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Slow Burn

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It all started with a planned encounter in the hallway of my alma mater. With a boy barely older than my youngest. With Midoriya Izuku, someone who I had watched overpower a mind control quirk. When I first approached him he practically jumped out of his skin when saw me. But I never expected it to lead to this what it is.

“Endeavor,” he turned and I started to protest, “I am not All Might. And the same goes for Todoroki.”

I locked eyes with him staring into the green depths, his determination so similar to mine burning through from his eyes into every corner of my body, lighting up every nerve, “He may be your son but he isn’t you.”

My eyes narrowed at him, of course Shouto isn’t me, he must be an idiot to think I don’t know that.

I watched him walk away, because of course I knew that. his honeysuckle and summer rain scent remaining almost just as prominent even as he got further away. Because even though he was already gone from this hallway his words resonated within my head as loud as if he had just screamed them into my ear, because of course Shouto isn’t me, he’s my son, an improved version of me, but he isn’t me and I don’t think that.

But even though it wasn’t true, those words echo within me, bouncing around in my head, as I made my way up to the stands.

The announcer screamed out an introduction and Midoriya and Shouto walked onto the stage, the concrete beneath their feet, newly repaired, leaving footprints from the dust of the windy day. The dust unsettling as the match began and it was kicked up into the air.

I watched as Shouto and the boy fought, the boy with the green hair stressing his bones, breaking his fingers, blood oozing from scratches all over his body and not even noticing the pain in the fight. Cracking rang across the stands and the wind pressure swept my hair back and fanned my flames. His bones splintering and shattering over and over just to stay in the round. However he was screaming something I couldn’t quite make out over my ears popping from the wind pressure. And it had to bed something infuriating because Shouto was twitching with anger, losing his never falling facade of expressionlessness. But suddenly as I could hear what the boy screamed, “IT’S YOUR POWER NOT HIS!!!!!” the arena blistered with heat as flames erupted from Shouto’s left side.

My eyes practically flew open to a state that I didn’t think they would ever close again, I haven’t seen Shouto’s fire for many years and it was brilliant, he was releasing so much of it, plumes of smoke filling the sky.

I practically ran towards the arena’s edge as I maundered out words of excitement for my son, what father wouldn’t be when they see their son finally overcoming his mental block against their full power.

What I didn’t expect was to see the boy with broken fingers slumped against the wall, unconscious, leaving a spider web of cracks in the stone, in my peripheral vision. It was such a waste, his quirk is powerful, so much so that I compared it to All Might, but it’s unstable. Just useless.

But I quickly forgot the boy as I hurried, in an unhurried manner, down to the gate Shouto would be exiting. I waited for him to enter the tunnel with my arms crossed and a smirk on my face.

He entered with a blank look on his face, differing then the slight scowl or apathy he usually looked at me with, “What’s the matter? Not gonna tell me to get lost? You need to learn to control your left side, it’s dangerous to release so much energy like that.”

I opened my arms as the smirk on face became an actual smile, “But I’m glad you’re finally seeing reason. Now that you’ve abandoned your childish rebellion we can finally get back to what’s important.”

I held out my hand as I continued my plan for Shouto, “When you graduate you can work by my side. I’ll lead you down the path of the mighty Shouto-”

“I haven’t abandoned anything. As if I would be on your side so easily. It’s just that in that instant, in that moment, I forgot all about you.”

I looked at him in disbelief, “Whether that’s good, or bad, or something in between… that’s something I’ll have to think about.” He walked past me and I would be tempted to yell at him for destroying his uniform, for speaking with me , for… something, if not for the chill of shock that went through my body, even almost extinguishing my flames.

But now that I know Shouto is capable of using his powers of his own free will, I can try harder to get him to utilize them. And I turned back to my seat in the stands knowing this isn’t over, not by a long shot.

I made my way through the grey hallways, walking through the UA arena had always been a maze even when I had attended the school. I passed by some students entering the infirmary on my way back to my viewing section. I overheard their excited chatter, they were apparently on their way to say hello to Midoriya. It was no surprise to me that he had been admitted to the infirmary due to the extent of the injuries that I had seen. He was in laying down when I passed by the open door but I still side-glanced to further examine his injuries.

