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Moonlit Dance

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Jotaro sits at the table of his home. Its the middle of the night, his eyes fixated on the mug in his hands, fingers on his right hand delicately wrapped around the porcelain handle and his left hand snugly planted against the smooth of the cup. Rays of soft moonlight shifts through the window slowly as the curtains whip around from the soft breeze blowing through the opened window. The soft hum of music playing from the radio could be heard.

Its been 8 years.

He's living alone now, well him and his husband. Kakyoin is asleep in their shared room in his Florida home, sleeping peacefully. Jotaro isn't the type to fall for someone easily, he's the type that needs to ease into a relationship; yet with Kakyoin, he felt the spark early on. especially after nearly losing him. His whole tough guy act completely diminished to almost nothing as he seen his body hanging limply from the water tower. He thought, there's no way we can save him, yet something inside of him compelled him to go against his thoughts and carry him to meet the SPF after calling them with hands clutching the just barely alive boy and tears leaking from oceanic hues.

He felt the need to stay there, every night after Kakyoin's confirmed revival, to never let him leave his sight until he was completely better. Jotaro felt the need to be the one that helped him. That this was his fault, and he knew it wasn't, but it was a guilt that shuffled constantly in the back of his head. It was the feeling that if Kakyoin didn't feel so devoted to help him for saving him, that he wouldn't have been laid up in that hospital bed; that he'd be alive and well and they could live a normal life. That Kakyoin would—


Kakyoin's soft, soothing voice brings him from his intense thought. He hadn't even noticed the tears that had brought themselves into his eyes and his gritting teeth. "M'sorry.. did I wake you up with the radio..?" His voice is gruff but soft and had a very light loving tone to it. Kakyoin spares him a smile and walks over, letting his pale hands just barely rub at the peak of his shoulders in a reassuring way. He knows how Jotaro gets when he's deep in thought over something; especially when he remembers the past. "It's okay, Jojo.. I'm here now, yeah?"

It's just like Kakyoin could read him, soon his pale hands run down his chest as he leans down to hug him from behind in a comforting way. Jotaro eases into his lovers arms and lets his eyes slowly shut. The moment is silent, yet the feeling is mutual. There's no words needed for the time being, just the presence of each other is enough to set them both at ease. The moment pulls forth a little longer before the cherry haired finally separates their embrace to pull the mug from his husband's rough hands and slide his hands into them as a replacement, pulling his large form up to stand.

"Kakyoin, what are you—" He's cut off by Kakyoin giving a quiet 'shh', and he places his left hand on the males shoulder after fixing the others right hand on his hip, intertwining their free hands and smiling up at him softly. He's subtle about it at first, but he slowly starts to move their bodies in a slow synchronized way to the soft music in the background. Violet crystals are closed as he slowly lets his head rest against his chest, and Jotaro is hesitant but decides to follow along anyways. It's cute.. Slowly, his body rocks along with him and he lets his oceanic eyes close as they slow danced in the middle of their kitchen. The only thing that mattered to Jotaro now is his husband, how they fit perfectly in each others arms.

"Take me back... to the night we met, I don't know what I'm supposed to do..." Kakyoin softly started singing along, his hands softly squeezing the others larger ones. Jotaro knows this song; its one of Kakyoin's lesser known favorites.. "...haunted by the ghost of you.... take me back to the night we met..." He starts to sing along with him, rare for the raven haired male. He enjoys these soft moments, though, the times he can be soft without judgement.

"When the night was full of terrors, and your eyes were filled with tears... When you had not touched me yet... Oh, take me back to the night we met..." Kakyoin continued on, his hips slowly swaying with a loving rhythm, fingers working into the tense muscles. "I had all and.. then most of you... Some and now... n-now.."

Jotaro can't help the sudden tears that start pricking his eyes, before he buckles over and hugs into Kakyoin. This startles him, and the red head is quick to rub his back and softly smile. "Hey, hey.. it's okay, i'm here, i'm here... I'm not leaving, don't worry.." Kakyoin's hands work at his back once more, still humming the tune. Jotaro's sobbing, yet he feels completely comfortable doing it. He'd usually not, even now.. yet the soothing hums of his lovers voice is enough to soothe him and calm him comfortably.

"Take me back.. to the night we met.."

Jotaro pulls away and Kakyoin is quick to cup his face, wiping his tears with the pads of his thumbs. Jotaro's eyes are heavy and red. "Come on, let's go lay down." Kakyoin cooes softly to his lover, with his hands softly running through his silky black locks. Jotaro simply nods, and Kakyoin uses Hierophant to shut the radio off as he leads him back to their bedroom to rest the night away until sunrise.