretching, the tight grasp that feels like he’s been doing 100 squats on a eventful day at the gym. Hoseok has already gave up two or three boxes ago, has crushed his body on Jeongguk’s brand new couch (an ugly green shade that Jeongguk seemed to adore for some odd reason) and told his friend that his legs have turned to jelly before fleeing out of the place to go back to his dorm. As expected, of course, Jeongguk was left to carry the remain boxes all by himself. 


The last one was the heaviest one, filled with Jeongguk’s books collection that he picked a liking to ever since Junior year of high-school. The numerous books have been kept and went with him through thick and thin, even to college, and now to his new apartment. So the heavy, tall box is also the reason for his vision to be unclear. His biceps scream with pain when he carries the full box up the stairway for what seems to be the twentieth time, hoping he won’t end up missing one of the stairs and falling all over since he couldn’t see a thing. 


Oddly enough, luck was never on Jeongguk’s side, and when he was sure he was an inch away from the last stair, he ends up tackling into something, losing his hold on the box. 


He thought the trail to the apartment that he’s been doing for the past two hours was already memorized in his head, and so, it must be false, because he can’t remember any odd subjects at the end of the stairway that prevented him from taking that turn to his apartment ever before. It’s then that he realizes, it’s not an object, for god’s sake, it’s a human being, a very much alive figure, that he tackled into. It settles inside him when he hears a wince of pain, making him widen his eyes and realize he bumped into someone. 


“Oh, shit.” 


He swiftly put the box to the side with a grunt, now coming in full view with the person he bumped into, slightly taken aback. It’s a boy, a guy that seemed to be around his age. The view itself is quiet surprising, because mostly Jeongguk didn’t think he would bump so carelessly into someone so.... mesmerizing


“I’m so fucking sorry.”  It’s the only thing Jeongguk came come up with, too startled from the boy’s looks. “Are you okay?” 


The other has finally seemed to get what was what was going on, seeming confused himself as he raised his head to lock his eyes with Jeongguk. It’s pathetic, really, how Jeongguk’s breath hitched as soon as their gazes locked. From taking a few steps back, the stranger cleared his throat, pushing his hands behind his back awkwardly. “It’s okay.” 


“No, it’s not.” Jeongguk was quick to argue. “I should’ve watched where I was going, but the box is so big so I couldn’t see anything and I bumped into you, I’m so sorry, oh my god, this is so embarrassing, I—“


”hey, please,” the stranger has interrupted Jeongguk's rambling, his features turning softer from the tense expression he was holding just moments ago, seeing how flustered Jeongguk has become. “Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.”


“Are you sure?” Jeongguk can’t just drop it, he feels so bad for almost making this man fall because of him.


“Positive.” This time, it goes along with a sheepish smile, and Jeongguk can’t help but almost coo at how freaking cute he looked. His dark, brown eyes traveled downwards to where Jeongguk has put his box at, then gazed back at Jeongguk with a questioning look. “You... you’re moving in here?” 


Jeongguk stared at him for a moment, before opening his mouth to answer, hoping the man didn’t notice how faded he was by him. “Ah, Yeah, Just now, actually! I’m resident of apartment 3C, also known by Jeongguk, Nice to meet you!” 


And he actually takes out his hand, all formal and shit, even when he sounded like a goof, with the most dumbfounded smile spreading on his face. God damnit, Jeongguk, you’re being an embarrassing piece of shit again. 


The brown-eyed boy looked at him, a frown spread on his face as he examining his pointed hand hesitantly. 


And Jeongguk tried, he really tried, not to get offended by how the other has ignored his outstretched palm, ready to be shook by another, he really damn tried. It occurred to him that sometimes he can be too friendly, too eager to meet new people, to the point of scaring them away. For other people he knows it might work; Hoseok for example, is known for being a social butterfly, with his bright smile and charming personality, but maybe for Jeongguk it’s just pointless to try, he is an awkward kind of friendly and he seems to not want to face the shame of being one. 


But the guy in front of him is just too fine to get offended by. Really, Jeongguk doesn’t take his eyes off of him and he thinks the guy is beginning to suspect that. But what can he do, Jeongguk has a liking for pretty things, for beautiful scenes, and that’s mainly why he chose to work himself up as a photographer. Maybe he would like to memorize the features of the guy in front of him. Maybe. 


“I’m Taehyung. 3B.” 


Jeongguk can die in peace knowing he can finally connect a name to his face, and it’s nothing but a sound of pure perfection. Taehyung. 


It then occurs to Jeongguk that the guy in front of him, brownish-eyed perfection, is his neighbor, his neighbor, a door away from him. Maybe, or maybe not, he thinks how he would get to see Taehyung every day from now on. 


“You’re— ah, you’re a door next to me!” Jeongguk speaks without thinking eagerly. “We’re practically roommates now.” He joked.


Taehyung smiled shyly, and Jeongguk isn’t really a type to look into people too much, but now that he looks at Taehyung he can’t help but doing so. Taehyung seemed shy, very shy, but the one thing that Jeongguk could really pinpoint at him is that he’s also very tense. He could sense it by the way he’s shifting his weight from one leg to another, could notice his teeth biting the flesh of his lower lip. How rigid his posture his, how he fumbles with the sleeves of his oversized hoodie while trying not to gaze into Jeongguk's eyes. Jeongguk isn’t really intimidating, not right now at least, and surly he won’t make himself to look like one in front of Taehyung (he is trying to give a good first impression, okay?), so Taehyung’s shyness comes as a confusion to him. Maybe Taehyung isn’t really an open book when meeting a stranger, and he can understand it, because who is, really? Not everyone is like him or Hoseok or any other over-friendly person, but it still pulls Jeongguk’s mind to wonder why Taehyung, who seems soft and like a great company, is that captive. 


“Do you...” Taehyung’s voice is tentative and gentle. “Do you need help with that?” He glances to the heavy box near the staircase. 


Jeongguk would assume Taehyung is just trying to be nice, maybe a bit friendly to match Jeongguk, but the offer lingers a bit longer in his mind. He can say no— show off he’s strong enough and might as well point out he has been carrying those heavy boxes for the past two hours all by himself (Hoseok is suddenly long-forgotten), just because. But thinking deeply about it, accepting Taehyung’s help would mean being around the boy longer and also, maybe, hopefully, get to know him?


”if you don’t mind,” Jeongguk settles on that, “I could use a hand.”


So that’s mainly how Jeongguk finds himself carrying his heavyweight books collection together with his newly-found, extremely adorable neighbor. It was a bit of a challenging task, but Taehyung was providing much help and Jeongguk would take advantage of any kind of help Taehyung could give as long as he’ll get to be next to him. They chat for a bit (well, mainly Jeongguk complaining about his ex-roommate from college and telling how he had to find a new place or else he would’ve lost his mind, to which Taehyung fully-on smiled at and Jeongguk nearly fainted in response), and mayhaps Jeongguk makes his steps a tiny bit slower to earn more time with Taehyung’s company. When they get inside Jeongguk’s apartment, there’s a bit of a mess from all the boxes and wrapped furniture laying around, but Jeongguk ignored it and would probably fix everything in place tomorrow since he’s too exhausted. He   instructed Taehyung where to put the heavy box, before dropping to the newly-bought couch he got.


“That’s an... interesting color for a couch.” Taehyung pointed out, standing awkwardly near the couch where Jeongguk sat, not really knowing what to do now that they had gotten  the box fixed in place. Jeongguk tried not to smirk at how Taehyung slightly seemed less tense, even if he still looked a bit out of place, and made it is his mission by the end of the day to make the boy completely eased and comfortable. 


“I think it’s a unique color.” Jeongguk stated smugly. “But, honestly, I chose it just to piss off my friend when we went shopping for furniture and he insisted to buy something classy. I will most likely regret it in a few days.” Jeongguk chuckled. 


“You bought an ugly couch just to piss of your friend?” Taehyung raised his eyebrows in humor. Jeongguk liked that his atmosphere became more entertained than shy. 


“When you put it like that.” Jeongguk shrugged. “I’m a bit of a stubborn person.” 


Taehyung giggled, actually giggled, and the sound made Jeongguk melt, only wanting to hear it more often. 


He made the daring deed of passing his eyes  all across Taehyung’s figure. Taehyung was gorgeous, that was already deeply settled in Jeongguk’s head. But he just gave off a vibe that Jeongguk deeply wanted to feel. His body was perfectly proportioned, slimmed and boyish but just the way Jeongguk admired. His soft, caramel-brown locks that were tangled in each other made Jeongguk want to brush his fingers through them, untangle the locks and feel the softness of them. A few of his caramel locks fell in front of his cat-shaped eyes, and all Jeongguk wanted to do was push them away to reveal the beauty of them. His nose was small, button-shaped and cute, totally made to point out his cute, chubby cheeks. What made Jeongguk swallow slowly was the shape of his lips, rounded and thick, seeming to fit just right with Jeongguk’s own if he could. Their pinkish color matched to the tint of red on Taehyung's cheeks, and Jeongguk couldn’t not admit how utterly beautiful Taehyung was.


though, Jeongguk frowned when noticing something wrapped on Taehyung’s left wrist. He widened his eyes then, feeling stupid to let Taehyung help him carry that heavy thing while his wrist was bandaged. “Taehyung.” He quickly stepped up from the couch, earning Taehyung’s Attention when the boy raised his head to look at him. “Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?” 


“H-Huh?” Taehyung’s eyes glowed for a moment, gulping when Jeongguk took a step towards him. 


“Your wrist,” he pointed to the bandage wrapped around it. “I wouldn’t have let you help me if I knew you were hurt.” 


 It made sense now why Taehyung must’ve not shaken his hand in the first place, and how his arms were covered by his long-sleeved hoodie.


“Oh,” Taehyung breathed out, “no, it’s completely fine.” He quickly dismissed. “It’s just a bruise from when I fell, nothing bad, it’s almost healed by now.” He told quietly. 


“Still, you could’ve told me, I wouldn’t make you fuzz around and carry that.” Jeongguk frowned. 


“I’m strong enough, Jeongguk.” His words were delicate yet firm, and Jeongguk really tried not to ask him to hear his name rolling off of his tongue one more time. 


“I know,” Jeongguk smiled at him. “I didn’t say you weren’t.” He tells. 


And if Taehyung’s expression turned a little downcast at that, Jeongguk wouldn’t comment about it.  





Taehyung ended up staying over for dinner (if hitting up a ramen package for them is considered as one), after many attempts of Jeongguk pleading him to, saying he wouldn’t mind company for a while and even if Taehyung hesitated for a bit, he eventually couldn’t stand against Jeongguk’s doe eyes glimmering at him, and so he stayed over. 


It really isn’t comfortable sitting on the couch and eating instead of sitting by a regular table, but since it’s the only furniture Jeongguk has unwrapped and fixed in place, they had to settle for that.  


Over the course of the past hour, Jeongguk got to know Taehyung is one year older than him, being 21 years old (he would’ve never guessed he was his hyung). He studies visual arts at a special artistic college not too far from here, but it still takes a long bus ride to get there. Taehyung also tells him about his cute little puppy, Yeontan, who he promised to introduce to Jeongguk another time when Jeongguk pleaded to show him to, and how he had to fight the landlord to let him keep him in his apartment. 


If Jeongguk was fascinated only by the sight of Taehyung, getting to know him was ten times more than that. Taehyung was interesting, intriguing in Jeongguk’s mind. Even if he didn’t talk a lot, settling on a few details Jeongguk found to be special about him, and even if he still kept his shyness, soft and quiet while on the other hand Jeongguk was a rambling, over-the-top story-teller, or even if he kept his distance and tense features, Jeongguk had found him just as unique and singular as he thought he will be. 


It also didn’t really help that Jeongguk got to look at Taehyung from up-close now that they sit next to each other. His face is completely unblemished, skin smooth and tanned, begging to be brushed and trailed by Jeongguk’s fingertips. Jeongguk noticed and tried to take in every small detail about him, if it’s from the long length of his thick eyelashes, fluttering softly against his cheeks, to his cute little moles; one on his lower lash line, other on the tip of his small nose, and another on the corner of his lower lip-- begging to be kissed by Jeongguk's lips.     


Taehyung can’t be human— Jeongguk realized. No living human on this earth would look like this; like an angel. Taehyung held such an easing and calming aura around him, even if Jeongguk felt the need to be careful around him. He was fragile, dainty and almost seemed breakable. Jeongguk doesn’t know why, but from the short time he got to meet this boy, he felt like he should guard him from any evil spread around this cruel world. 




He’s been taken out of his daze when he realized Taehyung was calling his name for a while now. He blushed lightly, looking away as he muttered, “Sorry.” 


Taehyung smiled gently, but didn’t say a word. Jeongguk caught him playing with the remain food in his bowl, he didn’t really eat a lot, and it made Jeongguk wonder if he should’ve considered making something more appropriate than a hit-up ramen.


“Thank you for helping me today.” Jeongguk processed to thank. “And for keeping me company.”


Taehyung plastered his eyes on him, his features soft as he smiled slyly. “It’s nothing, really. Thank you for inviting me to stay over.”


“Wouldn’t want to waste my ramen only on myself.” Jeongguk joked. 


“From what you’ve told me, I believe that’s already too late for that.” 


Taehyung is cheeky, Jeongguk dares to admit. Even under the shy and tentative personality, Jeongguk could sense the small amount of cheekiness inside him. He likes that he gets to see this side of Taehyung as well, it’s refreshing and he’s sure Taehyung likes it as well with how quickly he opened up to Jeongguk after all. Maybe his mission has succeeded after all. 


The silence they're accompanied in is calming, easy, not uncomfortable like when they first entered Jeongguk’s apartment. Jeongguk tends to hope there would be more times like this; that Taehyung would remain visible and not a friend for a few hours. Especially since they’re neighbors, and Jeongguk would want to see Taehyung every day if he could.


There’s a beeping noise not too long after and Jeongguk sees Taehyung taking out his phone from his pocket. He feels Taehyung’s atmosphere getting uncomfortable and soon enough Taehyung locks his phone and glances up at him. “I should probably head back now, it’s already late.” 


It’s nearly eight pm, Jeongguk wants to point out, but he doesn’t want to come off as too pushy. He nodded instead, putting his half-finished bowl on the floor (he really needs to built that coffee table from IKEA, he reminds himself) and follows Taehyung as he walks towards the door. 


It’s almost upsetting, seeing Taehyung leave after they spent almost two hours together that felt like a whole day. Still, Jeongguk tried to light the mood up, not wanting it to be a goodbye just yet. “Want me to give you a ride back?” 


Taehyung turned around to look at him, and Jeongguk wants badly, so badly to capture the way his lips curve in a wide smile. “You have a car?” 


“touché.” Jeongguk crosses his arms in defeat. 


Taehyung let out the most beautiful laugh, Jeongguk wishing he could use it as his ringtone (or maybe as his alarm clock, he would love to wake up to Taehyung’s laugh every morning), before he shakes his head. “It was really nice getting to know you, Jeongguk.” 


“Likewise.” Jeongguk nods. “I hope it’s not a one time thing.” He adds in hesitation, hoping he wasn’t being too much. 


But Taehyung only smiled softly. “I promised to show Tannie to you, didn’t I?” 


“I’m looking forward to seeing him.” Jeongguk tells quietly. “And you.” He adds in a whisper, knowing Taehyung might’ve heard that (he did) but choosing not to comment on it. He feels a bit uneasy seeing Taehyung’s solid expression, but it didn’t ruin the mood, just brought a bit more tension to it.


”I’ll see you around, Jeongguk.”  


And with that, he turns around, opening the door and exiting it, making the few steps to his own. Jeongguk doesn’t close the door until he hears Taehyung closing his own one, flatting against it once he did, letting out a big breath he didn’t know he wasn’t holding until now. 


It feels lonely all of a sudden without Taehyung’s presence in his apartment. Somehow in those two hours Jeongguk managed to fit Taehyung in it like he belongs here, and that scares him a little. He was never attached to something, someone, that quickly before. He finds himself lending on his couch, Taehyung’s comment about how ugly it was lingering in his mind and making him chuckle. 


Taehyung is beautiful, and cute, and extremely nice, even if he is very shy. Jeongguk finds himself hoping to see him again soon, the fastest - the better. 


He ends up eating the rest of the ramen left before cleaning up, looking around the mess of his apartment, wondering whether to make the most of this day and unwrap everything to decorate his apartment completely, or leave it for his free day tomorrow, maybe invite Hoseok again or Namjoon this time for another help. Or maybe Taehyung. Ugh, he doesn’t want to seem so attached than he already is, but he can’t help himself. What is he suppose to do, just knock on his door and hope he would help him again? He hopes Taehyung knows he doesn’t take advantage of his kindness, he just really wants his company. 