The boy didn’t see the type to from what I had seen, but he might sue for damages. However, after a quick sniff I realized that he was radiating no scent of distress and that it was only his friends giving the air a stale stench. At least I didn’t have to deal with that, again, the last time Shouto had injured someone I had been out 2 million yen.

I quickly picked up my pace past the infirmary as I heard the boy reassuring his friends that he was fine and was able to make it back to my seat. When I had first booked a seat I had decided against sitting among civilians but due to that fact, I was further from the arena. So I chose some food from the buffet that had been laid out in the room and returned to where I had stood before, behind the railing as I watched the blonde that had just fought exit the battle arena. Shouto and the Tensei boy were the next to enter.

The announcer came on, “Let’s move onto the next round! Both of these competitors come from renowned hero families. It’s a fight between the elites! Iida Tenya vs Todoroki Shouto!” I scowled against the comment about elites, it was obvious to everyone that the announcer was trying to drum up interest. But I was able to ignore the blatant abuse of pre known knowledge and turn my attention to fight as Shouto sent out an attack. Shouto sent out a wave of ice, the reflectiveness sending the shine of the sun into the stands and apparently Shouto’s eyes, as the Iida kid leaped over the spikes. The boy tried to land a kick but missed as Shouto quickly ducked. The kid was already playing to the defense due to the fact that Shouto began the attack and had a more offensive power, it would only be a matter of time before he ran out of energy.

However the kid kicked again and Shouto was hit, hard, it sent a wave of annoyance through me. With Shouto practically knocked out the kid picked him up to throw him over the border but was barely able to get 10 feet before being encased within a layer of ice.

I crossed my arms, he hadn’t used his fire, but I’ll let it slide since his ice was far more practically against this kid.

I could almost feel for the kid as he cried but it was simply a bad matchup for him and the fact that Shouto was seemingly taking as long as possible to thaw him out probably does not help too much either.

I contemplated going after Shouto to remind him of his fire usage, but decided against it as the next competitors entered the stage since he would already be in the waiting rooms on the other side of the stadium. I busied myself by looking into the battle in progress, it was between the bird shadow one and the explosion boy from Shouto’s class, it was difficult to tell what was happening due to the dust clouds. But it eventually came to an end when the explosion boy won, pheromones of caramel and smoke filling the arena after the kid’s win.

Even for me, a prime alpha, it came off as a bit barbaric. However, my mood was lightened ever so slightly as Shouto walked into the arena and the boy reentered after a break.

“At last, we’ve arrived!! The best of the best among U.A.’s first-years will be decided! It’s final match! Todoroki vs Bakugou!” I lifted my chin when Shouto locked eyes with his opponent, Shouto will easily win in a match against the blond when he uses his fire.


A wall of ice, bigger than anything Todoroki has ever made before, covered the ring and towered over the people, chilling the air.

A BOOM! echoed against the concrete structure as ice shards scattered in every direction. From then on ice and explosions bounced off every wall as they fought. But Shouto was eventually able to grab onto his competitor and gain the advantage.

“Use it,” I whispered through my scowl. But he quickly backed off, clearly infuriating the blond. The blond yelled incoherently at my son, presumably threatening him and crying out that he’ll beat him.

Shouto remained blank in his expression and I knew that he wouldn’t use his fire, whatever that grenette lit in him has gone out.

“DON”T LOSE! COME ON!!!” I turned to the yell resonating from the Class 1-A stands. Shouto seemed to reignite something within himself, for a split second, before it went out with a huge blast the blonde had set off.

After the flames petered out it revealed my son laying on a pile of ice rubble, similar to how Midoriya was just a few rounds ago. Bakugou tried to attack my unconscious son and I was about to practically jump over the railing when Midnight knocked him out and declared Shouto the loser.

