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Hermitcraft Lemons

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~Time Off War~

Taking place during the war, tensions rising between the group, they take some time to decompress ;)

"What the hell were you two thinking?!" Zedaph questioned the two.

Impulse and Tango almost flinched, the brit was usually the more calm tranquil one.

"Are you trying to split us apart over a silly prank war? I thought we were staying out of this mess.." The man shot a look of betrayal at his partners, just wanting the best.

"Zed, we're not going to split up over the prank war! it's just us goofing around. We'll kill each other a few times in varying brutal ways and will be over quicker than it started..." Impulse tried to reassure. Zed had given a glare, a bit unconvinced but looking a bit remorseful.

Tango went behind the man and slowly began massaging his back. Zedaph tensed up but sank into the sensation as he let his guard down.

"Look, Zed, you just need to de-stress. I understand how you could see this all as something that could tear us apart! It's no problem, I can assure you that after I beat Impulse's ass i'll still want to tap that ass.. We've been through a lot together why would something this small break us up?" Tango said, defusing some of the tension between the group.

".. I guess you guys have a point, I am overeacting a little. I just don't want you- mhm- you guys to do anything crazy.." Zedaph trailed off, eyes shut and rolling his shoulders as he straightened out his back and sat up straight.

Tango was busy working his dull claws into knots in the mans back. Impulse knew just about where this was going, slowly getting up and straddling Zedaph's lap.

Zedaph wasn't very surprised, knowing a lot of their tricks. Impulse slowly wrapped his fingers in Zed's wheat colored mess of hair. Slowly but steadily bringing the man into a passionate steady kiss.

Despite being caught up in the kiss, Zedaph still registered Tango piping up.

"Zeddy, I think you might need a little more help de-stressing.. You wouldn't mind that, would you?" Tango cooed, running his nails lightly down Zedaph's neck.

Zedaph broke away from the kiss slightly dazed but still managed to hum a 'yeah i'd really would like that'.

Impulse and Tango lit up at that, Impulse moving to unbutton the  man's pants and Tango looking around for some lube when Zedaph interrupted.

"He- Hey! Why don't we first just uhm- just get to a bed!" He sputtered out both timid and flustered.

The two stopped for a second and agreed to that plan, Tango went and retrieved the lube, Impulse picked  up Zed and put him on his hip, and Zedaph hung on for dear life as the quickly found a bedroom.

Impulse laid the smaller man on the bed, helping to take off his pants as Tango leaned over to help Zedaph take off his shirt.

Tango took off his own pants and Impulse his shirt and pants, Impulse leaving himself in his boxers.

Tango coated his pointer finger in lube, slowly pushing in just to earn a small squeak from Zedaph.

"It's cute how you sound so embarrassed, we've done this a tons of times." Tango pointed out as he pushed in, coating the males insides.

Zedaph let out a sigh, shifting a bit and wrapping his legs around Tangos waist as Impulse started to run his hands up and down Zedaph's shaft.

"I know I just- mh- can't help it..!" Zedaph moaned a little as Tango added another lube covered finger and began to lightly scissor his insides. Tango simultaneously jerked off a bit with his free hand.

Impulse moved from Zeddaph's dick to move up to Zedaph's neck kiss a bite at.
Impulse used one of his hands to fondle Zedaph's balls, earning a moan from the man.

Tango withdrew his fingers, lubing up his now hard dick he lines it up with Zedaph's entrance, easing in. The first few thrusts are sloppy but eventually fall into a rhythm. Zedaph grabs at the sheets as Impulse moves down to lick at the head of his dick. It hurt slightly at first but he quickly adjusted and gradually felt better. Tango gradually sped up, the stretch begining to feel like a sort of achey good feel.

Tango continued to thrust into to Zedaph, eventually hitting his prostate.
Zedaph releases a throaty gasp and Tango adjusted to keep on hitting him right there. Hitting deep and stretching him he becomes more audible as he arcs his back and moans for more. He can feel Impulse licking up all the precum already oozing out.
Impulse grabbed Zedaph's balls sucking and licking them too.

As he was getting rammed into and sucked his eyes look like they're rolling into the back of his head, gripping at the sheets, toes curling, he was practically shaking. He was in a total state of ecstasy as felt near the end.

He was letting out small huffs and moans as he kept getting rammed into. Tango keeps hitting that same sweet spot and Impulse takes more of Zedaph's dick in his mouth. The sub was on the edge, about to cum, whimpering  a warning as he did so.

"I-I- gu- guys i'm goin- to-" The sub let out almost a scream as he came, Tango hitting his prostate over and over as he climaxed. Impulse finished off a very dazed Zedaph's dick before rolling over on his stomach to egg Tango on.

Tangos thrusts became sporadic as he himself neared his climax, finally cumming deep inside a panting and sweaty Zedaph.

All three laid there for a minute recovering in a big pile.

"I.. I am going to be so sore in the morning.." Zedaph pointed out, exasperated.

"Hey, take that as our sorry for the whole war shenanigans." Impulse sighed, kissing Zedaph's cheek.

"Yep. Sorry, Zed." Tango added, kissing Zedaph's other cheek.

"Oh, come here you big dummies." Zed cooed as he pulled the two closer to him on the bed.

Short and sweet, but trust me the next chapters will be longer.

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Sorry this took so long, hoping to get the other two requests out sometime this week.

Grian x Mumbo

Ddlb, Praise kink

Grians pov

It had been a long day of back breaking work. Grinding to get our base done, drafting up ideas for future Architech endeavors, etc. I hadn't been on the server that long at that point and it felt like it was starting to get to me.

Every time I took a walk through the steadily growing shopping district it felt like people were staring. It felt odd, were they judging me? Do they maybe not like my builds? Maybe it's my attitude. Or perhaps my clothing or hair was messed up.

I tugged uncomfortably at my sweater and hunched my shoulders, shrinking in on myself as I felt eyes stare into me. I felt like I was going mad, feeling people stare but not being able to see them.

oh no not this again.

I decide this was my cue to take off back to our base. The sun was going down anyways. I steadily flew back to the base I shared with Mumbo which was only about seventy-five percent done. I swept down into the main base to find Mumbo sitting in bed reading. All I bother to do is take off my armor and elytra before hopping into bed beside him.

"Hows it been, hun?" He asked as I crawled into bed, head down to not meet his gaze.

"It was, uh, good I guess." I answered plainly. Not used to my lack of enthusiasm he shoots me a worried look and I just stare down at the sheets.

He gently cupped my face in his hands to see the tears in them, much to his alarm.

"Baby? What's wrong, are you not feeling well..? Come to daddy." He helped me up onto his lap. Concern visible in his stare.

"I- I don't know why, b-but I feel like everyone is judging me again." I told him. He wiped the tears out of my eyes and pulled me close.

"Gri, we went over this, all the hermits love you. Your so amazingly talented and such a loving person, they have no reason to hate you. What's bothering you now?" He asked in a hushed tone to ease my nerves. Concern visible in his stare.

"I don't know? It just always feels like everybody is watching, staring, judging.." I wasn't very sure why I felt so self conscious. Ever since I joined the hermits I've felt like this. I know I wouldn't be here if they didn't like me but I just couldn't shake the feeling. It was all irrational but I couldn't help it.

I was so lucky to have someone on this server that supported me like he did.

"Gri, we all love you! There's no shame in being who you are." He reassured, placing a peck on my forehead. He cradled me in his arms and I sat there for an eternity. Doing small things like twist his fingers through my hair and whispering comforting compliments.

After a while he moved me upright in his lap again, sitting me to face him.

"Mumby?" I questioned.

"I want to show you that I love you. If that's okay with you." He moved a hand down to cup my hip suggestively.

"Yes, daddy. I'd love that." I affirmed, feeling at ease with every touch he made. He smiled and gave a kiss on the forehead again, delicately brushing strands of hair out if my face.

He snaked his hands up my sweater, his warm hands on my cool skin surprising me at first but I soon adjusted. He placed kisses quickly over my face, causing me to giggle slightly. Mumbo finally just started kissing me, his soft lips meeting my mine.

It was intimate and made my heart flutter. Surprisingly smooth and caused me to completely neglect that he was pinching and rubbing now hard nipples, drawing little circles around them, pulling, prodding them.

He released me from the kiss and I let out a low moan, arching my back slightly and slowly grinding my semi-hard dick into his lap.

"Does my baby boy like this? Do you want more?" He asked me in a sweet but almost lustful tone.

I nodded my head a little too needy "Yes, daddy. Please do more." I asked and he happily complied.

Mumbo sped up only slightly, doing tiny circles around them and occasionally flicking a finger my hard nipples. He placed a few kisses in the crook of my neck, which at first tickled, but he littered butterfly kissed down my collar bone and up my neck bitting down every few kisses. I moaned when he gently bit down on one place in particular and he went nuts leaving hickeys on that area and the skin surrounding it. Muttering sweet things and singing praises in between kisses and bites.

He neglected one of my nipples, his hand sliding down towards my pants instead. I whimpered but he hushed me and I was pleasantly surprised when his hand started to rub the head of my cock.

"D-daddy, I think I'm ready for you to fuck me." I told him. He took his hands out from under my clothes and removed and reached over to the night stand.

"Well, you aren't quite ready yet." He told me, gesturing to the bottle of lube he pulled out.

I quickly understood and started to take off my pants and boxers as Mumbo did the same to himself. He coated his middle and pointer finger in lube pushing into me barely but pulling out quickly, effectively rimming and teasing me as I let out squeaks and tiny moans of pleasure.

He eventually slides the two fingers in, making sure he throughly coats my insides. Scissoring me lightly as he spread it around. He coated a third and fourth finger and gently pushed in the join the others, rubbing my insides back a forth as I let out huffs and moans increasing in volume.

Mumbo pulls out and lubes up his own own dick. I lay back a bit, more relaxed with him around. He holds my hips lovingly and lines up with my entrance. Mumbo slowly pushes in, taking it slow at first, making sure I'm comfortable.

"You ready, sweetheart?" He asks and I nod just a little desperately. Mumbo thrusts into me and gradually picks up pace.

He slid in out quickly enough, his skin making a rhythmic slapping noise on mine as he rutted into me. At first it sort of stung but as he went on it became more and more pleasurable. Soon enough he was ramming into me, showering me in compliments and praise. I was on the brink orgasm, letting out lustful moans and screams of pleasure.

"Daddy! I-I'm g-gonna cum!~" I yelled as his thrusts become sloppier and almost frantic. Mumbo on his last few thrusts hits my prostate which finally sends me over the edge, him finishing a few thrusts after.

We both laid there recovering from the orgasmic high panting and sweating. Mumbo pulls out of me, his semen pouring out of me as he disconnects and me hissing a little from the pain.

"I'm sorry, baby. I should've gone easier on you." I sighs, pulling his naked body closer to mine.

"s'lright, I enjoyed it. Love you, daddy." I slurred just a bit, still recovering myself.

"Love you too. Gosh, you're so perfect." He ran his hand through my hair and kissed me on my nose, which caught me by surprise and made me flinch back. We both just laid there chuckling to our ourselves about it.

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Zloy x PixlRiffs

Daddy kink

(Zloys pov)

It was a normal Friday night, me just sitting in the studio. We were ahead of schedule for once and I was screwing around on my computer waiting for Pixl to get his lines done so we could go hang out.

He seemed to be taking an eternity and I couldn't find anything to entertain me on my computer so I decide to play the "Let's see how easily I can annoy Pixlriffs" game.

Pixl is super organized compared to me, He likes his recordings to be perfect. So I do the obvious to piss him off.

"Hey, Daddy!~" I shout at him through the booth in a sultry voice, or as sultry as I could muster. He went on recording as usual, giving me the side eye. I decided he probably couldn't hear me the best through the booth so I decide continue on, calling him lewd things and saying weird sexual stuff. I honestly wouldn't mind doing those weird sexual things with him but that wasn't the point. The point was to irritate Pixl and I saw that I had obviously done it when mid-sentence he got up and cut off the recording.

I was ready to burst out laughing at the soon the come confusion and disappointment to be spewed by Pixl when he does the unexpected. Pixl doesn't get angry often, annoyed yes, but not angry. I let out a squeak of surprise when he forced me out of my sitting position by grabbing my tie and pulling me to a standing position.

I was scared that I'd be met with the face of a very furious Pixlriffs but instead my face was only centimeters away from his face plastered with a bemused smirk.

"Daddy kink?" I felt so embarrassed, my joke seemed to be turned around on me by him. I averted my gaze in shame as he loosened his grip on my tie.

"N-no. You were supposed to be annoyed and come scold me it's n-" I started sheepishly but ended up with him shutting me up with a kiss.

It was quick and simple but damn did it catch my full attention.

"If you want we could that." He heavily implied much to my shock. He tightened his grip on my tie again, pulling my lips towards his. Slowly inching me forward until my chapped lips met his.

We broke apart again, panting slightly.

"So you'd actually want to do that? With me?" I asked cautiously, dumbfounded.

"Of course, you're great." He answered cheerfully.

I paused and thought about my options for a second and how this could change our relationship, and then said fuck it.

"We have enough time, right?"

"We should."


"Hell, let's do it."

Pixl didn't hesitate to pull me into another kiss, this time rougher and more confident. It was almost needy as he bit down slightly on my lip, causing me to moan out. He hid his face in the crook of my neck, littering it with butterfly kisses and small nips. Getting a little rougher he nipped right on my sweet spot causing me to moan out quietly "....mhmm daddy~"

He chuckled, looking up toward my flustered face.

"Knew it! See, it isn't a bad thing. I quite like you calling me that actually~" He hummed, crouching down to unzip my pants. I stared at him face flush  as he yanked off my pants, palming my clothed dick through my boxers. I bit my lip, horny as hell and just wanting something to happen.

"Pix~ p-please just-" I let put a throaty moan as he reached down and ran his hand down my painfully hard member.

He used another hand to peel off my boxers, scooting them down my spread legs as he jerked me off at a moderate pace.

Once he deemed my stimulated enough he pulled out a packet of lube out of his pocket before taking off his own pants and boxers. He tore it open, albeit clumsily, and quickly spread about half the packet onto his fingers before throughly lubing his dick.

"Wow do you just carry that on you?" I questioned, a little bit surprised seeing he didn't strike me as that type.

"I've been waiting for you come around, I guess." He chuckled lightly, causing me to blush.

He quickly used the other half to again lubricate his fingers before pressing a finger to my hole.

"Now, lets take care of you, hun~" He breathed, warm breath on my neck as he circled the tight ring of muscle. He pushed in causing me to gasp as he loosened up my insides, quickly adding a second finger. Within a few minutes I was panting for more as he was three fingers deep and expertly finger-fucking me.

"dADdy~ I-" I moaned, becoming putty in his hands as he scissored my insides. He slowly pulled out, now prepping to push his dick inside me.

"You ready?" He asked pressing the tip of his dick into my now stretched and needy hole. I hum a quick 'yes' and he thrusts in, quickly filling me. Thrusting continuously at a quickening pace, over and over. So there I was, sitting on my desk, legs hung over Pixl's shoulders as he mercilessly fucked me.

"Mfph~ da-daddy~ harder~ p-plEASE I-" I screamed out as he finally hit my prostate, hurriedly quickening his pace. Skin rhythmically slapping on skin as he sped up, tears welling up in my eyes as his dick filled me exactly how I wanted it to. His warm breath on my neck hitchingw as he started to close to his own release.

"Daddy! I'm gonna cum!" I told him out of breath as he desperately fucked me, his own thrusts becoming sloppier as he neared his own release. Not having anytime to respond, he sharply thrust into me, hitting my abused prostate as he released deep inside of me. I quickly followed suit, getting semen all over our chest as I panted roughly, coming down from my high.

We both sat there for a moments, worn out and tired in each others arms, semen covering us.

"Th-That was really good.." He panted, holding me tight.

"y-yeah yea it was.. " I responded as I clutched tightly to his thick brown locks.

He let go of me from his grip and pulled out his dick from me, semen dribbling out of my abused hole causing me to wince.

"You good?" He asked me, running his hands up and down my thin sides lovingly.

"mhm, we didn't use that much lube though. I might have a little difficulty walking."

"That's fine. You can do all the editing you need on my lap if you want~"

"Well that doesn't involve any walking I ju- I- Oh."

Pixl laughed a little at my sudden realization, taking me into his arms and hugging me tightly, laying a kiss on my forehead.

"Come on, lets get cleaned up. That or we'll have to upload the Recap late again."


Oop, said I post this what? Two-ish weeks ago. Sorry, about that! Thank you for all the love this has been getting! I'm going to try to finish up requests and then maybe a second part to Season since that was pretty fun to do.

How about Biffa x Xisuma, Grian x Mumbo, and Wels x Jevin x Python for that chapter? I don't know just a few ideas. ;)

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A few things before I start:

Ren x Doc
ZIT (Specifically Zedaph x Tango)
Cub x Scar

Some content warnings:
Heat fic, so the content warning warnings that usually come with those (Dubious consent due to possible altered states of mind, altered state of mind, Weird bodily functions, I need to put a content warning for Doc's weird dick just in general.) If any of those bother you I'm sorry I'll have some chapters up soon enough not like this.

Yeah that's it

It was mating season and everyone on the server was less than thrilled. Nobody looked forward to the hazy two weeks. Those mating were preparing by looking for fuck buddies and those who weren't prepared defense measures against a hermit in heat looking for a mate.

Which Ren was doing at that moment, looking for a mate before it all started.

So he goes for the logical choice and goes to Doc. They met in the stock exchange.

Ren's pov

Doc was just sitting there, feet on his desk like it was no big deal, reading some magazine.

"Hey, Doc. You don't happen to have a mate this season? Do you?" I asked, a little apprehensive.

"Nope, did Iskall finally tell you to get another monster to mate with?" He asked, almost smugly as I came to him tail in-between my legs.

