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Pennywise Lives.

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I've been having nightmares. Horrible nightmares so much so that I'm afraid to close my eyes I dream of the colour red mostly but the rest is a vast darkness. Its always when I hear the words 'we can still help him' but it's not how a person should speak it's mocking terrifying and ending with demonic laughter. I bolt up right screaming bringing my knees up and resting my head upon it rocking back and forwards. My bedroom light comes on and I can hear footsteps coming towards me I feel a hand stroking my hair and another hand on my knee. I begin to sob harder.

'ssh ssh sweetheart your okay. We're here. Your safe'. I look up at two pairs of eyes one brown the other blue both look at me with concern. 'Daddies. I had that horrible dream again. It happens everytime I close my eyes. I can't take this anymore'. I watched my dads look at each other concern still present in both of there eyes. I reach out and grab dads hand for comfort he held it tightly. 'Me and your farther and going to do everything to find a way to get rid of these horrible nightmares we promise' I lean against papas arm. It was comforting he was still stroking my hair I attempt to control my sobing when Dad makes one of those ridiculous funny faces and I burst out laughing not because it was funny but because of how idiotic he looked. Papa smiled at him then looked at me giggling 'There we go that's the beautiful smile we all know and love now why don't we go downstairs and have a hot chocolate and some of those blue cupcakes sound good' I nod in agreement and I follow my dads downstairs. Papa makes the hot chocolate whilst Dad continues his attempts to make me laugh putting frosting all over his face and trying to put some on Papa. He pushes him back giggling licking a drop of frosting of Dads nose. I smile. I'm so glad to have two dads who love each other just as much as they love me. I fall asleep curled up on dads side.

Eddie's P.O.V

I looked down at Polly she'd fallen asleep that worried me slightly but she looks so peaceful i hate seeing my little girl cry I know she's 13 but it still hurts. I look up at Richie who is staring down at her stroking her hair the image makes my heart full he's always so good with her always trying to make her smile. My husband is everything I could ever ask for. I interwine my hand with his and he looks up at me he smiles slightly and I lean in to kiss him. 'Richie. We need to do something about Polly's nightmares. She's having them almost every night now. It breaks my heart to see her so exhausted'. 'I know. I don't know what else we could try we've given her sleeping pills. We've took her to sleep therapy and nothing seems to be working. Does she ever tell you the details of her nightmares'. 'No she just says she see's red, darkness and laughing. Do you think that maybe it could be linked to Pennywise.'. Richie tenses up and gripped my hand harder. I could tell he was fighting back the tears 'No. We killed that son of a bitch Eddie! He's dead we made sure of it and I almost lost you and I.I.I' he rambles tears beginning to steam down his face. I turned his face to look at me and wiped his tears 'Richie it's okay I'm safe you saved me you pulled me out of Neilbot I'm here were okay. It just makes me wonder what if it has something to do with that'. Richie let out a shakey breath 'Fuck I hope not if it is still alive if he's tormenting my little girl I'm gonna go back to Derry and kill him over and over again until the fucker is dead'. I kissed him harder then and rested my head against his. 'We need to call the others. And find out if this is happening with any of there children'. Richie nodded and I rested against him I stared at the TV screen playing some repeat of a comedy and soon sleep washed over me.

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Richie's p.o.v

I woke up with a start. Polly isn't the only person who's been having nightmares but then again the nightmares have never really let up since what happened in Derry. It's always the same thing I see over and over again a sharp blade piercing through my husband's chest. Only instead of us saving him they made me leave him in the sewers all on his own. They had to drag me away from his body but all I wanted to do is to hold him the world could have ended and I wouldn't have cared because all I wanted. All I've ever wanted was Eddie. I look down and see that Eddie is sleeping soundly I watched as his chest rises and falls. He was beautiful to look at I feel movement at the other side of me and look down at Polly watching as her curly brown hair falls over her closed eyes. I smile to myself. My beautiful family. I don't know what I would do without them They keep me grounded.

'Dad?' I looked down to see Polly's bright green eyes staring back down at me. 'Good morning sweetheart. How'd you sleep?'
'Well better than before. Did we all fall asleep on the couch?' I reach down and brush away some of her curls 'looks like it kiddo. Hey why don't we wake Pa up?' Polly smiles and lifts up. I look down at Eddie still snoring. Polly moves to the other side of Eddie. We look at each other smiling and mouth 3...2....1. We drive in and tickle Eddie under his armpits and sides. Eddie's eye shoot open and he tries to swat our hands away 'Your wake up call has arrived. It's the tickle monsters'. Eddie giggles trying to talk 'Oh no *chuckle* not the tickle monsters *chuckle* okay *chuckle* okay I'm awake'.Myself and Polly pull away laughing and I lean in to peck Eddie on the lips 'Good morning beautiful' 'Eww you smell like morning breath' I cocked my eyebrow and breathed in his face to which he pushed me away 'Omg no no no Richie brush your teeth before your try and kiss me you smell like Ass' and ran into the kitchen. 'Awe cmon Eddie spaghetti I just want a lil morning kiss'. I ran after him.

