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An Alpha's Mating Pack

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“Come back here Deku! I’m gonna kill you!”

“I’m sorry Kacchan! I was just trying-”

“I don’t give a damn what you were trying! You. Are. DEAD!”

“I’m sorry!”

Unusual though it may sound, everyone at Aldera Junior High were used to such episodes. It was a well-known fact that Katsuki and Izuku had been friends since early childhood. Once the two of them presented their dynamic, it was all but guaranteed they would form a pack. Which was part of the reason no one ever tried to bully Izuku for his quirklessness. To attack him in anyway was treated as an attack on Katsuki himself, and that never ended well. The only time Katsuki would not immediately come to the other boy’s rescue was when Izuku would get himself involved in something. The only reason he wouldn’t immediately save the green boy then was because “Damn it Deku! Don’t start it if you can’t damn well finish it!”. Another part was because their mothers were also very close. So, if one got involved, the other often did as well, and Mitsuki Bakugou didn’t have to show any of the respect or restraint Katsuki did when adults got involved. All the teachers and most of the other parents were terrified of that demon masquerading as a human. So, although they have been best friends for as long as either of them could remember, it wasn’t unusual for Katsuki to beat Izuku up every so often. Especially when Izuku would invade his friend’s personal space. The green boy had absolutely no sense of personal space. It also appeared to be something that he would never have. If he hasn’t learned boundaries after a black-eye, two bloody-noses, and countless bruises, there wasn’t much hope that he ever would learn them.

Even though Katsuki would beat Izuku up, the teachers never worried about him doing severe damage. Or being late for class. Which is why their teacher and the school nurse were not worried when they walked into the classroom, Katsuki furious and Izuku sporting a new bruise. It was best not to talk about it. The nurse did fortunately have some bandages on hand for the green boy.

“Alright class, as you all know, in a few weeks, we will be heading into the next school year which will be your last year here at Aldera. Now, some of you may think that that gives you plenty of time to think about your futures, but it’s never to early. Be sure you give it some thought if you haven’t already. Today however, will be spent learning about your future dynamics. Any questions before we start?”

At the class’s silence, their teacher continued.

“Alright then. Nurse Mizuki, if you would.”

Taking their teacher’s place at the front of the class, their nurse began the lecture on the dynamics.

“Now, as you all know, there are three different dynamics an individual can present as. Omegas, the nurturing caretakers; Betas, the level-headed peacekeepers; and Alphas, the protective leaders. Omegas are by far the most common dynamic, making up roughly seventy percent of the population. Statistically, most of you will present as Omegas.

The signs most commonly reported with an Omegan presentation are lower abdominal pains; especially for male Omegas as they begin developing the proper reproductive tract, and what is colloquially referred to as slick being released from the vaginal cavity in females and the anal cavity in males. You will also begin feeling incredibly aroused.

For most Betas, you will feel an overwhelming urge to organize anything and everything. Males and females both will also begin to experience abdominal pains, especially in the lower abdominal region, as the other set of reproductive systems develop. It will not be as severe as the lower fertility rates mean your bodies are not undergoing as many changes. About twenty-five percent of the population are Betas, so maybe a quarter of you will present as such.

The remaining five percent, though it is most likely less, will present as Alphas. If one of you do actually present as an Alpha, you will need to take the most care. You will feel incredibly aggressive and will want to force your peers to submit to you. This can be especially bad if there is a presenting Omega nearby. There have been several cases of rape occurring under such circumstances. For female Alphas there will also be extreme pain in the vaginal cavity as the proper intromittent organ develops.

The first signs of any presentation come from your scent glands. There have never been any cases where the scent glands have not finished developing before the full presentation begins. This means you will each have your own scent roughly six to twelve hours before the rest of the process begins. After the presentation has begun, it is very important that you stay at home for the first ninety-six hours. By then, your hormone levels will be low enough you will have regained full awareness of your actions.

This is all the basics about presenting. Each person will go through it differently, so once you notice your impending presentation, schedule an appointment with your doctor for as soon after the ninety-six-hour period as possible. This is especially important for Betas, male Omegas, and female Alphas as you may require assistive surgery to make sure everything develops properly and in the right spots. I understand this must be a rather embarrassing topic, but any questions?”

The nurse was met with a room full of blushing teens. A few of them seemed like they were unfazed, but most were blushing. The nurse decided to move on.