"Yeah, after the last two years he found it 'To much to handle'" I said almost sheepishly.

"I see, your just too much to handle, aren't you?~" He asked, feet down on the floor now as he leaned over his desk to get closer to my face.

"I mean, that's what Iskall said. Wanna see for yourself?~" I flirted back, catching his hint.

"Well, wolf boy, I see for myself once season comes." He played, going back to sitting around and reading his magazine.

"Damn it, Doc, you tease." I growled slightly, face buried in my hands with frustration.

"You heard me, mutt, I'll see you around." Doc chuckled, waving me off.

Meanwhile Team ZIT were in quite the interesting circumstances.

Impulse and Zedaph were preparing the base, moving fragile things, covering anything they might want not torn or stained, gathering bedding, etc.

Meanwhile Tango was laying on their bed, staring at the ceiling, and having a whole crisis. The two finished up and laid down on both sides of the anxious demon.

"Still having reservations about the whole season thing?" Impulse asked, to which Tango just nodded.

"We've already worked out how we can take care of you. We've planned the whole thing we even gathered nesting materials for you already." Zedaph reassured.

"I just don't want to hurt you guys or anything. You remember what happened last time." Tango sighed with defeat. Impulse fidgeted with his shirt sleeve to conceal the deep scar.

"Don't think like that, babe. you'll be fine, you've gotten a lot better at controlling that side of you." Impulse reassured, to which the demon just sighed.

There was an awkward pause of silence between the three, no one really knowing what to say.

"Hey, uhm speaking of nesting." Zed brought up trying to change the subject. "When do you think you'll start that?"

"Probably later this evening, I feel the urge to do that coming on already. So I'll probably start my season sometime tomorrow."

Later on Ren and Doc met up in the modern district, both sensing their seasons coming on.

Ren's Pov

Doc was obviously much more experienced at the whole season thing then I thought. I know he'd spent his season at least once with all the other monster hermits and some of the regular humans but I never expected him to be as calculated as he was.

Before it all started we worked out some the logistics such as kink negotiations and all. It shouldn't have been such a surprise that he liked to be called daddy in bed.

Due to practical reasons we decided to meet up in Cub's sort of community center in the modern district. We figured that the Cub would be hiding away at the golf course or taking up bunk with Scar.

I was going to meet Doc there and as soon as I got in I was slammed against a wall by him.

"It's about time you showed up." Doc stated, obviously near or already in heat and holding down my arms.

"What? Did you miss me?" I teased him. He rolled his eyes and smirked.

Doc pulled me into a kiss, holding my hips close to his with one hand and dragging his claws through my hair with the other.

He slipped his tongue into my mouth and we fought for dominance, he easily won and broke away. Instead of kissing me again he began to nip at my neck slowly, dragging his hands down my body.

I let slip some small moans, he made sure to leave a few hickeys as he went. Doc moved his hand from my hair and moved it down to massage my balls through my jeans. He finally found my sweet spot and ran his tongue over it before biting down on it. I let out a breathy moan, now panting a little and grinding against his touch.

I felt my own season drawing nearer and I began to smell the strong pheromones coming off him. My body was going hot and tingly as he drew me into another kiss. I melted into it as he reached into my pants to stroke my dick. I broke away and quickly started undressing, he helped me get my suspenders, pants, and briefs off.

"Dude, your hung like a horse!" Doc exclaimed with a chuckle. "Or I guess I should say 'Hung like a werewolf that likes to fuck Swedish dudes.'"

"Oh, yeah? Well I expect yours to be impressive too." I said, crouching down to unzip his pants.

"Oh trust me, you've never seen anything like it.~" He sort of purr-hissed.

I got down his pants and boxers, just for his erect member to spring out. It already was dribbling precum and painfully erect but that wasn't the impressive thing. It looked like some of the cyborg components on his body, synthetic, and had a good length of what I can estimate to be eight inches. I steadily put hand up and lightly grasped it, which I can say felt just like a normal dick, veiny and all. It had gentle bumps along the side for better pleasure.

"What? Like what you see?" Doc asked as I sat face to face with it. I felt my face heat up, it might of been the pheromones but I felt like I needed this

I nodded incredulously, I felt wet just looking at it "Yes, you need to fuck me right now." I said desperately.

"Remember what I said?" He teased, I thought back our whole kink negotiation and gave him a fang-y smile.

"Please.~ Please fuck me, daddy.~" I moaned putting on my best bitch voice. I looked up at him as I flicked my tongue over the head over the head of his dick, drawing back my ears as I made bedroom eyes and whimpered.

"Whatever you say.~" He helped me to my feet and bent me over a nearby chest. He placed a a hand gently on my hip and started to gently play with my rim, steadily pushing in and out, his head never making it fully in. Occasionally hot dogging me, teasing me even further.

"Daddy?~" I moaned, heat pooling in my nether regions as I felt wetter by the second.

"Don't worry, Renny, just making sure you're ready." He stopped and went to push in to me. "Now, tell me. Who's a good boy?" He pushed in, hitting me right in the prostate immediately.

I let out something between a moan and a scream due to the unexpected pleasure. "I am! I'm a good boy!" I reared my hips back on his dick as he pulled out to thrust back in.

He started pounding into me, easily moving due to how wet I was (one of the perks of being in season). He adjusted a little bit of his angling and even felt up my balls a bit. I dug my claws into the wood of the chest and he kept up the rhythmic pace. He placed his other hand on my hip and rubbed loving circles into my soft skin.

I moaned as he hit me just in the right spot, moaning and praising me.

"Renny? Would it be okay if I tried out something new?~" He asked, picking up pace a little.

I swallow hard and nod my head desperately. "Yes, Daddy. Do whatever you want.~" I respond obediently and Doc let out a pleased hum.

"Good boy." He replies huskily. He pulls out and runs his claws through my hair, scratching my ears as I whimper softly.

I feel more hot and bothered now he's out of me and even grind my dick against the chest a little. There's a clicking noise behind me and he enters me again, dick now vibrating.

I gasp, not expecting that of all things. He then starts to thrust into me until I let out a moan signifying he hit my prostate. He lets out a triumphant chuckle and starts to thrust in, lingering for a second when he hits my prostate. I shudder as I let out a loud moan, whimpering a little as my nether regions feel like they are on fire.

The thrusts eventually speed up, thrusting in hard and hitting my prostate over and over. I can feel heat pool in my gut as I feel my release near.

"Daddy! I gonna cum!~" I moan, tears in my eyes as I feel my face heat up more, pheromones overwhelming me.

"Cum for me, Renny.~" He purred/ hissed, lodging his dick right against my prostate.

I came with a whimpering moan, ecstasy filling my body as a wave of heat washed over me.

He gave a few more thrusts too and finally came, the vibrations stopped and he knotted me, praising me the whole way through.

We both were coming down from our highs as Doc pulled us both down to lay on the floor. He lovingly massaged my hip and scratched my ears, I snuggled into his touch.

"You know, Ren, for someone with such a dominant personality you make a great bottom." He pointed out, making me chuckle a bit.

"Oh yeah? Well for a man with a fake dick you sure do fuck great." I retorted.

Doc gave this dramatic offended gasp.

"Says the guy that begged me for it!" He joked back.

"Oh ye-" I started but was immediately cut off by the sound of water wooshing and the sight of Cub stepping out of the water elevator, skulker in hand, only to drop it and gasp.

"Oh, hey Cub. Sorry, didn't think you'd be here." Doc explained, hips still flush to mine and knot still in my ass.

He sort of stared at us in a panic, unsure where to go.

"What, wanna join us?" I teased.

"I wouldn't mind sucking your dick again, in all honesty." Doc added. We both burst out laughing.

Cub's face heated up and just sort of stuttered "Uh, no, I- I got to go see Scar." Then he noped out of the house.

We both had a good chuckle before it finally all died down.

"Again?" I questioned Doc.

"Wether you mean if I've sucked Cub's dick before or if I want another round, the answer is yes."

When the season hit Scar was locked up in his own base, waiting it out.

Scar's pov.

A knock came from the barricaded enterance and I peaked a glance at it just to see Cub.

"Hey could you let me in? My old place was compromised after Doc and Ren decided they want to fuck in my base." Cub asked as blunt as ever.

"Oh, hey Cub! Sure, I'll let you right in." I let him in swiftly not knowing if anyone in heat was around.

"Thanks, I didn't want to join some monster orgy."

Although we were stuck inside I had a lot of fun with Cub. We schemed ways to sabotage the Architechs, He helped me organize my chests, we even baked a cake.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Disney movies I had on tape and eating cake, all around a good day.

We tired out eventually and retired to the pile of pillows and blankets on the floor I had made. We talked about our plans for what we could do tomorrow and decided to actually go to bed.

It was the middle of the night and I was awoken by a weird feeling in my gut

I felt something rub against my asshole, It was Cub. He was spooning me and apparently got an errection.

I brush it off, dicks can have a mind of their own. But I couldn't shake the feeling of a warm sensation in my gut and a throbbing heat in my, uh, lower regions.

Cub stirred behind me and I went ridged, now that I think of it he smells really good. Like the welcoming warm smell of your grandma making sugar cookies or staying up on a winters night to watch snow fall and drink hot cocoa. I flipped over and buried my face in his chest, he hugged closer.

Wow I never knew snuggling like that would be so nice. It was comforting and at the same time... turning me on?

I already had an erection and we both sort of were sword fighting, If you know what I mean.

I felt Cub stretch and yawn and I pretended to be asleep when he woke up to see the situation we were both in.

My mind felt hazy as he woke up, like the smell got stronger. I hesitated for a moment but I couldn't help but try to grind my dick against his almost instinctually as I suddenly became hornier.

"..Scar..? What are you doing.?" Cub asked, now more confused.

"I don't know..? I woke up really horny and I'm not sure why." I whined, distressed as I couldn't stop grinding.

To my utter surprise Cub started to slowly grind back, cautiously rubbing his hand up and down my thigh.

"..Same here, you smell really good for some reason." He replied in an almost lustful tone. He let his hands wander my body, running up and down it, inspecting every nook and cranny. When he grabbed my ass that drove me crazy and started to kiss his neck, kissing and bitting the tender skin.

He moaned and I turned him over onto his back and straddled him, still grinding into him.

We started making out and I felt wet in the asshole region. It was strange, all so foreign as to what it could be but felt so normal. Looking back, it was obvious, in the heat of the moment not so much.

We started making out again and he worked his way into my pajama pants taking off my boxers. Then he got my shirt off and I returned the favor by getting his clothes off.

I quickly mounted onto his dick, sliding in easily due to being so slick. I began by slowly bouncing on his dick, His length sliding in and out easily. He gripped my hips lighlty, helping me along as he stretched me oh so perfectly. I took it slow and steady and Cub gave me a lustful look, whispering sweet compliments as I let out soft moans.

The methodical slapping of skin on skin was like music to my ears, absolute bliss. It touched everything inside me in just the right way. He angled himself a little differently and finally hit that perfect spot. I let out a loud moan in response never feeling like this before. I'd never had done anal before this all and it was an entirely new and overwhelming experience.

"Cub!~ I'm gonna~ I amhhm~ I gonna cum!~" I released all over Cub's chest which sent him over the edge.

We both panted like crazy, coming down from the high. Cub moved to remove his dick from inside me but it wouldn't move.

"Scar, we have a bit of a problem." Cub said warily. I had never dealt anything like this before but everything seemed to start to explain itself.

"Do you think you just knotted me?" I asked him, a little bit frightened.

"No I couldn't have, we're just human we don't go into heat!"

"Well, making the deal with the Vex that gave us Vex magic and all so doesn't that make us part Vex?"



"I may be complaining about this whole heat thing we have to deal with now but whenever my dick deflates, or however this knot thing works, wanna go for another round?"

"Yeah, but first we're going to have to call X and see what is up with this heat thing." I told him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

"Okay, yeah, I wanna know what's going on too."

Later on, at the ZIT joined base.

Zedaph's pov

I woke up to only Impulse in bed, his hair disheveled and murmuring something about bamboo farms or whatever. He held onto my waist but I slowly pried him off not to disturb his sleep and pecked his forehead. Preparing for the worst I grabbed some lube out of the drawer, crept out of bed, and slipped into the main base where Tango made his nest.

I stumbled into the dark main base, it was probably one in the morning and the area was dark. I could hear some ripping and something flopping around. I saw the faint glow of Tango's red eyes from across the room.

He didn't seem to see me yet but when I flipped on the lights he definitely did, snarling and shrinking away from me.

I made a small hushing sound and crouched down to his level, laying out my hand like you'd do to a cat.

He looked at me bewildered, hesitantly crawling over on all fours much like an animal. His fangs, claws, and horns were noticeably more pronounced. It looked like he had already ripped off pants and undergarments, they still hung to his body in shreds but still revealed his dick. It also looked like his nest an seen better days, filled with ripped up bedding with mysterious stains on them.

"Are you okay, Tango?" I asked, he hissed and shrunk back at the sound of my voice.

"Shshshhh, it's me. Zedaph." He looked at me for a moment.

"Oh god, Zedaph!" Tango exclaimed. He crawled into my lap and snuggled his face into the crook of my neck.

"Hey, hey, calm down. Has your heat come on?" I asked to which he nodded.

"Oh my, should I get Impulse?" I questioned and he shook his head quickly.

"I- uh- no. I don't want to hurt him again. Hell, I almost hurt you just now." He said a little bit frightened. I was worried myself, It felt like he was our support and now he felt so tiny in my arms.

"You've gotten so much better with your control though." I praised him and his face went red quickly.

"I- Uh- thank you. I- I'm not feeling too well." Tango admitted and held him close.

"Feeling the heat? I think I can smell your pheromones." I asked, he nodded again.

"Want me to help you out with that?" I asked even though I already knew the answer.

"Could you, Zed?" He asked almost sheepishly and I gave him a reassuring nod. It was always during heat this happened, he had the craziest change in personality. Tango being the one that topped the most took a hard bottom role.

He was sat on my lap and I littered his face with kisses. He giggled lightly and i laid a few pecks on his lips each longer then the other until we were making out. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and ran it along the roof of his mouth. We broke off and I moved my hands down his body.

"Now just tell me what you want me to do, I just want to make you as comfortable as possible." I told him.

"Can you take care of my- uhm- dick. I can't really do that well because you know the claws." He pointed out and I just nodded, moving my hand down to his dick to jerk him off.

"Don't worry, babe. We'll file your claws in the morning. Gosh, you're so beautiful." I told him and he let out a squeak. I ran my thumb over the slit of his dick and he let out a moan.

"Can you keep on saying that stuff?" He asked me a little timidly.

"Oh, you have a praise kink?" I wondered, can't believe he's telling me this only now.

"Is that what it's called? I guess so then." He squeaked again as I ran my thumb over the slit, precum dribbling out already. I pulled the lube out of my pocket to make me jerking him off easier on him.

"I love the noises you make, They're adorable." He had been biting his lip previously but I saw him let the lip go and let out some small pants.

Once I was done lubing him up I got him to stand while I kneeled down in front of him. Taking the dick in hand I swirled my tongue around the head, earning a few soft moans of gratitude from him. I ran my tongue down his length, trying to get everywhere physically possible.

"You're doing so well." I praised and he let out another small moan.

I finally popped the tip into my mouth and mouth moaned around it before taking my mouth off. His knees almost buckled at that so I decided to take it slower. I took his length in my mouth and steadily and slowly bobbed my head back and forth, taking in a little more with every bob. I used my hand to massage his balls.

I looked up at him and he gave me a hazy euphoric look back. Hesitantly, he wrapped his fingers in my mane of hair, cautiously pushing me to go faster.

I started to hum and moan around him causing him to shudder. He started moaning my name and bucking into me. I did my best not to gag, trying to inhale as his dick started to almost go down my throat.

He was panting like mad, shaking even.

"Zed~ I-I think I'm close." I looked up to see his lustful stare and tears of pleasure clouding the corners of his eyes.

I hummed as if it was in approval and he came into my mouth. I removed my mouth quickly so he didn't knot in my mouth. I swallowed but strands of semen still connected my mouth to his dick. I wiped them away and looked up to see a very groggy looking Tango Tek.

I stood up and supported the worn out man, high on pheromones and sleep deprivation.

"Come on, lets go get you cleaned up." I told him slinging his arm around my shoulder.

The next morning Impulse woke up to find both his boyfriends not there. He got up out of bed to see the two curled up in Tango's nest cuddling together. He couldn't help but smile, even if Tango had his pants torn up, dick out, that there were obvious jizz stains everywhere, and that all his good bedding was torn.

Impulse just moved on to make them all breakfast.


So this is around 4000 words long, which is insane. I'm working on requests next, I've gone through several drafts with them both but I think I've finally gotten to my final draft. Just saying look out for those within the next days.

Chapter Text

Tango x Grian

Daddy kink
Want/Jealousy Sex
Guy in panties

I believe that is all, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Tango waited outside the board room, waiting for his boyfriend to get out to go get lunch.

They had been in there a while, the meeting should've ended about thirty minutes ago and he was getting antsy. Tango peaked through the doorway to see the Architechs not really working. Let's be honest, when do they? They were mainly joking around. Mumbo and Iskall taking flirtatious jabs at Grian while he takes platonic shots back at them.

Tango opened the doorway fully and cleared his throat, grabbing the attention of the whole room.

"Oh god, time flies. I'll see you boys around." Grian called as he gathered his stuff and headed towards the door.

"Hows your day been, hun?" Grian asked, standing on his tippy toes to place a peck on his cheek.

"Oh, uhm, great. Hey, babe, have they been bothering you?" He asked, concerned for his boyfriend.

"Mumbo and Iskall? No, why do you think that?" He questioned, now concerned for Tango.

"It's just that they were flirting with you."

"You think? That's just normal for them. They're pretty silly." He remarked, giggling a little at the thought of the shenanigans they all get up to.

