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The End of Our Lives

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Kirishima Eijirou was a psychopath.

It was obvious. How else could he explain why he was crouching on the grass in the forest behind his home holding a box with a cat in it. He stared down at the creature as it stared back at him. He gulped as he rolled the hunting knife around in his hand. He wasn't nervous. He lifted his arm and the animal watched, unmoving. In one swift movement, he swung.

With the animal dead, he watched it. Why was this something that interested him? Was it how manly he felt after committing atrocities? Not really, he didn't feel any better or any worse. Or maybe it was the idea of taking a life? Maybe he felt powerful? No, that wasn't it. He didn't care about power. He stood up and carried the box deeper into the woods. It was hard to explain but he thought, maybe, hurting others made him feel more alive. His shaggy, black hair hung in front of his eyes as he walked. He did have a track record for doing impulsive things to feel real. The scar above his right eye pulsed as he thought about it. He remembered that memory very clearly.

His father had purchased a set of steak knives, saying he would use them to make Eijrou all kinds of nice, meaty meals, the kind Eijirou liked. Unfortunately the knives were untouched after a few weeks and Eijirou’s fascination with the utensils only grew until one night, he wondered how it would feel to stick the sharpened tip of the blade into his eye. How would he feel? Would he scream in agony and drop the knife to the floor? Or would it feel like a prick of a needle? He was so curious that it wasn't long after that that his father heard a pained scream and rushed into the kitchen to find the boy holding a hand over his eye and his other hand clutching a blade, dyed crimson red.

As he buried the cat-in-a-box in the woods, Eijirou rubbed at the small scar above his eye. He was damn lucky he didn't go blind after that ordeal. Although he didn't really regret it. At least he got his answer; he was definitely still alive.

Along with strange urges, Eijirou found it hard to make strong friendships. His school days were always lonely and involved him sitting alone and listening to his Walkman. He didn't really mind how lonely he was, it made it easier to daydream. He could sit for hours without being interrupted and wonder about his latest idea. He had tried cats. He had tried other animals too, bats, birds, mice. But he was yet to experience the true murderers prize. A person.

The idea of killing a real person was tantalizing. How different would it be from a cat? Probably a lot different. But who really knows? It's not like he could ask anyone.

Along with this idea came a more interesting question. Who could he target? Eijirou wasn't your run of the mill murderer. He didn't have any plan or some secret obsession with someone. Like he had mentioned before, he was a lonely guy. Most people steered clear of him, apparently for the better. He pondered this dilemma as he sat at his lunch table, Walkman blurting out a song he had never really paid close attention to. Picking a target could be really simple. He could just pick someone in the cafeteria now and choose them to be his test dummy. That would be smart, no concrete way to connect him to the murder, if he was smart about it. Maybe that was the best idea yet-


He looked up and made eye contact with a blond boy, about his height with a loose fitting black shirt and a mean looking frown.

“Hey.” Eijirou replied after a lengthy silence. This was weird? He knew of this person, his name was Bakugo and he had started here at the school at the beginning of the term. He had never talked to Eiijrou before. Strange. The boy stared at Eijirou as he stood across the table from him.

“Heard you skate? Also heard you’re shit at it.” Bakugou said. Eijirou stared back at him, watching his eyes intendly. Were his eyes red?

“...Fuck off.” it was a lie, Kirishima had never even touched a skateboard, let alone ride one, so there was no way this guy had seen him skating. Bakugou quirked the corner of his mouth up into an awkward half smile which disappeared almost as fast as it appeared. Then he promptly turned and left. What a weird guy. But, since nobody else came to mind, he could be interesting to kill.


Eijirou found himself seated on a bench after the final school bell rang at the end of the day. Classes were over, thank god, He was bored by school. Obviously there were better things he could do with his time. As he sat there, he watched as the blond he had spoken to earlier walked towards him, noticed him, then stopped in front of him.

“Are you waiting for me?” he asked with a smug smirk. Eijirou had thought up a plan in the hours after lunch. He was sure it would work. He just needed to pretend to be in love with him, that way he could get close to the blond and pick the perfect time to strike.

“...Yeah.” he said in response. Bakugou sat beside him on the bench and crossed his arms. Eijirou looked at him.

“Thats pretty fucking weird,” the blond turned to look at him. “You into me or something?”

“Yeah.” Bakugou cocked an eyebrow.

“Cool.” he pushed Eijirous book bag onto the ground and slid closer on the bench. “What happened to your eye?” he asked crudely.

“Shut up.” the blond smirked and grabbed Eijirou’s chin pulling him in to kiss him roughly. Obviously the both of them were severely inexperienced. Bakugou pulled away after kissing him for a short time. He looked at him closely.

“You want to hang out?” he asked. Eijirou blinked. This would be his first time hanging out with someone.

“Yeah.” he consented. Bakugou stood up and swung his bag over one shoulder.

“Grab your shit, lets go.” he started to walk off. Eijirou cleared his throat and got up, grabbing his book bag off the ground and jogging to catch up with Bakugou.

Their community was nice and picturesque. With large hedges and looming trees providing privacy from the prying eyes of neighbours. The area was home to a lot of older folks, so there wasn't much for a pair of teens to do.

After walking around the neighbourhood for a while, Bakugou spoke up.


“I don’t have a cellphone.” he said. “I smashed it.” Eijirou looked at him then looked back down at the road.


“So, you can't call me or anything.”


Bakugou and Eijirou alike were quiet for a moment.

“Do you fucking live around here or what? This blows.” Bakugou said.

