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Jenna's time at the quote unquote best hero school in the world honestly made her more paranoid than prepared.

Villains kept popping up like her life was a monster of the week TV show. One second she was happily training her archery skills, the next she was using her quirk, Arrow, to throw her classmates at a walking rock masquerading as a person. America might have been horrible at locking up the right people, but at least they made an effort to keep villains away from students!

After what went down a few months back and she, along with all of her year mates, became permanent residents at the Heights Alliance apartments, everything seemed to finally, finally be calming down.

There were no psychopaths out to break into the school (or, at least, none competent enough to get past Principal Nezu) and classes carried on as if they were always well-managed and normal. Jenna felt safe on campus and, more importantly, she felt safe in the arms of one Bakugou Katsuki.

It wasn't hard to get his attention and keep it once Jenna proved she would happily be just as unhinged as he was. She didn't move from her home country to be second place, after all. After a few more fights and way more bruises than Jenna had thought possible, them dating just seemed like the most logical point from there. The transition came naturally - as did the agreement to keep it between the two of them. Neither were particularly keen on being stupid gossip and so Jenna quietly spent her days in Bakugou's room, soaking in his heat as the two of them studied.

So, when Jenna was happily relaxed for what felt like the first time since she entered the hellhole of a school that was U.A., it only stood to reason that she wasn't on guard as she left his room. She really should have been.

Everything went spectacularly to shit from there. 

The moment she stepped into the hallway, Jenna was confronted by bright yellow hair and two dropped jaws. In the back of her mind, Jenna was loudly reminded that Kiri lived on the same floor as her boyfriend and that meant Kaminari and Sero lived on the fourth floor more often than their own.

'Ah, yes,' some distant part of Jenna murmured, 'Kaminari and Sero, the twin clowns of class 1-A.' 

She liked them well enough, they were absolutely hysterical sometimes, but they were also the two boys who didn't understand danger even if it spat in their face—Jenna sincerely considered spitting anyway. Her eyes narrowed.

"Holy shit." Kaminari's eyes bounced between Jenna and the door behind her. Bakugou's nameplate seemed to shine under the attention. "Holy shit."

Jenna stepped forward. "Not a word, Pikachu. Not a wor—get back here!"

Sero and Kaminari latched onto each other's arm as they went screaming down the hallway. They were a deadly mix of afraid and gleeful - it would only take a single sentence for Jenna's business to be class news and she was not about to deal with that.

She might have applied to U.A. to be a hero, but some people just needed to die.

They flew down the hallway and into the stairwell, the three of them just barely managing to not trip over one another. Kaminari ducked onto the third floor, Sero whipping behind him. Jenna slammed into the stairwell door, bracing herself on the frame as the two boys heaved against a wall.

"C-c'mon, Everett," Kaminari hacked out, "this is a bit much don't cha think?"


He turned to Sero. "I tried, man, your turn."

"Try me, Spidey."

Sero laughed as he glanced for any way around her. He cleared his throat, "So, uh... you don't think—?"

"No." Jenna stepped out of the doorway. She only got one foot in.

A door down the hall opened and a very square head poked its way out. Iida narrowed his eyes at the three of them before folding his arms. "Do you three have any idea as to how loud you're being?"

"Class Prez!" The two boys chorused. They looked at each other, to Jenna, and then back to Iida. "Help!"

Kaminari took off, Sero close behind him. Iida squawked and ducked back into his room, Kaminari barreling past his room with reckless abandon.

"Wha—? No! Kaminari-san, Sero-san, what do you two think you're doing?" Iida sped out into the hall, hands out stretched and ready to catch Sero. The other boy screamed and sent his tape to the ceiling, flying straight over Iida's head.

Jirou, across the hall, slammed her door open. "What is going on?! I can hear you guys over my damn music!" She caught a glimpse of brown hair flying and blinked.

"Jen?" Jogging over, she managed to catch the feral form of her best friend sliding between Iida's legs before Jenna let out a war cry, sprinting down the hall. As if in response, two screams echoed her's. Jirou twisted just in time to see the boys rush down the hall on the girl's side. Kaminari and Sero ran right past her open door and back down the stairs.

