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A New Family

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Todoroki slumped in his seat as class ended. He shut his eyes momentarily as the class bustled around him. Anything to keep him away from home just a little longer.

         “Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya’s shy voice pulled Todoroki’s eyes open. “I was wondering if you would want to hang out this afternoon?” Midoriya asked, scratching the back of his neck.

         “Not today Midoriya.” Todoroki rushed, cringing as he knocked his knee against his desk. “I have to get home soon,” Todoroki explained as Midoriya’s face fell. “Maybe some other time?” Todoroki offered, eager to soften his harsh tone.

         “Yeah. Of course!” Midoriya pulled a smile onto his cheeks. “Be safe Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya shuffled out of the classroom, dodging classmates as he did.

         Todoroki sighed as he started on his way home. His frown grew as Midoriya’s crestfallen face flashed in his mind. Father would never approve. Todoroki tried to reason with himself. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before Midoriya gets tired of trying to teach me how to be friends.

         Todoroki’s step faltered as the hairs on his neck and arms stood up. A shiver followed an imaginary spider down his back. Todoroki spun in a circle, eyes peering into any shadowy places they found.

         “Well if it isn’t Endeavor’s little spawn?” A slimy voice preened.

         Todoroki froze, breath catching in his throat as a small, cold ring pressed into his back. He squeaked as there was a small prick at his arm.

         “That’ll keep you from trying anything funny.” Todoroki’s captor sneered. “Start walking.” He ordered, guiding Todoroki towards a nearby alleyway. “Make any sounds and I’ll put one in between your spine.”

         Todoroki snapped his jaw shut and let himself be guided through many back alleys, where he came across a sliver car; one he’s seen at least thirty of on his way to school. His captor quickly grabbed ahold of his wrists tying them together.

         Todoroki tried to struggle against his captor. The world fell silent as Todoroki opened his voice to scream. The gun went off soundlessly, bullet sliding cleanly through the muscle of Todoroki’s left thigh, sending him to the ground with a voiceless scream. A strip of duct tape was slapped across his lips roughly. Todoroki’s leg ignited in a flameless fire as he was thrown into the back seat of the car.

         “You’re lucky I only shot your leg, you brat!” Todoroki’s captor snapped, as sound returned to the world. “You better bring in a good paycheck.”

         Todoroki’s head snapped back and forth, searching the car he was trapped in. The windows were heavily tinted, there was a thick wall separating the front and the back seats, save for a small three-inch by four-inch window, and there were no handles to open the doors from the inside. Todoroki’s captor has taken his back and phone into the front seat with him. Todoroki was injured and completely trapped.

         Todoroki flared around in the backseat as best he could without aggravating his bullet wound. His screams were muffled by the tape sealing his lips. Todoroki glared daggers at his captor as he thrashed around like a worm.

         “Scream all you want brat.” Todoroki’s captor snapped. “Where you’re going no ones gonna care.” They chuckled darkly. “And if they do care it’s because they’re about to silence you permanently.”

         Todoroki froze as shivers racked his body violently.  He tugged on the restraints on his wrist. Wining loudly as his hand fell in a small puddle of warm liquid. Todoroki dry heaved behind the tape as his vision became blurry and spotted. His world faded as he dry heaved again.

         When Todoroki opened his eyes, he was facing a rough stone wall. He shot to his feet, only to yelp as his injured leg got tangled in the chains on his ankles. Todoroki face planted the cement floor, unable to use his still bound hands to catch himself. He rolled onto his back, surveying the small, empty room he was in. His ankles were chained to the far wall and the only way out was through a heavy-looking wood door. Todoroki tried to activate his quirk, finding it still just out of reach. He pressed his back against the wall, eyes glued to the door.

         It won’t be long. Todoroki mused to himself. His classmates will come find him, just like they did with Bakugou. One of his teachers would be busting through the door soon. Todoroki sighed to himself as he settled into his waiting. At least now he doesn’t have to train with his father.

         The door creaked as it opened, startling Todoroki out of his unplanned nap. “Rise and shine little hero.” The lady hissed through her twisted smile. “Time for your scans.”

         “Scans?” Todoroki questioned as he pressed himself closer against the wall as the woman approached him.

         “Yes, your scans.” Her sick smile grew. “Gotta make sure you and your insides are quality enough to sell.”

         Todoroki flinched as the woman gently placed a hand on his scarred cheek. “Hm. It looks like your left eye is too far damaged.” She mused as Todoroki sat stone stiff under her touch. “I suppose you can keep it then. Shame they would have sold for more as a set.” She sighed. “Come on now. On your feet!” The lady ordered as she roughly pulled Todoroki to his feet.

         The woman unchained his ankles from the wall but left a short chain connecting his ankles together. She slipped a thick leather choker around his neck and clipped a chain leash to it. “Follow me.” The lady ordered, pulling Todoroki out the door.

         Todoroki stumbled behind the woman, digging his heels and wincing at the pain in his left leg as he did. The woman glared over her shoulder at him. She pressed a button on the small remote in her hand. Todoroki’s scream echoed off the walls as electricity raced through his body.

         “No more digging your feet.” The woman ordered coldly and roughly yanked on Todoroki’s leash. Todoroki followed her silently into a large room filled with medical machines. “Here you are, doctor.” The woman passed Todoroki’s leash and remote to a short man in a lab coat. “Be sure to keep an eye on him. He’s stubborn.”

         “We have restraints for that.” The doctor answered before pulling Todoroki to an empty handmade stretcher. He shoved Todoroki onto the stretcher and strapped the squirming teen down.

         “Let me go!” Todoroki screamed, earning a hard slap to his cheek.

         “Quiet rat!” A large man barked over top Todoroki. “We don’t need you alive to sell you.” He warned, affectively making Todoroki’s snap his mouth shut.

         Todoroki remained silent as the group of doctors put him through several machines and drew a few vials of his blood. He did, however, shout in sync with the doctors when the lab door was knocked off its hinges and a scared man covered in blue flames marched into the room.

         “Dabi.” Todoroki whispered to himself as Dabi’s blue flames consumed everything in the room, other than Todoroki and Dabi. Todoroki gagged and dry heaved as the smell of burning flesh filled his nose.

         Dabi unstrapped Todoroki and pulled him into a sitting position. “Come on. We got to leave before others come. Can you walk?” Dabi asked holding Todoroki by the shoulder.

         Todoroki shoved the hand off and stumbled off the stretcher, staring Dabi down from the other side. Todoroki cursed silently as he found his quirk still locked away. “The hell I’m going with you!” Todoroki snapped, fists up ready to fight.

         “You’ll thank me later kid.” Dabi said, his fist connecting with Todoroki’s head. Todoroki’s eyes rolled back as he crashed to the floor. “Somethings never change.” Dabi muttered as he pulled Todoroki up over his shoulder.



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Todoroki opened his eyes to find himself in a bedroom that wasn’t his own. He sat up in the small bed quickly, eyes darting around as he took in the room. Despite being small it wasn’t crowded. Cozy would be a better word. The brick walls, void of any wallpaper, was decorated with a number of colorful tapestries that matched the circle rug that took up most of the wood floors. Next to the bed was a nightstand and a rustic looking lamp. There was also a decent-sized window on his right faced another building, making Todoroki question why it was there in the first place.

         “Oh! You’re awake!” A soft voice pulled Todoroki’s attention to the teal haired woman standing in the doorway. “I’m Maou Haruhi. I hope you slept well.” She smiled. “How’s your leg feeling?”

         “What’s it to you!?” Todoroki demanded, pulling himself out of the bed to stand off against Maou.

         Maou quickly put the tray of food she was holding on a small table just outside the room and held her hands up in surrender. “Easy there.” She said softly. “I’m not here to hurt you.” Maou promised. “The bullet wound in your leg was pretty old and I just want to make sure it’s not infected.” Todoroki’s stance faltered. “Please?” Maou begged. “I’ll answer any questions you have.”

         Todoroki stared Maou down a moment longer before he slowly sat back down on the bed, eyes darting down to the bandaging on his left leg. “Where am I?” He asked as he watched Maou easy her way into the room, setting the tray of food gently on the nightstand next to him.

         “You’re at my apartment.” Maou answered softly as she slowly unwrapped his injured leg. “Dabi left you in my care after everything went down.” She smiled softly to herself. “Between you and me, I think he ended up going back to that lab to make sure there wasn’t anyone to keep the business going, and that there weren’t any more captives.”

         “You know Dabi?” Todoroki asked, muscles tensing again. His glare training on Maou again.

         Maou nodded. “Yes. I’ve known him for a few years now.” She answers honestly. “Actually, he’ll be pissed at me for telling you this.” She laughed softly. “But we’re actually dating.”

         Todoroki stared wide-eyed at her, watching as a light blush dusted her cheeks. “You’re dating a villain!?”

         Maou nodded. “Crazy I know.” She told him. “But I don’t know, after all that we’ve been through. All the stuff I’ve put him through.” She shrugged. “I don’t really see him as a villain anymore. Like I know he does a lot of bad things and illegal things. But I also know why he is the way he is.” She looked up at Todoroki. “It doesn’t make it right, but I can’t really blame him either.”

         “Why did he bring me here?” Todoroki asked as Maou returned to tending to his wound.

         “Because you were hurt.” Maou answered simply. “He went there to save you, there’s no way he was sending you back to Endeavor wounded and knocked out.” She started to rewrap Todoroki’s leg. “Looks like you didn’t get an infection, that’s good. Your quirk must be burning the bacteria away for you.”

         “Why!?” Todoroki demanded as Maou stepped away from him.

         Maou’s kind honey eyes drifted to the ground. “That’s not my place to answer. I’m sorry.” She apologized. “I can tell you it’s because he cares for you. As for why. You’ll have to ask Dabi that yourself.”

         Maou turned to walk out the door, she paused once she reached the door frame. “Try to eat something if you can, I’m assuming they didn’t feed you there and you were out for a while. There’re clothes in the closet that should fit you. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything.” She smiled fondly at Todoroki. “Feel free to leave any time you want you. Your stuff is over there.” She nodded to the far corner where his school bag sat.

         “Thanks, Maou.” Todoroki said quietly, causing Maou to smile brightly.

         “Please, call me Haruhi.” She insisted kindly before walked through the opened door.

         Todoroki eyed the bowl of cold soba on his left. It didn’t look poisoned, and he doubted that Haruhi would put so much effort into healing his leg only to poison him. Todoroki brought the bowl up to his nose and took a sniff, doesn’t smell concerning. He cautiously took a small bite of the noodles. Todoroki’s eyes widened as he peered down at the bowl in awe. He quickly shoved more of the soba into his mouth happily.

         After finishing the bowl of soba Todoroki pulled himself out of the bed carefully and made his way over to the closet. Just as Haruhi said, there was a collection of outfits that would fit him, both colorful and plain looking. Todoroki pulled out a simple pair of pale blue jeans, a plaid button-up and an All Might hoodie; that he was honestly surprised to find. He grabbed his school bag and the tray of dishes and searched for the kitchen.

         Todoroki found Haruhi humming to herself as she washed the dishes. “Thank you for your hospitality.” Todoroki said as he handed her his dirty bowl. “How. How long have I been away?”

         Haruhi’s eyes darted over to Todoroki. “Endeavor reported you missing this morning.” She answered slowly. “You’re welcome to turn on the TV if you’d like.” Haruhi offered, nodding to the small TV in the living room. “I’m sure the news is still covering it.”

         Todoroki nodded, attentively sitting on the couch, turning the TV to the local news station. His eyes glued to the burned ruins shown on the screen before him.

         “Todoroki Shoto was held captive in this harvesting facility.” The reporter’s voice sounded over the live filming of the burned, collapsed building “According to police reports and eyewitnesses it is believed that the fifteen-year-old was taken by Dabi of the League of Villains. It is confirmed that Dabi was the one to bring the facility down.”

      “The League isn’t going to be happy about that.” Haruhi sighed as she joined Todoroki on the couch.

         “What do you mean?” Todoroki questioned. “Didn’t Shigaraki send Dabi to kidnap me?”

         Haruhi shook her head. “No, Dabi went by his own free will. He didn’t even tell Shigaraki you were there.” She smiled softly.

         “Why?” Todoroki asked quietly, eyes falling to his hands.

         “I can’t answer that.” Haruhi said solemnly. “Judging by the looks of that building, Dabi should be on his way back by now.” She lightly placed a hand on Todoroki’s shoulder. “You’re welcome to stay until he gets here if you want.”

        Todoroki nodded quietly. He sat silently as he watched Haruhi while she busied herself tiding up the small messes in the apartment. Todoroki flinched slightly as he heard the door open to his right.

        Dabi paused in the walkway when he spotted Todoroki. “You’re still here.” Dabi stated, eyebrows tugging up. “I thought you said he could leave once he woke up.” Dabi turned to Haruhi accusingly.

        Haruhi crossed her arms. “I did.” She stated. “But I’m not going to just throw an injured person out my door as soon as they wake up.” She rolled her eyes with a small smile. “I’m not a hospital.” Haruhi locked eyes with Todoroki. “He’s free to leave whenever he wants.”

        Dabi huffed a laugh, a small smile pulling at his staples. “Don’t let Shigaraki know that.” He warned lightly as he peered down at Haruhi fondly.

        Dabi glanced at Todoroki in the living room before sliding into a seat at the small bar on the far side from the front door. “Why did you take me?” Todoroki demanded from across the room.

       “Would you have rather I left you there?” Dabi questioned with an eye roll.

       “Dabi!” Haruhi snapped, leveling Dabi with a glare. “He deserves to know.”

       “Know what?” Todoroki questioned standing up, careful of his leg. “I deserve to know what?”

       Dabi sighed as he slumped in the chair. “That you’re my brother.” Dabi answered slowly, pulling his eyes to look up at Todoroki. “I’m Touya.”

       Todoroki stepped back, eyes widening. “No.” He whispered and shook his head. “No. Touya’s. Touya’s gone!” Todoroki snapped, glaring daggers at Dabi. “Don’t you dare drag my brother’s name through the mud! He was no villain!”

       Dabi sighed solemnly as his eyes dropped from Todoroki’s raging ones. “I’m telling you the truth kid.” He said. “I left nearly ten years ago. I went to tell the police about Endeavor, they didn’t listen.” Haruhi placed a gentle hand on Dabi’s shoulder as he explained. “By then there was no way the old bastard was just gonna let me waltz back into the family.” Dabi shrugged almost guiltily. “Honestly at that point, I didn’t want to go back. I wanted to get you, Fuyumi, and Natsuo out, but there wasn’t anywhere we could go.”

        “Stop!” Todoroki snapped, cutting Dabi off. “Stop lying!” Tears started to well in Todoroki’s eyes as his fists shook by his sides. “You’re not Touya! You’re not my brother!”

        Dabi looked at Todoroki weakly. “Yes, I am Cinnamon Twist.”

        Todoroki froze as a tear slipped down his cheek. “No.” He shook his head. “No! You can’t be Touya!” Todoroki wailed. “You can’t!” Todoroki turned and bolted out the door, and away from Dabi.

        “Todoroki!” Haruhi called after him, only to be held back by Dabi.

        “Let him go.” Dabi sighed, hair covering most of his face as he looked numbly at the ground. “He needs time to process.”

        Haruhi sighed and nodded, lips pulling into a frown as she glanced back at the door. “Okay.” She surrendered. “He’s going to have to come back for his school bag anyway.”


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Todoroki sat alone on the stairs of Musutafu station, leg jiggling as he waited for Midoriya. Todoroki tugged the hood of his All Might hoodie as a large group walked past him. He stuffed his shaking hands back into his pockets to play with a loose string.

         “Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya gasped relieved as he dropped himself down next to Todoroki. “You’re here! You’re okay.” Midoriya breathed before his eyes widened. “You are okay, right?”

         Todoroki nodded, eyes darting to search behind Midoriya. “My leg is still healing.” He tacked on, turning to look over his shoulder. Todoroki’s uninjured leg still jiggling restlessly.

         “Come on,” Midoriya said gently as he stood up. “I know a park nearby that’s not as crowded.” Midoriya into the near-empty park.

         “What happened?” Midoriya immediately launched into a string of questions. “Did Dabi try and take you? How did you get away? Do you need to get to a hospital? Are you being watched?” Midoriya’s eyes widened as he spun in a circle, eye darting around, drawing the attention of a few nearby strangers.

         “I wasn’t until now.” Todoroki teased, a small smile pulling at his lips. His eyes softened as Midoriya squeaked and flushed red. “I don’t need a hospital. I got shot in the leg but it’s fine now.” Todoroki gently tapped his bandaged leg. “I managed to escape while Dabi was burning the facility.” Todoroki inwardly winced at the lie forming on his tongue. “I came across a lady who took care of my leg and let me rest at her house.”

        Midoriya’s shoulders slumped as he sighed in relief. “I’m glad you’re okay.” Midoriya placed a tender hand on Todoroki’s shoulder. “But why are you here?” He asked gently. “You’re still considered missing. You didn’t even tell me you would be here.”

         “I needed someone to talk to” Todoroki answered, neglecting to mention that his phone was still at Haruhi’s. “I can’t face my father just yet.” He added on quietly, refusing to meet Midoriya’s eyes.

         “Okay.” Midoriya nodded. “You want to come over for dinner?” He offered with a smile. “Mom wouldn’t mind.”

         “Please!” Todoroki looked at Midoriya hopefully.

         Midoriya smiled and lead Todoroki to his apartment, sending his mother a quick text to give her a heads up. The two walked closely to each other as they made their way down the sidewalk. Midoriya joyously retold Todoroki what he had missed in his two days of absence.

         “Do you want to stay the night?” Midoriya offered suddenly. “Mom will probably make you go back in the morning though. Or at least have you call Fuyumi to let her know where you are.”

         “I’ll head back after my father usually leaves for work.” Todoroki sighed, eyes darting to take in Midoriya at his side. “Thank you Midoriya.”

         “I’m glad you’re back.” Midoriya smiled back as he welcomed Todoroki into his apartment.


         Haruhi rushed through her apartment, getting ready for work, cursing herself for getting too distracted by the news report of Todoroki’s return. Haruhi paused when she heard a soft knock at her door. She frowned and cursed under her breath as she threw the door open. “I’m not buying- Oh!” Haruhi’s eyes softened as her gaze fell on Todoroki. “Sorry. I didn’t think I’d see you again so soon.”

         “I need my bag.” Todoroki shrugged, eyes peering around Haruhi. “May I have is back?”

         “Of coursed.” Haruhi smiled, stepping aside to let Todoroki in. “It’s still where you left it. First room on the right.” She threw over her shoulder as she busied herself in the kitchen. “I’m running late for work, so I have to leave now.” Haruhi leveled Todoroki with a fond stare. “Stay as long as you like. You’re welcome to anything in the fridge. Lock the door when you leave please.”

         “You’re very odd.” Todoroki stated bluntly.

         Haruhi huffed a laugh, bright smile forming against her cheeks. “I get that a lot.” She said before leaving Todoroki alone in the apartment.

         Todoroki numbly made his way to the room he stayed in, surprised to find his things untouched. A small envelope addressed to him sat on the floor next to his bag. Todoroki raised an eyebrow as he gently unfolded the letter inside.


I’m sorry for dropping such heavy news on you like that. I now realize pressuring Dabi into telling you all at once wasn’t the best way to go about it, or even my place to do so. I know what it’s like to not know your family and Dabi speaks so highly of you. I overstepped and I’m sorry for that.

You don’t have to do anything with this knowledge, or even acknowledge it at all, but I feel like I already know you, with how much Dabi talks about you. He’s so proud of the person you’ve become. You should have seen him when we watched the sports festival, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile that much then when you went against Midoriya.

And when he came back after the summer camp; it took days for me to get him to talk. Dabi was so upset that he had to face you, truthfully, he didn’t want to go in the first place, tried to talk Shigaraki out of the whole idea. There were days that I was afraid I’d come home to find out that Shigaraki got feed up with Dabi’s arguments, instead he made Dabi the leader of the whole thing. That bastard of a man!

When Dabi heard from another villain that you were taken. I’ve never seen him that angry, not even after his fight with Endeavor. He was so determined to get you out, to keep you safe. We’re still trying to come up with a way to get Shigaraki off that case.

What I’m saying is that, Dabi and I, we’d like to be your family. We know that it won’t be easy, with me as a simple meteorologist, you being a hero in training, and Dabi being a villain. But if you would want to, we’re willing to try.


