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Nightmare Vision

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In the dark of an American apartment, a teen boy pulled his legs up on his chair. The artificial light of his computer screen illuminated the boy’s face. Green freckles dusted his face that is framed with wild almost black green hair. Tired eyes barely moved as he finished turning on the computer. A smile pulled at his face as he opened a new tab, with quick movement his fingers flew across the keyboard. After a few seconds, a site loaded up, before anything else he logged in. Initially, the plan was to snoop about, maybe do some research but that changed when he saw a blue notification symbol. The symbol was placed on the top right of the chat bottom, that wasn’t anything new. He often got messages but the intriguing part is that it’s blue, and blue is only for verified accounts.

Although he would never admit it, when the boy saw the name ‘UA’ he almost screamed, the fact it’s near midnight stopped him. With a deep breath, he opened the message.

He stood nervously.

“Souring like a bird in the sky,”

Quietly he read the poem, wanting to sit back down.

“as cool as can be,” His eyes stayed glued to the paper.

“When I grow up I want to see.” His feet started to shift in place.

“The amazing and fearless” A tingling started behind his eyes.

“symbol of peace” He ignored it and looked to the next paragraph.

“tomorrow he will save Japan again,”

He blinked hard, his eyes hurt.

“with his glowing smile sparkling bright”

Maybe he needs glasses like Togami-chan.

“When I grow I want to see the sight,”

Ah, it stopped. Kacchan looks different, is t-that blood?!

“of the incredible, brave All Might.”

He looked up.

Kacchan has no hands, kacchan is bleeding. Akiyama-chan isn’t breathing. Fukomoto-chan and Hattori-chan have got deep cuts all over, the usually happy Chino-chan has a face of nightmares. Terror in his eyes he screamed. Everybody seemed alarmed, Sakai-sensei rushed over. It didn’t help. Her pretty eyes were clouded, the hand she reached out was red and scared. “hey, calm down. Everything’s ok. Look” she began to make small fireworks in her hands, all Izuku’s favourite colours. Each was a different hero. It usually helps, it always calmed the kids. Only this time the boy clutched his ears, the pain was simply too much.

His vision went black.

At the age of four Izuku learnt that not all men are made equal. Some have undeniable power, others have none.

At the age of four, in front of his classmates, Izuku got his quirk. He often wishes he didn’t get one.

When Izuku turned four was when Inko lost her child. He stopped wanting to play outside, he stopped begging to play with classmates. He stopped leaving his room. The sparkle in his eyes dimed more and more the longer he had that quirk. Whenever he would see her he would freeze, a scared look on his face before he quickly looks away. Inko can’t blame him, who knows what exactly the boy sees. He always seems scared now and it breaks Inko’s heart. She knows it also hurts Hisashi, he took a job over in America recently. That means he can’t be here with Izuku, can’t comfort him.

An idea did pop up though, Hisashi couldn’t move back to Japan but maybe Inko and Izuku could move to America. Having Hisashi here would help, Izuku could have more comfort and Inko could have reassurance. It was hard to have a conversation with Izuku but he seemed ok with the idea. So by the end of the year, the Midoriya family had moved to America.

No. it doesn’t make sense. Why, how could this happen? A dream long dead given the chance at life? No, it must be a joke. Has to be. The only way he could be a hero is if he didn’t have this curse. Had something better. More heroic. How would it even work? He gets scared and runs away? Heroes don’t do that, they stay and fight. With a sigh he leans back, this is gonna be a long night of thinking.


So lets say I got the chance to do something I gave up on doing, but its gonna be really hard and probably wont happen. Should I take the opportunity?





     100% yes. You might achieve something



      Sounds like a lot of effort my guy



      Well if u think u could do it. Put effort in and u can do anythin :]

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Midoriya almost screamed. The fact it’s nearing midnight stopped him. He expected a company to have messaged him, maybe a hero one looking for analysis to help them. It had happed before so he wouldn’t have been surprised. However, the top hero school in Japan, his home country, UA was the sender. The hero school that was third in the world, just behind I-island academy and Yushin school of entertainment and heroism. The boy had wanted to go to UA a long time ago, now not so much. After calming down he opened the message and read.

Dear Bunseki,

I am writing this message to inform you that you have caught the eye of many of our top heroes in the UA high school ministry. We have all agreed that you should be invited to attend the UA high school entrance exam on the 20th of August [year]. As principle I would be disappointed if you chose to reject, however, I understand if you do; I would be overjoyed if you did come to participate. Me and the other teachers here will await your response.

Best regards, principle Nezu.

The green-haired boy got a cruel sense of humour out of that. Nezu wanted him to be a pro, and yet his quirk would make that impossible. With slight annoyance, he responded.

It would be great to go to UA however… I must decline your offer. Because of my quirk, I can’t really be around people, it makes me see ‘nightmare’ versions of people. It can’t be turned off. I wouldn’t be able to save people or anything a hero should be able to.

I’m very sorry.

With a sigh he leaned back, it hurt rejecting his once dream school but it had to be done. With his quirk he would be a useless hero, if he ever had to work with somebody he would most likely get scared. Maybe there’s some new hero or something he can look at. He looks up and sees a new message.

Dear Bunseki, I’m incredibly sorry to hear that, however at UA high school we teach students how to control their quirks and how to handle them. I’m sure there is a way you could use your quirk to become a hero, there will be parts of it you don’t know about. Even if you don’t want to be a hero you could use the other facilities at UA to become something just as noble. I’m sure you could become a hero, in any sense of the word.

Yours sincerely, Principle of UA, Nezu.


It makes no sense.

Midoriya being a hero? How would that even work? He gets scared and runs away? But Nezu did say about being a different hero, maybe he could do that. UA does have a good general education, support, and business departments. Maybe if he can’t past the entrance exam he can just go with a different department. Maybe support, he does have some good ideas.

After sending a few messages back and forth to Nezu it was planned. He would try the entrance exam and if he failed he would go to the support department exams. Somehow it was 1:54 am already. With a yawn, Midoriya climbed into bed. At that moment he remembered something important. UA is in Japan. He lives in America.

Looks like he will be planning instead of sleeping tonight.

Izuku was nervous, he had a plan, yes but actually putting it into action was where the problem was. With a deep breath, he opened his bedroom door and began to walk to the living room. It was strange, normally he wouldn’t go near the room. Both his Mother and Father spent their time there if not busy. But today he needed to.

Inko, who was making notes in a small floral book, was shocked when Izuku walked into the room. Even more so when he sat down on the armchair that faced them. Hisashi didn’t immediately notice, his black curls obscuring his view. When he did, however, his freckled face looked comically shocked. He looked to Inko in a way of asking ‘what’s happening?’. She shrugged. They both turned to their son who was looking at the floor.

“so I um, have a question,” He asked with a pounding heart. “ok” Inko replied. “could we go back to Japan?” This wasn’t what they were expecting, Hisashi shifted to a more serious position, “why?” he was confused and a little worried. “I got a message from Nezu. The principle of UA. He said that the pros there like my analysis and don’t want my talent to go to waste. If I fail the hero course exam I get a chance at support as well.”