Another flash of brown hair and Jenna jumped down the stairs after them. 

Iida and Jirou looked at each other. Jirou bit out a curse and bolted for the stairwell, Iida hot on her heels.

Down in the common room, a handful of students slowly trickled in. Sweaty with exhausted grins, most of them threw themselves onto the couch—Midoriya the unlucky foundation of the ensuing dog pile. He tried to wriggle free, gasps of laughter mixed with whines to "move, please, oh god, why - when did you get so heavy", while Uraraka, Kirishima, and Ashido just pressed down even more. 

Combined with the amused Asui, Aoyama, Ojiro, and Sato, there was more than enough people to bear witness to the chaos that quite literally spilled down the stairs.

Kaminari impressively managed to hit nearly every step as he tripped, Sero just barely saving himself with a nicely placed shot of tape. The others blinked at the two boys - half worried for their health and safety, half afraid that Aizawa would have to be notified.

(Nothing anyone did was ever worth dealing with their teacher. Even Midoriya, the class representative awkward baby, would sell his best friend and anyone else to Principal Nezu for a single corn chip.)

Though the both of them sported new bruises, they practically bounced over to the others. Asui tilted her head and wondered if the enraged screaming was coming from upstairs or a different building.

"God, you two look like shit," Ashido laughed. "You get your ass kicked by Bakugou or somethin'?"

"No! Well, yes, but not - it's not important!" Kaminari waved his hands flippantly. "Just - guys, guess what? Guess what, guess what, guess what!"

Asui's eyes flicked between the twin grins and Jenna's heaving form at the top of the stairs. She could guess where the screaming had come from.

Kirishima laughed, unaware of the danger. "What's up?"

Before either Kaminari or Sero could even think about opening their mouth, Jenna was there, her foot firmly placed in Kaminari's temple. The blond put up as much resistance as a felt doll.

"Nothing! They're just being idiots!"

"Denki!" Sero flung himself over to the newly made Kaminari-sized hole in the wall.

Kirishima jumped over the couch to his friends, hardening just in case Jenna decided the living room needed a him-sized hole too. "Uh, that - isn't that a bit much, Ev?"

Jenna turned to him and Kirishima had the ugly feeling that she wanted to use his body as one of her arrows. Another crash down the stairs saved him, his life now owed to the panting forms of Jirou and Iida.

"For fuck's sake, Jen, what the hell are you doing?" The two dark haired students stood at the top of the stairs, absolutely baffled by the carnage Jenna had managed to create in under ten seconds.

Jirou rode the banister down. Iida took the stairs as they were created for, one hand on the railing, the other busy chopping away at the air. "Everett-san, did you dropkick Kaminari-san into the wall?!"

The girl in question crossed her arms and scuffed her foot on the floor. "Maybe," she bit out.

"M-maybe? How do you maybe dropkick someone?"

Jenna turned and pointed at him. "You wanna find out?!"

Twitching at the sudden screech, Jirou rubbed at her ears. She glared at Jenna, one eyebrow raised and not at all impressed. 

The other girl dropped her eyes, the floor suddenly far more interesting than before. Jenna was used to the press of many eyes - hell, even the slight fear her classmates showed was something she normally reveled in, to a small degree. The slow, creeping way some of them inched away from her?

She wanted to be strong, not scary.

Jirou sighed, a headache steadily building behind her temples. She jammed her fingers into the sides of her head, rubbing at the skin in the hopeless attempt to relieve herself of the oncoming pain. Jirou was already very much aware that her life would never be quiet again; unless she personally killed over half of her own class (doubtful considering said class could and would destroy her in a fight) there would always be someone ready and willing to talk her ears off. 

Before the nonsense of class 1-A, she would have completely isolated herself. Now, among the friends she made, Jirou was almost pleased by the nonstop noise—that did not, however, extend to the frightened screams caused by one of her closest friends just because said friend was shit at talking about her feelings.

She could feel her eye twitch at Jenna's continued bout of silence.

