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Who Knew a Quirkless Omega Would Steal Katsukis Heart?

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Izuku hummed softly, walking hand in hand with his best friend, Uraraka.

"Hey, Izuku.. Do you ever wonder what it's like being an Alpha?" The pink cheeked beta asked.

"Not.. really.. Honestly i'm glad to be an omega, did you know the most dangerous villains, are omegas?"

Uraraka snorted, playfully shoving Izuku as they walked down the sidewalk.

"Now don't go and turn into a villain now Izu!" She joked, rolling her eyes jokingly.

"I won't, I won't!" Izuku hummed, and stopped in front of a cafe, Uraraka smiled warmly at him.

"Wanna get a coffee?" Izuku asked, dis-entwining their fingers.

"Sure!" Uraraka smiled, walking into the small cafe with Izuku.

They sat down at a booth, not really bothering to get something to drink as they said they would.

"Soooo.. Anyone catch your eye?" Uraraka smirks at Izuku as she rests her elbows on the tabletop.

"Err.. I-" Izuku awkwardly rubbed his cheek. "No.. not really."

Uraraka pouted. "Cmon.. Maybe a hero? Ooo I heard my bud Red Riot is single.. Wait no, I think he has the hots for Pinky." She snorted.

Izuku's eyes shimmered.
"Wait really? I've been wondering if they liked each other I mean like they're obviously the perfect couple with them being partners and all not saying that they're perfect just because they're partners I mean I—.."

Uraraka shushed him.

"Hey, calm down Izu, I'm not sure if Kirishima likes Mina okay?" She giggled.

Izuku's face flushed in embarrassment as he looked to the side.

"Hm. Im thinking Ground Zero, I mean Katsukis a hothead but hes definitely gay." Uraraka giggled.

"Wait wha-" Izuku looked away for a second, looking back and Uraraka completely disappeared.

Katsukis POV

Katsuki sat on Kirishima's bed, scrolling through his phone as Kirishima babbled about fuckin Raccoon Eyes.

He found an article, on him.

"When will Ground Zero Find a Mate?"

Katsuki rolled his eyes, but out of curiosity pressed on the article.

Will Ground Zero Find a Mate?

We all know the #1 hero, known as the symbol of Victory Ground Zero. But what we don't know is the alpha's love life. Sure, he hangs out with Red Riot, or Uravity, or even Pinky and Chargebolt, but if he is with any of them, when will he make it public?

Katsuki furrowed his eyes, clicking out of the article before he could read any more of this nonsense.


Kirishima finally figured out he wasn't listening, and let out a whine.

"Bakubro! Seriously I need advice!" the Alpha exclaimed, before getting a text.

Katsuki blinked, and shrugged as Kirishima's pout turned into a wide smile as he texted back

Kirishima's POV

He whined, upset that Katsuki wasn't listening to him, honestly not really upset but still.

"Bakubro! Seriously I need advice!" He groaned, but then Uraraka texted him.

Uraraka: Hey, yknow how Katsuki is like.. hella gay?

Kirishima: Yessss… OMG have you found someone for him??!

Uraraka: MAYBE…

Kirishima: OMFGG OK YES.

Uraraka: his names Izuku! and he's a total nerd

Kirishima: even more of a nerd than bakubro?


Kirishima: woah, thats scary.

Uraraka: Also watch out im p sure its the same for you.

Kirishima: -shocked face emoji-

Uraraka: pff, anyway you should convince Katsuki to go to the club tonight, get em hella drunk. Don't worry about Izuku, i'll make sure he comes.

Kirishima: Sure! alright see you at 8?

Uraraka: thats the plan.

Kirishima hummed, walking over to Katsuki.

"Soooo… Bakubro wanna come to the club toni-"


"Pleeeeaaasseee?" Kirishima pouted.





"Fucking fine." Katsuki rolled his eyes as Kirishima jumped up in victory.

"Okay see you tonight bakubro! Uhh.. imma go somewhere you can leave whenever!"

Kirishima saw katsuki nod out of the corner of his eye as he dashed out of his apartment.

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Katsuki blinked, he shrugged at his outfit. They asked him to be there, but they didn't ask him to look pretty.