“Alright, let’s take a short break from the embarrassing aspects and talk about packs.

A given individual will usually have three packs in their lifetime. The birth pack which comprises of parents and siblings. You all should remember this from when your parents explained it.

 The general pack which usually form during the latter part of junior high and throughout high school. The general pack, usually just called a pack, will typically select a leader unconsciously, most often a Beta or an Alpha if there is one. A pack is about five or six members, though there are cases of non-packs and packs of ten or more.

The final is the family pack. Usually formed within a pack when a mating occurs, it is comprised of mates and offspring. While it isn’t unusual for children whose parents are in the same pack to bond, there is an understood difference, so they are not considered to be a part of the same birth pack. An important thing to keep in mind is if you decide on a mate outside of your pack. Fights can break out between packs because of outside mating. Make sure introductions are done before any mating. The reverse can also be true though. If two pack get along well, they may merge into a single pack.”

By now, the blushing had gone away.

“Ok then, let’s move onto cycles.”

The blushing returned.

“Omegas will have what we call heats. Now, there can be some individual variations and general exceptions, but they will typically occur bi-monthly for three to five days. During this time, you will feel the urge to nest. As you all are of reproductive age, there will also be the urge to find a mate and bring them into your nest to either mate you or simply cuddle and scent you. Now, be aware that being around an Alpha in rut will most likely bring about heats in unmated Omegas with the reverse also true. A heat can trigger an unmated Alpha’s rut. This is part of the reason why all heroes and first responders, must go through special classes. They must be able to identify if they are being triggered. Any of you who go on to those professions will get the actual details there.

Betas do not have cycles like the other two dynamics. Instead you will go into pseudo cycles. This means your response is entirely dependent on the dynamic of your mate. If they are an Omega, you will experience a minor rut in response to the heat. An Alpha’s rut will trigger a heat. Now for those of you who are thinking that it sounds better than having your own cycles, keep in mind that it also means your body will not start adapting to the spiking hormone levels until you’ve been mated for a while. In cases where two Betas are mated, the first one to place a claiming bite will be the ‘Alpha’ with the other the ‘Omega’. This usually triggers bi-monthly pseudo-cycles.

Alphas have ruts. Now, I won’t be able to go into as much detail on this because ruts have the most variation in how long they last and how often they hit. This is a major reason why Endeavor is the only known Alpha hero in the top twenty. An unmated Alpha will experience a week-long rut monthly. During this time, you will be aggressive and extremely territorial of anything you perceive as yours, such as your packmates. During the first three days, you will also want to exhaustively search out those of other dynamics who are unmated. The next two or three days, depending on when a potential mate was found, will usually follow one of two paths, but we will talk about that a bit later one on one if any of you present as such. It is strongly recommended to stay at home during at least the middle forty-eight to seventy-two hours when the hormones are highest.

Lastly, something you should all be aware of is that due to the low fertility rates Betas have because of their spilt reproductive systems and the inability of Omegas to impregnate others, the government has allowed for Alphas who meet a certain requirement to take multiple mates to combat the falling birth rates. The requirement is the cycle the Alpha has after taking a mate. If nothing changes in the Alphas cycle, it’s taken as a sign they can handle more, and they may take another mate. This continues until the Alpha’s cycle shortens and finishes the syncing process. Bi-monthly cycles lasting a full week. If any of you present as an Alpha, I’ll give you more details later.

Now, I’m sure your all too mortified to speak up, but any questions?”

A student tentatively raised a hand.


“Aren’t there suppressants?”

“There are, but they are generally only safe to use to stop a single natural cycle or shorten a triggered cycle. Using them constantly can cause irreparable damage. Anything else?”

Again, embarrassed silence reigned.

“I’ll take that as a no. I hope you all have a nice rest of your day.”

Bidding their teacher goodbye, the nurse left the classroom.

“Now, let’s begin classes, shall we?”

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Early mornings during the school week always found two friends walking together to school. “Hey Kacchan?”

“What Deku?”

“What do you think you’ll present as?”

“How the hell should I know Deku? That’s what the presentation is for dumbass.”

The shorter boy had long since grown used to his friend’s blunt words and mannerisms. So used to them, he’s no longer phased by it. An advantage from growing up around the other boy and Auntie Mitsuki.

“Ok, then what do you what to present as?”

“Beta. They don’t have to deal with cycles ruining their schedules or have to find some whiny-ass mate to solve it and brats aren’t really a problem.”