“Oh, yeah,” Eijirou nodded, This guy was very forward. Eijirou liked that. Might make whatever he was going to do to him a lot more interesting. He started to lead the blond towards his house.

Eijirou used his key to open the door for them both and Bakugo stepped in first. He looked around as Eijirou hung his coat from a hook by the door.

“This house is pretty shit.” the blond said. He had started to walk deeper into the house. Eijirous head was spinning, this could be the perfect opportunity to get Bakugou alone. His dad wouldn't be home for a while now, it would give him plenty of time to kill Bakugou and find a place to hide his body. The thought of the blonds lithe body, lying broken on the linoleum alost made a smile cross Eijirous face. Almost.

“Who’s this, your mom?” he asked and held up a cheap frame holding a photograph of, yes, his mother. Eijirou nodded. Bakugo set down the frame. “You two share a stupid face.” he muttered as he flopped down on the couch. Eijirou sat down and looked at Bakugou. With Bakugou laying out all vulnerable like this on the couch it would be easy to just reach across and slid his hunting knife across his neck. Maybe it would be too easy? Also if he got blood on the couch, he'd be in big trouble.

“Have you ever sucked dick before?” Eijirou blinked and looked at Bakugou.


“Have you ever sucked dick?” right, that's what Ejiirou thought he had said. He thought for a moment. If he wanted to get Bakugou alone, they could be very much alone when Eijirou was supposed to be sucking Bakugou’s dick. That would be the perfect time to kill him, so it was important for him to tell Bakugou that he was experienced, which was a total lie.

“Yeah, I have”

“Great. Suck my dick.” Bakugou said sternly.

“What? now?” he asked. That wouldn't do, he had no time to prepare. Murder took alot of prep work!

“Nah, tomorrow.” Bakugou replied after a quiet moment.

Suddenly, the sound of a car door slamming shut made Bakugou look up. If Eijirou had the emotional spectrum of a normal person he would be pissed right now.

“Shit…” he cursed. Bakugo smirked at him and stood up, walking towards the door to the house.


Eijirou’s dad was a prick. That was simply public knowledge. As the three of them sat around the kitchen table eating fucking hotdogs, his dad never shut up.

“Y’know, as glad as I am to see you've finally got someone to talk to, Eijirou. I was kinda thinkin’ you'd get a girlfriend. Not that there's anything wrong with a boyfriend, but y’know…”

“Y”know? You know what? I'm not sure I know.” Bakugou said as he ate his hotdog. Eijirou hadn't touched his, they were disgusting.

“Well its… it's just…”

“And who said we were dating? After all, I am straight.” Eijirou knew he was bluffing. It wasnt like he could read his body language or anything, he totally couldn't, but someone who had just asked Eijirou to suck his dick a few minutes ago had to be at least a little gay.

“Oh well- I-” his dad sputtered like a moron, Bakugou smirked and stood up from the table, taking his hotdog with him.

“Come on idiot.” he said and glanced at Eijirou before heading off towards the door. The blackheaded male looked at his flustered dad and stood up and followed Bakugou. The blond walked to the door and ducked outside, he fiddled with his jacket zipper.

“You’re leaving?” Eijirou asked.

“Yeah. I am.” he zipped up his jacket and looked at Eijirou. “Your dads a dick, you know.”

“Yeah. He is.” Bakugo smirked a little and stuffed his hands into his pockets. “I'll be at your house at 11.” he said and turned. Eijirou watched his back as he walked away.

This was all strangely going his way. I made him a little nervous. Murder wasn’t supposed to go this smoothly. Why hadn’t something gone wrong yet? The boy turned and headed back inside, He passed his father, who was still eating.

“Where did your little friend go, Eiji?” he asked and turned in his seat to look at his son.

“He went home.”

“Really? ‘Hope I didn't scare him off.” he chuckled.

“He had something to do.”

“And that something wasn't you?” his dad laughed at his own stupid joke and Eijirou pictured punching him in the face. How satisfying that would be. He sighed and turned away from his father. Anyways, he didn't have time to chat. He had to plan a murder.


Katsuki's biggest problem is boredom. He couldn't handle it, it pissed him off beyond comprehension. So when he looked at the pathetic friend group he had grown into, he felt that nagging urge to ditch the tasteless extras. He looked around the cafeteria during his lunch hour, inspecting each patron. Everyone seemed so very dull, except for that quiet emo kid, He seemed to be hiding something and the thought of figuring it out excited Katsuki. He felt his phone buzz on the table and he picked it up. He saw a text, a fucking stupid text message from the prick sitting straight across the table from him. He glared at the kid and held up his phone displaying the text.

“Deku, you fucking dickhead. Did you just send me a fucking text?” he snapped. The green haired bastard looked up at him. He cocked an eyebrow nervously.

“Um, yes?” he said.

“I am sitting right here. Literally, right fucking here.” he leaned forward and got up in Deku’s face. “You've got something to say to me open your shit mouth and fucking say it!” he growled. Stupid Deku gulped.

“K-kachaan! I-It's just a text!” katsuki stood up from the bench and in one fluid moment slammed the stupid phone against the floor.

“Now you can't text me at all, you prick.” he stormed off, finally abandoning the group of bland people.

Now, after spending the afternoon with Kirishima, he felt different. Kirishima was into him, which was new. Normally people couldn't stand him. He was a fireball of emotion, he couldn't really control it. He wasn't like fucking Deku, who was a push-over and would take whatever shit was thrown at him. He also wasn't like Kirishima who seemed to give no shits what people did or said. He had insulted the black-haired kid multiple times that afternoon and he barely batted an eyelash. Maybe that was attractive, maybe Kirishima was someone Katsuki could seriously fall in love with? He was a hothead and Kirishima was ice-cool. Maybe that was a good combination?

