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Hey people,

so this will be a collection of mainly NSFW oneshots, prompts or short stories featuring various Boku No Hero Academia Characters.
I might include SFW, fluffy scenarios as well and will update the tags. I'll be naming the chapters for better navigation. All minors will be aged up.

★I'm writing with a female reader as a default since that's what I feel most comfortable with, but you can always request male or gender neutral, I'll do my best.
★English is not my first language, so if you spot any mistakes, feel free to let me know.


01. Overview

02. Support | Shigaraki Tomura / Fem!Reader | NSFW

03. Long time no see | Takami Keigo (Hawks) / Fem!Reader | NSFW

04. Songbird | Chisaki Kai (Overhaul) / Fem!Reader | NSFW, dubcon

05. Welcome Home! | Sasaki Mirai (Sir Nighteye) / Fem!Reader | NFSW, Daddy Kink (Request)

06. Everything | Dabi / Fem!Reader | NFSW, fluffy

07. Early Morning Exercise | Mirio Togata (Lemillion) / Fem!Reader | NSFW, fluffy

08. Bad Luck | Shigaraki Tomura & Dabi / Fem!Reader | NSFW, Rape/Noncon, Threesome

09. So close | Shigaraki Tomura / Fem!Reader | NSFW, Rough Sex (Request)

10. A Real Snack | Toyomitsu Taishiro (Fatgum) / Fem!Reader | NSFW, Food Play (Request)


Can I send you requests?
You can always send requests or prompts if you want to, but I can’t promise if and how fast I’ll write them.
I haven't written for a lot of BNHA characters yet and there are some characters I don't really feel secure writing about? But I'll try.

What characters are you writing for?
I don't really have a list? So far I've only written for Dabi and Shigaraki and the characters you see up there.
I'll have to try most characters first to be honest, so I might update this point later on.

Excluded characters
⊘ Minoru Mineta
⊘ Principal Nezu
⊘ Eri, Kouta and other children
⊘ Most parents of the UA Class (Inko Midoriya, Mitsuki Bakugo etc...)
⊘ Gentle Criminal, LaBrava


Work in Progess...

- Support pt. 2
- Songbird pt. 2
- NSFW with Twice
- Afraid of Heights Reader / Hawks

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You nervously followed your friend and the crowds through the parking lot into a bigger basement of some luxurious hotel. Today would be a big meeting of the Liberation movement announcing a new direction for the future.
You weren’t necessarily too involved in all of this, but you weren’t really contempt with society as it was. And the Liberation ideals sounded noble and righteous on the paper.

There were so many people, different age, different social status, some looking perfectly normal others more beaten up or sick. Suddenly you were approached by two men and a woman around your age.
„Hey, you’re Y/N, right? We’re big fans!”
„Yes, I always watch your friday night streams, you’re so funny.”
„I would’ve never expected to see you here!”

At first you were a little shy - as always as you could never really got used to having fans. You had been at a few conventions, but there you were prepared for the crowds. People recognising you in the streets was something entirely different.
You gave them autographs and chatted a little before the show finally started and the Detnerat CEO who was now in a wheelchair spoke to the crowd.




Shigaraki Tomura sat at the couch looking over a sea of people. He was still exhausted from the fight, his wounds and the expensive fur coat tickling on his skin.
Yet he wasn’t all that grumpy as he had cleared another level on his path to complete destruction. Now they had money and more people. Not that it mattered but it made things easier. No more nights sleeping in dilapidated buildings, running away.
He scanned the crowd looking for familiar faces, interesting people.

The old man was still shouting, riling up the crowd. Shigaraki tugged on his suit as he watched the excitement in the room growing like a wildfire. His hands were still bandaged, the crushed fingers of his right hand supported with a special glove. The most annoying thing was his broken leg as he couldn’t move around freely. Hopefully Dr. Ujiko would be able to fix all of it. Shigaraki was done with being held back.

Just as he thought that, he spotted a familiar face in the crowd. You were tiny and at first he thought he was mistaken. But after blinking a few times he was sure, it was you.
Shigaraki smirked as he read the note with the new name of their forces. He took father and smiled at the crowd as he spoke, making sure to lock eyes with this certain girl.
You blushed a little but returned his smile and cheered on him along with the whole crowd.

Shigaraki was back in his room after his talk with the new leaders and the Doctor. It really had been Y/N.
Too bad he had only seen you from afar.
He opened his laptop and searched for your account. There were a few new streams and videos, some new cosplay photos on your Instagram.
You were around his age and he had been watching since your early days, seeing the evolution into a professional streamer and a fine lady.
How often had he dreamt about squeezing your tits, that you often accentuated with cute outfits and low cut tops.

Surely it brought a lot of creeps but also a lot of donations. You were an innocent kind of cute and sexy, even though Shigaraki knew this was probably only a persona.

But still the image of you in a tight tank top, headphones on with a microphone on the side and the controller in your hand always did the thing for him. As a teenager he’d imagine your nice words and smiles were directed at him. You even answered a few of his messages and the heart and smile emojis had made his heart flutter.
What if the controller in your hand were his balls, the micro in your face his cock?

Shigaraki stroked his member in delight when he imagined your soft lips and wet tongue around his shaft. How he’d be cumming all over your cute face and big titties. You were the best material for his fantasy after all.
But suddenly he had an idea, a moment of epiphany.
He wasn’t just a horny teenage boy who just imagined things anymore. He was now a man and he was pursuing his dreams, turning them into reality.
He smirked as he cleaned himself and took out his phone to make a few calls.




You had been swayed by the words and feelings, the atmosphere in the room. The cause of „The Paranormal Liberation Front” was a new hope, filled with ideas and motivation. It promised change for an unjust, unfair society. You had no idea how to help their cause, however. For your channels you always avoided heavy themes such as politics and only spoke up against extreme tendencies in your community banning racist or sexist trolls and encouraging people to be better.

You could talk about Liberation ideals more openly and you wanted to. But you knew it was risky, even with a large group of liked-minded individuals. You were aware that they were villains by public definition. Even though you were sure that this movement was capable of changing reality, you knew it was still newborn and therefore everyone had to be cautious.

So you were nervous and scared when you learned that the head of the Liberation Front wanted to see you. Shigaraki Tomura of all people. It felt really unreal that he even knew who you were. But then again, you had spotted a few other Influencers in the crowd. Maybe they had deemed you worthy of spreading their ideology.

They escorted you through the hotel and left you to knock on a big wooden door.
One more time you checked your looks with your front camera. You had been very unsure of what outfit to wear to such a meeting and decided for something you felt good in.
Black thigh high stockings, comfy ankle boots, a navy blue skirt and a high cut blouse. You also wore sexy underwear with lace as it always made you feel confident.
You took a deep breath before finally mustering up the courage to knock on the door.

„Come in.”

„Hello, sir. Uh, thank you for inviting me”, you stumbled upon your words, speaking way too fast because you were nervous.

You stepped in and closed the door behind you, hesitantly looming in the doorway. It was a fine hotel room, easily the size of your apartment.
Shigaraki sat behind a wooden desk and looked at you from behind the hand covering his face.
The room was equipped with a big bed, couches and a coffee table and a flat screen TV.
You noticed your favourite gaming console as well. So the leader was a gamer too? At least it was something you could use for conversation.

„Sit”, Shigaraki commanded and pointed at a comfy chair in front of his desk.

You approached, straightening your skirt as you sat down. Your hands were sweaty and your heart was beating really fast.
Shigaraki took off the hand and put it on the desk. He wasn’t as bandaged as he was a few weeks before. Now you could see that he was actually pretty handsome.

He had a soft face, a little mole beneath his chapped lips a sharp nose and beautifully red eyes. His light blue, almost white hair looked so fluffy, you wanted to run your hair through it. You licked your lips and kneaded your hands.
After all you were here for work or something like that not for swooning over a dangerous, influential man who could probably buy whatever hooker he wanted.

You jolted at the sound of your name from his lips. His hoarse voice made you swallow hard and press your thighs together.
„You support the ideals and goals of the Paranormal Liberation front?”
You nodded your head.
„How can you help our cause?”
You kind of expected this question, even though they called you in.
Red eyes were on you and just his gaze made you feel hot.

„Uh, I don’t know, if you’re familiar with my channel. I do livestreams, playing games, talking about cosplay, video games, mangas and stuff…”

His eyes were on you, his face cold and impossible to read. It sent shivers down your spine and you felt almost naked and small.

„Um,I usually don’t talk much about politics but it’s not that I never mention that I’m not really happy with our society as it is… I can’t offer you much, only to talk more about it and spread your ideals among my community.”

„And…?”, Shigaraki asked, leaning back and resting his chin upon his hand.
You couldn’t help but notice his long slender fingers. This time he didn’t wear his suit but a black shirt. Maybe it was a good thing his lower body was hidden behind the desk, because you had a hard time, looking him in the eyes. Your cheeks felt hot and you hoped he wouldn’t think you were intimidated.
Okay your were. But not in the way you’d expected to.

But his question really made you even more nervous. You shifted in your seat, kneading the hem of your shirt. What else could yo do for him?

„My quirk… err… It’s not something special. I can produce light.”
You raised your hands and released small glowing orbs from your fingers. They danced through the air like fireflies and you called them back, extinguishing them between your palms.
„It’s not very powerful. And… um, I’m neither strong, nor powerful. I don’t think I could fight… or… kill. I’m sorry I can’t offer more. It must be very disappointing, I apologize…”

Shigaraki snorted a little and you shyly looked away.
„Don’t fret, Y/N. I already have an idea of how you can be of use to me.”




Shigaraki was amused at your shyness. Seeing you flustered, desperately trying to get his approval was just a delight to watch.
If he knew he had that much power over you he would’ve invited you sooner.
Your cheeks were flushed and he didn’t miss your eyes roaming over him.
The outfit you wore was super cute. He loved those stockings. The only bummer was the blouse. He wanted to see your cleavage, your chest exposed to him. But the fabric hugged tightly to your body, so his imagination could do the rest.

While you nervously presented your quirk he cupped his growing boner through his fabric, stroking it while staring at you, just a few steps away.
Maybe your innocence wasn’t just all an act, you really seemed to be a bit shy and insecure and that made him lust for you even more. He knew you wouldn’t be a fighter, not one of the pawns he’d send to the battlefield.

But that was not what he wanted from you at all. You seemed to be so eager to please him and he knew of a thousand ways of how you could be useful for him. And everything that benefited him was good for the organisation in the end, right?

When he spoke, your beautiful eyes met his again. You smiled, eyes glowing with excitement.

„Please tell me!”

Ah so cute!
How you straightened in your seat, your boobs pressing against the thin white fabric of your blouse. Your bra had some lace adornments, he could tell that much by the shape that was hardly visible under your top.

You swallowed, blushing even more when you noticed him staring at your cleavage. Much to his delight your reaction wasn’t one of rejection. You bit your lip and Shigaraki knew he could make the next move.

„As you can tell, I’ve been injured in the last fight…”, he began.

You nodded eagerly.

„I still have a hard time moving around, doing basic things. You can prove your worth and your dedication to our cause by helping me if you’d like.”

You blinked in confusion and Shigaraki snickered. You weren’t aware of what he really implied as he stroked his erection through his pants.

„Sure! I can do that much!”, you said beaming and added a little taken aback from your own excitement. „If you see me fit that is.”

„I requested you specifically”, Shigaraki said and a shiver went down his spine when he saw your face getting even more red. „I’ll need your support. I want to take a shower.”

By now your face was the colour of a tomato and you nodded mechanically, getting up.




You were a mess by now, riding an emotional roller coaster. Helping Shigaraki Tomura while he was injured sounded like something you could do. It didn’t conflict with your morals either. When he mentioned that he chose you and something about showering, your mind went blank.
Your mind had been filled with dirty thoughts during your conversation and now you would get to see him naked!
You stood up, suddenly feeling a little faint, your legs wobbly. Were you prepared?

More so, Shigaraki had been staring at your chest for a while. Or maybe you were imagining things.

„Help me, get up”, he ordered and you walked around the desk.

He was slender, yet you thought about how to touch him. You would’ve grabbed his hand first, but you were unsure about his quirk.

„Is it okay to touch your hand?”

You flinched as he grabbed your wrist with four fingers. He gave you a smug smile as you wrapped one arm around his waist and helped him stand up.
He was so close to you, you could feel heat emanating from his body. Despite him always looking a bit sick, you could feel his muscles under his shirt and tensed up again.
Gosh, you were embarrassed like some teenage girl meeting her crush!


He wasn’t as bad on his feet as you’d expected him to be. You glanced down at his leg, still supported by a splint and noticed something else.
Shigaraki had been well bestowed by mother nature. You could tell because his erection pressed against his black pants, just waiting to be freed.
It felt like thousands of tabs and error messages popped up in your head as you helped him to the bath.

The bath was just as luxurious and spacious as the rest of the room with a big tub, a shower with see through glass doors.
There was a small bench, you helped Shigaraki sit down.

„Undress me”, he commanded and you felt like fainting.


„You heard right. Help me take off my clothes. Of course you can start. I’ll need you to wash my body and we wouldn’t want your clothes to get wet, right?”

You stared at him, opened and closed your mouth. What was happening? Was this some kind of dream, did you run into something and got knocked out?
This couldn’t be happening right?

The heat spread throughout your whole body and you pressed your thighs together as the warmth accumulated in this special place. The way he looked at you, the huge bulge in his pants, his eyes looking hungrily at you.
You didn’t dare to move.

„You want me to help you?”, he coaxed and you shook your head.

You started with your shoes and your stockings and removed his shoes next. Shigaraki was licking his lips when you bent down before him and you could see his cock twitching underneath his pants. You wondered how it would feel to kiss that spot…
Oh damn! You felt your insides twitch, your panties getting damp.

Slowly you stripped for him, a part of you knowing quite well how this could play out. You kept your underwear on.

„I’d like to keep them on. I don’t mind if they get wet”, you said, noticing just how weak your voice sounded.

My panties are already soaking anyway.

„What? Isn’t that why you have such a big amount of followers?”

„N-No”, you answered quickly, „I-I don’t do lewd stuff, I might tease a bit but I have never uploaded nudes or implied something… sexual…”

You bit your lip, as he grinned.

„Well then”, he said and took off his shirt.


Shigaraki was muscular after all. His skin was fair and smooth, but he had a lot of old scars and some newer bruises covering his arms and chest.

„You’ll have to help me with the pants though.”

You gulped. Oh holy…!

Your hands were trembling when you knelt down to tug at the hem of his pants. He smirked down at you, his red eyes gleaming with lust and hunger. This and the huge bulge in his pants let you know he was excited. Very excited.

Shigaraki helped you a little, but your face was still very close to his crotch when you pulled down his pants. His meat seemed to jump right a you, his member standing upright. You could see the veins on the shaft, precum glistening on the dark pink tip of his cock.

„Good girl”, he said, teasing you and you felt drool gathering in your mouth.
You were suddenly painfully aware of your own body, being almost naked, a all you can see buffet for his eyes. And kneeling in front of him gave him a good view both of your chest and your ass.

And suddenly you realised that this was probably what he had intended from the start. He had called you here with the sole intention of fucking you.

„Now let’s clean up”

You helped him into the shower, his cock twitching as you touched his bare skin and helped him into the shower cabin. Shigaraki leaned more on you now that he was naked and the sensation of his skin against yours was phenomenal. You felt your nipples getting harder and hoped he wouldn’t notice.

