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Just be Optimistic

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It was never his intention to do anything like this, he didn’t mean to do this to anybody. I wasn’t until six years after Kacchan got his quirk that Izuku finally found out that all along, he wasn’t a quirkless Deku. But he never thought when, and if his quirk ever manifested, that it would turn out like this. All it really took was a hand to someone else's upper arm, and the next thing Izuku knew was that the boy he had accidentally touched was curled up on the floor, bawling. Now this kid, god knows who his name is, was not one to cry, that's really all he could recall about him, considering this was one of the only times he has ever interacted with this boy, if you could even call this an interaction.

Others were staring, he knew this, and he didn’t like it one bit. Having all these eyes on him, standing above some crying kid on the floor.

What is his deal? What did I do now? I only slightly touched his arm, from bumping into him. Ohmygod I gotta get outta here, before anybody can think I did something to him. I mean what could a quirkless, stupid, Deku like me even do to some kid with a quirk? That's probably what they will all think.

But he had some feeling, like a new spurt of confidence was growing inside of him. This was very strange. Izuku made the right decision to slowly walk back into the crowd surrounding him before the rage induced storm, that he called Kacchan, came into the scene with a look of pure disgust on his face as he looked down at the sniveling figure on the ground, who at this point started to calm down, but was still physically shaking. One or two small explosives were set off in Kacchan’s palm before he spoke in his usual gravelly voice down at the shaking student.

“Hey asshat, get up off the floor, I’m trying to get through here, and you are making it impossible to even want to get through here with your dumb ass crying on the floor,” he said with his trademark sneer plastered on his face. The smaller boy, who was still on the ground, looked up at the two crimson eyes that seemed to bore holes through his own, as he scrambled to the side and ran off, allowing Kacchan to pass through the hall, with his usual two cronies behind him like two baby ducks, following their mom.

Izuku, still standing there, still getting weird and confused stares, since he seemed to cause the whole scene, turned around and with his bag still swung around his back, walked out the door and down the street towards his house.

What a strange day. Was that kid just scared of physical contact, or maybe he was scared he would catch the “Quirkless plague” that I have been “Infected with”.

Izuku was almost eleven and he knew already that if these old jokes about him were still going on to this day, he would have many more things to worry about in the future.


Yeah, it happened again. Hooray.

The same thing happened in the same way. Except this time, it was some random person on the street, that was extremely embarrassing. Questions were thrown at Izuku, which he immediately answered with a reluctant ,"I don’t know." He didn’t dare tell anybody about what happened at school, with the other boy. Who knows what would happen.

Izuku, is scared. Is something wrong with him? What is going on?



Yeah, so it turned out, he actually had a fucking quirk this whole time. Well not this whole time exactly, Izuku just thought at this point that he was just an extremely late bloomer when it came to quirks. And yeah, thats the case, it turns out. “That doctor probably just mixed up my file with someone else's. How idiotic can someone get?” He was done. At this point, Izuku just wanted to eat several bars of chocolate while crying in the corner of him room, while simultaneously watching the old videos of all might he knew and loved. “Fuck everything,” he groaned, and leaned back in his desk chair, trying not to fall back, knowing that would happen if he was lucky.

And what kind of quirk was this? Is seemed so… villainous. Even though Izuku had no idea what his quirk actually did, he had some ideas.

“When I touch someone, they seem to immediately fall to the ground and have a panic attack. Jesus Christ what did I get myself into? I don't know why, but I also seem to get a rush of confidence or happiness when this happens, and I normally wouldn't ever do that considering, it's kind of a shitty thing to feel happy about someone's misery. How would I ever become a hero with a quirk like this? I mean I guess if I trained it more, I could get a grip on it and then maybe I could find a way to become a hero like Kacchan. Oh wait.” Izuku's mumbling came to a sudden halt.

What is kacchan going to think?

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“Fukin deku, get back here!” a voice yelled. Oh perfect. Its Kacchan of course. Izuku huffs and lets out a whole spiel he was finally dumb enough to recite out loud.