“H-hero course?” Inko, though she would never say it, was glad their son gave up on being a hero. He could get hurt in so many ways, staying inside, while unhealthy, meant he wouldn’t get hurt. Izuku being oblivious to Inko’s thoughts nodded. No one spoke for a moment, Izuku waiting for an answer and the parents confused. “I don’t know, son. It’ll be hard to get a new job over there.” Hisashi finally spoke, Izuku nodded like he expected this. “I did some research and the company you work for, Hatsume industries, allows you to move and change the group you work for. You have to have worked for them for 5 years and you have so you could apply to switch to the Japan group. And Mom, you can transfer to a hospital in Japan.” He explained, trying to not speak too fast. It seems like Izuku planned everything out.

Both parents looked at each other, having a silent conversation. In the end, they both shook their heads no. Inko was the one to break the news. Even though she had yet to say anything, it was hard. “Izuku, honey no. we can’t. And what about your quirk? I love you but you barely leave your room, I-I don’t think you could be a hero like that.” It was strange, one moment Izuku was staring at the floor like usual, then he was looking at them.

For the first time in years, their son was looking directly at them. It hurt. It hurt to see his mother with permanent tears down her face, some grey hairs and some that had been ripped out. Her face a red blotchy mess. His father, on the other hand, looked more terrifying. His mouth is always red and burning, he could see the sweat staining his skin. The skin around his mouth is melting, almost falling off. The only thing that never changed, before or after quirk, is the man’s eyes. The kind, round green eyes always looked at Izuku with fondness. “UA helps to make heroes. A-and I’m determined, I’ll put the work in. Please.” Both parents didn’t know what to say. The look on his face wasn’t one they were used to, let alone the whole looking at them.

Hisashi sighed, slumping back into the position he was in earlier. “you will be the death of me” he quietly said with a hand over his eyes. Taking the handoff he spoke louder, “If you think you could really do it, and don’t give up when it gets hard. Then fine. Inko?” Izuku immediately looked at Inko, pleading with his eyes. It took a quick mental debate and lots of worrying before she spoke. “Just promise me you won’t get hurt, ok?”

Izuku nodded eagerly before bowing and rushing out the room.

@Bunseki Bye America, you might have been fun if I ever left my room. Hello Japan, where I will leave my room. Maybe.

It took a month or two to get everything sorted but eventually, the Midoriya family returned to Japan.

Have you ever been so confident in doing something then it all goes away the minute you start? Well, that’s what Midoriya is feeling. Initially, he arrived for the UA entrance exams a half-hour early, he was nervous. He waited outside the gates and checked up on social media. Most of his followers either, didn’t know, didn’t care or didn’t believe that he was in Japan. That meant he would usually get notifications at 3 in the morning.

Most of it he’d seen, except a drawing of All Might with abs on his chin, that got a laugh. Soon enough other students started to arrive and make their way inside, Midoriya started to however, a certain voice made him stop.

“outta my way nerd”

“o-oh sorry!”

It was Bakugou Katsuki or Kacchan. Midoriya had never seen the boy after his quirk appeared, his best friend with no hands and bleeding? No thanks. But he can remember a few days after, the blond boy had banged on the door until his mother opened the door.

“Auntie Inko! Is Izuku ok”

“o-oh yes, his quirk just came in is all”

“really! What is it? And where is he?”

“well his quirk is hard to explain, but it makes it hard for him to look at people.”

“you can’t be a hero without looking at people. That quirk is useless! I don’t want a useless teammate.”

At the time it had crushed Midoriya, he cried for a solid hour. Both boys had fantasised about being pros together, the mighty duo as they said. Once they got their quirks they would go to UA and become the best. Hearing the boy reject him, say that he doesn’t want to be a duo anymore only made Midoriya hate his quirk more. After his talk with Nezu, he began to believe that maybe his quirk could be heroic. With practice, like the mouse bear thing said. But now, the doubt came back at full force. With a sigh he turned around and began to leave, He could always find a different job. Maybe a radio show host, they sit in a room for a few hours and talk. He already did that.

Fait had other plans for him as it seems, his otherwise neglected shoelace fell in just the right place to trip him. The green-haired boy braced for the impact that never came, instead, a hand tapped his shoulder and suddenly gravity no longer exists. Without thinking he opened his eyes and saw a girl.

To anyone else she would be quite pretty, Brown hair in a bob with bangs, her round face blushed. Both Hair and eyes matched in colour, except her eyes had a subtle sparkle. To Midoriya, However, she looked sick. Her full cheeks didn’t exist, sharp cheekbones with hardly anything underneath took their place. Previously bouncy hair now had a certain sheen to it, the sheen of grease. Pieces clumped together. Her bangs stuck to her head, just above worried eyes with bangs underneath. Her whole figure screamed starvation, clothes that should fit hung loosely, bony hands touched as Midoriya returned to the floor.

“I’m sorry I used my quirk on you! But it would be bad luck tripping before the exam right?” Her voice contrasted with her appearance heavily. Her cheerful tone stayed as she spoke again, “Good luck!”. And with that, she left. Shoes that had holes carried her into the school building.

Midoriya looked to the ground, his quirk truly was a curse. Not only did it show horrors it showed secrets. Things he shouldn’t know. Like that time he caught a glance of Mr. Smith, lipstick covered his face and neck., in lips shapes of course. It didn’t help he had a ‘friend’ over the next day. That girl was clearly going through something and knowing his over-analytical mind he would only think about it more later. Out of respect, he left it for now. With guilt he left the school, at least he got this far.

Now Midoriya always tries not to be rude, specifically eavesdropping. Like said before, he has some insight into secrets he shouldn’t. So the least he could do is let people have conversations in peace. On the walk to the train, a young boy and his father came into view. They were at the park, looks like it was time to leave. Midoriya kept his eyes to the ground, the only tell-tale being shoes. Seeing children is always so hard. Despite his best efforts, the pair's conversation drifted into his ears.

“mamma and dadda told me not to go with people I don’t know. B-but you seem real nice Mr. Suto!”

“Why thank you Saburo, how about a sweet?”

It happened before Midoriya could even think but he was there, stood between the two. The boy, Saburo, had an arm out ready to take the sweet. “oh, umm hello?” Mr. Suto said with a chuckle. “what can I help you with?” he was acting nice, just in case Midoriya hadn’t heard anything. “where are you taking this child?” he asked in a steady voice, eyes still downcast. “I don’t think that’s any of your business” replied the man.

A plan had formed after he realised that he was doing. “I heard that boy say he shouldn’t go with strangers, that implies that-that you don’t know this kid” The boy behind him tapped his back and spoke innocently, “it’s ok! Mr. Suto is really nice!” Midoriya wasn’t having it though. Quickly he turned and grabbed Saburo and ran back towards the park if he could get to a more public area the guy wouldn’t try anything.

Maybe if he didn’t spend all day inside, maybe if he had a speed quirk he would have made it. Unfortunately, Mr. Suto caught up and grabbed the back of Midoriya’s shirt, with a pull both boys fell backwards. The man grabbed both of them, turning them so they were facing him. “you know I was gonna set- hey! Look at me brat!” He pulled Midoriya’s face up by his hair, forcing the other to look at him.