His fingers gripped your hip for support and you yelped a little, earning another smirk from him.

„You sure you want to keep them on?”, Shigaraki asked, pointing at your underwear. He licked his lips and suddenly you weren’t so sure yourself anymore.


„Yeah, maybe I’ll take them off…”, you mumbled and turned away, trying to calm yourself down as you began to fumble at your bra. You almost jolted forward when soft fingers helped you.

Shigaraki’s finger followed the line of your spine down to the hem of your panties. Your breathing became ragged as he leaned closer, his hot breath brushing your ear.

„By now you should know why I’ve called you here, right?”

His dark voice and the implication of his words sparked down your skin like electricity. You knew. And judging by your soaking panties you were ready for it.

You couldn’t answer properly and so you nodded.

He sank his nose into your neck, breathing in your scent and licking your skin. You couldn’t hold back the sweet moan that escaped your lips.

„Then why don’t you turn around for me, Y/N?”

You took a deep breath and did what he told you, slowly letting the hands that covered your bare chest sink. He scanned your naked body, seemingly no reaction on his face. How much longer would he tease you like this?


The next thing you knew was that your back was slammed against the tiles and a hot body pressing against you. Shigaraki wasn’t in need of support as it seems, as he pushed you against the wall. Without his strong arms your legs would’ve been too wobbly to stand up. His dick was pressing against your clothed entrance as he was claiming your lips.

His kiss was rough, his chapped skin tingling on yours and his hands grabbed your boobs and rubbed your nipples. There were so many sensations that you felt dizzy as you returned the kiss.

„Good girl, you’re so wet for me”, he murmured as he began to stroke your clit with his fingers. He kissed and sucked on your nipples, making you gasp and pant as he pressed his face between your breasts.

He is all over you and you’re shivering from lust and anticipation. You don’t want to hold back and so you reach for his member.

Shigaraki grunts as you wrap your slender fingers around the base of his cock and start rubbing it. He acts like he’s in control but he is just as needy for you as you are for him. But he soon continues to kiss and lick at your nipples, while sliding his fingers beneath your panties.

„You’re not as innocent as you look, right? You’re overflowing”, he teases you as you moan at his first digit entering your pussy.

His fingers push inside of you, pumping in and out of you as you move your hips accordingly while stroking his cock. Just the thought of his rock hard thing anywhere your pussy is enough to bring you closer to the edge.

He lets out a breathy moan as his cock twitches in your hand. Then he bites down on your shoulder and starts scissoring you with his fingers at a merciless speed, adding another digit, reaching for your most sensitive spot. You moan loudly as you’re pushed over the mountain top when he bites down on your neck.

Shigaraki didn’t cum but you’re dropping to your knees. He’s standing right in front of you and grabs your chin.

„Ah, I’ve fantasised about this…”, he says and pulls you up by your hair. His cock is throbbing, precum leaking from the tip.

You know that. You get a lot of unwanted dick picks and some fantasy scenarios your viewers have. Most of them are just creepy and disgusting, but you would lie if you’d say you never imagined doing things like this.

„I’ve made you feel good, don’t you think it’s time for you to be a obedient little slut for me?”

Shigaraki doesn’t need to give you further instructions. You know what he wants, as he leans back and sits down at the edge of the tub, while you put his throbbing dick in between your breasts.

He groans and swallows hard, stroking your head.

„Yeah, fuck… That’s so good, Y/N”

You’re still dripping from your own orgasm as you squeeze his member between your boobs and move up and down. Shigaraki seems to ascend to heaven judging from his little moans and his hand in your hair. Giving him pleasure turns you on even more. You wonder if you can handle his length as you bop your breasts up and down.

You kiss the top of his dick and start licking every time the head shoves through your breasts. He tastes salty, but not bad and you start twirling your tongue.

„More. Take it in your mouth”, he orders you, his voice a hoarse whisper that makes your pussy throb.

You follow his order and try to fit as much of him as you can in your mouth. With your tongue you follow the veins running down to the base as you milk him with your breasts. Shigaraki grips your hair harder and pushes your face down, moving his hips in unison.


„I’ll come all over your pretty little face”, he announces as he slams into you, taking your breath away.

You grip his knees for support as you feel him twitch.
Hot semen fills your throat, so much that you can’t possibly swallow all of it.
Shigaraki pulls out, shooting his load all over your face and your breasts. Your pussy twitches at the sensation of his warm juices covering you now.
He doesn’t have to ask you to lick his dick clean.


Out of breath he looks at you from under his tangled bangs, his lips curled into a distorted grin from all the pleasure.

„What a good little slut you are. You make me want to mess you up really bad.”

As you lick his dick, you can feel him getting hard again. He turns on the shower and you get rid of your panties.

Before the water has reached your feet, he has you against the wall again, slamming right into your pussy. You yelp at the sensation of his huge dick suddenly filling you up, but you’re wet enough to make him slide in and out of you with ease.

His hands fondle your breasts and he licks and napes at your neck while he rams in and out of you with no hesitation. You cry out, clinging to his shoulders as he fucks you like a dog in heat. His girth alone causes enough friction to make you cum, but he hammers away at your sweet spot with such speed that you orgasm so hard you can feel your own juices squirting out of you.

Shigaraki grins and claims your lips with a hungry kiss as your walls squeeze and tighten around him.

„Come inside me!”, you scream as he pounds into you, riding out your orgasm.

You’re left a sobbing, panting mess in his arms as he is pushing inside of you, his thrusts becoming more sluggy. Finally he cums inside of your pussy, his hot semen filling you up. Both of you sink to the floor, bodies still entangled as you struggle for breath.


You get yourself and Shigaraki clean, before collecting your clothes from the ground. You don’t speak much but you’re sure your head is as red as a tomato. Shigaraki’s merciless thrusts leave you a little sore but the pain is sweet and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to replay this game.

When you’re on your way, Shigaraki stops you, leaning in for a kiss. He wears nothing but a towel, his hair is still wet. His red eyes scan your features and you feel like you could melt at the spot.

„Truth to be told, Y/N, I’ve jacked off to your videos and pictures for years now. Wear something sexy for me next time you go live, will ya? I’ll notify you when I need your support again”, Shigaraki whispered in your ear, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine.

„I’ll do anything, Sir”, you managed to mumble as you left with this promise getting you all hot and bothered again.

Chapter Text

Long time no see

You’re quite surprised when you hear the door bell ring and see Takami Keigo.
Nowadays he’s known as Hawks, the Wing Hero, and you haven’t seen him in ages.
He wears casual clothing, black jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket and colourful sneakers. Yet his big red wings always give him away.
His hair is still the same ash blonde, frizzy and soft, somehow resembling feathers while his sharp eyes are a harsh contrast to his rather smooth features.
You grew up in the same neighbourhood, went to the same elementary school until he went to undertake his special hero training. He probably doesn’t even remember you.

He looks tired, if not a bit sad. Keigo always had that fake smile that fooled everyone.
Even as a kid he was a laid back person who seemed to have no worries. But even as a kid you could tell when he was sad inside.
It hurt to see him like that. But you figured being a Hero wasn’t an easy job. Especially because Hawks was so popular.

When he sees you behind the bar, he beams with joy and you’re taken by surprise.
„Y/N!”, he yells without hesitation and you’re happy there are only a few other people who don’t seem interested in Hawks.
„Hey”, you greet him as he sits down right in front of you.

He playfully thrums on the wooden counter and grins at you.
„It’s been a while! I never thought you would remember my name.”
„Why wouldn’t I? When we were kids little me had a big crush on you. And look at you today, you got even prettier!”
His compliment made your heart flutter. Keigo had always been well spoken and charismatic, drawing people to him.

You smile and point to the shelves behind you, filled with different sorts of liquor from all over the world.
„If you’re thinking, you can get yourself a free drink with your flattery… well, you’re right. First one’s on me. So what do you fancy, Mr. Wing Hero?”



„Another shot for me!”, Keigo says, the sentence nearly melting into one word as he slouched on the counter, face red.
He was your last guest left and you were already cleaning up. Yet somehow you couldn’t bring yourself to kick him out.
You had been talking about work, his life as a hero, crazy missions and what happened between elementary school and now.
He was a handsome man and you had really enjoyed talking to him. The whole evening he never stopped complimenting you and seemed genuinely interested.
His brown hawk like eyes always seemed friendly, yet you noticed his tipsy not-so-hidden glances at your curves.

„I think you’re good”, you tell him and he puffs his cheeks.
„What? No way, Y/N, you meanie!”
„We’re closing soon and you’re drunk. Are you even able to walk back home? I can call you a taxi.”
He pouts like a baby, but gets up to wobble outside so you can lock the bar.
„I’ll fly.”
„In your state? Excuse me for being this blunt, but you’re piss drunk. We can walk together.”

„Keigo!”, you call him by his name and he gives you a confident smile as he flaps his wings. It doesn’t seem safe at all.
Your eyes widen as he almost topples over. It’s more a reflex than an elaborate cause of action as you grab him, throwing your arms around his neck to keep him from taking off.
„Whoa, careful, there, Y/N!”
He wraps you in his arms and smiles down upon you.
„I should be the one to escort you home”, he giggles. To your utmost terror he doesn’t stop flapping his wings, instead he bends his knees slightly to leap into the air - with you still in his arms.

A very high pitched squeak escapes your mouth as Keigo carries you with him. He giggles and hiccups.
You’re still rising and the city below you starts to look like a toy replica with cars driving around like glowing little ants.
„P-Put me back down!”
„Shh, I won’t drop you. I kinda do this for a living ya know?”, he murmurs, his Fukuoka accent coming through.

„It’s so peaceful up here”, he says as he gently rubs your back. „You should open your eyes.”
„I might be able to appreciate the view if I weren’t busy worrying your drunk ass will let me drop to my death.”
With his hand rubbing your back, you relax enough to open your eyes. You still cling to him, clawing at his shoulders because you can’t fully trust his words.

It’s really beautiful. Like you’re drifting through a glittering ocean. The clear night sky with stars and a first quarter moon above, the city lights, cars like fireflies below. The air is cool and fresh up here, the wind brushes through your hair. Keigo’s body is emanating heat, so you’re not cold and he is flying steadier than he was walking.

You catch Keigo glancing down at you with a tender smile and your heart skips a beat. Even though he had a lot of booze he smells like fresh laundry and summer breeze. His face is relaxed and he seems so free and happy up here.



After a few more minutes in the air, Hawks lands with you on a big balcony. He puts you back on your feet and now you feel a little wobbly.
„Where are we?”
„My apartment”, he informs you as he unlocks the glass door.
„Thanks for escorting me!”, he says with a grin, taking off his jacket and his shoes and throwing them in a corner. „Wanna come inside? I’ll treat you to a drink as well, Y/N-chan~”

Suddenly you’re very aware of the situation. Of the possible implications.
You inhale deeply as you stare at his back as he stretches. His shirt is pulled by the movement and you get a glimpse at the muscles underneath. Keigo stretches his wings and kicks a few items out of the way. His apartment is quite messy with books, goods, cardboard boxes and fan mail everywhere.

„Excuse me”, you mumble as you step in. You tell yourself that you’ll be fine. One drink, then you’ll leave.
Your gaze wanders to the bed. Like the rest of the apartment it’s a mess.
Pillows and blanket are half in the floor and it looks more like a bird’s nest than a proper bed.
A good looking guy like him who is a natural at flirting and complimenting probably has a lot of beautiful woman over.


Keigo said he’d treat you to a drink, but he falls flat on his bed and sighs so deep you doubt he’s going to get up ever again.
„You should drink some water, wash yourself and get comfy clothing. Otherwise you’ll regret it in the morning!”, you scold him. He’s like a big baby.
„So responsible”, he mumbles as you open a few doors to find the bathroom.

„Where do you have painkillers?”, you ask him, but get no answer so you just open random drawers. Blood rushes to your head when you find a big box of condoms. Quickly you shove it back and try to push away the lewd images that pop up in your head.
When you finally find medicine and a clean glass you walk to the bed.

Hawks lies there, now only in boxer shorts and you blush again trying to look a the wall behind him. You can’t unsee his sexy body.
Damn. He was a man now after all.

„There you go.”
He grunts as you make him sit up to get hydrated. With a deep sigh he looks at you and suddenly touches your face.
Your cheeks are already hot and now you feel like burning up. He is so close.
„You were always like that”, he mumbles, „Like a big sister.”
So that’s why he’s so carefree around you.

Something must’ve given your disappointment away, because Keigo just laughs and pulls you onto the bed, hugging you close.
You gasp as he presses his nose against your neck.
„Except I never saw you as a sister.”
His breath brushes against your earlobe as he pulls you in closer and wraps his wings around you like a cocoon.
Wait what?!

„Uh… Keigo?!”
„Just a few minutes, Y/N. Just a bit, so I can have pleasant dreams tonight.”
„You’re drunk!”, you mumble. But you make no effort to wriggle free.
After all, you don’t hate it, so carefully you hug him back and allow your cheek to lean against his hair. It’s even softer and fluffier as you imagine and it makes you want to run your hands through it.
„I’m not thaaat drunk”, he tells you with a playful grin.


You just stare at him, still overflown with different emotions. You feel confused, embarrassed, flustered, yet happy and excited? His arms and wings around you don’t feel threatening, it feels comfortable and warm.
He looks at you with a warm smile, yet there’s a hint of sadness in his eyes.
„Ah, you’re so warm and so soft. I don’t want to let you go” he whines and bumps his nose against yours.

Does that mean he likes you?
Your brain seems to cease to work properly.
„Then don’t”, you answer as you let your hands trail up his bare back.
He hisses and you’re so close that you can feel him getting harder.

Keigo pulls you even closer, his erection pressing against your thighs. You swallow hard, nervous about what might follow.
„I’m half naked and you’re still fully dressed. That’s unfair, dontcha think so, Y/N?”
You’re surprised as he flaps his wings and pulls you up, skillfully taking your shirt of in the motion.

It’s so weird.
You haven’t seen each other for so long.
A memory of you playing hide and seek together with other children flares up. You hid together in a bush and Keigo pecked your cheek before running of to distract the child who was searching for you. You feel affection for this boy, no grown man. But not only physical. So you reach for him and press a kiss on his lips.



Hawks is a little surprised when you kiss him first. He meant to tease you.
He didn’t… expect for you to return his affection.
You’re his first love. So much has changed, but still his heart beats so fast now that you’re close. The blood rushes to his lower regions and he feels a little bad for being such a horny bastard.

But you smell so good, your soft body and your cute voice make him feel almost weightless.
He helps you out of your clothes and marvels at your beautiful body.
Time really meant well for you. He kisses down your arms down to your hands, your slender fingers.

„Keigo”, you mutter breathless and it sends chills down his spine. He hardly gets called by his real name anymore.
His wings flutter a little from excitement.
But he wants to take his time to love you properly.
He doesn’t want to make you feel like he’s just a drunk hormone driven pervert.
Admittedly he’s tipsy and just the thought of your naked body against his make him want to come in his boxers - but he likes you for you.
Because you like him as Takami Keigo and not as the hero, Hawks. The perfect person he was raised to be.

He nibbles at your neck, while his hands reach for your breasts. He hums as his fingertips make contact with your hardened nipples.
The sweet moans that escape your mouth only encourage him.
„You’re so beautiful, Y/N. I’m going crazy.”
Your hands run up and down his back and as you stroke his wings, he groans.