He settles on his couch again, this time laying spread like a starfish as he took out his phone to go over his texts. There’s one from Hoseok, telling him my limbs are sore as fuck thanks 2 u, asshole,  another one from his mother, asking how he is, a similar one from Namjoon, asking if he settled in alright, and he makes sure to answer each one of them the same answer before he decided to head to the shower to take a soothing bath and relax his throbbing muscles. 


I’m soooo happy I made the decision to move here.’ 





Taehyung has proven to Jeongguk he is a one to keep his promises.


It’s not as soon as Jeongguk has hoped it would’ve been, three days later to be exact, but he’s certainly not disappointed about it when Taehyung is standing by his door, a ball of fluffy fur in his hands. 


Jeongguk doesn’t know what he’s more excited about; the fact Taehyung has made the first step and actually knocked on his door a certain morning, or the fact he is currently holding the cutest, fluffiest dog in his hands. 



“I was hoping you’ll be home, I was just about to take Yeontan to a walk when I remembered how much you wanted to meet him.” Taehyung has spoken when moments have passed and Jeongguk was yet to utter a single word. 


It surprised Jeongguk that Taehyung was forward with him like that. When they met, he thought he left the impression of being too forward and would probably never see Taehyung again, so it’s much of a wonderful shock to see Taehyung keeping his promise to him. 


“Maybe—“ Jeongguk starts for a moment after taking the puppy in his hands, passing his fingers through his soft fur lightly, stopping himself for a mere second to look Taehyung in his eyes and assure himself it’s a safe pass. “—maybe I can tag along? If you’d like that, of course? I don’t really have much to do.” 


He does have, actually. He had started emptying out his boxes two days ago, but his apartment was far from decorated as he’d like it to be. In fact, it was a total mess, much more than it was unpacked. But, this is an opportunity to hang out with Taehyung, and he wouldn’t miss it for the world. 


To his relief, a soft smile spread on Taehyung’s face, and he shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t mind, and I’m sure Yeontan doesn’t mind either.” 


Jeongguk chuckled, and so, after a brief changing of clothes, he headed out with Taehyung and his puppy to the busy streets of Seoul. 




They don’t talk much on their way to the park (of which Taehyung has assured is the most beautiful place in Seoul, and Jeongguk has remarked by saying Taehyung tends to exaggerate), but they don’t have to, because the silence they surrounded with is the only thing Jeongguk could hope for. It’s soothing, calming, to be walking side by side with Taehyung and his dog. The sun is hidden by gray clouds, signing today would take a shift to a breezier weather, and maybe it’s a bit cold, but as cheesy as it sounds, he feels warm next to Taehyung. It’s stupid, because Taehyung isn’t even that close to him, rather busy not walking Yeontan too close to the road, and he seems to like the silence and the sharp wind hitting his face, so Jeongguk doesn’t even try to bother him because he seems to be in ease, and something tells him it’s something Taehyung really seeks for. 


When they arrive,  Jeongguk ends up feeling sorry for telling Taehyung he is exaggerating, because the park is beautiful, peaceful, and exactly the place he would love to see Taehyung in (secondly after his apartment). They’re walking near the lake now, Taehyung has let Yeontan a few moments of freedom as he let him out of his leash, the pup quickly running around to embrace the nature he’s surround in (and do his business).


Taehyung looks good, too good, with the sun that now brought harsh lighting in their way has planted on his tan skin, making him glow. His hair is a bit messy, but flatter than the last time he has seen him, making him look younger. He also wore glasses on the tip of his nose, making him look so adorable Jeongguk might as well jump to the lake from how in awe he was. He’s wearing an oversized hoodie on his upper body again, and for a moment Jeongguk wish Taehyung would embrace the curves of his beautiful body more than to cover it up, but regardless, he still looks beautiful. 


“I don’t usually come here a lot.” Taehyung has surprised by starting to speak. Jeongguk glanced up at his face, hoping he didn’t notice him eyeing his appearance. To his luck, Taehyung’s eyes were busy examining the clear water of the lake. “But when I need peace, or when I feel tense, I come here. This place is really comforting, you know?” 


Jeongguk pursed his lips, nodding. “I get what you’re saying, it has an easing atmosphere.” 


Taehyung averted his eyes from the lake to look at Jeongguk, smiling. “I was hoping you’d like it.” 


Jeongguk smiles in return. “It’s really beautiful, the scenery... I wish I would’ve brought my camera.” 


“Camera?” Taehyung tilted his head questionably, and Jeongguk held himself back from cooing at his cuteness. 


“Ah, didn’t I tell you? I major in photography.” Jeongguk told, his cheeks tinting red. It was embarrassing for him to tell Taehyung his hobby, for some reason. 


“That’s very cool.” Taehyung seemed interested. “Are you, like, professional and stuff?” 


Jeongguk chuckled. “I wouldn’t call myself a professional.” He coughed awkwardly. “It’s a hobby, but I do wish... I don’t know, maybe to get more serious with it in the future.” 


Taehyung nodded in understanding. “I feel the same, about my art, of course. I just wish some people would’ve taken it more seriously than just a hobby of mine.” 


Jeongguk frowned at his sad expression. “Do people not approve of you being an artist?” 


Taehyung glanced at his eyes, and for a moment Jeongguk could swear he saw pure sadness inside them. But then Taehyung looked away, biting his lower lip. “No, some of them are, it’s just an assumption.” He shrugged. 


But Jeongguk knew better, knew Taehyung was probably brushing it off. “I think, if you truly love it, and you see yourself working in it in the future, you shouldn’t keep the people who bring you down around because they don’t find it as a real job. I know I did.” 


Taehyung gulped slowly. “You did?” 


“I had a friend.” Jeongguk shrugged. “He always kept saying I should find an actual profession, said photography is nothing but a hobby. So I stopped talking to him, I didn’t want negative people in my life trying to take me off from something I truly love.” 


Taehyung stared at him, looking deep in thoughts, before he looked around and spotted Yeontan nearing the lake. “I should probably get Yeontan before he accidentally pulls himself into the water.” He chuckled. 


Jeongguk looked at him, hoping he could hear Taehyung’s thoughts and opinions more, he liked when Taehyung talked overall, but he wished he could truly open him up mentally. He didn’t want to push, again, Taehyung seemed to take a few steps back whenever he tried to, so he could only nod when Taehyung rushed to his puppy, getting him away from the line of water. 




It’s a while later that they sit on the slightly damp grass, enjoying the jolts of sun on them as they play around with Yeontan. 


Jeongguk has truly never felt that in ease before. Even when he has a whole apartment still unorganized waiting for him, and probably tons of worksheets to finish before deadline, he finds it completely pointless when he sits here next to Taehyung, watching him laugh loudly when Yeontan is eager for him to fetch him the ball. 


“Ah, tannie, you’re so fast!” 


Taehyung giggled when he threw the ball at a certain direction, looking at the puppy as he quickly marched after the ball.


Jeongguk smiled widely, full-on toothie smile, staring at Taehyung is if he was the prettiest thing in the entire world. News flash-- he was. 


“Your smile is beautiful.” 


It comes out without Jeongguk meaning to, and he widened his eyes once he realized what he has spoken. Taehyung stopped his movement, figure frozen in place as his cheeks turned a bright red color. 


“I-I’m so sorry,” Jeongguk was quick to shake his head, “I shouldn’t, I— fuck, Taehyung, I-“ 


“I-It’s Fine.” Taehyung has stopped him, his face still reddish, but He doesn’t comment further, and Jeongguk doesn’t know if he wanted him to or not. 


Jeongguk is stupid. So freaking stupid. 


He is saved from the awkward silence when a ring sound has interrupted the air, and he realized it was from his own phone tucked deep in his pocket. He took it out, his fingers a bit shaky from the embarrassment of his slip-up, and watched the bright screen, seeing he got a new text from Hoseok. He glanced at Taehyung, seeing him looking to the other side where Tannie was, looking deep in his own thoughts. He hopes he didn’t creeped him out. He feels like it. 


Hey, so when do u want for me n namjoon to come over ? 




He mentally slapped himself for being such an idiot. He forgot he called Hoseok and Namjoon over to help him unpack the rest of the boxes and also set up what he needed to assemble. He bite his lips, glancing at Taehyung from the side of his eye, seeing him now laid down a bit on the grass. He really doesn’t want for this moment to be over.  


“Is everything okay?” 


Taehyung asked, and it’s only then that Jeongguk realized he was staring at him with worry. 


“Yeah, it’s just—“ he fumbled with his words, “I forgot I invited my friends over today.” 


Taehyung looked at him blankly, and Jeongguk really wanted to see a slight disappointment on his face, or maybe even hearing him saying that he wants them to stay here. Instead, Taehyung sat back up, rubbing his hands together to get rid of the mud and grass. “It’s getting chilly anyways, and Tannie must be hungry. Let’s go.” 


Jeongguk almost pouts, almost, but has no choice to get up and get rid of the grass and mud stuck to the back of his pants. He answers Hoseok a while later, saying he’ll be home in a bit and they can come over. 


The walk back to their building is not as silent as Jeongguk figured it’ll be. Taehyung seems chilled out, happy, as he rambles about their neighbors and the life of the busy city that is Seoul. Jeongguk is listening to each of his words, fasciated by the fact he gets to listen to Taehyung talk that much, which was very unusual. The calming aura seemed to lighten him up, and Jeongguk is glad to see the giddy, energized side of his.   


“Are you happy that you moved here?” Taehyung asked when they made it closer to their building. 


Jeongguk tried not to make it seem obvious that he is, in fact. “Oh, sure. I mean, I’m still yet to live here enough time to fully sense it. Also, it’s really close to campus.” 


Taehyung nodded, and then Jeongguk dares to ask the same. “Are you?” 


“Am I, what?” Taehyung asked.


”happy?” He didn’t say here, he didn’t say in this place, he said it in a general matter for Taehyung to dare and open up a bit more. 


Taehyung’s shoulders tensed, and Jeongguk could see his body going still for a moment before he kept on walking. “Sure.” 


The answer is not satisfying enough, and Jeongguk just wants to step ahead of Taehyung and beg him to tell him what is it exactly that makes him just be off. Jeongguk knows it, he can read people quiet well, and he knows when there’s something just off about them. He sensed there is something Taehyung doesn’t want to admit, something that makes Taehyung locked and captive. He wants to tell Taehyung that he’s here, he’s not going to push him, but he’s here, and he’ll help him if needs something, anything. 


“Are you meeting up with your friends soon?” Taehyung diverted the subject, and that made Jeongguk huff lightly.  


“Yeah, they’re helping me unpack my stuff and all.” Jeongguk told. “I’m sure they don’t want to, but it’s not like they can say no to me.” 


Taehyung huffed out a chuckle. “You make it sound like they hate you with they way you speak about them.” 


“They might,” Jeongguk joked. “They really can’t stand me sometimes.” 


“If they can’t,” Taehyung spoke lowly. “I can give you a hand if you’d Like to.” 


Jeongguk stopped for moment, looking at Taehyung in surprise, seeing his bashful expression, before he nodded. “It’s a deal, then.” 


They continue talking about Jeongguk's friends and how they met when they get inside the building, Taehyung picking Yeontan up as they march up the stairs. 


“How did you get used to those stairs? I swear, they’ll make my ass huge by the end of the year.” Jeongguk muttered stubbornly. 


Taehyung laughed. “They’re a great workout, aren’t they?” 


“I guess I don’t have to go to the gym any longer.” Jeongguk said with a grin, and for a moment he could feel Taehyung’s eyes trail all the way from his legs to his chest. It was barely noticeable, but Jeongguk still saw it, the look in Taehyung’s eyes, he checked him out, he was sure of it. The boost of confidence he got all of a sudden was nothing but making him crave Taehyung even more now.    


It’s then that they arrive to their floor, approaching Taehyung’s door since it was the closest, that Taehyung halted in his place.  Jeongguk could feel Taehyung’s tensing up, and he’s not sure as to why, that until he’s met with an unfamiliar figure in front of Taehyung’s door. 


He spared a look at Taehyung, seeing his hands coming to his sides and curling in tight fists. He’s aware of the tension, also aware of the stranger’s eyes locking on Taehyung in an off-putting gaze. 


The guy is tall, taller than him and Taehyung combined, it feels like. His hair is jet black, similar to Jeongguk’s own, and he holds a hostile expression on his face. His eyes don’t dare to move from Taehyung, sight fixed and focused on him only and it makes Jeongguk feel uneasy.


Taehyung.” His voice is deep, hoarse, and seemed to be alerting Taehyung from the way he flinched a bit in his place. “Where were you?” 


“I—“ Taehyung starts, and Jeongguk could notice him lowering his head to avoid any eye-contact. “I was taking Yeontan for a walk.” 


The dude’s gaze now shifts to Jeongguk, and while Jeongguk isn’t intimidated even a bit, he knows the guy wants him to be. “With him?”


something about the way he acknowledged Jeongguk makes Jeongguk’s blood boil. He doesn’t like this man, he can already tell, and it’s blasting fire inside him even more that he knows Taehyung and makes him look like he’s about to cry. 


Taehyung raised his head slowly, and Jeongguk almost panicked with how much fear he held in his eyes. “I— I—“ 


“no.” Jeongguk says before he can think twice about it. “No, I wasn’t with him. I’m his new neighbor, we happen to run into each other outside the building and so I introduced myself, I’m Jeongguk, by the way.” 


He dares to take out his hand for him to shake, and he doesn’t miss Taehyung’s big, wide eyes settling on him, secretly asking him why did he lie for him, as if he knew Taehyung was in some kind of trouble. 


The guy seemed unsure, watching Jeongguk for a long moment, before the tick to his jaw was released and he sent Jeongguk a nod, shaking his hand. His hand was firm and strong, Jeongguk noticed. “I’m Seojoon, Tae’s boyfriend. Nice to meet you, Jeongguk.” He smiled as if the tension in the air couldn’t be cut with a knife, even proceeding to pat Jeongguk on the back. 


Jeongguk is speechless, horrified even, when he settles in Seojoon’s words. He stills in his place, going rigid, color almost draining from his body. Tae’s boyfriend. It makes his body pulse, the words repeating themselves over in his mind. He spared a look at Taehyung, who’s eyes are everywhere but at him, and it all seems to down on him at this very moment. 


Before he can say anything, Seojoon has already got to first, stepping over towards Taehyung. “Tae, are you coming?” 


Taehyung does nothing but nod tensely, and he follows Seojoon to his apartment. He doesn’t even glance at Jeongguk, and it reminds Jeongguk the exact moment the two met, how firmly he stood, how hesitant and quiet he seemed. 


“We will see you around, Jeongguk.” Seojoon dares to open his mouth and say, as if to taunt Jeongguk on purpose, before he grips Taehyung’s wrist and gets him inside quickly. Something flashes in Jeongguk’s eyes, the same day he commented on Taehyung’s hurt wrist, same place Seojoon has put his palm around, and he tries not to give it too much thought, desperately tries. 


He ends up going in his own apartment afterwards, shock still floating inside him. Taehyung has a boyfriend, oh god, did that upset Jeongguk. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew his attraction towards Taehyung and embraced it even. Taehyung was everything, exactly his type, unique and mesmerizing. Jeongguk doesn’t think he can put into words how crazy he is for Taehyung, even in the short time he knows him. The attraction is vivid and vibrant, and Jeongguk couldn’t ignore it. He wanted Taehyung, wanted to be besides him, wanted to be able to talk and make him laugh. He wanted to see Taehyung happy, wanted to hug him and pass his fingers through his hair when they cuddle. He wanted to spread kisses around his face, to feel the taste of his inviting lips. He wanted to lay kisses down his throat, leave bruises on the glimmering skin of his body. He wanted to explore his body, to be able to make Taehyung feel good. God, how he wanted to pleasure Taehyung, to see him spread out for him, eyes squeezed shut as he squirms and moans and whines for Jeongguk. Fuck, Jeongguk wants him, wants Taehyung to be at his mercy, want to ravish him but pleasure him at the same time. He simply wants Taehyung.


but, Taehyung has a boyfriend.


and everything that he seemed to have a grasp on, suddenly vanished. 






jeongguk doesn’t hear from Taehyung for a week. 


It got him seriously worried at first, seeing how events turned out where they last parted a week ago. Jeongguk knew something was up, and he still had many questions roaming his head, but he didn’t have the courage to go and knock on Taehyung’s door.  He wanted to give Taehyung some space, but at the same time wanted Taehyung to knock on his door again and explain to him why Jeongguk has the urge to lie for the sake of Taehyung’s boyfriend. 




The reminder sets Jeongguk into a flaming state. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he thought after making Taehyung open up to him just a little, he could at least hit it off romantically. But, Taehyung has a boyfriend, and when he talked to Namjoon and Hoseok about it, the two has made it clear he should not interfere in others’ relationships. 


