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A Rock and A Hard Place

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Eijirou Kirishima isn’t usually one to kiss on the first date...or first meeting, but that didn’t make him pull away from the heavily tattooed blonde pressing him against the wall outside a club at two in the morning. “’re too damn hot,” the blonde muttered against his lips, big hands sliding down his torso to his hips. He’s pulled even closer and...

Good, God, he can feel his hard-on. How can it be so big?

“Nn...Kats...wait,” he manages to moan as the blonde begins to attack his neck with kisses and bites. 

That’s right, he was making out with Katsuki Bakugou, the world famous rapper. He really should stop himself, but the thought is driven from his head as Katsuki presses a thigh between his legs and rubs against his own boner, earning a whiny moan. So un-manly.

“’re right...come back to my place?” the deep, gruff voice growls in his ear. 

Eijirou should say no. He knows he should say no, but...he wants this man so badly he can’t think straight, literally. He nods his consent and is dragged towards the black and orange Lamborghini Diablo Eijirou recognizes from countless tabloid photos.

Katsuki holds the door to the passenger side and when Eijirou is seated, he leans down and kisses him again, taking Eijirou’s hand only to place it on his own bulge. “Touch yourself while I drive...don’t want you to forget what we’re doing,” he says in a gravelly purr that sends a shiver down Eijirou’s spine.

He nods, stroking himself through his loose, cotton pants as he watches Katsuki walk around the front of the car and get in on the driver’s side. He glances over and smirks slightly as he starts the car. “I want to see it.”

Eijirou knows his face is the same shade of red as his hair now, but he wants to please this god of a man. He quickly pulls his pants and underwear down enough to free his erection and start stroking it with quiet, but frequent moans. He can feel those red eyes on him and somehow it makes him harder.

To say, Katsuki’s a hell of a fast driver’s an understatement, but later, Eijirou was glad he was distracted playing with himself on the drive to the rapper’s apartment. What sticks out in his mind was being so close when they pulled up and having Katsuki’s hand wrap around his and pull him off himself. 

“Noooo, I’m so close,” Eijirou groaned, the whine coming back in his voice. He hears Katsuki chuckle and looks up to see his signature smirk barely a hair’s breadth away from his face.

“You don’t get to cum yet, Shitty hair.”

I don’t have a humiliation kink, I don’t have a humiliation kink, I don’t have a humiliation kink. Despite the inner mantra, Eijirou’s unattended cock twitches. And Katsuki saw it. Which only makes the need to cum stronger.

Katsuki’s still smirking as he gets out of the car and walks back around to Eijirou’s side. “You gonna pull up your pants or are we doin’ it here?”

Eijirou flushed darkly, shaking his head as he frantically pulled his pants back up. Now, of course, his boner is impossible to hide. He should never have agreed to this or at least not the touching himself on the ride here bit.

He doesn’t have long to lament his own idiocy before he’s being dragged into the building and into an elevator. He opens his mouth to demand he not be dragged around that way, but a tongue is shoved in before he can speak.

There’s a hand in his hair, gripping it at the base of his skull and the tongue in his mouth is pressing his down as it explores. One of his hands goes to the back of Katsuki’s neck while the other grips his shoulder. He wants Katsuki to move his leg closer so he has something to grind against, but the blonde is too busy assaulting his mouth.

The elevator dings and Eijirou finds himself missing Katsuki’s tongue trying to get down his throat when he pulls away. He doesn’t have long to think about it though as Katsuki is quickly pulling him down the hallway and through a door. Eijirou catches only the briefest of glimpses of the penthouse he’s standing in before he’s pushed up against the door with a tongue in his mouth again.

He can’t stop the moan that slips out when Katsuki finally ( finally ) pushes his thigh between Eijirou’s legs and he starts trying to grind against it, but Katsuki breaks the kiss with a chuckle.

“Horny, are you?” he asks with that stupid, “Don’t you want to be in a bed?”

“Fuck, I don’t care where...I just need you,” Eijirou groans, looking up at Katsuki's tattooed face with a look of real need.

This declaration makes Katsuki start kissing him again, but now his hands are everywhere and Eijirou doesn’t even register his clothes being stripped off of him until there’s a hand around his cock, squeezing it. 

“You need me? You want me? You better start acting like it.”

Then there’s fingers encircling Eijirou’s wrist and pulling his hand to rest on Katsuki’s still clothed, but massive bulge. He wants it now more than ever. He wants it in his hand, in his mouth, in his ass. He doesn’t care, but he wants it.

Eijirou dumbly nods his head as he undoes Katsuki’s belt, then the button and zipper on his jeans. He pushed the other man’s pants and boxers off and was greeted with exactly what he wanted. Without any prompting, he pushed Katsuki’s hand away from his cock and went to his knees.