Bruises littered his face, scared eyes flicked around. He had a deep frown, filled with guilt and regret. A rather large chunk of his body was missing, another part rotting. He started talking, shaking Midoriya around, but he focused on the information. Something missing, something going, guilt and regret, what could he be hiding. Something shiny caught his attention, it was a locket and ring around his neck. The ring seemed like a wedding one, if the small vows were anything to go by. The locket had small flowers and birds on, what seemed like marker filled in those shapes.

In his arms the kid moved closer, the man started to move as well. ‘quick figure it out!’. Regret and guilt because of stealing a child, maybe he had one. That would explain the locket. Now the bruises, could have been attacked, but for what? I don’t know, what about the ring? and the damaged or nonexistence body parts.

That’s when it hit him, as the man pulled him closer to his car. His partner was most likely dead, that’s why he wasn’t wearing the ring. He considered that person part of him and whats why some of his body is missing! whoever bruised him most likely killed said partner, maybe as a threat. And the child is next.

It was horrifying to think about. Damn his mind.

Midoriya and Saburo fell to the ground. Mr. Suto began shaking his head. “no no no no no no, i-I did everything! S-she should be fine!” he shouted loudly. It confused the green-haired boy, only for a moment. As the man shouted and cried Midoriya ran.

He soon made it back to the park were multiple police cars where. The boy in his arms called out, “mamma! Dadda! I’m here!” soon enough two people were right there, grabbing their son. Midoriya tuned out, for the most part, he was busy going over what had just happened. Eventually, he had to talk to the police about it, afterwards, he received quite a shock. “umm excuse me?” It was the boy for before, Midoriya didn’t look at him but did respond. “I just wanna say, Thank you! I-I made a mistake but you saved me! oh! Just like a hero!” He cheered happily.

That was the first of many times Midoriya Izuku saved somebody.

Running was not Midoriya’s forte. That’s why on the odd occasion he had to go somewhere he would make sure to be early. That being said he was currently sprinting at full speed, which wasn't that fast, back to UA. There were two reasons for this, the first being what had happened to the man. Midoriya had a feeling it was something to do with his quirk and staying in his room wouldn’t help him. This time. The other is the feeling of being called a hero. The green-haired boy can’t describe it, it’s just something that fills him with euphoria.

When he got to the gates he didn’t stop, right now he is running on pure adrenaline. Luckily signs are leading him the right way. Looking at his phone it seems he missed the writing part, maybe they will let him take it after. When he found the doors to the hall he finally stopped. In-between deep breaths he looked at the table place closer by. On it are student identification cards. He looked around before finding his, cringing at the photo. Quietly as he could he entered the hall and sat down. Present Mic was explaining the rules.

“Now there are three types of robots. 1 pointer, 2 pointers, and 3 pointers. Your task is to take down these robots and score points!”

After he finished somebody yelled, “Sir! I have two things to say!”. He sounded familiar, but not familiar like Kacchan. After getting permission he began talking again. “on the handout we were given it clearly says there are four types of robot! If this is a misprint that is unacceptable and disappointing of the top hero school of Japan!” Midoriya didn’t get a handout but he quickly glanced at the person next to him, he had one and the other boy was right. “To add on! You there with the messy green hair!” Midoriya resisted the urge to look up, “I noticed you came in late! That is truly shameful for any future hero!” Midoriya got irritated at that, yes he ran away but then he almost got kidnapped so it isn’t really his fault. Quietly as Present Mic spoke again the green-haired boy whispered under his breath, “Interrupting a pro/teacher and publicly calling someone out is pretty rude. Not very hero like.” No one heard him, so he patiently waited until it was time to get on the bus.

 Midoriya stared at the floor as other people were warming up, he didn’t think about how he would move around without looking up. Before he could start brainstorming a familiar voice spoke out, “good luck!” It was the girl from earlier, who had no blood involved. Midoriya decided to go talk to her or something, he knows what she looks like. He began walking towards where he heard the voice, only to have a hand planted on his shoulder. A loud voice called his attention. “you again! Are you attempting to distract someone? That is extremely unheroic.” Midoriya was about to reply when a loud voice called out ‘annnd start!’ people looked confused before Present Mic explained, “in real life, there is no countdown! So you better get moving and not waste any more time!” Within seconds the group of students ran into the arena and began to fight the robots.


Midoriya was going to fail. He had no points. Just as he was going to give up the ground began shaking. Suddenly many people were running towards the gate, they were yelling about getting away or more points. Daring a glance, Midoriya saw a large robot slowly making its way towards them. A yell of help moved his eyes down, the girl from before was laid on the floor. A rock keeping her in place. He took a moment to think if he ran in how would he help the girl? Or beat the robot? The moment soon ended when his feet made hi run. Once there he helped the girl get her foot free, “your quirk makes things float right? Can you float me up to the robot?” he asked quickly. The brown-haired girl nodded and placed a hand on him before he started floating.

A plan was thrown together in his mind, pull some wires and hope it stops. After getting onto the shoulder, and having gravity return, he began to pull any wire he could see from the opening. A few times he got electrocuted but he carried on. Eventually, the big metal thing came to a stop, however, the jolt threw Midoriya into the air. His mind kicked into overtime to think of a way to avoid death, a slap stopped it. Carefully he landed on the ground, followed by the girl and the large rock she was laid on. Rather quickly she began to puke, rainbows? And sparkles. Not the weirdest thing he has seen. Distantly he could hear people talking about how he took down the 0 pointer. Wait, 0 points? That means he’s still at no points. He got up and started to look for anything he could get points from, unfortunately, the buzzer went and the exam finished.

Everything went by as a blur after that, despite the fact he expected to fail it still hurt. It hurt to know that he failed at being a pro hero.

Chapter Text

Knock knock

Midoriya groaned.

“Anyone home?”

He flipped the blanket off his head.


After a moment of debate, the boy pulled his sock-clad feet off the bed. Slowly he shuffled out his bedroom and to the front door. On the floor were multiple letters. He picked them up and sorted through them.


Addressed to Midoriya Hisashi.

Another to Midoriya Hisashi.

To Midoriya Inko from Bakugou Mitsuki, oh. It seems the Bakugou’s know about them being back in Japan.

To Midoriya Izuku from UA.



From UA? Carefully he placed the other letters on the shelf to the side then made his way back to his room. He placed the letter on his desk and stared at it after sitting down. Does he want to open it and see it wrote? See that he failed and wouldn’t be in the hero course. With a sigh he leaned back, maybe a snack would help. He got up and left for the kitchen. The day continued like this, finding something else to do instead of opening the letter. It sat on his desk, almost taunting him.

Eventually, he had to give in. He sat down and looked at the UA stamp. Slowly he counted down in his head. From five to one. After one he grabbed the letter and tore it open. A round silver disk fell on the desk along with the letter. He poked the disk, wondering what it was.

 “I AM HERE! To tell you your results!” Midoriya flinched at the sudden shout, he hadn’t expected All might to appear. Or a Hologram at all. He briefly wonders why they would make a hologram and a letter, why not just a letter? He chalks it up to UA being over the top. One thing he likes is actually looking at the hologram, his quirk didn’t work through pictures, photos and things the like. Only face to face. It was refreshing to see a person without the horrific additions his quirk added.

“now, you didn’t attend the written exam. Usually, this would be an automatic fail!” Oh, yea. He forgot about that. It was for the best anyway, there would be Japanese on it and his isn’t the best. Kind of ironic.