Tango hesitated for a moment before sighing. "Eh, it's probably nothing. I'll drop it, let's just go get lunch."

As time went on Tango noticed more things going on. Maybe he's see Mumbo graze Grian's ass "accidentally" with his hand or Iskall giving him a very non-platonic "platonic" back rub when he was stressed. Maybe he was just being jealous? He just couldn't shake the feeling that they were just all a little to close for comfort.

Of course Tango retaliated. Making sure he left visible hickeys down Grian's neck. Sending him in with a butt plug or a vibe in and leaving the two confused as to why he was so antsy and would almost gasp every word.

When the situation hit its peak Tango decided this was enough. He had to make a actual bold point for these two to knock it off.

Grian was testing the redstone components in the warehouse, seeing if he could break it in any way. He was bent forward a bit trying to figure how the contraption even worked when he felt someone grab his ass.

He yelped a bit standing up straight and whipping around to see the culprit was only Tango.

"Oh, gee. Sorry, babe, didn't mean to scare you." Tango said just a little stunned.

Grian laughed it off quickly "Nah, it's fine, just caught me off guard. What do you happen to be doing here?"

"Well, It's fine if you don't want to but.." Tango prefaced as he held Grian's hips and brought his lower half closer to himself.  Whispering the rest into Grian's ear in a low and sensual voice. "I want to fuck you until you scream my name right here, right now."

The dirty talk sent a shiver down his spine. There was a tiny pause as he processed this before bringing Tango into a kiss. The two kissed each other, filled with passion and a sense of desperation. It was all rough, with a great sense of need behind it. Grian hastily broke away.

"You really want to do this, daddy?" He said in a sort of challenging tone that tapered off into a submissive one. Tango stared him down, giving him a toothy grin.

"I'm not sure, are you down for this?" Tango taunted, Grian pulling him into another and equally rough kiss.

Tango quickly broke away, carelessly shoving down his boyfriend's neatly ironed dress pants to reveal a pair of  lacy panties. They were a dark red with small black running up and down them all topped off with black lace details running around the waistband and a small bow.

"These are my favorite pair you know~" Tango teased, running his finger around the laced waistband.

"Mhmm, I was hoping to do something after work. Work can wait though.." He told Tango in his typical mischievous way.

Tango easily slipped off the pair of panties and the heated make out session resumed. Grian hooked his legs around Tango and wrapped his arms around the back of Tango's neck to support himself. Tango pushed Grian up against the big glass window of Sahara's warehouse.

"Mumbo and Iskall are out in the courtyard they could see us, you know.." Grian breathed in a low sensual tone, saying it in a way that was more of a invitation than a warning.

"Good, the more they see the better." Tango chuckled darkly, quickly and expertly undoing Grian's tie and unbuttoning his button down shirt. The Demonic man quickly littering even more hickeys down Grian's neck than before.

He quickly broke away from Grian's neck as his boyfriend pulled at the shirt he still had on. Tango quickly worked his shirt off along with his sweats and boxers, finally getting Grian's shirt all the way off.

Steadily Tango removed the anal plug he'd placed inside Grian that morning, already lubed up and stretched, ready to take his dick. Grian let out and tiny, shrill, moan of relief as he removed the plug. Tango quickly kissed him and proceeded to murmur words of encouragement.

Tango pushed in easily due to the plug's preparations, starting at a fast but moderate pace he was used to. Grian being fucked against the window and easily visible to the two other architechs outside. Grian was mostly adjusted to Tango by now but there was some added thrill to the whole situation. It felt exhilarating, maybe because of how spontaneous and risky it felt to do be fucked mercilessly by your boyfriend was while you were at work. Maybe it was because it all felt so needy and it all was happening so quick. He didn't know, but Grian was in a sort of euphoric state. Tango must've felt similar, quickening his sloppy thrusts as he was almost losing it.

Grian murmured praises for the top between thrusts, telling his daddy what felt good as the two continued on.

"O-oh god~ Daddy! That's the spot!" Grian moaned out. His whole body tensed and he arched his back when his prostate was hit. Muttering a string of swears and moans as his boyfriend continued on, almost shaking from the feeling.

"Daddy! Daddy please let me cum!~ I need to~" Grian moaned out near the edge almost reaching release.

Tango panted out his go ahead as he soon after came inside him, Grian following soon after getting semen all over his chest.

The two collapsed to the ground, exhausted and coming down from their collective euphoric highs.

"Y-you.." Grian sputtered, out if breath. "You we're just... You did that because you thought Mumbo and Iskall were making moves on me, right..?" Grian asked his exhausted boyfriend. Tango hesitated before nodding yes.

"I wanted to.. te-teach them a lesson." He panted, slumped over and exhausted.

"Well.. I-I quite enjoyed the lesson, Daddy~" Grian told him, snuggling up to him.

Later, Grian half-limped into the board room. Trying to keep his composure the best he could as he gently sat down, wincing slightly. He surely didn't expect Tango to go that hard on him.

Mumbo sat across from him blushing furiously while Iskall was sweating nervously and averting his gaze.

"Alright boys, whats on the agenda today." He asked, straightening his once well ironed clothing. Straightening the collar of his heavily starched button up to hopefully better cover the hickeys.

The two just sort of sat there unable to really say anything.

Another request done! Sorry I've been slow about these. I've been trying to get them done in less than a month but I don't want to do just requests.

So, as an apology, please have this very tiny sneak peak.

Chapter Text



Xisuma x Biffa
Jevin x Wels x Python
Grian x Mumbo

Content Warnings

About the same as last time (minus the doc one of course, replace that with Jevin's weird ass) continue with those in mind.


"Uh, hey X. Give me a call back when you get the time. Scar and I have a sort of.. problem regarding the whole Season thing. Talk to you later, bye."

The phone's dial tone rung out before finally falling silent. The phone wasn't going to be attended to anytime soon on account that Xisuma was occupied other things at the moment. He told himself he'd call them back later. Season stuff tended to be unpredictable and crazy sometimes.

Fighting the urge to give into season he
was busy fixing bugs. He had taken off his helmet a long time ago due to the overwhelming heat that came with season. Xisuma didn't see a reason to waste his time with something he could ignore and miss a week full of debugging.

"Are you still being stubborn? It's okay to want to give into Heat." Biffa, his boyfriend, called from the other side of the door. The longer into season without sexual contact the harder it gets to control yourself. Xisuma bit his lip, reaching down to palm himself and think about all the dirty things he wanted Biffa to do to him.

A languid moan escaped his lips but he pulled back, he didn't need to give into such animalistic nature. He could confidentially power through this-


Oh fuck, he wanted Biffa to fuck him so badly.

Xisuma approached the door, unlocking it and cautiously peaking out to see his boyfriend's smiling face.

"Hey, love. Do you need help?" Biffa smiled triumphantly, Xisuma's face entirely red from a mix of embarrassment and wanting Biffa's dick inside him and the embarrassment that comes with that.

"It, uh, appears I do." Xisuma chuckled nervously. Biffa pressed a kiss to the flustered admin's forehead. Quickly and easily scooping the smaller man up and carrying him on his back piggyback  style.

Biffa brought him into the guest bedroom. Setting him on the very end of the bed Biffa pressed his lips against the admin's, quickly taking off Xisuma's clothing in between kisses. Revealing the tiny patches of scales lining his body.

"Don't you want to take that off.." Xisuma suggested in a sort of breathy submissive tone, meeting Biffa's lips againt as he cupped the other Brit's face.

Not even bothering to break away from the kiss, Biffa presses a button and his armor compresses down to a tiny cube which he quickly discards on the floor. He breaks away from the heated kiss to move his face into the crook of Xisuma's neck as they both climb further on the bed. Xisuma shivered at the sensation of warm breath on his neck, being reminded of how badly he yearned for someone to touch him after his isolation.

Biffa nipped at the admin's pale skin, kissing and licking it, leaving bruises up and down his neck. Xisuma bit down lightly on his already abused lips, tiny moan occasionally slipping past.

"Could you get onto all fours, love?" He asked, Xisuma quickly and eagerly complying. He assumed the position, looking back at Biffa as for approval and earning a smile from his boyfriend.

Biffa took a finger and pressed it to Xisuma's enterance. Circling the pulsing ring of muscle for a moment, he pushes into his tight, wet, and warm insides. The smaller brit let out a huff as he felt his boyfriend curl the singular finger inside him. Hastily adding a second and third he began to scissor Xisuma's insides, moans and swears spilling out of Xisuma's mouth.

He never knew how good sex during Season felt. To think back to when he wanted to deprive himself of this? Slick juices were dripping down his thighs as Biffa roughly fingered him, now four fingers inside, knuckle deep.

Xisuma whimpered and keened as tears formed in the corners of his eyes, he desperately needed the stimulation.

Biffa pulled out, replacing the fingers with the tip of his member threatening to enter

"Like that, huh?" Biffa asked him as he pressed his dick against Xisuma's entrance.

Xisuma could do nothing much but moan. Overstimulation ravaging his body. Xisuma was so happy that he was part sea turtle and could experience the pleasure of Season first hand.

"P-please~ fuc- fuck me until I c-can't see st-straight.." He begged, feeling Biffa's tip rimming his entrance.

"With pleasure~" Biffa purred as he thrust into Xisuma's tight but wet enterance. Xisuma nearly lost it as he thrust in, sliding easily back and forth causing him to nearly shake with every thrust as he let out guttural groans. Begging him to go faster as pheromones dizzied him, causing him to become even hornier. When Biffa finally found Xisuma's prostate he sharply arched his back and panted like crazy.

He was currently in the later stages of heat meaning that most of his common sense went down the drain and all he could think about is sex and how bad he needed it. All urges were slowly developing into a need to mate or let someone mate him, a good warm feeling spreading across his body as Biffa mercilessly fucks him.

"Oh, Oh~ Y-yes! Rig-Right there! Biffa~ Biffa p-please~" Xisuma called out desperately moaning out the dominant's name as Biffa nailed the overly sensitive bundle of nerves repeatedly. causing him to steadily edge towards his release as his body shook with pleasure.

"Biffa! I-I think I'm gonna cum! P-Please knot me! I need you to f-fill me up~" Xisuma moaned out needily, Biffa quickening his pace.

Xisuma came hard shouting Biffa's name, panting crazily as Biffa got his last few thrusts in and finally came.

"Mm, Biff?" A tired and overstimulated Xisuma questioned him as Biffa pulled out post-orgasm. Confusion was a common thing during Season, sometimes when you are sex crazed you forget that your partner was infact human and couldn't knot you.

"Don't worry, X. I got you." Biffa cooed to the very tired brit as he slid a anal plug inside Xisuma.

"There, all nice and knotted. Its about time you go to bed, now." Biffa told him, picking him up and carrying him to an actual bed that didn't have cum covering it.

"I'm not tired, I'm horny.." Xisuma whined in a needy way.

"Well you're knotted, wait an hour and i'll go again." He pulled the covers over their naked bodies, letting Xisuma snuggle up to him.

"Mmkay... Love ya, Biff." Xisuma murmured sleepily. He planted a gentle kiss on the dominant's lips causing him to smile widely.

"Love you too, X. Get some rest, I know this whole season thing wears you out." He embraced Xisuma firmly, both of them drifting to sleep.

Earlier on in season..

Wels quickly made his way through a roofed forest, shield on and slashing through mobs quickly, finally approaching a clearing with a tiny pond.

He looked down to see his reflection, shuddering at the image. The transformation had already began, his eyes looked much like Tango's except blue tinted. He saw his nails that were becoming more claw like every time he seemed to look away. The helmet he had on was now lost in the woods while fighting, this revealed the horns he had, usually filed down to fit under said helmet had grown to about a few inches taller, bent and curved, neat ridges running up them.

Wels growled in frustration. He was near the cottage anyways, then he'd be home free.

"This is what you get for not checking the durability on your elytra before heading out."

He told himself as he easily hopped over the tiny pond and ran towards the woods, quickly unfurling a map from his inventory. He trudged on towards the other two dots of the map just north of him, absentmindedly slashing at anything in his path that moved.

He broke past the tree line, throwing his sword quickly into the chest of the last skeleton that dare cross his path. He tells himself he'll go back for the sword later and slows down a bit, jogging up to the doorstep. Neatly he sets down his shield just by the door.

Before he could even open the door Python threw it open and picked up the smaller man, squeezing him in a tight hug as he giggled almost hysterically.

"H-hey, Python. Sorry my elytra broke, but I think I made good time." He stuttered at first, caught off guard by his boyfriend's very forward hug. Python set him down and stopped his giggle fit.

"Gee, it's great to see you. Why didn't you tell us, we were wondering where you were, we would've just gotten you." Python let Wels into the cottage, to be greeted by Jevin just chilling on the couch.

"Nah, I enjoy the exercise." He said, a little more at ease that he is no longer out in the open. Jevin and Python are the only people he really trusts to see him in his more demonic form that was triggered by the oncoming Season. Wels could usually easily hide it due to being only half demon but Season hated him.

"Fair enough. Season is going to hit soon so you better, uh, clean off." Python told me, eyeing me up and down. Wels looked down to see himself splattered in monster guts and gore, laughing a little sheepishly he headed to the shower.

Gazing into the bathroom mirror his more demon-like features were even more pronounced. He sighed, pulling a drawer open and retrieving a pair of nail clippers. They were technically for dogs but they worked well for him. Once he was done he ran a hand over the blue curved horns the were on his head, contemplating trying to shave them down but ultimately not doing so. He turned to the shower, starting the water.

The shower in the cottage was pretty big and accommodating. This cottage was one Wels and his boyfriends made so they could stay comfortably this Season so it needed to fit all three of them comfortably.

Wels drew back the curtain and quickly showered off. He was almost done when the room got hotter. He hadn't changed the water temperature in a while so it made no sense to do so.

Wels assumed it was some weird humidity thing and continued to run the washcloth up and down his body. He ran said washcloth over one of his nipples, letting out a sharp gasp in pleasure.

He looked down in shock, he was usually not this sensitive. Did his Season start already?

He was only half demon so he usually didn't start until an hour or two after Python and Jevin. Hell, he hadn't even thought of building a nest yet. Yet it would all explain why it got hotter all of a sudden? Season for him tended to be a gradual thing but now it him him like a train.

Maybe it was the humidity? He heard if you live in more humid places some species start Season earlier? This was only a short amount of exposure to such humidity, how would it be possible?

Wels couldn't think straight right now, he crumpled to the floor as he started to jerk off. Covering his mouth to hopefully contain moans so his boyfriends couldn't hear. It would make more sense if he told them but then again he wasn't in a very logical headspace. Plus the fact about a minute later he forgets this and moves his spare hand down to his ass.

"Fuckkkk- R-right there~" He muttered, pressing two finger against his surprisingly loose sphincter. Pushing in swiftly and violently finger fucking himself while simultaneously jerking off.

He neared his release, trying desperately to contain his moans, panting quietly as he neared the edged, cumming hard as he rammed his fingers against his prostate. Cum quickly washed down the drain as he composed himself. He had to get out of this steam filled nightmare that apparently triggered his Season early.

Wels wrapped a towel around his waist, careful to mind the sensitive flesh of his inflated knot. As soon as he got out of the bathroom he beelined towards closet, taking out pillows and blankets that were designated specifically for his nest building. Dragging it all into the master bedroom. Not even bothering to put of clothing, the towel would do for now, he got to work. Tearing pillows here, laying blankets there, all into a circular pattern where he decided to lay.

Wallowing in his misery and unbearable feeling of wanting to jerk off but knowing he'd only cause himself painful overstimulation due to his knot. It was about an hour when it fully deflated, silently cheering he wrapped a hand around his dick.

"Hey, Wels." Jevin greeted stepping into the bedroom. Wels secretly cursing him for having the best timing on Earth. He didn't want to burden his boyfriends with sex right before they even started heat, which admittedly isn't the smartest but Wels was kind of out of it. Jevin got up, approaching the nest in confusion.

"I thought I smelled something.." He grinned at Wels, Jevin could smell his pheremones.

"You already made your nest? Geez I haven't even thought about heat, are you good?" Jevin asked, crouching down to Wels' level.

"N-no I don't think so, I took a really hot shower and I think it fucked me up?" Wels said hesitantly. Jevin pecked Wels on the lips to comfort him, Wels kissed him again almost immediately, almost needily.

"Jev~" Wels moaned out softly, trying to entice Jevin. He resisted however, much to Wels' displeasure, opting to stand up to pull out his phone to text someone.

Python came in seconds later, looking at the two before tucking his phone away into his suit.

"How's it going, baby?" Python crouched down to him, kissing his forehead, sweeping away locks of his hair from his forehead.

"Not really good, in all honesty. I know you guys aren't in heat so I hope I'm not burdening you." Wels told him, Python taking the knight's squishy face into his claws, gently caressing his cheeks.

"Of course not you could never be a burden to us! Isn't that right, babe?" Python asked looking up to Jevin.

"You are amazing, baby. We love you." Jevin crouched down beside Python, laying kisses on Wels' face.

Every time Jevin laid another kiss on his face Wels would let out a laugh, soon enough Wels was squirming around laughing almost hysterically.

"Okay, lovebirds, let's calm down. Would you rather us do it in your nest or the bed?" Python called the two's attention. First heat they spent with Wels' he was hesitant to let the two into his nest, they still didn't understand the meaning of nests to demons in Season. It was a intimate place meant for comfort mostly, it was sort of a symbol of trust for a demon to let you into their nest.

"I want you guys in the nest, if that's comfortable with you."

"Sounds good." Python said as him and Jevin stripped for Wels, usually they'd do it in a teasing way but knew he was desperate so just got it done.

Jevin retrieved a bottle of lube from the bedside drawer and brought it up to Wels. "Just be gentle.." He said in a deep almost sultry tone. Guiding his hand to the lube bottle and pressing his butt lightly against Wels' still clothed dick.

Python pulled the towel off of Wels' waist, with his spare hand jerking himself off.