Polly P.O.V
I watch my dads chase each other and giggled getting comfortable on the couch and flicking through the channels. I ended up watching The crystal maze on the old game show channel. I remembered my dads watching this a lot when I was a kid. It was about to end as they we in the big crystal ball. When I noticed something in the corner of the TV screen it was a red balloon. It was strange a complete contrast to the other colours on screen I cock my head to the side and watch it. The presenter nor the contestants had noticed it. Maybe someone had accidently let a balloon of on set or something. The balloon came closer to the TV screen and still no one had noticed it I leaned in closer. When out of no where it popped I jumped back and gasped...but still no one had seen it pop or reacted to it I grab the remote and change the channel. 'Well that was weird' I thought to myself but I brushed it off 'it's proberly nothing.

Pa came and stood at the kitchen doorway. 'We're making waffles for breakfast what do you want on yours?'. Waffles were my favorite breakfast I thought for a moment 'Nutella please'
Pa smiled at me 'Great choice' he turns back and heads into the kitchen I go back to flicking through the channels trying to find something good to watch.

Eddie's P.O.V

I walked back into the kitchen and watched as my idiot husband throws raspberries into the air and tries to catch them with his mouth. He failed. 'I wouldn't employ you to the circus with that trick' 'Oi! it's the best way to eat' 'Yea when they are actually in your mouth and not all over the floor'. Richie put the raspberries back on the counter 'Your fiesty this morning. It's hot. I like it' I feel his hands wrap around my waist and kiss my neck. I shake my head 'Behave. our child is in the next room' Richie breathed in my ear 'I'm not doing anything baby' He licks a strip up my neck I close my eyes and let out a gasp before turning around and flicking his nose 'Go check on the waffles' Richie pouted but pulled away and cheeks on the waffles playing them up
. 'Richie. Remember what we spoke about last night' I saw him tense slightly 'I was hoping you forgot' I put a hand on his shoulder 'Babe. we need to find out if the others are going through this. We can't just ignore it Polly is gonna get worse and worse if we don't do something'. He sighed 'I know. Let's just have a nice breakfast and then we will make the calls who do we call first though',I thought for a moment before saying

'Beverly and Ben'

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Beverly's P.O.V
I woke up early to start breakfast. Cooking for four children and one hungry husband takes time and preparation. I’d left Ben snoring upstairs he’d been working hard all week. He deserved a break. I set out a variety of fresh fruit on the table. A mixture of greens, reds, pinks it made the kitchen look so colourful in the early morning daylight. I added a stack of pancakes in the centre of the table and began to fry some bacon. I felt a pair of hands sneak around my waist. I smiled and rested my head on his chest. 'Good morning'. Ben looked down and smiled back at me. He was so gorgeous to look at but Ben was more than that. His personality and the way he treats me. It makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I never knew a love like this existed but now that I have it, I don’t want to let him go. ‘Good morning my sweet January ember. Breakfast looks delicious. You make a beautiful spread' I chuckled 'Yea. It all looks good now but wait till the kids are up'.
Just then we heard a stamped of feet coming down the stairs 'Speaking off sounds like a heard of elephants'. I place my finger on his lips 'Ssh. Don’t let them hear that'. I lean up to kiss him and he kisses back 'Eww gross' 'god guys get a room it’s embarrassing'. I turn to see my four children making grossed out faces. Jasper. 16 My oldest son. Jason also 16, Hector 14. And my only daughter Lennox. 13. The youngest of my children she looks the most like me when I was a kid. Long ginger curls and bright blue eyes. Her face was covered in freckles. ‘Well it sounds like you don’t want any breakfast then'. I hear voices of protest and smile. ‘oh go on then but make sure you eat the fruit as well'. The children all nod and gather around the kitchen counter and start helping themselves to the stacks of pancakes and the variety of toppings that they see in front of them.
Ben's P.O.V I glanced at Bev fondly turning to her to kiss her cheek; then pulling up a chair to try and get at the pancakes before the kids eat them all. I manage to get to two pancakes and I load it up with fruit. I don’t like to eat a lot of sweet things. I want to keep his body in shape after all not like Bev would leave me if he started to gain weight. She isn’t that shallow. but it helps with my self-confidence. I used to feel insecure about my body weight which is why he started losing weight in the first place and started going to the gym for 2 hours a day 6 days a week. Now that I had children and had a job to dd. it was a lot harder to keep up that level of fitness but I still tried to maintain a healthy body weight.
Hector had his head in a book. He was always reading; he was currently reading a book about ancient Egyptian history. It was sweet to see him so invested in history. Hector reminders him of his younger self engrossed in architecture so much so that he spent his free time building the clubhouse that the losers had spent all that summer in. I ruffled his hair. ‘What are you reading about the moment?’ Hector pushed his glasses up his nose ‘oh just about Cleopatra I’m really fascinated with her’. I smile to myself Hector had a thing for strong women. He had to collect everything revolving around it. It made me think of Beverly. The strongest woman I know.
I finish the pancakes and watched as Beverly fuss over the kids making sure that they ate all their fruit and that they didn't leave their plates empty. We have a strong no waste policy here. She looks beautiful this morning. I mean she looks beautiful every morning. The sunlight reflected on her hair making her hair look fiery and that smile when she looks at me it takes my breath away ever since I first laid on eyes on her when she signed my yearbook. I’ve been hooked since then I never want to let her go.
I stood up to help her with the dishes, when I hear the phone ringing from the hallway. I had a sense of dread wash over me as I approached the phone. My palm started to sweat. I looked at the caller ID, it was Eddie. I shakily brought the phone up to my ear 'Eddie. hey man how you doing' I hear Eddie's voice he seemed calm but his voice was slightly off on the verge of panic, 'Ben we need to talk. Have your children complained about having nightmares recently?’ I pause for a moment and I tried to think 'no. not that I know of if I have, they haven't told me' 'could they have told Beverley? I need to know Ben this is important. Our daughter, Polly she's been having nightmares horrible nightmares I'm worried. Ben and I wonder whether your children have been experiencing the same thing. I.....I. T what if it's not dead'. I stumble back, my hands bracing against the wall as I start to breathe heavily. he must have misheard him. Pennywise can't be back they killed him. They crushed his heart how could it have survived that and it's not like it's just them this time. They have children now. Children who had no idea what happened in Derry. I wanted to protect them from all that bullshit. He hears Eddie say his name but it seemed distant. Then darkness...
Beverly’s P.O.V I hear a crash from the hallway. 'Ben?’ I ask. When I get to the hallway, I see that Ben has passed out and his phone was still on and a voice was speaking through it I ran to him and picked up the phone through shaky hands when I put it to my ear. I hear a familiar voice. it was Eddie saying Ben’s name 'Eddie what's up what's happened Ben has passed out. What did you say to him’ I hear him exclaim 'fuck ', ‘ok Beverley I need you to tell me? Has any of your children been experiencing nightmares recently?’ I frown and I think ‘No, if they have, they haven't told me why?’ I hear Eddie let out a shaky breath. ‘ok don't panic. Polly has been having nightmares. We worry she's seeing what happened in the sewers we think that Pennywise is still alive'. I dropped the phone to the floor and gasp. ‘Eddie, we killed that son of a bitch. My children don’t even know about it. There is no way he’s still alive. ‘But Beverley what if he is still alive if that’s true, we need to end it otherwise our kids are going to be the target. We’re coming back to Derry how soon can you get there'.