“But as you were invited by the principle, he vouched for your intelligence and so you have passed!” Midoriya nodded slightly but turned his face down. Only passing one half wouldn’t get him into the hero course. It would help with the support course but that’s not the same.

“In the physical exam, you didn’t destroy any robots. That means you got no points.” and there it is. The truth that he failed. It hurt more to hear it from All might, a hero he looked up to most if not all of his life.

“At the end of the exam, the zero pointer appeared and trapped one of your fellow test mates. You rushed into the situation and helped save her. You used the last few minutes to help and not get the points you needed.” And he didn’t regret it. Yes, he could have gotten more points, but that girl would have got hurt. More than she already was. She has a good quirk and could be an amazing hero. He could bet she passed the exam, what if she got hurt in a way that stopped hero work? It’s better that she got into UA unhurt than he get a few points that wouldn’t help him pass anyway.


“What kind of hero school would we be if we ignored such heroic acts!” what.

“there was a secret scoring system called rescue points, defeating the zero pointer earned you sixty points! The minimum to pass being fifty-eight!! Wait. he p-passed?

“That means that you, Midoriya Izuku, passed both tests.”

“Welcome to your hero Academia!”

The hologram finished and the room became quiet. Tears began to fall down his cheeks. He stared at where the hologram All might had been, mostly in shock. A smile that hadn’t been seen for a long time slowly formed on his face. Now to wait for his parents and tell them the good news.

When Inko opened the door she took her shoes off then picked up the letters placed to the side. The letter from Mitsuki was a surprise, they had been best friends before the move so the idea of being friends again lifted her mood. Once sat down on their sofa she opened the letter,


I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were back, I had to hear it from Tsukaimasu Nomi of all people. We should so meet up, oh let’s have a picnic like old times! I bet Little Izuku isn’t that little anymore, has he still got those freckles like Hisashi? He looks just like him, and you of course ^-^. Katsuki is still the same, Masaru says he has a short temper like me, But I don’t believe him. The little devil must have gotten it from somewhere else. Anyway, please write back. Or better yet call me!

xx xxxx xxxxxx

from your bestie Mitsuki :]


Looks like she hasn’t changed, the picnic sounded lovely. With Izuku wanting to be more confident lately, chances are he would agree. With a smile, she made the number given a contact and planned to call her once Hisashi got home. Like magic, which wouldn’t be too farfetched, the front door opened.  “I’m home!” called Hisashi shortly before entering the front room. He sat down next to Inko with a huff. “so, how was your day?” he asked. Inko recounted a few important or funny things, ending with the letter from Mitsuki. Before anymore conversation could happen Izuku enter with a letter of his own.

“so I got the letter from UA today, saying if I passed the exam or not.” Both parents nodded nervously. Izuku had told them what happen, how he missed the written exam and got no points on the physical. Like Izuku they expected him not to pass. So when the teen held the letter open and told them he passed, it was beyond a shock. Hisashi recovered first and jumped up happily, “yeah! I knew you could do it! Only a fool wouldn’t except you!” he near shouted. He then hugged the boy like there was no tomorrow. Inko smiled at the display before getting up and hugging her son as well. “you’ll be the best hero, I just know it.” The trio stayed like that for a while before Inko pulled back. “how about Katsudon for dinner?” she asked, Izuku nodded quickly. Not a single member of the family stopped smiling that night.

How to tie a tie?

Midoriya had been thinking this for the past ten minutes. The first day of school came quickly, he had woken up earlier than needed out of nerves and excitement. A few weeks ago Midoriya had to send details to UA, mostly the size of his clothes so the uniform would fit but also his hero costume. He had spent hours coming up with ideas, His father helped as well. Looking over his plans and telling him what wouldn’t work and things he could improve. It was fun.

With a big sigh, he gave up. The tie was bunched and somehow shorter than before. Hopefully, no one would notice. He then grabbed his trusty yellow backpack. Resisting the urge to check for the fourth time that he has everything he left his room. The timing seemed perfect as his mother was at the door getting ready to leave. “oh Izuku, what happened to your tie?” said boy just shrugged as she walked closer. She began to fix his tie, he dared a glance up. The horror was still there, always is. But it almost seemed different, like something else was there. Before he could think harder his mother finished and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Izuku, I just want you to know that I’m so very proud of you. I always have been, and I know your father is too. Even if you don’t become a pro hero, you will be the best in whatever you do. And I know that because you have the biggest heart, kindest heart.” When she finished all Midoriya could do is nod. He can’t be crying on the first day after all. The pair walked to the end of the street together, then they had to part ways. With a final goodbye, Midoriya started walking to the train station.

He doesn’t like train stations much, no matter where in the world. They are so crowded, especially in the mornings where people go to school or work. Midoriya scanned the floor with his eyes, carefully picking a route to take with little to no one there. Eventually, the train arrived and he quickly walked on. He chose to stand right where the door was, leaning against the wall and start of the row of chairs. He pulled out his phone to kill time.



So ive seen some stuff on @Bunseki being in japan now, is it true?


            Indeed I am.

            [picture of the inside of the train, most the signs being in                                                   

            Japanese, a hand is in the corner doing a peace sign]


            oh fuck same.

            [picture of inside a train, similar to the last but with different

            Colour scheme. This time a thumbs up in the corner]  


No sleep gang was a friend? Midoriya would often find himself having a heated debate with the user over pro heroes, villains anything really. The other had good reasons and perspective on a lot of topics and wasn’t afraid to talk about them. Their followers called them ‘chaotic’ when they interacted, once they did a live call of sorts to debate about All might. The result was hilarious, one of his favorite moments was when no sleep gang said, ‘you truly are an idiot’ in Japanese and Midoriya loudly told him ‘an idiot who speaks Japanese!’ in the same language. The other was shocked for a second. He then accused Midoriya of being a weeb. After clarifying he was born in Japan and lived there for a few years the other simply said, ok. They then continued arguing.

He would love to meet the other but the chance of seeing the nightmare version wasn’t a comfort. For now, they could just chat online.         



What do you guys think of my costume?

[picture of Mt.Lady’s costume, mainly focusing on her curves]


               Not that innocent :/



I have become addicted to a pre quirk anime and its not a fun time. Actually finding copies of the manga or episodes is so hard.


               Try being in love with a band long gone :[



So, this is kinda of brand for this account but its amazing and my new favourite thing.

[gif of all might going to fly off but tripping and face planting the floor]


That last post made Midoriya laugh a bit. It wasn’t common that the symbol of peace made mistakes such as this but when it happened, oh boy was it great. Once after returning to Japan, he mixed up ‘nose’ and ‘flower’ and accidentally told a fan he doesn’t like her nose. The panic on his face when she started crying was comical.

Soon enough the train arrived at his station and he got off. Taking the train twice a day isn’t going to be fun but in time he might get used to it. If not he could always walk, it could get his stamina up.

The idea of walking that distance brought dread to him.

Soon enough he got to the gates. The school stood tall in the sunlight. Midoriya pushed himself to walk into the building, he can’t back down now.  

Chapter Text

Midoriya made it to the classroom relatively easy, luckily there were signs pointing the way to wherever needed. He passed quite a few students but none seemed to be walking the same way as him, one pink-haired girl ran past him quickly at one point. Instead of going to the hero course classrooms she ran down to the support department, maybe she would have been his classmate once upon a time. He got a little happy then, a reminder he made it in the hero course.