Wels cupped his hands around Jevin's ass, spreading them apart to push in two lubed up finger into his loose hole.

"Pretty loose, huh?" Wels smiled, knowing exactly what his boyfriends were up to without him.

"Ah~ Uh, Yeah. Guilty as charged~" Jevin sputtered out as Wels scissored his insides, pumping his fingers steadily inside his slimy body.

Python didn't say much as he pushed his now hard dick into Wels, catching him off guard and causing him to arch his back suddenly.

Python began to slowly thrust into him after waiting a few seconds for him to adjust. Wels while he had his composure still pulled his fingers out and pushed his cock inside of Jevin.

At first Wels' thrusts were sporadic, still adjusting to the stimulation, soon enough he was thrusting in time with Python, almost balls deep in Jevin. Jevin let out strangled moans at the pressure of the two, his body felt wonderful and he felt like he was almost melting, heat waves spreading across his body. Pheremones clouded Wels' mind, the stimulation of how great it felt for Pythons length to be filling him and Jevin's ass to be enveloping him was almost heavenly.

Python smiled contently as he saw his two boyfriends almost falling apart. Wels let out a moan that very faintly mimicked words and sank his knot into Jevin as they simultaneously came. With Pythons last few thrusts doing the same to Wels and knotting him.

The three settled down in the nest to mish-mash of pillows and blankets, all curled up with each other.

"I think we started our heats during sex.." Jevin pointed out, slightly slurring his words. Python let out a tiny hum as if in agreement. He was currently running his claws through Wels' hair, scratching his scalp around his horns as Wels' let out low chittering snores, almost like purrs.

"He's cute like this, isn't he?"

"He's adorable."

(Around midway through Season)

"I don't know what to do with him! Aren't you the expert?" Mumbo hissed into his phone, pacing outside the door of the guest room in his base.

"Well of course you're the expert of my sort of inner circle of friends. The only other person in my inner circle is in the other room for crying out loud! Also the fact that your boyfriend is a literal werewolf." Mumbo listened to the voice on the other end of the line for a few more moments before sighing, muttering his goodbyes, and hanging up.

Quickly tucking his phone into his suit pocket, Mumbo turned towards the door. At the beginning of season Mumbo found Grian crashed on his island. He had been in and out of sleep, cheeks rosy and running a fever.

Suprisingly when Mumbo opened the door Grian was awake.

He only had on his sweater, two holes in the back of it ripped out because of the pair of stark white wings that laid folded neatly on his back. This wasn't the only abnormality however, a dimly lit halo bobbed over his head. This would've been okay if it weren't for the fact he was fucking a pillow.

Gyrating his hips in a fast pace as he moaned out, clinging to the pillow. In such intense pleasure that his eyes are almost rolling into the back of his head and he's drooling. Letting out a string of throaty moans he doesn't seem to notice Mumbo.

"G..? Are you okay?" He asked him, causing him to tense up and freeze, quickly covering his dick up with the pillow.

"Mumbo! Mumbo I just- I'm not feeling right- I'm sorry something weird has been happening to me since I got on the server an- and got these wings and now its especially weird, I'm sorry it all just feels- It feels so good and now I really want yo- I think something is wrong with me! I was like this at the beginning of the week so I came over here for help and then I blacked out and I-" He said in a panicked run on way. Flustered, confused, and a little out of touch with reality.

Mumbo sat down on the bed, gesturing for Grian to come sit on his lap. He hesitated, just a little wary, before going over and sitting on Mumbo's lap, discarding the pillow and tugging his sweater down to cover his junk.

Mumbo held him close hushing him and trying to get him to calm down. Grian tensed initially, eventually calming down as he felt Mumbo rub his back, raking his hand through his soft golden hair. Grian's breathing slowed it felt like whatever worries of what was wrong with him disappeared. He calmed down, calmed down drastically.

"Gri, It's okay. Heat is a perfectly normal thing." He told Grian, still having a firm grip on the now calm man.

"Mm, what's that?" He asked, tone soft and curious.

"Heat, or what monsters refer to as Season, is a natural thing that happens once a year for a week to help encourage monsters to, uh, mate." He explained.

"Wait? I don't want to be a father." Grian tensed again, Mumbo quickly hushing him.

"That's not how it works, you'd have to find someone of the same species as you, and as far as i know you're the only angel on the server." Mumbo informed, Grian calming again.

"This is going to be hell. I'm going to have to find a mate, right? That's how this all works." Grian asked, Mumbo just nodding slightly.

"I'm sure most monsters have mates already but I'm sure Ren and Doc would readily add you into their mix i-" Mumbo suggested quickly being cut off.

"I think I want to mate with you Mumbo." He said a little timid at first but to the end with more confidence.
"I just feel.. Safer around you?"

"I- I mean I'll do whatever makes you happy. Please do keep in mind that I can't keep up to you like a regular monster." He said pressing a kiss to his neck.

"Ah- Yes that's fine." He said letting a breathy moan slip past his lips as he felt Mumbo graze over his sweet spot. Grian held onto Mumno like his life depended on it as Mumbo slipped the neck of his sweater slightly askew to reveal more of his pale shoulder. Sucking, kissing, and licking his shoulder. He shuddered under Mumbo's touch, going ridged as he left hickeys on his neck and shoulder.

"You're beautiful like this, you know." Mumbo's hot breath against his neck as he laid down down even more kisses.

"Ah- I-" Grian keened, shuddering a little at the sweet talk.

Mumbo, quite liking the reaction laid him down on the bed, littering his face pecks as he was kneeled over Grian. Pecks, became kisses, which became the two shoving each others tongues down their throats. The two just going at it. Mumbo started to undo his tie as Grian reached behind him, grabbing Mumbo's ass.

Mumbo sort of yelped at such a sudden move, Grian giggling like mad in return.

"You want to play like that, eh?" Mumbo teased, taking his hand and jerking off Grian a few times.

"Oh fuck~ Mumb-" Grian's moans once again cut off by kissing.

Mumbo backed away from both Grian's kiss and neglected hard dick. Opting to start stripping instead.

Finally undressed he takes both of Grian's legs and hoists them over his shoulders to get a better angle. Mumbo takes his semi-hard dick in hand, pushing into him forcefully and hard. To Mumbo's surprise Grian was already slick. His warm insides hugged Mumbo tightly.

Grian let out a string of swears at the sensation, Adjusting to it for a second before giving Mumbo the go ahead. Mumbo began to pound into him, caressing his sides gently as he complimented the sub.

"You're so pretty when you moan like that, you like the way my cock feels?" He praised ramming into Grian's prostate. Grian clung the bed sheets, eyes watering from the pleasure like he was seeing stars.

"F-Fuck yeah~" Grian stammered, pushing himself down onto Mumbo's dick every time he'd thrust back into him. Mumbo's thrusts became rhythmic, perfectly timed and executed, perfect enough to cause Grian to fall apart. Pleasure like no other coursing through his body, he wished he could stay like this forever.

Mumbo started to speed up, thrusts getting gradually clumsier.

"Mumb~" Grian murmured tiredly cumming hard as he slumped back onto the bed. With the few last thrusts into an overstimulated and drowsy Grian, he came throughly filling Grian with his seed.

Mumbo pulled out, being so tired he didn't even care if he made a mess of the bed. Grian whimpered as he felt Mumbo pull out, he rolled over in bed to bury his face in Mumbo's chest.

"Thanks for the help Mumby." Grian mumbled. Mumbo bent forward and laid a kiss on his head. "Happy to help~"


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Chapter Text


Grian x Iskall

Rough Sex, Nipple play, Bondage, Humiliation play.

Content Warning
Dubcon stuff (no consent explicitly stated), a few bad names, rough sex stuff in general. Sorry, that's not your thing. The next request should be up in the near future (next is our first lesbian chapter!!)


He dashed through the tunnel, a hitman right on his tail. Panicked but trying to keep his cool Grian drew closer to the lever that would save his life. Iskall seemingly noticed it too, taking out his bow and drawing it back.

Just before he grabbed it he heard the whizzing of an arrow fly and tumbled back into a corner to see a flaming arrow between him and the lever.

Iskall approached before Grian could extinguish the arrow, cornering him. He stared down the Brit as he removed the lever and arrow.

"GG! What was that? Some escape route for you? A trap? Maybe both?" Iskall drew his sword up to Grians neck, using the tip to tilt the smaller man's chin up and force Grian to meet his gaze.

"P-please don't kill me!" He sputtered out. Iskall let out a small chuckle as he dropped his sword. Grian shrunk back into the corner at the sound of clattering metal. He looked up to see a hand stuck out to him, hesitantly grabbing it as he hoisted himself up.

"You put up a good fight, I mean you only put up one because Jevin is dumb and told you, but you put up one which is a lot more fun than most of my victims. I still have to do something, so I'll go with Plan B."

"Plan B?" Grian was ready for him do something awful but instead Iskall gestured him to point his arms into the sky. Confused, Grian did just that and he quickly slipped my sweater off, causing the brit some confusion, his nipples hardening on contact with the cold air.

Next he moves down, unzipping Grian's pants, pulling them off of him. Taking off his shoes and socks next, tracing his fingers up his thighs. Eventually reaching Grian's boxers and palming him through them. Grian gasped as he grew hard, this motion confirming what plan b was. Slipping off Grian's boxers and allowing his semi-hard dick to spring out.

Iskall took out a shulker and much to Grian's surprise pulled out a length of rope and picked up his sword. He took the sword handle in his mouth and gestured for him to turn around. Grian did so, he took his hands and tied them behind his back, cutting the rest of the rope off with the and sword, repeating the same steps at the Brit's knees and ankles, taking the sword and stabbing it into the wall next to him.

Grian let out a tiny gasp and he chuckled. He reached around him and pulled at one of his nipples, again eliciting a tiny moan from him.

Iskall moved Grian to face him, kissing down his neck while teasing his nipples. Carefully licking until he reached Grian's left nipple, taking it into his mouth and sucking it while gently twisting his other nipple. Just the way his tongue swirled around it made Grian hard, precum already dribbling from the head of his dick as he whimpered for more stimulation.

Grian was completely powerless in this situation, but it almost felt good.

"So helpless, bet you're enjoying your punishment, huh? You're such a pretty little slut." Iskall teased, almost like he could read Grian's mind, his hot breath on his neck as he licked over the steadily growing patch of hickeys.

Grian didn't acknowledge him, he was caught up in the moment. He soon turned his attention the brit's right nipple, sucking and pulling it.

Moving away, He takes his phone out of his suit pocket, snapping a quick picture and typing away.

"Iskall?" Grian asked faintly.

"I thought Jevin might like some proof I roughed you up a bit." Iskall faced the screen towards Grian. The picture showed the purplish-red bruises lining his neck clashing against his pale skin. His face red with strands of his messy hair out of place, eyes filled with a hazy lust, and his erect dick dribbling precum. "Of course I don't have to send it, if you'd like I could just tell him I 'roughed you up'." Iskall suggested the ulterior, Grian thought for a second before declining, getting a sort of thrill knowing someone else has seen him like that.

Iskall gave him a mischievous grin of approval, hitting send, and tucking the phone away. Pressing his lips against Grians he started making out with him again, roughly abusing Grian's already chapped lips. Thumbing over his red, still hard, and slightly bruised nipples.

Iskall pushed his still clothed body flush against Grian's as he continued, causing the shorter man to buck into Iskall. Surprisingly Grian made his way down to Iskall's neck, laying a few kisses onto his tough skin, leaving a few faint hickeys. Iskall couldn't say he didn't enjoy it, but made sure to show Grian who's boss, grinding his clothed dick against Grian. He let out a few languid moans as he continued to buck his hips. Iskall pulled away, much to Grian's disapointment.

Iskall laid out his shulker box in front of Grian, pushing him chest down onto it, rear up in the air. Iskall threw off anything he was wearing from the waist down and throwing it in a corner somewhere, pushing in slightly.

"I don't have any lube so guess I'm going in no prep. You don't mind that though, right Grian?" Iskall asked in a malicious sort of way. Grian seethed as Iskall finally thrust in, tears of pain in the corners of his eyes as Iskall violated him. The first few thrusts were painful but once he adjusted pain turned to pleasure, Grian letting put tiny moans and squeaks as Iskall pounded into him. He struggled against the rope, doing something like this he'd usually cling to his partner, run his hands through their hair, have some contact, but with this it was almost driving him crazy. It was almost driving him crazy in a good way.

"What a nasty little whore you are, laying yourself out like this for me." Iskall grunted, hitting Grian squarely in his prostate. This earned a string of babbling moans from Grian as he arched his back. Being called names like that, tied up and defenseless gave him a sort of high, a euphoric feeling.

Iskall rammed into Grian's prostate repeatedly, sending sharp pangs of pleasure coursing through Grian's body. Tears clouded his eyes once again, tears filled with pleasure.

"Ahm~ Iska- Iskall I'm gonna cum~" Grian stammered, shuddering as pleasure racked his body, him nearing the edge.

"Cum then." Iskall told him, thrusting one last time sharply into Grian's prostate as he grabbed the sub's balls. With that gesture he crumpled, cumming hard and seeing stars, Iskall following soon after.

The two both sweaty and panting took a moment to recover. Iskall almost buckled at the knees when he came, bracing himself against Grian's hips.

The two eventually gained their composures, Iskall went to retrieve his clothing, taking his phone out again and snapping a picture of a very tired Grian, tied up, laid out on the shulker, Iskall's cum leaking out of his abused hole.

"Don't worry, Gri, that one is for my, ahem, personal collection." Iskall chuckled, tracing a line with his finger down Grian's spine causing him to shudder.

Iskall wrenched the sword out of the wall behind Grian, cutting loose his restraints. The brit quickly nursed the minor rope burns he had as Iskall helped him to his feet, laying another kiss on the hickeys lining Grian's pale skin.

"That was fun, if you're interested in doing that again you know where to find me." Iskall handed him a nicely printed business card for his hitman services along with his phone number. Iskall sauntered nonchalantly down the hall, giving Grian his mischievous smile  and a wave.

Grian walked- no slightly limped away that day with a bunch of hickeys, some newfound kinks, a business card from an absolute bear, and a new appreciation for Jevin's slip ups.


Luckily I have most of the requests partially done/ have in mind a plot-line already, so yeah. Quick updates? Didn't expect that, huh?

Chapter Text


Cleo x Stress

Public Teasing, Orgasm denial.


"Hey, Monster, what do you think?" Cleo called out as her girlfriend cheerfully hopped down the stairs. She was standing in front of the full length mirror they had in their base, She was dressed in a teal dress about knee length with golden flowers printed onto it along with her usual striped stockings and flower crown.

Stress let out an excited squeal, running over to her girlfriend. "You. Look. Amazing!" She stretched out, giggling like a mad-woman.

"Is this dress new? Ooo you need to do the spin for me." Stress monster lighting tugged at the dress. Pretending to be upset Cleo rolls her eyes, smiling at her girlfriends insistence.

"Okay, before you beg, fine." Cleo spun around in a circle letting Stress see the whole dress, at which she squealed and clapped.

"Oh come on, I'm not the only one with the cute outfit.." Cleo said gesturing to the form fitting pink sweater dress Stress had on along with a pair of gray leggings and crystalline earrings that resembled ice.

"Yeah but its extra special for you since I'm pretty sure you haven't changed from those clothes since you died!" Stress told her, grossly over exaggerating. Stress was admittedly not the most interested in fashion either but it was a special occasion when the zombie put on something other than the rags she wore.

"C'monnn, the outfit looks nice.." She dragged out, going behind her girlfriend and lifting up her dress. "Especially from the back~"

Cleo quickly shooed the prying girl, only met with giggles of protest.

"Stressss you better not-" Cleo laughed lightly slapping Stress' hand slightly.

"Okay- okay- I promise to be on my best behavior tonight." Stress held out her pinky finger. "Pinky promise."

Cleo begrudgingly locked fingers with the girl. "You better keep it this time."

"I'll try, but you know that won't happen. Especially with what we have planned." Stress smiled mischievously. Cleo groaned, knowing exactly what she meant by that.

The two met up with Cub and Scar at some fancy restaurant they had set up to "help the shopping district's night life," but mainly because of capitalism.

Stress and Cleo decided to set up the double date with the two, both couples getting along surprisingly well. Saying their greetings and snagging a booth.

It's going fine, idle chit chat as they go. It was all going perfectly fine. It was going a lot better than they expected really. The Convex were quite the interesting duo to say the least. All was fine and peaceful.

That was until Stress decided to be an asshole.

See the thing was Cleo had lost a bet to Stress and this was sort of her punishment. Stress clicked a tiny clicker she had in hand, making no sign of it while she kept up chit chat with Scar and Cub. Cleo cursed herself for agreeing as the vibrations started off slow, not very intense and very dull.

Cleo visibly straightened her back out feeling the low pulsing becoming a high frenzy. The Convex continued on with the talking, Stress giving her the side eye.

The vibrations became more bearable over time as she got used to them. pulsing buzzing and nothing more.Cleo relaxed a little bit, even rejoining the conversation as she became used to the pleasurable pulses.


Cleo almost choked on her drink, furious buzzing starting up she shuddered, little tingles of pleasure racking her. She felt like some sort of fucked up lesbian hell descended upon her pussy and wreaked havoc. She pressed her thighs together and pulled down her dress to cover her up more

"Uh, Cleo, are you good?" Cub asked the obviously frazzled girl. She crossed her legs trying to be as subtle as possible.

"Did they get your drink wrong?" Stress inquired, keeping her best poker face. She sipped some of Cleo's drink, feigning a confused face. "Oh gosh, there's no way thats right. You getting the wrong drink must've been what shook you up so much." Stress sighed, signaling the waiter.

"Stress, let us take care of that, we'll check up whats going on back there." Scar grabbed the glass, presumably getting up to go see whats going on.

"Geez, on our opening night too." Cub swore to himself, following Scar.