“It’s so big...” he whispered reverently, in awe as his fingers lightly ran along the length. He heard a low, shuddering groan come from Katsuki and couldn’t help but smirk up at him as he licked along the length slowly, then down to his balls, God they were so heavy , and sucking one into his mouth with a moan.

He feels strong, thick fingers gripping his hair as he pulls back and starts to work his tongue around the angry, red head of Katsuki’s cock. He slowly starts to take it into his mouth, taking his time so he didn’t choke, but his partner just pulled him down further on his dick with a loud groan, forcing Eijirou’s nose into his blonde pubes. The musky scent made Eijirou’s cock throb with need, but his throat burned and he felt himself gagging around the dick in his mouth as tears streamed down his face and drool covered his chin.

Katsuki didn’t stop there, thrusting into Eijirou’s throat a few times before pulling his dick out and smirking down at him. “C’mon...let’s go to the bed,” he growled, pulling the redhead up by his hair.

Eijirou’s had sex before, but he’s only ever dated guys in the folk music circle like he is. He’s never been with a guy that was so rough. But damn if it didn’t get him hard as a rock to be used like this.

He’s led, completely naked and hard, to the bedroom by his hair and pushed onto the bed. Katsuki’s on top of him quickly, kissing his lips possessively and even biting on his lower lip as fingers push against his asshole. He groans loudly, rolling his head back as a finger slips past the tight ring of muscle.

Then he feels Katsuki pull back slightly, panting as he looks down at Eijirou with an expression he can’t place, but seems to be some shade of concern. “Do you want to have sex?” he asks and the question floors Eijirou for a second, confused.

Then he realized that he’s making sure that Eijirou’s comfortable with proceeding. Until that moment, all the redhead had thought was that he was hot and he would do anything he asked, now he felt the stirrings of real feelings in his heart. “I want to hear you say it,” the voice demands, almost worriedly, but it’s covered with annoyance.

“I want to have sex with you,” Eijirou said, looking up into Katsuki’s eyes. The other man nods with a faint smirk as he leaned down to kiss and bite along his neck, his fingers pumping in and out of him. His moans become high-pitched whines as he bucks against Katsuki’s fingers, wanting more.

He heard Katsuki chuckle as he removed his fingers. “So damned impatient,” he growled in his ear as he hooked Kirishima’s knees over his broad shoulders. “I’ll give you what you want...”

Eijirou felt his cheeks heat as he looked up at Katsuki while he placed the broad head of his cock to his winking hole. There’s no lube and Eijirou loves the slight sting as the thick shaft stretches him open and the blonde bottoms out with a low groan. 

He doesn’t realize he’s closed his eyes and started muttering curses as he’s thrusted into until he hears a voice next to his ear. “Is it that good, Shitty hair?” he hears the gravelly voice whisper, making him moan louder as he nods.

Eijirou moved to wrap a hand around his untouched cock, but his wrist is grabbed by one rough hand. “No touching. You’re gonna cum from my cock only, got it?” Why did he like being ordered around so much? Good God, he did have a kink.

“Y-yes! Yes, just your cock, yes,” he panted, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He could only faintly see that damn smirk through the haze of bliss. He felt the cock inside him shift angles and would have been very dismayed to hear the squeal that escaped him at the feeling of his prostate being fucked into. He nearly came with just that first thrust. “Noooo, not there,  not there!” he groaned desperately.

“Right there? You got it, hottie,” Katsuki growled, thrusting into the swollen, sensitive area repeatedly as Eijirou’s hole spasmed heavily around his cock. He was about to cum. They had just started and he was already going to cum. He never came early! Another jab to his prostate shut his brain down enough that he didn’t even care anymore.

Only a few more thrusts were needed before Eijirou was crying out that he was cumming only seconds before his orgasm hit him. And it hit him like a train. He didn’t know he could cum this hard, but he felt it with his whole body; his back arching, his hole clenching around Katsuki’s cock and his hands fisting the sheets beneath him as his cock painted white stripes on his stomach.

He almost, almost , didn’t notice the hot feeling of cum being shot into him while he was cumming. “Fuck, made me cum,” he heard muttered above him in his post-orgasmic daze, then a soft chuckle as the slowly softening cock in his ass was humped lazily into him, pushing the cum deeper. 

“Guess ‘m jusss tha’ good,” he slurred in response, barely able to keep his eyes open. He felt lips on his as Katsuki slowly pulled out of him and he tried to respond to the kiss, but he was beyond gone by then.

“Just sleep, Shitty hair,” the rapper muttered, his voice softer than Eijirou remembered. He nodded, but naturally rolled over to throw an arm over Katsuki when he laid down beside him. He was half-asleep already, but he felt the other man pull him closer and hold him against his chest. He could get used to sleeping like this.