He was wearing a grey hoodie and some black ripped jeans, he slipped on his sneakers before walking swiftly over to the club.

Once he got inside he looked around for Kirishima, once he couldn't find him he decided to get a drink at the bar. He walked across the club, sitting down next to a green haired Omega.

The omega actually smelled, kinda nice. His scent was like orange chocolate, if that makes sense. Katsuki shook his head, why was he even thinking about the omega? he shrugged, ordering a beer as he waited for Kirishima.

The omega looked in his direction, and gasped softly.

"Are.. Are you Ground Zero?" He asked softly, his emerald green eyes wide.

Katsuki blinked, then nodded.

"Oh! Well I personally think how your quirk works is amazing! You use nitroglycerin in your sweat to create explosions from your palms! And how your gauntlets work, they store your sweat to make it so you can make bigger explosions without straining your quirk! Honestly you're even better than All Might was, in my opinion."

Katsuki stared at the Omega for a second.
"Woah, you're a huge fucking nerd arent you?" Katsuki rolled his eyes, but honestly he was impressed.
"What's your quirk?" Katsuki asked.

"Well uh.. I don't have one.." The omega stared at his feet, like they were the most interesting thing in the world.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes. Someone this smart, didn't have a quirk? Damn! it’s so unfair! He would be an amazing hero with all of this information.

"Are you.. Are you serious?" Katsuki accidentally let out alpha pheromones, causing the Omega to shrink back.

"Fuck! Sorry! I just think its fucking dumb you dont have a quirk."
The omega blinked, then nodded.
"I honestly.. don't think I could be a hero anyway.." The omega murmured, looking to the side shyly.
"Fuckin, you can’t even defend yourself if a shitty alpha tries to take advantage of you on the streets! Damn unfair." Katsuki growled.
The omega tilted his head. "Why do you even care about me.. Ground Zero?"

"Call me Katsuki, and fuck.. It's just damn horrible what happens to omegas without quirks..."


"Oh.. Well, Kat- Kat- Kacchan.. Call me Izuku."

Katsuki blinked.. Kacchan?! What kind of four year old name is that.

"What the fuck— Can you not say my name or something?"

Izuku blushed lightly, before nodding.

"It’s hard, okay?" Izuku whined, looking slightly embarrassed.

Katsuki snorted, shaking his head lightly.

"That's fucking hilarious, fine, if I’m Kacchan you're Deku." He smirked.

Izuku looked over,
"Hey, you know.. You didn't drink your beer yet." The omega snorted.

Katsuki shrugged, before taking a swig of it.
"So, what brings you here anyway?" Katsuki asked.

"Well, my friend Urara-" He was interrupted by Katsuki.

"You mean pink cheeks?!" He took another sip of his beer.

"Yeah, I mean she does have pink cheeks.." Izuku hummed, taking a small sip of his own beer.

Katsuki let out a laugh.
"I wonder if that's why I'm here tonight? I mean Kirishima got one of those looks whenever someone texted him earlier."

Izuku blinked. "What do you mean.. Kacchan?" Izuku asked, his beer now gone.

"They're probably trying to set me up with you. Those fuckin' idiots." Katsuki rolled his eyes.

Izuku's eyes blew wide as his face reddened.

"Wait What?!"

Katsuki snorted, before Uraraka and Kirishima showed up.

"I see you've met Izuku!" Uraraka giggled before sitting on the other side of Izuku, ordering him another beer.

Kirishima smirked.
"Whats up, Bakubro?" He asked, sitting on the empty seat by Katsuki.
Katsuki glared in his direction.
"Why the fuck did you bring me here tonight?" Katsuki asked after ordering another beer.

"Welll…You never go out like this!" Kirishima smiled awkwardly before ordering himself some whiskey.
Katsuki rolled his eyes, finishing his second beer.

"Well! Me and Uraraka are gonna go dance! Have fun with Izuku!" Kirishima dragged Uraraka to the dancefloor.

Katsuki turned to the—now drunk because of Uraraka—omega.

"So, what are you planning to be, career wise?" Katsuki asked, nursing his third beer.
"I wannna.. I wanna be your mate, soo hott..." Izuku slurred drunkenly, giggling as he pressed against a.. flustered alpha.