Once he got to the classroom he stared at the door handle for a while. Inside are his classmates, people he will spend three years with…. He can’t do this. If it took all his will power to speak to his parents how would he talk to these people? And of course the fear of nightmare vision, what will they look like? He doesn’t want to look but what would be better knowing and letting his mind go wild or knowing?

Midoriya groaned, why does life have to be so complicated. He needed to open the door and go inside at some point. Slowly he placed his hand on the door handle, in theory, if he opens the door quickly he can’t back out. Yea, that makes sense. With a deep breath, he pulled the door open, letting go of the handle once he could get inside.
The green-haired boy kept his eyes down and began to walk in, taking a glance at the board where the seating plan was displayed. “you there!” a voice loudly called. It was the boy from the exam who called him out twice, Midoriya wasn’t frilled to have him in the same class. “I must apologise! You see I judged you before I could see what you were truly like, you also figured out the secret point scoring system!” He said, still loud. Midoriya got a bit confused at that, he didn’t figure anything out until after the exam. “I didn’t figure anything out I just did what was right. That girl could have got hurt so I helped, nothing more.” He explained while keeping his eyes on away from the boy, people often pointed out how rude that was but it was better than seeing what he does. The other boy was quiet for a second before he spoke, “ah I see, well my name is Iida Tenya. It’s a pleasure to meet you” he held out a hand that Midoriya shook as he introduced himself.

There was a sharp breath after the green-haired boy said his name, but it was mostly ignored as a bubbly voice filled the room. “oh hey! You made it!” Once she got closer the girl introduced herself, “My name’s Uraraka Ochako, thank you for saving me by the way! Since the robot was a zero pointer I was worried you wouldn’t get in but you did!” Midoriya simply nodded as she rambled. It being cut off by a low voice.

“Everyone get to your seats” there was something about the voice that demanded authority. Everyone did as told, there was some shuffling and a zipper sound but soon he spoke again. “You took eight seconds to be quiet, that’s not going to cut it. I’m Aizawa Shouta, your homeroom teacher, put these on and meet me on the field. Quickly.” The students were still for a second before they all got up to grab whatever they had to wear, Midoriya stayed still for a little longer. He needed most if not everyone to leave so he could see where the clothes were.

A hand was placed on his shoulder suddenly, “hey aren’t you gonna get up?” asked the owner, Midoriya nodded but stayed silent. The reply was a hesitant ok before he left. Midoriya sighed and got up, he had wasted enough time already. At the front of the classroom, two PE uniforms were laid on the floor, each with a name inside. Midoriya picked his up and left before the other could attempt to talk to him.

As he walked to the changing room he couldn’t help but think about what they would be doing. The first day is only half, they have orientation, a lesson to get to know the class and then Lunch. After that, they get to leave early, but whatever they are doing will probably run into orientation.

The changing room was filled with light chatter, mostly the students getting to know each other. Midoriya picked a spot in the corner and quickly got changed, his hair getting even messier. After that he walked down to the meeting spot, not being sure where his teacher was he looked up from the ground. He could see the man stood a few feet away, a few students were close by him. Luckily he wasn’t close enough to see what his teacher looked like, so he looked down and began walking over. He wonders what exactly they will be doing, hopefully not running.

Most of the other kids arrived shortly after, with a quick glare from their teacher anyone talking soon became quiet. “We are going to do a test.” A few students started to freak out, one loudly saying about orientation and how they will miss it. “The teachers here get to run their class however they see fit. If you have a problem with how I do things leave now.” No one moved. “Good. The tests are similar to the ones you did in middle school, these ones, however, will allow quirks. Bakugou, what was your score for ball throw in middle school?”

Midoriya didn’t hear the answer as he was shocked, Bakugou is in his class? He expected the blond to pass the test but it hadn’t set in his mind the other might be in his class. He wasn’t excited to talk to him or interact in any way for that matter. Maybe if he kept the attention of him the blond won’t notice him, with that idea he slowly shuffled backward to hide behind his classmates.

After the ball was thrown with an explosion and yell of ‘DIE!’ And Aizawa showed Bakugou’s score the class became excited. “This is gonna be fun!” Exclaimed one of his female classmates, to which their teacher glared. “You think this is going to be fun?” He asked, “Over the course of three years you will be trained to be the next generation of heroes. If you think you can mess around you are dead wrong.” It seemed like the teacher had stopped but he hadn’t yet, he smiled wickedly, something that sent chills down the spines of all who were looking at him. “The student who comes in last…. Will be expelled.”

Students gasped in shock, Uraraka called out “that isn’t fair! It’s only our first day!” The teachers smiled dropped and he became serious again, “Fair?” He asked, “Natural disasters, death, mass murder. None of those are ‘fair’, and yet they still happen. You will be trained to handle those situations here at UA. So let’s get to the tests.” And with that, they began the testing.

At the beginning they were nervous, the threat of expulsion looming over their heads, but soon enough they settled in. Needless to say, Midoriya didn’t do well in most of them, the running was embarrassing. Iida beat the whole class, Midoriya realised he must have a speed quirk, most likely related to Ingenium. The strength test wasn’t as bad but compared to the 540.0Kg one of his classmates got, it was pretty bad. The side to side jump made him dizzy early on, adding to his low scores.

The other tests continued in the same pattern, him getting low results for one reason or another. The last test being the ball throw Bakugou has demonstrated earlier, each student was called up. Eventually, it being Midoriya’s turn, he was panicking, who wouldn’t? He had no way to get it far so this result will end up like the rest.
That’s when it hit him.

All low scores? That’s last place for sure and last place gets expelled. He stopped when he was walking up to the circle, eyes going wide. He’s going to get expelled, on the first day. All because his quirk couldn’t be used for anything. No, it’s because he can’t do anything. The running and strength tests don’t necessarily need a quirk, and yet he failed them. Why did he think he could be a hero? Oh yea Nezu, clearly the principal didn’t factor in the lack of abilities he has.

He could tell Aizawa and his classmates were confused, well he might as well not waste their time any more than he has. “I’m sorry…” he didn’t lift his eyes. “I can’t do it, I’m going to get last place and expelled anyway so I won’t waste your time.” It was quite for a second. Then he was pulled harshly by a white scarf. The force moved his head upwards where he saw his teachers getting closer. Once they were face to face he got a clear look at his teacher.
His eyes were bloodshot, quite literally. Streaks of blood dripped down his face, staring at his eyes. Under the eyes laid large black bags, dark like ink. They contrasted with his pale skin. He looked guilty and full of regret, most likely from being a hero. Midoriya stayed still as his teacher began to talk, “you may not have a flashy quirk like your classmates, but you do have a mind that surpasses most. I’ve seen the account you have, the points about heroes are impressive. So, use that brain to figure out how to get a good score or you’ll be expelled for definite.”

He let Midoriya go and the boy stumbled back. His fellow classmates whispered wondering that their teacher had said but Midoriya paid them no mind. How could he get a good score? What ways could he throw the ball? Obviously with his hands, maybe he could kick it? Is that in the rules?