As soon as they turned the  corner Stress started to make her move. Stroking Cleo's bare thighs gently,  clicking the remote to lower the settings to about a medium setting.

"Stress I'm going to murder you, while I was fucking drinking??" Cleo hissed. She tried to stay mad at Stress but she really couldn't because holy fuck was this kinky.

"Yeah, and you lost the bet. You know me, Cleo, I'm a women of no mercy." Stress dramatically announced. She stressed her words as if it was some big announcement and that nobody knew she was just that over the top.

Cleo stared with a blank yet very unimpressed look at her girlfriend, still squirming slightly on account of the vibrator.

Stress pouts, deciding to pay attention to Cleo's lady bits (or as Stress oh so affectionately named it Cleo's "Burial Plot"). Stress starts to rub Cleo's thighs gently, slightly hiking up her skirt. Cleo gives her the quite literal death stare.

"You aren't doing what I think you are."

"What, We're away from everyone at this fancy VIP table."

Cleo huffs, disappointed in herself for letting her kinks get in the way of her sensibility, nodding.

Stress slips a her fingers down Cleo's panties pushing past her lips to gently massage Cleo's clit and labia. Stroking slowly up her labia and circling around Cleo's clit. Cleo spreads her legs slightly, sinking back into her seat.

She was already sensitive enough from the vibrator torture but this was a bit much. Her girlfriend all over her putting her in such a submissive place.

Cleo tries to contain her moans, she may not be seen but she can clearly hear many patron's conversations which admittedly puts her on edge. This seemingly encourages her even more, probably the kinkiness o feeling like she'll be caught any moment.

She stiffles a moan as Stress speeds up, flicking at the tiny bundle of nerves. Cleo is loving, especially this with the vibrator. The rhythmic motion of the rubbing, the dull buzzing, the risk.

"Cleo, you getting close, Dear~" Stress said in a light and playful yet almost sultry tone. Cleo bit her lip nodding desperately as she tried to play it cool.

Stress smiled deviously, slipping her fingers away. Cleo gives a frustrated sigh, glaring at Stress. Stree puts a finger to her lips, giving Cleo a sly smile as the two slightly disgruntled Vex round the corner.

They're are both slightly disheveled and  their cheeks are ruddy. Cub sets down the glass in front of Cleo and the two couples continue the double date


The two got into the door, throwing their shoes off and throwing clothes off of each other as they locked lips, Cleo pushing Stress up against the wall. Pressing her body against the smaller female, creeping a hand down under her dress, palming her through her leggings. Stress broke away from the kiss letting out a slight breathy, high pitched moan.

"Ah shit-" She squealed slightly as Cleo started to part her lips through the leggings. Stress rocked her hips slightly against Cleo's finger, Cleo in response grabbing her thin hips and pushing her against the wall.

"You broke your promise." She said, breath rough against her neck, causing the ice queen of all people to shiver. Cleo stood up, scooping Stress up.

"Guess it's punishment time, Monster." She said in a more casual tone, carrying her up the stairs to their bedroom. "Ughh, nooooo, Cleooo. Your just going to tease me!" Stress whined sort of like a little kid, making a pouty face as her girlfriend just giggled.

They finally made it to their room, Cleo flopping Stress down onto the bed. "Well me teasing you is only giving you a taste of your own medicine. You haven't forgotten dinner so quickly, Monster, have you?~"Cleo climbed up onto the bed, straddling Stress and tugging at the waistband of her leggings.

"N-no- Can you just get to it?" She whined slightly, slightly irritated at her girlfriend's revenge.

Cleo smirks, kissing her girlfriend on the forehead before she relents, peeling her leggings off of her. This revealed a light blue lace thong, Cleo smiles, quickly peeling it off of her.

Cleo retrieves a tiny egg shaped vibrator from her drawer, spreading Stress' lips gently and inserting the small silicon egg inside her pussy, making sure to push right against her g-spot.

"You're a big meanie." Stress pouted. Cleo turned the remote on to the lowest level. "Yes I am."

Gently spreading her lips she can already feel that Stress is wet. Stress clings to a pillow, trying to stifle her moans as Cleo takes a tentative lick up her labia, dipping a little deeper while shes at it. Making her way up she gently sucks on Stress' clit.

Stress' breath hitches and her thighs tense. Cleo doesn't do this often but she's pretty sure that was good. Circling her tounge around the little bundle of nerves, teasing it and gently sucking on the sensitive little nub. Stress threads her fingers through Cleo's hair, quivering and letting out soft praises. Cleo turns up the dial to its medium setting as she sucks on her clit. Gently pushing a finger into Stress to make sure the egg is really up there.

Stress tries to buck her hips slightly whimpering quietly as Cleo eats her out, removing her finger and licking down her labia again.

"Cle-Cleo I think I might~" Stress moans, Cleo turns the vibrator down again.

Cleo kisses her on the forehead, dipping her fingers lightly into Stress as she squirmed slightly. "Not yet hun, I'm just giving you the same treatment as you did to me."

Stress lets a tiny, bratty, sexual whine. Cleo just presses her fingers down lightly on her clit. Stress grinded her hips back and forth to hopefully get some stimulation but ultimately failing which leads to more whining.

"Cleeoo, I swear to all things holy in my life I will murder you." Stress let out a frustrated groan.

"Fine, now that you're all rilled up." Cleo presses a kiss to Stress' neck. Continuing her turning up/ lowering of the vibrator cycle all the while eating Stress out. The way she dragged her tongue up her pussy like that, occasionally making eye contact with those hazy constantly half-lidded eyes.

Then spaces in between felt torturous as well. The times she just slowly rub Stress all over slowly while all other stimulation was gone. Neglecting her sensitive clit, teasing it the ever so slightest.

Stress bites down onto her lip harshly as she feels close to her climax. Raising her hips from the bed as she begs Cleo to see her through the climax. Finally her walls close in, a wave of pleasure washing over her in the heightened post orgasm haze. She blubbers swears and praises to Cleo as her girlfriend just smiles and holds her close.

"I'm totally going to have to tease you more often.." Cleo grinned.

"A-Absolutely not-"

"...You sure?"

"Okay, m-maybe if we get dinner first.."



Hey, so heres the typical longer than necessary author's note.

Haha imagine being a girl that dated girls but can't write gxg?? Can't relate??

Self deprecating sarcasm aside, Happy spooky month, heres some lesbians. That's all I really got to say about the chapter.I'm going to be cross posting this fic over on ao3 along with some nsfw art because on a tiny incident I had over on my other book. Anyways, I'm cool, it's happening. Nothing really to say, I'm trying not to have 100+ word AN's all the time.

Chapter Text


Grian x Xisuma

Daddy kink


"EXxxIusmaaa" Grian called out, butchering the poor admin's name like always. He made it into the main area of Xisuma's base, opening to a few command blocks scattered about and Xisuma slouched over one quickly typing away. He looked to be deep in thought, well that is what Grian could see through his helmet.

"Goddammit.." He muttered out, quickly deleting the command he put in and trying again.

"X?" Grian asked, quickly making his way across the room to him.

"Do you have another bug? Could you just add it to the list yourself?" He muttered, pointing to a book laid out on the floor.

"No, I don't.? Are you okay?" Grian asked, sitting right next to him on the floor. Peering over at the code, which looked like gibberish to him.

"Yes Grian I-" Xisuma stopped himself mid-sentence, scowling down at the code. He takes a sigh before starting again. "No, I'm not. When the server updated everything just.. went to shit?" Xisuma questioned himself, stressed and confused about his feelings towards the update.

Grian looked over to the stressed admin, head down and angrily typing away at the command block.

"Maybe you could take a break. When I'm stressed I like to take a fly around the server, play pranks on people, masturbate. You know, stuff I enjoy."

"What was that last one?" Xisuma questioned, looking down at the smaller brit innocently sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor next to peering up at him.

There was a pause, Grian looking at Xisuma with a weary, confused look.

"You know..?" He did a quick hand motion mimicking jerking off.

"I- well-" Xisuma was quickly caught off by Grian sliding the troubling command block out of the way, right at his feet.

"If you want I could help you with it?" Grian told him, gently spreading Xisuma's legs apart.

The two just stared at each other as Xisuma breathed in sharply. Both not saying anything, just staring as Xisuma weighed his options.

Xisuma swallowed hard, nodding. "I- uh- Fuck it, sure."

Grian smiled, signaling to Xisuma that he was very happy to help the admin out.

Grian started to massage Xisuma cock through his clothes, which was a lot easier than usual considering he was still in his pajamas, that of which only consisted of an old t-shirt two sizes too big that was slipping off his shoulder, and some basketball shorts.

Quickly taking off Xisuma's shorts to jerk off his semi-hard dick, steadily inching his face forward. Grian started licking down the shaft while looking up at him. Much to Grian's delight he could've sworn he heard Xisuma gasp a little as he did so. This just encouraged him to carefully take the head into his mouth. Just that little puff amplified by his helmet's filter boosted his confidence.

He bobbed his head slowly taking more of the dick into his mouth as he went, staring up at Xisuma.

Xisuma's steady breathing through his helmet soon became harder, bucking his hips into Grian's mouth slightly. Grian rubbing circles in his thighs and lightly touching his ass.When Grian starts to feel him draw close he slips off of Xisuma, making sure to tease him by dragging his tongue up Xisuma's shaft as he pulled away.

Xisuma let out a huff, picking up Grian suddenly. "We oughta take this to my room." He told him, carrying him down the hall and throwing him onto the bed.

Xisuma climbed into bed next to Grian, just sort of sitting there awkwardly unsure what to do. Grian giggled slightly at his shyness, climbing over to him and sitting on his so he was facing Xisuma. "Have any kinks I should know of?" Grian dragged his hands down Xisumas hips.

"I would like for you to call me daddy. If that's fine with you, that is." Xisuma said in a soft tone, averting his gaze. Grian nodded, Xisuma moved his hands down to Grian's pants to undo them. Quickly slipping off his pants and doing the same to his boxers.

"I'll take it nice and easy for ya, mmkay?" Grian reassured, picking up on a little of Xisuma's hesitance.  "Got any lube, your gonna have to finger me."

Xisuma retrieved a bottle from the drawer, coating his fingers liberally before pressing two fingers in easily.

Grian shifted his hips around the two fingers expectantly, pretty unphased as Xisuma gaped at him. He hesitantly added another finger, just a little surprised that Grian didn't complain about any burning. He pushed all three fingers in, stretching Grian as he went.

Grian bit at his lip, screwing his eyes closed as he tried to ride Xisuma's fingers, clearly enjoying the third finger and whispering pleads for the fourth.

Xisuma lubed the fourth finger up, easing it along in with the other fingers.  Grian was enjoying this maybe a little too much, pushing back against his fingers a gasping things like "Your fingers feel so good inside me, Daddy~" and  "Hhh- pl-please fuck me harder Daddyyy.."

How intimate it felt caught Xisuma off guard, he was admittedly not very used to this stuff but felt increasingly comfortable in a dominant role.

He slid his fingers out of Grian, lubing up his own cock. "Ready, Gri?" He asked, little more confidence shining through in his voice after the fingering.

"Oh hell yeah I am, give me your worst~" Grian almost purred in a relaxed and lustful drawl. Xisuma positioned himself at Grian's enterance, thrusting into Grian.

Grian hissed, arching his back as he felt the surprisingly deep first thrust graze against his prostate.

Xisuma stopped for a moment, checking to see if Grian was okay but he was quickly ushered back into fucking Grian by Grian's pleas for more.

Xisuma cooperates, starting a gentle smooth pace of thrusting. Grian lets out a tiny whine, whimpering slightly.

"Daddy I can handle this, go fasterr.." He whines, taking Xisuma's hand which we're previously on his hips and grasping them, holding them close and squeezing them every time a particularly rough thrust happens.

Xisuma speeds up, thrusting rougher and rougher. Grian is absolutely loving this all, biting his lip harshly as he cries out jumbled moans and purrs out "D-daddy!"

Grian starts riding Xisuma's dick while Xisuma thrusted, whimpering and whining as the other panted and huffed. "Daddy, I think I'm close-" Grian's voice trembled from the stimulation. Whining and babbling as the two slammed skin on skin. Feeling Xisuma's dick press against his prostate felt like heaven.

Xisuma couldn't even remember what he was doing earlier that had him stressed, not that he could focus on his thoughts much in general as he neared climax.

"D-Daddy~ I'm-"

"Cum, Love, cum for Daddy."

Grian trembled, a shiver running down his spine at the sincerity and genuine sweetness of it all. He climaxed, his full body almost shook as tears of pleasure pricked his eyes, He slammed himself down on Xisuma's dick, clenching around said dick. Releasing cum all over his  chest. Xisuma had a few more thrusts left in him before finally letting himself release.

The two laid there in a haze for a few moments, both coming down from their orgasms. Grian hugged Xisuma close, burying his face in his chest.

"That was nice.. feel less stressed?"

"Oh for certain, thank you."

"Anything for my favorite admin, EXizumma void."


So the lesbian chapter was supposed to be out before this but that didn't happen. I kinda need to do more research since all I do is mxm and my usual about once a month update schedule was coming up so I did this request instead. I'm sorry, I'll update in about a weeks time (at the most) that one.

On another note, I have so many requests that I want to do regular chapters in between. At this point its mainly requests and not a book of my other weird kinks so what does everyone think about a monster fucking chapter? Not the weak stuff I did in the "Season" chapters. Good old fashion monster fucking. Maybe Werewolf Ren stalking his prey (((but theres lots of consent because consent is key))) , or like Scara tentacle fucking some hermits, or even an area 77 themed chapter where the HIB get "probed".

Let me know what you think, I'll be opening the metaphorical mic to you guys.

Chapter Text

I'll do anything that isn't pedophilia but the more risky things I'll mark with content warnings just to be safe.

Kinks on the "weirder" side are welcome! I draw the line at scat, excessive gore, and vomit but things like piss and eggs I'm cool with.

Also keep in mind my strong suits are male x male stuff. I'm trying to explore girl x girl but can't guarantee the quality, I'll still do them though. Lastly I've never done anything hetero so I'm just warning you if you do request it'll probably be very janky.

Lastly this is a hermit x hermit book, I haven't watched many of the other roleplay-like things the hermits have done so I won't be including them. I'll include the recap boys though, love them.

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Here's a quick example brought to you by the first chapter.

Title: Time off War

Ship: ZIT (Zedaph, Impulse, Tango)

Summary: The prank war is stressing all three members of ZIT (it's a pre established relationship) so they take some time to destress.

Dom: Impulse + Tango

Sub: Zedaph

Kinks: Everything pretty vanilla, but very minor praise kink stuff

Chapter Text


Grian x Mumbo x Iskall

Iskall and Grian


Pretty vanilla, not much to say here.


So, Mumbo had a threesome with his two best friends...



Yeah, it's sort of shocking when you put it as bluntly as that but I'll elaborate. I swear its not as blunt as I put it.


It all started at some sort of celebration for the return of Keralis and Bdubs. the server had and admittedly everyone went a little crazy. There may or may not been alcohol. Okay, who am I kidding, people were drinking like it was their last day on that server. So far it was all going well, all of the hermits shacked up in Xisuma's base and partying like there was no tomorrow.

It was going pretty smoothly, the only mishap so far being Doc launching his trident and narrowly missing Ren's head which was hardly a mishap considering how rowdy the server was most of the time. That and how much of a horny drunk Ren is.

The three Architechs were sat up at the temporary bar setup, just shooting the shit, watching the chaos unfold around them. One thing in particular caught Grian's eye, watching Zedaph sandwiched between Tango and Impulse in a corner of the base.

There was something about it, watching Impulse behind Zedaph as he grinded on him from behind, Tango palming Zedaph while frenching him.

"Wow that looks like fun.." Grian muttered, mainly to himself. Iskall looks to Grian, tracking his gaze over to the threesome that were just sort of getting down and dirty in the middle of the chaos.

"Hey, it does look fun. We should do that." Iskall piped up, wide smile plastered on his face as the horny bastard pushed his encouragement.

"My god, you two.." Mumbo said, disapproving. "We're not just going to get it on on the dance floor in front of everyone."

"Oh, so you'd be willing if we got a room?" Iskall grinned, running his hand up mumbo's outer-thigh getting his hand quickly slapped away by Mumbo.

"Why are you two so... so uppity all of a sudden." Mumbo hissed as he to found himself really unable to look away from the softcore porn that was basically going on in front of them.

"It just looks fun, what can I say." Grian shrugs, giving a devilish grin. They eventually drop the subject and go back to talking. As the night progresses things get rowdier. Team ZIT disappears suddenly to probably go fuck, Biffa threw Jevin into the ocean, Cleo literally misplaced her arm after she loosened her stitches for a party trick, and most people were varying degrees of drunk.

As the night went on the Sahara boys stuck mainly to each other, idle chit chat as they watched all the party goers. Both Iskall and Grian couldn't help but notice Mumbo watching couples when they were making out, getting all feely, his steady gaze following them as the disappear off to go fuck somewhere in the nether or some other mysterious room in Xisuma's base.

"Change you mind, hm?" Grian questioned, snapping Mumbo out of his daze as he jumped. Mumbo just gave him the stink eye, sighing a little.

"I- er- yes, I suppose I have. I do have to admit it looks fun."

Iskall is actually beaming while Grian gave him a sly smile, typical in his bastardly ways.

"Soo that means you wanna fu-

"Yeah, okay, you don't have to say so loud." Mumbo hissed at the two, his cheeks were a little red out of embarrassment. Grian and Iskall couldn't help but snicker a little at this.

"C'mon, lets snag a room before these amateurs take the good ones!" Iskall got up, grabbing both Mumbo's and Grian's hands and dragging them down the hall.

"Iskall I believe we are the amateurs.." Mumbo mumbled as they searched down the corridor.

"Hey dude, speak for yourself." Iskall teased Mumbo, Grian snickered a little to see both of them fighting.