I felt shame rise in my core, my masterpiece, my youngest son, had lost, with all his power, had lost. Even with someone other than me on his side, he had lost.

I had to sit down, I returned to my seat, knowing that if I allowed myself to get riled up, I’d burn down the whole campus. I couldn’t even be bothered to be frustrated at All Might giving out the medals. However I wasn’t so stupid as to notice that All Might spoke to Shouto before giving him his medal.

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My ceiling was traditional, with dark wall creating a gridded pattern and my shut off ceiling light appearing to be a big, rectangular, hanging paper lantern. The room was only lit by moonlight and had a slight chill.

UA was slowly turning to crap, they got attacked, endangered my son, and the only person to teach my son anything at all, is one of his classmates.

Midoriya, a boy so similar to All Might, but he obviously wasn’t All Might, never in all of All Might’s career have I ever seen the man encourage someone to the point of sacrificing himself.

So of course Shouto isn’t me. That’s just preposterous, he’s like me 2.0. He’s not me, he’s better, that’s what he’s supposed to be.

That’s why I train him, to be better, that’s why I’m making sure he’s going to be interning with me, that’s why I tell everyone I speak to about my son, so that they know Shouto is prodigy, and they agree with.

Now that I consider it, no one has disagreed with me, or been so disrespectful to me in years. The other heroes are either so high in the rankings as to be uncaring, or too nice, or work for me and too afraid. Now that I think about, maybe I should have extended an internship to Midoriya, he could get Shouto to use his fire, or at least open to the idea of using it. I could probably find out what about Midoriya convinced Todoroki so well.

I grabbed my laptop on the table next to my sleeping mat and put on my reading glasses I had placed on top of it. Fiddling with them as I logged in.

Due to investigations I had access to Japan’s quirk database. I opened the application and went through the security procedures. It took a couple minutes to get passed every test, leaving me annoyed at the white screen, of course it was necessary but that doesn't mean it isn’t annoying.

It led me to a standard government page, simple text, and a seal for the department of quirk registration on the side. I clicked each dropdown tab until I got to the search bar for people and entered Midoriya’s name.

Midoriya Izuku

It gave basic information on him before getting to his quirk information;

Subject Name: Midoriya Izuku
Family Name: Midoriya
Given Name: Izuku
1st Gender: Male
2nd Gender: Omega
Date of Birth: 7/15/20XX
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Green
Height: 166 centimeters
Quirk: Physical Skill Enhancement
Quirk Registration Dates-
Birth (7/15/20XX)- Not presenting as recorded by Dr. Watanabe Tasa
Fourth year checkup (7/22/20XX)- Not presenting as recorded by Dr. Watanabe Tasa
Additional Medical checkup (8/03/20XX)- Quirkless as recorded by Dr. Watanabe Tasa
Tenth year checkup (7/19/20XX)- Quirkless as recorded by Dr. Watanabe Tasa
Official Reregistration (3/30/20XX)- Super Strength as recorded by the Official Quirk Test and Documenting System of Japan as administered and reviewed by Sizuki Riku
Medical Checkup for Hero School (4/22/20XX)- Physical Skill Enhancement as recorded by Chiyo Suzenji a.k.a Pro hero Recovery Girl
Quirk Specification: A quirk that allows the user to enhance physical prowess and gives off lightning like energy. Energy is unstable and can harm the user.

I stopped reading, March 30th? Why does that sound so familiar? Wasn’t that the day of the entrance exam? I was surprised, I had assumed Midoriya had been lazy or overconfident to the point of being uncaring about his quirk, but if he had only developed his quirk on the day of trying out for UA, then it was either extremely unstable to the point of disuse in normal life, he hadn’t known how to activate it, or he hadn’t known he had had it. That was interesting and unpresidented. Midoriya must be really brave or really stupid.

I remember when I was in my own first year and I had passed out for a week for overusing my quirk and remember all the other times I had burned myself out because of my determination, just like Midoriya. The kid, he was similar to me. And if Shouto listened to him he’ll learn to listen to me. I pulled my glasses off and put it along with my laptop onto the table.