"Alright, that's it!" Jirou stomped over to Jenna. The bassy stomps of her boots were enough to send Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima back to the couch, still crammed with the others in all their wide eyed glory. "We are going up to Momo's room and you will talk."

Jenna scoffed, "There's no way I'm gonna—"

"You will." One long earlobe wrapped itself around Jenna's wrist. It pulled, yanking Jenna forward just far enough for Jirou to get a firm grip on Jenna's own ear.

She yelped before stumbling after Jirou, the punk girl deaf to the extensive litany of curses Jenna had unleashed. Jirou pulled her past the quietly snickering girls and a beet red Iida, his voice lost in the face of Jenna's nonstop cussing.

Jirou glanced at the stairs before grimacing - the was no way she was going to subject herself to the stairs a second time. Instead, she walked to the elevator. She rapidly hit the up button, a sharp look to Jenna keeping her objections locked up tight. By the time the doors opened, Iida had been convinced to rest downstairs while Kaminari was checked over for any lasting damage. 

Before the two girls could make their grand escape, Uraraka caught Jirou's eye. The gravity defying girl raised a single, amused eyebrow. Jirou rolled her eyes and winked back at her right before the doors closed.

Jirou let Jenna stew in her own pissed off cloud as they rode up to the top floor. The two walked straight to Momo's room, Jirou taking only a second to yell, "Incoming!" before they barged right through.

Momo started from where she lounged on her bed. She looked between the two before she sighed, crossing her arms and shifting against her mountain of pillows. "Alright, what is it?"


"Oh?" Momo smiled. "So Kyouka-chan just dragged you in here because reasons?"

Jenna flushed. "Don't ask me! Kyo is the one who—"

At Momo's knowing look, Jenna's mouth clacked shut. Jirou twirled her earlobe between her fingers as she looked back forth between the two. It was like watching a kid try and lie to their mom.

'Well, Momo is the mom friend for a reason,' Jirou thought. 'Mom-o. Oh, I have to change her contact name later.'

Jirou shook her head. "Look, you're obviously trying to hide something. You don't normally dropkick people out of the blue."

"Jenna-chan! You dropkicked someone?"

"It was only Kaminari! He had it coming, anyway."

Momo's mouth dropped open. "Jenna-chan!"

"Okay, okay!" Jenna threw her hands up. "I know, I know! Don't dropkick people, it's rude. Even if they deserve it, even if it's Kaminari, even if—blah, blah, blah."

Jirou reached over and slapped her upside the head. Jenna bared her teeth, her "Hey!" met with the most unimpressed look only a best friend could give.

The two girls just stared at each other. Jenna glared, her hands clenching the air as if it would summon her bow, while Jirou looked back at her, her eyes filled with nothing but quiet suffering.

Jenna just narrowed her eyes further, a look perfected by the loud and often violent teachings of her boyfriend. She was prepared to do anything short of maiming her friend, just so long the conversation would be dropped and she could continue to ignore all the knowing looks some of her classmates sent her.

A light pressure encircled her forearm. Jenna turned from her staring contest to Momo's gentle grip. Against her will, Jenna could feel her cheeks fill with a soft pink. She bit her lip and looked down.

"What?" she muttered, her head tucked into her chest. Her hands were clasped together tightly, her knuckles white with the strain.

Momo sighed. "Why can't you just tell us what's wrong?"

"That's 'cause there's nothing wrong."


The girl's head snapped up. "Just call me Jenna, goddamn it! Jenna-chan this, Jenna-chan that—it's just Jenna."

Momo jerked back an inch. Jenna's face fell and her mouth opened - to apologize, to get her away as fast as possible, to just explain how much talking about her feelings was not what she was about to do - but Momo's hand was still on her arm. Still holding on.

She squeezed her hand and Jenna's eyes went back to it. She twisted her arm out of Momo's grip before grabbing it. She squeezed back.

Jenna sighed, a loud gust of air heavy enough to ruffle her hair. "Look, I'm - I'm sorry, okay? But why can't you just let this go?"

"Because we're worried about you!"

Jenna frowned. "Why?"

Momo blinked. She blinked again. "Excuse me?"