Your lips find his and you exchange feverish kisses as he lays you down, only parting to gasp for air.
„Y/N, you’re so sexy”, he praises you as he pecks your stomach and strokes your thighs. Your eyes are darkened from lust as you look up to him.

When you reach for the hem of his boxers, he kisses you again. Your lips are so soft and you taste like citrus.
As he begins to touch your most sensitive part, you moan loudly and he slips his tongue inside of your mouth. This seemingly leads to you being more assertive as you boldly grab his dick.
„Shit”, he growls as you run your delicate fingers up and down his shaft.

He wanted to say something, but he forgets his whole vocabulary as you lightly squeeze his member, gently rubbing the tip.
It takes a moment for him to get accustomed to the sensation of your touch.
Hawks sucks on your breasts, as his fingers brush against your wet folds. The sweet sighs that escape your mouth, make him bolder as he dips just one finger in. You flinch from his touch, grabbing his shoulders.

„Keigo, you… make me feel so good!”, you almost sob near his ear, when he adds another finger and pushes into you, simultaneously rubbing your clit and sucking on your nipples.
You stroke his dick faster, he can feel the pressure building up, precum leaking from the tip.

Both of you pant in unison as your lips find each other. Your kissing is so intense, that when Hawks separates from you to get air, there’s a string of drool running down his chin.
His eyes are dark as he begins to increase the teasing with his fingers, seemingly pleased from your reactions as you shiver beneath him.
„M-More…”, you beg of him and he obeys with another finger.
„You don’t have to be so gentle, Y/N”, he whispers in your ear as he sucks on your neck and you viciously rub him off.
He moans and growls and showers you with kisses, his fingers trembling but never loosing the consistent pace.

Hawks growls as his breathing becomes more rugged, the heat in his loins rising. He opens his eyes to look at you, cheeks flushed, eyes dark and half closed.
There’s a thin film of sweat on your skin, like glistening morning dew and your lips are swollen from his kisses. He loves how you bump your hips to match the rhythm of his fingers while your hands continue to drive him wild.
All he can think of is how much he wants to be inside of you, to kiss you and never stop doing it.

„Hngh, Y/N, I’m about to…”, he groans and kisses you. He sucks on your bottom lip and moans in your mouth as you milk him. He feels like a kettle about to explode.
„Keigo!”, you whisper, your voice shaking from pleasure is all it takes.
His hot stuff spurts out like a volcano and he comes all over your hands and on your stomach.

You can feel him shivering, his fingers flinchin inside of you while his cock twitches in your hand and his semen runs down on your fingers.
He hungrily kisses you, while you start rubbing him again, still so hungry for more.
„Get those condoms quick”, you command, when he pecks up and down your body.
„That was so hot, Y/N. I came really hard because of you”, he murmurs next to your ear.

One of his feathers is sailing through the air, bringing the box you stumbled upon earlier.
Now you were kind of happy, that he had bought a big one.


But Takami Keigo wasn’t done with you.
All the stress he was able to forget, all the pleasure you’d brought him. When he wanted to be the one teasing you!
He grabbed the condoms and plucked one of his feathers with a smirk. Your soft moaning and your cruel fingers still rubbing down his wood, made him hard again.

But this time he would take his time to play with you.
You gasped when he ran the soft feather down your neck.
„Now I’ll make you feel really good. Stay still, love.”

The soft texture of the feather, the light touch tickled a little. But your nerves were on fire from Hawks’ earlier touching and kissing.
Your pussy was wet and twitching and you too sought for release. When it grazed your nipples you almost came.
Your childhood friend kissed you and drew patterns on your skin with his feather, sometimes lightly scratching. It was enough to get you crazy, but not enough to make you come.

„Please, Keigo…”, you begged. He smiled at you, licking your neck, when his fingers pumped into you again. They made wet sounds as he pushed them deep into your core.
„More… faster…!”
Breathless moans escaped your lips, but Keigo suddenly pulled out of you.
When you were ready to complain you felt the feather touch your clit and you held back a moan. The pressure in your core was forming a tight not.
Keigo leaned down and while he drew soft circles on your clit with his feather, he licked your wet folds his tongue diving in.

You helplessly grabbed the sheets in search for something to hold on, when your climax hit you. Wet juices leaked out of you, while you were drowning in pleasure, while Keigo gleefully slurped and licked your entrance as if you were the oasis in the desert.

The room was spinning around you when he hovered over you, stealing another kiss.
You could taste yourself on his lips, when he pushed his tongue into your mouth, pressing his body against yours.
Both of you were sweaty and you humped your naked bodies against each other, when the kiss became more intense.

„Please, put it inside of me”,
„You sure, princess? I won’t be able to hold back. You’re driving me insane.”
„Yes, hurry!”

His warmth leaves you as he leans back to put a condom an. But he is back quickly, rubbing the tip of his dick against your entrance.
His fingers run down your body and he whispers words of admiration, before grabbing your hips and pushing inside.
Even though you’re soaking, he doesn’t just slam his meat into you.

But from his almost pained expression and his heaving chest, you can tell that it takes all of his self control. The sensation of him slowly filling you up is overwhelming.
You feel him connect, his dick gliding into you, stretching your walls inch by inch. When his hips finally meet yours you both moan from the warm feeling. Now you are fully connected.
„God, I could come right on the spot. You feel so good”, Keigo praises you, „You’re so tight around me, I love it!”
He lowers his lips for another wet, long kiss while he starts moving.

Soon he can’t keep up his low pace anymore and he rams into you, sucking on your neck and massaging your tits.
His balls slap against your ass with each deep thrust at he pounds away at your core, leaving you to moan loudly.
„I’m going to make you come for me princess”, he said as a few of his feathers dance through the air, aiming for your nipples.
Keigo kept rubbing his thumb over your swollen clit, while pounding into you with deep and hard thrusts.
You could feel yourself nearing another orgasm, riding his dick while his lips and feathers teased you.

„Keigo, I’m coming”, you moaned and he increased his pace to match your humping. The tip of his dick hit your sweet spot and you felt all the pleasure.
Eletricity running down your neck, lava in yours veins, stars before your eyes. Your pussy was twitching, your moist walls convulsing around Keigo’s cock.
He groaned as he grabbed you harder, pulling you close and pumping inside of you with an insane speed, thrusting into you while you were still squeezing him.
His fingers dug into your hips and he flapped his wings as he came again.

You exchanged kisses and saliva as Hawks pulled out of you, collapsing onto the bed next to you.
After a few moments of breathing he pulled you into an embrace, wrapping his arms and wings around you.
„That was amazing, Y/N.”
You snuggled closer to him, feeling exhausted and satisfied.
„Oh yes”, you mumbled as you rested your head on his chest, listening to his hammering heart beat.
„Will it be inappropriate to ask for a date now?”, he said and gave you a wide grin.
You laughed and kissed his cheek.
„No idea, but my answer will be yes.”

Chapter Text


Prompt: „I get what I want, when I want it. So get over here. Now!”


„So you’re quirkless?”
You shrank a little under the critical gaze of the men standing before you.

„Yes, other than my voice I don’t really have any outstanding features or talents”, you said jokingly, rubbing your hands because you were nervous.

The man scribbled in his notebook, looked at your papers and then scanned your body.
You bit your tongue when his eyes lingered a little too long on your chest and your hips.

„You’re hired. You’ll be singing on weekends. Remember no chats with the customers, they’re no good”, he said and a weight was lifted from your chest.
Finally you’d be able to make your own money!

About two months later, Friday evening you wore a beautiful gold sequin dress, a matching headpiece and long black gloves.
Your hair was a little curled and your lips were red completing your early 1920s look.
The bar was packed, the air heavy with the smell of cigars and liquor as you entered the stage.
You smiled at the pianist and started the show.

It didn’t take long for him to show up.
The man with the pest doctor mask and the cold gaze.
He would frequent the bar on weekends with a few other people wearing similar masks, sitting in the VIP area like a murder of crows.

All of them were intimidating but you could tell this young man was their boss.
Most of the times he wore black clothing and latex gloves, so maybe he really was some kind of doctor after all?

They sure had to be quite influential to sit in the VIP lounge every time, drinking and staying late.
You never saw them pay for anything.
But during your short time here, you had learnt that nobody here was fond of nosey questions.

Yet you really wondered who this man was.
He looked at you and his golden eyes would always send shivers down your spine. He never came to talk to you, he just watched and listened.
You couldn’t read his expression, partly because of his mask. He was good looking, short auburn hair, a slender figure, nice facial features.
Still you wondered if he hid something with his mask.

You had a few daydreams about him approaching you, inviting you for a drink.
But he was probably way out of your league if he just casually rented a VIP lounge in a bar for months.

After you finished your set, you gave an encore and bathed in the applause, the whistles and the cheers.
You had been so caught up in the music, you didn’t even notice the masked men leaving.

Would you ever have the chance to speak to him?, you wondered and headed for your dressing room.




„I’m sorry, I didn’t know they were your men, Overhaul… I would have never killed them if I knew…”

It was pathetic how this thug squirmed before him, crying and begging for his life.
Chisaki Kai had shed his old name and became the Capo of the Eight Precepts of Death in order to raise his Yakuza family from their grave.
His alias „Overhaul” sounded powerful and it came over people’s lips like a prayer when in fact he was a curse.

„One life for another, you know how it goes”, his comrade Kurono added.

„Please, don’t kill me. I’ll give you anything and anyone you want!”

Chisaki was disgusted with the owner of this bar in forever. Now he finally had a good reason to get rid of him.
A few men came to mind who would be able to run this place, used mainly for money laundering and meetings.

They were interrupted when the door opened and two people stepped in.
The pianist and the singer.
When the musician tried to pull out a gun, he was quickly immobilised by Toya and Hejiki.
The girl just stared in shock as Toya pointed the gun at her.

„Yeah, you can take them!”, the bar owner barked, snot and tears dripping from his nose as he bargained for his life. „Kill them, those quirkless good for nothings!”

„What is going on…?”, the girl muttered, visibly shaking. Even the pianist looked at his boss in pure terror.

„I’m done with your bad manners, human garbage”, Chisaki said as he took a deep breath. Then he pulled off his glove and leaned down.

He really didn’t want to touch this disgusting old man, but putting a bullet in his head wouldn’t be sufficient enough.

Just the tangent of one finger and the man’s body turned into a bloody puddle as he screamed in agony.
Chisaki put his glove back on, feeling the urgent need to take a bath to cleanse himself.

„What do we do with those two?”, Kurono asked pointing at the musicians who were frozen in shock.

Chisaki thought for a moment, his eyes scouting over the slender figure in the golden dress.

„Please! Whatever our boss did, we’re not involved!”, the pianist pleaded, „I just carry a gun for safety. And this girl, Y/N, doesn’t even know any of the backyard business we do. We won’t tell the police, we’ll behave. I beg of you to have mercy, Mr. Overhaul!”

At least the musician seemed to have some manners. Also he was really skilled and Overhaul had enjoyed his plays.

The girl was on the verge of tears, obviously completely taken by surprise. Kai didn’t hate the look.

„Fine, I’ve made my decision. I’ll leave you here. Later tonight I’ll send one of my men to take over this bar. You’ll tell him everything he needs to know. Furthermore I want you to get rid of this mess. And don’t forget that I spared your sorry little life tonight”, he told the pianist.

„Thank you so much, sir. Come on, Y/N. We’ll-”

„I don’t recall letting her off the hook.”

He watched in pleasure as her face went white, her hands trembling. The pianist closed his mouth. He knew any opposing words would mark his death.

„No, please…”, she pleaded.

„I get what I want, when I want it. So get over here. Now!”

The girl was still frozen in shock.

„Do I have to make you?”, he taunted and tugged at the hem of his glove.

The girl shook her head and slowly started to walk towards him. When she stood before him he could finally take a good look at her face.
She’d been pretty from afar, but upon closer inspection she really was beautiful.

Smooth skin, glossy eyes, soft features and healthy looking from head to toe. The sequin dress hugged her curves and was sexy in a tasteful way.
And Kai knew what beautiful sounds this songbird could make. He smirked underneath his mask when she looked at him, nothing but fear in her eyes.

„What do we do with her, Overhaul?”, Kurono asked.

„We’ll take her to the base.”



You had been scared before, but this time you thought your heart would burst judging by your racing pulse.
It only got worse, when you were blindfolded and guided into a car, spirited away to god knows where.

Just now you realised once again how powerless you were. Eight men, predators, Yakuza and you were at their mercy.
Your imagination was your worst enemy by now, painting gruesome scenarios with blood, gore and torture.
You weren’t sad for your boss, but somehow you feared that his death had been more pleasant than yours would be.

After all if they just wanted to finish you off, they didn’t have to go to the trouble of dragging you to their hideout.
Nobody would know. Nobody would miss you. Nobody would be able to identify your corpse.
You could see the headlines: Horribly mutilated corpse washes up on the shore

Before your mind spun new nightmares, the blindfold was removed and you found yourself in a plain room without windows.
Two sofas, a coffee table and a minibar. And the man you now knew was the villain Overhaul, the Capo of the Eight Precept’s of Death.

His name was a dangerous whisper, a warning in the streets. You never imagined a Yakuza Boss to be this young.
And this good looking.
But everything made sense now.


There was only one way out of the room, but the door was guarded by the hooded man named Chronostasis.
Overhaul’s cold eyes rested upon you and you didn’t dare to move.

„What will happen to me?”, you ask, your voice almost breaking.

„That depends on you, songbird”

His voice was hoarse and deep. Beautiful.
If it weren’t for the situation, you would have marvelled at his way of speaking, his intonation of words.

He sat on the couch, legs crossed, one hand under his chin, the other resting on his knee as he tapped with his fingers.
It was his calm that made you feel so cold and helpless.
You barely managed to refrain from sobbing and crying, but you couldn’t stop your body from shaking.

Overhaul looked at you expectantly.
You couldn’t tell if he was enjoying your fear, but he didn’t do anything to change your situation.

„Are you going to kill me?”, you whisper when you feel you can’t handle the pressure.

A devilish chuckle leaves Overhaul’s mouth as he leans forward.

„Why should I, after going to the trouble of bringing you here? I’m not some impatient little boy who destroy his new toy right away.”

That’s how he sees you. You’re still afraid, but a little relieved. He won’t kill you. At least not right away.
But his dark voice makes your knees feel weak.
It’s what he doesn’t say out loud, the promise that hides behind those golden eyes, that make you bite your lips and press your thighs together.

There’s a knock on the door and Chronostasis lets in some maids serving drinks before leaving quietly, making no sound.

„Drink some tea, little songbird. I’ve made them sweeten it with honey. It’ll be good for your voice. If you behave, I’ll be gentle.”

You take the cup with trembling fingers, scared you’ll drop it and anger him.

„T-thank you”, you mumble and it seems he’s pleased as you take a sip.
It’s a potent herb tea with some honey. The hot beverage really helps you calm down a little.
You realise just how thirsty you had been after a long evening of singing.

You feel better with every sip. If you behave, maybe you can make it out alive.
Your body and your mind calm down, so much that it makes you wonder. Something feels off and you want to slap yourself.
How obliviously you had accepted a drink from the Yakuza!

You gasp for breath and place the cup back on the table, afraid to break it with your mind getting foggy.
Overhaul raises to his feet, as you try to get away from him.
Your legs give in and you end up kneeling before him.
The fear that floods your body gives you enough power to raise your head.