Katsuki walked home after hanging out with Kirishima and pondered this question. He didn't seem to get under Kirishima's skin, which was kind of fun. But Katsuki knew himself, he fucked things up. He was seriously destructive. How long was it before this whole thing with Kirishima blew up in his face? He kicked the door to his house open and ignored the protests his mother made. She was fucking stupid anyways, what did she know. He stomped up the stairs and heard his mothers clicky heeled shoes following.

“Katsuki! Katsuki please, I need your help!” she said and stopped him outside his door.

“What?” he snapped. He turned and saw her carrying a small pile of clothes.

“You are seriously fucked in the head if you think I’m helping you with that stupid shit.” he said.

“Please! I never ask you to do anything, brat!” she said without the usual snap to her voice. He groaned.

“I CAN’T, I'm going out tomorrow.” he said.

“Katsuki please!” she snapped. He set his jaw and turned, snatching the clothes out of her hands.

“Fine! But don't say I never did anything for you, you witch!” he snapped and stormed into his bedroom, throwing the clothes onto his bed. How dare his mother treat him like some stupid party favour. How fucking insulting. He fumed silently until he passed out sitting on top of his sheets.


Fuck. parties.

There's nothing more humiliating than standing in Katsuki’s moms stupid little garden, holding a plate of grapes in tiny paper cups. It was especially humiliating when you were wearing a god damned sweater vest.

He tugged at the stupid thing as he sat on the edge of a hideous fountain, complete with itty-bitty nude cupids spitting into a pool in the centre. The stupid thing made Katsukis toes curl in anger. He held a cup of grapes and tossed them individually into the removed hat of a bowing garden gnome. What a disgusting fucking object, Who in their right mind would buy a gnome?

“Bakugou Katsuki, you stop that this instant!” right, thats who. He turned to glare at his mother, the owner of the obscene little ceramic man and the woman who snatched up the tray of grapes. ‘I asked you to hand these out, not pollute my garden with them!” Katsuki sighed loudly and stood up, grabbing the tray back from her.

“Fine. whatever.” he snapped and turned back towards the crowd of people. There was absolutely nothing worse than his mothers stupid work friends. They were all stuck up, fashion designers. They treated him just like any other server, barely looking at him as they captured the prize of barely washed grapes off his platter. How insulting. He pictured throwing the tray of fruit over the head of some posh man and covering him in juice. But he knew if he did that his mother would have his head. So instead, he reined in his attitude and returned the slowly emptied tray to the kitchen.

He dropped it onto the counter and sighed. What a royal waste of time, he was missing perfectly good sex for this shithole party? He did feel bad about leaving Kirishima hanging, but like he explained. He didn't have a phone to call him with.

“Hey, did you enjoy the party?” Katsuki looked up and made eye contact with Sota, his mothers idiotic husband and Katsukis step father. The man was even more of a prick than Kirishima’s dad was, and Katsuki couldn't stand him. He dreamed of giving the manmatching black eyes.

“Of course not. If you remember my mother saying, I didn't want to be here.” he snapped and started to wash the tray.

“Have a beer, Katsuki.” he slid him a slim bottle and smiled. Katsukis skin crawled but he wasn't about to refuse perfectly fine booze. He snatched the bottle up.

“I thought I told you not to call me that.” he grumbled and took a swig, enjoying the bitter taste. He coughed in surprise as a large hand fell onto his ass. His mouth went dry and he bowed his head shamefully.

“Your mother benefitted from this dinner party, Bakugou.” Sota murmured to him. “Don't be a dick.” The hand squeezed and pulled away slowly. Sota headed back out to the party and Katsuki turned to watch him go, catching his mother's eye as she watched in horror from the kitchen door.

He stared back, willing her to find some god damned courage to say something. God! Say ANYTHING! Instead she tucked her tail between her legs and ducked back out of the door. Katsuki never thought his mother loved him, and every time things like this happened, he found more proof to confirm that thought. If she loved him like she says she does, why did she turn away? Why, time and time again did she ignore the disgusting advances her shit-hole husband made onto her 17 year old son? The questions swirled around in Katsukis head. If she loved him why did she ignore this? Did she not care? Why?

Katsuki slammed the clean tray onto the counter and darted up to his room, he needed to get out of this kitchen, out of this house. Everywhere he looked he saw pieces of his mother's blindness towards Sota. The house was littered with beautifully captured baby pictures of the two children, Sato and his mother had. These half siblings were adored in this household, And nowhere in the entire building was a single picture of Katsuki. How could his own mother keep him hidden like this? Was she really that ashamed of him? What had he done to disappoint her so deeply?

He spent two minutes or so, beating his fists into his plush mattress. He stopped beating his fists into the wall a long time ago when it simply resulted in a broken hand. He imagined the mattress was Sota and he was pounding the life out of that sick excuse for a man. After letting off his steam, he collapsed onto the bed and took some deep breaths. This was his normal routine. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

Now, for the final step…

He quietly picked up the shoebox he kept hidden under his bed. He flipped the lid off and colourful balloons, birthday candles and dogs in hats smiled back at him. He sighed and picked up some of the cards, he laid back onto his bed and flipped one open. He read the message again, like he had done millions of times before.