“um Aizawa-senpai, what are the rules for this again?” he asked, his teacher replied rather quick. Simply explaining he has to throw the ball without leaving the circle, nothing more to it. The green-haired boy breathes in while thinking through all the possibilities. There aren’t many, throwing with his hands… um, throw underarm? Turns out there is only one option and that is to throw it. One of his classmates would be able to throw it farther, his classmates…yes!

Midoriya turned around so he faced the class, he didn’t look up but began to speak loudly. “Iida can you do me a favour?” he asked. Said boy was a little surprised but nodded, then said yes after realising the boy couldn’t see him. “great, come over here?”

After Iida came over Midoriya handed him the ball, “could you run with this? As far as you like, well kinda far but not too far?” “Isn’t that cheating? You are the one that has to throw the ball.” Iida sounded worried but Midoriya reassured him it wasn’t against the rules. After a moment the blue-haired boy ran quite a distance before dropping the ball on the floor, Aizawa grinned under his scarf and read out the score.

The bliss of getting a good score quickly ran off when the score list was pulled up, Midoriya being in last. Apart of him wanted to cry, but he couldn’t do that here. He pushed the tears back and waited to be expelled.

“oh, by the way, expulsion was a logical ruse to make you do your best.” He said calmly, the students were surprised by this well except one. The girl announced how she figured it out before and thought the others knew also.

What it wasn’t true? That means he’s still in UA. He got happy by that but the test was a painful reminder he has a long way to go until he can be a hero.

After some chatting, they were told to get changed and head to lunch, Midoriya then remembered about UA’s lunch staff, the pro hero Lunch Rush. He had more of a bounce in his step as he left with the other students.

Almost got expelled. But I didn’t so we good :]

I’m not surprised


Chapter Text

He walked back to the enterence of UA, a huge smile plastering his face. Most of what Izuku ate was junk food, snacks or his mother's cooking (don't get him wrong his mom's food was amazing but he was exited to try something New!) so the thought of being able to try a famous pro hero's cooking was exhilarating. Two familiar voices are heard coming closer to Izuku's position, calling out his name and quick footsteps echoing off of the stoned pavement, on instinct his head dropped and eyes glued to the floor, over the years he's learned to do this because of his quirk so he doesn't see the horrors of people's faces or their secrets. "Hey! Midoriya right? That idea was incredible, I can't believe you thought of that!" Uraraka exclaimed as she reached Izuku. "Yes, you are quite sharp-witted. The idea pushed the rules yet did not break them, so it was good for the situation you were in" Iida added slightly behind Uraraka. A light blush spread across Izuku's cheaks, he wasn't used to praise since he's done nothing praise worthy when locked up in his room but it felt nice hearing it from his fellow pears "T-thanks..." Midoriya muttered not looking up from the floor. "Let's go to lunch together!" Uraraka declared more than asked, even so he still agreed, wanting to spend more time with his new class and curious about what it would be like to finally eat with someone other than his family after gaining his quirk.

The lunch hall was loud and crowded, it made it hard to manoeuvre through and find a table with a tray fixated in his hands, people nudge into him and forces him to look up to make sure he doesn't walk into anyone, so many horrific faces to count and some incredibly awful features that make his stomach turn, hopefully it doesn't ruin his appetite. Luckily they found a free table, taking a seat and finally being able to embrace the mouth-watering smell of his meal. His lunch included a bowl of snow white fluffy rice, miso soup, a pork cutlet and a mixture of vegetables. "This looks sooo good!!" The brunette stated, slightly drooling "Midoriya look at my food! Doesn't it look great?" Reluctantly he look up, trying not to look at his newly acquainted classmates, her food did look and smell as nice as his and so did Iida's lunch, he smiled and nodded to Uraraka's question. They all dig into their food, it tasted as good as it looked, the flavours mixing together on his tongue, vegetables practically melting in his mouth and the overwhelming warmth he feels as is slides down his throat and into his stomach.

"White rice is the perfect comfort food isn't it?" A muffled voice said sort of echoey, izuku could only guess that this was lunch rush however even though he wanted to see a famous hero up close he suppressed the urge; he didn't dare look at what gruesomeness awaits if he looked at the pro. Both of his tablemates agreed with lunch rush and let the chef leave to talk with other students. "Midoriya why didn't you look at lunch rush or speak to him? Isn't it exiting to meet a pro hero?" The boy sat up suddenly, suprised not sure how to answer. Should he tell them? Or maybe they don't need to know, it's not like it's necessary "Oh w-well erm... it's j-just I get too nervous so I can't look at them! Y-yeah!" His classmates pass him a sympathetic look then Iida suddenly asks "Is that also why you haven't looked at us?" This caused Midoriya to look at him, he instantly regretted it. In the corner of his eye he could see Uraraka's deformed state but Iida, thankfully it wasn't very disturbing, the robotic look and posture made him look distant and emotionless, programmed to say and do things the correct way, his glasses were fogged and cracked, his legs hung beside the table like he was about to stand up allowing Izuku to see the crimson red blood slowly drip from his engine pipes. "I-it's err.... yeah that..." he forced himself to keep looking up, thinking they don't look too bad and he'll get used to it, he could get used to having real life friends.

Izuku opened his apartment door, the only sounds were the creaky hard wood door and his red trainers stepping onto the planked floor. Hanging up his bag and taking off his shoes, the green haired boy walks to his room and face plants into his bed. God was today tiring, the stress of the sudden physical exam, having to strategically try and avoid looking at so many distorted faces and the disappointment of not being able to see people he admired so much. Today was tough but luckily it was only a half day, but he's going   to have to endure being in a class fill with people and put up with their twisted, disgusting forms.

Thoughts filled his mind as he scrolled through social media. He was about to fall asleep when he heard his mother walk into the house "Sweety I'm home!" Wearily he got out of bed and dragged himself to meet his mom at the door. "Welcome home..." he replied while rubbing his eyes. "Did you have a rough day honey? Maybe we could have curry to raise your spirits!" She gave a tiny smile, her dishevelled appearance looking more worried than usual and stress lines visible on her face. "Y-yeah it wasn't too bad just a physical test then we had lunch, I met lunch rush today! That was great and I had a super tasty lunch" he smiled back at his mother to say that he was fine and there shouldn't be anything to worry about. "Your father should be home soon, you can tell him about your day, I'm sure he'll be happy to hear about it!" She went off into the kitchen and started making the curry.