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Eddies P.O.V
'Well that didn't go well'. Richie put his arm around me.'It's not gonna Eds. This is hard hitting news'. I nod and pull him close resting my head on his chest. 'I'm scared Richie. I'm scared for us, I'm scared for them, I'm scared for our children' I felt him stroke my hair. ‘I know me too but we'll get through this we always have'. I felt him kiss my head 'Do you want me to call Stan, Bill and Mike?' I nodded 'Yea I'm gonna go and get some water and take a few deep breaths' He nodded and let go and I went to the kitchen where I saw Polly staring at her phone 'You okay kiddo?' Polly looks up from her phone startled 'Urr yea. Just thinking about last night and stuff I feel like in going crazy'. I know how she feels I do to. Polly doesn't deserve any of this and the thought that it might just be her going through it all upsets me. I wish I knew how to help my daughter but I'm struggling to find a solution. Polly gets up and stretches 'I think I'm going to go take a bath. I need to clear my head and relax' I watch as she left lifting a glass of water up to my lips with shakey hands...


Stanley's P.O.V
Since moving to Florida with Bill and Mike. I've been trying new things, in my defence they are terrible influences on me and I eventually give in because ya know peer pressure. The kids are with my parents for the weekend so I could spend some quality time with my hot husbands. We were lying naked on top of our king sized bed naked and high. We were laying over each other and breathing in the smoke. Mike was absentmindedly stroking my hair. I gasped the weed making me more responsive to every single touch. Bill was stroking at my thigh and I looked down at him he smiled at me clearly as dazed as I was and left kisses down my thigh. I close my eyes. I had originally protested when I saw Mike and Bill smoking weed but this was enough to convince me of how good it's effects were. I've never felt so relaxed. I felt Bill suck marks into my thigh and groaned gripping onto Mikes arm. I leaned back against him as I felt Bill move further and further up my thigh. I look up at Mike and he smiles at me leaning down to kiss me. I kiss back and feel Bill start to suck on the head of my cock. I gasp into Mikes mouth my brain going fuzzy and fully receptive to all touch 'Mmmpf Bill Fuck'.

Bill made eye contact his beautiful eyes were blown wide with lust. He sank down deeper and I moaned out. It was slow, gentle and perfect. Mike was leaving kisses on my neck and he started to bite down gently. Bill pulled off and gave me his fingers. I knew to suck, making eye contact with Bill. He was beautiful, relaxed dazed and naked I needed him in me now; maybe I needed both of them in me I need to be full. I took his fingers all the way down and Bill bit his lip. Mike reached around and played with my nipples; rubbing the nub with his fingers .God it all felt so good. 'Bill please. I need' A finger slipping into me stopped me before I finished speaking and I threw my head back. 'What do you want Dove?' I hear Mike whisper into my ear lightly tugging on my ear with his teeth. 'I need you. Both of you please' I thrusted down onto Bill's fingers as he stretched me out.