He can’t say they’re not right, but still, it itches him to know Taehyung belongs to someone else. 



It’s weird not seeing Taehyung exiting his apartment even once. He knows it’s rare for them both to leave their apartment at the same time, but he hoped over the past week it could happen and then they could talk. But either Taehyung got a whole different schedule, or he just stayed at his house all day. 


And so this evening, as Jeongguk was getting ready to go to the gym, he holds hope inside him he could maybe see Taehyung. 


Usually he doesn’t go to the gym that late- it was already a bit past nine pm, but today he had morning classes and met up with Hoseok over lunch, so he didn’t have much time. And, while the staircase was doing its benefit of helping him keep the muscles in his body, it has been long since he payed a visit to the gym, with moving out and everything, and so he decided he should go back on track, even as late as it was today. 


When he finally exited his apartment, not forgetting to lock it up, he turned around and was ready to head down the stairs with his gym bag on his shoulders. Only, he furrowed his eyebrows when he noticed a familiar fluffy ball right outside Taehyung’s door, letting out high-pitched barks. It was weird enough seeing Taehyung’s puppy outside of his apartment, and Jeongguk is pretty sure he shouldn’t stay here outside. But what was more weird was that the door was halfway opened, and if Jeongguk would listen clear enough, he could hear a sound of a glass shattering inside. 


He hitched on his breath, suddenly hearing nothing but quiet. He looked back and fourth between the slightly opened door and a barking Yeontan, and worry started bubbling inside him. 




Jeongguk hilted in place when he heard the familiar, deep but angelic voice of Taehyung. His voice held a different twitch to it, something reluctant, fragile. Before he can even do something, Taehyung is out of the apartment, his eyes spotting his puppy before they lend on Jeongguk. 


Jeongguk’s throat goes dry as soon as he sees him, and his eyes then spot something that makes his heart ache. “T-Taehyung.” 


He made a step forward towards him, but Taehyung quickly took a step back, shaking his head. 


“W-What happened? Are you okay?” Jeongguk asked, worry dripping from his mouth as he looks at an ugly scratch on Taehyung’s left cheek. 


“D-Don’t, Jeongguk, leave.” Taehyung whispered lowly, his voice shaking. 


“What’s wrong? Where did you get it from?” Jeongguk asked, taking another step forward even when Taehyung has made it clear he didn’t want him to.


Taehyung passed by him, quickly taking Yeontan in his arms and bringing him inside his apartment, closing halfway the door. “Nothing, nothing happened. Everything’s fine. You need to leave.” 


“Absolutely not.” Jeongguk shook his head. “I heard glass shattering, shoutings, are you—“ 


“Jeongguk, please, leave.” Taehyung begged, and it’s only then that Jeongguk noticed his red, rimmed eyes. 


“I—“ Jeongguk is about to say another thing, but then Seojoon is appearing from behind Taehyung, his jaw locked and he seemed to be furious, until he met Jeongguk’s eyes.


”Jinhyuk, hello.” He plastered on the fakest smile Jeongguk has ever seen, and it made Jeongguk see red. 


“It’s Jeongguk.” Jeongguk corrected, knowing fully well Seojoon was mocking him. “Is everything okay?” 


“Everything’s great, thank you for your consideration.” Seojoon answered before Taehyung could open his mouth, not that he was about to. 


“Are you sure? Taehyung seems hurt.” Jeongguk narrowed his eyes at him. 


“Oh, that?” Seojoon sounded oblivious. “His stupid dog accidentally scratched him, I got so angry that I let the dog outside. Tae’s okay though, right, Tae?” 


Jeongguk glanced away to look at Taehyung, seeing him standing frozen with Seojoon behind him. Once again, he was avoiding Jeongguk’s gaze, his stare falling to the floor as he nodded. “I-I’m Fine, Jeongguk. You... you don’t have to worry.” 


“Is it true? What he said?” Jeongguk asked Taehyung, as if ignoring Seojoon’s presence. 


Taehyung sniffed, his hand coming to wipe at his mouth. He’s quiet for a moment, until Seojoon nudged him from behind, mouthing ‘speak’ to his ears. 


“Yes, it’s true.” Taehyung said in a hushed voice. “Tann— my dog can get pretty feisty sometimes.” He adds. 


Jeongguk doesn’t believe him at all, but doesn’t utter a thing as well. He begs Taehyung with his eyes to look at him, begs to let him know what’s really up. He can’t assume anything if Taehyung isn’t going to let him know, but he knows Taehyung is scared, and knows he won’t do something about it.


”Great, then.” Seojoon spoke again. “Now that we got it all cleared out, I would like to resume my movie night with my boyfriend, so...” he trailed off, smiling at Jeongguk as he placed his palm on Taehyung’s waist. Jeongguk goes alerted at that, his jaw clenching shut. “If you don’t mind...”


Jeongguk doesn’t say anything, not even when the door is slammed to his face and he takes a step back. He’s angry, infuriated even, and all of the want to go to the gym was completely forgotten. He goes back to his apartment, throws his gym bag off somewhere on the floor, before he makes his way to his bedroom. 


He paces from one side to another, hand on his forehead before he brushed his hair out of its way.  He’s impulsive when he takes a certain book from his place and throws it on the wall, an angry grunt leaving his lips as he does so. It goes on like that, book after book from his collection, same ones Taehyung has helped him carry here when he moved. He sees red when the tenth books comes in handy and he accidentally rips off the thick cover of it. 

slumping on the edge of his bed, he takes deep breaths to try and even out his breathing, his eyes closing as he finally soothed himself down. And when he puts his head on his pillow a few minutes after, trying to erase the vision of his time with Taehyung at the park, he can’t help but listen to the sound from the other side of the thin, not so soundproof, walls of his small room. A sound of loud, whiny sobs. It’s Taehyung, he realizes, the one who is crying on the other side of the wall. 


He sleeps on his ugly green couch that night. 






Jeongguk had made it to his breaking point. 


Regardless to the fact he is very much worried about Taehyung, now Taehyung is officially ignoring him.  


He noticed it on a few occasions. 


The first one happened only a day after the accident with Seojoon. Jeongguk was causally walking back to his apartment after classes, and he was tired as hell. It took him some time to come up the stairs, and that’s when Taehyung has also arrived. He immediately startled in place, looking up at Taehyung who now noticed him as well. He couldn’t even finish a call of Taehyung’s name before Taehyung passed by him and disappeared from sight, as if not even there. Jeongguk watched after him, sighing. 


The second occasion was totally by a coincidence. Jeongguk was hanging out with Hoseok at a café not so far from campus. They were drinking their coffees, and Hoseok was rambling about something unimportant (it had  to be something about his dance class, he is sure of it), but to be honest, Jeongguk wasn’t really listening. His mind was occupied with Taehyung, something that seemed to happen quiet a lot ever since he bumped into the cute but cold boy. He was a mess of emotions, trying to figure out how to reach for Taehyung without scaring him off, trying to think of a way to speak to him without the boy thinking he wants to interpret in his relationship. And, well, as ironic as it his, Taehyung’s relationship was what he thought about a lot lately. He doesn’t want to meld in between, but he can’t help but think there’s something wrong with Seojoon’s behavior towards Taehyung, and he doesn’t like it even one bit. It doesn’t have to be necessary for the fact he likes Taehyung (because, yes, he is), but just the mere thought of him not being okay that worries him. 


It’s when Taehyung enters the café that makes his heart beat faster. He’s not alone, though, and thankfully not accompanied by Seojoon, but by an unfamiliar boy; a bit shorter than him, hair a fading color of marshmallow-pink. Jeongguk stares, and stares, and was surprised to see Taehyung giggling and smiling  just like he was that day at the park with him. Only, this time Jeongguk isn’t the cause of the wide smile on his face, but the pink haired boy. He knows he shouldn’t feel as jealous as he felt at that moment, knowing there was someone else who was making Taehyung truly smile, he knows. But it still stands at the pit of his stomach, slowly eating up to him.


Taehyung doesn’t notice him, until Jeongguk makes the mistake of getting out of the little booth he was occupying with Hoseok (who seemed offended by his departure mid-talking) and taking big steps towards the two. 




For a moment Taehyung seemed startled, almost taking a step back, until his eyes locked on Jeongguk and he seemed to relax in his place. Jeongguk doesn’t want to make any assumptions, but Taehyung relaxing from seeing him was a real confidence-boost. 


Taehyung doesn’t utter a word, and Jeongguk doesn’t expect him to, but suddenly the pink haired boy’s eyes are on him and he passes his glance towards him, a smile on his lips. “Hi, I don’t think we met? I’m Taehyung’s neighbor, Jeongguk.”


The pink haired boy raised his eyebrows. He looked between Jeongguk and Taehyung back and fourth, before his eyes scanned Jeongguk without no shame. As if passing his little ‘test’, the boy then smiles, taking out his hand. “Hey, I’m Jimin, Tae’s best friend.” 


It came as a relief, really, and from the protective arm of Jimin around Taehyung’s shoulder, Jeongguk’s guts are assuring him Jimin is no harm. 


“Never realized Taehyung has hot neighbors, I only ever met the grumpy old woman that lives on the fourth floor with her nine cats.” Jimin joked, a slight smirk to his lips. 


Jeongguk smiled, and tried to ignore Taehyung’s frown when Jimin has called him hot. “Ah, Yeah, I’m kinda new.” 


“That’s more likely.” Jimin pursed his lips. “Ah, Jeongguk, you seem like a good guy. Maybe you should hang out with me and Taetae sometimes.” He adds.


Jimin.” It’s the first sound that Jeongguk hears from Taehyung ever since what happened days ago, and he’s not ashamed even one bit to admit how he missed hearing his voice, even when it was scolding his friend. 


“What, Tae? You should really consider making more friends, and Jeongguk seems like a cool guy.” Jimin tells him, as if jeongguk wasn’t right in front of him. “And y’know, maybe it’ll help you get out of the house more, I can’t be the only one dragging you out of there, and it’s not like he does it any justice.” Jimin’s tone is more stiff now as he rolled his eyes, seeming to talk about Seojoon, and Jeongguk realized he has somehow answered his own concerns. Something tells him he’s not the only one despising Taehyung’s boyfriend. 


Taehyung’s rosy cheeks is a sight to be hold, and Jeongguk remains calm even deep down he has the urge to take Taehyung and embrace him to his chest tightly. Instead, he smiled at Jimin. “I wouldn’t mind, only if Tae wants to, of course. I had fun the last time we hung out.” 


“Wait,” Jimin furrowed his eyebrows. “You two already hung out?” 


“We just went to the park with Tannie, nothing serious.” Taehyung decided to answer first before Jeongguk can even speak. 


There’s a mischievous glint in Jimin’s eyes, and he seems pleased now that he looks back at Jeongguk. “Seriously now, Jeongguk,  I’m getting a little envious, Tae has never let me walk Tannie with him to the park. Like, ever.” 


“Jimin-ah...” Taehyung pouts at him, his cheeks a flaming red color now, and Jeongguk seriously needs to cool down. 


“It’s good to know.” Jeongguk takes a swift take at Taehyung’s reaction. “I wouldn’t mind making it our thing.” 


“Coming for my title, I see.” Jimin teased. 


“More or less.” Jeongguk shrugged.


“Oi, Jeongguk-ah!”  


Jeongguk turns around at the mention of his name, seeing Hoseok skipping towards him. 


“Why did you leave me all hanging?” Hoseok pouted, then glanced at the two boys in front of him in curiosity. 


Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “Hoseok, those are Taehyung; my neighbor, and Jimin; his friend-“


best friend.” Jimin corrected. 


Jeongguk quirked an eyebrow at him. “, friend.” He chuckled lightly. “Guys, this is Hoseok, my friend.” 


“Aren’t you gonna call me your best friend as well?” Hoseok nudged his eyes.


”not really.” 


“Either way, nice to meet you guys.” Hoseok passed by him to give them a bright smile, shaking their hands tightly. “It’s nice to finally put a face to the name, Taehyung-ssi, Jeongguk talks a lot about you!”


of course, Jeongguk is reminded of the fact his friend is an embarrassing piece of shit that likes to mock him in any chance possible. The tip of his ears picked a red color and he rolled his eyes, though smiling when seeing Taehyung looking away with a sudden smile. 


And even when Hoseok and Jimin fell into a deep conversation and Jeongguk stayed put on staring at Taehyung lovingly, he is sure that now there’s no way he’s going to ever give up on Taehyung, even if it means getting the truth out of him. 









There’s no way he’s giving up on Taehyung.


Not now, at least, when Jeongguk is standing in front of Taehyung’s door, his fist knocking lightly on the wooden piece. He is nervous, anxious even, but he’s assured in himself, and he’s confident. 


The door opened a few seconds afterwards. 


Taehyung is standing there, in all his beautiful glory, looking adorably sleepy, and stares at Jeongguk with tired eyes. 


As if expected, Jeongguk’s foot is stomping in between the space of the door before Taehyung can close it. He puts his palm on the harsh wood, opening back the door, and staring at Taehyung intensively. “Why are you avoiding me, Taehyung? I just want to talk.” 


“I don’t want to talk to you, Jeongguk.” Taehyung stated, furious that Jeongguk has predicted the move to slam the door in his face. 


“I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? So why are you acting like this?” Jeongguk asked firmly.


“It’s not about that.” Taehyung shook his head, avoiding his eyes. “I just don’t want to talk.” About it, it lingers on his tongue and Jeongguk realizes it. I don’t want to talk about what you know, because you’re not suppose to know, he figures. 


“Please, Tae.” Jeongguk pleaded. “I’m just— I’m worried about you.” 


“I’m fine.” Taehyung urged. And if Jeongguk ever thought he was stubborn, well. 


“Okay, if you say that you’re fine, prove it to me.” Jeongguk spoke loud and clear. 


“W-What?” Taehyung asked, taken aback. 


“Prove to me that you’re really fine,” Jeongguk repeated. “Take off your clothes.” 


“N-No! What the fuck, Jeongguk?” Taehyung’s eyes widened, taking a step back. 


Jeongguk narrowed his eyes at him. “Not like that. You’re always hiding under those big clothes, I want to see that you’re telling me the truth, that you don’t have any scars or bruises on your body.”  


Taehyung stared at him, eyes filled with horror, before he shook his head. “I-I don’t have anything, please, I promise.”


”How can I believe you, Tae? Tell me.” He asked seriously. “I heard glass shattering, next thing I know, you have a scratch on your cheek, bleeding out. What am I suppose to take from that?” He breathed heavily. 


Taehyung remained silent, until he eventually huffed, grasping Jeongguk’s arm and leading him inside. 


Jeongguk seemed taken aback, but doesn’t say anything when Taehyung takes him inside his apartment. It’s the first time Jeongguk really sees it, the inside of it, and it’s as simple as it could get. Nothing special or unique, simply ordinary. The disappointment of not seeing any of Taehyung’s art hanging around like he assumed it’ll be is clear. 


Taehyung eventually sat him down on his couch, a brownish, soft color, unlike Jeongguk’s vibrant green one, and he stays standing in place, crossing his arms. 


“I’m not lying to you.” Taehyung started. “I’m fine, I promise.” He added. “Remember when I told you that I’m strong enough? And you told me that you know?” 


Jeongguk nods, breathing deeply. On their first meeting, in Jeongguk’s apartment. 


“I am, I am strong. I’m not lying to you.” Taehyung whispered gently. He seemed to calm down from his rage, and that makes Jeongguk calm down as well. 


“I just—“ Jeongguk rubbed his palms. “I just need to know, does he hurt you? I won’t be in peace until I’ll know.” 


Taehyung stared at him, his eyes glossy, before he sat down on the armchair opposite to him, sighing. “Seojoon, He... he has his moments.” He starts lowly. “He’s a good person, but he just.... he got hot temper, so small things can piss him off quickly.” 


Jeongguk clenched his jaw. 


“But he never really intends to hurt me, it’s just not in his control. He apologizes afterwards.” He explained. 


Jeongguk almost snorted. “Is that what he tells you? That he doesn’t intend to hurt you? That it’s not in his control?” He asked. “He abuses you, Taehyung, if he intends to or not, he hurts you. And I won’t stand aside watching him do so.” 




”no, Taehyung!” Jeongguk raised his voice a bit. “It’s so absurd to me that you actually defend him! He doesn’t need your protection, Taehyung. He doesn’t truly love you if he hurts you.” 


“How would you know? You don’t know anything, Jeongguk. You don’t know him, or me.” Taehyung glared at him. 


“I know, that if someone loves someone else, they don’t bruise them, or throws glasses at them.” Jeongguk spoke. “When someone loves someone else, they care about them, cherish them, love them. They remind them that everyday, how they love them and how happy they are to have them. They hug them and kiss them, not slap or shout at them. They go red if something happens to the other person, if they are even merely hurt.” Jeongguk told. “I know that’s how you usually love a person.” 