"W-what?" Katsuki blushed, as the omega pressed into his chest. "Jeez what a lightweight." He rolled his eyes, letting the omega cuddle against him, should he mention Izuku is fully out of his chair, and now straddling him? yeah, he probably should.

To avoid coming to reality with what was happening he decided to get drunk himself.

About twenty minutes later the two were flirting very obviously at each other.

Izuku giggled, wrapping his arms around Katsukis neck. "Ooo should i get a treat, Kacchan? cause you're being a verryy good boy.." Izuku booped Katsukis nose, earning a smack on the ass.

"I dunno, throw me a bone and I might take it, I-zu-ku." Katsuki smirked.

"Mmh Kacchan we have vissittorrs…" Izuku pointed to Uraraka and Kirishima, and leaned against Katsukis chest.

"Uhh what the fuck?" Kirishima looked at the scene.

"Wow.. Didn’t know getting them drunk would make.." Uraraka waved her hand at Izuku and Katsuki for emphasis "THIS happen." Uraraka giggled.

Izuku pouted. "Mmnot drunk!" He huffed. "I’m so not drunkk.. I'll give Kacchan my number!" Izuku giggled, clumsily pulling out his phone, then blinking at katsuki.

"Heyy whatss your number?" He asked.

"Nn.. jus' give me the phone.." Katsuki grunted, taking it from Izuku's hand and texting his number, clumsily handing it back.

"And you'd think, they weren't sober enough to do this. But I stand corrected don't I, Uraraka?" Kirishima snorted.

"I guess you do!" Uraraka giggled. "Cmon lets go to your place and talk about your Mina problems."
Kirishima nodded, taking Uraraka out of the club.
Katsuki snorted, saving Izuku as a contact while Izuku did the same, then they put their phones away, Katsuki letting Izuku lean against his chest again. Izuku let out a content sigh, before looking slightly disgruntled.

"Someethinnggs wrong.." Izuku tapped his chin, before taking off Katsukis hoodie—which thankfully he had a shirt under it—and putting it on himself, humming.

"Nnh.. i donn.. feel so good.." Izuku groaned, burying his face in the alphas chest as he hiccuped.

"Wan' go homme?" Katsuki asked, tilting his head and stroking Izuku's head lazily.


Suddenly, Uraraka bursted in like a worried mom, Kirishima in tow.

"WE FORGOT HOW DRUNK THE TWO OF YOU WERE, NO CAR WRECKS ON OUR WATCH!" Kirishima yowled, casually took a picture of Izuku and Katsuki cuddling, then watched as Uraraka took a reluctant omega off of Katsukis lap, earning a growl from the blonde alpha.

"Well. I guess this hookup went better than expected." Kirishima put his hands on his hips happily.

woo! tbc!!

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Izuku woke up, luckily in his bed and fully clothed. But his head hurt like hell, so he got up, and ran to the bathroom, suddenly nauseous and threw up in the toilet.

"Dang.. how drunk did i get last nigh-" Izuku's eyes widen as he realizes.

He’s wearing Katsukis hoodie.

THE GROUND ZEROS hoodie to be exact.

He whips out his phone, looking through his contacts for Uraraka, but finding a peculiar contact name. "boom boom bae" Izuku snorts, and presses on it, texting him.

Fluffy Hair: Hii! uh im assuming your kacchan

boom boom bae: uh.. yes. fuck- did we do anything last night?!

Fluffy Hair: i mean b sides me stealing yur hoodie and cuddling, maybe some mild flirting- no, no we didnt

boom boom bae: thank the fucking gods-

Fluffy Hair: is my contact name weird too? your 'boom boom bae'

boom boom bae: that reminds me of a name shitty hair would give me

boom boom bae: and not too bad tbh. your 'Fluffy Hair'

Fluffy Hair: pfff.. i mean not to toot my own horn but my hair IS fluffy

boom boom bae: one sec im changing your contact name

Fluffy Hair: wait what is it gonna be?

cuddly bitch: kaccchhaann!!

boom boom bae: what

cuddly bitch: whats my contact name?!

boom boom bae: it shall remain a secret, to never be passed on, it shall remain unknown for all of time.

cuddly bitch: mean.

boom boom bae: no u

cuddly bitch: 0:

boom boom bae: lol

cuddly bitch: anyway, wanna hang out 2day, i wanna return your hoodie and meet you properly

boom boom bae: keep the hoodie, uh.. come 2 my place, 6 pm, ill make dinner and we can talk about life or some shit

cuddly bitch: sure id love to get to know u, kacchan!