I tucked back into my bed, and fell asleep, satisfied.

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Shouto had just come in for his third day of internships with a face colder than the day before, “Shouto,” he didn’t even acknowledge me, “A hero has recently been taken down in Hosu by the hero killer and I’m going to patrol it.” I walked past him to gather some sidekicks and only picked up my pace when I heard his footsteps behind me.

As I ordered some sidekicks I looked back to read Shouto’s expression, I had expected some sort of excitement, but it was the same as ever. But what I did notice was that Shouto’s costume was different than before. I hadn’t thought of it before but his first costume had been white with ice over his left, but now it was in a shade of blue not so different than my own costume.

“Shouto! You’re joining us on this one. I’ll show you a true hero in action!”


Heh, so Shouto is coming around, even if he may not realize it. I instructed my sidekicks to form a pattern around me for the most effective patrolling group

We were on the hunt for the hero killer, and checking for any signs of him. He was described as a noseless, black haired, black eyed tall, hunched, beta male in his late 30s. He was described as always having a red scarf and a bandage as a mask.

It was getting annoying with no signs of him and only minor scuffles along the way until I got a call for disturbance in the center of the city that I could see. I used my fire to get there quicker and called out for the heroes following me to do the same. I saw a gangly white creature about to attack some civilians and sent a stream of fire towards. Careful to direct it only at the villain and not the civilians even taking into account the blistering heat that comes off of it.

“I was actually here hunting the hero killer, but… looks like you’ve got bad timing, pal,” I looked towards the old man defending the citizens, “I’m afraid I don’t know you old timer. But leave this one to me.”

People cried out in shock and I smirked, I’ll never get tired of it, “Because I’m a hero.” I threw fire as more villains arrived and the old man got up again. I noticed a flash of green in the corner of my eyes as I was fighting.

I looked around for any signs of Shouto’s ice or even his fire, to see if he had returned from where he ran of to.

“My blast was mostly for show but…” the villain panted on all fours, more akin to a wild animal then a person, “I’ve never seen anyone stay conscious after a hit like that.”

The old man leaped forward, “Watch out, you. This guy’s-” I turned to him, but didn’t get a chance to respond before a burst of fire erupted from the creatures body.

I smiled, a challenge is what I was looking for, “Hah. I get it, absorption and release, right? But he suffered from some damage his quirk is a joke!”

“Strange…! No, Todoroki! This guy… he’s actually got…”

The thing expanded at an explosive rate, “... MULTIPLE QUIRKS!!!” It flew at me as a cloud of smoke surrounded it launched a shifting slimy tongue at my face.

“I see,” I put a shield of fire but before I was able to do anything a flash of yellow and a whoosh of air bounced in front of me.

He mumbled something about how he split the road, “Tch! Well… you sure can move, old man.”

BOOM! An explosion of smoke and an inferno of fire went off in the distance, “That’s where the rest of the heroes should be…”

“We’ve only wasted two or three minutes, but another one already?! Unbelievable!!”

I nodded along to the old man, Let’s tie the guy up, get him into custody and back to the others.

“Hmph,” I thought back to Shouto he had run off after receiving something on his phone. He had gone to 4-2-10 Ekou street and asked for help, he had even said he was sure that I could wrap things up in a flash.

“This punk... leave him to my sidekicks. But you, old man. I need you to head to a certain address. As for reinforcements for the others… Endeavor alone… Is more than enough.” I smirked as I repeated the address to the old hero and ran towards the fire in the distance as I sent out another backup request for Shouto.

As soon as I got to the scene of what appears to be the siblings of the villian I just took down’s attack I sent off flame after flame blistering the air and making it hard for some heroes to stand the heat.

However, the one with white leathery skin and wings dived for me and nicked at my cheek before flying off.

I used my fire to follow after it but what I came upon was 5 of my sidekicks and my son standing in a group, “Why’re you all bunched up together?! One of them should’ve headed your way!!” I looked at them pointing and accusing them in anger until one of my sidekicks called out to me.

