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No boys allowed (except Lan Wangji)

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#The Triad™

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:00 AM
A-Yao and I broke up

Lotus princessToday at 9:00 AM
Oh no A-Su!

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:00 AM
Brother told me.
I’m sorry to hear that @Qin SuCK MY

MianMianToday at 9:00 AM
What did he do this time?

Queen-jieToday at 9:01 AM
What makes you think he did something?

MianMianToday at 9:01 AM
Other than the fact that they’ve been fighting non-stop in the past few days?
My guts is what

I see.Today at 9:01 AM

He’s a Jin, ofc it’s his fault

MianMianToday at 9:01 AM
Jin men sure are something else aren’t they?

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:02 AM
It’s okay MianMian, you can say they’re trash

I see.Today at 9:02 AM

MianMianToday at 9:02 AM
it’s really that bad isn't it?

Queen-jieToday at 9:02 AM
Spill. Now.

Lotus princessToday at 9:02 AM
Do I need to have a talk with Yao-ge?

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:02 AM

I see.Today at 9:03 AM

MianMianToday at 9:03 AM
I second that

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:03 AM
Everyone knows what you mean by “talk”
@I see.@MianMian don’t encourage her!
@Queen-jie @Brother-in-law help me!!!

I see.Today at 9:03 AM
I have a stick and I will beat him up with it if I must!!

Queen-jieToday at 9:04 AM
You just want an excuse to be violent

I see.Today at 9:04 AM
can you blame me

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:04 AM
Violence is forbidden.
...However, in view of the situation?
Not really.

MianMianToday at 9:04 AM
You know something we don’t @Brother-in-law
what. did. he. do

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:05 AM
He didn’t do anything I swear

Lotus princessToday at 9:05 AM

I see.Today at 9:05 AM

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:05 AM

Queen-jieToday at 9:05 AM

MianMianToday at 9:08 AM
Qin Su…

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:08 AM
It’s not so much something he did
Than something Mom told me.
You know my mom has raised me on her own since I was born before meeting my dad right?
And she never told me who my biological dad was
but yesterday she asked if we could talk
And in other news Jin Guangshan is my dad.

Lotus princessToday at 9:09 AM

Queen-jieToday at 9:09 AM

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:09 AM

MianMianToday at 9:09 AM

I see.Today at 9:09 AM

Queen-jieToday at 9:10 AM
I can’t even argue with A-Qing on this one.

I see.Today at 9:10 AM
Fuck who would have thought
The odds of being one of Jin Guangshan’s bastards is higher than the odds of dying young.

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:10 AM
Don’t be morbid.

I see.Today at 9:11 AM
come on tell me i’m wrong
i’m just saying
in the span of a year we have learned that three of the people we knew shared DNA with Jin Guangshan
one of whom is my fricking foster brother
so excuse me for not being surprised
This is some Lanling Metropolis Daily level shit
I didn’t even know this kind of thing could actually happen irl

MianMianToday at 9:11 AM
That’s enough @I see.
I think you’ve made your point very clear

Lotus princessToday at 9:12 AM
Qin Su?
Are you still there?

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:12 AM
yeah yeah
I’m just a bit shook

Queen-jieToday at 9:12 AM
A bit?

Lotus princessToday at 9:12 AM

Queen-jieToday at 9:12 AM
Sorry A-Li

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:13 AM
Tbh the fact that we’re half siblings is not even the most shocking thing??
Just… knowing I share fucking DNA with the bastard

I see.Today at 9:13 AM

Lotus princessToday at 9:13 AM
I’m suddenly very glad he’s not my (future) father-in-law anymore

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:13 AM
I don’t think it would have worked anyway.

I see.Today at 9:13 AM
Because he’s your brother?

MianMianToday at 9:13 AM

I see.Today at 9:13 AM
Sorry Qin Su

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:14 AM
it’s fine
I like to think that even though we share the same blood I am nothing like him
aside from the obvious
I can’t believe it took me this long to realize he is a sloppy ass bitch (edited)
when I asked if we could meet up
He actually confessed that he’s known for a while now.

MianMianToday at 9:14 AM

Queen-jieToday at 9:15 AM
…. how long exactly is “a while”?

Lotus princessToday at 9:17 AM
Qin Su?

MianMianToday at 9:17 AM
Qin Su???

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:17 AM
Don’t avoid the question.

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:17 AM
Almost a year?

I see.Today at 9:17 AM

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:17 AM
I slapped him twice when he told me

MianMianToday at 9:18 AM
he deserves it for hurting our A-Su

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:18 AM
He said he was planning on telling me on our anniversary

MianMianToday at 9:18 AM
fucking hell
men are absolute trash

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:18 AM
What an imbecile.

Queen-jieToday at 9:19 AM
Uuugh that is so low
And here I thought GuangYao was smart
Clearly brains don’t run in the family

Lotus princessToday at 9:19 AM
I think we can all agree that this situation requires an intervention
Everyone good to meet @ 6?
If that’s ok with you too @Brother-in-law

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:19 AM
En. Will let Uncle and Brother know I will be out for tonight.

Lotus princessToday at 9:20 AM
Is there anything you need @Qin SuCK MY

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:20 AM
… I guess I wouldn’t be against ice cream?
MianMian knows what I like.

MianMianToday at 9:20 AM
I gotcha back girl
will get the ice cream after class

Lotus princessToday at 9:20 AM
I’ll start making my soup as soon as I get home!

I see.Today at 9:20 AM
I’ll bring your favourite dvds!!

Queen-jieToday at 9:20 AM
I’ll bring alcohol once my shift ends
& tea as well for you @Brother-in-law @I see.

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:20 AM
I can bring the rabbits if you would like.

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:21 AM
I have the best friends in the whole world
also yes please bring the rabbits @Brother-in-law, it’s been too long
I love y’all so much

MianMianToday at 9:21 AM

Brother-in-lawToday at 9:21 AM

Queen-jieToday at 9:21 AM

I see.Today at 9:22 AM

Lotus princessToday at 9:22 AM
We all love you too Qin Su
Which is why I’m still passing by Jin Zixuan’s place to have a word with him before I come.

Qin SuCK MYToday at 9:22 AM