         Todoroki frowned as his chest tightened. The letter crumpled at the edges where he was holding it as his hands shook. Todoroki shook his head, small droplets squeezing out of his closed eyes. He shoved the letter into his bag and threw it onto his shoulder.

         Todoroki paused at the front door; he sighed before turning to the small notepad on the kitchen counter. He quickly wrote down his number then pushed himself out the door, locking it as he did.

         I’m an idiot. Todoroki sighed to himself. Who am I kidding?


         Todoroki peered at his phone in wonder. A single text from an unknown number glowed on the screen.

          Have a good day at school! Be careful on your way back.

          Todoroki’s chest tightened as he shoved his phone into his pocket. He squeezed his eyes tightly to fend off the liquid blurriness in his vision. Despite it being off, Todoroki could practically feel his phone burning into his thigh.

         Todoroki flinched as his phone vibrated; his hand dove to pull the phone out, almost dropping it in the process.

         Don’t disappoint me again. I expect you home at 4 for training.

         Todoroki frowned coldly at his father’s message. He all but threw his phone back into his pocket. A chunk of ice wedged itself in his ribcage as he stepped off the train and started his final hike to school. Unlike his way to the station, Todoroki found himself ignoring the alleyways and shadowy hiding spots along his walk to U.A..

Chapter Text

Todoroki curled himself into a tighter ball in the far corner of his small closet, flinching at the loud noises of his father training violently in the training room. It’s only been a month since his kidnapping and his after-school trainings seem to be getting worse by the day, the bruises getting harder to hide as new ones replace the old. Todoroki’s shaking stilled as the crashing came to a sudden stop, his father’s heavy footsteps sounding in the hall outside his door. The sound of the front door slamming unfroze Todoroki as he sighed in relief, cautiously uncurling himself but making no move to leave the closet. Father must have been called for an attack. Todoroki sighed to himself.

         Todoroki eyed the phone laying innocently on the ground next to him. It was only a matter of time before his father came back and pulled him off for more training. “I’m not safe here.” Todoroki breathed to himself. “Not tonight.” He gently picked up his phone, typing a small message to the still unsaved number on his phone. Todoroki’s thumb hovered over the send button, he closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. Turning his face to the side he pressed his thumb down. There. No going back now.

         Can I come over?

         Of course! I’m just about to make dinner. Cold soba okay?


         Todoroki released the breath he didn’t realize he was still holding, a small smile coming to his lips as he hurried to pack an overnight bag and grab his school bag.

         “Shoto?” Fuyumi stopped Todoroki as he attempted to slip out unseen.

         “I’m going to a friend’s house.” Todoroki supplied quickly, letting his bangs shield his eyes from his sister.

         “Dad won’t be happy when he gets home.” Fuyumi placed a gentle hand on Todoroki’s shoulder.

         “He won’t hurt you.” Todoroki shrugged Fuyumi’s hand off as he walked to the door. “He never does.” Todoroki closed the door behind him softly, then sprinted to the station.

         Todoroki cursed to himself as he stopped at the empty station.

         “It’s pretty late to catch a train.” Todoroki spun around at the sound of a familiar voice. Dabi stepped into the light not too far from Todoroki. “Haruhi said you were coming over,” Dabi explained lazily. “Figured I’d offer you a ride.”

         Todoroki looked over Dabi’s shoulder to see a modest pick-up truck parked behind the man. Todoroki raised an eyebrow at Dabi as he crossed his arms.

         “Look Sho,” Dabi sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I get that you’re upset with me. I’ve done some pretty fucked up shit, I get that. But I’m not going to hurt you, or kidnap you, or whatever.” Dabi sighed, kicking a stray pebble across the pavement. “I just want to get you away from that bastard. Like I should have done years ago.”

         Todoroki sighed, lightly stomping his feet as he made his way to the truck. “Whatever.” He snapped as he passed Dabi. “Let’s just go already.”

         Dabi scoffed and quietly slid himself into the driver’s seat. His eyes darted to glance at Todoroki every few moments as the silence grew sour between them. Dabi frowned as he stopped at a red light. “What!?” Dabi snapped, pulling Todoroki’s attention to him. “Go on. Out with it!”

         “Why?” Todoroki glared harshly at Dabi.

         “Why?” Dabi barked a humorless laugh. “Why’d I come and get you?” Dabi shook his head, lips pulling into a tight line. “Because I don’t want to have to go looking for your ass again! You caused me a lot of trouble you know! Shigaraki still won’t get off my-“

         “I never asked you to save me!” Todoroki bit back, turning his head to look out the window, arms crossing across his chest.

         “Oh! So, you would have rather just stayed with those sickos and have your organs sold to the highest bidder!?” Dabi mocked, grip tightening on the wheel. “Good to know I won’t have to go through the trouble next time around!” Dabi shot a quick glare at the pouting Todoroki. “You ungrateful brat!”

         “Oh! And you’re some hero!” Todoroki snapped back. “You’re just as bad as those sickos! You kidnapped my classmate!” He growled loudly, voice echoing in the small cab.

         “That wasn’t me! That was Shigaraki!” Dabi snapped, one hand leaving the wheel to point down Todoroki’s nose. Effectively reminding both men they were both within arms’ reach.

         “Really!?” Todoroki scoffed. “Last time I checked Shigaraki wasn’t there! You were the one that grabbed Bakugou!”

         “For fuck’s sake.” Dabi rolled his eyes. “I didn’t even want to be there alright!? Shigaraki has a twisted sense of humor and he got tired of me arguing with him okay!?” Dabi sighed, his voice growing softer. “I never wanted to attack your class.”

         Silence fell over the two again as rain started to fall from the sky. Thunder soon sounded along with the pouring rain. Todoroki was glad he wasn’t walking in this weather. Todoroki risked a glance over at Dabi.

         “Why?” Todoroki asked again, voice just barely being heard over the pounding rain.

         “I don’t like the idea of hurting kids.” Dabi answered honestly. “I may be a villain, but I’m nothing like the flaming garbage-“

         “Why did you leave me?” Todoroki cut Dabi off softly, eyes locked on the moving scenery out the window.

         Dabi sighed to himself. “I didn’t want to put you in any more risk.” He answered softly. “I knew I wouldn’t ever be allowed back in the house once I went to the police. But I knew with the rumors between mom and my claim, he would be more careful to not hurt enough for it to be noticeable.” Dabi glanced over at Todoroki quickly, lips pulling down on his staples. “I knew I couldn’t stop it completely, no matter how much I wanted to. But I could take away some of the pain.” His grip on the wheel tightened. “So, I did. Even if it meant I could never return to that house.”

         “The training did get easier.” Todoroki’s voice broke as he blinked repeatedly. “A little.”

         Dabi smiled fondly. “I’m glad. I wish I could take it away altogether, but that’s not an option right now.” Dabi sighed bitterly. “But if it means you didn’t get hurt like I did, then it’s all worth it.”

         “I missed you.” Todoroki said softly, a rare smile forming on his lips.

         Dabi found himself with a matching smile. “I missed you too Cinnamon Twist.”


         Haruhi smiled brightly as Dabi and Todoroki stepped through the door. “You’re just in time for food.” She said happily. “I’m glad you’re both back. That storm is just gonna get worse.”

         “How do you know that?” Todoroki questioned as he sat between Dabi and Haruhi.

         “My quirk.” Haruhi shrugged. “It lets me manipulate the humidity in the air, as well as have a little play with the air pressure. I can feel the shifts in both as well, and that storm is going to last for most of the night by the looks of things.”

         Todoroki nodded. “Is that why you’re a meteorologist?” He questioned as the three sat down to eat.

         “More or less.” Haruhi shrugged with a frown. “I didn’t get much of a choice in the matter.” She sighed. Dabi nudged her gently with his shoulder.

         Todoroki’s head snapped up to peer at Haruhi, brows furrowing above his eyes. “What do you mean?” He questioned, head tilting to the side slightly.

         Haruhi’s shoulders slumped as she sighed, taking a quick bite of her meal before answering with another shrug. “I never wanted to be a hero.” She admitted. “Nothing against the work,” Haruhi nodded to Todoroki quickly. “Just not for me, you know. But once my quirk came in.” Haruhi broke off to sigh again, eyes locked on her soba. “Everyone kept telling me the only suitable job was something with weather. That anything else was a waste of a perfectly good quirk.” Haruhi laughed dryly as Dabi wrapped an arm around her. “I guess after eighteen years I listened to them.”

         Todoroki looked at Haruhi with wide eyes. A familiar weight settled in his chest. His gaze slid down to his own hands. “You never got to decide.” Todoroki stated, voice straining to stay in this world. “Someone else told you who you had to be.”

         Haruhi nodded. “Yeah.” She sighed. “That’s not to say I don’t like my job. Because I do.” Haruhi paused, gazing at the storm raging outside the windows. “But I don’t love it. It’s not what I wanted to do with my life.”

         “What did you want to do?” Todoroki asked, eyebrows raising in childlike interest. Is this how Midoriya feels about quirks? Maybe on a smaller scale.

         “That’s the funny thing.” Haruhi laughed dryly and shook her head. “I don’t know.” She frowned, brows furrowing tightly together. “I don’t think I ever thought about it. It wasn’t really an option so little me didn’t think about it.” Haruhi’s eyes glazed over. “I wish she had.”

         “Alright!” Dabi clapped his hands together, quickly breaking up the dark cloud that filled the room. “Enough of that. I say we all get changed and Sho, you can pick a few movies from the shelf by the TV for us to watch.” Bright blue eyes landed on Todoroki in a fond manner.

         Haruhi instantly brightened. “That’s a great idea!” She smiled, bouncing in her seat. “I’ll grab some extra blankets and pillows. We can build a fort!”

         “A fort?” Todoroki’s eyebrow rose as he glanced over at Dabi puzzled.

         “Yeah.” Haruhi nodded. “I used to make them all the time as a kid. It’s the best way to spend a movie marathon.”

         Todoroki and Dabi shared a look before shrugging in sync. There was no point arguing with her. “Okay.”

         In a matter of moments, the three of them had carefully woven the couch cushions and some bedsheets into a small, but semi-sturdy structure that would fit all of them. A large number of pillows covered the floor, along with the fluffier blankets set aside for use. Haruhi smiled as she quickly shuffled into the room with a bowl of popcorn in hand. Todoroki sat awkwardly next to a small stack of movies he remembered Midoriya telling him about. Dabi wordlessly put in a random movie from the stack before Haruhi herded them into the small fort. Todoroki squeezed in the middle. A smile pulled at Todoroki’s lips as his chest filled with warmth. He could get used to this.

Chapter Text

Todoroki woke to the sounds of cooking. He groaned tiredly and curled further into the warmth at his side. The warmth chuckled quietly, causing Todoroki’s eyes to open quickly. Only to close again as they were assaulted by the morning light. Todoroki groaned again, using his arm to shield his eyes as he tried to reopen them.

         “Well, good morning to you too.” Dabi chuckled, shaking his head with a small roll of his eyes. “Now get up.” He nudged Todoroki gently. “I gotta take a piss.”

         Todoroki grimaced as he pushed himself away from Dabi. Todoroki slowly made his way into the kitchen as Dabi help up the only bathroom. Haruhi smiled brightly as Todoroki slid into a seat at the small bar.

         “Good morning Todoroki-kun. Did you sleep well?” Haruhi asked, sliding a fresh glass of orange juice in Todoroki’s direction. Her smile never leaving as her kind gaze wrapped around Todoroki.

         “Shoto.” He stated bluntly, making Haruhi pause her movements. “Call me Shoto.”

         Haruhi’s eye crinkled as her smile grew. “Good morning Shoto.” She stated, turning back to the pancakes on the stove. “Are you staying for breakfast?” She glanced over her shoulder quickly, honey-sweet eyes shine back at Shoto in a way he hadn’t seen since long before his quirk, before his mother scared his face.

         “If that’s okay.” Shoto nodded politely, hope growing in his chest.

         “Of course!” Haruhi laughed lightly. “You’re always welcome here.” She promised. “Why don’t you go get changed? I’ll throw your wet clothes into the wash today so you can have them back.”

         “Thank you.” Shoto bowed as he excused himself. He bypassed Dabi on his way to the guest room. Finally! Shoto made a quick detour before he found himself slipping on an oversized Lenny Code Fiction T-shirt. He paused to look at himself in the mirror. Was that really him? He looked just like his other classmates!

         Shoto perched himself in the seat next to Dabi as the two watched Haruhi finish preparing breakfast. “What’s taking so long woman?” Dabi asked, a teasing smirk pulling at his staples. “Your boys are hungry.”

         Haruhi pause, slowly turning on her heels. Arms crossed, she scowled at Dabi, a playful glare directed at him. “Excuse me!” Haruhi popped her hip out to the side as she raised an eyebrow. “Apparently Mr. Hotshot has forgotten he’s staying at my place, not the spacious, welcoming, alleyway I found you at.” She waved a spatula towards Dabi, who grew pink. “I ain’t your maid mister.” Haruhi paused her gentle assault, placing a finger to her chin in a dramatic thinking pose. “You know what? You’re on dinner duty tonight.” She playfully poked Dabi’s nose and turned back to the stove. “And don’t forget it’s your turn to do dishes.” She threw over her shoulder.

         Dabi chuckled to himself as he shook his head. He glanced over at Shoto, who peered back at him with amused eyes. “Never fall in love Cinnamon Twist.” Dabi ordered with a wide smirk. “It’s a trap.”

         “It is not!” Haruhi argued as she turned to place their breakfast on the bar. “Don’t listen to him Shoto. He’s only saying that cause he’s trying to get out of dinner duty.” She stage whispered, a smirk of her own pushing against her cheeks. “He can’t cook to save his life.”

         “Can too!” Dabi scoffed loudly, swatting a hand at Haruhi playfully.

         Haruhi ignored Dabi, eyes still focused on Shoto. “You should have seen him when I meet him. All skin and bones. Reminded me of a lost kitten.”  Haruhi teased as she rounded the bar, pressing a quick kiss to Dabi’s cheek.

         “Kitten!?” Dabi shrieked, glaring playfully at Haruhi as she sat next to him. “I’ll sick Shigaraki on you.”

         Shoto ate silently as he watched the two bicker happily. It’s so different from breakfast with Fuyumi and Father. Livelier. Shoto laughed quietly at his brother and his girlfriend.

         Dabi and Haruhi glanced over at a laughing Shoto. They shared a proud smile before falling into a spell of giggles themselves. Dabi reached over to ruffle Shoto’s hair.


      “Hi, Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya waved as he rushed up next to Shoto. “How are you doing?” He smiled brightly as Shoto peered down at him with wide eyes.

         “I’m doing good.” Todoroki glanced up and down the street, peering down at Midoriya again. “Where did you come from?” He questioned, eyebrow raising.

         Midoriya flushed and took a step back, expanding their space bubble larger than necessary. He pointed awkwardly to the small stairwell just next to Shoto that lead to the beach. “I was training on the beach,” Midoriya answered meekly. “I’ll run along the shore and clean up any trash I come across.”

         “That’s very noble of you.” Shoto stated, causing Midoriya to flush darker. “Sorry for interrupting you. I was just returning from visiting my mother.”

         “You’re not interrupting! I just finished!” Midoriya waved his hands in front of him. “Actually, I was fixing to grab some lunch.” Midoriya scratched his cheek, becoming hyper-focused on his bright red shoes. “Would you like to join me? If you’re not busy that is!”

         Shoto nodded quickly. “Thank you.” He agreed, putting a halt to Midoriya’s muttering before it could start. “I am getting hungry.”

         “Great!” Midoriya smiled as he bounced in place excitedly. “Come on, I know this great place nearby. Nearly everything on the menu can fit into a hero’s diet.”

         Shoto’s stomach fluttered as he followed closely behind Midoriya, who happily bound his way down the sidewalk. Shoto found himself in front of a small hole in the wall, literally, restaurant. He raised an eyebrow at Midoriya as the two stood next to each other.

         “Trust me you’ll love it.” Midoriya promised as he held the door open for Shoto.

         “Green Bean! Is that you?” A happy voice called as the two teens stepped into the restaurant. “It’s been so long since you’ve come to visit, I thought you’d forgotten all about us. Too caught up with your hero-ing.” A tall man with pink curly hair and colorful freckles came around the counter to pull Midoriya into a hug.

         “Hi, Nikko-oji!” Midoriya laughed as he hugged the man back. “I brought my friend Todoroki-kun with me.” He pulled back to stand at Shoto’s side again.

         Nikko’s chocolate-colored eyes landed on Shoto, who bowed politely. “Oh! None of that!” Nikko waved at Shoto’s bow. “Any friend of Izuku’s is a friend to me.” He smiled brightly. A trademark Midoriya smile. “Now, why don’t we get you two a table? This way please.”

         The two teens quickly settled into a small corner booth while they waited for their drinks. “So, your uncle works here.” Shoto stated bluntly, eyes roaming over the menu in front of him.

         “Yeah.” Midoriya nodded with a smile as he gazed around the small restaurant. “Nikko-oji and Osamu-oji, his brother, took the business over from their mom a couple of years ago.” He explained. “I actually used to work a few shifts here and there during my middle school years.” Midoriya laughed to himself.

         “Sounds nice.” Shoto stated as a comfortable silence fell over the two.

         “How’s your mom doing?” Midoriya asked. “You said you visited her today.” Green eyes shined with concern as Midoriya patiently waited for an answer.

         “She’s doing well,” Shoto said. “Still a little worked up about my kidnapping, but otherwise alright. She’s started to pick up crocheting in place of sewing. She said she’s making Natsuo, Fuyumi, and I a scarf for Christmas this year.”

         “Good for her!” Midoriya smiled brightly. “My Baba loves to crochet. She makes all sorts of things for me and my cousins every year.” He paused as his eye lit up. “Maybe I can ask her if your mom could borrow some of her patterns. If she would like, that is.”

         Shoto smiled, chest growing warm at the thought of Midoriya wanting to make his mother smile as much as he did. “I’m sure she would love that. Thank you Midoriya.”

         Midoriya flushed pink as he rubbed the back of his head. “You’re welcome Todoroki-kun. I’ll be sure to ask Baba about it when I get home.”

Chapter Text

“Again!” Endeavor ordered as Shoto pushed himself up with shaky arms. “You’re pathetic! Has that blasted school taught you nothing!? You’re being distracted! Use your fire!” He stomped over to Shoto, using a large hand to drag Shoto up to eye level before slamming him into the wall harshly.

         “Never.” Shoto hissed at Endeavor. Hands coming up to scratch and claw at the arm holding him up, ice quickly melted away as it came in contact with Endeavor’s heated skin. Shoto’s foot unable to find purchase enough to activate his quirk there.

         “Use your fire!” Endeavor ordered, spit spraying across Shoto’s face. “I gave you that quirk for a reason! Stop wasting it like a child!”

         Shoto glared down at the man in front of him. “No!” He snapped, causing him to be thrown across the room. Shoto send a large glacier of ice towards Endeavor, who melted it with a wave of his hand.

         Endeavor quickly crossed the room, gripping Shoto by the back of his neck. “If you won’t use my quirk then I’ll make you.” Endeavor sneered as he dragged Shoto, kicking and screaming, over to the steel, human-sized, box. “You can come out once you’re ready to cooperate.”

         Shoto flailed as he was shoved and locked into the small icebox. “LET ME OUT!”  Shoto punched and kicked the steel door with all the force he could manage in the confined space. His hands shook as he tried to gather enough ice to break the door down, but he couldn’t focus enough with the frozen steel walls pressing against his shoulders. Tears froze against Shoto’s skin as he screamed his throat raw. He should have never come back. Shoto pounded his fist against the door again as his breath hitched.

         Shoto wailed as his legs collapsed under him, he quickly slid into an awkward position with his back pressed into one wall, his knees digging into the door, and his torso tilted just enough that his left shoulder and right hip were stuck against the side walls. Frozen tears threatened to seal his eyes shut as Shoto’s lungs struggled to grab ahold of the fridge oxygen in the air. “Let me out.” Shoto whispered as shivers wracked his body. His left side struggling to keep his temperature from dropping. “Please let me out.” No one’s coming to get me.