His face seems blurry as your eyes tear up and your mind fades away slowly.

„Remember this posture, my little songbird. It depends solely on you if this cage will be golden or not.”

You can’t recollect if he says something else, because your arms, legs and consciousness give in to sweet nothing.




You woke up the next day in a simple room with a bed, a little bathroom and a closet full of beautiful dresses.
It takes you a few minutes to recount what happened and more minutes to calm down from your emotional outburst.

They kidnapped and drugged you!
And someone undressed you, removed your make up and put you in this bed.
Relief washes over you when you realise nobody has done anything else to you.

The door to the outside is locked and you almost want to go back to bed again, crying, when you notice a sheet of paper on the desk.

It’s a handwritten note.

I’ve been generous. You’ll sing for me tonight, little songbird, so clean yourself properly and choose a dress.

Your heart beats fast as you browse through the dresses in the closet. Big brand names, exquisite designer, beautiful fabric.
Probably more expensive than your rent. You never owned something so valuable!
But you remind yourself that you don’t own anything anymore.
You are someone’s possession.

A beautiful, but cruel man who sees you as a toy. As his little songbird.

You had wanted to get to know him, speak to him, but now you curse your own wishes.
Yet there was something inside of you that told you, you should be grateful for being chosen by a man of his calibre.

Yes, he was a Yakuza, a criminal and a villain. But he was also a good looking, rich man.
You could only guess, but you figured he longed for you, admired you, liked your singing.

He bought dresses specifically for you!
Even if he was only interested in your body, the fact that a man like him was interested made your body tingle.
Maybe this was a mafia way of courting?

You shook your head. What the hell had gotten into you?
Romanticising something so wrong, so wicked, so far from any morals.

But haven’t you imagined him calling you to the VIP lounge of the bar, make you suck his dick in front of everyone, when you touched yourself the last time?, a voice inside your head reminded you.

It was horrible, but being dominated, being degraded was a big kink of yours.
But fantasy was different from reality, right?

There was no clock and you had lost your sense of time completely. Overhaul seemed to hate dirty, sweaty things.
You had no idea if and when you would be picked up, but you figured, it would be best to be as clean as possible.
The last thing you wanted, was to piss a Yakuza boss off.


Chisaki sat in the lounge of his hideout, eyes locked on your body.
He hated so see he wasn’t the only one enchanted by your performance. His associates and business partners stared at you, almost like drooling dogs.
You were his little songbird.

Yet he understood how intriguing you were. Beautiful from head to toe with the voice of angels chanting. Or maybe a siren luring in sailors?
A special power that had drawn him to you. That made him lust and hunger for you.
Something very rare.

He wasn’t fond of other humans, not a man to sleep around.
As a Capo of the mafia he had enough experience with sex workers but he was disgusted by most of them.
He couldn’t have them sleeping around other men, but he was rarely interested enough to invest time in keeping them.

You were not only pure and beautiful, but now helplessly thrashing in his palm like a butterfly with crooked wings.
While he was discussing business with those disgraceful old men lusting over you, he got excited.

You chose one of the dresses he had bought for you and it fit you perfectly. How the fabric hugged to your smooth skin, showing of your sex appeal.
And your voice as you sang, sometimes shaking from nervousness, sometimes raspy and so alluring.
He could barely wait for the evening.

„Make sure to have the maids clean her properly”, he told Kurono during a short break.

He couldn’t help but grin, as he noticed your nervous gaze shifting towards him from time to time.



Chisaki waited patiently for you as you were guided to his office room. He slouched behind his desk, trying to keep his mind from wandering off as he finished the paperwork for the day.

Your face was flushed red when a maid pushed you inside the room. His eyes darted upwards, scanning your body.
You now wore a simple white night gown that was almost see-through.

It felt so wrong!
You feared what was about to happen, at the same time you were… somewhat excited. It made you doubt your sanity.
But Overhaul glaring at you during the meeting had left your whole body hot and tingling.

When the maids came and washed you to dress you in this revealing outfit your body worked against your head.
Your core was leaking, wet juices daring to run down your thigh as you weren’t allowed to wear something underneath the night gown.


„Come here”, Overhaul commands, raising his gloved hand and arching his index finger to lure you closer.
Hesitantly you step towards him, hugging yourself as you try to cover your upper body and your hardened nipples.

„You know what to do, right?”, he asks as he takes off his mask.
For the first time you get a clear view of his beautiful face. His mouth, like his other features, looks strict and sharp edged.
His golden eyes feel like burning suns and you avert your gaze.

Overhaul wants you.
Having someone so powerful, so beautiful, so sophisticated to ask for you…
You clench your fists around the soft fabric of your dress.

„Do I have to call my men to help you?”
His tone is cold and you’re sure he isn’t a man of empty promises, so you quickly shake your head.
Your eyes tear up as you get on your knees and crawl towards him.

Overhaul looks like a king on his throne as he smiles down on you and slowly takes off his gloves.
He pats your head and runs his finger through your hair, before catching a tear that runs down your cheek with his thumb.
„You’ll be a good girl, right? Because you know what happens when you aren’t.”
The image of the gory puddle he turned your former boss into you pops up and you nod.

Harshly he grabs you by your chin and raises your face.
„Don’t hide your voice from me. Give me a proper answer or I’ll have to discipline you, my songbird.”
„Yes, Overhaul. I’m sorry”, you mutter, shivering under his touch.

„Actions speak louder than words, don’t you think so?”
He is like ice, yet his touch sets you on fire and you swallow in preparation for what’s about to happen.

Your fingers are trembling as you open the zipper on his pants to free his dick.
His hand rests on the back of your head, a warning and a reminder for the cage you’re in.

As his member rises in front of you, hard and throbbing, you forget for a split second that he is a dangerous mafia boss.
The pink tip glistens with precum and thick veins run along the shaft. You’re getting curious and carefully run your fingers down his flesh.

Overhaul tugs on your head. It’s not your hand he wants.

His dick is hot beneath your fingers, pulsating.
He wants you. He’s like this because of you.
The thought sends shivers down your spine as you open your mouth. You’re afraid to to do something wrong, something to anger him.

So you stick out your tongue and carefully lick upwards from his balls to the tip.
His grip on your hair tightens but he doesn’t signal you to stop and you start licking more eagerly.

His cock tastes a little bit salty and you can smell his potent manly odour, but you can’t help getting more excited yourself.
„Good girl”, he praises you as you twirl your tongue around him, kissing the veins on his dick.
You want to make him feel good. You want Overhaul to like what you do. His words of praise are like sweet honey encouraging you.

If you work hard enough, you’ll get rewarded. Isn’t that what he said?
After some more licking his dick is covered in your saliva and you have readied yourself to take him in.
You shift your position, your knees beginning to ache a little. But you ignore the pain and sink your mouth onto him.

Chisaki clicks his tongue and breathes in sharply as your soft lips close around his shaft.
The inside of your mouth feels hot, wet and velvety. You sink down slowly, more warmth engulfing his cock by the second.
Your slow pace drives him insane, but you’re giving him so much pleasure.
And you’re being a good girl, so eager to please him, so he lets you get accustomed to his length.

He can hear you breathing through your nose as you move your head down, trying to take all of him.
God, how he wants to just plunge forward, how he wants to grab your hair and facefuck you, making you drink all of his cum.
And if you’d spill something he would put you over his knee and spank that cute little butt of yours until you were crying.

Tears run down your face as you tried to take all of him. He wipes them away with his thumb, still keeping his firm grasp on your head.
You take another breath and finally when the tip of his dick reaches your throat, your nose hits his crotch.
Overhaul keeps you there and mumbles something, his voice vibrating through your body.
It takes you a few seconds to calm your gagging reflex.

Slowly you bop your head all the way up and down again. This time he lets out something like a purr and your chest fills with pride.
At the same time your own pussy throbs with want and excitement.
The thought of Overhaul sinking this giant cock into your wetness almost makes you cum on the spot.

You’re surprised at how fast you get used to his length in your mouth. He strokes your head as you increase your pace, bobbing your head up and down.
You feel his dick twitching and throbbing in your mouth as you start using your tongue while sucking him off.
„Ah”, he groans, „Such a good little songbird. Take all of it.”
His words of praise only fuel your own lust and you viciously lick and suck him.

It’s too much for him. You’re so good at this he’s beginning to wonder just how much experience you have.
But then again he doesn’t care. You’re pure, you’re his. From now on he will be the only man allowed to touch you.
He grabs your hair and thrusts inside of you.
You moan around his length in surprise as he jolts his hips to push deeper into your throat.

As Overhaul fucks your face, he enjoys seeing you struggle to focus your breath. Tears stream down your beautiful face as he shoves his dick down your throat.
Your mouth pussy feels so good, he just wants to ravage you. When your hands grab his thighs for support, he uses both hands to force himself into you.
„Stay still”, he commands you as he humps inside of you, his balls slapping your chin as he increases his speed.
Your tongue hovers around his shaft helplessly as you try to keep your teeth from hurting him whilst breathing through your nose.

Your own juices are running down your thighs as you’re overflown by all this pleasure of him using you like a cumdumpster.
The lack of oxygen makes your head feel lighter as he rams his cock inside of your mouth, unable to contain his own groans anymore.
At the hems of your vision shadows are creeping and you’re crying by now, afraid to lose consciousness.
His thrusts get sloppier as the grip in your hair gets firmer.

Overhaul’s cock twitches as he pushes inside you one last time before shooting his juices down your throat.
Thick sperm is pumped into you, filling your mouth. It’s creamy and hot and you’re afraid you won’t be able to swallow it all.
But without him ramming into you, you can breath a bit through your nose as he forces you to stay in place while his throbbing dick pumps his loads into you.

„Drink all of it, songbird. If you spill one drop, you’ll be punished”, he growls.

Contradicting his harsh words his hands brush your hair out of your eyes, his fingers catching your tears as you suck on him again.
You suckle on his milk, swallowing a few times until you’re sure there’s nothing left.

When Overhaul finally pulls out, you make sure to lick him clean. His dick is getting harder again and your own pussy aches for release, while you can still feel his hot run down your oesophagus.

You look up to him, hoping to get some sort of praise or affirmation.
He gives you a small smile as he caresses your teary cheeks.
„My good little songbird. How well you took my cock. But shouldn’t you be more thankful for receiving my present?”
„Thank you for the food”, you say shyly, averting his gaze as you feel a wave of shame rushing over you.
He kidnapped you. You really are a slut for being this turned on by a man having his way with you.

He seems pleased as he pats your head.
„What a good little girl. But I think you need to be punished for leaking on the floor.”
Your face flushes with heat as he raises you to your feet and bends you over the desk.
You cry out as he viciously slaps your butt cheek.

„My, what a beautiful voice. I’ll make you sing for me”, he hums and you can feel his dick brush against your dripping folds, as he pushes up the dress. His hands find your breasts and he kneads them, making you mewl and arch your back to get closer to him. Overhaul kisses your shoulder and as his slender finger pull on the strap of your dress.
You moan loudly when he rams his dick inside of you without further warning.

Your pussy feels so good around his dick and your sweet little voice makes him weak.
This is what he dreamt of every night since he heard you sing in that bar for the first time.
And here you are, so beautiful and pure, so obedient, so wet for him.

Your insides contort around him and you’re dripping wet all because of him.
Overhaul is going to cleanse you with his own cum, he is going to fill up every inch of you.

You’ll be his songbird, and his alone.

The mewls and moans that escape your mouth make him thrust into you faster.
He almost isn’t able to contain himself as he fucks you against his desk, his balls slapping your pussy while his hands roam over your body.

Occasionally he slaps your butt to let you know this is meant as a punishment, but the heavy moans that follow, make him doubt you really feel bad.
But then again your sweet voice appeases him. Your pussy winds so good around his cock that he thinks he’ll let you get away with leaking your juices on the floor.

Overhaul can feel your twisting, convulsing insides before a scream of pleasure escapes your lips as you cum.
Your legs and arms give in and you would’ve sunken to the floor if it weren’t for the desk and his arms holding you up.
But Chisaki isn’t finished with you. He loosens his tie and enjoys the feeling of your soft caverns clawing at his dick.
Then he grabs your hips and rams inside you harder than before.
You’re not getting away anytime soon.

„Make some more noise for me, my little songbird, will you?”

Chapter Text

Welcome Home!

„Welcome home!”, you chant as you hear the door open.
The jingling of keys, the rustling of clothes and a deep sigh from your lover Sasaki Mirai, known to the public as Sir Nighteye.
„I’m home”, he says, his voice lacking power and motivation.
Lately his work has taken a toll on him with a lot of overtime and almost no results. He is frustrated and tired and you’re starting to feel a little neglected.

But this time you have the perfect plan!
„I’m in the kitchen. Dinner’s almost ready”, you inform him as you hear footsteps coming closer.
You bite your lip in excitement, but a part of you is scared that he won’t like it.

When his tall frame appears in the door you still, your hands clenched to fists as you try to smile at him seductively.

He doesn’t even look at you properly. Your tall, slender boyfriend has taken off his glasses and rubs the back of his nose before he gets himself a drink from the fridge.
He wears his grey suit that fits him so perfectly. You can’t help but admire his long legs and arms everytime he wears it. And you know - first hand - that those fingers can create miracles.

Mirai ruffles through his green hair. Usually his blond streaks are combed very accurately but you love to mess with it.
It’s a lot cuter if he keeps it natural. He takes a sip and blinks, while you admire his beautiful features.
On the outside he appears cold, stern and strict, but you know he is a very caring and dedicated boyfriend.

You almost forget that you’re angry at him for just ignoring you.
Even without his glasses - if he took a proper look at you, he should realise that you wore absolutely nothing underneath your apron.
Seems you had to take more assertive measures.

„Thank you for cooking. I’m sorry I’m so busy right now…”, Mirai says and puts his glasses back on, still lost in thought apparently.
You see your chance and purposely drop your wooden spoon to the floor. He immediately leans forward to get it.
You lean forward as well, making sure the apron is loose enough to let him get a good view of your exposed chest. His fingers grip the spoon and he rises up quickly, a faint blush on his cheeks.

„Is this a joke?”, he mutters, his voice cracking slightly. Sir Nighteye’s hellish glare won’t fool you. You know your lover too well by know.
Playfully you spin around and turn off the oven, bowing down slightly for him to see your back as well.
He breathes in and you can’t help but giggle.

„No, I just thought, you might like a dessert after the stew”, you purse your lips and blink at him innocently.
He still looks angry and you’re beginning to wonder if he feels pressured by your actions.

„Y/N, that’s not funny.”
Your heart freezes for a moment and you stare at your bare feet.
„I’m sor-”
You’re caught off guard and yelp as he picks you up in his arms.
„You’re no dessert, you’re the main course, love”, he purrs and puts you on the counter.

You laugh as he showers your neck with kisses, while his hands move down your curves.
His fingers find their way underneath the apron as he grabs your tits.
Cooking in this outfit already made you helplessly horny, but now it’s the real Mirai that touches you.

He rolls your nipples between his fingertips and tugs as his lips find yours.
Your moans are muffled by his tongue slipping into your mouth, while his hands are still caressing your breasts.
Overwhelmed by pleasure you grab his shirt and start unbuttoning it.

Sir Nighteye is a tall man and he hovers over you with no problem, stripping you out of your apron and taking of his shirt.
His fingers find your sensitive skin and he sucks on your nipple, while he strokes the other one. His free hand roams over your body, squeezing and touching you.
It has been so long for both of you.