“But doesn’t Auntie Mitsuki keep saying she wants grandkids someday?”

“Bah! She should have had more kids then, because I don’t want any brats.”

“She’s not going to like that.”

“Shut up Deku! What about you huh? What do you want to present as?”

“Hmm. I think I would like to be an Omega. Their scents are the most effective for calming down victims, so it’s a good dynamic for heroes.”

Katsuki leveled a very unimpressed look at his friend.

“Are you still on about being a hero?”

Seeing his friend tense in preparation for his defense, Katsuki knew he hit the nail on the head.

“Why can’t I be a hero?”

“For starters, you don’t have it in you to try and break someone’s nose if you need to. Secondly on top of being damn creepy and annoying, your muttering spells are more likely to scare someone to death than make them feel safe. Thirdly, you’re a damn string bean. I can just see it now, you’re running to the scene of a villain attack when you carelessly step on a storm drain and pull a vanishing act through the cover. Fourthly, you have still not answered my question of how you plan on defending yourself against quirks. Do I need to keep going? I have a couple more.”

“My mumblings aren’t that scary! And-”

“Do I need to remind you of two years ago when you almost got the both of us dragged into a police station because you made a little brat piss her pants with that shit and someone thought we were trying to kidnap her? We’re lucky her older sister was there and knew we weren’t. And why the hell is that the first thing you try to defend?”

“But Kacchan!”

“Don’t try it Deku. Even Auntie Inko thinks it’s creepy.”

“But it was dark then!”

“Deku, you sounded like a deranged madman hell-bent on murdering everyone. Now shut up.”

His green-haired friend started pouting, but let the silence fell between the two as they entered the classroom.

Making his way to his seat, Katsuki slung his bag from his shoulder and plopped down in his seat. As the rest of the class came in, Katsuki caught the distinct smell of someone gaining their scent. Another Omega. It was mildly surprising their parents were letting whoever it was out of the house, but it was probably going to be a partial day for them before either the school escorted them home or their parents came by.

‘This makes number eight? Something like that.’

The school year was going to be ending with next week, so he did feel bad for the students who were going to miss the reviews. The school may give them a few extra days before they have to take any exams, but they would have to study by themselves so they would still miss any subtle hints their teachers gave during the reviews.

After letting the day pass in note-taking luxury, Katsuki grabbed his stuff so he could head home. Normally, he would go to the gym and train, but with finals looming he would have to make do with an in-home exercise routine. U.A. had high academic standards, so he had to be at the top. And the nerd was coming over for a study sleep over, so he might as well walk home with him.

“Oi! Nerd! Where the hell did you go?”

“Over here Kacchan!”

The nerd in question was running back from the direction of the nurse’s office.

“What the hell were you doing?”

“Oh, well you know that student that was presenting earlier? His parents were running late, so I took him to the nurse’s office so he could rest.”


“Why? I was only trying to help!”
“Not you moron. The new Omega and his family. It’s one thing if it starts away from home, but everyone knows it’s a bad idea to leave your house during the presenting process. Nurse Mizuki even said so a few weeks ago.”

“Kacchan. You really should be less blunt.”

“Why? It gets the damn point across. Now shut up and let’s go.”

Grabbing the hideous yellow backpack his friend always wore, Katsuki began dragging him along.

“Kacchan! I can walk!”

“Until we find some hero out on patrol and you turn into a rabid stalker fanboy.”

Ignoring anything his friend might be trying to say, Katsuki started the track back to his house. He was already behind schedule.

Soon enough, they arrived at their destination. Letting his pouting friend go, Katsuki marched up to the door and tossed it open.

“Hag! Old man! Either of you home?”

“You damn brat! Don’t just come home and start shouting! Is Izuku with you?”

“Shut up! You’re shouting more than I am! Yes, I brought the nerd with me.”

His mother came marching out of the kitchen with the landline in her hand.

“Izuku hon, your mother is in hysterics. She said you haven’t answered your phone. Brat, come help your father and I with dinner.”

Once she tossed the phone to Deku, his mother turned back to the kitchen. Katsuki took one look at his friend whose eyes were already watering with apologies and quickly made for the kitchen. He cared for both Deku and Auntie Inko, but damn if their constant tears didn’t drive him mad. He’d much rather deal with his mother and father fighting their daily war over how spicy dinner is. It always gave him ample opportunity to slip in some extra spice.