         The cold bit at Shoto’s skin as his teeth clattered together, tenderly he wrapped his arms tightly around himself. It’s just gonna be a few hours you can do this. Shoto’s lungs stung as he took a shaky breath. “You’ve done this before.” He whispered to himself. “Touya’s been through this more times than you can count.” Touya. Shoto wrapped his arms around himself tighter as he squeezed his eyes shut. It was just yesterday that he woke up in the warm embrace of his brother, to Haruhi’s kind smiles. Shoto knocked his head against the back wall. And now because he was selfish two nights ago, he’s stuck in here until his father sees fit. Shoto’s shoulders shook as he bit his lip, blood-freezing almost instantly in the cold air. He was so stupid. Father was right, he was being pathetic.

         Next to his head, he could see a frozen over scorch mark from years ago. Is this where Dabi got his scares? Most likely. I wonder what went through his head when he was locked in here. Did the walls close in on him too? Or was Shoto just a scaredy-cat?

         Dabi left only a week after mom scared Shoto’s face. He remembers curling up in his brother’s blankets until they lost his smell. Dabi, his brother who once patched him up against their father’s wishes, and held him during storms, became a villain. A killer. The same man that kidnapped Bakugou months ago. And the man who saved him from death weeks ago. Dabi got away entirely. He’s happy with Haruhi, father isn’t keeping track of his every move. Whenever people look at him, they don’t see their father, just Dabi. He may be a villain, but he was free.  Wasn’t he?

         Shoto shook his head harshly. Now’s not the time to think of Dabi, that’s how he got in trouble. Mom isn’t here to let him out this time around. Neither is Natsuo. He’s cities away at college.  Natsuo made it clear he was done with father when he left as soon as he finished high school and hasn’t come back to visit once. He got out from under their father’s thumb as quickly as he could.

         Fuyumi’s here though. Shoto’s eyes widened, a spark of hope lighting in his chest. Fuyumi would let him out. He just had to wait till father was asleep, then Fuyumi would come get him just like mom did. Shoto shivered harshly as he settled himself in to wait.


         Shoto’s eyes shot open as the door swung open, winching as his frozen eyelids pulled apart. He couldn’t unlock his muscles in time to catch himself as he fell to the floor outside the door. Shoto’s limbs burned as they encountered the warm air.

         “Get up.” Endeavor ordered, nudging Shoto with the toe of his boot. “Get ready for school.” Endeavor turned on his heel and stomped out of the room.

         Shoto groaned as he forced his frostbitten limbs to move, ice crystals cracking along his skin. Using the wall for support, Shoto limped into his room, gently changing into his school uniform. His breath shook as the warm air scorched his lungs.

         “Shoto!” Fuyumi smiled timidly as he walked into the kitchen. “Good morning! Dad said that he’s planning to get off early today so we can all eat together tonight, seeing how we couldn’t last night. Isn’t that great?”

         Shoto stared his sister down, an invisible weight pushing his ribcage in. She was here all night, she knew! Shoto steeled his expression as he walked past Fuyumi. His heart rate skyrocketing. She never came for him. Just like Natsuo. Just like mom. Just like everyone else. She left him.

Chapter Text

Shoto sat frozen in his seat, hand just moving enough over his notes to mask the internal torment raging in his mind. Fuyumi, his sister, sided with their father. The man that left him overnight in an icebox, just like when he was eight. Sided with the man that abused their entire family. Shoto squeezed his eyes shut, fending off the prickling at the corners of his eyes.

         Shoto was almost thankful for all the experience he got covering up his pain, he didn’t feel like being bombarded by his classmates even if he knew they meant well. He knew it was only a matter of time, however, till he had to explain himself to Midoriya. He was the only one Shoto couldn’t hide his turmoil from, no matter how hard he tried. Shoto was surprised to not find the nosey boy at his desk the second he walked into the classroom.

         Shoto snuck a glance at Midoriya from across the room. His eyes wandered as Shoto took note of the less energetic Midoriya, his pencil was actually moving at a normal speed! Shoto looked back down at his half-assed notes. Midoriya, the embodiment of sunshine, the studious student, a knowledge sponge, was pulling the same trick Shoto was.

         The bell rung for lunch, startling Shoto out of his thoughts. He jumped out of his seat, quickly making his way to Midoriya, who took his time gathering his things, letting the others leave the room before him. “Midoriya.” Shoto stood next to Midoriya’s desk. “Could,” He paused, pushing past the sudden lump in his throat. “Would you like to eat lunch with me?” Midoriya raised an eyebrow as the last of their classmates passed through the door. Shoto sighed. “You’re distant today, would like to,” He swallowed down the lump again. “To talk about it?”

         Midoriya sighed and nodded. “Yeah.” He nodded again. “Yeah, that would help. Let’s get something from the vending machines.” Midoriya started towards the door, Shoto falling into step beside him. “I know a place we can talk.”

         Shoto found himself tucked into a small pocket under a set of stairs, that he glanced over until Midoriya pointed it out to him. The two sat across from each other silently, awkwardly eating their lunch. It was weird to see Midoriya so quiet.

         “Is it Bakugou?” Shoto asked, eyes locking on Midoriya.

         Midoriya’s head snapped up to lock eyes with Shoto. “No, no, no, no!” He waved his hands around as he shook his head. “It’s not Kacchan.” Midoriya sighed as his gaze fell to his hands again. “It’s stupid really.” Shoto placed a gentle hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. “I was just watching the news this morning. You remember that villain from about a week ago? The one in Hosu?” Midoriya peeked up at Shoto through his bangs.

         “The one that took out nearly two city blocks while his quirk kept Slugger at bay until Thirteen showed up?” Shoto affirmed, puzzled how the mana using villain was the cause of Midoriya’s sour mood.

         “That’s just the thing though!” Midoriya shook his head. “That’s not what happened.” He sighed. “I was there! I couldn’t do anything because I don’t have a license, but I was there. I saw what happened with my own two eyes.” Midoriya turned to lock eyes with Shoto. “Slugger just stood back and didn’t even try to stop the villain. Sure, he did some damage control, but he didn’t fight back.” Midoriya knocked his fist against his leg. “And the news is making up some dumb story to make him look better!”

         “That’s not stupid.” Shoto stated as he wrapped an arm around his shaking friend. “It’s not stupid.” He repeated.

         “It’s just like what happened with Kacchan!” Midoriya fussed, sliding in Shoto’s side. “Deatharms just stood there and Backdrift didn’t even try to fight! He could have flushed Kacchan out if he had stopped to think! I was the only one who tried to do anything!” Midoriya took a shaky breath. “And what did the news have to say about that? Reckless student gets in heroes’ way until All Might came to save the day!”

         Shoto stared at Midoriya with wide eyes. If this was Midoriya frustrated, he never wanted to see him angry. The scowl didn’t look right on his lips.

         “They’re just making up stuff to make the heroes seem better than they really are.” Midoriya went on. “Instead of showing people what the heroes protecting them are really doing, they’re lying to us! Just letting us go about or day like nothing’s wrong when something could be very wrong! Just because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of some low ranked heroes!”

         Shoto nodded. “That’s how my father is still working in the hero business.” He sighed. “Covering up facts and events that should be public.”

         “It’s letting heroes get away with not doing their job, risking innocent lives. Letting them make mistakes that Aizawa-sensei would expel us for.” Midoriya sighed, taking the last bite of his food. “Sorry for unloading all this on you.” His eyes softened as he gave Shoto a small smile. “I feel better though, so thank you.”

         “You’ve done the same for me Midoriya,” Shoto said. “There’s no need to thank me.”

         The two quickly gathered their things, making their way out of the small pocket of hidden space. “How did you know that was there?” Shoto questioned as he walked beside Midoriya, ignoring the amused looks of passbyers.

         “I found it on the first day of school.” Midoriya smiled. “I tend to go there whenever things get to be to much, you know, to just relax and center myself. I had a spot in my middle school that only Kacchan knew about.” Midoriya’s smile softened. “He was always a little nicer on the days he saw me there.”

         “Thank you for sharing it with me.” Shoto said, lightly bumping his shoulder against Midoriya’s. Knowing all too well how personal those kinds of spots could be, he had his own hidden in his closet.

         “Hey Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya started, voice laced with nerves. “This is probably really weird. But um… You see my cousin Nathanael, well he’s getting married next month.” His fingers pulled at the ends of his jacket. “And I was wondering, if you’re free of course! I know you can be very busy and all, and this is kinda short notice. But um… yeah. I was kinda hoping you could, you know, if it’s not too much trouble of course. Could go with me? As my plus one?” Midoriya’s cheeks and ears flushed red as he held his breath.

         Shoto blinked down at Midoriya, his mouth falling open to form a small ‘o’. Shoto blinked again, giving his head a little shake to clear the fog. He gave Midoriya a small smile. “Sounds like fun. I’d like to join you.” He nodded to himself. “Do I need to bring anything?”

         Midoriya’s shoulders fell with relief as a bright smile pushed onto his cheeks. “Just yourself,” Midoriya answered with a giggle. “And maybe a change of clothes. Knowing my family, the after-party probably won’t be the best place for formal attire.” He rubbed the back of his neck and shook his head. “They’re crazy, even before the get ahold of alcohol.”

Chapter Text

Shoto frowned as he waited for the train home. He’ll be home later than normal at this rate. He sighed, letting his bookbag fall to the ground as he fell onto the bench. If only he hadn’t stopped for a snack, he wouldn’t have missed the earlier train, even if he knew he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to get on the crowded train.

         “Fancy seeing you here.” A laugh sounded next to Shoto, pulling his attention to the woman now standing beside him. “Miss the early train?” Haruhi asked as she took a seat next to Shoto. “Well, at least we won’t have to spend the trip alone now.” She smiled and patted Shoto’s knee.

         “How was work?” Shoto questioned, gazing at Haruhi from the corner of his eye. “I heard there was a big issue down at the news station. Are you alright?”

         Haruhi rolled her eyes and nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just some idiot that thought it was smart to use his quirk near the equipment.” She sighed. “The newbie about brought the roof down.” She laughed humorously. “It would have been fine if she had just owned up to her mistake instead of letting everyone think we were under attack.”

         “Wow.” Shoto snorted. “Sounds like you had more of a day then I did.”

         “Anything exciting happen to you today?” Haruhi raised an eyebrow.

         Shoto frowned. “Sorry but I’m not a spy.” He spits out quickly before he could think about his words.

         “I can respect that.” Haruhi nodded, a little crestfallen. “Trust takes time to earn.” She said more to herself than him. “Your friends are lucky to have someone as loyal as you.” She smiled proudly at Shoto.

         “I’m the lucky one.” Shoto whispered to himself, hair falling in front of his eyes. He caught sight of the smile slipping from Haruhi’s lips. “I got invited to a wedding today.” He changed the subject quickly.

         “They’re getting married in high school?” Haruhi pondered, eyebrows raising in shock. “I don’t know them, but isn’t that a little young?”

         “It’s his cousin’s wedding,” Shoto explained quickly, a small laughed falling out of his mouth. “I’m his plus one.”

         Haruhi gasped, the air around the two seeming growing lighter. “You have a date!?” She gushed as her eyes sparkled. “Oh! What’s he like?”

         Shoto’s eyes widened as he flushed enough to hide his scare. “It’s not. It’s not a date!” He coughed out. “It’s not like that!”

         Haruhi smirked as she crossed her arms. “Sweat heart. He invited you to a family wedding!” She said slowly. “A wedding for someone you’re not close to. He was asking you out!” She waved her hands around in the air. “Weddings are very romantic you know. And you’re his plus one. His date!”

         Shoto’s eyes bugged as he shook his head quickly. “No! It’s not a… a… It’s not like that!” A stream of steam rose from Shoto’s left cheek. “We’re not… He doesn’t… No!” Shoto hunched over to bury his head in his arms. So, this is how Midoriya feels?

         Haruhi laughed happily as she shook her head at the flustered boy. “Sounds like someone wants it to be a date.” She teased, rubbing Shoto’s back. “Come on, what’s he like? No name needed.”

         Shoto glared, red-faced up at Haruhi, who was squinting at him through smile squished eyes. “He’s. He’s.” Shoto sighed. “He’s my first friend.” He smiled, still hiding in his arms. “He’s so nosey! You can’t have a problem without him getting himself involved with it.”

         “Oh?” Haruhi edged on, a tender smile sat upon her lips. “Tell me more. Is he smart?”

         “A genius.” Shoto sighed dreamily, finally lifting his head to stare at the stars. “But also, a dumbass.” His gaze fell back down to stare absently in front of him. “So, very much a dumbass.”

         Haruhi nearly fell off the bench as she started belly laughing. Shoto felt a proud smile pull at his lips as he listened to Haruhi’s pig-like laughter. He could see why his brother teased her as much as he does if this was the payoff.

         “I guess we’re both attracted to morons then.” Haruhi sighed as she fought off another round of laughter. “No wonder we get along.” Her eyes widened as she worked through another fit of giggles. “Wanna hear a story about Dabi being stupid?” She asked turning to Shoto, who could find himself nodding fast enough.

         Shoto said a quick goodbye to Haruhi as he stepped off the train. His cheeks sore from spending the ride home laughing. He can’t remember the last time he laughed that much, did he ever? Maybe before mom left?

         Shoto’s smile fell as he noticed his father’s presence in the house. Of course, he doesn’t get a break, just because he’s in U.A. doesn’t mean anything’s gonna change. Shoto sighed as he set his book bag down in his room. Maybe he should have taken Haruhi’s offer to come over for dinner, even if that meant training would be twice as bad as tomorrow.

         “You’re late.” Endeavor sounded outside Shoto’s room.

         Shoto scowled with his back to the door. “I got held up with a classmate, he needed help with some of today’s notes.” He explained, it was half true, both he and Midoriya had to use each other’s note to piece together what they missed. “I had to wait until the last train.”

         Endeavor scoffed. “You don’t need to concern yourself with your classmates. They’re just going to get in your way.” Endeavor frowned but didn’t add on to his tongue lashing. “Training room, ten minutes.”

         Shoto heaved a sigh of relief as he listened to Endeavor’s retreating footsteps. Maybe tonight won’t be as bad as yesterday. Shoto used his ten minutes to change into some long-sleeved workout clothes. He found Endeavor waiting for him when he stepped into the training room. Endeavor rose an eyebrow at Shoto’s attire but didn’t comment.

         Shoto gritted his teeth as Endeavor knocked him into the wall. Catching himself on his forearms and knees, Shoto sent a wall of sharp ice at Endeavor, forcing the man to distance himself from the teen. Shoto sighed to himself, quickly forcing his feet underneath him. Holding a fist close to his cheek he faced his father.

         “That’s enough.” Endeavor waved a hand. “Still not cooperating, but you’re not as sloppy as yesterday.” He criticized as he walked past Shoto. “We’ll continue this tomorrow. Make sure to complete your homework after dinner.”

         Shoto held his stance until Endeavor’s heavy footsteps faded down the hall. Letting his shoulders slump, Shoto’s breath grew ridged as he worked to level out his oxygen intake. Tonight could have been worse, he’ll have to be careful with his right arm tomorrow though. Shoto sighed before dragging his feet to the dinner table.

         “I’m glad you could join us tonight Shoto!” Fuyumi greeted with a cheerful smile, making Shoto’s stomach twist. “I was starting to worry that you got something on the way home and didn’t want to eat with us.”

         Shoto shot her side glance, lips pulling into a tight line. He offered a small hum for an answer, earning a small pout from Fuyumi. He really should have taken up Haruhi’s offer. The extra training was worth it if it got him out of sitting here. Who would have known he’d feel more comfortable eating next to a wanted villain than his father and sister?

Chapter Text

“How can they think that Iida would be a better hero than Kirishima?” Midoriya ranted as Shoto ate his lunch beside him. These past three weeks Shoto’s found himself tucked into the small pocket of space behind the stairs with Midoriya as much as the two could without raising too many eyebrows. Not that Shoto minded the rumors started to form around them, and Midoriya was making no move to correct them. “Just because Iida’s quirk is flashier than Kirishima means nothing about how he uses it! Kirishima’s quirk gives him the ability to fight in any situation! And it’s the perfect protection for himself and civilians. Sure, Iida’s lets him get in and out quickly, which is good for rescue missions and fights where he’s outnumbered, but his speed is only as good as his quick thinking. If Iida stops to think about it too much, he won’t react in time for his quirk to be useful!”

         Shoto nodded along to his friend’s argument. True fully Midoriya had a valid point, per usual, despite being Iida’s friend Shoto couldn’t argue that one of Iida’s biggest drawbacks that has yet to be addressed was his overthinking and perfectionism in battle.

         “Not to mention!” Midoriya continued after a sip of his drink. “Iida waits too long before reacting. Focuses too much on rules to do anything against people who don’t give to shits about the laws!” Midoriya threw his hands up in frustration. “He didn’t even want us to save Kacchan, even though us being there allowed the heroes to go all out on the league. Kirishima is always ready to do what’s right, even if it gets him in trouble, and he’s always thinking of how to do it safely for everyone! He was the one who started the plan to save Kacchan!”

         “And Iida is always focusing on his family’s legacy,” Shoto added in. “He lets it have too much effect on his course of action. Enough so to seek revenge on the Hero Killer.”

         “Exactly!” Midoriya pushed against Shoto’s shoulder. “I can’t blame him much for wanting revenge of course. But there were so many other ways to go about it than to more or less waste his internship to actively seek the Hero Killer out!” Midoriya sighed as he slumped against the wall, angrily drinking from his juice box.

         Shoto chuckled as he carefully opened the homemade cookies, a new addition to his usual lunch. Midoriya perked up in interest next to him. The nosy pest he was.

         “Did your sister make those for you?” Midoriya asked, peering over Shoto’s shoulder to eye the sugary treats.

         “No.” Shoto shook his head. “My father doesn’t allow sweets in the house. These are from Haruhi.”

         “Haruhi?” Midoriya’s voice faltered as he pulled himself out of Shoto’s space bubble. “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.”

         Shoto choked on a bite of the cookie as he quickly shook his head. “I don’t!” He exclaimed through his coughs. “Haruhi is the lady that helped me after… after I escaped Dabi.” Shoto cringed at having to lie again. He almost forgot the story he told everyone. “I ran into her at the station one day after school, turns out she works in the city.” He explained. “Ever since I’ve been meeting her in the mornings, for a little while. Sometimes breakfast.” Shoto held up the container of cookies. “She’s started bringing me snacks about a week ago.”

         “Oh!” Midoriya laughed, a bright smile pushing against his cheeks. “That’s really nice of her. She must put a lot of work into it.”

         “Yeah.” Shoto smiled bashfully. “I wish I could thank her in some way.” He sighed. “Haruhi’s been so kind to me. She… She kinda reminds me of mom.” Shoto admitted quickly. “You know before mom broke.”

         Midoriya placed a knowing hand on Shoto’s shoulder. “It’s okay to have more than one person care for you like a mother.” He said, kind emerald eyes locking Shoto in place. “Trust me.” Midoriya smiled, giving Shoto’s shoulder a squeeze. “Tell me about her?” He offered. “What’s she like?”

         Shoto laughed to himself. “Snarky. If she has a problem with something, she’s gonna let you know about it in the most sarcastic way possible.” Shoto glanced over at Midoriya. “I think you two would get along well.” He wisely ignored Midoriya’s squawked ‘Hey!’. “She always seems to know when something is bothering me too. Even if I’ve only known her for about two months. It’s weird.” Shoto sighed, eyes falling to the lunch sitting in his lap, waiting to be finished. “I can’t remember the last time someone treated me like this. Provided for me with nothing to gain from it.” He side-eyed Midoriya, who had the start of a glare. “When I didn’t need it.” Shoto added on quickly. “She just… is there, if I want her there or not. And I don’t hate that fact.”

         “She kinda sounds like a grownup Yaoyorozu.” Midoriya laughed.

         “Oh my god.” Shoto sat stiffly against the wall, eyes staring off into nothing. “She does!” His shoulders shook as he laughed. “Now all I can picture is Yaoyorozu with teal hair and a frilly pink apron!” The two locked eyes before falling into more laughter. “I’m never going to look her in the eye again!” Shoto leaned against Midoriya as his eyes started to water.

         “You look happy.” Haruhi said as she walked up to Shoto. “Good day at school?”

         “You’re off early.” Shoto stated. He usually only saw Haruhi in the mornings.