Taehyung glanced away, pursing his lips. “Not every relationship is a fairytale, Jeongguk, you should know that.” 


“I’m not saying every relationship is perfect, it’s not a true relationship if it was.” Jeongguk shook his head. “What i’m Saying, is that in a healthy relationship, both sides should care about the other, and love them the right way. What you have, is not healthy.” 


“You should keep yourself out of my relationship, Jeongguk.” 


“Why won’t you let me help you, Tae? Seriously, this is not right. I know you’re suffering, I know you’re in pain, I hear you crying almost every night.” Jeongguk admitted. 


Taehyung gasped, tears already pricking at the corners of his eyes. 


“Yeah, I do, and you know what? I don’t like hearing you cry, Taehyung. It makes me feel pain as well.” He said. 


“Why? Why do you feel that way? Why do you mind so much?” Taehyung asked desperately, looking away. 


“Because,” Jeongguk paused for a moment. “I care about you, Tae. I care, and maybe we don’t know each other for so long but I do feel your pain, and I don’t want you to suffer. I want you to be happy, and smile.” 


“I understand why you’re trying to hide it, I understand your fear. I know you’re scared of admitting that you’re hurt because you don’t trust people enough. But I can assure you that you can trust me, Tae. I’m here for you.” Jeongguk spoke, his hand approaching Taehyung’s face and his fingers wiping the dampness of his cheeks. To his surprise, Taehyung didn’t flinch. 


“I-I don’t know what to say, Jeongguk.” 


“You don’t have to say anything.” Jeongguk smiled softly, gently tugging Taehyung’s hair away from his eyes. “Just promise me you’ll fight against him if he ever hurts you again. And if you can’t, call me, text me, shout me, anything. I’ll give you my number. My door is always open for you.” 


“Would you help me? If I’ll let you know?” Taehyung asked timidly.


“I would.” Jeongguk answered with no doubt. “If he’ll lend a hand on you one more time, I’ll kick his ass, I swear, Taehyung. I don’t go to the gym for nothing.”


taehyung let out a small laugh, tears still falling, but now they were more of a tears of relief. “I thought you didn’t go for a long time?” 


“That’s true.” Jeongguk sighed. “I began to walk up and down the stairs just like that from desperation.” 


Taehyung smiled, and Jeongguk didn’t stop from brushing his hair away softly, finally taking use of the opportunity, feeling Taehyung easing into the touch. 


“You don’t have to answer,” Jeongguk started after a while. “But why won’t you break up with him?” 


Taehyung stayed quiet for for a minute. “He’s familiar to me. Even when he gets mad, he has a soft side from time to time. He’ll make my food and watch movies with me. I got used to him, since he was still nice and kind to me three years ago. I still have hope for him, he will someday return to his old ways.” 


Jeongguk pursed his lips, nodding. He needs to tell Taehyung this man isn’t worthy of his love, isn’t even worthy of Taehyung’s presence. How could one not fall to his knees every time he gets to be with Taehyung? If it was him, he would’ve cherish the fact he even gets to breath next to this boy. Would remind himself every day how lucky he is to have him by his side. How can someone be so emotionless? Hurt something so precious without a care? Jeongguk wants to wake Taehyung up, wants to shake him and tell him that this is toxic, that he shouldn’t keep him around and hope for him to get back to who he was. He doesn’t deserve to get Taehyung’s mercy on him, he doesn’t deserve Taehyung’s love. Still, he can’t hold Taehyung back. It’s like waiting for the next explosion, but Jeongguk forbids himself from letting it happen. He knows Seojoon would never return to his old ways, if he even had ones, but Taehyung’s fear is debated by the next thing to happen, and Jeongguk isn’t really sure he wants it to be. 


“Do you want to stay for a while? I was just about to watch something.” Taehyung asked. 


And even if Jeongguk was far from being done, far from closing the subject and letting it slide, he will enjoy the time he has with Taehyung alone again, cause maybe he won’t ever have it again in the future.


”Sure.” He smiled, taking his hand away even if it felt wrong to do so. “Do you have Netflix?” 








Over the course of the past two weeks, Jeongguk and Taehyung got a lot more closer. 


It’s still a bit rigid between them, and from time to time Jeongguk needs to check Taehyung is okay and is not hurt. But Taehyung assures him he is fine, that Seojoon is visiting less because he’s been promoted at work and now has less time to come around (which Jeongguk doesn’t mind about at all, really), and even if Taehyung and him went back to square one, he’ll take as much time as needed for Taehyung to open up completely for him. 


Also, Jeongguk got his number. 


Over texts Taehyung is quiet amusing, really, and Jeongguk doesn’t seem to get enough of it. They text quiet a lot, actually, when Jeongguk is in class and is getting bored, or when Taehyung is walking Yeontan and sends him a cute little picture of the puppy taking out his tongue. 


They also hang out at each other’s apartment from time to time, just for an hour or two when they don’t have something to do, and Jeongguk finds this adjusting habit of Taehyung appearing at his door to be the highlight of his days. 


Currently, Jeongguk is laying on his bed, casually going over his social media. He has gotten back from the gym (finally, it was a bit rough to come back) not too long ago, already gotten a brief shower and ate a snack. Now he is mostly chilling, doing nothing that is too important. That, until he gets a message from Taehyung. 


 Hey guk!


the text immediately lights a wide smile on his face, Jeongguk opening the message so quick he wonders if he comes off too eager. Oh, well. Also, the nickname Taehyung has apparently developed for Jeongguk over the past two weeks is a rear vision of Jeongguk going extremely uwu. 



What’s up, Tae?



He tries to come off completely chill.


It not too long after that he gets a respond.



Nothing much, I’m bored hehe



Jeongguk fucking adores this boy.



Where are u?



At home. Tannie is sleeping on me so I can’t move >__<



And if to prove his point (not that Jeongguk have thought he was lying) the text follows with a picture. Jeongguk bites his lips. In the picture, Jeongguk can see many things, mainly the purpose of it- cute fluffy Yeontan sleeping on Taehyung’s flat stomach. But clearly, it didn’t occur for Taehyung that the picture he sent was of his lower body being covered by nothing but cute little shorts. And now what’s taking Jeongguk’s attention is not the puppy, no. It’s how Taehyung’s legs are exposed and bare for Jeongguk to see for the first time. His legs are long and thin, but thighs a bit fuller. They have the same tan color of his skin, looking smooth and silky, Jeongguk quickly imagining how they would feel in the grasp of his palm. Jeongguk’s thoughts go over at how good it would feel to kiss the delicate skin, maybe mark it by his teeth and tongue. It’s bringing Jeongguk to a dangerous situation, a one he probably shouldn’t be at, but he can’t help but let out shaky breaths as he zoomed in on the picture.


It’s not so helping either that Yeontan sleeping on Taehyung has made his sweatshirt rise up a bit, showing the tiniest bit of skin. Jeongguk is gone, he really is, wanting to touch the feathery skin so badly and kiss it over and over. Taehyung doesn’t know what he’s doing to him, probably isn’t aware of it either, and his innocence is sending Jeongguk even more.


It takes him a long moment to come up with a response, because what can he write now that he’s all riled up because of a supposedly innocent picture sent to him by his precious neighbor?



That’s really cute, Tae.



He eventually settled on that, breathing heavily in hopes Taehyung doesn’t suspect him taking so long to answer only for that to be sent.



?Are you home as well



Taehyung then texted.


Jeongguk is tempted, because it was if Taehyung was doing it on purpose, saying exactly what Jeongguk’s mind tried to ignore. Before he knows it, it’s like his body is working up against him, and he dares to send a pic in return, similar to Taehyung’s, one that shows not only his fit body (that thankfully, seemed a bit shaped now especially that he came back from the gym), but also his face. And if it’s anything that Namjoon and Hoseok has already mocked him about before, it’s how he can pull off the best sexy expression ever.



Just got back from the gym.



It follows with his picture.


Taehyung is not responding. Jeongguk can only assume for the better, that he has the same reaction Jeongguk had for his picture, but with Taehyung he truly can never know.





?What are u doing



It comes a while after, not too long but not as quick responded as Taehyung first was. Jeongguk bites his kips, again, he’s really brave for going that far with Taehyung, especially with the reminder that, he has a boyfriend, stupid. But he can’t hold himself back, not now, that his eyes glance back at Taehyung’s pic and the image of his legs wrapping around Jeongguk’s torso flash in his imagination.



What do u think I’m doing?





.Don’t play with me



I’m not doing anything.



He holds his breath for this next one.









The fact he has used his nickname is a green light for Jeongguk, hinting that he didn’t scare Taehyung off like he thought he did.



I keep looking at ur pic, Tae.


It’s the first time I can see your legs.


And it’s making me feel things.



...Gukk.... please


The please is too general for Jeongguk, it can mean many things; please, stop. Or, please, you’re joking. And mostly, maybe, please, keep going.


It’s meaningless to say Jeongguk has settled on the latter.



Can u send me another pic of you, Tae?


Can you do that for me?



Taehyung doesn’t response again, but Jeongguk can see he is typing, so that means well. He is getting aroused by the wait, and the obvious fact there’s currently just a wall separating between the two is turning him even more on.


Two minutes passed, and he eventually does get a pic. He tends to think Taehyung has taken a few before he settled on the best one, which was oddly adorable.


He gulped slowly when he opens the pic. He can officially state that Taehyung is in this thing, whatever it is, as much as he was.


Taehyung is laying on his side, his ass perky and arched so perfectly in those shorts that it makes Jeongguk groan. Even if Jeongguk thought Taehyung was completely, truly, innocent, it comes as a doubt now. Because Taehyung’s hand is lifting his hoodie just a little bit more than the first pic, showing more of his flat tummy and beautiful skin. His legs are on display as well, skin color contrary to the white, silk sheets of his bed. His face is still not in the picture, and Jeongguk is a bit upset for that, because he loves Taehyung’s face the most, but he doesn’t complain either. The more he stares at Taehyung’s body, the further his hand is going downwards through the outline of his sweatpants, fingers barely touching the material.



Then it pops up.



?Can you send me one as well



It’s a shock, to see Taehyung being so cooperative in this, which Jeongguk could never thought would be real. He thought after the daring turn of his texts, Taehyung would never want to speak to him again. But here he is, asking for Jeongguk for his own pic. Taehyung is secretly filthy, it seems.



Jeongguk doesn’t argue. He opens his camera, push his stomach inside a bit to make his abs look more defined. He lowers his sweatpants, showing his navel where a few pubes are showing just under his v-line. He can’t ignore the outline of his slightly-throbbing cock showing, but it’s exactly what he wants Taehyung to see. He wants him to realize what he makes Jeongguk feel, how badly Jeongguk wants him, how aroused he makes him. He knows he is hard, and he knows it can be shown once taking the picture and sending it to Taehyung. It doesn’t take any more than one, too eager to see Taehyung’s response.



And still, the fact that Taehyung is a door away from him, and he could just get up and go over to him if he’s like to, is lingering in his mind.





You’re so hard already



“Jesus.” Jeongguk breathed out heavily, seeing Taehyung response to him.



You make me hard, Tae. You make me so fucking hard.



And it’s unstoppable, how he reached his palm under his sweatpants and boxers all together, already feeling the throbbing tightness of his dick. He breathed out when closing his eyes, his one hand starting to squeeze his cock while the other grips his phone so tightly his fingers turned white. He’s repeating Taehyung’s picture in his mind, picturing it as a reality, seeing him on his own bed, ass arched and pretty, waiting to be touched by his hands, legs parted and spread, just for him.



.You make me hard, too



If words can describe how badly Jeongguk wanted to know that, well, he would’ve told. But Taehyung is hard, he’s hard for Jeongguk, and for a moment he wonders if he’ll listen carefully enough, he would hear the quiet moans from behind the wall.


I want you so bad, Taehyung.




I want you.


Are you touching yourself, pretty?





Fvck guk i am


The mess of words is enough to prove Jeongguk Taehyung is telling the truth.



So good for me, baby.


You’re doing so well, keep touching yourself for me.






“Fuck, Taehyung.” Jeongguk groaned, his palm working faster against his shaft and he let his thumb move past his slit, grunting loudly as he did.



I’m touching myself too, baby


You’re all I think about


Are you close, Tae?


Tell me




Jeongguk keeps on jerking himself off, hand moving in an uncontrollable speed, images of his hand being Taehyung’s tight ass are swinging him closer and closer to his release. He feels his muscles tightening, limbs are screaming in ecstasy as he pressed harder on his cock, his hips now thrusting upwards as his vision got blurry with the image of Taehyung. Taehyung Taehyung Taehyung.


He picks his phone again, seeing he hasn’t replayed yet. He needs him to answer, to completely take over his control, and he stared at the bright screen of his phone while waiting, his hand working fast and hard.


I’m close, Tae




I’m bout to cum





Before he knows it, he’s spilling all over his fist, white stripes lending on his skin and on a spot on his duvet as he reached his peak. He milked himself off of his high, hand slowing down as his chest rose up and down heavily, evening out his breathing. The front of his hair is dump with sweat, skin sweaty and red from the tightness in his body. He slowly calmed himself down, wiping his hand full of cum on his sheets, depending on changing them later.


But it worries him, it’s been a few minutes and Taehyung is yet to response. What could he possibly be doing that is more important that reaching his climax? Jeongguk knew he was hard already, so why stopping all of a sudden? Even if he already came, it’s still makes Jeongguk a bit offended, can’t control the arche of his eyebrows at the read messages Taehyung has left him on.


After more minutes to come and Taehyung is still not answering, he decided to drop his phone on his bed and take off his sheets, taking them to the washing machine along with his now dirty clothes.


It’s the ting of his phone that sets him off sprinting back to his room, and he grips the phone in his hands when seeing a new text from Taehyung. Fucking finally.



I’m sorry Jeongguk. Seojoon just came over


.This was a mistake


.I’m sorry


.Please don’t text me



Jeongguk fell to his bed, frowning.


He knew this might be the case. He knew Taehyung might’ve gotten panicked and trashed out. He sighed heavily, putting his phone away. Fucking Seojoon, he ruins everything every damn time.


And to think he has just gotten out of the shower, now he needs to go again.






 “What do you think you’re doing?” 


He should’ve seen it coming, really. 


Taehyung should’ve seen it coming, should’ve thought about it before he let his mind so carelessly slip from thinking about any rational decisions. He was quick to depart his phone from his grip, his cheeks burning with embarrassment as he released his hand from the inside of his shorts, breaths shaky.


“Were you touching yourself, Taehyung?”


Seojoon is standing at the doorway of his room, back leaned against the frame as his arms crossed together. He didn’t sound angry, nor too happy about it, but his expression was dull and that frightened Taehyung even more.


”No, I—“


“funny, since you didn’t  let me touch you for a month now.”   


Taehyung gulped, sitting back against the hardboard of his bed as he stared at his boyfriend with an unsteady gaze. 


“The fuck is wrong with you, Tae? Why won’t you let me touch you?” Seojoon frowned, his gaze taunting as his jaw locked.


Somehow Taehyung’s thoughts floated around Jeongguk, who he met a month ago, his overly-Nice, adorably hot neighbor that he should really, really not think about in that way. 


As if on cue, his phone beeped, hinting him he received another text, probably from Jeongguk himself. He could not possibly imagine what Jeongguk is up to now since Taehyung was acknowledged with the information that the boy next door was currently with his hand deep down inside his underwear because of him. 


He didn’t know himself how it got to this situation just moments ago, how deciding to text Jeongguk since he was bored and thought of having a casual chat ended up with him panting his neighbor’s name loudly with his hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. He doesn’t know, doesn’t want to think about it either now that his boyfriend is staring at him, waiting for him to answer after catching him in the act. But what he does know, is that he enjoyed it, enjoyed it too much for it to be wrong.  


“Answer me when I’m talking to you, Taehyung. Don’t be damn disrespectful.” Seojoon rose him from his daze, making Taehyung grip the sheets under him tightly. Thankfully, he ignored Taehyung’s phone beeping, or just didn’t care much about it. 


“I-I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Taehyung shook his head. He didn’t want Seojoon to get pissed off at him again, not now, that his mind still lingers on Jeongguk, not now that he finally managed to feel happy and carefree. 


“You don’t even know what you’re sorry for, damnit!” Seojoon raised his voice, making Taehyung flinch. 


Another beep. 


Taehyung glanced at where he dropped his phone off at, seeing Jeongguk’s name draped over the screen. Shit. 


“Are you even listening to me, Taehyung? For god’s sake.” Seojoon stepped inside the room, his palm squeezing his forehead in rage before he narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend sitting squeezed on his bed. “I seriously don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you. Seriously.” 


Quiet surrounded around the room, the only sound is the heavy breaths coming out of Seojoon’s mouth, and Taehyung trying to muffle his fearful whines from coming out. 