A few minutes before dinner was ready, Deku finished his phone call with his mother and joined Katsuki and his parents in the kitchen.

“Hi Auntie, Hello Uncle. Is there anything I can do to help?”


The three simultaneous shouts caused the smaller boy to jump, but Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to feel bad for his friend. No one wanted to repeat the disaster that was the last meal Deku tried to make. It was the one thing that Katsuki would admit to being afraid of. Even Auntie Inko has become hesitant about letting Deku into the kitchen. Yet, despite all of it, he was still Deku and therefore prone to crying at the drop of the hat. Sure enough, the tears started welling in his eyes.

“Deku. If you really want to make yourself useful, go set the table.”


The compromise didn’t completely stop the tears, but at least they appeared mitigated. As the green boy grabbed the dishes and left the kitchen, three sighs of relief resounded through the area.

“Nice thinking Katsuki.”

“Not bad brat.”

Basking a bit in the praise of his parents, Katsuki turned back to the pot he had been stirring with a smirk on his face.

“No one’s better than me at handling Deku.”

“Someone will need to tell Izuku his cooking is terrible though.”

“Well, since no one is better than our brat here, why not Katsuki.”

A minute explosion melted the spoon in Katsuki’s hand.

“HELL NO! I am not stepping into that show of waterworks. You do it hag. You’ve already lived your life, so it doesn’t matter if you drown in his tears.”
“YOU DAMN BRAT! I am still your mother and that is no way to speak to me!”

“SHUT IT HAG! You started it!”

“Now now you two, let’s not fight before dinner, shall we?”


Falling into their routine of friendly squabbles, the family finished prepping dinner and took it into the dining room where Deku had just finished setting the table. Though the green boy did look uncomfortable with the squabbling the two blonds did throughout the meal, dinner was a pleasant time. Once the meal was finished and the dishes taken care of, Katsuki grabbed his friend’s arm and started pulling towards the stairs.

“Let’s go Deku. Study time.”

“Alright, Kacchan.”

“Quit looking like you’re about to walk the plank, stupid Deku.”

“Do you promise not to smack me with the stacks of papers again?”
“Hell no stupid Deku.”



“You’re terrible.”

“Tough shit.”

The two boys let silence fall as they spread their textbooks and notes across the bedroom floor. The studying lasted straight through the rest of the evening and well into the night, the only breaks being showers.

“Hey Kacchan?”


“May I borrow one of your shirts to sleep in?”



The blond boy begrudgingly let his friend grab him in a quick hug before pushing him away and crawling into bed.

“Night Kacchan.”
“Night Deku.”

The two friends started drifting off into sleep. It was late after all. Right as they were about to fall completely asleep though, a powerful smell washed through the room. It smelled like vanilla pine, and unmistakably Omegan. The two boys shot up in bed and looked at each other. One of them was preparing to present.

“Kacchan? Is that me or you?”

“I don’t know Deku.”

With as strong as the smell was and in a confined space, it was impossible to tell which of them it was.

“I’m going to go get the hag and the old man.”

“But Kacchan! It’s really late!”

“And this is really important dumbass.”

Ignoring the smaller boy, Katsuki marched down the hall and knocked on his parents’ door.

“Hag! Old man! Either of you up?”

“Damn it Katsuki! You better have a damn good reason for waking your father and I up at one in the damn morning!”

“Me or Deku is presenting.”

The blond was met with silence. Then some shuffling and footsteps. Soon enough, the door opened.

“You look like shit hag.”

“Shut it you damn brat. Where’s Izuku?”
“In my room panicking.”

Leading his parents back to his room, Katsuki was proven right about his friend. Talking one hundred miles an hour in that unintelligible muttering that was reserved for panicking. Nothing a quick head slap didn’t fix.

“Ow! Kacchan?!”

“Shut it Deku.”

“Brat, knock it off. Masaru, dear?”

“Already on it.”

The Bakugou patriarch left the room and the two boys heard him grab the phone and start dialing someone.

“Who the hell is the old man calling?”

“Manners brat. He’s calling Inko. Izuku is the one presenting.”

“Huh? How can you tell? Kacchan’s room is fairly small, so isn’t difficult to tell where the scent is coming from?”

“Never underestimate the nose of a parent.”

Masaru walking back into the room drew everyone’s attention to him.

“Inko is on her way.”