“Look here right now Kacchan, I don’t really have time for your bullshit! You got something to say, fine but I couldn't care less.” HolyshitdidIjustsaythat?OmahgawdImgonnadie. Even if Izuku knew that this was not going to end well, the look on Kacchan’s face made it all worth it.


It had been three years since the first incident, and Izuku has worn gloves to school every single day since. Nobody knows, not even Kacchan. This just makes it even more painful when he is ridiculed for being quirkless. The reason Izuku never told anyone, was because he was scared, scared of what will happen to him.


Would it be worse than already is? Probably.


Not even his mom knows. 


Kacchan stomps over to Izuku and takes his collar in a burning fist. The smell of charred fabric reaches Izuku’s nose, and it hits him. Oh shit… I forgot to wear gloves today. And yeah, he was touching Kacchans’ arm, cuz u know… reflexes???


Izuku’s eyes slowly trail up from the ground, to look at the explosive pomeranian’s face, and was yet again, greeted with a look of pure terror, well not really terror, but something close. Realization? Or was it just his brain slowly coming to the fact that he was about to have a fucking panic attack? The next few seconds seemed like hours. It was just the two junior high schoolers standing in the middle of nowhere. Izuku just stared up at Kacchan, whose crimson eyes seemed to bore holes through his own head.


“What the fuck did you just do?” Kacchan growled these words, for some reason when Kacchan is quiet, it's even more intimidating. Izuku let out a small squeak and opened his mouth slightly but no words came out.  He looked away, and that was when the hand around his collar loosened slightly, letting him down from the wall he was currently pressed against. He let out a sigh of relief, when the hand gripped his shirt again and threw him back against the wall. Izuku let out a choked noise.


“What the fuck did you do to me you little shit!?” Unexpected tears started running down Kacchans face, as he continued to stare at Izuku like he was some demon. The grip on his shirt loosened once again and Izuku was released as kacchan stepped backwards and bent forward slightly and covered his face with one hand and gripped his arm with the other. 


Yes, this was very concerning. Izuku once again opened his mouth. “Kacchan, I-I can explain, I'm really sorry about this and maybe I could-” He was cut off when Kacchan looked back at him with red eyes containing angry tears. He knew he should leave, and that's what he did. He fucking ran for about ten minutes before he collapsed in front of his front door. 


Izuku unlocked and pushed the door open. He walked inside and to his room, where he leaned his head against the door, staring at the floor.


It almost seemed like he was being affected by own quirk, hot tears ran down his cheeks. But yet again, there was another feeling of confidence. There was also fear, regret, anger, and pretty much every other emotion in existence. He opened his door and stumbled through his room over to his bed and flops over. Izuku grabs his pillow and presses it against his face and lets out a long muffled “Fuuuucking helllll,” which was followed my some more sobs and sniffles. 


I am so not doing this tomorrow.




A loud beeping awoke Izuku as a few scattered rays of sunlight made their ways into his room through the drawn blinds. Groggily looking at his phone, which was still buzzing, he smacked it, which seemed to do nothing. He groaned as he sat up on the bed and aggressively tapped the alarm off button on his phone.


“Izuku! Are you awake? It's time to get up!” the voice of his mother came into hsi room when the door creaked open, he groaned into his pillow as a response, which she probably didn't hear. “Izuku? It's time to get up, you have school, and you might be late.” Inko said with her trademark smile still on her face. Izuku groaned again.


“Mom I really don't feel well today, I should stay home, would that be ok?” he said in the most sick sounding voice he could muster, hoping she would just say ok and not take his temperature. And luckily, today was one of those days, where he got away with it.


“Ok greenbean, you get some rest. I will leave medicine on the counter for you, since I have to go to work. Bye hun.” she smiled and pat his head.


“I love you too edaMOMe” He said in return, adding a fake cough to the end of the sentence. They gave each other one last smile before she closed his door and left. He groaned once more, and fell back down on his bead, looking at the latest hero news, especially new stuff about all might. If you didn't know he loved all might, take one look at his room, its pretty obvious.