After Katsuki sent Izuku his address Izuku got up, humming as he hugged himself, the hoodie smelling like the alpha. Katsukis scent was very pleasant to Izuku, like a campfire and pine trees.

Izuku giggled, giddy about meeting and talking to Katsuki, not just because he was the #1 hero, but because he actually seemed REALLY nice.

The omega walked into the living room and found Uraraka.

"Did you take me home Uraraka? If so I’m very glad that could have.. gotten out of hand.." Izuku scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"Yeah! I’m glad you're okay, Izu." She hummed.
"Is the hangover any bad? Need anything for it?"
She asked, like the motherly friend she is.

"Nah, I’m good. But! good news!! I’m gonna hang out with Kacchan today!"

"Waitwaitwait—He lets you call him Kacchan?!" Uraraka puts her hands on Izuku's shoulders.


"Hes.. never let me do that to him." She pouted, then shrugged "Guess you're special, Izuku!"
Izuku swatted at her shyly.
"Im any means special, Uraraka." He huffed, pouting.

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

This went on for about thirty minutes, before Izuku got a text from Katsuki, and stuck his tongue out at Uraraka.

boom boom bae: hey do u like katsudon?

cuddly bitch: uhh yes! but i need u to settle a argument

boom boom bae: shoot me with it

cuddly bitch: uraraka and me are fighting whether im special or not, am i special, or nah?

boom boom bae: fuck yeah u are.

cuddly bitch: NOOO dont take the heathens side!!

boom boom bitch: too. bad.

cuddly bitch: i hate u. i hope u step on a lego

Izuku huffed, putting his phone away.

"Even If Kacchan says im special, doesn't mean I am!" He turned away, walking to his room, pouting.

He flopped onto his bed, messing with the oversized hoodies string. He felt somehow satisfied with the alphas scent engulfing his body as he took a short nap.


When he woke up his phone was ringing, he groggily picked it up and answered it.

"Hello?" He asked sleepily.

"Hey, you were supposed to be here thirty minutes ago!" An angry Katsuki yelled through the phone.

"Oh! Shoot! I took a nap im sorry! I’ll be right over!"

Izuku hung up, not bothering to change out of Katsukis hoodie and his jeans as he slipped on his shoes, thank king the gods that katsuki didn’t live that far away as he dashed to his house. His bedhead was evident as he rang his doorbell.

When Katsuki answered it Izuku giggled nervously, remembering he had his hoodie on.

"Sorry.. I didn’t have enough time to get redressed, as I’m already thirty minutes late..," Izuku smiled awkwardly, playing with the hoodie strings as he looked at his feet.

"It’s alright, come on in." Katsuki opened the door to his apartment. "Sorry, the Katsudon is fuckin cold now, but you could heat it up or something." The blonde alpha lead Izuku to the table after shutting the door behind him, taking Izuku's plate and his and heating them up in the microwave, after he was finished he placed them back on the table and handed Izuku a fork. Katsuki sat down across from Izuku.

"So, I didn’t really get to know what you wanna be when you get older. Other than my mate of course." Katsuki teased.

"That was drunk Izuku!!" Izuku groaned. "I’d like to be a doctor, or atleast a nurse. It’s the closest to a hero I can be." Izuku smiled softly as he took a bite of the katsudon.

"Nurse Izuku would be pretty hot." Katsuki smirked, and Izuku choked on the katsudon, kicking Katsuki from under the table.


Katsuki kicked him back.

Soon they just began playing footsies from under the tables, like children.

Izuku admitted defeat after his legs hurt.

"Okay okay! you win! Let's go watch a movie!" Izuku smiled, his katsudon now gone from his plate as he pranced to the living room, plopping on the couch as Katsuki put the plates away.

Once Katsuki finished he put on a random movie from Netflix and sat on the other side of the comfy couch.

Izuku giggled at the movie ever so often, his emerald eyes beaming.