Happy 12th Birthday, kiddo! ‘Hope you're keeping out of trouble! Don't you dare stop being that little spark of chaos you were when you were younger. Always made me smile seeing you chase those neighbourhood kids around. You always kept them on their toes. :)
Love you,

Like always, the letters brought a smile to his face. He hadn't seen his dad in 14 years and but every year with no failure, he received a letter from his father wishing him a happy birthday. He remembered his dad fondly. He was a good man, a calming contrast of his crazy mother. He always would let Katsuki sit on his shoulders when he got tired after their long hikes together. He would drape that massive leather jacket of his over Katsuki's small shoulders when he was cold. His parents broke up when he was 3 and his mother won full custody. He had to part with his father, the best man in his life. Sota came a few years after and started to tear apart the one space Katsuki called his own. He brought in his own furniture, his own fashion, banning any of Katsuki’s fathers belongings from the home. Katsuki hated the man since he stepped foot in the house, since he started controlling his mother, talking for her, alienating her son and even going as far as to cancel her plan she would make with her friends. He was a pig and Katsuki wanted him gone.

Katsuki flipped to another letter.

Hey Kiddo! Its sweet 16 for you!! I miss you so much, little dude!! Hope you're doing well, i know it's not really allowed but if you want to come see me after all these years I live at…

Katsuki had memorized the address years ago. He always dreamed of going to visit his dad, but his mother never bought him his own car and he never took driving lessons anyways, he couldn’t drive it even if she did buy it for him. He ran his fingers over the pen marks on the card.

He looked up as he heard happy laughter from outside. He sat up, carrying the card still and stepped towards his window. He looked out at the party still bustling. Sota stood in the centre of the garden holding one of those pathetic children, kissing his mother on the nose. The image made Katsukis heart sink low in his chest. He watched how his mother laughed and pulled the second child closer, stroking their hair and grinning up at her husband.

As Katsuki watched, the one thing he couldn't find in the little group hug was a place for him. Sota held his mother so close and she, in turn, pulled the oldest child against her hip. They were all so close, so in love with each other. Katsuki flinched and looked down, staring at the card in his hand. If he didn't have a place here, why stay? Is wasn't like anything was going to change. His mother wouldn't miss him anyways, she had her perfect house, her perfect husband and her perfect children. She wouldn't even notice if her little problem child dropped off the face of the earth.

With a sudden burst of either courage of stupidity. He turned and grabbed his jacket off his desk and stomped out of his room. The stupid witch probably wouldn't even notice for days that he was gone. She never paid him any attention anyways, only when it benefitted her. Maybe even then, she wouldn't care. Just say, damn waste of a good egg. Katsuki slammed the door as he left and raced down the driveway into the street. For a split second, He wondered if his mother really would be sad that he left. Maybe she did love him but just had a horrible way of showing it. The thought made him break into a grin of amusement. Bullshit, she never cared about him. She ignored the sexual attraction her repulsive husband felt towards her son and used him for her own gain. She wouldn't give two hot shits if he left. In fact, it's better that he left, she wouldn't have to deal with him anymore or Sota’s clear pedophellic tendencies. she could spend the rest of her life with her little happy, Christmas card, family and forget all about her oldest child.

As he raced down the street, Katsukis feet carried him to a destination, unconsciously. Although he wasn't surprised as to where he ended up. Katsuki had one place to go, and only one friend to run to.

Kirishima Eijirou.


That morning at 10:45, Eijirou sat on his couch, sweating bullets. One might say he was nervous but he didn't get nervous.

He clutched his hunting knife in his hands, pondering where he should hide it. If he was going to suck Bakugous dick maybe he should put it somewhere within reach. He bent down and shoved it under the couch. He stared down, to see if he could see the blade from the proper "getting your dick sucked angle". No, that wouldn't do. Too obvious. Plus it might be a little awkward to reach all the way under the couch with a dick in his mouth. He knelt down and stuffed the blade, instead, beneath the couch cushions. Is this better? It wouldn't be seen at least… but could it be felt?

He frowned as he pressed his ass down in different places, seeing if he could feel the metal object.

Didn't feel it.

This would do.

He prepared, now, for the mental aspect of this interaction. How far into the sexual escapade would he go? would he continue until Bakugou was done and wait for that moment of ignorant bliss? OR would he wait until Bakugou was really in the heat of it. when he was so distracted by his eagerness to cum that he would miss Eijirou swinging a knife towards him. And that thought encourages another, how would he ACTUALLY kill him? A stab to the heart? A slash to the throat? He was shaking with excitement just from the thought. And how would Bakugou react! Would he scream? Thrash? Try to fight back? Knowing how manly Bakugou is, it would make sense to assume he would fight back. Eijirou would have to be ready for that. Could he fight back against the other boy? He was only a few inches shorter than him and even though Kirishima enjoyed physical activity, Bakugo seemed to have more emotional motivation than Eijirou did. But Eijirou was prepared to fight for this. He had wanted this for months. He was going to get it no matter what.


Two hour passed and no Bakugou. Eijirou was still sitting on the couch, thrumming his fingers on his knee. He didn't know Bakugou very well, maybe he was a chronically late person? Or was something wrong? Bakugou did make it very clear that his phone was broken and he would have no way of reaching Eijirou. Something must have come up and he couldn't call to cancel.

Suddenly there were three sharp raps to his door and he stood up, looking towards the doorway as Bakugou stomped in, unwelcomed.

“Hey.” he snapped.

“Hey.” Eijirou responded. Where the hell were you? He wanted to ask.

“I want to ask you something.” the blond said as he flopped lazily back onto Eijirou’s couch. The black haired kids hand suddenly buzzed with anticipation. This was it. Just like this…


“Do you like it here? You like your piss-ant dad?”

“No.” Eijirou said after a moment of hesitation.