“Alright Izuku, why don’t you get dressed so you can head home when your mother gets here?”


The boy was now vibrating with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. He was presenting as the dynamic he wanted, but there was still the underlying anxiety. Even though it is rare, he was still a male presenting as Omega, so there could be problems. Regardless, the boy started to get dressed. Not to soon, as his mother made it in record time.

“Hello Inko.”
“Mitsuki! Where’s Izuku? Is he okay? Has he said anything about pains? What about-”

“Inko! He’s fine, it’s just the starting process.”

Though she didn’t look completely calm, Inko stopped fussing outwardly and waited for her son.


“Mom? I’m ready.”

The presenting Omega came downstairs and the four people in the living room, Katsuki having been forced out of his own room by his mother, immediately noticed what was off. After all, Izuku never wears black skull shirts and he was practically swimming in it.

“Izuku dear, you’re still wearing Katsuki’s shirt.”

The response was a subtle movement to try and pull the shirt in on himself.

“Um, well, I, it’s…”

“It’s fine. The nerd can borrow it for a while.”

The adults cast glances at the others before slightly nodding.

“That’s very kind of you Katsuki. Izuku and I need to be going now.”

“Bye Auntie, Bye Uncle, see you Kacchan.”

“Later nerd, bye Auntie.”

Once the Midoriya’s were gone, Katsuki spoke up.

“Damn it, now I’m going to have to tutor him after this.”

“Bed first brat.”


The family of three promptly return to bed.

Chapter Text

Exam week was hell week and not a single person would ever be able to tell Katsuki otherwise. Especially when it seemed like there absolutely had to be some extra, or two, who decided they just to prepare to present in the middle of a damn test. Of course, it was always during one of the morning tests, so the entire room always stuck of Omega or Beta. All. Damn. Day. Then another extra would decide to do the same thing the next day! Worst part is, it seemed to get worse every damn time. Deku of course got out of all that shit by getting the extra time to study because he presented at the end of last week. While Katsuki was stuck in a damn room that reeked, for the entire week, then stuck studying by himself in the first half of the week then with motormouth Deku once he had finished presenting! All Katsuki had done was grunt out a small congrats that first day Deku came back over to study and you would think that it was an invitation for the nerd to go into his life story that Katsuki had already heard who knows how many times! So yes, the blond was in a bad mood from this week. At least today was the last day of exams, so after this it would only be helping Deku study a bit more then he could have some peace and quiet. Something he was looking forward to, but it wouldn’t be Katsuki’s life if something didn’t happen. They had just finished the morning exams and were preparing to take a break for lunch when it happened.

A pungent scent like that of mesquite smoke suddenly filled the classroom. It was very powerful and the underlying almost musky tang to it left no doubt as to what the dynamic of the current presenter was. Alpha. The only one in their entire year so far, and school itself for that matter, to have that dynamic. The strength of the scent and the size of the room they were in quickly had everyone in the room zeroing in on the source. Katsuki.


So much for being a Beta.

“Congratulations on your presentation, Bakugou. Not many ever present as an Alpha.”

The lie in the teacher’s tone was painfully obvious. He knew just how much of a mess this was going to be for the next school year. At least Katsuki was going to be able to finish his exams. At the cost of a full week of his vacation. Damn it all.


Katsuki hadn’t exactly been fond of that instructor before but lies can always drop anyone’s standing in his book. The blond acknowledged being an asshole, but he prided himself on being an honest one.

Marching out of the classroom to the cafeteria, Katsuki began regretting not bringing his own bento. He really hadn’t wanted to go through the hassle of making one for the last day of school but walking through the halls and feeling all the extras looking at him as he went by was starting to majorly piss him off. He could have sworn he even heard some of them sniffing at the air after he walked past, almost as though they were Searching, but that is only done when said individual is being pursued as a mate. Katsuki had already made it very clear to everyone in his class he hated their guts, he also knows he has quite the anti-social reputation throughout the entire school, and some of these students he knows he’s never even met before. Them pursuing him as a mate for his smell just sounds ridiculous, unless they were a bunch of damn perverts. The though sent a shudder down his spine. But, even if they are, Katsuki would have no qualms about smashing their noses in. That would solve that problem in an instant.

The wait in the lunch line, however served to prove that yes, a number of his classmates were beginning to crowd him to get a better whiff of his new scent but growling at them with a few sparks for the more persistent ones would still send them scurrying away. That was a plus at least.