         “I had to cover for a coworker, she just had her first child, so my shifts got changed around.” Haruhi shrugged. “I’m not excited about the crowded train ride. But hey-“ She nudged Shoto’s shoulder. “I get to see you more now. Make sure you get home safe.”

         “Yeah.” Shoto smiled. “The back cars aren’t as crowded as the rest.” He pointed out, causing Haruhi to smile.

         “Then we’ll have to shoot for one of those. Huh?” Haruhi turned to glance over her shoulder. “How was school? You have that wedding date come up, don’t you?”

         “It’s not a date.” Shoto denied halfheartedly.

         “Sho,” Haruhi sighed. “We’ve been over this. There’s no way it’s not a date!”

         “He would have said something if it was.” Shoto pointed out. “You’re looking too much into it.”

         “You’re not looking hard enough.” Haruhi bit back with a roll of her eyes. “Do you know what you’re wearing?”

         “Probably a suit,” Shoto smirked, earning a light smack on his arm from Haruhi. “I’m planning on borrowing an old suit from one of my brothers if I can’t fit into any of my old ones.”

         “Dabi mentioned having a dark maroon suit when he was about your age.” Haruhi said off handily. “I think he said that at one point he was planning on giving it to you. Maybe it’s still in the house somewhere.”

         “Maybe,” Shoto said. “I’ll look for it. I’ll most likely end up wearing one of Natsuo’s, if he hasn’t taken them with him to college.”

         “It’s just you and your sister in the house?” Haruhi asked voice soaked in surprise. Apparently, news about Natsuo hasn’t reached Dabi yet.

         “Fuyumi, me and father,” Shoto answered. “Although, most times it feels like it’s just me and him. Fuyumi stays out of father’s way so much it’s as if she’s not even there. She might as well not be.” Shoto sighed.

         Haruhi said nothing as she gently wrapped an arm around Shoto’s side, tugging him against her short frame. Haruhi rubbed light circles into his back. “You’re always welcome at my place. You know that, right?”     

         Shoto gave Haruhi a small smile, sinking more into her hold. “I know.”

Chapter Text

Shoto studied himself in the mirror. He almost couldn’t recognize himself. He had slicked back his hair, leaving two stubborn locks on either side to rest against his ears, that held small diamond studs that he hardly wore. Shoto had managed to dig up Dabi’s old suit that Haruhi mentioned, it fit him quite nicely. Seems he and Dabi were close in more ways than one. A small smile pulled at Shoto’s lips as he made his way to the door.

         “Where are you off to all dressed up? Fuyumi questioned as she spotted Shoto on his way past the living room. “Isn’t Dad wanting to see you later?” Fuyumi planted herself in front of Shoto, crossing her arms.

         Shoto frowned, not stopping to look at his sister’s frown. “Out with a friend. He invited me to his cousin’s wedding.” He answered with a clip to his voice as he stepped around Fuyumi. “Don’t wait up for me.”

         “Shoto!” Fuyumi called after him as he walked through the door, but she remained as still as always.

         Shoto sighed as he quickly made his way to the Midoriya household.

         “Todoroki-kun! Welcome!” Ms. Midoriya smiled when she spotted Shoto walking up the block.

         “Midoriya-san.” Shoto greeted. “Thank you for having me.”

         Ms. Midoriya waved a hand at Shoto. “Just Inko-oba is fine dear. Or else it’ll just get confusing.” She smiled brightly and patted Shoto’s shoulder kindly.

         “Is this Izuku’s plus one?” A tall woman with short black hair and enough freckles to make her look spotted, hurried out of a nearby apartment.

         “You’re real!?” An equally tall man, long green hair tied into a clean ponytail, added on, orange eyes widening as he came up beside Inko.

         “Kawa! Kai! You both owe me twenty dollars!” A blond-haired man called down from the second-floor railing, a red-haired toddler in a ruby-colored dress was perched on his shoulders.

          “Children!” Inko chided with a clap of her hands. “Have some manners!”

         “Sorry, Okasan!” The three recited in sync.

         “Midoriya Kawa.” The woman introduced herself with a trademark Midoriya smile. “I’m Izuku’s big sister. This is my twin brother Kai,” She gestured to the man next to their mother. “And that’s our step-brother Genki and his daughter Mai.” She waved a hand at the two at the railing. “Sorry about that. We’re a nosy family.” She rubbed the back of her neck.

         “Midoriya never mentioned having such a big family.” Shoto stated, glancing between the group.

         “Of course, he didn’t” Kai chuckled with a roll of his eyes. “We’re nothing though, the whole family fills up these apartment buildings.”

         Shoto’s eyes widened, mouth falling open as he peered up at the four, five-story buildings. His gaze fell back to the family in front of him. “W-What?” Shoto squeaked.

         “Todoroki-kun!” Izuku squawked as he stepped out of a nearby stairwell. The ends of his dark blue suit jacket flapping behind him as he ran up to Shoto. “Don’t listen to anything they say!” Izuku squeezed himself through Kai and Kawa to stand in front of Shoto. “They’re crazy! And love to lie to my friends! Well, not Okasan, but Genki and the twins for sure.”

         “So, your entire family doesn’t live in these buildings? And you didn’t warn me before bringing me to meet all of them?” Shoto questioned with a raised eyebrow.

         Kawa threw her head back laughing. “I like this one!” She slapped Izuku on the back. “What did you say your name was kid?” She smiled down at Shoto.

         “Shoto.” Shoto stated with a small smile.

         “Well, Shoto.” Kai smiled. “Welcome to our batch of crazy.” He threw his arms to the side in a large gesture at the large buildings behind him. “You’ve had your shots, right?”

         “Shots?” Shoto questioned.

         “Kai!” A voice sounded from a balcony. The group of five looked up to see Nikko leaning over a third-floor railing of one of the buildings. “Nathaniel is asking for you!”

         The group chuckled as the dispersed, Kai climbing the stairs to reach the groom.

         “Come on.” Izuku nudged Shoto’s shoulder. “You can leave your change of clothes in my apartment.”

         “Does your entire family really live here?” Shoto asked as he followed Izuku up the stairs, giving a small smile to the two kids running down the stairs.

         “No running! Cho! Doi!” Izuku scolded over his shoulder smiling at the twin shouts of “Sorry Izu-oji!” as the girls slowed their pace by half a second. “Yeah. My dad’s great-great-grandparents bought the complexes and it’s been passed down ever since.” Izuku explained. “Everyone in the family has their own businesses or high paying jobs in order to keep financing everything. Same concept as rent but a little different.”

         Shoto hummed as he came to walk side-by-side with Izuku. “No wonder you’re so good with people.” He joked, pulling a laugh out of Izuku, as the two stepped into the familiar apartment.

         “Zu-Zu-ni!” A small six-year-old crashed into Izuku, who had to catch himself on the wall.

         “Ju-Ju!” Izuku cheered as he hoisted the black-haired girl onto his hip. Izuku pressed a quick kiss to her cheek. “Hey, I want you to meet my friend Shoto.”

         The girl turned to look at Shoto. “Hi, Shochan!” She smiled brightly as she waved rapidly, nearly smacking Izuku in the nose more than once. “I’m Junko!”

         “Hi.” Shoto greeted shyly as he gave Junko a small, much tamer, wave.

         “June bug?” An accented voice called from inside the small apartment.

         “I’ve got her mom!” Izuku called, causing Shoto to raise an eyebrow as a middle-aged, blonde woman came into the living room, followed by a freckled covered man.

         “Oh? Is this your friend Izuku?” The woman asked with a greeting smile.

         “This is Shoto.” Izuku introduced as he set Junko down. “Shoto, this is my dad, Hasashi, and my step-mom, Hiromi. They met while Dad was working in American.”

         “A pleasure to meet you, young man,” Hasashi said, giving Shoto a small nod. “Izuku’s told us a lot about you.”

         “Dad!” Izuku squeaked, causing Junko to laugh loudly at him.

         Shoto side-eyed the red-faced Izuku as the parents chuckled.

         “We’d better get going.” Hiromi reminded her husband. “Inko can only save seats for so long. It was nice to meet you Shoto.” She smiled as the three passed him on their way out.

         Izuku waited for the front door to close before leaning into Shoto’s space bubble. “Not All Might’s secret love child.” He whispered teasingly.

Shoto huffed as he set his bag on the table. “Fine.” He bit out. “You’re not his son. But your family’s big enough, he could be your uncle.”

         “I’m not related to All Might!” Izuku exclaimed, throwing his hands up. “Do I need to get you the family tree? He’s not on there!”

         “There’s something going on between you two.” Shoto shrugged.

         “Oh! Just come on!” Izuku huffed as he grabbed Shoto’s wrist and pulled him out of the apartment. “We need to go find some seats.”

         Shoto found himself squished between Izuku and his cousin, Thomas, as they waited for the wedding to start.

         “Hey, isn’t Mana-baba walking Marc down the aisle again?” Thomas asked as he leaned in front of Shoto to pester Izuku.

         “No, Valre-oba is,” Izuku answered quickly. “Seeing how technically she’s his mom now.”

         “Again?” Shoto asked, eyes darting between the two boys.

         “Marc and Nathaniel are French,” Izuku explained. “It’s French tradition to have two weddings, one small one with just close family and witnesses, and another big one with friends and family.”

         “One for civil purposes and one for symbolic purposes.” Thomas added on. “It’s really cool.”

         “Yeah.” Izuku nodded. “And Valre-oba and Mana-baba are the ones to walk Marc down the aisle because…” Izuku trailed off as the music started to play as Marc and Valre walk in. Everyone stood up as they watched the two approach the altar.

         Izuku leaned in close to Shoto as his eyes searched over Marc’s wrist. “Because…” He whispered, squinting his eyes.

         “Blue.” Thomas shot to Izuku under his breath.

         “Because his family disowned him for being bi.” Izuku finished explaining quickly before he could be shushed by his other family members.

         Shoto nodded as he sat down with the rest of Izuku’s family to watch the ceremony, that, despite being done in the backyard of the apartment buildings, was quite beautiful and awe-inspiring.



Chapter Text

“That’s your change of clothes?” Izuku questioned as soon as Shoto stepped into the living room in a simple button-down and dark blue jeans.

         “Yes.” Shoto said, eyeing the faded, stained All Might t-shirt and ripped, washed-out jeans Izuku wore. “Is it too casual?”

         “It’s too fancy!” Izuku waved his hands at Shoto’s shirt. “My family is going to ruin that!” He huffed. “Come on.” Izuku gripped Shoto’s hand, pulling Shoto into his room. Izuku dug through his closet, pulling out a heavily faded Crimson Riot t-shirt, the appeared to be two sizes too big for Izuku. “Here, you can borrow this.” Izuku handed Shoto the shirt before stepping out of the room so Shoto could change.

         “Are you sure this is okay?” Shoto asked as Izuku lead him to the after-party.

         “Trust me.” Izuku smiled over his shoulder. “Everyone’s going to be wearing the same thing.”

         “Zu-Zu-ni!” Junko called as she latched herself onto Izuku’s leg. “Carry me to the party room!”

         Izuku laughed as he picked up the six-year-old. “You going to dance tonight?” He asked.

         “Yeah!” Junko nodded. “I’m gonna dance with everyone.” She promised. “Even Shochan!” Her head swung around, pigtails smacking Izuku across the face. “You’ll dance with me right Shochan?”

         “If you’d like.” Shoto agreed, ducking his head shyly.

         “Yay!” Junko threw her hands up as she cheered, Izuku barely dodging a hit to the chin.

         “Watch it.” Izuku chided with a small frown. “You’re beating me up here!”

         “Sorry, Izu-ni.” Junko apologized, tucking her head up underneath Izuku’s chin as they walked into the party room, which was actually the entire third floor of the first building.

         Shoto sat in between Izuku and Kawa, with Junko sitting in his lap, as the family settled down for dinner.

         “So, you’re in class with Izuku?” Kawa turned to ask Shoto as the Midoriya brothers bickered between themselves.

         “Yes.” Shoto nodded. “Class is amusing with him in it.”

         Kawa laughed to herself. “I bet. Izuku’s always getting himself into trouble. Even before his quirk came in.” The two shared a laugh. “I’m glad Izuku has a friend like you.” Kawa told Shoto honestly. “He talks about you a lot.” She smirked. “All good things of course.”

         “Kawa!” Genki called as he smacked the table.

         “Aaah! What!?” Kawa shrieked, head snapping around to glare at Genki. “What do you want?”

         “Who would win in a fight? Dark Phoenix or Catwoman?” Genki shot out as he, Kai and Izuku leaned forward, all attention on Kawa.

         “Oh, easy!” Kawa waved a hand. “Dark Phoenix hands down.”

         “HA!” Izuku turned to laugh in Kai’s face. “Told you!”

         The brothers went back to arguing quickly, causing the five women to roll their eyes.

         “That’s all, you dear.” Inko waved a hand at the boys as she locked eyes with Hasashi.


         After dinner, and many speeches that left everyone with sore sides from laughter, the party started to get much livelier. The dancing had started. Shoto stuck close to Izuku as the night went on. At least until Junko spotted him again.

         “Come on! You said you’d dance with me!” Junko tugged at Shoto’s hand as she bounced in place. “Stop hogging him Izu-ni!”

         Shoto gave Junko a small smile as he let her pull him away from Izuku, who wasn’t evening trying to hide his giggles, and to the dance floor. Shoto spun Junko in small circles as the girl laughed happily. Izuku watched the two with a fond smile before being pulled into a dance with his cousin Matilda.

         Once Shoto managed to free himself from Junko, he found himself lost among the crowd, with Izuku nowhere in his sight. Shoto spun around in place, eyes scanning the large crowd. How did so many people fit into this room? How was the room big enough?

         “Hey! Shoto, right?” A voice to Shoto’s left called. When Shoto turned he found himself face-to-face with the newlywed groom, Marc. “Lose Green Bean?” Marc asked with a knowing smile.

         Shoto nodded as he slowly made his way over to Marc.

         “Yeah,” Marc laughed under his breath. “The same thing happened to me the first time Nathaniel brought me to meet the family.”

         “You’re not with him.” Shoto observed, eyes still darting out to check the large mass of people.

         Marc chuckled again. “Nah. I’d be stupid if I thought I could keep him all to myself today.” He shrugged. “It’s just as important to the clan as it is to us.”

         “I see.” Shoto nodded. “Are. Are they always like this?” He asked cautiously. Was it too rude to ask that?

         “No.” Marc shook his head. “They’re actually behaving. For now, at least.” Marc’s green eyes locked on Shoto through his dark black bangs. “Izuku’s plea must have had more of an impact than Nath’s did.”

         “W-what?” Shoto pulled his full attention to Marc.

         “A week ago, Izuku called a big family meeting and practically begged everyone to not try and scare you off,” Marc answered. “Apparently Nathaniel did the same thing before introducing me, but that only lasted for about an hour.” Marc looked back over the crowd as the song changed.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

And their like, it’s better than yours

Damn right it’s better than yours

         “Oh! You’re gonna wanna see this.” Marc laughed as he pointed to Izuku, who had just recently made his way to the front of the crowd. “Those two have the whole song choreographed.”

         Shoto raised an eyebrow as he watched Izuku dance alongside one of his many cousins. Shoto’s breath froze in his throat. Oh! Shoto was very gay. So, very gay. Could the human body really move like that? Don’t catch fire. Don’t freeze anything. Don’t catch fire. Don’t freeze anything. Conceal, don’t feel.

         Izuku smiled brightly as he swung his hips low to the ground, before bouncing back up to his full height again. Were his jeans always that tight? Izuku sang along to the English song, that Shoto could only guess was being played because of some family inside-joke, as he rolled his body in a way that made Shoto weak at the knees. Since when could Izuku do that!?

I know you want it

The thing that makes me

What the guys go crazy for

They lose their minds

         Izuku swung his hips fiercely before dropping into a bounce close to the ground. Was that a wink he just sent to Shoto? Izuku popped his ass out as he spun in a circle. Once Izuku stopped he was facing his cousin as they both popped their hips out to the side with the beat.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

And their like it’s better than yours

Damn right it’s better than yours

I can teach you

But I have to charge

         Shoto was torn as the song ended. Did it really have to end? Could he even handle it if it hadn’t? Shoto froze as Izuku walked back up to him. Shoto glanced to his side, finding Marc missing. Shit!

         “Having fun?” Izuku asked innocently as he leaned against the wall next to Shoto.

         “Y-Yeah.” Shoto nodded, eye never leaving his shoes. He swallowed thickly. “Looks like you were having fun too.”

         Izuku laughed joyously next to Shoto, a small flush coming to his cheeks. “Yeah, my Akiko-oba took dancing classes when she was my age and has taught nearly all of us now.”

         “Ah.” Shoto nodded, risking a quick glance at Izuku. Shoto flinched when he meets shinning green eyes staring up at him.

And I'd give up forever to touch you

'Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't want to go home right now

         Izuku’s cheeks flushed as another, much slower song started. He rubbed the back of his neck as he held out his other hand to Shoto. “Um. Do you- Do you wanna dance? With me?” Izuku’s eyes darted to the side.

         “Yes!” Shoto breathed quickly, ignoring the heat in his own cheeks as he gently placed his hand in Izuku’s, letting him drag Shoto over to the dance floor.

         Shoto tenderly hooked his arms around Izuku’s neck as Izuku placed his warm hands against Shoto’s side. Both of them spinning in small circles, fond smiles on their faces.

         “Thanks for coming.” Izuku whispered as he peered up at Shoto.

         “Thank you for inviting me.” Shoto ducked his head as he smiled. “I’m having fun. You’re family’s very welcoming.”

         “Yeah.” Izuku laughed, fondness falling past his lips. “I couldn’t ask for a better family honestly.” He locked eyes with Shoto again. “They really like you; you know.”

         “I’m glad.” Shoto smiled, his thumb rubbing a soft circle into Izuku’s shoulder.

And I don't want the world to see me

'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's meant to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

         Izuku sighed softly as he rested his head against Shoto’s shoulder, green curls tickling his chin. “You’re not afraid of being in the air, are you?” Izuku asked randomly.

         “No?” Shoto raised an eyebrow as he peered down at Izuku. “Why?”

         Instead of answering Izuku smirks to himself, his arms moving to wrap around Shoto’s thighs. Shoto yelp as his feet left the ground, hands coming to grip Izuku’s shoulders as Izuku spun them around. Shoto laughed as he looked down at Izuku as he put him down. The two just a breath away. Izuku’s eyes darted down to Shoto’s lips. If only he leaned in just a little. Heat rose to Shoto’s cheeks again.

         Izuku’s gaze darted to the side, stepping back as the song ended. A bright red coating his cheeks. Friends don’t almost kiss, do they? Maybe Haruhi was right.

         Shoto now understood why Izuku made him change clothes. Shoto yelped as Izuku pulled him behind an overturned table and out of the way of an airborne chunk of cake. “Does this happen every time your family has a wedding?” Shoto asked, only half teasing.

         Izuku laughed and shook his head. “Nah. This happens at least once a week actually.” He answered in full honesty. “Quick, hand me that plate.” Izuku’s eyes darted back out into the frenzy that was his family, as he pointed to a nearby plate covered in frosting.

         Shoto smirked as he grabbed the plate. “This one?” He asked, quickly smearing the frosting over Izuku’s face as he turned to look at him.

         Izuku froze, eyes widened and mouth forming a cute ‘o’. Izuku’s stare turned into a playful glare that sent shivers down Shoto’s spine. “Oh, it is on!”

Chapter Text

Shoto stared at the empty seat behind Bakugou. Maybe he’s just late. Even someone like Izuku can be late from time to time. Shoto shook his head as he watched Aizawa-sensei walk through the door. Throughout class Shoto couldn’t help but repeatedly shifting his gaze from the empty seat to the door, waiting for Izuku to walk in. Is he sick? Or maybe something came up with his family? Why else would he be late? Shoto bit his lip, focusing on not freezing his desk.

         “Aizawa-sensei?” Uraraka raised her hand during one of their breaks. “Do you know where Deku-kun is? It’s not like him to be late.”

         Aizawa’s eyes seem to soften for a second before he sighed. “Midoriya isn’t coming in today. And possibly not tomorrow either. His mother called, informing us that yesterday, on his way home, Midoriya got caught in a villain attack. He’s injured, enough to take him out of class, but his family has someone with a healing quirk so there’s no need to worry.”