“Great. You know how to drive?”

Eijirou nodded. “Yeah but I don’t-”

“Your dad has that sweet station wagon out front right?” Bakugou inturrupted.

“Yeah, he does.” his dad loved that car. It was the most expensive thing he had ever bought. He treated it better than Eijirou sometimes...

“Awesome.” the blond stood up and Eijirou’s hand stopped tingling. Bakugo looked down at Eijirou with an intense look. “I'm running away and I want you to come with me.”

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Eijirou stared at Bakugou.

“What? Why are you running away?”

“Because. This town is shit. My mother is shit. School is shit. There's nothing for me here,” he grabbed Eijirou’s arm and pulled him up off the couch.

“But, Bakugo, I-” the blond started dragging Eijirou towards the door.

“Don’t be a pussy, Kirishima. I know you don't want to stay here. Your dad is a dick and you deserve better. Lets go make something better,” he said, Eijirou stared back at him. One thing he was starting to really like about Bakugou, was that when he got an idea in his head, he would stick to it. It was really manly and inspiring. Maybe that was the reason why Eijirou immediately decided to go with him.

“Yeah… okay.” he said as he let Bakugou drag him out of the house. As he was being pulled out, he managed to snag the car keys out of the small ceramic bowl they were kept in with his finger.

One thing that puzzled him was how Bakugou expect him to steal this car. He knew his dad was outside right now. He had made sure he knew where the man was when he started planning his attack against the blond earlier today. He was outside, doing some gardening. His dad had only started gardening about ten years ago but he seemed to enjoy it. He turned and caught his dads eyes as the man stood up, brushing his hands off on the stupid apron he wore. The urge to smack the man was never stronger than this moment, Eijirou suspected that it was because now he really could hit him.

“Hey, loverboys! Where are you two off to?” he asked cheerily and a rage sparked to life, deep in Eijirou’s chest as he marched towards the man. The image of his fist crunching pleasantly into his father's nose was the only thing he could think about. His dad looked at him with a concerned expression, that just pissed the teen off even more. “Eijirou? Are you-”


Eijirou shook his fist in pain as he started to back away from his father as the man bent over clutching his face as red blood poured like a faucet from his nose. He groaned in pain and his voice was met with a cheer from Bakugou as the boy leaned over the hood of the car.

“That's fucking right, you prick! How do you like that??” the blond shouted as Eijirou leapt into the driver's seat of the car and scrambled in stick the key in. Bakugou swung in beside him and laughed maniacally. The black haired boy managed to sloppily stuff the key into the ignition and start the car, peeling out of the driveway. In the rear view mirror, he saw his dad shout in surprise and start to run after them until he realized nobody was going to catch them on foot. He slowed to a halt at the foot of the driveway as he watched his precious car squeal away down the street.

Eijirou's hands shook as he squeezed the steering wheel, he didn't say a word, the adrenaline still making his head foggy. Bakugou continued to loudly celebrate. He cheered and pumped his fists in the hair, he stuck his head out of the window and cursed at pedestrians, he turned the radio on and sang obnoxiously to some punk rock song. Eijirou didn’t say anything but he watched the street ahead of them with a huge grin on his face, bearing his sharp teeth.

Slowly the adrenaline started to wear off and shock took over. He gripped the wheel tighter, not voicing his new concerns to the blond beside him. What were they going to do now! They had stolen his father's precious car, assaulted him and were now on the run! Where were they going to go? Eijirou had no family or anything and he was sure Bakugou didn't either. They were only 17 years old. They couldn't get a hotel room for themselves and God only knows what would happen if they got pulled over by the cops. Eijirou was good at lying to his dad but certainly not to a more serious authority figure.

At least Bakugou seemed to be a good liar. The boy had no problem telling Eijirous dad off either. He seemed to not care about authority, or he even seemed to reject the concept of someone being superior to him.

But Bakugou's apparent skill in deception couldn't keep them safe forever. They would have to figure out some way to survive. Eijirou would turn 18 in about a month but could they last that long? Would they be able to keep each other alive and safe until then? The black haired boy shook his head slightly and focused on the task at hand.

Where on earth they were going?


“Hey.” Bakugou said suddenly. The blond had finally calmed down after they had been driving for several hours, now he was sitting slumped in the seat with his seatbelt undone and his feet propped up on the dashboard, staring at Eijirou. The black haired kid glanced at him as he tried to stay focused on driving. “You know we never did get to have sex.” Bakugou continued.

Eijirou blushed a little bit and he reached up to scratch his ear. “We didn't.” he said. Bakugou went quiet for a moment and Eijirou glanced at him nervously. He was such a hard guy to get a read on, God only knew what the guy was thinking, he was sort of a wildcard like that.

“I've changed my mind though, I want to blow you instead.” he said.

“Oh.” Eijirou gripped the steering wheel. He had never gotten a blowjob before. And even though it seemed like the perfect way to get Bakugou distracted and vulnerable, he totally wasn’t prepared for murder today. So much had happened that he hadn't had time to plan how to do it, and doing it in the car could be hard. “D-do you want me to pull over or something?” he flipped on the turn signal. Bakugou shook his head and leaned forward.

“It’ll be way hotter if you keep driving.” the blond said.

'But totally and completely unsafe!' Eijirou thought. He gulped as Bakugo shifted so he was basically laying across the car, with his head in Eijirou’s lap. This was crazy. How was he supposed to focus on the road while he was getting a blowjob! He wanted to tell him to stop and let him pull over but who knows what Bakugou would have to say in response to that. And when Eijirou had him in the perfect scenario for murder, he couldn't afford to screw it up.