Mike's P.O.V
God it's been so long since it's just been them. I loved being a dad, of course I did but I also love spending time with my husband's, watching Stan being stretched out on Bills fingers. It's euphoric. I've never seen Stan so relaxed he's always so tense. I was surprised he’d even agreed to getting high with us but now that he has and he's letting go and it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. 'You look gorgeous like this Dove. Doesn't he Bill?' Stan moaned at the nickname. Bill smiled and nodded leaning in to kiss me. I kissed back, he tasted of Stan. I tangled my fingers through Stan's hair. ‘Do you want both of our cocks Dove?' Stan nodded. 'Please fuck. I need to be full' Bill pulled his fingers out and pulled Stan onto his lap lining up his cock with Stan's hole. Stan wrapped his arms around Bills neck and sank down moaning and burying his head into Bill's neck. My lips parted and I just watched for a moment; as they made love both still high as a kite both still breathing in the fumes. Bill looked at me lust present in his eyes and I groaned moving in to kiss Bill he moaned into my mouth. Hearing them both made me break and I tugged on Stan's hair he turned to face me and I bite his lip. I moved my hand down to Stand hole. 'You think you can take more Dove?' 'Yes Fuck' I lubed up my fingers adding them alongside Bills cock. They stilled movement so I could stretch Stan out more. He was used to this by now so it wasn't hard to stretch him out further. I pulled my fingers up and lined up with him. Bill moved on to his back so I could get better access. I pushed in carefully. Stan closed his eyes and I wondered if he was in pain; but then he moaned loudly and I knew he was enjoying it as much as we did. Once I was in I waited for him to adjust Stan leaned against me and kisses my check 'Mike please Mike'. I moved against Bill and Stan lost it. He was making the prettiest moans. Hands on Bills chest 'Mphf feels so good I'm close' Stan gasped and we both speed up determined for Stan to feel incredible. Stan let out a loud moan of both our names as he came with me following close behind. I pulled out slowly and so did Stan. We looked at each other then at Bill leaning down to lick and suck on Bills cock until his came with a gasp of our names. We laid down by each other and giggled giving each other lazy kisses.

Bill's P.O.V
I looked at my husband's coming down from my high they were beautiful, sweaty and breathless. Perfect. I'm so incredibly lucky to have them my childhood best friends and crushes are now my husband's. I’ve ever felt as safe and as loved as when I’m with them and I wouldn't have it any other way. I went to go and get cleaned us all up. Stan and Mike pulled me back once I suggested going and getting some food for us all 'Billy we can eat later I wanna cuddle you' Stan whined. I struggle to say no to him. to either of them really. I let myself be dragged back down and let myself be cuddled i smiled and pecked both of there lips 'I love you' 'We love you too' They responded.

That's when I heard my phone ring from downstairs. I went to move but Stan clinged onto me "Sorry Dove phone's ringing. I gotta go. Mikey will keep you warm until I get back' Stan pouted and kissed me I kissed back briefly before going downstairs to find my phone putting on a dressing gown as I walked. I found it ringing on the window sill and picked up. 'Hello?'. A familiar voice responded 'Hey Bill' 'Hey Richie. What's up?' 'Dude this is gonna sound strange but has any of your children been experiencing nightmares recently?’ I furrowed my brows in confusion. 'Not that I know off. They with Stan's patents for the weekend why?' Richie sighed 'Okay Bill. Listen carefully Polly has been having horrible nightmares. We think she knows what happened that day in the sewers with Pennywise. You, Mike and Stan need to come back to Derry and bring the children. We need to know what we're dealing with' My breath started to quicken as I think back to that day 'Richie, this better not be one of your terrible jokes because this is not fucking funny. I haven't told either of them what happened but you expect me to bring my children to that hellhole Fuck you' 'Bill I'm serious. Do you really think after all we've been through I would lie about something as fucked up at that' I banged my fist against the wall 'FUCK!’ I took a moment to calm down ‘When do you want us there ?' Richie paused before saying 'Tomorrow' I hung up the phone turning towards a very concerned Stan and Mike 'We need to go back to Derry' ...

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Polly's P.O.V
I went upstairs and ran a bath. All of this was weird and I was sick of it. I wondered how long it would be until my dads decided they were done with me and sent me of to be sectioned. I want them to be happy and not have to worry about me. I feel like such a disappointment. I add a bath bomb and some bath salts one of Pa's fancy bath stuff. I'm sure he wouldn't mind can't be any more of a burden I guess. I felt the water it was warm cozy. Welcoming even. I dimmed the lights and lit up one of my candles. The candle scent was 'Ocean Breeze' it always reminded my of my happy place of when my dads would take me for days on the beach. I stripped and sank into the bath feeling immediately calmer and letting my thoughts slip away I closed my eyes and breathed in the various scents around me. It didn't last....