When his long, slender fingers find your entrance you’re nearly climaxing just from the brush of his knuckles against your wet folds.
„Delicious”, he moans against your chest before licking your nipple like an ice cone.
You moan and arch your back, trying to get more friction from his fingers against your clit.
Mirai puts a finger inside of you and it glides in effortless because you’re already dripping wet for him.

He kisses from the nape of your neck until he finds your lips again, as he pumps into you.
„Mirai, I’m about to…!”
„What did I tell you to call me?”, he reminds you and playfully bites your neck.
When he adds another finger and rubs soft circles on your clit, you can’t hold yourself back anymore.
„D-Daddy, I’m coming…!”, you gasp and cling to his shoulders.
But before he pushes you over the edge his touch leaves you completely and you whine.

You don’t even have time to complain as he bows down and lifts your legs over his shoulders as his tongue attacks your sensitive core.
His tongue runs through your wet folds, dips in slightly and when it meets your clit, you’re screaming from pleasure.
Even though you can feel your own juices spurt out, your lover still licks and sucks.

You grab his hair for support as he slurps your pussy like it’s honey.
Eventually he adds his long fingers, rubbing and pushing deep into you. You can’t even move your hips because you’re melting from his touch.
Your eyes tear up from all the stimulation and your vision gets blurry, as you come with another loud cry.

„Please… Daddy…”, you pant breathlessly, because even after your second orgasm he doesn’t stop eating you out. He looks up at you, a wild glimmer in his eyes.
„You taste so good, princess”, he praises you and moves up to kiss you. His lips are dripping with your own juices and you can taste yourself on his tongue.
„I want to make you feel good, too”, you moan and wrap your arms around his neck to keep his face close.

You love looking at him, at his beautiful features that get so soft, when you make love.
His beautiful golden eyes that sometimes look a little too sad. But now there’s only lust.
Sir Nighteye smiles at you and strokes your hair gently, before pressing another kiss on your lips, light as a feather.

You can hear him unbuckle his belt and you slide closer to the edge of the counter.
Your tongues are still dancing, when he grabs your hips and pulls you down slightly.
He has you so wet, that his member slips inside you with ease.

It’s been so long, you gasp as his tip reaches your innermost core. You forgot how long his dick was.
His touch, his warmth, being close to the man you love the most.
He starts moving and you pant and gasp in unison, as he fucks you against the kitchen counter.

His thrusts get rougher.
„Yes, Daddy, yes!”, you scream as he humps into you. Sir Nighteye has been just as hungry as you, longing for your touch and affection.
You grab his shoulders for support as he shoves his dick deep inside of you and pulls out, bumping into your cervix with the tip.

His long fingers grab your hair as he breathlessly kisses your neck, his other hand moves down to your clit.
„Princess, you take my cock so well”, he groans and his thumb rubs at your clit again, making you see stars.
„Please, Daddy, give your milk to me. Please!”

You clench around him, your wet pussy draining his dick. He growls as he grabs your ass and kisses you to come inside of you.
His wet juices spurt inside you, filling you up. The seed runs down his cock as he’s still cumming. His balls must’ve been blue judging by the loads of white semen that pours into you.

Sir Nighteye kisses you and lifts you up.
„I’m still hungry for more, princess. Let’s skip dinner!”, he says as he carries you to the bed and all you can do is nod gleefully.

Chapter Text


You stared at the cruel digits of the scale and stepped down with a sigh as you took your belly fat into your hands. Your boyfriend was still in the shower. He always enjoyed the feeling of soft water running down his bruised body. With a deep sigh he turned off the water and stepped out, grabbing a towel.
You glanced at him while you combed your hair, painfully aware of the space you occupied in the little bathroom.

Dabi was a tall, slender man with defined muscles and long limbs. Even his burn marks and his countless piercings didn’t manage to disfigure him. His beautiful cerulean eyes roamed over your body when he rubbed himself dry with a towel.
„Why the long face, doll?”, he asked, the towel loosely bound around his hips as he reached over your head to grab his toothbrush.

„It’s nothing”, you said and hurried out of the bath.
„Is that so?”, Dabi hummed and started brushing his teeth. You hurried to the closet, searching for a long sleeved pyjama.
You knew your boyfriend didn’t mind your body, but there were times when you were painfully aware of the thing’s you didn’t like about yourself.
And you knew that you could be beautiful, even though you didn’t meet the standard.

But knowing and feeling are two different things. You knew. Yet you felt so embarrassed, so grossed out by your own fat, the way your ankles weren’t thin and slender, how you had more rolls than an average person. Insecurity built from years of tearing yourself apart internally, years of classmates shouting mean things at you, guys dumping you because of your weight.

Such things left traces, invisible scars. And in those weak moments you doubted not only yourself but Dabi as well.
As if his feeling were tied to kilos, to the size of your belly.
And you felt worse for having so little trust for him. After all you had been through a lot together.

It was as if he had smelled your sadness. He hugged you from behind and showered your neck with kisses.
„Why are you getting dressed?”
„Dabi… I’m not in the mood”, you said.
„Because you remember how that stupid kid in sixth grade called you a ugly pig? That you needed a sheep for a tampon?”

You flinched because the words felt like bullets from his mouth.
Dabi’s hands snaked around your waist, rubbing your belly and grabbing one of your tits as he kissed your neck.
„You’re still hurting? From those stupid insults of little boys who’ll never be able to handle a fine woman like you? God, I bet they wish they’d be able to do what I’m doing now.”
„Dabi…”, you mumbled, leaning onto his chest.

He pinched your belly and tears filled your eyes.
„Don’t hide from me”, he said and tugged on your arms to turn around. He looked at you, his gaze soft and full of love.
It made your chest feel tight. He smiled at you, his black hair still wet from the shower.
You could smell his odour alongside the shampoo, saw water droplets run down his muscles.
For you he was the most breathtaking man on earth.

Was there a chance that he too was overcome with those thoughts when he looked at you?
Even if it was just half of what you felt, you’d-
He interrupted your thoughts with a deep kiss.

His lips found yours, the sensation of his lower lip - scarred and rough - prickling your skin.
Dabi’s hands cupped your face before he followed the curves of your body with his fingers, slightly using his quirk to make you shiver as the heat rolled over you.
He kissed you so deep and hungry that you were panting when his lips left yours.
But he recharged and your tongues danced, the kiss eventually becoming so wild that drool dripped from your lips and your teeth hit each other.

When you glanced down you could see the tent that his erection had formed beneath the towel.
Dabi leaned closer to you, pressing his boner against your bare body.
„I’m going to make that tummy even rounder”, he said as he kissed your jawbone.

Your head.exe officially stopped working when he said that.
It had been a while but you had been talking about kids and stuff.
Dabi rubbed himself against your body while he kissed your neck, sucking on the soft skin, leaving marks, claiming you as his.

„Let’s take this to the bed, shall we?”, he mumbled and you managed to nod.
Even though his touch hadn’t yet reached your sensitive regions, you were dripping wet from his kiss and his warmth.
Making a mess out of you seemed to be Dabi’s favourite hobby and he exceeded every time.

Dabi guided you to lay down, kissing all over you body. Your arms, your belly, your breasts, your thighs. Always licking and sucking on your skin.
The cool staples were such a nice contrast to his hot skin.
„I love all of this. Every inch of you.”
He nibbed on your thigh and a moan escaped your lips.
„And whatever you choose, if you lose weight, if you gain some, it won’t change the fact that I love you.”
His sweet words made you horny and emotional at the same time. His hot breath brushed against your entrance and you dug your fingernails into his hair.

„Dabi!”, you moaned when his tongue moved through your wet folds, his lips kissing the sensitive skin.
„Make more of those cute sounds for me, princess”, he murmured and began sucking on your clit.
At the same time his fingers entered you, slowly pumping inside of you.

He knew your body well and he knew exactly where to apply pressure, where to slurp and kiss to make a mess out of you.
How delicate you writhed beneath him from pleasure, moaning and mewling, whispering his name like a prayer.

Your fingers dug into the sheets as Dabi’s mouth was taking you right to heaven.
When your walls tightened around his fingers, your own juices dripping out of you, Dabi purred.
He kissed up your body, rubbing your nipples and searching for more cute sounds that would escaped your mouth.

„Dabi, please…”, you mewled and drew him closer. „I need you inside of me!”
„Sure, doll. I’ll fill you up real good”, he groaned and kissed you again.
You could taste yourself on his lips, as his tongue slipped between your lips.

You dug your nails into his hips as he positioned himself between your legs, rubbing his dick alongside your glistening pussy.
The friction was driving you insane and you wanted nothing else but his dick inside of you.
He sank his tip in only to pull out again, rubbing his hot, throbbing dick against your thigh.
But you knew your boyfriend was a tease.
„What, Y/N?”


„Fill me up with your cum, please. I want to have your babies!”
The grin that formed on his lips, his eyes darkening with lust almost made you come again right on the spot.
„I’ll gladly oblige to your wish, princess.”
He kissed you and slided his dick inside of you.

His girth, the prominent veins on his shaft, the familiar stretch of your walls.

You could feel him so intensely as he pushed deeper, always surprising you with how far he reached.
When your loins connected you let out a sigh and Dabi kissed your neck.
„I love you so much!”, you moaned, letting your fingers roam his body, carefully stroking alongside the stapled patches of skin.
„I love you, too, Y/N.”

Dabi started to move, trying desperately to start gently. But you were driving him wild with pleasure.
The way your soft body bounced on his cock.
How your boobs jiggled up and down, how your pussy was sucking him inside, your plush tights rubbing on him.
All he wanted was to fill you to the brim with his cum, marking you as his for the world to see.

He upped his thrusts, feeling his self control slip with each sweet moan that left your mouth.
The wet sounds and the sensation of slipping in and out of your pussy were divine.
He never grew tired from the way your walls tightened around him.
From the way you twitched when he rubbed your nipples and your pearl.
From how you clang to him, nearing your climax.
How hot and soft and velvety everything felt.

When you screamed his name, scratching his shoulders riding your own wave of pleasure, he came too.
Shooting thick ropes of cum inside your pussy, while your clenching walls milked his cock.
He didn’t stop thrusting, making sure to fuck his semen even deeper inside of you.
„I’ll fuck you every night, until you’re pregnant with my child”, he whispered in your ear as he collapsed beside you.

You petted your belly with a smile and kissed him.
„I’m looking forward to it.”

Chapter Text

„Wait for me!”, you yelp, trying to catch up to your boyfriend who is jogging a few yards ahead of you.
He immediately turns around and run towards you with seemingly no effort.

As you were trying your best to continue running he was by your side, obviously now holding back to match your speed.
„Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you behind. I just got caught up in my thoughts, ahaha!”
„You’re… just so fast!”, you whine as he flashes you a bright grin.

This blonde buffoon was now your boyfriend of one year. < br/> He was busy as a Pro Hero, yet he always took his time to help you work on your fitness.
While you were all sweaty and exhausted he still looked fresh as newborn baby.
There was only the hint of sweat on his forehead as he brushed his hair back.
When you finished your round along the lake and took a break you huff and hold your sides.

As a civilian you sometimes struggled to keep up with your boyfriend’s endless energy.
He was always so fit and muscular and never out of breath, while you had kind of neglected your body for a while now.
You wanted to work on your fitness as well.

„You did so great, Y/N!”, he praises you and looks at his watch, „You were three seconds faster than last time!”
„Haaa, I’m still no match for you”, you moan and grab a towel from your bag.
„That’s not true! I’ve been training all my life”, he says and phased through the bench to look at you.

You giggle.
Mirio sticking his head through various objects would never fail to make you laugh.
„What do you think?”, you ask and flex your muscles, „Wouldn’t I be even more sexy with a sixpack?”
Mirio blinks at you.
„You’re perfect the way you are!”
You blush at his sudden declaration of affection.

Mirio grabs you by your shoulders, looking concerned.
„I’m serious! But even if you gain weight or if you have a sixpack or an eightpack, you’ll always be perfect to me”
„M-Mirio”, you mumble and hide your face with your hands out of embarrassment.
Mirio was always like this, so brutally honest and upfront.

Sometimes his words practically swept you off your feet.
You feel something cold touch your cheek.
Mirio presses a can of soda against your skin and grins.

„Thank you”, you say and caress his hand before taking the drink.
Now there’s a faint blush on Mirio’s face and you aren’t able to break apart from his dark eyes looming on you.
Almost simultaneously both of you lean forward and your lips meet.

It turns passionate very quick and you can feel yourself getting even hotter, your mind clouded with how good his lips feel and how gentle his touch is.
As you break apart he opens the can for you and takes a sip, before handing it back to you.
„It’s an indirect kiss then!”, you giggle and drink as well.
The cool liquid feels refreshing but doesn’t help the warmth that engulfs your whole body.

Mirio brushes his hair back, his eyes locked on your shape.
„What’s wrong?”, you wonder out loud as he keeps staring.
Are you sweaty? Did you spill Soda on yourself?
Quickly you look down. The collar of your tank top is darkened by your sweat but not to a gross level, yet you suddenly feel insecure.
„I’m horny”, he said with the most innocent grin and laughed, arms akimbo.
This pose showed off his enormous biceps and contoured muscles.

Now your face must’ve been as red as a tomato. You look around in panic.
But this small park at the edge of town was pretty isolated and it was 5 o clock in the morning on a Sunday, so most people were happily asleep.

„You wanna run home, like, really quick?”, you ask, but Mirio pulls you in his arms with a giggle as he proceeds to pepper kisses all over your face.
„I don’t know if I can wait that long”
The unusual tease from your boyfriend makes your knees weak.
You love his gentleness, his beaming smile, how he always makes you laugh.
And oh how you love it when he shows you this assertive side of him when it comes to sex.

„Ugh, you’re unbelievable Lemillion”, you mumble as you kiss him back.
Mirio drags you further into the woods and takes his jacket off to make a bedding for you.
You’re kissing, slurping and sucking at each others lips, tongues entwined as he slowly lays you down.

He smirks down on you, his eyes shining with admiration and love that makes your heart weak and your core melt every time.
„I love you so much!”, he mumbles as he kisses your neck. His hands glide under your shirt and grip your breast and you bite your lips trying not to moan.
He easily strips you out of your shirt and sports bra and kisses your nipple, his thumb running on the other one.
You cling to his shoulders.
Mirio makes a sport out of everything and he loves your boobs a little bit too much.

His saliva runs down between your tits as he takes turns at sucking and massaging them.
Your pussy is throbbing and leaking, your panties are a wet mess by now.
„Mirio, please~”, you groan as you stroke his hair and bring him up for a kiss.
Your hand glides down his muscular body and tugs on the hem of his pants.

Mirio grinds against you, a breathless moan escaping his lips as you touch his erection through his sweat pants.
You can feel how hot and hard his dick is and enjoy seeing the strained look on his face as you rub him.
„Hng, you’re driving me crazy, Y/N!”, he moans, his voice creaky from all the lust he’s holding back.
His lips meet yours and he simultaneously manage to take off your clothes.

The early morning air sends chills down your spine, but as soon as Mirio’s hot body presses against yours, everything around you blurs.
He looks down on you with his beautiful, blue eyes as he places soft kisses all over your face and neck.
Even with his fingers moving between your legs and stroking you core he doesn’t break eye contact and the smile that forms on his lips as he feel your wet folds makes you go insane.

