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Ten Man Job (except one chickens out)

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"You're getting your promised reward. As we pulled off this operation surprisingly well." Chronostasis carefully removed Chisaki's lower garments, sitting him onto a large table.


Rappa stepped forward first. 'We're allowed to do anything.. I've always wanted to do this, Overhaul!' The man's massive hand grips the partially clothed boss. And removes his erect dick from his pants. Oh oh god. Rappa was huge. And it was throbbing. "At least lube me first!" Chisaki orders. The squirt of the lube between two fingers and -

Fuck! Even one of Rappa's fingers inside of him was so big. The lube was making it hurt less, but fuck it was so big.. Overhaul was grateful that a dick wasn't in there yet.

'Don't rip him in half, Rappa.' Chronostasis demands, stepping a few feet forward.

"Fuuuuck.." A cry upon a second finger inserted. He'd been dilated a few inches now. Watching it had caused him an endless amount of embarrassment. And Rappa wasn't even done.

'He might even need a break just after Rappa.' Tabe suggests, pulling off his mask.

The choked cry signals Rappa pushing his way inside. Finally allowing Chisaki a little wiggle room, the golden eyes lock on Chrono. "Keep medical kits on standby.." He barely grumbles. The pale legs are gripped each by one of Rappa's massive hands. Slow movement gives Rappa a turn to express his own pleasure.

'You're so powerful Chisaki.. I have no doubt you can take me.' He remarks, his boss barely able to catch his breath. The bulging stomach, his insides. It was all so much. Overhaul had already sweated himself drenched. And where friction had been applied, came hives.

Rikiya steps a bit forward. 'May I, Rappa?' He interjects. 'Perhaps take the front?' And so he did. "Ah, Rikiya-" He breaths.

He gets nothing but a weak gurgle out when the second cock is forced into his mouth. It was so, so much at once. 'Overhaul. So tight. So tight!' Rappa growled. Despite the massive man obstructing his view, all Chisaki could focus on was Kurono. He would intervene if things got too harsh.. right?

It was painful but. Chisaki's whole body tingled as the two roughed him up. The boss had gotten lightheaded from the cock in his mouth obstructing his breath. It had started to feel quite good.

In this agonizingly long session.. Rikiya came first, some into the sore mouth and the rest over his face. Hives freckle the coated face.So dirty, so hot.

A deep inhale gets the sticky substance caught in his throat. A cough, then another. Rappa follows Rikiya's lead. Chisaki's figure curls into the massive hands around him. There was so much. Fuck. It filled him up so much he could feel all of it squirt out as Rappa was pulling out. It had gotten onto his stomach. His stomach while also covered was bulged slightly with all of Rappa's cum. So dirty.. so, so dirty.. disgusting.

'He definitely needs a break. You two may exit.' Chrono calls to the two big men. 'Kai.' Ever-so-softly. 'I'll be back. I'm getting a cloth.'

Chrono hadn't dared to leave Overhaul long. They precepts were no doubt restless for their promised reward. After wiping most of the fluid off the slightly reddened body, he questions quietly if Overhaul is ready. A responsive nod allows for the next three to take their places. Tengai had agreed that this 'wasn't his thing', and had taken his leave. That left Sakami, Tabe, Hojo, and Setsuno.

Setsuno was more than eager to take the front. 'He's just got such a pretty mouth..' The man chuckles, hurrying forward to stroke his own dick. 'I hope you're ready for me, Overhaul..' And mid-breath, Setsuno had begun fucking Chisaki's throat relentless.


Tabe approaches next to flip Overhaul's hips to the side. It allows for Hojo to take the other hole. Since his ass was still stretched from Rappa's massive dick.. That meant no problem for Tabe to push inside.

Hojo gets a good look before easing his way into Chisaki's pussy. So full. God this was so many cocks.

Setsuno's eyes had rolled back into his head. 'Oh god. It's just as hot as I'd hoped it would be! Suckin' me off like a real slut.' Overhaul's features scrunched at the degradation. Setsuno would pay for this later.

He didn't even last long, at the end taking Chisaki's hair in his hands. Breaths of steam rise from his throat. 'Swallow it, boss!' Before coating the inside of Overhaul's mouth. It squirted out a bit once Setsuno had pulled out.

Chrono seemed all too eager to get the excited man from the central room. The other two are satisfied stuffing Chisaki full again with their own cum. And gladly go on their way as Chrono beckons.

Overhaul gives a nod that he's ready for the last two expendables. Thankfully, neither of them last long. Chisaki allowed himself to be sat up and lazily drooped over Nemoto the whole last session.

And once the two had finished. "Get out." Chrono again approaches his very tired boss. 'Would you like me to draw a bath?' As he carries his exhausted leader. No reply, but the assistant knows the answer.

Lowering Chisaki into the bath, Chrono carefully begins to scrub the soft body. The leader always used heavy chemicals to clean his skin.. But this didn't seem like the best time.

So, instead, Chrono finds one with Shea butter. His boss didn't complain. "Hari.." Finally speaking. 'Yes, Kai?'

"Join me…"

The assistant was a bit shocked. Join him? If he insisted. Carefully, Hari removed his clothes and set them aside. Then.. one foot first. And he'd joined Overhaul in the tub.

"Hari. I want you to.." Overhaul scooches his way forward and onto Chrono's lap. "Please.. fuck me. So many of them. I didn't feel much of anything."

The assistant's eyes widen. 'Oh I couldn't…' He mumbles. 'I can make you cum though, if you want.'

A silent nod, leaning to give Chrono a kiss. And in turn, the other's hand leans to gingerly tease his boss's clit.

Excitedly, there's more kissing. Between both of them, it was far more intense. And passionate. It hadn't taken long. But finally Chisaki came. Clinging tight to his partner. "Hari…" He cooes. 'Kai..' in response. "Thank you.. It's been a long night. Can you sleep with me?"

'Of course.' Another kiss. Soon the bath was drained. Chrono had carefully dressed Overhaul, then himself. 'Bed time..' The bed was big enough, so the two cuddled and drifted to sleep.