Eventually his father, Hisachi, came home from work. His suit and black curls messy from the long exhausting day "I'm home" he's calls out tiredly. "Welcome back" Izuku says walking up to the door smiling slightly, his father flinched, suprised to see his son greet him at the door for once instead of just hiding out in his room or completely avoiding eye contact. They both walk into the living room being greeted by Inko and the all sit down on the couch. A few minute of silence passes until Inko suddenly remembers something "Oh! I almost forgot, we should visit the bakugou's! I got a letter from Mitsuki saying we should have a picnic, so maybe if the weather is nice..." she carefully eyes Izuku awaiting for his opinion on the subject. "Ah yes your old friend right? And Izuku used to have fun playing with her son, I'm sure they'll be happy to see us after so long" Hisashi adds then he looks at Izuku "however if Izuku isn't ready or doesn't want to go then we could meet another time" he sighs and runs his hand through his curls. Izuku thinks for a minute, then two, up until dinner is ready, to be honest he doesn't know. Everything has been going at a fast pace lately and it's been quite overwhelming. He just needs some time to relax from all of this pressure and he sure as hell doesn't want to see his old best friends new nightmare look. As he eats his mother's delicious cooking he responds to the earlier question "E-erm I don't think I can, not now at least. It's just that e-everything is happening so fast and I don't think I have the energy or willpower to do that yet..." he shovels move food into his mouth, trying to finish so he can just go to bed "Ah yes I understand Izuku, you've done so much and I'm incredibly proud of you, please continue to do your best and be happy your improvements are momentous" Hisashi says with a soft, warm smile on his face, causing the geenette boy to smile and tear up a bit "thanks dad" Inko sniffs and trys to fight the tears back but fails miserably "oh sweety! You're growing up so fast, I'm proud of you too!" Izuku smiles back at his mom, tears pricking at the corner of his eyes. Eventually the table is cleared and leftovers are packed into lunches for school, making it unnecessary for him to go to the lunch hall (although he did enjoy the meals there he didn't quite enjoy the hassle of getting it). Shuffling his way back to his room he changes into his baggy pyjamas and collapses onto his bed, falling asleep almost instantly thinking about the occurrences that has happen during the day.

Chapter Text

When Midoriya’s alarm rung out in the morning the boy huffed. Why did school start so early? After turning the alarm off, he got up and out of bed. The boy’s usual morning routine consisted of lying in bed on his phone for like an hour before getting up, with being at UA however he had to wake up early to make it to school. Even earlier if he wanted to be lazy.

Midoriya made his way to the kitchen where Inko was happily humming a popular song. She turned around when she heard him, “oh, good morning Izuku. Did you sleep well?” she asked as she placed some cereal on the table. Not a traditional Japanese breakfast, I know. Sleepily the boy nodded and began eating.

The morning went quickly after that, Midoriya soon being at school. Unlike yesterday Aizawa was already in the classroom as students walking in, granted he was asleep. Nothing like yesterday happened, just a normal homeroom lesson. Midoriya glanced down at his schedule for today.

Modern hero art history
Hero training.

English will be easy, he is fluent after all, History would be good also as he knows quite a lot about heroes. Hero training is what he’s excited for though, well his whole class probably is.

This is not good. English had gone great, Present Mic told them to introduce themselves to him in English and was impressed by his English. He was happy. Until History rolled around.

Midnight insisted they come to the front, where the teacher stands, and introduce themselves to the class. They had to say their name and two other facts, but so far everyone had said their quirk. He dreaded his turn as it got closer.
Now, you may be confused about why he didn’t sound nervous in English. Well, he had ten years practise of that language and most of the class wouldn’t understand him so he felt safe. Plus he only had to stand up, not at the front.

But now he had to speak Japanese, he’s sure he’s made multiple mistakes and it’s a wonder no one pointed it out yet. Of course, he can do an introduction, but explain his quirk? Yea he probably won’t be able to do that. Not to mention the standing in front of the class part.

“Ok, it’s good to aim high Bakugou but maybe tone down the shouting next time? Midnight said, bringing him out of his panic. “Next!” she called and Midoriya went back into panic.

He slowly got up and walked to the front, once there he gripped onto the podium thing hard. Taking a breath he started.

“h-hello my names Midoriya Iz-”

Midnight cut him off.

“Why don’t you lookup? Or at your classmates?” she asked, internally Midoriya wanted to cry. “I c-could but I don’t want to...” he replied hoping for the best. Midnight sighed knowingly, “how about you look at just one of them? That would be easier.” Oh how he wanted to say no, he knew his teacher would let it slide but apart on him probably that part that got him to run back to UA on the test day, wanted him to try at least.

Taking a deep breath he pulled his eyes up and immediately picked someone to look at, he would look at Uraraka as he can manage her but he doesn’t know where she sits.

The boy, Todoroki if he remembers right, had very district hair, one-half red, and the other white. A large scar covered his left eye, slowly letting off steam. The hand his face was resting on had a white sheen to it, almost frozen like. He was currently looking at Midnight with slight anger, but she hadn’t done anything wrong? He could think harder later, and he would this boy had so many things about him, but first, he has to speak to his class.

“Hi again,” a few people chuckled, “My names Midoriya Izuku, im erm.” He paused to remember the number fourteen. “I’m Fourteen. I lived in Japan, then America and now Japan again. My Japanese is good but sometimes I forget words or won’t understand, sorry about that. T-that’s erm two facts, right?”

Duren Midoriya’s little speech, more like as he started speaking, Todoroki looked back at him and had a moment of shock when he saw the green-haired boy staring at him, part of the bi-coloured boy was worried it was his scar that was attracting the attention but after a moment he realised the boy was looking him in the eyes. It was new, most people can’t tear their eyes away for a few seconds, sometimes minutes. The very rude don’t even try.

It was… weird. No one usually looks at him this long, or intense. He decided to stare back with the same intensity, this might have been a bad idea. The faintest blush appeared on his face, causing the same to happen to Todoroki.

It was embarrassing.

A part of him wondered why the other had blushed in the first place, maybe he isn’t used to eye contact like he is? Maybe.

The boy sat down and a new one took his place, Todoroki will have to investigate later.

Getting away from Uraraka and Iida had been hard, they were adamant he eat with them in the lunch hall again. The experience yesterday put him off entirely. With surprising speed, he slipped away and into a wooded section by on school property. He found a nice tree then sat down and got out his lunch box.

Technically, the food prepared by Lunch Rush is better, his quirk making him almost unrivalled, but something about his mother's lunch is better. Maybe it’s the fact that the recipe is so familiar? Either way, it made him slightly happy after the last lesson.

In around 15 minutes he finished and checked online, something must have happened as he had a lot of notifications.

endeavor is a great hero. he deserves to be #1

@Bunseki, opinions?
oh boy. This is perfect argument material @Bunseki
How haven’t you seen this yet? Its been up for like a few hpurs
lol @Bunseki

Midoriya sighed, most of his followers still don’t believe he’s in Japan so he gets this question allot. Checking the time he figured out the original post would have been made early this morning, in America, it would have been noon.

Apart from more comments @ing him he only had one left, by the original poster.

i dont care what @Bunseki has to say, im right. he is def wrong

With a smirk, Midoriya started to type a response.

First off, I don’t appreciate how much I got @ed, once would have been enough. And onto @Flamin’hotshot’s post, there are so many reasons why Endeavor is a bad hero. I’ll go with he act’s villainous, he feels villainous. Im surprised he isn’t a villain tbh.

A response came in after a minute or so.

@Bunseki, really? he saves countless lives on a daily basis, many people are still alive thanks to him, it doesn’t matter you think hes villainous you should just be grateful for protecting us!

Midoriya tched.

Have you seen him? He’s always scowling, I can guarantee people get uncomfortable around him because of it. I sure do! All might is always smiling, it makes people feel safe. @Flamin’hotshot

the feeling of being safe should come from actually being safe not a smile. he scowls because of all the bad stuff hes saw! I doubt you could save that many people and not be affected. all might, on the other hand, gets to choose who to save. @Bunseki

‘because of all the bad stuff hes saw!’ yea maybe but hasn’t All Might seen that stuff too? Look at his debut video, it’s not light stuff and yet he still smiles. @Flamin’hotshot

well yea because he is appreciated, endeavour has always wanted to be a top hero and now that he is all might is stealing the light from him! When people act like you its no wonder why he scowls, he gets zero [0] appreciation @Bunseki

Distantly Midoriya hears the bell singling there are ten minutes until lesson time, without realising he packed up and walked down to 1A. Once inside, around half the class was already there, he sat down immediately. Never looking up, he finished typing and posted it, Getting a reply quickly.