Going to his usual corner in the cafeteria, Katsuki began eating lunch in relative peace. At least until he noticed a couple of upperclassmen a couple tables away. Other people, except Deku of course, never tried to get close when he was eating, so maybe that was what drew his attention to them.

‘Let’s see. Four Omegas and two Beta. Whatever. As long as they leave me alone.’

Ignoring them in favor of his meal, the preparing Alpha got through most of his meal before a mewling sound reach his ears. Glancing over to the upperclassmen’s table, Katsuki felt the remainder of his appetite vanish with an urge to puke start bubbling up in his gut.

‘You have got to be fucking kidding me.’

The six matching flushed faces with dilated eyes looking at him gave enough of a hint on its own, but the changing scents wafting over to him confirmed why they hadn’t started eating their lunches yet.

‘They are fucking masturbating to my scent in the middle of the fucking cafeteria!’

Grabbing his tray, the blond boy quickly dumped it in the trash and began walking back to his classroom as fast as he could without making it look like he was running away. A show of weakness might just bring the rest of those damn idiots back. Not at all something he wanted to deal with after seeing that.

Once he got back to his classroom, he swiftly returned to his seat and made a point of chasing off anyone who tried to get close. Whether or not all the extra aggression was strictly himself or coming from his now imminent presentation, he didn’t exactly care at this point. It got his message across rather well, so he wasn’t going to question it. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t glad to see the teacher walk in with the next set of tests. Sooner they were over the better.


A few more hours later, all the exams for the semester were over. Grabbing his bag, Katsuki quickly made for the exit. All the attention was starting to make him sick in addition to pissing him off.

‘I swear I am never going to a zoo or anything like that again unless I have to.’

He normally loved being the center of attention but being looked at like a prime piece of meat or some shit just crossed so many lines. Especially those perverted asshats from the cafeteria. They didn’t even try to pretend they were decent human beings. Disgusting.

‘Oh, fuck.’

Speak of the devil. There they were. Waiting by the gate. Like a bunch of damn vultures, but like hell he was going to run and hide like a coward. He’ll just march past them. Besides, he had no proof they were actually waiting for him.

“Bakugou Katsuki, right?”

So much for that.

“Piss off.”

“Oh, don’t be like that.”

“Fuck off.”

One of the girls, a Beta, in the group apparently took that as an invitation, because she stepped closer with her arms folded under her breasts to accentuate the size.

“But we would much rather with you.”

Okay that was it. Katsuki grabbed his bag tighter to keep his hands from just exploding these perverted morons and began lengthening his stride. Of course, one of the boys, maybe an Omega, tried to grab him.

“We are your seniors so don’t be rude.”

The moment Katsuki felt the hand around his wrist, he spun around and sunk his fist in the asshole’s face. Admittingly, watching the pervert collapse and the rest of them backing up so fast they themselves tripped was very cathartic, but he needed to go now.

Once he was a few blocks away, he pulled out his phone and called home. The barbed voice on the other end was surprisingly relaxing.

“What the hell did you do brat?”

“Shut it hag. What makes you think I did anything?”

“Because you always do.”

“Piss off. Is Deku there?”

“Don’t talk to me like that. Yes, I invited he and Inko to eat dinner with us.”

“Reschedule it.”

“Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say young man?”

“Get rid of them. I’m presenting as an Alpha and if I see one more Omega today, I’m going to commit homicide.”

The silence lasted a few seconds.

“You should have said that first brat, and we’ll talk when you’re back.”


Ending the call and shoving his phone back into his pocket, Katsuki redoubled his pace. All these eyes following him was not going to be ignored anymore, so the sooner he got home the better.


Walking in through the door and being welcomed by the smell of curry was a welcome break from the scents of Betas and Omegas, especially from the ones trying to grab his attention.

“What happened today Katsuki? Are you alright?”

Looking up, Katsuki saw his father standing there worriedly. Normally Katsuki would hate showing weakness, but he was a bit freaked out.

“It feels wrong. All these Betas and Omegas were watching me like vultures. A few of them I’d never met before even propositioned me. It felt wrong.”

Letting his father wrap him in a hug, Katsuki felt himself be guided to the table where his mother was setting the table.

“Sit and eat. The next week isn’t going to be fun, so enjoy this evening. Your father and I will take care of everything else.”

And that’s what he did.