They neared the end of the hall, reaching a button on the wall that had a redstone lamp above it. Out of most of these similar lanps that lined the hall this was one of the few not lit.

Iskall presses the button, lamp turning on, and a quite dramatic yet very fancy piston door opens up to a beautifully decorated bedroom.

"Woah, since when did Xisuma have these?" Grian asked, walking in and admiring the prismarine room with all it nautical themed decor, huge vaulted ceiling you could see the ocean above through, and the rather big canopy bed.

"Since Ker and Bdubs came on, I helped X out a bit actually. Said he wanted to give them a very special gift to them tonight." Iskall winked his one good eye, giving Grian a sly smile. "If you think this is cool you should see the master bedroom."

The three gazed around, Mumbo specifically examining the door. He flips a lever, causing the door to shut with its typical clanky redstone sound.

"Xisuma wanted me to help him come up with a design for a piston door, didn't know he was using it for this." Mumbo's hesitance seemed to have faded, more comfortable almost excited. Definitely proud of his handy work. 

"Well are you gonna get in bed or are you going to fuck the door?" Grian called out playfully, breaking Mumbo out of his trance and causing him to go red faced with embarrassment.

Mumbo turns around, Grian is on the bed peeking out from behind the bed's long, silky, cyan curtains while Iskall's directly behind him. Iskall being very much stronger than Mumbo, picks him up with ease, picking up the Redstoner gently in his arms. To his surprise Mumbo doesn't fight back, going with it just a little caught off guard.

He plops Mumbo right into Grian's arms, climbing onto the bed himself, and straddling him.

"God, Iskall, don't be hasty. Let's try not to scare him!" Grian swatted Iskall away.

"We'll take this easy, I promise." Grian pushed some stray hair away from Mumbo's face, kissing him lightly on the forehead.

Iskall got up from the surprisingly forceful push he had just received, crawling over to Grian instead.

"Lead the way, your highness. What shall we do?" He mocked, getting another jab in the ribs.

"I'm guessing Mumbo has no experience so we should probably start off slow, foreplay and cuddles and stuff." Grian absently ran his hand through Mumbo's hair, which was surprisingly relaxing for Mumbo. Normally he would retort the thought that he was a virgin (even though he was very much so). He couldn't really help but be the tiniest bit worried, he's never done anything remotely like this.

"Sounds good, I'll take back and you take front?" Iskall suggested, Grian nodding silently. "You good with that, Mumbo?"

Mumbo hums a yes, more preoccupied with cuddling into Grian, which Grian found absolutely adorable. Gently combing his fingers through Mumbo's mustache.

Iskall peaked through the curtains, rummaging around in something before retrieving a bottle of something.

"So, Mumbo. Ever done anything remotely close to anal? Like finger yourself, use a vibrator or dildo, I dunno misuse a fence post and a sticky piston once a-" Iskall continued on and on only to get cut off by Grian clearing his throat and giving a disapproving glare for the last line. Iskall shrugs this off and starts to take Mumbo's pants off, palming him slightly through his pants.

"I- I suppose not. I've never really thought of being on bottom before." Mumbo thought aloud.

"That's fine Mumby, we'll take it easy." Grian was being surprisingly gentle. Usually he was chaotic and silly but he acted softer. His words seemed to be more thought out rather than his usual impulsivity and his touch and movements lighter.

Iskall on the other hand was same old jokey Iskall. Yeah he knew when to stop the joking and get to work but he still had the same charm to him. Taking his opprotunity to crack a joke as he gently pressed in one lube coated finger and Mumbo noticeably flinched. Still he had no problem with being affectionate, taking one of Mumbo's pale, thin, hands in his and laying a peck on it. Squeezing it and rubbing it gently with his thumb as he pushed forward, almost knuckle deep.

Mumbo felt mostly pain at the moment. Iskall had admittedly fat fingers, but when he pressed the second finger in and started to gently scissor his insides Mumbo passed the threshold of burning to pleasure. It felt good, not overwhelming, but definitely pleasurable.

Grian was still holding Mumbo, playing with his hair. It was a while since he'd got a haircut and it was longer than usual. He would bunch them up into very short pigtails, giggling slightly.

"You're so pretty." Grian laughed soft short giggles, trying to cover how he found this genuinely funny.

"Mmmthanks.." Mumbo groaned slightly, a little out of it as Iskall was now three fingers deep, careful to only lightly touch his prostate.

"No problem." Grian snickered, it finally tapering off into him being dead quiet. Mumbo is sort of concerned since Grian being quiet is never good.

Grian lays a quick peck on Mumbo's neck, if Mumbo could only see the huge smile on his face as he continued to giggle and go on to comfort Mumbo.

At this point Iskall finished prepping Mumbo, not daring to go any further finger wise with him. Iskall pulls out, clearing his throat to grab Grian's attention.

"Kärlek, we're going to flip you onto your hands and knees, is that good?" Iskall asks Mumbo, who nods slightly as he rolls out of Grians grip.

"Yeah but take off your suit jacket and shirt, I'd feel bad if I were to get them dirty." Grian said in all in sincereness. "Now that I think of it we oughta probably strip too."

They all began to undress, quickly doing away with any clothes and throwing them outside the curtain.

Iskall grabs the bottle of lube lathering up his dick and pressing lightly into Mumbo's entrance. Mumbo hisses slightly, feeling Iskall's wide tip press into him.

"Just let us know if gets to be too much." Iskall reassured, patting his ass as both a playful and reassuring gesture. Mumbo braced himself, Iskall wasn't that big but Mumbo was very much not used to this.

Grian noticed this sort of discomfort, stroking a hand through Mumbo's Jet black hair and stooping down a little to lay a kiss on his forehead.

"Are you feeling okay? He can stop whenever." Grian asked quietly, words measured and smooth. They were almost pacifying to Mumbo, taking away a lot of the renewed nervousness he had.

"Y-Yeah, he's just a little b-big." Mumbo groaned as Iskall slowly pushed in. Iskall chuckled softly, obviously getting a tiny ego boost from that.

"So who's bigger, me or Grian?" Iskall had a huge smile plaster onto his face, knowing damn well the answer. Grian scowled at him, making a tiny hand motion indicating he'd kill Iskall for that comment.

"Th-that doesn't matter j-just pleassse~" Mumbo groaned a little, eyes screwed shut, eyebrows furrowed. Iskall starts to push in deeper, a little bit more confident now.

"Gahhmm- I~" Mumbo gasped as he was about halfway in now obviously starting to enjoy this. Iskall was too, just the way Mumbo's walls clung to his dick was almost heavenly.

Grian was still comforting Mumbo up front, getting Mumbo's attention as he kissed Mumbo on the cheek.

"Mumbs, you good with oral still or would you rather me just..?" Grian questioned, Mumbo's eyes flicker up to him.

"I'd be happy too." Mumbo smiled, trying his best to focus on him. Grian's heart fluttered a bit, smiling slightly. "You know this the only real thing I have experience with sexually." Mumbo said cheerfully, stuttering slightly as he tried to keep himself from loosing it before Iskall even thrusted.

"Kärlek, I'm going to start thrusting now." Iskall warned, he was balls deep into Mumbo waiting for him to adjust. Mumbo gave the go ahead, grasping lightly onto Grian's dick. Swirling his tongue around the tip, licking down his shaft. Iskall began his soft rhythmic thrusting, slow and steady just to further stretch Mumbo out.

Mumbo basically drooled over Grian's cock. The tiny rhythmic thrusts, taking Grians slick with precum tip in his mouth. He wasn't a virgin orally so this came to him easier, easing Grian's dick into his mouth with small bobbing movements careful not to choke.

Iskall thrusted in sharply causing Mumbo to stiffen up, moaning softly around Grian's dick. He was practically drooling on it now, tears of bliss filling his eyes. For a first time experience it was a bit overwhelming, overwhelming in a very good way.

Grian pulled out slightly, looking concerned at Mumbo. "Are you alright?"

"Great~" Mumbo reassured, going directly back to taking Grian's dick into his mouth. Grian couldn't help but melt at the sight of Mumbo. Precum on his lips as he looked up at Grian with hazy eyes. Moaning slightly as Iskall's pace was ever rougher. At this point Mumbo was basically deep throating Grian as Iskall roughly thrusted into him.

Iskall adjusted himself, thrusting back in. Mumbo had tears streaming down his cheeks as as he let out a strangled moan. Iskall hitting his prostate head on.

He almost lost it there and then. That was such a new experience for him and it was all well worth it. He noticed the other two seemed to be near their climaxes as well. Grian's thighs trembling in front of him, only to look up and see Grian covering his mouth to desperately cover up his moans.

"Auh- oh my M-Mumbss~ I-I think I'm gonna cum." Grian shook lightly thrusting back into Mumbo's mouth.

Iskall was starting to near too. He clung to Mumbo's fragile hips as hips thrusts became sporadic, groaning and moaning sweet compliments.

Grian thrusted his hips one last time, Mumbo taking his dick all the way up to the balls as he blew his load into Mumbo's throat. His balls drawn up near him, Mumbo feeling them pulsate slightly against his chin as cum poured into him.

Mumbo totally relaxed guzzles down salty cum as he trembled, so close to cumming. Tiny drops of cum slipped out of the corners of his lips, Grian keeping his dick locked into Mumbo's mouth.

Finall Mumbo came with one sharp thrust into his prostate. His elbows which were once supporting him gave causing him to lay flat on his chest on the matress. Grian's dick slid out of his mouth causing drops of cum to fall onto his face and in his hair. With one final, brutal thrust Iskall came into him, locking his hips forward to fill Mumbo with cum.

Cum spilled down Mumbo's chin and out of him as he lay there exhausted and blissed out. No idea that anal was that good. Kicking himself to not have Iskall and Grian to fuck him before then.

Mumbo at this point was fading in and out of consciousness. Grian went to change the sheets and get new sheets for the bed while Iskall ran a small bubble bath for Mumbo. Iskall rinsing him off, making sure he doesn't fall asleep in the tub as he runs his finger's through Mumbo's hair.

They both met up in the newly cleaned bed with the newly cleaned Mumbo, helping his sore body rest into the soft bed. Iskall and Grian climbed in, Mumbo sandwiched in between them and cuddling up to both.

"Did he enjoy the bath?" Grian curled his finger around a lock of Mumbo's still damp hair.

"Of course, but all he really wanted to do was sleep. We did go a little hard on him." Iskall has an arm wrapped around Mumbo and Grian. Mumbo let out tiny snore and purrs of contentment.

"Yeah, we ought to do this again some time. I think I've become way more attached to him." Grian sighed, eyes shinning with pure love. Grian lightly kissed Iskall's hand, causing the big bearded man to smile.

"Of course, we must. I'm still kind of dirty since I only washed Bumbo and that bath/ shower is pretty nice. I'm not saying we have to butttt.." Iskall trailed off.

"Of course, if Mumby is up for it tomorrow I'd be down for some shower sex. Anything for you guys." Grian chuckled slightly, watching Mumbo stir, murmuring incoherent things in his sleep.


I kind of got carried away with this, really carried away. Not including the ANs this is about 2700 words. A good portion of it is kinda just fluff but still thats about double my usual. Guess I'm kinda in a fluffy mood.

Also second chapter within a week's time (I think)? Am I spoiling you guys??? Just kidding, its just that I have actual motivation to write smut. That and all the requests I got. I opened requests up on Ao3 and Wattpad and collectively everyone went crazy. So since I have so many more I've been trying to keep up in a more timely manner. If I keep at my monthly pace it might take me more than a year to finish these. So guess I'll focus on getting up chapter and try not to nitpick over it and try to get up weekly chapters? Wish me luck I guess lol.

Chapter Text

We open up to a crackling fireplace, the room is not very note worthy. It's a dim room lined with peeling faded wallpaper, small shelves filled with smaller antiquities, and a worn yet very comfortable looking arm chair sat right next to the fire alongside a small table. Xisuma comes over, a thick book with a green cover tucked under one arm, a cup of tea in the other hand. He sets the cup down neatly using a coaster, and plops down opening the book. You can see clearly now that he has a robe on, looking like he's going to ready you a bedtime story.

"Hello, my name is Xisuma and welcome to a very interesting halloween special. A special sure to blow you away. A tale full of ghouls, goblins,,, err horny werewolves?" He looks around, trying to see if he is saying the right things. His eyes lock on someones offstage and he nods slowly, clearing his throat and continuing.

"A whole lot of different creatures. You oughta ready yourself for Hermitcraft's Creature Feature!" This cuts away, now lets get on to the actual fic.

~Moon Phases~

Doc x Ren



Werewolf sex (so knotting)
Ren has a good boy kink at the end
Ear scratching
Biting/ Marking


Content Warning
Blood, Biting, etc etc. Ren's a werewolf and just a little hyper.


It's about midnight on the hermitcraft server, all the little hermits snuggled cozily into their beds, snoozing the night away.

Well, almost all of them.

Doc rushed through the woods, trusty trident in hand, panting slightly as he tried to get away from the fucking werewolf on his heels. Getting caught in foliage, twigs an branches clawing at his tough skin.

He can almost see freedom, a clearing he can safely get out of the forest in, just needs to equip his elytra. He's practically there, his feet hurt under him, it feels almost as if his prosthetic leg is going to give out under him.

Thats when the hulking figure made of pure muscle and fur pounces on him, causing him to fall quickly to the ground, pinned down by the beast.

He's met with a long and painfully slobbery lick on his cheek. Doc starts to chuckle as he's rapidly given these slobbery kisses from his wolf boyfriend. Quickly met with his protests and giggles as Doc tried to get Ren to stop licking him.

"Gee, you sure are rambunctious tonight. I mean it does make sense." Doc gestured up to the full moon. Ren didn't care, just ready to get on with their ritual.

Every full moon when Ren was forced to turn into his werewolf form Doc would play a little game of catch with him. Being more animalistic during this time period he had certain needs that needed to be fulfilled, so Doc made a game out of it. If Doc could fly away in time he got to top werewolf Ren, but if Ren restrained him first Ren could top.

Ren nuzzles at Doc's neck, nipping at it slightly encouraging Doc.

"Wow, you want to do it right here..?" Ren gives him a concerned look, tilting his head slightly, puppy eyes and all. "No, I'm perfectly fine out here, I don't actually mind. Please do use your words though."

Ren goes back at it happily nudging off Doc's lab coat, (Doc helps him after a while, Ren forgetting he had hands to do so) Next working off his pants and boxers. Both of them had prepped just in case of them bottoming so Doc already had lube running down his thighs. Doc admittedly was happy he got caught already since the sensation of lukewarm lube running down your thighs while you try to escape a werewolf is not fun.

Good thing he prepared otherwise it would've been even more of a pain to take ten inches of girthy werewolf cock. Let's just say Mother Nature didn't look over Ren's dick during his transformation. Ren was straddling Doc, holding down his hips, very careful to mind the claws. He rutted against Doc's slick hole, whimpering and panting as he wagged his tail incessantly. Doc squirmed under him desperate for him to push in and fuck him.

Ren slammed his hips forward letting out a happy cry and a "Oooh fuck yyeah~" starting a steady pace as he almost drooled. Doc arched his back, trying to push his hips up to meet Ren's thrust, but much to his dismay Ren's unusually werewolf strong grip stopped him.

"I'm gunnna knot youu~ and mm-mark you.." He whined, continuing faster. With every thrust Doc seemed to lose it more, begging for Ren to sink his teeth into him, to mate him, make Doc his. Skin slapping against skin, Ren feeling up his balls, squeezing them slightly.

Doc sputtered curses, his painfully hard dick spurting globs upon globs of cum as he shook. Ren slowed down for his orgasm, nuzzling him and whimpering praises to Doc as he quivered. Usually when one of them came too quickly it involved a little bit of teasing. Now it was just comfort, nuzzles as Ren let out whimpers of sympathy. Ren holding on tightly to not lose it as Doc clenched around him. His cock slightly pulsating and balls twitching slightly as he whined. When Doc seemed coherent again he started to thrust. whimpered his praises for how cute he looked shaking and moaning like that.

For someone who usually topped Doc was loving this. Just the way his cock felt so good inside him. Ren holding him down with ease in his stronger more werewolf form, claws threatening to rip him open at any minute. It felt nice to be submissive while someone else dominated and coddled. To be fawned over and nuzzled while Ren praised him was almost heavenly.

"Oh-hhh-h god~ Th-that face you make just makes me want to breed you." Ren gasped, pace quickening. Clutching onto Doc tightly as he panted out and barked his boyfriends name.

"F-Fuck, breed me Ren, p-please breed meee.." Doc pleaded, which was never a common occurrence. This excited Ren, rilling him up even more as he bucked his hips crazily.

This was the first time Ren had won there little game and Doc admittedly never would've thought praise was his thing. Yet there he was dying over the way Ren kissed his rough, battle scarred, skin. He never thought he'd feel like dying over Ren wanting to breed him. Just the feeling of Ren's knot quickly pushing in and out of Doc's pliable hole made him die a little with every thrust. The adrenaline rush as he felt closer and closer, the feeling of Ren's knot starting to expand.

Doc with one last feeble whimper in a submissive voice he definitely wasn't used to begged Ren to knot him. Doc started to climax as Ren bit down on his shoulder, sharp pain tingling through his nerves as his orgasm hit. Ren's knot swelled inside him, filling him up with hot, sticky, cum. Ren continued to try and thrust but his knot was stuck snuggly inside Doc. Ren just opted the grind on Doc while tenderly lapping at his sore wound.

Doc scratched at Ren's ears giving him a look of shining approval. The pain was starting to dull in the slightest and was more fulfilled than ever.

"I was a good boy right, I did a good job, right?" Ren asked in a cheery tone, still grinding and panting slightly, some blood running down his mouth.

"You're the best boy, Ren." Doc chuckled, rubbing him behind the ears as he drooled ever so slightly.



