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Wei Wuxian was done. He was beyond tired; a little dizzy and a lot drained, still all things considered it hadn't ended too badly. Two deaths, none from their side, and the past thirteen years worth of mysteries solved. Chenqing was heavy on his lap. Over the head of Ouyang Zizhen he met eyes with Jiang Cheng who gave him a nod before turning to leave. Wei Wuxian decided he couldn't let their relationship rest like that and pulled himself to his feet to follow after him. Zizhen's eyes widened and he reached out to steady him. Suddenly those hands were shoving him sideways. Wei Wuxian felt his body jolt and a metallic taste flooded his mouth. Looking down he saw a silver glint protruding from his chest, just to the right of his heart. It then disappeared and his legs no longer functioned; folding beneath him. Looking up Wei Wuxian found Ouyang Zizhen replaced by Jiang Cheng, his lips were moving but Wei Wuxian's world was silent and his vision blurred.
• • •
Jiang Cheng had turned when he'd heard a cry behind him. He was shocked to see Wei Wuxian standing there looking down at the sword tip piercing his chest. A flash of movement in the shadows behind Wei Wuxian drew his attention and the blade jerked from his brothers’ body. Jiang Cheng was moving before he knew it and he hit his knees on the ground the same time Wei Wuxian did, unceremoniously shoving the red clad disciple out of the road to do so.
"Wei Wuxian!" His brother looked up and blood was leaking from the corner of his mouth.
"Wei Ying!" There was no denying the utter devastation in Lan Wangji's tone as he screamed his partners’ name. Together he and Jiang Cheng tapped pressure points to halt the bleeding. Wei Wuxian listed sideways and collapsed, head cushioned in Lan Wangji's lap. Said man was already passing spiritual energy over to Wei Wuxian whose eyes wandered aimlessly.
• • •
"Uncle?" Jin Ling sounded panicked, worried and completely unsure. Jiang Cheng hated it.
"Can he be moved?" Lan Xichen asked, both he and Nie Huaisang hovering close behind Lan Wangji. A man in Nie Sect robes knelt beside Jiang Cheng and reached for the wound. Jiang Cheng slapped his hands away by instinct.
"He is one of my Sects healers Jiang Wanyin." Nie Huaisang stuttered. The healer reached out again and was allowed access. He frowned as he probed at the injury causing Wei Wuxian to groan. Grasping his brothers’ hand Jiang Cheng leant down to whisper in his ear.
"You'll be fine Wei Wuxian this time I'm not letting go." His own injury pulled at him but Jiang Cheng ignored it. Wei Wuxian's fingers were weak and they only twitched in his unable to grip, so Jiang Cheng held on for him. Around them Lan Qiren tried to bring order to the chaos. Several of the Yunmeng and Lan sect Disciples had set out after the assassin to no avail.
• • •
"Well, how is Senior Wei?" Lan Jingyi couldn't hold it in any longer, not when Sizhui stood pale as a ghost beside him fixated on the downed Wei Wuxian. Jingyi was worried he was going to faint and had an arm around his shoulders just in case. Jin Ling shifted to stand on Sizhui's other side followed by Ouyang Zizhen. They all stared expectantly at Jiang Cheng and the healer. The man stood up and his expression did not inspire confidence.
"He can be moved. He's neither stable nor on the mend but he can't remain here. Get him somewhere warm and dry and maintain his spiritual flow within his core. Master Wei's survival is entirely in his own hands now." he declared grimly. No one could find any comfort in his words. A brief argument ensued over where to take him before they settled on Yunmeng. Wei Wuxian had no real connection to the Nie sect and Jiang Cheng would not be able to remain in Cloud Recess for long whereas Lan Wangji was free to do as he pleased.
• • •
The Lanling Jin sect was out of the question until they could see how far the corruption went. So the decision was made and carried out. A carriage was promptly arranged in order to move Wei Wu Xian carefully and give the healer access to him. Jiang Cheng rode with him, meditating to hasten his own healing. Lan Xichen came with them to lend his spiritual Power when needed so his brother could rest. The trip was slow going and Wei Wuxian had passed out before they’d even left the temple. He remained unresponsive even after being settled into a room at Lotus Pier. Yunmeng's healers could offer no more comfort, instead providing incenses and tea as it couldn’t hurt to try. Time passed, days turning to week’s before becoming months. Wei Wuxian slowly regained his colour and seemed to breathe easier. Someone was always with him, sitting by his side transferring energy when required.