And then, another beep. 


This one has finally caught Seojoon’s attention. He spared a glance at Taehyung’s phone near his side, seeing Taehyung’s hostile expression. “Who’s that that keeps texting you?” 


“N-No one.” Taehyung was quick to answer. Too quick, he realized. 


Seojoon raised his eyebrows. “Show me.” 


“It’s no one, I promise. Please, babe, leave it.” Taehyung tried to distract him with the nickname. 


“Taehyung. Show me your phone.” 


“Seojoon.” Taehyung breathed nervously. He started to panic, started to seek after things to say to distract him from his phone, knowing what chaos it would bring if Seojoon gets a peak at it. Senseless, he spread his legs out on the bed, exposing his skin. He leaned down on his forearms, staring at Seojoon with gloomy eyes. “I-I want you, please.” 


Seojoon stared at him, emotion unclear on his face. With a click to his tongue, he stepped over the bed, Taehyung watching him carefully as he hovered over him. Their faces were mere inches apart, Taehyung trying to even out his breaths, not wanting Seojoon to see the hesitation written on his face. The last thing he wanted was seojoon, really. He despised his touch, despised the fact he lets him be that close to him at the moment without flinching away. 


Seojoon tilted his head to the side, lips feathery touching Taehyung’s ear, Taehyung squeezing his eyes shut, trying not to think about how disgusted he felt. In a swift moment, Seojoon gripped his jaw in a tight grasp with his hand, making Taehyung’s face rise up and a hiss leaving the boy’s lips.


“You rather let me touch you than let me see your phone?” Seojoon greeted his teeth, his hand taking Taehyung’s chin in his palm and making him look at him. “What the fuck are you hiding from me, huh?”


Without waiting for an answer he grabbed Taehyung’s phone from the side, Taehyung fidgeting under his weight. 


“S-Seojoon, please, don’t.” Taehyung begged, seeing his eyes locked on the bright screen. 


Jeongguk?” He reads the name, glancing at Taehyung under him. “Is that the neighbor of yours that keeps shoving his nose into our business?” 


“No, no.” Taehyung shook his head. 


Seojoon passed his eyes between Taehyung and the phone, wheels seeming to work inside his brain. “Is that it? Is he the reason?” 


“W-What?” Taehyung asked in confusion. He felt Seojoon’s grip tighten even more on him, making him wince. 


“Is he the reason you don’t let me fuck you? Is he why you’re acting like shit right now?” He asks angrily. 


“N-No! He has nothing to do with it, Seojoon, believe me, please.” Taehyung shook his head. He’s sniffing now, the grip too hard and the fear from Seojoon finding out is creeping on him. Seojoon must’ve realized by now, he’s not stupid, not that much of a fool. The only thing left is for him to open the texts between the neighbors, to see—


“fucking hell.” 


Taehyung’s eyed widened when Seojoon opened his messages. 


“No, no, Seojoon, leave it, please—“ he started pushing at him, trying to get him off of him, trying to get the phone out of the reach of his hands. 


Seojoon indeed got up from the bed, but let Taehyung follow after him, shoving the phone in his face. “You— Jesus, Taehyung. You have no fucking shame, do you?” 


“Seojoon, I’m sorry, please—“


”you’re such a fucking slut.” Seojoon spat out, eyes heavy and controlling Taehyung’s gaze. “Sending him pictures of your ass? You have no fucking shame, Tae.” 


“I-It’s not like that.” Taehyung shook his head, trying to take his phone back to him. 


“Oh, really? Tell me, then.” Seojoon acts innocently. “Do you make all of your friends hard with a picture of your ass? Begging him to send you one as well? What a whore.” 


“I’m sorry, please.” Taehyung stepped forward. 


“Stop it, you’re only making me want to fucking slap you.” Seojoon glared. “Or would you like that? I know sluts like you, act so innocent but really have no shame.” 


“Stop, i’m not—“


”you are, Tae.” Seojoon tsk’d. “And you know that damn well.” 


Taehyung took a step back when Seojoon reached towards him. “Text him back.” 




“Text him, tell him that was a mistake. Tell him you don’t want him to text you again.” 


“Seojoon, don’t do that, please.” Taehyung bit the insides of his cheeks. 


“Do it, Taehyung. Now.” Seojoon scowled. 


Taehyung swallowed thickly, reaching to grip his phone with shaky hands. He has no choice but to do so, hoping Jeongguk won’t get mad at him, hoping Jeongguk would realize and come help him like he promised he would. Maybe he should text him to help instead, or leave a hidden message, but once he pressed the send, he’s suddenly being shoved back to the wall behind him, phone falling from his hands to the floor. 


“I can’t fucking believe you.” Seojoon shook his head. 


His hands gripped Taehyung’s wrists, pressing them tightly to the wall, slowly but surly creating bruises. It’s not something Taehyung is not used to, unfortunately. 


“I spend all this time taking care of you, and this is what I get in return? You’re ungrateful, Taehyung.” He spoke to him. 


Taehyung shook his head. “I-I’m not.” 


“Oh, you are.” Seojoon smirked viciously at him. “You got luck you still have me, without me you were nothing.”


He tried to remember Jeongguk’s words to him, telling him that he’s strong, that he believes that he is strong. taehyung choked on his spit then, shaking. “That’s not... that’s not true.” 


“Really?” Seojoon raised eyebrows. “Is that why you have no friends? Have no one fucking care about you? And jimin doesn’t fucking counts.” 


Taehyung pursed his lips. “Jeongguk cares about me.”


Seojoon chuckled sarcastically. “Oh, baby, you’re so innocent.” He unwrapped one of hand from Taehyung’s wrist to trail gently up his body, Taehyung trying to escape his touch. “You think he cares about you? All he wants is your body. He wants to use you for his pleasure, just like I do.” 


Taehyung gasped, trying to push at his chest. “Stop, Seojoon! You don’t mean that!” 


“You really are clueless, huh? I really thought you were smarter than that, Tae. But you’re nothing than a pretty body, it seems.” 


Taehyung stared at him, rage starting to form inside him. “You’re lying, you do love me.” 


“Wow, you really don’t get it, do you?” Seojoon smirked smugly. “Do you think you’re so wanted? You’re so special? The only thing satisfying about you is your ass.” 


Taehyung is acting without any logic, and before he knows it, his palm lands on Seojoon’s cheek. 


The atmosphere is completely tense at the moment, Seojoon is rigid at his place, head tilted a bit to the side from the impact of Taehyung’s slap.


Taehyung hitched on his breath, realizing what he has just done. That’s it, it’s over for him. With Seojoon looking at him like that right now, he is sure it’s the end of him. 


“You— you fucking....” 


Taehyung has never fought back, was never violent as far as Seojoon gotten to be. He always takes in, swallows the pain, keeps it to himself, seals his mouth shut. But this time, something inside him switched. Something that told him that he’s done with Seojoon’s shit to him, that he had enough with always receiving and hiding it like a coward. Jeongguk was right, all along he was right, when he told him his and Seojoon’s relationship was not healthy. Jeongguk was right, when he told Taehyung Seojoon is not worth his love, is not worth his pain. Seojoon is toxic, and Taehyung is stupid for only now admitting it, for only now realizing he shouldn’t have been protecting Seojoon and hiding the fact he was abusive. 


Seojoon was abusive. 


And it’s with way he yanks Taehyung’s hair, raising his head up. It’s with the way he slams his head into the wall harshly, making Taehyung cry in agony. It’s with the way he wraps his hand around Taehyung’s throat, squeezing lightly. Taehyung is breathless, both mentally and physically, he’s hurting, and he just wishes for it to be over. For everything to be over. 








Something is wrong. 


Jeongguk can sense it, can feel it. 


It starts after his second shower, when he’s sitting on the vibrant green couch, TV on and silence spreading around in the distinctive atmosphere. 


He doesn’t know what it is but it’s certainly not making him feel good.


He picks his phone back up and stares at the screen for what seems to be the hundred time. Taehyung’s message is still making him sigh, even when he reads it over and over and over again. It feels like every time he and Taehyung take a step forward, he scares him off, and they immediately take two steps back, and that repeats itself. His mind is goading him, his heart confusing him, and Taehyung occupies both of the two. He didn’t think moving into this simple, shaky apartment will end up with the swirling of emotions pushing at his chest, with the urgent need to have this boy that lives just inside the door next to him all to himself. He wants to protect him, wants to take care of him, but how could he do so when each time it feels like Taehyung doesn’t want him? It’s crawling, biting at his skin, and he feels like this won’t be over until he’ll admit to himself he could never have Taehyung. 


The sound of his phone receiving a text could be heard around, and Jeongguk picks it up faster than the speed of light. It makes him disappointed to see an upcoming text from an unknown number, hoping it might be Taehyung. Though, his eyebrows furrow when he reads it. 


Hey Jeongguk


It’s jimin, Taehyung’s friend


I’m sorry to bother you, Hoseok hyung gave me your number



Jeongguk frowns, because first of all; since when his friend and Taehyung’s friend are talking? Nevertheless having each other’s numbers? Second of all, Jimin texting him is nothing but making that bad feeling grow.



Hey, jimin.


Is everything alright?




I was hoping u could maybe check in on Taehyung?????


We have this agreement that I call him every day at nine pm and if he answers I know that he’s fine. I’m assuming u might know why.


But he’s not answering now, and it’s kinda worrying me


So can u, pls? Ur Tae’s neighbor and the closest one to him rn and I feel like I can trust u 




Jeongguk widened his eyes.


This is it. This is what has finally set him off. He knew he had a bad feeling for a reason. He’s quick to get up from his couch and grab his flippers, not even minding about his awkward choice of clothing and getting out of his apartment to check in on Taehyung, sending jimin a quick assurance that he will do just that.


He doesn’t know if to be polite or not, if to actually knock on the door first before he might barge in. He does eventually,  knock on door that is, not wanting to scare Taehyung off if it might be a false alarm. 


Though the door is not opening, and there isn’t any noise from inside. 


“Hyung?” Jeongguk tried, knocking again. 


“Tae, it’s Jeongguk. I’m just checking up on you, are you home?” 


The door is still closed shut and no sight of Taehyung is coming, but once he tries pushing at the handle, he finds the door is unlocked. He doesn’t want to act like a creep, maybe Taehyung has just gotten out and forgot to lock after him. But that bad feeling at the pit of his stomach is telling him he should do as his gut feeling is telling him, should go with his right mind right now. 


And so, he walks in, the door closing softly behind as he looked around the apartment. 




His eyes scan the empty space, a chill going through his body when he hears something suspicious from down the hall. He walks after that same noise, feeling like he’s in some kind of a horror movie. 


“Taehyung?” He hasn’t been to his room before, but he knows it must be it when the sight of a bed can be seen through as he Peaked at the entrance. 


A sharp stop in his movement is being taken when he’s met with the sight of Taehyung, curled into himself by the corner of the room, pressed to the wall. Sniffles come out of his mouth, his head between his legs as he pushes them closer to his chest. 


“Tae.” Jeongguk quickly ran towards him, kneeling in front of him and gasping when Taehyung flinches, feeling a hand on his arm. 


“Taehyung, What is wrong? Please, talk to me.” Jeongguk pleaded, his face grimacing at the horrible sight of Taehyung crying. He knew something was wrong, he could’ve sense it. 


“Jesus, Tae, what’s up?” Jeongguk asked, trying not to touch so he won’t frighten him even more but his fingers trail his soft skin briefly anyways. “Is it him? Did he hurt you again?” 


Taehyung didn’t response, but his cries grew louder at the mention of Seojoon and Jeongguk knows he’s right just then. 


“Shit, Tae, i’m so sorry.” 


He doesn’t even know what he’s sorry for. For not being here? For not stopping him? For the sexting? For waiting for that explosion he was thinking about not too long ago instead of acting up and doing something to stop it from approaching? 


“He hurt you, didn’t he? I’m going to fucking kill—“




Jeongguk held himself back, watching him. 


“I-I don’t want you getting h-hurt.” Taehyung’s head rose up a bit, and Jeongguk could see how brimmed red his eyes were. “It’s not your fault.” 


“It’s not your fault either.” Jeongguk reminded. “He’s an asshole, a fucking prick. Once I get to  him, I swear—“


”p-please, Jeongguk.” Taehyung interrupted. “Just... just hold me.” 


Jeongguk stares at him, pity and anger mostly in his eyes, his hand reaching forward to swept Taehyung’s hair softly. 



So he does. 


He holds Taehyung, holds him for a long time, hugs him closely to his chest, his fingers passing softly through his hair to calm him down. Even though he’s raging inside right now, he holds himself back for Taehyung, focusing on soothing him and getting him a shoulder to cry on. Later, when Taehyung is not crying anymore, he gets to check him up to search for any bruises or blood. Taehyung doesn’t speak about how, or why, but Jeongguk might sense it has to be because of their conversation over text earlier, and he feels guilty for being the cause of it. 


Taehyung is not bleeding, thankfully, but he does have a few bruises on his perfect skin and it makes Jeongguk’s blood boil. There’s two on his wrists, and now Jeongguk is sure that one bandage hiding Taehyung’s bruise he saw on their first meeting was created by Seojoon. There’s also a little bump on his head, thankfully a dry one that doesn’t damage anything, and the last, probably worst that makes Jeongguk actually livid; is the fading redness around Taehyung’s neck, Jeongguk cursing out madly after seeing that one and Taehyung actually having to shush him to calm him down. 


Jeongguk later brings Taehyung to the living room, setting him down on the couch and bringing him a cold glass of water. He lays him down, tug at his hair gently, whispering sweet words to make him feel at ease. He takes care of his bruises, making each step with extra care and softness to it. 


When it’s an hour later, Taehyung is sleepy, but Jeongguk stays sat aside firmly with Taehyung’s legs on his lap, stroking and massaging carefully to completely sooth him down. 


“How did you know?”


it comes off as a whisper, so quiet that if Jeongguk wasn’t staring at the boy he would probably not even hear it. 


“How did I know what?” Jeongguk asked, confused. 


Taehyung adjusted the blanket that Jeongguk has brought him closer to his chin. “That... that I was hurt. That I needed help.”


Jeongguk smiled softly at him. “Apparently jimin and Hoseok are friends? And Hoseok gave jimin my number. He told me you didn’t answer him, asked if I could check up on you.”


Taehyung nodded. “Oh. I thought...” he chuckled sadly. “I thought you heard me.” 


“Heard you?” Jeongguk asked. 


“It’s stupid,” Taehyung shook his head. “I kept screaming in my head for you to come help me. I thought maybe you'll Realize my texts weren’t really from me.” 


“They weren’t?” 


“H-He...” he sniffed, “he made me write them.” Taehyung said. Seeing Jeongguk’s confusion, he proceeded to explain. “When we... y’know.” He blushed lightly. “I didn’t see him entering. He caught me. He was pissy as usual, but then caught your texts and read them. He lost it. After taking out his anger he got up and stormed off.” He explained. 


“I’m so sorry, Taehyung. It’s my fault.” Jeongguk shook his head, gripping his leg tighter but not in a hurtful way.


”no, it’s mine.” Taehyung huffed. “I should’ve listened to you when you told me he’s toxic, that he was hurting me. I think deep down I knew but was too afraid to face it. If I had only... if I had the guts to...” 


“Tae, listen to me.” Jeongguk faced him, expression serious. “Non of this is your fault, okay? Get that inside that little head of yours.” He said. “You just got caught up in the spells of a toxic man. He took advantage of your kindness, took advantage of your hope for him to be better.” 


Taehyung stared at him, playing with his fingers slyly. “I guess... I held too much belief in that hope for him to change.”


”i’m sorry for letting that happen.” Jeongguk admitted, his hand reaching to stroke Taehyung’s cheek softly. “I should’ve stopped it as soon as I got to know he was hurting you, I should’ve acted as soon as possible. It was obvious this man wasn’t going to change and I let it slide because I didn’t want to disappoint you. I’m sorry.” 


“It’s not your fault, I promise.” Taehyung leaned into his touch. “Thank you for being here, and for helping me.” 


Jeongguk nodded, smiling. “He won’t mess with you again, I guarantee.”




“Taehyung, don’t argue with me on that.” Jeongguk glared. “I’m going to report this asshole so he won’t ever get the chance to get closer to you. That after I’ll beat his ass, of course.”


“Jeongguk, no. It’s not your business to take care of.” Taehyung urged.


“It is.” Jeongguk remarked. “It is because I’ve made it a promise to care for you, and I failed at that.”


”Jeongguk, please.” 


“Taehyung.” Jeongguk clenched his jaw. “I’m not going to let it slide again, I’m Not going to be a coward also. I admit, I care about you, too much for a neighbor who moved in about a month ago. I care deeply, and I can even go on and say I admire you. More than you might grasp on.” 