“Endeavor! You’re already finished?!”

I bit back a smirk, “More or less. I had to get a little rough!”

I saw the two things I was looking for, on the sidewalk, “Wait is that…?” I saw the hero killer, the white skinned villain, and surprisingly Midoriya all planted on the sidewalk.

The hero killer called out to me, “Endeavor.”

“HERO KILLER!!” I summoned up my fists of fire move, ignoring the old man calling out for me to wait.

“You fake… If I don’t fix it...If someone isn't… stained with blood..” His mask had slipped off his face and his scent was released. It was like the smell of boiling blood, it was so pungent it caused the omega beneath him to freeze and even me to pause.

“If I don’t reclaim my hero status…!” he stepped towards me slowly, but surely, “The only one allowed to kill me is… All Might, a true hero!”

But then his eyes went white and his scent fell away from being an all encompassing fog to an unsettling perfume.

“This guy, he’s…” I stepped towards him to look at his eyes rolled into the back of his skull, “He’s.. out cold.”

I had my sidekicks tie him up and call for transport as I checked to see if the leathery skinned villain was alive, he was not. I had my sidekicks help Midoriya, with his omega instincts still going wild and his arms limbs, it was a bit of a hassle. But what more was that Shouto and his classmates had breached many regulations about heroes.

I waited for the police to approach me as the interns stayed in the hospital but I only got a nod as the chief of police, another hero, and the old man went into the room to talk to them. As they left the spared me a glance, silently telling me to take care of it. I called up my assistant to schedule an interview; I was not going like this.

But as I was on the phone I caught a glance of Midoriya also on the phone. Blushing as soon he hung up, heh, what a cute kid. I turned to the side to lean on the wall as he walked by without even noticing me. His scent had returned to normal, even a bit honeyier than before, since he was happy.

I hung up the phone, “Midoriya,” he turned to me surprised, wearing the same deer in the headlights look he had worn the first time I met him. Seems like he really didn’t notice me.

“Why did you go after the Iida boy?”

He still looked caught off guard and blushed a bit, “Well I-I-I,” he took a deep breath that seemed to calm his nerves a bit, “Well, I know Iida had been in pain and I hadn’t done anything about so I knew that if something might happen I had to do something to stop it.”

“How,” I searched for a word suitable for this, “...noble.”

Midoriya pulled on his collar, hooking his finger underneath the thin red material and rubbing against his neck, “Thank you, Endeavor-san.”

His honeysuckle scent was fading from nerves, which wasn’t good, I had never been good with most omegas but it felt wrong to be so cold to this one, “Maybe you should teach Shouto something about that. My son has the emotional range of a potato salad.”

Midoriya was surprised and barely suppressed a giggle by biting his lip, “Hmmm, yeah,” he looked up at me, “Are you going to be taking care ofthe Stain situation?”


His big, wet eyes crinkled, “Thank you so much this was my fault because of my habit of not thinking and I….” he started muttering.

My eyes narrowed, that... was…. annoying, “Stop.”

He looked up and flailed his hands in front of his face, “Sorry, sorry. It’s a habit.”

I put my hand on his head, “I said stop,” he looked up in horror of his actions, “and don’t say story, just go back to your room and make sure Shouto doesn’t do anything stupid.” He nodded and scrambled off.

I ran my hand down my face, that kid was a handful, his scent seeped into my nose after I accidently spread it on my face. I sniffed it was summer rain and honeysuckle, but up close there were undertones of mochi. Unusual.

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Soft pants filled the air, the air already hot even to me. The soft body underneath me was soft and pliant, responding to every trail of my fingers against their skin.

Every noise was a soft pant or a begging keen. Every time I touched freckles on their body their stomach trembled with want and sensitivity.

I licked a path up their stomach, from their belly button to edge of their lacy bralette, making them release a cloud of pheromones. The honeysuckle sweet scent, mixing intricately with the smell of mochi and rain. Like a bakery right after a rainy day, I breathed in the scent ravenously, letting out more of my own smoky, woodsy scent to mix with his.