My body went stiff but my mind was open and I could see flashes of red just like in my dreams it was blurry like I was seeing through thick steam I tried my best to make solid shapes. The first this I saw was a silhouette of a person I tried to make out details I saw curly hair. The next thing I saw and almost felt was the wetness of my feet I glanced down and saw a deep red colour. I make myself walk closer to the bathtub I had a sense of dread and sadness.

Then it hit me all at once the deep red colour. It was blood the entire bath tub was filled with blood and it was coming out thick from the person wrist I see the person someone who I vaguely recognized. I watch as the blood trickled out and looked into the glazed over eyes of the naked man infront of me. I tried to put my finger on his name and then I realised it was Stan that's when his wrist grabbed at my hand tightly. I couldn't move away. The his eyes were black and blood was pouring from his mouth and eyes. I screamed as I pulled hard trying to get away 'No! Get off me!'

I woke up splashing around still screaming Pa was right by my side 'Polly. Polly. Ssh calm down'. I was struggling to breathe and my eyes were foggy. I reached out and grabbed Pa's hand and gripped it tightly I tried to vocalize what I was feeling and what I just saw but I just couldn't I burst into tears in frustration shaken. I felt Pa help me stand up and wrap a towel around me I was looking around expecting to see blood like what I saw in . I dunno what it was a dream? A vision? I wasn't sure.

I was lead into my bedroom where I put on my dressing gown. Pa called Dad up and I sat on the bed shaking and rocking to myself. I felt tears stream down my cheek but I struggled to be conscious or anything around me I just kept thinking about Stan's glazed over eyes as he gripped onto my wrist and the blood. So. Much. Blood. 'Polly' one of them said I wasn't paying attention to voices. I felt a hand lay on my cheek and I followed it up until I see concerned blue eyes staring back at me 'Polly what did you see?' I gulped trying to steady my breath 'I saw something. But I wasn't dreaming I just closed my eyes for a brief moment and it was like I had a vision I saw a bath tub and I saw blood and ....Stan.....He was bleeding in the bath. He gripped my arm. If felt so real and I couldn't do anything to help or save him I could only watch. I was so scared' I blurped out. Dad and Pa shared a look confused and concerned.

'Eddie you need to call Bill or Mike and check on Stan' Dad frowned. Pa sent a text to Bill telling him to check on Stan. I frowned as a question came into my head 'Dads...What happened in Derry?'. They stopped in there tracks and stared at me startled like a deer caught in the headlights.

'What happened? Derry...I need to know' Dad reached out a grabbed my hand I brushed it off 'Sweetie we didn't tell you because we needed to protect you. We killed the Bad in Derry we didn't bring it up because we never thought it would be back.' I frowned. 'it?' I questioned confused still. 'Pennywise' Pa breathed. My eyes widened and I felt my eyes roll back into my head. I saw flashes to quick to focus on. I was scared I heard laughter and then I saw a face.

The face of a clown smiling at me...

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Polly's P.O.V
I watched the world go by from the car. Trees building bushes. The world seemed peaceful. That was until my eyes focused on the sign 'WELCOME TO DERRY'. Flashes of red clouded my vision and my insides were churning I gasped. I felt like I was going to throw up. 'Dad stop the car' I exclaimed. He stopped the car and I frantically pulled open the door, I threw up I felt like someone was rearranging my insides. My throat burned and I tried my best to steady myself on the car door. I pulled myself up and breathed heavily. When my eyes focused again I saw my dads staring at me a concerned look on both of there faces 'You good kiddo?' Dad asked me. I nodded. I didn't feel good though and I felt terrible not just from throwing up but from constantly worrying my dads. Ugh I'm such a burden. I looked up at the car ceiling and focused on keeping the remaining bile inside me.

Richie's P.O.V
Polly looked terrible her face was pale and she was sweating. I wish I knew how I could help her I looked over at Eddie who was equally as concerned. He looked how I felt. Helpless. I can't help my only child I am a farther I'm supposed to be protecting her but what can I do it's not like I can fight what's happening in her head. I sigh and focus on getting to the townhouse with a heavy heart. Keep strong kiddo. We're gonna find out what's happening to you.

We pulled up at the townhouse and I went to collect the bags my feet were dragging me to the boot. This town man. Most people look back on there hometown with fond memories but Derry drains me. I walk in and as usual the townhouse is deserted I grab any key and sign in, assuming that Polly and Eddie were following behind me. I drag myself up the stairs and to our room. I opened the door dropped the bags and flopped face first on the bed. I groaned. I felt defeated last time I was here I nearly lost Eddie to that fucking clown and now I'm back I am terrified of losing my little family to that fucker. I'd rather him take me. Those moments where I thought Eddie was going to die broke me more than anything could. I begin to cry and I bury my head deeper into the sheets. Anything. Anything but Pennywise.

