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Erasing U.A

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            The class of 2-A was laughing loudly as they congregated in their Heights Alliance dorm. Hakagure had just placed her USB into Kaminari’s mouth, cackling as it began to charge her phone. Bakugou was in the kitchen, swearing like a sailor as Mina attempted to steal the food, he was not yet finished cooking as Sato looked on calmly stirring his cake batter. Shouto spoke slowly, processing what his remaining classmates had just told him.

            “So… once a year people put on costumes, go around home to home… and get free candy?”

            Izuku nodded happily, practically bouncing with excitement.

            “Yeah!! Halloween goes back ages, but it’s still super fun! Kacchan and I used to go together all the time when we were little!”

            The aforementioned blonde looked away from Mina for a moment to yell at the green-haired boy.

            “Oi, no fucking stories nerd! It’s embarrassing enough that I have to live with those fucking memories!”

            Izuku laughed and raised his hand in mock surrender.

            “I wasn’t offering them Kacchan! I’m just so excited Nezu is letting us all dress up for school this year!”

            Mina squealed in excitement as she planted herself firmly in Uraraka’s lap, munching happily on the snacks she’d absconded from the kitchen and Bakugou’s momentary distraction.

            “I’m so excited!! What is everyone planning on going as? I was thinking of being Aizawa-Sensei, for the hell of it.”

            Sero laughed as he shifted in his boyfriend’s lap, to which Shoji just accepted quietly.

            “Man, I was thinking the same thing! I could use my tape as the capture thingy!”

            “Wait, so you dress up as teachers on Halloween??”

            Shouto looked panicked as he spoke, to which Izuku planted his head on top of Shouto’s own, wrapping him in a hug from behind.

            “No babe… you usually go as characters or heroes you like. I usually go as All Might… but I was kind of considering being Aizawa too, just for the fun of it…”

            Kirishima laughed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

            “Okay bros… how many of us were thinking of being Aizawa…? Show of hands?”

            After a few minutes of silence, every hand in the room (and kitchen) was in the air. It was silent before most everyone began laughing manically. Shinsou looked at his classmates with a mischievous smile on his face

            “So… to be clear, we aren’t telling dad, right?”

            Ojiro laughed as Kaminari pet his tail absentmindedly.

            “Oh, of course not!”

            Shinsou smiled wildly as he stood, placing his hands on his hops sassily.

            “Okay Baby-Erasers! Follow me to pop’s supply of cat ears! We’ve got costumes to assemble!”

            The class laughed as the filed behind the lilac-haired boy diligently.

            “Oh no you don’t you fucks! Get your asses over here and eat your fucking dinner before we do this nerdy shit!”

            Izuku laughed loudly as he broke away from the group and picked up his friend, much to his annoyance.

            “We hear ya gramps! C’mon guys, Kacchan worked hard on this!”

            The class grumbled good-naturedly as they walked to the kitchen area, where Izuku still hadn’t set Bakugou back down. Under her breath. Uraraka whispered to Aoyama.

            “I don’t know if I like them like this or want them to go back to hating each other… it’s kinda weird…”

            The extravagant blonde just laughed as he threw an arm around his friend, winking as he did so. As they ate in silence, Momo was quietly thinking before she shot up like a bottle rocket, a smile on her face.

            “The semester exam! I made a replica of Aizawa-Sensei’s scarf then! I can make them for our costumes!!”

            There was a beat of silence before the room erupted into laughter and cheers, where-in Mina accidentally knocked over the pot of food in her excitement. Then there was scrambling to clean it up before Aizawa returned and saw it. Unseen by the students, Nezu was watching and laughing in his office… he had some plans to make…


            Shouta Aizawa was having an odd day. For one, none of his students were in their rooms when he made his usual rounds to pick up all the stragglers who would most certainly miss class if he didn’t get them (no he’s not their dad, shut up Nem!) and their rooms were spotless. Even Kaminari’s room was spotless. It was never spotless.

            Secondly, he hadn’t seen hide nor hair of his co-workers all morning either… he hadn’t even seen his husband that morning. There was just a cup of coffee waiting for him with a note and that was it. Aizawa walked carefully into the halls of U.A, which were deathly silent and opened the door to his classroom to see… to see.

Aizawa needed a nap.

            “Problem child, what did you do?”

            The green-haired boy squawked as he shook his head, black cat ears perched on his head as yellow goggles hung loosely around his neck.

            “S-Sir this wasn’t me! I-It was a collective Idea, I swear!”

            “Nerd’s right, for once. It was everyone’s idea. Deal with it fuckmunch.”

            Aizawa looked at the boy who was dressed exactly like the Problem Child and sighed deeply.

            “Language, Katsuki.”

            “Fuck off.”

            Aizawa said nothing more, grabbing his sleeping bag and planting himself firmly in it’s soft warmth. He didn’t get paid enough for this shit. After a minute or two, he heard his hell children attempt to muffle laughter as the door opened once more. Aizawa turned around toface the door, only to be met with Principal Nezu… dressed as Eraser Head. Behind him was All Might, who was dressed similarly… and Mirio… and Eri… And literally every single hero that worked there what the fuck??? The mouse-bear-creature smiled eerily as he proclaimed cheerfully.

            “Happy Halloween Students! Today’s classes have been suspended for trick-or-treating! Your Daughter was very excited for it!”

            Aizawa looked at the horned girl, who had a bright gleam in her eyes as she gave a small smile.

            “I’m you papa!”

            Fuck. I can’t argue with that!

            Groaning, Aizawa stood up and picked the girl up.

            “I see that princess… let’s go get some candy.”

            No one said a word as the two left. Nor did they say anything when they noticed 2-B dressed as Eraser Head… nor when it became apparent all of U.A was dressed as Eraser Head. Aizawa definitely didn’t get paid enough for this bullshit.