The air was filled with our scents intermingled intimately, like this area was all ours and there was no one else to intrude.

I got on my knees to hover over his thighs as I put my hands back on his toned stomach and ran it to the edge of his dark green bralette. It looked so good against his smooth skin, highlighting the selkie like paleness of it and the freckles dusting his skin like trails of stardust. I wanted to count all of them, kiss each one, map them out with my tongue. But I settle for lifting his bralette with one hand as I took his hands within mine and pinning them above his head.

It forced his chest out and his trembling hips into the mattress. The friction of moving caused him to let out an aching moan. The noise trembling in the air and sending more blood to my own aching member.

I yanked the bralette up his body, causing my rough hands to run over his soft erect nipples. He moaned out at that, unabashed. I took a ragged inhale through my nose at the sound and ripped the bralette off.

The ripping of the fabric and strength of the action making the omega keen with want. His thighs trembled and rubbed together as he searched for friction. I looked as pearled, pink nipples and the light flush of his entire body. I put a forearm on the pillow next to his head, feeling the sift splayed out hair with my hand. I moved my other hand down his body, wandering over the trembling muscles until I got to the lacy panties and ran my fingers over the material, and cupped his crotch.

He keened as I felt the slick leaking through material and onto my hand as he whined at the attention. I rubbed my pointer finger over his folds through the material and he trembled.
I pulled myself away and he tried to follow me, but I quickly stopped that as I opened his thighs and put myself between them. Using my slicked hand to run over his soft inner thighs and back to my prize. I pushed aside the slick soaked material and ran my hand over his folds and small omegan dick. He moaned again and I couldn’t help myself put my finger at the edge of his fluttering hole. It tried to clench down on my finger, so I looked to his soft pink insides before I put my whole finger inside. He moaned and I started pumping him rapidly as I tried to prepare him.

I rubbed my erection against the mattress as I added another finger to his hole. I poked around inside as I rubbed against the soft wet walls and circled his clit with my thumb. His omegan dick leaked in his panties, still trapped in the confines of the material. I put in another finger as I moved up the bed and put my face into his neck to lap at his scent gland. My own moan joined his as I felt my eyes roll from the delectable scent filled my mouth.
I pulled my fingers from his hole and moved his underwear back in place to tweak at his nipples as moved my hips into his. I rolled my hips against his and smiled when his slick soaked my underwear and quickly covered my member as I rolled my hips faster and faster.

“Enji,” the sweet voice moaned out, “Please.” He moved his arms to clutch at my body and laid his hands on my arms, palming at my muscles.

“Please what?”

“Please. Ahh. Just-- just. Please,” he squirmed.

I shushed, “Its okay I know what you mean,” the deep timber of my voice sent vibrations through his scent gland and he shivered.

I moved my hand back to in between our bodies, and brushed aside both our under garments. I took a hold of my member and edged it to his hole. I lifted my face from his neck to watch his lips, make those cute little panting noises. I rubbed it over his clit to make him squirm before plunging in.

He gasped, I soft little noise, to accompany, the small, wet, soft place squeezing down on my member, “B-big,” he whispered, his eyes were wet with tears. They threatened to spill over as I stayed as still as I possibly could. I claimed his mouth as I tried to distract myself.

It started off soft but as soon as I ran my tongue over his lips, I took the slight opening to plunge inside. I tangled with his soft tongue, overpowering him and taking control until I felt a pat on the arm.

I tried to pull back thinking that’s what he wanted but he held on, until he grabbed my arm to pull me back and I got what he wanted.

Instead I rolled my hips and swallowed the moan spilling out of his throat. I pulled back to the tip and went back in.

He wrapped his legs around my back, as he tried to say something I pulled away, “Harder. Harder Enji.”