Polly's P.O.V
I followed dad into our room and saw him on the bed he looked terrible. It was so unlike dad to be like this he was usually so full of life always teasing Pa and making jokes and funny faces to make me laugh. It made me feel worse knowing how bad he feels. It's all my fault I begin to wonder why I was even born I've caused so much harm to my family I feel tears fall from my eyes as I sit on the bed next to him. I cautiously lay a hand on his back 'Dad I'm so sorry. This is all my fault if it wasn't for me and my stupid fucking head you both wouldn't have had to come back here. I wish I'd have never been born' Dad shot up his eyes widening and an exasperated look on his face 'Polly Tozier. You don't say that again. You and your dad are the most important people in my life. You are not the cause of any of this were here to help you baby girl find out the cause of these nightmares' Dad pulled me into a tight hug and ran his fingers through my brunette curls. It calmed me. I buried my head in his chest and tried to calm down. I felt him kiss the top of my head and I tried to focus on my breathing.

Eddie's P.O.V
I walked in to Polly's and Richie's embrace Polly was crying and Richie looked like he had been crying and my heart broke. I mouthed 'Is she okay?' to Richie and he shook his head and sat next to Polly and stroked her back it seemed to calm her and her sobs turned into whimpers. We stayed like that for a while in a group cuddle holding each other. This was a bad situation but at least we had each other. I heard the door downstairs open and I pulled away. 'That must be one of the others. I'll go and greet them. I left Polly and Richie still holding each other and went out into the hallway and downtown stairs where I spotted a familiar head of Ginger curls and a handsome muscley man with a kind smile surrounded by four children.

Beverly's P.O.V
Coming back here definitely wasn't in my list of things I wanted to do again before I die. Nice to see that Derry was still the shithole ghost town it was when i was here the last time. The only good thing about Derry was the losers and of course Ben. I put down my bags by the reception but noticed no one was around as usual it was like no one worked there. I signed in my name and grabbed a key, when I heard someone come down the stairs it was Eddie. He looked tired but he smiled at us to which I smiled back he came down the rest of the stairs and hugged me I hugged back 'Hey Bev, it's good to see you' I nodded and hugged back 'You too I wish it was in better circumstances though. Eddie nodded and went to hug Ben 'Hey haystack' Ben hugged him ' Hey Eddie nice to see you' Eddie pulled back and focused on the children 'This isn't the kids is it my they've all got tall I haven't see you all since you were babies' Jason was the first to speak 'Babies. Uncle Eddie I was 5 when you last saw me' Eddie laughed 'Was it. You have to forgive me I'm getting forgetful in my old age' Jason smiled and shook his head 'So when do we get some food. I'm starving' Jasper asked to which the rest made groaning sounds and pointed at there stomachs. I shook my head 'Not yet, go help your farther with the bags'. The kids groaned by went outside to collect the rest of the bags.

I looked at Eddie 'Yours upstairs?' Eddie nodded 'Bev. What did you tell your kids do they know about why they are here?' I looked down at the floor I dreaded it and shook my head 'I couldn't bring myself to tell them Eddie. I mean what could I say to them. Hey we're leaving the safety of our town to go and potentially fight a killer clown because Eddies daughter is having visions. I mean they wouldn't believe me so I've told them it's a family vacation and they've just accepted it. I'm putting my family on the line here Eddie. So I swear to god' my voice went higher and Eddie placed his hands on my shoulders 'I know. I'm scared to there's a lot at stake but I swear when I tell you this is real and I'm scared for my little girl if he's after her it's only a matter on time before he turns on them too'.

Polly's P.O.V
I decided to go follow Pa downstairs I was curious about the newcomers. I leant my head over the banister and saw someone I vaguely recognize a woman with ginger curls and a pretty face. I walked down the rest of the way and Pa and the ginger haired lady acknowledged me. The ginger haired woman smiled at me 'Polly look at how much you've grown' she gasped 'Pol you remember Auntie Beverly don't you?' I frowned 'I think so. It's been a while.' Beverly opened her arms and I went to hug her 'How are you feeling Polly your dad has been telling me your not doing to well' I bit my lip nervously I wasn't sure how much she knew 'I don't know. It's all really weird I just hope it gets sorted'. Beverly nods looking at me sadly 'I hope so to'.

Lennox's P.O.V
I went up the steps to the townhouse and through the door. I noticed mum and uncle Eddie but then in the center of the room my eyes fall on her. Then everything else became blurry. I saw her brunette curls cascading down her back her bright green eye looking back at me through black rimmed glasses. Her cheeks were rosy and her pretty pink lips lifted up into a smile. She looked cool. wearing a white t shirt under a black coudory overall dress mesh stockings and doc martins. My mouth went dry and I started to sweat. She was beautiful and she was walking over to me. Shit be cool Lennox be cool!. 'Hi there. I'm Polly'. She held out her hand and I had an uncontrollable urge to reach out and hold it but I went to shake her hand...awkwardly 'Urm...h..i ....I'm Lennox' The angel....I mean Polly smiled at me 'Lennox that's a really cool name' I screamed internally this girl is the epitome of cool yet she thinks that I'm cool wow. I wanted to say 'Yea but not as cool as you' but instead I had a brain error 'Cool'. Well that was uncool of me good job Lennox you nervous weirdo. But instead of her being weirded out or laughing at me the smiles and grabs my hand (I almost fainted) and takes me up the stairs I follow more than willingly 'Come with me I'll help you unpack' I followed. The cool girl wants to help me unpack. I follow my eyes only focusing on her.