Mumbo x Grian x Iskall x Random Plant Monster

Random Plant Monster

Mumbo, Grian, Iskall

Tentacle fucking (but its vines ooo)
Cum filling


We open up in the forest surrounding Hermitville, the Architechs all trekking through the thick underbrush.

"So why are we doing this again? It seems rather..." Grian trailed off.

"Mindlessly horny. That's what you mean to say." Mumbo mumbled, grumpily pushing tree branches out of his way as the went along.

"Do you think I'm not going to listen to Tango? He always knows about these things. If Tango says there is a weird plant monster that shoves vines up your ass than I'm going to listen to Tango." Iskall went on, not pausing to take a break once and fighting on against the brush. "You guys could've stayed if you wanted, I'm not forcing you."

"I can't speak for Grian but I'm doing this for scientific purposes." Mumbo said defensively, sounding a little hurt. Grian and Iskall let out a few chuckles at the obvious lies, making Mumbo go red in the face.

"What, I'm telling the truth?!" Mumbo pouted.

"Pft- Well I'll be honest I'm doing this because I'm horny but I didn't think we'd be walking this much. Why don't we just fly on out elytra's?" Grian reasoned, quickly being shot down by Iskall.

"The forest is too thick, to really see from the sky. Plus I though you guys might need the exercise. We're almost there anyways." Iskall was right, as soon as they went about fifty more feet Iskall pushed down some brush and there it was.

The cave was surprisingly welcoming, lit up nicely with torches, sloping down gradually. A sign outside cautioned them about the creature that lived inside.

They made their way in the cave, all starting off good. As they went it became more and more humid, air sticky as they got to an opening. Tiny rivers ran through cracks in the stone floor, vines spread out, covering the floor.

"This is the thing Tango hyped up all night?" Grian couldn't help but sound disappointed. He kicked lightly at a nearby vine as he pouted, enticing the vine to stir slightly.

Grian jumped back, thinking he made it up or something. Iskall and Mumbo seemed to react to it too, giving Hrian a strange look.

"I swear it-" Grian gasped as the thing latched onto his ankle, hoisting him upwards. "Okay, this is what I was talking about." Grian smiled devilishly as vines groped his clothed body.

Mumbo lets out a cry as he's hoisted into the air, vines groping him and wrapped around his various appendages. He lets out a shrill cry as they start undressing him, slipping off what they could and tearing at what they couldn't. "O-Oh I wasn't quite expecting this-"

The vines were exploring his body, rubbing all over him as he calmed down he leaned against the plant's grip. Iskall is next hoisted into the air as the vines undress them.

"Just relax, it doesn't want to hurt you. It's pure magic, it won't purposefully do that." Iskall shouted to the two, noticing Mumbo visibly nervous.

The flower at the middle of the Scara plant then decided to bloom. The orange- yellow petals unfurling from each other, sticky pollen spread across its petals. There was a tiny puff of pollen emitted in the air at first, then another, and another. Soon enough the air was heavy with pollen, Mumbo held his breath out of nerves. Iskall doing so too since Tango told him nothing about this part. Grian however wasn't scared, breathing in the pollenated air.

This pollen wasn't anything like the pollen that gave people allergies around spring time. It was odd yo say the least, very odd. It added a layer of humidity around them, not the suffocating kind but more like a soft blanket of warmth that makes you slightly horny for some reason.

He let out a tiny whine almost immediately after, pressing his body closer to the vine. They were already all slightly embarrassed being bare in front of their friends but to see one of them whining with his dick at half mast was another thing.

Eventually Mumbo was the next to go, taking a deep panting breath. Something switched in him and he become almost like putty in the plant's vines, eagerly taking a vine that was teasing his lips into his mouth. All anxiety washing away about his apprehension towards the vines. Iskall soon followed relaxing into the haze as some adventurous vines went up to prod at his nipples. He bucked into them, moaning as he did so, letting them prod and tease.

The three soak in their surroundings. Labored breaths now slowed, stiff standoffish postures now relaxed. They were at ease enjoying their little tip off from Tango.

"We should've l-listened to Tango earlier~" Mumbo said, light pleasure wavering through his voice as he felt a vine groping his ass. His eyes were droopy as he took deep inhales of the pollen. Moaning lowly at even the slightest touches.

"That's for sure, I just want this thing to violate us, fuck us good.." Grian drawled, bucking his hard dick into some of the vines as he whined cutely.

Iskall yelped as he felt a vine push into him, it released some type of liquid into him that lubricated the vine and somehow made him a lot more horny. It had some sort of tingling sensation to it, stirred his guts.

At that point he lost it, begging to be fucked as the tentacle slid inside him, ravaging his body. Bucking back onto the plant as its fast working aphrodisiac took hold. He was a sight to see for sure, red in the face, syrup covering his body, vines sliding  in a comforting manner all over his body.

Tentacles were groping all three of them. Pinching their weak spots causing them to come undone as they heaved in the thick, pollen laced, air.

Mumbo let out a moan as a vine entered him, harshly pushing and secreting the syrup-like liquid. Thrusting back and forth as some of it dribbled down his thighs, causing a tingling feeling to travel down them. Mumbo didn't care however, caught up in the strong aphrodisiacs power and letting out sweet sultury moans and cries.

Grian felt a vine circling his enterance, bucking back towards it. "P-please~ please j-jusst~ Make me as mindless as the others, f-fuck me~" He cries out as he feels it push forcefully in. Coating his walls in its syrup, almost stretching his bowels, hitting his prostate and making everything feel a hundred times better. He let out a shaky moan, shuddering against the vine as it destroyed him. He was quickly coming undone, letting out shivering breathy moans, trembling and crying out every time the vine entered him.

He orgasmed, whole body almost convulsing as he did. The vines didn't relent however, letting him wriggle and whimper in it's grip as he was fucked through his orgasm.

Iskall and Mumbo weren't any better, cum and syrup running down their slick bodies. Mumbo was sucking off a vine as it pushed more syrup into his body and another fucked him. Iskall had vines sucking and pouring liquid on his nipples and was roughly being fucked from behind, all dazed out.

Mumbo shuddered, cumming again rather forcefully, shooting cum everywhere.

Grian couldn't help but moan out Mumbo's name when he watched that. Mumbo was perfect, his eyes going all crossed with all the overstimulation, him letting out those little tiny squeaks of pleasure, the way he arched him back and begged for more as his sweet lips were wrapped around the vine, suckling sweetly on the vine.

The vines seemed to react to this, bringing all three closer together in a triangular position, all facing inward. They moaned out each others names almost as if on command. Getting off to the sight of their friends getting fucked.

Iskall came next, muttering curses as syrup seeped out from his throughly stretched entrance. Cum sputtered everywhere, arousing action from the other two in them moaning out for him.

It went on like this for a while, cum and syrup spurting everywhere. Every little touch felt good, every caress wether human or not.

All three of them mindlessly overstimulated, nectar covering most of their bodies. Pleading for more, happily taking whatever stimulation they can get.

The vines become more tense, quickening their pace. If the three weren't out of it already they certainly were now, growing overstimulated. With one last sharp thrust syrup was shot into them, just filling them with the sticky golden substance.

Gently, they were lowered onto the ground. Surrounded by vines in a loving sort of manner. It was a loving nest of vines, cradling them steadily. Grian was in the middle of the two, quietly snoring. All of them were leaking syrup from several orifices, each others cum covering each other.

All three gradually dosed off, surprisingly comfortable in the cave.


"Mumbo Jumbolio.."


Mumbo woke up groggily to see Grian's face, a very naked Grian. Mumbo jumped a little at first, quickly realizing what went down what was maybe last night. They all couldn't tell the time, they were in a cave.

All the vines were gone, no where to be seen. Mumbo just laying on the rocky, grass covered, ground.

Iskall came over to greet the two, still naked as well. Mumbo tried to get up, whining as he did so. Everything was sore, he felt like he pulled a few muscles too. "This hurts like hell..." He said in a tiny pained voice, seemingly he was hit harder by the previous night's events than the others.

"Don't worry, man, we can help." Iskall told him, hoisting Mumbo up and cradling him in his arms. Mumbo melted into his embrace, letting himself sigh happily as Iskall held him close.

They all started walking towards the river, Iskall setting Mumbo down on the side so he could have his legs in the water. Grian and Iskall themselves gently easing their bodies into the water. They could feel layers of dried syrup and cum wash away satisfyingly. Mumbo wasn't as tense as before, all stress he had before this trip seemed to wash away. He eased himself into the slightly warm, gently flowing, water muscles relaxing further.

All embarrassment the three had around each other melted away, not afraid to be naked around each other or talk about kinks, playfully groping each other.

"You know what was really hot is when you came all over Mumbo's hair and he made that face-" Iskall contorts his face into a weary look thats simultaneously disgust and absolute bliss, over the too and all. Mumbo and Grian start to snicker at the stupid look.

"No, what was really hot was when Grian begged to be fucked by the thing." Mumbo protested,  Grian splashed Mumbo playfully.

"Awwh, you got to bring that up? That was embarassing." Grian pouted.

"Embarrassingly adorable, especially with your voice." Iskall chimed in. "You can't forget how Mumbo sucked on that vine though, like dude where the fuck did you learn to do that?"

The three continued on for what must've been hours screwing around in that river.



Wels x Jevin



Cum filling

Content Warning:
Referenced M-Preg, have mercy on me its late I'll fix this chapter later.

Also you can blame  hapyhappiness for this chapter.


"Jev~" Wels hummed, coming through the door of their shared base with a bouquet of assorted wildflowers. The last few rays of sunset pouring in through the open door.

Jevin came around the corner, the very special fidget spinner blanket Biffa had made him for last Christmas was wrapped snugly around him. He wasn't looking very good, his slime was all melty and his beady little eyes droopy.

"Feeling better? Is it getting worse?" Wels holds a hand to his forehead, checking his temperature as warm slime started to run onto his hand. Wels pouts at the state Jevin is in, pulling away his hand and pressing a kiss onto his forehead instead.

"I got you these and something X said will bring down you're fever." Wels told him as he put the flowers gently down into a vase nearby. Jevin wasn't really the biggest fan of flowers until he met Wels. There was just something about Wels that reminded him of flowers and he had taken a great liking to them since.

"Xisuma said to take two of these every four to five hours for the next 24 hours. He's hoping its just some bug that will pass in a day. If it doesn't we'll probably have to travel off server to your home server and seek treatment there." Wels told him as he dug through his satchel.

Jevin groaned at the thought, his swampy, humid, muddy home server was unbearable enough. Going there sick would be a world of pain.

"X also gave me some tea that'll help you with the stomach pain." Wels pulled out some teabags along with the bottle of pills. Handing the pills to Jevin while he went to go make tea.

Later on Jevin was snuggled up into bed, Wels setting the tea gently down on the table next to him. Wels slips into the bed next to him, snuggling up to Jevin.

"You should stay away, you might get sick." Jevin croaked out. He was slightly hunched over with his hands between his thighs.

"I don't think slime people can transfer diseases too weird half-demon half-elf things." Wels reassured, squeezing Wels in him arms and kissing his head lightly. "Not that I'd care if I got it."

They sat like for what felt like hours, Jevin falling asleep quickly, resting so peacefully as he let out small snores. Wels checked Jevin's temperature and he was still burning up, which was really not a good thing. Jevin stirs in his sleep, whining softly. Wels almost didn't notice it, seeing Jevin clutching his stomach while curling more into a ball.

"Jevin..?" Wels called, weary of what looked to be very painful. Jevin's eyes flutter open. Giving Wels a pained expression.

"It kinda feels like heat but with more cramps, like somehow I had a man period with no blood." Jevin says a little stressed.

"So you're horny? It can't be heat though, Season was three months ago and nobody else is going into it." Wels tried to reason, still holding his boyfriend tight.

"I'm extremely horny." Jevin says breathily, grinding onto Wels.

"Gee, Well lets fix that why don't we? You just need some good dick to cure you?" Wels says only half joking as he tugs off Jevin's boxers, placing Jevin on top of him as they make out. Jevin quickly feels up Wels, nodding needily, almost instinctively. Hungrily and roughly kissing into Wels wanting more.

Jevin broke away from Wels, getting off of him and going in between his legs.  This slightly shocked Wels seeing that Jevin hadn't taken a dominate role in a while. Not that he didn't like it, feeling him roughly yanking off his boxers and shorts in one swoop.

Jevin's dick unsheathed itself, more tentacle like than anything as it extended longer and longer. Wriggling up to rub at between Wel's closed thighs. Wels moaned slightly, gladly opening his legs for the tentacle as it circled his hole.

Jevin was on top of him again making out with him, using several of his different slimy appendages to comb through his hair, rub his nipples, jerk off his dick.

Wels winces as Jevin pushes in, feeling the slime fill his insides. Jevin lets out a needy sigh of relief, it feels like a weight has been lifted off of him, a happy sort of bliss spreads across his face. He starts thrusting out slow, grinding on Wels' chest as he lets out sweet moans.

Wels was throughly enjoying this, just how needy Jevin is as he grinds onto him, his slime tentacle/ dick thing was sliding in a slow, dull, rhythmic, way.

It was more passion than anything, despite the neediness behind all of it Jevin took his time to kiss Wels all over, compliment him and lightly caress him with his tentacles. rubs circles into his tan, battle scarred chest.

Tentacles were rubbing all over, all parts of Wels' body was throughly loved.

As Jevin neared his orgasm something seemed to be wrong, Jevin starts to feel what what feels like bubbles in his stomach. He pants as Wels begs for him to cum, hips rubbing up against Jevin.

"W-Wels I-" Jevin tries to warn, looking bug eyed and really turned on. Jevin releases the load of thick slime that had been causing him so much pain. Wels sighs happily as he feels the warmth of slime invading his insides, purring as it did.

"Woah th-that was..~" Wels murmurred, snuggled into Jevin's lap, purring and nuzzling him. "What was that?"

Jevin pretended to look around, not sure what to say to his slime filled boyfriend. "I haven't had much sex in a while, so I'm guessing I had extra baby juice? Like by a lot."

Jevin felt a lot better, snuggling up to Wels and holding his slightly dissented stomach.

"We should call him Jevin Jr."

"Yeah no, I'm naming the second person worth of slime-cum inside of me."



That's it for the monster fucking chapter, hope you had a safe and fun halloween, I sure did. This was suposed to be out on halloween but I fell asleep proof reading/ editing. So instead I'm just ruining no nut november for everyone on the first day.

Chapter Text

Cub x Grian x Scar

Cub and Scar

Grian and Scar

Temperature play (sort of, a little), Light teasing, Apology Sex.


It's the middle of the night, Grian is stuck in his base hunched over some blue prints, marking carefully in the dim torch light. Concentrating hard, dark circles under his eyes. He leans back, taking a look at the prints with weary, heavy lidded eyes sinking even lower. The room was silent besides the crashing ocean and the methodical ticking of the clock across from him.

"It wouldn't hurt to get some rest" Grian thought to himself, promising to only be go to sleep for five minutes. Then he could get the blueprints done in time for the Sahara meeting tomorrow.

Grian awoke from his very light sleep when he felt a strong gust of wind glide past him. The torches were extinguished and the room was only lit by dim moonlight. Based off the clock on the wall opposite of him he had been asleep for a few hours. and theres no possible way the gust could've happened.

Grian's breath hitches, he shrinks back into his chair as he feels a chill creep up his spine. Something feels wrong about leaving the comfort of the chair, something so wrong.

He hears a light poof sound right behind him, cold fingers steadily start stroking through his hair.


He relaxes into the touch, knowing he's more than safe around the Vex. Another small poof sounded out, a weight now on his lap, someone gently stroking his cheek. In the dim moonlight he made out Scar's face, glowing light blue, eyes starting at him dazed. A delighted smile curled onto his face as he breathed softly.

He was in his Vex form, tattered wings folded neatly on his back, hands claw like, skin blue. His body felt cold against his, not that Grian minded.

"Hey, baby, miss us?" Cub asked, rubbing and scratching Grian's scalp slightly. His voice lower with a subtle reverb to it and was already arousing to Grian. Remembering all the times the two came to visit him, Grian yearning for that.

"Yes, of course. I always do.." Grian said in a soft tone, smiling slightly. "Where have you been?"

"Small business trip. We're so sorry we didn't bring you, Sweetheart." Scar hummed sweetly, same chilling reverb to his voice. He kisses Grian's neck gently, cool lips on his warm neck.

Grian feels like he's melting, he loves these two so much. He just sits there as Scar starts to press kisses to his neck. Small, sweet, pecks trailing down his neck. Scar lays one last longing kiss onto his lips, then Grian feels funny.

Before he knew it he was teleported into a room he had seen all too often, it was a backroom in the Concorp country club. It's a modern looking bedroom complete with a pristine white king size bed. This is where the Convex held a bunch of "business meetings". Of course seducing and fucking your competitors isn't the most ethical thing but they don't care.

Grian was laid out on the bed, both of the Convex laid out next to him, running cold fingers up his sweater and down his pants. Grian squirmed under their cold touch, mewling slightly as Scar palmed him through his pants.

"Its been a week or so since our last encounter, hmm?" Cub pinched Grian's nipples, slightly chilly breath pressed into his side. Grian felt his nipples hardening, shivering slightly.

"It really has been, Cubby. You haven't used any of your toys as of recently have you? You haven't even fucked Mumbo or Iskall, huh?" Scar asks, Grian shakes his head only whimpering slightly. "Thought so. You seem pretty pent up.." Scar's hand was snaked down his pants, pressing a single cold finger into his entrance. Grian shifted, groaning slightly at the sensation.

Scar pulls his hand out of Grian's pants and Cub pulls his hands out of Grian's sweater. Grian calmly waiting for what the two were to do next.

the Vex's clothes disappeared quickly with a snap of their finger and a puff of Vex magic. Grian looked down, seeing the same thing had happened to him.