He spent most of his day, watching random videos of cats before he finally addressed the fact that he would have to see Kacchan tomorrow, after what happened, this seemed like a death sentence. 


And oh my fucking shit, it is one. Izuku walked into his classroom, where everyone turned their heads in his direction. Including Kacchan, who gave him a nasty glare.


Oh shit.

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Routine, Routine, Routine. It was all routine at this point, and it's getting annoying. Class, class, class, lunch, class, class, class, get beat up, go home, crumble in self doubt. Fun. Wheeeeee crippling self doubt! Kacchan's gaze brings Izuku's attention back to what as going on, by staring holes into his face. it wasn't only just Kacchan, but the whole class, Izuku just didn't care about the rest of them. Like Kacchan says, extras. That was one of the only times Izuku actually ever agreed with something Kacchan said.


He waddles over to his seat uncomfortably. Why does everyone have to stare at me? Maybe it was because he was that one useless kid in the class, or… nah, there is no other explanation. This was making him pissed. Can they just stop looking at me?!


“What?! What is so interesting about me? What sort of obsession do you have with me that you always pay attention to me? I'm not special, why not point your eyes over at Kacchan? He’s popular, he’s cool, he’s got a flashy quirk! He even has a quirk in general! So wont you all just mind your goddamn business and stop creepily staring at me like i'm a fucking five course meal!?” That got him a lot of surprised looks and a couple glares, Izuku knew he had never sworn like this or acted this way in front of them before. He chuckled to himself as all of the extras’ gazes looked back at their own desks. Not long after, the teacher walks in and class starts. 


That day had felt like years, but it was nice to not have anybody steal his lunch or bully him. During Izuku’s last class the small amount of peace he had gained before class started, quickly shattered. All because of the teacher brining up his U.A application in front of the whole class. Great. 


  "Hey Deku, why don't you just fucking jump off of the roof, maybe you will be born in your next life with a quirk! I mean it will also be a benefit for us considering we won't have to deal with your shit anymore.” Kacchan smirked at him. And Izuku looked back at him with a glint in his eyes.


“Do you think I haven't tried Bakugou?” Izuku grins at him, it was unsettling, especially when he used Bakugou’s last name instead of that childish nickname he always used. Izuku keeps grinning at Bakugou, “You know, with an attitude like yours, being a hero will be really difficult, almost impossible even! If I actually did kill myself, that would  permanently affect your record. That would definitely keep you from going to U.A! You know, just to shit on your future Im gonna do it! Its not like I have a fucking future anyway.” With one last smirk Izuku walks past a very stunned Bakugou, shoving him out of the way. It was totally not going to happen, why would he even kill himself? He knew it would never fix anything, and he really didn't want to ruin Kacchans’s future like that. Izuku just wanted to see Kacchan’s reaction. He walks up to the roof. Oh man, this is gonna be so funny when Kacchan comes running up here, I wanna see his reaction! He sits on the edge of the roof, dangling his legs and looking at the view of Musutafu. Its really nice here.


A sudden banging noise interrupted the peacefulness of the rooftop, it was the rooftop door. Izuku held back a laugh. And turned his head.

“Deku!! The fuck are you doing?! Don't fucking throw your goddamn life away like that, you have so much potential! Come one we could be a hero team! I’m really sorry, just please don’t jump…” Izuku now fully turns around and looks at Kacchan’s face. Oh. My. God. Hes fucking crying! OMAGAWD THIS IS SO FUNNYYYY! Izuku looks Kacchan straight in the eyes, there is a moment of silence, the Izuku bursts out laughing.


He doubles over in front of an extremely confused Kacchan, pounding the ground with his fists as he continues laughing.



“Look Bakugou, I would never do something like that, especially when it would all have to do with someone like you. You actually are so self-centered that you though I was gonna kill myself just to ruin your life? You are pathetic.” Izuku sneers and he stands up.


All of a sudden a fist connects with his face, Izuku looks stunned at he looks up and sees Bakugou, who seems to still be crying, but with a furious look to it. Kacchan bring his arm up to his face and wipes his nose with his sleeve.