Taehyung watched him in temptation.     


“I’m not going to pressure you into anything, because I know you’re not in a state to. But I’m not going to listen to you again and ignore it and risk you getting hurt again.” Jeongguk look deeply into his eyes. “You know how that made me feel? To know he’s hurting you and I can’t do anything about it? To know you’re in here hurting and I’m just a wall away listening to you crying? I’m not going to sit aside watching, Taehyung. Not again. I care about you too much that to do so.”


Taehyung watched him, dumbfounded, quiet. “Do you really care about me?” 


“More than you could ever think about.” 


“I care about you too, Jeongguk.” Taehyung admitted bashfully. “And I’m gonna help myself, I promise. I’m not letting him get to me again.” 


“And I’ll be here by your side on every step, okay? I promise.” 


Taehyung smiled, taking Jeongguk’s hand off of his face to take in his own, pressing their intertwined hands close to his chest. 


“Can you.... can you stay over? Just for tonight?” Taehyung asked, eyes glimmering. 


“I thought you’ll never ask.” 








“So... how’s it going with that little neighbor crush you have on?” 


Jeongguk narrowed his eyes at the red haired man, can of beer tipping to the side. 


“It’s going fine. Taehyung and I are good friends.” 


“Good friends? Nothing more?” Hoseok raised his eyebrow mischievously. 


Jeongguk huffed annoyingly. “We hang out from time to time, but I’m giving him the space he needs at the moment.” 


“Really? Is that why you’re going over to his apartment every night?” Hoseok raised a teasing brow. 


“Hyung,” Jeongguk glared. “I go over to keep him company, he’s still a bit shaken after everything that went down. I sleep on the couch and he’s in his own bed.” 


“Ah, that thing with that douchy ex-boyfriend of his?” Hoeddeok tsk’d. “The pure soul that you are, Jeonggukie.” 


“Leave the child alone, would you?” 


Jeongguk is almost relieved when Namjoon barged into their conversation (or more like Hoseok nagging Jeongguk to no end with his questions and Jeongguk giving him a piece of his mind). “Thanks, Namjoon.”


“No problem.” Namjoon winked, plastering his hand on Jeongguk’s shoulders. “How is Taehyung, really? Is he any better?” 


“He’s.... adjusting.” Jeongguk bit his lip. Of course, he didn’t let the information about Seojoon and him being abusive towards Taehyung slip out to his friends. He has just informed that Taehyung broke up with his douchy boyfriend and now Jeongguk helps him get back on his feet, which, is actually true. “It has been only a week, after all, but i try to help him as much as I can. I know he needs his own peace and I’m willing to give it to him, but I also know he needs someone to be there for him, which I’m also very much willing to be.” Jeongguk explained. 


“That’s really kind of you, Jeongguk.” Namjoon smiled proudly at his friend, squeezing his shoulder tightly. “I know many people will be happy to have a person they can trust by their side, even if they don’t say so.” 


“Yeah,” Jeongguk pursed his lips. “I’m just happy he’s willing to have me help him. Not everyone can admit they need help.” 


“Well, we are also here if he or you ever need something, I hope you know that.” Namjoon assured, and Hoseok nodded in support, turning serious after feeling guilty for teasing Jeongguk. 


“I know.” Jeongguk smiled widely at his friends. 


“And as Namjoon-ah said, we are your friends, and friends should support each other and tell each other the truth.” Hoseok added. “Which is why I truthfully remind you that you have the most hideous couch I have ever seen in my entire life.” 


Jeongguk snorted, shaking his head. “You know I only bought it to piss you off, right?” 


“Not much of a surprise to me.” Namjoon rolled his eyes. He then looked down at his wrist, checking the time in his watch. “We should probably head out if you guys want to be able to see the movie on time.” 


They all nodded (after Hoseok receiving a deserved slap to his arm), and soon stepped out of Jeongguk’s apartment to head out for the closet cinema. It was a while since the three got to hang out, and the two alder has promised they will take Jeongguk out for some fun time to clear his mind and get rid of all the stress he had carried on himself for the last few months.


when Jeongguk locked the door, the two waited for him by the staircase railing, it’s just when Taehyung’s door got opened, and two unfamiliar men stepped out of the dorm. 


Jeongguk furrowed his eyebrows, turning to look at the two strangers before seeing Taehyung follow after them with a big box being carried in his arm, Yeontan following after him with tiny steps.


“Taehyung?” Jeongguk calls out to pick the boy’s attention, which turned as a success as the tan-skinned male raised his eyes to look at the one calling him. 


“Guk.” Taehyung’s expression softened, struggling to keep the box in his hands while he locked the door. 


“What’s going on?” Jeongguk asked in confusion, passing his eyes from Taehyung to the other two strangers waiting for the boy to lock the door. The two seemed like complete opposites; one tall with raven-black hair, carrying pink theme to his outfit, while the other one was much shorter, hair bleached blonde that contrasted to the heavy black clothes he was sporting on. 


“Oh, ah, gukkie.” Taehyung shifted uncomfortably for a moment, seeing Jeongguk’s frown deepening. “This is my older brother, seokjin, and his boyfriend, Yoongi.” He then turned to look at the two. “Hyungs, this is Jeongguk, my neighb— my friend.” 


“Hey, Nice to meet you.” Seokjin was the first to step forward, shaking Jeongguk’s (who still seemed astonished) hand. 


Seokjin’s boyfriend, Yoongi, ha stayed put in his place, though gave Jeongguk a formal nod. 


“Hyungs came all the way from Daegu for a visit after.... after jimin called them and informed them about things that happened.” Taehyung explained awkwardly. 


Jeongguk nodded in understanding, though his eyes kept going back to the box in Taehyung’s hands. “Are you... are you going somewhere?” 


Taehyung looked at him, eyes glistening. They knew the four others were watching them, confused but also interested in the pair’s interaction. Taehyung bit his lower lip before his teeth had got them loose. “Gukkie, can I talk to you for a moment? Alone?” 


Jeongguk nodded, concern written on his face as Taehyung put the box down for a second and walked passed the two and over towards him, the others getting the message and letting the two have their own space. 


As as soon as they’re on clear sight, Jeongguk opened his mouth. “What is going on, Tae? You’re freaking me the hell out.” 


“Please don’t freak out,” Taehyung whispered softly, his lips curving to a shy smile as his hand reached forward hesitantly before brushing past Jeongguk’s cheek for just a few seconds. “Hyungs weren’t too happy to not being informed about what was going on for the past few years. I’m a bit guilty, since I’ve never had the guts to tell them, and they trusted me and Seojoon, but Seokjin was furious when he found out. Yoongi already planned how he’s going to murder Seojoon-- you can tell he’s a bit—“


”intimidating, yeah,” 


“yeah,” Taehyung chuckled lightly. “So apparently they worked with Jimin behind my back and came over. They... seokjin told me he wants me to stay at their place for a while.” 


“Staying at their place... at Daegu?” Jeongguk asked to see if he got Taehyung’s words right.


”seokjin felt really guilty that he didn’t get the chance to watch over me and save me from... y’know. He was always the protective kind.” Taehyung explained. “He said he wants to see Seojoon in jail, and he’s practically a lawyer so he thinks he got it right.” Taehyung licked his lips. “He also wants me to stay with him and Yoongi for a while to keep an eye on me. He still doesn’t trust Seojoon to not come back to me after what happened, and I get him. I think... I think a little getaway will do me good.” Taehyung continued. 


Jeongguk gulped slowly, nodding. He knows Taehyung is right, that this is the right thing to do in order for Taehyung to heal properly. Taehyung needs to escape for a while to completely relax and get back on his feet, and what is the best way to do so than to get on a one hour plane ride away from Jeongguk? 


Jeongguk is selfish, he knows he is by how he thinks deep down about not wanting Taehyung to leave him. “How... how long do you think that’ll be?” He asked eventually. 


Taehyung shrugged unknowingly. “I think, until I’ll properly heal, it can take me a few weeks.”


Jeongguk nodded, the air around them is tense, and even though Jeongguk cares deeply for the boy in front of him, he knows it is too selfish to ask him to stay here with him, to promise him he could take care of him instead. They need it both, that space, to clear their mind and start over, so when Taehyung will come back, they could have a proper start. 


“You’ll come back, right?” Jeongguk asked, a bit timidly, and it made his cheeks go red. 


“Of course, gukkie.” Taehyung sighed softly. “I just... I need that time to myself, away from here, away from everything. I care about you, and I know I’m going to miss you, but I need to put myself first.” 


“Yeah, Yeah, I understand.” Jeongguk was quick to assure. He then recalls Taehyung’s words and tilted his head cheekily. “You’ll miss me?” 


Taehyung’s ears tinted red. “You heard what I said, Jeongguk.”  


“I did, I just wanted to hear you say it one more time.” Jeongguk teased. 


Taehyung giggled cutely. “I’m going to miss you, gukkie.” 


Jeongguk couldn’t help the bright smile that approached his lips after that. Without thinking much about it, he’s embracing Taehyung in his arms, wrapping his arms around him. “I’m going to miss you too.” 


Taehyung tensed for a moment, but quickly relaxed in his embrace and hugged him back gently, leaning his head against his shoulders. “Thank you, Jeongguk. For everything you’ve done for me.” 


Jeongguk nodded, not wanting to say how it’s really nothing, that he will do it all over again if it wasn’t for Taehyung getting hurt, that he’ll do much more once Taehyung would be better and he’ll have the chance to start a new beginning with him. Hopefully


The thought lingers in his mind and he dares to say then. “If you ever do, feel like you’re better, just know... I’ll be waiting for you. No matter how long.” 


It’s unfair how he doesn’t want him to leave, but doesn’t want to make him stay at the same time. He feels empty thinking about not having Taehyung here for weeks, if not more. He doesn’t know how much time it takes for a person to heal, especially after that three suffocating years Taehyung has gone through, and it’s yet to really be over with Seojoon still roaming around the streets freely (this man should be locked up, really), but he trusts Taehyung’s brother to make justice and lock that asshole up. Make him miserable just like he made Taehyung all this time. 


“You’ll text me, Yeah?” Jeongguk assured. 


Taehyung separated himself from Jeongguk’s embrace, chuckling softly, and Jeongguk tried not to pout at how soon the warmth Taehyung has spread over to him has left his body. “Sure, I will.” 




“I promise, Jeongguk.” 


“Okay.” Jeongguk nodded. His hand reached forward this time, fingers delicately pushing a string of fallen piece of caramel hair behind Taehyung’s ear. “Get better for me, Tae.” 


“I’m strong enough, Jeongguk.” 


Reminded of their first encounter, Jeongguk smiled widely, the memory still vivid in his mind. “I know,” he repeats his own words from awhile ago. “I didn’t say you weren’t.” 










sighing heavily, Jeongguk stared at the microwave, eyes watching deeply as the package inside circled around as the digits counted down. 


Once the machine beeped, he carefully took out the ramen, eagerly pouring it into a bowl and tiredly skipping back to the living room with the bowl hot in his hands, quickly sitting down on his couch with a groan. 


Separating the chopsticks, he stuck them down and gathered a handful of ramen noddles before pushing it right inside his mouth. 


He almost shrieked from how hot the food was, puffing air inside his mouth as if it could possibly warm it up now that it’s already inside. 


So that is basically Jeongguk’s routine. 


He gets up in the morning, goes to his classes, shaping back to his old habit of working out at the gym if he got time, coming back home, taking a brisk, burning hot shower, heating up his ramen, and sitting on his ugly green couch while watching TV. 


Very interesting, right? 


He started to take a liking to his alone time, but it’s still awfully quiet around and Jeongguk isn’t a man of quiet. He finds himself starting to search after things to do, if it’s cleaning his already neat apartment or growing a small plant at the tiny space of the window near the kitchen. He tries to meet up with Hoseok and Namjoon as much as he could, and even got the opportunity to have a brunch with the one who lately has been given the title of being Hoseok’s boyfriend; Park Jimin. It’s mostly just an excuse to get small details of how Taehyung’s doing in Daegu (since Jimin seems to be the man who holds that information very secretly), but in a while Jimin kinda grew on him (aside from the fact he sometimes brings Hoseok as well and Jeongguk is reminded of the fact they are a couple. Ah, gross.) So it’s really anything who can pass his time and distract his mind. 


Talking  about distraction, Jeongguk has really tried to use everything in order for his mind to be clear out of any thoughts about that one person that seemed to keep a hold on his heart even from far away. 




Taehyung is a liar, because he promised Jeongguk he would text him, promise Jeongguk he would come back soon (okay, not soon, but Jeongguk really just couldn’t stand having him away for more than a week). But Taehyung is a goddamn liar, because he didn’t do any of the above, and while promising to be away for a matter of a few weeks, he’s been off to Daegu in his brother and his boyfriend’s apartment for five months now.


Five months.


When Taehyung has told Jeongguk he was taking some time to himself to get back on his feet, Jeongguk has really tried not to desperately chase after him and beg him to stay. He knew Taehyung needed it, and he knew he needed that as well. But being far from Taehyung was tougher than it seemed, and Jeongguk has been an empty void for all those months. It doesn’t help that Taehyung is keeping him completely in the dark, not calling, not texting, not even sending an email. It’s why he turned to Jimin in pleas of getting any details about the boy who disappeared on him, desperate to hear how’s he doing and what is he up to. Jimin isn’t really helpful either, acting like a little piece of shit with teasing Jeongguk about him visiting Taehyung over the weekend and getting to see him. Jeongguk has been raging at that realization, urging Jimin to take him with him next time, telling Hoseok he will give him the award for having the worst boyfriend in the entire world. But, eventually, Jimin has sat him down (after bursting into a fit of laugher at Jeongguk’s childish behavior, that is), and told him a bit of how’s Taehyung doing. 


He told him Taehyung is getting better. That Seokjin and Yoongi is treating him like their child and babying him but also giving him the space that he needs. He told Jeongguk how Taehyung cried for a few nights when he first moved, but now he’s much stronger and healthy. He tells that Taehyung is going on jogs with Yeontan every morning, that Taehyung let Jimin tag along as well one day when Jimin visited (and Jeongguk wasn’t jealous because it was their thing, he wasn’t) and that Daegu is really beautiful. He also tells that Taehyung is getting inspired more now that he’s getting back to his feet and does more art and visuals in his spare time, which really made Jeongguk happy. When asking why Taehyung hasn’t texted him at all, Jimin said that it’s nothing personal and that he doesn’t text him either, trying to fully focus on his mental health. 


jeongguk asked about Seojoon then, his body going rigid only by the mention of his name. Jimin has explained that Taehyung hasn’t heard from him, and for all he knows Seojoon doesn’t know where he is either. He told that Yoongi has went with Taehyung to fill a report, and Seokjin is now in works to get a restraining order against him to stay away from Taehyung. Jeongguk is relieved at that, but still upset that he couldn’t help with it. Eventually, when asking if he knows when will Taehyung come back, jimin is clueless as well, telling him that he wished he’d know because Taehyung doesn’t seem to know either. That makes Jeongguk slump his shoulders but regardless, he’s not panicking, he knows Taehyung will come back eventually, and he’ll remain waiting. 


Jeongguk then goes to his room, looking around before his eyes lended on his camera and he smiled. Over the past few months, with the fresh memory of Taehyung saying his goodbye to him, Jeongguk has made himself go over to that same park Taehyung has walked him to that day with Yeontan, and he managed to take many many photos, so when Taehyung will come back, he’ll show him what has changed since he was gone and also, maybe, ask him to go with him one day so he could take photographs of Taehyung all day long like he dreams to every day. 


The sound of his doorbell going off has took him out of thoughts, and he frowned deeply before putting his camera down and going out of his room back to the living room. 


Who can be ringing at his door that late, he doesn’t know. It can’t be Hoseok because he already informed he was on a date with Jimin. It can’t be Namjoon either because he’s busy producing his music at the studio until the sun is back up again. Maybe it’s that grumpy old woman from the fourth floor, Jeongguk meeting her one day mid-steps and she seemed to pick a liking to him, inviting him to see her nine cats. 


But never, not even in his wildest dreams, did he think of seeing Taehyung standing at his doorway with the brightest smile on his angelic face, thinking maybe the date of the ramen he has just ate is expired which makes him see things. 




“Hey, guk.” 


He’s real, and he’s here, appearing like every  (yes, every) men’s most perfect illusion, in all his beautiful glory, looking so stunning Jeongguk might as well die. 


“Taehyung? It’s really you? What... what are you doing here?” Jeongguk asked, mouth gaped open. 


“I’m back, just like I promised.” Taehyung chuckled softly, and Jeongguk was simply amazed by how good and healthy he looks. 


“You’re—“ Jeongguk is speechless. “Your’e Really back.” 