He jumped a little when he felt Bakugou start to undo his belt, and the car swerved slightly with his surprise. Bakugo sat up and glared at him.

“Don’t you dare crash this fucking car, you idiot.” He grumbled to him. Eijirou nodded. No point in arguing there, If he crashed the car he would be so pissed at himself, for multiple reasons.

Bakugou quickly moved back down to where he started to pull Eijirou’s pants off entirely. 'Since when do my pants need to be completely off for a blowjob?' Eijirou thought to himself. He wasn't going to lie however, driving a car while getting head might be the most dangerous situation he's ever been in, and it was kind of exciting.

He lifted his feet off the gas and let the car slow as Bakugou tugged his jeans off his ankles. Luckily for them, they were the only car on this road more miles. it was a good thing, How could anyone live with the humiliation of getting caught having oral sex while driving. Eijirou knew he'd curl up and die if anyone drove past right now.

Suddenly Eijirou felt Bakugo nip at him through his underwear and he nearly jumped out of his skin. The car swerved again and where his foot had been hovering over the gas pedal, he pushed down in reflex and the car hurled itself forward, slamming into a tree!

The whiplash was intense and Eijirous head started to spin, mostly in shock. Lucky for the promiscuous blond, Eijirou managed to grab his head so he wouldn't hit it on the steering wheel and lucky for the black haired teen, he was wearing his seat belt.

Eijirou stared in shock at the front end of his dad’s beloved car curled around the trunk of a fucking tree. Bakugou popped his head up with Eijirou’s hand still gripping his hair. He stared too.

“What. the. Fuck!? Kirishima, you fucking dope!?” he shouted and opened the car door, shoving the black haired teen out. He stumbled to catch himself and Bakugou followed, staggering up to stare right back at the car.

It really wasn't that bad of a crash, however it was obvious that the car wasn't in driving condition anymore. The front of the car was all crumbled at the base of the tree and there was a slight amount of smoke rising from the hood.

“What the-, oh my fucking god.” Bakugou said. “How the fuck did you do that! Why did you crash the car!? “ He ran a hand over his face and groaned loudly.

“I-I think it's going to explode.” Eijirou said and started to back up. Bakugou followed in instinct.

“Don't be an idiot! It's not going to explode! This isn't a fucking action movie!”

BOOM!!! Suddenly, the car burst into flames and Bakugou threw himself to the ground. Eijirou gaped in surprise and stumbled back before he stooped to grab Bakugou. Was this seriously fucking happening?

“WHOA!!!! Holy shit!” Bakugou shouted and let Eijirou pull him to his feet. “You were fucking right!” Eijirou looked down, feeling the heat of the flames on his bare thighs.

“Wait… my pants…” he mumbled. Bakugou looked down too.

“They’re toast.” the blond mumbled. He looked up at Eijirou. “‘Hope you didn't like those pants that much.” he said. He grinned and chuckled morbidly. And the only thought that was ringing through Eijirous head at that was, he's a fucking lunatic.

The pair stared at the burning remains of their car.

“What now?” Eijirou asked quietly.

“Well we sure aren't getting back into the Hell-Mobile so…. I guess we’re walking?” he looked at Eijirou. The black haired boy nodded slowly.

“Sure but… To where?” he asked.

“I don't fucking know, hopefully a more populated road than this!” the blond said and turned and started stomping down the road. Eijirou followed slowly after him, holding his hands in front of himself shyly. His boxers were not providing a lot of comfort at this moment. God, what a disaster. He didn't think that so much could go wrong in such a short period of time. Never in his 17 years of living would he think he'd be walking down an isolated road, with a kid he barely knew, with no pants on. This was like something out of a stupid rom-com.

As he walked he stared at the back of Bakugou's head. He was taking this quite well, he wasn't panicking or anything. He was honestly calmer than Eijirou was in this instance. Eijirou almost admired that. He started to wonder why that was. Why Bakugou was taking this so well, was a disaster like this something he regularly experienced? That would explain why he was calmer than usual after watching a car explode.

Eijirou certainly wasn’t calm. His mind was buzzing with worries. What now? The car his dad had loved for years and years was now in a burning heap, several minutes behind them. Eijirou, surprisingly, felt a bit guilty. He hadn't really felt guilty before but now, he had destroyed his father's expensive, precious car. The car he had admired for years before caving and buying the damn thing, and Eijirou had destroyed it the first time he drove it.

However Eijirou had more pressing things to worry about than his father's car. He needed to worry about where they were going now. Walking on foot would take them forever to get anywhere and he still didn't have any pants on. Once the sun went down, he'd probably die of hypothermia.

Bakugou didn't seem as worried about their current situation as Eijirou was. He just continued to trudge through the woods, ignoring Eijirou.

The black haired boy sighed. Even though the crash had surprised him a little, His plans for murder were still in effect. He just needed a moment to focus and get his head in gear. However, after stealing his dad's car, he had a direct tie to the crime, He may need to wait a while before striking. He wouldn't want to stupidly get caught. How humiliating would that be?

Suddenly, he walked into Bakugou as the teen in front of him had stopped abruptly, bumping his face into Bakugou's head. He rubbed his nose and watched as Bakugou slowly started moving down a steep hill towards a road. Eijirou sighed in relief. Good, they could follow this road to civilization. Hopefully.

He followed the blond down the hill.

“Aren't we fucking lucky.” Bakugou said as he stood on the side of the road, his hands on his hips.

“I guess…” Eijirou said. He turned and started walking again, down along the shoulder of the road. After this adventure, he never wanted to walk anywhere again.