Oh pssh, he gets appreciation, just because all the world isn’t talking about him doesn’t mean no one is! Oh and he just wants to be famous not save people. @Flamin’hotshot

oh, yea? like what? do I see him on tv shows? no. is all might? yes. People faun overall might all the time and thank him but no one ever does it for endeavour! @Bunseki

A few classmates walked over, interested by what the green-haired boy was up to. “hey, um Midori? Right?” someone asked to his left, “Midoriya Izuku” he corrected as he typed a new response. “oh shoot sorry, I’m Kaminari Denki and this is Kirishima Eijirou and Sero Hanta.” he introduced, when named the other two said hello. Sensing Midoriya isn’t going to stop typing Sero spoke. “so what are you doing? You seem heated”

“yea, that makes sense. But erm im kinda in an argument with an incredibly stupid person.” Midoriya explained as he finished typing.

All might’s the #1 hero so of course he gets thanked, that doesn’t mean Endeavor doesn’t. It’s like, you know the singer Yoon Sanha? He has a lot of fans, more than the ice skater Yuzuru Hanyu but that doesn’t mean that he had no fans. @Flamin’hotshot

“oh” was the response, by Kirishima? He wasn’t sure but within moments the three leaned in the read the posts. “wow! You’re arguing in English, I couldn’t I’m really bad at it.” Kaminari admitted. “Bro! that’s impressive, where did you learn?” yeah, defiantly Kirishima asked. “lived in America for like ten-” was all he could say before he got a response.


“use capitals on me bitch, see what happens.”

The trio burst into laughter.

yeah but Endeavour does care. He wants, more fans so he’ #1 @Flamin’hotshot

he gets more fans when he saves people and hes done that a lot! And yet people still like all might better @Bunseki
the second bell went, meaning they had to be in lessons as they will start in two minutes. The Trio sighed that they couldn’t watch the argument, despite not understanding it, anymore but sat down regardless.

Unfortunately, I have to go offline for a bit, in like two hours I will be back and we’ll finish this. @Flamin’hotshot

aww you realised you are wrong and have to go find a way to be right? ha just admit im right @Bunseki

No, I have school. Clearly unlike you, if the lack of punctuation and spelling is anything to go by. Illiterate fool. @Flamin’hotshot

And with that, he turned his phone off and put it away, just in time as All Might burst through the door.

The class were ecstatic when they left the changing rooms, all decked out in their own hero costume. Midoriya included.

From an outsider's view, all they could see is a dark cloak, the hood covering his face apart from a face mask with a filter and goggles. Said goggles are one of Midoriya’s favourite things about his costume, they were made to record everything he sees so later he could re-watch it to find things he might have missed. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop his quirk but that’s to be expected.

Under the cloak was a bulletproof vest with pockets and hooks on, a dark teal to match the purple hue of the cloak. He wore a green long sleeve shirt underneath and purple gloves, ones that had a good grip. The next item of clothing is his long shorts, they match the cloak but with multiple teal pockets. His shoes were black steel-toe, again with good grip, contrasting against the green leggings we wore.

Midoriya felt confident, his father really helped him with the design and now it feels like something a real pro would wear. It also made him feel safe, his father made sure it would be hard to hurt him by requesting multiple protection layers in the material.

Once outside and waiting for All Might to start the lesson he had a realisation. In order to re-watch the recordings by his goggles, he would have to look places other than the floor. Most likely at his classmates… maybe he could take them off?

A part of him refused, probably the one who wants to be a hero, an idea popped in his head. The first people he should look at are the ones he’s seen, already. That being Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki. But where are they exactly?

“Midoriya! You look really mysterious!” called Uraraka.

Oh. Well, that was easy.

Uraraka walked over happy as ever, maybe more so. Carefully Midoriya looked up, the girl might not be bad to look at but it’s always a shock regardless. She hadn’t changed since the last time he saw her, unsurprisingly, it was easier to see her underweight body now.

He made sure to take in as much about her costume without seeming creepy. She wore a skin-tight base layer, mostly black with pink accents on her arms and down the front of her torso. Her boots when up to her knees, the pink matching with a belt and wrist bands. The final piece being and a light pink headset with a visor.

It wasn’t a bad costume, very aesthetic pleasing, but it didn’t look like it had much protection. Maybe he’s wrong though.

The lesson soon started, All Might declaring that they were doing a villains vs heroes match. The class would be split into pairs that would then be either heroes or villains, as the name implies they would then fight each other.
Well, not really fight. The aim, for the heroes, is to either capture the villains with tape or lay a hand on the fake bomb. The villains had to capture the heroes or keep them away from the fake bomb. All Might told the class no one was to hurt their classmates badly and if they did they would be in trouble.

With that out the way, he began drawing names for the teams. Midoriya paid attention, hoping to get one of the three people he’s seen. That way he would be able to focus slightly more, ideally, he would be on a team with one and against the other two.

“Team A: Kirishima Eijiro and Sero Hanta!”

“Team B: Todoroki Shouto and Shoji Mezo!”

“Team C: Yaoyorozu Momo and Shinsou Hitoshi!”

“Team D: Bakugou Katsuki and Iida Tenya!”

Ok, so Iida’s out. At least he won’t be on Bakugou’s team.

“Team E: Aoyama Yuga and Ashido Mina!”

Midoriya really should learn the names of his classmates, he doesn’t know half of these people.

“Team F: Sato Rikido and Koda Koji!”

“Team G: Kaminari Denki and Jiro Kyoka!”

“Team H: Tokoyami Fumikage and Asui Tsuyu!”

“Team I: Ojiro Mashirao and Uraraka Ochaco!”

Wait. That’s all three people.

“Team J: Midoriya Izuku and Hagakure Toru!”

Midoriya immediately got a whole lot of nerves. It’s true that sometimes what he see’s isn’t bad at all but other times… No. He can’t start remembering now, he was about to go find this girl when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned around and saw nothing?

“Hey! You’re Midoriya right?” a voice suddenly called, slightly scaring the boy. “um. Y-yea” he replied. Nothing had happened with his quirk like this before, completely gone? Weird. He’ll have to look into this later, maybe re-watch the recording from his goggles. It sounded like Hagakure was about to speak but All Might suddenly spoke instead.
“ok! Now you have all found your partners I will pull out names to see who will face off who!” Midoriya couldn’t help but think that wasn’t very professional but he wasn’t going to argue.

“Team G as heroes vs team C as Villains!”

“Team B as heroes vs team I as villains!”

“Team H as heroes vs team A as villains!”

“Team E as heroes vs team F as villains!”

“so that leaves Team J as heroes against team D as villains!”

Wait. Team D? Isn’t Bakugou on that team? Iida suddenly arrived next to Midoriya, “I look forward to our match Midoriya!”

Well. Looks like Midoriya is dying today.