"Kacchan! did you see what he did?!" Izuku exclaimed at a rather funny scene. "I can’t believe he would do that!" Izuku snorted, which made a lot of weird feelings bubble in Katsukis chest.

And Katsuki hated feelings.

Specifically THESE feelings.

His alpha side was going crazy, and Katsuki barely controlled the urge to pounce and mark Izuku right then and there.



He’s going into rut.

Izuku's eyes went wide as he turned to look at Katsuki.

"Kacchan.. Are you in.." Izuku looked Katsuki up and down as he saw how feral he looked.

"Fuck I.. You should go.. Deku…" Katsuki grunted out through bared teeth. His alpha side was screaming at him for dismissing the potential mate.

"O-Okay, got it talk to you later, Kacchan!" Izuku got up, and dashed out the door.

Izuku huffed as he got outside of the apartment..

The rut had forced him into heat.

"Dammit.. I.. nngb.. gotta call Uraraka.." Izuku whined, pulling out his phone and calling her.

"Fuck.. I started my heat come nnh.. get me." He said as she answered.

"Didn’t you have it two weeks ago, Izuku?'

"Katsukis in.. rut. Forced me into a heat, get me now before i lose it and let him mount me."


Uraraka hung up, and showed up at Katsukis house, bringing the omega safely home.

"I didn't know it was even possible for you to get forced into heat." Uraraka hummed, as Izuku fought his own consciousness.

"Yeah.. nnhh.. it’s possible."

"Well, I’m lucky im not an omega, aren’t I?" She replied.

Chapter Text

2 days later! uh 2 days until the heat is gone.

Izuku let out a whine, as slick ran down his thighs, soaking the sheets under him. He cuddled closer into the hoodie he was wearing, it smelled like Katsuki.

Izuku felt tears streaming down his face as he called out for an alpha, specifically, hopefully, Katsuki to come help him.

He hiccuped as he pulled out his phone to text him, his eyes and mind clouded with lust.

cuddly bitch: come over pleaaseee

boom boom bae: you and me both know thats a bad idea, deku.

cuddly bitch: but whyy? i need help..

boom boom bae: no, thats final. get some rest or something

cuddly bitch: your unfair and mean, i hate you so much :( dont text me again.

boom boom bitch: you dont mean that, get some rest.

cuddly bitch: fuck u

boom boom bitch: no thanks

Izuku puts his phone down and lets out a sob of need, his arousal clear as he panted, his underwear and pants long forgotten as he stroked his cock.

"Nnh!" He keened, thumbing the slit as he thought of the blonde haired alpha, imagined it was him doing it,

Alpha alpha alpha


The release wasn't as pleasant as it could be, because he didn't get the knot he so desperately needed, but it was good enough for now.


Katsukis rut was far gone by the time Izuku had texted him, otherwise he would have been to his apartment in a literal second.

"Fuck.." Katsuki rubbed at his temples.

"Why is it everytime we meet something happens like this? Last time we got really drunk and now THIS happened." He talked to himself, his frustration clear as he bit his lip, deciding to text Uraraka.

katsuki: hey, is izuku okay

pink cheeks: yeppp, why are you worried?

katsuki: just feel bad

pink cheeks: katsuki, feels bad?!

katsuki: fuck off, are you at his apartment?

pink cheeks: yep, in his living room tuning out the noises in his room

katsuki: confiscate his phone, he tried getting me to come over

pink cheeks: will do, later tho im watching a romantic show and i dont want to get up

katsuki: fine, bye.


Katsuki sighs, rubbing his temples and feeling like an old man.

There was a ping

Izuku texted him, again.

He checked it, then dropped his phone.

"Fuck!! Did he seriously fucking—" He picked his phone up again, looking at the photo.

It was a dick pic

IZUKU'S dick pic.

Katsuki quickly deleted it, knowing Izuku wasn't conscious enough to make rational decisions. He turned off his phone, not bothering to answer Izuku as he laid down in his room.

"I need a nap." He grumbled before turning off his lamp and going under his black covers, falling asleep.