         Shoto’s face went cold as he sat stiff in his seat as the class erupted into conversation around him, only responding enough to volunteer to bring Izuku note on what they were covering in class. It's only been three months since his kidnapping. Did one of them go after Izuku? Maybe Dabi missed one when he burned the building. Or was it simply Izuku being in the wrong place at the wrong time? He had a knack for that, almost like a danger magnet.

         “Shochan!” Junko shrieked as soon as Shoto came up to the apartment buildings. She quickly ran up to Shoto and attached herself to his leg.

         “Hi.” Shoto smiled as he pats Junko’s head. “Do you know where Izuku is? I have notes from class for him.”

         Junko nodded, her smile falling into a frown. “Izu-ni is in Nathaniel’s and Marc’s apartment. Nathaniel’s healing him while I keep watch to make sure no one tries to hurt him.”

         “And you’re doing a great job Imoto.” Kawa smiled as she walked up to the two. “Here I’ll take Shoto up to see Zu-Zu for you.” Kawa turned to Shoto with kind eyes. “You want to see him, right?”

         “If it’s alright.” Shoto nodded. He needed to see for himself that Izuku was alright.

         Kawa nodded and started leading Shoto over to building four. “He’s not in the best shape right now.” She sighed. “Last I checked he was still in a small coma from Nath’s quirk.”

         “Coma!?” Shoto exclaimed, turning to stare at Kawa.

         “It’s okay! It’s natural!” Kawa waved her arms around as she reassured Shoto. “It’s because of Nathaniel’s quirk. It puts whoever’s being healed into a small coma until they’re better. So, they don’t hurt themselves farther. As soon as Izuku’s all healed up, he’ll wake right up. Promise.”

         Shoto sighed, shoulders sagging in relief. “Oh. That’s good to hear.”

         “Yeah.” Kawa nodded. “He can still hear everything around him, so if you want to talk to him you can. He’ll remember when he wakes up.” Kawa knocked twice before opening the door and leading Shoto into the newlyweds’ apartment.

         “Oh, Shoto!” Marc gave a tight, almost painfilled, smile. “Here to see Green Bean I’m guessing.”

         “Yeah. I- I have notes from class.” Shoto held up the notebook in his hand.

         “Izuku will be glad to have those when he wakes up.” Marc shook his head. “Sometimes I think that boy studies too much. Here you can put them on the counter, I’ll make sure he gets them.”

         “Thanks.” Shoto nodded. “Can I. Can I see him?” He asked, peeking over Marc’s shoulder into the living room, were a mass of blankets sat on top of the couch.

         “Of course.” Marc waved the two into the living room. “Nath needs a break anyway.”

         Shoto gasped as he took in Izuku laying still and pale on the couch. A decent-sized scare running across his forehead. He found himself kneeling next to Izuku as Kawa walked around the couch to sit by Izuku’s head.

         “Come on. Share.” Kawa tapped Nathaniel on the shoulder, holding a hand out to the man.

         Nathaniel sighed before grasping Kawa’s wrist. The two started to glow green. Kawa gasped in pain, pulling her arm to her chest as soon as Nathaniel let go.

         “Christ!” Kawa hissed. “You need to stop getting into trouble mi heroe pequeño, it’s not good for you.” She told Izuku in a soft voice, that Shoto remembers hearing from Haruhi the first time he met her. She turned to Nathaniel with a kind, yet hard stare. “Are you okay? Do I need to get someone else?”

         Nathaniel shook his head, tired eyes locked on Izuku. “I’m fine. Promise. I just need to rest a bit. I’ve already healed the worst of it, now it’s just minor stuff that can wait.”

         “What was that?” Shoto questioned softly, pulling all attention to him.

         “I’m guessing you’ve already gathered that my quirk is a healing one.” Nathaniel waited for Shoto to nod before continuing. “Well, basically when I heal someone, I end up absorbing their injuries, in phantom pains and such not the actual injury, and I can share that with others.” He explained. “Sometimes I have to, depending on the injury. Like if it’s just a broken bone or a contusion I’m okay to absorb all of the injury, but if it’s something bad or life-threating, I have to share it with people, or it could kill me.”

         Shoto turned to look at Izuku again. “How bad was his?” He refused to look at Nathaniel when he hears the man sigh.

         “It was bad,” Kawa answers instead. “If Nathaniel didn’t have his quirk, it could have been life-threating.” She sighed, breath getting caught in her throat. “He gave us all a big scare that’s for sure.”

         “If only that lava sidekick had watched what he was doing, this wouldn’t have happened.” Marc spat bitterly.

         “Lava sidekick?” Shoto’s head snapped up to peer at Marc.

         “Yeah, the fight Izuku got involved in was between some low-grade villain, that honestly shouldn’t have been that hard to take care of, and some hotshot sidekick with a lava-based quirk. He melted a support beam and the roof it was holding up fell on Izuku.” Marc explained. “I think he was from Endeavor’s agency actually. I thought they didn’t just let anybody in there.”

         “Marc!” Kawa hissed quietly, not-so-subtle nodding in Shoto’s direction.

         Marc’s eyes widened. “Sorry.”

         “Don’t be.” Shoto shook his head. “You’re right, any sidekick of my father’s should know better.” Shoto sighed as the pieces fell into place. Endeavor had been too quick to forget about his skipping out of training a month ago to go to the wedding. “I should go. I’m expected home soon.” Shoto excused himself as he stood up.

         “Let me give you a ride then.” Kawa offered. “As a thank you for bringing Izuku his notes. It’s supposed to rain.”

         “Alright.” Shoto nodded as he followed Kawa out, giving Izuku one more look over his shoulder.

         “Thank you again for bringing Izuku’s classwork,” Kawa said again as they climbed into her modest black car. “That’s the only thing we couldn’t help him with.”

         “You don’t have to thank me.” Shoto whispered as he stared out the window.

         “I do though.” Kawa sighed. “Izuku is the first of us to become a hero you know.” Her eyes darted over to Shoto for a second. “As far back as we can trace our family tree, which is nearly twenty generations, he’s the first one.” Kawa’s eyes softened. “He’s special to us because of that. So, knowing he has friends like you to help him out and stand beside him where we can’t. It means a lot.”

         “It’s the least I can do,” Shoto said. “After all he’s done to help me.”

         Haruhi jumped at the aggressive knocking at her door. She snagged a large kitchen knife on her way to the door. Haruhi opened the door a crack, finding Shoto drenched from head to toe. “Shoto?” Haruhi gasped as she threw open the door and set the knife down on a door side table. “What are you doing out in this weather?”

         Shoto locked eyes with Haruhi, not answering her question. The red puffiness around his eyes being the only sign of him crying.

         “Shoto.” Haruhi gasped as she pulled Shoto into a tight hug. She ran her fingers through his soaked hair as Shoto started to sob into her neck. “Come inside,” Haruhi ordered gently. “Let’s get you dried off before you get sick.”

         Shoto nodded slowly as he pulled himself away from Haruhi and made his way to his unofficial room. Haruhi hurried to grab Shoto a towel, handing it to him through the slightly open door.

         Haruhi stood patiently outside Shoto’s room until the door opened and she found her arms full of a crying Shoto again. Haruhi tightly wrapped Shoto’s larger form in her hold as she rocked him gently.

         “Izuku.” Shoto choked out through his tears. “He…He.” He sobbed loudly. “Endeavor attacked. Sidekick attacked.” Shoto’s shoulders shook as he clung to Haruhi.

         “Endeavor had one of his sidekicks attack him?” Haruhi asked stunned, earning a small nod from Shoto.

         “’Cause I. ‘Cause I didn’t. I didn’t listen.” Shoto curled more into Haruhi as she gently guided them to the floor. “He’s hurt and. And. And it’s my fault!”

         “No.” Haruhi cut Shoto off. “No. It’s not your fault. Endeavor is the one to blame.” She told Shoto. “What happened is his fault, not yours.”

         Shoto remained quiet as he continued to cry into Haruhi’s shoulder as she held him tightly and gently ran her fingers through his hair, rubbing his arms and back tenderly.

         “Can I stay here tonight?” Shoto asked weakly as he wiped his eyes. “I don’t know where else to go and I can’t stay with him.”

         “Of course,” Haruhi answered immediately. “You’re always welcome here. Always.” She pressed a gentle kiss to the side of Shoto’s head, drawing another short sob from him.

         Shoto nodded, a small smile pulling at his trembling lips. “Thanks.” He said weakly.  Shoto slowly rose to his feet beside Haruhi. “I think. I think I’m going to go to bed now.” His voice soft enough that Haruhi strained to hear it. His safety mask already sliding back into place.

         “Try to get some sleep okay.” Haruhi hugged Shoto one last time. “Come get me if you need anything okay? Dabi’s here too.”

         Shoto nodded numbly as he turned back into his room. Haruhi stood in the hallway staring at Shoto’s door hopelessly. She lightly bit her knuckle. Haruhi’s eyes hardened as Shoto’s sobs reached her ears through the door. No one hurts her boy.

Chapter Text

Thunder sounded as Shoto bolted up in bed, frost cracking as the covers moved. Shoto’s gaze darted around the dark room as his breath heaved. He wasn’t at Endeavor’s; he was in his room at Haruhi’s. He was safe. Shoto jumped at the knock on his door. “C-Come in.” Shoto’s voice shook as it pushed itself past the lump in his throat.

         Dabi quietly stepped into the room. “I heard you shout.” He offered as he came up to Shoto.

         “Oh.” Shoto stared at his lap. “I didn’t realize I had. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

         “It’s fine.” Dabi shrugged as he sat on the edge of the bed not too far from Shoto. “I don’t sleep much anyway. Nightmares are a bitch.”

         “Yeah.” Shoto nodded. “You don’t have to tell me that.”

         The two brothers sat quietly as lighting lit the small room more than once. Dabi soundlessly pulled Shoto to his chest, wrapping both scared arms around Shoto’s shoulders. Shoto sighed as he melted into Dabi’s embrace. Even after all these years, it was still just as comforting. It was still home.

         “I should have stayed,” Dabi whispered. “I should have done more to make him think I was worth his time.” His breath shook as he exhaled, pulling Shoto closer to him. “Then he wouldn’t be as hard on you.”

         “Yes, he would,” Shoto stated. “He wouldn’t care. Now I have somewhere I can go to get away.”

         Dabi chuckled quietly as he rubbed Shoto’s arm. “Yeah, you do.” He laid his cheek against Shoto’s hair. “I’m never leaving you by yourself again. I shouldn’t have to begin with.”

         Shoto frowned as he pulled away enough from Dabi. “If you had stayed, then no one would have come for me when I was kidnapped.” His voice just above a whisper but rang loud for the two brothers. “Not in time at least.” Shoto settled himself back against Dabi’s chest.

         “And if you had gone with me, you would have never met that Midoriya kid.” Dabi added on.

         “Endeavor had one of his sidekicks try to kill him.” Shoto ignored the shake in his voice and how Dabi went tense underneath him. “During a fight, he melted a support beam. The roof fell on Izuku.” Shoto squeezed his burring eyes shut. “It would have killed him.”

         “That bastard.” Dabi cursed under his breath, tucking Shoto’s head under his chin. “He has no right to call himself a hero.” Shoto shook his head in agreement. “I’m going to kill him.” Dabi promised in a whisper, quiet enough that Shoto could pretend to not hear.

         Shoto couldn’t find it in himself to argue with Dabi, even if it was what he should do as a hero. But tonight, he didn’t want to be a hero, tonight Shoto just wanted to be held in Dabi’s arms.

         Shoto braced himself as Junko flung herself at him as he came to drop off Izuku’s notes again. “Hi, Shochan!” Junko smiled as she held onto Shoto with a vice grip. “Are you here to give Izu-ni his notes again?”

         “Yeah.” Shoto nodded as he rubbed the girl’s back. “You still standing guard?”

         “Yes, sir!” Junko nodded. “Izu-ni is awake now so you can talk to him, but Mom and Okasan won’t let him go to school until tomorrow.” She jumped back from Shoto, grabbing his hand in the process. “Come on! He’s in Okasan’s apartment. Thomas!” Junko’s pigtails swung around as she turned to call her part bunny cousin. “Cover for me!”

         “Ay-ay little captain!” Thomas saluted her with an ear, giving Shoto a polite wave as Junko dragged him across the yard.

         Junko pulled Shoto through the door, not bothering to knock, nearly running into Izuku. Shoto gasped, gripping onto Junko’s shoulder in order to not run her over.

         “Oh! Shoto!” Izuku smiled brightly, waving with his unbandaged arm. “Hi!” His gaze fell onto Junko, placing his hand on his hip. “What have we told you about barging into the apartment without knocking?”

         “To not to.” Junko answered with a frown. “Sorry, Izu-ni.”  She dropped Shoto’s hand in order to hug Izuku and then Shoto. “I got to go through; Thomas is covering my post.” Junko paused on her way out the door. “You haven’t seen anything weird, have you?” She asked.

         Izuku chuckled. “Now that I think about it. I saw Kai and Genki sneaking around not too long ago.” He answered, playful tone evident to everyone other than Junko.

         “Suspicious!” Junko shrieked before bolting out the door, causing the two teens to laugh.

         “Thank you for bringing me those notes yesterday.” Izuku smiled as he turned back to Shoto, leading him up to his room.

         “You’re welcome. These are from today.” Shoto turned his head to the side as he handed Izuku the notebook in his hand.

         Izuku’s smile shined brighter. “Thanks! This is going to make tomorrow so much easier. I really hope Aizawa-sensei isn’t to upset with me for missing two days of class.”

         “He’s not.” Shoto reassured quickly. “I think he’s more concerned about getting hurt enough to pull you out of class, then you being absent.”

         “That just makes me feel worse.” Izuku sighed.

         “Aizawa-sensei knows that you of all people aren’t slacking on your classwork,” Shoto said. “And he knows that as soon as you’re back in class tomorrow you’ll be doing everything you can to get back on top. I think right now, Aizawa-sensei just wants you to focus on getting better and getting some rest that we all know you need.”

         Izuku sighed and peered down at his bandaged arm in its sling. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just wish I could stop my family from worrying so much about me.” His eyes rose to peer at a small picture frame on his desk. “They’ve done so much for me.”

         “Kawa said you’re their first hero.” Shoto stated lamely.

         Izuku chuckled softly. “Yeah. You know I was more scared to tell them about applying for U.A. than to tell them I was gay.” He looked up at the ceiling. “No one had ever been a hero, not in twenty generations, and here I am saying I’m going to be the number one hero. Better than All Might.” Izuku shook his head. “I know it’s stupid, but for the longest time, I thought they would disown me and kick me out if I told them. That they were only letting me enjoy a childish dream until I grew up or something. For a while, I thought they might have tried to force me into one of the family businesses.”

         “You’re family?” Shoto raised an eyebrow as he stared at Izuku.

         “I know!” Izuku sighed. “But when I told them.” Izuku paused to smile softly. “They were all sitting on pins and needles waiting on my acceptance letter. Nikko-oji even threatened to go up to U.A. and hound principal Nezu if I wasn’t accepted. It’s more than I could ever ask for.” Izuku sighed again. “And how do I repay them? By making them worry about me every time I go to school. Make them send out a search party when I come home late, only to find me buried under a pile of rubble.”

         “Your family cares about you Izuku,” Shoto said. “More than most families. They had to have known what they were getting into when you started training to be a hero, with how much you write about them.”

         Izuku nodded. “Yeah, they might not go through my notebooks, but they certainly know the dangers of being a hero.” He sighed. “It’s just things like this. Things like the SUJ and the training camp. Seeing how much me getting hurt affects them. It makes me wish I had gone into the family business sometimes.”

Chapter Text

Shoto tensed as soon as he stepped into his house. It was warm. Too warm. Something wasn’t right. Shoto quickly set his bag in his room and changed out of his school uniform. Something told him he was in for a fight, best not ruin his uniform.

         “HOW DARE YOU TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY SON!” Endeavor’s voice echoed through the house. “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM!”

         That’s not good. Shoto hurried over to the training room as a loud thump shook the outside wall. A woman’s scream following shortly after. Shoto’s blood ran cold. He threw open the door to see Endeavor aiming a flaming fist at a short, teal haired woman, her cry of pain pounding in Shoto’s ears as she held up her arms to block her face.

         “HARUHI!” Shoto’s voice cracked as he called out to her, sending a wall of ice to separate her from Endeavor. “Leave her alone!”

         “Stay out of this Shoto!” Endeavor ordered, using a large hand to knock Shoto to the ground.

         “Don’t touch him.” Haruhi hissed lowly before spitting blood at Endeavor’s feet. “Don’t you dare touch him you sorry excuse of a human!” She pulled herself to her feet to glare up at Endeavor. “I won’t let you hurt him anymore.”

         “Know your place, bitch!” Endeavor growled as he shot fire at Haruhi. The force was enough to fling her into the wall when it made contact with her shoulder.

         Shoto’s racing heart fighting to drowned out Haruhi’s scream as her body crumpled to the floor, landing on her bad shoulder. He snapped his head around to glare at Endeavor, lips pulling back in a snarl. “I said, LEAVE HER ALONE!” Shoto bellowed, pride growing in his chest as Endeavor took a step back. Ice-covered the right side of the room as Shoto took a step towards Endeavor, flames flooding off his left side scorching the roof.

         Walls of fire and ice crashed on top of Endeavor, a spike of ice embedding itself into his side. Shoto held up a hand, forming a shield of flames to absorbed Endeavor’s counterattack.  Endeavor groaned as he dove to the side, dodging a wave of ice as Shoto marched towards him.

         “Think of what you’re doing Shoto!” Endeavor ordered coldly, the small shake in his voice is cut off as another spike of ice went through his arm and lodging itself deep into the wall behind Endeavor.

         “I AM DONE WITH YOU HURTING THE PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT!” Shoto’s throat strained as his voice ripped through it. Mass amounts of ice racing towards Endeavor, slamming him into the wall behind him, head ricocheting harshly. “YOUT DROVE MY MOTHER MAD! SHE CAN’T EVEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE ANYMORE!” Shoto’s flames ingulfed Endeavor’s side, the wall behind Endeavor cracking and splintering under his weight.  “YOU THREW TOUYA AWAY!” Shoto threw ices towards Endeavor, spike slicing through his shoulder. “YOU TRIED TO KILL IZUKU!” Shoto swung his arm back, ice-covered fist connecting with Endeavor’s nose, a satisficing snap ringing in Shoto’s ears as bone concaved on itself.  “AND NOW YOU ATTACK HARUHI!” Icicles formed under Shoto’s right eye. “AND FOR WHAT!? FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LEGACY!” The fire on Shoto’s hand burned blue as he aimed at Endeavor. “I’M DONE WITH YOUR LEGACY! I’M DONE BEING A BASTARD’S SON!”

         Cold pain erupted against the back of Shoto’s head. Endeavor’s mangled form blurring in and out of focus. Heat petering out on Shoto’s left side as the flames were slowly overtaken over by growing black spots. The ice under Shoto’s feet became harder to finding footing as the walls spun around him and he succumbed to the peaceful darkness.

         “I’m sorry Shoto.”

         Shoto groaned as he rolled onto his side, eyes squeezing tight against the dim light. He weakly pulled the covers over his head. What happened? Where is he?

         A door opened to his left, soft footsteps making their way into the room. “You awake yet Sho?” Dabi’s voice softly filling the room.

         Shoto groaned sinking deeper into the covers. So, he was at Haruhi’s. Haruhi’s? When did he get here? Last, he remembers was being at his house and hearing Endeavor shout- Endeavor! “Haruhi!” Shoto shot up in bed, ignoring the raging pain in his head.

         “Hey! Take it easy.” Dabi’s voice raising only an octave as he gently gripped Shoto’s shoulder. “Haruhi’s okay. She’s in the other room, she just got back from work.” He explained as he held Shoto still with one hand and placed a tray of food in Shoto’s lap with the other. “You got a concussion, a bad one, you need to rest a bit.”

         “How long have I been out?” Shoto asked, taking a small bite out of the chicken soboro donburi Dabi had brought him.

         “You’ve been in and out for a week.” Dabi sighed. “This is the first time you’ve held a conversation. I was starting to get worried.”

         “Sorry.” Shoto mumbled under his breath. “I’m fine. Is Haruhi alright?”