“I am.” Taehyung is passing by him to enter inside his apartment like he wasn’t just vanished from earth for five months. “Did you miss me?” 


Miss was an understatement, Jeongguk’s life was meaningless without Taehyung in those five months. Not only did he miss him, but he was truly incomplete without him, as sappy as it sounds. 


“Miss you?” Jeongguk turned to look at him after closing the door. “Yeah, Tae, I missed you. Did you miss me?” 


“Mhm.” Taehyung hummed. “Would that make you happy, if I did?” 


Taehyung is a fucking tease. 


“Happy?” Jeongguk stared after the honey-skin-colored boy, taking a step forward. “That’ll make me fucking ecstatic, Tae.” 


Taehyung giggled, and oh, did Jeongguk missed that sound so much. 


Taehyung stepped towards him, now being inches apart. “Then, yeah, I did miss you.” 


Jeongguk stared as the boy brought his hands to place on Jeongguk's covered chest, his fingers trailing around delicately as his eyes still locked on Jeongguk’s own. “I kept thinking about you.” He whispered.


Jeongguk gulped, taking in the sight of Taehyung’s expression as the boy wet his lips with his tongue. “You did?”


Taehyung nodded, smiling innocently as he gripped Jeongguk and pushed their chests together, Jeongguk's hands immediately placing on Taehyung’s slim waist.


“You didn’t text me,” Jeongguk looked down into his eyes. “You promise you would.”


Taehyung let out a shaky breath as Jeongguk let his hands tighten their grip on his waist, but then moved one to place itself on the small curve of his back, just below Taehyung’s perky ass. 


“I’m sorry, guk.” Taehyung pouted. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” 


Jeongguk stared into his eyes that sparkled like stars in the sky, making shivers go down his spine. He doesn’t know what it is, how the atmosphere around changed as soon as Taehyung entered inside into a sensual one, but he doesn’t mind even one bit about it.


taehyung looks mesmerizing, still the same but somehow so much better now that he seemed more confident and thriving. 


“Are you sure about it?” Jeongguk asked quietly, softer now that he tries to look past Taehyung’s eyes to see if he’s on the same page as he is. 


“Jeongguk.” Taehyung whispered his name, his face now so close that if Jeongguk wasn’t hesitated right now he could probably close the space between them and feel Taehyung’s lips on his. “I waited five months for me to finally be sure about it. So, yeah, I think I’m sure. I wouldn’t have knocked on your door if I wasn’t.” 


Jeongguk let out a breath, letting his forehead fall on Taehyung’s own as his nose rubbed against Taehyubg’s nose. “God, I can’t believe you’re really back. I thought I was dreaming when I saw you standing at my doorway, so effortlessly pretty.” 


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung whined at his words, hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders. “Jeongguk.”  


“Mhm?” Jeongguk tilted his head so his lips were briefly touching Taehyung’s, barely a  touch of a feather. 


“Kiss me, please.” 


And if Jeongguk of seven months ago, would think he would be standing here in his new apartment, with the boy next door placed in his arms, asking him to kiss him, well, he would most likely lose his shit. 


So, Jeongguk complies. He finally closes the space between the two and places his lips on Taehyung’s soft, plump ones. The feeling is magical, the feeling of getting what you’ve been dreaming about for months on top of months is making Jeongguk feel in fucking bliss. Taehyung’s lips are everything that he thought they would feel like; tender, soft, sweet. 


The kiss is not rushed, but it is eager, and Jeongguk finds himself chasing after them like they would disappear. 


Taehyung hums when Jeongguk let his tongue sweep past his lower lip, making Taehyung open his mouth wide to let Jeongguk validate his tongue inside. Jeongguk brought his hands up, cupping Taehyung cheeks as he deepened his tongue inside and letting it explore all around. Taehyung‘s taste is the sweetest and  Jeongguk finds himself getting addicted to the taste, pushing in deeper and mingling with Taehyung’s tongue all together. 


Jeongguk somehow ended up walking Taehyung to the wall behind him, pressing him into it firmly but not harshly to not hurt him. Taehyung gasped, back arching off from the wall and meeting Jeongguk’s lower area. At that, Jeongguk growled, feeling Taehyung’s abandonment rubbing at his own and the feeling is euphoric.


“You don’t-“ Jeongguk started as he stopped  their kissing to peck Taehyung’s corner of his mouth, proceeding to plant hot, open-mouthed kisses down the trail from his lips to his neck, “know how—“ his lips lingering on certain spots, licking and biting cruelty to mark Taehyung’s smooth skin, “badly I wanted— I wanted to do this.” Jeongguk breathed out, his thumb tracing after a vivid mark he made on Taehyung’s throat, and when Taehyung shivered, Jeongguk smirked vaguely. 


“J-Jeongguk,” Taehyung whimpered. “I-I—“


”What is it? Tell me.” Jeongguk asked. He could feel Taehyung getting heated, could see it with how ruined he already looked and they barely did a thing. Taehyung’s hair is a mess, lips swollen and puffy and an angry shade of red from Jeongguk hungrily attacking them. His breaths are uneven, chest hovering in quick motions, and if Jeongguk puts his thigh just between Taehyung’s legs to feel how hard he already is, he won’t say a thing. 


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung whispered. Jeongguk is almost choking when Taehyung begins to thrust his hips to meet Jeongguk’s thigh, the friction too much to handle. “I-I need you.” 


“Jesus Christ, Tae.” Jeongguk breathed out, hands coming to grip at his hips. He helps Taehyung thrust forward, connecting his clothed erection with his thigh in each thrust. “You’re So fucking filthy.”


“G-Guk.” Taehyung fasten his movement, the hardness of Jeongguk’s muscled, firm and thick thigh (and probably one of his favorites parts in Jeongguk’s body) Turning him on.


“You like that, baby? You like riding my thick thigh like that?” Jeongguk whispered in his ear, his lips catching his earlobe and sucking lightly. “Using me to pleasure yourself, fucking hell, Tae.”   


“I—“ Taehyung let his head lean back against the wall, the tanned skin of his neck now exposed and inviting Jeongguk to lick a long, wet stripe. “I want m-more.” 


“Tae,” Jeongguk groaned, the tightness he feels down at his lower area because of Taehyung becoming uncomfortable. “You want more? What do you want?” 


“You—“ Taehyung gasped when Jeongguk raise his knee to meet Taehyung’s thrusts. “Take me to your bed, please, guk.” 


“Fuck,” Jeongguk groaned against, letting his head fall against Taehyung’s. “Are you sure, babe? I don’t want to move too—“


”Sure, so sure,” Taehyung muttered heavily under his breath. “Please, Jeongguk.”


in one swift motion, Jeongguk grips the back of Taehyung’s thighs, raising him up from the wall and into his arms. He walks them down the hallway towards his room, and they keep on kissing on their way there, kiss now much more messy and hungry. The way Jeongguk let Taehyung fall down onto his bed, carefully but still eagerly hovering over his body, is making Taehyung feel things, and he may or may not admit he got a huge thing for Jeongguk’ manhandling him, ever since that comment about him going to the gym a lot. 


“Clothes, please,” Taehyung begs, eager to see what Jeongguk has been constantly working his ass off at the gym for. Jeongguk chuckled at his eagerness, keen on taking his time just to tease Taehyung and see him beg for more. 


After much pleading and grabby hands from Taehyung, Jeongguk managed to take off his shirt and sweatpants, leaving him only in his tight boxers. The sight is a sight to be hold; Jeongguk is extremely hot, body fit and toned and Taehyung is almost drooling at how fucking big Jeongguk’s biceps are. Taehyung let his fingers trail around Jeongguk’s pecks, enjoying the hardness of them and maybe or maybe not Jeongguk flexed them a little just to show off. He comes down for a kiss again, and feels Taehyung’s fingers closing on his boxers, quick to stop him from lowering them. 


“Uh huh.” He shook his head, nudging Taehyung’s fingers away. “Your turn now, baby.” 


Taehyung pouts, but does as told, and maybe Jeongguk takes Taehyung being so obedient  as a remind for future references. 


It’s marvelous, really, getting to be in this position and seeing Taehyung looking so merciful like that after getting rid of his clothes. He’s just as beautiful, Jeongguk knows, but naked Taehyung is a sight Jeongguk wants to engrave in his memory, how entrancing and beautifully proportioned it is, with that delicate smooth skin that makes Jeongguk lean closer and pass his lips around, seeking for the touch of Taehyung’s warm skin against his pair of lips. It’s nothing but exciting, how Taehyung is at his mercy like that, completely exposed and visible, and Jeongguk gets to take his time passing his tongue all the way from Taehyung’s addicting collarbones that he pays extra attention to, to his cute little tummy, with the right amount of baby fat that makes his waist so slim and curved to the point of his lower body. 


Taehyung’s ass is big. 


Thick and big, to be exact, and Jeongguk relishes in the fact he gets to have his hands feel those perky cheeks and massage them like he fucking owns them. 


“So fucking pretty, Tae, all for me.” Jeongguk whispered, letting his fingers trail down and pull Taehyung’s boxers off with them. Taehyung doesn’t argue, he lets Jeongguk lay him completely naked on his bed, just waiting to be touched. 


Taehyung’s cock is red and aching, begging to be touched, and if Jeongguk wasn’t so persistent on having his dick inside his ass right now, he would probably tease him just a tiny bit. 


“Ah, guk, please,” it’s unclear what Taehyung is begging for, but Jeongguk is capable of understating right away when his fingers trail a tiny bit lower to finally wrap themselves around Taehyung’s erection. 


“Shit, Tae, you’re already so hard.” Jeongguk cursed lowly, his hand slowly but surly starting to pump taehyung’s member, making the boy underneath him let out heavy breaths. 


“For you, only for you.” Taehyung whispered, almost fumbling over his words when Jeongguk pushed his thumb into his slit. 


“That’s right.” Jeongguk pursed his lips, hand starting to pump faster. “Only me.” 


The thought is a bit possessive, but oddly satisfying to know Taehyung is only at his compassion right now. There’s no abusive boyfriends at sight, not anyone that Taehyung could go back to at the end of the day. It’s only him and Jeongguk now, and that couldn’t make Jeongguk anymore thankful. 


“J-Jeongguk, please... more.” Taehyung let his palm wrap around Jeongguk’s wrist to stop him, eyes locating him and the pout of his lips is anything but undeniable. 


Jeongguk nodded briefly, “turn around for me, baby?” 


Taehyung nodded, and without needing to be told twice he flipped himself to lay on his stomach, leaning on his hands and knees with his ass perked up and pretty for Jeongguk’s view. Jeongguk grows ten times harder at the sight; with the curve of Taehyung’s ass and how his back is arched perfectly to point it out, like knowing it was one of the best features about him. Jeongguk is almost lost in a daze at that, eyes glued to Taehyung’s behind as if to memorize the scene in his brain, but then Taehyung shakes his ass a bit to take him out of his daydreaming and is smirking back at him, like knowing what got Jeongguk in a daze. 


Jeongguk eventually caught up on himself and opened the nearby drawer, glad to make himself leave a package of condoms and lube even though he didn’t have any in months. “I’m gonna open you up for me now, okay baby?”


”Y-Yeah, please.” Taehyung nodded rushingly, pushing his ass backwards to desperately meet any touch from Jeongguk’s warmth. 


Jeongguk raise his hand to caress the soft flesh of his asscheek gently, drawing light patterns to sooth him down and let him feel his warm touch. His other hand gathered a good amount of lube on top of three of his fingers. “You’re Sure, Tae? We can still—“ 


“Jeongguk, insert your fucking finger in me already, fuck.” Taehyung pleaded, his hand turning around slightly to glare at Jeongguk softly, though assuring him he was 100% in this thing.


well, there’s no backing away now. 


Jeongguk brought his lubed up finger to the entrance of Taehyung’s hole, circling it around a bit to tease. Taehyung let a shaky breath escape his lips, falling to lean on his arms, which made his back arch even more. Surly enough, Jeongguk was done with the teasing and insert his finger inside. To adjust slowly, he moved it carefully until he was knuckles deep inside. Taehyung’s walls are warm and squeezing, heat surrounding Jeongguk’s finger when he let it slide to his entrance before pushing back in. 


“Ah, gukkie.” Taehyung moaned, his head falling down onto the pillow in front of him as he bite his lips harshly. 


Taehyung is tight, super tight, and Jeongguk can’t wait to let his hole squint his thick, big cock inside and swallow it whole. 


In no time there are two fingers inside Taehyung’s heat now, scissoring and working to release the muscles and prep him properly. Taehyung is already a mess, not even a dick inside him and he’s already moaning and whining and muttering jeongguk’s name and ‘please, please more Jeongguk’ without a stop. Jeongguk is astonished, completely baffled by the sight that is Taehyung, looking so good on his arms and knees bent over like that, taking Jeongguk’s now third finger inside so well that all Jeongguk can do is praise him over and over again. 


“Yes, yes Jeongguk, right there!” Taehyung moaned, mouth gaping open when Jeongguk’s fingers brush right against his prostate. Jeongguk then makes sure to hit that spot over and over again, abusing it eagerly until Taehyung is crying out his name, begging him to fuck him now. 


“You’re So fucking pretty, Tae, fuck.” Jeongguk greeted his teeth, his other hand that kept Taehyung in place from squirming and budging with a hold on his waist is moving to smack the smooth, soft skin of his asscheek lightly, enjoying the sound of Taehyung’s moans when his cheeks tint red. “You’re doing so good already, so perfect.” 


Taehyung is overwhelmed by the praises, hands tightening against the sheets as he squeezed his eyes shut. “Gukkie, please.” 


“Words Taehyung, tell me what you want.” Jeongguk urged, even though he was perfectly aware of what Taehyung needed right now. He wanted to hear him say it. 


“Please, put your cock inside me, fuck me good, please, Jeongguk.” The Words come out messy and slumbered, Taehyung already in a forest of pleasure from Jeongguk’s fingers and if he’s not going to get Jeongguk’s thick cock anytime soon he might lose it. 


“As you wish, sweetheart.” Jeongguk smiled smugly, his fingers immediately leaving Taehyung and he tried not to coo at the whine he let out then, instead taking the condom wrap from next to him and ripping it open. 


He slide it all through his shaft, working it a few times with deep breaths before coating it with lube. He looked at Taehyung, not able to keep his eagerness and want as he fidgeted on the bed, his hips messily thrusting forward to make his cock brush against the sheets to get any kind of reaction. He is so desperate and pretty like that, Jeongguk thought. 


Jeongguk hovered over his body then, his hand moving to stroke Taehyung’s back as he moved his face closer to his, his lips pressing soft kisses on his shoulders, then on his face. 


“I’m gonna work you so well, Tae, I’m gonna make you feel so good. I promise.” Jeongguk whispered in his ear lightly, his hand moving to flat Taehyung’s dump from sweat hair away from his face. “You deserve being pleasured and pampered, deserved being worshiped, you hear me?” Jeongguk’s Words are so sudden, yet they make Taehyung smile bashfully, puckering his lips for Jeongguk to peck them tenderly. 


“I believe you, Jeonggukie, I trust you.”


And really, that’s all Jeongguk wanted to hear from the angelic boy in front of him. All he ever wanted was for Taehyung to trust him, to know Jeongguk would never treat him like Seojoon did, would never even dare to raise a hand against him. He’ll care for him, treat him like he deserves to be treated, make him feel as wanted and cared for as Jeongguk wants him to feel. 


“I’m not only gonna fuck You, Tae.” Jeongguk spoke lowly. “I’m gonna make love to you as well, do you hear me?” 


“Yes, yes, please do that. Please make love to me, Jeongguk.” Taehyung let out shakily, his head leaning back against Jeongguk’s shoulder when Jeongguk kissed his neck feathery. 


“I’m gonna do—“ he placed a kiss to Taehyung’s lips. “—just that.”  


And then he gets back up slowly, his hand gripping his already throbbing cock to slowly place it at Taehyung’s entrance. Sliding it against his hole a few times, Jeongguk finally adjusted his cock inside, slowly pushing it further until he bottomed out. 


Taehyung whined, making Jeongguk reach for his hair to tug it softly, distracting him from the slight pain. 


Eventually Taehyung gave him the green light, and Jeongguk slowly took his cock out only to insert it right back inside, making Taehyung fall down completely flat on the bed with a groan. 


He does it a few more times, just preparing Taehyung’s tight heat and adjusting it to the thickness that it his dick. 


Slowly picking up his pace, Jeongguk starts to pump his cock inside Taehyung quicker, a bit harder, but still slow and just right, with the promise of making this as a memory of them making love. Love is a big word, especially since they barely know what they are at the moment, but Jeongguk couldn’t really care, because he has Taehyung to himself after waiting for nearly a year, and he couldn’t have anything better in his life at the moment. Taehyung is all he ever wanted, and jamming his cock inside him more and more as Taehyung lets out the purest moans is everything Jeongguk could wish for.