He rubs his throbbing member against your entrance, soaking his dick in your juices.
„You ready, love?”

Mirio watches your face closely as he pushes the tip of his dick inside of you.
You moan at the stretch, trying to cover your mouth.
Doing it outdoors was wild enough without anyone there to catch you.

He takes his time to shove himself fully inside of you, but once he’s fully inside of you he lets out a deep sigh of satisfaction.
„You feel so good”, he hums and showers your neck and chest with kisses.
„Can I move, honey?”
You nod and cling to him, kissing and licking at his neck, pulling him closer.

He begins to thrust into you, his hands roaming over your body.
You can see how badly he tries to hold himself from humping you like a maniac.
Mirio is always so sweet and careful for your sake.
With him all over you and his dick filling your pussy you’re drowning in love and lust for this man.

„You don’t need to hold back”, you whisper and bite his earlobe and that’s all he needs.
„Babe…!”, he groans as he pounds into you, grabbing your hips.
You can’t stop yourself from moaning.
Mirio looms over you, this time you can see him all heated up, sweat glistening on his muscles as he rams into you.

You can’t help but admire his beautiful face and his grin fading into a strained expression.
He bites his lip and his hands leave your breasts as he grabs your hips to hold you.
„You’re… so beautiful”, he moans and leans down to kiss you, his tongue trailing down your neck, sucking on your breast.
All this while he holds and pumps into you with everything he’s got.

You’re gonna be sore and walk all wobbly tomorrow, but you don’t care.
„M-Mirio”, you mumble his name, unable to form a clear thought with his huge cock hitting your sweetest spot.
Suddenly he rises and pulls you up to sit on his lap.

Your chest rubs against his hard muscles while he pounds inside you from below.
Now you’re so much closer and you can feel his breath on your neck, while you moan in your ear.
„You’re perfect, babe!”, he praises you as you try to match the movement on your hips to his thrusts.
In this position he reaches even deeper and he holds you in his strong arms.

As he sucks on your neck, you can feel your walls clenching around his cock.
„Mhm, Mirio… just like that… ah!”
He grabs your hair and kisses you, his tongue dipping into your mouth as he increases his speed to hammer into you.
„Yes~”, you moan as you reach your climax, stars and colours exploding in your vision.

If it weren’t for Mirio holding you, you would’ve just slumped back powerless, all your limbs turned into pudding.
But he pounds into you, not breaking your kiss, until his thrusts become more sloppy.
You playfully bite his lips as he lets out a groan and releases his hot sticky juice into you.
Mirio always fills you up really good, shooting thick ropes of his seed into you.

It’s already dripping from your wet cunt, but you love the feeling of Mirio’s cum all over you.
„That was amazing”, you murmur and kiss his forehead.
He smiles at you, still drunk on his high and all the love he’s feeling.
You cuddle for a while until the morning breeze gets too chilly.

„Ugh, if I knew it would turn out like this, I would’ve brought spare clothes”, you whine as you barely manage to clean yourself with all the loads of cum still pouring out of you.
But if you don’t want to walk home naked, you have no choice but to put your sweaty clothes back on.

„Well, I definitely have to wash my jacket”, he adds and just rolls it into a ball.
You blush at the though of your mixed juices and sweat sticking to it now.
Mirio just grins at you, a slight shimmer of red on his cheeks. You feel satisfied and tired, but he looks fresh and energetic.
He holds your hand as you make your way back to the trail.

„Where’s my bag”, you murmur as you wander through the bushes. You step out on the trail, finding both of your bags and your towel just where you left it.
Mirio takes the vacant Soda can and aims to throw it into the trash-bin next to a bench nearby.

You both freeze as you see an old lady sitting on the bench just a few yards away from the bushes you had just copulated in.
„Ah the springtime of youth”, the old lady giggles and smiles at you.
Your eyes almost fall out of their sockets and your face turns lobster red, but Mirio just rubs his necks and laughs it off.
„Let’s head home, shall we?”, he says with a grin and picks a stray leaf from your hair.

Chapter Text

I could’ve been a normal night like many other. But this time luck wasn’t on your side.
It was just you and some other sidekicks patrolling the streets alone.
Your hero patrol stumbled upon villains and your group had been a little slower in their reaction.
You were a good fighter and your quirk to create thick and heavy mist was usually quite useful in combat.

But now you were circled in bright blue flames, a hot hand pressed close to your face and a knee in the back.
You had no idea where your colleagues were. If they were alive, if they had managed to escape…
You were just some minor sidekicks, no big shots. None of you had what it takes to bring down mighty villains.

Yet your body had moved on your own and you had drawn the villain’s attention by attacking them head on, covering your friends in mist.
Hopefully they had been able to run and get help.
You tried to be brave and stop your eyes from tearing up.
Surely they would kill you.

„Bad luck running into us, huh?”, the man above said with a chuckle.
Sparks were sizzling from his fingers, dangerously close to your skin.
He had burned half of your outfit during the fight, but you were still unharmed except for a few bruises.
Dabi - if you recalled his name right - was toying with you.

And you saw a red pair of shoes walking towards you.
„What do we do with this snack?”, Dabi asked, shifting his weight a little.
Maybe you could wait for a chance, spray some mist in his eye and dash off, hoping they wouldn’t be able to…

„Don’t even think about running, you hero scum”, Shigaraki Tomura snarled and crouched next to you.
You flinched as he brushed strands of hair out of your face to get a better look at you.

Shigaraki had removed the hand from his face and to your surprise he looked much younger and softer than you would’ve guessed.
He still hid most of his face with light blue strands of hair, but you could see his round chin with a mole, his chapped lips and the scars above his crimson red eyes.
If he wasn’t a villain and about to kill you, you would’ve thought that he was beautiful in his own way.

Even Dabi with all his scars had some rough coolness that you found appealing.
You knew how dangerous those feelings were for someone like you, for a hero, but you never thought you would actually be confronted with those high calibre villains yourself.
Still a part of you hoped they would simply decide you were too minor to kill, yet you couldn’t help but shiver.
„You allowed all of your friends to run and they did. What a pity. No one’s coming to help you”, Dabi whispered close to your ear. „Killing you would be a waste though…”

You shivered and avoided their gaze, biting your lip.
Pleading and begging wouldn’t help you.
All you could do was to stay patient and to wait for reinforcements.
„We should leave…”, Shigaraki mumbled and got up.

„Then what shall we do with this little one?”
Shigaraki stared at you, contemplating, then shrugged. „Take her. We’ll be leaving those cowards a message.”
Dabi smirked and your heart sank. Would they torture you? Mutilate your corpse and leave pieces of you all over the place?
„That’s the spirit”, Dabi hummed and roughly ripped of your mask, throwing it to the ground as he pulled you up.
„One bad move and I’ll turn you to crisp, right?”

„If you’re gonna kill me, do it now!”, you screamed as you tried to wriggle away.
But Dabi’s hand caught your throat and he pressed down, while his palms got hotter.
„Don’t test my patience, hero”, he growled.
You were hardly able to breath and nodded, frozen in shock as they dragged you towards a wormhole of black mist, away from the scene.
„Who says we’re going to kill you?”, Shigaraki mumbled to your utmost terror.

„Shigaraki Tomura”, he was greeted by the man who caused the black mist that teleported you.
Dabi held you by your wrist and pushed you to walk in front of him.
You stumbled and bumped against Shigaraki who glared at you, then Dabi over his shoulder.
„Kurogiri, we got some wannabe hero”, he said.
„There’s a vacant room in the basement with a metal door and enough locks to keep someone from breaking out.”

„Are you excited?”, Dabi whispered close to your ear.
This guy had no idea of private space and his rumbly voice made you shiver.
They brought you down to the basement and all you could do was stare at the floor, trying not to panic.

Dabi chained your wrists with anti-quirk shackles.
They were attached to a ceiling of concrete and seemed impossible to break.
Your feet barely touched the ground and you knew this would be pure torture after one hour.

Dabi smirked as his eyes ran over your whole body.
Your mask had been torn off, your hair was a mess and half of your outfit was burned, exposing most of your cleavage and your right side from the hip down to your ankles.
His hungry gaze made you uncomfortable.

Shigaraki’s eyes were glued to your chest, then he gave Dabi a quick glance.
Dabi’s grin got wider, his eyes darker.
„Who would’ve thought we finally agreed on something, right, Leader?”
You winced as they both took a step towards you.



Oh what an absolute treat you were!
A sweet small time hero that threw herself right at him allowing her comrades to escape.
How noble!
Would you still be acting so high and mighty with a villain’s cock down your throat?

Dabi could tell that Shigaraki was thinking the same, judging by his hungry glare and the tent rising in his pants.
That damn NEET was probably already cumming from just looking at your barely clothed form.
He knew how impatient his leader was, so Dabi took the first step and tore away what was left of your outfit.

He let out a whistle when black lace showed beneath your hero costume.
„Did you have plans for tonight, sweetie?”
Much to his delight, you blushed and turned your face away.
„Naw, don’t turn away. Look at how hard you got us!”

To emphasise his words he stroked his clothed erection that grew painfully harder with each passing second.
He grabbed your chin making sure to lock eyes with you.
„Aw, going to cry? You know, I don’t hate that.”

Dabi pulled you in for a kiss, shoving his tongue down your throat.
Shigaraki finally found the courage to make his move as well. He got behind you and fondled roughly with your breasts.
He rubbed your nipples and Dabi enjoyed how you winced from Shigaraki’s bare touch.
What a sweet girl.

Dabi’s fingers tugged on the black lace of your panties, brushing his knuckles against your entrance.
Abruptly he felt a sharp pain in his lip and tasted blood before he pulled back.
„You bit me…”, he realised and snorted. „So you haven’t given up yet? That’s cute, you hero wannabe”
Shigaraki applied punishment by slapping your butt hard.
You yelped, unable to do something as Shigaraki slid your panties down and undid your bra.

„Look at her. What a snack! I’m glad we brought her here”, Dabi exclaimed and licked the blood dripping from his lip.
Shigaraki grabbed your hips with four fingers, causing you to whimper and brushed his now freed dick against your bottoms.

„Let’s lower this a little, shall we?”, Dabi hummed and loosened the chains.
Shigaraki’s grip kept you from falling down to the floor.
Dabi watched the scene with pleasure.
Shigaraki’s face was flushed as he rubbed his huge dick against your ass, letting out small huffs and grunts.

Even though you were trying your best not to get turned on, Dabi knew you were getting hot as well.
He took this opportunity to suck on your nipple and finally dip one finger inside of your wetness.
„You’re leaking, hero”, he taunted you, enjoying how your nipple got harder under his tongue.

„I’m getting impatient!”, Shigaraki complained and Dabi nodded with a grin.
„Yes, it’s about time, right? Now, little hero, be a good bitch. You know what’ll happen if you aren’t, right?”
You nodded with teary eyes, unable to keep your sweet moans to yourself as Dabi’s fingers pumped into you.
„That’s a good little slut”, he hummed and stole another kiss.
Shigaraki was biting down on your shoulders, his humps becoming more impatient.

„You’re the Leader, you’ll go first”, Dabi said and freed his own cock.
He loved your reaction, your eyes widening with shock when you saw the piercings adorning his member.
Dabi was already rock hard and he wanted to fuck your face until you were passing out.

Shigaraki lifted one of your legs up and brushed his dick against your pussy.
The pleasure was overwhelming and his whole body felt hot and tingly.
Dabi degrading you had him turned on and riled up.
All he could think about was how he would fuck your pretty little pussy until you were a sobbing mess.

He would have you crying and begging for him not to come inside and he would fill your whole belly with his cum.
Finally he had the chance to turn all his fantasies into reality. A real woman - not some porn and his own hand.
And you were beautiful, like Dabi had put it ”a real snack”.
Your skin tasted so sweet and your scent filled his nose.


He pushed the tip inside, groaning as he felt how tight you were.
You whimpered under his touch and he had to pull you down by your hips to push further.
„You can use more force, Leader. She’s a hero, she’ll be alright”, Dabi snickered.
He was fondling your breasts, sucking on your nipples while he stroked his own member.

„Ugh, so tight!”, Shigaraki growled and bit down on your shoulder, before thrusting forward, sinking himself completely inside of you.
You moaned loudly, trembling beneath him.
In this moment Shigaraki decided to keep you alive a little bit longer than just one night.

Dabi grinned and pulled your head down, forcing his cock down your throat.
Blue sparks danced around his fingertip as he brushed your hair behind your ear.
„Don’t forget, sugar. One wrong move, one bite or scratch and I’ll make you wish you were dead. Hear me?”

Shigaraki was barely interested in whatever banter Dabi wanted to involve you.
He was overwhelmed by your silken walls squishing his dick.
When your walls trembled around him he almost came on the spot.
He didn’t necessarily want to be gentle yet he moved slow, exploring the feeling of your insides around his cock.

Dabi licked his lips at the sweet sight before him.
Shigaraki was in total bliss, slowly humping in and out, causing you to moan around his dick.
The vibrations of your voice around his own cock felt heavenly, but unlike Shigaraki he wasn’t inexperienced and shy.
He knew how to handle a woman and he thrusted himself down your throat without mercy.




Your mind was going blank.
Not only did you lack oxygen from Dabi’s huge and pierced dick down your throat but Shigaraki’s sloppy thrusts inside of your pussy made you go wild.
At first it had hurt a little, because mother nature surely meant well for him, but now that it was inside you, you felt blissful.
He was filling you up, reaching all of your sweet spots.

You knew you shouldn’t feel so good. But your body was hot and tingling and you could feel yourself nearing your own release.
„Try touching her pussy, shitty Leader”, Dabi grunted with his hand firmly sunken in your hair. He thrusted into your mouth and you bobbed your head down his dick.
Shigaraki slowed down his thrusts a little, seemingly confused.
His fingers dug into your hip and would surely leave marks, but he removed one hand.

You whimpered in anticipation.
„Ah, you like that, little slut? We’re being really nice here, even though you’re just a worthless cumdump we plucked from the streets.”
You couldn’t answer with his cock in your mouth, but your tongue moved on your own and Dabi hissed.
He had metal piercings from his balls up to the shaft and one close to his gland, a very sensitive spot.
„Shit! Just like that, sugar. Use that tongue of yours.”

You obeyed, not caring anymore.
Shigaraki’s finger carefully touched your pearl and a wave of heat rushed through your body.
You moaned loudly around Dabi’s dick, nearly choking on him as he pushed deeper down your throat.
Tears were streaming down your face, but you came so hard. Your walls were contorting, you curled your toes and saw stars flickering.

Dabi’s burning blue eyes were on you and his grin was wide.
Shigaraki moaned a little at the sensation of your pussy milking his dick, but he seemed to be encouraged.
Both men exchanged a glance before slipping out of you, causing you to whine at the sudden emptiness.
But you wouldn’t be like that for long, as both of them shoved themselves back into your holes simultaneously.

This time neither of them were gentle, Shigaraki fucked you like an animal, cursing and drooling, biting down on your skin and slapping you.
Dabi tugged on your head, thrusting into you, taking all your breath away.
Your whole body was still sensitive and you came again, tears rolling down your cheeks as you realised you were squirting very hard.

„What a good little slut”, Shigaraki whispered, his voice hoarse and strained. „I’m about to fill you up really good~”
You wanted to shake your head, wanted to stop him, but you had no chance.
It took only a few more thrusts from him and you felt thick, hot liquid filling your womb.
His dick twitched inside of you and hardly stopped pumping semen into you.