         Dabi sighed, fists clenching tightly, staples pulling at his wrist seams. “She’ll be okay. She got some burns on her shoulder and a couple bruised bones, but she’ll heal.” Dabi ran a hand through his hair, forcing his jaw to unclench. His eyes darting over to Shoto. “You did a number on the old man though. According to the news he hasn’t woken up yet, the doctors said he was lucky to reach the hospital.”

         Shoto hummed. “He deserves it.”

         “He does.” Dabi smirked before sighed again. Dabi’s shoulders slumped as he dropped his head into his hands. “They’re thinking you got kidnapped again.”

         “Endeavor is going to go along with the lie,” Shoto stated bitterly. “It’s going to be easier to admit that I got kidnapped again than admit that he’s an awful person.” His eyes softened as he peered out the door. “What is Haruhi going to do if Endeavor says that she was there?”

         Dabi sighed, a tiered hand sliding down his face. “We’re hoping he won’t. She has a lot of dirt on him now.” He side-eyed Shoto. “And she said you knocked his head pretty hard, so he might not even remember her. And if he does mention her, she has a good alibi.” Dabi explained. “She’s still going to work. Carrying on as if she had no part in the whole thing. We’re hoping that’s what saves her.”

         Shoto’s shoulders sagged as he let out the breath he was holding. Gaze falling to his hands after setting his dishes to the side. “I nearly killed him. I was going to kill him.” Shoto whispered to Dabi. He lifted a hand to rest on his forehead and continued to stare down at his right hand. “I don’t regret it. Why don’t I feel guilty?”

         Dabi’s eyes softened as he tenderly pulled Shoto into a hug. “I don’t know Cinnamon Twist.”

         Shoto sat at the bar as he watched Dabi cook. Both anxiously waiting for Haruhi to come home. Home. That was something Shoto never truly had. When did he start thinking of Haruhi’s apartment as home? If someone had told Shoto four months ago that home would be where a murderous villain stayed, he would have laughed in their face. But it was.

         Shoto was pulled out of his thoughts by the door opening, quite loudly. A familiar voice reaching his ears.

         “-It’s just that, you helped him after the last time he was kidnapped. So, I was hoping that maybe he came to you again. But now that I think about it, that’s kind of a stupid idea. I mean what are the chances that-“ Izuku’s words fell flat as everyone in the room froze. Izuku’s eyes darted between Dabi and Shoto as Dabi and Haruhi shared a panicked look. “Shoto?”

         “I can explain!” Shoto hurried to stand up, taking a moment to find his balance.

         “Don’t bother.” Izuku shook his head violently, eyes showing the start of tears. “You-You-You traitor!” Izuku hiccupped before sprinting out the door.

         “Izuku!” Shoto went to chase after him, only to be held back by Haruhi and Dabi.

         “No, I’m not going to let you get even more hurt,” Haruhi stated. “You can call him or text him. But you’re in no condition to be running around the city.”

Chapter Text

“I’m not going to just hand my brother over to that pasty skin freak!” Shoto flinched at Dabi’s shout from down the hall.

         “I’m not asking you to!” Haruhi snapped back. “I’m just saying that it’ll be believable! No one’s gonna be surprised! According to them, you’ve already kidnapped him once!”

         “And what about you!? Huh!?” Dabi fired loudly. “The kid knows you’re apart of it! If he tells anyone- He knows where we’re living!”

         Shoto kept his hands pressed tightly against his ears as he peeked out around his doorframe. Watching as Dabi and Haruhi stared each other down in the kitchen.

         “Tell them I was forced into it! I don’t know!” Haruhi rolled her eyes. “It wouldn’t be the first time a civilian was brought into a villain’s plan! We live in a part of town that it would be possible!”

         “And how do you prove that!?” Dabi argued. “The league doesn’t know anything about you! And I plan on keeping it that way!”

         “I got a fresh burn, don’t I! One I can’t get treated at a hospital!” Haruhi stated. “I’ll just say you’re the one that gave it to me!”

         “DON’T YOU DARE!” Dabi’s voice as his hand shot up to cheek level, quickly spurring Shoto into movement. “I AM NOTHING LIKE HIM!”

         “DON’T HURT HER!” Shoto cried as he threw himself in between the two. “Don’t hurt him!” Voice breaking as he turned to look at Haruhi. Neck straining as Shoto’s gaze darted between Dabi and Haruhi.

         “What?” Dabi whispered, wide eyes locked on Shoto, his hand quickly falling back to his side.

         “Hurt me?” Haruhi asked gently as she placed an unsure hand on Shoto’s shoulder. “Sho, Dabi would never hurt me.” She said tenderly as she held Shoto’s gaze. “He never has, and I know he never will.” Haruhi glanced up to take a quick look at Dabi. “And I would never think of hurting him. Or you.” Her hand slowly moved to cup Shoto’s cheek, thumb brushing the edge of his scare. “I’d rather die than even think about hurting either of you.”

         “B-But, you two?” Shoto’s head turned minuscule to catch a glimpse of Dabi out of the corner of his eye. “You were-“

         Haruhi’s eyes softened as she pulled Shoto into a quick hug. “We were just having an argument Shoto.” She explained softly. “A loud one.” She added on. Haruhi sighed as she pulled back from Shoto enough to look him in the eye. “That’s all though. Just loud words.”

         Shoto’s eyebrows creased as his eyes search the floor. “So, like Monoma?”

         “Who’s that?” Haruhi asked, eyes darting up to share a look with Dabi.

         “He’s in class 1-B.” Shoto answered. “He’s loud and annoying and always yelling at everyone in 1-A, but he hasn’t attacked anyone.”

         “Yeah.” Dabi ruffled Shoto’s hair. “Kinda like him.”

“Oh,” Shoto said, slowly sinking into the large group hug that had started. “So, you’re not going to fight?”

         “No,” Dabi answered instantly. “We may argue, but we’re not them.”

         “Okay.” Shoto gave a small smile.

         Shoto sighed as he stepped onto the Midoriya property.  It’s been a week since he last saw Izuku, a week since the last text he’s received- shortly before Shoto disposed of his old phone, he’ll have to get a new one soon- just three small words.

         I won’t tell.

         Shoto sighed again, tugging the hood of his jacket down over his hair some more. He’s got to come clean, has to tell Izuku the full story.

         “What are you doing here?” Kawa sneered as she stood in front of Shoto, arms crossed as she glared.

         “I need to talk to Izuku.” Shoto pleaded.

         “Midoriya.” Kawa tacked. “You’re not welcome here anymore.”

         “But I-“

         “Izuku risked everything for you!” Kawa cut Shoto off coldly. “His family, his dream, his whole life! And you lied to him!” Kawa shook her head. “And now you think you can just walk right up in here like everything’s okay!? You’re wrong!” Small pebbles began to float by Kawa’s head. “You’re just going to lie to him again!”

         “I was lying to myself!” Shoto barked quickly. “I never wanted to hurt him okay!” Shoto shook his head. “I didn’t want to believe the truth, so I told everyone what I wanted to be the truth. I didn’t want except what was right in front of me, that he was my brother.”

         The pebbles around Kawa’s head fell back to the ground as she sighed. “Look, I shouldn’t be saying this.” She ran a hand through her hair. “I really shouldn’t, but just. Just give Izuku some time alright.” Her glare dropped as she peered at Shoto. “Let him cool off and think things through, then talk to him.”

         “Thank you.” Shoto breathed, shoulders sagging as an unseen weight lifted off of them.

         “But you need to go,” Kawa stated. “Only Izuku can welcome you back here now.”

         Shoto nodded slowly, before making his way back towards the sidewalk. “OW!” Shoto yelps as a plastic toy pegged him in the side of the head.

         “Get lost!” A voice yelled from the overhead railing. “Go away, you meanie!”

         Shoto looked up to see Junko sneering at him, arm reeled back to throw another toy at his head. Shoto yelped again as the plastic hit him again.

         “I said go away!” Junko ordered. “You’re not allowed to see Izu-ni anymore!”

         Shoto ducked to avoid another one of Junko’s toys as he hurried onto the sidewalk. Dabi was right, falling in love is a trap.

Chapter Text

Shoto sighed as he finished the last bit of dishes. He peered around the apartment, searching for anything else he could do to help Haruhi with, and take up time until she or Dabi came home. Shoto never thought he’d miss Aizawa-sensei’s class so much.

         The front door opened, startling Shoto. “You’ve been busy,” Dabi stated as he glanced over the freshly cleaned apartment. “Haruhi will be happy when she gets home.” He gave Shoto a smirk. “Are you trying to get her to make cold soba for dinner?”

         “Soba?” Shoto turned to look up at his brother. “We have the stuff for that?”

         Dabi chuckled and shook his head. “Hell, if I know. Haruhi’s the one that can go shopping. Probably though.” Dabi shrugged. “How are you doing today?”

         “Fine.” Shoto shrugged. “My head doesn’t hurt anymore, no dizzy spells either. I think my concussion is gone.”

         “That’s good,” Dabi said. “They usually don’t last that long. I was starting to get worried.”

         “I’m fine.” Shoto settled next to Dabi on the couch. “You’re back early.”

         “Got tired of Shigaraki’s bitching.” Dabi shrugged. “There’s nothing big planned for any time soon, so I don’t really need to be there.”

         “They’re. They’re not.” Shoto sighed. “They’re not going to come after me, are they?” He asked.

         “No,” Dabi answered firmly, wrapping an arm around Shoto. “I won’t let them.”

         “Okay.” Shoto leaned into Dabi’s side. “Thank you, Touya.”

         “Anytime Sho.” Dabi smiled. “Anytime.”

         “How can you be so good at this!?” Dabi shrieked. “You didn’t even know how to play an hour ago! HEY! Did you just blue shell me!?”

         Shoto smirked as he focused on the tv screen in front of him. “You just suck!” He laughed as his character passed Dabi’s.

         “You little brat!” Dabi hissed as he used an elbow to push Shoto in the side.

         “Cheater!” Shoto dug his shoulder into Dabi’s arm. “Fuck off cheater!” Shoto laughed as he elbowed Dabi hard.

         “OW! You little shit!” Dabi laughed, using one hand to push Shoto’s head to the side.

         “Hey! I can’t see now!” Shoto yelled. “Hey! I’m in sixth now!”

         “Good! Stay there!” Dabi ordered. “Wait! No little shit! Don’t you dare! Damn it!”

         “Green shell!” Shoto cheered as he passed Dabi again, sliding into fourth place. “What’s the matter? I thought you were good at this.” As he crossed the finish line.

         “Shut up asshole.” Dabi rolled his eyes as he shoved a laughing Shoto onto his side. “So glad you’re enjoying yourself.”

         “I am.” Shoto answered honestly despite Dabi’s sarcasm. “I get why everyone is talking about this now.” Shoto huffed a laugh. “Not to mention loud.”

         “Yeah.” Dabi nodded. “I never thought Haruhi could be so spiteful until we played.” He laughed to himself. “It’s hilarious honestly.”

         “How did you meet Haruhi?” Shoto asked as they started a new race. “I mean, she’s not-“

         “A villain.” Dabi filled in easily. “Yeah she’s not. Could be if she really wanted to though. She’s smart.” Dabi sighed. “She saved my ass one night. Yours too if you think about it.”

         Shoto's focus shifted to Dabi for a second.

         “I was checking in on all of you one night, about five years back. Making sure nothing got worse, maybe take out the old bastard if I had the chance, I don’t know.” Dabi shook his head as his character fell off the track. “Haruhi was walking home after a late shift at an old job. She noticed a hero patrolling nearby and for some unknown reason, pulled me into an alley before I could be spotted.” Dabi sighed, eyes blinking quickly. “To this day she still doesn’t know the reason why she helped me that night. If she hadn’t, I would’ve been spotted. I wasn’t Dabi then, I was still Touya.”

         “It would have been all over the news.” Shoto realized. “Endeavor’s oldest son, a villain.” He said bitterly. “The training would have been worse.”

         “More to prove.” Dabi nodded. “The piece of garbage.” He bit harshly under his breath. “I can’t wait till the day he's taken out for good.”

         “Me either.” Shoto said quietly.

         “That’s not very heroic of you little brother.” Dabi teased with only a slight undertone of seriousness.

         Shoto shrugged. “I’m tired of being his masterpiece.” He said simply.

         “Stubborn brat,” Dabi smirked. “One more race?”

         “Oh! You’re on!” Shoto smirked as he turned all his attention back to the tv in front of him.

         “Don’t get cocky now!” Dabi warned. “I’m not gonna just let you win.”

         “Please!” Shoto laughed. “You suck at his game! Hey! Get back here damn it!” Shoto yelled as Dabi sped past him and into fourth place. “No! Fuck you Peach!”

         Dabi laughed as Shoto’s character got hit by a red shell and fell into seventh place. “What was that hot-shot? Who sucks at the game? It’s not even the second lap yet!”

         Shoto glared at the screen in front of him. “Shut up!” He snapped, prodding Dabi’s cheek with his foot.

         “Get yo stanky ass foot out of my face!” Dabi said as he elbowed the underside of Shoto’s knee.

         “Never!” Shoto laughed.

         “Come on!” Dabi laughed from his spot. “Is that all you got Peppermint?”

         “Get your fat ass off me!” Shoto ordered, using the hand that wasn’t pinned under his chest to try to shove Dabi off his back. “You dick!”

         “Geez kid, who knew you had such a foul mouth?” Dabi swatted Shoto’s hand away.

         “I wonder who I learned it from.” Shoto sassed, quickly shifting his weight to dislodge Dabi and wiggle out from underneath him. “Ugh! I just got rid of my concussion, no need to give me a new one.”

         “Aw, poor little Shoto.” Dabi teased. “Afraid to get a boo-boo?”

         “Why you!” Shoto lightly kicked Dabi’s side. “You’re such a bully, I don’t get how Haruhi deals with you.” He teased.

         “I ask myself the same thing every day.” Dabi smiled as he shook his head. “Hey, have you decorated your room yet?” He questioned.

         Shoto shook his head. “No, I-I. I didn’t know I could.” He shrugged.

         “Why wouldn’t you be able to?” Dabi asked, a gentle hand coming to fall on Shoto’s shoulder.

         Shoto looked to the side and shrugged Dabi’s hand off. “It’s Haruhi’s apartment.”

         “And it’s your home,” Dabi said. “You’re welcome to decorate your room however you want.” Dabi smirked. “Even hero themed.”

         Shoto frowned and shook his head. “No, I don’t think I’ll do that.” Shoto eyed the large tapestry hanging on the wall. “I wouldn’t mind putting more colors in there.”

         “Alright. Come on.” Dabi pulled himself up off the ground, holding a hand out to Shoto. “Haruhi’s got some extra tapestries and other obnoxious things stored away. We can look through them.”

         “Okay.” Shoto smiled as he let Dabi pull him to his feet.

         “Only you would make a room like this.” Dabi shook his head. “Really doing away with all that traditional stuff huh?”

         “Mm-hm.” Shoto nodded. “This feels nicer.” He shrugged. “Like a hug, I guess.” Shoto’s eyes cut to the ground as he crossed his arms.

         “Yeah, I get it.” Dabi nodded. “Despite being an eyesore, I think that’s why Haruhi likes it so much.”

         Shoto nodded as he stared at the brightly colored tapestries covering most of the red brick walls, as well as a large one hanging from the ceiling. Small fairly lights ran along the top of the walls, giving the room a soft glow. Fluffy, mismatched, rugs covered most of the dark wooden floors. Nearly all of Haruhi’s spare blankets and pillows now sat piled on top of Shoto’s bed. Strips of fabric, scarves, and large, unused rags layered together acted as curtains for the small window next to Shoto’s bed. He could get used to calling this home.

Chapter Text

Haruhi hummed to herself as she busied herself in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for her boys. “Good morning.” She smiled as Shoto shuffled into a chair at the island.

         “Morning.” Shoto yawned, using one hand to try and fail to tame his wild bed head. “Food almost ready?” He asked slowly, eyes falling shut as he spoke.

         Haruhi laughed fondly. “Nearly done.” She promised. “You ready for the day? Aren’t you planning on training on that abandoned beach?”

         “Too early!” Shoto wined as his head dropped onto the counter. “No training talk before food.” He muffled against the fake marble.

         “Alright, alright.” Haruhi laughed. “That’s fair.” She passed him a plate. “Here, eat up.” Haruhi turned to the narrow hallway. “Dabi! Breakfast is ready!” She called.

         Dabi trudged through the stairs, taking a seat next to Shoto, the brothers’ hair nearly identical in wildness. Haruhi smiled softly to herself as the three ate quietly.

         “I better go change for work.” Haruhi said as she finished her food. “You two enjoy your day.” She pecked Dabi’s cheek as she passed him. “Be careful.” Haruhi gently pressed her lips to Shoto’s hair before making her way to her room.

         Shoto froze, eyes blown wide. He slowly brought his hand up to his hair.

         Dabi eyed his brother and chuckled. “Yeah, it still surprises me too.” He commented as he put his plate in the sink.

         “Mother used to do that,” Shoto whispered stunned. “Whenever Enji wasn’t home.” Shoto blinked rapidly as his eyes started to water. “Fuyumi didn’t even do it.”

         Dabi froze at the crack in Shoto’s voice. A sad smile pulled at his staples as he placed a tender hand on Shoto’s shoulder. “Well, now you have us.” He promised into Shoto’s hair.

         The two stayed rooted in place as silent tears tracked their way down Shoto’s cheeks. Haruhi paused as she reached the kitchen. “Did I miss something?” She asked gently as she approached the two, only to be pulled into the tender group hug.

         Shoto’s breath caught in his throat when he caught sight of Izuku and Kawa a few yards up the beach. Finally! Now he can apologize to Izuku. Finally set things right.

         “Midoriya!” Shoto called breaking into a run. Izuku flinched as he quickened his pace. Kawa glanced over her should as she followed a step behind Izuku. “Midoriya please!” Shoto’s voice shook as the corners of his eyes burned. “Izuku!”

         “No!” Izuku snapped as he spun around, fist clenching at his sides.

         Shoto stumbled to a stop nearly tripping over his feet in the process.

         “No!” Izuku snapped again. “I don’t want to hear it!” Izuku shook his head, faint glowing green energy following. “I risked my family, my everything! All because I trusted you!” Izuku bit his lip as he hiccupped. “You lied to me. For months! You lied to me for four months!” Izuku wrapped his arms around himself. “I thought.” His voice dropped just above a whisper. “I thought after the sports festival, after the Hero Killer. I thought we trusted each other. I thought you trusted me.”

         Shoto squeezed his eyes shut, willing the pin-needled pricks away. “Izuku, I-“

         “No!” Izuku cut him off quickly. “No. I don’t want to hear it Todoroki.”

         Shoto sank to his knees as Izuku turned back around, walking away. Kawa paused, giving Shoto a sorrowful look, only to freeze, focused on something past Shoto.

         “Dragon’s Breath!” Kawa yelled as she dove towards Shoto, crashing into him and pinning him to the sand. In front of them, Izuku belly-flopped onto the sand. A shot piercing the air above them.

         “You’re a quick little thing, aren’t you?” The familiar voice froze Shoto’s blood. “Too bad you’re not on my collection list. Maybe you can be apart of my bonus for chasing Endeavor’s slimy spawn again.”

         “Burn in hell!” Kawa snapped as she stood up, instantly falling into a fighting stance, Izuku and Shoto doing the same. “You’re not getting the kid!” She snarled. “Boys run. Now.”

         “No!” Shoto and Izuku yelled in sync.

         “Family by and by!” Izuku added, sapping any argument Kawa had before she even tried.

         “Ugh! You’re so noisy!” The guy huffed, the crashing waves quickly falling mute. Air caught in Shoto’s lungs as his legs rooted themselves to the ground.

         Green flashed past Shoto as the man was pulled forward by an unseen rope. Izuku landed a well-placed punch to the man’s chest. Shoto’s voice quickly grew sour and itchy. Izuku and Kawa shared a nod before the both launched off. Shoto muscles shook as he watched Izuku and Kawa fight, unable to force his limbs to move. The guy smirked as he caught sight of Shoto’s frozen figure, quickly moving his aim to Shoto.

         Shoto squeezed his eyes shut as his body tensed. He let out a soundless yelp as a force threw Shoto down the beach. Shoto’s eyes flew open to see Kawa standing where he just us, her body shaking as bullets shot through her. Blood sprayed onto the sand as Kawa fell.

 ”KAWA!” Izuku’s shrill broke through the quirk as he shot towards the man, ricocheting against him with enough force that the man crashed into a large bolder, his body falling in a heap.