Grian doesn't bat an eye, he's been there, done that. Not his first time fucking a pair of capitalist-demon-fairy-smurfs.

"How shall we start off, Cubby?" Scar asks, obviously faking his uncertainty. There was nothing these two did that wasn't greatly calculated.

Cub straddles Grian, running his pointer finger along Grian's jawline until he reaches his chin. Cub tilts Grian's head to meet his gaze.  Grian can feel Cub's warm breath on him, clashing with his cold touch. Gently bringing him into a slow, soft, kiss. Cub definitely has Grian's full attention now.

"I think he's been enjoying topping to much lately, especially with that pushover of a Swede." Grian's face flushed, he knew that his boyfriends all knew of each other, he was in an open relationship, just never knew the Convex knew about Iskall's recent submissive streak. "I say we put him in his place." Cub teleports them so that Grian was in his lap, his dick snugly inside Grian. Even Cub's dick was slightly cold, yet he was very much warming up to Grian.

Cub started to slowly grind his hips, Grian hissing slightly as he adjusts to the sudden intrusion. His face scrunches into a grimace and he braces himself. He feels a cold hand cup his face, holding it as if it were extremely delicate. Grian sees Scar, cupping his face and before he pushes the two to lay flat on their backs. Scar yanks down his pants, teleporting a bottle of lube into his hand and coating his fingers quickly.

Grian feels cold fingers pressed into his already full entrance, cold lube dripping down him and Cub as Scar fingers him. The feel of the cold, slick substance really was a turn on for some reason, that and Cub embracing him while he does that.

After a while Scar pushes his lubed up dick in as well, tears of pain and pleasure prickling Grian's eyes as he bites his lip. This wasn't his first time taking two people at a time but he surely wasn't used to the stretch.

They took a few minutes to adjust, gradually Scar started to roll his hips. Grian let out a strangled moan as he feel the cowboy start to gradually and slowly push in and out. When Grian began to get used to the thrusts Cub started up, placing his hands on the sub's hips.

Grian screwed his eyes shut at the sensation, pain melting to pleasure. The feeling of his boyfriend's skin rubbing against him was consuming. Wrapped up in the feeling of their timed thrusts. Like clockwork Scar pushed in as Cub thrusted out, the back and forth of the three, rubbing against each other, grinding their hips as the let out absolutely enthralling moans.

Just back and forth they sanks their cool dicks into Grians warmth causing Grian to encourage them with small pleads of wanting more. Feeling their hands go up and down his body, their cool bodies pressed against Grian's warm one. It all felt euphoric and crazy good after a week of nothing.

Scar kissed him, grasping his hips as he kept in time with Cub. Cub started to kiss Grian's neck and shoulder, putting his hands over Scar's. It all felt weirdly intimate, a different sort of intimacy he's never felt before.

Scar thrust in just the right spot, sharp pleasure coursing through his body. The two notice this, pausing momentarily before looking at each other and quickening their paces. Thrusts in time as they thrust directly into his prostate. Grian's eyes are watering as he feels the stretch, his mouth gaping open, he's letting out mewls as he arches his back and cums. His vision goes spotty as he trembles his release after so long feels exhilarating. Cub an Scar keep pace as Grian's walls squeeze around them. Finally with Grian letting out a purr, causing his whole body to shudder Scar blows his load, Cub soon after. Scar collapses onto them, letting out a whimper as Cub reaches out and squeezes his hand.

"You guys did so good, my goddd~" Grian moans, going limp in the two's embrace. Cub nuzzles into his neck kissing him and Scar lets out a loud "mhmm" noise in agreement.

They all laid there, not having a care for anything else in the world. Cub braces his hands against Grian's hips, pulling his now limp dick out. Strands of cum dripped off of his dick, cum steadily trickling out of Grian. Cub makes the two get off of him, receiving pout and whines but getting the two to eventually roll over.

Cub flicks a lever and another piston door opens up from the wall which reveals the bathroom. Cub turns on the bath and retrieves a small bottle of soap from a nearby drawer.

He comes back into the room to see the two builders under the blanket, Grian thrusting into Scar while Scar is pinning him to the bed. Both of them too busy making out to even hear the piston door opening.

"God damn it, you horny bastards." Cub scoops the two up surprisingly easily and carrying on of them under each of his arms. They both whine protests but he plops them into the the anyways, following them in as they all cuddle in the warm water.

Once the water runs cold they all hobble out and dry off quickly, hopping into bed and hugging each other close.

"Welcome home you bastards.." Grian's eyes are drooping and he mumbles the whole sentence. The two smile and kiss his face softly before falling asleep

It's the next morning, Iskall and Mumbo come right up to the country club, knocking on it's door. Iskall is obviously a little agitated and Mumbo looks more nervous than anything.

Cub answers the door looking like an actual human. He only has a lab coat on and a pair of sweats, rocking what he so affectionately called the "Docm77 look." He takes a long drawn out sip of his coffee as he makes hard eye contact with Iskall, Iskall at the is point is pissy.

"You could've at least warned us first." Iskall growled, glaring into Cub's smug face. Cub stops drinking from the mug, making a loud sighing sound.

"What, did we not have custody of him today? This divorce is really tearing this family apart." Cub joked, just making Iskall angrier. Iskall looked like he was going to slap Cub when Mumbo intervened.

"We'd just like to make sure he actually attends this meeting. We don't have the best attendance record as a company." Mumbo said half-way sternly yet still subdued. "He's also our boyfriend too, we were awfully worried about him."

Cub seemed to soften at Mumbo and his reason. He pushes open the country club's doors, still taking his chance to glare at Iskall. The two seemed to be in some unspoken rivalry.

Cub lead them carefully through the club into the master bedroom. Flipping a switch to a piston door in the middle of a seemingly empty wall. It opens up into a fairly neat modern bedroom. The bed was disheveled, Scar and Grian under the covers naked and cuddling.

"Grian its time to go see your people." Cub shakes his shoulder, Grian groans cuddling in closer to Scar. A small smile spreads across his face as Scar hugs him back, laying a small peck on his lips before dozing back to sleep

"Oh my god I'll just-" Cub backs away and Iskall picks Grian up out of Scar's grip. The two whine but quickly get over it. Scar grabbing a pillow to snuggle and Grian burying his head into Iskall's neck, murmuring his sleepy greetings.

Iskall makes a beeline to the door and Mumbo quickly grabs Grian's clothes which seemed to appear overnight neatly folded in the corner along with Cub's shirt and Scar's clothes.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Mr. 85." Cub taunted as Iskall walked out, pace brisk.

"Fucking our collective boyfriend is not business, Mr. Smart Ass." Iskall says, contempt in voice as he doesn't spare Cub a last glance.

Once the three Architechs make it outside Mumbo stops Iskall from taking off.

"Suppose you're just a little jealous?" Mumbo said, slightly teasing him.

Iskall pauses, giving Mumbo a tiny scowl. "M-Maybe. He just has such an ego, someone needs to take him down a few notches. Grian isn't only dating him and Scar." Iskall mutters, cheeks a little red from the embarrassment. He looks down at the ground, kicking at the dirt slightly as he tries not to meet Mumbo's gaze.

"That's true, but you and I both know they haven't done this in a while. I don't think that justifies the jealousy. You seemed perfectly fine around every other fuck buddy Grian has, we are in an open relationship after all. You only act like this around Cub." Mumbo reasoned, as he seemed to do all the time. Mumbo, the voice of reason.

"What are you suggesting?"

"I'm suggesting since you like Cub so much you act as the person to bring him down a few notches. Give him a little lesson." Mumbo nudged Iskall, who finally looked up from his fit of embarrassment.

"I.. I might just do that."

Mumbo smiles sweetly, kissing Iskall on the cheek. "Good, you guys hate flirting is getting old. Now, we oughta get this guy back now, shall we?" Mumbo pointed at Grian, slightly shivering in Iskall's arms due to him being still naked.

"Oh! Gosh, yeah we should-"



Back to requests next week! Just wanted to do some poly/ open relationship stuff while I work through requests. My whole smut writing hobby just seems to be getting more interesting as it goes on, learning new kinks and all.

Also, I'd like to point out that I intended to post this about a week ago. I think I hurt something in my wrist so I haven't been able to draw/ write as much. So I've mainly taken to writing in my other book. Thankfully I've rested it and am feeling much better. <333

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Anyways, sorry for the more serious end, I don't want to be exposing kids to porn. Have a good day everyone.

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Drunk sex, rough sex, praise and daddy kink.

Content Warning
Dubious Consent due to altered mind states (they're drunk). If this isn't your thing thats fine I'm hoping to update soonish. <33


Docm77: Ren
Docm77: Rennn
Docm77: Ren I swear to fucking god
RenDoG: What's up?
Docm77: I fucking need you
Docm77: Can you get down to the stock exchange asap?

The werewolf's eyes widened as his face flushed. Doc had never been this forward with him. The two had a somewhat complicated relationship. It was difficult to explain really. Back and forth flirting with quick backtracking, almost as if Doc wants to take it back. To call it even flirting is bold its more like teasing and could be taken platonically. It just confused him overall, but Ren was willing to take a chance.

RenDoG: I'll be there in 5.

Grabbing a reasonably sized bottle of liquor and putting on his best set of lingerie under his clothes, just making sure he was actually clean and presentable before flying on over to the stock exchange.

"Ren." Doc growled upon his arrival, taking him by the hand leading him to the vault. Ren, a little caught off guard by such anger but quickly followed.

"Yeah? What's u- oh." Ren asked soon seeing the vault full of Tango and Grian heads staring back at him mockingly.

Ren realized at this point this wasn't really a booty call but rather business. Sighing softly at the mess, he'll have to make some moves some other time. For now he'd be here for Doc.With the liquor tucked away safely in his inventory and the lingerie unseen.

"I- I just- Looking what these fucking assholes did!" He growled, kicking over a nearby Grian head in his frustration.

"Hey- Hey- Doc, look. We can clean it up, it's all good. I brought some booze if it helps, we can drink a little, have a good time, and we can fix it together." Ren reassured, running a hand up Doc's forearm for comfort and realizing that holy shit he's fucking ripped.

Doc visibly calmed down just slightly, his posture going from tense to slightly more relaxed. "I- They ju-" He pauses taking a deep breath before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath in and out. "Yeah, yeah. I'm being unreasonable. I should calm down."


"He messed up the bush! Do you know how many hours it took me to fuck with that bush, to get it just right?" Doc sighed, he was slightly tispy and venting at that point seemed to be working for him.

Ren himself was more drunk, he didn't have as much of a tolerance due to him being smaller than Doc and no tolerance to alcohol. He still was listening attentively, noticing how close he was to Doc as they sat on his desk.

"Ughh- I just wanna-" Doc abruptly kissed Ren. Ren's eyes flew open wide, his tail standing upright along with his ears. Finally after all the flirting he did he was finally getting into Doc's pants.

Ren melted into the kiss, Doc roughly biting down onto his lip as they went. The two broke apart, Ren quickly wiping his chin. Doc pushed all the various important looking papers off the desk, pushing Ren back onto the desk as their lips met again. Doc is leaning over Ren as they continue to make out, running his claws through Ren's hair, scratching around his ears, and shoving his tongue into Ren's mouth. "I just wanna to fuck you until you're seeing stars~" He growled lowly into Ren's neck, speech slightly slurred. Just feeling Doc's hot breath on his neck made him go rigid.

At this point Doc stripped himself of his lab coat and began to rut sloppily against Ren, still making out with him as he tried to contain his moans. Doc broke away, running his hands down to Ren's hips and caressing them, Hot breath whispering on Ren's neck.

"I want to sssee your pretty little ass spread for me." Doc's deep slightly- gravely yet soft voice always caused Ren to melt but now he could barely control himself.

He pulled Doc into a frantic kiss, cupping his slightly stubbly face as the two fought for dominance. Doc slipped the two suspenders off his shoulders, quickly unbuttoning his shirt.

The two broke off, Doc letting out a breathy gasp as he saw the outfit under his shirt. A black, laced, bra, cut low and see through to expose his perky nipples along with the matching choker, which Doc seemingly missed before hand.

"Yourr body is fucking perfect." Doc said in a dominating almost growling tone, rubbing his fingers over Ren's nipples as he tried to contain his moans, his praise kink obviously showing. as he squirmed slightly.

"Ren I going to fuck you so hard you'll be tasting cum, and I'm doing anal." Doc said still in that low, sexy, dominate voice. Okay, Ren had to admit that one didn't really make sense but it still excited Ren very much. Probably because he was drunk but still.

Doc moved to Ren's pants next, undoing said pants and quickly yanking them off of him. Just to reveal the very see through panties he was wearing that were slightly wet upfront, the lace stockings that stretched up mid-thigh, and the garter belts connecting the panties and stockings.

Doc fiddled hurriedly with the garter belt and finally unhooked it from the panties. He rubbed his claws on the stiffening erection in Ren's panties as they locked lips again. It wasn't a very romantic kiss really, clunky and needy as Doc desperately bit down on Ren's bottom lip. It absolutely drove Ren wild. With a single claw Doc yanked down Ren's panties Ren's erection springing up and dripping precum already.

Doc slipped off his jeans and boxers, revealing his eight inches of intimidating, robot, dick, pressing it against Ren's unprepared hole. The two weren't really thinking about it right now, just going.

Ren wrapped his legs around Doc's waist, pulling him closer. Doc pushed in, the harsh burning sensation causing Ren to tear up, but overall taking it pretty good. His tongue stuck out as he panted desperate for more attention.

"Good boy, you like my cock? You like the way it fills you?" Ren whimpered, shaking his head very fast. "Y-yess, Doc, pleasssee, Doc~"

Doc placed a tiny kiss on Ren's neck, reassuring him. "Good boy, but a sweet little puppy like you should address his daddy correctly." Doc slid most of the way out, gripping Ren's thighs tightly.

"Daddy pl-" Ren managed beforeDoc pushed in violently. Ren yelped, letting out a breathy moan as Doc pistoned into him.

Doc smiled, bearing his teeth as he started to thrust. Muttering slurred praises and and still angry comments about the vault, the diamonds, how he'll hey Grian and Tango back. Ren felt like he was in some sort of drunk heaven repeatedly moaning out for his daddy.

Doc's fangs softly pierced into the flesh around Ren's neck, leaving his mark via dark purple bruises caused by nibbles and kisses. Ren squirmed under him as he kept that same rough pace. The pain for the complete lack of prep just turned Ren on more angry drunken grunts and moans filled his ears as Doc kept up the harsh rutting. Doc kept echo his praises for his "little puppy" and kept drunkenly trash talking Tango and Grian.

With another roll of Doc's hips he pressed squarely into Ren's prostate. Ren lost his breath at this, the steady panting pausing momentarily as he shook at the jolt of pleasure.

"Hahhh~ hh- harder Doc. Pleasee for your puppy, daddy~" Ren shuddered, trying to grab at Doc's hips and pull him closer. Doc snarled, stopping his thrusting and held Ren down, planting sloppy kisses on his neck.

"Good pupss obey~ I told you to sit." Doc stumbled out, certainly the hottest thing in the moment. "Are ya gonna lissten to daddy?" Ren shook his head yes rapidly, whimpering as he felt Doc starting to grind his hips into him once again. Ren shook at the force, feeling a low vibrating inside of him as Doc turned on the vibrating function in his mechanical cock.

Ren had tears filled with lust clouding his eyes from mere pleasure alone, Claws gripped his soft flesh as they forcefully held down Ren's hips. Doc picked up his sloppy drunken pace as Ren writhed under him, desperate and excited.

Doc hit that sweet pleasurable spot once more and Ren let out a shrill cry, going rigid and shaking and the same time somehow as he came, warm cum splattering across his chest only ushered Doc closer to orgasm. Only did he orgams after taking a few particularly rough thrusts to slam Ren's prostate. After that the both toppled onto each other, panting shallowly as the both collapsed into a heap on the desk.


Doc sat up in bed the next morning clutch his head and making a low hissing noise. It definitely wasn't the worst hangover he'd ever had, it was pretty mild in fact, but it hurt like a motherfucker still. After fucking Ren on his desk in the stock exchange he only remembered passing out. He was cleaned off too, no cum anywhere on the sheets.

Ren groggily sat up, unsteadily swaying slightly. Someone put a light blue sticky note on the poor man's head. Doc gently kissed him on the nose as he giggled at the disoriented man.

"Pup~ Please go back to sleep i'll get you some medicine and some breakfast, okay?" Ren groaned something slightly similar to and okay as he flopped back on his pillow. Doc chuckled at his sleepiness. Quietly telling himself to not get ahead of himself, it could be just a one night thing after all.

Doc shakes the thought from his head, hesitant to even think about the two and their relationship right now. He nimbly plucked the sticky not from Ren's forehead instead, wanting to see what it was.

Dearest Stock exchange executives, I decided to take a quick peak around and found you two all tuckered out. Got you guys to bed and closed the vault door, no need to thank me.

#Jingled <3

Doc stared down at the note for a good five minutes. He came to the conclusion this was something he'd leave to himself to figure out while he didn't have alcohol in his system.

Doc stumbled out of bed, quickly regaining his balance and heading towards the bedroom door. "Do you want want waffles or pancakes, Pup?"

"Mmmnnn.. Over easy please."

Doc did a double take at the sleepy figure, making it out the door quickly and trying to stifle his laughs.




I'm a big softie for RenDoc honestly, these two are just so cute. I've been needing to do some pet play stuff with them because they'd be too perfect for that. I just need more cute puppy Ren in my life. Also sorry if the drunk dialogue is janky as hell, I'm not legally aloud to drink in my country yet so its wonky as hell.

On another note, this chapter has been brought to you by my body fucking me over and getting sick.I can't taste or smell anything and I can't go into work so that gave me the perfect opportunity to actually finish this chapter. So sorry if some of the chapter is kinda wonky its probably because I'm hopped up on medicine.