„Shit”, Dabi grunted and that was the only warning before your mouth was also filled with cum.
It was thick and salty and Dabi still had a hold of your hair.
You had no choice but to swallow it, yet a lot of it ran down your chin.
Shigaraki pulled out, splurting ropes of sticky white cum on your ass as well.
„Damn, Leader. Your balls must’ve been blue”, Dabi huffed and finally pulled out, letting you gasp for air.

You felt drained, yet filled with warmth and the afterglow of your orgasm.
Shigaraki’s cum and your own juices were leaking out of your pussy.
In your mind you knew how wrong this was. You shouldn’t feel so good being toyed with by two of the most dangerous villains.
„Look at that little bitch, all blissful and satisfied”, Dabi chuckled as he tugged on your hair to present your flushed face to his Leader.

Shigaraki smirked, stroking his cock that became hard again.
„Don’t think, we’re finished yet, wannabe hero”, he growled and Dabi’s eyes widened in surprise before he let out a barking laugh.
„I think that’s the first time I agree with you, Leader.”
He brushed a few tears from your cheek and smiled down upon you.

Cerulean blue and crimson red eyes were on you again, looking hungry.
„I bet you wonder what a pierced cock feels like, right? Don’t worry, sugar, I’ll show you”, Dabi hummed.
Shigaraki licked his chapped lips and approached you.
„Loosen the chains, Dabi. I want to fuck her tits.”

You shivered in anticipation at the though of being filled up again.
Dabi got behind you, his piercing and staples brushing against your back, while Shigaraki grabbed your breasts his huge dick right in front of our face.
For the moment you didn’t mind being at their mercy at all.

Chapter Text

Even though you grew up with your dad, you felt like he was distant, hard to grasp.
Being the daughter of the Underworld’s ruler All For One had its perks, but it came with a lot of secrets and a lot of loneliness.

Other than people might think he treated you well.
He didn’t experiment with you or made you do uncomfortable tasks - you knew it was because he had a lot of other subjects for that purpose…

You were trained and schooled of course, able to protect yourself and to think strategically.
He taught you a lot of things when he was around and fit enough, talked to you about society, philosophy, power, psychology.
But All For One never talked about your mother or where your quirk originated from.

Apart from your dad you only had a few contacts to the outside world. Designated followers and some underworld brokers.
Mostly the one treating your dad, your „weird uncle Ujiko” who would always be very distant.
He was a weird man, a wicked genius and sometimes if he was in a good mood, he talked to you about his creations and his research.

The third „dad” in your life was Kurogiri, a gentle soul and someone you held very dear.
You were a little jealous that he was mostly busy tending to the boy named Shigaraki Tomura.

Even though your dad had practically adopted him from the streets, you barely got to speak with him.
AFO never let you play with him as a kid, you could only see him from behind windows or from the other side of the room.

That boy didn’t seem to notice you at all, his hateful glare always pointed at something far away and it made you feel even lonelier.
Yet you couldn’t help but watch him, look for him in the compounds - white hair, crimson eyes and a cute little mole.
He never smiled and he mostly hid behind his hands.

Yet you felt weirdly drawn to this other kid in the large dark house.
Sometimes you would leave snacks in front of his door and ran away after knocking.
And the one time you actually got close to him as a person, he almost decayed you if it weren’t for Kurogiri protecting you.
As a kid you cried, because you though he hated you. Now you understood that he simply hated everything.

„Why can’t I play with him anymore, Papa?”, you had asked your dad once.
„Because he shall grow to destroy everything. One day you might be his queen, but I won’t give my princess away until he claimed his throne.”

And his words had been absolute, so you kept your distance to Tomura.
Yet you couldn’t help but watch his every step when the League of Villains surfaced for the first time.

But as you saw your father get imprisoned you knew it was finally time to act on your own.
Once you touched a person you were always able to locate them.
The power was only limited by long distance, but you had sharpened your senses enough to track down people all across Japan.

And your mind was set on finding Tomura.


„Are you sure, you’re going? If he’s a suitable successor of AFO he’ll come back sooner or later”, Dr. Ujiko’s voice rang in your contact device as he dropped you off in the woods.
„Yes, he needs some support now! He’s lost… We’ve lost our father!”, you whispered and turned on the flashlight.
„He has Kurogiri and his other minions. AFO raised him to be a strong leader, yet he’s a spoiled brat. You know, AFO will kill me if something happens to you.”

Somehow those words made you happy - your father caring about you more than his goals?
It seemed unreal to you.
The older you got, the more you learned and the more you realised that this wasn’t how a family was supposed to be.
Yet you felt a strong connection to that strange and lonely boy, now a grown man.
And pain was something you got used to.


Ujiko had stopped trying to convince you to come back, he knew you were as stubborn as your father.
So you marched through the nightly woods, following the tingling of your skin.
The closer you got to a person you were searching for the more your whole body hurt.
What a wicked quirk, yet you enjoyed the feeling of sharp needles pricking your skin.

Your body got hotter as you found a little cabin in the woods, with dim lights.
No doubt, Shigaraki Tomura was in there.
Was he alone? You had no idea. But Kurogiri wasn’t around as far as your quirk told you.

It took you a few seconds and a deep breath before you approached and knocked on the door.
„It’s me, Y/N”, you whispered, hoping he wouldn’t attack you directly.

The door was flung open and before you, glaring with red eyes, stood Shigaraki.
He was barefoot, his hair messy as if he had been asleep.

„What do you want?”, he barked, flexing the fingers of one hand, ready to attack.
He didn’t trust you and somehow that hurt a lot.
„I wanted to see whether you’re okay…”, you said and tried to be confident and loud, but your voice sounded very weak.

„I am. You can leave now.”
You stood there blinking at him and barely managed to shove your foot into the door, before he could slam it shut.
Shigaraki growled, but reopened the door and walked inside, not bothering about you.

He sat down on the couch and opened a box of crackers.
That reminded you of the things you bought and you opened your backpack.
„I brought this for you. I don’t know what your colleagues like, so I just got a few different items…”

Shigaraki watched you with a grim gaze as you unpacked cookies, sandwiches, drinks, bottled water, shampoo , deodorant, various cellphones as well as simple black spare clothes in size XL, hoping it would fit everyone.
„The only reason I’m not killing you is because you’re Sensei’s daughter”, he harrumphed and you bit your lip.
„That’s okay with me”, you murmured. „I just wanted to be useful.”

„Useful, huh?”, he snarled. He slouched on the couch, one foot on a little coffee table and crossed his long slender fingers. Fingers that could kill.
He was thinner than the last time you saw him.
„Why couldn’t you have been useful before? Why weren’t you fighting with him?”

You kind of expected his accusations. You were to blame.
Maybe you could’ve helped - even though you doubted your father would’ve wanted that.
In your head things were always going according to his plan.

„I still can feel him faintly”, you mumbled and clenched your hand around the flashlight. „I’ll be leaving now. You can call me if you need something. I saved my number in the black cellphone.”
You could feel Shigaraki’s crimson eyes like daggers in your back. As you left the hut, you activated your quirk, finding comfort in the stinging pain that lingered, telling you exactly where he was.



For you of all people to show up here.
Dr. Ujiko must’ve sent you.

Shigaraki was angry. You hadn’t been fighting for the League or for Sensei and now you had the audacity to show up and provide help?
But Shigaraki was also angry about his own reaction to you.
How his whole body tensed up the moment he saw your familiar features.

He never interacted much with you, spared for the one time, he wanted to decay you.
Nothing personal though, puberty was hard.
But he noticed you, how you watched and smiled at him, left him snacks.

He knew you weren’t to blame for Sensei’s apprehension.
Sensei always told him to keep you out of everything.
You were his most treasured daughter after all. The real thing.
Shigaraki had been jealous of you, had been angry at you and most of the time - straight out horny.

You were like a forbidden fruit, so close, yet out of reach.
And he watched you grow from a cute little girl to a fine woman who wasn’t afraid to confront him alone in the middle of the night.
You sweet scent lingered in the air and made Shigaraki’s pants feel really tight.
The others were still out, scouting the area, searching for useful items and other locations they could operate from.

And here he was rubbing his wood, remembering your scent and the sound of your voice.
If only he could touch you.
God, how often did he lie in bed, imagining scenarios where he would walk in on you showering or you would confuse your room for his?
If only he could shove his cock down your throat and see you crying and begging…

Shigaraki was torn. Torn between his anger and lust.
He wanted to hurt you, yet he wanted you to be his.
Claiming you would also bring him closer to Sensei.
Making Sensei’s daughter his own slut? The thought was getting him pumped up.

You were beautiful, talented and intelligent. He knew, because sometimes he kept asking about you.
Even after he almost killed you, you still brought him various things, still smiled at him from across the hallway.
Always so close, yet so hard to reach.

Sensei had mentioned that one day he would get a perfect bride, a queen for Shigaraki.
Could it be…?
Shigaraki was debating with his inner demons as he cleaned the mess he made of the table while imagining fucking you against a wall.


There was another knock on the door, this time the right code.
„Come in”, Shigaraki said and was delighted to see Kurogiri.
„What’s that?”, his subordinate asked pointing at the goods on the table.
„Y/N brought it.”
„Oh, wonderful. She was always very perceptive and supporting fo you, Shigaraki Tomura. I think that’s exactly what AFO wanted her to do. Y/N was way too submissive to be a leader, yet he never told her to do those things for you.”

And he didn’t forbid her from doing so, only from getting closer and being killed by one of his tantrums.
Shigaraki scratched his neck.
He wanted to ask Sensei what this was about. But Sensei wasn’t there and now he was in charge, making his own decisions.
„Kurogiri, warp me back to the mansion.”



You strolled along the mansion, knowging you would have to leave soon.
Dr. Ujiko had most of his stuff transferred to a new location, one that nobody knew.
And you would go back to your own apartment.
Nobody could connect you to AFO and somehow you were sad.

You stopped in front of Tomura’s old room and entered on a whim.
The room was still the same as years before, just adorned with new layers of dust and spider webs.

With a deep sigh you sat down on his bed, observing the room littered with video game merchandise.
You still had your quirk activated, the faint tingling calming your body.

But suddenly the sensation became more intense, the tingling turning into an aching pain as a black hole of mist appeared right in front of you.
„Tomura…”, you yelped as his red eyes found you.

He looked a little surprised to find you in his room, but you didn’t have any time to explain, because he shoved you right on to the bed.
Four fingers were around your throat as he pressed down. Not hard enough to choke you, but to make his point clear.

Yet you couldn’t help but shiver from the wave of lust that rolled over you.
Oh how you loved the rush of adrenaline, how you loved being mistreated and how you loved if men were rough with you.
You felt your nipples get hard and brush against the lace fabric of your bra.

„You wanted to be useful, right?”, he taunted you and your knees were getting weak.
This energy was totally different, as his hot body hovered only inches above you.
So close!
And you desperately wanted him to touch you, to press himself against you and have his way with you.

„You can take your anger out on me…”, you whispered, shocked that those words really left your mouth.
For a second Tomura seemed to be taken aback, blinking at you.
„What was that?”
You bit your lips and tried to turn your head away, but he chocked you harder, pressing you deeper into the mattress.
Your body wasn’t yours to command anymore and a moan escaped your mouth.

Tomura’s eyes grew bigger and he took off the hand from his face, scanning your features.
„What did you want in my room?”, he growled.
You felt your eyes beginning to tear up from the mixture of emotions.
You were so horny and you wanted to tell him, to be rough to you.

He choked you harder and you moaned again.
This time a grin formed on his lips.
He carefully brushed strands of hair out of your face, his nails scratching lightly on your skin.
You whimpered and he huffed.

„You want me to take my anger out on you?”
You shivered as he repeated your words. So he had heard you crystal clear.
As your swallowed you felt his hand even tighter around your throat, four fingertips brushing against the sensitive skin.
You nodded slowly, feeling the heat gathering in your core.

Damn, his hoarse voice and his scent made you so wet.
He was so close, yet you wanted him to be all over you.
Biting, slapping and choking you, while pounding inside of you.

„Oh, you nasty little slut aren’t prepared for my anger…”, he growled.
With swift motions he decayed your clothes, exposing your body for him.
He didn’t even wait, he just ripped the remnants of your bra right off and bit down on the delicate skin right above your nipple.

You yelped and flinched, clenching your hands into the bed sheets.
As Shigaraki licked around your nipple, teasingly slow, his hot breath tickling your skin, you could feel something hard pressing onto your stomach.
And it only made you go wilder.

Tomura took your nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, scraping it lightly with his teeth.
Your heavy moan only made him nibble harder on it, his hand left your throat and four fingers were massaging your other breast.
„Just one more finger and I would decay those beautiful tits of yours”, he mumbled, face still sunken into your chest.
You heaved and rubbed your thighs together to get more friction.

This felt like a dream come true and your head was getting light.
You needed him now, so you let your hands trail along his thighs and rubbed his clothed dick.
Shigaraki smirked and bit the skin right below your boob hard enough to leave a mark.

„What lewd sounds you’re making! Do you enjoy being in pain that much? You should’ve said so sooner!”
His own breathing was becoming more ragged as he was turned on by your submissiveness.
You could feel how hard he was for you and you wanted nothing more than his cock to fill you up.

Hungry you tugged at the hem of his pants, rubbing while he was kissing, biting and licking all over your upper half, leaving love bites and bruises.
When your fingers dove into his shorts he slapped you with the back of his hand.
Your cheek was burning, but at the same time, you felt juices leaking out of your pussy from the pleasure.

„Please, Tomura…”
He grinned down at you.
„Who would’ve thought…”, he hummed as he lifted his hips and tugged down his pants.
His huge cock was freed and you admired his thick wood.

Precum was glistening on the tip and veins ran down his member.
He was going put this thing into you.
It was so big you were afraid you would break. And that turned you on even more.
„Open your mouth”, he commanded and you complied.

He shoved himself into you, the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat.
You choked a little, tears gathering in your eyes as Tomura thrusted inside of you.
His dick was hot and throbbing, you could feel the soft tip with salty precum leaking from it, while your tongue glided over the veins on the shaft.

You couldn’t help but touch yourself as he grabbed your head and had his way with you.
He used all the might in his hips to snap forward and fuck your face.
Your head bumped against the headboard a few times, sending a sharp pain through your body that drove you closer to your own orgasm.
„Yes, hn… your mouth was made for my cock!”, Tomura huffed, not breaking his pace. „Use your tongue more”

You happily obliged, moving your tongue around his cock, while he pushed himself further down your throat.
It was hard to breath through your nose and to suppress your gagging reflex, but at the same time your whole body was on fire.
„I like that view”, he murmured, eyes locked on your reddened face as tears were running down your cheeks, drool leaking from your moth.

You moaned around Tomura’s hard cock and he growled in pleasure, closing his eyes just for a few seconds, biting his chapped lip.
This erotic expression of his made your heart flutter.
Suddenly he grabbed the headboard of the bed with four fingers, lunging forward and fucking your face with no mercy.
His hips snapped into your mouth and you couldn’t even breath, just gurgle on his dick in your mouth.
Your pussy twitched and you felt a blissful wave of lust washing over you.

His balls slapped against your chin, his loins crashed onto your face and your head bumped against the headboard he was holding on to.
„Yes, you little bitch! Take my cock, take all of it!”, he hissed and suddenly stilled, before returning to a more sloppy pace.
You could feel hot semen spurting from his dick, filling your throat.