“And where the hell are you going?” Eijirou looked over his shoulder at Bakugou. He stared for a second.

“I thought we were-”

“I'm tired of walking. We are going to get picked up, instead.” he said and stepped away from the road to sit down on the edge of the hill. “Get your thumb out, hotshot.” Eijirou sighed. Of course it would be HIS job to flag someone down. He stepped up to the street and watched the road, waiting for a car.


After about thirty minutes, Bakugou started to get impatient. “What kind of fucking road did we stumble up to that has no cars on it!” he snapped angrily as he sat cross legged on the grass.

“Must be an old highway.” Eijirou suggested. Bakugou scoffed and started to pull the grass out of the ground absentmindedly. Maybe now Bakugou was starting to worry. Eijirou, himself, was nearly frying his brain with how much he had been stressing about this dilemma.

Of course nobody had stopped to pick them up, Eijirou wasn't wearing any pants.

He sighed and dropped his arm, it was getting sore. Plus this road was abandoned, obviously.

“we might as well start walking, Bakugou.” he said. He looked down at the boy who sat cross legged in the grass. The blond suddenly flicked his eyes over Eijirou’s shoulder and the black haired boy heard gravel crunch under tires and the hum of an engine.

'…Are you serious?'

“Hey! You boys lookin’ for a ride?” a ruddy faced man with deep bags under his eyes poked his head out of his window. Bakugou sat up and marched towards the car.


“Well, hop in! Where are you headed?” he asked. Bakugou ignored him as he yanked his back door open and climbed into the vehicle. Eijirou stared after him and then slowly began to follow. The man in the car gave the teen a strange look, observing his bare legs. He sighed and climbed in after Bakugou. Did the blond not know anything about stranger danger?

The man turned and looked at both.

“So, where are ya goin’?” the man repeated, Bakugou stared back at him.

“Don’t care, just drive.” he turned and stared out the window. The man turned his gaze to Eijirou.

“What about you son?”

“Uh, wherever you're going is fine.” he suggested. The man slowly nodded then glanced back at Bakugou before turning in his seat. Eijirou glanced over at the blond as well. He seemed fine, looking like his mom had just picked him up from school or something, why? He was sitting in a strangers back seat with no idea where he was headed and a travel buddy half nude. This wasn't the time for him to be so calm.

“Where are ya’ boys travelin’ from,” the man asked, keeping his eyes on the road. Bakugou scoffed lightly and continued to keep his head tilted away from the driver. It was obvious he wasn't in the mood to share. Eijirou leaned forward.

“N-nowhere special.” he replied. The man nodded.

The black haired kid looked around the car. The man seemed to be living out of his car for a while, maybe he was doing a road trip. There were some clothes in a mesh bag sitting on the floor at Eijirou’s feet.

“‘You travelling, too?” he asked, looking up. The man glanced at him in the rear view mirror.

“Not exactly, I just got released from active duty in Vietnam. Driving ‘cross the country to get home, figured it would be a better way to ease into civilian life, on my own terms, you know.”

“You were in the military?” Eijirou asked, his eyebrows raising.

“Yep, 21 years.”

“Wow..” Eijirou mumbled and scratched his bare thigh.

“You curious ‘bout joinin’?” Eijirou shrugged. “It's a good job. Good benefits, early retirement. That good ole’ patriotism,” the man chuckled. “Can be pretty deadly, seen lots ‘a good men lose their lives out there. It's tough.”

Death wasn’t really something that bothered Eijirou, so if he was seriously considering joining the military, dying would be the least of his issues. He wasn't serious about it, but it was always good to be thinking about his future.

Even though he was still plotting the murder of his travel mate. Would be pretty useless to have a good future set up if he was just heading off to jail anyways.


“Here we go, Boys. civilization!” the man, who had given them the nickname Nomu, parked his car at what seemed to be an Inn. he climbed out of his car and stretched, cracking his back loudly. Eijirou followed him and turned to catch Bakugou’s eyes as the other boy leaned over the roof of the car, watching Eijirou.

“Hey kid,” Nomu said and reached into the backseat where Eijirou had been sitting. He pulled out a pair of deep brown slacks. “You can't go into that place with no pants on.” he offered Eiijrou a sideways smile.

The black haired boy sighed softly and took the garment from Nomu and started to pull them on. They were a bit big for him but the man offered a shoelace to work as a belt. It would work. He looked a bit awkward but he also looked like one of those hipster, art school kids who wore clothes far too big for them. Oh well.

He started to head after Bakugou as the blond marched into the Inns restaurant. Nomu locked his car and followed along behind.

Bakugou pushed open the door and Eijirou stepped in behind him. The Inn was nice but seemed a bit empty. Its cream coloured walls bore some standard photographs and other decorations and the booths in the restaurant were red and faded from the sun. Bakugou slunk into one of the booths and glared at Eijirou as the black haired kid sat down across from him. The blond said nothing, and just stared at Eijirou.

“Boys, let me buy you some supper before we part ways.” Nomu said as he plunked down into the booth next to Eijirou.


As they ate, Bakugou seemed to glare at Nomu the whole time, looking at the man in the eyes angrily. Eijirou was unsure why but it couldn't mean anything good.

Eijirou swallowed a bite of his hamburger and nodded towards Bakugou’s untouched Fish and Chips.

“Aren't you going to eat?” he asked. Bakugou’s gaze snapped to him. The blond sat up and leaned his elbows on the table.

“Not hungry.”

“Okay…” Eijirou replied. “You gonna ask the waitress to box it up?”