Chapter Text

Bill's P.O.V
Stan and Mike are quiet. I can tell neither of them are happy to be coming back here I don't blame them why were we ever doing this? Oh yea, because Richie's daughter had a hunch. I mean we could go back take the kids back home. We could turn round the car right now and go to safety. But if the hunch is correct if Pennywise is still out there then we have to come back may as well be around the other losers than go at it alone.

I sighed at looked back at the kids who were asleep Tanisha has fallen asleep on Stan's shoulder and he was absentmindedly stocking her black curly hair. Theodore had fallen asleep a book about birds on his face and was snoring gently. Theodore reminded my so much like Stan he had the same interest in birds and he would always take us on nature walks he had a deep love for animals and told us his dream job would to be a farmer like his daddy Mikey used to be. He had Stan's curls and Mike's smile. Tanisha on the other hand was hot headed we always said she'd make a great leader one day she was very smart and fearless I remember her begging us to take her to an obstacle course. Stan freaked out of course but Tanisha was in her element clumping high and making jumps that would scare even myself. She was so proud when she had completed it.

These two are my world I don't know what I would do without them. I looked on fondly only looking away when I felt Mike put his hand on my thigh. He gave me a weary smile 'Well be okay Bill. We've done this before.' I nodded but stayed quiet I know he was trying to make me feel better it didn't help but I appreciated him trying regardless I laced my hand with his at least it was a comfort of some sort.

Stan's P.O.V
I'm glad the kids were asleep because all three of us were completely on edge and I didn't want them to see us like this. Bill turned back to look at the children and I could see the worry and sadness in his eyes and I got it. Last time I even heard of the name Derry I almost...I almost...ugh it's too painful to even think about. I remember the bath the red the fear that completely consumed me and as we came closer to Derry I felt that same dread claw it's way up my throat. I worked had to keep my tears at bay. I must tell myself how much I have to live for but there was a small voice inside my head that was taunting me telling me to grab a blade and.....No! I gripped the car and tried to calm my breathing Tanisha stirred in her sleep and Bill turned back to look at me concern present in his face he mouthed 'You okay?' I nodded and managed to calm down deciding to keep stroking my daughter's hair instead of thinking about things. Fuck!...

Mike's P.O.V
I gripped hard on the steering wheel so hard that my knuckles turned white. I tried to keep my breathing steady but then I noticed the sign 'Welcome to Derry' I didn't need to look at my husband's faces to know that they were feeling the same sense of dread as I was. Since becoming a dad it's my priority to keep my children safe and I've always been good at it. If Pennywise is back though I can't keep my kids safe I can only hope that all of us together can come up with a way of stopping it. I wish I didn't believe that it could even be a possibility but I know how hard it is to convince the losers that Pennywise returned the first time So if Eddie says it's a possibility then I believe him and this time we have all our memories. I pulled up at the townhouse and sighed looking at Stan and Bill.

'You both ready?' I received a nod of both of them 'Okay time to put on our brave faces for the kids' I made an attempt to smile and we woke the kids who both looked dazed and confused 'hmm where are we?' Theodore asked sleepily. 'We at the holiday place Theo' Bill replied a weary smile on his face. I went to go collect the bags whilst Stan maneuvered a sleepy Tanisha to her feet. Whilst Theo came out the opposite way book held tightly in his hands taking note of his surroundings.

Polly's P.O.V
I feel like my breath had been taken away when I laid eyes on her. The first think I noticed was her hair long fiery red curls she looked like her mother her eyes were a sky blue and she had freckles that dotted her face. She was wearing a red dress that perfectly contrasted her pale skin and I just couldn't look a way. A lump caught in my throat and I fought to keep it together. I put on my best cheeky smile and confidently stride up to her i didn't know how to approach this do I hug her, shake her hand, do I do one of those kiss things that French people do I mean I would definitely like to kiss those peachy lips. I mean what...keep it together Polly keep your cool. Put out your hand yes okay she's shaking it and she's smiling. What's her name? Lennox?... Oh wow such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. I'm sure I was smiling way too much and I'm sure I had been holding her hand for way too long that is socially acceptable when meeting someone new but I decided to run with it and lead her upstairs to help her unpack. Yea that seems like a normal thing to do right? ....Right?

Lennox's P.O.V
I let her lead me upstairs and opened the door to my room. The interior design was dated at a bit sad but I suppose I could lighten it up a bit. I opened up the curtains a bit more to let in some light and opened my bags Polly was looking at me intently It made me blush I smiled at her and she smiled back. I opened the wardrobe and started to sort out my clothes. I heard noise behind me and turned to see Polly holding my drumsticks she admired them and pulled some tricks with them with her fingers she was mesmerizing to watch 'You a drummer?' she asked me 'Yea. I'm not very good but it's a good way of venting frustration. I bring the sticks with me because I need to do something with my hands is that weird' She looked me a sparkle in her eye 'No. Not at all I get that I play guitar myself self taught I can play both electric and acoustic. I brought my acoustic guitar here with me just incase I come up with anything song lyric wise' I swear my heart almost stopped we have something in common it made sense that she plays guitar I wonder if she sings to I bet she would sound angelic. Lennox get a grip your supposed to be acting like your cool here.