Another frown - just a tad bit deeper. Jenna straightened up from her hunch, prepared to raise her walls another foot higher, when Jirou's hand smacked her in the forehead.

"Alright, that's enough. No offense Momo, but she's just gonna be a bitch about this unless you make her talk."

Momo shifted, a grimace slowly working itself across her face. "I'd much rather the two of you not fight."

"Yeah, well," Jirou huffed, a single finger pointed right between Jenna's eyes, "she leaves me with no choice."

"No choice but what?" Jenna leaned back. Momo's grip on her arm suddenly wasn't as comforting as before.

Jirou launched herself forward. Momo sighed again as she watched her two best friends wrestle on her bed. She idly wondered if she would have to ship new sheets from home right as Jirou cried out in triumph.

The girl had Jenna pinned under her weight, her hands tied together at the wrist with Jirou's ears. Jenna struggled, nearly spitting as she tried to worm her way out under her friend, but she only made herself more and more tired.

Soon enough, Jenna just let herself faceplant into the bed. She screamed into the duvet (not that screaming in general would have brought anyone to her rescue - plenty of people screamed on the daily and using energy to be concerned just left everyone exhausted by noon).

"Tell us what's wrong," Jirou's voice was firm.

"There's nothing to tell!"

"Like hell there isn't!"

Jenna squirmed until she could glare at Jirou with a single eye. "Everything's fine!"

"Then just tell us what's going on! We're your friends, aren't we? So spill it!"

"You wanna know so badly?" Jenna kicked her legs in one last attempt at freedom, but Jirou held on strong. "Fine! I'm dating Bakugou, alright?!"

Jirou and Momo both blinked. The two girls looked at each other before looking back down to Jenna, her face now bright red.

"That's it?"

Momo placed a hand on her cheek. "I was expecting something more, I think."

Jenna looked between the two, her eye rapidly ping-ponging back and forth. She took in a deep breath before screeching, "What?!"

She bucked Jirou off, the other girl now relaxed and watching her friend with open amusement. Jenna lunged for her friend, her hands clutching onto her shoulders like a lifeline. "You two knew?"

"I mean, it's not like either of you are super stealthy, Jen." Jirou raised an eyebrow. "Besides, we thought you two knew and were just ignoring everyone."

Mouth wide open, Jenna looked back and forth between her two friends. A strangled sound left her throat and she promptly buried her face into Jirou's shoulder. The other girl just laughed as Jenna whined.

"There, there," Jirou cooed, one hand patting Jenna on the head, "you only made a slight fool of yourself."

"You're not helping!"

"I don't recall saying I'd do that, but sure."

"Jirou Kyouka, I am going to kill you!"

"Oh, Jenna, none of that now," Momo said as she rubbed Jenna's back. "I'm not exactly certain as to why you would hide this from us, but—"

An explosion rocked the building followed by a wordless roar. 

Jirou looked down at Jenna. "I think your boyfriend's up."

Eyes lifeless, Jenna stared up at her best friends. "Fuck." 

A moment passed before the three girls scrambled for the edge of the bed, another explosion going off. Jirou clutched at her ears as she successfully rolled onto the floor with a muted thump. Jenna jumped over her, curses already flying from her mouth. Momo helped Jirou up while Jenna ripped the door open, her body a blur as she raced for the stairs for the second time that day.

Momo and Jirou shared a look of almost-grief before lunging after her.

The stairwell was covered in ash and scorch marks, the railing warped and melted in some areas. The girls collectively groaned at the thought of having to replace so much so soon after the last disaster. They groaned again when they realized fixing it equaled telling their teacher.

Jenna rammed the ground floor's door through shoulder first, stopping just outside of the door frame. Jirou and Momo ran into her tense back, neither managing to move her. They both peaked around her shoulders and blanched.

Bakugou was definitely up and definitely pissed if the way he had Sero by the shirt was any sign. Strangely enough, Sero was smiling in the face of Bakugou's snarls - and everyone else seemed more amused than concerned. Jenna blinked, her eyes narrowed on her boyfriend's red face and—

'Oh,' Jenna thought, near hysterical laughter bubbling in her throat, 'oh my god.'