“God, Kirishima, Get off my dick!” he suddenly snapped. Nomu sipped awkwardly on his drink. Eijirou gulped.

“It's just a waste to not take it.”

“Shut up!” Bakugou stood up quickly and stepped out of the booth. “I'm going to get some fresh air.” he grumbled. Nomu and Eijirou fell into an awkward silence before the older man cleared his throat and began eating again.

“He always that testy?” he asked. Eijirou shrugged.

“‘Don’t know him well enough to say.” Nomu nodded slowly.

He and Eijirou finished up their suppers at their own paces. Nomu paid when the waitress dropped the bill onto the table. Eijirou glanced at a crusty picture stuck into the man's wallet. Three smiling people looked out at him from behind old five dollar bills and receipts.

“Is that your family?” Eijirou asked curiously as Nomu set cash down on the table. The man smiled.

“yeah, “ he pulled the picture out and set it down on the table. A woman with greying, blonde hair and tired eyes held a delicate hand to the shoulder of a brown haired boy around the age of 9. Nomu stood beside the pair, an arm around the woman's shoulders, smiling warmly. “That's Ichika, my wife and Sora, my son.”

“They seem very happy.” Eijirou said softly. Family photos were something of a tough subject for the younger boy. His father loved them, he liked to get Eijirou and his mother to pose in silly ways and then frame those pictures and hang them everywhere in their home. But after a while, the photographs filled Eijirou with guilt and he couldn't look at them the same way. He often caught his dad standing, frozen in front of one, his face either emotionless or contorted into a mass of pain and heartache. It was hard to decide which expression he hated seeing worse.

But Eijirou smiled for Nomu, when the man said, “yeah. They are a wonderful pair.” the man stared at the image too, before looking up at the black haired kid and smiling.

“I gotta take a leak before I hit the road again.” he said and stood up out of the booth, shoving the snapshot back into its sleeve in his thick wallet.

“I’ll join you.” Eijirou said and stood up as well, and followed Nomu towards the back of the store.

The bathroom was pretty standard, two stalls and a nice set of four urinals. Nothing special. It was to be expected from a highway-side Inn and diner.

Eijirou navigated himself to one of the urinals. He stared at the wall above the latrine, looking curiously at a crude drawing of a pair of unicorns, being a bit horny. Why would someone draw something like that? And why unicorns, they're so positive. What a way to ruin someone's childhood.

He glanced up as Nomu settled into the urinal right next to him. Eijirou glanced at him over his shoulder, feeling an uncomfortable shudder run down his spine. Does Nomu not know the unwritten rule of never stand right next to a guy at a urinal if you can avoid it. It was just weird.

That tingle in his spine suddenly turned to spasm as he felt Nomus hand as it wrapped around his penis. His eyes widened as he stared at the unicorn image in front of him. He couldn't move, could say a word. He was frozen in shock.

There was only one thing running through his head, 'why, why, why, why, why.'

But of course this would happen to him, he was a coward. He never stood up for himself so it was obvious that this man would target him. His neck flushed with shame.

He didn't even make any effort to move away from the older man. It wasn't like he was going to be able to fight back against this man. The man was an ex-soldier and much larger than him. He was stuck under the control of this man.

he winced to himself as the mans hand slowly moved around him.

“What the FUCK!” Nomu snapped his head up and quickly yanked his hand away, Eijirou zipped his fly quickly and turned as Bakugou stomped into the room. “Get your nasty-ass hands off him, you pedophellic, dumpster reject!” He growled and grabbed the collar of Nomu's shirt.

“W-wait!” he sputtered out, Bakugou yanked the man down a few inches to glare into his eyes.

“Don’t even try, Bastard! I've decided I don't want to you to explain any shit to me, hand over your wallet.” he spat.


“Give me. Your fucking. Wallet.” Bakugou hissed under his breath, rage seeping from every pore in his body. A new type of shiver ran down Eijirou’s spine.

Nomus hands shook as he stuffed his wallet into Bakugou’s open-palmed hands. Bakugou glared the man down and backed towards the door. “Kirishima, get your dumb ass over here.”

The black haired teen slunk over and stuck beside Bakugou's side.

“Now you, rat faced Bastard, get outta that door and don't you dare come back. If I notice you're reporting us or talkin' to the cops, I’m going to reach out to that poor wife of yours and tell her you like grabbing the dicks of teenage boys in public restrooms.” the man paled and stumbled quickly past the pair and rushed out of the door.

Bakugou stared after him, not saying a word until Nomu was in his car and taking off back onto the highway. He then turned and gave Eijirou a long, hard look, He said nothing in return, he was feeling a bit disgusted at himself and he knew Bakugou was thinking the same thing.

“Why didn't you make him stop.” the blond said sternly. Eijirou shrugged, not really having anything else to say. “You could have pushed him off, gave him a shove, anything. I saw the hit you gave your dad, I know you're not weak.”

when, Eijirou didn't say anything, Bakugou only continued to talk, but now he turned to look at the black haired kid straight on. “You cant let people walk all over you like that, if you do they'll only do it more. Don't be a pussy, I won't always be around to stand up for you for you. So brush the sand outta your vagina and do it your fucking self. You hear me?” Eijirou gulped, he never saw Bakugou as an inspiring guy. He always just seemed stubborn and blunt. He didn't expect to be standing in a public restroom, in another man's pants, listening to, and even believing Bakugou's words for wisdom. Eijirou nodded slowly.

“Yeah,” this time, not like the other times he agreed with Bakugou, he actually believed in what he was agreeing to.

“Alright. Now lets get the fuck outta here.”