'Yes. I write song lyrics too I enjoying singing' 'No shit! Me too, looks like we got a lot in common Lennox' She winked at me and I felt myself blushing again like the walking disaster I am. 'Yea we do, We should jam sometime. It's nice to talk to another musician we could be a famous band one day' . Yea Lennox what a great band you would be when you can't even talk to her properly. 'That would be dope. Listen I'lol leave you to unpack the rest come find me when your done and we can compare song lyrics'. And just like that Polly left the room taking my breath with her. I gotta learn how to be cool because right now I'm not doing a good job of it. I smiled though happy that something good has come from this weird family holiday to this ghost town.

Polly's P.O.V
I walked back to my room and found my dad laughing at something on his phone. I liked that he was smiling again. He looked more like himself I snuck up on him and jumped on him 'Hey dad, what'cha looking at?'. He made a grunting sound on impact and shook his head 'I took these candid pictures of your farther and I thought it would cheer me up' I curled up next to him and saw a picture of Pa in a pink bathrobe chasing our dog that had brought a rat into the house. His facial expressions were obscene and I burst out laughing along with dad which was made even better by Pa coming into the door making the exact same facial expression. Me and dad looked at each other in silence for a moment and then burst into hysterics 'What?' Pa frowned which made us laugh more 'What's so funny?' 'Nothing' We both replied through a fit of giggles. 'Sure. Well then I guess you wouldn't mind seeing what's on the phone then'. He pounced on dad trying to wrestle the phone from me. I watch them fight like this often it never fails to cheer me up. I rolled of the bed and went on search for my guitar leaving them to it. 'Polly you traitor come help me' 'No don't help her Pol he's evil. Now gimme the phone asshole' I laughed and shook my head. Pa finally got the phone from dad he stood over him victorious 'Ha. Got ....wait when the fuck did you take this picture?' 'What picture?' 'This picture asshole. Wait was this what you were doing when I was trying to wrestle the mouse outta Barney's mouth' Dad nodded and Pa slapped his chest. I picked up my guitar and made my way to the door.

'Wait a minute where are you going?' Pa asked. 'I'm going to show Lennox my guitar she plays the drums we were going to talk about song lyrics together' 'Ooooooo' Pa and dad said in unison. I rolled my eyes 'shut up I've only i'be only just met her' 'and? It only took one look and I was Eddie's the moment I met him' They shared a tender moment and we're almost about to kiss when I decided to ruin the moment.' one look my ass. Y'all be repressed gay's until you were forty' I looked at there shocked faces and with that I left one my way back to Lennox.
Jasper's P.O.V
I was sat at the bar with my brother both of us sneaking shots of whiskey from the cabinet. 'You sure we ain't gonna he caught?' Jason asked nervously 'Chill out bro this place is a ghost town and everyone's having a reunion outside' Jason still looked around nervously expecting someone to come in 'hey, if they didn't want us to drink this they'd have someone in here stopping us' I poured myself and Jason a glass and slid it of the table up to him. He held it and sniffed it 'It smells like shit. Why do adults drink this?' 'Ready cheers to this crappy holiday' we both raised our glasses and drank...and then immediately regretted it 'Why did you think this was a good idea dickface?' I shrugged 'I dunno I'm bored. This holiday is already a bummer and it hasn't even started yet just a bunch of old people reuniting a town with no life. I don't think that this holiday has any redeeming...' and that's when I saw her and I stopped in my tracks.

Dark skin, black curly hair in an Afro. She wore a burgundy skirt and a off the shoulder navy blue ruffled top. I felt clammy 'Hi there' she was talking to me. I looked around to make sure 'Yes you. Hi' 'Hi, what are you doing here?' 'well what are you doing here?' She was fiesty. I loved that. 'My brother and I decided to have a drink ya know because we're cool like that' I leaned into a chair putting on my best cool guy pose and immediately fell over 'uh-huh sure, well as there's nothing interesting in here ill be off' she turned on her heels and left before I had a chance to saying anything. Jason looked down at me amusement all over his smug face 'Real cool dude. She seemed reeeally impressed' He held out his hand and I went to grab it but he pulled back 'Ha sike!' He laughed went to clear up the glasses I pulled myself up 'fuck you dickward'

Theo's P.O.V
I walked around the grounds of the townhouse taking in the nature. I noticed it had an air of sadness and was interested in why I mean it was almost poetic I knelt down and studied the flowers when my eyes noticed a row of red roses that was a contrast to the gloomy aesthetic of the rest of the place I followed it curiously and it led me to the side of the townhouse. I wondered how it was possible to grow such flourishing flowers in concrete. I noticed that the roses were all the same shape and the pigment of the roses remained a deep blood red. The gardening artistry was top notch. I noticed a white string and my eyes followed it slowly, cautiously. I noticed a lonely red balloon. It was big and shiny and took up space in the alley. It looked to be throbbing and I heard faintly a nursery rhyme but not from anywhere near but coming from inside my head. I began to take steps back and the balloon followed me. I registered fear. Whatever this was wasn't good.