Bright red with something closer to embarrassment rather than rage, Bakugou continued to shake Sero back and forth. Sero, shit-eating grin firmly affixed to his face and in no danger of leaving any time soon, raised his hands in the universal sign of innocence.

Jenna had a very good feeling someone was about to go through another wall.

"Oh come on, Bakugou! How are you gonna date Everett and not tell anyone?"

"Because, you dumb fucking tape dispenser, it's none of your damn business!"

"But Bakugou," Ashido chimed from the couch, grin nearly as big as Sero's, "we're your friends!"

"Yeah!" Kaminari high-fived Ashido. "Besides, you two kinda sucked at hiding it anywa—hrrk!"

Kaminari went flying again, assisted by a nicely thrown Sero to the face. The two groaned, Kaminari's whines of getting hit undercut by his wheezing.

Jenna leaned back into her two friends. "Aizawa-sensei is going to fucking murder us."

Over on the couch, Uraraka leaned over to check on her classmates. Deeming them fine enough to not need a hospital or a trip to Recovery Girl, she propped her elbows up on the back of the couch. "Kaminari-kun, you guys would never have found out even if they kissed in front of you."

Bakugou turned to her, his hands lit up with sparks. "Ha?! You got somethin' to say, Round Face?"

"I mean, we," Uraraka waved to the others next to her, "all knew for a while. How long would you say, Deku-kun?"

Midoriya popped up right next to her. "About three months, give or take, but I could tell right away!"

"Huh?!" Jenna's mouth finally got away with her brain. Everyone turned to her and the girls still hiding behind her. She flushed, but carried through, "What do you mean 'right away'?"

"Well, I've known Kacchan since we were little, so figuring out his moods is kind of easy? Anyway, he seemed happier lately - especially around you!" Midoriya beamed. "It wasn't that hard to guess."

"And you told the rest of these losers because?!"

"A-ah, Kacchan, they're my friends! Of course I told them when they asked!"

Bakugou's hands sparked. "C'mere, you little shit!"

Jenna, Jirou, and Momo watched as Iida and Uraraka kept Bakugou at bay. Ashido and Kirishima pulled Midoriya away from the couch and toward the kitchen, the (only) unofficial-official neutral zone in the whole building. Ojiro and Asui tucked him behind them on the other side of the counter.

"Welp!" Jirou slung her arm around Jenna's shoulders and squeezed. "Nice boyfriend you got there, Jen."

Jenna twitched. "Yeah, sure. Whatever."

"He come with a rabies vaccine or did you get him tested?"

"Keep talking like that and I'll let him bite you."

Momo sighed while Jirou cackled. "Well, either way, we're happy for you, Jenna."

"Yeah!" Jirou gently bumped their heads together. "He may be closer to a dog than a person, but if he makes you happy. go for it! S'not like you can't beat the shit out of him if he acts up."

A giggle escaped before Jenna could swallow it down. She ducked her head, ears heating up at the fond looks she was getting. "Thanks you two."

A yell followed by another explosion got their attention. Bakugou had gotten slapped by Uraraka and had decided using his quirk for propulsion was a great idea when one was weightless, only to get caught by Iida and Sato by the legs before he could make his way to Midoriya. Kaminari and Sero tried to egg him on from the other side of the room.

Everyone was yelling something to someone and, despite the headache inducing noise and general chaos, Jenna couldn't stop herself from smiling anyway.

Iida revved his engines when Bakugou tried to go forward, which only succeeded in causing Sato to trip, bringing all three of them down. Ashido started to laugh so hard she then started to cry, Aoyama next to her offering a handkerchief with a smile.

A part of Jenna wept for her lost normalcy, but the larger part just couldn't believe that she was lucky enough to be stuck with the rest of these miserable clowns for the next two years. She sighed before stretching out her neck and cracking her knuckles.

"Alright, time to go rescue my boyfriend!"

As she bounded off, she could just barely make out Jirou asking, "What do you mean Bakugou needs to be saved? Save someone else!"

Jenna just laughed as she headed straight into the fray.