“You fucking nerd. What the hell is wrong with you!? You- you just… God fucking damn it.” Bakugou walks away leaving Izuku, with a hand pressed to his bruising cheek, staring at Bakugou’s back.


I think that was too harsh, I went too far.


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Shoving his hands into his pockets, Izuku continues to walk down the deserted streets. The only sound he could hear around him was the faint sounds of birds chirping and leaves blowing in the wind. And the crashing of a sewer cover on the ground in front of him. Wait what?


Izuku looked up slowly, taking in the sight in front of him. But he could barely do things considering some gooey mass reached out and grabbed him. After struggling seemed to do nothing, Izuku just relaxed and accepted that he couldn't do anything. You know, i’m just gonna roll with this, life is absolutely fucking me in the ass today. I’m done. 


“Good choice kid, struggling wont do anything against me, just be good and let me take over your body, it won't take long. You will make a great disguise,” a gravelly voice announced, it seeped into Izuku’s ears and made everything oh so much worse, even more repulsive. Well, this isn't the best place to die, and it's kind of pathetic to be killed by his piece of living trash, but oh well.  


Izuku’s world slowly turned darker, and spots appeared in his vision. He barely noticed the sewer cover fly up out of the ground and a hulking figure appearing out of nowhere it seemed. The last sound he heard were the faint yet so loud words , “I am here!” them the whole world went dark.




“Hey, Hey! Wake up! Are you alright?!” a booming voice echoed in Izuku’s ears as he slowly regained his consciousness. As his vision cleared the face of… ALL MIGHT?!!! The sudden realization that his second favorite idol and the #1 Hero was standing right in front of him was, to say the least… exciting yet terrifying. Izuku was shaken from deep though as All Might stood up and offered him a hand.


“I am sorry that I was not able to make it sooner my boy!” he loudly exclaimed. Wow he is just as I thought he would be! Izuku thought. Then he reached into his worn yellow backpack and pulled out his hero analysis notebook.


“Oh! All Might would it be ok if you could sign my book? I um, kinda write hero analysis and I was wondering if you could sign it for me?” somehow he managed to say this without stuttering. “And um, t-thanks so much for everything by the way!” All Might smiled a little wider as he reached out for the notebook.


“Of course my boy! Anything for a fan! And there is no need to thank me!” The loud man once again responded. Izuku smiled wide as him and took the notebook back. He looked at the large autograph and smiled back up at the #1 Hero. 


“Thank you sir! It was great to meet you! Oh… and I have a quick question.” Izuku’s smile slightly faded and he remembered what he wanted to ask. “Would it be possible for me to be a hero? Like you?” He looked down. “Everyone says I have the quirk of a villain. I stopped telling people I had a quirk once I developed it late and they all said I was cursed or something like that. I just cause everyone to have panic attacks if I touch them. Please, could I somehow be a hero?” Izuku slightly looked up to see that All Might was sweating nervously, it seemed.


“Look my boy, I really have to be somewhere. But before I go, I must tell you that you must consider what is realistic. Sometimes quirks are not really suited for hero work. Plus, you really haven't had much experience with it haven't you?” Izuku looked down at the ground once again. A large hand landed itself in his unruly green hair and ruffled it a few times before the man spoke again. “Try considering another job maybe, I hate to crush someone like this but I would like to prevent you from injuring yourself for nothing.” That was enough. Izuku started to tear up. He wiped his eyes before looking up at All Might. “I must go, my boy, but don't completely lose hope, the police department will definitely accept you.” All Might them smiled at him one last time before waving and turning around to leave Izuku stranded in the street.


Watching someone he looked up to so much walk away like that, after saying what he did destroyed Izuku. He enveloped himself in a hug before sitting on the curb. He was right, they were all right. I’m just a useless Deku. I have a villains quirk, why even try to be a hero? It's not worth it. Even All Might thinks so. Izuku didn't even notice when hot tears leaked out of his large emerald eyes and down his face. “I can't do anything right.” A choked sob let its way out of his mouth.