Its now near the end of Izuku's heat, and Izuku is blushing furiously while texting Katsuki

cuddly bitch: omfg i'm so sorry don't hate you I promise

boom boom bae: totally fucking okay, just dont ever send me a dick pic again.

cuddly bitch: what, you didn't like it?

boom boom bae: ive known you for a little over a WEEK.

cuddly bitch; you avoided my question.

boom boom bae: so, wanna study today? if your heat is done anyway

cuddly bitch: if i put on scent blockers i should b

boom boom bae: okay, come over whenever.

cuddly bitch; ubb.. i need a shower ill be there afterwards.

boom boom bae: ok

Izuku groaned at all of the dry cum on his body as he weakly walked to the bathroom, his eyes droopy.

He threw off his clothes, including the hoodie as he shut the door to the bathroom.

He washed off the dried cum and slick from his body, his eyes closed as he scrubbed shampoo into his green locks.


Katsuki lounged on the couch, waiting for Izuku to come over to study, but honestly, he just wanted to get to know the omega.

Everytime they tried to get to know each other, they always ended up doing.. something. Yeah, It was never sex, but it was always something sexual.

Someone knocked on the door, but when he opened it it wasn't Izuku..


it was Katsukis mother.

Chapter Text

    "Fucking hell, what do you want?" Katsuki growled, his eyes narrowing at his mother.


"That's not a way to treat your mother, brat." She spit back, shoving her way into Katsukis apartment, despite his angry protests.


"Why are you here exactly?" Katsuki grumbled, sitting on his couch.


"Why can't a mother pay her son a visit?" She asked.


"Well I-" He was cut off with knocking, and let out a noise of frustration before stomping to the door and opening it.


"WHA- Oh hey Izuku." Katsuki said, opening the door wider to let Izuku in.


"Were the rumors true?" Katsuki hears his mother say from the living room, amusement in her voice.


Izuku yelped at the voice.


"Oh, Kacchan did i come at a bad time or—"


"Kacchan?" Mitsuki raised a brow at Katsuki, who rolled his eyes and plopped on the couch once more.


"No, you didn't Izuku, the old hag here, did though."


"I think your sister looks quite young." Izuku murmured.


"Sister? Oh darling im flattered! I’m Katsuki’s mother." Mitsuki smiled. 


"So.. what the fuck is this about rumors?" Katsuki snarled at his mother.


"You were seen with this angel at the club." Mitsuki hummed. "You looked like a couple, there's even photos of him in your lap, take a look." She showed him a photo from her phone, and his face reddened a little.




Mitsuki looked over at Izuku, whose face was red as a tomato.


"Holy— No! we were just really drunk.. and when people are drunk they sometimes do things—"


Mitsuki frowned.


"Damn, I was hoping you were, but now that I think about it, you don't have a claim mark, what a shame."

Mitsuki got up, then looked at both Katsuki, and Izuku.


"Well, not all hopes lost, bye Izuku, bye brat."  


With that Mitsuki left the room.

   It's been a few days since Izuku's encounter with Katsuki's mom, and he wouldn't say it was an unpleasant one, but extremely uncomfortable. 


   Yeah, uncomfortable was the word. Between the rumors and her saying there was still hope for them becoming mates.


  Things between him and Katsuki after that had been tense, like now.


   They're sitting on Izuku's couch—as far away from each other as possible—watching a movie.


   Izuku looked warily at the blonde, his red eyes were focused on the movie. He furrowed his brows while watching the blonde, it was suddenly very hard to stop staring at the alpha and watch the movie.


   Soon Katsuki found out he was staring, and began staring as well. 


    Emerald green stared into ruby red eyes, for what seemed to be hours, before Izuku's phone went off, and with a yelp he answered it.


"H-Hello?" Izuku said as he put the phone to his ear.


"Izuku! Me and Iida were wondering if you’d like to hang out at the cafe!" Urarakas cheery voice came from the phone.


"Sure! Uh i'll be there soon, okay?" 


"Yep! Me and Iida are already here."


   With that the call ended, and Izuku looked at Katsuki.


"Well, Uraraka invited me to the cafe, leave when you want, okay?" 


Katsuki nodded, as Izuku slipped on his shoes and left his apartment.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

“I don’t give two fucks in a damn handbasket.” Katsuki snarled at Izuku, as he aggressively washed-more like abused-some dishes.