         Izuku dropped to his knees beside Kawa, pulling her into his arms. “No! Kawa!” He sobbed. “I’ll get you help! Just hold on! I’ll get you to Nathaniel and-“

         “Izu,” Kawa whispered, putting a halt to Izuku’s sob filled muttering. “It’ll be okay.”

         “No! Don’t say that!” Izuku shook his head, his red-covered fingers snakingly brushing Kawa’s bangs out of her eyes. “Please no! This can’t be happening!”

         “Izu.” Kawa coughed, sickeningly like All Might’s coughs, as she placed a wobbly hand in Izuku’s. “Listen to your heart.” She rasped. “Not just that big brain.” Kawa pulled a smile to her bloody lips before falling limp in Izuku’s arms.

         “NO! KAWA!” Izuku screamed as he shook Kawa’s body. “PLEASE! GOD NO! NEE-CHAN!” Izuku’s head dropped to Kawa’s chest as he hugged her body tightly, shoulders shaking as he wailed. “Kawa. No. Come back.” Izuku ran his fingers through Kawa’s short hair. “Don’t leave me. We were going to cook dinner tonight.” Izuku’s body shook with tremors as his voice gave out.

         Shoto slowly forced himself to move as he silently approached Izuku.

         “Go away.” Izuku ordered harshly, not taking his eyes off of Kawa’s body.

         “Izuku I’m-“

         “I said go away!” Izuku turned to glare at Shoto. “There’s nothing you can say! She’s gone! She’s gone and there’s nothing you can do!” Izuku hiccupped as he pulled Kawa’s body against him again, burying his nose into her neck. “So just go away.”

         Shoto swallowed the lump in his throat, forcing his legs to take him away from Izuku. “I’m sorry.” He whispered. This is my fault.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat quietly on Kawa’s bed, wrapped in one of her favorite hoodies, ends of the sleeves wet with tears. “I couldn’t save her.” He whispered to himself, breath hitching as he rubbed the already wet sleeves against his cheek. “What kind of hero am I? I couldn’t even save her. I couldn’t save Kacchan.” His lips pulled into a grimace. “Shoto made me think I saved him.” Izuku sneered.

         Listen to your heart. Not just that big brain

         Kawa’s final words echoed in Izuku’s ears causing him to flinch violently. She saved Shoto. Kawa saved him. “She was a better hero than I ever would be.” Izuku sobbed. “She never let emotions stop her.”

         “Green bean?” Nikko poked his head into the room. “Mana-baba made katsudon.” He said easily.

         “Not hungry.” Izuku sniffled.

         Nikko sighed as he slowly made his way over to Izuku, wrapping a loose arm around his shoulders. “She would want you to eat.” Nikko said gently. Izuku shook his head stiffly. Nikko nodded as he pulled Izuku into his side. “I miss her too.” He whispered. “It’s so quiet without her.” Nikko pulled a sorrowful smile to his lips. “Kawa, she was like the family mom.”

         Izuku’s lips twitched as he nodded. “Who’s. Who’s.” Izuku’s breath hitched as he squeezed his eyes shut, forcing words past the lump in his throat. “Who’s filling her spot in the heist?” He asked, tucking his head under Nikko’s chin.

         Nikko sighed tiredly, rubbing Izuku’s arm. “Inko-oba is.” He answered solemnly. “Her quirk is the only one similar enough to Kawa’s.”

         Izuku nodded. “Okay.” He sighed. “Okasan had said she missed being on the field.”

         Nikko huffed. “It’s hard to believe she ever left. I remember seeing her in action.” He said. “Kawa was so much like her. Same raw intimidation. Same groundbreaking glare.”

         “Kawa could make anyone break.” Izuku smiled. “She should still be here.”

         Nikko nodded, giving Izuku a squeeze. “I’ll make you a deal.” Nikko changed the subject before Izuku could spiral. “If you come eat something, I’ll keep everyone off your back about going back to school. Alright?”

         Izuku nodded numbly, letting Nikko guide him into Mana’s apartment. He’d rather force food down than go back to school only two weeks after everything happened. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go back to school at all. Maybe it was better to just stay home. Stayed with his family.

         Izuku held Junko in his lap as they sat under the small maple tree. A freshly upturned spot of soil next to the two, a simple bouquet of Kawa’s favorite flowers laying in the center.

         “I remember when Kawa planted this tree.” Izuku whispered as he placed his chin on Junko’s head. “It was a week before you were born.”

         “It was going to be my tree.” Junko smiled.

         “It is your tree now,” Izuku said as he wrapped his arms around Junko in a tight embrace. “You gotta take care of it now.” He pressed a tender kiss to the side of her head. “Think you’re ready for that kind of responsibility?”

         Junko hummed and nodded her head. “Will you help me?” She asked after a pause. “Do you think Kawa would be okay with that? I can’t reach the top branches.”

         Izuku smiled softly, running his hand through Junko’s hair. “I’m sure she would be okay with it.” He nuzzled his cheek next to Junko’s. “Family first.”

         “Family last.” Junko followed from memory.

         “Family by and by.” They said together.

         “You know Kawa told me one day that she wanted to plant you a tree too,” Junko said softly. “It was going to be an alder tree. ‘Cause of how strong you are.”

         “Kawa-nee thought I was strong?” Izuku paused, eyes darting to the month-old grave next to him.

         “Mm-hm.” Junko hummed. “She said you’re the strongest out of all of us. Said you could do whatever you wanted and still saw the difference between family and business.” Junko snuggled more into Izuku’s chest. “Kawa-nee always said that’s what makes you strong. Genki and Kai say that too.”

         Izuku blinked back tears with a shaky breath as he rubbed Junko’s arms.

         “Zu-Zu?” Junko waited for Izuku’s hum of acknowledgment. “Is-Is it?” Junko bit her lip. “Is it okay for me to be happy so soon after Kawa’s left?” She asked.

         “Of course, it is Ju-Ju.” Izuku answered instantly. “Kawa. She’d want you to be happy. She wouldn’t want you to stay sad for her.”

         “But everyone is so sad.” Junko said. “You haven’t smiled in forever!” She cried, turning in Izuku’s lap to push at his cheeks. “Not your big smile, your happy smile!” Junko wrapped her arms around herself. “You haven’t smiled your happy smile since Oncle Marc’s and Oncle Nathaniel’s wedding. When you were dancing with Shochan. I miss Shochan.” Junko flopped against Izuku’s chest.

         “I miss him too Ju-Ju.” Izuku sighed as he held her gently.

         “You are NOT seriously thinking about throwing away everything you’ve worked for?” Thomas questioned as he crossed his arms. “The dream you’ve spent your whole life working towards?”

         “I don’t know.” Izuku shrugged. “I mean I’m so far behind everyone at school. I couldn’t save anyone.”

         “You saved Kota. And Iida.” Thomas argued. “Look I’m beside you either way. But this has been your whole life ‘Zuku. Ever since we were little.” Thomas sat himself next to Izuku on his bed. “You the number one hero and me your arch-nemesis.”

         “I know!” Izuku snapped. “I know okay! I know that it was my dream! You don’t have to tell me!”

         “Kawa wouldn’t want you to give everything up because she’s gone.” Thomas sighed gently, his long rabbit ears coming to rest against his shoulders. “She would want you to keep fighting.”

         “That’s not why,” Izuku muttered, dark green eyes trained on the carpet. “I’ve been thinking about it before she…” Izuku shook his head. “I just didn’t think I’d go through with it until now.”

         “Then why?” Thomas asked. “Why are you thinking about walking away? You never give up.”

         “Because I’m not happy!” Izuku huffed, looking down at his hands. “I’m finally getting to live my dream, to experience it. And my life is awful!” He threw his hands up in the air. “I can’t talk to any of you about anything! You can’t talk to me!” Izuku pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes. “We used to be able to tell each other everything! We were one big happy family! And now we’re all separated! I’m not just Izuku anymore, I’m the one and only hero in the entire family!” Thomas pulled Izuku into a tight hug. “I don’t want us to be separated anymore.” Izuku cried.

         “I always liked the idea of being partners anyway.” Thomas said as he nuzzled Izuku’s hair.

         “Yeah.” Izuku whispered as he wrapped his arms around Thomas lightly.

         Izuku sighed before pulling back. “Speaking of, I need your help again.”

         “Say no more cousin,” Thomas smirked. “Whatcha need?”

Chapter Text

Meet at the docks?

         Shoto stared at the text on his new phone. It was from Izuku. Shoto had memorized his number before disposing of his old phone. Izuku had somehow gotten his new number. Izuku was texting him! Shoto jumped out of bed, throwing on a pair of jeans and a large hoodie.

         “Whoa! Where are you off to?” Haruhi questioned as Shoto rushed past the living room. She caught him by the arm. “You know it’s risky for you to be wondering the streets right now.”

         “The docks.” Shoto breathed out. “Izuku text me.”

         Haruhi’s eyes softened as she nodded. “Alright. Foot traffic should be slow at this time. But be careful.” She ordered with her hands on her hips. “Text me if you need me to come and get you or Dabi if you get spotted okay?”

         Shoto nodded before he hurried out the door, launching himself down the small stairwell to the ground floor. He pulled the hood of his hoodie high over his head, covering his hair and most of his scare, and sprinted towards the docks through the network of back alleys Dabi had shown him.

         Shoto skidded to a stop when he spotted Izuku, who was tucked up underneath a rotten looking dock, bright red shoes set off to the side as Izuku dipped his toes in the shallow water. Shoto’s breath hitched as he stared at Izuku’s hunched back. Taking a deep breath Shoto slowly made his way under the old dock, sitting next to Izuku cautiously.

         “I’m sorry,” Izuku whispered, eyes locked on the lapping waves. “I’m so sorry Shoto.” He shook his head. “I should have let you explain without jumping to conclusions.”

         Shoto swallowed and nodded to himself. “I’m sorry too.” He sighed. “I should have been honest with you from the start.” Shoto glanced at Izuku out of the corner of his eye. “I need to tell the whole story. What actually happened.” Shoto took a deep breath before laying his story bare for Izuku to see.

         “Dabi is my brother. He’s Touya, or at least he was. He came to rescue me when I was kidnapped, not to take me to the league. When I passed out, he took me to Haruhi, who is his girlfriend. She took care of me and made Dabi tell me who he is.” Shoto ran a hand through his hair, mixing the red and white into dark pink. “I got scared, I guess and ran off. Where I met you at the station. The next day, when I went back to get my stuff from Haruhi’s, I found a note telling me that she and Dabi wanted to be my family.” He smiled softly with a small laugh. “To this day I still don’t know why I left my number, but I’m glad I did.” Shoto shook his head. “Anyway, I started talking to Haruhi more, and Dabi, I spent a few nights over there when it was too much at his house.” Shoto sighed. “Then that bastard. I came to the house to find that Haruhi had confronted him. Called him out on his bullshit.” Shoto took a shaky breath. “He was attacking her. A-A-And I. I. I snapped. I fucking snapped. I tried to kill him, with my fire and my ice. I’ve been staying with her and Dabi ever since.”

         Izuku slowly placed a hand on Shoto’s shoulder. “I knew it was you.” He whispered. “As soon as most of his injuries were documented, I knew it was you.” Izuku felt Shoto tense up underneath his hand. “He deserved it,” Izuku added on quickly. “I shouldn’t have acted the way I did.” Izuku sighed.

         Shoto shook his head as he cut Izuku off. “You didn’t know what was going on. You saw me eating lunch with Dabi, a villain. Of course, you thought I was working with him.”

         “No, I didn’t,” Izuku said quickly. “I knew you weren’t working with the league. I knew in my heart I did.” Izuku sighed. “But I wasn’t listening, and I should have been. I know you Shoto. I should have known there was more to the story. No.” Izuku cut himself off. “No, I knew there was more to it. I just felt so, jealous that I overreacted.”

         “Jealous?” Shoto questioned with a raised eyebrow. “Why were you jealous?”

         Izuku flushed and shook his head quickly. “It’s stupid. There was no reason for me to be jealous. I was just being stupid.” He pushed the question aside quickly before looking down at the waves again.

         Izuku wrapped his arms around himself. “I, of all people, know that sometimes you can’t tell the people you’re close to things for their own safety.” He said solemnly. “I shouldn’t expect anyone to tell me everything about themselves when I’m keeping secrets of my own.” Izuku looked Shoto in the eye. “I’m sorry.”

         “I’m sorry too,” Shoto said. He bit his lower lip nervously. “Can? Can we go back to being friends?”

         “Yes!” Izuku answered instantly. “I miss being your friend.”

         Shoto smiled. “I miss being your friend too.” He said. “You’re my first friend after all.”

         Izuku flushed darkly, head ducking low in a failed attempt to hide his blush. “You’re happier now.” He said. “Now that you’re not living with Endeavor.”

         Shoto nodded. “I got tired of being his masterpiece.” He said.

         “Good.” Izuku smiled. “You’re so much more than that.”

         Shoto rushed to fend off the heat flooding his cheeks. “It’s risky for me to be out in the open right now.” He stated. “Do? Do you want to come over? Haruhi won’t mind.” Shoto offered. “Or at least, I don’t think she will.”

         Izuku giggled. “I’d like that.” He nodded. “I should probably apologize to her and Dabi too.” Izuku said mostly to himself.

         Shoto lead Izuku through the back alleys back to his home. “How did you get my new number? Or find out about Haruhi for that matter?”

         “Oh! Um.” Izuku glanced to the side nervously. “My cousin, Thomas. The one with the bunny quirk.” Izuku coughed. “He’s uh. He’s a hacker. I kinda-sorta asked him to help me find that information.”

         “A hacker?” Shoto questioned, turning to face Izuku.

         “Yeah.” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck as he anxiously danced in place. “Since we’re being honest with each other, I guess I can tell you. But, um.” Izuku sighed. “My family are villains.” He shrugged meekly. “In one way or another. Some more drastically than others.” Izuku gave a shaky laugh. “Actually, you remember that mana manipulating villain from a few months ago? In Hosu?” Izuku didn’t wait for Shoto’s answer before his rambling went on. “That was my Aunt Mana.”

         “Oh.” Shoto processed slowly before shaking his head. “Wait. What!?” His steps faltered as he peered at Izuku. “You were mad that I didn’t tell you about Dabi, but your entire family are villains!?” Shoto shrieked.

         “Sh!” Izuku shushed him quickly. “Yes, okay. Yes.” Izuku sighed, tugging on the ends of his hair. “It was wrong. I know that, I know was wrong.” Izuku shook his head. “I know it was wrong to go off on you for something that I’ve been doing my entire life. I know.” He locked eyes with Shoto. “I’m sorry Shoto.”

Chapter Text

Shoto wordlessly leads Izuku into his home. His eyes darted towards the kitchen, while he honestly thought Haruhi wouldn’t mind him bringing friends over, he forgot to send her a text. He could always be wrong.

         “Sho? Is that you?” Haruhi called as she peeked around the corner, eyes widening as she spotted Izuku. “Oh! Hello.”

         “Hello, ma’am.” Izuku bowed. “Pardon the intrusion.” He wrapped his arms around himself, reminding Shoto of how Izuku acted on the first day of school.

         Haruhi waved. “You’re quite alright. It’s good to see you again.” Her eye slide to Shoto quickly. “Do me a favor before you two get settled in and bring me any dishes from your room will you?” Haruhi requested.

         Shoto nodded as he hurried into his room.

         “Midoriya,” Haruhi said once Shoto was out of earshot. “I’m glad you two made up. I am.” Her eyes hardened as she locked eyes with Izuku. “But if I find out you hurt Shoto again, I will be knocking on your door.” She warned with a stern voice.

         “I never want to hurt him again,” Izuku answered instantly. “I never wanted to hurt him in the first place. I shouldn’t have.”

         Haruhi nodded satisfied before her eyes softened. “I’m sorry about your sister.” She said gently. “From what Shoto has told me, she seemed like a really nice person.”

         “She was.” Izuku smiled sadly. “She was taken to soon. But I know she didn’t regret it.”

         Their conversation came to a stop as Shoto returned with a small pile of dishes. After putting the dirty dishes in the sink, Shoto lead Izuku to his room.

         Izuku paused in the doorway. “Woah.” He gasped as he squinted his eyes. “You’ve uh. You’ve decorated.” He commented offhandedly.

         “Yeah.” Shoto nodded, sounding much like a proud Junko after making a mess with paints. “First time I’ve been able to do what I wanted with my room.”

         “It’s…nice.” Izuku settled on, taking a few deep breaths to calm his spinning stomach. Who knew you could get motion sickness while standing still? Izuku cautiously made his way to the desk chair to sit down, while Shoto flopped onto his small, equally colorful bed.

         “Thanks.” Shoto smiled. “So….” Shoto paused, searching for an easy topic. “Um. What have I missed at school?”

         “Well, the first two weeks after your ‘kidnapping’,” Izuku smirked as he used air quotes. “Aizawa had us working on close combat, with and without quirks. I think he was trying to make sure we all knew what to do in case something happened to us.” Izuku answered. “We still had our normal academic classes too. But I don’t know what everyone is working on now.” Izuku sighed. “I haven’t been to school since Kawa…” Izuku shook his head.

         “Oh.” Shoto sighed. “I’m sorry. If I hadn’t-“

         “No.” Izuku cut Shoto off quickly. “That wasn’t your fault.” He shook his head. “Kawa would have done the same if it was anyone else. That’s who she was.” Izuku sighed. “Despite how brutal, and merciless she could be, Kawa. She was always willing to lend a helping hand, to protect the innocent.” Izuku smiled. “She was one of the reasons I really believed I could make it as a hero. If a villain as lethal and cunning as her could still do everything in her power to save someone who was innocent, then I could save even more people as a hero.” Izuku frowned and shook his head. “It’s that guy’s fault.” He bit out. “The guy that was after you, more so the person who hired him.”

         Shoto frowned, eyes trained on Izuku’s clenched fist.

         “I’m going to make sure whoever they are, they know what they did,” Izuku promised. “I’m going to find them.”

         “So, you’re going to follow the guy back to his boss?” Shoto asked with a raised eyebrow. He knew Izuku was smart, but he also knew how dumb some of his plans could be.

         Izuku sighed and shook his head. “Can’t. He’s dead.” He answered. “I killed him when I launched off him to get to Kawa. His spine shattered on impact.” Izuku explained once he caught sight of Shoto’s puzzled face.

         “Oh. You need another way to find his boss.” Shoto stated.

         “Yeah.” Izuku nodded. “I don’t have many leads though. He obviously wasn’t working for anyone on my family’s turf. He would have recognized Kawa then.” Izuku chewed on his bottom lip. “Meaning he’s got to be working for someone that’s based around on the other side of the country.”

         Shoto nodded along. “It would be nice to know what they want with me too.” He said to himself. “The harvesting facility was burnt to the ground, along with everyone in it.”

         “Maybe your quirk?” Izuku offered. “It’s powerful. I could see someone like All for One wanting it. Maybe the League hired him?”

         Shoto shook his head. “That wouldn’t make sense. Theoretically, the League already has me. Dabi’s claimed that he has me trapped somewhere they heroes won’t find me. It’s kept Shigaraki happy all this time.”

         Izuku hummed in acknowledgment. “So not with the League. It gets rid of my lead, but it makes it less complicated.” His eyes darted over to Shoto. “The clan won’t rage war on the League now.” Izuku’s silent words of rage war on your brother rang loudly in Shoto’s ears. “But there’s gotta be a way to figure out who hired him.” Izuku bit his knuckle. “It can’t be the same person seeing how the harvesting facility was burned.”

         “What if it’s someone who used to work with the facility?” Shoto questioned. “It would explain why they’re trying to get me away from the League.”

         “A revenge case. Ironic.” Izuku muttered. “That does make sense. If they just wanted, you then they’d just bargain with the League.” Izuku frowned. “Unless they’ve already did and Shigaraki said no.”

         “I’ll ask Dabi and see,” Shoto said. “It’s a lead for now though. Now we just got to find out who the facility worked with…Somehow.”

         “I think I can handle that,” Izuku smirked. “I know a guy. Let me call Nikko-oji real quick. We’ll have to meet him in person to get the info thought.”

         Shoto pulled out his phone. “I’ll text Dabi and see if there’s been anyone trying to do business with the League.”