A few more long minutes rolled by before he smacked himself in the face hard, leaving a red mark. “Augh! What am I doing? I want to be a hero so I can prove them wrong. I-im not a villain, I never will be! I will show them all. One day I will be #1! I will beat All Might and become the next symbol of peace, no matter what people say!” Izuku one again wiped his eyes and curled his hand into a fist so tightly that his knuckles turned white.


“I will become a hero. No. the BEST hero!” The green haired boy exclaimed loudly before sprinting his way home.

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The shimmer of the setting sun on the water sent rays cascading over the sandy metallic structures located on Dagobah Beach. They towered over everything, casting large shadows over what used to be a place where people gathered to admire the view of the large blue ocean.


Izuku dug his heels into the sand, pushing a large metal box along the sand. It turns out that it's not super easy to move heavy metal objects over sand. Sighing, Izuku stood straight up and backed away from the box and stared at it. Maybe I should start with something lighter. He thought with another long sigh coming out of his mouth. After abandoning the large box, he walked back over to the pie of junk and looked around before stepping over small objects and shards of glass. 


Not getting something sharp stuck in your foot turned out to be a real challenge. After all, the beach was littered with sharp and rusty pieces of metal. Izuku finally reached his destination and dug his fingernails into the microwave on the ground. With much effort, he picked it up and trudged over to the stairs leading up to the parking lot.  There was already a growing pile of trash there, but Izuku knew he still had a very long way to go.


“Hey you, what are you doing?” a voice appeared behind him, causing Izuku to drop the microwave on his foot. He yelled out in pain, before falling over. “Oh my god! I am so sorry I startled you! Is your foot ok?” loud footsteps came over to him before a figure kneeled behind him.


“Oh yeah, I think I'm ok. You just startled me” Izuku chuckled as he looked up at the figures face.  He smiled before the girl took his upper harm in her hand and hoisted him up. 


“So, you didn’t answer my question. What the hell are you doing?” she asked before picking up the microwave with ease after releasing Izuku’s arm from her firm grip. He scratched the back of his head before explaining how he met All Might and how he wanted to prove that he could be a hero.


“I never really told people about my quirk until today. Since it came late, people thought I got it from some shady place and that I was a villain. So I stopped telling people. I wanted to clean the beach so I could become stronger,” he smiled lightly and looked down at the ground.


“So your also aiming for the hero course at U.A? That awesome! It's been my dream for awhile now,” the girl smiled. Then she shifted the microwave and held it under one arm before handing him her hand. “ I guess it would be best to know each other's name considering we are competing to get into the hero course. I’m Yoko Kanetsu! And you are?”

“Izuku Midoriya,” he responded before shaking her hand.


“Well it's nice to meet you Midori!” she responded before chucking the microwave into the pile. “I hope you wouldn't mind if I joined you in cleaning up the beach. I actually need some quirk training and this would help me. Oh! I forgot to tell you my quirk. I can melt any metal I touch with all five of my fingers.”  Yoko then picked up a small piece of metal and it startled to glow a bright red before melting like a piece of ice on a 100 degree day.


Izuku immidialy whipped his notebook out of absolutely nowhere and started scribbling down everything he could about her quirk. He gave her a thumbs up and a nod before looking at his phone. “So you want to trade numbers so we can meet up again and clean the beach? It's getting kind of late so I should head home,” she said and he quickly nodded again.

She handed him a small slip of paper with her number on it before giving him a small salute and walking away. “See ya later Midori!” Yoko exclaimed. 




“What just happened??” Izuku said to himself, still staring at the empty street and holding the paper. A buzzing from his phone made him jump. 



Izuku it's getting late where are you??


Izuku immediately realized how late it was before typing back a quick message and running back to his house. Sadly because of the meeting with Yoko he wasn't able to work on the beach as much as he could. But it was still worth getting to know someone like her. 


I wonder if we will both end up in the hero course. Izuku thought to himself before entering his apartment and was welcomed by the smell of Katsudon.