As a reflex you began to suck, lick and swallow, finally able to use your mouth again.
Tomura was still shooting thick ropes of cum into your mouth-pussy, while panting and lazily thrusting into you.
„Swallow it all, then your pussy will be the next hole I fill with my cum.”

You shivered in anticipation as you licked and slurped on him, watching his flushed cheeks through your half lidded eyes.
Without him knowing he had already made you orgasm once.
You desperately wanted him to fuck your face again, but your neglected pussy was aching for his huge meat.

You opened your mouth and presented your tongue to him.
„Good girl, so you’re not completely useless”, he said with a grin and rubbed some tears from your cheek before he got up. „Now get on your knees!”

You did what he told you to do, biting your lip in excitement.
Please use me!, you wanted to say, but didn’t dare.
Shigaraki sank his nose into your soaking panties and you gasped.

His fingers gripped your ass really hard and he gave it a slap, while his nose sank into your womanhood.
„Look at how wet you are!”, he teased you, his voice sending vibrations to your innermost core, causing you to mewl. „You came from me fucking your face, right?”
„Y-Yes…”, you whimpered, your legs trembling as Tomura took off your panties.

He dipped one finger inside, feeling your wet folds and how tight you were.
„This pussy is mine”, Tomura hummed and added another digit, before giving your butt cheeks another harsh slap.
„Yes!”, you moaned, almost going insane from all the pleasure. „Please take my pussy!”

Tomura didn’t let you wait for long.
He pulled his fingers out and pushed his dick inside of you.
You screamed from the sudden pain of his whole member stretching you wide.
He didn’t wait for you to get accustomed to his length, instead he humped into you, bumping against your cervix with merciless thrusts.

Pain quickly turned into pleasure as you move your hips in accordance to his thrusts.
Four fingers dug into your hip, holding you in place while the other hand grabbed your throat and pressed.
Your muffled moans were overshadowed by the lewd sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and the squishy noises from your womanhood.

Tomura stirred your pussy up. His hot, throbbing cock filled you to the brim and he hammered with such an intensity, that you barely got any chance to breath.
You felt your second orgasm and your walls contort around his dick, not slowing down.
„Shit, so tight”, Tomura growled as he pounded into you like a dog in heat with your walls clenching around him.

„Yes, yes, yes!”, you screamed as he picked up his pace. His hips crashed into your ass and he gave you another harsh slap on the butt.
„Who allowed you to come?”, Tomura hissed, grabbed you by your hair and fucked you harder.
His every movement, being rough and grunting in your ear only amplifying your lust.
„I-I’m…. Ah…. I’m sorry!”, you stumbled upon your words, because your head went almost blank at Tomura’s furious pounding.

„Say that you’re my little cumslut. Say it now!”, he growled, biting your neck as he got even closer, pushing his dick deeper and deeper.
„Aah… I’m your little cumslut. Please… Tomura… Use me!”
He snickered.
„That’s it. You’re mine. You get that? My fucktoy!”
„Yes, I am your fucktoy”, you mewled and he sped up once more.

You both moaned in unison, the bed creaking beneath you and the naughty sounds of your intercourse filling the room.
„Shit, I’m…”, Shigaraki growled and grabbed your hips with both hands, his fifth finger hovering close over your skin, before he found his release.
Your upper body fell onto the bed, your arms not holding you up anymore, as he pushed you deeper into the mattress.

Even though he came so much earlier, he shooted loads of semen down your pussy.
His hot potent cum covered every inch of your insides.
Tomura pushed your face into the mattress as he fucked you through his orgasm, making sure to pump even more loads of his cum into your dripping pussy.

He collapsed onto you, panting and bathing in the afterglow of his climax, not bothering to pull out.
You can feel a mixture of your own juices and his sticky seed running down your thigh.
Tomura was so close now. His hot slender form resting on top of you, his breath on your skin.

You finally had a connection and it was better than anything you’d ever experienced.
No one dared to be so rough to you. No one dared to harm you in fear of your father.
Except for Tomura.
You were completely exhausted, but you rubbed your ass against his loins.

Tomura finally pulled out, different fluids gushing out of your used pussy.
He laid down next to you, still out of breath.
His dark eyes roamed over your body and your face, but he didn’t look as angry as before.

You were still catching your breath, your body hot and aching from his roughness.
„Tomura… that was amazing…”, you murmured and reached for his face, to pull some strands of lightblue hair out of his sight.
You could get lost in this crimson eyes.

To your surprise he leaned over to put a kiss on your lips, gently nibbling on your lower lip, before shoving his tongue inside.
It was so passionate and tender, you were wondering if he still was the same person as minutes before.
But you knew it was indeed him, when he got more touchy, more hungry before finally breaking apart from you.

He quickly got up, pulled his pants back up and put father on his face.
„Tomura?”, you asked, fearing he would leave you behind again.

Tomura glanced at you, but from behind the hand covering his face you couldn’t read his expression.
He took off his hoodie and brushed through his hair, before pulling out one of those disposable phones you gave him earlier.

„Make sure to be available in the future. You’re my whore now”, he said and threw the black hoodie over your naked body.

Your eyes widened but you nodded and stuffed your nose into his hoodie, gleefully smiling.
Tomura smirked, then disappeared into Kurogiri’s mist portal, an unspoken promise now connecting both of you.

Chapter Text

A Real Snack

„Aah, what is that wonderful smell?”, Fatgum chants as he enters the kitchen.
You turn around a big smile on your lips that dies very quickly as you see the shape your boyfriend Taishiro is in.
„Tai, what happened?”, you exclame and drop the biscuit cutters. You don’t even bother to clean the remnants of flour and dough on your hands.

„Ain’t no big deal”, he tries to calm you down.
But you carefully reach for his face covered in band aids and light bruises.
He flinches a little, but smiles when your fingers rub the line of his chin that isn’t usually visible.
While other might consider him more handsome in his thin form, you know this isn’t the best shape of your boyfriend.

„Why do you always end up badly beaten whenever I’m not patrolling with you?”, you ask furrowing your brows.
Taishiro just grins and wipes some flour from your face.
„Guess, I’m lost without ya, honey”, he says giggling and licks some dough off your finger.
You snort at his comment and instruct him to sit down.

„What’cha bakin? Tastes nice and smells nice too!”
„I’m trying a new recipe. German speculoos biscuit filled with different marmelades. Need painkillers?”
„Only if they’re star shaped and have sprinkles on them”, he says, his eyes hovering from the oven back to you.
It’s only been a few months since you moved together but it already feels natural.

You’ve met when you applied to his agency and this and that happened.
However you knew from an early age that saving people wasn’t your only passion.
The other was baking and you decided to cut back on the first to brighten up people’s days with your second talent.


Recently you have been trying different recipes and supply a good friend’s coffee shop with products, testing to see if customers would like them.
You take the first batch out of the oven and place a new one in.
Heat and the scent of cinnamon, sugar and freshly baked cookies fill the room.
Your boyfriend is munching on some leftovers but crooks his neck to get a look at the finished biscuits.

„Wait, is that All Might?”, he asks and you carefully pick one of them up to feed it to him.
„Careful, it’s still hot”
„Wait, that’s me!”, he exclaims and laughs as he takes the cookie.
Usually he would just sweep a whole tray of food away without even blinking, but Taishiro always takes his time to cherish your cooking.

„Yeah, I bought a special biscuit cutter set with famous heroes. Trying to see if they will sell well.”
„I’m sure they will! And I want to tell the whole world how wonderful you and your pastries are, sugar! Though I’m gettin’ jealous if I think about how others might see you in that cute apron”
You blush a little and tug on your apron.
„Aw, Tai. Come on. Give it a taste…”

„Eating myself is a little weird though… Isn’t there one of you?”
You blush even harder and box his shoulder.
„I’m not that famous and you know, I don’t want my cookies to sell because I’m a hero and you’re my boyfriend. I want people to like them because they’re delicious and brighten up their day.”

Taishiro looks at you with dreamy eyes and a gleeful smile.
„You’re too cute for this world”, he mumbles and takes a bite of the Fatgum Cookie.
He chews, then moans happily.
Taishiro’s whole face lights up and he licks his fingers as you watch him closely.

Your heart is beating fast as you wait for his critique. He always gives the best suggestions on what spices to add.
„They’re delicious”, he praises you. „The crumbly dough and the fruity fresh flavour of the jelly melt perfectly together. I can taste all the spices, it’s so good!”
„Ah, I’m so glad!”

„Feed me more”, he demands, opening his mouth.
You smile at his expression, put a Hawks Cookie on his tongue and a plate with finished biscuits on the table.
„I’m trying different versions. I’m not sure if it’ll work, but I’ll put chocolate syrup into the next batch…”
Taishiro munches happily and makes an affirming noise while chewing.
„Ah there’s only one thing better than this…”, he says after downing a glass of high fat milk.

Carefully you knead some dough and try to fill it with chocolate syrup.
As you wipe your face with your hand, some chocolate sticks to your chin, but you’re covered in flour, sprinkles, cinnamon and dough anyways.
„Hmm… Sugar?”, Taishiro asks and you tilt your head to see him getting up.
You blink in surprise, when you find yourself pressed against the kitchen counter.
Mischief is written all over his face when he licks some chocolate syrup from your chin.
„Eek!”, you yelp.

Taishiro proceeds to pepper kisses all over your cheek and your jawline.
„Gee, you’re unbelievable!”, you complain half heartedly.
„I’m starving”, he murmurs as his hands grab your plushy ass, massaging those round butt cheeks.
„Mhm… is that so?”, you hum as you run your hands through his hair.

You proceed to take Fatgum’s mask off while he presses against you.
Through the fabric of his pants you can feel the only thing about him that ever gets rock hard.
You arch your hips to rub against him, purring while he nibs on your ear.
„Shall we take this to the bed?”, you whisper as you press a kiss against his neck.

Taishiro easily picks you up and grabs the chocolate syrup.
Before you can complain that you need it for the cookies he shuts you up with a heated kiss.
He has you both naked in mere seconds, licking, kissing and biting your flesh, while you ruffle through his hair and caress his body.

„Ah, it’s cold!”, you gasp as he splurts chocolate syrup all over your exposed chest.
„I’ll help ya with that”, Taishiro snickers and proceeds massaging your tits with his hands, spreading sticky chocolate all over you and his hands.
The sheets will be a mess, but you’re so here for it.
He licks your chest and nipples like an ice cone, sucks on your skin, leaving marks.

There’s chocolate all over his mouth and you tug on his shoulders, puckering your lips.
„Needy, ain’tcha?”, he says with a grin before leaning up to kiss you.
You can taste the sweet cocoa on his lips and tongue while your saliva mixes with his.
His hot body presses against yours and you can feel how bad he wants you.

You rub your thighs together while Taishiro proceeds to kiss you, nibbling your lip, almost melting into you.
His hand wanders downwards but stops before touching your sweetest spot.
As you give him a whiny moan he grins and licks his chocolate spoiled fingers clean.
His big hands find your sensitive area and he giggles at your wetness, before pushing finger after finger inside of you.

All you can feel are his fingers curling inside of you and the warm chocolate sauce melting on your skin.
When his plump thumb rubs over your pearl you’re clenching your fists, no longer able to stay silent.
„Ah I love it when ya do that”, he hums continuing to kiss and lick the syrup while he kneads your pussy away like dough.

„Please, give it to me”, you moan, roaming his body with your hands.
Slowly he’s regaining his body fat and his chubby body on your just feels like heaven.
„God I love ya so much, my dirty little baby. Look at ya, drooling and covered in chocolate for me!”
He kisses down your belly and you’re shivering in anticipation.
„Think I’ll tease ya some more, eh?”

You’re cut off when his mouth finds your pussy.
It’s not fair how good this man is with his tongue and lips.
„Mhm…”, he murmus between your thighs, „This dirty little pussy is the best!”
He slurps, his tongue gliding through your wet folds, while his fingers push deeper, not ceasing to torment you.

„Tai… ah… no fair!”, you moan and grab his hair.
Yet he doesn’t let go. In fact he presses he starts to lick your pearl and you throw your head back in pleasure.
With every stroke of his finger, every push of his tongue, he sends hot shivers down your spine.
Your head feels fuzzy and light and your whole body is going numb from his sweet torment.

„Come for me, babe”, he whispers and slurps.
The combination of his fingers and his tongue strums a certain string inside of you.
Fireworks go off in your head and stomach, the heat rushes through your veins, prickling on your skin.
All you can do is moan and blink at your lover from half lid eyes.

With a hungry look he hovers over you.
Your juices are running down his chin and he licks his fingers.
„You’re my favourite dish, hun”, he hums and kisses you again.
This time you can feel something hard pressing against your entrance.

You still haven’t quite recovered from this heavenly orgasm, but you wrap your arms around him and spread your legs more.
„You’re hungry too, huh? So sweet. I’ll give it to you, don’tcha worry”
And he is a man that will put his words into action.

His dick is so thick, spreading you inch by inch as he pushes it inside of you.
„Oh my god… you’re so big”, you whisper, kissing his cheekbone.
„You’re so tight, sweetie. I want to cum right on the spot! Ya lil pussy is swallowing my dick!”
Taishiro moves slowly at first, letting you get accustomed to his size.

The friction is pushing you closer to the edge again.
And you know your boyfriend isn’t one to hold back.
„I’ll fuck you so hard, you’re gonna have a hard time walking tomorrow.”
„Yes!”, you moan into his kiss as he speeds up.

His flesh slaps against yours as he shoves his dick deep inside of you.
The wet sounds of your pussy clenching around him fill the room.
„You feel so good, I wanna swallow you up whole”, Taishiro moans and kisses you.
He is possessive, assertive even and so are his kisses and his thrusts.

Before he makes you come a second time, he pulls out and tugs on your arms.
Obediently you get on your knees and he grabs your ass.
„So beautiful”, he marvels and gives your cheeks a firm slap before he thrusts inside of your pussy again.

The new position allows him to pound into you more furiously.
His dick reaches deeper and his hands are free to rub your pearl.
He pushes your face into the pillows and humps into you, panting and huffing.

You’re feeling so hot and your mind goes blank as he has his way with your pussy.
The tip of his cock hits a certain spot and you mewl, clawing into the sheets.
„Come for me, my pretty little honeybee”
You moan as he viciously thrusts into you and hits this sweet spot a second time. A third time.
And you’re over the edge.
You can see stars and your whole body rides on this wave of lust.

Taishiro’s dick pulsates inside of you and he huffs as your walls clench around him, sucking his cock deeper into your pussy.
„Babygirl, I’m gonna cum”, he croaks and pulls out of you.
Your whole body feels like pudding, but you turn around and go down on him.

It only takes a kiss on the tip, a lick of your tongue and the moment your lips close around his dick, he’s cumming.
Hot loads of potent semen spurt into your mouth. It’s so much, you can’t swallow it all and the thicky white juice runs down your chin and drips onto your breasts.
„What a beautiful sight, sweetie”, he moans and rubs your head, while his hips are still trembling.
You lick him clean and are ready to cuddle against his warm body.

He pats your head and pants.
„I’m still hungry”, he says with a grin and you know that after a short little snack break, he’ll pleasure you the whole night.
You swallow his seed and lick your lips.
Suddenly Taishiro looks confused and sniffs.
„Is it just me or does it smell burned in here?”
„Aaah, the cookies!”, you shout and run for the kitchen still butt naked.