“But Kacchan! It'll be fun!” The green haired omega pouted, his green eyes glaring at the blonde, it made his heart flutter slightly, but he pushed it away and rolled his eyes, turning to look at Izuku.
“Such a fucking brat.” Katsuki dried his hands on a towel. “When is it?” He asked, putting his hands on his hips.

“Well..” Izuku pretended to think for a second before smiling. “Tomorrow!” Katsuki’s eyes narrowed.

“Why didn’t you tell me this like.. Two weeks ago?!” The angry pomeranian growled.

“Well, Kacchan, I did, you just didn’t listen to me.”

“Fucking fine, do you have costumes?” Katsuki asked, and Izuku nodded.

“You’ll love yours, Kacchan!” Izuku giggled as he ran to his bedroom and brought out two outfits.

(It's the ones from the fantasy outro please don’t make me describe them-)

Katsuki sighed, and deemed his costume worthy.

“Alright lets go to bed im fuckin’ tired.” Katsuki said, and banished Izuku to the couch.

The next day, Thursday, 7:36 PM

Katsuki and Izuku had finished putting on their costumes, and Izuku couldn’t help but check Katsuki out, he didn’t realize how hot he was, well he did but he had never seen his abs. I guess these are the perks with being a hero.


Katsuki blinked. "Earth to Izuku?"`` He said, waving his hand in his face. "Damn nerd."

Izuku snapped out of space, blinking for a second before blushing harshly.

"Oh jeez i'm so so so so so sorry!" Izuku hid his face with his arms.

"Nothin' to be sorry about, twerp." Katsuki rolled his eyes.

8:03 PM Thursday

Izuku and Katsuki had arrived at the party, and were hanging out at the bar-with apparently Kirishima
"Dude- don't get too drunk- you remember what happened last time, Right bakubro?" Kirishima chuckled before downing a shot.
"Im fuckin fine, thank you."`` The blonde alpha growled, narrowing his eyes at his redheaded friend before turning away, chatting with Izuku.

"I just don't get it, I've went over it so many times but i just can't get it right." Izuku pouted, probably talking about his game he played on his dumb phone.
"Well just fuckin give it to me ill finish it for you." Katsuki grumbled, taking the omegas phone from his hands.
"Hey! Katsukiii!" Izuku pouted, lazily reaching for his phone as Katsuki expertly solved the word puzzle.

"How the hell did you not get fucking light- that's easy-" Katsuki laughed, before handing the phone back to Izuku.

Uraraka walked up to them, pouting.
"Hey! Get off your phones this is a party! And in parties we dance!" She winked before pulling the two from the house bar.

Katsuki grumbled, and just stood on the dancefloor while Izuku stood awkwardly next to him.

"Sooo-" Izuku started, before the music stopped and there was a 'ahem' before Momo called out.
"Okkayy! time for the special dance! We decided this year we would do it sooo!~ without further ado.. Kaminari do the honors, wouldya?" Kaminari nodded, spinning a spotlight around the room, and purposefully made it stop on Izuku and Katsuki.

"Thats fucking cheating!" Katsuki spat out, clenching his fists to his sides.

"Now now, Katsuki! Its just for fun so have fun yea? But you have to do it!" Momo winked before going off the stage and talking to Todoroki, Kaminari put on a song as the spotlight stayed on Izuku and Katsuki.

"Uhm.. Shall we?" Izuku held out his hand awkwardly, and Katsuki snorted.
"Fuck it, lets do this."

Katsuki locked one of his hands with Izuku's, the other placed on his back as Izuku placed his free hand on Katsukis shoulder.

"Here we go." Katsuki said, stepping with calculated steps, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2 , 3, 1, 2, 3..

"Hey, Katsuki don't be so tense, loosen up yeah?" Izuku smiled, and Katsuki nodded, twirling Izuku and earning a dose of his precious giggles.

They got lost in their own world, giggling and laughing as they played around, severely butchering the classic ballroom dance as they played around.

After awhile they got tired, and Izuku accidentally stepped on Katsukis shoe, causing the blonde to stumble back and take Izuku down on his way


They weren't able to stop themselves from falling at Izuku landed on Katsukis chest with a big oompft.

Katsuki and Izuku stared at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter, clutching at their sides as Izuku rolled off of him

The party was good, as one would say.