         A light knock reached Izuku’s and Shoto’s ears. “Boys?” Haruhi called before peeking her head into the room. “Dinner will be ready soon. Are you stay Midoriya?”

         “I wouldn’t want to intrude.” Izuku said, his smile falling a smidge.

         “Nonsense!” Haruhi waved him off. “There’s plenty for the four of us. You’re more than welcome to stay.”

         “Haruhi’s an amazing cook.” Shoto said, pinning Izuku with hopeful eyes.

         Izuku shook his head, muttering a small ‘Don’t have much of a choice,’ under his breath before grinning. “Dinner sounds lovely. Thank you.” He bowed politely to Haruhi.

         Haruhi nodded, eyes shifting to Shoto. “Ten minutes.” She stated before closing the door behind her.

         “You know, she reminds me a lot of my mom.” Izuku said offhandedly.

         “She does?” Shoto questioned. “How so?”

         Izuku shrugged. “Being welcoming with me when you invited me over but still being protective of you.” He scratched his cheek. “And I don’t know, that conversation just sounds like one I’d have with my mom and my step-mom.”

         “Oh.” Shoto whispered as he gazed at his closed bedroom door. “Mother was never like that.” He sighed. “But then again Endeavor never planned on us being a family.” Shoto spat.

         “Well, you’ve got a family now.” Izuku smiled. “That much is for sure.”

         Shoto chuckled quietly. “Who would have thought I’d find a family in a villain’s home.”

         Izuku smiled and shook his head. “Yeah. People don’t realize how loyal and caring villains can be when you’re not trying to capture them or whatever. They’re people too, and they’ll do anything for their loved ones.”

Chapter Text

Shoto glanced over his shoulder as he made his way towards the Midoriya households. A hand clamped over Shoto’s mouth as he rounded the corner. Shoto thrashed as he was pulled behind a large bush, a grunt leaving him as he crashed to the ground. Shoto’s arms were pinned down by a pair of strong legs, he looked up to see Izuku staring down at him with a finger to his lips. Izuku removed his hand from Shoto’s mouth apologetically before sinking closer to the ground over top Shoto as he heard voices.

         “I’m worried about Deku-kun.” Uraraka said.

         “I am as well.” Iida agreed. “Midoriya should have time to grieve, but if he doesn’t return to school soon the faculty will have no choice but to expel him.”

         “It’s not fair!” Uraraka snapped. “Deku-kun is one of the best in class, they can’t just expel him!”

         “It doesn’t feel right to be moving into the dorms without everyone.” Tsuyu sighed as their voices faded out.

         Izuku sighed as his shoulders sagged. “Sorry about that.” He glanced down at Shoto. Izuku squeaked as his eyes widened, his freckles glowed over top of the pink flooding Izuku’s cheeks. “Sorry! um-“ Izuku flailed as he rolled off Shoto. “I didn’t want you to get caught!” Izuku coughed as his cheeks and the tips of his ears beamed red.

         “It-It’s okay.” Shoto sat up, right side working overtime to compete with the growing warmth spreading through his body. “Are they really going to expel you?”

         Izuku sighed. “Probably. I haven’t been to school in a while.” He shrugged. “According to the policy if I don’t go back to class by the end of next week I’ll be removed from their records.” Izuku smiled sheepishly and ran a hand through his hair.

         “You don’t seem as troubled by that as I thought you’d be.” Shoto said, risking a glance at Izuku.

         Izuku shrugged. “Yeah, it’s a surprise to me too.” Izuku chuckled dryly. “But, where I wanna be in the future changed from being the top hero,” He glanced over his shoulders to look at the apartments. “To being with my family. Being with the people I love.”

         Shoto nodded. “I understand.” Dabi and Haruhi flashed through Shoto’s mind quickly. “Is your uncle home?” Shoto changed the subject quickly.

         “Yeah.” Izuku nodded. “We can’t talk to him just yet though. He’s got other business that we shouldn’t get involved in.” Izuku warned as he stood up. “Come on we can wait in my room until everything’s settled.”

         “Alright.” Shoto nodded as he followed Izuku around the back of the apartments. He paused at a small maple tree. “What’s that?” He gestured to a small mount of soil decorated with a number of colorful bouquets.

         Izuku’s smile faltered but didn’t fall. “That’s Kawa’s grave. She planted the tree just before Junko was born.”

         Shoto sank to his knees next to the grave, head bowed deeply. “Thank you.” He whispered. “I’ll take care of him from now on.” Shoto promised.

         Shoto stood back up to face a smiling Izuku. “Thank you for that,” Izuku whispered. “It. It means a lot.”

         “Kawa saved my life,” Shoto said. “It’s only right that I show my respects. I owe her everything.”

         Izuku nodded. “Kawa was something else.” He bit his lip as he blinked rapidly. “I know she doesn’t regret it.” Izuku tilted his head to peer up at the clouds. “I can’t wait to see who she becomes in her next life.”

         Izuku sighed as he hung his head over the edge of his bed, watching Shoto as he sat mutely at the desk.

         “It’s quiet.” Shoto noted.

         “Yeah. Most everyone is gone today.” Izuku explained with a yawn. “They're either dealing with business or out running their shops.”

         “Oh.” Shoto nodded. “Okay. How are Marc and Nathaniel doing?”

         “They’re doing good. They’re planning on going on their honeymoon next month.” Izuku smiled. “We all miss judged the price of the wedding, again, so they didn’t have enough until now.” Izuku giggled to himself.

         Shoto’s lips twitched into a smile. “I’m not surprised, your family knows how to throw a party. I had a lot of fun, thank you for inviting me.”

         “You’re welcome.” Izuku grinned, a light pink dusting his cheeks. “I’m glad you stayed. I know my family can be a lot to handle sometimes.”

         “Well, you had to get it from somewhere right?” Shoto smirked.

         “Hey!” Izuku squeaked with a playful glare before sticking his tongue out at Shoto. “It’s a Midoriya specially! You should feel honored.”

         Shoto chuckled and shook his head. “You’re a dork.” He said fondly. “It’s hard to believe that you have a single mean bone in your body.” Shoto pointedly ignored Izuku’s eye roll as he continued on. “But I guess you ran out of other bones to break and had to start working on that one.”

         “Oh, hardy har har!” Izuku jabbed his fingers into Shoto’s side, reveling in the startled yelp that left Shoto as he jerked to the side. “You’re hilarious!”

         A knock at the door pulled their attention away from each other. “You wanted to speak with me Green Bean?” Nikko stepped into the room, his smile falling as he noticed Shoto. “Oh, hello.”

         “Hi.” Shoto muttered, eyes darting to the ground.

         Izuku’s eyes hardened as he sat up properly on his bed. “Do you know of anyone who would have worked with the harvesting facility that burned down? Like partners or something?”

         Nikko raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms, that happy business owner Shoto had met was long gone, a menacing, cold-hearted man stood in his place. “That’s a strange question for a student to ask. What-“

         “We’re trying to find out who hired the guy that killed Kawa-nee.” Izuku cut Nikko off, a cold, almost threatening, clip to his voice.

         “Oh. That changes things.” Nikko nodded. “Let me ask around alright? Once I get some solid info, I get back to you. Until then lay low.” Nikko leveled Izuku with a warning glare, earning a nod in return.

         “Thank you Nikko-oji.” Izuku said.

         “Welcome to the family business kiddo,” Nikko smirked. “Just don’t come asking me for help when everyone else finds out okay?”

         Izuku chuckled. “Wouldn’t dream of it.” He smiled. “I’ll deal with them on my own.”

         “Shoto! Wake up!” Haruhi’s voice rang in Shoto’s ears as a hand shook his shoulders harshly. “Come on Sho! You gotta wake up!”

         The frost-covered sheets cracked as Shoto shot up in bed, crashing into Haruhi. Haruhi quickly wrapped her arms around Shoto’s shoulders, holding him in a tight embrace.

         “You’re okay Sho. It was just a dream.” She whispered into his hair, pressing a soft kiss to the side of his head. “It was just a dream. You’re safe Shoto.”

         Shoto buried his face into Haruhi’s neck as he fisted her nightshirt, which was actually one of Dabi’s old shirts. His shoulders shook as he tried to catch his breath.

         Haruhi pressed her cheek against Shoto’s hair as she gently rocked them back and forth. “You’re okay. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” She whispered softly, gently running her fingers through Shoto’s hair. Focusing hard on keeping her breathing even so Shoto could mimic it.

         Shoto hiccupped as he snuggled closer into Haruhi, one hand still clutching her shirt tightly.

         “Do you want to talk about it?” Haruhi asked gently, her fingers never pausing as the eased tangles out of Shoto’s hair.

         Shoto shook his head and clung tighter to Haruhi.

         “Alright.” Haruhi kissed the side of his head tenderly, using one hand to rub circles against Shoto’s back.

         “Thanks, Mom.” Shoto whispered with a small sniffle.

Chapter Text

Haruhi hummed to herself as leaned against Shoto’s back as she wrapped him in a tight hug, pressing a quick kiss his temple. She was almost skipping as she made her way over to Dabi, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out to work.

         “She’s…. happy.” Shoto said, turning to peer up at Dabi.

         Dabi chuckled and nodded. “Yeah. She said you called her Mom after a nightmare last night.” Dabi smirked at Shoto’s wide eyes. “Scared the shit out of me when she came back to bed, face planted her pillow and started squealing.”

         “Oh. Um.” Shoto looked back down at his plate, fighting against the heat blazing under his cheeks.

         “That and she’s probably still on cloud nine from when you went to visit Midoriya.” Dabi shrugged. “We-“

         “I don’t wanna know!” Shoto cut in quickly, clamping his hands over his ears. “Shutup! Shutup! I’m not listening!” He shook his head violently. “I am eating!”

         Dabi’s laughter echoed through the small apartment as he shook Shoto’s shoulder. Shoto glared at Dabi, knocking his hand off.

         “Hey, Cinnamon Twist?” Dabi asked once he calmed down. “Um…” Dabi sighed and fiddled with the staples on his wrists. “Do you? Do you think you could help me with something?”

         “Where are we going again?” Shoto asked as he followed Izuku through a maze of back alleys. Were there always this many back alleys?

         “To a hardware store in Fukuoka,” Izuku answered. “It’s supposedly run by a guy named Tengai Hekiji, Nikko-oji said he’s been asking about the League and his boss used to do business with the harvesting facility.”

         “Meaning he’s our best lead.” Shoto said.

         “No, he’s not.” A voice snapped from behind them.

         Izuku squealed as he spun around, body glowing green before fading away, dropping his fighting stance. “Kai!” He wined, crossing his arms, a pout pulling at his lips.

         Shoto glanced between the two brothers cautiously.

         “Midoriya Izuku!” Kai started as he glared at Izuku. “What in the hell are you thinking!? Not only are you going to get yourself expelled if you’re not sitting at your desk by the end of the day. Expelled! From the very school, you’ve worked your ass off your whole 16 years of life to get into!” Kai grasped Izuku by the shoulders and shook him. “You’re out here poking your nose into shit that you have no business dealing with!” Kai sighed, pointing a finger at Izuku. “You go through with this and there’s no going back. You know that, right? Everything you’ve worked for is gone.”

         Izuku sighed and leaned into Kai’s side. “I know hermano mayor. I know.” Izuku whispered. “Ik doe dit voor mij. Zodat ik kan zijn met wie ik hou.” He pulled back to smile at Kai. “I’m a Midoriya. Family first.”

         “Family last.” Kai chuckled and pulled Izuku back into a tight hug.

         “Family by and by.” They recited together.

         “Alright.” Kai shook his head and released Izuku. “Okay okay okay. But I’m helping both of you.” He glazed between Izuku and Shoto. “Kawa was my sister too.”

         Izuku beamed as he bounced in place. “Okay, so what do you know about Tengai Hekiji?”

         “Not much.” Kai shrugged. “Genki would probably know more since he took over this territory from Abulia. But I do know he’s a part of the yakuza.”

         “The yakuza? What would they want with Shoto?” Izuku asked, eyes darting over to Shoto. “As far as I know they’re major time dealers. You haven’t done any business with them have you?”

         “No. Of course not!” Shoto shook his head. “And I don’t think Endeavor is on their case, I’ve never heard him mention the yakuza.”

         “Maybe a test subject?” Kai pointed out. “See how their stuff works on a hero in training?”

         “Ex-hero in training.” Shoto stated under his breath.

         “That can’t be it.” Izuku shook his head. “That man was aiming to kill.” Izuku sighed and shook his head. “There’s gotta be something else.”

         “Let’s do some recon on this Tengai while we’re here,” Kai suggested. “Then we can see if Genki has any more information to go on.”

         “I can ask Dabi if the League knows anything about the yakuza too.” Shoto offered. “See if there’s a connection.”

         “Good idea.” Izuku smiled. “And it’s always a good idea to trace the flow of money too. I’ll talk to Thomas when we get back home.”

         “Nothing! How could there be nothing!” Izuku threw his hands up as he flopped into Shoto’s desk chair. “We tailed him all day! And nothing!”

         “We’ll figure it out,” Shoto said. “Just have to be patient, once we get some more information, we can start our counterattack.”

         “You sound like Aizawa-sensei.” Izuku smirked.

         “He’s a smart man,” Dabi answered from the door. “You wanted to see me?” His gaze darted between Shoto and Izuku. “This is about the Leagues business again isn’t it?”

         “Do you know anything about the yakuza?” Shoto asked.

         Dabi sighed and scratched the back of his head. “Shigaraki’s mentioned them once or twice. I think they’re trying to form a partnership or something, I don’t know much more than that.”

         “A partnership?” Izuku questioned. “That doesn’t make sense. If they’re trying to build trust with the League, why would they go after you?”

         “Wait.” Dabi held up a hand, pointing a finger at Shoto. “The yakuza are the ones that sent that collector after you?”

         “We aren’t for sure,” Shoto said. “So far it’s the only solid lead we have. But even then, we don’t have much to go on.”

         Dabi sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Alright, I’ll see what I can dig up on my end.” He leveled Shoto with a hard stare. “Until then, don’t do anything stupid alright?’

         “Got it.” Shoto nodded.

         “Good.” Dabi nodded. “Now come on, Haruhi says dinner’s ready. You staying kiddo?” He glanced over at Izuku.

         “I’d like to thanks.” Izuku smiled. “Let me just text my step-mom real quick.”

         “Your mom not home?” Shoto questioned.

         “Nah.” Izuku shook his head. “She’s on a heist right now. She, um… She had to take Kawa’s place.” He looked down at his hands.

         “Oh.” Shoto said.

         Dabi huffed. “Come on food’s getting cold.” He pushed off the doorframe and walked down the hallway.

         Izuku chuckled and shook his head. “Nice to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to talk about all this.” He sighed.

         “Yeah.” Shoto nodded. “But he’s trying. In his own way.”

Chapter Text

Haruhi giggled as she followed Dabi along a small hidden path through the park. “It’s been a while since we’ve been here.” She smiled, slipping her hand into Dabi’s, interlacing their fingers tightly. “Any reason why you decided to bring me back?”

         Dabi shook his head quickly. “Nah. Just felt like it.” He shrugged. “Why? You wanna go somewhere else?” He asked, glancing over his shoulder.

         Haruhi grinned and shook her head. “No. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.” She snickered at the blush coloring Dabi’s cheeks. “I still remember the first time you brought me here. I thought you were gonna kill me, not take me to a candle lite picnic.”

         “And you still came along with me,” Dabi smirked. “You’re not very smart, are you?”

         Dabi chuckled as Haruhi rolled her eyes, playfully slapping his shoulder. “Very funny. May I remind you that if I had been smart that night then we wouldn’t be here now, and the past five, nearly six, years would’ve never happened.” Haruhi teased, tugging Dabi down enough to peck him on the cheek.

         “Oh please,” Dabi scoffed. “You couldn’t keep away from me if you tried, and you know it.” He pressed a gentle kiss to Haruhi’s temple. “Come on, the food’s gonna get cold if we take too long.”

         “Fiiine!” Haruhi wined, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. “I love you.”

         “I love you too.” Dabi smiled.

         “This is amazing Dabi!” Haruhi whispered as she leaned into Dabi’s side watching the sunset. “Thank you for taking me here.” She sighed. “We need to come back here more often, it’s been too long.”

         Dabi nodded, flicking his hair out of his eyes. His gaze locked of the horizon in front of him, thumb rubbing slow circles into Haruhi’s shoulder.

         “Okay, come on,” Haruhi said, poking Dabi’s cheek with one of her fingers. “Out with it. You’re thinking of something. What’s the matter?”

         “Just thinking about the future,” Dabi answered, pulling Haruhi closer into his side. “Where I want to be and all that stuff.” He sighed. “Sho’s been getting to me with all his self-discovery stuff.”

         Haruhi giggled as she rested her head on his shoulder. “Yeah, it’s gotten me thinking too. Teenagers huh?” She teased.

         “No kidding.” Dabi chuckled. “So… Seeing how we’re on the subject and everything.” Dabi ran a hand through his hair. “Where do you see yourself in the future?”

         Haruhi sighed peacefully, pressing a kiss to Dabi’s cheek. “Right here.” She answered. “With you. With our family with Shoto.”

         “That’s all?” Dabi glanced down at Haruhi, raising an eyebrow. “That’s all you want in your future?”

         Haruhi nodded. “Yup! All I need is my boys and I’ll be happy.”  Haruhi curled more into Dabi’s side. “I’m gonna steal some of your warmth alright?”

         Dabi laughed and shook his head. “Just don’t fall asleep on me, okay?” He ran his fingers through Haruhi’s teal locks. “I-I-I need to ask you something.”

         Haruhi hummed, sitting up to look Dabi in the eye. “What is it?” She pointed a finger at him. “And don’t say don’t worry about it! You know that’ll just make me worry more.”

         “Okay! Okay!” Dabi chuckle, a small flush rising to his cheeks along with a small trail of steam through the gaps between his staples. “Close your eyes.”

         Haruhi raised an eyebrow as she leveled Dabi with a stare. “Okay?” She closed her eyes.

         Dabi took a deep breath before digging through his back pocket. He looked back at Haruhi, her hair almost a pale green in the setting sun’s light. Dabi pressed his lips to her forehead, laying a small circle of metal in Haruhi’s hand.

         Haruhi’s eyes snapped open as she peered down at the black metal ring in her left hand, the amethyst and surrounding diamonds sparkling in the sun. “Dabi?” She whispered, her honey eyes searching his. “Is this? Are you?”

         “I love you Haruhi,” Dabi said. “I-I want you in my future. If you’ll have me.”

         “Yes!” Haruhi beamed, slipping the ring onto her finger. “Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times yes!” She threw her arms around Dabi’s shoulders, throwing them both to the ground. She pressed her lips against Dabi’s, both of them smiling too much for it to be an actual kiss.

         A bright flash pulled both of their attention to Shoto standing off to the side. Shoto slowly brought his camera down, wide eyes darting between Dabi and Haruhi. “You no see me.” He whispered, taking a quick picture and loudly diving into a nearby bush.

         “Sho.” Dabi glared at the bush, that barely hid Shoto from view.

         Haruhi struggled stifled her giggles behind her hand. “What was that?”

         “Bunny!” Shoto called from inside the bush.

         Dabi groaned and Haruhi snorted through her laughter, her chin resting on Dabi’s chest as her shoulders shook.

         “Come on.” Haruhi giggled. “Let’s head home.” She gave Dabi a quick peck on the lips. Haruhi rolled her eyes fondly as she pulled a grumbling Dabi to his feet. “It’s a shame Shoto couldn’t have any of this good food. Maybe we should pick him up some cinnamon twists on the way home. Those are his favorite right?”

         “Yes!” Shoto called, his head popping up out of the bush.

         Dabi rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.” He sighed. “But you’re gonna have to be the one to buy them, remember?”

         “Yeah, yeah.” Haruhi smiled. “I’m engaged to a wanted criminal I know.” She teased. Haruhi gasped loudly, coming to a sudden halt.

         “What? What’s wrong?” Dabi asked as he came to a stop next to Haruhi, hands hovering around her.

         “You’re my fiancé,” Haruhi whispered. “I’m your fiancée!” She bounced in place as she beamed up at Dabi. “We’re engaged! I can say that now!” She giggled and pulled Dabi down into a kiss. “I love you Dabi.”

         “I love you too Haruhi.” Dabi smiled as he picked Haruhi up in a hug and spun her around.