• • •
Lan Xichen often armed Wangji away to eat and rest and allow others some privacy. Jiang Cheng called in-their healers and they discovered the newly healed curse marker prompting Lan Wangji to explain how he got it. Jin Ling was devastated and Jiang Cheng could only think back on his behaviour at that moment. The assassin was found and caught when he made a second attempt. He slit his own throat rather than become a prisoner. Throughout all this Wei Wuxian slept, unconcerned by worldly events. When he woke it was without fan fair.. a rare moment Jin Ling was alone with his Uncle. He'd transferred some spiritual energy and was simply meditating by his bedside. A change in Wei Wuxian's breathing called his attention to his blinking eyes. Jin Ling quickly leant over him, hand on his chest.
"Uncle!" Wei Wuxian’s eyes closed and opened several more times and he stared up at Jin Ling. His eyes then roved around the room he was in before resting on Jin Ling.
"Jin Ling."
• • •
Jin Ling fetched his water and helped Wei Wuxian sip some.
"Uncle." Suddenly Jin Ling felt nervous speaking now Wei Wuxian was awake.
"Your calling me Uncle now?" though Wei Wuxian was genuinely confused Jin Ling couldn’t help but get defensive.
"Second Uncle told me to and you saved me..." he trailed off. Neither of these two things cleared anything up for Wei Wuxian. Clearing his throat and getting given another sip of water Wei Wuxian tried for some clarification.
"I saved you?"
"Hanguang Jun told me you pulled a curse off my leg." Jin Ling thought he heard something along the lines of 'traitor' slip from Wei Wuxians mouth. Jin Ling noticed him falling asleep again and shook him.
"Hey! Stay awake. Everyone will want to see you." Wei Wuxian sleepily nodded, not really comprehending what was being asked. Jin Ling shouted for a guard.
• • •
Jiang Cheng arrived first, having already been on his way with their meal. He sent the guard to go notify everyone else.
"Wei Wuxian!" he proclaimed, bursting through the doorway.
"He's still awake." Jin Ling assured him and left to find Sizhui and Jingyi. Jiang Cheng hurried past him and once again found himself on his knees beside the man whom he could once call his brother.
"Jiang Cheng?" tired eyes struggled to stay open.
"You’re awake."
"Mmm." Jiang Cheng was hit by the terrible thought that Wei Wuxian would fall asleep again before he could see everyone and he wouldn’t know how much he was missed. He spoke in soft tones, telling him of recent events, willing him to remain awake. Occasionally his eyes would flutter only to be nudged awake again. The junior trio arrived in a rush of footsteps followed but two slightly calmer sets of steps.
• • •
Jiang Cheng moved aside to allow them access to Wei Wuxian. Sizhui all but collapsed across the man, hugging him as best he could. If Wei Wuxian was confused by this he said nothing. Lan Sizhui would tell him later what he had remembered. Wei Wuxian struggled to remain conscious but he would not rest until he’d at least seen Lan Zhan. Jiang Cheng noticed but before he could say anything Lan Xichen cleared his throat gaining everyone’s attention.
"Master Wei seems tired perhaps we should allow him to rest again." Jin Ling looked ready to argue but a look from Jiang Cheng had him shutting his mouth. Lan Wangji gave his brother a grateful look. Jiang Cheng clasped a hand on Wei Wuxians shoulder before leaving. Alone at last Lan Zhan rushed forward to seal his lips onto Wei Ying. Pulling away they gazed at each other.
• • •
"I missed you." Wei Wuxian practically glowed at Lan Zhan's words. His body was too sluggish for him to lift a hand but he beckoned Lan Zhan closer with his eyes.
"I can tell." and he pressed us in to Lan Zhan’s mouth again; a kiss full of love and longing. As always Lan Zhan was drawn to Wei Ying and could do nothing to resist nor did he want to. When the pressure dropped away Lan Zhan was left looking down at a sleeping Wei Ying. A rare soft smile graced his lips and he delicately traced a finger over Wei Ying’s lips. Shifting his lover over Lan Zhan snuggled in beside him content in knowing they still had their chance at happiness.