”gukkie, i’m— I’m so full right now, ugh.” Taehyung hitched on his breath, the thickness of Jeongguk’s cock against the tightness of his asshole is truly a blessing. 


“Yeah, you’re so fucking tight.” Jeongguk breathed out, his hands reaching for Taehyung’s hips to thrust in a better angle, to keep Taehyung steady as he moved his shaft in and out of him in a steady rhythm.  


Their moans and grunts mashed together in the quiet of the room. The atmosphere is warm and tight around them and they both feel in bliss as they slowly reach more and more to their climax. No one can call this moment pure, but for them it was a mix of pureness and pleasure and there was nothing that seemed more right than that. 


“You feel so fucking good, Tae, fuck.” Jeongguk grunted, hips circling against Taehyung’s ass while he keeps pumping his dick in and out. The sound of the bed kicking against the wall, the sound of skin slapping against skin, moans and whines and groans and everything in that situation is a craving for Jeongguk, something he’s willing to write down in history. Taehyung feels so good, and he couldn’t look any better like that, just at the place Jeongguk wanted him to be. 


“Babe,” Jeongguk called, gripping his hips tighter. “I want to see your pretty face.” And Taehyung whined even louder at that, as Jeongguk flipped him again to lay on his back,  his eyes going darker once seeing how wrecked Taehyung looked. His hair completely messy, stuck to his forehead with sweat dripping down from it. Eyes big and shining, looking at Jeongguk with so much admiration. His lips are still bruised, but this time almost beaten from how much he bite them to stuffed his moans. His face is red, marks on his neck bold and dark, and Jeongguk would really like to take a picture of him right then and there, keeping that only for him to memorize. 


And that’s what he does. 


“G-gukk?” Taehyung turned confused when Jeongguk has separated himself from his body, dick slapping against his abs as he took it out swiftly and got up from the bed. He watched as Jeongguk moved to his desk, gripping the black metal in his hands. “What... what are you doing?” Taehyung’s chest rose up and down heavily, still blissed out from how great Jeongguk is making love to him. 


“I told you how I admire pretty things,” Jeongguk started, coming closer to place his legs on each side of Taehyung’s body. “And I take pictures of pretty things I admire.” 


“Gukk...” Taehyung turned a deep red shade, realizing his intention. 


“Only if you agree, that is,” Jeongguk said carefully. “Will you let me get a memory of that beautiful sight that is you right now?” 


Taehyung bite his lips. “Jesus, gukkie.” 


“Really, Tae, i’m Not saying that just because. I’m asking because I truly can’t believe I have such beauty beneath me right now.” Jeongguk spoke. 


“O-Okay.” Taehyung nodded shyly. “But it’s only for you to see.” 


“I wouldn’t dream of anyone else seeing you like this.” Jeongguk squinted his eyes at him. 


And Taehyung almost gasp at the insertion of Jeongguk’s cock right inside him again, feeling his walls squeezing around him as he settled inside. “I’m going to fuck You now, and you’re gonna look pretty for my camera, okay?” 


“I don’t think I— ugh—  can control it, gukkie.” Taehyung moaned when Jeongguk pushed in deeper. 


“That’s exactly what I want.” Jeongguk said, his eyes squinting to look at the camera lenses, seeing Taehyung right through it, and oh, was that sight should be held in a museum. 


Jeongguk kept on fucking inside Taehyung, movements now sharper and direct as he pushed in and out of Taehyung, the boy looking in pure bliss as he tried to ignore the camera and act natural like Jeongguk wants him to. He heard the click of the camera going off a few times, and when Jeongguk’s cock aimed in a new direction afterwards, hitting right into his prostate, Taehyung let out the loudest moan, chest heaving and back arching from the bed. It’s that right moment when Jeongguk takes another picture, and it’s satisfying enough for him. He puts the camera down on his nightstand, and then proceeded to jam right into that certain spot in Taehyung’s ass that made Taehyung go crazy.


Minutes after and they both tend to reach closer to their climax, Jeongguk’s hand reaching for Taehyung’s red and neglected  erection to pump him quickly, urging him to cum. 


“Ugh, Jeongguk— shit, I’m... I’m close.” Taehyung gripped his shoulders when Jeongguk put his hands around his torso, raising him just a tiny bit from the sheets to hold their bodies together as his cock goes deeper and faster. 


“Me too, Tae, fuck— I’m gonna cum.” Jeongguk alerted, face moving closer to press his lips against Taehyung. 


It’s more of teeth clenching against each other, tongues molding together, rather than a kiss, but it’s still something, and it makes both of their moans grow louder and firmer and soon enough, Jeongguk is milking Taehyung straight through his orgasm as the boy arched off of the bed, moaning Jeongguk’s name while he spills white into Jeongguk’s hand and his stomach. Jeongguk is soon to follow, groaning furiously as his cock spilled into the condom, his shaft still pumping inside Taehyung as he got off of his high, lips bruising as he bites on Taehyung’s lips. 


Their breaths are heavy and deep and unsteady when they get off of their climax. Jeongguk stay put inside Taehyung for a while, pushing the boy’s hair from his forehead as Taehyung let his hands off of him, laying sprout like a starfish. He hissed when Jeongguk took his cock out slowly, his hole suddenly feeling empty but still worn out. 


Jeongguk smiled down at Taehyung, hand moving to caress his cheek softly as the boy leaned into the touch. “This is the best sex I have ever had in my entire life.” He chose to admit all of a sudden. 


Taehyung giggled softly, nodding. “Same for me.” 


“Did you plan it when you arrived at my door?” Jeongguk asked, careful not to let his weight fall all on Taehyung. 


“Maybe,” Taehyung shrugged with a smirk. 


“Uh, I see.” Jeongguk smiled widely, unable to control himself as he pecked the corner of Taehyung’s lips. “I should probably clean you up.”


taehyung hummed, too fucked out to protest or say anything else as Jeongguk rose up from the bed and went towards the bathroom, coming back in again with a wet towel to clean all of the seamen and sweat from their bodies. 


“Do you want—“ he’s about to speak again once he threw the dirty towel to the floor, too tired to put it anywhere else, but Taehyung is grabbing him by his shoulders and pulling him back into the bed, quickly wrapping himself around him like a koala bear. 


“I just want to cuddle with you now, is that okay?” Taehyung pouted at him, head placed down on his sweaty chest. 


Jeongguk looked down at him, sweetly awing at how cute he was. “Don’t you want to shower?”


“Not now, now let’s cuddle.” Taehyung ordered, putting his leg and arm around Jeongguk.


Jeongguk sighed but gave up, chuckling softly as he let his arm wrap around Taehyung as well. 


The silence around them is soothing, and Jeongguk gets the time to look and admire Taehyung as much as he wanted. 


After a while, still being awake, He lets his fingers travel around Taehyung’s back, fingers drawing certain patterns to the soft skin. Thinking Taehyung must be past asleep, he doesn’t except to hear Taehyung’s voice speak up again. 


“I hope you’re not gonna jerk off to those pictures you took of me now every time you’re horny.” 


Jeongguk burst into laugher, throwing his head back. “Jesus Tae, really?” 


He tried not to think about the hidden meaning behind Taehyung’s words, how it sounded like they are going to keep together now, hopefully, be together in the future as well. 


“No, not when I have the real thing right besides me.” 



(And if Hoseok might stumble across said camera months later, scrolling through Jeongguk's photos carelessly until approaching the ones he would most likely regret seeing, well, no one needs to know.)









“Ugh, I think it’s the last one.” Jeongguk said while putting the last, hopefully, box down on the ground, whipping his palms on his dirty jeans as he looked around the empty space. 



“Thank god.” Hoseok groaned heavily, slumping on the couch with a thud. “I thought not being much of a help two years ago when you first moved in was kind of a hint. Never thought you’ll consider me for a second time.” 


“That’s why I’m here this time as well.” 


Both their heads turned backwards when Namjoon has approached the room, holding a lamp in his hands before looking for a place to place it on. “You forgot this, by the way.” 


Jeongguk pursed his lips. “No offense, hyung, but I think I rather have Hoseok not really helping me rather than worrying about your clumsy ass dropping my expensive photography equipment.” 


“Ah, it was one time.” Namjoon glared at his way. “Would you ever forget about it?” 


“No, I don’t think so.” Jeongguk smirked, giggling when Namjoon nudged his side. 


“Hey, when you think about it, it’s really a closure now, don’t you think?” Hoseok started, looking around the new space. “Me, helping you move into a new apartment again, a nice one, that is. Just two years ago we were carrying those heavy boxes all the way up the stairs to the third floor. What a relief you found an apartment with an elevator this time.” He chuckled. 


Jeongguk smiled genuinely, clasping his hands together as he looked around the untouched apartment. It is much bigger now, a wider space than the crappy one he he got so mindlessly two years ago. It’s an affordable space in mid-town, swarming with the busy streets but still with the best view he could ever wish for. With the reminder of that, he approaches the big balcony that he got to have with this nice apartment, the breezy air approaching him quickly as he stepped out and his eyes lended on the wonderful, greenish and natural scenery of the park. 


It’s not much of a surprise to see a familiar figure leaning against the balcony, back to Jeongguk so He couldn’t really sense his presence. Taehyung is standing there, his eyes on the meandering view of the park he once took Jeongguk to, and since then became their own safe place. Jeongguk smiled softly, feeling warmth washing him with the scene of Taehyung beautifully standing at their now shared porch, looking out to the place he dreamed of seeing every morning. 


It was shameful that Jeongguk had to interrupt his peaceful moment, but he just couldn’t hold himself back from stepping forward and wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s middle, setting his chin on Taehyung’s shoulder and sniffing the sweet scent of his strawberry shampoo. 


“Hey there.” 


“ah, Jeongguk!” Taehyung turned his head to meet his face, seeing Jeongguk looking admiringly at him. “You scared me.” 


“Sorry, babe.” Jeongguk tighten his grip on him, kissing the exposed skin of his neck tenderly. “Liking the view?” 


“Oh, you bet your ass I am.” Taehyung huffed dreamingly, looking back in front of him to the scenery of the park, the quiet surrounding of it and the lake streaming down through it.


Of course Taehyung liked the view, he was in ecstasy when Jeongguk has approached him with the idea of moving in together to a condo just in front of the park they used to walk Yeontan to almost every day together. Taehyung didn’t even mind about the apartment (which Jeongguk was extremely pushy about, he really needed Taehyung to be sure of the house they’re going to live in, no matter how pretty the view is), but Taehyung was determined, and Jeongguk was whipped. So, quickly enough it was settled and they got the apartment, because whatever made Taehyung happy, made Jeongguk happy as well. 


It’s been two years since the two met, one since they officially opened with a new beginning. Their relationship wasn’t all pink and happy, they had their fair share of obstacles and adjustments to do in order for the both of them to feel comfortable, especially after everything they’ve been through. It took Taehyung time to adjust into a new relationship, even after the five months he was gone, but Jeongguk never pressured him, always took his time and make sure Taehyung’s happiness and comfort came first, always. They took it slow, made it into their own rhythm, and if one of them felt the slightest bit of discomfort, they always made sure to communicate in order to solve it. 


But what was important after all, is that Jeongguk has made Taehyung feel like he’s worth it again. He made him feel deserved for the love and care Jeongguk put out for him, made him forget all about the douche of an ex-boyfriend he had before. Even if it wasn’t Jeongguk’s problem to take care of (in which Taehyung has remind him a couple of times), he still made the effort to remind Taehyung over and over again that if anything, Taehyung deserves much more than that, and of course Taehyung makes sure to answer that there is nothing he could’ve wished more than Jeongguk being there, just being there, for him.  


And then their relationship really flew sky-high. It started with small, cute dates. Or short walks with Yeontan to the park. Later, late nights in each other’s apartments, watching movies and eating ramen. And much later, those nights turned into cuddling nights, which turned to sleepover nights, which turned into long, deep hours of having sex in every corner of the house that Taehyung could bent over at. 


And as simple as it was, it was magical at the same time. Both felt strong feelings towards the other and grew admiration that kept them both in falling really deeply in love. Yes, they’re in love, which is how Jeongguk has mustered the courage to admit that one night as they were walking down the trail of the park, this time without their fluffy dog, but only them, hands intertwined together and bodies closer then necessary. The ‘i love you’ came bluntly and almost on accident, Jeongguk mouthing out his thoughts like the awkward mess that he was. And it got him panicked, but surprisingly enough, Taehyung laughed it off, stopping to give a small peck to his lips, mouthing an ‘I love you so much more’ in return. Which, later, also brought up the question, maybe we should, y’know, move in together? You practically live at my house and eat my ramen anyways.


and that’s why they’re here, a new, official start of their life together as a couple. Jeongguk might feel a bit nervous with the new chapter they opened for themselves, and maybe Taehyung too, but right now, standing here, wrapped up in each other’s embrace, looking forward to the night sky as the sun slowly started to set, they both know this is the right place for the both of them. In each other’s arms. 


“Me and the Hyungs just finished bringing all the boxes up.” Jeongguk whispered after a moment of thinking. Taehyung nodded, leaning back into his chest, too settled in the warmth of Jeongguk’s body. 


“We should probably go back inside to thank them.” Taehyung muttered back tiredly. Packing their stuff and moving them all across the street all day has got them both exhausted and tired, just wanting to get into the bed together and fall into a slumber.


“We should.” Jeongguk sighed in comfort, nosing at Taehyung’s neck softly.


Yet neither of them made the effort to release the other, still kept in the other’s embrace, eyes still locked in front of them. 


“I’m so glad you moved into that apartment two years ago, guk.” Taehyung admitted all of a sudden, his voice a bit fragile.


And Jeongguk is glad as well, feeling a bit fragile too to the thought of what could’ve been if Jeongguk chose to stay in the campus’ dorms with his thief of a roommate, or choosing another apartment to move into. He doesn’t want to think about it, the bad feeling already settling in his stomach just doing so; thinking about not ever meeting Taehyung, not ever falling in love with him, Taehyung probably staying under Seojoon’s reign, having been hurt and abused for eternity without Jeongguk being there to help him. God, the feeling of Taehyung never being able to escape the brutality of his ex-boyfriend, having to be suffocated in toxicity every day for years. It makes Jeongguk so fucking terrified, that ‘what if’, but glad that fate has brought them both together to help each other. 


“Don’t think about that, gukkie.” Taehyung has gotten him out of his daze, as if knowing what Jeongguk must think about. “It’s over, it’s behind us in the past. It happened, but it’s a fading scar now, guk, please don’t ever think about it again.” Taehyung spoke lowly. 


“D-don’t you ever wonder?” Jeongguk sniffled, his arms still wrapped around the boy. “Ever wonder, what if I didn’t move in? What if I didn’t find out? What if—?”


”don’t think about the what if, guk.” Taehyung turned in his arms, face now inches apart from his as he placed his slender hands on Jeongguk’s cheeks gently. “Think about what brought us here, the positive things. Think about you and me together, growing together, being happy.” Taehyung smiled shyly at him. “That should be your only what if.” 


Jeongguk let out a shaky breath, pressing his forehead against Taehyung’s, his eyes fluttering. “I love you so fucking much, Tae.” 


Taehyung smiled softly, wrapping his arms around his neck. “I love you too, gukkie.” 


And then jeongguk mashed their lips together into an affectionate kiss, bringing their mouths together. The kiss is like any other, but still held a fond touch to it, a touch that brings hope and assurance for the both of them, and as they deepen the kiss, the safety of the other is only growing and becoming vivid. 


Of course, it’s not a while after that they’re being interrupted. As Taehyung separated their mouths from each other, Jeongguk glares back, seeing Hoseok knocking on the glass door. 


What, hyung?” Jeongguk squinted his eyes at him, hate being interrupted in this moment of him and Taehyung. 


“Sorry to bother you two love birds, but The others arrived at the door, and they— oh my god, I can’t even stress this enough—“


”What is it?” Jeongguk tilted his head in annoyance, wrapping his arm around Taehyung’s shoulders that now stood next to him, looking at them in amusement. 


“We brought you guys a surprise!” 


They exit the balcony with curious looks, following Hoseok back into the living room, only for Jeongguk to holt in his place, eyes fixed on the new piece of furniture all wrapped up new and clean in the middle of the living room. 




“What the fuck is that?” 




“It’s your new couch! No more vibrant, ugly green, am I right?!” 



Jeongguk facepalmed. Deep down, he really grew attached to that green couch. Well, mainly because of the endless nights of Taehyung and him cuddled up on it, or the moments he and Taehyung messed around and started a tickling fight in front of a certain kdrama, or the ones where he used to sit widely with Taehyung moaning on his lap, riding his cock so well while gripping the arms of the couch, grimacing with how ugly it was.




”I fucking hate you, Hoseok.”