I pulled back and plunged in harder and faster than before, he moaned wantonly at the thrust and I kept up the pace. He moaned as I want in and out, over and over, and over. I kept going until my knot swelled to its full size and locked us together and even then I rocked back and forth until he moaned out loudly, almost screaming as he reached his climax. He ran his fingers down my arms, surely leaving red streaks. Finally, I felt the electricity running through my spine rise to a title wave of power and felt my orgasm take over. I spilled into him until I couldn’t anymore, the pudge in his stomach had grown even more and now there was a small bump in his abdomen.

I looked at his face, his green hair and emerald eyes looking like a mirage to match his dreamy expression.

He put a hand up to my face, “Enji~.”

I turned to kiss his hand, “Izuku~.”



Izuku Midoriya?

“Midoriya?” I jerked back taking his body with mine ever so slightly, “What the fu-?”

As I jerked, I was suddenly in a sitting position in my bed, my mattress soaked in sweat and a sticky sensation in my sleep pants.

Had I just? Had I just had a wet dream? Like a hormonal teenager? I mean I had never had one before, even when I had been a hormonal teenager.

And that wasn’t even the most troubling thing!

I had just dream about Midoriya.

About Midoriya Izuku.

The omega that I had just come to begrudgingly accept was my son’s friend!

That was 16!

That was 30 years younger then me!

That was the same age as my youngest son!

And I had just-!

I had just-!

I had just dreamed about sexing him!

That’s not a word but-! FUCK!

If that hadn’t been a dream, I would be in jail!

Fuck! I’ve done shit! But never something so perverted!

I hadn’t even had relations with Rei since our wedding night!

Just gone to have artificial insemination!

You know it's probably that! I’m a perfect example of a prime alpha and I’ve only had sex, one unenjoyable time. So I’ll just do what I normally do. I quickly went to my bathroom and started the shower as I stripped of my sweat and other soaked clothing to toss into the hamper.

I pulled my suppressors of the counter and took one, to settle mo pheromones before jumping into the cold shower.

The water was cold, especially with my higher than average body temperature, but I endured. I washed my hair and did my average 5 minute shower routine before getting off and toweling off. I got down some clothes from the closet that I keep spares in for when I’m too lazy and put them on. I went back to my room and sat down against the wall near my dresser.

I pulled open the drawer to pull out bottles of Vodka and sugar syrup. I pulled out one of the bigger glasses and poured out an ample amount of vodka and syrup into it. It might be strange to mix these two substances together in such a large amount, but I liked it.

I looked at the vaguely red, clear fluid and downed it, feeling the burn down my throat and the rush of sugar to my head.

I poured another glass spilling some onto the tatami from the solid buzz already settling in my head. I drank most of the refilled glass and got up to get my phone, dragging the bottles and glass while still trying to balance the glass in my hand.

I sat back down onto my bed before practically ripping my phone and the charger from the wall. I typed in my password, it was my daughter's birthday even though I’ll never admit that. I scrolled through my emails as I finished through the bottles of whisky and syrup. Soon my vision became blurry and I slowly got more nauseous and my eyelids got heavier until I slipped into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

The clicking of the keys as I wrote my report, damn, why did I drink all of my vodka in one night? This report is such a pain to write out, not only did I not really defeat Stain, but now I have to write about what I did, based on whatever details that mutt gave me.

My head turned to the window, I really should be patrolling. In fact I would be enjoyingly monitoring my normal routes if it wasn’t for this infernal pounding in my head. It reminds me of when there was this infuriating sound wave creator a couple ranks behind me when I was young. The damn guy would also sound off like a vicious battle drumming everytime he was even in the top 50.

I scrunched up my nose, if I can’t patrol I’ll just finish as much paper work as possible. I leaned down to open the bottom left drawer from my desk. I pulled…. and, it didn’t budge. Not like it usually does.

I jiggled the drawer up and pulled again this time it practically sprung open and a few papers went with it.

Now, I pride myself on my neatness, among other things. I always complete my reports within a day, I keep my cases organized and my desk free of unnecessary items. All except for this drawer, this drawer has every unfinished, indecipherable, nonsense report ever. This is the one junk drawer I have ever and will ever have in my life, and today I am determined to get through this.

I turned back to the computer, right after this damn report.