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Even though he was at the gym, and was supposed to be concentrating on pulling himself up on the bar in order to maintain his arm strength crimson eyes still strayed towards the other side of the gym. She was there with frog girl stretching out on a yoga mat. The position she was in made her ass stick out in a way that made it look like it was barely being contained in those tight ass shorts.

‘Fuck!’ he thought angrily as he continued with his pull ups at a faster pace. Shorts like those should have been illegal to wear! Didn’t she own anything looser? Something that didn’t make all her curves show in the best ways? Even that tank top should have been banned! She bent down and spread her legs out wide and he nearly let go of the bars.

‘Fucking hell, it’s like she’s asking for it!’ Bakugou clenched his teeth. The view he was getting was too spectacular of those plush muscular thunder thighs. Maybe she’d be up for a spar? Of course he wouldn’t go easy on her and vice versa but goddamn he’d kill for an opportunity to have her sit on his face-

“Excuse me, are you quite done?”

Bakugou snapped his head behind him to see Todoroki Shouto standing there with his arms crossed and immediately his mood soured.

“What the fuck do you want Freezer Burn?!”

“I wanted to know if you were done with the pull-up bars.” Todoroki said calmly, “Since you’re too busy staring at Uraraka like she’s food.”

Bakugou let go of the bar and dropped to the ground before stalking up to Todoroki to grab him by the shirt and saying in a quiet but menacing voice, “You got a fucking death wish? Even if I was, she should know better than to wear tight ass shorts like that to the gym it’s fucking distracting!”

“Then maybe you should tell her that instead of just staring at her.” Todoroki said completely unfazed by Bakugou’s threats.

Bakugou had to clench his hands into fists to keep any explosions from going off into Todoroki’s smug face. He really didn’t want to risk getting into any sort of trouble today and it wasn’t helping that people in the gym were starting to stare, including her. “Fuck you.” He mumbled before turning around and heading towards the locker rooms.