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The Grassy Knoll

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Edward knew he should have sent a telegram or something to warn Thomas of his arrival back home. That horse fair was well worth the trip as far as he was concerned.

He’d gotten this beautiful Friesian stallion for a pretty penny but it was worth every bit of it.

Two years old. The previous owner had passed away and the family didn’t want to take on the responsibility, opting to sell the fellow’s ranch instead.

Willy was his name, but he also responded to Bill. Such an even tempered stallion there had surely never been before.

He came to a stop nice, waited patiently and didn’t need much of a tap to his sides to get him moving.

A great gentle beast really.

His grin broadened with each clack of Bill’s metal horse shoes upon the dirt pat that led to Jopson’s small sheep farm.

The lacking telegram would give the man quite a surprise, as he’d been training busy getting to work training Bill. He’d sent a couple letters to his lover regarding the new addition to their ranch, but not much else he’d been too busy.

In the pasture he could see the small flock of sheep grazing upon the knoll, a couple bleated at the new animal that had come onto their grounds to which Bill comically whinnied and shook his head tossing beautiful long tendrils of his mane about.

“You needn’t worry about them Bill, just don’t let them mess with the saddle.” Edward chuckled rubbing his large palm against the dark span of Bill’s neck.

‘I know it was those damn sheep that messed with that saddle on Oscar. I had tightened it myself. No way it could have come loose.’ Edward thought bitterly.

As if agreeing with him the large horse snorted and he smiled, “Atta boy.”

He was approaching the front stoop of Jopson’s small cottage like house upon the ranch and he could see Jopson in the kitchen through the open window that faced the front of the pasture.

Pulling back the slightest bit on the reins the large black horse came to a slow trot and whinnied again.

Edward grinned when he spotted how Thomas visibly frowned at the sound of Bill’s nicker and lifted head to glance outside.

His mouth fell open in a small gasp and a grin spread across his face as he dropped whatever he was doing inside, an small clatter he heard from inside he obviously dropped something in his hurry to the door.

The sheep bleated loudly at him, especially the one on top of the grassy knoll that seemed to stare intensely at him. Challengingly.

Trouble, that one. He had no idea why but he just had this feeling that Jopson’s sheep were always plotting something. They had a mean look in their eyes.

He’d told Jopson that once to which Thomas had playfully swatted at him and told him he was being paranoid, they were just sheep.

Unfortunately there was the underlying problem.

They were sheep.

Edward always deemed sheep notoriously stupid. Very stupid. He hated sheep.

He worked for a sheep farmer once as a young man and that is what fueled his hate for the stupid animals.

Well, he supposed one would hate sheep without question if they were to get trampled by the dumb things as he had.

Shuddering at the memory he turned when the front door opened with a bang and Thomas came running down the stoop.

“Edward! Oh goodness, is this the new one I’ve heard so much about? Good Lord, what a beautiful horse!” Jopson cried with unbridled excitement.

Chuckling he pulled a little tighter on the reins he brought Bill to a complete stop before quickly dismounting.

He patted Bill’s neck briefly before rushing over to his Thomas grinning so beautifully at him with delight at the surprise visit.

Not slowing even as he reached him he planted his hands on Jopson’s hips and lifted the smaller man off his feet with a broad grin and a laugh as Jopson let out a loud squeak in surprise, his face going beet red despite his grin.

“A lovely hello to you too Thomas! Gods how I’ve missed you!”

And he had. Very much. Oh it seemed like it had been forever, but it’d only been a month.

His Thomas looked the same with his black hair, beautiful pale eyes, and clean shaven face with a brilliant smile that adorned it.

Jopson leaned in against him and he lowered him slightly so the man could feel the sideburns on his face before bringing their lips together.

The kiss was quite chaste and it ended as Jopson grinned against his lips before pulling away when he set him back down on his feet and they both shared a warm embrace.

It didn’t escape Edward’s attention that all the sheep, save for the old one on the hill, had moved to the water bucket and were bleating and drinking.
The weird thing was they would all dip their heads down at the same time drink and then they would all stare a them.

He could feel their eyes on his back now.

Sheep were so stupid.

Thomas pulled away first and he smiled gleefully, eyes bright, and smile itself brighter than the sun in the sky.

He pointed towards the black stallion behind him. “Want to meet Bill?”

When Jopson nodded he grinned and looped their arms together, turning towards the large stallion and leading Jopson over to where Willy stood patiently, his front hooves tapped at the dirt a couple times idly every now and then.

As they came up to the large horse Jopson’s eyes absolutely melted to mush as he stared at the beautiful creature.

Smiling he reached his hand out and stroked the side of the large horse’s neck before grabbing the reins, “Billy, come here boy.”

Bill neighed softly as it stepped closer at is voice and he brought his large head down to sniff at Jopson’s face much to Thomas’s delight as he reached out to stroke the softness of his muzzle.

“Hello boy.” his gentle voice addressed the large animal who snorted and shook his mane again.

Thomas chuckled softly and turned his attention back to Edward, “He’s magnificent. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to part with such a sweet animal.”

“Why indeed.” Edward agreed patting Bill again before reaching up and taking the horses’s bridle off.

The large stallion shook his head again and snorted, the rush of air from his nostrils moved Edward’s bangs to the side.

“Go on now, play nice though and please don’t let those damn sheep mess with the saddle. Play nice.” Edward spoke to the animal.

Upon the spoken words the horse huffed again before trotting off into the pasture to explore.

“Would you like to come in?” Jopson asked.

Edward turned to him with a charming grin, wrapping an arm heavy around his waist and pulling him in close.

The sheep bleated again, multiple white head dipping into the metal water bucket, and Edward felt his nerves throbbing against his forehead.

There was some sort of pattern.

“Oh!” Thomas giggled when he’d leaned in to suckle on his neck.

“I think, I would like to come in, very much.” he purred giving the younger man’s beautifully sculpted buttocks a rough squeeze.

Jopson blushed a bright red, his eyes wide and quickly darkening with lust.

Yet again the sheep bleated and drank out of their bucket.

“Gods! Will you dumb things shut up!?” Edward snarled in the direction of the wooly animals.

Thomas laughed heartily at his outburst, his fingers found his sideburns and his beard.

“They must like you Edward. I mean you look like one yourself.”

Edward let out an indignant scoff, jutting out his chin in an undignified pout. “I most certainly do not.”

When his lover hummed deep in his throat and shook his head, combing his fingers through his beard he glowered slightly.

“Well, if I may be so bold, the only thing I saw at first was your big brown eyes peeking beneath all this.”

He let out a scandalized gasp, “But you said you liked my beard! You said it makes me look distinguished.”

Thomas smiled and nodded, agreeing with him.

“It does… but not quite a this length.. you look like a sheep yourself. Mr Edward Little… or mayhaps.. Mr Edward Lambchop.”

“That’s enough out of you Mr Jopson.” he snapped.

His younger lover started to laugh joyfully at such a reaction and he leaned forward cupping his face tenderly in his hands as he kissed him fiercely, silencing the man’s titters with his lips.

When he pulled away he once again heard the sheep voice their ‘opinion’ and drink simultaneously.

Gritting his teeth Edward started for Jopson’s front door, dragging the shepherd by his wrist, and to the bedroom as he tried to stifle his giggles of amusement at how much his sheep’s behavior seemed to bother the older man.